Diabetes Type I: Home Remedies and Holistic Treatment

Last Modified on Oct 11, 2014

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes, put simply, means you have too much glucose in your bloodstream. When it occurs from the body's own immune system attacking the pancreas, which hinders or destroys its ability to produce the insulin that allows your body to absorb glucose from your blood, it is known as diabetes type I, diabetes mellitus, and/or juvenile diabetes. Without insulin, the body's blood sugar levels rise but cannot be utilized (hyperglycemia), which can result in dehydration, tissue damage, nerve damage, and cardiovascular issues including stroke. Symptoms of diabetes are frequent urination, increased thirst, and weight loss and is fatal if not treated. Due to the damage done to the pancreas, diabetic treatment must be ongoing for the patient with a diabetic condition.

What is known about the cause of type 1 diabetes is that it is immunological in origin and polygenic; it is not a specific gene that causes it but rather gene combinations, and a child with a diabetic parent has a 10% risk of developing the disease. There are clinical cases where between two identical twins only one developed diabetes mellitus, suggesting that there are external factors such as environment and diet.1

We know that foods and supplements like apple cider vinegar, pectin, a proper diabetic diet, and lifestyle changes like increased exercise can moderate blood sugar levels; but we are looking to find more home and natural remedies for diabetes type I. Whether they are success stories or the discovery of ongoing alternative treatments, we are interested in you sharing your experience.


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Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Kbrn (Upstate, NY) on 10/11/2014

As someone who works in the health care field and who is a type 1 diabetic since '76 I have to agree with the comments about mainstream medical advice. Personally, mainstream healthcare has only been helpful for me about half of the time. I have been misdiagnosed so many times that when I get the sense that they are making it up as they go, I usually fire those doctors. I see the medical field from the inside and it is mostly about making money, not curing you. If medicine cured you of all your problems then who would financially support all those doctors, nurses, administrators, expensive clinics and hospitals?

When a diabetic walks in the doctors office, it is my experience that that's what they focus on. They will advise the diabetic to maintain tight glycemic control as if that will fix everything. They ignore or forget that people with perfect HA1C also have health problems. Long ago I started researching things myself and using logic and information, I have cured myself of several disturbing health problems.

For those who may be interested, I suffered a strange oversensitivity of my nervous system. When I touched even the slightest of textures, it would set my teeth on edge and I lived with that for years. Neurologists diagnosed me with neuropathy and prescribed neurontin which didn't help but made me more tired. (diabetic and new mother) This diagnosis didn't make sense as neuropathy symptoms include numbness and phantom pains. When I was in nursing school, the hospital put a woman on a glucose and insulin IV drip to reduce her potassium which was dangerously high. I was also learning about nerve function in anatomy class: it requires potassium. Since I am on insulin and was having nerve problems I figured it could be the answer to supplement minerals especially potassium. Cured.

In this day and age, you have to take responsibility for your own health.

Another example is on topic: I finally decided to ask the doctor about my athletes feet and very thick toenails. She said diabetics are not able to be cured of the fungus. But she set me up with a podiatrist. $$$$$

The podiatrist likewise held up no hope for a cure. However, I could come back every few months and he could use the electric sander on my thick nails. $$$$$

The first time he sanded my nails he burned the skin of my diabetic feet! That's not a good idea as we are prone to problems related to healing foot injuries. I decided he didn't have the answer.

I went to a great site called bulk herb store. Got the advice to soak my feet in apple cider vinegar twice a day changing the cider once a week. There were other recommended ingredients but I could get the cider that same day and started the treatment. Within one week the thick toenails on my 5th toes peeled right off leaving a normal nail underneath. the other 2 problem toenails are looking better but require further soaks. I came to this site today because of fungal problems elsewhere and it has confirmed my suspicion that some apple cider vinegar or white vinegar will be my next step. I plan to get off the computer, take a shower, spray the vinegar on the problem spots and let dry and am optimistic that I will once again have solved my complaint.

