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Natural Remedies to Treat Tinnitus

Last Modified on Jul 22, 2015

Natural remedies can offer relief from tinnitus (ringing in the ears), a condition that affects nearly 1 in every 5 people. As it is not a condition itself but rather a symptom, identifying the underlying cause often helps guide treatment. Nonetheless, several nutritional supplements offer relief from the condition, such as alpha lipoic acid, gingko biloba and apple cider vinegar.

What is Tinnitus?

Defined as a ringing, sizzling or other noise in the ear, tinnitus is a symptom of underlying conditions. The ringing may be caused by age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder. The condition may also be a result of exposure to loud noise, earwax blockage, changes in the ear bones or several diseases.

Natural Treatments to Relieve Ringing in the Ears

As tinnitus is often the result of cellular damage to the ear, replenishing those cells is often the focus of treatment. Nutritional supplements including alpha lipoic acid and gingko biloba are often effective. Antifungal remedies including apple cider vinegar are also generally effective.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is considered a vitamin-like chemical that functions as an antioxidant. As such, the substance treats cell damage in the body by restoring vitamin levels including vitamin E and C. The substance has also been shown to improve the function and conduction of neurons, which help transfer signals in the brain.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is an herbal remedy known to treat a number of health conditions including tinnitus. Gingko plays a part in improving blood circulation, which contribute to the better functioning of the ears. The seeds also contain antibacterial and antifungal properties that help eliminate underlying infection that may be contributing to the condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an antifungal and anti-inflammatory agent. When taken as a tonic daily, the vinegar works to alkalize the body and balance the natural levels in the body. This process eliminates underlying infection as well as any fungus that may be contributing to the condition.

A common problem that generally worsens with age, tinnitus is often uncomfortable and frustrating. While identifying the underlying cause is typically required prior to treatment, natural remedies and nutritional supplements are generally effective for treating tinnitus that results from a variety of means.

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Most Popular Tinnitus Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar10
Lymphatic Drainage Massage3
Hydrogen Peroxide3

User Reviews

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Alpha Lipoic Acid   1  1   

Posted by Victor (Tarrytown, New York, USA) on 05/13/2012

[YEA]  Alpha Lipoic Acid pills for Tinnitus: I am so excited about my recent cure for my more than 10-years of hearing what souds like a steam radiator valve whistle in both ears almost continuously, with some days better than others, but never complete relief, until this week, after adding 200 milligrams of Alpha-lipoic acid to my daily intake of vitamins, minerals and other supplements about 3 to 4 weeks ago.

While I could be wrong, its certainly worth trying if you have been suffering for any period of time with tinnitus.

Replied by Kaz
Launceston, Tasmania

I live in Australia, and am desperate to try anything that might help my tinnitus. Mine is like a lawn mower humming off in the background. What do I buy that has this in it?? Do I just go to the chemist and get it?
Replied by Liz
Boston, Massachusetts

Alpha Lipoic Acid isn't an additive in a supplement. It's sold separately (the bottle will say Alpha Lipoic Acid). You should be able to find it in the vitamin/supplement section of any large store or pharmacy. Hope it does the trick for you.
Replied by Joleneal
Phenix City, Al

I take ALA for my numbness due to my diabetes. I take 300 mg a day. Unfortunately, it is sporadic as I sometimes blow off my supplements on the weekend. It hasn't touched my tinnitus yet - but it just started a month ago and I have not been consistent in my supplement intake.

However, the 1st ENT I went to said it was a nerve issue, and ALA is support for nerves. So, I'm going to double my dose and see what happens.

Replied by Woodman
Salem, Oregon

[NAY]   I have been taking ALA for several months now for neuropathy in my feet - but I have tinnitus as well. The ALA has done NOTHING for the tinnitus...FYI.
Replied by Andrea C

Hi Valium/ Diazapam, all Benzodiazepines are well documented for causing tinnitus, or any sort of noises in the ''head'' or ringing etc in the ears. This will also be true of Benzodiazepines withdrawal as well. If you're on any Medications, chances are the Meds are the actual cause. as it's a common side effect of many Pharmaceutical's and even natural ones. If it turns out to be the Medicines, and you want to stop them due to any other side effects, then please be careful as certain one's GOT to be tapered down as too fast can cause its own problems.

And never ever stop Benzodiazepines or Z Drugs abruptly, it's highly dangerous and can cause seizures leading to a broken neck, death.

