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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand)

Yes in some cases the cause is the parasites. But once they leave, the candida is still there before it can be contracted. Biochemical analysis indicates a yeast and mycoplasma pathogens. Mycoplasma are fungus like organism. They tend to accumulate heavy metals. A great majority of people who have candida also have very high heavy metals or get regular vaccinations. The urinary excretion indicates abnormally high tartaric acid, indicating a high level of fungus toxins, which causes the intoxication. An additional of parasites aid in the proliferation of such conditions and therefore in some cases parasites, such as mites, bedbites, bird parasites can trigger it.

They are generally resistant to all forms of antibiotics as it forms symbiosis with heavy metals, thus the antibiotic cannot touch them as it causes the antibiotic to be instantly oxidized. The only way to kill them is to kill the parasites, if it exists, or mycoplasma, which always exists, or other related forms of pathogens. The other which is most important is to remove the heavy metals.

The big issue is that when the removal of heavy metal commences, marked herx can be seen. EDTA don't seem to cause Herx that much. To kill these pathogens, it is necessary to do an H2O2+EDTA therapy. Remove the heavy metals and yet, oxidized them with H2O2. To reduce the toxic byproducts of these critter, take plenty of malic acid plus baking soda to neutralized organic acid toxins.

The taking of interval small doses of H2O2+EDTA every hour for 12 hours should result in some improvement. Acetyl Carnitine, N-Acetyl-Cysteine and sodium ascorbate taken in large doses, especially the Carninitine and sodium ascorbate (alkaline form vitamin C) seems most helpful. Candida is a condition caused by the body's immune system being suppressed as a result of chemical toxins (fluoride, chlorine, alloxan in white flour, monosodium glutamate, ethylene dibromide from chemtrails), vaccination(methyl mercury, living mycoplasma) , and special mycoplasma which are designed to suppressed the immune system.

The most effective antidote for the suppressed immune system is to eliminate or detoxify the cause. The use of malic acid (usually found in apple cider vinegar or taken separately) will not eliminate them but will reduce the toxicity. Sodium thiosulfate will detox many toxic chemicals, borax will detox the fluoride.

Sugar is the obvious issue to control, but alloxan found in the white flour is the real cause.

The extensive use of antibiotics will make the condition of candida much worse because it reduces heavy metal excretion, which is a food source for the yeast like organism and also killing the beneficial bacteria at the same time. I suspect a regular dose of sodium perborate (200 mg) might be best in counteracting the parasite issues or perhaps a sodium perborate bath. This is just my opinion.

I can't cover the cures for candida at the moment because I am a bit busy now. But I am sure that the information I gave you above should give you some clues as to the treatment. Just remember: the real cause is your immune system is suppressed, either by commercial such as fungicide which causes a permanent suppression of immune system or by an organism (parasites or pathogens). Best way is to avoid, detox, and regenerate your immune system organs by homeopathy."

Ted from Bangkok, Thailand writes: "That day I was very busy! May I add more please? It was not a complete remedy. Here is the rest:

1. Take 700 mg of garlic extract. Never the powdered one, please! Kyolic garlic is o.k.
2. Echiniacea.
3. Magnesium chloride or Magnesium gluconate. 500 mg.
4. At LEAST 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. This will neutralize toxins and organic acids the body doesn't need.
5. Selenium to displace unwanted heavy metals caused by the candida.
6. To the drinking water put about 1/4-1 teaspoon of sea salt.
7. Take 500 mg. of sodum ascorbate.

This should be complete at least for now! One month you should show improvement. And remember, to alkalize and use H2O2! They are most important. Your skin complexion should clear up as a side benefit.

Posted by Jimmie
Yorktown, Texas, USA
Could you give us a bit more detailed instructions for the protocol you describe for candidia? There are no times per day given, and several of the items do not have amounts given. We are fighting a losing battle with this stuff at our house, and need more information to help with it. Many Thanks JimmieW"

11/17/2010: Valerie from Costa Mesa, CA replies: "Jimmy I maybe can help you I have been do so much research on parasites as im in california moved from florida and believe me they are all over... I found that papaya seeds and honey with a period of a week they should be gone. Also 2 cloves of garlic a day is recommended. If you cant handle the flavor raw, put them in your shoe and walk on it. It will travel through your blood stream at rapid speed. I hope I helped u. Oh also the garlic kills the fungus.