When and if I return to the podiatrist, I will show him my healed feet and toes and expect he will ask what I did. I will tell him he can make an appointment to drive out to my house at my convenience, (I have an appointment available a week from next friday), pay 160$ (I don't accept his insurance and then I can tell him about my 4 dollar cure. I doubt this info will be passed on to his other patients as there is no money in it for him.

Posted by Mama To Many
707 Posts

What an encouraging story! Thank you for sharing it. Good for you for taking responsibility for your health and beating the system. I am sure your experience will be helpful to others!

~Mama to Many~

Posted by David
4 Posts
...with the perfect balance between respect and tongue in cheek...I loved your post!

Diabetic Pain Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 05/11/2013

Two months ago I asked my dr to give me some oxygen because I live close to an oil refinery that recently had a spill and could smell benzene sometimes and would feel short of breath. Had a lung function test that showed I have the beginnings of emphysema and my blood oxygen was 88. She said when you're on oxygen you forget to breathe and refused. Three weeks later I went to ER because I was extremely short of breath and I had pneumonia. They took so many blood tests they had to take blood from both arms. I was in the hospital five days and besides antibiotics I got cortisone in the form of tablets. When I went in my ankles werent swollen. 2 1/2 days later they started to swell and my blood sugar went up terribly.

I am diabetic and they said the Blood Sugar rise was to be expected. They said the ankle and leg swelling was because I was sitting in the edge of the bed with my feet dangling so they put compression socks on. Because they are tubes they cut off the circulation above my instep and ankle was about three times normal size on right side. Took the things off and now swelling can go down at night. Have been home about three weeks. I can live with that, but now I have pain in my left hip and knee when I get up from sitting position. I have had this pain (slightly) for quite awhile but not to the extent it is now. Once I stand the pain on left side is very bad, but once I manage to take a step with right foot the pain goes away. This is not arthritis pain. Going up and down a step or two doesn't bother it. Trying to get situated in bed is an ordeal. I lie on my left side. Trying to lie on right side the pain on left makes that impossible. I first thought it was sciatica until it got so bad. Now I wonder if it's related to diabetes. Dr has never said anything. Only asks how I would rate it.

Four days ago I had very little pain and next day I was on my feet a lot and that night the knee and hip hurt so bad I had to sit up all night. The next day the pain was still bad. I had to take 2 tylenol rather than just one. Today the pain is a lot better and I may have found what helps it. I ate strawberries. A time before when it lessened, I ate strawberries. I also have decreased kidney function and cannot take magnesium or a lot of the other things suggested here. Any one diabetic ever had this and what was done for it?

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
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Judy: It seems your body responds neg or pos to whatever it may encounter from the environment. In short, your defenses are very low.

To begin correcting these weaknesses start w/ a women's multivitimin/mineral supplement w/ super-foods and enzymes, really the best women's multi you can afford. Next, take Chromium Picolinate and Cinnamon to get the diabetes under control. Now, for the kidneys, any herbal "kidney formula" will help. D-Mannose and Cranberry Juice will help.

After doing these remedies you should be feeling much better but I would recommend doing some common detox http://earthclinic.com/cures/detoxification.html.

Also increase antioxidant nutrition. I would recommend beginning w/ Brazil Nuts for Selenium (2 per day for 1mo then one per day) plus Vit-E (full spectrum). Water soluble antioxidants like Pine Bark, and Grape Seed Extracts will help. A "Carotinoid Complex" plus Pumpkin Seeds (good source of Zinc) will also greatly help.

Posted by Judy
Denver, Co
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To Timh in Louisville KY. Thank you for your input. I have been taking Vit E, Astaxathin, Phynologol and black radish & parsley for the kidneys as well as L-Arginine, garlic, hawthorn, chromium and Vit D3. Kidney dr told me not to take vit C or a multiple vit. I do occasionaly anyway. The blood sugar I dont think is too much of a problem. The drs told me to cut glipizide pill in half because BS might go too low if I take 5 mg. As for cleansing I think I will start juicing -primarily carrots. Thats always done wonders for me. Strawberries apparantly didnt help. The pain on outside of my knee has gotten so bad I have to take 2 tylenol now, wait awhile and then I can put weight on left leg. Once I take first step with right the pain is usually gone.