Also natural remedies that raise serotonin should be tapered as these have the same effect as pharmaceuticals like Prozac, Trazadone, Amyltrptyline , etc. And you will get withdrawal symptoms.

Love Andrea C xxxxx

Replied by Spencer
Ames, Iowa

But natural serotinin substances such a l-tryptophan do not cause tinnitus, not according to the authority on this subject, Neil Bauman (whose list of 550 drugs and herbs that may be a cause is available free online).
Replied by Diver
Bern, Switzerland

Hi. My doctor explained two types of Tinnitus:

1-The one caused by inter ear damage and

2-The one caused by brain's wrongly interpretation (possible inner brain problems).

So for which one ALA or ACV type solutions are helping. Only ear related one? thank you.

Apple Cider Vinegar   10  2   

Posted by Joel B. (Hawaii) on 06/10/2015

[YEA]  I had this Tinnitus for about a year now and it was driving me crazzzzzzzzzzzzy! I think mine was triggered by a Wi-Fi device that seemed to have a particularly strong signal. I did not have this problem before I moved to a new home which had this Wi-Fi. Anyway, that was the start of it, then I moved to a new place and there was no Wi-fi signal, but the condition got worse! I hear the "whooshing" pulse and a few different ringing frequencies. My hearing is impaired and I thought I was going deaf, I can't hear any of the smaller sounds, and I get frustrated talking to people because I am unable to hear a lot of what they say. Anyway after dealing with this for way too long, I finally came here to Earth Clinic.

Upon reading about ACV. I tried it. It worked almost immediatly!!! I am so impressed. I think the causitive factors for this condition can be many, but it is also in large part because there are too many "organisms" inside the ear. They cause swelling and intefere with the normal ear functioning. The ACV. in the ear is anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory so it works.

I used about a 70% ACV - 30% water solution. I put it in a clean small dropper bottle, and put about 1/2 dropper in each ear. The cool thing was that after I cleared out my right ear with a paper towel there was all this brown stuff on the towel. The left ear was mostly clear. I did this treatment twice a day for about 4 days and now there is no more Brown stuff coming out!!! All clear. I have to be honest, the ringing is not totally gone but it is so much better. I am very impressed with this simple remedy ACV!!!

Aloha from the big island of Hawaii!

Posted by Monika (United Kingdom) on 02/20/2015

Hello everyone. I've recently came across this website. I've got my tinnitus since May 2014. Just trying ACV. It's my first day. Had one tsp with cup of water 3 times. Put few drops in each ear. Will see how it goes tomorrow and will carry on anyway. Fingers crossed. If it won't help it will improve my digestion problems at least :)

Replied by Art
California, US

If the ACV doesn't help, NAC may be an alternative worth considering according to the following article: Deserves a hearing.pdf

Replied by Mark
New Jersey, Usa

Monika, how did it do? Did it work?

Posted by Caitlin (Ausin, Tx) on 01/30/2015

[YEA]  I woke up tired, listless, with a horrible headache and the worst tinnitus I've ever had. By the way, my tinnitus is usually constant - less prevalent sometimes; more at other times.

After testing various foods that I'm allergic to yet still eat occasionally, I've found the culprits of my constant ear-ringing: wheat and milk (low grade tinnitus), nuts (high) and diet sugars (extremely high).

Last night, I made almond meal brownies, using lots of diet sugar and milk chocolate chips -- I'd stopped making these but because my husband loves them and asks for them, I occasionally make them for him. I had 5 small cookies. The tinnitus began just before I went to bed.

Here's what I did this morning: I diluted a dropper-full of ACV in 1/4 cup of water and put in both my ears -- no difference detected after 30 minutes. Next, I went with a few drops of straight ACV down each ear. Results: Tinnitus in left ear is totally gone; Tinnitus in right ear lessened to about 70%. Whooopeee! After finding the cause, FINALLY I've found, if not a cure, at least a relief! The cure, it seems, is to stop eating what I'm allergic to even when I'm cooking for others!

Until those allergens leave my body, I plan to spend the day drinking a teaspoon of ACV in every glass of water and, using the straight ACV drops (drained out after a minute), particularly before bed because the constant ringing keeps me from entering deeper sleep. I hope this helps other tinnitus sufferers! Caitlin

Replied by Rachel
Hendersonville, Tn


Are you still having success with dropping the ACV directly into your ears? I have had tinnitus for 12 years, but in the last several months, it has randomly got worse and the popping in my ears bugs me really bad! I have an appointment with a new ENT in my area, but I'm desperate for some relief! ACV looks to be the only natural remedy that works for multiple sufferers. So, I'm going to give it a try.

