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Hydrogen Peroxide for Bacterial Vaginosis

Last Modified on May 23, 2015

We all know, or at least have heard, of the miracle cure hydrogen peroxide. But, when it comes to treating sensitive issues like bacterial vaginosis, we?TMre likely all a little skeptical. However, we?TMve discovered that hydrogen peroxide is such a safe, effective remedy it is often passed down through families. So, you can safely count bacterial vaginosis as another win for the hydrogen peroxide hero of health and try it for yourself.

What Is the Issue?

While many of us don?TMt like to talk about vaginal health issues, the truth is they exist and they are relatively common. Bacterial vaginosis, like a number of other vaginal issues, is often caused by common sexual practices, such as douching. The condition is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina that results in inflammation and often a foul odor.

How Can I Naturally Treat Bacterial Vaginosis?

When it comes to treating sensitive parts of our bodies, we are even more concerned about treating them naturally and effectively. BV can very easily be treated utilizing a variety of methods, but one of the most effective is hydrogen peroxide.

How Does It Work?

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural disinfecting agent. The treatment functions to eliminate the bad bacteria in the body, which, in turn, allows the body to restore the natural levels of good bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide also helps eliminate inflammation-causing irritants and other common issues associated with bacterial vaginosis.

How Do I Use Hydrogen Peroxide for BV?

You can use hydrogen peroxide in a couple of different ways to treat BV. First, remember that you always want to use 3% hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal parts water to avoid a concentration of the treatment that could cause additional drying and irritation to the vagina. After you?TMve created the appropriate solution, you can use it as a douche or apply it to a tampon to be inserted directly. If using this option, do not leave the tampon inserted for longer than 30 minutes. These treatments should be followed until the odor subsides, indicating that the issue has been resolved.

In addition to treating BV with hydrogen peroxide, you may consider taking a regular probiotic or eating probiotic foods to avoid further issues with bacterial infection.

Continue reading below for more than 100 posts from women who have used H202 to successfully cure BV! Tried H202 for your condition? Please share your feedback with us!

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User Reviews

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Posted by Itworks (Usa) on 05/10/2015

[YEA]  I tried the hydrogen peroxide remedy for BV, I am happy to say that it works. Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water I use a super tampon and soaked it. I put in my vagina for 1hour then removed and the odor was completely gone. I will repeat for the next 7 days by usinga one soaked tampon in the morning and one at night until all BV symptoms are gone. This has made me so happy. No women wants to walk around feeling uncomfortable about her smell. Thank you and good luck.

Replied by Donna
What kind of peroxide did you us, regular from the stores ??

Posted by Onatural (Toronto) on 04/17/2015

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Did this once not realizing the short length of time the tampon was to be left in. Was suffering with this problem and avoiding filling the prescription given by my doctor. I did it through the night! But, the results were amazing, so I didn't think anything of it until I had to do it a second time a couple of months later. I didn't have severe symptoms. Just thought I should do it after having had a week of a holiday away with my boyfriend and lots of sex. Anyway, I kept the tampon in for about three or four hours this last time. I started getting a LOT of watery discharge. No odour. Just the discharge, to the point of having to wear pads. I think because I overdid the timing, my body was trying to get me back into balance and this was the way it went about it. Started reading more and realized my mistake about the length of time the tampon should be left in. Started taking probiotics and lots of green drinks. It's better now. Just wondering if anyone else had this occur.

Posted by Jean (New York) on 04/12/2015

[YEA]  I am so grateful for this website and for all the ladies who have shared. Without this website I would be still taking antibiotics in burning pain. In Aug. I was misdiagnosed with a yeast infection due to discharge without an odor. Please tell your doctors to always send samples to the lab! Because they don't always. Five weeks later after a proper lab test it came back gardenella. Eight months of medication, pain and tears without relief.

I was so scared to put peroxide inside of my burning red vag but I did it works. I started very slow, like 2 tablespoons to a cup of distilled h20. Did not burn at all. It's 5 days later and I'm using 50/50 peroxide to distilled h2o and I feel so much better. Don't be afraid to use this method. I'm also taking golden seal, garlic, vit D, folic acid and olive leaf extract. These have been nine dark months and I can't get it out of my mind that there are only two antibiotics that really don't work available but if your a man with erectile dysfunction there are dozens of drugs. You gotta laugh so you don't cry.

Posted by Girl_blue (Phoenix, Az) on 03/17/2015

[YEA]  I want to thank you all. I've been suffering with BV for years, and finally something that works immediately.

Years ago I read that Rephresh vaginal gel worked, so I tried it and it worked well for a couple years, then the BV monster reappeared, even stronger. So finally Saturday I was fed up and needed an answer. I was reading and reading an then came upon your posts. Ran to the medicine cabinet pulled out the Hydrogen peroxide, some distilled water.. I mixed 50/50 in an 8oz bottle and within an hour the results were there. I smelled nothing, had no discharge and could smile again. This is day 3, still wonderful so I had to come say Thank you.

I did not experience any burning or bubbling up of any kind. I didn't have a method of getting it in there but I had one of those perineal irrigation bottles, and the rest was history. I've been doing it once a day with the bottle and then for an hour at night before bed with the tampon. I just mix it up in a container and place the tampon inside the container for a few minutes to soak it up and then insert as you normally would.

Again, thank you and good luck to everyone, may you forever have a happy V-jay-jay..

Posted by Someone (Co) on 03/16/2015

[YEA]  I have had a recurring bout with BV. Been to the doctor a few times. Read everything in the world available on cures, etc.

I tried the peroxide douche and it worked, kind of.

So, next attempt was peroxide soaked tampon. IT WORKS!!

I did not dilute it. I left it in for maybe 5-7 minutes. After the first time, my symptoms cleared up immediately. About a week later I felt a slight bit sneaking back, went to the DR. told her what I did., she suggested that I do it one more time, as the microscope test only revealed like the slightest amount of bacteria. I did it again and its GONE. YAY!!

Upon my research in desperation to rid myself of this embarrassing problem, I found a UK website that explained that antibiotics only makes it recur, guaranteed. They also had a product on there that rebalances your vaginal pH and bacteria. Guaranteed to work...I don't know, anything is worth trying if you cant get rid of it.

Replied by Drkangelll
New Zealand
Thankyou so much! Oh my gosh. I felt soo alone with this affliction. After reading every testimony on this site.. I too ran to the bathroom cupboard for the hydrogen peroxide.. 50/50 with boiled cooled water soaked into a tampon. Left it in for 40 minutes and miracles!!!! No offensive smell! And 5 hours later still all good. I'm hoping it will be the same in the morning and I feel very optimistic. I'm tired of visiting the doctor and taking the drugs. Tonight... Is just the most amazing night. I'm so grateful for this site and all you ladies for putting your stories up. I'm not sure how my bv came about. I have had this burning itch for years. Thought it was really bad thrush that wasnt responding to my normal canesten cream. Four months ago I developed the nasty smell that drove me to the doctor for metronidazole which fixed the problem... For a month and then smelly came back...

Two more times and in frustration I turned to the net which led me here!!! Sooo grateful to you all. I would never have believed hydrogen peroxide could be put into you... But with so many of you having success from it.. I was eager. I was a little scared.. Thought it would burn for some reason but this was not the case. I feel so clean and fresh now. Will update again in a week.

Posted by Collette (Kansas City) on 02/15/2015

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Before reading about the 50/50 mix I used a tampon soaked in hydrogen peroxide on Friday night. My peroxide is at least a year old so I am not going to worry about it being a full strength dose at this point because it has lost a lot of its pizzazz. I will say that the odor and yucky discharge was gone in a flash. But, since then I have been left with a watery, non-smelly discharge. Yesterday I went through two pairs of undies, one because I had been to the gym and just thought it was normal sweating and the other after just 4 or 5 hours of doing nothing. I woke up this morning and my pajama pants were wet, but again, it wasn't smelly. Today I wore a panty liner and it too was wet with this watery like substance. Has anyone else experienced this?

Replied by Linds
Pittsburgh, PA
I am actually going through the same thing right now. I am going to keep treating with the peroxide for 3-4 more days and see what happens. If there are no changes I may just call the doctor.

Posted by Bx (New York, US) on 02/04/2015

[YEA]  Been with the same partner for 7 years and BV is a frequent problem. Gets tiring running to the GYN for creams and pills. Finding this forum has saved my life! I know better than to mess around with douching so I opted for the hydrogen peroxide soaked tampon that I keep in for about an hour. The results were amazing and more rapid than cream the doctors prescribed. The odor had been eliminated as well as the "liquidy" discharge. I feel so refreshed and have not had to repeat the process. If you suffer from frequent BV, this is a must try!!!!

Replied by Ab
Kansas, US
This may be a dumb question but I have tried making the hydrogen peroxide tampon and the tampon expands immediately causing it to be of no use. How have you ladies been making the tampon so that it can be inserted?
Replied by Collette
Kansas City
I put the mixture in a glass and then dropped the tampon in so that it could soak up the mixture. This allowed it to stay in the plastic tube and to be inserted normally.
Replied by Tamia
It defeats the purpose if the tampons that you're using are toxic.
Replied by Melanie
London, CA
Hi, I'm in the same boat as you, do I soak a tampon in pure hydrogen peroxide or do I dilute it?? Thanks!
Replied by Melissa
Texas, US
[NAY]   I was treated for a yeast infection only to end up with an awful case of BV. The pain and intense itching wax worse than the yeast infection.. I tried the 50/50 hydrogen and water solution douche and even tried the peroxide/water soaked tampon. I have to say that is the dumbest thing I've done in my entire life!!!! It felt like I was ON FIRE!!! Don't try this ladies, , , it's not worth it AND My symptoms are still present :(.. It's going to be RX relief from now on..
Replied by Aubrey
Jersey City, Nj
How long did you soak the tampon in peroxide and how long did you leave the tampon inside of you?
Replied by Jessie
Do u use a plastic applicator or does it matter... Do u soak the whole thing ?? Trying to b clear and straight hp or 50/50
Replied by Latoya
Detroit, Mi
Did you mix the peroxide with water?