After reading all I can about this I am pretty much convinced it's sciatica. I don't want to go to another specialist. Every time I follow drs advice, against my better judgement, I end up worse. I wouldn't pretend to know more than a dr, but I do question what they learn in college. One dr in the hospital told me taking herbs is akin to blood-letting. I've taken herbs since the 70s and didn't need a dr for 30 years-not til BS started going up 10 yrs ago. Then I got a drug for BP that raises BS (30pts) My diabetes was under control with diet only til I got that drug. Its been a problem since.

I wonder if anyone reading here has heard of Earthing? I got this info off Dr Mercolas site. I sent for a pad. Its guaranteed to show improvement in pain within 30 days (if not within a few hrs or days) when you use one of their pads in the house. I am ready to try anything. The testimonials look promising.

I need to be able to walk to build up strength in legs and cant do that because legs get tired. I gained 10 lbs in the hospital in 3 days. I blame that on cortizone but drs wont admit it. Kidney function is back to where it was months before I went in hospital.

One of the drs told me Vit E causes cancer. I wonder where they got that?

Posted by Judy
Denver, Co
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I know there are folks here that seem to be very knowledgeable and maybe someone can explain this.

Four years ago I took HCTZ (diaretic). Went two days without because could not get to drugstore. When I did take it again after approx 20 minutes I got up to get my dogs in and almost fell down. It took over half hour to manage to get outside and untie them and get in. Within 2 hrs my blood pressure shot up 20 pts. OK. That's a bad reaction.

Now I am on lasix and have been for over two years. I have been having this horrific pain in my hip joint and left knee for about two weeks. It had gotten to the point that even 2 tylenol tabs did not seem like enough. For the last two days I have skipped the lasix and gone to taking black radish and parsley as directed on the bottle and pain has decreased to the point that I take one tylenol about every 12 hrs. Swelling in right ankle and leg seems a little better and leg does not ache like it did before after being up on feet for more than ten minutes.

I do not know if my system cannot handle the lasix on consistant basis or if black radish and parsley is more natural and doing a better job. I tend to watch salt intake closely. My blood pressure is the same as it is on lasix. Also, I have decreased kidney function and am diabetic. BS under good control.

I think I will skip it one more day and take it again and see if pain comes back.

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
"Earthing" or grounding is also discussed by Dr Steven Sinatra who has a web site and more discussion on the benefits than even Dr Mercola. The idea sounded kooky when I first heard it but it has sound science behind it. Just look at the Sinatra and Mercola sites. The basic idea is simple; with shoes off let bare feet touch the earth for as long as one can on a daily basis if possible. The earth's electrical charge can actually alter blood flow by lessening the clumping of blood platlets. They refer to a book I'd heard of years ago: The Body Electric which advocates the importance of negative ions for the human body. You can get a lot of negative ions in a thunder storm, walking on a sandy ocean beach and just walking in the grass.

On the doctor who told you Vitamin causes cancer, so many Vitamin E sutudies use synthetic Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol) instead of Vitamin E natural (d-alpha tocopherol) and the synthetic has given lots of negative results. The natural E is hugely helpful; a carrier of oxygen, critical for proper clotting but internal is a blood thinner, an anti oxydent... 20 plus benefits to the body. I've been taking 1, 000 iu of d-alpha tocopherol daily for 30 years.

Posted by Judy
Denver, Co
Regarding my hip and knee pain and" earthing".

I sent for earthing pad and also read book received with it. About page 21 the author writes about a Podiatrist that wrote many books and said the worst invention made by man was the shoe, or the soles on shoes. They throw off the gait so we don't walk mormally. I think there might be something to that.