Posted by Geritol68 (Hattiesburg, Ms) on 10/10/2014

Regarding ACV for Tinnitus in Vietnam Vet:

Hello All!

I found out about 15 yrs ago that I had Tinnitus. It is a horrible ringing, vibrating, debilitating condition. I woke up one morning with it. I begged the doctor to rupture my ear drum. I've been through pain, but this was unreal. I now am seeing it in my other ear. Loud noises are the worst. I have not tried anything other than prescribed steroids and meds from doctors. I struggle daily with this. Any suggestions on how I use the ACV? There are no tumors and of course, the ear drum is too close to the brain for surgery. The by-product of loud noises after all these years. Since I am unfamiliar, I am just requesting some home remedies. Any help would be appreciated and utilized. It is worth a try. Thank you all in advance. There are people institutionalized with Sudden Hearing Loss. I pray for all who suffer with this.

Replied by Mama To Many Donate


Dear Geritol68,

If you want to try Apple Cider Vinegar, try to find a raw and organic one. Then put a teaspoon of it in a glass of water. Drink this twice a day. You could work your way up to a Tablespoon in a glass of water twice a day.

I would also put peroxide in the ears twice a day. If there is any wax involved it will help and will also help if there is infection.

If after a few weeks you notice no improvement, try something else on the pages here. Because there are a number of causes, the cures will not be the same for everyone.


Please let us know how things go! I hope the vinegar is the solution for you!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Drbrown (Ohio, US) on 09/30/2014

[YEA]  I developed some left ear ringing, though mine was a very low pitched hum. It sounded like a large truck was running inside my head. Really annoying when it was quiet. This was going on for about 2 weeks.

I mixed around a tea spoon of braggs organic ACV with a tiny bit of orange juice (can't stand the taste of ACV alone). Did this an hour before breakfast, then an hour after dinner. Woke up today and it was 95% better. If it's completely silent I still barely get the low humming. I did one more dose today. I will stop taking ACV now and see if it comes back. I definitely do not think it was coincidence that the humming stopped though. I've used ACV for other ailments as recommended by this site and had good success. I think everyone should implement this stuff into their diet in some small way.

Posted by Vinusha (Melbourne, Australia) on 11/26/2013

Hi,?I was just wondering how long it will take to ease away.. I went to the movies on the 5th floor and there was pressure and loud noise and my tinnitus has never been any higher before. I saw this remedy, I have been trying it, I must say: it has gone down just a tiny tiny bit.

Posted by Jnell (Lumby, Bc, Canada) on 04/04/2013

[YEA]  Tinnitus: Just over 1 month ago I started taking 1tsp of ACV in 8oz of filtered water 3x a day, after learning about it being a possible cure on here. I wasn't sure that it would work but thought I would give it a shot being as it is inexpensive and all natural ... I now have ZERO ringing or static sounds in my ear!!! This is just Amazing!!!

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Jnell, for how long had you had the tinnitus?
Replied by Jnell
Lumby, BC

Nearly a year, it was awful!

Posted by Sherif (Cairo, Egypt) on 03/15/2012

I'm tinnitus sufferer 4yrs ago, I'm member of lot of tinnintus groups at face book. One person had T 3YRS AGO. SHE USED ANTIFUNGAL for nails containing apple cider vinegar and the tinnitus disappear completely.

Replied by David
Ixtapa, Mexico

How did she use the cider, just on her nails, did she drink it, etc?
Replied by North Carolina Resident
Raleigh, Nc

So I think I have tinnitus or at least a ringing in my left ear only, from shootings firearms at our farm. Yes they were not protected I know I was stupid. It's been ringing for a few weeks almost a month now. My friend's ears have been ringing over a year now from the same thing. Both ears for him and If it works for me it might work for him.

I've been taking 2 tablespoons of ACV in a cup followed by a big cup of warm tea. Should I drink 8oz? or Dilute it? If anyone has any information on what I should do PLEASE EMAIL ME at alexuzzell6991(at)

Replied by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa

For TINNITIS- I have not yet tried this, but came across a CD online for healing through sound therapy. One of the CD's was for tinnitis, and one man was healed using it. It said sound healing is the wave of the future.

