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Natural Treatment for Epilepsy

Last Modified on Aug 26, 2015

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes neurons to misfire in the brain and send out incorrect signals, ultimately classified by causing seizures. Seizures can vary between brief loss of awareness, to mood swings, to loss of body function and motor control, but these signs of epilepsy are ultimately the result of misfired brain signals. Diagnosis is usually made after brain scans.

In infants, seizures can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, central nervous system infections, physical trauma, or congenital abnormalities; whereas in late childhood to adults, seizures may be caused by nervous system lesions, trauma, tumors, stress, drug use, or alcohol withdrawal. In epileptics, seizures can be triggered by flashing lights, emotional stress, alcohol, and even reading. Epilepsy can be controlled with medication, but currently medicine cannot cure epilepsy.

Home Remedies to Cure Epilepsy

On this page, we have many home remedies submitted for controlling seizures, and among the bunch we are still looking for our Earth Clinic reader favorites. Users have suggested Epsom salts, coconut oil, and there are interesting discussions over aspartame as a seizure trigger as well as other dietary recommendations. One alternative medicine option seeing resurgent interest, especially for children with seizure disorders, is the fat-intensive ketogenic diet.1 If you know of a natural epilepsy remedy that you do not see here, feel free to post about it here.

1The ketogenic diet for the treatment of childhood epilepsy

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Most Popular Epilepsy Remedies:

Epsom Salts4
Coconut Oil3

User Reviews

Avoid Artifical Sweeteners, Take Natural Sugars, Coconut Oil   2  0   

Posted by Maureen (Maine, USA) on 01/27/2008

[YEA]  re: Seizure control. I realized that aspsrtame brought on seizures years ago...on my own. The doctor didn't see it. Why is it not of public knowledge? Why do they not put this on the yogurts or drinks? Why does aspartame exist? It doesn't even taste good! And our body doesn't even know what to do with that sugar!! Another sugar to avoid is sucralose. I have noticed that works against me too, often bringing on a seizure. It would be nice if a GOOD sugar, such as stevia, were of normal regime in american foods and drinks. It's ok to dream! Another good thing to include in the diet to avoid those seizures is coconut oil or coconut milk! The list of benefits is priceless!

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio

[YEA]   Hi, yes, you are right, artificial sweeteners certainly causes seizures. My boyfriend has had three, all in a five year period, and all of them related to his excessive intake of energy drinks, tablets, and artificially sweetened drinks. He works hard at his job, and he believes he cannot function without stimulants. Since he has related the seizures to these substances, he has reduced and cut down ALOT.

But he still drinks at least one energy drink every other day, and diet items every once in a while. I've warned him.

Replied by Sharon
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

@ Maureen- I used to drink a LOT of sodas, but I never had a seizure from them. But my naturopathic doctor has told me that he would rather I had regular sugar than any sugar substitutes.

@ London- As I was telling Maureen, I used to drink a LOT of sodas. Since seeing this naturopathic doctor, I have not had any, with only a little lemonade or anything else but water. I would hardly drink water before, now I am either drinking it, natural juices, or milk (milk isn't considered a food according to my diet so I can drink it to my heart's content). Anyway, the doctor told me that reverse osmosis or distilled water was best (usually this is the kind without any bad taste). You can add lemon or lime to it if you need flavor (from a real lemon or lime, not the concentrates you can get at the store). Another thing I was told but haven't tried yet is baking soda - adding a teaspoon of baking soda to a gallon of water will ph balance the water and give more benefits.

I am drinking more water, on a harmonious food diet (more oganic food to cut MSG and other excitotoxins found in processed foods, not eating protiens and starches together) and I feel a heck of a lot better than I did before - more energy and less headaches are just a few of the benefits, and now, I don't even miss the sodas.

