Natural Treatment for Epilepsy

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Posted by Anonymous (Anywhere, USA) on 01/18/2009

[YEA]  I had to write to you because I have been in a seizure situation for many years and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel so I thought I would pass it on.

First, a quick story about me. When I was around 18 in 1989 I started having petit mal seizures and no one knew why or what brought them on. Looking back, I remember I was getting to the end of my high school years, and one day in celebration, me and a bunch of friends went swimming. And, in the pool, I was so excited to be in the pool...swimming so fast, I did a flip turn no knowing there was a seating area in the pool and bumped my head. I walked off, trying not to make a big scene...just let the pain go away on its own. A couple of days later at a graduation party, I remember having a few wine coolers...more than normal (that is not a lot..but it was to me!) and I had a seizure. I heard about it the next day. (Looking back and reading more about seizure causes, it could have been an acid buildup in the area of tissue that was disrupted and then the acids put in my body made it to the brain..and seizures were formed). Well, at the time I thought it was a one shot deal and didn't tell mom and dad. Well, time went on..a year or two and I was going through college and living abroad in France and I noticed they were coming back...more often now. So, I went to a doctor in France while I was on my study abroad and to make a long story short, I was told I had epilepsy. I was put on pills and I thought that was it. I got back to the U.S and I was still having them. At first, I wasn't the best about taking the meds religiously...but as time went on, I WAS taking them...all of them, like clock work. And, still having seizures. I tried MANY different drugs with no positive outcome. SO, in 1995, after getting different doctors opinions (looking back, from doctors that were almost identical) I had brain surgery to help get "rid" of these seizures. Well, what the surgery got rid of was my great memory and my ability to read. Following surgery I didn't know anyone's name...I didn't remember the states...or even something basic like the word "flower." Well, it finally came back (before surgery I was a foreign language teacher...French and Spanish...that was gone following surgery. But, the French came back...not perfect...after about 8 months) So, with a 6 month speech therapy class, my reading came back...not perfect...and my memory is not as sharp as it once was. Am I angry? You're damn right I have been angry, depressed, confused, name it! Why me? I was a great student in high school...number 9 in the class, went to a great college...felt like such a strong and independent woman! And now I am reliant on everyone else, can't drive, feel weak, memory is not the sharpest,..and the meds I was one got me even more depressed...and I was STILL HAVING SEIZURES!!! Well, I decided a year and a half ago, I wanted to see a change! I took myself off those pills that were killing me. You know, going in to see if my LIVER was still Ok. every few months just didn't seem right to me! You know, in my opinion, the BEST doctor in the world is IN ALL OF US...In OUR body! Let me figure out this doctor and see what needs to be done. The first couple of months off those pills, I think I was SO happy, feeling strong and IN CONTROL and I didn't have ONE seizure! So, again, to make a long story short - what controls our seizures? Well, that would be our emotions! As time went on, as I started getting USED to not having them, I let small things bother me. And, well, to make a long story short, I started having them again. SO, I read more, and came across a nice book.

First one:

Nice, encouraging, natural approach to seizure control. What a nice, refreshing outlook.


After reading this and seeing that there was someone who could come and HELP me with controlling my seizures...and someone who has been through it HERSELF helped me. She had encephalitis herself MANY years ago...had ALL the seizures OFTEN and was told by doctors - sorry, there is nothing we can do. Well, to get to the point, she taught HERSELF how to control them and it has now been...what are we up to..30 years!!! Seizure free! So, I had her come on over to my home for 4 days to train me how to control them. Do I have it PERFECT yet? No. But, do I know that at one point, I will have this DOWN! YES! You know what makes it hard? We ALL have emotions. We are human! That is normal and NATURAL. However, if you have epilepsy, you have to learn to take it all in stride. Don't let emotions get the best of you. Well, that isn't as easy as it may seem. BUT, it is possible. What makes it easier is the warnings our brain/body DO give us. Ig is kind of saying, "Watch out...a seizure may be coming." I NEVER though I had warnings...that must be what those other lucky people have. But, not me. Over time, I did realize, WOW...that IS a warning. There is a long list...I will let you read about the different warning signals. But, once you do get to know yourself and SEE or FEEL the warning, just BREATHE. Take DEEP, RELAXING breaths. That is it. When you feel it coming, BREATHE. Change the direction of the negative activity of the brain. Now, I told you, I don't have it perfect yet. Here is a recent example. I am a massage therapist (damn good!) and I was VERY busy yesterday. One client after another. Well, I needed to go and have lunch. The healthy, friendly, open arms, cute Thai restaurant I go to often was closed. I was sad, surprised and just decided to go to the other Thai place. I had been there once and didn't like it as much. But, had to eat and run. SO, go over, Maureen! I went in and waited for about 10 minutes to be seated so that didn't start off well. There was barely anyone there! Why so long? Then to get the menu and for them to help me...and when they DID come to me, they were annoyed I was there. So, to say the least, a lot of negative engery took over in my brain. And, a few minutes later, seizure. Petit mal. When I came to, I was frustrated and angry. But looking back, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. Come on! Obviously I was annoyed! Why didn't I just BREATHE and let positive take over. With breathing, my brain could have looked at this differently. It could have turned this around saying, "Maureen, maybe these waitresses are having a bad day. Maybe something bad happened to them today. They are human. Smile at them and let them enjoy the rest of their day." But, I didn't. Do you see how something so simple could have turned it around? But, I am human and negative took over. Soon, I WILL grasp this 100% ..but not yet. =)

So, stay positive and the seizure will be a thing of the past! A NEW, WONDERFUL, DIFFERENT life could come! You COULD control those seizures and help OTHERS do the same. Getting this word out is needed. Not EVERYONE NEEDS drugs to control their seizures. BUT!! don't just STOP taking the meds. This needs to be well thought out. Read the books I have sent you. Keep a journal.

If you want to go one step further, have Dr. Donna Andrews come to your home to work with you. Here is the info.

If you have any other questions, let me know! Good luck everyone!

Oops, one last thing. After reading Ted's last post on Ph water balance in the brain to control seizures, I have been doing that myself the past few months which has been helping me and I will put that together in another story. Drinking water with a higher ph can help MANY ailments. More in a couple days. Right now, go get those books!

Posted by Sporkonafork
Corpus Christi, Texas
Relaxing has helped me thruout the years to avoid seizures im currently taking xanax, before I would just drink chamomile tea, that chamomille tea has saved me many times from having a seizure, I had sleeping trouble valerian root works very well to sleep I never had any nocturnal seizures while having a valerian root tablet before bed. Its only $5 for a bottle of 100 tablets!! Also replace your pillow with a new one I felt a nocturnal seizures coming if my neck was cramped with a pillow that wasnt good

Also take vitamins!! I take 1/2 teaspoon of epsom salt in morning at 5am, later on I have Vitamin E, omega 3 fish oil. & centrum multivitamin! exercise too!! I felt much much better on days ive exercised just sacrifice 30 mins a day to exercise at home youll feel a diference!

also I personally keep something holy close to me I feel comfort during my worst of times (oncoming seizure) if im holding my rosary.. I pray for guidance to help me beat this illness... Ive had occasional simple partial seizures(2-4 a year) since 11/2004

Posted by Dubby
Lagos, Nigeria
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My son had herpes simplex enchephilitis attack some 4 years ago. He was in coma for 4 days and after the coma came became paralysed. Since then he has been having myloclonic jerks and siezures, at least 20 times a day, during which he loses contol of every part of his body. Mostimes he falls face down on the floor, during the attacks.

He has been on Eplim and Kepra(medication) for over three years but there does not seem to be any sign of improvement. We even flew him to india where he was put through oxygen therapy... This also didnt work. We have seen various neurologist worldwide, including children's hospital, but no improvement.

I was so desperate at one time that I sent a mail to the popular Dr. Ben Carson, but didnt get a response. I would appreciate any advice on the way(s) to arrest this frequest seizures and jerks he has daily.

