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Parasite Remedies

Last Modified on Aug 16, 2015

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Coconut, Apple Cider Vinegar   1  0   

Posted by Carrie (Canada) on 11/20/2013

[YEA]  In response to:

06/12/2013: Hb from Lowermainland, Bc, Canada replies: "To those who've done natural parasite clenses, specifically with Apple Cider Vinegar, are the parasites alive when you evacuate them? Is there anyone thing that one can take that will definately kill them? Is there anything that by some methid disguises or breaks them apart so you don't see the evidence of them?...

Look up coconut oil and parasites. Also dried coconut followed by epsom salts and water is said to work wonders. I eat a handful of unsweetened dried coconut. Haven't done the salts yet.These methods are working for me. I also use 2 tbsp of Apple Cider Vinegar at least once durnig the day and I also drink a coconut water everyday. I have been expelling tapeworm segments for days. It's completely disgusting but it has to be done. I may have had another type also. I am not sure what it was. It's so hard to face this but it's reality unfortunately.

Colloidal Silver   2  1   

Posted by Mermaid (Netherlands) on 07/10/2013

[NAY]  Hi! I was diagnosed for dientamoeba and his friend blastcystes. I took als silverwater, but it did not work out. I took a spoon/ hour. Do u have any suggestions?

Replied by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
Colloidal Silver is not always the best choice for parasites. You may want to try a blend of the following: wormwood, clove, pumpkin seed, black walnut and olive leaf. If you can find an antiparasitic herbal formula with any of these you should be able to heal the infection within a week or two.

Posted by Timh Donate
(Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 08/15/2012

A couple months ago I nebulized some Colloidal Silver and got an immediate and strong ammonia odor off my body (for about 5 minutes). This did not occur approx. one yr prior w/ my first C.S. Nebulize. Day-before-yesterday I nebed again and got the ammonia odor but not as strong, and none yesterday or today. I am quite positive I have at least two types parasite infestation (fluke & tapeworm) that's been going on for over a decade and as of last 3 yrs progressively worsened. Could this ammonia odor be the killing of some stage of the parasite? Hulda Clark says they travel all over the body and especially the organs.

Any info or comments much appreciated in advance.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Timh, Well, that ammonia odor is the by-product of waste products being eliminated by the body. I would imagine that the colloidal silver hastened the die-off of the parasites thus a heavy elimination took place. I would take that as a good sign! Blessings on you, Lisa
Replied by Lisa
Jax, Fl
Have you tried Diatomaceous earth? I would think it would get them to pass. I'm sure you have tried a lot of things. Thought I would check.
Replied by Oscar Donate

Syracuse, New York
Excessive ammonia in the blood is a strong indicator of cirhossis liver damage. That is NOT an opinion of mine. You can learn about that here if you wish to at wikipedia:

This colloidal silver treatment was/is only approved as a topical treatment and not intended to be taken internally. Also, one of the websites promoting this treatment showed a toxicology report that indicated liver discoloration in the rats examined after only one week of these colloidal silver treatments....Oscar

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
Oscar, thanx for the reply. I suppose that using Liver Support herbs and nutrients keeps my Liver in the "normal" range as far as blood test go, so I never get recommended for further test. I cannot drink 4oz of beer without getting very ill, but that is no fact for conventional medicine or concern by my Dr. I cannot properly detoxify most pharmaceutical medications, but that is not an issue either.

Whatever remaining healthy liver I have is under constant stress from heavy metals, fungus, and parasites. The last time my health (or liver) improved to any degree (about 2 mo ago), the ammonia odor was very common, particularly after meals (this is nothing to do w/ colloidal silver). During the ammonia I will take either Arginine, Ornithine, or Aspartic Acid w/ good results.

To my knowledge, I have no negative side effects to report from using Colloidal Silver orally or topically. Nubulizing is obviously causing the death of some type pathogen in the lungs (I assume is tape worm cyst or lung flukes). A few treatments once a month seems to keep my lungs clear.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky
Lisa, I have recently purchased D. E. But have stupidly neglected to have begun using it. When I do begin, if I experience any notable positive changes I will post. At this point I am taking sooo many supplements and natural remedies that it's literally an all day all night affair.

Your concern is very much appreciated.

Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky
Lisa, thanx for your reply and positive concern. I am resolved to nubulize once monthly and monitor results. As for now, i'm not coughing and hacking near as much as before treatment. H2O2 seems to be more abrasive compared to Colloidal Silver so i've just been keeping w/ C. S. , as I experience no obstruction or labor in breathing.
Replied by Lisa
Jax, Fl
Well, definitely get started on the DE! When I started the DE I also started using ______ probiotics with homeostatic soil organisms (they are amazing) and good garlic to help with infection and killing any eggs. I have chronic diarrhea - no idea if I did have parasites - also have a chronic yeast issue. Seems it all goes together, right? The next day I was pretty sick like a major detox (but also started using ______ - not good to start two new things). But I did pass a strange looking garlic shaped bulb, a long "string, " another the next day and another small gray cyst-like tube 10 days later. I've never seen these things before. I am still using it all and have half of the BMS I did before. One must use it for 30 to 60 days. I'll do 60 at least. Be prepared for a detox when you start. Praying for you!
Replied by Darla
Ft Lauderdale, Fl

There are people who have had things they ate at 3y/o come out of them 30 years later (i.e. crayons, plastic army men, etc) through cleansing/detox.

Posted by Lalita (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/15/2009

[YEA]  I recently dicovered i was riddled with parasites. They were in my stomach, intestines, blood even my lymph glands. I started taking colloidal silver 3 glasses a day a month ago. I now no longer have any parasites! Colloidal silver is also the only antibiotic known reportedly to kill all types of viruses, funguses and bacteria. The uses for Colloidal silver are endless!

Replied by Sandra
Sudbury, Ontario
How did you know you had parasites? How can you be sure?
Replied by Fiona
Tustin, Ca
[YEA]   I drank colloidal silver 2 or 3 bottles per day for 3 months and msm together. It killed almost candida and parasites and I have lost 10 pounds. Colloidal silver never made me blue and will never do. Now I am making my silver and it costs nothing really. I use it for cleaning and pets also. It is the best thing that I have ever found.

Cyclospora   0  0   

Posted by Clare (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/05/2013

I have contracted cyclospora parasites from eating raw vegetables that were not properly cleaned (my fault! ). Does Ted know any nice simple drug-free cures? Thank you!!

Replied by Fred
I was really hoping to see some responses for this question. I'm sorry to say that I don't have any remedies to offer, but I can tell you something that has not worked for me. I tried grapefruit seed extract in water (7 drops, three times a day). I tried this routine twice, each for about a week at a time, and I did not see any difference.
Replied by Inannalives
Middletown, Delaware
Diatomaceous Earth is really effective for parasite cleansing. Be sure to use food grade DE.
Replied by Clare
Does anyone have any cures for cyclospora? It is a parasite contracted from raw vegetables.

EC: Hi Clare, please see the 2 responses to your post from 8/5/13.

Replied by Clare
Los Angeles
Thanks so much for recommending DE. Now if I can only find it!!
Replied by Lisa
Mn, Us
You can buy DE on Amazon. Just make sure it is FOOD GRADE.
Replied by Katrina
North Vancouver, Bc
Try natural pet food stores. That's where I get mine.
Replied by Clare
Los Angeles
For those of you suffering PARASITES, I found a lab withh an at-home test (you don't need a doctor, just mail the samples to them) that will do a microbial DNA analysis for parasitic protozoans, blastocystis hominis, cryptosporidium species, dientamoeba fragilis, endomilax nana, entamoeba coli, entamoeba dispar, entamoeba hartmanni, entamoeba histolytica, giardia lamblia, iodamoeba butschlii, trichomonas hominis, and Parasitic Worms (Ascaris lumbricoides, Charot leyden, Clonorchis sinensis, Enterobius vermicularis, Necator americanus, Schistosoma mansoni, Strogyloides species, Taenia solium, Trichuris speciesa). It's forresthealth dot com and the test is currently $227. I haven't used them yet, but am about to. It certainly beats going to doctors who don't seem to want to acknowledge parasites. I'm on Medicare now, so it's always less expensive to do it myself! To quote John Lennon, "Power to the people! " :--)
Replied by Oregano
On, Canada
Hello Clare, as a parasitologist, I know that DE doesn't work against prolist ( protozoa). It works mostly against worms or helminths. My best therapy for worms is as follow: Pomegranate peel powder, Garlic fresh. Neem powder. If the above doesn't work contact me at: pollopollop[at]live(dot)ca. Best regards
Replied by Mrs. Hill
Fayetteville, Ar
Oregano, do you think DE helps with internal parasites? I recently read that it won't work when it is wet (therefore won't work for internal worms) but have read so many places that it DOES work for internal worms. Thanks! Mrs. Hill
Replied by Clare
Los Angeles
Thanks, "Oregano". Will try your recommendations... If I can find pomegranate peel. I suppose I just peel a pomegranate, right? After thoroughly scrubbing the bejesus out of it....... Can you tell me just how one ingests them? And how often? Thanks!
Replied by Oregano
On, Canada
DE works only against Helminths. Protist which are mainly protozoa needs something else. The second thing is that DE works only against Gastrointestinal worms. Best regards