Replied by Ray
Fort Worth, Texas

I heard that Pfizer had added aspartame to the seziure drug dilantin when they changed the look of the capsule in 2007. Aspartame has been known to cause seziures in healthy people who have no history of epilepsy. Why would Pfizer add aspartame to a drug that controls seziures?
Replied by Still Learning...
Phoenix, Az, Usa

To get a built in"return customer" program - of course!

Drug companies are in a serious business, and need 'lifetime loyal customers". Do you ever actually listen to list of side-effects during TV commercials? "Occasional death, etc"... while happy people twinkle on screen.

Replied by Jeff
Florissant, Missouri

[WARNING!]   On products containing aspartame they do put a warning for those with Phenylalanine, a nervous disorder that has caused adverse reactions to Aspartame, including seizures.
Replied by Mark
Washington, US

Phenylalanine is an amino acid isolate. There is a good description of it here:

The main thing is as you say it is bad for people. I cannot for the life of me understand why harmful products are so widespread. The FDA is doing relatively nothing to protect its citizens. In fact, it regularly interferes with the distribution of natural products like raw milk and such while ignoring the dangers of GMOs and toxins in our food and water. I guess you can never underestimate the power of greed.

B Vitamins   2  0   

Posted by Epilepsy Free (Suburban Chicago) on 04/09/2015

[YEA]  I developed grand mal seizures at age 35. I would later discover that I was suffering from a little know medical condition called PDS. or Pyridoxine Deficency/Dependency Syndrome (a severe lack of vitamin B-6). Check a Merck Manual, or online for such information. And, since then, I have replaced the Dilantin I was taking, with one super high potency B vitamin tablet, along with a multivitamin tablet each day, as insurance against other known vitamin deficiency problems occurring. I have since been seizure free for 12 years now.

Replied by Shalynn

How did they diagnose this problem? What kind of doctor did you see? I developed seizures at 31 and was very vitamin deficient, but my neuro told me that I got "all the vitamins I need from food", and offered no solution. Since then I take a regular multi and have not been rechecked for any vitamin levels...I still have seizures.
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Philippines

1169 Posts
A long time ago, in the 1950s and 1960s Dr Abram Hoffer discovered that there was a condition that could develop which caused varying degees of schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and ADHD as well as seizures and other physical symptoms.

This condition was called Pyroluria. This problem was caused by massive self reinforcing deficiencies of both vitamin B6 and Zinc. You should also be aware that there is much contentious dispute over the Hoffer research on Pyroluria between allopathic medicine and the orthomolecular doctors who discovered this problem and the apparent cure. But allopathic medicine has absolutely no answer or cure for this problem -- whereas orthomolecular medicine, being much more honest(not just profit driven), does seem to have an explanation and a cure.

The easiest and cheapest way to find out your vitamin and mineral status is simply to get a hair analysis.

I would also advise that you switch to a doctor who is up-to-speed and knowledgeable concerning pyroluria if you want proper treatment. The treatment essentially consists of taking massive doses of zinc and B6 as well other vitamins. Therefore it is strongly advised that you also get professional help so that you can be monitored safely while taking these higher mineral/vitamin dosages.

Dr Walsh -- Pyroluria

Dr Walsh -- Low B6 and Zinc

Posted by Granny On The Go (Waco, Tx) on 12/30/2012

As far as I can tell, at least some kinds of epilepsy are from an inborn need for extra B6. Read Adelle Davis' book Let's Get Well chapter on epilepsy.

It also is what must be given for a genetic mutation that causes cavities and gum diseases in children and young adults. I have found that it also is important for adults that seem to get cavities even when they brush and floss.

Replied by Electrobabymama
Minneapolis, MN

Interesting. My son has horrific teeth (6 caps, and 4 pulled due to absess) and was diagnosed with Myoclonic epilepsy 3 months later, after his 2nd seizure and EEG. I have him taking B supplements, but will research further. He is also on a low carb diet, and taking magnesium, coconut oil, and fish oils!

We're staying away from drugs and hoping for medicinal marijuana to be legalized if needed. He is having one tonic clonic every 10-11 days. Seems to match with winter storms..? Thank you!