When I got out of the hospital end of March my right foot and ankle were terribly swollen. I went into the hospital with pneumonia-no swelling. Was given cortizone, which I believe caused the swelling. I had a nurse and physical therapist coming to the house for 5 weeks. I couldn't wear shoes because of swelling of right foot, ankle and calf. The therapist brought me shoes she'd gotten from Goodwill that were 2 sizes bigger than what I wear. Thick leather, 3/4 inch soles and I was forced to walk flat-footed. Ive had some hip and leg pain on left side for a long time but not very bad.

Ever since I quit work about 10 years ago Ive worn indian moccasins almost exclusivly. While they have soles, they are very flexible. These new things were like wearing boards and the longer I wore them, the worse the pain became when I tried to get up. Once I managed to work through the pain and take a step with my right leg the hip and leg pain in left would go away.

The swelling in right foot and leg had gone down to the point I could get my regular shoes on and now the pain has subsided to the point that I can sometimes get up witth no pain at all and I'm rarely taking tylenol. I never had swelling in leg that gave me the pain.

Although I am using the earthing mat, I attribute the pain subsiding to wearing my regular shoes. I think the earthing pad has helped the swelling. According to the book its supposed to thin the blood as well as lots of other good things. I do notice that my blood pressure has gone down.

Posted by Lanos
Judy, Pls be wary about wearing shoes from Goodwill or any second hand stores. You can end up contracting fungus/athletes feet disease.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Helena (Celje, Slovenia) on 03/15/2013

Dear! We have a 3 year old son who has type one diabetes. Can your treatment doses of insulin reduce and replace them with something else? Or, how can you help us? Please give us some information. Regards,
Helena from Slovenia

Posted by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
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Have you read "The pH Miracle for Diabetes" by Robert Young PhD ?? This recommends an holistic treatment through diet to reverse Type1 & 2.
Posted by Joy
Battleground, Wash
You might do some research on coconut and find some solutions... Maybe not all of them but some. I read a lot. Lots of information and some testimonials of sugar regulation and diabetes and alzheimers success stories.. Not sure if they were for type 1 diabetes. Hope this helps.
Posted by Art
Tustin, Ca. Usa
In reply to Helena from Celje, Slovenia: Please google vitamin d and type 1 diabetes in infants. This youtube video is also very good regarding the importance of vitamin D in type 1 or juvenile diabetes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTtmvMvgfl0. Art

Nat Sulph 6X Cell Salt   0  0   

Posted by Violet (Cerrillos, New Mexico) on 08/18/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Nat. Sulph (sodium sulphite) 6X is a homeopathic cell salt that is recommended for diabetes mellitus. I recently began giving it to my daughter who was diagnosed a year and a half ago. So far we have not seen dramatic improvement, but her blood glucose numbers do seem to have stabilized a bit. Another plus is that she actually enjoys the taste of this remedy over the herbs (gymnea sylvestre, bitter melon, bilberry) which I have tried to give her. It was also recommended that we remove gluten and dairy from her diet. I have had a hard time doing this completely to a young child who already feels she can't eat anything that "tastes good", without the cooperation of other well-meaning people in her life who feed her these foods, and the general prevalence of gluten and dairy in so many foods. I know that type 1 diabetes is linked to other auto immune disorders and cutting out gluten and dairy is listed as a recommendation for each one I have looked at on Earthclinic tonight. Maybe we should give it another shot.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Tania (Vienna, Austria) on 09/14/2011

I have had DI for about 10 years now and the symptoms have not worsened, even bettered I would say. Is there anyone who could recommend some natural remedies? I have been on Minirin for years as life is too hard without but would love to be able to drop it. I also worry about the effect on the kidneys on the days I dont take the meds and end up drinking gallons... Any info is welcome!!! Thank you

Posted by Michael (West Indies ) on 02/05/2009

Diabetic ketoacidosis: How do I cure or control acidosis for juvenile diabetic?