Cysticercosis Remedies   0  0   

Posted by J. (Wisconsin) on 12/24/2013

I'm hoping Ted or who ever else has advice would be so kind to give their input....

Our highly functioning autistic child had what we thought may have been an aura hemiplegic migraine. His left side seemed somewhat paralyzed and he had splitting headache. He recovered in 2 days. At the hospital his EEG showed slowing on the right side of his brain. Three weeks later a repeat EEG is now also showing 'spiking'. Any idea what it could be? Might it be cysticercosis?

Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa
J. Is there high risk factors for Pork Tapeworm like the possibility of undercooked pork, exposure to swine about a farm or possibly a petting zoo? Pets in the house? Ask for different type diagnostics for better picture.

Autism has been proven linked to heavy metal exposure especially w/ vaccines. Do a very careful history of the child's behavior prior and post vaccination.

It may be advised to do a gentle heavy metal detox using the herbs Cilantro & Chlorella for about one month then do herbal parasite cleanses for one month. Continue this rotation if there is positive results.

Applying a strong music speaker magnet directly over the affected area for at least 15-30 minutes daily will significantly reduce the inflammation.

Diatomaceous Earth   6  0   

Posted by Nh Gardener (NH, US) on 04/03/2014

Re. distilled water possibly carrying the amoeba parasite, please note that taking food grade diatomaceous earth (DE) kills all kinds of parasites. Though gentle and effective in cleansing our intestines, DE is said to have microscopically sharp particles that puncture the shell of parasites -- it would be effective even on the shell of this amoeba cyst. Twice a day, every day, just take a rounded Tbsp. of DE in 8 oz. any liquid. Use non-metal spoon and cup, and drink extra water. Many sites on the internet sell food grade DE. One site in particular has over 100 impressive testimonials, including many for difficult-to-eliminate parasites in humans & pets. Also read the Health Benefits page on that site. DE works well!

Posted by Ben (Overland Park, KS) on 06/13/2013

[YEA]  I had an itchy butt for several weeks that was driving me crazy which I assume was pinworms. I took a spoonfull of diatomacious earth every morning in my smoothie for a week and it was cured! thanks earth clinic. L

Posted by Kathy (Allen Park, Mi) on 11/28/2012

I have had colon issues for yrs, constipation and have tested positive for parasites. I would like to try diatomaceous earth, but it sounds like it could be rough on the colon. I do have irritable bowel and even having a salad can be too irritating. Not sure if it would have the same effect as fibrous foods. Thank you for your help. Kathy

Replied by Helda
Dayton, US
Hi -- I too have issues with fiber which makes my digestive problems worse. I have used diatomaceous earth with no problems. I suggest starting out with a teaspoon and see how you like it. It is super inexpensive so it's worth a try!

Posted by Mike (Plant City, Florida) on 12/27/2011

[YEA]  I have used Diatomacious Earth in the yard to get rid of fleas. Tics and red ant. I have also fed it to my dog, a teaspoon a day for a few days, in his food, to get rid of worms. People eat this, although much more expensive from health food stores, for worm and parasite prevention. The pool DE will/can cause cancer. I buy DE also known as FFP at feed stores.

Replied by Stacy
Mulberry, Fl
Hi Mike I am from plant city and also use DE for parasites in my pets but I recently had a litter of puppies and was giving them a tsp daily for a month and then gave them a 3 day dose of panacea from vet because they still had hookworms and roundworms and 2 weeks after that 2 puppies died from hookworm infestation so I am not sure how that happened but just have fecal tests done to ensure they don't have worms.

Also they had coccidia which did not show up the first time and 2 weeks later it was really bad so I would not solely depend on DE anymore with puppies for sure.

