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Leukemia Remedies

Last Modified on Mar 10, 2015

While medical treatment is essential in treating Leukemia, holistic treatments are also available. Certain herbs like those found in Essiac Tea are known for their anti-cancer properties, while supplements like Vitamin C support the immune system.

What is Leukemia?

Cancer of the body’s blood-forming tissues is called leukemia. Many forms of leukemia exist including childhood leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia. Typically beginning in the white blood cells, leukemia causes the abnormal production of white blood cells, resulting in the improper function of these infection fighting cells. Treatment of leukemia is complex depending on the type as well as the stage.

While the exact symptoms of leukemia differ depending on the type, several symptoms are indicative of leukemia in general. Fever and chills, pervasive fatigue, overall weakness and frequent or severe infections are some of the most common symptoms of leukemia. Additional symptoms include unexplained weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, an enlarged liver or spleen, unexplainable bruising, frequent nosebleeds, red spots in the skin, excessive sweating and bone pain or tenderness. Symptoms of leukemia are often vague and may resemble the flu or other common illnesses, so consulting a doctor is important.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

While medical treatment is often required of leukemia, several alternative cancer treatments are also available. Acute myeloid leukemia and childhood leukemia often exhibit a rapid onset that may prevent treatment methods. As such, using methods such as essiac tea, vitamin C and goat’s milk can treat the cancer.

Dietary Changes for Leukemia

Detoxing the body, boosting the immune system and changing the diet are important elements of treatment for Leukemia. A diet should consist of no sugar or white flour and as close to organic food as possible.

Home Remedies for Leukemia

Papaya and periwinkle treat low platelet count and support recovery as well.

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User Reviews

Acute Myeloid Leukemia   0  0   

Posted by John (Kentucky) on 03/15/2014

I would like any information you could give me on cures or remedies for AML/Acute myeloid leukemia. A dear friend of mine has been diagnosed with this recently and I am trying to find out any information on this that I can, he was involved with Silkwood in 1979 and was exposed to yellowcake uranium.

Is there anything natural or at all we can do to help him? Will look forward to your reply.

Replied by Mike62

John: Every 2 hours make a green smoothie with 1oz organic baby leaves, some organic chili, and 12oz water. Add 10g activated barley, 4g raw cocoa powder, 2g non denatured whey isolate, 1g colostrum, 1/2g unrefined sea salt, 1g Hawaiian spirulina, 4g black chia seeds, 2g expeller pressed coconut oil, and drink. You can add 1 tsp. raw apple cider vinegar or 2oz kombucha. When he wakes up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom make another one. 4x/day add 1ml skate live oil. 1 hour in between the smoothies open 1 cap oxypowder, pour into 4oz water and drink. 2x/day take organic shade grown coffee enemas.
Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

John: Hot baths w/ added Minerals will drive out any radioactive isotopes. Equal portions of Baking Soda, Epsom Salts, and Micronized Mineral supplement ag grade found at the farmers center or hardware store.

The herb Sarsaparilla and the antioxidant Rutin both help remove radiation from the body. Lipospheric Vit-C is probably the single most effective cancer remedy known. The herb Astragalus stimulates bone marrow.

Replied by Gail

Mike62 from Denver: Thank you for your recipe, I am so appreciative! However, what is organic baby leaves and where can I find it? Your response is greatly appreciated!!! Mahalo!!!
Replied by Edward Wong

One can try spanish needle aerial parts infusion once daily.
Replied by Jassica

Hi there, i am 25 years old diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Which is considered acute and agressive.

I need some guidance. I have done 3 rounds of chemo, resisted the rest, and stem cells transplant where my sister is an exact match.

I feel that there should be a better non-invasive treatment. I have read in somewhere below these posts on ayurvedic and how it helps? Can someone please elaborate? and also, someone mentioned using vitamin c s?

Replied by Bee
New York, US

Hi Jassica..

Geez you have a lot on your plate .. What I was thinking was do you know of the Gerson therapy or Budwig protocol for Cancer.. There are utube videos you can look up..........What about cannabis oil? I really don't know how to make it or much about it but again utube has some info on this.. I have also heard the B17 cures cancer which comes from Apricot seeds.. Also keeping the body alkaline .. there are alkaline methods here on EC.. I drink lemons sometimes and my PH goes way up.. Just little old lemons. its amazing.. Well I hope other experts from EC chime in.. I am just learning things myself.

Replied by Darby
Des Moines, Iowa

Maybe you can try cat's claw also. I've been hearing a lot about this herb from leukemia forums. One cup of vine bark decoction twice a day is the recommended dosage. It is available in capsule and extract form too.

Posted by Veronica (Claymont, De) on 11/20/2013

My brother has aml non m3 leukemia, with a bone marrow transplant, over 500 days ago. He is not healthy enough for treatment. I am looking for all holistic aproches possile, as I fear he does not have much time. Veronica

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

V: I was diagnosed w/ A.M.L in 1997 but had atypical complications that led me to conclude a bone marrow transplant would prove fatal.

From my understanding your loved one has undergone transplant and is now unable to tolerate immunosupressive meds, is this correct???

Here is E.C. link to this condition: for your perusal.

My guess is that there is liver toxicity issues going on here. Has dr checked for elevated liver enzymes? Remember that many of the most toxic drugs are used w/ much caution as they suppress bone marrow function via the liver. The liver, bone marrow, and spleen all arise from a common stem cell; therefore treatment should address liver support (which is what the beet reccommendation you received does, it cleans the liver). NAC and Milk Thistle Seed are standard first line of defense in cases of liver toxicity. Dandelion, Yellowdock, and Burdock are also good for liver. Extracts of Raw Spleen Glandular may also help.