Posted by Dubby
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I forgot to add that I can be reached on mejebi(at) for any advice or leads as to help sort this issue. I really need help for my son!!
Posted by Mark
Dear Dubby, If you have not tried the ketogenic diet I would do that. Also avoid glutamates and aspartates. That means NO MSG and in fact, no processed foods at all. The ketogenic diet limits carbohydrates and protein based on body mass. A 150 lb person may only have something like 10 grams of carbs a day. That can be entirely gained just through eating a few vegetables. So a diet high in natural fats and mostly green, mostly raw vegetables washed in distilled water. I would supplement with vitamins that have as much vitamin c as possible, and supervised body-temperature-ish baths (like 100 deg. F, NOT hot) with epsom salts. A shy person may bathe with the undergarments or a swimsuit on for privacy.

There should be more than one bowel movement per day on average, also take 1/2 tsp of epsom salts as needed to make BMs regular. This is required to clear the body of toxins.

if this is working you should see the effects within a matter of weeks or possibly even days. You can gradually increase the carb intake as long as they are good natural carbs, I.e. carrots, nuts and rice but not breads or grains with the exception of oats and flax.

To keep enough calories in his diet you will likely need to supplement with oils that are almost all fat. Use natural coconut and olive oils but not hydrogenated oils. Meals like spinach salad with other veggies and dressing made of vinegar and olive oil and a small helping of some fatty not-processed meat are a good choice.

Best of luck to you and your son!

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Posted by Deel~ (Flint, Mich./usa) on 10/31/2012

Additional research(:-) a deficiency of Magnesium, can be implicated as a cause of almost all ailments, esp'lly Seizure disorders, & adding B-6 helps it absorb, but is better to take a B-Complex, as they all work together, so about 500mg Mg 100mg B-6 B's> assist metabolize Carbohydrates, Brain fuel.

Calcium D also assist as does a Multi-Vitamin; as Anti-convulsants deplete D, Folic acid, & others.

Posted by Exhausted (Somewhere, In The Usa) on 07/16/2012

I have Epilepsy it has just turned from absence type to the scary biting tongue, falling down nocturnal type. I'm interested in magnesium as a possible cure since mine started as a teenager and I also have had headaches often.

My QUESTION: I took about a teaspoon of epsom salts dissolved in some fruit juice once per day- two days in a row in the evening. My problem is now I am experiencing racing thoughts at night, tingling hands, some numbness in the face (especially when I try to sleep) and really bad insomnia. I can only sleep a couple of hours and I wake up again. Plz help it feels like I am buzzing with electricity. I am exhausted. What's wrong with me?? :( Btw, I was fighting off the dreaded feeling of an oncoming attack for several days prior to taking the epsom salts (i have one every 2 weeks) and after taking magnesium the dread feeling is mostly gone so I feel like magnesium may be helping except for this new problem.

Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Exhausted, take Epsom salts BATHS instead of taking it internally.
Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
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Have you looked into the ketogenic diet for epilepsy? It was developed at Johns Hopkins Hospital, involves no drugs and works very well for many. Also look at The Charlie Foundation for other resources on the diet. It was founded by Jim Abrahams whose son, Charlie was suffering from over 100 seizures a day and went to 0 seizures in 48 hours after starting the diet. Best wishes!
Posted by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
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Try magnesium citrate capsules instead. Epsom salts cause water separation and can influence nutrient absorption if you aren't careful. Also try magnesium oil (magnesium chloride) spray on your skin for tingly hands or legs etc.
Posted by Me
Somewhere, In The Usa
UPDATE: Thank you for all your replies. I have tried the chiropractor a while back but it did not help me. And the ketogenic diet requires consumption of heavy cream on a daily basis and lots of oily and fat foods which I dislike immensely so I am really hoping to find a vitamin or mineral that will provide relief for me.

On the third day I did not take any epsom salts and slept well and woke up feeling normal with no tingling or numbness feelings. In the morning of the 4th day I decided to try 1/2 teaspoon epsom salts again and several hours later I again started experiencing tingling, numbness in face and brain fog. I wish I can find out why this is. Will try a different form of magnesium now and some coconut oil.

Posted by Oldriska
Prague, Czech Republic
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Hi, have you had your spine looked at? Epilepsy, frequent headaches and insomnia... I think it would be worth checking if your neck spine is properly aligned. I have trigeminal neuralgia which shares some of its features with epilepsy and some people claim to get relief from bone adjustment (not my case as I'm type II - atypical but I believe that loads of problems are related to the spine). Good luck with your treatment!
Posted by Johnnyboy
Melbourne, Australia
After living with epilepsy for 14years, result of assault, I am tired of countless different meds, their claimed effectiveness and their draining side effects, so, after stumbling onto a website which supplied info about a japanese water diet, which claimed to help people with many health probs, also epilepsy sufferers, I decided I would give it a try. It's quite simple in method, consume a certain volume of clean water every morning and wait 45min. before eating. Since I began this process I have not only had no seizures and noticed an improvement in health, but I have halved my medication dosage, i.e., ceased my evening dose. Now, before I get bombarded with comments relating to how I shouldn't change my dosage without a doctor's approval, I would like to know if anybody has tried this and has had similar results.
Posted by Johnnyboy
Melbourne, Australia
I continue to have improved health and control of my epilepsy after beginning a japanese water diet; drinking 1 pint of pure water every morning and waiting 45min. Before eating breakfast. At first I was having strong dreams, I assume it was possibly because I have ceased my evening dose of tegretol/ keppra and wasn't sleeping in a drug induced state. I do feel as if I have cleared my mind somewhat because the dreams were unpleasant at first, but now, after 1mth. they are not. I will most likely continue with this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.
Posted by Binah
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Hi Johnnyboy, when you say pure water do mean distilled or ionised water or both, I've heard a lot about ionised water in Japan. I'm almost finished building my own ioniser as I can't afford to buy one, I've filtered the water but not distilled it as I don't want to lose the nutrients that are in the water, although I know there will still be some toxins like flouride that survive filtering. How are you doing now with it seizure-wise?
Posted by Phips
Melbourne, Australia
Magnesium for epilepsy. If magnesium is giving you side-effects (dry mouth, numbness in extremities, light headedness, low blood pressure, weakness, lethargy, sleepiness, felling hot, low blood sugar, profuse sweating, irregular heart beat, or slow heart beat, etc, you are probably calcium and vitamin D deficient. Or you have taken an overdose of magnesium. Overdoses can also be lethal. Remember, magnesium is a natural antagonist to calcium. So taking too high a dose of magnesium can depress you serum calcium levels. If this is a problem with you, take smaller doses 2-3 times daily. Also make sure you supplement with calcium and vit D to prevent magnesium side-effects.
Posted by Awesolos
Buffalo, Ny
I'm wondering if anyone knows or has a theory what could be causing the seizures that always occur during the night and at approximately 5am? I'm currently trying a few alternative therapies including epsom salts, GAPS diet, no dairy and no soy. Thanks.
Posted by Andrea C
One possibility is Detoxing to fast, also cutting down on Alcohol, Meds, Herbal Remedies, Vitamins, I had this due to Detox and Meds. I was on a Drug named Temgesic a few years ago


Every morning at four AM I would have seziures and panic attacks from hell, the shakes, sweating like mad, loss of concetration, visual and auditory hallucinations (hearing and seeing things). The DR told me to take two, everytime the pain kicked in, it never went away, so I was taking sixteen a day. I then went back to the DR, and told him this, he then pulled out a 'Mimm's' book, (DR's Drug Bible, there is also one called 'The Merk Mannual'. He then checked the dosage and freaked!! I was taking a massive over dose every day for weeks! Your not supposed to take more than EIGHT A WEEK!! Anymore is deadly and that Android (i can't post the word I really want to call him!! )told me to take them as needed? It also affected my Mental Realm, I felt no emotion at all. I also had a bad time after taking one 25mg of 5htp slow release, that was hell as well, I was in agony and all my joints hurt so much I couldn't move and my jaw's locked and I was burning up and couldn't think straight so I put them down the toilet. Or it could be, as I found out with 5htp, something you are taking to help yourself does not agree with you, or there is a clash in the combination of what your using. The only way to find out is, stop taking everything together, take them seperately at a low dose for at least a week at a low dose, if that's ok, try adding them one at a time weekly as low dose as possible. Also watch your reaction's between Foods, Supplements, Vits and Meds. Next I will post about Grapefruit and interaction. S as its a bit long to add here. Love Andrea C XXXXXXXXX

Posted by Dee
I would look into a magnesium deficiency. Seizures are normally associated with that. Green juices are great for that. Wheatgrass juice, kale mixed with others.

