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Cures for SIBO: Bacteria and Intestinal Function

Last Modified on Aug 01, 2015

What is SIBO?

Small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is a chronic digestive ailment in which the number of naturally occuring intestinal bacteria multiplies significantly as a result of a lack of movement in the small intestine. Peristaltic action within the intestines ordinarily sweeps food wastes and excess bacteria toward the colon for excretion. When this mechanism fails or is insufficient, SIBO can result.

Sometimes also called small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome or SBBOS, the condition is characterized by symptoms of nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating. Certain other medical conditions can lead to SIBO, including Crohn's Disease, scleroderma, diabetes, and the presence of diverticula.

Natural Remedies for SIBO

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil (enterically coated) has been studied and found to reduce the number of microbes in the small intestine.

Herbal Remedies

Oregano, garlic, goldenseal, and cinnamon may also help to control bacterial levels within the small intestine, to reduce symptoms of SIBO.

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User Reviews

ACV and Cayenne   1  0   

Posted by Bill (Oregon City, Oregon) on 08/05/2009

I have had stomach issues since childhood. Last year I got to where I had acid reflux daily, so bad I could not sleep lying down. Then a few months a go it changed. My food was slow to digest and I felt like I had some sort of virus. I could only eat cereal and yogurt. It got to the point to where I could not eat without getting major cramps. I went to the doctor. After X-rays and blood test (all my test were clean) he prescribed Prilosec and Reglan. I tried them for a week and had some relief, but was not getting better. I was up one night or early morning, searching the net for any information. I found earthclinic and started my ACV and cayenne regiment (I did not have Glutamine at the time). After my first drink I could tell a difference. After 4 days, I was able to eat and sleep better. That weekend I purchased Glutamine and have been doing the ACV and cayenne drink with the glutamine capsule 3 times a day for a week. I feel normal most of the time, eat regular and sleep much better. I intend to stay on the regiment until I have fully recovered and cut back to once a day to stay that way. I have another doctors appointment in a week. From my research I believe I have a bacterial infection or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). I intend on asking for the breath test to know for sure.

Replied by Rick
Portland Oregon

[YEA]   I get it. I had stomach pain, loose bowels, my skin itched at night a had a rash on my stomach. I went to a Gastrologist. they did a endoscopy, and a colonoscopy. and told me I had acid reflux. but other than the pain the symptoms stayed the same. My family Doctor told me I might have a internal infection. I went back to the Gastrologist and he said no you have acid reflux. He flat out was not interested in testing me for anything. He just wanted to do another Endoscopy and colonoscopy...if you ask me that's where the money is. This went on for about 8 years and finally I saw a naturopath. I told her my symptoms and she said lets do a test and as she said I had SIBO. I feel better and I haven't been on Acid reflux pills in 3 months. Acid reflux pills kills off the good acids I found out. MY wife also was told she had Acid reflux, she had a Bug that went away in a couple off months. I think that's just the answer they give. Not sure but some of them are more educated than others. So yea keep trying. I am pain free no more cramps. ETC.

Thanks For sharing Rick

Replied by Tony

Hi. I also tested positive for SIBO, with c.diff toxin B being the culprit. I have not been able to rid myself, and its been years. Skin issues, colitis, etc. What helped you? Thanks!
Replied by Steph

Saccharomyces boulardi is helpful for c diff infections.

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Starfish (Crystal, USA) on 10/23/2009

I was diagnosed with SIBO about a year ago. Years of being ill and not knowing why ends up is due to this overgrowth. I have tried everything from way too many harsh antibiotics to the ACV. I now stick with enzymes and probiotics but still have bad days. I was told I would probably have this the rest of my life. I am willing to try ACV again. How much should I be taking everyday. Should I take with or without water?? any suggestions

EC: For those who may not know, SIBO is the acronym for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.

Replied by Carrie
New Mexico, US

Detox Drink Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 glass of water (12-16 oz.)
  • 2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp. lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 dash Cayenne Pepper
  • (optional) stevia to taste

This is what I read as far as when to take: If you want to cleanse, lose body fat, boost energy and reverse disease then adding natural detox drinks to your diet can help you improve your quality of life fast. I recommend consuming this drink 3x daily 20 minutes before meals for 2 weeks then consuming it 1x daily before breakfast or lunch.

Artificial Sugars   0  0   

Posted by Sharon (Quartzsite, Arizona) on 07/22/2015

I have been diagnosed with SIBO, which I think I have had for over 30 years, with multiple problems, IBS, Interstitial Cystitis, Acid Reflux, constipation diarhea, bloating, sinusitis, but noticed in your story FLUSHING, and am wondering how you experience this, and what you think is causing your FLUSHING, mine has gotten to be a painful burning, heat sensation over my whole body, with no idea what is causing it.

Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Sharon:

So sorry to hear of your suffering.

There are so many variations of abdominal issues. I'm sure you know that. If me, I'd make sure, as well as possible, that I'd done all possible to knock out the possibility of infection from virus, bacteria and parasite. I'd take colloidal silver three times daily for six months...three tablespoons in each dose.

On the flushing issue, flushing can come from many directions, but I have seen it associated with "carcinoids" and hope this is not the case with you or anyone. But I do have a theory that carcinoids tumors might be caused by an infection of the appendix and then the appendix produces aberrant bacteria. Its job is to produce beneficial bacteria but with much abdominal problems who knows but the condition has produced harmful bacteria...and if this in turn has produced carcinoids, then a hallmark of carcinoids is flushing. Any one of those tumors could block a vital organ. So consider going to your gastroenterologist and press for such an analysis. Just a guess. But the idea of taking colloidal silver would not hurt. I'd try it for a few weeks and see if I could tell if my condition had improved. If yes, then I'd keep it up for another two weeks, and so forth.

I hope I am wrong about carcinoids but asking your specialist to consider this is a safe way to proceed. A carcinoid can block organ activity...for instance block the small intestine from sending refuse to the large intestine; can crush a kidney or block function.

The "flushing" is the clue.

Replied by Sharon

When they did my colonoscopy, endoscopy, abdominal xrays, at Mayo Clinic, they searched for carcinoid tumors, and said none were found. Breath test positive for SIBO.

Have done 3 weeks of Rifaximin, and they want me to do another 2 weeks. No relief, Bloated all day, tried scd diet, but last 5 days, no relief, going to an all liquid diet need some relief. Flushing goes on for hours. stomach hard, hurts, bloated, skin itching, constipation (now trying 1200 magnesium, and vitC, sienna tea, prunes) Acid reflux, do not know what else to try.

Posted by Kelly (New York, Ny) on 12/31/2011

I also experienced "Splenda withdrawals" which felt similar to hypoglycemia. I was so sick I thought I might have Type I diabetes even though I am in my 30's. The symptoms were really severe for at least 2 days and it took about a week before I felt somewhat normal. I was scared to eat because every time I did I felt groggy and flushed and shortly afterwards I would feel light-headed and anxious just as if my blood sugar had crashed. I had severe lower back pain, anxiety and photophobia and would wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat and severe anxiety. It was very scary and I'm posting so that maybe I can provide peace of mind for someone else going through this.

I was eating the packaged Splenda every day which includes sucralose and maltodextrim. I believe the sucralose gave me SIBO (I had little burps constantly immediately after eating and steatorrhea and my vitamin D was low even though I supplement with cod liver oil every day) and the maltodextrim was probably masking the signs that I had absorption problems by providing a constant source of sugar to my brain (I noticed the flushed feeling with the packaged Stevia as well which also contains maltodextrim as a filler).

While on the Splenda, I gradually developed severe brain fog. The whole process was very insidious because I didn't notice any effects immediately after eating Splenda so I believe my side effects were a result of SIBO since sucralose has been shown to kill off 50% of the good bacteria in your intestine (which would make sense if bad bacteria are using the undigested sucralose as a food source and then killing the good bacteria).

I drank lots of water, acidophilus and some apple cider vinegar to try to restore my gut flora. One good thing to come of this, is that I discovered I have mild Asperger's syndrome which the Splenda probably exacerbated. I was definitely a different version of myself on Splenda.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

OMG! I just realized my probiotics contain maltodextrin. Not good!

B12, Royal Jelly   1  0   

Posted by Anonymous (Salem, Or) on 06/08/2012

[YEA]  SIBO dramatic results from taking B-12 and Royal Jelly , and drinking ginger tea throughout the day. Ginger tea is simply made by organic fresh ginger then grate it and boiled in some water. Then strain and drink the ginger tea once cooled. I also purchased a probiotic that has Bacillus subtilis which was developed by the med. Corp in 1941 to save military men from dysentery and other digestive ailments. This Bacillus subtilis annihilates bacteria. It is really quite amazing. The diet is simple no sugar, no grains and no dairy.

