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Natural Remedies to Treat Tinnitus

Last Modified on Sep 19, 2015

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Cell Phone Volume Caused Ringing in the Ears   1  0   

Posted by 7/26/2007 (Los Angeles)

[YEA]  I bought a cell phone recently and adjusted the volume on both the earpiece and phone to high. Within a day I started to get intense ringing in my ears, mostly in my left ear, which is the one I hold the phone up to when I can't find my earpiece. I decided after a few days of the high pitched eeeeeeee that the only thing that was different in my life was the new cell phone. I turned down the volume and the ringing stopped. What a no brainer! Heh heh.

Chelated Magnesium   1  0   

Posted by Kelly (Charlotte, Nc) on 08/23/2007

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I wrote in a few weeks ago about my whirring right ear. I can only lay on one side without hearing it. I think my back or neck may need to be adjusted. This is my 3rd day taking the magnesium and it may be working. I've tried the peroxide and my ear is very tender on the inside. Do you have any other suggestions? I really don't want to go have a doctor dig in it if there's something i can do. I found a link from your site (i think) about chinese herbs for tinnitus and ear problems. do you recommend this? Please let me know asap. Thanks for the site!!

Replied by Pam
Millstone, Nre Jersey
check to see if you clench your teeth at night. I had the same thing with my left ear. Alot of pressure like an inside earache. The doctor said it could be the jaw bone pushing up on the ear canal. Suggested I go to dentist and get plastic teeth guards to prevent me from clenching and grinding teeth at night. Also wants me to get an MRI. Going to wait and see first and do alot of praying that it goes away first. The doctor put me on steroids for a week for the imflamation, even though anti inflamitory drugs can make it worse, same as alcohol, salt and caffeine. Still have the ringing but noticed the pressure is lightening up. Hopefully the ringing will reduce but for now it's still there- not as bad as 5 days ago when it first started. I am going to try the Apple Cider Vinegar tonight! I feel for everyone here. I know what you're going through!

Posted by Tom (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/15/2007

[YEA]  I trawled the net in search of a remedy for my sudden onset tinnitus (noise induced trauma). Reading between the lines of some medical sites I noticed that trials were being undertaken to test the efficacy of chelated magnesium and the role of beta and anti histamines to alleviate the symptoms.

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I bought some chelated magnesium and started taking the maximum recommended dose. I also took some Polarimine (old style anti-histamine which can cause drowsiness...)according to the recommended dose. Within 2 days my tinnitus symptoms improved remarkably during quiet periods. It is still loud in areas of high background noise but even that seems to be reducing somewhat. My hearing also seems to be returning to reasonable normalcy after the initial trauma. I hope this anecdote helps others.

Chug Water   2  0   

Posted by Jen (Alexandria, Va) on 02/20/2011

[YEA]  I've had ringing in my ears for about 4 or 5 days. This my first experience with Tinnitus other than hearing feedback from concerts every now and again. I just leaned my head back and drank a 16 ounce bottle of water. I could hear the ringing reduce as I drank. When I finished, the ringing was almost gone.

I discovered this as a fluke by following up on suggestions from other EC posts. One said to put your head on your chest, another said the ringing may come from allergies. My allergic reactions are reduced when I drink water so as I chugged a bottle, the sound faded. I guess leaning your head back works as well as leaning it forward.

Off to drink some ACV as a back-up! Thanks for the great remedies!!!

Replied by Vj
Bc, Canada
[YEA]   RE: Tilting your head back. Well that's interesting. I didn't drink any water while tilting my head back, but the tilting my head back worked immediately! It did not work if I tilted my head forward and into my chest, in fact it made it worse. Must be a neck issue with me.

Coconut Oil   1  0   

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 03/17/2013

[YEA]  Yes , I have had this for a L.... O.... N.... G TIME but recently put coconut oil on a q tip and it seemed a bit better.... I read to use some hydrogen peroxide first and then coconut oil. Mine is almost gone and when I hear it at all, I put a half pea size coconut oil in each ear, at bedtime, it melts in there and stops the buzzing. I put it in there one night and wait a couple days and put more in there. Whole lotta better YAY!

Colloidal Silver   0  0   

Posted by Patti (Toledo, Ohio/usa) on 11/21/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I used Similisan Homeopathic drops for ear wax removal in the morning. In the evening, before bed, with a rubber ear syringe, I gently squirted Colloidal silver in one ear, laid on the other side for 5 minutes, then absorbed the colloidal silver with a clean wash cloth as it drained out when I sat up. Then did the same to the other ear. The next morning, I used the same treatment with just the colloidal silver but leaving it in each ear for approximately 30 minutes per ear. This has reduced the loud ringing/tinnitus approximately 90%.

