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Natural Remedies to Treat Tinnitus

Last Modified on Jul 22, 2015

Epsom Salts   1  0   

Posted by Connie (Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA) on 08/15/2009

[YEA]  Drinking Epsom salt makes my tinnitus go away.

Essiac Tea   1  0   

Posted by B.A. (Internet, Earth) on 07/29/2012

[YEA]  Essiac Tea for Tinnitus

Two years ago I developed what first appeared to be a wart on my nose. It grew bigger and uglier over then next month. A dermatologist diagnosed it as first stage cancer. She wanted to cut a piece of my nose off. I decided to look into other possibilities.

I took essiac and after several weeks (just as I was beginning to think it didn't work) the "wart" started to appear dry and crusty. Two days later it simply fell off, no scar, no reoccurrence... Nothing. I also found that the brain tumor surgery-related tinnitus (ringing in the ear) that I'd had for over a dozen years had also disappeared. That seemed to back up many of the anecdotal reports I'd read and heard. So I started my mother on it.

Her doctor had told her that her age-related tinnitus was untreatable and that she'd soon go deaf. Several days after drinking essiac tea she called to let me know her tinnitus had completely disappeared, it hasn't returned since (a year later).

I'm NOT selling this stuff, and I don't think anything is a magic bullet for everyone, but just about any protocol for cancer I've read that embraces "alternative" solutions usually includes essiac tea (unless it's contraindicated with specific treatments like Cantron/Cancell).

There's an excellent book on essiac called The Essiac Report by Richard Thomas (published by the Alternative Treatment Network, Los Angeles, CA (1993). It backs up what I'd read in other sources that JFK's physician had publicly announced that essiac cured his colon cancer in the early 60s

Flax and Psyllium Very Promising Remedy   1  0   

Posted by Seetal (Brampton, Ontario)

[YEA]  i started taking ground flaxseed and psyllium husks 1-1 tsp mix together and mix in warm milk drink it quickly b/4 go to bed at night glucosmine capsule 2 a day 1 in the morning 1 at night. i noticed my ears are not noisy any more. I had this problem for 10-12 years

Garlic   2  0   

Posted by Volsung (Belfast, Uk) on 07/06/2015

[YEA]  I had been suffering rapid ear thumping in my right ear for a couple of months. They would sometimes be triggered off by a yawn or a burp but sometimes they would start seemingly without any trigger at all. The spasms could last about 6 or 7 seconds and occur 3 or 4 times per minute for up to 9 hours. I had also been suffering pulsatile tinnitus in my left ear probably due to a persistent ear infection.

I found that putting a largish piece of cut garlic in my right ear stops the thumping. I haven't had any for a while now. It is important that you cut the garlic to let the active vapours enter the ear. I would keep it in overnight. Also make sure the piece is large enough not to go down far into the ear canal.

Posted by Molly (Madison, USA) on 04/08/2008

[YEA]  I had severe tinnitus for almost a decade. 24/7, there was a constant high frequency screech in my ears. Initially, I'd thought that I had become sensitive to noise, that I was hearing some type of generator or air conditioner in the far distance.

Anyway, I searched the Net in the 90s for a tinnitus cure, but nothing I tried had any impact.

I did become very interested in herbs, though, and in one book containing a chapter about garlic, the author mentioned that to get rid of an earache, simple get a bottle of cheap garlic oil pearls at the drug store, and at bedtime, pierce one of the pearls with a STERILE pin, and then squeeze the contents in the ear.

Months later, when it felt like I was on the verge of an earache, I decided to see if I could avoid one by using one garlic oil capsule.

The following morning, the longterm severe tinnitus was absent from that ear, and even greatly reduced in the other ear --- which that night I treated with ONE garlic oil pearl.

That was it - severe, persistent, LOUD screeching tinnutus of a decade's length was gone - and it has never once returned ever since.

Also, each morning, I'd notice that the ear treated with the garlic oil had drained out onto the pillow case overnight, and the discharge was totally deep dark black.

Obviously, I'd had an infection in my ears, but there was never any sensation of an earache or physical discomfort typical of an infection, simply the loud high frequency screech.

