Natural Remedies for Cerebral Palsy

Last Modified on Oct 03, 2014

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy is one of the last things anyone wants to hear, but even if you or someone you love has heard those words, there is something you can do about it. While there is no actual cure for cerebral palsy, early diagnosis and progressive treatment can drastically improve the quality of life for everyone. Some of the best natural treatment options, also known as complementary and alternative medicine, include Echinacea, fish oil, acupuncture, and a number of other forms of therapy.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

The commonly held definition for cerebral palsy is that it is a condition or disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture. The condition is caused by an issue that interrupts typical develop within the forming brain. Most cases develop prior to birth; however, signs and symptoms typically occur during infancy or the preschool years.

Common indicators of cerebral palsy are directly linked to developmental progress as well as motor movement. The condition causes generally impaired movement that is linked with exaggerated reflexes, cycling floppiness and rigidity of the limbs and trunk, involuntary movement, unusual posture, and unsteadiness when walking. Some individuals even experience difficulty with sucking, swallowing, or eating, and may have speech impediments or language issues.

The condition is caused by an abnormality or disruption in brain development. Common factors that contribute to unusual brain development include random mutations in genes, maternal infections, fetal stroke, lack of oxygen, infant infections, and traumatic head injury.

Are There Any Natural Remedies for Cerebral Palsy?

While there are no actual cures for cerebral palsy, natural remedies can help support brain and muscle function. Likewise, a number of therapies use holistic approaches to treat CP. Some of the best treatments for cerebral palsy include Echinacea, fish oil, acupuncture, and physical therapy.

1. Echinacea

MyChild Cerebral Palsy Foundation emphasizes the importance of complementary and alternative medicine for treating cerebral palsy. Supplements are one branch of this form of treatment, and Echinacea is one of the most effective. This herbal remedy helps promote effective blood circulation throughout the body as well as initiates better neural communication. Echinacea also helps soothe spastic muscles to reduce pain and encourage muscle movement. To begin treatment, try 20-40mg of Echinacea by mouth daily.

2. Fish Oil

Fish oil is an important source of omega-3 fats. These fats line the neural passageways and initiate more effective nerve communication and responses. Omega-3s also encourage the development of healthy brain tissue. You can take a fish oil supplement by mouth every day.

3. Acupuncture

Research has also identified the importance of different forms of therapy for treating CP. Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy and is considered an effective complementary medicine for cerebral palsy. Depending on its use, acupuncture offers pain relief as well as the reduction of inflammation throughout your body. The practice can also help restructure different parts of the brain and improve muscle use and development.

4. Physical Therapy

WebMD also notes that physical therapy is an important treatment for CP. Physical therapy centers on strengthening the muscles throughout your body so you are more able to control them. A treatment called constraint-induced movement therapy is also often used to encourage patients to develop the less-functioning muscles.

5. Ginger

Another treatment option backed by research is the use of ginger. Ginger is considered a circulatory herb that helps improve blood flow or circulation. By improving blood flow throughout the body, ginger also boosts the oxygen levels in the brain and increases available nutrients to cells. Look for ginger in a capsule form or simply use the herb in tea or as a cooking spice.

Keep reading below to discover more complementary and alternative treatments for supporting cerebral palsy care.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Dick (Wilmington, De) on 09/14/2010

Can ACV relieve the spasticity of Cerebral Palsy? Thank you

Posted by Alfred (Ransit, Thailand) on 04/09/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  my neigbor has 5 year old son with cerebal palsey.. four months ago he could not hold his head up or he can almost stand by himself, and hold his head up.. he seems to be getting stronger as he gets older..I suggested ACV. I feel that cures everything.. Do you have any more solid cures. Stay well my friends

Alfred Baron

Essential Oils   1  0   

Posted by The White Butterflly (Slc, Utah) on 07/19/2013


I'm a 22 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I have seen a massive improvement in my health by using essential oils. Particularly peppermint and lavender. Peppermint can be used with grapeseed or other carrier oils like olive or almond oil to help fight pain and relax spastic muscles. The oils are very potent so you have to dilute them. I have been putting a combination of Frankincense, Lavender, Helicrysum, Cypress, ginger and grapeseed on my hands and feet which now have circulation in them for the first time ever. They used to be blue and freezing cold! And because of the circulation I can now wiggle them! Lavender also helps for sleep and relaxion and I use it frequently as a spray in my house with water as well as applying it topically. Please take this advice if you can! It has done wonders! And I cannot bear the thought of someone being in pain as I always was if I can help.

I also do a detox that is very simple and helps with pain. I mix it up in a bag. All it is, is 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup sea salt and one cup Epsom Salt. You take a 1 cup measuring cup of that and put it into hot water and soak your feet in it. It pulls toxins and access lactic acid out of your system and relaxes you. You will most likely sleep. Wait for the water to cool completely and sit for about 45 minutes and you will be relaxed. It pulls toxins out of your body that have built up for years.

Please try it. I have taken myself off my muscle relaxers because of doing this. Please take it from someone who knows. My toes are moving for the first time ever!! :)

Posted by The White Butterfly (SLC, Utah) on 07/19/2013

[YEA]  Hi Everyone, I'm a 22 year old with Cerebral Palsy and I have seen a massive improvement in my health by using essential oils. Particularly peppermint and lavender. Peppermint can be used with grapeseed or other carrier oils like olive or almond oil to help fight pain and relax spastic muscles. The oils are very potent so you have to dilute them. I have been putting a combination of Frankincense, Lavender, Helicrysum, Cypress, ginger and grapeseed on my hands and feet which now have circulation in them for the first time ever. They used to be blue and freezing cold! And because of the circulation I can now wiggle them! Lavender also helps for sleep and relaxation and I use it frequently as a spray in my house with water as well as applying it topically. Please take this advice if you can! It has done wonders! And I cannot bear the thought of someone being in pain as I always was if I can help.

I also do a detox that is very simple and helps with pain. I mix it up in a bag. All it is, is 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup sea salt and one cup Epsom Salt. You take a 1 cup measuring cup of that and put it into hot water and soak your feet in it. It pulls toxins and access lactic acid out of your system and relaxes you. You will most likely sleep. Wait for the water to cool completely and sit for about 45 minutes and you will be relaxed. It pulls toxins out of your body that have built up for years.

Please try it. I have taken myself off my muscle relaxers because of doing this. Please take it from someone who knows. My toes are moving for the first time ever!! :)

Replied by Z
South Atlanta, GA
Thanks for the tip, I've used Essential oils of Thyme or Cinnamon or Clove with carrier oils and rubbed into my upper spine (back of my neck) a few times. I don't usually deal with pain but I did have a pinched nerver over a month ago. I do deal with spasticity in my muscles though.
Replied by Anna
Ca, Usa
How often are you apply the essential oils and the detox bath?
Replied by Nurul
How long have you been using these essential oils before they show results?

