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Parasite Remedies

Last Modified on Nov 28, 2015

Parasite treatments include a number of natural remedies that can be taken internally or used externally. The key to treating parasites is identifying a treatment option that is effective for eliminating the specific type of parasite present. Diatomaceous earth and a variety of other treatments are effective at eliminating a wide range of parasites without harming the rest of the body.

What is a Parasite?

Parasites are organisms that invade a host organism and feed on the nutrients provided by the host. Parasites range in size from barely visible to easily recognizable by the naked eye. Common symptoms include lowered immune system, constant illness, rectal itching, recurring yeast infection, fatigue, bloating and gas and allergies. If left untreated, parasite overgrowth can lead to other conditions including infertility, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis and several others.

Natural Remedies for Parasitic Diseases

Eliminating parasites as quickly and safely as possible is crucial. A variety of options are available; however, some of the most effective include diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. These treatments bind to parasites and naturally remove them from the body.

Diatomaceous Earth

A naturally occurring substance, diatomaceous earth is able to kill parasites and a host of other issues. In addition to treating parasites, diatomaceous earth is high in silica and other minerals, so it supports healthy hair, nails and skin. Diatomaceous earth also supports healthy digestion.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another effective treatment option. Apple cider vinegar is effective at supporting the body’s pH and eliminating any parasites or other harmful infections. The compound is also rich in vitamins and minerals, so it boosts overall health as well.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is naturally antifungal. As such, it effectively eliminates parasites and other growths in the system. Like the other treatment options, coconut oil is also effective at supporting good general health.

A number of known parasites have been identified that cause infection. When left untreated, parasites not only feed on the host but also cause a variety of other comorbid issues. Natural treatments, however, can effectively eliminate parasites without harm to the rest of the body.

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Most Popular Parasites Remedies:

Diatomaceous Earth6
Coconut Oil4
Papaya Seeds3
Apple Cider Vinegar3

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Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Soneeta (Santa Cruz, California) on 01/27/2013

I have been giving my grand-daughhter 1/2 teaspoon Organic ACV with Mother in glass of apple juice 1-2 times a week since she was 4 yrs old to help her go potty, works wonders. Good to know it kills parasites too.

Replied by Hb
Lowermainland, Bc, Canada

To those who've done natural parasite clenses, specifically with Apple Cider Vinegar, are the parasites alive when you evacuate them? Is there anyone thing that one can take that will definately kill them? Is there anything that by some methid disguises or breaks them apart so you don't see the evidence of them?

I was looking for a household product cure for parasites for a friend that doesn't take care of himself and won't see a doctor, but swears he has bugs in his wounds, nose, and fecal matter (and itchy rectum). Please no one suggest he see a doctor, I've tried that about 10 times this week alone. Liver safe parasite killer? Anyone know?

When I did the research, I was terrified to learn I may have a parasite, or at leaste have probably had one at some point in my life. I really want to get rid of any potential "piggy-backers" in my body, but I know if I see evidence in my stools, I'll be creeped out permanently! I have severe anxiety, especially concerning bugs. I beat a bed bug infestation a year and a half ago, and I still have a hard time sleeping and freak out when one of my hairs touches my face (I cut it short, tho it was sooo beautiful, because I'm so terrified by the tickling when it touches my skin) because I think it's a creepy-crawly.

If anyone can help on this issue, I'd love to know what you think.

Replied by Andrea C
Wales Uk

Just a personal observation and a HUGE wonder to me concerning PARASITES.


Super bug strains which are resistant to EVERYTHING along with every increasing mysterious 'VIRAL' infection's with no known cure, are being blamed OR the Actual' cause of never before seen illnesses

Now the logic behind me reasoning is this, I do NOT personally believe that as a creation of God/ The Universe, that ALL parasites are harmful to us.

Everyone's now bordering on 'insanity' to 'kill ALL bacteria' is causing a million problems as not only is BAD bacteria being wiped out but GOOD bacteria.

Which was made symbiotically at the point of the creation of every living thing on this beautiful planet, and to work in synergy with us, for without billion's of different one's our bodies will get sick and DIE.

I did NOT believe that ALL parasites are meant to be wiped out on this bases as well. We are still no where near or maybe will NEVER be completely understanding how we work in harmony with EVERYTHING around us.

And our 'Higher Vibration' is down to more than a few 'frequencies' it's a LOT more complex than that, and my theories are this...

Yes, certain parasites must be eradicated in order to heal and prevent the mortality and mobility of the living body of ALL creatures. So is this also not true of our body's SURVIVAL? we are pure energy' and we just go to another reality. You can't 'kill' pure energy and it's/ we ALL living energy is infinite, when people of some other living creature dies what actually leaves? Not the body the 'Life light' the energy, which is actually that being just leaving a 'vehicle' and going on the next reality of their journey still alive not DEAD. I am of a mind in order to keep living body's functioning at peak performance certain parasites are actually required.

But the same as antibiotics and anti bacterial body washes, garden and land spray's e.t.c. no body knows enough to realize the future damage trying to irradiate ALL parasite's. without actually knowing their function within our whole planets environment we maybe killing off beneficial one's as well?

We the 'Human race' are the biggest 'parasites' on the face of this planet but would anyone decide it's a great idea to kill ALL of us off?

Some certain one's like Hitler and others of his ilk, and Pharmaceutical companies, Monsanto, Codex.

And Government's that are also in with this murderous money machine, and taking away the right to be as it was created ?? And tampering with perfection of creation? Their the ones that make me wonder. As like Tape worm certain one's should NOT be allowed. But where BACTERIA and PARASITES are concerned?

This is the undisputed 'balance' factor of Universal law, you cannot have good without bad, look at 'Barbershop' singing.

You get then to sing INDIVIDUALLY, one or two may have a passable solo voice but man!! Shut up the other ones!!

Love Andrea C xxxx

Replied by Andrea C
Wales Uk

I just found this on a 'Natural hygiene' page which is exactly what my thoughts were when I wrote the above post. Regarding the fact that maybe certain 'PARASITES' actually have a function in keeping us healthy? As do bacteria, we can NOT live without bacteria. If you know anything about the living body of all living things, we are ALL made up of billions of them!! Our skin alone can't survive without mega loads of them and this is our largest organ.

