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Posted by Susu (Dubai, Sarjha) on 06/05/2011

please helppppppp me I am 28weeks pregnant I have a worm what I have to do... Already I tried the tomatoes & carrots but still I can see the worm with my toilet pls. advice me how many Garlic I have to take in a day, for how many days & there is any side effect???.

Please can u answer me as soon as possible. Am so worried for my baby

Posted by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
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I have no idea what worm you are talking about but when my brother was a child he had a tape warm and although I am younger than he is I remember all too well my mother giving him coconut milk to drink and one day a very long worm came out. My mother stretched it in the bath and it went from one end to the other, amazing....... But it worked!
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Susu, garlic is very healthy. You can add it to your sauces (add it raw after you have cooked the sauce). Cooked garlic is not as good for you.
Posted by Tal
Kelowna, Bc
If you are pregnant and have worms it is recommended to NOT take garlic, especially not raw garlic as it can cause miscarriage and abortion. This is very true.

What you can do - is in the morning mix up a raw papaya, seeds and all in a blender with some mint, bananas and a little bit of milk. Do this everyday until your symptoms subside. Good luck.

Posted by Elusia (Waltham, Ma) on 01/03/2011

I tried to contact Ted through your website and through his email at the beginning of November, but I never heard back from him. I've had no luck treating parasites (pinworms) with herbs or medication, and I feel that perhaps I would benefit from making my body more alkaline. I don't know how to do this, though, and I would so appreciate it if Ted could answer my questions. Could you contact him and ask him to get back to me? Here are my questions:

1. Since herbs and medication have not helped, nor has a strict no-sugar diet, what is the very best method for making the intestinal tract inhospitable to parasites?
2. How long do you recommend staying on this protocol?
3. Would aloe vera help? Should I be juicing? Avoiding sugars of any kind, including fruit? Eating a raw diet? Please help. I'm desperate to stop the itching so I can sleep again. And so I can have get pregnant in the best health possible.

Posted by Brooke
Montgomery, Tx, Usa
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When one of my children were little, I gave him raw green cabbage and green lettuce and it killed the worms. This is exactly how I did it: I gave him the cabbage and lettuce for 3 days straight - a type of fast I would say. During the fast I gave him Fletcher's Castoria - a whole bottle each day - 1/4 tsp every half hour. Sometimes I juiced the veggies to make it easier for him to keep eating them - with a little salt.
Posted by Elusia
Waltham, Ma
Hi Ted,

I contacted you in early November, but I never heard anything back, so you must be very busy. I'm struggling to treat a parasite infection, probably pinworms, that is keeping me up at night from the itching and terrorizing my mind. I've tried taking medication and herbs, but neither has helped. I believe that I need to create a more alkaline environment in my body in order for the worms to disappear - is this correct? I'm starting to drink the lemon/baking soda remedy every day, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I should be doing, aside from avoiding excessive meat and eliminating sugar. I want to get pregnant as soon as possible with my first child - I'm already 36 so I don't have much time - but I feel that I must clear up this issue before I do so. Can you give me any suggestions? I would so appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Dear Elusia:

There are plenty of over the counter medicine such as Vermox and Reese's Pinworm Medicine. Obviously I won't use them until I have tried all the natural options. If you want a natural approach, I might try black hull walnut tincture. Perhaps I might try bentonite clay, but too much can lead to constipation. The safest I think is Milk of Magnesia, without the aluminum added of course, that is taken like a laxative. The Milk of magnesia is actually roughly an 8% magnesium hydroxide solution, and tends to reduce intestinal irritations along the way and the dose is taken as a laxative for a couple of day, until the problem goes away.

My two rules, and this applies to cancer also, that needs to be avoided that messes the liver and other problems are actually 1) Sugar and Carbs (especially wheat) and 2) vegetable oils used in cooking. The one supplements that seem to reduce irritation and help sleep is B3 niacinamde, usually 500 mg taken at night. It has an effect of reducing irritation and helping sleep. It helps to avoid wheat products, milk and artificial sugar as these product too tend to irritate the system. What the milk of magnesia does to these pinworms is they dehydrate them, and reduce irritations, but I don't believe in taking milk of magnesia for an extended period of time exceeding one week. The dosage will be as per instructions to cause a diarrhea and this should also flush out the pinworms, while the milk of magnesia itself dehydrates them.


p.s. yes been extremely busy. Mostly stage 4 cancer patients.

Posted by Lotusborn
Pahoa, Hi, Usa
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Reply to Elusia from Waltham: I tried EVERYTHING for parasites, even drank horrible water with Oregano essential oil, over the counter drugs, Hulda Clarks's "Clarkia" which helped in the beginnings very well. But not any more.

Now I found Papaya seeds blended with bananas (2 small ones and 1 cup of seeds). It tastes like eating a pepper cream. But I was so tortured I didn't mind. The relief was instant as it " became quiet in there" that was the feeling I had and I am still so relieved. Trying it doesn't hurt.

Posted by Legna
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1 cup of fresh papaya seeds? You ate that 1 cup all in one go? That's a lot of seeds... did you eat/ blended the papayas flesh as well? You ate this only one time? Did you ever try blending the papaya seeds with the papaya flesh?

Posted by Cheryl (Schwenksville, Pa.) on 11/29/2010

I am at my wits end!!! I was bitten internally "down there" a few weeks ago, and now have since had this feeling of what feels like "worms" slowly crawling around "down there" at different times. Part of me doesnt want to believe that a mite can invade a person's body internally, since what I've been told about mites is, they are air breathers, so I'm having a hard time believing that something crawled up inside me from "down there", bit me inside, and started laying eggs inside me. But that's what it feels like. I did not notice this biting inside me until the first few bites happened, and then that's when I noticed the "crawling, wormlike sensations on the inside of me.

I don't know if anyone else has had this happen to them or not, and I wanted to know if it's possible for mites to actually live inside someone. I'm scared!!! I don't want these things invading other organs inside me and making me deathly ill. Please don't tell me this is my imagination---I know it's not. I am prepared to take ivermectin for horses (diluted for me of course) just to kill what is living inside me!!! I want these things gone!!! I want them out of my body!!! I have gone to the E. R. twice for an internal exam with the scope, and they can't find them. But they didn't do any skin scrapings though to rule out mites. I need a mtitcide or something to kill them inside me and none of the drs that I have gone to believe that they re inside me.