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Jay Mac (Gilbert, Az) on 05/31/2012

I have a brother who is 56 and has spastic CP. I am worried about people trying all these different remedies that are being proposed. What does arginine do to a person over time? Lysine? My friend's father took the wrong kind of Vit B pill and died due to kidney problems from the Vit B.

Some people with spastic CP can have a patch put on that loosens them up. You have to be tested and it works on some people, not others. It didn't work for my brother, but it did his girlfriend.

If you or your child is young and in a wheelchair, I strongly urge you to keep them active. Move their legs and arms, make sure their chair keeps them upright.

My brother sat too long and he has severe scoloisis, his spine is twisted from slumping in his chair, keep the back straight. Some type of physicial therapy is important to keep their muscles alive.

I will see if I can find the name of the medicine in the patch.

Also, don't underestimate what your child can do. Computers are wonderful for them. My brother types with one finger and does emails, and cruises the Internet all the time.

My best to all of you.

Posted by Paul (Canton, Ga) on 04/10/2012

I plan on using Methylene Blue 0.01 % soon I'm about 6 weeks into the Cerebral palsy regimine. I'm taking Thiosulfate, sunflower lecithin, & wheat Germ oil, Lysine, Theronine, DMG & Niacinamide daily. How would this benefit me at this point?

Replied by Aga
Springtown, Pa/us
Hey! Watch out for the die-off effect, don't over do it, slowly introduce every product. I rushed and suffer terribly, good luck!

Posted by Richard (Wilmington, De) on 11/21/2011

Can severe and many-years prolonged dehydration greatly increase the spasticity of Cerebral Palsy? Thanks immensely.

Magnets   0  0   

Posted by Z (Canton, Ga) on 12/08/2012

I bought a pair of 12,000 guass magnets, I'm using them on my brain and spine to help remove the virus's that cause my cerebral palsy. I am hoping it has the same effect of the rife machines and things similar that cost hundreds of dollars.

I been placing the magnets on my neck near the cerebellum & upper spine for about an hour or so for the past two day.

Reader Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Jermaine Cole (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/10/2011

About 3 weeks ago a started a regimen to remedy my Ceberal Palsy spastic deplegia, I started taking around 1000 mg of Arginine 2x a day, choline with carnitine 1/2 teaspoon of both 2 to 3 times a day, Ascoribic Acid & Niacinamide 1000 2x a day, about 12 g of Chlorella powder in the day and a tablespoon baking soda at night with potassium Chloride & magnesium citrate to alkanize my body.

I read Ted remedies on CP and other neurological conditions and it seems he recommends Lysine & Threonine highly, so I purchased L-Lysine & L-Threonine, as well as Glycine & MSM. This Weekend I started taking lysine & threonine together 1000 mg at every hour like he recomended.

I havent see much of a difference yet except for increase energy which comes from the 600mg of taurine I've been taking. I'm looking for I increase in my motor skills, decrease in spasticity, greater control of my muscles in my lower extremities.

Replied by Lidia
Dallas, Texas
cerebral Palsy info.

Hearing how this young man's health with C.P was becoming worse each day. I started to seek info, how I could help. I came across a man named Mike Tawse and his long struggle with C.P. After reading his life history I immediately printed all info and send to neal who in the hospital. He read it and become more interested when a doctor in the hospital asked him if he had ever heard of serrapeptase? As soon upon his released, he orderd serra Enzyme 80,000 units. He takes 2 capsules 3 time a day. With in a week he could sit straight in his wheel chair, his lungs function is great, he is no longer trying to keep warm, his hands and fingers no long in a tight fist, no longer constipated. Medical check up: blood pressure, cholesteral, heart rate, functions normal, from high. Also his strength, nerves, muscles are being restored. He now can take physical therapy with hurting.. He is thrill able to help himself in many ways. it is really a miracle.

Replied by Stephen
Gonzales, La
I saw that this post is a few years old now. I have begun my journey of trying to find the right combination of natural elements to take so that I can start eleverating the constant pain that I feel as a result of my Spastic CP. I do not use a walker or cane yet but am getting to the point where I may have to breakdown and invest in them. Before I do this, I want to attempt to exhaust ever option out there. If you recieve this response, could you tell me what HAS worked for thus far??
Replied by Rietha
South Africa
The best products to use is:

1.....Cannabis oil high CBD

2....DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide

This works for Autism, Fits- MS, Bell's Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Cures Cancer and plenty more.


Replied by Muffy100
Covington, GA
How do you use the oil for cerebral palsy, apply it or ingest it?

Thanks, Carla

Remedies for Sleeping Issues   0  0   

Posted by Alina (Los Angeles) on 07/28/2013

I have 6 years old triplets. One of them has a mild Cerebral Palsy. They were born at almost 34 weeks via Caesarian cacti on. He was not intubated, but he did have patent ductus arteriosus that went undiagnosed. He had open heart surgery at age 7 months because of heart failure. He lost his hearing some time after surgery, I think due to vancomycin that was given twice. He had cochlear implant surgeries 6 months apart last year.

He cruises on tiptoes, is spastic, delayed. He is on milk of magnesia 17 ml for constipation, on low dose erythromycin for motility and Zantac for reflux. I also give him Melatonin 3 mg every night for sleep. Until last year all he eat was Nutren jr (1 cal/ml with 50%whey protein to promote gastric emptying) he is on mashed foods now.

He doesn't sleep well. Wakes up anywhere from 1. 30 am to 3. 30 am and will stay up the rest of the day with maybe 20 min nap. When he is up, he is very hyper.

Any advice would be appreciated. Specially for sleeping.


Replied by Om
Hope, Bc, Canada
Hello Alina. Two things come to mind. I heard of a child that only could keep down and live on the food of young coconut. It is a perfect food.

About sleeplessnes, an age old Ayurvedic practice advises to rub sesame oil into the soles of the feet and this will bring sleep and benefit to all body organs. What about a drop of sesame oil into his ears? Also general body massage with the same oil, or coconut oil in the summer time. Coconut is a cooling oil. This will relax him and be beneficial. Hope this helps. Love, Om

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Bless your heart, Alina, your hands are full... Here are some ideas...

The more you can do to help his health, the more likely he is going to sleep well. I don't know if the combination of drugs could be affecting him. You could consider some alternatives for the drugs he is taking. I am not very familiar with CP, but I am confused about why he would need erythromycin for motility. Isn't that an antibiotic? Antibiotics can really mess with the gut and affect the body in many ways. I am wondering if there is an alternative for this treatment. There are natural antibiotics, like garlic, that you could use if that is necessary.

Blackstrap molasses might be a good alternative for the constipation. It might also help with sleep. 1 t. Morning and evening. My children will take it right off the spoon. There is a Dr. Christopher's product called Kid-E-Reg that is very helpful to keep a child from constipation. Both could be used together, until you get the right balance.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar may help with the reflux and be much safer than Zantac. 1 t. Of the vinegar and 1 t. Of honey in 6 oz. Of water twice a day. (He doesn't have to take it all at once. He can just sip on this until it is gone, even over a couple of hours.)