Look at your diet. Do you eat a lot of MSG, Aspartame?

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Posted by Tara (Clarkston, Washington) on 08/10/2009

I am 39 and I have been having strange symptoms. It has happened at the store two times, usually when I am very stressed. I get up to the counter and my body goes into what I can only equate as having a mini seizure. My head starts to shake, my body starts to jerk around, and I have a hard time walking. It is to say the least humiliating. If anyone knows what can cause this I would be so grateful. I am an outgoing person and am now leary about going anywhere out of fear that this will happen again. Many thanks.

EC: To rule out a serious medical condition, it would be wise to see your physician as soon as possible.

Posted by Ratgirldjh
Austin, Tx
try taking about a teaspoon of epsom salts a day. also try taking epsom salt baths - 1 to 2 cups in a bath of warm or hot water. sounds like you are very deficient in magnesium and this is an easy way to get some quick.
Posted by Tricia
Hi tara, considering that this doesn't happen at home, i reckon you could possibly have the same neck artritis that my freind has in her neck. She gets very waek everytime she looks up for any lenght of time and the inflammation causes blood vessels to the brain to become blocked and therefore causes the dizziness and palpatations. The other places where she can also have problems is at the washing line and at the hardressers when her hair is being washed.She was told that the only cure is not to look upwards but I'm sure some of the arthritis remedies would be of benefit. BTW she doesn't feel any arthritis pain in her neck although she is riddled with pain elswhere.
Posted by Moi
V Ville, Ca
Yes, it really does seem like your are uber stressed out and your body is just reacting to it. Still go to a dr. if you can. It is very easy to forget to nourish yourself when your head is constantly freaking out, so........

1. Drink lots of water- clean with no chemicals (sometimes we forget to drink and it has very immediate and alarming effects on the body and mind).
2. Magnesium & potassium
3. Chamomile tea
4. Take baths with Epson Salts -very cheap-
5. take a walk alone -with no chores along the way- with music

good luck

Posted by T
Baltimore, Md, Usa
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Hi Tara,

I have to second the suggestion about seeing a doctor, but I also understand the financial restrictions. I do hope you'll have the means to see one soon so you can rule out anything overtly physical.

You say this has happened at a checkout, 3 times now? Have you ever had these symptoms at any other time/place? Was it always the same store? If it's always in just the same place, I wonder if there's something there that you are sensitive to. What is your diet like? Are there any underlying conditions?

On the nutrition front, make sure you have adequate iron intake. Getting a ferritin blood test would be good, and you can order one yourself online far cheaper than going through the doctor. Whether you get iron through diet or supplements, taking some vitamin C when you ingest iron will assist your body in assimilating it. I do want to caution that too much iron can be a very bad thing, so be reasonably sure you're deficient before supplementing. Magnesium is great but you should be balancing that with calcium, and you should read up on zinc/copper balance as well as that could be playing a role. In addition, a good B-complex could assist with the stress reactions and provide numerous other benefits.

Sending out a prayer that you get the answers you need and become free of this. Please do keep us posted!

Posted by Huck
San Jose, Ca
You might have epilepsy you need to go see a doctor a neurologist - Do any of your family members have epilepsy on your fathers side or mothers side?
Don't take baths because if you have a seizure you can drown.
If you have epilepsy it can be controlled with medication just go see a doctor.
No worries
Posted by Jen
Los Angeles, Ca
Hi...I also think you may have a form of seizure (Sz) disorder.

I use to work in a grocery store and we had a few people have seizures in the store. The fluorescent lights can induce a Sz.

I now work in the field of sleep disorders and use to do EEG (brain studies to rule out (R/O) Sz disorder and other anomalies) studies and we would have the patients come in slep deprived and flash lights at varying speeds to try and induce/produce some type of epileptiform (AKA a Sz) activity.

Make sure you also get plenty of good sleep and that you do not have a sleep disorder. If you are otherwise in good health ie., you wake-up well rested without headaches or any other unwanted symptoms/complaints and are able to sleep throughout the night, then you are likely fine in that department.

All of the other comments on this thread are great!

Be safe. Be well and do get to the doctor as soon as you can for an evaluation.

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca
Why don't you find a good acupuncturist. It will be less expensive than Western medicine and probably get to the root of it. The body is treated very differently in this approach and finds a way to balance it rather than hide it with meds.
Posted by Tara
Clarkston, Washington
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Update. My mother in law, bless her heart was really worried and said, now honey you really need to see a doctor just to be sure it's not serious. Okay, so I went to the ER, sat around for three hours just for them to tell me that yes in fact the stress is having an impact on me.And yes there is pressure behind your ears.So doctor brilliant prescribes me an antihistamine(sp?)It's been three days and this overglorified junk is not helping at all. Not to mention the side effects include being dizzy.Great, that'll cost me over 400.00. I am at the end of my rope here.I will need to go somewhere else, someone has got to take me seriously. I am continuing my regular routine of vitamins etc. I'll update when something happens.
Posted by Talia
Redondo Beach, California
Symptoms of an overactive thyroid include shaking and tremors, one possibility. A hypoglycemic attack can cause shaking. Seizures can also be caused by an allergic reaction to medication. Also, don't discount an allergic reaction to a food or drink you recently added to your diet. Any artificial sweeteners or msg in your diet? Think about starting a food diary and rack your brain for anything you started around the same time as your seizures. Video games can cause seizures.

Vitamin or Mineral Deficiency
Allergic reaction to medication or food
Video games or cartoons that flash a lot of images at once (read up on the Japanese children that suffered seizures after watching a certain cartoon show years ago)

Hope the seizures stop asap. Keep us updated!

Wishing you the best of health,

Posted by Frank
Interesting causes of seizures on this thread. Another condition that can cause seizures is cysticercosis, an infection from ingestion of tapeworm larvae.

From the CDC website:

"Neurocysticercosis (cysticerci in the brain, spinal cord):

Symptoms of neurocysticercosis depend upon where and how many cysticerci (often called lesions) are found in the brain. Seizures, and headaches are the most common symptoms. However, confusion, lack of attention to people and surroundings, difficulty with balance, swelling of the brain (called hydrocephalus) may also occur. Death can occur suddenly with heavy infections.

Posted by Magdowser
Hendersonville, Nc
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Tara, overnight after a MRI in Jan of '87 to rule out MS (it didn't), I started having movements that felt like seizures and looked like body quakes. Took me a while, but finally realized I was sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and even somebody getting close to me (aura) would set me off. Even fall down over power lines, water streams,etc. Your note about being near the cashier is what made me write you. So pay attention to lighting, refrigeration boxes in stores, etc. and take notes as to what you feel, muscle tightness, seizures,etc. Who knows, it could be the neurocysticercosis, heavy metals, gluten ramifications, etc. Determined not to die dumb, I hit the alternative field, and am 90% less sensitive with thanks to evening primrose oil, cranio sacral therapy, removing amalgams, earthclinic, low dose naltrexone, oil pulling, going off gluten, dowsing what is good for me (supplement-wise). Keep up your healing quest! MAG
Posted by Tara
Clarkston, Washington
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Mag, that is fascinating. I am really ready for anything that might be helpful. I went to yet another doctor that prescribed a low dose blood pressure med although my bp is 122/80 and that was in an office, so would probably be lower in a normal (for me) setting. It is a beta blocker, and although is has stopped the adrenaline rush from making my body freak out, it is just covering up the symptom and not getting to the cause. Today I had accupressure, which was awesome, but that too is more money than I can afford. But, the guy that did it told me that it might be that my liver is not processing this certain hormone quickly enough and that may be causing my blood vessels to squeeze and that in effect causes me to have the trembling and such. Because my body is needing, I guess, to pump more blood at these times. Although I am glad that the beta blockers are working in the short term, traditional medicine always puts a smiley face on a problem that needs fixing. Can you tell me more about what you have done.I am not real familiar with some of the terminology you use but am willing and able to learn.Thank you for your insight. If it's not creepy to you, please email me at and put on the subject line earthclinic or mini seizures so I can fish you out of my spam folder. Good night and God bless you and yours. Tara
Posted by Rachael
Naples, Fl
Have you considered panic attacks? I've had very similar symptoms caused by anxiety which is induced by stress.
Posted by K. M.
Los Angeles, Ca
A friend started having seizures as an adult and couldn't understand why. All the scans and tests came up negative. He was put on medication but it just gave him bad side effects and didn't really help so he stopped taking them. Then he was sitting in a theatre eating thick taffy candies when he felt something happen on one of his back teeth but it was so fast he swallowed it. Turns out a candy had stuck to a loose mercury filling and pulled it off his tooth. He figures he pooped it out because after that all his seizures and mental issues went away.