Replied by Ana
Tulsa, OK

There is an alternative to medical marijuana. It's a hemp extract and is available in various states where medical marijuana is not. It's called hemp oil. It's not full of THC.
Replied by Electrobabymama
Mpls, Mn

[YEA]   I'm back! We did have to act quickly as our son's epilepsy was picking up speed, and our son is on Depakote and the Ketogenic Diet (after meds "failed to control" within 6 weeks).

So, that being said we are 7 MONTHS seizure FREE, and still looking into causes/sources. After having a Epilepsy panel done, it is now known that his epilepsy is NOT genetic.

A friend and I keep circling back to the vitamin B deficiency. Seizures, poor dental, also rashes (rosy cheeks). We are looking into Biotin (vitamin B) deficiency as a possible source at this time as well.

Replied by Electrobabymama
Mpls, Mn

I'm back! We did have to act quickly as our son's epilepsy was picking up speed, and our son is on Depakote and the Ketogenic Diet (after meds "failed to control" within 6 weeks).

So, that being said we are 7 MONTHS seizure FREE, and still looking into causes/sources. After having a Epilepsy panel done, it is now known that his epilepsy is NOT genetic.

A friend and I keep circling back to the vitamin B deficiency. Seizures, poor dental, also rashes (rosy cheeks). We are looking into Biotin (vitamin B) deficiency as a possible source at this time as well.

Replied by Charity
Faithville , Us

my friend went through this with her brilliant daughter for many years. She had gut issues all her life.

This article is interesting:

Blackstrap Molasses   0  0   

Posted by Hippocrates (Odin, Missouri, U.s.a.) on 04/28/2012

Hello all, This is my first post. I figured that this information could possibly help someone. So here goes:

My grandmother once told me a story about her mother's sister, my great aunt (i knew all three women).

Way back when, when she was an infant/toddler, she had massive seizures. They called the doctor and he came out to where they lived and looked her over. He left and came back and gave her an enema of Blackstrap Molasses. I do not know the molasses/water ratio. I do not know if there was possibly anything else in the enema solution. As far as my grandma remembers, the doctor only did it the once, but was unsure if the family continued treatment on their own or not.

But soon after, she was cured of her seizures and never had any more for the rest of her life (died recently of old age).

Blackstrap molasses are high in Potassium. I postulate that either through direct mechanism or more likely through a Potassium deficiency being rectified by the addidion of Potassium into her system in large quantities, that it somehow cured her.

Again, not sure if this can help a child or possibly an adult with seizures, but I am just putting this story out there not as medical advise, but as something that has worked for someone in the past.

Replied by Audrey
Florida, US

Thank you for sharing your story, it was very interesting. I had 2 seizures and both times my potassium was very, very low, along with blood sugar and electrolytes. The Doctors of today are great drug dealers, but as healers of the sick...not so much!!
Replied by Charlie
K. Lumpur

One of my friend got cured taking oral Magnesium chloride and Epsom salt for foot bath.

Borax   0  0   

Posted by Georgia Mommy (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/04/2013

I ran across this article in The British Medical Journal from October 1921, and thought it might be helpful to someone. It talks about sodium biborate (borax) successfully treating epilepsy.

Coconut Oil   3  0   

Posted by Pam (Osaka, Japan) on 02/19/2013

I'm 35 age. I'v had epilepsy since 27yrs old.

My friend just told me about coconut oil a week ago, and start to have every day. Does anyone take a medicine as well? I usually need to take two kinds every morning and evening plus, one of them in between. I duly stop to have medicine though...