Also, there seems a need for blood building nutrition so do try Blackstrap Molasses for this.

Hope this helps and give us an update.

Posted by Lee (Roebling, Nj, United States) on 08/05/2012

I am a 72 year old female in otherwise very good health, diagnosed last week with AML. Having already done some studying about what goes on in this country in the pharmaceutical corporation controlled state of medicine here, I absolutely refuse to submit to the suggested poison in the name of chemotherapy. I have read a great deal about food grade hydrogen peroxide as a remedy for many types of cancer, but have seen no indications about this particular type. Is it possible for oxygen therapy to work inside the bone marrow. I have already begun the recommended progression of dosage, except increasing dosage by 2 drops per day. Tomorrow I will be using 9 drops. Unless I begin getting adverse reaction that is intolerable, I should be up to the recommended 25 drops 3 times per day within 8 days. Then will continue that therapy for another 25 days. I understand there may be some side effects like rashes, nausea, etc. , but that is far preferable to side effects of chemo such as likely permanent heart damage.

Does anyone know of someone who has successfully self-treated Acute Myeloid Leukemia with Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Lee, I was diagnosed w/ AML in 1997, refused bone marrow transplant, and miraculously survived. I didn't take any H2O2 but did take lots of Vit-C. The H2O2 has the potential to be a game changer in your condition, but since you may not get the first-hand response you requested, fallow the rule "start low and go slow" (which is the recommended method). If you don't get positive results after having reached the maximum dose and perhaps a week or two beyond, drop it and adopt a new protocol. The health advocate Jon Barron of Baseline For Health recommends first buffering/alkalizing prior to H2O2 as the oxygen levels of a well buffered body are many more times higher than not. You can use oral routes for this or (and what I would recommend in your acute condition) take whole body hot baths w/ added baking soda & epsom salts (also is very good detoxifier).

I would also recommend Milk Thistle Seed Extract for liver support as the bone marrow will depress w/ a toxic liver. For immune support do the Thymus recommends that I posted a few days ago under a lupus heading somewhere. This will really help your immune system. Also for the immune system and bone marrow support is the herb Astragalus Root. If you are running a temp it is advised to not use as it will raise temp about 1 or 2 degrees.

Hope this helps and good luck. Report your results.

Replied by Jane
Abuja, Nigeria.

Kindly let me know if hydrogen peroxide is good for the treatment of leukemia.
Replied by Milicia Nurse
Plmont, Montserrat

Soursop any part of it and beet root juice is master.

Posted by Moman (Wasilla, Alaska) on 09/24/2009

I was diagnosed with AML over a year ago and decided not to go on Chemo, I think this is the wisest decision i have ever made. I am not in remission, and have to have blood transfusions about once a month, i am free to go about my every day life, I am 70 years of age, I dont eat red meat, i have a blender and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables mostly blended. I do lots of research since i beleive we are all responsible for our care. and condition. I dont give a doctor sole responsibility for my care 90% is up to me. by all accords i was supposed to be dead a few months ago, I truly believe i would have been dead had i did like the doctors recommended and went on Chemo. I beleive that without Chemo I will live just as long if not longer, and with less pain and suffering.

That's my story and i am sticking to it

Replied by Curt
Slc, Ut

How are you doing now? I have a friend just told she has AML.
Replied by Dogma
Honolulu, Hi

Go to for more info on natural AML treatments. Try to find a good Naturopath (N. D. ) that can help with picking the proper treatments for the patient. Epsom salt baths 3x/day also fantastic for detox (yes, I know it sounds silly but a good N. D. Will tell you the same). You have to detox with AML, among other things of course. Vit C drips also fantastic. Stay away from the MD's - my uncle was getting progressively better with natural stuff from N. D. and then he let the M. D's try something and he's bedridden due to their inability to treat cancer patients. They are better at killing them. Be very careful and don't trust anything without further research. FIND A NATUROPATH THAT WORKS W/THAT TYPE OF CANCER, even if you can only phone consults for personal treatment info. You are not limited to N. D's just in your area that way. Google AML and naturopath. (Best Alternative Clinic for AML in the world in in Tijuana, Mexico.)

Ayurveda   0  0   

Posted by Vaidyan (Cochin, Kerala/india) on 10/09/2011

AML and ApML are well treatable in Ayurveda. Probably this is the only remedy that cures leukemia with out side effects. Myeloblast can be brought down to 0% level within 2 weeks of medication and marma, much faster than chemo works. Marrow gets revived and the blood counts improve to normal. Chance of relapse is seldom, so we call it (not remission) recovery. I am happy to extend my support to the patients, especially childern suffering from AML.

James Vaidyan from India.

