Nerve Remedies (arms, legs, hands falling asleep)

Last Modified on Oct 30, 2014

Treating nerve issues ranges from specified exercises to dietary changes and supplements. Supporting nerve development and maintenance through regular exercise and appropriate diet is important. Supplements and natural treatments also function to preserve the nervous system and nerve function.

What are Nerve Issues?

The nervous system is responsible for regulating everything the body does and is comprised of three centers – autonomic, motor and sensory. Nerve pain and damage manifests in a variety of ways including sweating, lightheadedness, dry eyes or mouth, weakness, muscular atrophy, paralysis, tingling, burning and many others.

Nerve issues comprise over 100 different types of damage that have various causes. A few of the most common causes of nerve pain include autoimmune disease, cancer, trauma, diabetes, drug effects, nutritional deficiencies and infectious disease.

Natural Care for the Nervous System

The nervous system is complex and susceptible to a number of issues; however, proper care and treatment can relieve issues and preserve effective operation. Several factors contribute to caring for the nerves including exercise and a diet rich in nerve-supporting foods. Additionally, magnesium, chamomile and peppermint are natural herbal remedies for many nerve issues.


Magnesium is an important nutrient for regulating nerve function as well as inflammation. When taken as a daily supplement or applied as a topical agent to the affected area, magnesium stimulates the nerves and relieves inflammation.


Considered a “cure all” by many, chamomile is a natural pain reliever. The active components of chamomile have anti-inflammatory properties as well as nerve-soothing abilities. Chamomile can be used as an aromatherapy oil, tea additive or supplement.


Derived from the peppermint plant, peppermint has a variety of uses. Used as a supplement or applied as an oil, peppermint relives inflammation that may be causing nerve pain. Peppermint also effectively stimulates the nerves to alleviate issues.

Nerve issues range from problems with the autonomic, motor and sensory systems. When treated with natural methods, nerve pain and issues can be relieved safely and effectively.

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User Reviews

Alkaline Diet, B Vitamins, Mobility Exercises   1  0   

Posted by Jazzz (Delta Junction, Alaska, Usa) on 11/30/2011

[YEA]  It's time for me to give back to this website so I'm writing about nerve regeneration remedy which worked for me. Two years ago my ulna nerve was severed, the doctors gave me a bleek outlook of recovery. They told me I would have limited mobility in my hand and my outer three fingers would be numb and unusable. Over time, due to lack of use, my hand would become decrepit. It would also be extremely week. My doctor also told me I should forget about dental school, it's not going to happen. Anyways, having written a 15 page paper on nerve regeneration in undergrad, I knew several things:

1) Use it or loose it! Start immediately! Work at it all day long! The sooner the better because that is when the long term success will occur.

2) Secondly, nerve regeneration occurs in everyone, even for spinal injuries. It does not actually happen for most people because scar tissue (which is internally present for all injuries) releases a sequence of not well understood events that inhibit the regeneration. Therefore, my own theory is that it is important to reduce the internal scarring, which can be done by minimizing inflammation, which can be minimized by an alkaline diet.

After I got out of the hospital I immediately went on a strict alkaline diet. It is important to do this as soon as possible, and don't kid yourself, be true to the diet, your regeneration depends on it.

I also did weekly vitamin B shots in my arm. I did this myself at home to keep costs down.

My doctors told me that they had never seen someone with quit a remarkable recovery as mine for my type of injury. After one week I was wiggling my fingers- something the doctors expected to never happen. After one month I could ever do slightly grip. Two months later I had full finger movement and after six months 90% of the feeling came back, I could open jars, write, ad had full motion.

GABA and Stevia   0  0   

Posted by Annie (Europe) on 09/19/2014


I was hoping to purchase some GABA supplements. I remembered reading a piece on here by Bill which said that sweeteners are not good for nerves - I hope I am remembering accurately. Anyway, I was purchasing a GABA supplement, and it said it contains Stevia Leaf Extract, and I am wondering if this is similar to the sweetener. If so, I don't think I will purchase. Can anybody clear this up please.

Thank you.

Replied by Om
Hope, Bc Canada

Hello, Annie --- you can certainly rely on Stevia as a sweetener. But get it from a reliable source like a good health food store. Some Stevia is contaminated with Aspartame and similar poisons.

Namaste, Om

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Carol (Oakland, Ca. Usa) on 03/16/2013

After spinal fusion surgery in 2011, the big toe on my right foot felt numb and still does. Now, it feels like a tendon is pulling it upward and the blood vessels on the top of the foot buldge and go up. Anyone had this and if so, what did you take? Thank you.