Replied by Copasetic
Los Angeles, Ca

Hi there, what probiotic has the B. Subtilis? I've searched, and I'm finding that it's not available in the US. Would appreciate your help. Thanks!
Replied by Matt
Oklahoma, US

Copasetic, even thought its a year after your question, the only Bacillus Subtillis I know of is Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life. It should be available at any health food store near you
Replied by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca

I wonder if that strain is ok for a 1 year old to take? My baby was born with a bowel obstruction and as a consequence lost half of his small intestine and illeocecal valve. He's prone to SIBO so I'm always looking for ways to keep him healthy. So far I've had great success using fermented coconut water, aka coconut kefir, made using a starter culture from Body Ecology. He hasn't needed to be on any antibiotics in the last year for SIBO, which is rare according to his doc for children with his condition.
Replied by Canadianmom

Hi Meeya - my 15 month old daughter also had her ileum, IC valve and colon removed. Do you find probitoics help your son? My daughter can't tolerate them for some reason. Does your son tolerate dairy? I'm definitely going to look into coconut kefir!
Replied by Mitzyma
Iowa, US

Hi Anonymous,

What kind of B12 were you taking? And was your royal jelly in honey or just capsules? I also take B12 but it is difficult to find one without sugar alcohols which is bad for SIBO. Thanks.

Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Bikermom (Corvallis, Or) on 04/01/2012

[YEA]  Coconut oil has helped eliminate my longstanding symptoms related to SIBO and/or candida. The symptoms were experienced in my head and most unpleasant. I am grateful.

Replied by Susan
Memphis, Tn

Are you still having success with coconut oil? are you doing anything else to treat SIBO - antibiotics, herbs, specific diet??? thanks!
Replied by Bikermom
Corvallis, Or

I continue to use coconut oil successfully - 4+Tablespoons per day. I also make a very rich meat broth with soup bones (cow, chicken) which is very healing. If I fall off the wagon and have grains, then inevitably the SIBO returns, so I am trying to walk the straight and narrow with diet.
Replied by Josh
Plymouth, US

Re: Coconut Oil for SIBO. What were the symptoms you experienced in your head?
Replied by Kt

Re: Coconut Oil for SIBO: Yes, Bikermom, I don't understand what symptoms you would experience in your head. Would you please advise?
Replied by Zippy
Waukesha, Wisconsin

I have also experienced "symptoms in my head" and can tell you it was really not pleasant. When candida is raging, my head fogs over so that I can't complete a sentence. I forget what it was I wanted to say. The accompanying headache is low grade, but serious enough to further impede clear thinking. I can't remember things and make many mistakes at work. My ears itch to the point that it wakes me in the night. At one point, my eyes fogged over as if I were looking through wax paper. It was all caused by candida.
Replied by Anand

Hey zippy , I have the exact same symptoms as you had . For the first time ever I have found someone with the exact same symptoms as me. Please let me know the treatment you underwent.

If any one here knows Zippy personally kindly ask him/her to reply to my post immediately. Btw, I have begun consuming coconut oil since yesterday, lets see if it helps.

Dietary Changes   0  0   

Posted by Kayla (La, Ca) on 04/25/2012

My symptoms I was suffering were a fever, chills, nausea, pressure in my abdomen and slight pain on the right side. Sometimes discomfort under my rib cage. I was scared it was serious! My medical doctor told me it was "anxiety" after they ran every single test known to western medicine. Except the baruim enema I went to an Nautropathic Dr who diagnosed me on the second visit with SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) I also had been suffering from dry itchy red eyes for years, (my eye doctor told me I was getting older I was in my 30's) then I had crazy itchy skin it felt like bugs were crawling on me (I was in my thiries my doctor said it was dry skin or hormones) I left those inept doctor.

Then I started taking heavy doses of Vitamin C the itchy skin subsided. My dry itchy red eyes continued. Recently I thought I had a cavity since my tooth was hot and cold sensitive went to the dentist said I had sinisitis! My dentist told me to take Zinc and use saline solution for my sinus infection. Now I believe all of these thing are related that went undiagnosed for a long time. I started using collodial silver in purified water with GSE and saline in a Neti pot for my sinus infection I noticed my red itchy gritty eyes is slowly going away. I somtimes will just spray the colloidal silver into my eyes before bed. I also notice I was having the early onset of yeast infection so I addressed that with ACV and probiotics and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) which kills yeast. I'm certain that all of these thing are all related! I have taken the very best care of myself. My ND put me on garlic tablets and berberine I take 3 three times a day. I take four rose hips with C twice a day. I also drink black tea with grated ginger in it and strain it before I drink it. I also drink Grapefruit Seed extract in water all day using a straw. Most of my symptoms have subsided. The diet is easy no sugar, flour, no dairy , coffee, no heavy foods no cheese, I usually have rice and vegetables or dal. I eat lots of garlic which I really like. I hope this helps.