I am not unconvinced that this has something to do with high frequency sound waves sent through cell towers or something.

Just an idea. By the way, I have tinnitis also, and plan to try it, so will let you-all know how it works out with me. --T.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Wayseeker, did your tinnitus ever go away yet? You mentioned something about sound CDs for it.
Replied by Dianne
Ft Lauderdale, Fl

Hi all, I have been using the organic cider vinegar it has the mother in it, it has help with arthritis but the ringing in my ear tonight sounds like steam, very loud. I don't notice it when I have the hearing aids in when I take them off. So to get some sleep I'm putting them back in. Would like to try the CDs I'll try any thing for relief.
Replied by Judy
Phoenix, Arizona

[NAY]   What's happening across the board after Smart Meters are installed removing the safer mechanical analogs we once had on our homes, the pulsing of radiation throughout our homes (up to 190K times per day) is causing high pitched ringing in the ears. It's amplified by the amount of cell / receptor towers also being installed throughout our communities. It's EMF (electro-magnetic field) overload. It's jolting people awake as the utility companies download the data (data dumps) during the middle of the night. People are also complaining of being woken up generally on the hour. If our bodies don't get at least 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, our bodies don't heal and our immune systems are depleted. Smart Meters are not mandatory so you can have an analog placed back on. Make sure it isn't a "trojan" analog, I.e., it still transmits data. Ringing in the ears is the least of health symptoms due to Smart Meters. Check out ~

EMF Safety Network | Protecting people, children, communities, and nature from electrical pollution

Electrical Pollution Solutions

Replied by Kelly

I'm sorry, but I respectfully disagree w/Judy. Tinnitus has been around for centuries, long before 'smart meters' and even electricity.

Tinnitus is more likely due to fungal infections or heavy metal issues, not EMFs.

Posted by Linda (Palm Springs, Ca) on 09/05/2010

Hi and Thank you for having this posting. I recently had my plugged ears cleaned. Have had some adrenal issues and am taking naturopathic minerals for this condition. I also have experienced "inner ear ringing", or tinnitus, if you so choose. I try not to label ailments. Do you know if ACV is helpful for this condition? Ringing is usually at night. Should I take it right before bed time? How many times per day can I do so? Thank you,

Replied by Lisa
Lafayette, La

Linda, are you of the premenopausal or perimenopausal age group? I am reading an awesome book on women in this age range and tinnitus is often caused by hormone fluctuations associated with such. Try over the counter progesterone cream, USP bioidentical, NOT yam extract. Research a little on it. It makes a lot of things right again with women around general age of 30 and beyond.
Replied by Kristy
Sugar Land, Tx

Have you tried taking the faucet test?

The faucet test involves the following. You stand near the sink and turn the water faucet on fully. Many people with tinnitus are unable to hear tinnitus sounds while standing near or close to running or falling water. One other way is to perform this test while in the shower. If either of these provide some relief then you would likely benefit from technique known as ?masking?.

Many trust a technique known as ?masking? that uses white noise to silence or make the ringing less noticeable or transparent.

This is treatment option is commonly used while undergoing other treatment options.

Replied by Mark
San Francisco

Thanks the running faucet test was brilliant.

My chronic tinninitus flared-up after after recent exposure to noise, combined with a bad cold. I turned on the faucet and found the masking provided instant relief.

Based on that I started looking for water sounds on youtube. Wave sounds did not work but rain sounds did. Lots of people have posted things like 10 hours of Rain on Youtube. I'm running it in stereo in my office now and what a big help.

I'm also trying the vinegar and honey combination. Not sure if this will reduce what I hope is a temporary flareup of tinninitus but the rain/water sounds are big help.

Replied by Clare

I just tried the youtube rain sounds. It actually made my ear ringing sound worse.

Posted by Betty (Scottsdale, Arizona, Usa) on 11/01/2009

[YEA]  I was going to visit my doctor about tinnitis..a whorling sound in my right ear that didn't go away in over a week. I tried 1 tbl spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed half with water and viola! I awoke this morning normal again. No more phantom sounds in my ear. AMAZING!

