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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Jun 30, 2015

Before starting a natural treatment to cure bacterial vaginosis, please make certain that it is in fact BV. Two other similar vaginitis conditions can be easily confused with this condition. So how to diagnose your vaginal ailment? First of all, BV is caused by bacteria, while candidiasis (a yeast infection), is obviously caused by the excessive presence of yeast, and Trichomonas vaginalis (trichomoniasis) is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by a parasite. To complete your diagnosis for your vaginitis, consider your symptoms (most indicative listed first):

Bacterial Vaginosis: Relatively thin, whitish, foul-smelling discharge; little to no discomfort; discharge most common following sexual activity; vaginal pH above 4.5.

Trich: "Fishy" smell, itchiness (potentially from thighs to urethra), frothy yellow-green discharge, labial swelling. Sexually communicated.

Yeast Infection: "Cottage cheese" discharge; burning, itching, or pain related to sexual activity or urination; redness. Most likely in the case of someone with a weakened immune system.

How Is Bacterial Vaginosis Treated?

Determining whether or not your condition is actually bacterial vaginosis is one of the most important steps toward effective treatment. A medical professional can help you best determine what type of ailment you have and also help you differentiate the severity of your infection. In some cases, bacterial infections require prescription medication in the form of oral pills or vaginal gels or creams.

What Are the Best Natural Remedies for BV?

In many cases, however, you can treat your condition with natural treatment options. The goal for eliminating bacterial vaginosis is rebalancing the bacteria present in the vagina. Several home treatments are effective for reestablishing the bacterial culture of your body. Some of the most effective include acidophilus, apple cider vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide.

1. Acidophilus

Acidophilus, also known as Lactobacillus acidophilus, is one of the most common and well-known species of good bacteria. Commonly referred to as probiotics, acidophilus and other probiotic bacteria are naturally present throughout the body and are responsible for maintaining the function of many of your bodily processes. This bacteria helps treat BV by eradicating high levels of bad bacteria and repopulating the colonies of good bacteria.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a naturally acidic compound. One of the issues that causes bacterial vaginosis is a change in the pH of your vagina. The acidity of ACV can help regulate your pH and naturally restore balance in your body. When you pH is in check, the growth of both good and bad bacteria is regulated. Apple cider vinegar also has antibacterial properties that kill off bad bacteria throughout your body.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a home remedy that has been used for ages. The compound is a natural disinfecting agent, so it helps eliminate the bad bacteria in your body. Peroxide also eradicates inflammatory agents in your body and other factors that lead to bacterial vaginosis.

Treating an issue like bacterial vaginosis is a sensitive matter, which is why we suggest trying these natural at-home remedies. Let us know how they work for you or add one of your own suggestions to our extensive list of contributed remedies below!

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Most Popular Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies:

Hydrogen Peroxide116
Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus94
Folic Acid and Acidophilus78
Boric Acid49
Folic Acid42
Multiple Remedies29
Vitamin C9
General Feedback7
Apple Cider Vinegar6
BV Cause Theories5
Tea Tree Oil5
Oregano Oil4
Baking Soda Douche3
Vitamin D3
Hydrogen Peroxide Douche3
Coconut Oil3
Hydrogen Peroxide3

User Reviews

Bacterial Vaginosis
Table of Contents

ACV Bath, Folic Acid, Acidophilus   1  0   

Posted by Carolyn (Boise, Idaho) on 03/06/2009

[YEA]  When I first started using the Hydrogen/water douches, the acidophilus and the folic acid pills, it worked well for a week and then my period came. I was using a 50 million bacteria on the acidophilus and it was a hard pill that I insterted. That seemed to be bad for me. I then got a urinary tract infection followed right up by a yeast infection. I went hog wild to try to make sure there was absolutely no smell. I did the douche twice a day along with the pills. That was too much for my body.

I then switched over to apple cider/water douche, but I think I used too much. It also gave me a yeast infection.

So, here is what I have done that seems to work. I put apple cider in my bath water. I open up my vagina a little bit to let the water go in and out a few times. I take 1 acidophilus pill that is 14 billion that are gel caps that I insert when I go to bed. I take 1 folic acid pill and right now it seems to be working. My underwear still get very wet throughout the day and the smell of them at the end smells like strong ammonia. Yet, my vagina does not have a smell to it.

I think the key is to not overdo it. Try something and slowly work your way up if you need to. I will probably start to wear pant liners for the wetness issue, but I am still getting used to not having a bad smelling vagina like I have had all my life. It has been my biggest secret.