So you might want to consider removing any mercury fillings and detox the heavy metals in your body to be sure they're not short circuiting your brain.

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Posted by Babyangel (Sinton, Texas, Usa) on 06/26/2012

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hello, my name is Katie. I had mild epilepsy since 11/12/2004 when I had my first grandmal it was induced by stress from seeing my mother stay in hospital 1 month (shes ok now) I took phenytoin 500mg for 11 months, the side affects were HORRIBLE! I was fine for years I knew to avoid foul stong odors such as from nail polish and hair coloring that made me feel I may have a seizure if I was around that odor long. I had a few close calls I drank herbal tea called chamomile to relieve the "yucky" feeling I may have a seizure. I let the tea bag sit in the coffee cup of water I put in microwave 2 mins sit in the water 15mins to make it stronger, if it was an emergency I would get the chamomile tea stems and chew on it like gum, I had 1-3 mild nocturnal seizures each year I knew it was about to happen when I felt the extreme "deja vu" feeling. I started to take a herbal vitamin called valerian root since I had trouble sleeping.. This worked very well 2-3 each night and I had no more nocturnal seizures

I started getting older so, like many other young adults drinking became common for me. My finst few yrs I was fine having 6-8 beers. Then around oct 2011 I started to binge drink 10-12 beers at a time 2-3 times a week until I had a simple partial seizure feb 15 2012 from the bad hangover that triggered it. I did not see a doctor right away I just stopped drinking and smoking tobacco. I still did not feel well I had "close calls" daily and had 2 more simple partial seizures. I finally saw a doctor march 16 2012, I explained to the doctor I never want to take dilantin again. It was so horrible, so the doctor gave me something thats helped ALOT, .50 mg alprazolam (generic xanax) I feel relaxed now, I havent had anymore seizures or closecalls. I break the pill 1/2 so I take only .25mg of xanax at time. I still drink chamomile tea. I also like to drink either cinnamon tea or take 2 cinnamon capsules in the morning that HELPS ALOT the cinnamon, I also take 1 Vitamin E tablet, and 1 omega3 daily.

Whats helped me most is exercising or staying busy on feet!! I havent drank or smoked in over 4 months now . And if you're taking a medication make sure you read online of warnings what may contradict that medicine thats very important.. and if you believe in god, keep something holy closeby. I personally carry a ring rosary always in my pocket with me and next to my bed when im asleep..

I hope I can help someone that reads this.. I wanted to post here hoping to help someone.. God bless you

Posted by Johnnyboy
Try the Japanese water diet.

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Posted by Sandra (Cairns, Queensland, Australia) on 11/24/2013

Hi, 3 year grandson recently diagnosed with myoclonic atonic astatic epilepsy. Please, are there any natural remedies so that we can reduce the horrible medication that he is on? Kind regards, concerned grandmother

Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Sandra: The longest lived animal who has the most advanced nervous system spends all day every day eating the most potent of all the superfoods, marine phytoplankton. Get the case of 12 1oz. liquid bottles for $342. Eat 80% carbs, 5% fiber, 10% protein, and 5% oil by weight. Eat raw honey for carbs, raw whey isolate for protein, coconut oil for saturated fat, and black chia seeds for unsatuated fat and soluable fiber. Raw cocoa powder, maca, and skate liver oil are also good for the brain. Absorbable colostrum contains growth factors. Freeze dried young green coconut water powder has electolytes.
Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
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The ketogenic diet has helped many people control their epilepsy. Here is a link to the Charlie Foundation, named for a young child who had an increasing number of seizures on traditional medicine, and was cured in just a few days on this diet. Originally developed at Johns Hopkins hospital, today the diet is offered in a variety of locations. It may be something to consider for your grandchild.

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Posted by Michael Tan (Singapore) on 07/12/2013

[YEA]  (adult formula) For children below 12, reduce formula by half.

Qian Shi 6g, Bai Guo 6g, Huai Shan 6g, Dang Shen 6g, Huang Qi 6g, Chuan Gong 3g, Gou Qi Zi 6g, Du Zhong 6g, Lian Zi 6g, Yuan Shen 12g, Deng Xin Cao 15g

1.5 litre of water, bring water to boiling point then switch to very low flame and boil for 1. 5 hr. Consume before food or 2 hours after food.

This is an effective epilepsy remedy I find in a Malaysia Herbal Magazine. According to the contributor, this remedy have already cure many patients.

For a start drink 10 doses and then observe if the patient is cure. More doses will be needed if the patient is not cure.

Epilepsy is easier to cure in young children and teenager. The younger you are the higher your chances of getting your epilepsy cure.

tankoonpeng(at) Singapore

Posted by Dr Dao
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Thanks for sharing this. This is obviously a classical chinese herbal formula, do you know the name of the formula?
Posted by Susan
South Africa
How much water does my 12 year son have to drink and how often?

Posted by Debra (High Point, North Carolina USA) on 02/22/2009

[WARNING!]  I have used natural health remedies for a long time. I have not used a lot that I have seen here on this site and will love to try them.

What someone tries for a natural health remedy that effects only them and their body is their own business.

There are certain conditions, such as seizures, diabetes, or anything that can effect your concious state of mind, that everyone needs to be very careful about.

When a person with seizures goes off meds, they open themselves up to having massive seizures. Brian injuries can not be cured overnight.

My son and I were almost killed by someone who had simply reduced their seizure medication. That choice was not fair to us, or anyone else who may have been hurt.

We had a car accident. It only effected three people in the car, myself, my son and my husband who had the seizure. He has gone often for months and weeks without a seizure with low or no medication. Eventually it is going to happen again.

With his medication at full theraputic levels it never happens.

This highway accident could have resulted in dozens of people hurt or dead. So please I beg you, as I sit here with broken bones and torn muscles, do not stop taking seizure medications and drive or do anything dangerous if you were to have a seizure. It is grossly irresponsible to everyone else in society. That is not a natural way to be.

Posted by Johnnyboy
Melbourne, Australia
People who suffer from epilepsy are legally banned from driving a car, if they do so, sadly they are putting the public at risk, the same way an intoxicated driver will.
Posted by Susan
New York, Ny
Everything from the pharmacutical industry helps one thing but damages 5 other things in your body. My only questions is why was he driving so soon? Why didn't he wait till he was free of seizures for a year when he was trying something new.

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Posted by Blue (Hammond, Indiana, Usa) on 11/22/2009


I TURNED IN MY DRIVERS LICENSE AFTER A FATAL ACCIDENT WAS REPORTED IN THE LOCAL NEWS PAPER AND THEN THE LIGHT BULB ON MY HEAD WENT ON BRIGHT. As an epileptic since I was 8 yrs old and taking the dreaded dialantin sodium & phenobarbital has kept me sane and grand mal seizure free. One doctor took all my prescribed meds for 2 weeks-he wanted to see what would happen-well i had a grand mal seizure while on my stationary bike, fell off, bit my tongue and had a severe headach for days and stayed home from work just to get my body back to where it was prior to obeying this Dr. If I could find something but after 70 years I will stick to my apple cider vinegar in V8 or water while it still not hurting but helping my arthritis and osteoporosis. Annnd shiny hair too.

Please stick to your meds until you are truly sure and that your examiner thinks you can go ahead with alternatives. It physically hurts badly to not use the safety first method. I pray for all us epileptics especially the kids. While I was a kid I had to fight the kids for all their ugly remarks that made me cry in anger and then I began to fight them back because this is not my fault. You are all in my prayers.