Help!!! What do I do to get rid of them? I also would like to mention that I have lyme disease as well---could there be a link to the two? Please help me figure this out. Thank You,
Cheryl. My email is-----chevycars60(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Posted by Pamela
Leicester, N.c.
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[YEA]   VIirgin coconut will expell internal parasites. Start out taking a tbls per day work up to three a day. Go on the virgin coconut oil website an do some reading. It has a lot of health benefits! ~:>)
Posted by Lotusborn
Pahoa, Hi, Usa
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Hi Cheryl, I just had some similar problems: I have a LONG and painful history with worms, some of them simple pinworms. Some of them unknown for me and some also biting the inside of me. I DID take horsemedicine, over the counter drugs (all useless!!! ), ALL the natural stuff, of which "Clarkia" worked for a long time, but not any more.

Finally, tonight I ate blended Papaya seeds (1 cup of seeds blended with 2 small bananas) which is of peppery taste, but who cares when one feels tortured from the inside and attacked from the inside. I have had a rash around my butt and vagina and it hurt so much from all the stuff I tried as well. Anyway, google it and you will see, they did a try in Africa and over 75% people were cured using this method. You don't need expensive tests if this works.

Posted by A (Christchurch, New Zealand) on 11/07/2010

I have had a long term problem with parasites and a digestion problem (gluten intolerant) my back and hips tend to go out of alignment really easily. I have taken the herbs like black walnut and wormwood and they haven't been effective. I get strange wriggling sensations throughout my body, my back and in my joints. I also have chronic fatigue. I figure that I either have malabsorbtion issues in my gut causing the symptoms or there are some really big parasites that have been there long term and won't leave.

I am only 46 and at times because of my back and joints going out of alignment easily I am feeling disabled and in a lot of pain at times. I have been sick since I had my daughter and when she was born they found parasites then. Until then I had never taken worm tablets. I have tried melbendazole but it doesn't do much good. I have found them in the toilet at times. Can ted or someone reccommend something that I can use to get rid of them. I have tried diatomaceous earth but I can't manage it because it is so constipating. I have fasted for three days on pineapples. I have eaten heaps of pumpkin seeds. So could Ted reccomend something to help me get well. I also get anaemia, dark under eye circles and a bloated stomach. I get joint pain too and sometimes an itchy bum. Anyway I'd rally appreciate some help here because I have struggled with this problem for over 15 years. Thanks

Posted by Jw
Waikato, New Zealand
Hi, your story sounds similar to mine - gluten intolerant, back issues, digestive issues..... Awhile back I tried a low-carb diet, back pain disappeared, digestive pain disappeared... Returned to eating more carbs, problems returned. I recently had stool analysis done & they found blastocystis hominis, which thrives on me eating grains.... Recently came across a book which makes a connection between digestive issues, back pain & starch "IBS Low-Starch Diet" by Carol Sinclair (a NZer btw). My life-long struggle with constipation ended when I gave up dairy. Am about to try diatomaceous earth for the b. Hominis, hoping it won't 'block' me up :o) HTH JW
Posted by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
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Hi Jw,
Blastocystis. Hominis is one of the most stubburn protozoal infections. Jackie the lady whp built took her almost 10 years to get rid of this bug. The only thing that seems to work is a pharmaceutical combo of 3 antibiotics ( Nitazoxanide, Secnidazole and furazolidone for 2 weeks).

There is a good website that might help you called :

And also the web site of Jackie from Australia.

Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 10/10/2010

Hello everybody, I just wonder if there is a sound remedy against blastocystis hominis and entamoeba hartmanni other than the cocktail of antibiotics that they give: Nitazoxanide, Furazolidone and Secnidazole. This is the only remedy that works against Blastocystis hominis. Any suggest natural remedy is welcome. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Mitch
Ottawa, On, Canada
Check out the parasite cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark on I know many people who swear by it.
Posted by Lotusborn
Pahoa, Hi, Usa
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Papaya seeds blended with bananas or something else. It worked for me when NOTHING helped anymore and my nights were sleepless. It is cheap, easily available at least here in Hawaii and no side effects.

Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 09/21/2010

Hello everybody, I'm still looking for serious and sound anti-parasite remedies. The Hulda Clark is not working. It has been a month for me using it with no progress. The stool test still shows entamoeba hartmanni. Is there very good product against Blactocyst hominis and entamoeba spp? Thanks a lot.

Posted by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Bob Dagger runs a raw food store in NY, with a parasite formula with... "A special blend of Wormwood, clove, black walnut, quassia, gentian, male fern, hyssop, peppermint, fennel, cramp bark to safely and effectively rid your body of parasites and their eggs"............ You can order online from him (High Vibe).. Or find these ingredients at Herbie's Herbs in Toronto.. There are also parasite formulas at health stores. I have never tried so can't verify their effectiveness.
Posted by Tato
Campinas, Brazil
I would try a colon cleanse (bentonite Psyllium husk) while eating tons of pumpkin seeds. The seeds alone should take care of them. Good luck!
Posted by Tom
Regina, Sk

I'll assume for this you've tried among other things her most famous fix, the black walnut hulls (when green)?

While they may have specific potent molecules in their hull, just as essential oils have unique molecules, it appears the reason the hulls are so potent in a tincture is that they contain iodine! So you might try going the straight Iodine route, LUGOL's or other tincture or even SSKI.

Here is Earthclinic's link for that:

Here's an article on the black walnut hulls:

It mentions the potent juglone molecule that is strongly active against parasites. Or you could try some essential oils. They're almost all highly anti-parasitic.

Posted by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
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Hi Tom,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have used the tincture (Black wall nut, wormwood, clove) and It does work for a week or so and then the bug developed a resistance and I got all the symptoms back. The problem with essential oils is that they get absorbed quickly from the stomach and get diluted. The essential oils will work only if they are in a slow release formulation. However, the majority of the products I found online are just sofgel capsules. I'm taking a lot of l-arginine to stimulate my murine macrophage. I have iodine liquid as well as potassium iodide. So far I didn't notice any benefit from the iodine against parasites. The only thing that gave me a brief relief was the tincture and then the bug became resistant. I also use Methylene blue, but it does not help me against the bug. Do you have any idea about other products that might kill the parasites?