Posted by Dianna
Austin, Tx
111 Posts
you can try 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in a half a glass of water. I too have diabetes type 1 and when I am ill sometimes my blood sugar goes very high and I can tell my body if very acid. When I am like this ACV DOES NOT HELP. But I have very good results from the baking soda. Of course this is a serious issue - be careful with this problem. Test the urine for ketones and ph. If this remedy does not help call your son's doctor. Good luck.
Posted by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States
29 Posts
Hi Michael from West Indies, there is no cure for Diabetic ketoacidosis. If you have it go to your doctor or the hospital. If you want to avoid it, get your blood sugars under control. With out knowing what you are doing wrong I can only say generally what to do. You need to test for your blood sugar and the more you are having problems with your blood sugar the more you need to test. You need to learn how to carbohydrate count for your meals and then match insulin to the amount of carbs you ate with consideration to your current blood sugar. You also need to know your insulin sensitivity and for that you need your doctor's help. Most type I diabetics that have this problem eat too much carbohydrates, so cutting back my help with blood sugar control.

Hi Dianna from Austin, it is very important for diabetics to understand why blood sugar goes way up when you are sick, like when you have stomach flu. When the human body is not getting sugar through the intestines and blood sugar goes down, like when you have the stomach flu, it compensates by releasing sugar stored in the liver. This happens to everyone wether you have diabetes or not. The type of sugar that the liver stores is called glycogen and it is very potent. A little glycogen can raise your blood sugar a lot. When this happens to diabetics you see those very high blood sugars that do a lot of damage to your body. If you have a good doctor he will put you on an IV with glucose in the solution. This sounds counter productive to add sugar to your blood when you already have high blood sugar but it is necessary to stop the liver from dumping glycogen. You can avoid having to go to the hospital and being put on an IV by getting your blood sugar up the natural way. Drink some apple juice or take honey in water. You must know if you drink a cup of apple juice down while you have the stomach flu you will throw it up, so take sips 5 minutes apart. Such a small amount of apple juice will get through your stomach. Of course you will have to take your insulin to get your high blood sugar down and if this does not work then contact your doctor.

Posted by Dustin
Midvale, Ut
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have had the most dramatic improvement by supplementing with Iodine, chelated copper, coconut oil, magnesium citrate, and benfotiamine. Its interesting that the minerals Americans are most deficient in: copper, magnesium, and iodine make such a huge difference.
Posted by Jake
Chicago, Il
Dustin -

I have used all the five you mention for my diabetes with some relief over the past 6 months. I've also used many other supplements and those most beneficial in my case have been glymnema drops several times a day, chromium, and especially my latest discovery - as of the last 7 days or so, and more than twice as potent than anything else I've experienced for bringing my blood sugar down - IP6 along with inositol in a 4 to 1 ratio ie. 2000 grams IP6 along with 500 mgs. Inositol. (This is without question a most amazing supplement perhaps for many things including cancer - see Abul Kalam Shamsuddin's book IP6)

Posted by Sally
Mesa, Arizona
I am the mother of two sons with Type 1 Diabetes. I was a Registered nurse, and when our first son was diagnosed over four years ago, their nutritional advice just didn't make sense to me. That began my search for a natural cure for Type 1 Diabetes. With the strict supervision of two doctors, we formulated a plan to manage Type 1 Diabetes in a healthy way. We now have a service to help other Type 1 diabetics all over the world to help lead a healthy lifestyle and, hopefully, achieve their optimal health. You can read our story on our website: healthesolutions.com We have a free newsletter with all of the latest research, healthy tips and encouragement. We would love to help you in any way possible. Very sincerely, Sally

Type 1 Diabetes Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Judy (Kissimmee, Fl.) on 06/18/2013

Does Ted or anyone else have any remedies for type 1 diabetes. I was 60 years old when I got it. They treated me as a type 2 and nearly killed me. Thanks for any and all suggestions.