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Posted by Ritchie (Huntington Beach, CA) on 03/06/2008

[YEA]  I have been taking Taurine (500mg), Tyrosine(500mg), and B-50 complex. This has helped me control my seizures. I take The Taurine once in the morning. I take the Tyrosine 3 times a day, and B-Complex 2 to 3 times a day. If I take it 3 times a day, it sometimes keeps me up at night because it raises my energy levels up; instead, I take it 3 times a day only for more control or energy. I'm taking medicine still but at a minimal level because of these additional items I'm taking. Accupuncture helped me as well. I went from the full dosage of regular meds. to half the amount. The accupuncture takes some time though, but is worth it in the end.(The type of acupuncture I used was the approach treating the whole body - not just the ears for example.)

Posted by Binah
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I take Taurine as well, I take 3000mg twice daily though, along with Vitamin B complex 50mg twice, I take them together as Taurine uses Vitamin B6 to carry out its functions. I started taking it last year and have managed to reduce my keppra dose from 2750mg to 750mg per day and I am determined to get off it because the side effects of it are horrendous, I do get fairly good control with keppra but would rather look for natural ways to control seizures. One thing that keppra did to me was it caused arythmia and the Taurine has also stopped this and this is a great relief to me. I'm still on Tegretol Retard unfortunately but am considering reducing that too in the future. Taurine is an amazing anti-convulsant imo and I'm so grateful because I was suicidal and exhausted and losing my hair and angry on keppra, I couldn't concentrate, follow a film or read a book, and books were my refuge.

I take spirulina too since last May which has helped with insomnia and energy levels and complex migraines and the nerve damage in my hands that was becoming a problem for me, its full of B vitamins and neuroprotectant amino acids.

There is new research out since last month on Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) these can be bought in the health shop, they contain Leucine Isoleucine and Valine, the research was done on a small number of people who had Autism with Epilepsy and they found between 7-10 grams in powder form given over the day in about four doses had dramatic effects on both conditions. They specify that the work was only carried out on people with Autism who had a genetic co-morbid epilepsy but I think it is reasonable to wonder if this may work too for the general epilepsy population.

I'm starting hopefully this week to start drinking ionised water, about 8 pints a day, a friend of mine has done this for his daughter and he says it reduced her seizures by 50%. It is used for many illnesses and in hospitals in Japan for its anti-oxidant effect. The machines can be expensive but I made my own for a small fraction of the price. There are a few good clear videos on how to make one on youtube.

Never give up hope, there are lots of options out there to try, blessings everyone x

Posted by Citygirl27
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Magnesium. Try 400-500 mg per day, split the dose.

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Posted by Joe (Mercedes, Tx 78570) on 07/17/2012

Hello My Name is Joe and I get seizures. Don't really have epilepsy due to the fact that I get them maybe 4 times a year. I'm on Dilantin 2 pills a day but would really want to get rid of it naturally forever. on this baking soda. Does it affect me even though I take pills? Can I please get more info. on this please? thank you.

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

I had a feedback of a child that had monthly epileptic seizures. The remedy for that one for a child anyway was 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, and some magnesium citrate supplements,which was about 100-150 mg. A foundation exists because a disease exists, if there were no disease, a foundation would not exist and people would be out of a job. Hence, the system perpetuates the disease. An epileptic seizures at least on my observations were at least a couple things (but more) as the cause that can be considered in a home remedy: A heavy metal toxicity and hence magnesium reduces this problem.

An alkalization increases oxygen and the brain can heal itself.

A lecithin supplements for a child, for example might be 1/2 tablespoon a day. The lecithin promotes myelin sheath.

Both the myelin sheaths if insufficient the brain short circuits as there is no insulation to protect electrical neural travelling. The lecithin promotes myelin sheaths. Heavy metals are electrically conductive and causes the brain to short circuit. I have seen some children with epileptic seizures where the CAT scans show as white dots (metals absorbs the radiation so they appear white) on the brain. Those were the heavy metals that deposits.

Oh yes, and one more thing, vitamin C sodium ascorbate vitamin C is important as the brain has large stores of them necessary to protect against oxidants. A 250 mg dose will usually help too.

Posted by Luis Miguel
Arvada, Colorado, USA
I am from Lima, Peru, South America and currently live in Colorado, USA. Currently I am sixty (60) years old and have suffered epilepsy (Version: Grand Mal) since I was fifteen (15) years to sixty years, ie along forty-five (45) years I carry a cross named Epilepsy. Almost all my life I have taken tablets that controlled epilepsy Tegretol, Phenytoin sodium, Mysoline, Epamin, etc. But that does not serve me. Here in USA, I knew the Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), and this will work. My recipe is: ΒΌ tea spoon in a glass of water before going to sleep. FROM A YEAR AGO I DID NOT TAKE ANY TABLETS, AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE SEIZURES. THANK YOU MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN. God Bless America, this Baking Soda and this lovely website."

04/24/2011: Amy from Houston, Tx replies: "Hi Ted, My mother started getting epileptic seizures when she was 40. She is now 51 and for a moment there, we thought she was cured (it went away for a couple of years) but has now returned. She refuses to take her meds because of the side effects, but I also need my sleep since her attacts seem to be nocturnal. I really hate to see her go through this. She thinks it has someting to do with food, but there's always diffrent ones she complains about. My question is, do you think the epsom salt/orange juice or the baking soda/lemon juice is a option for my mom? Can I try both? or is that too much? I have her taking orange juice/epsom salt, lecithin 1120 mg, magnesium complex 200 mg, and B Complex. Anything else you suggest? Are the amounts ok? Thank you so much for your help, I would really like my mom to get better somehow since her meds are out of the question.

Thank you...

Posted by Erika
Middletown, Ct
I am writing to the person who posted Ted's Remedies. I really like your advice and I was hoping to speak to you more about your advice. My daughter suffers from seizures and they have been getting worse. Please if you can call me at 860-316-5080 or email me at EDeRaffaele(at) I have many questions and I really believe you can help my daughter. What you're saying makes so much sense. I really hate the way the USA treats their patients with all different kinds of Medication. I really want to go about this the most natural way possible. Thank you so much.
Posted by Indi
Topeka, Ks
I have epilepsy that is triggered through hormonal changes and food allergies has she been checked for those. I have to avoid corn , there is even hidden corn alcohol in salt so people have to live on a whole food diet made from scratch at home to see any real benifit. This is the only way to be sure. Also at night valerian with hops is great. But it doesnt last all night and its not recommended for everyday due to the possible toxicity levels in the liver. Im going to try the baking soda at night. And vit. c.
Posted by Jennifer
Russell, Bay Of Islands., New Zealand.
Hi Amy, from Houston, TX.! -May I offer some ideas? -I suspect you may run into difficulty with over-active bowels if patient is given Epsom Salts to consume.. (so hard to get dosage just right :) --Far better to go to a good-quality HealthFood Shop, -(hopefully you have one nearby?)-- or order some Magnesium supplements Online! =>.. But also, if you can find a Bulk-store where they sell quality Epsom Salts (Mg. =Magnesium)in large bags... Say 10kgs, or even 25kgs. And then: dissolve 2or3 cups-full of the Magnesium crystals (Epsom Salts) into a bowl of hot or very warm water... &then pour this into a nice big Bathfull of warm water =for your Mum to have a lovely, long & relaxing soak in it! ... If you help her to do this not long before going off to bed for the night, you might just find that, because the Magnesium is so badly needed by all the nerves & muscles, &indeed by all parts of the body! - that this is a very enjoyable and safe way to supply it... Because the skin is the largest 'organ' of the body, & it sure knows how to soak-up the valuable Magnesium in the Bathwater! --Just a further thought, though, ... Is that IF you are in a situation like most 'urbanised' folks -who's house is supplied by "Town-supply" water! ... Then this is usually loaded with harmful Chlorine! ... &sometimes Flouride as well... So if you go to the web, you should be able to ask there, how to get a "whole-house" type of water-filter which can get rid of the damaging Chlorine =(destroys your immune-system! ), &the Flouride as well. =Ask Dr. Joseph Mercola, & he'll soon put you 'in the picture'! --Meantime, a few baths with Epsom Salts, before bed, will help to strengthen your Mum's nervous system, & hopefully reduce her nighttime seizures! - I hope this is helpful for you. Also, give her B-Complex Vitamins each day, along with some extra B6. Vitiamin, each day. -- All the best. :) -Jen.
Posted by Aodhan
Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
On the epilepsy page there is a remedy that caught my eye, the baking soda in water... I only have been diagnosed with petite mal but have had 2 grand mal fits over the course of the 4years I have been diagnosed and recently I had the second one while babysitting my niece and I absolutely terrified her and need a way to stop them. Tablets arent for me I cant swallow them and thought maybe it could work for me as well?
Posted by Josie
Columbia, Md
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My fiance has sufferered from epileptic seizures since 4 years ago due to a trauma - that was both emotional and physical in nature. They have subsided greatly with a dabbing of Celtic sea salt on his tongue if he had a seizure. Also they have been greatly helped since we added a chelated form of magnesium salts (they are wrapped in an amino acid). When you take a magnesium supplement that is wrapped/binded to an amino acid - not the magnesium citrate version, you do NOT get an irritated bowel in the least and you absorb far more magnesium as well - about 70 to 80 percent more! He has been improving steadily yet gradually and I suspect he has heavy metals in his body (blood test will be done to confirm or deny my suspicions). In the meantime he is taking Dr. Todd Ovokaitys' product (which is the magnesium wrapped in an amino acid). You can find this magnesium here: This is the best magnesium I too have ever taken.