Replied by Pink
Kentucky, US

It sounds like you have urine leakage with the wetness and urine smell. You can do exercises to help with that and also give up caffeine. In some cases, there is nothing you can do about it. It's just a part of life for many women. Especially as they age or after having children.

Alkalize   7  0   

Posted by Brittney123 (Chicago, Illinois) on 06/26/2015

[YEA]  I have had BV since December & it is honestly the worst thing. I was put on both the oral and vaginal medication & neither worked. I tried folic acid w/ b12, acidophilus, inserting vitamin c, taking multivitamins... I'm 18 about to start college and none of my friends are concerned about infections or anything. I was so FRUSTRATED. Thank God I found this website because I was getting so depressed over this. Eventually I read about douching with hydrogen peroxide. I was terrified to try it so I never did. I continued looking for other remedies that don't involve inserting anything into the vagina and that's when I found out about alkalizing.

I drink lemon water everyday. I squeeze 2 fresh lemons into water and add a little sugar (when I drink it raw my stomach hurts, the sugar helps ALOT) and it just tastes like lemonade! I have done this for almost 3 months and I am discharge and smell free!

I would really try this before doing the hydrogen peroxide because the lemon water balances out your pH. You have to work on your whole body to find healing in your lady parts. I know it's a frustrating process but thanks to this website I'm able to find relief and I am no longer depressed and I can have sex with my boyfriend once again. I would also recommend not using any scented feminine soap for your vagina. WATER IS ENOUGH!!! I know that's hard especially because bv gives you an odor but your vagina is meant to clean itself. Good luck ladies! I truly feel your pain.

Posted by Laraine (Utah, US) on 04/01/2015

[YEA]  I was in the worst BV flare up in recent years and searched for an alternative to antibiotics, when I came across this information. After only 24 hours of drinking alkaline water (about 6 liters) I've felt a marked improvement! I'm not only amazed, but so relieved! My daughter suffers from BV as well, and is now drinking alkaline water. Thank you for the info! :)

Replied by Brittney
Chicago, IL

Where did you get the alkaline supplements? I've been drinking alkaline water for a week and the smell is completely gone but the discharge, now clear thank god, still won't go away. I think I need to take the supplements as well.
Replied by Laraine

I found alkaline supplements (capsules) at the local health food store, thinking that would be a better option for me than buying alkaline water. However, I got terrible headaches when I'd take them. I don't know why, or if it was that particular brand, but I stopped taking them. I think like most things, it's trial and error. Good luck!

Posted by Rs (Sf, US) on 02/04/2015

[YEA]  I have posted numerous times on this site with information on BV. I have suffered for years and tried it all. I started thinking about my body's pH and decided to do something about that just to see what might happen. I found alkaline water in my local grocery store (Eternal Naturally Alkaline H20) and bought a few bottles of it. I also bought alkaline supplements in the form of "horse pills" and I found a high alkaline diet to follow for the most part and after about 2-3 days of drinking the alkaline water, I had NO symptoms of BV at all. Mind you, I have been using boric acid capsules almost every night of my life for 3 years to keep the smell and discharge at has been about 3-4 weeks now and I have not use any boric acid capsules and I feel great. No more wearing panty liners every day and no more fear of smelling that "disgusting smell" from down below.

I knew that a low (or acidic) pH was bad and I knew that there had to be something else going on besides just having sex to flare up the BV. Please try the alkaline water and the alkaline supplements. It is a much cheaper option than using H202, AVC, yogurt, supplements, douches, folic acid, boric acid, etc....etc.....etc..... I spend a fortune on hopeful remedies and although its only been about 3-4 weeks....this has NEVER happened to me before with anything else. I feel normal, I smell normal, I feel normal........the real test will be when I have sex again, which will be in a few days. I have not had sex since I started this regimen. I will report back for sure. AND, I am a huge sugar addict and since I started eating fruits, veggies, salads, alkaline H20 and NO processed foods or sugar, I have never felt better. My skin looks good, my hair has never been silkier, and I am turing 50 in about 3 weeks and people think that I am 35. I don't think that, but people have told me that, hahaha. On a side note, for any menopausal women out there suffering from hot flashes, please try Evening of Primerose Oil. It totally stopped my hot flashes after about 3 weeks and I can almost sleep through the night. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!