Replied by Shawn
Winston Salem, Nc

Starting on March 1 2013 - March 1 2014. I'm going to be taking *4 tablespoons* of COCONUT OIL, everyday 365. My goal is if I have not had any seizures within 1 whole year I know for sure that the COCONUT OIL worked for me. Yall wish me luck!! PS. I usually have about 2 to 3 a year, Gran mal seizures
Replied by Art
Vancouver Bc., Canada

To Shawn from Winston Salem, Nc

If you take 4 tablespoons of coconut oil every day the instant detox will probably make you very sick. You need to start with 1 teaspoon and work up. Monolaurin is an extract from coconut oil and is found in mothers breast milk. Our body's make it as well. You will also come accross Lauricidin which is supposed to be a more potent form of Monolaurin.

It even kills lipid coated viruses like Herpes and Hep-C .


Replied by Terese

Hi Shawn, just wondering if you have had a seizure within that period? I sincerely hope not! My husband has had 4 seizures within a year and I'm hoping coconut oil may reduce them further.

Posted by Rosie (New Orleans, La, Usa) on 05/25/2012

[YEA]  I have had epilepsy since about 17 yrs old. Now am 34. B/c I had partial temporal lobe type, I never took meds (scary side effects!!! ). But last yr I started having seizures more frequently and I wanted to do somthing about. Did ketogenic diet (strictly) for about 3 weeks, then switched to low-carb. Still had seizures. Btw, seizures seemed directly linked to my protein/fat intake. Ate lots of almonds, etc. Not as many seizures, but not cured. About 8 months later, I started drinking teas on a regular basis, teas that aid in kidney and liver function. Still had seizures. Then I got organic good coconut oil and started using as lotion every day 2x or more. 2 months into the coconut ritual, I had allergies/cold so I took massive amounts of Vit. C, zinc, echinacia, etc. I This was in dec and january of 2012. I realized about 3 weeks ago that I have not had a seizure in about 1-2 mnths.

I think it is the coconut. That is the only thing I do every day without fail. And I have only been putting it on my skin!!! I plan on eating a little bit every day.

Of course, my Dr. has no interest in my "cure."

All along, I have noticed a direct relation between my seizures and food intake, and in particular protein/fat. It's not protein, though, it's fat that I need.

also, my seizures started when I was in high school and started skipping lunch and eating candy and drinking Cokes.

Replied by Tjacks
El Cajon, Ca

Should I buy coconut oil or cocoa butter? Will cocoa butter work?
Replied by Neurosky
Vancouver, Bc

Another thing that has a major effect on seizures is sleep. Lack of sleep and stress can cause epilepsy. I have a really mild case of it and that's the only time I ever get epilepsy is when I am stressed or haven't been sleeping much or going to bed late.
Replied by Cheryl
Des Plaines Il

You can also try a gluten free diet because gluten has been associated with seizures.
Replied by Wanda
Tennessee, US

My 27 year old daughter with down syndrome started having seizures a few months ago. She has 5 T2 lessions on the brain. They started her on lamictal. Her seizures got worse. We went to the doctor today, and we are stopping the drug. She has sleep apnea. We are putting her on a c-pap as soon as we can. We have started giving her coconut oil hoping it will help. I am afraid of the side effects of the drugs. How is the best way to take the coconut oil? We put it on warm foods to melt it so she won't know. Looking for natural remedies. Help!!
Replied by Mama To Many Donate


Dear Wanda,

I meant to respond to this post a few days ago. I think what you are doing with the coconut oil sounds good... putting it on warm foods so she won't notice it.

Let us know how that goes. I hope the c-pap machine helps. I know a couple of people for whom that has been a great help.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mark
Washington, US

Wanda, Look for foods and supplements that promote vascular health like curcumin for example and good luck to you.
Replied by Lossie
Montclair, NJ

My son who is 25 y o, has Down Syndrome, He was diagnosed having myoclonic seizures approx 6 months ago. Has sleep apnea. I give him chamomile tea at night. This helps relx the muscles, open airways for breathing and minimizes sleep apnea. He's breathing & sleeping much better. His Neurologist says sleep apnea triggers seizure. We now see a Naturopath who has reommended taking a Lecithin syrup that supports the brain and nerves; (we mix it). We're strict w/food intake, mostly gluten-free and organic; less tv time and more sleep. Coconut oil recommended - just started.