Replied by Tarayani
Michigan, USA
Hi Stacy, I'm very sorry to hear about your puppies.

I tried DE with my cats, and it seemed to help temporarily for fleas (externally) but it didn't seem to have much of an effect on their worms when I put it in their food. What worked for me was CLOVES. I bought them whole, organic, and ground them up with a mortar and pestle, and mixed it in with their wet food. Not too much, because the taste is strong. It worked with both what I believe were roundworms and tapeworms. After a few days of feeding them cloves their bodies stopped twitching and they stopped looking underweight. My one kitten had barely grown for a few months, and now she's looking fuller and growing again. Don't know if cloves are okay for dogs, but if it works, you should be able to tell the difference in a few days.

Posted by Palma (Navarre, Florida, Usa) on 08/11/2011

[YEA]  To ALL who have problems, and posted here for help.

I have purchased FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH for internal parasites (husband, myself, and two cats). And we also use it to "dust our carpets, beds, and even plants. It works by dehydrating the parasites, and works on most all types, including tapeworm. Besides killing parasites, it has good health benefits for humans & pets, and is safe for children. For adults: At bedtime take one heaping Teaspoon in 8oz warm water, then follow with another half glass water. For children and also for small pets dosage is 1/2 teaspoon in 8oz warm water followed by additional half glass of water. I would do this for 30-45 days. Tapeworms will often come out in pieces. Can sprinkle directly on pet's food and mix it up if they won't drink the water. The website I purchased from also sells a duster container which the DE can be poured into to easily dust beds (also kills bed bugs) and carpets. Dust lightly on carpets, as it can clog vacum if sprinkled too heavilyI would suggest a GOOD QUALITY intestinal/colon cleanse after 45 days, though not necessary. We purchased Dr Natura colon cleanse. A bit expensive, but very good.

As for the Diametrous Earth, we bought from Wolf Creek Ranch website. They also give detailed information on dosage and other uses. It has stopped my itching in areas of my body. Avoid getting it in eyes. Can also be lightly sprinkled on pets fur to kill fleas etc. I offer the two brand names as I know their quality, but there are other good ones out there, I am certain. DE MUST BE PURE FOOD GRADE.

Posted by Shawn (San Jose, Ca) on 11/29/2010

[YEA]  Hi Tommy, a little known pest miracle is food grade Diatomaceous Earth you can buy it online, it's a natural supplement. My father has delt with parasites for years and has tried every remedy in the book and then some!! We are so excited for him, he started taking DE about 2 weeks ago and this is the first time he has had relief! DE flour is also excellent for your hair, skin, nails, bones, energy level, etc. It couldn't hurt, not to mention, it's cheap!!

Posted by Indianapolis (Indianapolis, In) on 11/29/2010

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I tried diatomaceous earth for parasites and it made my feet swell.

Replied by Debra
I had the same problem with DE. I think it could be related, at least in my case, to not drinking enough water. When using DE you must drink plenty of water and avoid drinking too much coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks. Another thing is the DE must be good quality. I am a bit leery of the DE sold at the vet even though it says it's food grade I have read there are impurities in some of them.

Posted by Mhunt13104 (Carrollton, Tx ) on 08/26/2010

[YEA]  I use food grade diatomaceous earth to deworm all of my farm animals. It does a great job and yes you can see dead worms in the stool. The worms do not evacuate to other parts of the body, that information is false. The worms are killed on contact with the diatomaceous earth.

Posted by Robert (Martinez, Calif) on 03/19/2008

[YEA]  I treated candida with Monarda tea & frequency generator backed with infrared:ranges from 2.5-12.o cps.The person was medically confirmed to have extensive candida overgrowth.They were medically confirmed to be free of infection the next day.Regarding parasites: I occasionally use diatomaceous earth powder 1 tbsp. which acts as fine razor like blades & shreds the buggers. It will not harm the host. blessings.