Posted by Tom
Regina, Sk
It is likely that the standard parasite killer "wormwood, cloves, ... " is not quite the right thing?
Wormwood is Artemesia absynthium, whereas Artemesia annua vera" is used even today against malaria, a particularly nasty pleomorph parasite!

Cloves is of course put in to kill specifically the egg stage of parasites. Artemesia and CloveTM contains; certified organic green walnut hull, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf, artemesia annua vera, artemesia absynthium (wormwood), fresh ground cloves, red clover, hericium, and wild American ginseng. Artemesia and CloveTM has proven (by over forty before and after stool tests with Dowell Labs) action against entamoeba histoltytica, blastocystis hominis, entamoeba hartmanni, cryptosporidium parvum, entamoeba coli, balantidium coli, dientamoeba fragilis, ascaris lumbricoides, giardia lamblia, chilomastix, and in some patients candida and other fungi. But it's not cheap Anywhere from $30-$60 for a 2-oz bottle, said to be good for 60 days.

Says in this article it'll kill in 2-4 weeks the 2 parasites you have: Infections - A Treatment Protocol.pdf
That's what it claims!

Posted by Tommy (North York, On, Canada) on 08/23/2010

Hello everyone, The doctor called me to see the results of my stool test. It shows that I have the cysts and the protozoa Entamoeba hartmanni. I wonder if there is an effective natural treatment against this parasites because the doctor want to me to go for 12 days with metronidazol. Thanks a lot.

Posted by Iris
Los Angeles, Ca
Try Green Black Walnut Hull (freeze dried, tinctures are good). I have read it is best to order it on the internet as there is probably a quicker turn over. A tip a Chinese doctor gave me once for herbs you buy on your own is for at least the first few days take 2-3 times the amount on the 'over the counter' herbal formula jar, as this amount is usually for maintenance. She said you probably wont notice anything unless you increase the amount. (Note: this increase is for the items you can buy on the market without a prescription). If you get a formula from a practitioner, herbal doctor, homeopath, etc. , they probably will make your formula as strong as it need to be. Google dr hulda clark's formula for this.
Posted by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
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Hi Iris, Thank you very much for your answer. I did take the Hulda Clark protocol for parasites cleanse for almost a month and when I check now with the stool test, I'm still positive WITH Entamoeba Hartmanni. Do you have any idea for how long should I take the protocol? Thanks a lot
Posted by Carolyn
Hobbs, Nm
For Tommy from North York, On Tommy, go to your health food store and get wormwood tincture and black walnut tincture. Take double what the bottles tell you and mix it in fruit juice such as apple juice. Stay on this for a while and all the parasites will disappear. Good Luck, Carolyn

Posted by Leerob (Gaborone, Botswana) on 08/17/2010

Today I came across this site after years of researching on hair loss. I am an African woman 42 years old with a medical history of hyperthyroid and taking 5mg carbimazole daily. I started losing my front line hair at the age of 28. I can literally feel the bugs feeding on my hair and its in a straight line, but since last year its more excessive, itching, painful, tickling crawling sensation on the scalp, hair roots with white things like small oval eggs which I suspect is some kind of parasite. For the whole year I been to doctors and been treated with only fungal creams and shampoos but does not seem to work. Just today I washed my hair with lice shampoo and applied apple cider vinegar. It was a painful burning sensation that made me cry, but I am up to my wit ends with this hair cure obsession I can take any pain. Sometimes I feel bumps behind the ears not pain but most after I have used something strong and it dissapears after some days. I have shaved my hair, tried all the remedies on the net. Home even from the chemists to no vail. Have used minoxidil for years without any positive results , have used everything from my kitchen, garlic, pure aloe gel, lemon juice, black pepper you name it. Thinking if I can eat it, it cant harm my scalp. I am in panic of loosing my whole hair. May I am overdosing or not mixing enough of all these concoctions that some smell so bad my family has had enough. Please help as I can't get borax in my country. What can I substitute it with. I have spend so much money in this quest to find a cure. With this site I seem finally to have arrived at the right place. This scalp problem has taken control of my life. Help PLEASE!!!!! PS: I would gladly send pictures of this problem.

Posted by Shawn
San Jose, Ca
My heart goes out to you! Look up food grade Diatomaceous Earth on the internet, it's a natural supplement. If it is some kind of pest or parasite DE will do the trick and if it's not, DE flour is still excellent for your hair, skin, nails, bones, energy level, etc. It couldn't hurt, not to mention, it's cheap!!
Posted by Misselizabeth
Edmonton, Alberta
Hi Leerob,

I'm so sorry to hear about your struggle. I don't know what you've tried, but remedies based on home ingredients may not work. I will suggest a couple things:

1) Hydrogen peroxide - it may bleach your hair and skin (I assume you are dark), so it depends if you are willing to walk around with that for a while.

2) CLOVES - they are known to be very effective at treating parasites. If you can get powdered cloves in bulk, then you may want to try to make a paste, and use is as a mask for your scalp. Try it first in the morning for 30min and see how it feels. Then continue for a week to see if it has helped. Combine this topical use of cloves with the internal use. Clove capsules are also available. If you can't find them locally, perhaps you can order some.

3) Black Walnut and Wormwood are also popular parasite remedies. When you use a remedy on your hair, leave it on if it is safe to do so, and apply at least three times a day. If the problem is under the surface you may need to saturate your scalp with something stronger, or use extend treatment periods (you can put a paste in your hair and wrap it before going to bed). Don't do this with peroxide, though! The biggest issue with your situation is that you don't exactly know what it is that has infected you, so you must continue with the trial and error process. Usually there is a solution with parasites. You just have to find the right one! Anyway, I hope this helps you. Please post and let me know if it works. Cheers:)

Posted by Lisa
Ocean View, Hi
For parasites in skin - probably some sorta arthropod or similar bug- especially if you Feel crawing about...

Here is My CHEAP & easy cure:

Try SALT packs and Salt rubs. They are very sensitive to SALT and die fairly easily. just take a shower, to wet the skin & hair rub in salt, let air dry, or go to bed and sleep with the salt on the skin? wash off in the morning and repeat every other day for a few weeks.