Replied by Vipin
Jabalpur, Mp (india)

Can you send me the adress where acute myliod leukemia can be treated w/o chemo? send the address at vipin_shrivastava25(at)
Replied by Sayantani
Mumbai, Maharashtra

Can you send me the adress where acute myliod leukemia can be treated w/o chemo? send the address at spramanik612(at)
Replied by Abdul
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Hi, my name is vaheed. My uncle has leukemia or blood cancer. We are trying hard to admit him into Tata Cancer hospital in mumbai. Please send the address to my email id where the leukemia can be treated. My email id is, vaheed_2000(at) Thank you.
Replied by Khalid
Mumbai, India

My mother is suffering from AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) Can you tell me some remedies to overcome it which you have taken? What's its result in Ayurveda? Plz reply as soon as possible Contact me: 09837339966
Dr Khalid Ansari
Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Khalid, in 1997 I was diagnosed w/ AML, received 21 units of blood in 3 months and was advised for bone marrow transplant. With several atypical elements of my condition and not receiving much information or good sense from my physicians, I felt completely unsure about the radical treatment option. Being somewhat conservative I was never big on transplants anyway. My Hematologist and Oncologist went overboard with my treatment refusal so I just wound up being hospitalized and almost dead. Unable to eat (severe diarrhea) and unable to sleep (severe pain) I was given I.V. fluids plus Stadol for pain. The Stadol would work for 2hrs (allowing me to sleep) and wear off w/ me screaming in pain. The Stadol was replaced w/ Percidan w/ better results but also insufficient. Dr. finally ordered Morphine pump and I immediately stabilized and within days was showing major signes of recovery. 1 month later my blood counts began to rise and continued rising until low normal within 3 months of my last transfusion.

I had many family as well as church brothers and sisters praying for me so that may have helped the recovery, but otherwise I definitely beat the odds and am still here today albeit not in good health and have never really "fully recovered". The first 3 or 4 days in the hospital I refused to eat because I wanted to die from my suffering but as I began recovering I chose to eat and live. Studies w/ fasting and the nutrient/antioxidant Resveritrol prove that a survival gene is activated and the body responds w/ a boost in defenses. Also, the narcotic Morphine may have had a balancing effect on the immune system and stopped the destruction of blood cells.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Replied by Miserable_in_bama
Oneonta, Alabama, United States

morphine is horrid on the immune system, in lowers it badly.
Replied by Chuck
Calgary, Alberta

Morphine is the worst you can have for your immune system. I would try emulsified vitamin a, wobenzym, lypho-spheric vit c, b15, and b17 if I had leukemia.
Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

If Morphine suppresses the immune response, then that just may be what is needed in some cases of blood/immune disorder/cancer. M would halt the hyper state of immune cells attacking and killing healthy red and platelet blood cells. This could very well have been the case w/ myself, which is why I posted it.

In acute cases of cancer/leukemia any kind of radical "shock to the system" like Cold Showers could have potentially far reaching consequences, imho.

Replied by Gabriel
Miami Beach, Fl

James Vaidyan from India, can you please get in contact with me? gabe.ruz(at) I have a friend rapidly detieorating with Acute Leukemia. god bless.
Replied by Kavitha
Klang, Malaysia

Could you please email me the address of the place for treatment of leukemia for children in India? thank you

Posted by Vaidyan (Cochin, Kerala, India) on 12/30/2008

While leukemia patients are dying miserably in hospitals please listen to Ayurveda. Probably, Ayurveda is the only science where blood cancers are cured, without side effect. Pediatric leukemia is amazingly faster recovering, perfect control often in few weeks. Wish oncologists probed the credibility of the treatment, which may in turn become beneficial to all humanity.

Advanced nations are spending billions of dollars in research for a cure. Recurrences of most types of cancers are general phenomenon. It means malignancy did not completely respond to the best up front treatment. Scientists can research how Ayurveda acts selectively inducing cell death in only the malignant cells and not affecting neighboring healthy cells. I am a Vaidya, eager to associate with such initiatives sharing abundance of knowledge and to participatng integrated treatment programs.


Replied by Lon
Stanhope, Nj

What is a vaidya? Your post is interesting to me, as i wait for the Dr's call to tell me if my tests confirm this disease. I was the primary care giver for my father with this disease, later, for my mother with Alzheimer's and for twenty one years with my son who has another significant lifelong disease. I helped my sister in law, by preparing an herbal tea recipe for her once a week as she went through chemo and by searching for alternative what I'm trying to say is that I've always had an interest in alternative health remedies. As I research on line, my regard for traditional Indian healing and I must add for their many medical Drs who combine traditional knowledge with western medicine, is growing. So much research on traditional herbs comes from India.I'm learning a little yoga, but I'm interested in ayurveda, although I haven't found anyone knowledgeable to help me so far. I've been using a little turmeric. Any info you can share with me to help me get started is greatly appreciated.

If you respond via my email address, please use earth clinic in the subject line, so I don't think it's spam.

thank you,


EC: vaidya - The doctor in ancient times who is now a days an Ayurvedic physician.


vaidyas - Practitioners of Ayurveda system or indigenous medicine

Replied by Scott
Ottawa, Ontario Canada

My brother has been given 6 months He has leukemia. Can you help?
Replied by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa

My mantra of late has been ____ Vit-C. But I have a couple of other suggestions, too. Leukemia is on the list of diseases that are surely helped by this form of Vit. C. Directions say empty stomach. Lots of it, being better than not enough, says research. I called about it, and they were 'able to say' that they personally had used 4 or 5, over the course of a day, when not well, and that some people briefly took 10. This seems to go along with the research which said a little may not do much, but enough can do a great deal, especially if hit hard and fast and briefly, early, then tapered down when healing reveals itself. Diarrhea comes as an indicator of "enough, to just over enough."

I have also read some great stuff on the Hunza people of Tibet, who eat apricot kernel seeds raw. About three to five per day, chewed really well, and they taste like vanilla or almond pastry! The selenium is healing people with cancer, or so these studies said. You can read about it online, if you look for it.

