Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

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Posted by Anno. (Anno., Ca) on 04/08/2012

So I am 19 and I have been dealing with BV for about a year now. I hate it. The first time I got BV the smell was horrible it wasnt a fishy smell it was a poopy smell... And the embrassing part was that I had never smelt it until that day... While having intercourse.... Yay me... It was so embarrassing. I went to the doctors and they gave me flagly it worked for about a year until recently I got BV AGAIN I started taking flagly again but came on my period 2 days before my pills were gone... I didnt think a tampon would do any damage but here I am off my period and BV is back.... Im afraid to insert anything up there... I think yogurt will mold or something in my crotch, I think perixoid will burn the hell out my crotch, and I dont wanna put garlic in it... Wont that make it stink worst... Vingar omg are you serious thats gonna hurt... I dont have money for all these pills, and Acids... Are you serious doesnt that burn to???????? Which should I do because this is crazy my Fiancee is in the military and should be coming home soon so we can get married I need this under controll NOW

Posted by Mary (Los Angeles, California) on 04/06/2012

Hello Ladies, I would like to say that I have suffered with BV for some time now. Please don't think that it's you that caused this, along time ago a doctor told me that men carry it with them and pass it on until they get treated it comes from fungus.

Please do not think that your mates are cheating on you it could be a relationship or one night stand from the past. PLEASE DON'T FORGET ANTIBIOTICS they cause yeast infections for men too. BUT men need to take natural treatments as well for this that way they do not keep passing it on to you sexually. You both need to work togther on this.

Whatever foods you eat that have a strong odor will pass through your urine and will leave an odor in your vagina. Chlorophyll is a must to keep all odors down.

I still have BV occasionally but am now in menopause and it came on when I stopped my period. I use peroxide and it really works for a few days and then returns. The smell is not that terrible but I don't like it. Drinking lots of water helps me it keeps your kidneys clean and helps to keep down the smell. I take probiotics and digestive enzymes. I thought I was the only one who had this problem because you know that ladies do not like to talk about this subject especially when you get older. It seems as though I am the only one who smells. Yeah and then they woke up!!

Posted by There Is Hope!!! (Pensacola, Florida) on 04/03/2012

WOW is all I can say about all the Women who is suffering from this crazy bacteria, I thought something was wrong with me. I went to my Dr several times and was told about BV.. I knew what it was but never understand it until I came across this site. Thank God because I have been dealing with this and not understanding how to beat it. Its been off an on since I first got pregnant at 30. Yes Ive been through the antibiotics a few times and it would clear up awhile then finally I notice a few months ago it would reoccur even after antibiotics. Tried all the over counter BV meds worked only temporary, So I went to my Dr once again to make sure it was BV and she confirmed it was and prescribe me more antibiotics and I decided ok I will get the antibiotics just in case my home remedies didnt work. Here is what I did, brought pro b probiotics, multi vitamins for women, folic acid, goldenseal which I take once orally everyday, and I do HP douche after period and sex or when ever I feel it creeping back. I must say after first HP douche smell and discharge was gone but of course I did the 7 days 1/2 water. My only neg about HP douche is it can cause alil itch, and make you a lil dry which I take vit E daily to help with that and you will need something for yeast at hand for any flare ups. Finally after doing more research I found online this product called yeast away and Alkalete an acid neutralizer which also balance your ph to wean myself off the stuff that I dont really need. I plan to still do HP when neccesary. So I hope this help someone because this site has helped me and I have been on the right track for 1 month now.. Ladies you have to be patient to find what works for you it does take sometime to get this under control. I am still working to stay free from this monster and I will give you an update on how well the last two I mentioned to my BV cure!! :) Thanks again because I feel refreshed once again and I am very grateful for all of you!!