If you have a nest of them deep in the skin, (so the salt can not reach it) try heat - they die if exposed to 130 F. for 20 minutes. I use my coffee cup - it is hot and just apply it on & off to the spot for half an hour, to keep it very warm- makes the skin red but don't burn you don't want to get a blister - just keep it very warm. if you have a hot water bottle & can regulate the temperature closer that would also work.

Use the dryer on high for 30 min to kill any on clothing or bedding.

Posted by Lizette (Toa Baja, PR) on 05/21/2009


Some time ago I started feeling some tingling on my toes. Few days later I started feeling like needle pinches inside my body (legs and arms) and one day I woke up with what it seemed some rare bites (two minusculous red dots together) and days later like tiny cuts or scratches particularly on the front of my arms, feet and legs but mostly on my arms.

I went to the doctors but everything came negative in urine, blood and stool labs. They cannot treat what they cannot diagnose. I have heard that many parasites or pathogens don't show up in lab tests. The one I have is affecting my skin. I tried permethrine to no avail. However my problem is coming from the inside of my body and not from the outside. I can feel them moving inside me. I work a lot in the yard with soil and cleaning up my two dogs mess, this is why I am suspecting that I got something from out there.

I have heard about a remedy containing black walnut, cloves and wormwood that kills all sort of parasites or pathogens. I heard also about an iodine that can be drank that kills all pathongens. I have put some iodine externally on the injuries and they healed almost immediately, but I know and I can feel that the problem is inside my body and that is why I continue getting them. Please help, I am desperately looking for a cure. Thanks.

Posted by Anonymous
Anonymous, USA
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From MSM Miracle:

One of the most amazing discoveries on MSM is its anti-parasitic action against Giardia, Trichomonas, roundworms, nematodes, Enterobius and other intestinal worms (5). Animal studies include laboratory mice, determined to have pin worms (Enterobius) by fecal cast examination. They were given commercial food and drinking water, both containing 2% MSM by weight. After 17 days, fecal examination indicated the feces were free of worms and eggs. The blood level of MSM in one animal examined exceeded 30 ppm or mg/kg (3). Human studies include a man with confirmed Giardia lamblia, apparently contacted from contaminated water in a primitive area. He was given 500 mg MSM three times a day for 14 days. By the eighth day he was free of symptoms, and two stool specimens collected one week later were free of the organism (3). In another study, Trichomonas vaginalis was successfully treated by oral dosage of 1 gram MSM a day, and a daily topical application of 5% aqueous MSM for one week (3).

The major antiparasitic property of MSM is probably caused by its ability to bind to the mucosa and present a natural blocking interface between hosts and parasites. It's as though MSM puts down a coating on the mucosa, which parasites find impenetrable and can't cling to. Unable to stick, the parasites are simply flushed out of the body (5, 9). In vitro research has shown the antiparasitic, antifungal and antibacterial action of MSM concentrations. MSM concentrations of 1 mg/mL and less demonstrated no significant inhibition of Giardia lamblia. However, at 20 mg/mL concentrations it was strongly inhibitory, and concentrations above 40 mg/mL promptly killed the organism. According to Dr. Herschler, one can safely administer up to 1-2 gram MSM per kg body weight on a daily basis. One therefore builds a safely tolerated blood level up to 4000 ppm (mg/kg), which level is highly toxic to many infective organisms yet is harmless to the host (3)."

Posted by Openlyhappy
Mcdonough, Ga
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what is MSM? do I ask for it by MSM?????

EC: More about MSM here:

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Posted by Anonymous (Dallas, Texas) on 01/21/2013

Help? Is it true that natural treatments for roundworms "scatter" the infection? It's been 9 months of natural remedies and I can't beat it. It gets better then gets much worse and feels like it spreads beyond the GI tract. Good results with natural products but they don't eliminate the problem. Daily intake of reputable anti-parasite remedies have become ineffective. Do I need albendazole? Looks like ascaris. My MD and GI doc didn't believe me and wouldn't test the samples I brought them. My wellness chiro has me on bromelain, garlic, etc. but no complete healing. Help? I'm hopeless at this point. Thank you.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Give a couple doses of otc Pyrantel Pamoate a try. This will kill all adults. Ascaris eggs sometime reenter the body and live in the lungs; in this case you will need Albendazole. Other worm types are very likely; in this case try otc Fenbendazole as it is a broad-spectrum otc wormer (I am having good results with). Be sure to eat a fatty meal w/Albendazole or Fenbendazole.
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Anon from Dallas, read up on Black Walnut Hull and Wormwood. Munching on pumpkin seeds is also supposed to do the trick. Read up on it.
Posted by Om
Hope, B.c. Canada
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This problem can be cured with chemical medicine but it is very poisonous. May be once a year but not more. The best idea would probably be powdered fresh cloves. Just the bud, not the stalk and use a pestle to crush the buds. Keep doing it, using your judgement. The very smell of fresh cloves kill the eggs. However, adding wormwood tea tree times a day in a jigger or using wormwood/black walnut tincture for some time would be a good regimen.

Colloidal silver water works very well. It needs to be used for a month or more; the worms will be killed in the eggs. Use all and create a protocoll. Parasites are vicious creatures that take the joy out of life and can kill pets easily and cause many symptoms in people. A miserable affliction. My feeling over the years is that most people have parasites but are in denial. Parasites are everywhere. After the treatment take one teasp. turmeric and a teasp. whey powder in six oz. water to repair the damage done internally. Do for a little while as this treatment has many benefits.

Colloidal silver has to be taken in larger amounts, say, three fluid ounces. Best to make your own. Os

Posted by Anonymous
Dallas, Texas
Thanks, everyone. Started on Reece's otc medicine last year according to directions. Worked a little. Upped it to weekly then daily and it worked a lot but I started getting dizzy, numbness in legs, heart racing. Had to stop. Switched to Humaworm, then Purify, then raw garlic all day everyday, then [herbal] products. All good products but nothing is eliminating the parasites completely. Guess it's layers of GI tract cleansing. I don't know. I'm scared of the damage from all the herbs over so many months, worried the worms are hiding elsewhere in the body that the herbs can't reach, and worried this will be the death of me. Thanks for your help. Very kind of you.
Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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The old time remedy is Wormwood, as a vermifuge it was always considered the best, but the most horrible to taste, the active ingredient is Absinth which is in the oil, (green fairy). They just made a tea of pontic wormwood and held there nose as it went down.
Posted by Anonymous
Dallas, Texas
Got Wormwood and have taken it over the last 24 hours. Great results except already feeling dizzy/blurred vision. Maybe I'm taking it incorrectly? Two gel caps on empty stomach at AM and again at PM.