Last, I have started using undenatured, organic, grass-fed whey from New Zealand cows, for its glutathione effect. This is very nearly a perfect food. So is wheatgrass. I can do 3 oz now, but only without taking a breathe, it's so smelly, and with a quick chaser of something! The Esccene's writings were all about wheatgrass.

Hope this might help! Prayers for your brother. Remember that He is the Great Physician, and laughter is the best medicine, He-he-he. And you call on Him. --T.

Replied by Bradshad
North Providence, Rhode Island

If your looking for help contact Wayne Pickering aka Mango Man. Google him or you tube him and his videoes will come up. I also have his phone number if you want it. I think his first suggestion will be a water fast. Water only for how long I dont know. Good luck.
Replied by Mt
Ottawa, On Canada

Life Prognosis are worst than disease it self. By throwing at you bad news they set you to die. You have to be a very strong person to ignore such bad news.

First thing you can do for your brother is to bring hope back! He has to realize that doctors aren't God and their prognosis is a statistic result from hospital gathered data.

Second thing to be done is to bring back the strenght of his immune system. I think that a diet based on plant and fruits (with proteins taken form plants -quinoa, hemp) will bring back the immune system. Wheat based products, sugar should be avoided.

Eating garlic will also boost the immune system (garlic will free the immune system, due to its antibacterial, anti fungal, anticancerigenic properties). The problem with the garlic is that it is increasing blood coagulation time and if you are prone to bleeding it will make it worse. If blood thinners are taken you should stay away from garlic.

A strong dose of garlic can be obtained by smashing a bulb of garlic (10 cloves, peel each clove) and mixing it with 1 liter of tomato / carrot juice (free of preservative) and drinking it with small sips during the day. Do not use Chinese garlic (try to buy local). Drinking a large amount at once will make you to vomit. Before starting a strong dose you have to test yourself with smaller amounts. You may benefit from the garlic if you do daily foot baths (20 minutes) in hot water (3-4 liters) with 5 cloves smashed and mixed in it.

Third, the level of Oxygen in blood should be increased -you can achieve this by deep breathing exercise for a few hours a day (you start with a 10 minutes session and increase it over time to at least 1 hour for 2-3 times a day).

In the book "Health through God's Pharmacy" by Maria Treben you can read on pages 164/ 165 about Leukemia treatment. If you can provide an email addresss I will send you a copy of the pages. I would encourage your brother to read the pages and start the treatment.

Replied by Kim Dee
Lo Angeles, Ca

hi.. Thanks for your post on luekemia.. I would like a copy of the pages from Gods Pharamacy on luekemia... Thank you and God bless.
Replied by Janet
Skokie, Il

I would love the pages from 'God's Pharmacy' please! My cousin was just diagnosed with 3-6 months to live. However, I believe as you. It's NEVER too late to turn things around naturally. I believe God gave us everything that grows to make us well and keep us well. Thank you! I look forward to receiving it! Janet
Replied by Absaruddin
Karachi, Pakistan

A close relative is sufferring with Chronic Lekumia. Please send me the pages from "Health through God's Pharmacy". God bless you.
Replied by Heinz
Tampa, Florida


I do not have the reference you desire, but please consider this: along with your desired healing protocol, I would check my pH and raise it with baking soda and start using liposomal vitamin C.

See the video on the internet about the New Zealand farmer who came out of a coma (from pneumonia and Swine flu) via vitamin C treatment. A year later he found his leukemia was gone also.

I have met and talked with a lady who, at age 21 was given six weeks to live because of cancer. (I believe that was in the late 1970s.) Her father called Linus Pauling who recommended 50,000mg vitamin C daily via IV. The hospital did administer the IV. She was cured. She is a grandmother today.

Liposomal vitamin C taken by mouth is said to be more effective than vitamin C administered via IV. Much information is on the internet.

The pH of our blood needs to be a little on the alkaline side.

An oncologist, Dr Tulio Simonici, and Dr Marc Sircus Ac, OMD both advocate using baking soda to overcome cancer.

You can check your pH in the morning and adjust it as needed. Simply dissolve the recommended amount of baking soda in a glass of cold water and drink. The method documented by the Arm & Hammer Company to raise our pH back in 1925 was:

Day one: Take a total of six doses of half a teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Take at two hour intervals.

Day two: Take a total of six doses of half a teaspoon of baking soda in one cup of water. Take at two hour intervals.

Day three: Take only two doses ? one in the morning and another at night.

Continue taking one dose in the morning until illness is cured.

Again: Check your pH first.

There are videos on YouTube of Dr Simonici and also Dr Marc Sircus which are interesting and informative. See Dr Mercola's article Winning the War on Cancer on his web site "mercola dot com"

I wish you many blessings,


Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Ltina (Columbus Ohio) on 10/31/2013

Hello, I was recently diagnosed with a chronic form of leukemia called CML, I'm taking srycel as a treatment.. I have so many questions I'm not sure where to start.. I'm not a big medicine person so I was wondering of some natural remedies that could cure or suppress the bad cells being created in the marrow? I've been told supplements aren't as effective by the time it gets to the blood stream the body has disposed of most of the good in them.. the liver gets rid of most of the vitamins. is this a waste to take supplements..?? do I have to take great amounts for them to be effective.. dmso I've taken that in the powder form long before my diagnosis just to detox, is that a good choice?

I'm 29 with three kids I still have a looong life ahead I want to be as healthy as possible to be able to live happy with my kids.. The side effects to having leukemia and taking meds are horrible.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Ltina:

On the Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, if you google: "Ray Sahelian MD leukemia natural cures" he has a great article on natural cures and the many connections that produce or trigger leukemia. It's a great article.