Replied by Dee
Central Texas, Tx
Perhaps the garlic soaked into the jaw area and killed microbes. Many people have undetected infections in their teeth/jaws. A biologic dentist told me of a patient who was suddenly freed from long term tinnitus as he cleaned out a back molar.
Replied by Elyza
Stevens Point, Wi
Molly, do use the garlic oil every night, now, or just when you feel an ear infection coming on?
Replied by Dave Donate

Fountain Inn, Sc
There are different types of tinnitis and the causation will differ also. The garlic solution worked because that tinnitis problem was probably virally induced and garlic is an anti-viral. But notice the residue came out also. That means a wax buildup is there so anyone with ear problems first make sure the ear canal is cleaned... But main issue of tinnitis for many people could be an infection. Infection could cause tinnitis or equilibrium problems. If one has on-going tinnitis at least try colloidal silver gently shot up both ear with an ear syringe. Again, make sure the canal is clear of wax. The reason some people get water "stuck" in the ear canal is usually because of wax buildup issues.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Josh (Philadelphia, Pa) on 05/19/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I developed tinnitus suddenly after a 15 minute cell phone call on speakerphone, during which the sound quality was very rattly and metallic, with the high points sounding something like breaking glass. The volume wasn't very loud or next to my ear - it was just a very cacophonous rattly pitch. Right afterwards my ears were ringing and my left ear continued to ring for over a week, at which time I visited an ear doctor who pulled out a large hunk of earwax and the ringing abated while in the office, but soon started up after I left (or maybe the white noise of air conditioning in the office disguised the ringing).

After a week of continuous ringing I theorized that the wild frequencies during the phone call screwed up my ears' micro-hairs, and that perhaps coaxing them back to harmony would take the opposite kind of sound frequency - a single balanced continuous tone (along with self-healing affirmations and a belief that my ear was healing). On youtube I found a 528 hz solfeggio frequency tone (just a single continuous tone) and played it over and over via good Bose headphones. After two days my tinnitus abated considerably. I have to mention at the same time I started listening to the tones, my devout grandmother prayed for my hearing, so whether it was the 528 hz tone, the prayers or some other factor (additional vitamins, garlic oil in the ear a few times, and CoQ10 supplements), I do not know. My ear is still sensitive to high pitched squeaky sounds and I wear an earplug to give my ear a rest, but the ringing is probably only 5-10% of what it was two weeks ago and I can live with it, whereas I could not before. I think the first step is believing you can be cured, rather than listening to doctors who say it cannot be cured. If a cut or broken bone heals, so can your ears.

Replied by Riverchaser
Tarrytown, NY
Thank you Josh from Philly. I think my tinnitus is a response to the growling sound of my cell phone vibration alarm or, a combination of small gentle ringing and that repeated vibration.

One morning I woke up and realized my cell phone had been making this repetative vibration sound while at the same time, I was sleeping/dreaming, I dreamt I was also hearing the cell phone vibration alarm and then woke. Ever since, about a week ago, I have this pulsing/drowing sound in my left year. I immediatly removed the phone from my bed and placed it across the room. The day before I removed it from my bedroom. Perhaps, there is a connection to cell phone and towers, computer waves etc and ringing in ones ears.

Tonight I placed a few very small pieces of garlic in a cotten ball and put it in my ear. It worked for an infection two years ago so maybe it might work for my recent tinnitus. I will try the ALA and the ACV deluted in water:)

Thank everyone who made time to share their experience and ideas. I hope we all find a cure.

Replied by Leonardj
Hi, I think a great place to start for many people that have tinnitus is simply using drops of olive oil to remove excess ear wax from the ears. I belive most people who have tinnitus have the category known as Subjective Tinnitus, which is where only you yourself can hear the sounds. One of the main causes of Subjective Tinnitus can be a build up of Ear Wax. Hope this helps. Leonard
Replied by Densiav
Munich, Germany
Hi, My mom has suffered from ear tinnitus for over 20 years. Me being a long-time yoga practicioner and instructor, I adviced her to change her food choices, as tinnitus in combination with vertigo (her case) are often a result of something called unbalanced vata dosha - one of three main governing principles in ayurveda.

I'm not sure how you all feel about alternative approach, but where conventional therapy can't help, this is your only chance - and it worked for her!

She started eating as I suggested and in one month the ringing noise was gone:

- eat warm food, moderately heavy textures, added butter and fat; preferrably salt, sour, and sweet tastes

- use foods such as: warm milk, cream, butter, warm soups, stews, hot cereals, fresh baked bread.

- vata is a cold dry dosha, therefore warm, nourishing foods such as these are good for stabilizing it

- have a good nourishing breakfast is very important (hot cereals, cream of rice or wheat, warm oatmeal etc.)