Replied by Emery
Los Angeles, California, United States

I've been have this ringing on my right ear for more than a week, Its my 3rd time this morning trying the acv remedy. I put 2 tbl of acv in 8oz of water and 1tbls of honey...I'm not noticing any progress at all. So want to know if I'm doing anything wrong or should I try it differently. Please help! I'm frustrated with my ear!
Replied by Emery
Los Angeles, California, United States

I've been have this ringing on my right ear for more than a week, Its my 3rd time this morning trying the acv remedy. I put 2 tbl of acv in 8oz of water and 1tbls of honey...I'm not noticing any progress at all. So want to know if I'm doing anything wrong or should I try it differently. Please help! I'm frustrated with my ear!
Replied by Heather
Ortonville, Michigan, Usa

I have been a Tinitis sufferer for a few years now and only realized that is what I had after researching here. I had only heard of the ringing symptom and the loud noise cause. I have a a very unnerving vibration that feels like it is going through the base of my skull and I am pretty sure mine is caused from combination of too many prescription drugs. I was prescribed Topomax, Soma, and Klonopin at the same time. My left ear is already compromised from a lifetime of chronic ear infections and have had the ear drum blow out at least three times, so lots of damage and scar tissue. I do not believe there is a cure for it, however I have found you can relieve it temporarily with some of the "cures" on this site and I am here today to tell you one of my own I have stumbled upon. If you suffer from this you know how desperate one becomes. Simply sticking your finger in your ear helps and stuffing it with cotton can help to sleep, or laying on the side that is the worst if you have it in one ear like me. The biggest relief for me though that surprised me is tucking your head in towards your chest. Makes sense if you think of basic anatomy and where your eustacian tube is etc that this helps. Keep your back kind of straight as possible and tuck your chin in toward your chest and see what happens. I hope it gives some relief to someone else if only for a short time, and for some rest! Blessings to you all!
Replied by Squiqwe
Cortland, Oh

have you tried zinc? It has cut down my ringing 80%.
Replied by Cat
Austin, Tx

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Hi Heather: I tried the head to the chest method and it brought the loud tinitis ringing I woke up with went down to a very low buzz. THANKS! I have come to the conclusion that tinitis is a direct result of what we put into our mouths that we are allergic to. Yesterday afternoon I had sour cream and eggs, two things I am allergic to. Before bed, my ears began ringing. I woke up to a loud, persistent ring and a swollen neck with lots of mucus. I immediately did your head to chest solution and ringing eased CONSIDERABLY. Took two straight TBLsp of ACV and wiped my neck with ACV and my swollen neck is going down. Later today I will take a tsp of VCO & 1/4 tsp cayenne for further aid.
Replied by Cb
Crescent City, Ca

I just wanted to say that the ear ringing must not all be from the same cause. My husband and I were both in the same room together both on our computers when BAM both of us said wow my ears are ringing, that was like 6 months ago and the combination of weird ringing hissing and swooshing has gotten louder and louder! What ever caused this hit both at the same time! BTW apple cider vinegar totally cured my acid reflux I had for years! I took it in water after every meal and at night now I don't need it took about 6 weeks been cured for a year!
Replied by Priya
Oroville, Wa

[YEA]   I came to this site just last night. I have been experiencing ringing in my ear for 2 days. Started with a sore throat then went to my right ear. Prior to this I was having a low in and out humming happening for months. Went to get my hearing checked and all was good. I'm 58 and in good health I keep active. Last night I took my first dose of ACV in water 2 Tblsp with 8 oz of water, Organic _____s brand. It help some the noise isn't as loud. I took my second dose this morning and going for my 3rd. I also did a ear coning to help pull the ear wax out. I did this this morning. It's easy with help and feels fine. My right ear had 2X's as much wax in as my left. Hears to hearing better, even if I still am a bit off centered. I'll continue to do this along with taking Tumeric with black pepper it helps to assimulate the tumeric. I didn't measure the tumeric I put some in water and on my food last night. I'll let you know the results thanks for having this site.
Replied by Al
Alvena, Sk., Canada

I have tinnitus that sounds like the old television test pattern tone. I believe it was caused by oxaliplatin in chemotherapy as I had previous hearing loss from industrial noise that has not changed and did not have tinnitus before chemo. It seems to be at a volume of 50-60 decibels as that is where I cease to notice it when there is other sound that hides it. I am wondering if anyone has had success using apple cider vinegar for this type of tinnitus. It does not seem to be in my ears-seems to be more in the upper part of my head. I have been told, by a hearing specialist, that tuned hearing aids will eliminate the problem. Again, does anyone have any experience with that. I am taking alpha lipoic acid, B vitamins and acetyl-l-carnitine for neuropathy and it is working great for that but is not helping the tinnitus. Al
Replied by Brandy
Los Angeles, California Usa

With my TMJ, I had sporadic and constant forms of tinnitus for DECADES. After I had 3 molars pulled, the noises were pretty much gone. I knew the the nerves of my jaw were tangled up in the roots of my teeth. Simple change of jaw position was enough to make the transient noises stop.