He authenticates viruses as a major cause and there are good anti virals discussed on EC.

My favorite anti viral is colloidal silver.

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Ltina: ATP is synonymous with life and at the core of our resistance to disease. In reduced concentrations cells are no longer able to exclude solutes. The components of the cells mutate when they become injured. The pro-metabolic hormone insulin stimulates ATP generation. In the absence of insulin glucose promotes cancer. The famous cancer researcher, Otto Warburg, clearly showed that insulin exerts it's anti-carcinogenic effect by activating the enzyme complex PDH. Warburg noted the availability of blood sugar had no effect on tumor growth in the presence of insulin. Cancer cells are defined by their reliance on fermentation. Glucose, insulin, and oxygen are the fundamental factors that make up the provision of support that prevents cancer formation. The nutrients in raw organic fruits promote respiration. Fructose increases oxygen by carboxylation.
Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Ltina, I'm 100 percent with Dave on the hypothesis of viral involvement in many diseases, especially cancer. He mentioned colloidal silver; Vit C is also a potent antiviral when taken in large enough amounts.

Garlic, ginger, turmeric, coconut oil--there are many anti microbials that you can easily and cheaply incorporate into your diet.

Take cod liver oil and exercise to make sure that your circulation is good. Cancer causes blood clotting and you also want to make sure the "good stuff" gets to every cell in your body.

A common theme with doctors is that supplements are a waste of money. However, I have had heart palpitations stop immediately after taking magnesium supplements and not come back. I have had basal cell carcinoma dissolve from an eraser sized growth after applying vit C to it.

Another good supplement against cancer is IP6/Inositol. You can find it on Amazon. Also check out proteolytic enzymes.

You are not helpless against this disease. These supplements will at least help you feel better in conjunction with whatever treatment you use.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hi Nano writer from Hotspot.

Re Ltina and leukemia cause.

Excellent advice. I take the IP6 too and have for about a year now. And your magnesium experience and Vit C experience are proof positive that supplements can have profound effects. If we get all the nutrients we need from the food we eat, then we would have virtually no problems except that which is caused by viral or bacterial infections. But even levels which were normal a hundred years ago are now dramatically lower because of what we have done to the ecology of nutrition by phoney fertilizers and poisons. With no crop rotation, the nutritive values are eroded even more.

And, there is a general misunderstanding of what theraputic levels of supplements can accomplish. Reaching the 1, 000 mg level of Vit C takes us to another level in the body to achieve effects for health and longevity. I'm speaking of the free radical scavenger effect.

Also, Nano Writer, if you're not into at least 400 iu of natural E daily, please consider it. At minimum 200. You just can't reach those levels from a nutrition depleted food supply. Vit E makes the veins and arteries slick instead of them being tacky which attracts oils/sugars and other potentially damaging substances which in turn cause oxydation and then inflamation. All that equals clotting. That equals heart/circulation/stroke issues.

Keep writing with more observations. Thanks again for the point specific info and the advice on IP6.


Replied by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas

Hi Dave! Thanks for the tip on Vit E--will do. I also have been googling Disease/viral connection and am constantly amazed at the consistency of the results. The Internet is definitely revolutionizing healthcare. A big thank you to the owners of Earthclinic and all the folks who take the time to post!
Replied by Colette
Charleston S.c.

I have Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. I am supposed to start treatment in a week once my insurance approves of the drug. The survival rates seem very effective. Is there other ways of improving my odds? I would prefer to heal naturally but there is no information about this anywhere. What is the best way for me to eat while taking this medication that is for life? Please email me at sweetcarolinatv (at)gmail(dot)com.
Replied by Mike62

Colette: I have studied and experimented with a variety of food programs. Dr. Doug Graham, phd. life sciences, nutritionist to Martina Navratilova, recommends the 80/10/10 program. Dr. Kim Andrews, graduate degree in cellular biology, agrees. This is 80% raw carbs, 10% raw fat/calorie, and 10% raw protein. The best carb is activated barley because this has the most enzymes. Enzymes are a mixture of highly charged carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and phyto chemicals, that have extra electrons. Barley has the toughest hull of all seeds. To get through the shoot needs to have the greatest energy. This energy comes from enzymes. A Swedish company discovered a way to capture the energy just as the shoot starts to crack the hull. For fat take 1/2 coconut oil and 1/2 black chia seeds. For protein take non denatured whey isolate or concentrate. The supplements you can take are colostrum, yucca liquid, 17 blend mushroom extract from Washington, freeze dried wild harvested acerola cherry powder, raw cocoa powder, skate liver oil, cayenne, aged garlic, and unrefined sea salt.
Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Colette: Probably the most important item for you is maintaining an alkaline environment. Look up "buffering remedies" here on E.C.

Blood purifications remedies will help, start by cleaning the kidneys and supporting the liver. Antiviral nutrients like Lysine, Echinacea, St John'sWort will help.

Coral Calcium, Milk Thistle, Oregano Oil   1  0   

Posted by Msoptical (San Diego, California) on 11/22/2014

[YEA]  I have been doing studies on natural remedies for cancer. My husband was diagnosed with bladder Cancer, I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer and my friend with AML. My husband and I are both in remission and so is my friend, All done with natural herbs and supplements. I had my friend with AML [Acute myeloid leukemia] take Coral Calcium, Milk Thistle, and Oregano Oil with carvacrol 70. After treatment with those three things she went into remission after four months! This is no joke! I did the same, and my husband did also but I had him add frankensense oil to his regimen. I'm not a medical doctor so I cannot legally prescribe any medication. I assume no liability. Just wanted to share my experiences with you. If you would like to know how these things work, ask me. I can explain in great detail.