- spices: cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, ginger, cloves in moderation.

- avoid: cold meal (cold salads, iced water, raw vegetable, greens), caffeine products, bitter tastes, sweets.

If taken a holistic approach - trying some effective treatment methods as suggested above together with change of food choices, I am sure it's possible for anyone to start enjoying a true silence soon (unless the condition is associated with permanent damage of inner ear..).

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Densiav, do you know about tinnitus with hearing loss without vertigo?
Replied by Wayhealthy
Motown, Ca/ Usa
I love warm foods now that it's fall! My LOUD ear-ringing of several years has quieted to a barely audible hum since starting my ascorbic acid at very high amounts, a mere 5 days ago. I had also had trouble with my mind racing, thoughts coming jumbled and fast, even when asleep! That, too, is gone. I am so happy about these improvements, and I had all but given up hope that either would ever resolve. --T
Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Way, what is your "very high amounts" of ascorbic acid and do you take it with baking soda to make sodium ascorbate as Ted recommends?
Replied by Waymore
Motown, Ca/ Usa
Hi Somewhere! I have just now heard of Ted's mixture, adding baking soda to Vit. C, and ought to buy his book soon, just to see what's in there! Perhaps sodium ascorbate is a better form of Vit C.... I don't know. Ted?

To answer your question: I am taking a staggered mix of lypospheric Vit C -without food- about two packs of 1,000mg each, three times a day. I try to fit in three Emergen-C packs, 1,000mg each, with ascorbic acid powder, 1 teaspoon mixed into each drink -with food. Total: Between 10-12 grams.

I plan to only take this amount for about two-three weeks, then drop down to slightly lower amounts for maintainence and slow-but-steady improvement. My plan of action is based on much reading of doctor's research first, so is fairly sound, and I tolerate it really well, and feel wonderful.

Next, I am adding Ted's idea, of Borax and sea salt, 1/8th of a tspn of each in a liter of water, sipped throughout the day. I plan on feeling even better! --T.

Posted by Neal (Lafayette, La) on 03/24/2011

I have ringing in my ears (tinnitus). Would the Mini Beet Protocol cure this? It's supposed to re-build the DNA.

Replied by Wayseeker
Modesto, Ca/ Usa
Just to validate your experience with, shall we say, 'tones', I also hear polyphonic ear ringing sound. It is constant, yet changes, and is as you describe so accurately.

My mind also feels very flighty, fast, speedy when trying to sleep. Perhaps we are undergoing some kind of change at this time. Perhaps it is harp. Perhaps, perhaps. One fellow believes he got ray-gunned. I believe just about anything is possible nowadays. Mine first came when I was outside reading, and I suddenly felt like I was being blasted with something high-pressured. It has never left, three years now.

I get brief relief by stopping my ears with my fingers and applying medium pressure for a moment.

Stranger still, there is mention of 'noise' and a 'noisome noise' in Scripture, which can be aided as described just above, with fingers in ears. How odd is that? --T.

Replied by Davy
Port, Or
There are people who are sensitive to frequencey of cell phones, computers and the electrical meters they put on your homes limiting the use may help My ND told me high to use garlic mullein oil, and I also take high doses of vitamin C and 1/4 tsp sea salt mixed

Humming   0  0   

Posted by Cliff (South Carolina, US) on 06/30/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Humming..relieves my tinnitus temporarily, reducing the high pitched noise. I put my index fingers in my ears and hum, the lower pitched hums helps me the most, very benefical at bedtime.

Hydrogen Peroxide   4  0   

Posted by Grace (La, US) on 11/16/2014

[YEA]  I began to notice sounds seemed louder that usual. This is called hyperacusis. I knew there must be a natural cure for this. I saw 5 ENT doctors no signs of ear infection, or sinus problems. I was tested for everything imaginable everything was negative. One doctor thought maybe it was migraine, but my head did not hurt. I took matters into my own hand I started taking 15 drops of Grapefruit seed extract three times a day and 1 tsp colloidal silver 3 times a day. Stop all gluten, sugar and dairy. Also took high quality probiotics

I kept hearing sounds louder than usual then I decided to clean my ears our with few drops of of food grade hydrogen peroxide . I laid down on the bed with a towel I would turn my head and put in the hydrogen peroxide and let it bubble then let the hydrogen peroxide drain out by turning my head on side . I was CAREFUL to keep the towel over my face and keep my eyes closed I did the other ear and that seemed to have solved the problem. First time, I did this I was scared and felt a little dizzy afterwards so I used a hair dryer turned it on low and pointed toward my ear to dry the remaining hydrogen peroxide and this was the FIRST day that hearing things louder than usual stopped I was cured I kept doing this for few more days, to be on the safe side