Replied by Mr Magoo

Hi kayla, I can see that this is a really old post I'm replying to. I found this thread due to a search on Rosacea which has been linked to SIBO. Your symptoms completely resemble this.

Posted by Katy (Seattle, Washington) on 04/20/2012

Small instestinal bacteria overgrowth, SIBO my doctor suggested no lactose, no grains no sugar no sugar substitues because it is unnatural and the body doesn't recognize it. Do this is for a year for full recovery. Don't eat between meals because it doesn't allow the body to time clear the toxins and bacteria build up sip Grapefruit seed extract in water, heavy does of vitamin c and alkalize.

Replied by Megan
Seattle, Wa

I'm from Seattle and looking for a doctor that has experience treating SIBO, can I ask who you see?
Replied by Reena

Can anyone suggest a good naturopath in Seattle area who has treated/helped with SIBO. I live in Eastside Seattle and currently I am suffering from SIBO. I am doing Xifaxan treatment - 2nd time but would love to go see a good naturopath for this issue in Seattle area or eastside.
Replied by Matt
Oklahoma, US

Hi, Megan, one of the foremost experts in the world is in Seattle at Bastyr University. I think her name is Dr. Laura Siebecker. She is a national authority on SIBO
Replied by Joan

In Seattle area call Ruth Urand ND, Poulsbo, Washington.
Replied by Liz

Naturopath or doctor who specializes in SIBO recovery please near Arlington, Ma.
Replied by Ruthann
Philadelphia Pa.

Looking for a knowledgeable dr or practitioner in Philadelphia or bucks county
Replied by Belinda Wurn, Pt
Gainesville, Fl

Hi. My husband and I presented at the 2nd annual SIBO Symposium in Portland, OR in June. We do manual physical therapy that helps detach adhesions from previous surgery, trauma, infection or inflammatory conditions (endometriosis, Crohn's etc). We were invited to speak because Drs. Siebecker and SSL believe that with SIBO patients they treat, and the SIBO returns is usually because they have a history of adhesions.

Dr. Allison Siebecker is in Portland, along with Drs. Steven Sandberg-Lewis and Melanie Keller. They are all wonderful naturopaths, great people, and among the experts in the country in treating SIBO. I am working with Dr. SSL myself now as I have Hydrogen-dominant SIBO, but my methane was positive as well. I have a history of taking way too many antibiotics since I was a teen-ager for frequent sinus infections. I also had radiation therapy to the pelvis for cervical cancer, and subsequently had 2 total bowel resections, with 36" of my ileum and ileocecal valve removed.

I just started the Rifaximin, and am going to gradually add in the Allicin and Neem Plus, and at the end of the Rifaximin, I'll be taking the Erythromycin as a prokinetic. Fingers crossed!

Garlic, Berberine, Oregano Oil   0  0   

Posted by Sophie (Portland, Pdx) on 05/22/2012

I have Small intestineal bacterial overgrowth, known as SIBO. My symptoms were chills, fever, nausea, headache, discomfort pressure in my abdomen (no pain just pressure), I took every test available all negative. Went to an ND who had me take the hydrogen breath test, which was positive. I took one month of natural antibiotics (garlic, berberine, oregano oil). After the antibiotics I had a yeast infection, sinus infection, bumpy rash just along the edges of my face from my cheekbones down to the jawline. I took probiotic the entire time I was on antibiotics, but I guess it didn't help Now I'm having a few of SIBO symptoms returning. I'm gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and no processed food and I'm a vegetarian. Is there a way to destroy the bacteria that causes SIBO?

Replied by Arochier
Helsingfors, Island

You mentioned that you took probiotics during your antibiotic treatment. I read somewhere that people with SIBO should be extra careful when starting to take probiotics. The bad bacteria needs to be starved off and eradicated first and only then should a careful process of building better gut bacteria started by a step by step introduction of probiotics. You might benefit from a retry. Also, the same source adviced that the natural antibiotics should be alternated so that the body does not grown resistant to them.
Replied by Sophie
Pdx, Or

Thanks I will try it. In my second go around with SIBO my doctor strategized this program take Interphase 25 minutes before taking the garlic, berberine, and oregano. Interphase kills the biofilm. The second thing to do is very important is to take enteric coated peppermint oil 1-2 capsules three times a day that enteric coated capsules dissolve and open once they've reached the small intestines, and kill the bacteria. I'm learning that to eliminate SIBO it might take six months and that you must be on the SCD diet during that time.
Replied by Embarrassed
Stinkville, Michigan

Hi there. Could you explain what Interphase is? A medication, procedure, etc.
Replied by Anonymouscat
Sd, Ca

Recent research is indicating that IBS may very well be caused by bacterial overgrowth. So be sure to ask for breath test to verify SIBO, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

This is a natural herbal process for killing SIBO. My MD gave me take Interfase or you may use Interfase plus ( this is an enzyme that dissolves the biofilm around the bacteria which allows the powerful herbs to penetrate the bacteria to kill them) Take four Interfase or Interfase Plus 20-25 minutes before the herbs. The herbal process is a 30 days or longer process. Herbs take longer than antibiotics. While on herbs you must get on the SCD diet, this starves the bacteria. Also drinking 2-3 drops of food grade peppermint oil in half glass of water 3-4 times a day helps a lot! I take a two peppermint pills before bed and eat two to three raw garlic cloves daily.