Replied by Ladymars
Fl, Us

Hi, could you give more details on the treatment? I am anticipating a diagnosis of endometrial cancer. Glad to hear you are all doing so well!

Thanks in advance.

Replied by Asgar

I have read the post about coral calcium... Milk thistle and oregani oil for AML. My mother suffers from this condition and is on chemotherapy. If it is possible could you explain how to use these ingredients please. Thank you
Replied by Jo
Port Orchard, Washington

Please let me know more information on coral calcium, milk thistle. I also have Cll thanks so very much.
Replied by Samuel

Please I'll like to know how easy and where an individual can purchase these products, its effectiveness in curing Leukemia, the dosages or any other alternatives that works. Thank You)
Replied by Timh

S: You will not need specifically Coral Calcium, but you will need alkalizing remedies in general. Here a link to E.C. pages for acidosis and alkaline remedies to reverse.

For online purchase of the other products many European folks order from as they have good international shipping rates. Garlic is also a very important herb for this condition. is also good for international shopping.

Oh, some method of detox will very much help.

Replied by Ashlea

Hi, I'm 21 and have AML also, could you provide me with more information about what your friend took in regards to those supplements and have you or your friend tried ezziac tea or Protocel 50? Thank you.

Essiac Tea   0  0   

Posted by Christine (Maywood, Nj, United States) on 04/01/2013

My brother was recently diagnosed with adult acute myeloid leukemia. So I did alot of research about the essiac tea and came across the liquid concentrate. Said to be 6x more powerful. I wanted to know has anyone used the liquid concentrate ? how did they use it?

March 22/2013 he was told he was in remission. No signs of leukemia. So now I want to give him the tea. It says it lowers high blood pressure , my brother is on medication to help raise his bp because it has been so low since his immune system is very low. I showed the bottle to his Dr. and the doctor did say once he goes home he can take it.

Essiac Tea, Vitamin C   1  0   

Posted by Pat (W. Springfield, PA/USA) on 04/08/2009

[YEA]  My husband was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia, and put on the drug Gleevec. Over the next year, he came down with pneumonia three times. So after doing a little research, I started giving him 5 ounces of essiac tea a day as well as 12,000 mg of vitamin C a day (4 tablets with each meal). It's been three years since he started taking essiac, and he hasn't had pneumonia or even a cold since then. Also he had growths on his saliva gland that completely disappeared without any medical treatment, and his doctor said his leukemia is in remission.

Replied by Connie
Bawlf, Alberta

My brother has CML and is about to go on Gleevec. Can you tell me where you got your Essiac Tea? I can buy Essiac Tea at Walmart (but I don't know if this is the right stuff). My brother is trying to keep up with his business and everything else he has on the go. He has low energy, gets nosebleeds unexpectedly and has lost his appetite (he's been taking Imatinib for about two years, but now has to move on to Gleevec).
Replied by Bessie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Connie - In case Pat doesn't respond (her post was from 2009), the Essiac Tea most people use is the original herbal formula from Rene M. Caisse. The bottle has a light green label with a small picture of her on the front (I believe it's from Essiac Canada International). It's widely available at health food stores but I don't know if Shoppers or Walmart carries it. Good luck!
Replied by Robert
Eagle Nest, NM, USA

Good morning all, I have made Essiac tea for many years. I would recommend you get the formula and make your own. Use a formula that uses only the original herbs. This way you can be more sure of the consistency.
Replied by Ollie
Verona, Pa

How do you make your own ESSIAC tea? What are the egridients, and what's the measurement of making it? Please email me this information. TY.
Replied by Vivi
Atlanta, Ga

Ollie. Check this web side for detail information how to make Essiac tea

I purchase individualy organic ingridience on internet and make my own tea. It's important to get organic, fresh, and potent herbs. If you make your own mix, you can make the tea stronger and always fresh. Google for bulk organic herbs. I buy from, but any other place is good.

Read about tea dosage, toletance and administration on:

Vivi from GA

Replied by Dogma
Honolulu, Hawaii

The advice is good - has to be organic and as fresh as possible. I suspect Walmart, etc. are not the best sources if you are truly looking for the best of the best. Also note that if you are thinking there is a "magic pill" or "magic tea" as it may be here, there is rarely such a thing. With a dis-ease, you will need to attack it from more than one angle. Here are 4 big areas to consider:

1. Detox (includes heavy metal detox for all the exposure your entire life = hair analysis will show how toxic you are),

2. Build the immune system,

3. Starve the cancer (if applicable),

4. Change your diet - no sugar or white flour (feeds cancer), organic 100% or as much as you can, etc. There are a few great diets for people with cancer. For a wealth of information on natural options for cancer and diet information, try It's fabulous. And find a good N. D. (Naturopath) who you can work with to determine which things are right for you and your specific ailment.

ON VIT C: Vitamin C drips are so powerful, every cancer patient should be doing them. High doses of Vit C IV'd into your system (usually you sit for a few hours while it is done). It does detox you as it supports the immune system so you may feel tired and worn out - that is just a sign that it is working. They do drips of up to 200,000 mgs so thinking you can get the Vit C benefit from pills alone is not true. But even some supplementation will help - no one with cancer should be w/o Vit C in as high doses as the body will tolerate (tolerate means take as much as you can w/o getting the runs).