Posted by Art
Tustin, Ca.
Vitamin D may be helpful at the right dosage. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22751874


Posted by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand
340 Posts
I just read a good article that said cocoa dropped the need for insulin by an amount that was significant, unsweetened of course. It might be worth googling to check it out.
Posted by Judy
Kissimmee, Fl
Thanks for the suggestions. I will try any and all to try to cure this. I have tried a fairly large number of remedies to date without success but will keep trying. Over the years there have been methods found that appeared to cure type 1 diabetes but they never come to market. There is too much money to be made on the testing strips, insulin and associated items. That is why I am asking for suggestions. I appreciate any and all. This is a wonderful site with wonderful people participating. I am so glad to have found it. Thanks one and all!!
Posted by Jenna
Canberra, Australia, Australia
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Hi Judy,

Re Type 1 diabetes, and being treated as a Type 2 and nearly 'croaking' as a result. Same here for me also. I'm guessing you were prescribed something like ONGLYZA (saxagliptin) to control Blood Glucose Levels.

My history in brief: 'Undiagnosed' diabetic (Type 1, originally misdiagnosed as Type 2) for about 10 years - Stage 3-4 Chronic Kidney Disease (pending dialysis) - Liver failure - 80% loss of eyesight - numbness in hands and feet - plus undiagnosed Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), which I battled every day for about 4 years.

Solution: I've been treating myself WITHOUT prescription meds of any kind since March 2012, and I went intothis with my eyes wide open. (I'm also being monitored by Doctor, Endocronologist, & Diabetes Nurse... None of them have seen this done before).

1st step: get blood glucose levels (BGL) under control. I use Gymnema Sylvestre - and it's quite safe to take at more than recommended dose which is usually about 6 per day... I take around 15-20 depending on how my levels are throughout the day. I also back this up with bitter melon (about 4-6 per day) just to make sure. I've found when I control BGL my liver starts to pump out more glycogen - meaning ketone levels rise. Too many ketone and DKA sets in - I also become quite 'acid'.

2nd step: control ketones (to offset DKA), and reduce acidity - because excess acid damages kidneys and liver, and just exacerbates the whole situation. Get some 'pee-on' Ph paper strips. They're about a dollar or two on Ebay. You need these to check on what amount of Bicarb Soda (Baking Powder) you need each day to remain Ph neutral. For me, I generally take 3 glasses a day of filtered water to which I've added 1/2 teaspoon bicarb soda & 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid to each one. I take these from midday through to bedtime. Don't take before midday unless you eat first. The Ph paper will let you know if you're too acid still - so you adjust how many glasses accordingly (you should be Ph neutral when you rise in the morning and stay that way until you begin drinking your bicarb water around midday)

Bonus: The Bicarb/Citric Acid soothes both the kidneys and liver. I was able to reverse Chronic Kidney Disease within 4-6 weeks and kidneys are now (and have been) functioning well for over 18 months. Liver started to show sign of improvement about 8 weeks in. Chronological blood tests show the history. A warning sign that I haven't had enough bicarb/citric acid is I get pain in my liver when I'm starting to produce too much glycogen. Needless to say Liver seems to take a little longer. DKA (ketone) levels can rise quite quickly - Bicarb/Citric Acid water will see them drop at around 20 minutes after being taken (I use ketone blood tests to confirm in heading in the right direction.

Also, Diabetics are also prone to 'electrolyte imbalances'... So I address these as well. I found that some of the 'sports'-type drinks help a little... BUT they're loaded with sugar (which is basically what helps people 'recover' quickly from sports). If I drink these... I have to mop-up the sugar by taking extra Gymnema. Adding the 'extra' sugar when trying to control it... Just seemed counter-productive to me. Of course there's artifically sweetened sports drinks, BUT they're made with Aspartame... which is the equaivalent of drinking the toxic waste from the tailings ponds of a nuclear reactor! For me, neither the Aspartame or the Tailings Ponds were an option.

Problem: There is nothing on the market for diabetics to assist with electrolyes... unless you want to add a lot of sugar, OR drink the equivalent of nuclear waste.

Solution: Kidnap a Compounding Pharmacist, and create an electrolyte replacement suitable for diabetics. Seriously, I didn't kidnap him... But I convinced him to help work out a formula with me. It doesn't have the same 'buzz' as a sugared-up drinks... But it DOES get the electrolye balance under control. Once again.. I just add to water and 'down the hatch'.

