Natural Remedies for Cerebral Palsy

Last Modified on Oct 03, 2014

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy is one of the last things anyone wants to hear, but even if you or someone you love has heard those words, there is something you can do about it. While there is no actual cure for cerebral palsy, early diagnosis and progressive treatment can drastically improve the quality of life for everyone. Some of the best natural treatment options, also known as complementary and alternative medicine, include Echinacea, fish oil, acupuncture, and a number of other forms of therapy.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

The commonly held definition for cerebral palsy is that it is a condition or disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture. The condition is caused by an issue that interrupts typical develop within the forming brain. Most cases develop prior to birth; however, signs and symptoms typically occur during infancy or the preschool years.

Common indicators of cerebral palsy are directly linked to developmental progress as well as motor movement. The condition causes generally impaired movement that is linked with exaggerated reflexes, cycling floppiness and rigidity of the limbs and trunk, involuntary movement, unusual posture, and unsteadiness when walking. Some individuals even experience difficulty with sucking, swallowing, or eating, and may have speech impediments or language issues.

The condition is caused by an abnormality or disruption in brain development. Common factors that contribute to unusual brain development include random mutations in genes, maternal infections, fetal stroke, lack of oxygen, infant infections, and traumatic head injury.

Are There Any Natural Remedies for Cerebral Palsy?

While there are no actual cures for cerebral palsy, natural remedies can help support brain and muscle function. Likewise, a number of therapies use holistic approaches to treat CP. Some of the best treatments for cerebral palsy include Echinacea, fish oil, acupuncture, and physical therapy.

1. Echinacea

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation emphasizes the importance of complementary and alternative medicine for treating cerebral palsy. Supplements are one branch of this form of treatment, and Echinacea is one of the most effective. This herbal remedy helps promote effective blood circulation throughout the body as well as initiates better neural communication. Echinacea also helps soothe spastic muscles to reduce pain and encourage muscle movement. To begin treatment, try 20-40mg of Echinacea by mouth daily.

2. Fish Oil

Fish oil is an important source of omega-3 fats. These fats line the neural passageways and initiate more effective nerve communication and responses. Omega-3s also encourage the development of healthy brain tissue. You can take a fish oil supplement by mouth every day.

3. Acupuncture

Research has also identified the importance of different forms of therapy for treating CP. Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy and is considered an effective complementary medicine for cerebral palsy. Depending on its use, acupuncture offers pain relief as well as the reduction of inflammation throughout your body. The practice can also help restructure different parts of the brain and improve muscle use and development.

4. Physical Therapy

WebMD also notes that physical therapy is an important treatment for CP. Physical therapy centers on strengthening the muscles throughout your body so you are more able to control them. A treatment called constraint-induced movement therapy is also often used to encourage patients to develop the less-functioning muscles.

5. Ginger

Another treatment option backed by research is the use of ginger. Ginger is considered a circulatory herb that helps improve blood flow or circulation. By improving blood flow throughout the body, ginger also boosts the oxygen levels in the brain and increases available nutrients to cells. Look for ginger in a capsule form or simply use the herb in tea or as a cooking spice.

Keep reading below to discover more complementary and alternative treatments for supporting cerebral palsy care.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Dick (Wilmington, De) on 09/14/2010

Can ACV relieve the spasticity of Cerebral Palsy? Thank you

Posted by Alfred (Ransit, Thailand) on 04/09/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  my neigbor has 5 year old son with cerebal palsey.. four months ago he could not hold his head up or he can almost stand by himself, and hold his head up.. he seems to be getting stronger as he gets older..I suggested ACV. I feel that cures everything.. Do you have any more solid cures. Stay well my friends

Alfred Baron

Essential Oils   1  0   

Posted by The White Butterflly (Slc, Utah) on 07/19/2013


I'm a 22 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I have seen a massive improvement in my health by using essential oils. Particularly peppermint and lavender. Peppermint can be used with grapeseed or other carrier oils like olive or almond oil to help fight pain and relax spastic muscles. The oils are very potent so you have to dilute them. I have been putting a combination of Frankincense, Lavender, Helicrysum, Cypress, ginger and grapeseed on my hands and feet which now have circulation in them for the first time ever. They used to be blue and freezing cold! And because of the circulation I can now wiggle them! Lavender also helps for sleep and relaxion and I use it frequently as a spray in my house with water as well as applying it topically. Please take this advice if you can! It has done wonders! And I cannot bear the thought of someone being in pain as I always was if I can help.