Should I be scared of Wormwood? What about ingesting Castor Oil? Should I be drinking Kombucha or probiotics to rebuild immune system? Thanks, everyone, again for your help. Blessings to you.

Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
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I wouldn't be too worried about wormwood, in the older recipes for absinthe, it was the achohol that did the real damage. (re vincent van gough) Although thujone, the active ingedient, can be overdone. A chemist that drank about an ounce of it fell to the floor unconcious but when recovered had no long term effects. If you feel peculiar on the amount that you are taking cut it back a bit, but in the old herbal, it says all of the plant is beneficial for clearing out worm infestation the yellow flowers and tops even better .. about an ounce is steeped in boiling water overnight and four tablespoons if taken spaced througout the day should clear them out.

The ancient romans and and even up to modern times, it was used to consume vast amounts of food without feeling sick, its also increases the flow of juices in the body and is a good nerve tonic. You'd need to ingest a lot of the natural plant to overdo it, but you say you are using the capsules, if they are pure thujone, it might be wise to check the dose and strength. But seeing your still concious!! It might just be the worms dying off that's causing the main problem. Drink plenty of water if that's the case.

Posted by Om
Hope, Canada, B.c.
Working with a number of animals, I have now found the only cure for roundworm. Colloidal silver, as it works for me. It pays to make one's own using distilled water. Then try dosage as it fits your purpose. I needed a cup full and sometimes noticed panic in the gi tract. Use as long as necessary. Colloidal silver protects all organs and once the treatment is over, use turmeric in powdered whey to repair the damage. (one good teasp. each).

Colloidal silver gets into the blood stream and so into the lungs and other organs. At other times reduce the dosage to much less. It can take up to two months for some people. My animals drink it too. Read up on CS. Good luck. OS

Posted by Anonymous
Dallas, Tx
UPDATE: Thanks, ya'll, for the advice. Just wanted to tell you your advice did help but then I added carrot seed oil and the Trio Kit (which has diatomaceous earth, enzymes, bentonite clay) by YL and now feel 99% healed... Cautiously optimistic. I'll give it a few more weeks. The total regimen included these two items, plus wormwood, silver, castor oil, pineapple enzymes, super garlic doses, and ghost peppers.

Schistosomiasis Treatment   0  0   

Posted by Share (Seattle, Wa) on 04/19/2013

Schistosomiasis - Cause for many Diseases

Recently, one of my Uncle's best friends died of MS. The family wanted an autopsy since they disagreed with the MS diagnosis - findings: Schistosomiasis infection.

His Doctors did not perform a proper workup (very common today): history, differential diagnosis, physical and labs. This infection can be definitively diagnosed by many tests (stool smear, urine concentration tests, blood tests, Antibody detection, ELISA, PCR, tissue biopsies: e.g., liver; colonoscopy, cystoscopy, endoscopy). They did not listen to him.

Years ago, the young man, an engineer, worked in Africa building water wells as mission work. He picked it up from contaminated water. Schistosomiasis is far more prevalent in the US than truly appreciated. It is a Trematode, commonly called a "fluke". Snails are the carriers. The parasite penetrates the skin.

Disease occurrence: Asia, South America, Africa, Carribbean, Middle East or, anywhere where there are freshwater snails (NW!).

Risk factors: water snails, contaminated drinking water, bathing or swimming in contaminated water, urine, feces, sewage, international travel.

Many cases of MS, Transverse Myelitis (with flaccid paraplegia), Bladder cancer, CNS lesions, Cerebral granulomatous disease, male menstruation, Plumonary or Portal Hypertension, and Cystitis or ureteritis are various forms of Schistosomiasis - differrent species at different stages of the infection. Many people contract the parasite here in the U.S. - the carrier snails are here. There was a nice article in the Seattle Times regarding the dangers of Snails in the NorthWest. Remember, there are many different types of Schistosoma species (e.g., swimmer's itch).

Hepatic Schistosomiasis is the 2nd most common cause of Esophageal varices, worldwide.

Various treatments:

1. Praziquantel (Biltricide) - X2/day, for three days. Repeat in 1-2 weeks? I've read it is more effective if given with oral Castor Oil.

2. Oxamniquine (intestinal form)

3. Metrifonate (urinary form)

4. Mirazid, an Egyptian drug made from Myrrh. A combination of resin and volatile oil of myrrh (from the stem of Commiphora molmol(, at a dose of 10 mg/kg of body weight, daily, for 3 days. Check for eggs in 2 months, if present repeat for 6 days. Am J Trop Med Hyg 2001;65:700-704, Sheir Z, et al. A safe, effective, herbal antischistosomal therapy derived from myrrh.

5. Antimony

6. Alinia (Niclosamide): 2/day for 30 days. Rest 2 weeks and repeat.

There is an acute and chronic presentation. Above all, it is a chronic disease with many symptoms.

ACUTE Sxs: fever, chills, abdominal pain, cough, diarrhea, muscle aches, Eosinophilia, fatigue, itchy skin, hives, skin rash, papular dermatitis (where parastie penetrated skin), liver symptoms.

CHRONIC Sxs: continuing infection can cause granulomatous reactions and fibrosis in affected organs : kidneys, bladder, brain, liver, colon, lungs, portal vein, spleen. Major complications: hypertension, seizures, bacterial infections, urinary obstruction, organ destruction, death.

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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According to the late Dr Hulda Clark, almost, if not all Cancers are precipitated by some species of Parasite, particularly and most commonly the Liver Fluke (Fasciola hepatica).

Diagnosis as well as treatment can be complicated. As for treatment, the former posted list may not prove adequate in some or many cases. The one single-most deadly fluke treatment is the drug Triclabendazole (Egaten, Fasinex, Flukare-C, Fasiject Plus).

Posted by Timh
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*Correction* The fluke that H. Clark highlighted as most affecting humans in her practice was the Intestinal Fluke (Fasciolopsis buski).

The species of flukes that Share previously posted is commonly referred to as Blood Flukes (Schistosomas).