Replied by There Is Hope
Pensacola, Fl
Hello ladies just wanted to give you an update so far I have been free from BV a few months now Yea!!!!!! And also I am having sex with no problem. I am not sure if it was the antibiotic which was climdi mycin are if its the ALKALETE ph enhancer I told you abt. But once I did the antibiotic I continued to douche with HP only after sex and I still take pro b capsules orally daily also I still take my folic acid once daily with my multi vitamin and I have not had BV since so I hope this helps.
Replied by Found Relief
Pinon Hills, Ca
It's the Clindamycin that's working. I have been fighting BV for 6 years. For the first 3 years I tried all the home readies listed on this website. Only to have symptoms come back after a few weeks. I went to the doctor and tried oral anibiotics. Still the symptoms came back. I finally tried the Clindaycin vaginal cream. At first the symptoms would come back after a few months. I went back to the doctor for more vaginal cream but this time I started a journal to see if I could track what was triggering the onset of BV. After a year of doing this I have discovered that douching is the trigger. I have also done hours of research. Once a women developes BV you will get reoccurance. However you can lower the amount of reinfections you get by tracking what triggers your infection. I now get a BV infection once a year. The first sign of symptoms I call my Dr. and get the vaginal cream. I don't mess with home remedies or OTC products. Good luck!

Posted by Momma Bear (Deridder, La) on 03/20/2012

I went to a very old (70's maybe older?) female OBGYN because of the recurrent BV I had (thanks cheating X). I am alergic to both the oral and insertable antibiodics.

She gave me an RX for ACID VAGINAL JELLY. I used it every day twice a day for a week, and then every day once for a week, and then once a week and CURED... Yes you heard that... CURED my BV!

The Rx cost under 5.00 for a tube and worked wonderfully. I kept a tube on hand but never had to use it except after my period and sex..

I stopped using tampons at all EVER... Going comando and never using scented soap also. It lasted almost a year untill I had a terrible infection in my tooth then the BV came BACK!!!

I went to the Dr and requested the Acid Vaginal Jelly got the RX took it to the pharmacy and----THE DRUG COMPANIES TOOK IT OFF THE MARKET!!! W T F?!

Posted by Yaa (Cleveland, Tn) on 03/07/2012

Hello ladies, I have been suffering from BV since a teenager (10 years ) I have seen information on the internet about a product called Femanol have any of you ever tried it, if so did it work?

Posted by Esp (Bryn Mawr, Pa) on 02/28/2012

It was great reading everyone's post. I know that I am not the only one who suffers from this horrible, horrible thing. It has been years that I have been going through this, and I get a prescription from the doctor, and it only helps for about 2 months if that. I have to lie and make up reasons not to have sex with my boyfriend as well. I have tried yogurt in tampons, garlic gel pills that I inserted in my vagina, the homeopathic inserts that you can buy over the counter, and now I am convinced that I will have it all my life, I just use norforms everyday and it takes the smell away for a few days. I wish I could find a permanent cure, and I am going to try some things like the peroxide, tea tree oil and acidophilus and see what this does. I remember being a senior in high school and smelling this fishy odor, I am now thirty and still fighting this. I hope something works.

Posted by Stacey (Portland, Maine ) on 02/28/2012

I have had BV since I was 16 yr old on and off. I am 40 years old and at this point in my Life I have it every single time I have SEX. However I have begged my Doctor for help and finally the have me on a treatment plan. It's taking metronidazole vaginal Gel. She wants me to take it 2 times a week but problem is I have to basically take it every single day I have SEX. This is the only thing that seems to work.. Once in a while I have to take it for standard time to clear it up which is for 5 days. However its CHRONIC and I have realized its with me for LIFE I just have to take meds all the time.. Thank GOD I do have Health insurance and dr that gives me 6 refills at a time that last time lasted 9mo. My doctor knows me well enough that finally they did this for me. But I would like to be able to find another way to help me with this... But I will say not one person has any idea I have this disgusting problem... Trust me I douche if I have odor and it of course keeps it away if I do not have medicine for whatever reason... SO ladies if you have an odor don't let this embarrasment get to you... If you cannot afford to go to doctors try a family planning assoc in area they may be able to help you don't be embarrassed enough not to go get help. I have been dealing with this for 24 years so I have gotten over any embarrassment a doctors appt might make me feel. I wish you all lucky in world this is so horrible to have to live with like a chronic illness. I am going to try to peroxide and see what happens... Best of Luck and don't allow this to cause you to be depressed GO to a family planning office and get meds if you need to and ask about an ongoing prescription to keep it at bay.