I also do a detox that is very simple and helps with pain. I mix it up in a bag. All it is, is 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup sea salt and one cup Epsom Salt. You take a 1 cup measuring cup of that and put it into hot water and soak your feet in it. It pulls toxins and access lactic acid out of your system and relaxes you. You will most likely sleep. Wait for the water to cool completely and sit for about 45 minutes and you will be relaxed. It pulls toxins out of your body that have built up for years.

Please try it. I have taken myself off my muscle relaxers because of doing this. Please take it from someone who knows. My toes are moving for the first time ever!! :)

Posted by The White Butterfly (SLC, Utah) on 07/19/2013

[YEA]  Hi Everyone, I'm a 22 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I have seen a massive improvement in my health by using essential oils. Particularly peppermint and lavender. Peppermint can be used with grapeseed or other carrier oils like olive or almond oil to help fight pain and relax spastic muscles. The oils are very potent so you have to dilute them. I have been putting a combination of Frankincense, Lavender, Helicrysum, Cypress, ginger and grapeseed on my hands and feet which now have circulation in them for the first time ever. They used to be blue and freezing cold! And because of the circulation I can now wiggle them! Lavender also helps for sleep and relaxation and I use it frequently as a spray in my house with water as well as applying it topically. Please take this advice if you can! It has done wonders! And I cannot bear the thought of someone being in pain as I always was if I can help.

I also do a detox that is very simple and helps with pain. I mix it up in a bag. All it is, is 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup sea salt and one cup Epsom Salt. You take a 1 cup measuring cup of that and put it into hot water and soak your feet in it. It pulls toxins and access lactic acid out of your system and relaxes you. You will most likely sleep. Wait for the water to cool completely and sit for about 45 minutes and you will be relaxed. It pulls toxins out of your body that have built up for years.

Please try it. I have taken myself off my muscle relaxers because of doing this. Please take it from someone who knows. My toes are moving for the first time ever!! :)

Posted by Z
South Atlanta, GA
10 Posts
Thanks for the tip, I've used Essential oils of Thyme or Cinnamon or Clove with carrier oils and rubbed into my upper spine (back of my neck) a few times. I don't usually deal with pain but I did have a pinched nerver over a month ago. I do deal with spasticity in my muscles though.
Posted by Anna
Ca, Usa
How often are you apply the essential oils and the detox bath?
Posted by Nurul
How long have you been using these essential oils before they show results?

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Jay Mac (Gilbert, Az) on 05/31/2012

I have a brother who is 56 and has spastic CP. I am worried about people trying all these different remedies that are being proposed. What does arginine do to a person over time? Lysine? My friend's father took the wrong kind of Vit B pill and died due to kidney problems from the Vit B.

Some people with spastic CP can have a patch put on that loosens them up. You have to be tested and it works on some people, not others. It didn't work for my brother, but it did his girlfriend.

If you or your child is young and in a wheelchair, I strongly urge you to keep them active. Move their legs and arms, make sure their chair keeps them upright.

My brother sat too long and he has severe scoloisis, his spine is twisted from slumping in his chair, keep the back straight. Some type of physicial therapy is important to keep their muscles alive.

I will see if I can find the name of the medicine in the patch.

Also, don't underestimate what your child can do. Computers are wonderful for them. My brother types with one finger and does emails, and cruises the Internet all the time.

My best to all of you.

Posted by Paul (Canton, Ga) on 04/10/2012

I plan on using Methylene Blue 0.01 % soon I'm about 6 weeks into the Cerebral palsy regimine. I'm taking Thiosulfate, sunflower lecithin, & wheat Germ oil, Lysine, Theronine, DMG & Niacinamide daily. How would this benefit me at this point?

Posted by Aga
Springtown, Pa/us
Hey! Watch out for the die-off effect, don't over do it, slowly introduce every product. I rushed and suffer terribly, good luck!

Posted by Richard (Wilmington, De) on 11/21/2011

Can severe and many-years prolonged dehydration greatly increase the spasticity of Cerebral Palsy? Thanks immensely.

Magnets   0  0   

Posted by Z (Canton, Ga) on 12/08/2012

I bought a pair of 12,000 guass magnets, I'm using them on my brain and spine to help remove the virus's that cause my cerebral palsy. I am hoping it has the same effect of the rife machines and things similar that cost hundreds of dollars.

I been placing the magnets on my neck near the cerebellum & upper spine for about an hour or so for the past two day.