Posted by Faithinhealing (Forest Park, Ohio) on 10/16/2010

[YEA]  Remedy to Treat Epilepsy...

I read about a Ketogenic diet that was helping children with seizures control them! I tried it for a while but it was too difficult.. Although I had success... So instead I just started using 4 Tablespoons of coconut oil every day. It worked... I HAVE NOT HAD A SEIZURE IN THREE YEARS... Knock on wood! Please try it and get off the drugs today... Natural cures are the KEY!!!

Replied by Crissy
Houston, Texas, Usa

Hi do you think that may work on my four year old? He had a seizure May of 2010, they found a tumor in his brain. They removed it and it was a benign tumor Thank God! Now they've had him on anti seizure meds since then. He's acting fine but I have noticed if we keep him off the meds for some days he wakes up at night acting weird. Which I believe to be mini seizures. Thanks for any help.
Replied by Sharon
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

@ Faithinhealing

I'm sure four tablespoons wouldn't hurt you any, in fact, I'm sure its added benefit, but I was told three tablespoons a day of virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, not refined.

@ Crissy

I would talk to Dr. Michael James at or another naturopathic doctor in your area. What Dr. James told me was that a lot of things in processed foods can cause seizures, like MSG and other excitotoxins. MSG is even hidden in foods under other names. What coconut oil does is help rebuild the sheaths around the nerves. I am sure it could help your son.

Replied by Joe
Fort Worth, Tx

Doesn't coconut oil have a lot of saturated fat? Saturated fat is one of the "bad fat".
Replied by Martin
Pollok, Tx

[YEA]   Coconut oil is among one of the best fats known to man and is extremely good for you and all that says it's not, does no good is not looking out for you.
Replied by Harsha
Bangalore, India

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Yes, after reading the great effects of coconut oil on a Alzheimer affected person, I started it in the new year. In a month I am seeing gradual results for my mild and frequent seizures.
Replied by Julia
Colchester, Vermont

Yes, common misconception about saturated fats, I did some research and found that the FDA kind of led America to believe that all saturated fats caused heart problems, untrue (there wasn't quite any solid research to back up those claims). Coconut oil is extremely good for you. I've just received an order I placed and am hoping it might help with my epilepsy and perhaps my memory which has been diagnosed on the 'lower end of normal'.
Replied by Mominchi
Chicago, Il

We have tried Keto diet for my toddler's epilepsy and have now switched to a high in good fats diet. The issue with brain fats as far as I read with Keto is that long chain trigylcerides like veg oils burn really crappy as brain fuel and lots of fats pick up free radicals when you cook with them or become derranged or transfats as they are more commonly known. Those actually prevent the brain from using fats to repair itself (brain & nervous system is comprised of saturated fats).

My understanding of the reason the old school version of ketogenics worked best is because ALL the fat was short chain triglycerides from milkfats they burn cleanly and leave less metabolic waste (ketones) of course now since milk is superheated thru pasturization and derranged thru homogenization the diet is far less effective than the 20's version. Coconut oil is a medium chain and that was why MCT version of keto gave decent results. It is a good saturated fat (they actually prevent the oil from becoming a transfat when heated) and all cooking is ideally done with coconut, butter, or ghee. They gave excellent results on KD as compared to the terrible formula readymix loaded with calcium, aspertame, and vegetable oil.

Replied by Annie
Yorkshire, England

Hi, Forgive my ignorance but which fats are good fats. Thanks
Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Annie from Yorks: Good fats, esp for ketogenic diets, include saturated fats, and mononunsaturated fats. Bad = anything hydrogenated or polyunsaturated. Every fat has its own profile of a bit of all the different types of fats in it (even olive oil has SOME sat fat in it), but think of it this way: if it is naturally occurring, it is good. Manufactured = bad. Always look for pure, less processed, one-ingredient varieties, as they occur in nature.