Louis pasture on his death bed said it himself after blaming 'RAW MILK' for killing not curing people? ''Tis NOT the microbe, but tis the terrain where in the microbe dwells'' In other words, for a body to develop any sickness or disease, it's NOT the germ but the unfit state of the body where the germ enters. So in order for any 'Illnesses' to take a grip on us, we are the ones out of balance NOT the germ virus, bacteria getting the better of us at all.

And as for being totally 'Vegan' the world's most healthiest and longest living people where disease is unknown are ALL hunter gatherers. There are many religions as there are people of may races and places form around the world where I live. And the vegans do NOT escape being sick, ill or over weight at all. AND there is NO ancient tribe ANYWHERE in the world living in ''perfect health'' that are vegan? They eat EVERYTHING. Plants, Animals, Fish, Insects and every part of a Plant or tree they know to be beneficial not poisonous as well. And the Ground itself, Earth, Clay, certain Rock, Sand for many purposes, and so do the Ancient dessert dwellers. Whether they live in lush vegetation with every conceivable plant as food. They all eat Animal and insect protein.

And flour, sugar and all the stuff that started making any of them ill, was because it was NOT natural to them or the environment. And neither is it to our bodies, I can't believe that fruit in its whole state is UNHEALTHY for anybody. Except for 'Hybrid fruit' where its tampered with to give it abnormally unnatural sugar levels. Which in turn alters its whole bio availability and it then becomes a 'cause and effect'. Causing an impairment or total malfunction in our bodies built in healing abilities. In other word's 'Throwing a spanner in the works'.

And the Paleos have got it wrong as well by restricting certain things like Honey and all Dairy. All the Octogenarians ever found on this planet living 'westernized' ALL eat everything Dairy as well. But in it's 'Raw' state., and 'Hunter gatherers' will go to death defying feats to get to a hive to get the Honey? And even certain 'strict vegan religions' drink 'Raw milk?' And they were not BORN Vegan, someone got an 'Idea' and they all followed?

Just like EVERY religion on this planet. I know one thing for sure Einstein was perfectly RIGHT, when he said, "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity."

Albert, YOU ROCK!!! :-D

Love Andrea C xxx

  • It has been observed that bacteria, germs, viruses and parasites play the role of scavengers and will feed on decaying food substances and tissues, breaking them down to a form, which makes them easily eliminated from the body in preparation for their use by the soil. In this respect, they perform a useful ecological function. When these decaying substances are not present in the body, they leave it or die off from lack of nourishment. They can survive only on decomposing substances and cannot live on healthy food substances!

    Medical men in believing these so-called entities are the cause of disease use their toxic drugs to battle against them and destroy them. In so doing, they damage and poison the tissues, making recovery much more difficult, greatly weakening the vital force which are trying to eliminate the original causes of disease, the toxins in the body.

  • In the mistaken belief that the symptoms or stages of the disease process, such as inflammation, chills, fever, suppuration (elimination of pus and fluids from the tissues), etc. are the disease itself, they thereby war against the vital efforts of the body to eliminate the cause of the disease (toxemia or body toxins). Thus they weaken the healing process, often to the point where the possibilities of recovery are completely thwarted, leading to an irreversible condition of disease and a fatal outcome.

    The early practitioners of Natural Hygiene in the 1800's who understood the truth and difference between so-called disease and the vital remedial efforts of the body, had remarkable success in epidemics, fevers and most diseases. By not using drugs or fighting the healing process, but instead using water fasting (physiological rest), sleep in quiet and peaceful surroundings, the body used all of its forces very successfully, succeeding in termination of most diseases. In contrast, the medical practitioners who warred against all so-called diseases, had a high percentage of failures and fatalities.
Replied by Timh Donate


It's all about BALANCE and it's played out in micro and macro habitats through the natural, psychological, and spiritual world(s).
Replied by Ali
Wales, Uk

I too think this way to a certain extent Andrea. Can I ask what the actual source of this comment is please? I would like to read it in its entirety...

Posted by Mom Mil (Faribault, Mn Usa) on 11/27/2010

[YEA]  I started using Apple Cider Vinegar just yesterday because I had read on how it would help me get rid on fungal infections and little did I realize that it would attack the parasites, I just found out that truly this kills the parasites, next day bowel movement proved this, I apologize I dont mean to be offensive to anyone but really wanted to share this. I have been applying it on my head for dandruff and took some and the rash on my head is getting better second day, and the above already mentioned by drinking it.. I would like to know if my 8 yr old daughter and 2 yr old can take some diluted in water, I want to start helping my kids at a young age with parasites. Please advise. Mom In MN

Replied by Nadell
Mountains, Ca

My kids started drinking ACV diluted by age 2. I even put a few drop in my pets water and their fur is amazing now. I mix ACV with hot water and honey for the kids.
Replied by Me
Tulsa, Ok

I have been told by a hemotologist that oil of oregano kills liver flukes. Hope it helps.
Replied by Soneeta
Santa Cruz

I have been giving my grand-daughhter 1/2 teaspoon Organic ACV with Mother in glass of apple juice 1-2 times a week since she was 4 yrs old to help her go potty, works wonders. Good to know it kills parasites too.
Replied by Marlen
Quezon City, Philippines

Have you seen worms in your stool after taking apple cider vinegar? I'm just curious because I want to try this out.