It is important for your child to have a diet free from caffeine, MSG, artificial sweeteners and food dye. All of these things can cause hyperactivity and affect sleep. You will have to get a list of MSG sources and hidden MSG sources (look on the internet.) Keeping sugar to a minimum is important, too. Most processed and pre-packaged foods are going to have stuff in them that is counter to his good sleep and health.

Near bedtime, an epsom salt bath can be helpful to relax and promote better sleep. 1/2 cup in the tub, and have him play in the tub for 20 minutes. This can also help constipation as the body is absorbing the magnesium.

If he has been on antibiotics he probably needs a pro-biotic to help his gut get restored to normal function. This may also help the constipation.

There is an essential herb blend that Heritage Essential Oils makes called, Peaceful, that has been used to help some special needs children with their sleep.

A mini-trampoline might help him use up his energy in a way that is not destructive (some hyper children are destructive... It is hard for them not to be. ) It is also good for his balance and lymph flow. If he isn't able to jump, he could start by bouncing.

This may be a lot of changes/information. I don't want to be overwhelming, but the solution is probably not simple. You could try some of these changes one at a time... Maybe add one thing a week. And keep studying diet and such on earth clinic.

Please keep us posted on how it is going and what you are trying. God bless you!
~Mama to Many~

Replied by Alina
Los Angeles
Thank you for replies.

Om, he is allergic to sesamy oil, he broke up in hives when I gave him few drops to try.

Mama to Many, thank you! I'll try Epsom salt. I'm winning him off Zantac, as far as low dose of erythromycin: side effect of it is increased gastric motility. When he is not on it, even with milk of magnesia, he will not eat or have BM.

I'm being very careful with all the foods, I never know if hell have gas or not, e.g., I gave him 3 pea to try, he did like it, but was up all night with colics.

I tried omega 3-6-9 in liquid form, he wouldn't have it, if I force it down, he just throws up.

I will try Epsom salt in his bath. I do give long bath, but never tried Epsom salt.

I need something that I could mix with flavored yogurt in a teaspoon, so he doesn't taste much difference. That's how I give melatonin, even than he makes faces...

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Dear Alina, Wow, what a challenge to feed your child! Slippery Elm Powder and comfrey root powder could be mixed in to yogurt to help heal the gut. You could mix the 2 together and add 1/2 t. to his yogurt 3 times a day.

Charcoal is very helpful for gas. You can mix 1/4 t. Into food. You just wouldn't want to give it to him within 2 hours of medication as it would inactivate the medication. There is also something called "Gripe Water" that people use for babies with colic/gas problems.

Keep us posted! God bless you!
~Mama to Many~

Replied by Alina
Los Angeles, Ca
Mama to many, I tried charcoal and gripe water, never helped him. I did do Epsom salt bath yesterday, he didn't wake up. I'll try it daily and will let you know. Molasses, karo syrup, you name it! Did it, no results. I think, the issue is in spasticity of his intestines as well, that's why motility agents work. I tried acupuncture, he ended up with violent vomiting every time, to the point of gong to emergency room. Trying craniosacral therapy. Learned first stage myself, trying to do it on him until I go to second stage.

Thanks for all the suggestions


Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Dear Alina, Your child is blessed to have a mother who is working so hard to help his health!

I will share a story about something I have done for my toddler that may be of use to you. My son is almost 2 and has had good health. He has a good diet but for many months he has had trouble with hard stools. I wouldn't say he was constipated, exactly, as he would have a bowel movement daily- as many as 5-6 a day, but what came out was like pebbles. However, he didn't seem to strain or anything. One night after his bath, when putting a diaper on him, it looked like he had had a BM. Then I realized it was a prolapsed rectum! It looked like a liver colored prune was hanging out of him. It was very alarming. I put his legs back together and tried to figure out what to do. When I went to check it again, it was back in on its own, thank the Lord. Anyway, I realized I needed to get his system working better. (From research, we found that this was what a doctor would do, and I would prefer to do it naturally if at all possible.) I put him on some herbs and got him eating prunes. The novelty of prunes has worn off, but he is still quite willing to take his herbal medicine. I give him 20 drops a day of Kid-E-Reg, a Dr. Christopher's Formula. He has not had any repeat prolapses. It has taken a few weeks, but his bowel movements are now only a couple of times a day and much softer. The herbs in that formula are meant to tone the digestive tract. (Slippery Elm, Licorice, Fennel, Anise.) Frankly, I was not too sure that such a small amount of an herb was going to help him, but it did seem to help. Perhaps this would help your child... You could try just a few drops a day (to make sure it didn't cause gas... It didn't for mine, but mine is not prone to that. ) and work up to the recommended dose on the bottle if he seemed to tolerate it well. It might take a few weeks to see if it was really helping.

Praying you find a solution to help him!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jessica
Alina, My son has cerebral palsy and we've been down some of the same roads. It was very long and still kind of never ending. I would like to share with you some idea's and things that have helped my son immensely. Its thanksgiving and I ran accross your post. So I dont have time for a lengthy reply.. Please e-mail me though . Jessica

Ted's Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Florida (Clinton Twp,mi) on 02/19/2014

Hi, my name is Florida, I have a 4 yr old daughter, Scarlett, she has been diagnosed with CP, Centrak Adrenal Insufficiency, low functioning Thyroid. I have looked over Teds' Remedies for CP, I would like to try them, but they are a bit confusing, PLZZZ , if possible, could someone simplify the dosages. How much for a 4 yr old child is supposed to be given, where to purchase the required things and what brands are the best. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP.

Posted by Mark (USA) on 05/12/2011

Hello Ted, I have a 6 year old daughter. She has Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Diplegia. Can you please give me an update about your Cerebral Palsy remedy?

Many thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
There may be a possible cure for Cerebral Palsy,but this is based on another disease, MND (motor neuron disease) however the symptoms are about the same. In Cerebral Palsy, the mother gets infected and the disease goes to the placenta, however the only thing that will get through the placenta barriers is two things: the nanobacteria and viruses. When a fetus get infected, the viruses make the home in the brain, which is why you have this cerebral palsy. In fact they actually are active but it bypasses the immune system. In MND, you get infections from food or environment which enters various places. The ones I found it enters the stomach area and goes through the spinal cord, another area it goes through the nasal passages. In any case I found the cure for at least 2 cases like that with the antiviral remedy. The remedy I used (I was in a hurry) since the child was already unresponsive and advance condition of MND I had to get a lot of antivirals. The symptoms actually improve after one week and the child was responsive and be able so sit by herself. Enough about me, here it is the antiviral and antibacteria remedy for both MND and Cerebral Palsy:

1. BHT
2. N Acetyl Cysteine
3. Colostrum
4. L Threonine
5. Vitamin C
6. Curcumin
7. Lysine
8. Andrographis Paniculata
9. Tryptophan
10. Beta Glucan
11. Centella asiatica

That is the main remedy for both MND, ALS, and Cerebral palsy. As to the dose the most important is Lysine and Threonine (for a child dose) 1/4 teaspoons of Lysine, with 1/8 teaspoon of threonine, Beta Glucan 1/8, N acetyl cysteine 1/8 and vitamin C 1/8 every 1 hour for 4 hours twice a day for at least 3 days. If it is too sour you can add baking soda to it. The tryptophan is taken only twice a day. The colostrum is taken 3 times a day but at only 1/2 teaspoon away from the rest. Andrographis paniculata is taken in capsule form because they are too bitter and is taken 3 times a day, curcumin 3 times a day, and so is centella asiatica.