Posted by An Angry Woman (Georgia, US) on 01/29/2015

[NAY]  I've had chronic BV now for almost 10 years and nothing I do cures it. I have to say I don't think I ever remember a day were I haven't had it now. It's always there ruining my life. I can't enjoy myself with my husband, it ruins outings, and I can't eat sugar which honestly is very hard especially when your partner is a sugar addict. I'm only 23 ... I cry often nowadays out of frustration and hopelessness.

When my husband mentioned the hydrogen peroxide douche I was highly skeptical seeing as it involves water and douching, two things that can make BV worse. However, the reviews on it were good and there was much praise for it so I jumped on board because I was/am desperate to rid myself of this abomination.

I douched with it for 8 days, the first 2 days I felt like it was getting worse but I was assured that probably was the douche killing it off, so I continued. While doing that I took vitamin C pills and probiotics even well past those 8 days up until I ran out of probiotics. The douche made it WORSE! I used to get small breaks were I'd have days with no burning or itching, but I'd have horrible discharge and smell. NOW I have horrible discharge, smell, itching vigorously, and burning! It wasn't this bad since before I had my little one at age 20.

Now I am afraid to even try anything else for fear it will get worse then what it is now. I've had it worse than this and I want nothing to do with feeling like that again.

I'm tempted to write down everything I have tried, go up to my GYN, push it in his face, and tell him up front that nothing is working still and my life is suffering so either he find a way to fix me or tell me where to go where somebody can fix me. >:C

Replied by Mdqueen
Tx, US
Angry Woman, not trying to be flippant BUT have you gone to the doctor and been checked out for trichomoniasis? It sounds just like this little bugger!

They could be using the wrong meds to kill the wrong thing because this parasite requires a certain medication and you can reinfect yourself without realizing it.

I will say over and over because its a tricky little bugger!

This sounds like trichomoniasis!

*So much discharge if not wearing a panty liner it feels like you have pee'd yourself.

*Nasty, fishy odor that makes you want to tear

*Itchiness that develops due to the irritation and discharge.

Special Douching, yeast creams, vitamins, or bathing will not get rid of this.

You must go to gyno QUICK!!!

Replied by Ann
Florida, US
I had the same problem. BORIC ACID is the way to go. My Naturopathic Dr said so and my NP backed it and another Naturopath since. It works. It will destroy the odor in a very short time. If I shower and then use a suppository, the odor is gone completely within gosh, like an hour or 2 (certainly you'll see incredible results within a few and overnight it's a breeze.

Safe too. I used to get suppositories but they honestly worked great for a year or 2, but then I buy my own Boric acid from Amazon (much cheaper in bulk that way) and capsule it myself or just stick the suppository thingy (the plastic thing they give you at the pharmacy for inserting into the vagina), so I just put some in and then push in the powder if I don't feel like waiting for the capsule to dissolve, fast and easy.

Replied by Leola
Orlando, FL
I started having signs of BV 2 weeks after having intercourse with condoms. I had a somewhat fishy odor and white liquid secretions vaginally. I used 50/50 of the hydrogen peroxide and H2O in a empty douche container, instantly I started noticing a huge difference right away. I am going to use this method once a day for 3 days.
Replied by K
Forest, AR
Try a tampon with essential thyme oil or better yet tea tree. You're going to need to use vagisil. First make sure you clean yer bootyhole with a rag and don't use it again without washing it. Another thing is you might have poo germs from penis acidentally going near it, then in you. Also use your hands to clean inside your v around the walls of it to remove old skin and discharge. I cover my fingers in tea tree ($8 walmart) prior to this step. Just try naturural things and being positive instead of telling everyone off about it when it's your vageen not theirs
Replied by Autumn
Ohio, Usa
Try to soak a tampon in hydrogen peroxide and stick it in internally for about an hour (seeing as your symptoms seem pretty severe). I have had BV for over a year and have tried everything. Douching can make things worse, so I tried the tampon method. It was immediate results. I've never been so happy! I can actually wear what I want without worrying about what I smell like. So try the tampon method! It's worth a shot (:
Replied by Ashley
Atlanta, GA
Try silver shield if the hydrogen peroxide doesn't work

Posted by Candygirl (St. Louis, Mo) on 01/16/2015

[NAY]  So, I tried this for 5 days. h2o2 douche, the pros and vitamins. Here is Day 7 and all symptoms have returned with a vengeance!!!! UGH. I am going to try the Vitamin C but I am not optimistic.

Posted by Kitty_cat (New York, Ny) on 12/12/2014

[YEA]  I am so thrilled! I had what I believe to be BV (thick, smooth, white-ish discharge, itching and burning, raw feeling on my vagina). I also was very bloated, it was terrible and interfering with my everyday activities. I had so much uncomfortable itchy wetness and the smell got worse every single day. I came on this website to find out what I had and how to cure it. I figured I'd try ACV, so in addition to drinking it as I do most days in my water in the morning, I put it on a tampon and used that internally. The pain was unbearable, it literally felt like someone was knifing the inside of my vagina. I came back on here and then decided to try hydrogen peroxide, hoping it would work. I put that on a tampon, left it on for 15 minutes, and for the rest of the day I didn't have extreme, thick wetness coming out! I had wetness but it was lighter, not super smelly and very little of it. I couldn't believe it! So I tried it again at night before I went to bed. I woke up and had some wetness but again, very thin and a small amount, not like before where it felt like it was pouring out. I used it this morning again since it was working. All day today, no wetness coming out except when I went to the gym, but it was very thin, small amount, and not smelly! After gym no wetness for the rest of the day! I feel healed. I'm going to keep it up for the next two days just to make sure I'm completely over it, but I'm so thrilled this worked when I felt like nothing would.

Replied by Alexis
Tampa, Fl
How much did u put on tampon?

Posted by L1lmeme (Temple, Texas) on 10/02/2014

I see that a lot of women are stating that the fishy like odor is coming from the vagina... My vagina doesn't have a bad odor, just the yellow cheese like, sometimes brown discharge. My vuvla has the fishy smell. I get vagina pains, like needles are in there and abdominal pains, itchiness and burning... But the smell is disgusting!! I know within my heart its BV though. I had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease a year ago and took antibiotics and cleared it up. The BV symptoms never went away, I just covered it up with soap and baby powder... Recently my boyfriend left me because I informed him about my symptoms... We were never intimate though but he couldn't "be with a girl with an on going problem" anyways , its been taking over my life. It's an everyday struggle. I've been fighting this for years, even when I was a little girl. I'm 18 now... It feels good to know I'm not alone. Will the h2o2 help the fishy smell go away on my vulva if I douche???? Someone please help. I can't take it anymore.

Replied by Steph
Sounds like an std. Go to your doctor asap.
Replied by Sw
New Orleans, La
@Steph... that sounds like something else other than BV! You should see a gyno...
Replied by Jaz
Texas, US
You may possibly have a yeast infection maybe? Because a yeast infection is somewhat like that, has some BV symptoms in there but the "yellow cheese" in your description, is described as yeast infection because that has the symptom of "Cottage cheese" discharge. Hope you figure it out. I have BV as well and I'm trying to find some home remedies other than taking my prescription for 7 days.
Replied by Kt
Try to find a physician who deals with gyn issues and urology. The "yellow cheese" could be yeast but the fishy odor could be something more serious.
Replied by Meeya
Sunnyvale, Ca
Definitely agree with the other posters in this thread... be on the safe side and see a specialist who will take a culture to give you a definitive diagnosis of what it is. I had a friend who smelled so bad, she left behind an odor after riding in my car for only ten minutes. I urged her to see a gyno. Once she finally did she was diagnosed with an STD (I forget now what it was...) and it was easily treated. If left untreated these things can cause serious harm. If it turns out to be BV, I've read that Borax capsules (make them yourself) inserted into the vagina for a week or 2 is helpful. I would also take high dose probiotics.
Replied by Tc
Cali., US
[YEA]   When there is itching or burning you should not try to treat it yourself, that is the sign of something serious. And if anything the tampon is just soaking up your discharge. It may work a little, but it's just gonna come back.

You got to understand, ladies, that your clothes and underwear and pants harbor bacteria from your vaginas, so you HAVE to wear panty liners daily to protect yourself from infection. And if you have an infection, you keep re-infecting yourself.

I recently had an issue I could not seem to get rid of until I realized this. No itching, burning, nor green discharge but it was yellowish and smelled like hell! Tried Monistat. No luck. Then I realized it was either BV or an STD. So first, I got some Borax and added to my detergent (Wisk that removes oils) I washed all my underwear in it, with HOT water. Including my pants, as it seemed the smell was seeping into my clothes. I then hung it all out in the sun to dry, with the inside out area exposed to the sunlight. (Sunlight's UV rays KILL bacteria that cause smells in your wet clothes.) If you have an infection I recommend liners with baking soda to help mask your smell until your discharge is over, but for everyday normal use I recommend unscented cotton liners. I started douching with 3% peroxide and it worked for a day or two, but the yellowy discharge and the gawd awful, obnoxious smell would come back. At night the discharge would run amuck if I slept with no underwear (sorry this is gross) I would wake up with it on my thighs, AND the sheets. I called the clinic to make an appointment and they gave me a date almost two weeks later!

I decided to try one more thing for relief and possible cure in the meantime. After researching this for a few weeks prior I armed myself with 35% Food grade peroxide, distilled water and some lactobacillus tablets from a health food store. Also got a turkey baster from a dollar store. (don't laugh.)