Posted by Carolyn (Hobbs, Nm Usa) on 09/29/2009

I have a question for you folks that are so much more knowledgeable than I am on natural remedies. I have read a lot about parasites on this web site which I am learning to love. Can parasites live in an alkaline body? It is my understanding that the ACV that I take three times a day makes my body more alkaline. I also take minerals and they make your body more alkaline also. Therefore my question is, can parasites live in an alkaline body? Thanks for taking time to answer this question for me. Carolyn

Replied by Tricia

I would assume that since parasites can live quite happily in alkaline soil that the answer to your question is most likely a resounding yes.
Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

Well, there's alkaline, and then there is TOO ALKALINE. Just as a body can be too acidic, it can also be too alkaline...and neither one is healthful. Some people assume that just because some alkalinity is good, higher alkalinity must be even better, but that is just not the way it is. The normal alkalinity of the blood ranges from pH 7.3 to pH 7.5, while the normal alkalinity inside the cells is 7.4. People, that is not very alkaline at all... in fact ,it is only slightly more alkaline than neutral. And please don't go confusing the normally acidic urine that comes from eating protein with the pathological conditions called Metabolic Acidosis and Respiratory Acidosis, which are medical emergencies.
Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

Sure, drinking acidic ACV will "alkalize" your body for the very same reason that drinking large amounts of acidic soda pop, or acidic lemon juice will "alkalize" your body...if you consume alot of acid, your body will pull calcium out of your bones to neutralize the acid and bingo, you become more alkaline. Rather than drinking ACV, a better way to go might be to make sure you get enough minerals in your diet, either by eating lots of veggies or taking supplements, or both.
Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

Kathy, your comments are confusing to me. Best, I've read, you have little control on your blood pH. You just need to get enough calcium so your bod does not have to use your bones to adjust it's pH. As was my case. You right about your cell pH, but if you got cancer then the sky's the limit. Seen this too many times. The pH of your first morning tinkle is not what your pH is. The nightly detox affects this as all the authorities say. Your second tinkle is a better representative sample of what your actual bod pH is.

When we got on this health kick a number of years ago my wife and both had a urine pH of 5.5. Lordy. We now above 7. To get there we cut back on meat and ate more veggies and also bought an Alkaline water ionizer. All this made little impact. We also did not turn up the ionizer pH as we should have. What did the trick is what they advocate on this site.Two tbsp ACV with 1/4 tsp of Baking Soda in 1/3 glass of water. Do this one time a day and if your pH does not rise after a few weeks , the go to two times a day. And to three times a day if necessary.

One last story...... we also do EDTA chelation and there we met a young woman who had cancer and had gone through all the traditional stuff twice and was sent home to die. Just like the Fed program in-waiting. Anyway, she turned to alternative methods. She was doing blood ultra violet light, Hydrogen Peroxide IV, Vitamin C IV, and other things. She was buying alkaline ionized water, wheat grass , etc to get her pH up. It was not happening. We convinced her to buy an Alkaline Water Ionizer and turn it up to get a higher pH water. Also we encourged her to do ACV and Baking Soda. She now was able to get her pH up where cancer can not live. She is now in remission.

She turned her water ionizer up such that the pH was over 10. As a Chemical Engineer, I would not do this unless I had cancer. She had nothing to lose.

Kathy, I think you meant well but not all folks have the same problem and one size does not fit all. I regret that most of my posts are challenging folks. I's 73 and been down lots of dusty roads and ain't afraid of confusion.

This is a great site, but posts still needs montitoring and sometime challenging. Sometimes I think Ted needs challenging and also Joyce. Both are great, but they mortal.

Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

I don't know why you are confused. What I said was that there is not much you can do to raise the pH of your BLOOD. Raising the pH of your URINE is an entirely different matter. Eating less protein and more veggies will raise the pH of your URINE, not counting the mornings tinkle, as you say, but WILL NOT change the pH of your BLOOD. What I meant when I wrote about Metabolic Acidosis was that some people think that just because their urine is acidic from eating alot of protein, that their BLOOD is therefor acidic, which is not the case at all. Acidic urine from eating alot of protein DOES NOT mean that someone has Metabolic Acidosis. Acidic urine, by itself, is not a sign of a pathological condition, although eating too much protein over time could cause a problem from mineral depletion, but by itself, acidic urine is not a sign of pathology. Cancer, on the other hand, is a subject that is in a whole other ball field because by definition, cancer is a pathological condition. Cancer and low blood pH do go together, but that is because cancer cells use anaerobic respiration, and the end-product of anaerobic respiration is lactic acid, which the cells then excrete into the blood. Low BLOOD ph, then would be a RESULT of cancer, NOT its CAUSE. And don't forget how ravenous cancer cells are, and how people waste away when they have cancer. Since people waste away because their muscles and body tissues (proteins!) are literally being consumed by the cancer, it doesn't surprize me that their urine is acidic, except that instead of the person eating alot of protein, the cancer is eating the person! It is THE CANCER'S EXCRETIONS that that turn the PERSON'S urine acidic, since the cancer must use the person's kidneys to excrete its waste products. I personally think that alot of cancer is stem cells gone awry...for what reason, I do not know, although cancer is mostly a disease of old age (yes, I know that even fetuses, infants and children get cancer, but it is PREDOMINANTLY an old person's disease), and old people have a life-time's worth of poor nutrition and toxic assaults to their bodies that they are living with. Raising your URINE'S pH by eating more veggies, etc IS a good thing to do because it means that you are getting the minerals your cells need. If urine pH means anything at all, it is an indication of how well, or how poorly, your body is mineralized (excluding the results of the morning pee, of course).

p.s. I have written over and over again in other posts about the importance of biological individuality, so I do not understand how you got the idea that I think one-size-fits-all.

Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

Forgot to mention this: I simply don't understand the rationale behind the ACV and baking soda thing. When you mix ACV and baking soda, you get carbon dioxide and water, so just how is this changing your pH? I am not asking what you BELIEVE is happening...I want to know what the SCIENCE behind this so-called therapy is, because the ACV and baking soda cure looks bogus to me. The thing that is so easy to forget is the effect that the "placebo effect" has in all of these cures. Please understand, I am NOT knocking the placebo effect!! Nor am I knocking the cures/remedies, even the scientifically bogus ones!! If I were a bench scientist, I'd be studying the placebo effect first and foremost. But many of the cures and rememdies on this site have no scientific basis what-so-ever...not that that is important, though. What is important is that they work! I read recently somewhere that the "placebo effect" is, in fact, how most conventional drugs excert their effect. Maybe that young lady's cancer went into remission because she finally found a cure she could BELIEVE IN, or a person she could BELIEVE IN. Teasing out which effects can be quantified scientifically and which are due to the "placebo effect" is very difficult, because it is probably often a mix of both. But faith is probably the most potent force in the universe. If a cure has no scientific basis, so what...if it works, it works. Nor am I knocking science. Knowing some science can help to keep us from harming ourselves or others in our quest for self-care, and science has found out some really important things about human physiology that are important to include in our knowlege base. So I guess what I am saying is that I simply don't BELIEVE IN the ACV/baking soda cure, LOL. I'm an ACV/baking soda skeptic, so I'd like you to explain the physiology behind the ACV/baking soda cure, otherwise I'll chalk it up to the placebo effect.
Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa

Sorry about this blizzard of posts, but I have one last thought to add: about science, the older I get, the more I am coming to think that there is actually no such thing as "science", but that what we really build our world on is belief. Now I realize I am into the realm of metaphysics here, but I am truely beginning to think that all that "science" or the "provable" really consists of, is a large body of beliefs that have been held by the majority of people so strongly and for so long that they have become a habit, or more-or-less permanant pattern that is so consistant that it produces replicatable results. In other words, there is no such thing as "science", there is only belief. However, that still does not make me a member of the Church of ACV and Baking Soda.
Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

Kathy, again i'm confused. What is low blood pH? All my research says that your blood is pH 7.35 to 7.45 or you die. Is that not right? You can control your urine and saliva pH and that is all... with diet and supplements. Also are you saying that you can have cancer with an alkaline body? I also think an acid body does not mean you have cancer, but I also think that if your body is alkaline, then you do not have cancer. Are you aware of the Spanish Doctor who cures cancer with baking soda alone? He has a book out and it is fascinating. You are not speaking to the choir on this site when you minimize ACV and Baking Soda. Most here believe it is the 11th Commandment. Oh, by the way, pure science is controlled by God. It works the same way every time and if not, then you got some measurements wrong or don't have the total picture. Beliefs have nothing to do with it.
Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

DEANNA OF AUGUSTA, GA........... please don't put me in the league with Ted, Joyce and others. They have lots of knowledge while I just got a little. I just know a few things that i have experienced my self. But I do read a lot of books. I can not help you with your parasite probem. We do what Hulda Clarke says in her book. We do her parasite cleanse using a tincture of green walnuts and her other herbs, and also we have bought a zapper made to her design to kill parasites with pulsating low voltage. She says that parasites are the root of all our health problems and includes mold, fungus, yeast as parasites.

Oh, you might be surprised to know the we once lived in Augusta in 1960, immediately following graduation from Ga Tech as a Chemical Engineer. We lived in the section of town where the hoity toidy lived. Only, we lived in a garage apt. out behind the big house. Back then, poor people lived in what they could afford. Now the younguns expect to live in the big house.

I digress,,,,,,,,, we do lots of things for our health, but I also take a little nip in the evenings. The most important things that I thing we do is do Bob Monro's hydrogen peroxide spray. Drink ACV with baking soda to get our urine alkaline. Also, drink our water from a 1/2 gallon jar so we know how much we are drinking. We also do most of the cleansings one or more times a year. We also raise most of our fruit and veggies and freeze and can them. We do butter instead of margarine. We make all our fruit juices and jams from our fruit. Have been doing Canola oil until I have researched Genetically Modified vegetables and I called Con-Agri about their oils. All are all Genetically Altered, which was the term the fella used. This our worst health nightmare. I have contacted a local slaughter house and they are to start saving me their leaf lard. I will render it myself. Store bought lard has been hydrogenated and is no better than the so called good oils.

My share cropper Grand Dad lived to 88 and he sopped his bisquit in lard every morning. He also raised his own hogs and slaughtered them himself. He was not into aerobics 3X week for 20 minutes, He was into aerobics 12 hours a day for 6 days a week. His mules were named Emmer and Twenty. I tried to plow them as a kid, but could not handle it.

Deanna, lots of folks on this site want a quick fix we all do. I don't think there is one. You got to go after your body's total health. You do that with knowledge. This is a great site, but it does no cover any of your body cleansings and other things. You got to get rid of all the garbage you have taken in you body in your entire life.

I am so concerned about these altered vegetables that I am now going back to hair loom vegetables and save my seeds every year. Now that is a hard row to plow if you know anything about gardening. I also think Organic Gardening is a hoax. I say this after 50 years of gardening. I have tried it. You would have to have 22 kids to help you. There is just one of you and one million bugs.

I am now more concerned about my mental situtation than my body health. For that reason , we will get on an intrevenous program using Glutathione. We have spent the last several years getting the heavy metals out of our organs and body fat and clearing our blood vessels of plaque. We've also started on our lymph system. Now we got to work on our brain....... if we are not too late.

Sorry for my rant, but I see so many posts who want a quick fix and there is not any. If you are not taking care of your compete body , then there is another ailment right behind this one.

P S My 69 year old wife is now squirrel hunting on the ridge. She got 3 old tough one's yesterday and we having squirrel and dumplings tonight. Saving the two young fryers. Hell to be poor and have to live off the land. Jus barely getting by.

Replied by Carmen
Nova Scotia, Canada

Mr Henry, Don't sell yourself short, you and your knowledge are most enjoyable. I like what you have to say and how you say it. Yours is one of the five or six names I remember, I look forward to your postings and the knowledge you share.
Replied by Phil
Dearing, Ga

Hello Mr. Henry. I have read your post to Deanna sometime back and you seem to be a knowledgeable fellow on several issues. I am extremely interested in what you say about living off the land and hunting.

Just today on, they are saying that the pigs/hogs are infected with the new H1N1 flu. I also know that Kevin Trudeau, in his book nature cures, recommends free range meats. I would guess that deer and squirrels would fit this discription, though I believe he was speaking of bison/buffalo... Anyway I am just rambling here,so here are my questions about hunting wildlife and the safety of the meat.

Squirrels my grandmother always said had to be free of WOLVES...(Wolves were some kind parasite or weevil that would bore into the squirrels skin into it's body ) She may have had the name wrong, but anyway she would tell us that she would throw the squirrel away if it had these wolves, but that you could cut out the bad spot and eat the squirrel if you wanted to. Like I said my grandmother may have been wrong about this... But I was wondering, if you know anything about this and the best way to determine or make the meat safe to eat???

She also said you should only hunt them when the wheather was very cold and this is when they wouldn't have the wolves.