Posted by Clare
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To Share from Seattle: Thank you for such wonderful information! Very kind of you to take the time and effort to inform us. I have been diagnosed with various vague labels like "dysautonomia" and chronic fatigue syndrome, but in the end, doctors really don't have much of a clue. It's people like you that will lead to better health for us all. Again, thanks!
Posted by Oregano
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Hello sir, try Pomegranate peel powder, fresh garlic. If it doesn't work reach me at pollopollop(at)live (dot) ca". I'm a parasitologist and I have a big interest in parasistes and Hep C. My wife got nasty case of tricho and I healed her when Flagyl failed.

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Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/14/2014

Hi Timh from Louisville, In your post about re-mineralizing teeth you mentioned a tapeworm cyst. How did you clear your body of the tapeworm and other? parasites? Thanks

Posted by Timh
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Mary: My apologies for not responding to your earlier post as I have found it takes me at least one day of musing to make an appropriate response.

My case is certainly an exception to the majority of infestation cases, due to a severe and chronic environmental illness. These type conditions are perfect environment for systemic and hyperinfestations including eggs & cyst.

If you have taken herbal cleanses w/ little or no progress you will also need to do some whole body detox. Zapping will also be necessary. Garlic and Oregano concentrates will help w/ the traditional herbal de-wormers. Turpentine will prove effective mostly in the gut (in my experience). Turpentine whole body hot bath may be best for systemic infestations.

As for tapeworm in particular, I got lucky using vegie oil infused w/ grapefruitseed concentrate administerd rectally by fleet enema. I used this remedy once or twice daily for several months until one day, immediately fallowing administration my lower back tightened and pulled (which was usually normal for a minuet or two) for several minutes until I felt & heard a "pop". Less than 10 minutes later I passed 2-3 ft beef tapeworm. This was in 2011, and whether or not I removed the entire worm I don't know, as they can burry their heads/suckers deep into the intestinal wall. Fast forward to 2014 and I still have a swollen jaw from the tapeworm cyst. I can tactilely identify 2 cyst in each jaw. I have made this case to two dr's and was ignored and neglected. My best conclusion is the beef tapeworm or Cysticercus bovis also called beef measles. Beef Tapeworm (Taenia saginata). I am somewhat certain that this exposure was from eating a fast-food burger of which I can distinctly recall as undercooked. The beef carcass are supposed to be frozen for a number of days so as to kill these parasites, but these standards are subjected to local unrule.

The standard and only proven med for these cyst is Albendazole (which you can purchase for your pet). I have also been zapping directly over the affected area and it seems I am finally beginning to see a shrinkage from the swell. These cyst are rarely painful but sometimes and only briefly cause some discomfort. The big detriment of these cyst is they produce toxic Malonic Acid and pathogens which lead to nutritional deficiencies, cellular degradation, and chronic fatigue.

If you are inconclusive as to whether or not you have tapeworm cyst, try taking recommended amounts of Succinic Acid (as it neutralizes the Malonic Acid) in which you should notice improved energy or lessened fatigue. Methy donors like B-12, Folic Acid, DMG or TMG are also recommended. Also, as mostly a current hypothesis, the use of Nattozymes or Serrazimes may help remove the protective barriers of any stage parasite or pathogen. I have recently doubled my dose and am experiencing very good results.

Please post back with updates or particulars as to your condition.

Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales) on 06/25/2011


Posted by Mary
Regina, Saskchewan
Hey Andrea: Do you know anyone who has tried this. Have u seen it work? Very interested.


Posted by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
hi mary x yes it works! My friend did it and the worm came out gross! And my frinds little boy did the bucket of water job and it looked like a load of pasta in the bucket yuck! Also a nun told me she had seen tape worm expelled like this many times. I don't know why, but it has to be pork and it was a common practice at one time as a lot of older people I spoke to knew about it too. And my friends mum had it done when she was younger. Hope this is helpful to you. And if the worms dead it'll pass in your feaces any way. If I come across any more worm exspusion remedies I'll post them. Love andrea x x x
Posted by Francisca
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My brother had a tape worm when he was a child. Although I was very small I remember my mother giving him coconut milk and the very long worm coming out. She stretched it in the bath tub and it covered the whole length.
Posted by Om
Hope, B.c. Canada
In a book on coconut it was mentioned that they got a tapeworm finally by using a lot of coconut oil internally. (No details given). Also chewing the insides of a freshly opened coconut will help to expel much and clean the g.i. tract. These are healthy means, no poisoning involved.

For use in worm extermination protocols as well as daily usage there is an Ayurvedic remedy for regularity which I have used for many years. The remedy works forever and actually rejuvenates the g.i. tract. The ingredients are three fruits, one of them the marvellous Amla which has more vit C, actually eighteen times than a lemon. You are going to be very regular with well formed stool and this TRIPHALA compound also treats the runs simultaneously. It does not taste that good but one can add honey. This medicine was my rescue as since a small child I always had problems with elimination. Triphala is used in many ayurvedic compounded meds. And it is invaluable for any age. No western doctor was able to help, always advising laxatives which did not work. Triphala (tri=three, phala=fruit) is quite affordable in powder or pill form. It is my no. One meds. in addition to some other non injurious herbs/powders. Triphala is cleansing and rejuvenating at the same time which is rare in the plant world. This should be included in daily usage, protecting the g.i. tract. Om

Posted by Carla (San Francisco, California) on 01/08/2009

Neurocysticerosis/taenia solium

Hello am writing because many of the remedies found here have helped me, and i have found encouragement for my depression, i would like to write about how much your site has helped me, but right now my energy is limited.

I don't know when it started but it's affected me in many ways. At first i felt a strange sensation in my neck, but i ignored it, and then i felt a strange sensation in my back it felt like a worm was crawling under my skin it felt disgusting, but i thought i was loosing my mind, and ignored it, but now i can't anymore.

I have constant headaches, and i feel something that feels like a worm, not one but around 5 some smaller than others (I know it sounds crazy)I did some investigation around the net and found this, so i thought--huh i may not be so crazy--anyways its been weeks and the pain has gotten ten times stronger, i don't know what to do anymore, is there a cure for this!!!