Be healed!

Goat's Milk   0  0   

Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 07/01/2008

Goat`s Milk An Effective Remedy For Leukemia

Goat`s milk is definitely one of the most nutritional milk around! Goat`s milk have been used for centuries! Goat`s milk may help people who suffer from ulcers, tuberculosis, arthritis, rickets, irritable bowels syndrome, nervousness, anorexia, hay fever and allergies and weak limbs. lt increases longevity and improve our immune system to prevent and fight disease. Goat`s milk is alkaline compared to cow`s milk which is acidic and harmful to health.

Goat`s milk is most effective for cases of exessive white blood cells (Leukemia) where the patients suffer from frequently fever. Drink goat`s milk daily and you will be cured.

Papaya Leaf   1  0   

Posted by Kevin (Plymouth, In) on 08/16/2013

[YEA]  I have CLL and also have excellent results to increase low platelet counts with Papaya Leaf Extract. I have had jumps in the tens of thousands over a few months-most recently from 20,000 to 80,000.

Replied by Pam

Have you found a way to reduce white blood cell count? I was using dandelion root tea and dropped my white count from 354,000 to 245,000 in 7 days. Unfortunately, a brown recluse spider bite forced me onto antibiotics and I have not been able to tolerate the dandelion tea since then.
Replied by Absaruddin
Karachi, Pakistan

Can someone tell me how to use Papaya leaves to reduce white blood cell count? Thank you.
Replied by Kevin
Plymouth, In

You can buy Papaya Leaf products on Ebay, they helped short term get my platelet results up, but I have ceased taking it as I hated the taste and for the fact that I am doing so well. It's been over a year since I last posted and can attest my last visit to my hematologist this was his comment. Quote "If I didn't know better and this was your first visit with the blood results, I would say that you didn't have anything wrong with you".

My CLL is totally in remission with all my blood results in normal ranges. My platelet counts this last visit were 280,000. Of course he won't admit my regime was the answer, but did say on the last few visits, whatever you are doing don't stop doing it.

Since my last post in 2013 I have added in pill form a good multivitamin from Rainbow Light, green tea extract pill form 3x a day, garlic 2x a day, 1000 mg Vitamin C in the morning and evening, Tumeric supplement morning and evening, Bilberry once a day, and was on fish oil-not anymore. Also juiced in the morning on an empty stomach one orange, fresh pineapple, fresh papaya, and mixed other fruits in occasionally. I also add juice that I purchased online: 1 oz of goji juice, 1 oz of mangosteen, and 1 oz of noni juice.

I can tell you I feel so good at where I am at now, but its been a rough journey. If anyone would like me to post my specific bloodwork where I was at over the last few years and where I am at now let me know and I can take the time to do so. God Bless all and good luck. Remember we are all different and what worked for me, may not exhibit the same results in your body.

Papaya Leaf, Pau D'arco   0  0   

Posted by La0508 (Neche, North Dakota, Usa) on 07/13/2011

In March 2010, a researcher from Univ of Florida stated that he had found that a water extract from papaya leaf had very strong anti-tumor effects. Granted, leukemia is NOT a tumor, but I have heard from people that it had a very powerful effect on leukemia. Papaya leaf is a folk remedy for cancer of all types. Pau d'arco (tabebuia impetiginosa or tabebuia avellanedae) is a specific for leukemia. Check out this site: -- these people sell only taheebo, period (taheebo is another name for pau d'arco)--because their grandfather had inoperable metastatic cancer--and was cured 15 years ago from drinking this tea. I have contacted them and found that their replies to me were very honest and straight forward, not trying to snow me with salesmanship. Their tea is rather expensive-maybe $25-$30 a month, but it is never bitter. There are other good sites to get taheebo, and a VERY STRONG extract in capsule form--called Taheebo Life Tea--google it. I use the tea for arthritis and cardiac arrhythmia, and it is wonderful. I often buy it from I would certainly use this combination all day long for cancer, and if I had any form of brain cancer-astrocytoma or glioma--I would add boswellia. But that's for another post.

Periwinkle   0  0   

Posted by Parla (, Tx) on 05/06/2011

my grand-daughter had leukemia when she was 6. she is 23 now. they cured her with the periwinkle drug vincristine. they camp they send children with cancer is called "Camp Periwinkle"

pH Therapy   1  0   

Posted by Jerome on 01/07/2008

[YEA]  I do leukemia research for a very young relative. I have learned of remarkable success in cancer by an Italian oncologistt using ph therapy but since his protocol required direct access to the tumor site it has scant value for leukemia where the difficult to access porgenator site is in the bone marrow. Systemic high ph would work but the body so regulates it that it is unlikely to achieve levels needed. Is there some way to overcome the body's regulation harmlessly. The body regulates fever, etc.,etc. yet these are overcome. Please help. THANKS.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand387 Posts
Dear Jerome: There was a couple of cases I know personally where leukemia was help with raising pH. One case I had from Australia who went into remission from Leukemia, where the scheduled chemotherapy was to take place. The blood pH needs not be raise, but when we take sufficient alkalinity, the biochemical makeup of the body is changed. The leukemia remedy that one case use was 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day. It takes about 3 or 4 weeks to get the body's pH BUFFERS sufficient level where the body can handle or raise its immune system.