My next question is about the safty of deer meat. I have read that deer are full of lymes disease and you should not eat deer meat. I asked my father in law about this as he has been a meat cutter for over 40 years and worked at several deer processing plants in his life time. He told me most of the time the meat looks fine and appears to be healthy, but from time to time they will get a deer, that will have a cancerous look in the meat around the spinal area ( Thats the way he describe it as not normal, darker around the spine almost black spine and meat )He said when they get these deer in they will tell the customer that they would not recommed eating that meat and they through it out.

I know I could save myself alot of money, by hunting wildlife and possibly make myself healthier in the process... I would just like to know about the safety issues of the meat from wildlife and thought you may be able to address this.

For the first time in my life, I actually had someone tell me some Bass fish I had caught out of a shallow pond were not safe to eat. I had fished this pond, that has a broken spillway, for many years and eatin fish from it that tasted fine. On day returning home with a mess of fish, my nephews friend was here and looked at the fish and claimed that they were unsafe to eat, because of what he called a fish skin disease caused from the fish being in a shallow pond with a sandy bottom. I questioned him on this and he said he was told this by a lady who he knows who has a pond and says her fish are usafe to eat because her fish are also in a shallow pond and lots of sand has washed into the pond over the years.

Sorry, I know this is long, but I thought you maybe able help. I have never really done alot of fishing or hunting. But those fish I caught to me looked, just like any other fish I have caught out of lakes. ( Only they had a very dark back and a greenish tent, but this pond being shallow has alot of moss in it and it is spring fed. Other people have fished it and never said anything about the fish, other than they were dark because of the amount of moss in the pond. Deepest spot is prombably 3 foot deep and the moss grows all the way from the bottom and actually floats on top of the water. The spill way is broken and it does lose alot of water, but keeps some water at all times ,because of the springs that feed it. During drought it will get very low and when it rains alot it may get up to 5 to 6 foot deep.
Are these fish, deer and squirrels safe to eat and is there anything special, That I need to do?

Thank You,

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa

Phil, I cannot answer all your questions, some I can. Wolves in squirrels are lava of the Botfly, which is found around cattle. They leave the squirrel or rabbit after a few hard frosts. We don't hunt squirrels until after a few frosts. Some areas of the country do not have wolves. I used to eat the squirrel brains for effect in front of folks who thought they did not have to turn on the fan when they used the toilet. Had to stop that about 15 years ago when Kentucky wildlife folks found that squirrels had the equivalent of "mad cow disease".

Deer are loaded with ticks during the summer and they too disappear with cold weather. We now only shoot our deer in the head to avoid a gut shot and contaminate the meat with e-coli. We would never eat a deer from a processing plant.

You don't know what you are getting and they are not going to take the time to clean it properly. Just tour a processing plant. Ticks do carry the Lyme disease, but I'm not aware if it affects the deer.

We eat no organ meat of any kind, especially liver. That is the detox organ for all animals including humans.

Being Rednecks, we always ate fried fish. Now we only grill them on a Foreman type grill. We leave the skin on the fish. If you watch movies of bears eating salmon. They always eat the skin. It is the most nutritious part of the fish. We only eat crappie. We eat no bottom fish nor fish at the top of the food chain. We live on Watts Bar Lake which is below Oak Ridge. That says it all.

We cannot live entirely off the land, but we do pretty good. It takes years to get fruit trees and berries to produce so you need to get started early in life and go at it with a plan. We make all our fruit juices and jams. We harvest our vegetables year round and freeze and can those in season. We have tried organic gardening. Ain't enough hours in the day to do that and most organic farms use mushroom compost made from arsenic laden chicken litter. I don't trust tree huggers.

All this is fun but lots of hard work.

Replied by Rustybucket
Seattle, Wa Usa

I hope I am posting this to the correct place - I wanted to say thank you to Robert. Although we do not live off the land - (or anywhere near it) I found this really interesting. My dad grew up in Missouri, and he always used to say "mmmm squirrels - them's GOOD EATIN!" LOL. I think he did it for the same effect you used when you ate their brains. One word - GROSS!

Seriously though - I respect anyone who lives off the land, and know it must be far healthier than what we buy at our local grocery store.

Best to you,


Replied by Rayne
Shreveport, La

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) helps maintain the alkaline design of human, plant, and animal organisms. These salts are naturally occurring in all fluids of the body. Specifically, they can aid in the reduction of acidity in the lymphatic, circulatory, and gastro-intestinal systems.

Traditionally, apple cider vinegar has been one of the most popular and natural potent detoxifier, though it is very acidic. It is created by fermenting raw apples within wooden barrels. The vinegar derived from the apple cider is very acidic (at pH value of 2.8).

Add enough baking soda to the ACV and it will neutralize it. Chemically it is not changed, the malic acid becomes a malate when baking soda has neutralized, but then the body is going to convert to THAT anyway. What YOUR body wants is that the pH is at an ideal theoretical pH 7.35, which is equivalent to the pH of your blood.

We live and die at the cellular level. All the cells (billions of them) that make up the human body are slightly alkaline, and must maintain alkalinity in order to function and remain healthy and alive. However their cellular activity creates acid and this acid is what gives the cell energy and function. As each alkaline cell performs its task of respiration, it secretes metabolic wastes, and these end products of cellular metabolism are acid in nature. Although these wastes are used for energy and function, they must not be allowed to build up.

The pH level (the acid-alkaline measurement) of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Extended acid imbalances of any kind are not well tolerated by the body. Indeed, the entire metabolic process depends on a balanced internal alkaline environment. A chronically over-acidic pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of veins and arteries like acid eating into marble. If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain. In summary, over-acidification interferes with life itself leading to all sickness and disease!

Replied by Carolyn
Hobbs, Nm

Yeah for you Rayne from Shreveport! ! ! You are absolutely right about the ph of the body. If we want to be healthy we must get our bodies in an alkaline state. At least 7. 5. I find it much easier to do with a water ionizer. I could not control my ph until I got one and now it is so simple. I stay at 7. 5 all the time. The body is 70% water and if we drink all alkaline water it is easy to stay alkaline. All health depends on the ph of the body.