Posted by Lou
Tyler, Tx
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Ted, I love all of your posts and they have been helpful. I just wonder why it is never mentioned that you can take a bath in magnetic clay to remove heavy metals. It really works! And fast!!! Let me know your thoughts.
Posted by Vlo Roberts
Phoenix, Az
I had no idea that parasites could cause those all those problems! I would consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about parasites and this was really surprising to me! A couple of months ago when I heard that most Americans were infested with parasites and just on my computer and started doing some research. Because I had been feeling different and much less energetic I had to know if I had them. Sure enough, I did find my status to be connected with the symptoms of parasites. This forced me to do further research and find a solution to get those nasty little critters out of me!!!!!!! I wanted to go back to feeling normal and a lot of websites like this one helped me out! Any one that suspects parasites should do the same! After I started treatment, the results were almost instantaneous! was one of those websites that was very helpful.

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Posted by Ashflea (Brisbane, Qld/australia) on 05/08/2011

Please help!

Our family gets threadworms often. We use tablets from the chemist (mebendazole) This helps but they come back even when we take again after around three weeks due to the cycle of worms. We go through this maybe 3 or 4 times a year. Is there something in our diet contributing to this. Is there another way to treat it. We have six children ranging from 12 years to 8 months. I don't think the baby has them but don't really know. The next youngest is 3. I need the simplest way of dealing with this due to getting all the children treated. I am also breast feeding the baby.

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Posted by Breathe (Shefford, Beds, Uk) on 05/23/2013

Hello, found y'all by pure coincidence... Woke up this morning, around 0530 GMT (I live near London.), chest pain, similar to heartburn, but could not take in a full breath. Have been hit with Toxoplasmosis, one bout of continuous coughing(lasted three weeks), and numerous chest complaints since winter. Still have runny nose, swollen sinuses, pain in R ear, and down right hand side of neck. Wheezing and coughing, and feel constantly cold. Doc took temp a couple of weeks back, said it was 36.5c (less than 98.6, definitely... )Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Posted by Anon
Hi, Chest pain and the urge to take in deep breaths can be indicative of anemia. A blood test will tell you your red blood count and ferritin level. I would refer you to your Doctor as Chest pains always need looking at straight away.
Posted by Oregano
North York, On, Canada
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Hi, Sorry to hear that you re so sick. You should try Traveler shield. It is a product from Nepal I think. It is amazing for parasites and traveler diarrhea. It really works. Good luck.

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Posted by Andreea (Grimsby, On, Canada) on 06/17/2011


I have been told that I am infected with Toxoplasma gondii, which is a microscopical parasite. I have also been told that there is no cure for this. This parasite causes me much grief at times, when it flares up and I am convinced my digestive problems are related to it. I would also like to have another child, but being pregnant and having toxoplasmosis is not a good combination, as a toxoplasma activation during pregnancy can lead to pregnancy loss and severe fetal abnormalities. I was lucky once, during my first pregnancy, but I would prefer not to risk it again.

So, any suggestions on this? Thank you so much! Everyone here is simply wonderful!


Posted by Sheila
Brasilia, Brazil
Check out, The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs, website. What about quinine.

Good Luck and God Bless, Sheila

Posted by Andreea
Grimsby, On, Canada
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I'm sorry, but I can't find this website. I can find references to a book, but not a website, so I'm not sure where I can look for the quinine suggestion.

Help.. :)


Posted by Sheila
Brasilia, Brazil
Type in: The Healing Power Of Rainforest Herbs (By Leslie Taylor ) Scroll down the first page, click on plants, then conditions. You will get a list A-Z. Click on a condition and up will come a list of herbs. Click on a herb and detailed information will appear.

Good Luck

Sheila, Brazil

Posted by Andreea
Grimsby, On, Canada
Hello Sheila. Thanks again for the reply, but it doesn't work. Do you have a link? Typing exactly as you have specified, I only get references to a book, but not a website with such a name.
Posted by Cate
Melbourne, Australia
You could try a strict primal diet. Seems to work for nearly everything. The symptoms of this bugger seem eerily familiar to me but have fallen right back since I've been 'primal'. No diagnosis though. It certainly won't hurt and you'll probably find a whole host of other issues sorting themselves out too.