Reader Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Jermaine Cole (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/10/2011

About 3 weeks ago a started a regimen to remedy my Ceberal Palsy spastic deplegia, I started taking around 1000 mg of Arginine 2x a day, choline with carnitine 1/2 teaspoon of both 2 to 3 times a day, Ascoribic Acid & Niacinamide 1000 2x a day, about 12 g of Chlorella powder in the day and a tablespoon baking soda at night with potassium Chloride & magnesium citrate to alkanize my body.

I read Ted remedies on CP and other neurological conditions and it seems he recommends Lysine & Threonine highly, so I purchased L-Lysine & L-Threonine, as well as Glycine & MSM. This Weekend I started taking lysine & threonine together 1000 mg at every hour like he recomended.

I havent see much of a difference yet except for increase energy which comes from the 600mg of taurine I've been taking. I'm looking for I increase in my motor skills, decrease in spasticity, greater control of my muscles in my lower extremities.

Posted by Lidia
Dallas, Texas
cerebral Palsy info.

Hearing how this young man's health with C.P was becoming worse each day. I started to seek info, how I could help. I came across a man named Mike Tawse and his long struggle with C.P. After reading his life history I immediately printed all info and send to neal who in the hospital. He read it and become more interested when a doctor in the hospital asked him if he had ever heard of serrapeptase? As soon upon his released, he orderd serra Enzyme 80,000 units. He takes 2 capsules 3 time a day. With in a week he could sit straight in his wheel chair, his lungs function is great, he is no longer trying to keep warm, his hands and fingers no long in a tight fist, no longer constipated. Medical check up: blood pressure, cholesteral, heart rate, functions normal, from high. Also his strength, nerves, muscles are being restored. He now can take physical therapy with hurting.. He is thrill able to help himself in many ways. it is really a miracle.

Posted by Stephen
Gonzales, La
I saw that this post is a few years old now. I have begun my journey of trying to find the right combination of natural elements to take so that I can start eleverating the constant pain that I feel as a result of my Spastic CP. I do not use a walker or cane yet but am getting to the point where I may have to breakdown and invest in them. Before I do this, I want to attempt to exhaust ever option out there. If you recieve this response, could you tell me what HAS worked for thus far??
Posted by Rietha
South Africa
2 Posts
The best products to use is:

1.....Cannabis oil high CBD

2....DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide

This works for Autism, Fits- MS, Bell's Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Cures Cancer and plenty more.


Posted by Muffy100
Covington, GA
How do you use the oil for cerebral palsy, apply it or ingest it?

Thanks, Carla

Remedies for Sleeping Issues   0  0   

Posted by Alina (Los Angeles) on 07/28/2013

I have 6 years old triplets. One of them has a mild Cerebral Palsy. They were born at almost 34 weeks via Caesarian cacti on. He was not intubated, but he did have patent ductus arteriosus that went undiagnosed. He had open heart surgery at age 7 months because of heart failure. He lost his hearing some time after surgery, I think due to vancomycin that was given twice. He had cochlear implant surgeries 6 months apart last year.

He cruises on tiptoes, is spastic, delayed. He is on milk of magnesia 17 ml for constipation, on low dose erythromycin for motility and Zantac for reflux. I also give him Melatonin 3 mg every night for sleep. Until last year all he eat was Nutren jr (1 cal/ml with 50%whey protein to promote gastric emptying) he is on mashed foods now.

He doesn't sleep well. Wakes up anywhere from 1. 30 am to 3. 30 am and will stay up the rest of the day with maybe 20 min nap. When he is up, he is very hyper.

Any advice would be appreciated. Specially for sleeping.


Posted by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Hello Alina. Two things come to mind. I heard of a child that only could keep down and live on the food of young coconut. It is a perfect food.

About sleeplessnes, an age old Ayurvedic practice advises to rub sesame oil into the soles of the feet and this will bring sleep and benefit to all body organs. What about a drop of sesame oil into his ears? Also general body massage with the same oil, or coconut oil in the summer time. Coconut is a cooling oil. This will relax him and be beneficial. Hope this helps. Love, Om

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
Bless your heart, Alina, your hands are full... Here are some ideas...

The more you can do to help his health, the more likely he is going to sleep well. I don't know if the combination of drugs could be affecting him. You could consider some alternatives for the drugs he is taking. I am not very familiar with CP, but I am confused about why he would need erythromycin for motility. Isn't that an antibiotic? Antibiotics can really mess with the gut and affect the body in many ways. I am wondering if there is an alternative for this treatment. There are natural antibiotics, like garlic, that you could use if that is necessary.