Herbs for SIBO: Take alicin Garlic 450 mg 3 times daily, take 3 berberine complex 3 time daily, take 1 golden seal 2 x times day, take 1 capsule oregano oil 3 times a day and take Neem 300 milligrams 3 times a day.

If you can't take it anymore the symptomsare driving you mad and making you crazy. Go on the Elemental Diet for 2-3 weeks , you can buy it over the counter. This means you will have no food just drink the packets. I believe 14 days would be enough depending on how bad you have it. This method I read is supposedly to be the fastest and most effective way to get rid of SIBO because you are literally starving the bacteria. Of course anytime you do this it is best to get under the care ND or MD that is specialized in this area. Once the SIBO is gone, you will need some insight on how to get the system balanced, sweeping and working appropriately. Be well!

Replied by Anonymouscat
S.d., Ca.

I also wanted to mention I think heat in the area of the abdomen helps. I use an oil mixture. Since castor oil has the amazing ability to penetrates 7 inches into the body I mix castor oil with black seed cumin oil, a couple drops of medicinal oregano, peppermint and lavender oil place the heating pad over the entire abdomen maybe 3-4 times a day. My ND told me to drink hot liquids of course not to burn yourself, but as hot as you can stand it and add peppermint leaves and splash of oregano oil in it and drink. My doctor also gave me holistic Notatum (Pen. Notatum) for bacterial infections suppository penetrate into the small bowels to kill the bacteria.
Replied by Bernard
New York, US

I have been having SIBO problems for the last two years. I have been hospitalized a few times, and have gone to the Mayo Clinic. My issue is stomach dumping (my stomach does not open fully and food is dumped directly into my small intestine). My small intestine is working at 28% the normal speed and I get the bacteria overgrowth. Causes me great pain, bloating, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Finally I am going for a Breath test next Tuesday. I have been reading and listening to "experts" declaring the benefit of Berberine, Allicin, Neem, and Peppermint. The question is which brands to trust? With the recent report out of NY that numerous manufacturers do not even have the active ingredient contained in the supplement is making me nervous.

I need to figure out a solution. I am already gluten free, avoid high fructose corn syrup and try to stick to the FODMAP diet. Yet my attacks are often and brutal.

Anyone have any suggestions on the effective use of Berberine, Neem, Allicin and Peppermint? Also, what brands have you used that you think are effective. I totally lost faith in brands like Natures Bounty, GNC, Walmart, Target, etc. 90% of me believes supplements and herbs are a giant scam but I have reached rock bottom. I am willing to try anything at this point.

Thanks, Bernard

Replied by Mama To Many Donate


Dear Bernard,

Well, sorry to hear you have been dealing with this for so long!

You asked for suggestions on supplement brands of herbs. I have been using herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs for years. I find them to be of excellent quality and have seen them to be effective. For ready made herbal tinctures, I like Herbpharm. I have used Now essential oils for years and many of their other things and have found them helpful. They may not be the absolute best quality, but they have worked and so I continue to use them.

When you refer to allicin, do you mean using garlic? We have found it to be an excellent anti-biotic in a variety of ways.

Others here have a lot more knowledge on the digestive system, so I will leave more counsel to them. I hope you feel much better soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Sara
Louisville, Ky

I cannot speak to the issue of natural antibiotics, as I used the medicinal type when fighting SIBO, but I can attest to the positive effects of the Low FODMAP diet. It has completely eliminated my SIBO symptoms. If you do have SIBO, one issue that can be a factor is the timing of your meals. SIBO apparently slows down the digestive system's natural cleaning wave, which does not allow it to cleanse away the bacteria. The advice is to go 3-5 hours between meals, no snacking, to ensure this cleansing wave happens. Kate Scarlata, a dietician in Boston who has battled SIBO herself, has a great website and blog with lots of great advice. I was determined not to continue taking antibiotics because they only got rid of the problem temporarily and I hate taking medications. I was determined there had to be a dietary approach. Doctors were no help, so I did my own research and found the Low FODMAP diet. It is hard to stick to at first, but I got the hang of it and I NEVER get sick anymore.