I first mixed a weak solution of the peroxide with distilled water and got in the tub where my bottom was at an angle and used the turkey baster to insert. After I did this for a third time I noticed it was starting to get uncomfortable (probably because I was literally killing and washing everything out) so I had to fill a douche bottle with water to rinse out. I decided to make a stronger solution the LAST time around. Let me tell you. It didn't burn, but felt like Mike Tyson was in there beating my walls. I rinsed with water, let out a long "Wooooo! " and when I was done I felt like I had a long night of sex!

Then I inserted two lactobacillus tables (NOT capsules) as far up as they would go and went to bed. I also took three per day orally. No smell or discharge the next day, nor the day after. So I inserted another two before bed on day three. It has been a week later and to date, I have NO smell, NO discharge! I cancelled my appointment. Hell, I don't see the point in going now. (And if you think I should still go, no, because if it was something else I'd be having symptoms again.

Ladies, BELIEVE the hype. 35% food grade peroxide IS the TRUTH for your hoo-ha. You have to be careful handling as it will burn your skin and turn it white but seems to work fine on mucus membranes. NEVER, EVER USE FULL STRENGTH!!! Always dillute in a glass container or empty brown preoxide bottle, I'd say no more than 15%. The good bacteria like lactobacillus produce peroxide when it kills germs, so while douching may rinse some out, it does not kill them if they are left inside. By adding the tablets to my vagina PLUS taking them I was able to re-colonize an army of the healthy bacteria to ward off the invaders!

I am a real woman who did her research and I will say I will only buy 3% drugstore peroxide to empty and use the plastic bottle, as it's made of special plastic that may not be safe for other containers besides glass. I realize this may be long but I want to help the ladies that need the help. I put hours of research into this, and did what I had to do and swore if it worked I would share the news.

One other thing I will share - to keep your vagina fresh DO NOT USE SUMMERS EVE WIPES! They seemed to make my problem worse. Use Hemorrhoid wipes instead (which are just witch hazel) or the peroxide wipes you can buy at the drugstore. They even make peroxide sprays which are great and I recommend the 3% solution at the store for freshening up on the go and use to clean up after sex before or after shower. Re-use the empty bottle with your 35% super dilluted forumula and always use DISTILLED WATER! Good luck ladies!

Posted by Ginger (Sacramento, California) on 09/22/2014

[YEA]  I am so happy for discovering this site! I had my first BV last year in November, out of nowhere as I am with the same partner for years. Since then it came back 3 times! I was desperate. The doctors would prescribe me antibiotics, and tell me to wear cotton underwears and avoid excessive hygiene and waxing. Every time I left the doctor office, I almost cried, that's how helpless I felt.

When my BV came back again last week, I just decided there must be a different approach, so I spent several hours on the internet, and found out about hydrogen peroxide. Just one single douche made the smell and the burning go away! It was 3 days ago, so I am curious how long I will feel good, whether it will come back or not, but so far the results are amazing! Thank you so much to all of you who took their time to write here and to share your experiences!

Replied by Queen
Pennsylvania, US
The research I have done about using hydrogen peroxide when treating bv is you must use it 3 to 5 days before stopping, I don't think 1 day is enough. I thought about stopping but today is my second day.
Replied by Kara
Minnesota, US
Does the hydrogen peroxide burn a little when you use it or did I put too much in? I'm so sick of having bv's I used to never get them until a year ago and now I have had 3 and I just want to cry because it grosses me out and I don't want to keep going to the doctor. This is my second night trying it and it does burn. Help!
Replied by Olive
Hazel Crest, Il
You have to use equal amounts of peroxide and water.
Replied by Alice
Did the hydrogen peroxide work to cure your symptoms of bv and curious if it has returned? Thank you,
Replied by Shaunie
How much hydrogen peroxide did you use in your douche?
Replied by Chris
First night three lactobilus peroxide douch I'm going to do this for seven days. I've been dealing with this for three years and four courses of antibiotics and at this point I'll try anything.

Posted by Rosa (Utah, US) on 09/16/2014

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  I used this method last night and this morning; the smell is gone but I'm spotting. There is no way it is period related. I've read almost every post on this site relating to BV and H2O2 and I'm confident it will work but I'm a little nervous about the bleeding. There is a little burning sensation on the outside as well. Am I ok?

Replied by Neesha
New York, NY
Hi Rosa,

I was wondering if you found out the reason for your spotting. I have bv and I used the hydro peroxide douche and now I am spotting. I am a little scared as to why I am spotting. The bad odor is gone, but now this.

Posted by Simone (Jersey City, Nj) on 07/20/2014

[YEA]  The Hydrogen Peroxide has helped me significantly with BV. I was once prescribed with antibiotics, but it came back soon enough. I added 50/50 of water and Hydrogen Peroxide and I douched myself. The odor was gone! Hydrogen Peroxide was a miracle for me.

Replied by Juris
@YEA, when's the last time you had a BV? By douching hydrogen peroxide solution, did it cure your BV completely? How about now, do you still have BV? I'm sorry if I have so many questions 'cause right now I'm suffering from BV and it's recurring for about a year now and I'm really really FRUSTRATED to the point that I'm really depressed, I'm married and I'm worried that I might neglecting my husband's "needs"... Seriously, I envy those women who doesn't suffer from BV, whose enjoying their "sex life" with their husband, confident about their body, etc. IT SUCKS YOU KNOW...! I've already went to 3 doctors and STILL NOTHING HAPPENS, they keep on telling you about your "hygiene" and prescribing you with Metronidazole even though I'v e already done EVERYTHING THEY SAY but still my BV keeps on coming back! I'M GOING NUTS ABOUT MY BV! And what adds to my suffering and worry is the "limited" resources here in our country when it comes to that issue (BV), medicines are too expensive, as well as organic foods which are healthy, affordable foods here are not that mostly processed unlike there in America...

So PLEASE help, how will I use that Hydrogen Peroxide (inside my Vagina), how much will I dilute it with water? I'm quite worried 'cause I know that Hydrogen Peroxide are only applied topically like on your skin. So please need help. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Replied by Alwayswantthedata
Nj, US
There was a study completed in 2003 that documented efficacy.

Utilisation of hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

Cardone A, Zarcone R, Borrelli A, Di Cunzolo A, Russo A, Tartaglia E.

Minerva Ginecol. 2003 Dec;55(6):483-92. Review. English, Italian.

The study concluded, "Hydrogen peroxide represents a valid alternative to conventional treatments for recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and associates the absence of collateral effects with low costs, excellent tolerability and real therapeutic efficacy."

Replied by Juris
Thanks for the info. :-)
Replied by Julie
Pontiac, MI
What type of bottle would you use for the peroxide/water solution??
Replied by Neeni
Texas, US
Use a vinegar and water douche bottle found on the feminine products aisle at the grocery story or pharmacy. Empty the contents..rinse with hot water and fill it with the H202 solution and water.

Posted by Jersey Girl (New Jersey) on 07/06/2014

All of you ladies are wonderful for the advice and telling your experiences.

I've battled with BV for about 7 years. Tried the H2O2 50/50 last night. Definitely feels better but I am also taking Acidophilus, Vit D3, and Vit C. I need to kick this problem once and for all. Will keep you updated.

Posted by Allie (Philadelphia) on 06/13/2014

I started to get BV years ago, but sporadically, usually when I had a new partner. I remember finding VH essentials BV treatment and it totally worked, I loved it! Then I just didn't get BV for awhile, well now Im with someone new, who is uncircumsized...never had that before. I started out with UTI's that wouldn't go away then yeast infections, then several months after I started getting BV again. I tried the VH essentials and sometimes the metrogel, the VH essentials was always gentler on my body....well to my dismay they stopped making it. I went to specialists and I went to a homeopathic doctor who gave me other suppositories, I got a horrible yeast infection from those and then I get results back that I still had BV....enough already, my boyfriend felt like it was him, who knows, I feel like the medical community has no clue and I don't know why they aren't helping us, I get so many different answers from specialists, my gyno, the internet, the homeopathic doctor, we just decided to stop having sex for a couple months. When we returned to sex, we made sure he washed himself and we used condoms, but then surely we got lazy in the heat of the moment and didn't follow our rules, well guess what, it just came back. I was in so much pain from a yeast infection, went to my gyno, he saw yeast, and sent out for labs, so here I am waiting on the results and I feel the odor and discharge getting worse. Vh essentials stopped making their BV treatment so I was left with this option over the weekend til I get the results, I have never douched before, it was a little weird going in and I don't know if I did it right. I took the advice of another poster and did 50/50 HP, water and I put a tad raw apple cider vinegar. Instead of doing it twice a day, because I'm sensitive girl, I'm going to do once a day until I get the results on Monday. Any advice on how to correctly douche? I only felt a little run out, it felt very very weird and some air got up there, and I ended up not using the whole bag, it was a little burny after I was done, but after 10 minutes it is subsiding. I think I will just do the 50/50 tomorrow and no vinegar from here out. Lastly, I did go on a very low carb diet too when BV and yeast would just not go away. I started to get lazy on that about month ago and perhaps think that is another reason why it came back. Back to eating lots of protein, veggies, cheese and dairy, nuts and is so boring and I love bread :( lol

Replied by Allie
Just updating my results, so after the first douche last night, it was feeling great, no smell or nothing, no discharge, then I woke this morning and it was feeling dry down there, I did the 50/50, no straight up HP. I cleaned my area and just kept on with my day, I decided to try the tampon thing instead, I only did it for like 20 minutes, and this was early in the day. Well now it is almost dinner time and it was starting to smell down their again. So I just did another douche. I said I was only going to do one douche a day since I know my body and Im always sensitive to everything. I hope this helps again, I just hope I don't end up with a yeast infection. I have a YI pill on hand and I doubled my supplement of a probiotic today. Ive been on the probiotic for about 2 weeks now, just one pill a day, 30 billion live, and I've been on folic acid for about 2 or 3 months now. Arggghhh, I just want this to be gone, maybe Im just not being patient enough. Question though, those that did the douche for several days, did you do the douche, feel great for the day and then the next day feel that was still a little there?
Replied by K
The #1 biggie to keep in mind when you are dealing with an uncut lad, is that you treat him as well as yourself. Even if the sex is protected, he can very easily contract the yeast and the BV from you, and harbor it in the wee folds he has. When he touches himself and you (which will happen, even with condoms) he will reintroduce the yeast and bacteria back into your vagina.