But now... It's back! I KNOW it is a side effect of medication. It's two separate tones in each ear, so I can really hear it, and it's bad in quiet times.

I'm going to try my white noise machine and see if that helps at night, and I know I need to be more regular with the ACV as a whole, that stuff is like MAGIC! ALA, I dunno, I'll check to see if I CAN take it...

Anyway, folks, also consider your teeth and jaw in the tinnitus equation. I know having teeth pulled is an extreme solution, but if you are facing that anyway, at least there could be more good than bad asociated with the tooth loss!

Posted by J Pan (Langhorne, PA/ USA) on 03/17/2009

[YEA]  Apple Vinegar Cider

Directions: 8 oz apple vinegar cider , microwave 1 min, mix honey, drink all.

Did it for 3 nights, ringing greatly reduced, nearly gone (keeping fingers crossed). Love this site, love the people, more people should post feedback after using it because for me it was a life saver.

Hope I never have to drink this stuff again tho, it almost made me vomit. But would go through the experience 1 million times to be done with the buzzing.

Replied by MARGIE


EC: You are right! No, 8 OZ of apple cider vinegar would be crazy. Typically one would take either 2 teaspoons or 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water...

Replied by J Pan
Langhorne, PA

Oh, I used 8 oz of straight apple vinegar cider. I didn't dilute with any water. As I said, tasted awful, but I was desperate.
Replied by Just Toni
Tempe, AZ

J Pan, could you please say how long you had the ringing in your ears before trying this recipe? Days, months, or years? Did you have a recent exposure to a load noise, concert or guns? Or a cold, some kind of flu? Your further input could be helpful to many suffering souls. By the way is it still almost gone?
Replied by J. Madrigal
Edinburg, Tx

What are the exact measurements for the acv remedy? Is it 8 oz. of apple cider vinegar or 8 oz. of water and 2 tbsps of acv plus the honey? Please respond. Please tell me that this actually works for the tinnitus, I'm really desperate.
Replied by Trinity
Spokane, Wa

Ok, so Im now as we speak trying the apple cidar vinegar for this ringing in my ears. Ringing started last night, usually goes away, but has not this time. i am also trying garlic willow oil in my ear, (only left ear) i have heard the ringing can be caused by bacteria or virus, or biotics being unbalanced after taking antibiotics. I will keep posted on if any of these worked for me. And yes, the 8oz of acv, is by far the most uncomfortable, and unpleasant taste ever!!!!!! the burn, and taste could make you pass out, but if it works, itll be worth it.
Replied by Trinity
Spokane, Wa

Replied by Tricia

Trinity - I sincerely hope you are diluting the acv and that it is not neat. If you aren't it won't be the ringing in your ears that will cause you concern.
Replied by Tricia

Hi Trinity - my last reply was to your first post. When your throat, stomach and bum (I imagine thats suffering too) has settled and you will need to give it a few days. Try again. This time use only 2 tablespoons of the acv in a full (8oz preferably) glass of water. At the most this should be taken 3 times per day. Vinegar of any kind is exceptionally acidic so you may also need to take some acidophilus to balance your insides again. The more water you drink the faster you will recover from what must have been a pretty horrible couple of hours.
Replied by Foxy Golf
Denver, Colorado

FYI while apple cider vinegar is acidic to taste it is actually alkaline to the body. It has many therapeutic properties, apparently including the reduction or cessation of tinitus. Remember to clean your teeth after as the acid will attack the enamel. For those who find it tastes awful, try a teaspoon of honey with the mix
Replied by Lisa
Houston, Texas

[SIDE EFFECTS]   I've had tinnitus for many years. I just started trying the ACV tonic recommended here (2 tsp acv, 8 oz water, honey). Twice/day for 2 days as of yesterday... Yesterday afternoon after a nap, I awoke to severe ringing in my ears. It's usually not that bad and it seemed to get worse as the afternoon, evening went on. I mean, like though I was going to go insane. Also, still woke up with it this morning bad as ever. Does it take a few days to work as in it "stirs up" the noise before calming it down? Also, I understand though it tastes acided, ACV alkalizes the body but have also heard the tonic should include baking soda to "make it alkaline". Thoughts on that please but mainly... If ACV is having no effect and perhaps making tinnitus worse the first few days, is it not going to work for me or should I push through?
Replied by Mvo
Jhb - Rsa

Hi Lisa, I can't answer your question re ACV - what I found helped me was Swedish Bitters, I soaked a bit of cotton wool and put it in my ear and kept it there overnight - I found this advice in Health Through God's Pharmacy written by Maria Treben. Good luck.