Posted by Cheekio (Ca) on 05/22/2014

[YEA]  A couple months ago I had a bout with tinnitus. All I heard was beeping sounds upon waking up in the morning. It was bothersome and scary. I did some research and tried taking herbs from the health food store, nothing worked. My ears started ringing longer than usual and going deaf for a couple seconds in one ear. It was scaring me and beeps. I was so afraid I would wake up deaf one morning. During my research I read on Dr. Mercola's site that just putting 3% hydrogen peroxide in each ear for 10 minutes each will clear ears of colds and flu. I decided to try it. I put 1/4 capful of 3% hydrogen peroxide into one ear and kept it in there for 10 minutes and then the other ear. In the morning, the beeps were gone. I did it again for another 2 nights. Since then my tinnitus has completely disappeared. You might need 1/2 a capful if your ear canal is bigger haha. Just make sure your ears are full of the peroxide for 10 minutes each. Good luck!

Posted by JoAnne on 09/27/2007

[YEA]  Fantastic, I took the soda, H202 and water. By the second swallow I felt it easing up. It has now totally stopped. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was ready to call 911. No ear piercing sound or heart shaking. Going to bed now. Maybe I'll rest better. Thank you again

Replied by Ted
Bangkok,Thailand 388 Posts
Happy to hear the news. The hearing sensitivity can be greatly reduced, if the body is properly alkalized with the peroxide solution. This should buy time and I would try to find a longer term solution by removal of heavy metals and raising antioxidant, killing the infections through the BHT as per last email.

Posted by JoAnne on 09/26/2007

Ted, thank you for your response. It was 2 days before I could get into see the doctor and that was on a Saturday. I had them give me a shot and an antibiotic. Both ear canals, all of the sinuses,jaw and lungs are infected. All the lymph nodes are swollen and hard. The area under my left ear and the left side of my neck are swollen. Can't take an antacid with the meds. After the third pill I started realizing my heart felt like someone was shaking it. One of the side effects of the med was rapid heart rate. So, I went back to the doc. They did an EKG and nothing was happening. Heart was fine. They changed the meds. The left ear still has fluid in it, the neck is still swollen and the right side of my neck is swollen. I was away from that central unit so the heart rate leveled out. I think the harmonic balancer is going out or is out. I am ultra sensitive to the high, high frequency of the fan. I have no idea of what to do. I've put everything I can think of on the windows, but, the sound is still coming in. If I understood you correctly, my whole body could be acting like a receiver due to heavy metals. I will get the magnesium tomorrow. I will try the soda and H202 too. What concerns me is the damage that the frequency could be doing to my ear drums. What is the process in detoxing heavy metals Do I need to go to a specialist? I also need to have a tooth removed that is infected. It has a mercury filling. Do I need a special dentist?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand 388 Posts
Drinking strong green tea without sugar and no milk throughout the day appears to be a more reasonable course of action in chelating free metal iron, lead and cadmium.

Plus eating SOME chinese parsley but not too much will slowly remove the heavy metals, taken every two days. The amount is about 1-2 teaspoon chopped of chinese parsley leaves. Drinking plenty of water is important.

In the meantime, 250 mg of EDTA dissolved in 1 liter of water can also help.

Getting urine pH to 7 is the key. Taking one tablespoon of granulated lecithin will help ease the body of the overload.

If I am desperate, and the infection is really bad, as you mentioned here the single most effective remedy I can think of that is close to a miracle is the 300-500 mg of BHT supplements. Taken only 3 days in a row will nearly wipe up nearly all the infections I have seen. I refrain from this remedy only as a last resort, for a couple of reason, one being it's hard to find, the second is most people do not accept BHT use, even though rat studies prove that BHT resulted in lengthening of lifespan and amazing antioxidants against ear and sinus infection. As usual, I found this quite by accident while doing experiments to find a cure of the bird flu and herpes virus which does a great job there too.