Milk of Magnesia I do not recommend for getting your intake of magnesium from. You will have diarrhea too often.

If you take Epsom salts for your magnesium, you will get way too much diarrhea unless you have fasted for a good day. Besides they taste nasty, really nasty! I would not recommend Epsom salts to ingest but more to absorb magnesium via the skin in a bath with 3 cups of it. You will sleep like a baby if you do this, and might even fall asleep in the tub like I do :)

Posted by Lemontwist
Houston, Tx, Usa
I like that you put this together and the success others that are having with using 1/4 teaspoon of Baking Soda and Citric Acid (Lemon Juice from an ACTUAL Lemon), but as I continued the search (as I too am finding a solution to a natural alternative to NOT taking Phenytoin any more as I too have a nocturnal seizure disorder) I also found this link here in my search:

Seems to point out quite the opposite effect and can cause brain damage. Since I really don't like LiveStrong's site too much (as it's more propagandized garbage with only some value), I went from taking a full teaspoon (as I'm 190 lbs and thought taking a bit more might compensate for my body mass), but now I'm taking (right before bed) a 1/2 a teaspoon with a quarter cut (large size) squeezed lemon and 325 mg powdered Magnesium.

Also, it seems to be the ONLY powered and best absorbale Magnesium on the market as others are in a pill form that don't break down enough in your system to be fully used. This stuff INSTANTLY disolves and using the Citric Acid, it helps absorb even more into your system. Also, it tastes FANTASTIC. I also take 3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The fatty acids from that also calm down and feed your brain at the same time. I've been on quite a few sites and gathered all this info. Also, I'm on a Kenogenic Diet (lots of eggs and bacon - and YES it IS good for you - you NEED to feed your brain and body cholesterol as that is one of the key ingredients your body needs). I've eliminated almost all sugar from my diet as that was a "trigger" for the hyperactivity my brain DOESN'T need. I also take ___ a weight loss product for the past 5 months (found here) and have actually LOST weight. You would think by going on the Kenogenic Diet (high fats, proteins and low carbs) I would have GAINED weight. Well, I've gone from 201 lbs and in two weeks have lost 13 lbs. I'm now 188 lbs. By the way, Although I'm around 190 lbs, I'm tall and broad shouldered and only a 34 waist, so I'm a trim guy and now I'm at my ideal weight. I also eat lots of veggies during the week.

Please let me know if taking more Baking Soda is harmful. Later :-)

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Posted by Rajak Ali (Assam, India) on 07/14/2013

If someone help me to take the exact recipe because a 1/2 spoon baking soda with water makes me more weak and got chances for seizure. I am fed up by using the doctor medicine as I got nearly 15 times seizure and now my condition is very worst please suggest me the real and effective treatment I need ur guidence as I lost faith in allopathy treatment. email id rajakind. 11(at) iam waiting for a effective reponse.

Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
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Rajak, The Ketogenic diet was developed in the 1920's at Johns Hopkins hospital for children with epilepsy. However, it is now thought that adults can also benefit from the diet. It is basically a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, similar to the Atkins diet. This may be an approach that could be beneficial to you. Best wishes!
Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
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Reply to Rajak Ali, for what it is worth I have read that a major well used remedy for epilepsy is the Ketogenic Diet. Also Magnesium is indicated as a supplement. Best wishes.

Posted by Rose (Steedman, MO/USA) on 01/16/2009

Epilepsy (Ailment)

First I have to say I LOVE THIS SITE! I could spend hours on here and love every minute of it...I get so excited when I see people are finding real is just so exciting! And now I find there's even hope for epilepsy?? This is very near and dear to my son has epilepsy. I used to worry about epilepsy taking his life, now I worry more about all the medications doing the job instead.

Ted, do you think it would make a difference if the seizures were from a closed head injury? Would the same concepts apply? Nothing tangible ever showed up in any of the tests he's ever obvious visible damage.

It just makes sense though--to promote oxygen to the brain for healing, build up the myelin sheaths, the metal toxicity and the short circuiting that happens. I'm sure my son is being overcome with toxins...he gets horrible boils, in fact I was just telling him about turmeric for this. (Thanks everyone for the turmeric info!!!). And not long ago, he scraped his leg on a ladder and he ended up with a staph infection from it.

He also struggles with short-term memory issues at times, and he's in college now. He tries so hard...even though he has these problems he doesn't give up , he just studies harder and reads things 3 or 4 times.

I'm seeing how his eating/sleeping habits (and Mountain Dews-ugh!) are exacerbating the whole problem. I will be sharing all this with him...and most definitely about the MSG/Aspartame issues.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Ted, do you think it would make a difference if the seizures were from a closed head injury?

An injury you need the brain to heal. When a brain is in alkaline state, it does heal. In fact I had one Romanian professor who had astenia as a result of a head injury I think sustained from hitting in the tree during skiing. As a result he had both CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and inability to sleep, and a weak epileptic seizures. For me my observations was that the brain didn't heal because he had acid brain. The brain if it is acid, you get sleeplessness. Only when the brain becomes somewhat alkaline, from lower metabolism or irritation or inflammation does the brain begins to heal. The remedy that was used and it worked fantastically well, even from the very first dose, taken 1-2 hours before sleep, using the carbicarb + potassium remedy. The remedy is 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate plus 1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium bicarbonate (or potassium citrate) in 1/2 glass of water one to two hours before sleep. A state of alkalinity is what is needed for the brain to begin healing, it's a state where oxygen is higher, brain is alkaline and the brain heals, thus reducing the episodic epileptic seizures. Most normal baking soda solo remedy won't alkalize the brain because they get used up before reaching the brain and the brain is very high metabolically speaking. A couple of things worthy of mention that the brain is found in high amounts, besides lecithin, this includes fish oil omega 3 500 mg and taurine supplements, about 1000 mg/ day.

Would the same concepts apply?

Generally speaking similar concepts would apply but we concentrate on healing aspects of the brain as mentioned in previous paragraph.

Nothing tangible ever showed up in any of the tests he's ever obvious visible damage.

Our present state of medical diagnostic, by my standards at least is too primitive to even see. For example how do I know there is high heavy metals in the brain using standard tests such as x rays. Only if it becomes very serious do they show up. My own tests are much more simpler using a saliva test for heavy metals duing a dithizone dyes which changes color in presences of high heavy metals. Obviously in epileptic seizures, of physical accident, b complex, and magnesium citrate are very helpful too for normal functions since I have found both heavy metals and calcium to be disuptive for brain function, that may lead to epileptic seizures.