Desaltify   1  0   

Posted by Indira (Netherlands) on 09/20/2013

[YEA]  i had titinus for first time in my life, and went online to look for help. Found a comment under a youtube vid. Where someone said her mother healed it by desaltifying. She stoped eating any salt, drank a lot of water and jogged. To me this sounded exactly to what I had, since I was on sodium bicarb for some time and was expecting to get some salt issues. So I stopped for one week. Every day the intensity was less but I wasn't sure if I was just immagining that or if it was for real. Well after 1week of no salt and lot of fluid. (incl. Beer) it was gone. And few days later I started eating salt again, but had no tinitus any more. So I dont know if this is just a coincidence, or my titinus cleared by itself, so more people would need to test this. I understood(but am not so sure if this is correct) that you hear your brain and not your ear. In this case too much salt would make some logics b/c salty wather lead electricity much better than sweet water. Any way I had to find some logic here for myself, again I really dont know nothing about ear's as well as eletricity. But I know so far 2 people where helped with this. The mother from youtube account and me. I hoop to see more people will be helped by stop eating salt for at least a week.

Dietary Changed, Acupuncture   1  0   

Posted by Stephen (Bronx, Ny) on 12/14/2009

[YEA]  Hey guys I "HAD" severe tinnitus in both my ears. I suffered a hole in my ear drum when I was 12 .Then I played hard rock in a band from 17 to 23. I changed my diet (mainly staying away from alcohol sugar and salt)Stopped playing in my band and started going to accupunture and my tinnitus has gone from a rating of a 9 out of 10 to about a 2. I am so thankful this helped for me. And im sure if I start using a supplement or Appler Cider Vinegar it will completely go away. I hope my testimonial could help someone else with a similar situation.

Dietary Changes   1  0   

Posted by Densiav (Munich, Germany) on 10/22/2012

[YEA]  Hi, My mom has suffered from ear tinnitus for over 20 years. Me being a long-time yoga practicioner and instructor, I adviced her to change her food choices, as tinnitus in combination with vertigo (her case) are often a result of something called unbalanced vata dosha - one of three main governing principles in ayurveda.

I'm not sure how you all feel about alternative approach, but where conventional therapy can't help, this is your only chance - and it worked for her!

She started eating as I suggested and in one month the ringing noise was gone:

- eat warm food, moderately heavy textures, added butter and fat; preferrably salt, sour, and sweet tastes

- use foods such as: warm milk, cream, butter, warm soups, stews, hot cereals, fresh baked bread.

- vata is a cold dry dosha, therefore warm, nourishing foods such as these are good for stabilizing it

- have a good nourishing breakfast is very important (hot cereals, cream of rice or wheat, warm oatmeal etc.)

- spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, ginger, cloves in moderation.

- avoid: cold meal (cold salads, iced water, raw vegetable, greens), caffeine products, bitter tastes, sweets.

If taken a holistic approach - trying some effective treatment methods as suggested above together with change of food choices, I am sure it's possible for anyone to start enjoying a true silence soon (unless the condition is associated with permanent damage of inner ear..).

DMSO   0  0   

Posted by Luis (Cali, Colombia) on 05/22/2009

Tinnitus and DMSO:

DMSO used together with vasoactive drugs was administered by injection, and DMSO in combination with anti-inflamatory preparations was applied externally.

The treatment consisted of one daily intramuscular injection of Ipran (a Chilean drug), a preparation based on DMSO in combination with buphenine and aminoacids. The investigator was in this Chilean study was Dr.Aristides Zuniga. In addition to the injections, the external ear canal of the particular ear hearing the irritating sound was treated with 2 ml. of a medicinal spray containing DMSO and anti-inflammatory drugs described as Plus-Par (a Chilean Drug. The spray applications were made every four days during the entire period of treatment. In nine of the fifteen patients, the subjective discomfort and head noise disappeared completely after one month of treatment. In two others the noise diminished considerably in intensity but did not totally disappear. Four patients retained tinnitus but described it as changed and sporadic, especially when they were exposed to the cold in the morning. Patients who had complained of nausea and positional dizzinesss from the condition before treatment didn't have these sensations after it. They also lost their persistent insomnia, as well as headache, neurotic anguish,and ear pain.

