Tuberculosis Remedies

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A potentially dangerous condition, tuberculosis primarily affects the lungs. As it is caused by bacteria, the condition requires directed treatment that possesses specific antibacterial properties. A number of natural remedies can be used to treat the condition including garlic oil and vitamin D.

What is Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that mainly affects the lungs. Caused by bacteria that spreads from person to person via microscopic water droplets, tuberculosis is contagious but not necessarily easy to catch.

Symptoms of the disorder include cough, unintentional weight loss, fatigue, fever, night sweats, chills and loss of appetite. Additional signs of the condition include persistent coughing that lasts three weeks or more, coughing up blood and chest pain.

Natural Remedies for TB

Treatments for tuberculosis center on eliminating the bacterial infection and boosting the immune system. While the exact treatment and duration of care are dependent on a variety of factors, the condition often responds well to natural treatment. Garlic oil, vitamin D and selenium are among the natural treatment options for the condition.

Garlic Oil

Garlic oil is considered a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. Garlic contains a number of sulfurous components that function to fight infection and eradicate toxins from the body. These compounds also promote circulation and the filtration of the blood to eradicate the condition.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for more than just bone health. The vitamin is an important component in preventing growth of toxic cells including bacteria. The vitamin also plays a role in regulating the immune system, making it an effective treatment option for TB.


Selenium plays a key role in metabolism and is an active antioxidant. As such, selenium functions to remove toxic substances, including bacteria, from the body. The nutrient also activates the bodies stores of vitamins E and C, which help support overall immune health and function.

While treatment of tuberculosis often lasts several months, natural treatment options help support the body’s recovery and prevent future recurrence of the condition. TB is a progressive condition that often resists many medical treatments, making natural treatments an advantageous option.

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User Reviews

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Posted by Lejo (Miami, Fl) on 12/06/2011

A family member has been exposed to T.B. , but the bacteria is not active. Can the person be freed from the bacteria or completely cured without having to go thru the six months procedure the doctors recommend. Apparently, antibiotics will need to be taken for all those months and we know how bad it is to take antibiotics for such a long time. Will the same remedies, given by Ted, for Active Tuberculosis work to get rid of Latent Tuberculosis? Your answer will be greatly appreciated.... Thanks!

Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
340 Posts
The tuberculosis bacili is sensitive to Garlic oil, just before penicillin was developed, the Sanitoriums were using it to cure the disease by misting the air of the sanitoriums with it.
Posted by Oscar
Syracuse, New York, Usa
435 Posts
Dear Lego, Most people who test positive with that skin test never develope TB. I am one of those people that tests positive with that skin test. Now, there is no way to change that. But, if you do not develope an active infection there is no reason to worry about it. The large majority of people who test positive never develope the disease.

Of course if you develope an active infection that is something quite different and there are treatments available if that occurs. But once exposed to TB you will always be a carrier, you will always test positive with that skin test.

There is no point in obsessing about it, or worrying about it. Like I said, most carriers never develop the disease. Just do what you can to maintain good health and a strong immune system and you should be fine. There is substantial evidence that BHT [ buylated hydroxytoluene ] can help maintain a strong immune system. I base that statement on this here article published in the journal PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS:

And you will see from this here table that BHT is by far the best of the anti-oxidants when it comes to extending average lifetime expectancies:

So, there is nothing to be gained by freaking out about testing positive for TB and if you want to take something to help maintain a strong immune system, based on that PHYSIOLOGICAL REVIEWS article: BHT is the best of the anti-oxidants to help you do so. I am a TB carrier and have been for over 50 years now. I would say one 350mg capsule per day is about right for most average sized adults for maintaining a strong immune system. Some people do report negative reactions to BHT, though most do not....Oscar

Posted by Mary (New York) on 02/05/2011

I am a nurse assistant and last week I did my ppd test wich is positive now. My lungs still clean but I have the bacteria in my blood (think they call dormant or inactive). First year is a 10 porcent posibility to invade my lungs, get sick. The second year is a 5 porcent.

the medication is for 9 months with side effects: diabetes. liver failure or disese, HBP, Hepatitis, kidney problems, conjuntivitis, numbness feet and hands and so on.

I am taking a lot of antioxidant vitamins and thinking about what to do . Take the risk with my life or take the 10 porcent chance and fight the bacteria with suplements. ??? Maybe Ted have some time to replay and give me some ideas, remedies.