Here are a couple of links:

I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Vikram Sachan (Waddell, Arizona, U.s.a.) on 05/21/2013

Re: small intestine bacterial overgrowth: your site is very good to get information on-sibo. I would like to hear from you and your medicines. Thanks, Vik

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Aloe, Supplements   1  0   

Posted by Bananabean (Austin, Tx) on 01/08/2014

[YEA]  I have not posted here before but after curing an incredibly difficult ailment I'm trying to get the information out as I searched high and low when I was sick and trying to cure myself.

Western medicine does not have an answer for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and it is known as only treatable, not curable. I spent 7 years and thousands of dollars doing diagnostics and going through round after round of antibiotics. I'll spare you the details of everything I've tried because the list is huge. I was very sick, extremely underweight, broke and stuck at home with this condition.

Of all the things out there to take, this is what works both for temporary relief and what to take as the ailment is healing.

Grapefruit seed extract - 20-30 drops at least per day in water

Intestinal Formula # 2 from Dr. Schulz - I am not affiliated with this company - this was the first product strong enough for me to stop my antibiotics - at least 50 charcoal pills per day. When you feel an attack coming on start with 10 pills, increase if necessary. I was up to 100/day at one point

Ultimate Aloe Vera juice - NOT just any aloe vera juice. Most have a laxative effect which you do NOT want. I order mine from as it supports a non-profit. It must be this brand as they take the laxative effect out and it's only the inner leaf of the aloe plant

Isotonic Magnesium and Isotonic Calcium - I also order from - these two items are crucial for complete healing of the intestines - if you're in bad shape you need the isotonic version as it's instantly absorbed. I tried all sorts of other vitamins including magnesium and calcium.

Warm lemon water every day

As long as I stay on a little bit of the aloe juice now that I'm healed and stay away from sugar, my digestion is perfect. Thank you.

Heat   1  0   

Posted by Deerparkann (Deer Park, Wa, USA) on 12/02/2012

[YEA]  I've been fighting shingles and digestive problems for years. Think I have SIBO, but not diagnosed by a doctor. Found out that in Europe they are using Bromelain (an anti-inflamatory made from pineapple) and Papaya enzymes for shingles. I tried that and it has helped both the shingles and the digestive problems. Since SIBO is basically an infection, I also decided to apply heat to my stomach and was amazed at the relief it gave me. I'm careful not to have the heat too hot so I don't get burned. I used to have huge amounts of gas, but now am almost to normal abounts. Also if I eat something I know will bother me, the heat helps keep it to a minimum. Hope this helps someone else. This site has been a great help to me, so thank you to all who share.

Replied by Susan
Seattle, WA

Gas is my main symptom of sibo so I am going to try the heat suggestion, hope it works!

Lactoferrin   1  0   

Posted by D (Small Town, Ia, Usa) on 07/16/2012

[YEA]  Lactoferrin is a very safe but potent antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti-viral. It will not harm your beneficial bacteria, and as a matter of fact will strengthen your immune system while breaking down the biofilm and killing the bad mycoplasmas in your gut. Look at rotating it with EDTA, and colostrum, and other antimicrobials you prefer. Best wishes.

Lemons, Ginger, Cayenne   0  0   

Posted by Kayla (La, Ca) on 03/21/2012

I was sure I had appendicitis inflammation. So since medical doc were clueless I consulted with the an GI Nautropathic doctor He ordered parasite check and SIBO. On the second visit to the ND I was told parasite check was negative and SIBO was positive and on the same day I was given a choice of antiobiotics or natural remedy. I picked the natural remedy. I have to share this part while I was waiting for the test results from the Naturapathic I was suffering sooooo much that I cut back on eating by 70% and just started fasting and drinking an anti-infection drink fresh organic lemons, ginger and cayenne diluted with alkalized water plus six garlic oil pills I did this 3 x a day to really hit the infection hard. I did this in addition to the anti infection drink I did this for ONLY THREE DAYS (I went to the herb store and the clerk ground up 100% pure fresh rosehips and I capped them do not buy rosehips with c ) Day 1- I took TEN 100% pure rosehips caps to see if I was going to have an allergic reaction since I had no reaction. I proceeded to DAY 2, I took 22 rose hips caps, Yes I said 22! DAY 3, I took 24 rosehips caps. You DO NOT take a high dose of Rosehips for more than two days! . The Rosehips were extraordinary it seemed to work and my suffering decreased by 90%. I want to give credit where credit which is Robert Von gave me the Rosehips and anti-infection drink method He is amazing. By the time I was diagnosed my suffering decreased by 97% . Anyhow it is good first to get a diagnosis and work from there. I have insurance the medical cost out of pocket is about $4000 plus no diagnosis and the Naturopathic method cost $350.00 including diagnosis and cure.