God Bless,

Replied by Dee Smith

I love your post, Robert Henry.

Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 02/02/2009

[YEA]  Apple Cider Vinegar Saved My Life. One Tablespoon drank of Apple Cider Vinegar every day RIDS Human ORGANS of Parasites that attach to our organs & eat us alive from the inside out. They secrete toxins that make us ill or cause other illnesses to form. After drinking this consistently I NO longer have Severe Acid Reflux, Indigestion that none of the RX worked for me, I've taken them all. Also I NO longer have tightness or pain in my gallbladder, liver, pancreas. Over the years I've had tests run on my gallbladder, liver heart, FOUR colonoscopies, endoscopes and NO abnormalities were seen because Parasites go in&out of the walls & escape Visual detection until it is OverGrown. All People get Parasites, Parasitic Worms, Bacteria from Mosquitos, Water, Airborne, Coffee Beans, Food, Salads, Walking Bare Feet. Parasites do Not like anytype of Vinegar environment and they run & expel thru bowel movement visibly unseen. This is a simple way to stay Healthy, lower healthcare costs. I wish to be posted ANONYMOUSLY.

Replied by CTrain
Cape Cod, MA

how do you get parasites from coffee beans; they are roasted?
Replied by Pahlee
Phila, Pa

Thank you so much for that post, abouy acv, I have just been diagnost with parasites and have been looking for a holistic cure, how often do you take the Apple Cider Vinegar and for how long? and do you take it on an empty stomach or with food, please advise, I am desperate.
Replied by Pahlee
Phila, Pa

about parasites, I did not know that you could get parasites from walking barefoot, I do that a lot especially in the summer in my home, can I keep anke socks on instead of sandles inside to prevent this.
Replied by Anonymous
Richmond, Va

Does the brand of ACV matter? I have the "mother" organic ACV.
Replied by Darla
Fort Lauderdale

Everyone recommends B--gg, the organic brand Apple Cider Vinegar with "the mothers" which is the cloudy stuff at the bottom of the bottle.

Posted by Cathy (buffalo, mn 55313) on 07/28/2005

[YEA]  After using ACV for just 1 1/2 wks I am passing parasites!!It looks to be a couple of different kinds but LARGE ones!I am taking 1/4 cup 2 to 3 times per day mixed with purified water along with 2 tsps. ground flax seed.The flax seed must be ground and drunk quickly or it will just fall to the bottom as sediment.I haven't been able to find any organic ACV so have just been using store brand but WOW.I have also lost 5 lbs.

Replied by Li
Bc, Php


Herbs with anthelmintic agents either expel or destroy worms in the body. Other similar terms to describe such agents include vermifuge, mermicide and taeniacide. Herbs with these fighting abilities include black walnut hull, black cohosh, blue walnut, gentian, goldenseal, mandrake, prickly ash, pumpkin seed, wormwood and senna.


Parasiticidic herbs are those that destroy parasites in the body. Herbs with parasticidic agents include chaparral, feverfew, figwort, horseradish, mandrake, papaya, parsley, peach, pennyroyal, plantain, pumpkin, rhubarb, sage, thyme, vervain, wild cherry and wood betony.

Replied by Septemberamyx
Marysville, California, USA

The term for the class of medicines used specifically against worms, which are parasites, is an anthelmintic.

Parasiticides is the name for the class of medicines used against the many parasites that could infect a human.

Sometimes we are infected with something that we would think of as a parasite, but it doesn't live off us, it merely makes us sick by it's presence in our body.

(I would be careful about Kevin Trudeau, as he is a scam artist who has been ordered by federal court to limit the topic of his books due to his lies in them. Just double check his info from several other reputable sources before beleiving him.)

Replied by Patrice
New Hampshire

Kevin Trudeau has been indicted for fraud and other crimes and is now in prison for a long time.
Replied by Kt

I'm not sure how K. Trudeau's name came up here but I would like to say that some of the information he provided about "natural cures" has helped extend my life a little longer. Everyone is not always 100% with everything but there is no doubt about what I learned and applied to my life from those books, after becoming aware of toxic effects of MSG and now having to be concerned with GMO's, the books were truly a Godsend.
Replied by Anon

I believe everything K Trudeau has said. What solidified it for me was when he went to prison. Whoever was trying to silence him succeeded but simultaneously made me wonder why would someone telling truths on how to heal naturally belong in prison? Things that make you go hmmm...
Replied by Kt

Replied by Louise H

The reason that Kevin Trudeau is in jail is because our government didn't want him telling people about natural cures. They told him that he couldn't sell his book. If you do your proper research on the internet you will find out that he is not a scam artist!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lugol's Iodine
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Posted by Lisa B. (Anchorage, Ak) on 09/27/2013

[YEA]  I started using the apple cider vinegar and honey for stones. I was shocked when I use it with my lugols I have so much more movements and its full of flukes and rice looking stuff. So I know without a doubt it does something to the parasites. I had no clue I had parasites and was using it for something completely different.

So I am not sure if the lugols and the vinegar and honey is the trick for me or if its one or the other. I take one drop of lugols in about quarter cup water. about an hour later I take a tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar and honey in about half a cup of hot water to melt the honey.

About six to eight hours later I get crampy and go to restroom and I see the results.

Baking Soda, Borax
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Posted by Donna (Belleville, Nj) on 10/10/2011

I started today with borax and baking soda for parasite control/elimination. Was wondering if adding Wormwood tincture to the mix would also be beneficial and, if so, how many drops would be effective since the volume of liquid (1 ltr) is quite a bit.

Black Walnut
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Posted by Emptycup (New York, New York) on 10/08/2008

[YEA]  I met with a health practitioner through a friend of mine. He was quite amazing, it seems he's healed just about everything. He checked my out and found parasites, I took Black Walnut by _____. 1 capsule twice a day and parasites are gone!

Replied by Maria Luisa
Chicago, IL

This question is for Emptycup, New York about the black walnut, I would like to know how for how long did she take the black walnut for? Is she still taking it now. Also, how he/she was diagnosed, by a stool sample or bloodwork?
Replied by Li
Bc, Php

What's the Dr's name and info? thanks
Replied by Pahlee
Phila, Pa

Is the black walnut expensive and how long did you take it?

