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Essential Tremor Remedies

A condition with symptoms similar to that of Parkinson’s, essential tremor is actually a separate neurological disorder characterized by the rhythmic shaking of the affected body part. While the condition can affect nearly any body part, it most often causes shaking in the hands that make even simple tasks difficult to perform. Nonetheless, several natural remedies have been identified that are effective for treating the condition.

What is Essential Tremor?

A neurological condition, essential tremor manifests as an uncontrollable trembling or shaking. Symptoms typically begin gradually and worsen with movement. The condition often affects the hands first but can move to the head, voice, arms and legs. The cause of the condition is considered genetic.

Natural Remedies for Shaky Hands and Other Neurological Conditions

Although essential tremor is considered a genetic condition, it typically responds well to home treatments. A variety of treatment options have been identified including fava beans, Mucuna pruriens and lecithin. The condition can also be treated by avoiding certain triggers including aspartame and caffeine and by taking other natural supplements.

Fava Beans

Fava beans are a healthy protein rich with a variety of nutritional elements. The beans contain high concentrations of thiamin, vitamin K, vitamin B-6, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc and magnesium. These nutrients function to support effective neurological processing, which in turn limit shaking associated with the condition.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens or cowhage functions in much the same was as fava beans. Cowhage contains a potent amount of nutrients that supports general health and treats a variety of conditions. This supplement also contains levodopa, a chemical dopamine in the brain that regulates the nervous system and helps treat the condition.


An essential nutrient, lecithin is a fat found in the cells of the body. Once in the cells, lecithin is converted into acetylcholine, a substance that transmits nerve impulses. As such, a daily supplement of lecithin can help improve nerve function and limit the side effects and symptoms of essential tremor.

Essential tremor is a condition that can make even the simplest of everyday tasks difficult. However, natural treatments support effective neurological function and limit the prevalence of the condition.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   1  0   

Posted by Cathy (Biloxi, Ms) on 02/14/2014

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar (1tbsp) in a glass of Orange Juice (with pulp) each morning for past five days has slowed my Essential Head Tremors about 70%. In addition, I have more energy and I have noticed my long hair hasn't fallen out in the shower (something that always happens). I discovered this remedy by accident. My intial purpose for taking the concoction was to slow my menstral cycle (which it has done successfully in the past). Please note that I am 43, college educated, and a breast cancer survivor (chemo and radiation was unnecessary due to diagnosis of dcis). I was afflicted with essential tremors a year prior to the brca diagnosis. I have been taking Inderal for tremors from the beginning with moderate results. But recently, my tremors have been so bad I have considered the possible need of a neuro exam...that was five days ago.

From personal experience, I highly recommend ACV with OJ for tremors, hair loss, energy, and heavy menstruation.

Boiled Fava Beans   0  0   

Posted by Sue (LA, CA) on 03/16/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Essential Tremors: You have nothing listed under Tremors. I am hoping your readers know of an answer. I achieved reduction in the tremors, but not elimination, via one cup of boiled fava beans per day, and now am taking Micuna Pruriens (from an Ayurvedic medicine store in Los Angeles) which has similar properties.

With the beans, boil the dried beans in a very large amount of water for at least an hour until they are a texture you like. You can store a large quantity in the refrig for convenience.

Eliminate Aspartame   1  0   

Posted by Leigh (Danville, Va) on 01/28/2011

[YEA]  Benign essential tremors for me too.... For the past 3 years. Sadly, I'm a violinist and vn teacher, so this was the end of my world. I have been on topomirate (25mg) at night; primidone (50Mg)daily; plus many supplements. But recently I have noticed my tremors are almost gone since completely deleting aspartame (Diet Mt. Dews) from my diet. GET THE ASPARTAME in ALL FORMS OUT OF YOUR DIET!!!!

Posted by Richard
Austin, Tx
Great point. Cutting out soda all together is not a bad idea, either. I have noted that my energy level and my tremors are reduced (but not eliminated) since I have been drinking 3 glasses a day of organic apple cider; organic lemon juice; and honey. It's amazing.
Posted by Goblush
Diet Mt. Dew also contains a considerable amount of caffeine, a well-known exacerbator of tremors. Do you still consume caffeine in other forms, coffee, black tea, etc.?
Posted by Toourlady89
47 Posts
Magnesium works for essential tremors. The better choice of the several forms of Mg will be Mg Glycinate. Its absorbed well without laxative effects. I usually get mine on line. I used to have diffeiculty in signing my name, my handwriting was shaky. With Mg, it has come back to normal. It's important to understand that Mg will take time to build up in the system, so it could take months, but it will work. Most of the population are now deficient in Mg beccause of the quality of the food we eat causing many symptoms.

Essential Tremors   0  0   

Posted by Dexter (Boulder, Co) on 01/20/2013

Helping my dad (til recently a very healthy active 88 yr old) who has had ET for many yrs (his mom had it, too) Doing things (eating, zippers, buttons, buckles, and more) has become difficult - slow at best. Recently chronic diarrhea caused him serious dehydration, and now his kids have become very hands on, realizing he has slipped a notch in the cognitive dept. He WAS taking a pile of supplements (re Drs Blaylock, Stengler, et al) and when I saw the amount of magnesium he was taking, I said let's give these a rest til the gut is stable. As I read here about control of ET with magnesium, I am stumped - maybe he should be taking it! I have felt like the diarrhea was a part of the bigger picture of ET, but clearly I'm no doctor. I do know it's possible to learn about things, especially with forums like this! Still looking - any ideas?

Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
435 Posts
Hi Dexter, If you feel your Father would benefit from magnesium but would like to avoid the diarrhea that can come with it, you might consider a product that contains magnesium-L-Threonte, sometimes called mag mind or neuro mag. It is a form of magnesium that is able to cross the blood brain barrier and helps with memory, but will not cause the other side effects you may want to avoid. Best wishes!
Posted by Sue J
Perth, Western Australia
With regard to magnesium, you can get a gel or an 'oil' (Google it) which is absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin and therefore does not affect the digestive system. Maybe this would be the way to go for your dad.
Posted by Sara
Austin, Tx
Magnesium causes loose stool and diarhea. Calcium can cause constipation. There are supplements that contain both so it is balanced. Vit D helps with absorption. some have Zinc. Try a one pill containing all three.

Gaba   1  0   

Posted by Linda (Fremont, Ne) on 08/05/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  My dad has severe tremors in his hands. He has had it since he was in his 50's and has consistently gotten worse to the point of not being able to write. He is 80 now. He tried B vitamins with no success, then I got him some Gaba and he said he can actually read his own writing now. I am going to have him add Magnesium; I got him the spray from Swansons but I don't think he uses it. He is taking 500 mg. of Gaba; going to get 750 this next time. He said it made him sleepy so he takes it at night time only. It would help if he would change his diet, but that won't happen; so this is the best I can do for him. I also got him Lecithin granules but he keeps forgetting to eat it; he does like it though. Swansons has apple flavored Lecithin! I also got some L-Glutamine, but since he is on meds I'm a little leary of him taking it; heard it can be dangerous.

Posted by Elsie
Madison, Wisconsin, Usa
[SIDE EFFECTS]   "Hi, I tried GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) in capsule and powder form. Don't know why, but when I tried either, a lumpy, squishy feeling occured in my lower esophagus. Worried about this, I stopped taking it--it didn't seem to help my essential tremor, though possibly because I did not stay on it long enough. That lecithin, is it from soy? I avoid soy as much as possible. (I'm 74). I have a 'whimsical story poems' webpage on essential tremor experiences you might enjoy.
Posted by Hank
Tuscaloosa, Al
for tremors try taurine, an amino acid.
Posted by Carly
Seattle, Wa - Usa
I have also heard that if you eat something with a lot of MSG in it that taurine is good for helping those awful symptoms as well. Worth trying anyway!
Posted by Aliups
Atlanta, Ga
[YEA]   "I have had tremors since I was a kid (30 yrs), they started to get really bad a few years ago and that's when I was diagnosed with ET. After months of trying different meds that didn't work or I could take because of the side effects, and also dealing with doctors and their "you just have to deal with it" attitudes. I took back control of my health. I spoke with a naturalist and an allergist. After some tests, a lot of research and some prayer this is what I changed.

I went gluten free, caffeine free, aspartame free (any sugar substitute) I take Lecithin 1200mg, Acetyl L-Carnitine 500mg, L-Lysine 500mg, GABA 1500mg, Calcium 1000mg, Magnesium 800mg, Norwegian Salmon Oil 2200mg plus a multivitamin.

I have been doing this for almost three months and I am mostly tremor free. The tremors will start up if I get upset or angry, but very mild. Definitely something I can live with. The diet was difficult at first, but when I realized the difference it was making... It isn't so hard any more.

Posted by Genie
Sebastopol, California
GABA, being inhibitory, can calm tremor, but glutamate is excitatory and glutamine can be, depending on how your body breaks it down. Though glutamine is a precursor to GABA, it can be stimulating and work against the calming effects we want.

Here's a simple diagram (at bottom of page) showing balance between GABA and glutamate. I find a little wine with dinner makes eating out possible.

EC: Hi Genie, no url for the GABA and glutamate diagram was included in your post. Please resend.

Posted by Kelley
Boulder, Co
Ok so I am reading all this information. I have not been diagnosed as such yet. But my grandmother has. I think my mother was getting it before she died of cancer when she was 47. I am now 42 and from what I understand Essential Tremors presents itself in the 40's. My problem is that I am homeless so if anyone can give me some remedies that I can buy on food stamps it would be helpful. This was really hard to type. My email is kelley (dot) henson (at) gmail (dot) com
Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Kelley: You can get the best remedies on food stamps at the natural grocery store at 2355 30th St. You can get pastured eggs. Eat these raw. Do not grind up in a blender or stir with a fork. Crack the firm orange yolk with the teeth before swallowing. This has all the nutrients the body requires to function at peak performance because the egg becomes an animal. This has a special enzyme that repairs dna, a special amino acid that makes glutathione, and a rare glycophospholipid that repairs the mitochondria. You can take as many as you can afford. Take 100g organic strawberries and 1 can organic sweet potatoes. Take raw honey and sucanet for carbs. In the bulk section get the sucanet, cayenne, and yucca 3g. Get sun dried sea salt, the greyer the better. Take 1g salt and some cayenne in a cup of water 6 times a day. Take 30g chia seeds. If you get a an d get the 1lb. can of chlorella.