I have some experience with uncut lads, and it's a beast to keep them clean and hence yourself. The main thing is, unless he wants to get cut, you have to treat his willy the same way you treat yourself. If you're using the home remedy on yourself, you must use it on him as well. Think of it like a tiny vagina on top of his willy, only when he washes normally, make sure he gets in those folds ALL the way. Cotton swabs may be of use if there are places he can't reach or treat. It's a bit like owning a western shar pei and why most US folks get clipped when they're bairns.

That alone should help a wee bit.

Replied by M
Philadelphia, PA
I think they still make the VH Essentials treatment but they call it Vaginal Odor treatment or something. You can find the labels both online and I compared them and they have the same ingredients. My guess is someone told them they couldn't claim to treat BV for some reason.
Replied by Khara
Georgia, US
They still make vh essentials. I buy them as needed. CVS will usually always have them everywhere else like a needle in a haystack.

Posted by Sarah (Sydney) on 06/12/2014

[YEA]  Just wanted to recommend what I tried for BV.. Had a case of BV, and I knew what it was as I have had it before.. Didn't want to get antibiotics, because that would probably just give me thrush, so I looked at earth clinic.

I bought some 3% H2O2 and a syringe, filled the syringe with 1ml H2O2 and the rest water, and inserted it into my vagina while I showered. Immediately, this took the smell away, but temporarily. After showering, I also warmed up some organic coconut oil, emptied a capsule of prebiotic and added a powdered probiotic, a few drops of tea tree oil and soaked the tampon in this mix.

I inserted the tampon and left it for about an hour, and it seems to be helping - the smell has definitely subsided. I have continued this for 2 days so far, it seems as though it is slowly but surely fixing the issue!

I have also been taking 2 probiotic capsules and a spoon of probiotic in my cereal, and avoiding sugar where possible.

I will reply to this post with my feedback after a few days to let you know whether it worked or not!

Posted by Bianca123 (Atlanta, GA) on 03/28/2014

[YEA]  It seemed like I was more susceptible to getting infection than the normal person. a couple of days after having sex (unprotected) I noticed a clumpy white discharge so I though it was a YI. I went out and bought the CVS version of monistat 7. I began to use it and my discharge began to change colors. At first it was white, then changed to a pinkish one (by this point I stopped using monistat) then it changed to like an organgish color then it was yellow followed by brown. The brown discharge was just old blood because I take BC. okay so what I did was take an EMPTY douche applicator and mixed it with half peroxide and half boiled water. I let this solution cool down after shaking it up. Immediately after this I noticed a change and that the discharge had calmed down. A couple hours later I douched again (make sure you always rinse out and clean the nozzle after each use) and after this time I no longer had ANY discharge or smell. So the next day (sunday) I douched once when I woke up and once before I went to bed. still absolutely no discharge. The next day I went to my healthcare provider and I told her everything I had done. She then took a swab of the inside of my vagina and told me I was as clean as a whistle. I was shocked to know that she said that by doing this I had actually cured the BV. She did say one time was enough because I didn't want to be too rough on my vagina and that doctors don't recommend douching because it can sometimes push bacteria further up. Well from now on a couple hours after sex I will douche with peroxide and water and I will also do this after my period is over. Also eating yogurt can help maintain a healthy vagina!

Replied by Juliana
New York, US
Hi! I'm a teenager and have this same issue. I was wondering, could I soak a tampon in 50/50 water and hydrogen peroxide and leave it in over night instead of douching?
Replied by Parker
Nc, US
Did it ever come back and if So how long did it take for it to come back?

Posted by Aye (Philippines) on 02/23/2014

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  I've suffering to this BV since I gave birth. I had leakage before but the doctor said that is normal. But then it wasn't gone. And then it getting worse. I got this itchy feeling, burning, and bad odor. I went to my doctor and she gave antibiotics and a pill to get my embalance flora back to normal. But then, nothing's happen. I tried this hydrogen peroxide for a couple of days. YES! It worked for me. But when the time I didn't use it, here comes the BV again. I do douche the HP today and it works but I want to know here if there is other thing to do or to take other than using hydrogen peroxide. Thank You...

Replied by Juris
Pasig, Philippines
Hi Aye, I'm Juris from Philippines as well, how's your BV now? Is it completely gone? Right now I'm also suffering with BV, it's driving me crazy! It's recurrent, how do you use hydrogen peroxide (like the amount of hydrogen and how much the amount of water to dilute) and aside from that did you discover other things to cure your BV? like taking probiotics or vitamins? I hope for your response. Thank you.
Replied by L.
@juris: Scroll from the top of all these posts down and you will find all the answers to your questions from all the other posters.

Posted by Relieved And Hopeful (Tempe, Arizona) on 01/21/2014

Hello everyone! I just want to first start off by saying never in my life have I created an account or post or anything to review anything but for this I just had to. I'm 21 years old and pretty sexually active and it started to scare the hell out of me when I noticed I was starting to become itchy down there and I was completely mortified when the smell began--it's awful! I immediately felt so ashamed and rushed to the health services of my campus to get and STD test and figured this is what I got for not having a boyfriend and sticking to one person. All of my test results (thank god) came back negative. What confused me though is that even my test for BV came back negative, which after doing a lot of research on the web, was exactly what I thought I had. The doctor was pretty much zero help and her advice was to try wearing loose clothing and switching all of my underwear to cotton…suuure. I came across the hydrogen peroxide wash and decided to give it a try and I'll admit I was a little nervous. I couldn't find anything to specifically tell me what to do or what it would be like so I'll post what I just did (literally twenty minutes ago…sorry if it's TMI! ):

I went to Safeway (closest supermarket with a pharmacy) and bought a bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide (I don't know if there's actually any other kind, but just in case, it's the one in the brown bottle, brand does not matter) and one of those small plastic oral syringes (without the needle). Came home and filled up the whole syringe (I think it said 30cc or something like that) and laid a towel down on my bed. Then with my hips tilted upwards, I put just the tip of the syringe in my vagina and slowly pushed the liquid in. Two things…one: you don't feel it like you think you would…some women I read about reported a burning sensation, so if you know you're sensitive you might want to use 50% peroxide and 50% distilled/purified water (tap water may have bacteria in it). Two, and I didn't expect this so was a little surprised: it's going to bubble…a decent amount. It feels more than a little funny but not in a painful way, just a strange way. That part only lasts about a minute or two. Then you sit up and let whatever's still there come out. I can't tell you how pleased I am with this result! I guess it's been about 30-40 minutes now and everything is completely dry and no smell at all. For the record, I didn't shower yet because I'm about to go to the gym (which I guess will be the true test). Absolutely nothing though. I'm very happy with the results. The only thing I'm not sure about is how frequently you can use this wash, but based on what I read I think it said once a day for the next two or three days and then only as needed. I hope this helped anyone still dealing with this issue and good luck!!

Replied by Coutrygirl
Don't know how this is going to work. But at this point I'm desperate for anything. Had this going on for 13 yrs and like all the other comments. I've been to the doctor and they have prescribe me with pills/gels and even tried some pills pid (pelvic inflammatory disease) but once again it came back. I am so tired of being paranoid about walking past someone or going to gym. But will let viewers know what the turn be..Wish me luck
Replied by Timh
The H.P. can be irritating so be careful to not start w/ too much. For this reason many health professionals recommend Povidone Iodine which is quite effective.

Posted by Dana (Columbia, Sc) on 01/07/2014

I start treatment fo BV with H202 douche once (somedays twice), acidophilus and folic acid daily, after the 2nd day I really see a difference and notice a lot of improvement, so I'm super happy about it, but this is something I been wondering if I can have some help...

I read before here about H202, acidophilus and folic acid as a treatment for BV, I just have some concerns and help please...After 7-10 of H202 douche and both pills daily, how often then I'll need to douche just to prevent and be clean fresh and the pills I continue taking no matter all is gone...Thanks

Posted by Nessy (New York (ny)) on 12/19/2013

[YEA]  The Hydrogen Peroxide Absolutely Works! I've have this probably for 3 years now. it started after having sex with my current boyfriend, who is not circumsized..... ugh. But desperate to find a cure I came across this remedy. But I will say the other thing to do along with this is to wash your vagina with baking soda. Any kind of soap or perfume will irritate your vagina and will add to the problem. Baking Soda is a life saver. I use it all over my body It even totally cleared up my minor acne on my face. I use it every day. It might seem harsh, but it is totally natural and wonderful for your skin and boda. Removes all odors. It wo't cure you but it will help prevent further reactions.

Posted by Bonnie (Long Island) on 10/29/2013

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Hi ladies and thank you. I've been dealing with Bacterial vaginosis off and on for 3 years now. I take healthy doses of probiotics and acidophilus every day cause I have UC. I started the peroxide douche last week and it's been a miracle worker, but today when I did it I had a rather large clear mucusy clot come out. (No odor). Has anyone ever experience this? And should I be worried? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Juris
Pasig, Philippines
Hi Bonnie, how's yuo BV now? How about the last one you've mentioned after you've douched with HP, you said "large clear mucusy clot come out", how is it now? Sorry just asked 'cause it'll be the first time I'm going to douche especially with HP (I DIDN'T DOUCHE AT ALL DOWN THERE EVER SINCE) out of desperation, I'm going to try douching, 'cause I'm suffering right now with BV, and it's driving me NUTS!