Black Walnut, Artemesia, Cloves
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Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 09/01/2010

Hello everyone, I just tried the advice of somebody here to take the black walnut, artemisia and cloves. This remedy did help me for about a week. However, I feel that the protozoa has developed a resistance because I'm feeling the symptoms back. Is there anything else that works good against protozoa? The problem with my doctor is that he doesn't believe me. He says that this protozoa is non-pathogenic and yet me and my wife are having the same problem from it. God bless you.

Black Walnut, Wormwood, Garlic
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Posted by Cloud17 (Massachusetts) on 10/03/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi, for about a year now I've been having some weird health problem. I did some research and discovered all my stomach, sleep and fatigue issues were probably cause my a parasite infestation.

So for about a month I've been doing a cleanse using black walnut, wormwood and garlic. Was thinking of adding cloves cause it been maybe a little over a month and some of my issues have gone away but I randomly keep getting like flu sick with stomach pain and diarrhea. When this happens I see a lot of them coming out. I was just curious if this is normal and I still keeps seeing eggs and my girlfriend who has been doing it with me hasn't really noticed anything except eggs and about every two weeks I see a ton of eggs coming out. Been getting really thirsty, drinking about a gallon of water a day.

Am I making good progress and should just keep going or try a new combo? I have been doing the capsule supplement 500 mg each. Just looking for some advice.

Replied by Timh Donate


C: This is a common problem but few understand the cause, so congrats on your seeming correct self-diagnosis.

Many health-food stores carry a "Wormwood" or "Black Walnut" herbal combination, which will contain 3 or more antiparasite herbs in one capsule. I recently purchased Kroger Herb "Wormwood Combo" and find it effective. Depending on the severity of the condition, will probably require additional herbs like Neem, (and the Garlic u mentioned), Oil of Oregano, Chaparral, Myrrh. Do these 2x daily. One spoon of Milled Flax Seed taken w/ the herbs will help remove and expel the p's. Aloe Vera softgels are also good for restoring colon function.

If these alone aren't sufficient, you will need to also do Zapping in combo w/ the herbs and this should end them, unless you have an adult tapeworm.

Two additional natural substances which cannot go unmentioned because they are on the top of the powerful list is Turpentine and Black Seed Oil.

If you have pets, they will also need deworming.

Here is the E.C. page for additional info

Replied by Healthyandhappy

I had giardia and I want to encourage all who have it: it is possible to get rid of it by natural remedies. It may take a long time, several months, but it is possible:

After doing a research on this website and internet I decided not to take Flagyl or Metrinazol or any other pharmaceuticals. At first I tried Hulda Clark anti-parasite treatment. I think it did not work for me completely. Then I took Allicin garlic capsules (6 a day) for 3 months. It definitely helped, but I still got cramps occasionally, my stool was not as it had been before and felt that I still had it inside me.

Then I started to take oregano oil (oregano oil with 80% carvacol, bought it on the internet). Make sure it is pure organic oil. I also bought empty capsules in a pharmacy. I filled the capsule with coconut or flax seed oil by half, then put 2-3 drops of oregano oil - you may start with one drop, as it is very strong), closed the capsule, swallowed and drank one full glass of water. The capsule will melt in your stomach or even in your colon a do the job. Take 3 capsules a day, preferably on an empty stomach. You may need to do this for at least a month and then you will see if it works for you.

I also stopped eating dairy products (milk, cheese, cream, yogurt), cut on starches and hardly any sugar for at least a month, and I ate a lot of raw vegetables, drank a lot of herb tea and water. And also I drank fresh green vegie juices.

Replied by Louise H

The type of black walnut you should be using is made from green walnut hulls. Dr. Hulda Clark in her book, The "Cure For All Cancers", lists black walnut from green walnut hulls, cloves and wormwood. These will get rid of the parasites in the digestive tract, but to get rid of them in other parts of your body, (they travel to other organs) you need to buy a zapper. You can buy them on the internet for about $100. Expensive ones aren't necessary. The instructions are in her book. She even tells you where to buy the right supplements. I buy mine from the Dr. Clark Store in Chula Vista, California, also called Self Health Resource Center. I did her protocol to get rid of eczema which she says is caused from the round worm. They are really huge, 20 or more inches long and about an inch wide. My eczema was gone in 2 weeks, but the worms put up a good fight. My whole body was swollen and red after two weeks and the next day they were gone. I expelled dead parts and clumps of babies as big as my fist. She was a wonderful brilliant scientist. She had a medical clinic in Mexico because our government doesn't let people practice natural cures like they do in other countries. Because her protocol kills all viruses, parasites and bacteria, you should always get good bacteria back into your body, using foods such as pro-biotics and fermented foods like sauerkraut.
Replied by Mike
Beckley, Wv

Try the cloves also, but not the ones from grocery stores because they are irradiated and won't work. Wormwood and walnut kill parasites but cloves kill eggs. Take all 3 for 2 weeks and repeat if needed. Good luck.

Blastosis Hominis
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Posted by Angel (Melbourne, Victoria) on 05/26/2012

I had b h, and no natural remedies worked. The only way to get rid of it is to take an antibiotic cocktail. You need three different ones taken at once. The only problem is finding doctors to prescribe them. There is a very useful website for help. Please go to and you will find all the information needed. Hope you get well from this horrible parasite.

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Posted by Lorica (Louisville, Kentucky) on 07/28/2009

[YEA]  Cayenne pepper for parasites - YEA

I kept hearing on the net that everyone has parasites. I hadn't seen a reason to be concerned. I even got a lab test to see if I had any parasites when I had a health scare, just to cover all bases, and they said I had none. (Third time, third area, I found out those lab tests are not rocket science!)

When I heard how good cayenne pepper was for people, I started adding about 1 tsp per day to my Kombucha, not even thinking about parasites. In less than a week I saw these hard white rice-looking things in my stools. They were tapeworm parts!

Since then I have found out, thru taking a parasite cleansing program, and using psyllium husks, that there were other nasty creatures to be killed!