Replied by Bennet
Philadelphia, Pa
Anyone used diatomaceous earth from this site with some significant improvement? If I don't get a response then I guess I'l be the guinea pig. I'll post improvements. I hope it shreds thread worms or whatever it is that I passed out like whole thread or black strand of hair. Thank you EC
Replied by Linda
Orange City, Florida
Did you use the ditomaceous earth that you can get at the garden shop or did you order another kind,,,I have considered taking it but haven't ordered any,,I wanted to know can we use the one from the garden shop?? I hope you have good results
Replied by Dennie59
Stillwater, Oklahoma
I use diatomaceous earth for many things. You must use FOOD GRADE ONLY. You could make yourself sick using the wrong kind. Go to earth works. They have it. I sell it, or you can go to some horse tack shops that also sell feed, and buy it there. It will worm your animals and you. There are many testimonials out there for this amazing stuff. I use it on dogs, cats, horses, and myself, for many different things.
Replied by Fra
Mineral Wells, Texas, Usa
Dennie from Stillwater, OK. Wanted to find out how much DE you take and how long you have been taking it? What changes have you noticed?
Replied by Doomed
Washington, Dc
Please use food grade Diatomaceous Earth. I have used this substance and this is what happens:

(1) It will give you serious constipation if you don't consume an equal ratio of soluble fiber and drink lots of water with it.

(2) It will definitely scare the worms right out of your gut and into your other organs. Claims of one pooping tons of shredded worms are false. You probably won't see anything pass out of your bowels. It will simply eliminate the sensation of the worms slithering around in your colon because the worms will evacuate to other parts of your body.

(3) It's best to use this in conjunction with a proper diet ...vegan or vegetarian is best...and a diet free of sugar and lard.

(4) This will not cure anyone of parasites but it will manage the condition in your gut (only).

(5) A good holistic approach to managing round worm infection would be to ingest:

-Drink teas containing distilled water and avoid tap water altogether

-Drink original Green Tea daily

- Drink raw garlic tea daily....let a few pieces of raw garlic steep in hot water for about 15 minutes then drink it

-ingest Odorless Aged Garlic tablets daily

-ingest Black Walnut and Wormwood tincture daily

-Eat lots of green leafy raw vegetables (that have been properly washed!)

-ingest Goldenseal tea periodically

-ingest Fenugreek tea periodically

-Eat lots of plain yogurt daily

-DO NOT consume ANYTHING which contains sugar or sugar bi-products...This would include High Fructose items (Worms ADORE sugar and so does cancer)

-Step up your personal hygiene and make sure that you are not reinfecting yourself.... If you infect a housemate, your problem is compounded and they may or may not seek treatment too and your recovery will take that much longer

-Continue to educate yourself about legitimate treatments out there and follow them if you feel it will benefit you

Foremost and above all, please seek help from a physician. If you think your physician is an idiot, seek out the opinion of other physicians... Just don't stop trying to get your health needs met simply because some ass tells you that he or she cannot find anything wrong with you.

Good Luck!

Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I just wonder where I can get food grade diatomaceous earth in Canada? Thank you very much.
Replied by Labes
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I'm still looking for the food grade diatomaceous earth for internal use. I live in Toronto, Ontario. I couldn't find by myself a store that sells it. I will appreciate the help of anybody. Thank you very much.
Replied by Robin
Huntington, Ny, Usa
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Do a search on the internet-it is the only way I could find it. Buy a giant bag, because it stays and it is a fortune for shipping. We got it from a vendor through There are vendors that sell through and Amazon guarantees the authenticity (I think). Anyway, be sure to get FOOD GRADE-it is not the stuff at the pool store. Oh, and people say to put it on floors then vacuum it up in a few days. I had some nightmare trying to get it off of my floors! It broke our vacuum-don't bother. I have been taking it for the parasite problem (mystery) 3x a day in water w/crystal light and I feel much better. My problem, however, is nowhere near done. I am going to try a raw coconut cleanse and using coconut oil (not hydrogenated??) Make sure it is pure and unprocessed. Let me know how you do. Good Luck.
Replied by Lita209
Sanford, Fl, Usa
I bought my DE at a pets health food store. You may want to try that.
Replied by Spirit Bear
Minto, N.b Canada
I have had similiar results to diatomaceous earth with bentonite clay if anyone is unable to find it. The bentonite clay gives stomach relief not long after using it, but as was pointed out this only causes the parasites to move to other organs and they must be attacked relentlessly by using such things as green tea, garlic, cayenne, cloves, black walnut, nutrient rich food (especially greens), and anything else that has anti-parasitic properties... Apple cider vinegar and baking soda can help with detoxification, as well as vitamin c and magnesium. If candida is suspected to be present (oftentimes is) the mineral boron (borax) can be taken periodically. heavy metals are often present as well (causing low immune response to such critters), in which case citric acid (found in lemons/limes), soy lecithin, oil pulling, and cilantro work well.

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