Replied by Rs
Sf, US

OK girls.....I have been drinking alkaline water for way over a month now and I have had NO symptoms or flare-ups of BV. I have been having sex with my boyfriend every weekend and no smelly discharge hours or days after having sex. My body is back to how it use to be long long ago. I feel fantastic. I wanted to give an update because I truly believe that BV is related to a messed up pH level, or balance, in your body. I do take alkaline supplements daily as well, but I probably don't really need to. I guess I am still in the "paranoid" phase and I keep thinking that this can't really be's too good and easy to be true. I will report back in another month. DRINK THE WATER!!! :)
Replied by Rs
Sf, Ca

WOW!! I am updating everyone on drinking alkaline H20 and taking the alkaline supplements daily. I have still had ZERO symptoms of BV since starting this regimen, which is not even a regimen by any means compared to all the crap I did in the past to try and get rid of this god-forsaken curse. I drink the water daily and also drink regular water in between. I don't drink alkaline water all day long, just a bit here and there. I find that the supplements do a great job of taking care of the issue and the water is just a tasty bonus. This is good because if you are ever in an area that does not sell pH water then you still have your supplements in hand. I get my water on Amazon and have it shipped to me by the case so I always have at least 15 bottles at any given time. I have found that my local grocery stores sell out fast and don't always have it available. The pH is 9.5 (or higher) which is what is says on the bottle. This will last awhile since you dont need to guzzle it all day long. I also get my alkaline supplement on Amazon. I got 240 tablets (take 4/day) for about $20. This will last awhile. Easy as pie and you don't have to go shopping and pay tons of dollars at a health food store. Been there, done that. This is a VERY inexpensive thing to maintain once you find what works for you. Remember that you do also need to try and change your diet, because that is what got us all into this mess to begin with. Alkalize your body to keep infection away (fungal, bacterial, yeasts). I am not super strict with my diet but I do stay away for high acid foods and try to eat more alkaline foods. Just Google alkaline foods and you can find lists of foods to print out. Incorporate a few fruits and veggies at a time and VOILA!!!! You are a happy camper and back to having sex with your partner/bf/husband/whoever. And FYI....I have not had to wear a panty liner in months. I use to never go without one due to the discharge. Another money saver!!!!!

Posted by Angel (New York, US) on 12/11/2014

[YEA]  Changing my diet to consist of mostly alkaline foods has cured my 4 year battle with BV. It is impossible for bacteria and viruses to survive in an alkalized environment. It is also important for your partner to consume more alkalizing foods.

Posted by Kknic (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 05/14/2012

[YEA]  I found my cure for recurring BV!!!!!! I'm sure we all know that bv means our ph balance is more acidic. I read a posting and this person mentioned our bodies need to be on an alkaline diet. Well I went to a health food store and bought a gallon of alkaline water and within two days my symptoms cleared and its now been a month and my symptoms are completely gone!!! Drink alkaline water.

Posted by Kknic (Honolulu, Hawaii) on 05/14/2012

[YEA]  Hi, I want to share my amazing story. I was battling recurring BV for a little over 4 years. Antibiotics didn't work. Also, I was diagnosed with gastritis. I had really bad stomach pains especially after eating certain foods. I noticed after having my stomach pains, BV would flare up. I had a feeling that food was related to BV.

I read a post on this site about a woman who suggested we follow an Alkaline diet. I sought information from my Aunt who was recently reading an alkaline diet book. Well the book listed all the foods that makes our body acidic causing our PH to be imbalanced. Coffee, Sodas, processed foods, sugars, red meat... Etc. Well I gave up most processed foods, coffee, and soda. Sugars I still eat but in moderation.

BUT WHAT REALLY HELPED, was ALKALINE WATER. I found some at my local health food store and within two days the dishcharge was barely noticable. Within a week it was gone! The smell and dishcharge disappeared! I've been drinking the water for a little over two weeks and no symptoms. I continue taking probiotics, vitamins, and acidopholus pills. I don't feel ashamed anymore. I can't wait to see my OBGYN and give him a piece of my mind.

Posted by Frustrated (Greenville, South Carolina) on 03/24/2012

[YEA]  Hi ladies. I've suffered from bv for about 5 years now and I've tried all the treatments suggested on this site, but nothing was a permanent cure. After I realized that I needed to get my pH under control, I found this water. It's formulated to balance your body's natural pH, and all you literally do is drink it! I've been drinking it for a week and since then, I haven't discharged and the smell is virtually gone!!! I've tried taking Metro gel, pills, peroxide, garlic, etc. And I was sick of putting my body through all of that. Ph Water is found at TJMaxx/Marshall's and Publix for $1.49 for a liter or $1.79 for 1.5 liters. I drink one a day, and hopefully my body will regulate itself. I hope this will help some of those out there with chronic and consistant bv.

Posted by Reuben (Nashville, Tn) on 02/02/2011

I was researching bacterial vaginosis to help my daughter. Whatever method you use to clear up the problem, it will return if you don't get your whole body into a slightly alkaline state. That means no colas, no sugar, plenty of alkaline water (not bottled water from the store) lots of fresh veggies and fruits. You have to take care of the whole person and not just the symptoms.