Best to you, and humanity too frankly. : )

Posted by Carol
St. Catharines, Ontario
Hey Andreea! I'm going through this with my 18 yr old daughter, toxoplasmosis-ocular and I am going to have her try Diatomaceous earth daily and will also include 250 mg MSM twice daily as an addition to trying to erradicate hopefully this protozoa that is threatening to take away her sight in one eye. Just feel that this could be what would do the trick as they claim there is no getting rid of them. But I will have to keep checking with out specialist to make sure it is in remission or hopefully dead! I have read that taking Astragulas supplement help raise the immune system and help the body stay strong while fighting this invader. Good luck with your journey! C

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Posted by Ramona (Euless, Tx) on 06/08/2010

[YEA]  I had high blood pressure and what I thought was bacterial vaginosis. Well it turned out I had a really bad parasite infestation. I started a parasite cleanse all the symptoms disappear. I never thought I had parasites but guess what? 90% of the population has parasites. According to Dr Hulda Clark most diseases are caused by parasites and pollutants. I'm pretty convinced is true. I had many symptoms that I got rid off by using a tincture of wormwood, black walnut, and cloves. Take 15-20 drops in water on an empty stomach 3 times a day for 2 weeks. Then rest one week. Repeat 4 times. After the second cleanse you will start passing liver flukes. These three herbs can rid you of over 100 types of parasites! Those 3 herbs have been traditionally used by American Natives as an herbal remedy against human parasitic animals, parasitic bacteria, parasitic viruses, fungi and Candida My mom had very bad allergies and was treated by an allergist with little success. After only one week on the parasite cleanse her allergies are gone. My sister was considering hormone replacement treatment. After the parasite cleanse she is back to normal. If you have a bad parasite infestation your body will lack vitamin B. Only a healthy intestinal track can manufacture B-complex. Several diseases may result from the lack of sufficient B-vitamins: Depression, Mental lethargy, Irritability, Poor memory, Dementia, Psychosis- paranoia, Insomnia, Anemia, Graying hair, premature births, increased risk of certain birth defects, Anorexia (appetite loss), high blood pressure and others. We should do a parasite cleanse twice a year.

Posted by Donna
Drexel Hill, Pa
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Hi Ramona,my daughter has bad allergies and I think she has a candida issues also. I was interested in knowing where to get the tincture of wormwood, black walnut and cloves. Did you make it yourself after purchasing these separately or did it come mixed in a bottle? Thanks for your reply! God Bless!

EC: We've seen those three ingredients in both capsule and tincture form at Whole Foods.

Posted by Loam12
Memphis, Tennessee
Am so glad I found this site. I am from East Africa, I have lived in the United States for most of my life. And about 6 years ago I felt like I had pinworms and took medication for pin worms. After taking it I felt big worms crawling up my neck. It did not come out I still feel it move around. I also felt worms crawl up my back and neck in to my head. I know this sounds crazy but this is what I felt. I have gone to different docters and they think am crazy. The medication they gave me Albendezol just made the problem worse by making the worms move more to different parts of my body. I feel alone because I can't find one doctor that can help. I want to take the albendezol again but I have heard of cases where the worm can crawl out of ears and even eyes and I don't know if I want to take that risk please help.

If anyone knows any good doctors. After 6 years of this I have become a very depressed person. I also forgot to write that I feel my muscles twiching and I feel tired all the time, my eyesight has gotten so bad, I have bad allergies to so many things.