I think Hulda Clark's protocol is good, but one can get the same ingredients more cheaply elsewhere. If you try to cleanse from parasites, expect to possibly feel not so hot at all at times, due to "die off." For some reason die off problems are not bad with tapeworms and/or cayenne only, though.

Replied by Markell
Provo, Ut

Cayenne can't be taken long term. It can cause stomach cancer.
Replied by Amysuek
Kane, Pa

No, Cayenne does not cause stomach cancer. Please do not post wrong information on conjecture only.
Replied by Kt
The Usa

Could you please tell me what Kombucha is?

EC: Hi KT, you can read about Kombucha tea here:

Replied by Mark
Las Vegas

Cayenne pepper can not and will not cause stomach cancer. That is total ignorance.

Cayenne kills cancer cells, viruses, heals ulcers and can stop a heart attack in minutes and protect the heart from damage. It's one of the best herbs you can take daily.
Replied by Blanche

That's quite a large statement. Has anyone proven that cayenne cures cancer and stops a heart attack? Not sure that I would waste time experimenting.
Replied by Somegirlontheinternet
Sacramento, CA

It has been proven. Dr. Christopher used cayenne for not only stopping heart attacks but stopping hemorrhaging (including those from gunshot wounds). There is science to it. You should check it out.

Coconut Oil
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Posted by Kat (NC, US) on 08/27/2014

[YEA]  Right now, I am doing no other detox for parasites except that I take 1 or 2 TBS. of organic coconut oil nearly every day (that I can remember to do it). The parasites hate that caprylic acid and they begin to vacate the premises!

I also give a tsp. or so to my 35 lb. dog and have done so since I got him 10 months ago. At his recent vet visit, he did not have worms. He loves coconut oil!

Posted by Soneeta (Santa Cruz, California) on 04/04/2013

[YEA]  I grew up on an island in the South Pacific where coconut grows pretty much anywhere so I was used to eating the meat, drinking the water, cooking in the oil, my mom massaged it on our bodies and hair. Since we came to the States in the 70's until few years back we switched to EVOO and Canola for cooking and salad dressings, mostly eating American diet. Both my parents died young, one older sibling died of prostrate cancer, sister is dying of cancer so I began paying attention. My grandparents lived into the 90's and my parents younger siblings are still living in UK, Australia and NZ but the ones who lived here are all dead. Well found out several months ago that I have parasites so got back cooking with coconut oil, drinking milk/juice and massaging my head and body with it etc. At first I had violent reactions even diherrea, some cramping, fever like sysmptoms but now am doing better. Skin feels softer, hair is darker, no more headaches, gut is doing good so far. Scary things have been dropping out of my body. We also used to take Castor oil once a month to cleanse our guts, haven't tried that yet but am going to.

I am learning a lot from this site, Thanks everyone.

Replied by S

[YEA]   Shortly began with a stye in my eye. I applied Apple Cider Vinegar and c oil with a q tip. It was gone by the end of the day. I also saw infection was coming from my eye. So, I continued with c oil a day or so after. It pulled the infection little by little out of my eye along with parasites. I live in the Pacific and eat plenty of fish. I noticed lots of strings in my l eye 6 months ago and was never able to get them out. This did it. I am continuing to do C oil once or twice a day and I am still cleansing-amazing how it collects far behind the eye and is bringing out large particles of debris. I detox regularly, am fit, eat healthy, and still this stuff was lurking in me. There is not a lot out there on parasites in the eyes, but this finally made a huge difference. No more itchy eyes and the allergies are down. I am also doing vinegar twice daily as I noticed something wasn't right. Going to try the c oil in the mouth -oil pulling as well.
Replied by Brenda

I was just wondering for pulling infection and parasites out of eye; how and where did you apply the Coconut Oil?

Posted by Cindy (Woodland, PA) on 02/24/2009

[YEA]  I have been taking coconut oil for the last 2 weeks 1 teaspoon every morning and also cooking with it. Today, (this may sound gross)I had a pain in my back just around the rectum and after using the toilet I looked and found a dead worm in the toilet. YUK! I can't believe that came from me. So it must be killing off the parasites I have. Hopefully it gets them all.

Replied by dennis
Orlando, Fl

Recommend finding a doctor that will order this parasite check and prescribe a treatment program for elimination.
Replied by Grace
Des Plaines, Il

evco is an axcellent cleanser to purge parasites. there are 2 ways to cleanse. the first one takes about 3 days but you have to be close to the toilet all the have to take about 10-14 tbs a day (2 tbs every 2-3 hours)and do not eat anything but the oil for the 3 days.

the second cleanse takes about a the afternoon eat 2 1/2 cup dried coconut. you can eat it at once or half as your lunch and half as your dinner.after you start eating the coconut do not eat any other food. drink a lot of water. about 2 hours after your evening meal drink 1 tbs of epsom salt with 3/4 cup of water. before going to bed have another drink of epsom salt.( you might add some lemon juice to the drink). in the morning you will have a few runs to the washroom and you will see all those parasites.

good luck to all!

Replied by Babs

Sure it is not all the coconut that was not processed?
Replied by Anon

I read a coconut oil book and I decided to do the 3 day coconut cleanse. I was taking a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil and I thought I was ready to do the 3 day cleanse. Well..... Beware!!!!! I couldn't manage 12 tbls and took about 9 or 10 and on the evening of second day I got violently ill. I was sitting on the toilet with explosive stools and at the same time vomiting into a bucket. I have never been so sick and it seemed like it went on for hours. It scared the hell out of me!!!! I have had a colonoscopy prep with the chemicals and the coconut oil was so much worse, I was so sick.

Please be careful with taking a lot of coconut oil if you have not built up to it. It can make you very sick if you overdo it. I am now trying to incorporate more shredded coconut into my diet and so far that is not giving me any adverse effects.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

Hi Anon, did you do the lime in the coconut treatment /cleanse? Did you see any parasites floating? I give you KUDOS for bravery.

When I read my book, it said to eat the coconut meat to push out the parasites from the tract. I haven't got the courgage up to try that but I would like to eradicate candida from my system. I eat 3 - 7 tsp. a day and almost a cup of shredded dried coconut meat from the bulk bin in my yogurt.

Replied by Donna

Does it KILL them or do they come out alive?