Reuben Clark

Posted by Lovelife1 (Chicago, United States) on 12/12/2010

Im not too entirely sure if I am suffering from BV or not. The reason is becuase I dont get any symptoms of it whatsoever until after sex. And it also seems to be much more prominent when my partner does not pull out during intercourse. Then I am doomed for several days with this issue. From my studies in hollistic medicine, I know that infections in the vaginal area are usually due to Ph imbalance, not just in the vagina but overall in the entire body. Those of us suffering from these issues should not be seeking immediate relief by inserting ANYTHING into our vaginas. We need to be focusing on the body's overall health. If you can balance your body, the issues we are dealing with will balance as well. I believe this is why many women have said it keeps coming back. Becuase they are masking the real problem.

So what I believe needs to be done is much research on balncing the entire body's ph levels. You can find a lot of information on the internet to do this. A ph testing kit comes very much in handy to see the levels of your urine and saliva. The results may shock you. Ph levels in our bodys are crucial to staying healthy. Most disease and illness can NOT live and grow unless the environment is suitable to do so. BV and other infections may be your body telling you that you need to address a much bigger issue. I am going to try the many remedies to focus directly on BV in combination with addressing my bodys Ph levels and how to regulate them. I think this is the way in needs to be done.

Replied by Christal
Kyle, Tx, United States

Hi there, I am responding to your post about the BV, I used to have the same issues until I started ingesting Organic Virgin Coconut oil daily, within a week all the symptoms associated with it were completely gone, It has been almost seven months since I started taking it and I have had no spring ups. And I used to get it all the time. I am sure ph balance has much to do with it but I know that coconut oil is anti fungal so try it, what have you to loose?? Also do you use Lube during Intercourse??? use olive oil instead, unless your using condoms, then you could be allergic to the latex in them, I think there are latex free condoms but I would just use olive oil. It feels wonderful, my husband and I have never been happier :)

Posted by Claire (Washington, Dc) on 09/20/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I SUFFERED! From BV symptoms for years!!!! - Super smelly white discharge, itchy-nes, dryness... It was never ending. Several doctors gave me several different answers to what it was. I've heard BV, Vaginosis, Trich, stress induced infection, etc. Well, I tried all of the remedies. Antibiotics, yogurt dipped tampons, acidophilus, douching, etc. The most effective was the acidophilus. But even that didn't work everyday. While reading these posts, I ran acriss a woman who said she changed her diet, started exercising and started drinking teas. I thought "That is way too much" but I found that she was almost spot on.

On my last trip to the doctor (after taking acidophilus for a while), tests revealed that I didnt have BV. But the symptoms remained so I was stumped. After more research on the internet, I stumbled across info on balancing the pH balance of acid and alkaline in the body. Too much acid in the body is a disease state called "Acidosis". Acidosis creates a lot of problems in the body including weak immune system, excess mucus, cold hands and feet, irritability and FUNGAL INFECTIONS. This (so far) has turned out to be the culprit! This also explains why some women find apple cider vinegar douches to be a cure... because ACV is highly alkaline, and reduces acid. So, I made a few tweaks in my diet. Water, OJ and an occasional coffee were my only beverages. So I have completely replaced the extremely acidic OJ with green juice.

You can determine if this might be your problem by taking a litmus test. Health food stores or vitamin shops have litmus strips. Put your saliva on it and it displays your body's pH balance. I took one a few days after discovering this info on Acidosis and found that I had the 2nd highest acidity level! Since changing to an alkaline diet all the symptoms have disappeared except 1. The discharge is still present but not as much and its odorless! I don't even have to wear panty liners everyday nor change them twice a day. Eating salad or drinking green juice is a small price to pay for eliminating this horrible condition!!

Apple Cider Vinegar   6  0   

Posted by Angelacure (Orange County) on 04/29/2015

[YEA]  Hi. I have suffered with BV for almost ten years. It has made me so uncomfortable and I have tried everything. Probiotics, vitamin c, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil... Etc.

What has finally worked for me is a combination of taking 1200 folic acid a day, drinking about 2tbs of ACV in my water a day, drinking lots of water, using a cup filled with water to make sure the vagina is clean in the shower, I know you're not supposed to use feminine wash, but it makes me feel fresher. And the main one:

I didn't want to leave a tampon soaked with ACV in my vagina and douching only worked temporarily.. So I got a shot glass and mixed ACV and gelatin. I let it turn into a hard gelatin product and put some inside every morning and a lot (like a dime) at night before bed. Use a pantyliner.