Posted by Carie
Hudson, Oh
You are NOT crazy!! I also had parasites and took medication from my doctor. The second night after taking it, I felt worms crawling in my head. I woke up the next day and had about ten scabs on my head from the worms trying to get out. When worms are threatened, they will move around. I than took a parasite cleanse from my health food store. It was a three month cleanse. Eggs hatch after thirty days so you may have been reinfested. I had some bizarre things come out including something that looked like a little octopus. My husband did not believe me until a week later when the same thing came out of him (he was also doing the cleanse)! Which also leads me to say that if you have parasites your partner most likely does and you could be passing them back and forth. I had started taking coconut oil and began to notice what looked like rice in my stool. I thought it was undigested food but it was parasites. So, I still take coconut oil and will do a parasite cleanse yearly. Good luck to you!
Posted by Donna
Hatfield , Pa
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Hi to the ladies with the worms in their hair. I am seeing the same thing. My hair is actually moving. My family thinks I am nuts. I see worms in my stool also. I recently had c diff, just diagnosed with anemia, and white blood cells were found in my stool culture, which was tested for ova & parasites. I saw the worms put them in the container, looked like round earth red earthworms!! Stool test came back negative for parasites! I dont understand!! I am ready to commit myself!! I also have hep c with a VERY high viral count consistantly around 40 million. I now know I have had these parasites for years. I am now infested! I was accepting the fact but now with the worms invading my hair, I am totally freaked out again. I was always a happy motivated person
Posted by F J Sol
Lake George, Mn
To all there is a great amount of knowledge here but allow me to compliment what has been said or add my twist. 1st acv must be the one that has the pectin in it. looks like dirt in the bottom. the second part that has been left out is honey. there are 2 varietys that must be used. natural honey unpasturised striaght from the bee keeper must be used. the 2nd one which is more beneficial is manuka honey which is the only herb that is f d a approved look it up comes from new zealand and australia. mixture 2 parts acv 3 parts honey to 6 oz of water 3 times a day for 1 month then twice aday for another month then once a day for the last month. not only will it kill the parsights but cure diabetus along with cinnamon. keep up the good work to all.
Posted by Anne
New York
I had parasites for two years. My stomach was constantly bloated especially near a full moon and vomited many of those moons and felt things moving under my skin. The doctors said I was imagining things. If they were not going to help me I would have to find a sway to help myself. Now I am parasites free and will give you my knowledge that I have acquired. Grapefruit seed extract organic was my saving grace. 15 drops three times a day for 2 months. Also while I was doing that I purchased a parazappper and did that once a day for 1 month. I also took black hull walnut, wormwood and cloves mixture for one month. It did take about 6 months from me ridding the pparasites to get my internal flora back which acidophilis helped and eating well. Now for maintainence I take 6000 mg of msm per day plus 2 capsules of olive leaf extract 3 times a day. Hope this helps:). Good luck and stay with it as you will go through a healing crisis for the first couple of weeks.
Posted by Ilovelife
Tucson, Az
Regarding parasites, this combination is the one that I KNOW will work for killing all parasites. This is my journey, but if you have an ailment that isn't responding to anything then maybe try this first...

In 1995 I was 27 and living in NYC when one day I had an itchy circular patch on my upper arm.

I ignored it for months (as I didn't have health insurance) until that itchy patch spread...covering my upper left arm and my right leg up to my thigh. It looked like a massive sore. Finally I went to one of the best dermatologists in NYC... and he said, "you have Eczema with a secondary fungal infection. Take "..." for the fungal infection, but your ECZEMA IS INCURABLE. Take these topical steroids. You will have this for the rest of your life!

I took the fungal treatment, but after doing research on the side effects of topical steroids, I decided the side effects were not worth it, especially considering the steroids were really expensive and I would need many tubes of them as my eczema covered a large portion of my body.

I ended up quitting my job because of my discomfort-both legs were so swollen from edema it was hard to put on my shoes, the itching was so unbearable I could not ignore it, my sores weeped and oozed. I was embarassed to be out in public.

So I dedicated 100% of my time to finding a cure.

I read, researched, and tried every "natural" and "herbal" cure I could find...without an income I was exhausting my credit card. I was juicing daily and was on a 100% raw food diet. My credit card went from $0.00 to maxed out in 9 months. Nothing helped.

Then I ended up volunteering at a "natural health colonic clinic" on Sundays, so I could get free colonics. They helped a little, but after the first few the results stopped. Then, after about a month I 'found' a tape of Dr. Hulda Clark speaking about parasites, and wondered if this was my solution.

1 week later, going to a health seminar, I met someone who I spoke to about my issues and they thought I had parasites, and gave me a cloves, walnut hull and wormwood tincture.

I took it and WITHIN 1 WEEK MY SYMPTOMS WERE REDUCED BY ~75%! It was then I did further research and found that PARASITES ARE AN UNRECOGNIZED EPEDEMIC; (salads are the main culprit-Normally your stomach acid protects you (up to a point) from many parisites, but with age your acid decreases and your barrier of protection diminishes...)

I read that "native" tribes knew of parasites and "de-wormed" themselves every 6 months, that our ancestors put cloves in ham not for the taste, but to drive out the parasites...

I went to a holistic Dr. and he confirmed that I had parasites, and prescribed the same formulation I was taking!


Once you do that for 2 weeks and eliminate the possibility of parasites, then you can move on to filling nutritional deficiencies.


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