Replied by Holly
Los Angeles, Ca

Who's your natural doc in LA? I'm on antibiotics now for SIBO, but want to do an alternative if this doesn't work... which I'm reading is a high percentage. Thanks, Holly
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Holly, I believe Kayla was refering to Robert Von, the name associated with the "mini beet protocol". His site is or if that doesn't work, try googling "mini beet protocol". Miracle of the cleansing power and rejuvinative power of the beet but there is a way to consume it so check out what Robert Von says. Beet in quantity must be taken with apple to keep the use of beet in quantity over time from causing intestinal problems, and other ways to consume beets for best results.
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Dr. Mark Pimentel, MD is one of the experts in SIBO, and he is at UCLA, Cedars Sinai Hospital. He's the head of G-I Motility, and has writen a book on SIBO, and done many studies on it over the past 11 years. If you can see him- I would do it in a heartbeat! He is definitely in sync with the Naturopaths as far as treating SIBO with Rifaximin, Neomycin in methane-dominant, then herbals, a prokinetic and the Elemental Diet, if the FODMAPS or SCD don't work.

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Posted by Kevin (Ma) on 07/26/2013

SIBO - Fight: I'm so amazed by so many people in the same struggle. I've been dealing with this for at least 7 years now. Drs never found a thing. I've found out about berberine (Goldenseal) and Enteric Peppermint Oil. Gonna go hard on those two while also doing a periodic salt water flush. Adding to it fresh tumeric tea everynight with ginger and lemon. Gonna do this for as long as I can and going to add food grade hydrogen peroxide when it arrives in the mail any day now. When all of that is done, I'm gonna do a cleanse with paragone! Either I will be healthy and feeling better or dead and without the gas, bloating and irritation. If I don't report back in 3 months somone call the EMTs, the morgue or the Pastor!!!

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hi Kevin from Ma - Multiple options are available for SIBO cure:

  1. Oil pulling - really flushes out bacterial load in the intestines.
  2. Take Ted's Alkalizing formula to alkalize your body. Alkalizing the body starts your body. it inhibit bacterial growth.
  3. You can take 1 tsp of Colloidal Silver in empty stomach and don't take anything for half hour. Colloidal Silver is one of the best Anti bioti and Antiviral.
  4. Similarly you can Lugols Iodine 5% solutions. Take 5 drops every day for 2 weeks and give rest for 1 week.

When you are taking any anti bacterial or anti viral supplements, make sure to take some detoxing foods such as Dandelion Tea, Fiberous food and water. And simultaneously, you have to replenish your gut bacteria. The best choices are:

  • Milk Kefir
  • Miso Soup
  • Saurkraut
  • Kimchi
  • Water Kefir
  • Kombucha Tea

Sometimes sibo can be tackled just by taking fermented foods.

Pls read full Hemmorhoids post, you can read more info about curing UC, which is the same treatment for SIBO.

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Replied by Kevin

It's me again. Got some meds from the Dr., Neomycin. On day 3 coupled with violent D! OMG! Gonna go on a liquid diet until I finish it and then hit the food grade peroxide as hard as I can. Listen everybody, don't give up! Try hard and take risks! This thing is evil!!!
Replied by Happy
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in response to - Kevin from Ma:......... Listen everybody, don't give up! Try hard and take risks! This thing is evil!!! "

KEVIN - Find then cause, then, stop the cause, then the symptoms will go away.

What is the cause of SIBO ?

Something that kills off your natural native gut bacteria. After that happens, a non-native species of bacteria moves in, and occupes the desert there in your poisoned gut. Then they say you have SIBO.

One cause is BT toxin. A 2nd cause is round-up herbicide. both kill off your native gut bacteria.

Where do these come from?


These things have both BT toxin and round-up herbicide in the tissues of the vegetable, seed, or fruit.

You eat FRANKENSTEIN FOOD and it poisons you. Kills the natural, native , gut bacteria off. Your gut is then open to invasion by non-native un-healthy bacteria from the environment, from nature. You now have SIBO. Congratulations. write a letter to the FDA & MONSANTO to thank them for your SIBO.

When animals are fed these FRANKENSTEIN FOODS in tests, they get sick and die. Just like humans do. That's why these GMO foods have never been " officially" tested on humans for safety. They have secretly been tested, and they failed the tests. They are not safe to eat. They create their own poisons, and then get sprayed with round-up herbicide, to keep the weeds down. They are GMO spliced to withstand being sprayed with lots of ROUND-UP HERBICIDE. which also kills of your native gut bacteria.