BHT is taken twice a day at 1/8 teaspoon. This should take care of MND, ALS and Cerebral Palsy in general. I know there are more things but that is the remedy I give.


Replied by Daniel
Aberdeen, Wa
I been taking MCT oil & Wheat Germ oil consistantly for two weeks as well as Aginine & carnitine & Choline together.

Niacinamide, theronine, & lysine togther at least 3x a day

I been taking atomic iodine, & Chlorella for 3 months for detoxaficaton as well as EDTA with MSM & Acetyl Cysteine & Baking Soda before bed

I haven't seen much results. what should I add to this to see more progression

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
The remedy mentioned to use arginine should not be given. According to latest research most cerebral palsy people have suspected viral infection that can can caused damaged, that is viral hepatitis B. Bacteria doesn't cross the placenta barrier as well as blood brain barrier, but virus does, and it does so with other groups of people, not subjected to cerebral palsy. Arginine especially would put fuel to the fire since virus requires arginine for growth and any other supporting remedy. But with lysine in the remedy it will keep virus in suspension. So the resulting thing is no improvement.

What is required is lysine and threonine yes, but without arginine at the very least. Whenever you are stuck with things that doesn't work you go back to the simpler things first. The core remedy is really simple, and is repeated in any antiviral remedy I give regardless of the diseases that are related to virus as follows:

Lysine 1/2 teaspoon and threonine 1/4 teaspoon hourly for four hours in the morning.
Lysine 1/2 teaspoon and threonine 1/4 teaspoon hourly for four hours in the evening

Continue this for two weeks but
If the child suddenly has a sugar craving add glutamine to the remedy - you add in 1/4 teaspoon to 1/3 teaspoon to the remedy.

What I found from my work is these viruses may be active in cerebral palsy, and if inactivated, there may be some cure for cerebral palsy.

You are also not following my protocol as per posting on 5/16. That would work also, but just start with this protocol better since I know some people have problems obtaining some of the things I required. The protocol is based on weight of a 90 to 100 pound person, since I assume it will be children, just calculate based on there weight.

So let us stick the basic first and get some improvement, and we go from here and once it's working we can try the other remedies slowly, but I wouldn't add arginine. Don't add other remedies that is not included unless you know what the do.


Replied by Joshua
Columbus, Ohio U.s.a
Ted, I have read through this whole thread and am not totally sure what I definitely should get for my son (6) who has mild CP and what I shouldn't. Could you give me more detail for someone who has never done any of this. Also do you do personal consultation through SKYPE or anything like that?
Replied by Joshua
Columbus, Ohio
how many milligrams is 1/4 teaspoon of Thronine and lysine?
Replied by Zia
Dubai, Uae
My son who is 4 yrs, suffers from speech delay, constant colds, tight muscles in right hand, right leg. He is a very poor eater, is hyper, has no awareness of his surroundings, is very aggrressivve ( bites, hits, pinches, screams ) and has been removed from different schools.

I am writing with a lot of hope to find some cure for my beautiful son. Please help me. I am a little confused by all the treatments that have been mentioned Dr. Ted. On 6/12/2009 you mentioned diff stages that are to be followed. But on 05/16/2011 you have given a new list of medicines. When do we follow these? What dosages are for children? Which stage of your treatment plan should we introduce these supplements?

I am desparately in need of help. Please help my child Dr.Ted.

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Zia, magnesium will help calm your son down and also help his tight muscles. I give my son epson salt baths and also magnesium chloride baths (both of which are calming). Epson salts are also a form of magnesium so you are giving it to them via the skin. I also give him magnesium citrate every day.

My son also has a speech delay and I give him iodine as well (lugols 5% 2 drops per day). A book I read said that magnesium and iodine are the first things you should reach for with these children (as they are usually deficient). Iodine will also help detox the body from heavy metals, flouride and bromide.

A good book which may help you is by Dr. Natasha McBride (Gut & Psychology Syndrome). She talks about gut issues causing many problems. She also has some good youtube videos you can watch. I have put one below. It is a 7 part video.

Replied by Lardiver
Abbotsford, Bc Canada
Try feeding him coconut oil, use the oil for everything and stop using other oils except olive. But coconut for him. MCT oil from health food stores is a good one, 2 - 4 tablespoons a day if he's small maybe less to start. Buy good quality cooking coconut oil, cheap stuff is not as good.
Replied by Zia
Dubai, Uae
Thank you so much for your quick replies Debbie and Lardiver.

I re-read my message , and forgot to mention that my son has mild cerebral palsy, causing spasm (tightness) in his right hand and rite leg. His leg turns inwards ( called Scissor gait or way of walking). Both knees tend to turn inwards. He has extremely low immunity and has very less energy throughout the day. He constantly looks tired. Also, he has loose jaw and mouth movment and thus drools alot. it takes ages for him to focus on one thing.

Is there something I can give for all these problems? Also, I couldn't find any Magnesium chloride, only mag citrate for adults ( nothing for kids).
Can I crush one tablet and give it to him daily instead of using MgCl as suggested by Dr.Ted??

Replied by Jeni
Orem, Ut
What are the success rates for Ted's plan in children verses adults? (I'm 40) Thanks!

Posted by Alison (Bothell, Washington) on 03/31/2010

After studying Ted's thorough Cerebal Palsy remedies, I think I have come up with an easy to follow plan. I hope this helps all interested in trying it. Ted, jump in and correct/adjust if I've missed anything.