Hence, while the urinary alkalinity is raise the blood pH pretty much stays within normal range the only differences is that pH acid spikes don't occur and this is where the body can be sufficiently "alkalinity" from more pH buffers take place in allowing the body's immune system to be high enough where the white blood cells can digest the excess leukemia buildup in the body.

The remedy that was mentioned was an old one, a newer remedy I think that might help raise the body's buffering system necessary to support the immune system is 1/2 teaspoon of sodium citrate plus 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate in 1/2 glass of water taken at least twice (preferably) three times a day.

Once this is taken for about a month whichever remedy mentioned, the remedy is reduced to about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid in 1/2 glass of water.

It is the alkalinity buffer which prevents the acid pH spikes, while it is true the body's homeostasis is excellent, it KNOWS that the body is alkaline, from the changes in biochemical portions in the body and the alkalinity nature of the urine pH is also reflected. Hence, we need not raise the pH in the blood, raise in the urine, and get sufficient alkaline pH buffers is all that is needed.

Mind you this is a simple leukemia remedy that I found to be helpful, when the alkalinity is raised, the oxygen levels in the blood goes up, the carbonic acid waste gas carbon dioxide is reduced, and the nitric oxide levels in the body is raised (it degrades needlessly if there is LACK of alkaline pH buffers). Hence to further raise the oxygen, I believe adding 3-5 drops of 3% H2O2 food grade to the alkaline remedy twice a day. The H2O2 also oxidizes toxins by oxidation and this may also reduce unnecessary toxic burden which aids in the body's immune system.

A much simpler remedy of course, if supplements can't be found is 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken three times a day.

One other case of cancer that was helped was simply adding 1 drop of clove oil in 1/2 or 1 glass of water three timds a day. After adding this, it is stirred and then drink. However, the clove oil works best when added with the baking soda. Clove oil is the single most powerful antioxidant on the ORAC scale.

Hope this info helps!

Replied by Lon
Stanhope, NJ

Does anyone know where in the USA, I can get the citric acid or sodium citrate mentioned by Ted? Are these normally sold in health food stores? pharmacies? other? I found a citric acid product with home canning supplies, but it contained other ingredients that probably aren't good.

I was just diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I've found a lot of extremely promising info about feverfew extract and leukemia, but then the research seems to just drop off. Feverfew is prolific in my yard. Who would have thought! Green tea and EFA are suppose to be good.

Any suggestions for leukemia will be helpful and appreciated. Of course I could be fine for years with this chronic type of leukemia, but want to do my best to stay well. I have a medically dependent son with Down Syndrome, whose daily health care is complex. There is a guardian to succeed me, but the longer I can take care of him, to get him in the best shape possible, the better, so I need to stay well as long as I can.

EC: Try a google product search:

Replied by Anonymous
Lansing, Mi

A family member had lymphoma and tried raw food diets. He followed Dr. Schultz's (out of California) remedies and flushed for 30 day periods. All raw, all juiced. If you aren't digesting, then your body is healing. You can get all the nutients from foods without digesting when you have juice. He has been in remission for almost 10 years. He wanted to know why this worked. He found that cancer needs salt and protein to thrive. This process takes the body away from salt and protein for periods long enough for cancer to dissolve. You can get just enough protein from green food (spirulina with barley and wheat grasses).
Replied by Ana V
Houston, Texas

Ted, I have a question regarding the pH recommendations, the 1/2 tsp baking soda, would it be too strong for a four yr old? and how can I modify it?
Replied by Lani
Prescott, Az

To Lon,

Citric Acid can be found at any site that carries MMS (miracle mineral supplement).

Replied by Lon
Stanhope , Nj

Does anyone have thoughts about green tea and flouride. I've read green tea, even organic, absorbs flouride like a sponge, yet it's recommended by the mayoclinic for chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which I have. Should I take it with something to offset the flouride? I assume risking flouride poinsoning may be worth the benefits for leukemia from the green tea. I did experience a drop in my white blood cell count, which is good, while taking green tea extract, along with ted's ph remedies, EFAs, soy, vit C, more raw vegetables, little to no meat and no sugar, exercise and meditation. Since I stoppoed the green tea my numbers habe been going up slowly.... Maybe the extracts don't have flouride/ Any input?
Replied by Joan
Dayton, Ohio

Hello, for ccl, do you take the capsule or the extract in the bottle, does it make a difference, how many milligrams? thank you.
Replied by Casey
Roeland Park, Kansas

My sisters infant son was just diagnosed with A.M.L. and he is only 6 months old. My sister and her boyfriend already have him in a hospital, and they started chemo today. I'm worried that they are going to kill him, and we may miss our chance to actually help the kid, but through all this posting and everywhere I've searched I haven't found any information on holistic treatment for infants. Does anyone have any information or resources I could use in this situation? Any help would be appreciated.
Replied by Timh
Scottsville, Ky

Casey, the best chance this child has is to receive holistic treatment, not standard chemo only method. There are a number of individual doctors in USA who use nutrition along w/ pharmaceuticals (complementary medicine). Cancer Treatment Centers Of America is supposed to be holistic or complimentary medicine, which can greatly increase the prognosis of survival. I suppose this option could be costly, although I don't actually know. At any rate, getting high quality nutrition in the body would greatly increase survival or simply quality of life. Health food stores have liquid vit/min supplements which could be added to the baby formula.

While the baby is sleeping or awake I would be waging prayer war and positive affirmations of love. Angels will respond and so will the infant. From what is otherwise a nightmare experience, peace and comfort can prevail.

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