Posted by Buffy (Newport News, Va, Usa) on 01/23/2012

Hi ladies. I'm just 18 and Iv had BV for about 3 months now, at first I didn't tell anyone it was so embarrassing and I assumed it would go away on its own, not knowing what it was. After awhile I started spending my own money on stuff for yeast infections thinking that's what I had as I had never heard of bv before. I told my mom I thought I had a yeast infection and she told me I was "dirty" making me feel so much worse and resulting in my not telling her about the BV.

After 2 months I was fed up and saw a doctor, I was so excited to know what it was and that there was a simple pill to cure me! But I was lied to, I took the antibiotic she prescribed for 7 days, it's been almost 3 weeks since then and it hasn't gone away at all, didn't even blink in the face of that medication. I've been researching this all night as I cannot deal with it! My sex life has only just started recently and already I had to give it up because I'm so embarrassed. This site is amazing, I've been reading people's comments and stories all night, I've been crying with you guys and feeling your pain and gotten alot of suggestions. I'm going to the store tomorrow to get treatments.

Posted by Kelley (St Louis, Missouri) on 01/17/2012

SO glad I found this website. This is something I have been battling for years now and my doctor even told me 3 years ago that maybe it was my husband that needed to be checked out instead of me, and as of this last year I can see that she was definantly right. It is probably him and nothing I am doing wrong after such an embarrassing problem all this time.

The longest I have been "odor free" after taking flagyl has just been 3 months. Very frustrating. As of right now the yogurt is working for me. I am eating it and also putting it in vaginally and got relief within 48 hours so now I ask, do I do it symptomatically or do I need to do it for so long?

Also very interested in the soaking in apple cidar vinegar and the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is amazing product that we always keep in the house for multiple things, so I was thrilled to read this was one thing that would help.

Also. a question to see if anyone else has a thought on this. Another friend of mine and I had this discussion to shave or not to shave. We both shaved off our private areas, and that is when our vaginal problems became progressively worse.

We both honored no shave november and are waiting to see if this changes our occurence of vaginosis since the body is meant to have hair and may be a natural protection in the bad bacteria over growth.

Does anyone know anything about this?

Posted by Angeleyes (Houston, Texas, United States) on 01/10/2012

I have been reading a lot on here and I must say while writing this I am in tears to know that other women can relate to me. I have been suffering with bv for like three years and it has torn my life apart in so many ways. I'm only 16 and this has affected my social life as well as at home. I stopped going to school cause of my anxiety about the smell which led to truancy fines and bad grades. But now I am doing better and in homeschool. But If this would've never happened to me I know for a fact I would be in normal school able to socialize. & it's like doctors don't help me and my family doesn't understand how much this effects me no matter how much I tell them. It makes me feel dirty and at times I have felt worthless. I never imagined this would've happened to me in fact I had never heard of it until I went through it and am still going through it right now. I'm a virgin and sometimes I feel like I will never have sex or even get married because I don't want a man to discover this about me. But all the advice on here from you guys has encouraged me to keep trying to fight this sickness. & tomorrow I'm going to talk to my mom about going to the store and getting the various products you all suggested.

Posted by Zoe (Swansea, Wales) on 01/09/2012

I've been suffering from bv for years now and it's so depressing, I've been to the doctors, it cleared it up for about a fortnight!! I bought this book the other week bv relief and it tells u to do the hydrogen douche, take the acidophilius and the folic acid, was wondering if it would actually work and when I googled where to get the acidophilius I came across this site, which was brilliant cos all of u do what the book says, my only issue is can u have intercourse when your in the middle of all these douches and insertings?? I've met someone and want to take it to the next level and so nervous cos of the bv!! Help pls x

Posted by Erin M (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 12/16/2011

I am starting my third round of Yeast & BV throwing party in my Vagina.

My doc prescribed me Flagyl (ugh) and cream for my yeast infection. Tonight (I went to the doc yestserday) I bought Garlique, Culturelle Probiotic and cranbery pills. My doc suggested that after this round that I should stick the Culturelle Probiotic up in my who-ha twice a week for six months.

Other changes:

I'm changing from the Pink Dove soap to the White Dove Soap

I am buying all new panties - WHITE cotton (I typically wear colored cotton panties).

One I HATE FLAGYL so much... so so soooo much.

Fun fact - I haven't had sex or any type of sexual activity for a year and a half and this started in August 2011.

I want this to be over.