I'm married, and I don't want my sex life with my husband be ruined just because of this BV! I don't want it to be a hindrance especially were trying to have a baby

Posted by Alyssa (Boca Raton, Fl) on 10/01/2013

LADIES LISTEN! Home Remedies, douching, homeopaths, yogurt etc. DO NOT cure BV. It only helps relieve symptoms such as odor and itching. It is a bacteria and bacteria needs antibiotics. THE WAY TO CURE it is to get your vitamin D levels up. I've been suffering from BV for 6 years and it was tearing me up, killing my self esteem and my sex life. *This is a little explicit so brace yourselg* But every time my husband ejaculated in me I got an infection. EVERY TIME! The sex was painful and I just felt so dirty. I finally gave up on all the home remedies and thought I would be bound by this disease for the rest of my life but Fortunately my very awesome OB who was willing to help me instead of continuing to prescribe me antibiotics and after antibiotics said that the infection is most likely bc my vitamin D levels were very low and my immune system was weak b/c of that, which was allowing the infection to keep recurring. So she put me on (D3 1000 IU for 3 months). Well I have a testimony... It WORKED! It honestly and truly worked.
Here's what I did; I took 2 vitamins EVERYDAY (2000iu/day) for 3 months. I had sex with my husband but we used condoms so no semen would throw my ph balance off (he's very understanding of the situation :-) After 3 months my OB sent me to the lab to check my Vitamin D levels and they were a little higher than they were previously.
So *Explicit* My hubby and I had sex (uprotected) and he came in me twice in 1 day. The next day we had sex again he came in me once. Every other sexual encounter over the next 2 wks were the same. WELL I waited for the discharge... None! I waited for the odor... None! Its been over a month now and NO BV. I used to get BV between 4-7 days after he would ejaculate in me but my vagina has been great! Sex doesnt hurt AT ALL, he can go as deep as he want now w/o the pain. So Ladies... PLEASE TRY VITAMIN D for 3 months faithfully/or longer... DO NOT MISS DAYS. It is so worth the benefit. Btw I am not a OB, Doctor, Physician, and you should consult with yours. Thank you

Replied by Debbie
Umm you live in Florida.. Why on earth are you supplementing for Vitamin D.. Go out in the sun - much healthier and a natural source of Vitamin D.
Replied by Tammy
I was wondering if anyone ever got hives from using peroxide to treat/cure BV. I am on day 4 of using the diluted peroxide mix on a tampon and leaning it in for 30 minutes. Tuesday was my first time. I worked Wednesday 12.5 hrs and literally the moment I walked out of work I had hives ALL over my arms and face. Nothing lower then elbows. I took benadryl and went to bed. Hives went away. Thursday AM I inserted the peroxide tampon for 30 mins. Then hives again Thursday night, again benadrly and bed. Woke up with hives this morning (Friday). Any chance I am having a mild reaction to the peroxide?
Replied by Nikki
Can I buy the vitamin d pills over the counter or do they have 2 b prescribed?
Replied by Kierkay
Thanks for sharing your experience. I suffer from the same exact thing. Everytime my boyfriend comes in me I get an infection. I suffered from bv from the age of 18-20, then after I had my daughter it stopped for little over a year. Now that I think about it I was taking vitamins for a year after she was born because I breast feed. I stopped taking the vitamins and every since I've had a problem every time semen got inside. I will try this, the D3, and I pray it works. So tired of doctor visits and dealing with the symptoms of bv. I will give an update on my results. Thanks again.
Replied by Ivory
Gastonia, NC
To: Alyssa, (Boca Raton, FL), Thanks for that advice about vitamin D3 1000 mgs. I heard this on the Dr. Oz show about in-taking vitamin D3 to help cure BV. I started taking this and has been going strong for about a month now, crossing my fingers hoping this works for me. Thanks Again!

Posted by Tonya (Nj) on 08/31/2013

After reading the advice of using hydrogen peroxide as a douch for bv, I mistakenly grabbed the wrong bottle and mixed rubbing alcohol with the water. I hadn't realized my mistake until after I had inserted the top and if began to burn. I immediately jumped out of the shower and made the correct concoction of half hydrogen peroxide and water. After douching with that, I douched with plain bottled water and then water with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with an attempt to rinse the rubbing alcohol out. What concerns should I have about the mistake I made? Thank you

Posted by Relieved Beyond Measure (Indianapolis, In) on 07/31/2013

[YEA]  So excited to share this with you. I have struggled with BV for around 8 years. I've been to doctor and specialists. The only thing they have ever prescribed were antibiotics, metranidizole (gel and pills), and clindamyacin(sp). The metronidozale pills make me very ill and I've even had to undergo 4 pills a day for up to two weeks. Each treatment either didn't work or the BV came back after a couple of weeks even when not sexually active. My self image and confidence was affected negatively and hearing the doctors say there was no other way to treat me left me feeling discouraged and depressed. I didn't feel clean ever. SO after extensive research during which I found that in China doctors begin treatment with natural/holistic remedies and changes in diet and only as a LAST resort prescribe medication I was determined to battle this naturally. I looked all over the internet and finally decided on what I would try. THIS is what I did a week ago. I purchased a Douche package and rinsed and cleaned the bottle. I filled it with about 1/8 apple cider vinegar, the next half with Hydrogen Peroxide, and the final half with water. I swear to you that within a couple of hours I now longer felt the regular discharge I'd been experiencing for most of the last 8 years. It is something I am always aware of so there is no way I would not notice if it was still happening. I became hyper aware waiting to feel it, notice a smell, or see it when I go to the bathroom.

I was prepared to do this for 3-7 days as some forums suggested but after 6 days without any symptoms I have not repeated the douche because this is a new remedy for me and I do not want to overshoot what my body needs and cause more problems. I'm listening closely to my body. Every morning I eat one regular sized container of Greek Yogurt to reintroduce good bacteria. I am so opposed to using any kind of pill for this I will not buy the the Acidophillis or any other vitamin in pill form. I know that it has only been a one week but I decided to share now because someone might be desperate for relief like I was and I'm driven to try to help. I hope if you try this that it works for you. We as a western society are driven by cures in pill form and many times this causes even more unbalance in our bodies. You can get every vitamin you need in the food you choose to eat. I intend to eat Greek yogurt every day for the rest of my life because clearly my body has a problem with maintaining good bacteria. I promise I will update this if my symptoms come back anytime soon. Well that's all ladies. Good luck!!!

Replied by Rknr0b1n
Atlanta Ga
I came across two articles by the NIH.

1) Acidophilis produces H2O2:

2) Hydrogen peroxide has been clinically proven to erradicate BV. The ladies who participated in the study were ALL improved by the treatment after a week, and 89% had no recurrance after 3 months. So, its not just us old wives spreading tales to each other, it really does work.


The results clearly show that the use of hydrogen peroxide in vagina can eliminate the main symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, and in particular the malodorous leucoxanthorrhea in 89% of cases at 3 months after the end of treatment, a result that is comparable to that obtained using metronidazole or clindamycin as a vaginal cream. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide facilitates the restoration of normal vaginal bacterial flora (represented by H202-producing lactobacillus) in 100% of cases and normal acid pH (pH<4. 5) in 98% of cases; it also fosters the disappearance of clue cells from vaginal smears and anaerobic pathogenic flora from vaginal secretions in 100% of cases..."

Replied by Erica
I'm 23 and I have been dealing with BV for almost 5 years now. I went to the doctor 4 times in the past 10 months, and I don't want to go back. After doing a lot of research I now understand there are alternatives. I have recently started the hydrogen peroxide douche ( I have never douched before, because I was told it could cause BV) , and I have noticed the smell has gone away. I also started taking folic acid once a day and Acidophilis. I am not sure if all this is going to work, but thank you for posting. I really need to try and alternative! I have been doing this for about a week now. I will keep you updated.
Replied by Karen
North Carolina, US
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have been struggling with this for years, hiding it from my boyfriend, I would always get sick from the medicine they gave me. I decided to do the peroxide, no more discharge no more odor, although recently I have been having some slight itching. I would love to eat yogurt but I am lactose, I do take vitamins. Hopefully I am good.
Replied by Ginger
You can take acidophilous bacillus capsules. Get them at a health foods store and keep them in the fridge, but it's a great alternative if you can't eat yogurt.
Replied by Shayc
Fl, US
I really appreciate your story and help. My situation is extremely similar to yours. I'm on my way too the market now to get the items you suggested. I pray this works well for me. I'm definitely adding yogurt to my DAILY diet. Thanks so much
Replied by Shawn
Hi. I had bacterial vaginitis for a year back in 2003. It began shortly after a bladder infection & a bout of heavy duty antibiotics. I tried everything possible but nothing helped until I googled EC & found organic ginger (pills ok) & organic aged garlic supplements listed as a cure. Well within days my BV disappeared along with The strange rash on my torso. Sure enough, candida had attacked my immune system. Ginger & garlic wiped most of the candida away. ACV pills also help me with main ting candida at bay.
Replied by Nicole
Thanks for sharing info, BV is annoying. I thought the wetness and discharge was after sex so we went to the doctor. The doc prescribed pills. They worked. I had my period and going into 2 weeks after I felt the wetness and discharge again I didn't have sexual intercourse at the time. A friend told me she douched with h2o2, I was huh. I was surfing the net for natural remedies at home for acne, nail care, basically the body. I came across this site and another on apple cider vinegar. I zoom in on hydro peroxide and it has so many uses. I couldn't get a douche mechanism so I bought a syringe and I started squirting away, I also used a tampon soak in H2O2. The wetness has lessened. I will douche with H2O2 2 times a week now.
Replied by Katrina
St Pete, Fl
Yes I wanted to know has the douches been working for you still... I have this same problem.
Replied by Amy Tavel
Hi there - I wanted to follow up with you and see if your natural remedy of mixing the hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar and water ended up working permanently? I'm having trouble getting rid of my infection. It's back for the third time and I honestly feel hopeless. Please email me back if you get the chance. Best, Amy

Posted by Iberia M (San Diego Ca) on 07/18/2013

I've been diagnosed recently with bv I'm trying to figure out a home remedy... I want to try the tampon but I'm not sure how to do that. I need to get rid of this hopefully in 2 days.