Magnesium Oil, Chlorophyll   0  0   

Posted by Karen (Idaho, Usa) on 10/20/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  14 years ago I suffered a terrible head/neck/shoulder/brachial plexus injury from a head-on car accident. After many years of surgeries, years of prescription meds, therapy etc. my right arm remains nearly 70% paralyzed and I battle pain and spasms everywhere from the neck down continually. Sometimes I can barely walk. One particular remnant of my injuries is that for all these years since my injury my fingers have not wrinkled in water as they used to prior to the accident. My doctor said it is because of the nerve damage. He said that is how they can tell sometimes if a person has a nerve problem, they soak their hands in water. With all my other aches, pains and spasms this however was the least of my problems, and didn't affect my life, just an observation of the change.

Three years ago I met a person who changed my life. He was a walking miracle (another story) and he inspired me to seek a life change through nutrition and natural remedies. In the course of my trying many things I came across an article on the benefits of Magnesium and so bought me a bottle and started taking them daily. I also bought a bottle of concentrated chloropyll and put several drops in my juice daily. If I can remember right, it was about 2 weeks later that I was taking a shower and noticed my fingers felt funny. I looked at them and saw something I hadn't seen in years... Wrinkled skin! This was a clear sign to me that my nerves had improved after all those years. But, as we sometimes do, I got side-tracked with life the past year and got away from my healthy regime and my symptoms all worsened and again my fingers stopped wrinkling.

About three weeks ago I returned to using magnesium and eating healthy and today my fingers started wrinkling again in water! I am now going to up my magnesium intake and start using the Magnesium Oil to see if I can make further improvements. This tells me it's helping my nerves... I'm hoping the Magnesium Oil will help my spasms and pain. I still have the partial paralysis but I hold out hope that I'm very close to finding the solution or combination of solutions. Although this is my first post, I have been browsing this site almost night and day since I found it and have shared it with all my friends.

Replied by Gina
Waxahachie, Texas

Hi there- I have a friend who is partially paralyzed due to a scuba accident about 12 years ago. Do you think your regime would work for him? His damage is in the lower spinal column and affects everything below the waist. Thanks! Gina
Replied by Ali
Poplar Grove, Illinois

I'm working on healing from nerve damage. I look at med. studies a lot. Check out gingko biloba for helping to heal nerves. Also a mushroom called Lion's Mane. Also make sure you take a good B complex, folic acid (I use Folapro) and check out Boswellia. And most recently I read about something called Ashitaba. I think that's how it's spelled. You can check it out on the web. God bless!!! :) Ali <><

Nerve Damage Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Gareth (Craigavon, Northern Ireland) on 09/08/2013

My wife had an operation to remove a disk from her back at L5 S1 as it was causing severe compression. Before surgery she was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome. She had numb left leg and foot, no bowel or bladder control or sexual feeling and obviously severe back pain.

Following surgery, back pain has reduced greatly so she can walk now though hips are sore, still numb up the front of left leg starting at 2nd toe from left in and back of calf. Bladder control has returned and can feel bowel movement but she says it feels like her anus is "dropping" each time.

She is fearful atm as no sexual feeling has returned as yet, still completely numb, saddle anestesia I think it's called.

She's scared it will stay like that and there will be no more children or sexual pleasure. Is there anything anyone can advise that would help with nerve damage of this type?

Thanks, G

Replied by David
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Gareth,

Your wife's diagnosis of "Cauda Equina" is often associated with demyelination of the nerves in the dorsal and sciatic vertebra. And a scan of the relationship between Cauda Equina and viruses is replete. In fact, MS is well known to have at its heart a viral triger along with heavy metal toxcity. (There are other possible causes... Genetic predisposition... but even with that, a malevolent virus could still be the triger.)

In the case of Cauda Equina your wife has a likely virus instigator. In northern Europe Cauda Equina is known to be instigated by a tick-born encephalitis virus... 3, 000 cases yearly. Or Paget's Disease which can be at the heart of Cauda Equina (the condition) and Paget's which is the disease. In the case of Paget's, which can cause Cauda Equina, Paget's can be caused, in turn, by a "slow virus infection" like "Respiratory syncytial Virus" or "Canine distemper Virus" such are called "paramyxovirus" which are present years before symptoms. (Cite: American Journal of Neuroradiology, May '06, a study from Finland)

These viruses cause the nerve root demyelination. (Demyelination is the destruction of the myelin sheath... the sheath being the coating that protects the nerve.)