Blackstrap molasses might be a good alternative for the constipation. It might also help with sleep. 1 t. Morning and evening. My children will take it right off the spoon. There is a Dr. Christopher's product called Kid-E-Reg that is very helpful to keep a child from constipation. Both could be used together, until you get the right balance.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar may help with the reflux and be much safer than Zantac. 1 t. Of the vinegar and 1 t. Of honey in 6 oz. Of water twice a day. (He doesn't have to take it all at once. He can just sip on this until it is gone, even over a couple of hours.)

It is important for your child to have a diet free from caffeine, MSG, artificial sweeteners and food dye. All of these things can cause hyperactivity and affect sleep. You will have to get a list of MSG sources and hidden MSG sources (look on the internet.) Keeping sugar to a minimum is important, too. Most processed and pre-packaged foods are going to have stuff in them that is counter to his good sleep and health.

Near bedtime, an epsom salt bath can be helpful to relax and promote better sleep. 1/2 cup in the tub, and have him play in the tub for 20 minutes. This can also help constipation as the body is absorbing the magnesium.

If he has been on antibiotics he probably needs a pro-biotic to help his gut get restored to normal function. This may also help the constipation.

There is an essential herb blend that Heritage Essential Oils makes called, Peaceful, that has been used to help some special needs children with their sleep.

A mini-trampoline might help him use up his energy in a way that is not destructive (some hyper children are destructive... It is hard for them not to be. ) It is also good for his balance and lymph flow. If he isn't able to jump, he could start by bouncing.

This may be a lot of changes/information. I don't want to be overwhelming, but the solution is probably not simple. You could try some of these changes one at a time... Maybe add one thing a week. And keep studying diet and such on earth clinic.

Please keep us posted on how it is going and what you are trying. God bless you!
~Mama to Many~

Posted by Alina
Los Angeles
2 Posts
Thank you for replies.

Om, he is allergic to sesamy oil, he broke up in hives when I gave him few drops to try.

Mama to Many, thank you! I'll try Epsom salt. I'm winning him off Zantac, as far as low dose of erythromycin: side effect of it is increased gastric motility. When he is not on it, even with milk of magnesia, he will not eat or have BM.

I'm being very careful with all the foods, I never know if hell have gas or not, e.g., I gave him 3 pea to try, he did like it, but was up all night with colics.

I tried omega 3-6-9 in liquid form, he wouldn't have it, if I force it down, he just throws up.

I will try Epsom salt in his bath. I do give long bath, but never tried Epsom salt.

I need something that I could mix with flavored yogurt in a teaspoon, so he doesn't taste much difference. That's how I give melatonin, even than he makes faces...

Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
Dear Alina, Wow, what a challenge to feed your child! Slippery Elm Powder and comfrey root powder could be mixed in to yogurt to help heal the gut. You could mix the 2 together and add 1/2 t. to his yogurt 3 times a day.

Charcoal is very helpful for gas. You can mix 1/4 t. Into food. You just wouldn't want to give it to him within 2 hours of medication as it would inactivate the medication. There is also something called "Gripe Water" that people use for babies with colic/gas problems.

Keep us posted! God bless you!
~Mama to Many~

Posted by Alina
Los Angeles, Ca
2 Posts
Mama to many, I tried charcoal and gripe water, never helped him. I did do Epsom salt bath yesterday, he didn't wake up. I'll try it daily and will let you know. Molasses, karo syrup, you name it! Did it, no results. I think, the issue is in spasticity of his intestines as well, that's why motility agents work. I tried acupuncture, he ended up with violent vomiting every time, to the point of gong to emergency room. Trying craniosacral therapy. Learned first stage myself, trying to do it on him until I go to second stage.

Thanks for all the suggestions


Posted by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
707 Posts
Dear Alina, Your child is blessed to have a mother who is working so hard to help his health!