Stage 1 - Detoxification (1week) Ammonia
Magnesium Chloride 2-3 drops 3xday, 70% MC powder/30% distilled water
HCI - concentrated HCE, 1 drop per glass * optional
stop using once ammonia is under control

End of week 1 add:
B complex - B-50 1x day - grind 1/2 put in juice.
Vit C 100mg per glass - 1x day in juice

Stage 1B - Balancing (optional)
Methylene blue 1 drop .0.1%

Stage 2 - Circulation (3-4 weeks)
1/4 tsp plain white vinegar or ACV (week 1 of stage 2)
DMSO 1 drop (week 2-3 of the 3rd week of remedy)
1/16 tsp Potassium Citrate 3xday
1/16 tsp Sodium Citrate 3xday
EDTA 10-20mg 1x day, give briefly near the end of stage 2
disodium EDTA, PH buffered or a tetrasodium EDTA, magnesium EDTA never use calcium EDTA

Magnesium Chloride 2-3 drops 3x day
B -50 1 x day
Vit C

Stage 3 - Building (3 months)
hydergine 1x every 2-3 days
Nootropil 1x every 2-3 days
lithium Carbonate 12mg per dose

Replied by Z-block
Flint, Ga, Usa
Great summary. So, i would need liquid MG chloride as well as MG Chloride powder. I need to find lithium carbonate powder though. This may cost between $200 & $300 but I just i'll do 1 step at a time.
Replied by Brigitte
Lima, Ohio
I am so pleased to have found this. I was born in 1975 on the island of Guam at 26 weeks gestation to a mother who did not know that she was pregnant. Lack of oxygen caused my cerebral palsy. I've been searching and searching for exactly this. Ted's remedy. All of which makes complete sense as I have been studying natural medicine for nine years on my own accord I can follow what he's saying. Thank you so much Ted!!! Thank you Alison from Bothell, Washington for putting the simple recipe system together. Now off to find what I need to get this started. I suffer from spastic diplegia by the way.
Replied by Brigitte
Lima, Ohio
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   Ted's formula is working. It's late so this is a quick little note. I will come back with more tomorrow. I am a 34 year old woman with Spastic Diplegia. My father who is a physical therapist tells me that it is in fact spastic quadriplegia that I suffer from. I do have hemiparetic tremors. Now as of tonight/ this early a.m. DAY THREE OF TED'S remedy I walked down the hall into my kitchen to make a ground turkey sandwich. As I walked I felt different. I felt that my legs did not feel stiff or heavy like cement. I asked my husband to watch me walk down the hall. He watched as I walked both away from him and towards him. He said that my gait was not swinging in the hips so wildly from left to right. He said that there was no wide swing at all. As I stood at the stove making my sandwich I said to him that I indeed felt very different. By this time of night I am usually so stiff that I am cranky and in a bad mood. I told him that my legs did not feel locked or tight as they usually are which is something I have never felt in my entire life. Usually when working with my upper body my lower extremities are just miserable. Hard to explain as it's late and I need to go to bed. So I asked my husband is this how you normal people feel? Do you normal people feel as if both your upper and lower body are in symbiosis and relaxed and doing tasks is simple as if you don't have to constantly think to tell yourself what to do next, you just can do it? He said yes. I was so happy to feel this. Of course I still look the same as muscles have pulled in certain directions for so long, my bones, I'm all crooked. But it was the feeling of not being as stiff as normal and flowing (well what to me felt like flowing when I moved instead of cement. )

This is day three as I said and I use a dosage per that of my body weight. I'm running low on my liquid magnesium chloride and I fear that I will run out before I order some of the flakes from somewhere online. What will happen then? Will I have to start all over as if this never happened? Also the Hydrochloric acid I ordered is of PH 2 I believe. I take the recommended dose on the bottle which I believe is one once. I have to order the Methylene Blue as well. More vitamin C as I just ran out tonight. I will continue to log results. THANK YOU TED!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
Brigitte: Cerebral palsy in many cases (including ADD/ADHD), part of the problem is auto toxicity induced by excessive levels of ammonia, being one of them, and toxic gas from hydrogen sulfide. One of the antidotes I used is magnesium chloride, and the other is the hydrochloric acid drops. More drops may be required is magnesium is missing. Suppose, magnesium chloride I just ran out, then I might add hydrochloric acid before meals and during meals between 1-3 drops per glass of water, as the minimum dose twice or three times a day. This will neutralize the toxins mentioned. So this doesn't mean like starting over. If the toxins is out, the body will begin to recover relatively quick. But it's that long term neurological damage caused by the toxins that I am more worried about. I also tend to update my cerebral palsy remedy, not that I have a lot of cerebral palsy people here. I am practically chasing the disease while most other people are chasing cures.

In any event, I am looking along the lines of adding some lysine, glycine and threonine in treatment of cerebral palsy, especially the threonine, to increase production inside the nervous system, to produce glycine to reduce spastic condition. L Threonine powder dose I believe is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, three times a day, should reduce spastic condition. Some neurological damage is due to permanent damage to the brain cells, such as brain death from no oxygen, but in many cases of other neurological conditions, I believe they can be reversed, but cannot due to two other conditions, namely, autotoxicity (e.g. usually ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas) and presence of a pathogen (usually viral). In the first condition of autotoxicity, magnesium chloride and hydrochloric acid is the preferred ones I used. However, for cerebral palsy the vitamin C ascorbic acid is also seen as beneficial, to neutralize that too. As for the pathogen issue, I believe two more addition to the remedy is needed here, at the very least is 1000 mg of glutamine and 1000 mg of lysine three times a day.


Replied by Paul
Atl, Ga
How many Tbps of Magnesuim Chloride powder do I use in a solution?

Posted by ZePaul (South Atl, GA) on 06/11/2009

I've been taking sea salt & Potassium salt for a week. How long does it take to regenerate brain cells for CP?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
I didn't write in previously with sufficient details of the cerebral palsy cure. The reason why that was not done was I simply wanted a complete cure, However, the remedy outlined here will result in a improvement, almost day by day and a significant improvement enough to surprise someone on a week by week basis. I will keep this updated once I got a complete cure however, but my case are usually advanced forms of cerebral palsy, which is a lot tougher than most cases of cerebral palsy.

The persons I have experienced was usually around 5-8 years old, often having no control of neck, arms and legs. This includes inability to remember, speak, and see the person as he has no control of the eyes. There is a clear underdevelopment of legs, arms and torso. In other words the rest of the body simply did not grow, so the head was larger than the rest of the body.

The birth of these babies was that the mother was somehow got infected during childbirth especially giving birth. Such that the child during birth had epieptic seizures, heart stoppage, or simply went unconscious. Doctors attempt to revive them through various means and was put into incubators.

A frequent problems with cerebral palsy is the so called spastic condition. It's commonly thought that the motor neurons or cerebellum area to be damaged, but MRI scans for most of the victims seems to point to a damage in either the frontal or parietal (middle part) of the brain, where it orders the rest of the body what to do. An ECG examination shows that several of the lines just jump right across the page, which looks almost like the beginnings of an epileptic seizures if it had not been for the myelin sheaths which protects. So certain areas of the brain functions appear damage, but not enough to caused epileptic seizures under normal conditions.

I was however lucky to find that most serious cerebral palsy have a condition of hyperammonemia, a condition where the blood has excessive levels of ammonia, and the urine of these children smells pretty bad, an ammonia smell. So this is a very important clue, at the very least toward recovery.

The key issue is a brain can never heal itself if it is bathed in toxic biochemical wastes, and ammonia is one sore thumb that prevents a brain cell from recovery if ammonia is found excessive. Interestingly, doctors, at least where I live overlook the fact that ammonia is preventing the brain's eventual healing.

Therefore, the remedy is simple: reduce the ammonia first. Ammonia's pH is very alkaline and one major indicator is to monitor for the urine smell. If the urine has no smell then the child can eventually recover from the condition by removing this toxic substance. It should be noted that the child will experience the most dramatic recovery and improvement in the first three weeks once the ammonia is removed from the system.