Treatment: To rebuild the myelin sheath I take sphengolin which is myelin. But first or at the same time I must kill the virus. Colloidal Silver taken over many months... Two tablespoons three times daily. I use at high PPM. Some store brands sell the CS that has a low PPM and I do not adhere to their effectiveness. I make my own. Find a source or get your health food store to order some high PPM silver. (I take it weekly, and have not turned blue! )

Also very importan in this program is to rebuild the nerve connections killed by the virus: Take four tablets of Calcium AEP (google "Nutritional Review") and read the article. AEP (more than calcium) establishes electrical pathways on the cellular level. Really, Really.... Get the AEP on line... it's cheap and you must have it to rebuild the electrical pathways and overcome the damage done by the virus.

I first read about AEP from Adkins book "Vita Nutrients" and he absolutely adored AEP using it in IVs in his MS patients! I have used it successfully in dealing with MS flare ups when neuropathy pain is severe... Doubling the dossage to eight or ten tablets daily. Get Adkins' book. Still a classic. (Robert Adkins of course.)

Replied by Karen

I read your post @ Calcium AEP and read many things about it... There are many kinds with many formulas on the market with many different prices... Confusing... Do you know enough about it to recommend a brand? I don't want to waste $ on the wrong kind. Thank you for reading.
Replied by David
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Karen, I get my AEP from different sources, Wellness Resources, Vitamin Research... A number listed on the internet. AEP is the same, so should be "fungible"... AEP = AEP. If you haven't googled "Calcium AEP Nutrition Review" you should. Except for the NATURAL Vitamin E (NOT synthetic) Cal AEP is the most important nutrient I take.

Then in order: CoQ10, magnesium, Arginine, IP6, B complex, Vit C, Vit D, Hawthorn, Feverfew(anti migraine), potassium, phosphatidyl choline, Omega 3, acetyl l carnitine, extra sub B-12, three tablespoons of colloidal silver (home made) three times weekly to ward off microbes. And... Well, I do take more but the AEP works to keep the cells functioning properly. That's why it is so important; but the list of diseases AEP can combat is extraordinary.

There are so many good ideas for health that I've picked up over the years; constant reading and that's why EARTH CLINIC is a God send. So many folks jointly sharing their experiences... This site is SO fun. And so important.

For instance, if one is trying to find help on Hep B or C, then you can read the posts of the great Oscar who articulates the use of BHT. Or you can read the outstanding posts of "Ted from Bangkok"... All these thinking people from around the world. Just hundreds of gurus that would have only shared their knowledge in small confines, yet Earth Clinic opens the door to the world for everyone.

Have you learned the benefits of DMSO? Just a few things can change a person's life for the better... often life savers.

Well, excuse me... I'm feeling really "vital" today and am just exuding joy. Thankful for being healthy and happy.

Today is my birthday. Some what surprised to be doing so well in my mid sixties. Compared to so many of my peers, I'm in really super shape. Agile, quick, still sharp mentally. Muscle structure still toned. Not one prescription drug. (Some spinal curviture following two auto accidents. ) I attribute the good conditioning in great part to my systematic nutrient program. Started it 40 years ago... first with natural Vitamin E and then expanded the supplements to cover a broad range of nutrients that touch on every part of the system.

I'm constantly looking for a new or helpful assent in my quiver of arrows that I can shoot to accomplish a specific purpose. To me it's an adventure; given that I am sharing my information with those who need help. Since we are given our bodies, I hold, from God, we are under an obligation to take care of his gift to us.

Replied by Mimi
Morrow, Ga

Hi David is PPM of 550 too high of Collidal Silver? Are you taking it daily or weekly? You mentioned 3'xs a day. How much?

Nerve Foods   0  0   

Posted by Ada (Europe) on 04/26/2013

Hi, Does anybody know of any foods etc that are goood for strong nerves. I not talking about nervousness, as such. I know that b12 is good for nerve health but I am wondering if there are any any foods that can help to keep nerves strong/healthy.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

I know low magnesium can cause depressiona and mental disorders and tension and chocolate and coffee cravings are a sign of deficiency. I would take minerals in balance with vitamins for optimal nerve health

When all else fails.. MR. GOODBAR to the rescue!

Replied by Someone
Somewhere, USA

Yes, are you taking cholesterol lowering drugs? They are problematic for nerve health because nerves need nice cholesterol coatings to function properly. Healthy fats like coconut oil, fish oil, egg yokes etc and avoiding cholesterol lowering drugs if you are on any.
Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

Dr. Batmanghelidj wrote in his watercure books that the body makes cholesterol to line the walls of arteries to keep water from getting out. Like clay in the hole in the dam. Normally if there is enough water coming into the system the body doesn't freak out and make extreme measures to hoard supplies, like salt and water. Dehydration is caused by lack of water intake, too many diuretics , like coffee or not enough salt and electrolytes to hold the water in the places it belongs.