I will share a story about something I have done for my toddler that may be of use to you. My son is almost 2 and has had good health. He has a good diet but for many months he has had trouble with hard stools. I wouldn't say he was constipated, exactly, as he would have a bowel movement daily- as many as 5-6 a day, but what came out was like pebbles. However, he didn't seem to strain or anything. One night after his bath, when putting a diaper on him, it looked like he had had a BM. Then I realized it was a prolapsed rectum! It looked like a liver colored prune was hanging out of him. It was very alarming. I put his legs back together and tried to figure out what to do. When I went to check it again, it was back in on its own, thank the Lord. Anyway, I realized I needed to get his system working better. (From research, we found that this was what a doctor would do, and I would prefer to do it naturally if at all possible.) I put him on some herbs and got him eating prunes. The novelty of prunes has worn off, but he is still quite willing to take his herbal medicine. I give him 20 drops a day of Kid-E-Reg, a Dr. Christopher's Formula. He has not had any repeat prolapses. It has taken a few weeks, but his bowel movements are now only a couple of times a day and much softer. The herbs in that formula are meant to tone the digestive tract. (Slippery Elm, Licorice, Fennel, Anise.) Frankly, I was not too sure that such a small amount of an herb was going to help him, but it did seem to help. Perhaps this would help your child... You could try just a few drops a day (to make sure it didn't cause gas... It didn't for mine, but mine is not prone to that. ) and work up to the recommended dose on the bottle if he seemed to tolerate it well. It might take a few weeks to see if it was really helping.

Praying you find a solution to help him!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Jessica
Alina, My son has cerebral palsy and we've been down some of the same roads. It was very long and still kind of never ending. I would like to share with you some idea's and things that have helped my son immensely. Its thanksgiving and I ran accross your post. So I dont have time for a lengthy reply.. Please e-mail me though . Jessica

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Sunil Sinha (Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India) on 12/26/2012

My son is patient of CP, write now he is 8 year old and 23Kg in weight. He has problem of convulsion, due to this Dr. has given Oxcarbazepine-150 mg 1tab every night. Today we have given this medicine at 8PM after 1 hour he got attack of brain convulsion. Can u suggest any better Medicine for this or we have to increase the dose. Please advise. Regards, Sunil

Posted by Mominchi
Chicago, Il
Hello, My son Sahil is a little one 3yrs, but has profund disablity and severe epilepsy. I can tell you from experience that medication must build up in the system to work. A convulsion will not stop by giving that one as an emergency med. Here in the US we use a short acting drug like a benzodiazapine (Midazaolam drops??) for seizures that happen despite regular med. They don't last long so you need another for everyday use.

As for natural cures for spacicity be sure that calcium and magnesium are balanced. Personally I try to get vitamins mainly from food so that this huge imbalance will not occur. Pills can push it 8:1 in favor of Ca and actually cause seizures, heart attacks, tone issues/ spacitity just on it's own. Calcium GREATLY increases tone and magnesium has the opposite effect. Remember this applies to ALL tone, smooth muscles as well so add it slowly or the laxative effect will happen. Usually this is a good thing for CP/neuro deficit disorders as they have a hard time with reflux and constipation, UTI ect.

Posted by Melissa (Ashville, Ohio Usa) on 11/27/2012

Hello - I am an RN recently introduced to holisitic medicine and wondering if you have any supplement recommendations for my 9 year old son with CP. Two weeks after birth, he experienced right brain insults - resulting in affected speech, occasional drooling and left side hemiplegia. He is currently on a daily dose of Genotropin and weighs just 53 pounds. He has severe constipation issues and is having difficulties in school with reading and math. Alpha G has been recommended, in addition to hydro colon therapy. Any thoughts?

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
1295 Posts
Melissa: A good begin is a high potency multivitamin/mineral w/ whole foods, with every meal. This will crank up metabolism of body and mind. Extra Magnesium seems appropriate for both muscle contraction as well as constipation. Mag oil therapy is helping thousands of people w/ an array of disorders.

You will want to research the many "nootropic" nutrients being used for brain support. Latest on the list is Coconut Oil. Omega 3 Fatty Acids, SAM-e, Lecithin, Acetyl Carnitine, Vinpocetine, Huperzine A are just a few you would want to consider.

Posted by Lorraine (Greenwood, Indiana, Usa) on 08/18/2012

Hello, After following the CP section for some time and reading BOTH of Ted's remedies (and preparing to try the one posted on 5/16/11) I am very confused now. Is it lysine or glycine acetyl + l carnatine that reduces the spastic condition, or some combination of all of these???

Also, Ted has said recently that if the primary cause is known a course of action can then follow, but what happens when multiple contributing factors are present??? In my own case, 1) my mother developed a tear in her amnionic sac and infection did set in, 2) possibly because of that infection, I was born approx 6 wks premature and breech 3) later I was dropped by a child who was holding me. (I presented as stillborn; the doctor decided to check for a heartbeat, found that my heart had not yet quit beating and suctioned me out.)