I also take a variety of things to assist with the whole process - so the above is just the 'basics' that will actually work.

My goal in all of this is to take a non-functioning pancreas... And turn it into a functioning one I. E. To grow some wretched beta cells. My next lot of tests (so I can check my progress) includes a test of C-peptide levels. Hopefully this will reveal how much insulin my body is now making.

Essentially, I'm a work 'in progress'. But I have to admit I'm feeling quite hopeful. To keep track of what I'm doing, I'm working on a journal-type website. It only has an image saying it's on it's way, but not for too much longer: www.diabetes-without-drugs.com. I just wanted to make sure I'd covered as many bases as possible, because there's nothing worse than false hope (been there, done that).

Hope this helps.

Posted by Beberobozo
New York
31 Posts
Wow, your story is very inspiring and good luck to you.. sounds great.. I am not a diabetic but I do have high blood pressure and I was scared into the medication but that is another story. So now I am doing the baking soda and lemons. Is that what you mean by citrate acid. ? Lemons or limes?? Thank you..
Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1295 Posts
@Jenna: Thanks for your progress report on diabetes, and congrats to you.

I have never been diagnosed w/ diabetes or glucose problems, but I do have other serious metabolic/ detox/ and immune problems. Also a fungal infection simply loves the sugar, so I take some measures of prevention which I will disclose.

Chromium Picolinate 200mcs 2 or 3x daily. An herbal Gymnema/Cinnimon/Mullberry complex at least 1x daily. 2gms MSM fallowed by 300mg ALA helps w/ detox and metabolism; 1 125mg DMG daily seems very much helpful in the same regard.

Suggestions. For help in rebuilding the liver and pancreas take Raw Glandular supplements. Milk Thistle Seed will greatly help the liver. As for electrolyte deficiencies and imbalances it seems that 10 drops, at least 2x daily, of Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals from prehistoric sources would help, likewise w/ Fulvic or Humic Acid products. There are also some good herbal pancreas formulas on the market; Solaray has one w/ added homeopathic substances as well as the raw glandular, so it's a really complete one which would stand to really help regeneration of those beta cells.

Also anything you could do to improve or boost HGH would help; I've posted several ways here on E.C.

Good luck and post any more updates here for others.

Posted by Debbie T.
One thing that many people who have diabetes have benefitted from is lowering or eliminating grains, carbohydrates and sugar.

Research "wheat free". Many people don't know that wheat (or white or wholewheat bread) for instance will raise your blood sugar up by as much as a can of soda or a candy bar. This has been documented in scientific literature. Add to that a few biscuits, a slice of cake or more during the day and you have multiple spikes of insulin occuring during the day.

Also carbohydrate foods like too much fruit or root vegetables will raise insulin levels.

Gluten free foods contain many starches which also will raise insulin levels way too high so are very bad for diabetics.

Many people who have cut out grains and only had less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day are able to get their problem under control, many are reversing all diabetic symptoms (type II). Some type 1's have been able to get off insulin (some).

Posted by Jenna
Canberra, Australia, Australia
3 Posts
Hi Beberobozo from New York... RE So now I am doing the baking soda and lemons. Is that what you mean by citrate acid. ? Lemons or limes?? Ans: Lemons and Limes contain Citric Acid. But you can also purchase in a granular/powdered form. I alternate between adding fresh squeezed lemon juice and powdered citric acid. I buy Food Grade Citric Acid in bulk from a food/herb supplier on Ebay.

Hi Timh from Ky, Usa... Thanks heaps for recommendations for rebuilding the liver and pancreas. I do take Milk Thistle Seed and Organic Flaxseed oil for liver... And although I have Humic Acid... I've only been taking sporadically, so I will now make it a 'regular'. I also have green (Granny Smith) apples as the Malic Acid in them is good for liver. I will definitely look for pancreas formulas too.