The body also uses cholesterol to make hormones.

Love to read the works of Dr. Batman , very interesting.

Neurofribromatosis   0  0   

Posted by Jessie (Pretoria, South Africa) on 10/23/2014

My name is Jessie. I am a south african citizen. I do have the neurofribromatosis diseases which they are now a lot on my body, am 41years now and it is stressing too much, it is really affecting my life.

Numbness   0  0   

Posted by Ilovesrq (Sarasota, Florida, USA) on 09/16/2012

I am hoping someone can help me. About 3 weeks ago I noticed a numb feeling on the top of my left and then on my left ankle/shin area. Not tingling, just numbish. Sometimes it is on my top lip, then it might move to bottom lip, but it is always on my Left hand and left ankle.

I was taking thyroid and Bio Identical Hormones and I went to another Dr and he said to stop all of it as he felt I didn't need the thyroid and he wanted to test the hormones. I am a 45 yr old vegan. I have upped my B12 dosage and the new Dr is ordering blood work for B 12 levels. He didn't make my next appt until 5 weeks. So meanwhile, I suffer with this numb hand and foot. The numbness did start about 1 week after I started the cream for hormones.

I do not have health insurance for MRI's or anything like that and I prefer to stay as natural as I can. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank You so much!

Replied by Talisa
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I read in your comment that you are taking vitamin B12 and you have since increased your dosage. I had a doctor once inform me that taking B-vitamins in excess can create problems. According to the doctor, B-vitamins will 'stick/adhere' to the nerves causing numbness/loss of sensation/tingling.

Pudendal Neuralgia   0  0   

Posted by Janis (Bloomington, Mn) on 10/29/2014

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas to help a person suffering from Pudendal Neuralgia. My sister has been dealing with this for years now and has tried almost everything for relief. But I know she is open to suggestions, so please post!

Sensory Nerve Damage Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Marie (Europe) on 05/27/2013

Hi, Does anybody know of anything you can rub on the skin for sensory nerve damage. I am wondering is there any thing which may have nerve healing/rejuvenating properties when applied topically onto the skin. The pain is quite intense. Thank you in advance.

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Marie, so sorry about this pain. Nerve pain is very uncomfortable, and can be incapacitating.

St. John's Wort is a good herbal tonic for nerve pain. I don't know if you could find a salve with St. John's Wort in it to apply topically? Or you could drink St. John's Wort tea.

I have had nerve pain in other forms (neuropathy and sciatica) which have responded well to natural treatments. The neuropathy (for which the doctor said there was no cure but pain meds, which is not a cure. ) But mine did heal in three months with consistant use of Burdock Root. I took 3-4 capsules with meals 3x a day. Burdock root is a food in some countries and very safe. For the sciatica I have used peppermint essential oil topically. You can apply it many times a day. It sounds too simple, but it really does help. Recently I had a bad bout of sciatica and used a combination of peppermint and cistus essential oil (preblended in an essential oil mix specifically for sciatica. ) It helped a lot.

Lots of water is always important for everyone. Some people find relief from nerve problems with Blackstrap Molasses. 1 T. Morning and evening. Won't hurt and might help. Hope you get relief and healing soon!

Replied by Marie

Hi Mama to Many, Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Could you post a link to the burdock supplements that you purchased or if you even if you have the brand name that I could look up online. Burdock is not something that I am familiar with and am just wondering what would you need to look for when purchasing Burdock root, ie are there any specific requirements. Do you know if this can be taken with medication. With regards to the peppermint, I had read that it was good for nerve pain and purchased some peppermint oil supplements, but when I got it home I saw that it contained soya so I didn't take it. Does yourself or anyone else know if peppermint can cause neurotoxicity issues, as the link below kind of is putting me off peppermint supplements, however I may apply topically.

Did your peppermint oil regime cure your problem or do you still apply it occasionally, also what ratio did you use with the oils.

Thankyou again for your reply.

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Dear Marie, Because I was taking so much Burdock Root, I bought the organic root, dried and powdered and made my own capsules. (I have a little capsule maker. ) I think I probably bought some initially that were pre-made capsules. I like to buy from places that have lots of reviews and can find brands that people have used a lot with success. My dried root came from mountain rose herbs. Burdock should not interfere with medications. It is considered a food by some cultures.