Replied by Rhonda
Small town, Rhode Island
To Earthclinic: I'd like to direct this to something "Ted from Bangkok, Thailand wrote on this page:

He says: "If I am desperate, and the infection is really bad, as you mentioned here the single most effective remedy I can think of that is close to a miracle is the 300-500 mg of BHT supplements. Taken only 3 days in a row will nearly wipe up nearly all the infections I have seen. I refrain from this remedy only as a last resort, for a couple of reason, one being it's hard to find, the second is most people do not accept BHT use, even though rat studies prove that BHT resulted in lengthening of lifespan and amazing antioxidants against ear and sinus infection. As usual, I found this quite by accident while doing experiments to find a cure of the bird flu and herpes virus which does a great job there too."

He mentions that it's hard to find BHT, which is something I'm going to try if the natural remedies don't work - well, I found this site selling it for less than 4 bucks.

I swear, I have no affiliation with the site -- Just thought it would be helpful for people looking for it.

BHT ---

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York, U.s.a.
BHT, butylated hydroxytoluene is EASY to buy. It is inexpensive, about $10 to $12 for a bottle of one hundred 350mg capsules and available at many online supplements suppliers. BHT got a bad rap back in the 1970s and 1980s because it was thought to be an unnatural compound. That has been proven to be untrue. BHT occurs naturally in at least some phytoplankton which I find worth noting because phytoplankton are exposed to so much harmful UV rays. Perhaps BHT and related compounds is how phytoplankton cope with such rays. Such rays produce free radicals and phytoplankton have only a very thin membrane which gives them little if any protection from these damaging UV rays.

Dr. Denham Harman has a lot to say about BHT. He is the originator of the free radical damage concept of aging. He did extensive tests showing that mice dosed with BHT lived up to 50% longer than undosed mice. A doctor Lippman has done similar expeiments with similar results. There is something very important as to health and longevity and it, BHT, does not get the attention it deserves. At that is extreme understatement in my opinion....Oscar

Replied by Ryan
Minneapolis, Mn
Cilantro was the key to my successful heavy metal detox / cleansing. After 2 years of science fiction-style sensitivites and discomfort, the cilantro took 2 days to have 90% symptoms gone and all gone after 1 1/2 months. If you have any nervous system sensitivities to electronics, cell phones, radio, etc... Try eating raw organic cilantro 3 times a day... About a fist full each time. It's a miracle for heavy metal detox. - Ryan
Replied by Deb
Wloo, Ia
Hi Ryan, I read that cilantro was the best for getting mercury out of your brain. Also, after the mercury leaves your brain apparantly it hides in other places in your body. The place that I read about this protocol claims you should take about 3000 grams (?) of chlorella half an hour before you eat the cilantro with hot water. I guess the chlorella detoxes the metals from your body that cilantro detoxes out of your brain. Anyone interested in where I found this let me know. Great site!!
Replied by Chris
Sydney, Australia
Hi Deb, I would love to read up on the site you mention. Been thinking of doing a detox and actually heard a little that its important to use cilantro before the chlorella because of the mercury moving to other vital organs which the cilantro aids, thanks Deb.
Replied by Deb
Wloo, Ia
Hi Chris, I had the site bookmarked but lost it! I'm sorry I really liked the site!! I do take it before but you are supposed to take it when you take cilantro. (sometime anyway! ) :)
Replied by Deb
Wloo, Ia
I forgot to mention that you can buy cilantro extract and apply it to your ankles and wrists to detox. Need to find that site. :)

Posted by JoAnne on 08/18/2007

[YEA]  Just wanted to let you know that I started the H202, treatments tonight. I have been told that I have COPD. I have so many medicines around the house it is depressing. But this is about my ears. Since March I have been dealing with a hyper sensitivity to sound, smells etc. This manifested itself in the form of my entire body vibrating in response to noise. After days of the vibrating for 24 hrs a day for 6 days I was on the edge of sanity. I thought I was reacting to an external source, like a generator or something like that. I met with some friends and I was telling them about what was happening. One of them asked if I might have an inner ear infection. WOW, I never would have guess that. As it turns out, I do have an infection in the left ear canal. I was trying to find something on vibrating when I saw something on HP. I went to your site and read most of the responses. I was in such bad shape and I couldn't get in to see the doctor and no money for an emergency room visit, so, I decided to "go for it".

First I created a bowl of water, mixed 3%, over the counter peroxide in, then I used the cap to pour it up my nose. It burned since I didn't have distilled water at that time. Using the distilled water won't sting. Within 5 mins. the vibrations had stopped. I was able to breathe through my left nostril for the first time in months. Then I pored some in my left ear. I experienced vertigo, never had that before. But, it did tell me I was dealing with an ear infection. The vibrations stopped. It has been 24 hrs since I started the treatments. When the vibrating starts, I know it's time for another dose.