I know I will probably have to continue this, but it worked.

I know semen changes the ph of my vagina so I thought this would do the same and it has.

I think eventually I will only need to do this once a week or after sex, period.

The folic acid helped, but this is what really cured me. I feel so much more confident now.

Ladies, try this.

Posted by Torrence (Murfreesboro, Tn) on 05/02/2014

[YEA]  Hello ladies, I have been suffering from BV for years off and on. I am now 35. I have tried everything but nothing has worked. My doctor even gave me on- going prescriptions of antibiotics to try and assist me with my constant complaints of odor and discharge. Some months I have had to wear a pad everyday to help keep myself dry. The winter months are not as terrible as the summer months. I have limited my activities, and started not to attend gatherings, or wear dresses, tights, or do anything that might expose my problem. In the summer months it is quite unbearable. I just found out about this site from my drs nurse. I'm so glad to know that I am not alone. After researching, I decided to use the Apple Cider Vinegar. I've been using it for three days now and my smell is completely gone. First day: mixed 2 tablespoons of ACV with a full glass of water and drank. That night mixed 10 ml of ACV with distilled water in a douche bottle and used. almost immediately I could tell a difference. The second day I did the same. Today, I drank the same mixture, but I increased my ACV in the douche mixture to 15mL and also soaked in a tub half way full of water and added two cups of ACV for 20 mins. ( just enough to cover my vaginal area) .The smell is completely gone. I plan on continuing this regimen for seven days. The 2nd week decreasing to four days and then every other day For the third week. The last week just once Or twice. I'll sit in the tub with the ACV twice a week from now on.

Please mix the ACV with water always And gradually increase in your douch mixture slowly. Because it can have a burning sensation.

In addition to doing this new regimen, I also take acidophilus 4 billion live cultures, zinc, folic, acid, and vit B12 every night. so far, I feel great and my confidence is coming back. Thanks so much for this site. I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Amy (Dallas, Tx) on 09/20/2012

I just came back from the gyn, saw her five months ago, and she said I do not have BV, she said all is normal, no fish odor, just some normal discharge, I could not believ me ears, because I saw a specialist too, and he said the same thing, I guess it went away on it's own, I have changed my diet and I drink Apple Cider Vinegar with water everyday and yogurt salads, Im so paranoid I do not believe it, but she is the doctor and she said it would show up underneath the microscope, I smell my clothes and I smell nothing, no fish at all, and I know that damn smell like I know my ss#, Im gonna keep doing what Im doing, and No I do not take any more pills, all those vitamins, no thx, I just will stay on a probiotic, but Im glad to hear the news I have no more bv, every one is different, try your diet that may be it and Apple Cider Vinegar puts the ph on balance, may taste nasty, but it is worth it, I smell perfume for once in a long time, thx God, good luck!!!

Replied by Nicki
Silver Spring, Md

How much of the vinger and water did you mix together? I tried squeezing lime juice pulp and all into a bottle and douched with it for about a week.. It worked like a charm was odor free and no excess discharge for about 2 months.. This time I can't pin point why it came bk because I was having sex and doing everything the same, maybe its something I ate who knows so I'm bk at square one and the lime method is taking longer to clear it up this time. So im on the acidophilus and yogurt and folic acid and vitamin d3.. What else should I do??? Im frustrated its so embarassing.. I actually thought it was gone for good... Is this how we are going to have to spend the rest of our lives.. Please let me know what you come up with..

Posted by Nu2makeupgrl (Monroe, La) on 03/18/2011

[YEA]  ive been suffering from yeast infections to BV... And lately ive had an yeast infection I usually just go and buy monistat and it just suppresses it for a few days but after that it comes back.... Not to be so detailed but everytime me and my partner have intercourse and he finishes inside of me I obtain a yeast infection yea I know wierd right... But this time my doctor prescribed me the diflucan it was okay it just cleared some of the discharge but the itching and burning was still alive as I call it... So I was reading and reading and reading and thanks for this site... So I sat down in front of my body mirror layed my town down drenched the cotton ball with ACV but it on the area and boy did it burn like HELL!!!! Lol I ran in front of my fan with my legs open I know funny right... But I say about 2 min later it was WoW okay I kinda feel normal now... Then I decided to douche with it... and all I can say is yes it worked it worked it worked now its the next morning no itching no burning no nothing now lets start this spring day....

Replied by Donna
Cuero, Tx

I've had the same happen using raw apple cider vinegar and also inserting the acidophilus pills, Not at the same time by the way, for a couple of days. But yea WOW instant releif at the 1st application. It comes back in a few weeks though.

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