Examples of natural/good fats: coconut oil*, olive oil, fat in fish or meat, butter, cream, cheese.

Examples of bad fats: Canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, hydrogenated shortening, "processed cheese food", and any bottled, branded oil that is not one of the good ones mentioned above.

Medium/neutral: peanut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Hi Mominchi and Annie, I would just like to suggest you read about Weston Price's amazing work on fats and how important they are to our brain and the development of our teeth. In addition to the MCT fats he shows how important animal fats are as well. Recently, I have listened to Ramiel Nagel go into even more depth regarding his work and how one can reverse cavities and heal the gums/ teeth with his protocols based in Dr. Weston Price's work. Fermented cod liver oil is the number one recommended super food in this protocol. Perhaps, you might want to consider this for your son, Mominchi. Anyway, just thought I'd add this since I have learned so much in this area. Hope this helps. Lisa
Replied by Maureen
Sturgeon Bay, Wi

I have had seizures since age 3, and I have been taking medicine my entire life since. Going from one medication to the next, my seizures have never been under control. I am now 42 and I take 3 different types of meds for my seizures. Doctors always say that one will work, then I go back for a prescription for a different med. I have thought that there is some medicine out there that works, I just have not found it

Reading about the many stories where people have tried coconut oil for different conditions, I thought that there maybe coconut oil could help with my epilepsy. I have only been taking a tablespoon a day for 1 week, but I can feel a change in myself. I feel more energy, motivation and I can tell my brain is much more clear. I am still taking medicine, I feel I will most likely be taking meds for the rest of my life. I figure if is something that will help, I am going to try, if it does not do the trick, it is very good for your hair. My family does not support me, I believe that my mother would. She passed 15 years ago. Hopefully, the coconut oil will help. I know there is no cure for epilepsy, but I pray that it can help me control my seizures.

Replied by Om
Hope Bc Canada

Maureen from Sturgeon Bay --- do take a look on EC special section on epilepsie. sp.

I thought I saw something interesting not too long ago. It is worth spending the time. All the best. Namaste, Om

Replied by Timh Donate


@Maureen: The single most effective remedy for seizures is Cannabis or Medical Marijuana or Hemp/CBD Oil. From my understanding nothing known comes close to the Cannabinoid compounds of which number almost 40 but compose principally of THC and CBD.

Some good informative videos on Youtube. One www I recommend is MedicalJane.

Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh

Hi Maureen,

I don't know if you have ever looked into the Ketogenic diet for epilepsy, but it has a good track record for helping people. Originated at Johns Hopkins hospital, you can get more information here:

Best wishes.

Replied by Stella

I have a 1 year old son who started having seizures a few months ago. He has been put on a drug called sodium valproate but looks like the drug makes him drowsy and makes him fall most of the time. Can he also take the coconut oil? Because am considering asking the doctor to take him off the drug since it is affecting his composure.
Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa

Hi Stella,

Do some research on Ketogenic diet. I have read where it helps with seizures.

Replied by Tania
Orlando, Fl

Hi how are you? I saw your posting about how coconut oil cured you from seizures. How do you use it. Do you drink it or do you rub it on your skin? Please reply. I've been living with seizures for 20 years since I was 7 years old. Please help me.

Dietary Changes, Challenging the Brain   0  0   

Posted by Rogerrabbit (Siantar, Indonesia) on 06/05/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Now I have moved from America to Indoniesa, I found that all natural foods I can eat lower the time of the seizures, and staying happy and organized, making the brain operate in high levels of thinking process, because seizures cause the brain to run in high speed so use this quality for life, it causes process of info much faster then the normal human, so use it and this will lower the levels of seizures and I believe it will cause your child to stop seizures. I am 53 and my seizures have almost gone, just from increasing the amount of info I make myself process, force it to work harder and soon you will see how fast your brain will operate at high speed, much faster then normal,, it works for me < but eat much natural foods only , no processed foods, of any kind and low on sugars, force your brain and body to work much hard, and you will see it likes it, and it will love this, it's like a food for the brain, read on foods for the brain, this is how I found and what I am doing now.