Regarding Peppermint Oil, I do recommend using organic oil as apparently in Peppermint Essential Oil, the toxins from sprayed peppermint are more concentrated than in most oils. I do not dilute it to use directly on the skin. It IS strong. Once you have it on your hands you do not want to touch your eyes or mouth. You could test a small area to see how sensitive you are to it. You could dilute it 1:1 with coconut oil or olive oil. Or dilute it more if it is still too strong. Also, because peppermint is a stimulant, you wouldn't want to cover a very large area of skin (like all of your legs or your whole trunk or something) as I think that can increase your blood pressure. Peppermint oil should not be used with homeopathic medications as it can interfere wtih that. I am not aware of it interefering with other medications. If you are concerned, you could use it at different times of the day than you use medications.

As far as it being neurotoxic, my understanding is that epileptics should not use it, but it is considered to be a nerve stimulant and indicated for that.

is where I read about it being used for nerve issues (except epilepsy. ) The lady who wrote this is very knowlegeable and careful about use of oils. She has used peppermint personally to heal health problems, not just treat symptoms.

Hope that helps!

Mama to Many

Replied by Marie

Hi Mama to Many, Thanks for the information. I will look into buying some of the products that you recommended.

Side Effects   0  0   

Posted by Ann (Europe) on 04/20/2014

HI I am currently taking nerve pain medication. However, lately I am experiencing extreme burning with it - ever since the price has been slashed. I am wondering if anyone knows how to counteract this, as I need the pill. Thanks.

Spina Bifida   0  0   

Posted by Lucille (Chiefland, Florida, United States) on 01/23/2012

Hello to the EarthClinic community. I am writing on behalf of my sister who suffers from Spina Bifida (lipomyelomenlingocele). As it went undiagnosed until she was in her 40's, severe damage had been incurred. Her spine tethered for the third time, cannot be untethered. She has had a urostomy and a colostomy, she is on a very limited diet and has suffered pseudo membranous colitis. Hypertension as well and a host of other debilitating problems. She has spent all these years with specialists in various fields affiliated with the best hospitals for care that she could possibly hope for. Still yet, there has been no relief, no answers.

Today, the Spina Bifida field has made great strides in helping children, but beyond a certain age, not much can be done. At 65 years of age, she now finds she is in so much pain; pain to sit, stand and to lie down is almost impossible. Different types of beds have been tried with no success. She keeps on seeking answers for relief of the severe pain which is from head to toe. I guess I'm reaching out here to see if there is anyone on this site who is an adult with spina bifida and perhaps would have some ideas. If we could just find answers for the pain. Medications given her do not work. Thank you -

Replied by Mvo
Jhb, Rsa

I am sorry your sister is suffering such discomfort - please look up and try EFT (emotional freedom techniques) - it may offer her some relief.
Replied by Lucille
Chiefland, Florida, United States

Thank you very much for your recommendation of Emotional Freedom Techniques. I shall check into it.
Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

Lucille- Suggest you go to , log-in and do a Search, and finally ask Moreless for help.
Replied by Amél
Friday Harbor, Wa. USA

You might try Quantum Touch which is healing with pure energy, coming from a practitioner or even one's self. You can find web sites on this practice, taught and written by Richard Gordon.

On the web site you will find listings of practitioners you can contact, for anywhere in the U. S. and beyond. You can call them. Some will do Distant Energy Healing.

This therapy has healed everything from tooth ache to mis-aligned spines, leg bones, even out of place skull seams. It just may be the miracle that will give you back your healthy pain-free life.

With Love, am ƒ ©l.

Replied by Alex
Allendale, Nj

You may want to try CieAura Transparent Holographic Chips and place them accordingly according to advise of the experts along the spine and meridian points. The company should be able to tell you of certain accupuncture practitioners who use them and could advise you in person or over webcam where to place them on her body. She would be using the pain chips.

Also I would do some research and find the best medical hypnosis therapist you can preferably someone who has extensive experience in using it as an alternative to anaesthesia or pain medication. My friend who did hypnosis for years got a woman to wiggle her toes by doing a few phone sessions with her and btw the the doctor said this was impossible because the nerves to the feet were severed in an accident... He decided to control the situation and no longer let her get sessions. Just pointing out here that there are skilled therapists out there but you will have to look into more alternative like I suggested.

Also consider Low dose Naltrexone as it might at least help with some of her other many conditions that have formed.

There is also Neuromodulation Technique. NMT. That could have some effect as it works directly on the Autonomic Nervous System.


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