It SHOULD be noted that certain meds make the condition worse, and many antibiotics actually increase heavy metal retention, leading to epileptic seizures. A person with a condition such as these I have found a frequent POISON, came mostly from sugarless chewing gums having aspartame often labeled as "xylitol". Always read the package label. This one I have found a person to have a form of epileptic seizure from just sugar less chewing gum, innocently labeled as xylitol, but contains aspartame, which unfortunately degrades to methanol alcohol and formaldehyde in presence of a body enzymes. Tomato has this effect too, but much much less, and I may avoid this too. Softdrinks also contains them and should be avoided. These Soda that Edgar Cayce call a slops, works like this: it depletes the body of bicarbonates. When large amounts of carbonated water in presence of bicarbonate, they will usually degrade to just water and carbon dioxide withouth any buffering capacities left to control the stability of the body's pH. This information is easily verified from how buffering pH capacities work using sodium bicarbonates, or other bicarbonates.

MSG, glutamate, phenylalanine, asparagine are some other things that not mentioned elsewhere that seems to worsen condition. Any amino acids containing excitoxins literally overheat the neural system by unnecessarily exciting them. But there is another way you can unnecessarily excite them: blood sugar spikes through drinking Mountain Dew, for example. When this happens the body tries to normalize the blood sugar by producing more insulin to quickly reduce blood sugar spikes. Because it is so high, the body ends up overproducing insulin resulting in a condition called hypoglycemia and the body ends up with excessive cortisone, which cause the body to excite unnecessary from such a hormone. In short sweet sugary drinks should be avoided otherwise it worsens the epileptic seizures. Switchin to foods with low glycemic index, as in complex carbohydrates is helpful, EXCEPT for potatoes and mushrooms , which are high in mycotoxins and worsen the epileptic seizures, as mycotoxins are produced by fungus found on potatoes as well as potatoes has high levels of calcium, which is not well tolerate by the brain as excess calcium encourage cysts in a few cases and is one my frequent food intolerant lists, that frequently comes up time to time.

I am sure I haven't answered all the questions, but those are the main points.


P.S. A very easy cure for MRSA that I have uncovered is the use of milk of magnesia. In the case of one cancer individual that had a severe MRSA or staph, the tumeric didn't work, but the milk of magnesia, mixed with 1% hydrogen peroxide, or just milk of magnesia (8% magnesium hydroxide) worked consistently well.

Posted by Desiree
Portland, OR
[QUESTION]   Ted, Have you known other products to be labeled as containing xylitol, but actually containing another sweetner? I was alarmed when I read about the SF chewing gum. I just bought a big bag of xylitol. I hope that is what it really is. Thank you.
Posted by Rose
Steedman, MO/USA
Epilepsy (Ailment). Followup to Ted's response.

Hi Ted! Thanks so much for your very thorough (and QUICK!) explanation...I like being able to understand the why and how of things, and you explain it so well!

Two things: my son takes a mixture of anticonvulsants...levetiracetam, lamotrigine, topiramate. He (and I) would love for him to eventually be off the medications. They can help hold some of the seizures at by, but they're they lose their effectiveness, docs either add another drug, replace a drug, and then increase amounts. And the side affects! My gosh, where does this end? My son always feels like the docs just want to hurry him out of the office, they don't listen. Can his liver and brain and body handle all this STUFF. He's a young man, you know? Do they really expect a body to have quality of life all doped up this way for the duration of his life? This truly breaks my heart watch him struggle with all the side effects of poor coordination, headaches, clumsiness, confusion, difficulty thinking or talking,etc. I'm sorry, it's just so frustrating.

Look at this:

The other thing is that my son is a big boy, and weight issue is a battle for him. I was thinking this might matter to you with your suggestions for supplement amounts.

I was summarizing your suggestions (and reading other similar posts), and we have dosage questions for you that follow each item. (thank you)

For alkalinity: Mix 1/4 tsp sodium carbonate, 1/4 tsp sodium bicarbonate, and 1/8 tsp potassium bicarbonate OR potassium citrate, together in half glass of water. 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. QUESTION: Is this the only dose every day? and should this be done only 5x/week, with 2 days off?

Lecithin: You mentioned this. QUESTION: Is 1-2 Tbsp per day the right amount every day?

Fish Oil Omega 3: 3500 mg. QUESTION: Is this every day for awhile?

Taurine: 1000 mg/day every day for awhile.

B Complex: I've read about your recommendations in other posts. QUESTION: Would a B50 twice a day be appropriate?

Magnesium Citrate: QUESTION: would this be 250 mg per day?

How about Sodium ascorbate, 2000-3000mg divided up throughout the day?

As his brain/body begins to heal, no doubt the medications' effects will change and will probably need to be adjusted accordingly. Any thoughts on this, Ted??? Of course, a doctor will remain in the picture.

Thank you so so much. The information you provide is helping us to find a more organic solution to stopping the seizures...trying to fix the things CAUSING the seizures and assist the brain in healing with nutrients it actually recognizes...instead of toying with the brain and getting all doped up.

Our heartfelt gratitude,

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
As mentioned before the brain's toxicity in handling heavy metals is greatly reduced with magnesium supplements, such as magnesium citrate 500 mg a day. I remember reading the effects of metal toxicity in Brazilian population was much more stronger if the person had a magnesium deficiency then those who are not. The effects of epileptic seizures would reduce. The key apparently how to phase off such an effect that I had seen people being cured by just slowly phasing them out. These medications are often the cause of obesity and adds more to to the problem. The most important requirement is the issue of alkalization which has the largest effect and at the time, some parents were just happy the child actually no longer had any epileptic seizures using such a simple remedy as a lemon and baking soda also. So a lemon and baking soda may also be added too. What I did notice that inspite of all the medication the child had an epileptic seizures once a month. Upon alkalization with medication. that no longer occured, and the parents phased off the medications slowly as the body acquired more and more supplements to replace them.

As to your questions:

For alkalinity: Mix 1/4 tsp sodium carbonate, 1/4 tsp sodium bicarbonate, and 1/8 tsp potassium bicarbonate OR potassium citrate, together in half glass of water. 1 to 2 hours before bedtime. QUESTION: Is this the only dose every day? and should this be done only 5x/week, with 2 days off?

For a conservative point of view, once a day is fine, and usually it's done 5 or 6 days out of a week with 2 days off. I can't be exact, however a baking soda and lemon may be added during the day is also possible too. That's usually 2 tablespoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. The reason why this is mentioned is I had some experience that epileptic seizures was reduced with this also. Lemon becomes citrates and it helps circulation of the brain by normalizing excessive calcium that seems to block circulation of the brain. In more severe instances, cyst appears in the brain because of excessive calcium due to our present dietary practices of eating acid forming foods.

Lecithin: You mentioned this. QUESTION: Is 1-2 Tbsp per day the right amount every day?

That's the average dose and I don't see any problems with this one.

Fish Oil Omega 3: 3500 mg. QUESTION: Is this every day for awhile?

I think for most cases a moderate dose of 500-1500 mg a day for a week, before going to twice a week or three times a week is sufficient. Fish oil I prefer the newest bottle that's just manufactured a month or three months' ago. If it's out in the shelf for 2 years I won't likely use it because oil becomes rancid and becomes somewhat toxic. It's a somewhat unrecognized issue in human dietary health, but it's negative effects is seen often in fish pathology. This is one of the reasons why I don't like to use heat in vegetable oil cookins. Although pure coconut oil in general (never use hydrogenated ones!) resist higher cooking temperatures and are more ideal for the task. To tell if these resist high cooking temperature as a rough guide is whether it hardens in cool temperatures such as 70 degrees or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. It often implies higher resistance, without oxidizing at higher temperatures. Olive oil is another one that, but to a lesser extent then that of coconut oil in resistance to higher cooking temperatures. Vegetable oils works like a "sponge" in acquiring heavy metals off your cooking utensils, full of free radical iron (scientist call them Fenton reaction), nickel, cadmium, lead, etc. That's why I don't like using metallic cooking utensils when a person is on a high heavy metal issues, or have an epilepsy.

Taurine: 1000 mg/day every day for awhile.