Dietary Recommendations   2  0   

Posted by Nelson Narciso (Toronto , Ontario) on 04/06/2012

Hi, I highly recommend the ketogenic diet my son is 6 yrs old and has had all the seizures u can name and the meds are garbage. This diet can help to stop them with out meds please try this diet it really works you have to be very strict but its worth it.

Replied by Sharon
Rio Rancho, New Mexico

[YEA]   Amy, I had a Grand Mal seizure when I was 6, and to mine or my family's knowledge have not had another, though upon seeing a neurologist to back day the GBS I had at age 3, was told that I still had seizures. I do not trust this neurologist very much because he's been focused on sleep studies and asking me about the CPAP machine he gave me rather than anything else, but I understand your mother's concern that is has to do with food, and not wanting to take meds.

I went to see a naturopathic doctor after my second appointment with this neurologist. The doctor I went to see was Dr. Michael James. Dr. James shared with me information about the foods we eat. I already knew that I couldn't have MSG because it would give me migraines. What I didn't know is that MSG is often hidden under other names so unless you know what you're looking for, you could still be eating it. MSG is known as an excitotoxin, and there are other excitotoxins in food besides MSG. These excitotoxins can cause seizures.

Dr. James put me on a new diet and I feel LOTS better. This diet was based on how foods interact with each other in digestion.

For example, there are protiens, starches, and bace foods (oils, raw nuts, vegetables). In this diet, you can mix the bace with the protiens, or the starches, but you can't mix protiens and starches because it can take up to 24 hours to digest if you do. You can have Taco Bell crunchy tacos, or burritos with no cheese, but with lettuce and tomato, or you can have KFG grilled chicken with vegetables and save your buscuit for later - these are examples of what I've done.

I have gone to eating organic foods, and buying sprouted wheat bread so I can have sandwiches. We even bought a grain mill to make our own sprouted flour or nut butters rather than buying the name brands at the store. It's a bit more expensive, yes, but it works. Dr. James also has me on a natural vitamin, mineral and herbal regime and I am feeling SO much better now. My energy is up for the most part, which it wasn't before, I don't have as much indigestion, as many headaches and that's just a few of the improvements I've noticed.

I think your mom has the right idea that it's in the food. I highly recommend speaking with Dr. James or finding a naturopathic doctor - or maybe even a regular western doctor - since insurance doesn't cover natural medicines - that will listen to your mom and work with her rather than against her.

Posted by Tom (Austin, Texas) on 08/28/2008

[YEA]  my wife suffered seizures before we were married and has now been seizure free for 13 years of marriage. well she did stop the aspertame but I can't say if that is what made the difference as she stopped eating a ton of other junk as well. I follow an 85% raw fruits and veggies diet with no refined sugars or carbs and she just started to eat with me reluctantly at first and wala. if this story seems hard to believe just think, I left out the long list of chronic illness that went away from her body and mine like bad dreams. check out the haleluya diet.

Replied by Don
Edmonton, Canada

I am a grand mal epileptic due to head injury. I know how he feels I am constantly searching for an energy drink that does not do more damage than I started but I have yet to find anything so I wont work night shift anymore and I drink water and pop. Water sucks and its bland but it works. Dilatation is a good mix but not a cure. Good luck D.A.
Replied by Patricia
San Jose, Ca

I reccommend trying Maca, a traditional Peruvian natural stimulant. Made from powdered root with no additives whatsoever. You simply mix/dissolve it in water. It gives an almost immediate energy boost without the nasty side effects.