Electric Vibration   1  0   

Posted by Raven (Orangevale, California) on 09/11/2015

[YEA]  I don't have tinnitus, but came across this interesting piece of information that I had saved years ago. The person who sent it in to a newsletter had noticed one day when shaving that when his electric razor was close to his ear, the vibration gave him some relief from the tinnitus. He then discovered that if he put one of those slip-on pencil top erasers over the tooth brush on his S------- electric toothbrush, and used it every day to massage around his ear, using varying pressures until he could feel the vibration inside of his ear, it relieved the discomfort and the whistling subsided. At the time of his writing his tinnitus had all but disappeared, and he could often go four or five days without needing to re-treat.

Electrolytes   1  0   

Posted by Craig (Corvallis, Or) on 11/02/2014

[YEA]  I'd like to share my experience with ear pain in the hope that others might benefit from it.

About every seven years, I'd come down with fluid in the middle ear. This resulted in tinnitus, clogged Eustachian tubes, and painful middle ear pressure. Sometimes it was so painful that it was all I could do to make it through the day. Other times, I couldn't even do that.

Doctors always told me that it was caused by either a virus or an allergy, and that I would just have to ride it out.

The only thing I ever found that helped was taking magnesium supplements, which greatly reduced the middle ear pressure.

Eventually I figured out the root cause of my problem: electrolyte imbalance. Middle ear fluid is all about electrolytes, and whenever mine got severely out of balance (usually as a result of eating mega-doses of potassium rich foods) my "ear infection" would begin. In an attempt to make myself healthier, I was actually making myself sick.

Sodium and potassium work in concert, so it's important to find some semblance of balance between the two. The same holds true for magnesium and calcium. And while these balances probably vary from person to person (depending upon their underlying health issues), I encourage anyone suffering from tinnitus, clogged Eustachian tubes, or middle ear pressure to explore the possibility that it might be the result of an electrolyte imbalance.

It's only taken me fifteen years to figure this out, and I hope it helps someone.....

Epsom Salts   1  0   

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 08/15/2009

[YEA]  Drinking Epsom salt makes my tinnitus go away.

Essiac Tea   1  0   

Posted by B.A. (Internet, Earth) on 07/29/2012

[YEA]  Essiac Tea for Tinnitus

Two years ago I developed what first appeared to be a wart on my nose. It grew bigger and uglier over then next month. A dermatologist diagnosed it as first stage cancer. She wanted to cut a piece of my nose off. I decided to look into other possibilities.

I took essiac and after several weeks (just as I was beginning to think it didn't work) the "wart" started to appear dry and crusty. Two days later it simply fell off, no scar, no reoccurrence... Nothing. I also found that the brain tumor surgery-related tinnitus (ringing in the ear) that I'd had for over a dozen years had also disappeared. That seemed to back up many of the anecdotal reports I'd read and heard. So I started my mother on it.

Her doctor had told her that her age-related tinnitus was untreatable and that she'd soon go deaf. Several days after drinking essiac tea she called to let me know her tinnitus had completely disappeared, it hasn't returned since (a year later).

I'm NOT selling this stuff, and I don't think anything is a magic bullet for everyone, but just about any protocol for cancer I've read that embraces "alternative" solutions usually includes essiac tea (unless it's contraindicated with specific treatments like Cantron/Cancell).

There's an excellent book on essiac called The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas (published by the Alternative Treatment Network, Los Angeles, CA (1993). It backs up what I'd read in other sources that JFK's physician had publicly announced that essiac cured his colon cancer in the early 60s

Faucet Test   0  0   

Posted by Kristy (Sugar Land, Tx) on 01/22/2011

Have you tried taking the faucet test?

The faucet test involves the following. You stand near the sink and turn the water faucet on fully. Many people with tinnitus are unable to hear tinnitus sounds while standing near or close to running or falling water. One other way is to perform this test while in the shower. If either of these provide some relief then you would likely benefit from technique known as ?masking?.

Many trust a technique known as ?masking? that uses white noise to silence or make the ringing less noticeable or transparent.

This is treatment option is commonly used while undergoing other treatment options.

Replied by Mark
San Francisco
Thanks the running faucet test was brilliant.

My chronic tinninitus flared-up after after recent exposure to noise, combined with a bad cold. I turned on the faucet and found the masking provided instant relief.

Based on that I started looking for water sounds on youtube. Wave sounds did not work but rain sounds did. Lots of people have posted things like 10 hours of Rain on Youtube. I'm running it in stereo in my office now and what a big help.

I'm also trying the vinegar and honey combination. Not sure if this will reduce what I hope is a temporary flareup of tinninitus but the rain/water sounds are big help.

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