Posted by Dan (New York, New York) on 06/25/2007

[YEA]  I got a really bad cold a few days ago, and I could hardly stand not being able to breathe through my nose. Not only that, but the coughing, especially on the second and third days, was unbelievable. Finally my dad told me that he couldn't listen to my cough any more, but I didn't want to take any drugs/medicine. I found this site on Google and, of course, the first thing I saw was to drink Apple Cider Vinegar. I finally found some in the back of a cabinet and put some in a glass with honey. In less than ten minutes my cough had subsided to barely a tickle every five minutes and my nose cleared up so fast I could actually feel it loosening up. Not only that, but ACV also reduced the weird ringing in my ears and helped my upset stomach. I'm not saying that my cold is completely gone, but I'm easily 99% better than I have been in the last month. ACV is definitely the only thing for any kind of illness.

Posted by Tamra on 01/17/2007

[YEA]  In the apple cider vinegar remedy submitted by Gary from O'Fallon, MO he said to put a glass of water in the microwave and add 1 teaspoon honey. There was no mention of acv. Was it supposed to be one glass of acv with one teaspoon honey rather than the water?

Posted by Gary (O'Fallon, MO) on 07/01/2006

[YEA]  I bought some pills that were supposed to increase blood circulation to the inner ear. In the meantime, I started drinking Apple Cider & Honey (which I did years ago) OK. Here's the deal. Still taking the pills. Ringing is back in my ears. BUT, I haven't drank any ACV & Honey for a couple of days. Drank a big glass full this morning & am waiting for that damn noise to go away. Anyone who has never had this can't imagine how irrating it is. A constant squeeling in the ears. Sometimes it changes tones & have had it sound like someone was crushing Acorn Shells. Now U get the idea. I wasn't even aware I fixed it till I noticed "What's Happening" no noise. I have no doubt in my mind this is what made it go away.(ACV) What I do is put a glass of water in the Microwave for 1 minute & then add a teaspoon of honey. WARNING... That combination can take your breath away so go slow with it. After one drinks it for a while, it sort of tastes like a mixed drink. But, as I said"Sip it at first " or a lot of coughing will result. Hope it helps U if U have this problem. GARY. Oh ya, all the Ear Docs say is "That's a tough one to cure" Guess that's why all the Doc's are practicing Medicine. One more.. Thanks for the information on brushing one's teeth as I didn't even think of that.

Replied by Comlexion90309
Ft. Worth, Texas

Ok, so my son seems to have this sickness. I do believe in Apple Cider Vinegar to death. This was medicine before medicine. Now getting my 20 year old son to believe that we can overcome this illness. Tomorrow 12/25/2009 will be the first day he will try ACV, I will wake up and give him two tablespoons to one teaspoon of honey preferably both the oldest raw acv and honey I can find. I promise to give results on his condition asap. My son is in college and we refuse to give up.
Replied by Lisa
Brandon, Florida, Usa

Be careful of the dose. Taking so much all at once before testing on his body to see his tolerance level could undo all that good work you have done. I start with low dose and lots and lots of water. Sometimes detoxing so fast and hard can be painful especially if not used to it.
Replied by Brandy
Los Angeles, California Usa

We had been working in a dusty, musty and moldy area for a few days, and I woke up with a congested feeling neck and sinuses, a sore throat, and swollen glands all down my jaw.

One of my bodyworkers told me to mix a teaspoon of ACV in a smallish glass of warm water and gargle and hold the mix in the back of the throat for as long as you can.

I did so, and although it was still sharp tasting and made me cough a bit at first, I felt better almost immediately, and continued to heal throughout that day. I did not get sick or feel yucky again, and when I awoke a month or so later with a bad throat, I tried it again with the same positive result! I highly recommend the warm water/ACV gargle now!

I wonder if it would be safe in a neti pot... Or drip directly into the ears for tinnitus?

Either way, ACV is an amazing healer for the simpler annoying illnesses, and a bringer of health for all.

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