RE: Chromium, I also take this on a regular basis, however I use 'chromium polynicotinate', not 'Chromium Picolinate', simply because 'Polynicotinate' is made up of chromium and niacin and the niacin helps the chromium absorption. There was also some research in the 1990s that suggested that higher doses of Chromium Picolinate could damage DNA. Anyways I use a product by Natures Way called 'GTF Chromium'.

Hi Debbie T. From Australia RE: many people who have diabetes have benefitted from lowering or eliminating grains, carbohydrates and sugar. Ans: I totally agree. Unfortunately, Diabetes Nutritionists (in Aus) prescribe to a certain amount of carbohydrate in the daily diet. Originally I tried to follow that protocol... But it just made life so difficult... Just a single slice of bread can send my BGL rocketing skywards (to around 12 mmol/l, or 216 mg/dl), then it takes forever to bring it down again. However, I've found recent research which suggests that perhaps the current eating recommendations for diabetics are incorrect and should be turned on their head... To very low carbohydrate consumption instead. But, I work on the principle that life has to have a few 'joys'. So I'm careful when it doesn't matter... So I don't have to be when it does matter. In other words I plan ahead. If I intend having an occasional coffee and cake with the girls... I'm very careful in the weeks leading up to it, and on the day I conteract possible effects beforehand. That way - no stress, no guilt... And the friends don't have to feel like they have to be cautious for my sake. I found that over the last 18 months I've changed my way of thinking about diabetes... I now rule diabetes... it doesn't rule me.

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
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@Jenna: Looks like you are definitely moving forward in your battle w/ D.M. Yes, the form of chromium you are taking is the best. Also, you must look into Alpha Lipoic Acid as it is proven to help carbohydrate metabolism as well as improve liver function and more if used properly. The ALA seems to have very much potential in your case. R-ALA is said to be the best form.
Posted by Debbie T.
Hi Judy, there are people who greatly reversed their diabetes (or cured it) going grain free/low carbohydrate.

Myself, I don't have diabetes but I have lost about 6 pounds in last week and my eyesight is actually clearer (many people have reported this as well-some their eyesight improving as much as 3 points). I am jumping out of bed about 7am wide awake. Previously it was an effort at 9am. I don't feel like sleeping in the afternoon like I was previously. My appetitite is such that I can eat twice a day and not feel hungry in between at all. My migraines which I was getting regularly which were getting worse and worse have vanished. Cellulite in my legs is simply vanishing. My belly is not bloated anymore and gas is now non existant. By Christmas I will be down to my ideal weight I think. All this without exercise and any real effort on my part.

@jenna yes nutritionalists are saying one thing but research and anecdotal evidence from real people is another. They told us to eat low fat, which made people eat more carbohydrates because they were constantly hungry. They told us to eat margarine which is made from oils which are now known to be bad for heart disease. Too many carbohydrates ensure you will need more insulin. Lower carbohydrates and you will need less insulin. This has been demonstrated many times yet they still are telling people to eat more carbohydrates.

More and more kids are getting type 1 diabetes because of a cabohydrate overload.

@Jenna so glad you have got your diabetes under control.

Know that wheat contains a protein called "Gliadin" google it. It is an opiate that makes you want more wheat products. Once you break free you will feel better. Wheat and flours are also causing heart disease and inflammation in the body so every time you eat it you are effectively inflamming your body more.

There are many wonderful cookbooks that are full of yummy recipes that are actually healthy. You could carry your own cake along. How often have you bought a cake in a shop and it never lives up to waht it looks like? More likely it has been sitting there for weeks and is full of preservatives to make it last longer and look good.

Take a look at your friends eating all the cake they want. Do they look healthy?

Posted by Lj
Los Angeles, California
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Please beware they have had some Studies recently that say taking baking soda too much burns out the Kidneys. xo
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
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To Lj

Re Baking soda harming kidneys;

Could you please reference your source...I just googled "Baking soda kidney damage" and only came up with the good Baking soda can do for the kidney.


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