Posted by Simone (Naarden, The Netherlands) on 06/04/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  After placing an IUD (spirale) I encountered for the first time bacterial vaginosis. I went to the shame of questions from my docter if I had more sexual contacts. Since I am a stewardess, I felt the prejudgments heavy. Feeling embarassed and ashamed. Thank God for internet. I had to find out myself that the slimy substance with ammoniak smell is a BV! With this again I went to the doctor, who prescribed me metronidazole. This helped, so I was relieqved. Then it came back..... It ruined my self esteem. With my husband no more sex, I was too insecure. Then I found the hydrogen peroxide cure in utter dispair. Yesterday I started. First I had to translate the product in dutch to make sure I found the right cure. That was easy. I mixed half water half h2o2 and some betaine. The water in the vaginal douche I left in for 5 minutes. No more slimy smelly discharge. Overnight I left in a tampon with yoghurt, since I did not have yet the aciduphilis. I used 2x2 folic acid. This morning again took a vaginal h2o2/wat douche. Do noteven have to use pantyliner. Finally dry! I feel sorry for the older generation, who had to battle through this BV without internet. Thanks to these ladies and now altogether I feel we can beat this. You all helped me so much! A grateful, one man minded stewardess.

Posted by Fed Up And Tired (Hartsville, Sc) on 05/07/2013

[YEA]  I read the article for BV and hydrogen peroxide, I tried the douche and ladies it works, I mixed 50/50 solution water and peroxide and douched for three days in a row and the smell and the discharge both were gone, I also used it after having sex to make sure that it would not come back because some reports state that sex could cause it to become active. So far so good and my husband noticed the difference and I feel so much better, it has only been a week but most of the things I have tried only lasted 2-3 days at the most so I am very impressed, I have been suffering with this for over 4 years now.

Posted by Priscilla (Springfield, Missouri) on 02/19/2013

[YEA]  I suffered from bv a long time. I found that hydrogen peroxide and distilled water used as a vaginal flush/soak helped. Mix the two 50/50 and use a douche bottle, fill canal let soak for 5 mins, empty and repeat til gone. 4 oz should be good. Also a betadine rise is helpful as well. Make sure your wiping front to back!

Replied by Sharon
Sunny, Oz
Hi Priscilla, when you say a Betadine wash, is this Betadine antiseptic for wound care? and what dilution do you use?

Posted by Sicka nd Tired (Licking, Ohio) on 02/18/2013

I have had this problem off and on for 10 years. My BF travels quite a bit for work and I will be seeing him this weekend. I do not want to be embarrassed when we are together. I also agree with the other people on this web post about how embarrassing it is!! I am tired of taking the antibiotics, and they upset my stomach. I am going to try the HP/ water and I will let you know how it goes...

Posted by Ms. Finallyrelieved (Cleveland, Ohio USA) on 01/31/2013

[YEA]  I have suffered with recurrent BV for about one year. Last night I tried the 50/50 3% hydrogen peroxide and purified water mix in a douche and I have noticed a change already... No more malodor, thanx for your advice ladies

Posted by Sassyness (Roseau, Dominica) on 01/30/2013

hey thanks very much. I have been suffering from bv for over 10 years. Itried the hydrogen peroxide it worked. It has eliminated the odour, discharge too, but there is still signs of a little. But am curious cause I used the peroxide solution not diluted. Since I had no tampons I used a rolled up panty liner and soaked the hydrogen peroxide solution. but am a bit concern is it hamful? since I had not diluted it with water.

Replied by Cassie
Chesterfield, Michigan
I wouldn't say it's okay to just use peroxide after all it does say not to use it internally however, if you haven't had any type of reaction within the first 24 hours of use I think you should be okay. Although, if you do it again I'd suggest doing 50/50, just to be on the safe side. I have yet to get rid of my BV that I've been suffering for quite sometime and also wanting to do the peroxide idea but I'm scared. I've seen on here that it works wonders so I guess my confidence is going a little bit more up. Thank you ladies :)
Replied by Justmelilb
Denver, Co
[YEA]   Don't take internally means do not swallow it. 3% hydrogen peroxide is mostly water and safe for douching. Just not drinking. I would try not to worry about a straight HP douche since 1. you are not drinking it and 2. you aren't holding it in your body long as a douche anyway it just runs back out.

Posted by Helpeachotherheal (San Antonio, Tx) on 01/27/2013

[YEA]  Ladies, If you are here, you are struggling with a cure, so PLEASE give this a shot! I struggled for 20 plus years with medications and have spent countless $$ trying to "cure" BV... I saw a post about the 50/50 Hydrogen Peroxide tampon method and was AMAZED!

Thank you to all the wonderful women who shared this simple, cheap and most importantly EFFECTIVE treatment.

Posted by Rachelle (Houston, Tx, Usa) on 07/10/2012

I can't believe so many of us are living with this. I have had to deal with it for 10 yrs off and on. It goes away then comes back. I am currently suffering with it now and I have given up on any DR visits for it. Got way to expensive and meds didnt work. I am now trying probiotic acidophilus tabs orally once a day and hydrogen peroxide douche every other day and after intercourse. Hydrogen P. Helps the odor for me but does not take away the discharge and odor completely. Just mutes it so its not so overbearing. I hope the acidophilus tabs work as I have only been taking those for a few days. I sympathize with many on here who avoid intimate contact with their men or avoid men all together. Thank God I have never had to. I always told my men what was going on when it was going on. I suggest for many of you to be honest and let your guy know what BV is and let them read up on it so they know its nothing you can help, but something that with their understanding and help can be managed. I am married now for 3 yrs and it's funny but I think WE notice the smell more than they do. Most boys were taught about the female anatomy that its suppose to smell like fish.. Lol. So sometimes I think he thinks the smell when it is there is normal. Some days it worse than others but the hydrogen peroxide will help the smell, if your body can stand, use TAMPONS instaed of pantyliners. Especially at work or if you know you will be in close proximity to others. The tampons soaked in hydrogen peroxide is even better. You keep the smell contained and hopefully help relieve it some. I am a school teacher so I can easily go through a box of tampons a month, but its worth the security of knowing I don't offend the noses of my students when I am hovering over them. But we fight on ladies!! .. Try everything you can. What works for one wont work for all. Just find what HELPS, because I don't forsee a CURE to BV anytime soon. Good Luck and God bless!!!

Replied by Monkysrmycolor
Is hydrogen peroxide supposed to burn when you use the solution?

Posted by Anonymous (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on 05/01/2012

[YEA]  I suffered from BV from the ages of 20-25. It was the most embarrassing humiliating thing I have EVER gone through. One day frustrated and at my wits end I started crying sitting on my bathroom floor and I once again began randomly googling in hopes to find a cure. I purchased an e-book by Elena Peterson and I seriously owe her my life! One of the tips that has helped me tremendously is mixing a small amount(about half an inch) of hydrogen peroxide with purified water in a clean empty douche bottle. This will kill all of the bad bacteria without killing the good bacteria. I do this twice a day of I have time and doing this was almost an instant cure. BUY HER BOOK!! It was hands down the best 30 something dollars Ive EVER EVER spent. I was lucky to find the cure in this book. You do not have to live with BV!!! Buy the book and learn the cure that will give you your confidence and happiness back!!!

Replied by Bv Sufferer
Richland, Oh
Are you talking about regular peroxide or food grade peroxide?
Replied by Sherri
This is to all the Bv sufferes like me, I have had this nasty monster for way to long, and someone here told me she saw a specialist and he cured her, she had a point though she was misdiagnosed, ever wonder why the meds do not work????? the gyn says it is bv, but it could be something esle, all of us here are saying the same damn thing about the meds, THEY DO NOT WORK!!!! I too have been to the gyn way too many times and I want to see this doctor, I e mailed him and he was kind enough to respond, he says he is a expert in this field and I believe him, listen like many of you money is real scarce right now and he does not take my insurance, but Im going for a consultation, I do not want to smell like fish and I want my sex life BACK!!! His name is DR. Ryan Sobel, u can google him, he has a website, thank god he is located where I live, Im tired of this Bv shit, damn, and I tried all the remedies and they did not work, I must hve read all the post here and no one is really cured, I recomend seeing a specialist in your area, that knows about bv, the regular GYN's know Nothing, damn wtf happened to all of us? forget you Bv, Im tired of feeling ashamed, I did nothing to deserve this shit!!!!! Take care, Do Not DOUCHE!!
Replied by Julie
Johnstown, Co
I have the same problem. And am trying what you all have said worked for you. I will respond back with details. THIS IS GETTING OLD! I only went to the doctor for the diagnosis, took their "remedy" once and when I took the entire Rx with ZERO results, never again. I am going to self "medicate". I am adding a couple of things to the regemin and will report back with results. Thanks to all the ladies that have posted here.
Replied by Julie
Johnstown, Co, Usa
Ok, hook, line and sinker! Never EVER going to a doctor for"treatment" again. Diagnosis, sure, but THAT'S IT! This worked PERFECTLY. 50:50 Tampon AND flushed out my inside. Wow! Just wow! Nice, fresh, clean, AND... N O O D O R!!!!!! B O N U S!!!!!!!!! I have stalked my cabinets with natural stuff up till now, ... Now it's accompanied with peroxide! Nice! I fought MS. Won. I fought this, and again, won! I started a website on my MS, I reversed it. I won't advertise here but what is underlined is my website. I will be adding this to my list of simple CURES. Ladies, thank you much for your stories and courage to voice it. I needed to read everything here. It pushed me to try. Thank you very much. Julie
Replied by Asia
Hi Julie,

You wrote on this post, you fought MS and won. I have a family member that was diagnosed 2 years ago and is still having a really hard time with MS. May I have your website information? Thanks so much in advance. Peace and blessing, Asia

Replied by Kristin
Nyc, NY
hi julie, please share your website - I have ms too! Did your lesions disappear?