General Feedback   0  1   

Posted by Daniellejudith (Edinburgh, In) on 02/10/2010

has anyone tried the ebook for essential tremors? my mother has tremors. i gave her a list to take to her dr this morning with some of the comments made on what can help with the tremors. she is diabetic also. she was taking propopanolol (spelling?) it was working but isn't now (i am assuming it's because she was taking it for a long time; a few years.) her dr increased her to 3xday(sorry don't know dosage.)i don't think that is a good ideal, but i'm no dr:-)

Posted by Nana Monster
Jamesville, New York, Usa
3 Posts
My GP wanted me on Proponal 3x a day. It lowers your heart rate and I already have low heart rate. I didn't take it as I didn't want to end up dead. Today I went to a neuro and he wants me on another med which has some serious side effects. I want to stay herbal to which he poo poo'd me. I am chemical intolerant and he still gave me stuff without diagnosis.
Posted by Gary
Wa, US
We have a friend who we were surprised had what she called intentional tremors. She's probably in or near her 70's. I've been looking on the Internet and came across a product that apparently is working well for some people. It's called Tremadone. You might do an Internet search on this natural remedies product. Won't hurt to check it out. It's manufactured in the U.S. in California. Hope this helps.

Hand Tremors   0  0   

Posted by bigdude27 (Lafitte, Louisiana) on 07/21/2009

I have been having MS for 16 years now and for the past 4 years have been having tremors in my right hand real bad and that is the hand i write with. I have tried some meds on the market with no help. It has come to the point that i can not to daily tasks. Like i said befor i have tried meds for parkansons but my doctor said that that would not help me with tremors related to MS but if i want to give it a try that he has no problem giving me a script for it. I also have tremors in my hole body to where im in a wheelchair all the time. I can punch the keys on a computer but it takes me some time to do it. I mainly have problems with writing, shaving washing dishses ect...... . If anyone have any kind of help that you would suggest for me to do would help me out greatly.

Mike from Lafitte, La

Posted by Gean
Salina, KS
99 Posts
A friend has had hand tremors for as long as I have known him, 25 years. For the last two months he has taken NDF (nanocolloidal detox factor) 6 drops twice a day, and the tremor is hardly noticeable. This will detox the body of heavy metals. He had mercury in his teeth and had them improperly removed through the years, so the mercury deposited deep in the cells. The NDF will pull it out. If you have mercury in your teeth, you might consider safe removal. If you have had them in the past and had them improperly removed, you need heavy metal detox.
Posted by Tavora
Brooklyn, NY
Hi Mike - try magnesium oil (which is magnesium chloride diluted in water) and lecithin granules. The magnesium helps to relax your muscles but improves overall nerve communication. The granules will assist with healing and strengthening the myelin sheathing surrounding your nerves. I used to get hand tremors and my neurologist prescribed me B-100 complex and Lecithin capsules (1200mg/day). Both worked well but it wasn't until I starting taking the granules (more concentrated than the gel caps) along w/ magnesium citrate did they go away for good. I recommend the mag oil because it absorbs better than the supplements. You can put the oil in a foot bath and soak your feet or rub a little on your hands (it may sting/tingle a bit) If you don't want the irritation - I would dilute it in water and soak your hands instead. Good luck & be well.....
Posted by Dave
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Hi Tavora and Gean, I am very interested in your experiences and wonder if you might be able to write me an email and explain it them a little further. I'd like to know some more specifics of your remedies, such as the dosages you took as well as how long it took before you noticed any reduction in your tremors. Gean, I understand this was your friend who was suffering from tremors, would there be any way he/she would be willing to correspond with me via email?
Posted by Mike
Lafitte, La Usa
4 Posts
Hi trevora, I would like alittle more info about this mag oil and do you drink it or just let it soak through the skin . Do you have any recomdations on where can i get this magoil Because the mag oil i found on the net was not magnesium chloride and my local health or drug store does not have so i did not order it until i get back to you. And the Lecithin granules how is this to be taken, to be mixed with water as a drink. I will post with the outcome. Wish me luck

EC: More about magnesium oil (including info on buying it from an aquarium supply store) is here:

Posted by Rebecca
Los Angeles, Ca
2 Posts
I know some of you have not been on here for awhile but I hope you get this posting. Especially Tevora. I have essential tremor in my hands. I am trying to the lecithin granules along with the magnesium oil on my hands and taking magnesium chelate. I am on my second day. My main question is did you have an improvement that was noticeable by taking lecithin capsules? I only ask because the granules are 110 calories a scoop with 8g of fat per scoop. If I do 3 of those a day that's adding 330 calories a day and 24 grams of fat to my diet. I also think they taste awful and I find it hard to mix in my food but I'm trying! Any suggestions or advice?

Posted by George (Yucca, AZ ) on 03/14/2009

Hand Tremors: I have always had 'corrugations' in my handwriting, but recently I have actually developed hand tremors whem I try to write. This makes it very difficult to fill out job applications. I am currently trying GABA and some other supplements, but I look like I have Parkinsons (no tremors at rest, though). Looking for ideas!

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
Hello George, Are you just having tremors of the hands when you hold them out or do these tremors look more like the classic motions called "Pill rolling motions" of Parkinson's disease?

Whichever they are, my first suggestion is to try to eliminate those two excitotoxins that neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock blames for causing headaches, seizures, tumors or cancer of the brain, Alzheimer's disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease, as well as Parkinson's disease and others. The only way to succeed at this is to first learn the other names they hide monosodium glutamate under (so far aspartame is usually identified as aspartame, NutriSweet or Equal. You will find many different names for monosodium glutamate or MSG, the most deadly form being any hydrolyzed plant (corn, soy, etc) protein because it contains both MSG and aspartame & kills off two different types of neurons in the brain & central nervous system at once.

My next suggestion is think B complex vitamins. Get a good 50 to l00mgm B complex and take 1 morning & evening with meals for a couple of weeks and if tremors improve slow down to l a day. Or you can get a good stress tablet (B complex with added vitamins C & E) and take l with meals and l at bedtime (4 per day). An extra 4 to 8 mcg of Folic Acid
once or twice a day would probably also be helpful.