EC: The following website suggests sesame oil for Neurocysticerosis:

"Directions For Use: Take 2 tsp of Sesame Seed oil once daily in the morning on an empty stomach.The symptoms of Neurocysticercosis are resolved in a week."

Posted by Carla
San Francisco, California
Thanks so much for the response. Today was the first day that i used the sesame oil, and i could feel that it instantly worked. I wasn't sure what type of sesame oil i should use, I have a bottle of coldpress sesame oil so i used that one. What is the specific kind that i have to use? And also I am positively sure that i have intestinal parasites. I've read that tape worms lay eggs in the small intestine, rectum i think that's what's its called, and if so will ACV work to get rid of them? Again thanks for the fast response. My mom was suffering from back pain, and she used coconut oil and the pain instantly went away. Thank you so much for the helpful remedies on this site.
Posted by Carla
San Francisco, CA
Hello again. I just wanted to say thanks for the fast respond. For the last couple of days the sesame oil has worked wonderfully, but i still have the sensation of worms crawling in my head, and i can also feel them in my neck. Yesturday i couldn't take anymore and went to the doctor. I told them about how i was having constipation and how everytime i went to the bathroom this tiny white round balls or whatever you wanna call it appeared in my stools, and how i often crave sweets, I lost wait so fast i think i've become anemic, I feel weak and tired and these headaches just keep getting worse. i can feel this things around my eyes, and my eyes are sensitive to light, i feel this terrible pain in my knees, but what bothers me most is the crawling worms in my head. I told the doctor about all these, and i asked about T. solium, he told me that we don't have such a thing in the U.S. He looked at me like i was crazy and told me to go see a doctor for depression. I feel worse everyday and i don't know what to do. i am loosing weight fast, and nothing that i eat fills me up. I go to the bathroom every three days, or every week. I feel miserable and i really don't know what to do. My parents are concern and i really don't know what to tell them. Does anyone know a natural cure for this, without the awful side-effects of epilepsy. PLEASE I NEED HELP WITH THIS!!!!
Posted by Caroline
Blaricum, Noord Hollan, the Netherlands
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Hi Carla, You can find help in the book (as mentioned above) 'The cure for all diseases' by Dr. Hulda Clark. She has cures for all sorts of parasites, she also developed an electrical instrument called the'Zapper' whith which you can destroy parasites and worms with different frequencies you can order it on her site. Maybe there is some practitioner in your neighborhood who can help you? Try the parasite cure with the Black Walnut tincture, the Cloves and Wormwood capsules as described in her book. I do not think you are crazy!

Wish you the best!

Posted by Kelly
Cairns, Australia
Carla, did you ever find something to help you get well again? I hope so. I just wanted to mention that my husband and I both did a 3 month intestinal cleanse last year. We used _____. It has a ton of different herbs that help to get rid of parasites, and the fiber helps you go very easily. We were amazed at what we passed. I particularly thought of it for you because you are having trouble with constipation. It's really not good to go for so long between bowel motions because the waste in your system can be what is causing you some of your other health problems.

The amounts we used were 1 tsp. in 1/2 cup of grape juice twice per day. After a week we went up to 2 tsp. and then up to 1 Tablespoon starting the third week. It doesn't taste very nice, but we stuck with it because we started seeing results in the first couple of days.

We got the information on cleansing parasites from _____. Maybe it will help you too.

Posted by Shoronda
Freehold, Nj
Hi Carla, I am going through the same thing you are with the worms in my head. I first saw one crawling underneath my skin and up my neck into my head around 2002 when I was trying to do a home cleanse. I'm assuming the herbs in my stomach drove them to other organs including my head when they were trying to escape for their lives. I know now that before doing any parasite treatments you need to do a complete bowel cleanse first, preferably colonics but if not at least 10 days of enemas. I had taken a home cleanse kit that was supposed to have cleaned the bowels but not to the extent I needed.

I went to several doctors; one did a blood test and claimed it was negative although I wasn't allowed a copy of it. Others told me the same thing as doctors told you about there being no such things as worms in the US and that I need to see a shrink.

After the 'negative' blood test I accepted that I must not have any worms. However I became very ill, fatigue, depressed and couldn't sleep at night. It affected every area of my life.

Then in Aug of 2008 I heard about the zapper and ordered one. Upon using it I felt what seemed like worms falling down in my head. The zapper must have stunned them. That was just the beginning. Since then I have tried everything and am still struggling.

I eventually cut out all meat, fish, fowl, and sugar, strickly vegetarian. And have tried every remedy I could find anywhere with minimal or temporary success since they seem to grow back once killed. I heard when they die they release their eggs and that you have to take cloves to kill the eggs or they just hatch later on and re-infect - which appears to be what has kept happening.

I believe I caught the pork tape worm from a sick person who made me a sandwich at a deli a few months before I became concerned about parasites in 2002. When I couldn't get a doctor to treat me I did the home cleanse, and that's when the scattering to my head occurred.

I tried MMS once and it seemed to have killed them but a week or so later I could feel them growing back. It appears that once I use something that kills them the next time I try to use it they are immune to it.

I took Reese's for Pinworms from the drugstore a couple days ago and it gave me a whole days worth of relief then I felt them moving across my head again. Tonight I brought some pine essential oil and although it was for aromatherapy I took a few drops internally in some oil. It gave me a few hours relief also and now I can feel some of them sluggishly moving in my head again but it also felt like some microscopic ones were crawling out of my ear and dying.

Anyone who has a real solution for this please help!

I am convinced the doctors know what is going on with these worms. Obviously if there were no such things as worms in the US they wouldn't be selling pinworm medicine over the counter. I have also heard that worms are the root cause of depression and that the medicine given to treat depression puts the worms to sleep, which gives temporary relief from the symptoms as long as you keep taking it. This is highly likely why they don't want to admit to or kill human worms oppose to livestock worms (follow the money). So they can keep selling their anti-depressant drugs among others. Like Hilda Clarks says, I believe worms are the root to all disease.