Posted by Darlene (Flagstaff, Az) on 03/14/2012

[YEA]  Hydrogen peroxide works! I found several articles on Pubmed that this works, so even the medical community agrees. Generally speaking, you mix water with H202 and douch once or twice a day for a few days to a week. (Some people use more or less H202 for more or less time. ) You must make sure that when you douch the H202 is washing the whole inside of the vagina otherwise it won't work.

I use 2 Tablespoons of H202 mixed with water and douche twice a day for a week. Here is the TMI part, I douch with plain warm water first to loosen the adherent stuff. Sometimes I even swirl inside with my finger to get it out. Then I mix the 2 T H202 with about half a cup of water, douche it in and then hold it in for a minute. I probably should get a real douch bag, but currently I reuse a disposable one. Since it does not squirt up, I have to go upside down. To make sure its working, I go upside down in either a bridge pose or a modified head or shoulder stand. After about a minute, I drain. (I also rinse the outside off with the diluted H202 mixture. ) I know it sounds crazy, and I'm sure there is an easier way, but it does work, and I am relieved to have found a solution that does not involve trips to the doctor and antibiotics. The BV may recur, but at least their is a cure. Good Luck.

Replied by Peaches
Atlanta, Georgia
THANKS TO EACH OF YOU!!! Off and on for years I have experienced the horror of BV. Wednesday with extreme aggravation, I began researching natural cures and I came across this forum. Although I had a scheduled doctor's appointment, I was determined to fine something that could work besides taking those nasty metronidazole pills. I went to my appointment and I asked my doctor WHY do I continuously get this and unfortunately, she could not provide an exact answer as I am sure you all have experienced. She explained she would put me on the metronidazole cream for 10 days, then once a week for 3 months, then once a month for three months I thought OMGoodness I hate the pills and the messiness of the cream is nothing I want to experience.

I then asked her about the peroxide remedy. She explained that before medicines where created to cure this monster, peroxide is what was used. With that being said, I then informed her that was my cure.

She instructed me how to use the peroxide (soak a junior tampon in peroxide and insert for 10 minutes for three days), and if it did not work she still gave me the above prescription using the metronidazole cream.

I have not used the cream and my vagina is back to normal. Thank you ladies!!! I was really feeling like I was alone until I read EACH BV post on this site. May God bless each of you.

Replied by Mackenzia
Baltimore, Md
how must peroxide should you use if you are using a tampon?

Posted by Lori (College Park, Ga) on 10/12/2011

First and foremost I would like to say this works. I appreciate the makers of this site and the people that have contributed to it... So I wanted to contribute too. So there were two questions I had before I tried using peroxide for treatment.

1) douche vs. tampon

The douche method was easier and seemed more effective.

2) There are so many comments to what parts peroxide to water to use. I found as long as you're not at 50:50 or more than you're fine I think it has to do with your body and how bad your bv is but that was my experience.

Replied by Dede
Austin, Texas
I would definitely not recommend douching, that only pushes the bacteria farther up in you and also washes away your natural "good bacteria" that your body needs. But I have found that if you take a warm bath and soak in peroxide and baking soda, for 4 days that really works.
Replied by Pahlee
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
How much of hp and baking soda to use for a bath soak?
Replied by Crystal
Brooklyn, Ny, Usa
I also will like to thank everyone on this network for sharing such an inexpensive and miraculous solution to my BV's and Yeast Infections. About a week ago, during my period, I noticed a fishy & foul odor coming out of my womanly part. My boyfriend was away for 6 days and I was so pissed he would of had to come back to me smelling like this. I tried all the prescription meds my GYN gave me in the past, it will work temporarily, then come right back, it was ridiculous! I spent tons of cash on co-pays! Anywho here's what I did to clear up my infection in 2 days.

Day One

Inserted a a tampon soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (HP) for 2 hours.

Day Two

Douched with Hydrogen Peroxide 3 % after waking up in the morning.

After my morning douche, inserted a tampon with vanilla yogurt, left in for 2 hours then later that evening douched with HP again

On the night of Day Two, my smell and discharge was gone!!!!!! However, I think you may want to try the 50:50 solution(water mixed with HP) when douching with the HP because as of today, my vagina feels a little raw when I have sex, the pain subsides later in my sex session, but in the beginning it feels as if my boyfriend is ripping me apart. Also, HP TIGHTENS your vajayjay, my boyfriend said "babe, you feel so tight" so I guess the only con when using HP full strength is having some soreness for awhile, I hope mine goes away soon.. Any other ladies on here experience soreness after HP cleanse? Please send me your solutions if any.

Thanks Ladies and Good Luck!!! Xoxoxo

Replied by Gabby
Brooklyn, Ny, United States
Can it be french vanilla yogurt ? That's all I have ''/
Replied by Jasmine
Los Angeles, Ca
When I soaked the tampon in the hydrogen peroxide it spread out and was hard to insert. What did you do?
Replied by Krystal
Tacoma, Washington, Usa
I found this site about 2 weeks ago. I went to the doc and found out I had BV 4 days before New Years, and they prescribed me Flagyl. I wanted to be able to drink on NYE so I was looking for natural remedies. I tried the yogurt on a tampon thing up until NYE which seemed to work short term, but after New Years Day, I stopped doing that and the BV was the same. So, I read about the hydrogen peroxide remedy and decided to try it. I've never douched and heard it was bad, but I thought a natural remedy would be better than antibiotics.

Anyway, I took one of those baby medicine droppers and measured out 3 tablespoons of HP and put it in a cup disinfected with rubbing alcohol and rinsed with water and I mixed 3 tablespoons of distilled water with the HP. Laid down in the shower and held in it for 3-5 mins. I didn't flush it out with water or anything, I just rinsed the outside like a normal shower afterwards. I did this for 7 whole days. I have a copper IUD I had put in last month and had a checkup on the strings today, so I told my gyn about the whole thing and what I did and she said that's great and she wasn't worried about using HP down there and didn't think it was toxic or dangerous. I had a test to see if I still had bv and it came up negative so this remedy totally worked!! I should add, that on the 5th day, I started using femdophilis capsules orally (2 a day), which is supposed to colonize your vagina with "good bacteria" Looks like it worked.

Replied by Fallinc
Birmingham, Alabama
I have had BV all my life and will say it is definitely aggravated by a partner's different ph. I have only had 3 partners in my life and 1 never aggravated it and the other two it was instant. Now that I am older it seems to happen so frequent that I am at my wits end. I have tested repeatedly to see if somehow my husband may have cheated and given me an STD which is a horrible thought as a married woman. I am afraid the BV has moved beyond to my uterus and is causing PID because I have a constant watery pink/sometimes brownish discharge. I am constantly worried about the smell and keep a mini-bottle of peroxide for refreshing. I have begged for a hysterectomy but apparently it isn't the cool thing to do anymore.

I have taken both anti-biotics probably 20 times and used the gel. It always comes back. I have a wide array of medical issues including PCOS and IBD and had my gall bladder removed 10 years ago. I have tried everything anyone has ever recommended yogurt, probiotics by mouth/vag, iodine, boric acid, folic acid, omega-3, vitamin D, hibiclens, grapefruit juice, and peroxide douches. I have also tried rephresh gel and caps. (the caps were the worst thing ever with a discharge that looked like charcoal). Everything works temporarily. I will say the peroxide seems to work the best along with the probiotics, but I don't think there is an actual cure.

I am going to start another round of antibiotics and keep doing all the other stuff. At this point I would be happy having all my girl parts removed if it meant I didn't have to worry about this and the smell anymore.

Replied by Me
Abq, Nm
Had this issue off and on for years, sought help from conventional medical sources with no success. Then searched web and found this site. Soaked a tampon in H2O2 and inserted it for 5 minutes, about 2-3 times a day, improvement almost immediately, resolution within a couple days. Only one relapse since then, immediately applied the treatment and relief was even quicker this time. Have been symptom free for over a year now!!!
Replied by Kay
New Orleans, La
If you use yogurt, it MUST be PLAIN yogurt with NO SUGAR. Sugar feeds yeast and you do not want it in your vagina. Vanilla yogurt has sweetener in it.

Posted by Gab1919 (Miami, Florida) on 08/16/2011

[SIDE EFFECTS]  hi, ive been recently reading on these post on how hydrogen peroxide is helpful for bv so last night was my first time using it with water as a douche and today I went ahead and did it for the second time BUT I dont know what went wrong that now my vagina area where the douche was entered is ALL SWOLLEN!!!! Im really worried cause its been about 4 hours since I did the douche and its still extremely swollen. It hurts and I just want to know if this has happen to anyone who has used the hydrogen peroxide and got swollen as well. PLEASE HELP I need some answers and maybe a tip on what I should do?! THANKS!!

Replied by Bfelic
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
Hello ladies! I just recently got bv and its my first encounter with it. I developed bv from birthcontrol pills. I began taking bc pills in June but my body wasnt reacting well to the pills. Once I stopped taking the pills I began to get symptoms of what I believed was a yeast infection. When the over the counter meds didnt work I went to my doctor and learned I had bv. He perscribed me flagyl but I wanted more options. So I came here. I tried folic acid, didnt work. I tried folic acid and probiotics, didnt work. So I tried peroxcide and omg its a lifesaver. Immediate relief of symptoms and the odor. I began the treatment yesterday morning. I stood dry all day and night. No white discharge and no odor. I repeated the treatment today and everything is still good. No symptoms. Im not going to douche for another four days or so to see if these are lasting results. give it a try its amazing how fast it relieves bv.
Replied by Kim
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
I'm going to try the peroxide douche remedy for 7 days for a current BV infection. I seem to get them a few days after intercourse. Does anyone have a suggestion as to upkeep with this remedy? In other words, once I get rid of this one (my doctor has ANOTHER metrogel prescription at $60 wating for me, but I'm tired of paying that kind of cash!! ) with the 7 day peroxide douche, how often and when - how soon after sex or once a month? Any ideas would be really helpful and thanks all for the great advice on here!!
Replied by Tiffany
Columbia, South Carolina,america
[YEA]   This remedy absolutely works! I was doing 2 tbsp for 7 days, but I couldnt do it on the 4th night. I had severe bv and it caused me painful sex. Ever since starting the whole peroxide thing, it absolutely does not hurt anymore. The only thing is that you should probably do it with the acidophillis or whatever it's called because you more than likely will incur a yeast infection.
Replied by K
Did you use tap water or distilled/filtered water?