If your tremors are more like the pill rolling of Parkinson's, you should also read up on Ted's recommendation of methylene blue for Parkinson's because from comments I have read on EC, it offers more hope than the results I have observed with orthodox medical treatment. I would still do both of the above along with it if I were walking in your shoes. Good luck George and may God bless you with a cure.

Posted by Rob
Manhattan, New York
Hi George. I just read on Dr. Weil's site about intravenous Glutathione for Parkinsons...

Also, low dose Naltrexone... I haven't tried either, but both look promising.

Posted by Hannah
San Fran, CA
I agree with Joyce's post and would recommend eliminating any and all artificial sweeteners and foods that contain msg. A good detox program might help too. Give it a month or two to clear these toxins from your system.
Posted by Jim
Madison, Wi
4 Posts
Have been reading about different ones with tremors. I don't know if this will help, but if they are caused by heavy metals, I would suggest trying Zeolite drops. I had a bad infection in my sinuses and hearing was partially blocked. I started detoxing with Zeolite drops three times a day (5 drops each time) as recommended and could not believe the foul smell coming out of my body from the detox. Be sure to carefully read the recommended dosage before using. My symstoms have cleared up but I do a maintenance of Zeolite drops (3 drops each)every day.

EC: More info:

Posted by Mike
Lafitte, La Usa
4 Posts
Well i have began mag citrate and lecithin granules . I know it will take months untill i see any help . I talked to my MS doctor and he said i have non specific tremors. I have in my whole body but it my right arm, hand that i have the worse problem because its in my right arm/hand and thats the hand i do everthing with or what i used to
Posted by Dave
Cambridge, Ontario
Hey Mike,

I too started taking a mag supplement (magnesium chloride oil) and lecithin (3 tablespoons/day). I also read Mark Sircus book called Transdermal Magnesium Therapy and have been taking the mag oil accordingly. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks but haven't noticed a change in the tremor. I will continue to up the dosage of mag oil and lecithin over the next couple months and see what happens.

My email is, if you'd like to correspond directly. Sometimes, its nice to know there are others out there with similar health obstacles.

Let's keep this essential tremor forum building though...its great to hear some success stories...finally.

Posted by Joyce
Joelton, Tn
252 Posts
Hello Dave from Cambridge,

The B complex vitamins are also important in hand tremors. Get a good Stress Tablet that has the B complex, plus vitamins C & E. The bottle will tell you to take 1 a day - but take 1 stress tablet at meal times and bedtime (for a total of 4 tablets per day).

Posted by Bigdude27
Lafitte, La Usa
4 Posts
I was told to use mag oil but need to know if this mag oil should be taken by mouth and if so how much and how often ? Or should it be used as a soak in a bath?

EC: Hi Bigdude27,

Info on Magnesium oil applications here:

Iodine, Multiple Supplements   2  0   

Posted by Sid (Springfield, Mo, Usa) on 07/05/2010

[YEA]  At age 66 I have gradually developed a tremor in both hands over the past 10 years. It was just something I thought was normal aging and mostly ignored it.

Two and one-half months ago my wife and I started taking 50mg of potassium iodide daily, and a month later made our own 5% Lugol's solution, taking 50mg a day of iodine in that form instead of the potassium iodide. Just a week ago she switched to four 12.5mg Iodoral per day and I continued with the 50mg of Lugol's internally, plus have been paint the palms of my hands daily with Lugol's solution. Additionally we have been taking 3000mg vitamin C, 400mcg selenium, 500mg niacin, 1,000mg tyrosine, 1,500mg DL-Phenylalanine, several forms of magnesium (magnesium chloride, magnesium asporotate, magnesium oxide), 50mg zinc, 100mg B6, 1000IU Vitamin E, 5000IU vitamin D3, a good quality health food store multiple vitamin/mineral plus 1 teaspoon of Real Salt. We just added a tablespoon per day in a glass of grapefruit juice of diatomaceous earth last week for the silica.

We started this regimen for a number of reasons. As for me, I would wake up tired and need a two hour nap every afternoon. I had no energy. I have an enlarged prostate. I have Dupuytren's constricture in the palm of both hands affecting the tendon of the ring finger. My memory kept getting worse. I have almond size cysts between the muscle and skin, one on my hip and one on my arm, plus a few other smaller similar cysts. I have trouble keeping my weight normal.

The first six weeks I had no side effects, but then developed pain in my kidneys and stiffness in my finger joints plus random weird feelings around my body, after which I upped the detox efforts (more magnesium, more real salt, added diatomaceous earth). The side effects are diminished to non existent now.

I have noticed that I can already straighten the fingers in both hands which I could not do before. The lumps in the palms of my hands are noticeably smaller. The almond size cysts are smaller but still noticeable. My energy level is fantastic by comparison to before; very few naps, plus plenty of energy for gardening and getting out. I am sleeping longer between trips to the bathroom, and am having mostly beautiful, intense dreams almost every night. My mood is now one of pleasure rather than dullness.

But the big surprise is that my hand tremors are suddenly 95% gone. I wasn't even paying attention but my wife pointed out to me that my hands were hardly shaking any more. I can hold them steady with no support; no more food falling off my fork; no more spills when I put down a cup. I can again sign my name and it looks like my signature. I wasn't going through this regimen for my tremors; but, I don't know which part of what I am taking cured them.