What can I do?? really scare, after 35y.o the risk increase am I am 50y.o female with numbness in hands and feed due to neck and lower back problems

Thanks Ted, thanks everybody, thanks EC

Posted by C
Blaricum, The Netherlands
13 Posts
Hi Mary,

In 1992 I got TBC in the 'open' form, I have infected most members of my family by whom the bacteria was dormant. I was treated with the 9 months medication and was fine after that. The medication though made me very tired, I had no energy at all (memory loss). All the people I infected got the 'preventative' treatment, among them my brother (who is a medical doctor) and everybody is still fine after 19 years! A few people got an 'allergic' reaction to the bacteria, my sister in low got bumps all over her body and a friend acute pneumonia, but after treatment they also where fine! I am now 47, mother of a 16-year old son and healthy. I have always wondered why so many people are sick and last year I learned about the German New Medicine which is discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer who has a totally different approach/treatment for all diseases. He claims and has proven that before we get ill we must have had an emotional event and the body responds with what we call illness (which really is a survival system of the body). Please check this out yourself. In my case a few emotional events happend about half a year before my TBC was discovered. Dr. Hamer claims that our body uses fungus and especially the TBC bacteria to get rid of the disease. For me it is totally logic, it explains why some people get a reaction and others not after being infected. So if you study his work you will find it a good thing to have the TBC bacteria 'dormant' in your body. On the other hand if you decide to be treated you will be fine also!

Kind regards, CB

Ted's Remedies   0  0   

Posted by N. on 10/10/2008

Sir TED, I just want to ask what is the best home remedy/food supplement for tuberculosis. My mother have this illness until now she is taking her medicine. She is now in the 1st month of medication.Is there anything called immune booster? If theres anything like this can you recommend me what are those? Is this immune booster could help my mother? I just to want to know if there are any food supplement or anything that my mother would take w/ her medicine at the same time for her speedy recovery. Hope you could give me an advice.

Thank you very much in advance.

Posted by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
Tuberculosis is a mycobacterium and usually responds well with alkaline and ammonium compounds, as well as a common ozone from an ozone generator. One of the early cures of tuberculosis was first suggested by Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet where his own wife had tuberculosis and was cured with fresh air and sunshine. Fresh air has ozone, sunshine has vitamin D which raises immune system. A suitable replacement is to use ozone generators sold in most aquarium shops for fishes. A larger dose of vitamin D3 in the 10,000 to 20,000 i.u. per day dose are often used. Selenium, chromium (in form of chromium polynicotinate), iodine (from kelp) and tyrosine supplements are supportive of anti tuberular properties. Homes living in moldy house is best destroyed with a 20% solution of ammonium chloride solution sprayed in the mist form in the room on th ewalls, etc., especially after a rainstorm, where fungal counts are the highest. Avoid spraying near electronic and metal materials as this tends to degrade metals.

A mixture using a pump spray can be prepared as follows, 10% ammonium chloride, 10% milk of magnesia (this is actually a 5% magnesium hydroxide perparation preferably should not purchase if they added aluminum as it is a neurotoxin if it reaches the brain), plus optional 10% xylitol powder (pure xylitol, not the ones with gums - they have the toxic aspartame which causes metabolic acidosis in all the cases I've seen). You add the water and put this in a pump spray and adjust it on mist setting. It is then spray into the air and you just breathe in the mist a couple of times a day, such as 3 or 4 times a day.

Common immune boosters for this condition is the selenium yeast 200 mcg, vitamin D, fish oil 1000 mg, colostrum 3 times a day and kelp 1000 mg. Alkalization here is important, a simplest one is 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1 glass of water taken twice a day. The alkalization will prevent the spread of T.B. to other areas because when the blood is more alkaline, the factor where blood will carry t.b. to other areas of the lungs, or bones or other area is limited as it will be killed by the nature of alkalinity. The baking soda also increases blood oxygen which also raises the blood immune system. If a vitamin D is taken, it is always important that magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride 250 or 500 mg is taken to help balance the calcium and magnesium ratio. Even if vitamin D is not taken, the magnesium also helps the immune system due to the nature of magnesium chloride in its somewhat antibiotic powers.


Posted by Nonya
Dear Sir, 1. Thank you for your helpful website. I read what Ted suggested on the home help remedy but I find it quite difficult to help my brother who is in Malaysia and I am in Singapore.
2. Is it possible to get some capsules of Tuberculosis after care to strengthen/maintain his immune system?
With much gratefulness

EC: Dear Nonya, Some of our readers in Malaysia may be able to point you to the location of vitamin shops in Malaysia that carry these supplements. (To our Malaysian readers: Help Please!)


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