This should be a motivation for you to only buy and eat organic grown foods for the next 10 years.

Replied by Kt

Hi Happy from UTC, Wv--Wanted to advise you that "organic" doesn't always mean safe. I'm in the process of trying to heal myself too. I've received several email of posts I wanted to "watch" for helpful advice and offer advice for things I have learned. Some of my posts include the fact that ALL of our food has been genetically modified in one way or another and has become harder to digest. We are all on our own and have to discover, by the process of elimination, what we can eat.
Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa

A field test was recently conducted in a researcher's back yard next to the woods with a holder of an ear of dried non-GMO corn and a separate GMO corn on the cob. The little squirrels instinctively ate very little GMO corn as apposed to all the NGMO as evidenced by photographs.
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Maybe the NGMO corn was not as contaminated as the labeled GMO corn. When squirrels are hungry enough they will eat things that are not good for them. My daughter and I raised two abandoned squirrels here by the directions of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. One hung around for four years until he got eaten and the other one had babies every six weeks for eight years until she either died or got eaten.

The fact remains that all of our food has been tainted in one way or another. 1 John 5:19

Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa

Kt, The thing with the squirrels rejecting the labeled GMO corn reminds me of an observation my son has made. He has some pigs and we give them table scraps and stuff. They even eat the egg shells from our chickens. However, if we ever have any eggs from the store, they absolutely refuse to eat those egg shells. And pigs will eat anything. Scary!

At the same time, I do agree with you Kt, that none of our food is perfect here!

It is a difficult balance... I want to feed my family as healthy as I can without stressing about food or becoming afraid of it. Fear is certainly not good for health. "A merry heart does good, like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones."

Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Kt

Hi Mama to Many, wondering if the refrigeration changed the smell of the eggs to the pigs. Eggs coming from the same environment would have a familiar smell. Just guessing. What is happening to our food has been going on for well over fifty years. I don't understand whether you are in agreement with what I said to Timh or if you agree with him that GMO-free food is available.
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Tennessee, Usa

Hi Kt, To be honest, I really don't know if GMO food is available or not. I haven't studied it much. I was agreeing with you that none of our food could be perfect. For example, I can grow veggies in my garden and buy organic seeds and not use chemicals on them and I know I am getting a better product that what I am getting at the store. At the same time, I have only lived in my current house for a year. Who knows what has been sprayed on my property in the past? To be organic, I think it has to have no chemicals for 5 years. But can I be sure they don't linger longer than that in my soil?

Last year we bought a bunch of apples that were IPM (Integrated Pest Management) from a food co-op. They were delicious. When I ran out and bought some at the store (not organic or anything) they tasted terrible after what I got used to. A friend's daughter, less than 2 years old, eats the skin of an apple when her mother buys organic apples but not if they are not. The little girl has no idea but they must taste different to her. So, I know there are differences in the food available...

So, I go for the best quality I can, within my budget and try not to worry about it beyond that. All organic is not in my budget, for sure.... we are feeding 11 people on 1 income.

Hope that made sense! Have a great day!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Kt

Hi Mama, I wanted you to be aware that I am not stressed about or afraid of the food. I have become very aware of what is happening to our food supply and just trying to be careful. We cannot afford organic anything. II Cor. 2:11
Replied by Kt

Hi Mama to Many, genetically modified organisms have infiltrated our entire food supply. Go to the library and ask for a video about GMO's. GMO grasses and grains are not only being fed to the animals we eat but are fed to the critters we get milk and eggs from. I don't think I can give you the name on this site. I've had some posts removed because I said something wrong. The fact is that our food is being engineered to last longer so it is harder to digest. I posted what I knew on WebMD but got locked out of the site because I posted truth. The medical profession does not want to make people well because then no one would have a need to see a doctor to get Rx for ailments. I had to beg WebMD to be reinstated but the post is gone. I just read and don't post anymore there.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying to never go to the doctor. What I'm saying is that a lot of what we think is safe to eat could very well be causing the ailments diagnosed only to be given meds to fix a problem that ends up causing another problem for more meds. I could not afford suggested "natural" things mentioned here to treat different ailments if I needed them. The "naturals" can be just as much of a problem. I barely have enough for food because of having to pay so much for hospitalization out of my SSD retirement. I'm trying to use food as a preventative medicine. My husband is not gainfully employed and eats more fast food poison or goes without eating because he is on the road so much. I think I'd rather give you more details through email.

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