Posted by Theresa (Prince George, B.c) on 11/16/2011

I am a 28 yr women who is not ready to tie my tubes. My doctor reccomended the mirena. I could not afford it at that price 400. I am a widowed mom of 2- come on! I could afford the copper iud and got it inserted then instantly got vd. I got the copper iud removed due to bleeding and saved up for the mirena. Got the mirena and instantly got the bv back. I've been living with it off and on for the last 3 yrs. It's been a long haul. Well ladies thanks for all the input I read this morning. I sure hope they help. I have tried the apple cider vinegar and it did help but didn't cure and the pills from the doc don't work and so tastes like sucking on a t3 lol my opinion, thank you so much. Heading to the natural health store good luck to all of you and 16 yr old in new zealand my heart goes out to you.

Replied by Taimy
Union City, Nj
Hello Ladies,

I read somewhere that wearing leggings too frequently or during warm weather can cause BV. I think that may be part of the cause as well. This summer was particularly warm and for some reason I liked wearing leggings all the time, and yes I was sexually active at that time too, but before I started having sex with my boyfriend, I was getting unusually moist in that area all the time, even when I wasn't wearing my leggings. So, it would be best to just wear leggings less frequently to prevent BV from coming back.

Posted by Melis38 (Greenwich, Ct.) on 10/07/2011

Hi Ladies! I have lived with BV for 5 years now on and off. I am so grateful for this site, Yay Earth Clinic! I have been on antibiotics at least 3 times for BV and it was sometimes a long "cure" ( no sex) and short term "cure" (sex & condoms do me in) and my period makes BV worse, all the padding & tampon use. I have dealt with yeast infections for as long as I can remember. Then tonight I was doing some research and YAY- I found this site with a lot of great testimonies. So this fish smelly woman had all 3 products in her home, who knew that all I had to do was put all three to use at the same time?! Ha! I am on day one, I will report back!

1st step: Hydrogen Peroxide/ Bottled Water in a vagasil bottle. Held it in for 10 mins x2- SMELL GONE.

2nd step: Iron pill 125mg (may need to bump this up)

3rd step: 3 Acidophilus (1biliion)

4th step: tampon soaked in plain yogurt for 30mins.

Feeling better already, little itchy, but NO SMELL.

I will post an update in 7 days. Wishing all of you and me luck!! *I am cutting dairy & white flour out of my diet. :(

As a side note: I was reading that sometimes a DR will treat your partner with antibiotics too to ensure there's no recurrence of BV. I found that they are sometimes carriers from having sex with just one partner that has BV OR partners too close together- sex with one woman one night and then sex with you the next or a couple days after, with them it's sex linked. Now off to reading about how to make your "juices" taste better and not bitter- I have a yo-yo with that too. Sometimes sweet my husband tells me and sometimes bitter. Vegetarian diet I hear, with lots of pineapple & red grapes- Ok, later!

Posted by Keephopealive11 (Mcdonough, Ga) on 08/11/2011

100mg (Cleocin) suppositories, insert ech night @ bedtime was my last treatment. It only works for a little while, but couldn't complete the whole 7 day prescribed treatment because it caused yeast that almost ate me alive, omg! Had to use yeast suppositories (Terazol) & (Diflucan) for the yeast it was so bad after using Cleocin. Have tried almost everything as well on this site. GYN always prescribed Flagyl which I think I'm immuned to now. Stopped having intercourse for months that didn't help. I am a faithful condom user I believe in safe sex... Switched from latex to polyurethane condoms because I figured being allergic to latex was setting it off, that didn't help. I have a physical exam yearly anything you can name I've been tested for. I am a healthy 35 yr old woman that's within my BMI for my age & height, excercise day eat healthy. But can't shake this aweful BV mess. I hurts your womanhood BAD, and is so embarrassing especially to have intercourse. I avoid it as much as possible, to keep from being shame. I'm always self conscience of my body odor because of BV. I was married for 9 yrs and one time my husband thought I was sleeping around because of this. I had to take him to my GYN for him to explain this beast. I've been divorced 3 yrs now & had only 1 partner since my ex. Again always use condoms started out no problems no smell... Then it came back with a vengeance. So I try avoid my boyfriend as much as possible. Nothing works to cure this monster. I was in awe when I ran up on this site. so many victims & sufferers like me. Maybe one day a cure will break.

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