Dried Herbs   0  0   

Posted by Matutina (Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania) on 07/22/2013

Try the spice section of your local grocery store and pick the following: Basil, oregano, dill, marjoram, rosemary, parsley, celery, sage and thyme. Take them in hot water. Mix them altogether when U get home in one big container. (Plastic and tight). They may help treat and replace the magnesium and many other healthy problems will be treated even without your awareness. Plus they are cheap. Take just a tablespoon once a day. But since you will be starting, start with a tea spoon and then increase gradually. Please let me know how it goes.... God bless U

Replied by Jessica
Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

[WARNING!]   The mention of rosemary in a seizure community has me biting my lip. PLEASE...before any of you run out and try doing ANYTHING with Rosemary, RESEARCH!! Rosemary is known to jump start seizures in people susceptible to them!!!
Replied by Pat

Re: Dried Herbs For Minor Seizures: She is correct...I have also read this..and stopped using Rosemary..

Edgar Cayce Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Linda (Virginia Beach, Virginia) on 02/22/2009

[YEA]  epilepsy healed with the edgar cayce remedies: It's my daughter's eight-year anniversary of being seizure-free. Here is her story: Hope it can help someone else too!

Eliminate Wheat, B Vitamins   0  0   

Posted by Maisie (Portland, Or) on 11/21/2011

I recently brought my son to Portland Family Homeopathy in Portland, Oregon. He's had seizures for the whole first year of his life. Sometimes hundreds at a time. We were given a pretty bad diagnosis from a neurologist who wanted to put him on all sorts of meds. I asked her if there had ever been research about the long term developmental side effects of giving these meds to babies... She said no. So we chose to try to find other treatment options.

A friend of mine had recommended that I try Portland Family Homeopathy and so I did. We went and were given some really basic dietary information about what is good and bad for kids with seizures. Since we've cut out wheat and been giving him vitamin B supplements daily, he has been seizure free for 6 months now. Sometimes the answer is so simple.

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Minneapolis, Mn

Wonderful! My son is on the Ketogenic Diet, and is seizure free for 7 months now. We are still researching the source as I want him to be weaned off the diet eventually (as well as the Depakote he is on). Does your daughter have any teeth issues, or skin issues as well?

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Posted by Namaste (Australia) on 09/08/2014

[YEA]  I suffered with mild epilepsy for 14 years, only ever had 20 seizures before being medicated. I am depending upon tegretol but never really feeling myself, I could write pages on pages on how I figured out how to fix my epilepsy and my passion behind getting off the medication that I later found out was making the epilepsy worse when I was not depending on it. Anyways I am not trying to sell anything nor am I saying it will work for everyone.

I am only posting this because I wish I had have found this out 14 years ago and if I could help anyone that is going through it that is all I want, but here it is straight up:

*Vitamin b6 200mg twice a day ( whatever your body doesn't use , you piss out)

*vitamin d3 every second day (tegretol depletes your vitamin d levels ..)

* magnesium complete 1 tab per day

* 5-htp natural amino acid 1 capsule per day

*excercise at least half hour a day to boost positive hormones

* the main thing is : meditation!

Gain control of your own mind through letting go and you will be able to control anything; this being said I understand many people won't try it as it has been portrayed to be "alternative " and "hippie " and even I laughed when I heard about it for the first time, but not a word of a lie it works for me. * I also eat a healthy natural diet and use fluoride free tooth paste, as fluoride is a neuro-toxin which can not help things .and I try to avoid things with chemicals when I can help it . Don't get lazy, be strict with it, make time to meditate. I would like to add that I have been seizure free for 4 years now with no medication. It was scary at first and I failed twice only to learn that I did need to supplement as majority of the problem is just being deficient in b6 , magnesium , serotonin , and vitamin d3. I hope this helps someone or their parents who are desperately searching for answers to something that until recently they knew nothing about, or someone looking for answers that no one will post anywhere on the net.

Replied by Electrobabymama
Minneapolis, Mn

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your success! Is your epilepsy genetic, or environmental? Any other possible symptoms from these deficiencies that came along with the seizures?
Replied by Barb

I am also on tegretol since age 14. Was seizure free for ten years until the age of 35 when they came back strong. Now they have added vimpat. More tired than ever. I have a question though, how long till you started reducing your medicine?

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