Taurine is found in high amounts in the brain. The dose is usually between 1000-4000 mg/day with average minimum dose of 1000 mg. It's ideally taken every day for 5 days out of a week. So it is food for the brain, but the side benefit is it also decreases appetite, and reduce weight.

B Complex: I've read about your recommendations in other posts. QUESTION: Would a B50 twice a day be appropriate?

Usually this depends on a condition. A person with a weight problem may take less such as once a day for a week the perhaps on second week is taken three times a week, then it is further tapered off slowly over during the second month. Taking too much b complex may increase appetite, and hence taking once a day at least for the first week, before taking it ocassionally is a fair rule of thumb. My dose usually reflects the condition of a person. A CFS Chronic Fatigue syndrome needs twice a day, while a person with a weight problem
requires once a day for ONLY the first week then ocassionally after that.

Magnesium Citrate: QUESTION: would this be 250 mg per day?

I prefer 500 mg a day.

How about Sodium ascorbate, 2000-3000mg divided up throughout the day?

1000 x 3 or 1500 x 2

As his brain/body begins to heal, no doubt the medications' effects will change and will probably need to be adjusted accordingly. Any thoughts on this, Ted??? Of course, a doctor will remain in the picture.

Yes, usually with improved coordination and concentration and reduced medications will be noticed. Pretty soon, you will find medication is getting in the way of his recovery and this is often the signal for reduced medication.


Posted by Vickthechick
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
3 Posts
[YEA]   Ted of Bangkok you are a *GOD*SEND and I send you all the positive, positive, THANK YOU energy I possibly can. Hey if you ever come to San Francisco, California and need someone to stand there and feed your parking meter with quarters I would gladly do that for you! ALL DAY! It would be a very small price to pay for what your information has done for me!

OK FIRST let me say that there is an awful lot of information about seizures on the internet and I was mind boggled for awhile and had to sort and sift and yes, pray, and try to decide what practically I could and could not do. If you are feeling befuddled too, please be patient. It is well worth it to not have to poison yourself with standard pharmaceutical drugs if you have that option to NOT take them. Our world is toxic enough as it is without adding extra stuff in our bodies. The drug they told me to take for my seizures I researched into the medical literature (meant only for doctors) where they actually ADMITTED they did NOT really understand WHY the drug worked. It just did. Really scientific huh? I FULLY AGREE though that you MUST NOT TAKE RISKS and drive a car if you are NOT taking medication and are not pretty much 100% certain you are cured, etc. ONCE you start taking seizure medication ESPECIALLY you can NOT stop without a risk of non-stop seizures for many of these medications.

OK THAT SAID let me give you my facts straight out about me as simply as possible: Female Age 39

First seizure: 08/13/10 (nocturnal while sleeping -- no foaming no incontinence -- taken immediately to emergency room -- blood and urine tests all came back normal)

Second seizure: 10/10/10 Daytime -- about 10am at a public lecture -- immediately before had been eating hard candies given out at the tables (no aspartame according to the company) and had only had Coffee for breakfast. Blacked out for about twenty minutes. No incontinence no foaming at mouth. All tests at emergency room came back normal but I was prescribed an anti-seizure medicine (don't want to name for fear of corporate backlash).

Later I had an MRI and an EEG and an EKG too and ALL came back normal or "non-epileptic" EXCEPT for a small cyst in my brain that showed up in the MRI. Doctors said this had nothing to do with my seizures and was common but they want to watch it (apparantly a lot of people have them and don't know it until they have an MRI). Scared the crap out of me. I've always believed in vitamins and health food etc. But have been too befuddled and confused to figure out WHAT to do -- lazy you might call me but HEY modern living is complicated enough without filtering everything and doing tiresome WORK WORK WORK related to eating perfectly every day and taking a zillion vitamins.

IRONICALLY I was tired all the time but TOO TIRED to make perfect food and bother to take vitamins which could have made me feel better but who knew? WELL NOW I had a fire under my butt! Life is precious and I didn't want to have it end too soon but I checked out all the online complaints about the side effects of the seizure medicine they told me to take and I felt that I just couldn't do put that pharmaceutical crap in my body.

I got a Chinese Traditional Medicine doctor and started taking his herbs every night but still wasn't sleeping well.

FINALLY I found this site and tried Ted's 2 TABLESPOONS FRESH LEMON JUICE mixed with1/2 teaspoon baking soda washed down with somePomegranate juice right before bedtime last night. I SLEPT BETTER THAN I HAVE IN AGES!!! I can NOT find sodium carbonate for Ted's alkalinity recipe so I'm just going to do the lemon juice/baking soda thing before bed with a 99mg Potassium Citrate capsule.

I'm also taking daily: One Vitamin E 400IU softgel, One Taurine 500mg cap (Ted recommends 1000mg), Soy Lecithin Granules (at least tablespoon per day), One B-12 complex (so that weird baking soda "pill-like thing" experience another person reported hopefully won't happen to me as a side effect of taking baking soda every night! ), 1000 units of Vitamin D DAILY (this vitamin just ROCKS! You would pretty much have to lay out naked for two hours to get it naturally! ) Um. Oh and Vitamin C. How much? Oh I don't know. The only vitamins you really have to be careful about taking too much I have read are Vitamin E and Vitamin A though I know a girl who cured TERRIBLE acne through large doses of NATURAL Vitamin A capsules but I digress.


Posted by Sandhya
Kihei, Hawaii, Usa
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Epilepsy....... Check out the sites for brain injury symptoms...... More and more they are finding that whiplash or a blow to the head of some sort can cause epilepsy even up to 10 to 15 years later....... And doctors don't ask about this. Check out brain injury symptoms on a good site and see if they fit. You might be surprised.

The Aspartame Link   1  0   

Posted by Chris (Lansing, Michigan) on 01/24/2008

[YEA]  On September 1,2007 I started having grand mal seizures. I continue to have them and my neurologist says I have developed epilepsy. I had no idea that artificial sweeteners would cause neurological disorders. It was a gift from God when my dentist found out about my seizures and steered me to this information. Doctors want to cover up the symptoms with medication that is actually worse than the symptoms themselves. I am going to stop all foods with aspertaime and I know I will feel better and my seizures will stop. I had funny feelings for months that were gradually getting worse and I was still putting the poison in my body. The feelings slowly got worse to the point of not being able to speak which led to the grand mal seizure. I was poisoning myself and didn't even know it. Thank you so much for this life saving information. I am going to use Stevia and pass this information to all I know. Has anyone developed siezures since using aspertaine?

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.
To Chris from Lansing, Michigan, 1/24/08 Chris, you will find the answer to your question by googling "Excitotoxins" If you want to go even deeper in this subject, buy or get a copy from your library, 2 books: The first one is easier for the layman to understand and is written by Rachel & Richard Heller & Dr. Vagnnini, a cardiologist. The title is "The Carbohydrate Addict's Healthy Heart Program: Break Your Carbo-Insulin Connection to Heart Diseasebook".

the second one is written by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock. Its title is "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Killsbook link".

The first book is written on what monosodium glutamate and aspartame do to the body, which starts with making it kick out excess insulin and ends up with Diabetes Mellitus type 2 with all its complications.

The second book is written on what the excitotoxins do to our brains and central nervous system. Which is excites the cells to death, which is how they got the name of excitotoxins. Fortunately the major excitotoxins that you are likely to find in your food is the same as in the first book- MSG and aspartame. Unfortunately most people do not know that our foods are heavily loaded with these two brain killers because they are hidden under other names such as natural flavors, spices (not named), natural flavorings and many others. It is hard to find a commercial salad dressing, Ketchup, sauces, sausage, etc. without them. Glad you discovered what was causing it before total destruction occurred

Posted by Jody23
Fort Worth, Tx
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I heard that Pfizer added Aspartame to the seziure drug Dilantin, when they changed the look of the capsule back in 2007. There is no proof that Pfizer added Aspartame to Dilantin, but why are some people having seizures who have not had a seizure in 5-10 years while taking the "old Dilantin"(Parke Davis 100mg kapseals). I called Pfizer and asked them if the formula had been changed. They said the look of the capsule was changed, but not the formula. I think something was changed, but Pfizer wasn't going to tell me.

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