Posted by Mish
Vancouver, Canada
I dont have time to write alot at the moment but search the topic Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and Tapeworms. Supposedly it shreads/scratches and dehydrates internal parasites and worms killing them. There are two types of earth and you are to make sure you only research or take Diatomaceous Earth that is Food Grade. You will get sick taking the other kind. Its a new topic for me but find it facinating. Ive ordered some food grade DE but have not yet used it myself.
Posted by Jayne
London, Uk
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Does diatomaceous earth also work for worms that are in your skin? I can see how ingesting it would get the ones in your stomach but how about if they're crawling around under your skin/tissues?
Posted by Anonymous
Tacoma, Wa
Find a specialized parasite ND or Chinese Medicine they know that parasites hide and move from organ to organ, Trust me your MD may never ever find the parasites There are many ways to kill parasites first you have to make the terrain unpleasant for them you have to disrupt the entire life cycle and that can take over a year. I used strong Chinese formulas may act a fumigation to the body to kill them. Wormwood, and clove tinctures are important to attacking life cycle,

3/4 tsp Sea salt in glass of water take this four times may cause parasite to die from dehydration, Get micro- current or RIFE treatment it kills parasites. Ozone or sterile hydrogen peroxide IV's. Stop all sugar, sodas coffee dairy or flour, Stop eating food you may be allergic this decreases body inflammation so the body absords nutrition and immunity get stronger so it can fight. Take zinc, Vitamin B , selenuim and tons of vitamin C Eat things like cloves, cinnamon garlic raw Drink tons of kyolic liguie garlic drops in water helps

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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

Yes in some cases the cause is the parasites. But once they leave, the candida is still there before it can be contracted. Biochemical analysis indicates a yeast and mycoplasma pathogens. Mycoplasma are fungus like organism. They tend to accumulate heavy metals. A great majority of people who have candida also have very high heavy metals or get regular vaccinations. The urinary excretion indicates abnormally high tartaric acid, indicating a high level of fungus toxins, which causes the intoxication. An additional of parasites aid in the proliferation of such conditions and therefore in some cases parasites, such as mites, bedbites, bird parasites can trigger it.

They are generally resistant to all forms of antibiotics as it forms symbiosis with heavy metals, thus the antibiotic cannot touch them as it causes the antibiotic to be instantly oxidized. The only way to kill them is to kill the parasites, if it exists, or mycoplasma, which always exists, or other related forms of pathogens. The other which is most important is to remove the heavy metals.

The big issue is that when the removal of heavy metal commences, marked herx can be seen. EDTA don't seem to cause Herx that much. To kill these pathogens, it is necessary to do an H2O2+EDTA therapy. Remove the heavy metals and yet, oxidized them with H2O2. To reduce the toxic byproducts of these critter, take plenty of malic acid plus baking soda to neutralized organic acid toxins.

The taking of interval small doses of H2O2+EDTA every hour for 12 hours should result in some improvement. Acetyl Carnitine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and sodium ascorbate taken in large doses, especially the Carninitine and sodium ascorbate (alkaline form vitamin C) seems most helpful. Candida is a condition caused by the body's immune system being suppressed as a result of chemical toxins (fluoride, chlorine, alloxan in white flour, monosodium glutamate, ethylene dibromide from chemtrails), vaccination(methyl mercury, living mycoplasma) , and special mycoplasma which are designed to suppressed the immune system.

The most effective antidote for the suppressed immune system is to eliminate or detoxify the cause. The use of malic acid (usually found in apple cider vinegar or taken separately) will not eliminate them but will reduce the toxicity. Sodium thiosulfate will detox many toxic chemicals, borax will detox the fluoride.

Sugar is the obvious issue to control, but alloxan found in the white flour is the real cause.

The extensive use of antibiotics will make the condition of candida much worse because it reduces heavy metal excretion, which is a food source for the yeast like organism and also killing the beneficial bacteria at the same time. I suspect a regular dose of sodium perborate (200 mg) might be best in counteracting the parasite issues or perhaps a sodium perborate bath. This is just my opinion.

I can't cover the cures for candida at the moment because I am a bit busy now. But I am sure that the information I gave you above should give you some clues as to the treatment. Just remember: the real cause is your immune system is suppressed, either by commercial such as fungicide which causes a permanent suppression of immune system or by an organism (parasites or pathogens). Best way is to avoid, detox, and regenerate your immune system organs by homeopathy."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "That day I was very busy! May I add more please? It was not a complete remedy. Here is the rest:

1. Take 700 mg of garlic extract. Never the powdered one, please! Kyolic garlic is o.k.
2. Echiniacea.
3. Magnesium chloride or Magnesium gluconate. 500 mg.
4. At LEAST 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This will neutralize toxins and organic acids the body doesn't need.
5. Selenium to displace unwanted heavy metals caused by the candida.
6. To the drinking water put about 1/4-1 teaspoon of sea salt.
7. Take 500 mg. of sodum ascorbate.

This should be complete at least for now! One month you should show improvement. And remember, to alkalize and use H2O2! They are most important. Your skin complexion should clear up as a side benefit.

Posted by Jimmie
Yorktown, Texas, USA
Could you give us a bit more detailed instructions for the protocol you describe for candidia? There are no times per day given, and several of the items do not have amounts given. We are fighting a losing battle with this stuff at our house, and need more information to help with it. Many Thanks JimmieW"

11/17/2010: Valerie from Costa Mesa, CA replies: "Jimmy I maybe can help you I have been do so much research on parasites as im in california moved from florida and believe me they are all over... I found that papaya seeds and honey with a period of a week they should be gone. Also 2 cloves of garlic a day is recommended. If you cant handle the flavor raw, put them in your shoe and walk on it. It will travel through your blood stream at rapid speed. I hope I helped u. Oh also the garlic kills the fungus.

Posted by Lou
Tyler, Tx
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Ted, I love all of your posts and they have been helpful. I just wonder why it is never mentioned that you can take a bath in magnetic clay to remove heavy metals. It really works! And fast!!! Let me know your thoughts.
Posted by Vlo Roberts
Phoenix, Az
I had no idea that parasites could cause those all those problems! I would consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about parasites and this was really surprising to me! A couple of months ago when I heard that most Americans were infested with parasites and just on my computer and started doing some research. Because I had been feeling different and much less energetic I had to know if I had them. Sure enough, I did find my status to be connected with the symptoms of parasites. This forced me to do further research and find a solution to get those nasty little critters out of me!!!!!!! I wanted to go back to feeling normal and a lot of websites like this one helped me out! Any one that suspects parasites should do the same! After I started treatment, the results were almost instantaneous! was one of those websites that was very helpful.

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