Tyrosine breaks down to l-dopa and dopamine. L-dopa can be absorbed into the brain, and along with B6 will then convert to dopamine. This may be what did it. But DL-Phenylalanine also breaks down into tyrosine so this is also probably involved. Plus the iodine, the deficiency of which I was treating, could well be involved. Plus iodine helps eliminate fluorine, bromine, mercury, lead, and arsenic which could be involved. I had been taking magnesium for years in a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement, but in my new program I was taking more magnesium and in different forms.

I am sorry I can't be more clear on what out of the above shotgun blast cured my tremors, but the answer is in there somewhere.

Posted by Heather
San Diego, Ca
23 Posts
[YEA]   "Thanks for posting this. I am on a similar protocol and also noticed reduced hand tremors.

About 12 weeks after starting the Lugol's, I too noticed pain in the kidney area. I stopped the Lugol's temporarily, reduced my protein intake, and the pain went away. However, during the intense pain period, I went in for an ultrasound and cysts were discovered on my kidneys and one on the ovary. Followed that up with an MRI and discovered the cysts on the kidneys were gone but that I had an infection above the kidneys, diaphram area, and was offered antibiotics to clear it up, which I declined.

Although I developed this alarming condition (kidney/gallbladder area intense pain flare ups) it occured simultaneiously with the clearing up of my years long chronic fatigue syndrome. One of my theories on why I developed the infection was that I'd centralized a body wide low grade infection. Another was that taking Lugol's internally was stupid and causing an infection.

One of the things that I think helped with the kidney/gallbladder flares was the olive oil/lemon juice detox (I did a two day detox which required juice fasting then no eating for 24 hours except for citrus juice and olive oil - then released at least a cup full of gravel/pea sized stones.)

I remain perplexed about whether Lugol's internally is a good idea but the infection is clearing up. I am still taking Lugol's internally, but just a little ( a drop of the 2% solution few times per week) and am also painting it, especially on areas with moles to see if they clear up. Considering also changing to iodoral. Would love to hear feedback from other readers on experiences with kidney pain after taking Lugol's.

But, as for the main subject of this post, my tremors also disappeared after starting the Lugol's and magesium citrate.

Magnesium   2  0   

Posted by Toourlady89 (Ca, Usa) on 08/22/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have searched for years how to help my sons shaking hands, I found Magnesium Glycinate stopped his hands from shaking, but it has to be taken everyday or the shaking comes back; and it takes time, 6 to 12 months to build in the system.

Transdermal Mg is an additional way to speed up the process of normalizing Mg levels in the body. Musicians / Performers deplete their Magnesium stores because of the constant noise they are exposed to, the stress of performing and the stresses of daily life. Magnesium is the Relaxation mineral, it relieves anxiety and depression.

Posted by Rbwalton (Chico, Ca) on 02/05/2010

[YEA]  I have had muscle weakness and essential tremor for the last few years. Doctors finally saw the tremor and prescribed beta blockers to control it. They found no cause for the tremor and did not know why I was so weak- other than I was either exercising too little or too much.

On my own, I started 600 mg daily of magnesium oxide since I had heard it might help with muscle weakness. While I was taking that, I ran out of beta blockers and tremor did not return. I figured it must be the magnesium that had been keeping my tremor under control all along. Since then I have been off of the beta blockers completely. My tremor is better as long as I keep taking the magnesium. And my strength is also improving.

Posted by Dave
Cambridge, Ontario
Hi there,

That is such wonderful news! Congratulations!

So please tell me...did you change anything else in your life other than adding in the mag oxide?

Im so happy to hear you're feeling better.


Posted by Andrea
Fayetteville, Tennessee
2 Posts
[YEA]   "I developed a head bobbing and hand shaking when in a strain, at the age of 40. This concerned me and I went to a Nurologist and thru some test. He called it involuntary tremors. He told me this was inherited and my gradfather did have this condition. His recommendation was to use natural sources for controlling them as long as possible and if I did not want them to show up when attending a function or such to drink a glass of wine before going. The down side of this - it is worse the next day. Didn't do this but once - enough for me!! They have continued to increase as I have aged (65 now). I have in the past and now control them with chelated magnesium w/zinc - 800 to 1200 mg a day as needed. I find they show up more when I am agitated, stressed or exhausted.

Not sure if this is related but caffine from asprin, cokes, chocolate or coffee will really make everything internally tremble. Therefore, I haven't taken in any of these for many years - no more internal trembling. I have drank ice tea (black) for years and no trembling inside. My body also does not respond well to antiboticis so I try really hard to stay the natural course with my diet and any other thing that pops up. I am presently not on any medications or regimes and seemed to be basically healthy with plenty of energy for which I am very grateful. I am going to start ACV as this seems to have so many positive benefits. My neighbor which just turned 90 yrs. Old has drank Jogging in a Jug (ACV & fruit juices) for years and is still in great shape. This is a great website can't stay off it!!!!

Posted by Nevada
Smithfield Township, Pa
12 Posts
I find it remarkable that magnesium oxide made a difference since it is one of the least absorbable forms of magnesium according to the book The magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean, M.D.
Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
58 Posts
Famous nutritionist Adelle Davis wrote that " (B6) is essential in maintaining a normal level of magnesium in the blood and tissues. At the same time magnesium helps to activate dozens of enzymes which contain vitamin B6: hence these two nutrients work together in the body and neither can function without the other. " Possibly where benefits have not occured when taking magnesium alone could indicate a deficiency of B6 and vice versa.
Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
58 Posts
Further to my previous post, yes, magnesium oxide is one of the least absorbable forms of magneium, but is still effective for all that. Epsom salts in the bath allow magnesium to be readily absorbed through the skin, and doses of epsom salts are effective for muscle cramps, as I well know. Awaking with severe leg cramps in the night in my younger days, I would take a small tsp epsom salts in warm water and cramps would be gone by time I had finished drinking it. In smaller doses it does not induce diarrhoea. It has also been used effectively in treating epilepsy.
Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
58 Posts
I got off track a bit there, epsom salts being magnesium sulphate not magnesium oxide. They taste quite different too! When my children were small I used magnesium oxide with calcium lactate and brewers yeast in their morning milk drink. The B vitamins in the yeast would have helped with making the magnesium more available. The negative with magnesium oxide is that it neutralises hydrochloric acid in the stomach so completely it should not be used by persons with digestive difficulties.