The best remedy to neutralize an alkaline ammonia substance and at the same time is neuroprotective, especially in the first two to three weeks is obviously to neutralize the ammonia. The best remedy that I can come up with is magnesium chloride solution. Its pH is rather slightly acid, just enough to neutralize the alkaline ammonia. Magnesium chloride also has other interesting properties: it is neuroprotective in general, but especially the heavy metal, a constant feature in people with epileptic seizures and hence can be used to neutralized them at the same time. It should be noted that the child was not on meds for various reasons by the parents.

In any case the magnesium chloride is prepared by mixing 70% magnesium chloride powder dissolved in 30% distilled or Reverse Osmosis water. Since ammonia is rather alkaline, and at the same time the child don't like their taste anyway. It's commonly mixed in fruit juices, such as apple juice or grape fruit. My favorite being grape juice, but other fruit juices are fine, such as vegetable juices. So that the blood sugar does not spike when a child drinks the fruit juices, at the very least the fruit juice has to be diluted with a good mineral water. The dilution can be 1 part fruit juices to 1 part mineral water. Or preferbly, 1 part fruit juices to 2 part mineral water. Whenever this is done, the blood sugar isn' effected if the child happens to drink them.

During the first week the magnesium chloride is taken throughout the week. I sometimes used other supplement, but it seems to keep the child too active and not sleepy such as 1 drops of 0.1% methylene blue, but this is not required, but in some cases it does help brain activity. Some vitamin C can be added to the fruit juice drink such as 100 mg per glass. The child don't need to drink the entire glass of fruit juice either. He can drink any amount he or she pleases. The fruit juice with water is added with between 2-3 drops of magnesium chloride 70% solution in a one glass of fruit juice. It's given at low amount so as not to cause a diarrhea. Constipation on the otherhand can cause a decline in mental conditions, but this is not the problem when giving magnesium chloride drops in their drinking water. Some vitamin B complex helps neural recovery too, and they can be added in small amounts to the drinks. Assuming that I have a B50, this can be added in powdered form such as 1/2 of that grinded, and mixed in the fruit drinks, full glass of water.

It's the vitamin B complex that will significantly increase the child's appetite and the body will begin to grow, but it must be understood that this doesn't happen if ammonia is present. Therefore it is the magnesium chloride that removes the ammonia as well as being neuroprotective. The vitamin B complex is supports it but does not necessarily remove the ammonia toxins.

The body's growth is controlled by the brain function and if ammonia is there the body simply don't develop so they remain small compared to head of the child. Also the fruit juice are citric acid and will further neutralize any ammonia at the same time. The vitamin B will begin to make its mark in the development of the body during the second and third week of this remedy and the body will begin to grow most noticeably on the third week.

The development of the body in a cerebral palsy as the child begins to recover will be as follows: The childs eyes has greater control. The child regains it's ability to control the neck. The arms and the back comes next. The last part is often the legs, assuming a generalized cerebral palsy condition where a greater part of the brain is effected. However, certain parts of the brain will be damaged and therefore we expect to see certain spastic or locking up in the areas of the arms or legs depending on the location of the damage in the brain. These will be the last to recover, and hence the most difficult.

Therefore the outline of a cerebral palsy remedy is looked upon in stages as follows:

1. Detoxification
2. Circulation
3. Building

What I mentioned on simply the magnesium chloride and vitamin B complex using a diluted fruit juices is the detoxification. In a few cases I may add concentrated hydrochloric acid (only ONE drop) per glass of fruit juice, which produces a nice tart to the fruit juice. The reason why I may, but is never a requirement is that this neutralizes the ammonia that is found in the body and is then converted into ammonium chloride, a salt that is safely removed out into the urine without causing further destruction in the body. Therefore the hydrochloric is used only the first week just to get rid of the ammonia smell from the urine. Once they are gone, and the brain begins recovery, the body regains control and maybe won't have another ammonia because the brain has taken control of itself through it's liver function in detoxification.

The second stage is the circulation, and I had to be patient enough to make sure the ammonia is OUT of the system and no longer present in the urine. It's nice to have an ammonia tester for the urine, sold only in aquarium shops so we can monitor the child's ammonia level from time to time. Getting control of that by neutralizing ammonia is relatively straightforward. We can also add a 1/4 teaspoon of plain white distilled vinegar or some apple cider vinegar mixed into the fruit juices also. The vinegar is an acetic acid and it helps acetylation process, and process in the body that is known to detoxify and helps too. The reason why that is not mentioned in the beginning is to keep the focus on the magnesium first, vitamin B complex second, and vinegar is the third. I am currently looking into methylation, another method the body does to detox itself, using MSM and trimethylglycine, but it's a minor point at the moment and need not be discussed now and just focus on the most important issues. It should be noted that magnesium is given three times a day, and the child doesn't have to finish the entire fruit juices. A vitamin B complex is taken only once as described so is added only once in the fruit juices while the magnesium is added three times throughout the day.

The second stage that I found important and especially the development of muscles and getting control of them is the second stage. Brain cells that have been damage, for instance the parietal area, can't get access to both nutrients and oxygen because some circulation was blocked. In fact during the fruit juice stage and magnesium supplement given, these will remove most of the "calcium blockages" that blocks circulation. We can further restore this using DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). The dose is simple. During the third week roughly into "the remedy" we add one drop of DMSO is added into the fruit juices. This is added along with the usual magnesium chloride, but an addition of DMSO is added now, once the ammonia is gone. The assumption is DMSO is a two edge sword. If the body is high in ammonia, the DMSO may cause further damage, and hence is neutralized. Once the ammonia is neutralized as noted that the urine no longer smells ammonia can DMSO be started which occurs usually around the second or usually the third week. Afterwhich mental function impovemnt of the child will be noted the most this phase. Perhaps I begun too slow, but at the fastest, a DMSO might begin during the second week at the fastest. Since the child's ammonia is now lowered 1/16 teaspoon of potassium citrate and 1/16 teaspoon of sodium citrate is now added to their fruit juice drinks. The HCl is no longer used once the ammonia is kept under control. The potassium and sodium citrate is given three times a day. A child does not have to finish his fruit juice drinks prepared needs to be repeated here.

Magnesium is commonly an overlook mineral but it plays a significant role in neural transmission and protective function especially in cerebral palsy. Potassium is only second and hence is given during the second or third week once the ammonia has been ridden of. Parents seem to be most happy with their child during this second stage once DMSO is given. DMSO is free of side effects because i give them in very low dose, just enough for it to do the job. People tend to give way too much DMSO. As to how much the dose for DMSO is the best, I used one drop. Whether two drop may work better than one drop is a matter of debate, depending on the child's size. However, the one drop per dose is often problem free. I can't tell you the optimum for that a minimum I am happy enough so that it does what it's intended to do: mental recovery.