The results: thankfully am blessed with NO diminished cognitive function--I do have a college degree--- or speech, although I am subject to frequent bouts of depression;

Physically, though the matter is quite different:

  • absolutely NO standing balance
  • scissoring gait
  • toe walking
  • monocular vision
  • VERY amonia smellimg urine, and chronic amonia odor/body odor generally down there

While planning for the 5/16/11 remedy, I experimented with Lysine & Threonine. I found that after a day or so my toes were a little straighter, but 4 hourly doses (at 2 teaspoons of each) gave me diarhea and I found myself more easily angered and annoyed. I wondered IF lysine could be causing that, but I don't know for sure. And I DO plan to try again!

Doing some work with RIFE as was mentioned here. After first 2 sessions, my toes, again seemed more relaxed and straighter, but with time direct effects become less noticable, though I am continuing the RIFE treatments, at 1 x 2hr session every other week

So, my question is: Which protocol is everyone trying???? There's a lot of information in the CP section now and I am entirely thankful for that growth, but I am also increasingly confused about where to begin and what supplements will truly be benenficial and worth my investment. Please help me EC community. Thank you for any advice and help you can give!!!!

Best wishes, Lorraine

Where did you get the RIFE treatments done? I want to get that done one day soon.

You can try one drop of DMSO I've been taking a drop full of the weekend before I got to bed. Its not enough to smell & its effecting with MG chloride or essential oil of tangerine.

Posted by Justme
Toronto, Canada
I can recommend for ammonia body odor issue watermelon. I personally don't have this problem, I was doing detoxing with it this summer, and I remember as I google it was mentioned that it helps to remove ammonia, read more about the nutritional value wholefoods website has a nice description, also works for uti infection. Also I recommend you change your diet to an all vegetarian and low sugar fruit (google diabetes diet to see the list of fruit), and no dairy as much as possible.
Posted by Lorraine
Greenwood, Indiana, Usa
7 Posts
Thank you for your help and your quick response. I receive RIFE and other biofeedback treeatments from The Frontporch Wellness Spa in Indianapolis, IN USA.

I need to look further into DMSO.

@justme Thank you as well for such a timely response! Hmmm.... I had not heard of using watermelon for the ammonia issue, but interestingly, after reading your reply, I read some place online that grape juice could help with the excessive ammonia, which brings to the table yet another option for those in need. I know that Ted discourages fruit juice because sugar is counterproductive to fighting viruses, but perhaps in moderation???

Thank you both again & God bless!

Posted by Mianeds (Islamabad, Pakistan) on 07/13/2012

Dear Ted, I've read a lot about u and now I m contacting u with big hope. I've my son, 3 years old. He was born at 36th week thru c-section and was kept in incubator for 12 days due to delayed - cry and respiratory disorder. He had weight of 2.2 kgs at the time of birth. Now the matter is that;

He cant sit properly, cant walk independently and cant stand on his own. Adducters, hamstrings and heel-cords are very tight. Right hand is not working properly and when he stands or walk his right heel is in the air I mean not touching the ground and he puts weight on his toe. Right side is week and spastic and left side is very mildly stiff. but he puts the left foot on the ground perfectly and can do everything with his left hand.

Other than this physical immobilty my son has no issue at all. His speech, cognition, understanding, responding, learning are all perfect and his iq is above 80. Kindly guide me what should I follow in his case, how to treat him?

ur Apple Cider Vinegar and alkalizing cures are very encouraging but I dont want to start any thing without ur recommendation after this case study. Kindly advise me the cure and also tell me plz how and where I can get these things? Regards

Posted by Richcp (Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom) on 05/18/2012

Hi to all. I am 41 with spastic cerebral palsy. I have been struggling with shoulder and back pain due to my spasticity and tenseness in my muscles. I have also been getting a lot of tightness in my stomach. It feels like Acid Reflux but not sure. Does anyone know of any remedies that would help my condition. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by Pumpkin
Owasso, Ok
I know it sounds simple, but eat bananas. 1-2 a day if it's that bad. My pain has gotten worse over the years, and one time at work it hurt so bad I could hardly walk. My friend/co-worker sat me down, went and bought me some bananas and had me eat them. I didn't think it would do anything. Since medicines don't, why would a fruit? But, in about an hour to an hour and a half, I was perfectly fine!!! Now, I'm married, and my husband tries to make sure we always have bananas around. Whenever I don't eat any for awhile, I start hurting. It basically reminds me "Oh, yeah. You need bananas." I hope this helps!! Good luck!!!

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