Magnesium, CoQ10, Botox   0  0   

Posted by Bev (Ft. Wayne, In) on 07/06/2014

Thank you to everyone for your contributions to this site. It has been so helpful knowing that I'm not alone & that there are solutions to help (other than all the meds that seem to make my symptoms worse)

  • magnesium (250 mg every am)
  • coQ10 with lunch
  • Botox injections every 3 months

This combination has relieved my symptoms to the point of being able to resume my life! NO caffeine trying to eliminate all chocolate :( Life is good!

Remedies Needed   2  0   

Posted by K From Alaska (Anchorage, Alaska) on 05/13/2012

I am 47. I have had a head tremor since the age of 34. I am physically active and healthy. I take Albuterol for exercise induced asthma - which began when I was 25. I mountain bike, xc ski, run or hike every day. My tremor has grown worse and is very embarrassing.

The tremor started just a few months before moving into a house that we built. At the time we had a 3 and 4 year old, I was working and we were building a house. Yes, lots of stress.

We are on well water. We have had the well tested for safety, but I honestly don't remember the predominant metals in the water. Our toilet tanks get coated w/ a rust colored element. The water in this area is known for being "good", but really I need to check into this more.

I have seen several doctors and have tried; cold laser therapy, acupuncture, Vit B shots, Oats drops in warm water, a homeopathic remedy w/ octupus ink in it, massage, and a couple of medications perscribed by a neurologist - both of which were horrible - made me sleepy. I am not a fan of taking medication, so am looking for other ideas. I have even considered the brain surgery, but it really isn't something that I would ever want to do at this point.

I am reading about Magnesium and Iodine both of which I'd like to try. Which kind of Magnesium should I start with and do you have any other ideas for me?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
101 Posts
One of the most bio-avaiable forms of magnesium comes in powdered form called Natural Calm works well to calm the nerves and may help to resolve the tremors. As for iodine, there is a supplement called Iodoral which may be helpful. Vitamin D3 5000IU/day would be beneficial too.
Posted by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
435 Posts
Magnesium Threonate will cross the blood-brain barrier and only recently have I been reading that it is helping people with neuro problems because of this. It might be worth giving it a try. I believe the dose of 3 capsules a day was what was helping the people I was reading about.
Posted by Rob
Manhattan, Ny
Have you tried Macuna Pruriens? (aka Velvet Bean).. An Ayurvedic herb. In India often used for Parkinson's.. I have tried it for different reasons... (I just noticed vivid dreams) because of its L-Dopa content.. It may be of some help.. do some research..

Posted by Danny (San Mateo, California, Usa) on 05/10/2012

Hi, I am 26 and I am having hand trembling whenever I write or do any work. Both hands or sometimes whole body trembles without any reason. I haven't tried any medication and would like to know from how and where I can start the medication to cure this. Please suggest me and this will be very helpful for my personal life to stay healthy and happily.

Posted by Steve
Las Vegas, Nevada
101 Posts
Check out Natural Calm magnesium it helps with about 300 different processes in the body and should help with tremors. Also consider taking some D3 5000IU especially if you don't get much sunlight. B vitamin supplement would be helpful as well.

Posted by Tiredofshaking (Los Angeles, Ca) on 04/09/2011

I am a 38yr. old female. I started experiencing essential tremor just in my hands when I was in maybe middle school. I have no idea where it came from! Nobody in my family has it! I do not think I had it before that. It has gotten worse since I have gotten older. Now it's way more noticeable and people are always asking me what is wrong with me! It is so humiliating! I can barely button shirts and do things. Propanonol did not do much for me. I have not tried doubling the dose but it's a heavier med and I am concerned about the long term side effects and I am trying to save it for important situations instead. I hear if you take it long enough it stops working. I am already on wellbutrin which definitely does not help the shaking but it has done wonders for depression and mood. I do not want to give it up and they were bad before it so it's not like it really makes a difference.

I started taking Chelated Magnesium a few days ago. I am taking 500mg. I know it takes time but I am wondering who on here has essential tremor just in the hands and have you ever been able to heal it in anyway? So far I have had no bad side effects the from magnesium. I also take a multivitamin and glucosamine and chronditrin for my joints. I want to believe the miracles of magnesium but I am skeptical about it working? I just want to hear more stories!

Posted by Ti
Houston, Tx
13 Posts
I had bad tremors in my right hand. After an MRI of the brain, they found a pituatory tumor. After reading the book "Healing Code" by Alex Lloyd I was able to get rid of the embarassing tremors as well as my insomnia. This book is worth the 16 bucks on amazon. Please try the healing codes for any and all ill health. You will be amazed how it shifts things around naturally.
Posted by Linda
Lapeer, Mi
[YEA]   "My daughter, is an active college student attending college and playing college volleyball. Last Sept, 2010 she was at a volleyball tournament and she developed a severe tremor in her legs. We brought her to the emergency room where she was given a thorough exam by a panel of doctors.