During the circulation stage which a possible addition of EDTA might be considered, using the disodium EDTA, or perhaps a hypothetical tetrasodium EDTA, but I will never use the calcium EDTA, and a magnesium EDTA maybe acceptable too. The point in the disodium EDTA or tetrasodium EDTA added in the last part of the stage two in circulation is to remove any calcium that may have blocked the brain's regeneration, dead tissues or the other ones and that might be considered if we look at iodine later, such as sodium iodide preferably, in removal of scar tissue of collagen in nature. However, that's not the priority, but calcium seems to interfere with brain's regeneration. Therefore, the EDTA I used is till quite low by many standards, the dose I used is likely t be closer to 10 mg -20 mg dissolved in a fruit juices, along with magnesium chloride and DMSO. It's added only once a day. The dose is quite low as you see, it's just given just enough that there is not excessive calcium formation as well as to remove toxic heavy metals, which generally cause the epileptic seizure to begin with. The EDTA may be given only briefly and near the end of stage two. The stage two will last awhile longer roughly, 3-4 weeks, I can't be precise. And during the last week, such as 3rd or 4th week of stage 2 is the EDTA given and only one week and might extend into the stage 3 of the remedy. I just give enough again just to do the job.

The third stage is the last stage and requires rebuilding ot brain cells. Certain blockages in the brain that prevent their regeneration could be several. To make things simple at this stage, hydergine and nootropil is given only once every two or three days. The child needs his rest period and can't be given too much. It's again dissolved in fruit juices to make consuming perhaps easier, using the straws of course. The dose is calculated on the basis of per weight, using the 120 pound adult taking a standard dose of hydergine and nootropil. The third supplements I used is likely to be the lithium carbonate, powder, 1-2 mg per dose which at very low dose helps neural growth. The calculation is based on the WEIGHT of the lithium carbonate at 1-2 mg, NOT the elemental lithium calculation. So obviously the dose is actually lower than the 1-2 mg if calculated on elemental lithium basis. This stage will require a longer period, roughly 3 months.

The remedy at the present isn't so complete, because I was not able to obtain a 100% recovery, but in any case, the parents are extremely happy (more like delirously happy) at their child's recovery anyway as the child has much mental development in talking, seeing, listening and motor activity.


Replied by ZePaul
South Atl, GA
Could I use Magnesium Oxide or sea salt for stage 1
Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
Magnesium oxide is very poorly absorbed that's it's worthless. It has the same water solubility as a most rocks we see on the roads. Only a magnesium chloride would do, as it is central to the healing. Marketers sell this product as "magnesium oil" however some people get their mangnesium chloride from a fish aquarium shops (those little fishes have all the luck!) and then you add 20% distilled water (reverse osmosis) to the magnesium chloride to get a supersaturated solution of magnesium chloride (a.k.a. magnesium oil). A sea salt doesn't have enough magnesium for the dose and has calcium which doesn't help.

It SHOULD be noted that central to healing issue which will be important later on the late stage 1 or stage 2 is the spastic and ataxia condition. The DMSO dose may increase anywhere from 3- 9 drops per dose taken three or times a day. Glycine has some effects on reduction of spastic fairly quickly but the dose appears closer to 100-250 mg to do the job. Some tweaking is needed, higher/lower dose by monitoring spastic conditions. Glycine takes about 10-20 minutes to see the effect after taking them. Other forms of glycine has different effects on the neurological system, but plays more important role on the brain such as dimethylglycine and trimethylglycine.

It should be noted that the three stage issue is a rough guideline. In between stage 1 and stage 2 is that delicate balancing act and additionals supplements, and sometimes I tane to have 4 stages, which are detoxification, balance, circulation and building (or rebuilding). But that's my view generally speaking. The balancing acts are performed when we added additional supplements to help with detoxification, additional supplements that reduces more detoxification and additional supplements that corrects certain deficiencies. As a double jeopardy is the issue of mercury vaccination, which I seen too often in cerebral palsy too, and hence chelation is the other issue that's needed to be concerned BEFORE the rebuilding of neural tissues too. Of course, the hospital's practice does not generally inform the parents of mercury tainted vaccintions, or MSG (monosodium glutamate) being added at the first weeks in the hospital. So you have to know that methyl mercury in vaccines are the most toxic forms of mercury there is. Hence, chelation therapy may eat a lof ot time during cerebral palsy.

It's said that some parents treat their children with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. However, this isn't helpful if the child has even a spastic condition. It would seem DMSO can reach targeted areas better if circulation are blocked by calcium (which is often the case) and hence a very low dose disodium EDTA, pH buffered or a tetrasodium EDTA are some possibilities to restore circulation. A spastic conditon gets worse the longer the child has a of activities. This condition occurs because the circulation or detoxification of the liver is possibly impaired. The other issue is some doctors say cerebral palsy is caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen) during delivery, but my experience has been that mothers had an infection during the delivery and that's how the problem really got started. Fever is therefore seen during the delivery due to the infection which tends to cause problems as in cerebral palsy.


Replied by ZePaul
Atlanta, GA
could I take Lithium Aspartate when I get to stage 3?
Replied by Zepaul
South Atl, Ga
can lithium Orotate be used instead of lithium carbonate?
Replied by Z-block
Ga, Usa
A few months ago you gave me an elaborate outline for a cerebral palsy remedy you used on a patient & I am planing on starting the 4 step process you gave me. I was able to find most of the products needed for it but I could not find lithium carbonate powder which is needed at the end.

Would magnesium oil in liquid or Powder be best because I want to take the correct amount & not take too much I dont really understand when you say 70 % Mg Chloride (how many Tablespoons or ml of Mg is needed)

I may not need Methelyne blue because I have a milder form of CP than the guy you worked on.


Replied by Veronica
La Crescenta, Ca
im confused how do I get nootropol medications here in the usa its not fda approved

Posted by Alfred Barron (Ransit, Thailand) on 04/09/2009

Ted: We can cure the Kid on my Block. He is 5 years old and has CP. Our reference will be...Your Knowlege....The Book "The golden Seven Plus One, By C.Samuel West

His Quote Session 1 Page 11..Item 12..Scientific Fact: the Sodium-Potassium pump is the rotation of the sodium single positive ions(Na+1) and the Potassium single positive icon(K+) in and out of the cell , which generates the electrical Field produced by the Life process of the cell.. The main purpose of this pump is to bring potassium, calcium, iron,glucose, and other minerals and nutrients into the cell and to pull any excess sodium out of the cell. This is the key to the Life process and the Electricicaal engergy prodcued by healthy cells. Ted one more book..Super Foods by Steven Pratt,MD & cathy matthews. Ted Your a very busy person..I know you can save this Kid.
My Best

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
685 Posts
The general method of approach for cerebral palsy is often to normalize electrolytes first, in particular is the sodium potassium and magnesium. Magnesium is peculiarly important. Alkalizing the brain is an important part as this is how the brain heals and regenerate itself. When this is added with methylene blue and some ribose sugar after small amount of chelation of heavy metals. Usually the brain will regenerate. It is important that the blood cells do not stick to each other and hence amino acid such as serine, and ornithine appears promising amino acid. Usually cells regenerate itself when there is sufficient electrical potential being build up, as in exercise and vibrational therapy as in whole body vibration. Electrolytes is one mentioned but electrical potential is also created through electrical charge differences between the body and the stomach and this can also be measured using Dr. Robert Becker's method of measuring electrical potential differences. Stem cells can be created with just a proper mix of colloidal silver and colloidal gold also. That's where Dr. Robert Becker discovered stem cells on people on bone fractures after a silver laced bandages was placed. Sea salt may also create some electrical potential differences more so than common table salt. When the brain is more alkalized there is more oxygen into the brain. DMSO may reach parts of the brain that's inaccessible, but a milder therapy that can be taken at larger dose includes MSM. Certain nutrients essential are taurine, possibly glutamine, vitamin B complex, some vitamin C and fish oil.