I also created the spray for my throat and added some to my water. It is amazing how much clearer my airways are. I can also see a very small improvement in my vision. I've been told that I need cataract surgery. Hopefully all of this will help that clear up some too. And! I have had a huge reduction in my desire for a cigarette. I've smoked 15 cigs. today, whereas I normally smoke 2 packs. I just haven't wanted one. Amazing. I believe the infection is coming from a tooth, so I've also started rising my mouth with HP. At least it is giving me some relief until I can get to the doctor. I will continue use and I will keep you posted. I'm also passing your web address to family and friends. Hopefully they will check you out. Thank you so much for your site and I am so grateful for all the people who have taken the time to share the experiences.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
388 Posts
If H2O2 is used in the sinus area the solution should always be kept at a low concentration such as 1% or below in being the safest, if it is for some reason put into the nose. Most people seem to make a mistake of using 3% which is dangerous and causes nosebleed and this is something that must be avoided. A tiny amount of sea salt added so it tastes like your tear drop also reduce the irritation. It is strange that distilled water is used because those are the most irritating when added with H2O2, perhaps the concentration of H2O2 is too high. An ear infection leads to vibration sensitivity, but a noise sensitivity is due to both acidosis and high heavy metals, which are also conductive of the sound and sensitivity. I had a couple of cases of a person who simply can't sleep because of ringing of the ears and sound sensitivity, which turns out both of those condition were completely cured when taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 3-6 drops of H2O2 in one glass of water, plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water before sleep. Ringing of the ears and sensitivity to sound is due to lack of magnesium, and hence 250 mg of magnesium 5 days out of a week helps. TO discourage further ear infection some vitamin E and vitamin C also helps, in ways most people don't expect, since ear infection is due to fungus and vitamin C has a limited antifungal properties, but I prefer the sodium ascorbate one, while vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps with the circulation, which helps the blood detoxify the infection better.

Infection   0  0   

Posted by Masii (London, Uk) on 12/21/2010

Dear jane hi,
If you have any problem with titinus, maybe you should also check with your dentist to have a good check up, as it was in my case. Sometimes there is an infection that we don't know about and that causes giddiness and other related problems with balance. Hope this helps and much love,

Iodine   1  1   

Posted by Fastone (Chehalis, Wa) on 03/27/2012

[YEA]  I have had Tinnitus for years Man I hate it has driven me crazy. I found a web page that said it was caused by a fungus in the ear. I was trying to treat it internally with little success. This girl said to try iodine diluted with pure water. I had some kelp iodine and tried it. Man what a relief it killed the noise by 90% in 24 hours with no hearing loss. So one drop of kelp iodine in a tea spoon of pure water. Use an eyedropper in the ear canal. Fastone

Replied by Linda
York County, Southern Maine
Hi Fastone.... I wonder if any other type of iodine would be as beneficial? I have some Povidone.... Just Googled kelp iodine to no avail.... tinnitus makes me a little crazy; I've had it for years, too, and would welcome some relief....
Replied by Helpyourself
Houston, Texas
I purchased Kelp iodine at Whole Foods in Houston.
Replied by Jenny
Sydney, Australia
Hi I also suffer from tinnitus. Did you only use the iodine once and was it instant or over some time? I have 2. 5% lugols iodine and wonder if it might work similarly. The Fungus sounds right as my health practitioner is currently treating me for it. Great to hear the iodine helped you. Thanks Jenny
Replied by Linda
York County, Southern Maine
Thanks Helpyourself..... I will check the local natural supply store since the nearest Whole Foods is about 45 miles from where I live (I'll make that trip Plan B! ).

Jenny, it sounds like Fastone just administered the mixture once! Almost sounds too good to be true but I'm sure hoping my interpretation is the right one!'s wishing us all the best results from our efforts, Linda

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
[NAY]   NAY!! I put a drop or two of very diluted lugol's in my ear and a moment later it started to HURT!! I stuck it out hoping it was doing something positive, but the pain got stronger and I washed out my ear with warm water. It didn't help. I then put a piece of cotton with a drop of olive oil on it in my ear and lay down with the painful ear on the pillow. It took a while but the pain subsided. So I do NOT recommend this treatment. And my tinnitus is the same.

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