They thought her condition was neurological after all her tests came back negative. They told her she'd have to learn to live with the tremors and wanted her to start seeing a hypnotist as well as a support group, as they felt it was stress related. The tremors continued to get worse and by Christmas she was having tremors every day.

In February of 2011, I was discouraged with her doctor's diagnosis and I googled natural remedies for tremors and came across a book/website about our environment and food allergies causing tics, tremors, tourette's syndrome, and a slew of other conditions.

I emailed the author and she recomended that I read her book in order to investigate other sources for cures.

Long story short, I read the book and was given hope that there might be a cure for her tremors. I told my daughter that we needed to make an appointment with an environmental physician as well as start on an elimination diet, adding one food to her diet per day to see if different foods affected her. On the diet, she ate only fruit the first day, then vegeys and finally meat. She was tremor free for a few days, then on day 4 she ate some whole wheat toast before volleyball practice and her tremors started immediately. We researched wheat and suspected gluten was the cause of her tremors. We experimented with other wheat products; pasta, bread, cake and they all caused her tremors to return.

It has now been 3 weeks, she has eliminated all foods containing gluten from her diet and her tremors are non-existent. We have an appointment with an environmental physician (basically an advanced allergist) in a month but I feel we have already found the cure.

I urge anyone that has tremors, tics, etc. To investigate their diet and environment before they decide that their condition is hopeless and there is no cure. Gluten has been linked to MS, tics, tremors, tourette's syndrome, cancer, autism, RA, ADD as well as depression.

Posted by Deanna
Rhinebeck, New York
Essential Tremors. Help Needed.

In April of 2009, my nine year old daughter bought a freshly made beet juice. We agreed it was burning our throats. I had only taken two sips, but she had drunk far more, and began vomiting. For several months afterward, she had very severe stomach problems. In addition, her pupils would occasionally reduced to a size slightly larger than a pinhead. This was accompanied by a panic attack and visual distortion. Certainly, the stomach problems were caused by the juice. I began to have internal (not visible) tremors in my arms only and internal twitching in my face. It is not clear whether or not my condition was caused by that dreadful beet juice. I twice tested positive for Lyme Disease, but the doctors are not convinced Lyme is the cause. My symptoms have remained constant for two years, fluctuating between very mild and severe. The sensation is one of a continuous electric current (not the twitching, as in my face) running through my arms. I feel as if my arms are resting against a generator. This symptom remains 24/7. My daughter has no stomach problems now, but still her pupils will suddenly and drastically constrict while she sees objects as "outlined" or "sharp around the edges. "

Absolutely any constructive opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
127 Posts
I will have to admit I have never had experience with the health condition that you are writing about, but I will put a few idieas out for you to consider, and research and think about, 1. I would find a reputible health nutritional naturpathic doctor, if you can afford it 2. try a glutin free diet, and all precooked food out of your diet, all chemicals out, all oils except olive and coconut

3. take 2 or 3 parisitec cleanses, I assume you are alergic to something, or you accured a paricsitic infection from the juice, if the beet crop was from a small farm it could have been fertilised with animal manure, and hence a possible parasitic infection... animal manure has been used in past years, , but it is to be dried and aged 2 or 3 months befor being applied to crops.

This is only some of my own ideas, I do hope you are doing better.

Merryanne in Central FL

Posted by Smilesnsunshine
Sicamous, Bc, Canada
3 Posts
[YEA]   "I have noticed a progression in my essential tremors since my 20's. My mother also had this condition. Now being 57, my tremors have caused me difficulties in writing; I. E. Completing applications, signing my name. Upon reading feedback on this FABULOUS website, I have eliminated gluten from my otherwise healthy lifestyle and have noticed a difference within the last week. For years, I have been taking magnesium (~ 1,000 mg/day) in addition to other supplements. A few years ago, one doctor suggested taking magnesium along with 5-HTP, which I also found to be helpful. In trying to curb my supplementation, as I do have a healthy diet, I stopped taking the 5-HTP. With my having noticed an improvement in my writing with only cutting out the gluten, I shall continue to do so and see how it goes. I try to always find the root of the problem, not just a bandaid. I encourage others to try the elimination diet and send a HUGE thank you to all for your ideas/suggestions.
Posted by Dave
Toronto, Ontario
Ti! Who knows if it's related but I too had an MRI about 10 years ago which revealed a "benign" tumor on my pituitary gland. I'm going to take your advice and order a copy of Healing Codes. I'll keep you posted. Dave
Posted by Bob
Chicago, Illinois
Good news.

I was diagnosed with essential tremor at age 12. It has since progressed a bit and at times I must type with a single finger, like now, or ask a friend to handle a task like threading a needle or inserting a battery into a device. Thank god for friends!

Some observations. Proplanalol works well, but try not to take it often as it can become less effective with frequent use. Incidentally, it works well for stage fright. Stage fright and ET seem to have some relationship. Musicians will take prop on days they perform -- and would not think of it in rehearsal.

Alcohol works just great, until you become a drunk. Then alcohol is maybe not so great.

Weight resistance exercise works wonders -- pushups and situps can save your day (and you will look better. More about that in a second.)

Much is made of embarrassment. I've been told by strangers I was an alcoholic (I am not), that I have Parkinson's disease (if I did, I would have died years ago) or simply been asked why I shake and what is wrong with me. US Customs mocked me in front of my girlfriend because my tremor grew so bad.

Here is how you deal with the laughter you get when the lettuce falls off your fork or you cannot tie your shoe.