Exercise is helpful such as swimming and certain exercise so that the brain much like a person who had to walk again needs to practice after a brain concussion. The approach would be similar.

If I have time I will write a small remedy for cerebral palsy, as I also have no inquiries on cerebral palsy at the moment, so just catching up with backlogged emails are my main focus at the moment!

Replied by Paul
South Atlanta, GA
Good info, I'm 21 & I have mild cerebral Palsy, I currently am taking Zinc to balance my hormones & I want to start taking Magnesium-Calcium pills.

I need to know what would be the main nutrients to use for CP?

Replied by Jen
Tully, New York
My daughter is 10 and has CP she is spastic diplegic. I am curious to know more about home remedies. Ive read through what was written. I understand what was said about the ACV but not the last bit, is there a way to perhaps explain it more more lamen terms that I might understand better? Any help and suggestions would be great. Her muscles are so tight physical therapy is not working any more. She seems more confused and tired every day falling asleep in school even though she gets plenty of sleep.
Replied by Debbie
Port Orange, FL
I too would like to hear more about what Ted has to say about CP. My daughter is 9 and also has spastic diplegia. I too did not understand completely what was being said above. I look forward to more discussion about this. Thanks!!
Replied by Suriya
Pathumthani, Thailand
My son age 5years borned with a Cerebral palsy with no Oxygen at birth. Stayed at the hospital for 2months with Oxygen. Till now we can only do therapy massage for him as there is no cure to help him to be better condition. Right now he can start sitting but with our security watch. He could talk a lot because of taking Pig cell and Sheep cell and we saw improvement but still the physical is no change much with a SPASTIC.

Please suggest what and how to cure my son.

Thank you very much,

Replied by ZePaul
South Atl, GA
What is the best supplement to get for the highest amount of potassium?

I want to start taking potassium but it doesn't make sense to only take 99mg if you don't get near the RDA, Plus I cant afford 3-5 bananas daily

potassium &magnesium is good for Mild Cerebral Palsy which I have

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York
there are a couple brands of Coconut water out in the groceries... they have around 650mg of potasium per glass... However a little pricey... but a great drink when you feel faint in the heat of the summer...saved me a couple times.
Replied by Val
Bangkok, Thailand
I have been looking after an orphan child, who is 6 now, for three years. He has cerebral palsy... can't walk or sit up..though can speak quite well now... This took a long time. I am desperately searching for a way to help him.I am sure with the right help he could have a bright future.I don't know where to find the remedies Ted mentions here in Bangkok. I think with Ted's help we could do wonders for this little boy. val
Replied by Ruchi Chitkara
New Delhi, India
My son vansh is now 3 1/2 yrs. He was born premature at 7mths. , wt-1900gms. By LSCS. He cried immediately after birth but developed respiratory distress after 8hrs. Both his lungs ruptured and was given surfactant at 11hrs. Then , shifted on H.F.O. Ventilator for 11 days. He developed infection in his lungs after 5 days. Then taken off ventilator after 11 days. He had bilateral wrist drop on 13th day which was corrected after physiotherapy. Discharged on 22nd day after normal MRI which showed only incomplete myelination. He had no head control at 5mths so again MRI was done which showed diffused cerebral atrophy. Physiotherapy started thereafter.

IMPORTANT MILESTONES-His milestones are delayed. Physically and mentally he is lagging behind children his age. Started changing sides at 14 mths, he started sitting at 18 mths. He started creeping and standing with support at 2yrs and started crawling and kneeling at 2yrs. 5mths. Speech came at 2yrs. 6mths. He speaks papa , baba and mumma now. Earlier he was not able to see at 1ft. Distance but can now see at 11-12ft. But at times gets confused and closes his eyes. Short concentration span of about 5-10 secs. Mild squint is also there. His upper body is normal with good hand function but has spasticity in legs. Has a weak trunk, underdeveloped hip muscles , tightness in abductor , hamstring and ankles. He walks with support and is able to stand by pulling himself. He recognizes all family members, can tell body parts and other basic things. He tries to express himself by pointing with his hands. His stools do not have a bad smell
Pls pls let me know a treatment plan for him.

Replied by Rainbow713
Brookline, Ma
I have a 9month old son who suffers from seizure disorders but is unable to roll over, sit up or crawl and is currently taking Keppra. He has not been diagnosed with CP but would I be able to follow this regimen for him?
Replied by Ashively
Boise, Id
Here's a little background on my condition: I am 30 year old male living in Boise, ID. I have had CP since I was born. I've always been told it was due to hypoxia (or something like that) because I was born 12 weeks premature and my lungs weren't fully developed. I have a reasonably good level of function. I have had multiple "muscle lengthening" surgeries at the Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and have done fairly regular physical therapy up through my last surgery 10 years ago. I can drive, speak, walk, etc. I have a job and a college degree. I am married, function "normally" sexually. I'm not sure how much info you need. I have had an MRI as recently as June 2010, my first MRI ever that showed the following diagnosis: "There are mildly enlarged atria and posterior bodies of the lateral ventricles with associated periventricular T2 hyperintensity and decreased white matter. This is consistent with the chronic periventricular leukomalacia from perinatal hypoxic ischemic episode although could be related to other chronic ischemic or inflammatory disease. "

Do you think I would benefit from your therapy? I would be interested in learning how to get started. Thanks,

Replied by Laurie
Branson, Mo
Hello, I have a 20 yr old son with spastic quadraplegia CP. He can say some words ie mom, dad, good, bad, dvd, etc. He has fairly good mobility on right side but very little with left hand and leg. He's had hamstring release, and most recently a spinal fusion due to scoliosis from sitting in his wheelchair. He loves cruising the internet, tv, playing games. He's really smart. I intend to try your cure. Am I understanding correctly to do the three stages of detox first and then follow up with the remedy. Thanks so much. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa
Hi Laurie, In USA there is Sharry Edwards who practices Bioaccoustics, look her up on the net & see if it suits you but she is doing wonderful work & curing the incurable with sound. & there are trained practioners in other cities in the USA. All people in the USA should take note of this info. She treats the cause & then the symptoms go away. She is a very sympathetic lady with with a very special talent.


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