Explain it. It is called essential tremor, it is not contagious, no one dies of it (unless they REALLY piss off ssomeone who has it) and no, it is not Parkinson's. Work out a short version, because these dolts will soon lose interest once they find out it isn't fatal. Practice your pitch. Soon you will not be embarrassed. They will be humiliated, though.

Oh, I'm 61 and I live very well.


Posted by Andrea
Fayetteville, Tennessee
2 Posts
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   "After reading recent posting on the Essential Tremors, I feel I must say I did not find a CURE to my Tremors. However, the Magnesium supplement for the past 25 years have controlled my tremors. Some days it takes a larger dose (1200 mg) and some days I can get by with (500 mg). After all these years of dealing with this condition, I know what my body is telling me. This may not work for everyone but I am grateful to have found it works for me. I just watched a webnair by Dr. Alex Lloyd and I plan on buying his book. Although, the webnair was too short, it was a most interesting approach to many issues we come across during our lifetime. I am always interested in educating myself on all the newest avenues we can approach when it comes to our health.
Posted by Andoy
Boise, Id
Maybe these tumor problems are caused by acidity in your body. Maybe all you need is a Maoreless alkalizing drink. is a good place to start.
Posted by Tiredofshaking
Los Angeles, Ca
2 Posts
Anyone find out more about the gluten removal and results with essential tremor?

I did have an MRI. No tumors. Nothing wrong. It is just essential tremor in my hands and has been there since I was a kid. I am trying magnesium chelated kind, taurine, lecithin granules, and a B100 complex as well as rubbing magnesium oil on my hands. It has only been a few days. So far no change.

I am considering the elimination diet soon if nothing else works. I do not have typical gluten sensitivity symptoms but I do have the tremor and I am really sensitive to medications, caffeine and other things so who knows... I could be sensitive to some kind of food as well and not know it. Plus I have a wheat/gluten heavy diet and I have my whole life so I am starting to really wonder since I have had this since I was a kid.

Posted by Bobofengland
Leeds, West Yorkshire
ESSENTIAL TREMOR: Clues and Suggestions:

If you have tremor then you know what it is and how it affects you. I don't know how or why I got it but it sure is bad at times. I have a gut feeling it was caused by a depression tablet I was precribed which possessed a 'severe dry mouth side effect' and an adverse reaction to sun glare when driving. I suspect the nerves surrounding my eye-area, this being a major nerve signal motoway from the brain 'got dried out' and small nerve-way areas became disabled. We are told there is no cure, thats its uncurable.

I have found if you squirt distilled water in your eyes, once or twice a day it reduces my symptons by 8o%, and on goodays I feel cured, I use an eyedropper which all pharmacists stock and buy a few PHIALS of diluted water for cents and away you go, put one drop in each eye like you do with eye-drops. I have found sold eyedrops useless and plain ordinary diluted water 20 times better. One lady on here mentioned Popropanol tablets, they don't work but they do relieve anxiety. I have plans to inject water into my cheeks just below and to the the left for L/eye / and below and to the right for R/eye, meaning in both crown of cheekbone areas. I am convinced lack of water hydration to a nerve damages it and hope [pray] the opposite is true. Right now I am feeling well, I know water is the answer but it really needs a $5m dollar budget with tests to find out how accurate my guess is. This treatment costs cents, please try it and report back. Bob. Leed, UK.

Posted by Jasonmchicago
Chicago, Il
20 Posts
DEANNA - Your facial tremors are because of Lyme. Doctors know very little about 90% of diseases. Spend some time on Google and you will see that many (including myself) have strange facial pains, tremors, Bell's Palsy, TMJ, etc. Because of Lyme. The face/neck have the most collagen in the body and Lyme likes collagen. Most people with Lyme have sore necks, facial problems, neurological problems, etc.

The reason I'm pretty confident is b/c (1) you got tested twice positive... No test is 100% but that's a pretty good indicator (2) I have/had similar problems and even much worse.

I recently started treating Lyme through alternative medicine (less than 1 month) and have FINALLY noticed a lower intensity of facial issues. I do the following:

- Detox (activated charcoal, bentonite clay, phys husk, any other detox method you can think of)

- No sugar, no dairy, no carb diet

- Increased my salt intake (salt kills bacteria)

- Stay positive

- Do things to help my lymphatic systems (skin brushing, trampoline, etc. ) Circulation and a super fit lymph system is needed to get the waste out

- Taking all kinds of supplements from vitamin c to green tea extract. You also can read BUHNER's book on Lyme.

The reason I share this is the Lyme is the #1 masquerader. It can be fibromyalgia, arthritis, facial pain, psychiatric problems, anxiety, depression, etc. Do NOT wait to eradicate Lyme from you system. As you start to kill the bacteria your urine/bowel/skin will start smelling like sulfur ammonia. This will confirm(a) that you diagnosis was correct (b) your treatment is correct.


Posted by Shano
Prescott, Az.
I had Lymes and the only cure is to take a prescription of Cipro. I had low level Lymes for years after the initial, unsuccessful antibiotic. Only after having a terrible ear infection in Mexico when they gave me a script of Cipro did I feel my Lymes was 'cured'. I am a huge user of alternative medicine, but I really do think that getting this specific antibiotic finally cleared my Lymes.
Posted by Selfcaremn
Minneapolis, Minnesota
I've enjoyed reading all the helpful information. Uplifting. Since being diagnosed with tremors 5 year ago, I've tried beta blockers, vitamin B's, Tremadone, amino acids, and essential oils, etc. None of these have been effective. Based on a natural doctor's advice, I'm starting a detox cleanse with a healing fast that will monitor my reaction to different food groups. I'm also having the mercury in my teeth safely removed. I'm believing for good results!

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