Any water you intend to insert internally should be filtered/distilled. There have been some very nasty stories in the press regarding neti pot users having all kinds of infections from using tap water. If you do not have access to sterilized water, boil it and let it cool first. If you can get PAM just from swimming in infected water, imagine what might happen if you deliberately shot some up inside yourself. (Of course, PAM is unlikely in this case, but there are plenty of other nasty beasties living in the water supplies of the US that you wouldn't want living down under.)

Posted by Shanti (Chicago, Illinois) on 07/31/2011

I am very young at only 17 years old. I am not sexually active but yet I believe, after viewing you guys' testimonies and googling, I have BV. I'm afraid to go to the GYNO for fear that I may have to get a pap smear.

ANYWHO, I think that I have actually been having BV for the last 2 or 3 years. I kept asking my mom why I had this crap in my panties but she kept saying that it was just discharge. However, I knew that it couldn't be just a discharge because it had a fishy odor and thick, grayish to yellowish film. So yesterday, I began to look up yeast infections ---for the infinite time---thinking that that's what it was but my symptoms just did not equal those of a yeast infection. I finally came across BV which led me to this website.

I am currently trying the tampon drenched in H202 and water method hoping and praying to God that it works. I don't know how someone like me who isn't having sex and is so young could possible get BV. I will be back later with the results

Replied by Carla
San Antonio, Tx
I am not sexually active either... I have noticed how many post state that after sex they smell it worse, or soon after they have been with their partner. But I guess me and you are both exceptiions to the rule. I have dealth with BV on and off for years now. I have changed my underwear to all cotton, I dont use body wash, I use mild soap, I dont douche... I have changed everything my doctor said to do and yet it has been recurring for a few years now. I have tried the yogurt... And am now just desperate for some type of help. I get tired of having to pay to go to the doctor for medicine that is only temporary.
Replied by No More Bv
Atlanta, Ga
I've suffered with BV off and on since 2002. It was devastating to have that scent drift up when you sit down in a chair, just to look around to reassure yourself that no one else could have possibly smelled it too... Fast forward to 2010 and discussing with a friend I found out that she had it too and she shared a remedy with me that I saw on the sites but was too afraid to try. I started eating Yogurt (which I previously hated) at least twice a week, and before having intercourse will douche with 1 part Peroxide, 2 parts Water, and sometimes will add 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil. For the most part I now only wear white cotton crotch panties and rarely wear thongs anymore. I used to wear more tampons than pads and now I limit tampons to sleeping at night, swimming or when I have planned strenuous activities. Thankfully, I don't get the BV outbreaks anymore but, I still douche with the "mix" at least once a quarter after my cycle just to be on the safe side! Thanks for sharing your stories, if I had never read them I would have never had the courage to talk about it with a friend!

Posted by Boingboing (Newport, Ri) on 07/27/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Did roughly 1 cup water and 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide in a soda bottle to douche. Seemed to work pretty well, smell definitely improved, boyfriend said it was completely gone but I could still notice a little upon rubbing it a little between my fingers. (TMI?) Didn't do it again for another day and a half until (today) I spent a hot day out wearing undies that weren't 100% cotton. No good. So I came back and the smell was back, but slightly different. Fishy but almost garlicky? Could be from eating garlic too? Anyway, I tried to douche again but didn't have enough H2O2 to use as much as I did the last time and it didn't work so well. The smell's still here. I think I need to start using tampons or find douche bags, or use my Diva Cup.

I'm also using a Mirena IUD. It's been about a year since I've started using it. Didn't get BV until about a month ago.

So, my advice: best to do the tampon thing probably, or use empty douche bags if you have them? Also a 1:1 water/hydrogen peroxide mix might be more effective, but I would go with a more dilute solution and work up.

Replied by Marcee
Mission Viejo, Ca
I have found something helpful for myself I hope it work for others too... I use the peroxide water mix. Then I use a product called REPHRESH every couple of days and wow it helps with smell and itching. Nothing really cures the off balance of my ph in my body totally but I try to eat right and do what I can. GOOD LUCK
Replied by Leah
Atlanta, Ga
I had the Mirena inserted in October of 2010 when I was 21 and had it immediately taken out in December of 2010 when I started to notice the smell that I later found out was due to BV. Mirena is the cause of your BV. It's all over so many websites. I try not to have regrets in life, but getting the Mirena inserted is one that I do have.
Replied by Trillium
Lima, Ohio
Did your DivaCup work as an effective douche-method? I have never douched before in my life as I've always been told it would kill all the good bacteria. Thus I really have no idea how to do it. The tampon inserts seem easy, but I'm trying to go for the most effective method.

Lately (for the last month) I've been doing the probiotics inserted a few times a day. Yet, I find that afterwards, I have a very strong discharge - enough to be wet and uncomfortable. It seemed different though, as a mixture of the good and bad bacteria, like the good could be fighting the bad out? Obviously, this isn't anything I want going on at certain times of day, so I only do it 2x a day, not the 3x I read was recommended. My BV lately seems to be a little better, not so much odor and less discharge that looks like before. Yet, definitely not cured. Now I'm going to try this H2O2 douche method, then try a probiotic-insert 2x a day for a week and report back. Because I can't take this either, it's been 10years of constant embarassment!

Posted by Danielle (Houston, Tx, United States) on 07/26/2011

WOW! I have been battling BV for a couple years and nothing ever really worked. But now that I have a boyfriend I was a little more insistent on finding something that worked. I tried using a tampon soaked in H2O2 but wasn't relly successful, but I used 1 part H2O2 and 3 parts water and used a syringe and already feel great! I am going to keep up with this for a couple days then probably just do it once a week or every other week. this is so great.

Posted by Bvfree (Morristown, Nj) on 06/30/2011

[YEA]  I read about peroxide as a treatment for BV on this site and figured it was worth a try. It worked wonderfully!! Anyone thinking about trying this should give it a shot. One part peroxide to two parts water worked well for me and after one application there was no question it was working.

Replied by Ilovepensacola
Tacoma, Wa
oh my I can not thank you ladies ENOUGH! This stuff totally works like a charm! Two days before my Hubby's home visit (He's in the the army in Afghanistan at the moment) I noticed a grayish fishy discharge in my panties and I almost died! It's been almost 3 years since I've had BV and I could not believe it was happening 2 days before my Husbands visit home. I completly freaked and became instantly depressed( not literally, but almost). I searched high and low until I came across this home remedy. I immediatly ran to the store, and bought some peroxide for like 97cents. When I got home I soaked a tampon in peroxide, stood over the toliet and stuck it in as far as I could. It did burn a little, but only on the outside, I could only feel it bubbling on the inside. I left it in for about a good 2 hours. Took it off and noticed a yellowish discharge on the tampon, but other than that NO gray discharge and hallelujah no FISH odor. I did this again the next day before my hubby came and that following night we had sex and I had no discharge or odor. Then we did it agian those following nights and the smell never came back. Thank you guys so much! This saved my hubby's visit lol!
Replied by Getgone8787
Beaumont, Ca
When you use the peroxide soaked tampon do you have to do it at night?
Replied by Boingboing
Newport, Ri
In case you were hesitant, here's some proof that hydrogen peroxide is safe and effective:

Replied by Hopeful
Phoenix, Az
Thank you Boingboing for providing research about the use of H2O2 for BV. The women in the study douched with 2 Tablespoons of H2O2 everynight for a week. Three months later most of them were still symptom free. That is pretty amazing.

Posted by Pheonix (Nsb, Florida ) on 04/14/2011

[YEA]  I too have been suffering from BV for about 2 years; everytime I'm diagnosed with it, my doctor prescribes me Flagyll and sends me on my way. The antibiotics helped for about 2 weeks, and then the discharge and malodor was back! I even changed my eating style because I was told it would help contain the problem, it did to a certain extent but not to my satisfaction. I found this website last night and after reading so many of the positive testimonials, I absolutely HAD to try this remedy. Needless to say IT WORKED! I havent felt this good down there in such a longgg time!

I used a ½ cup of bottled water and a ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide. I added both liquids to an EMPTY bottle of Summer's Eve douche (wash out the previous solution).

I showered as I would normally do, then I douched with the peroxide/water solution. It did feel a little weird, but I went to sleep that night feeling great. Woke up the next morning feeling so unbelievably fresh and DRY! I still have a slight discharge, but I'm going to do douche again tonight and one more time tomorrow night! I am very confident that the end result will be nothing less than great! :)

Replied by Melovely1
Elk Grove, Ca

I have been having recurrent bacterial vaginosis for the past year and have been doing alot of research. I am premenopausal and I think my fluctuating hormones and lack of estrogen has contributed to my recurring infections. I am interested in using the hydrogen peroxide to cure my bv. I am wondering if you are still cured and how is it after having sex. I am currently finishing my last treatment and started taking probiotics and vitamins supplements. I also bought RepHresh and will start using that. I need a cure because this has started messing with my mental state. Please give me an update as to how you are doing now. Thank you.

Replied by Tee
Philadelphia, Pa
[YEA]   I started using the peroxide/water douche after several failed attempts with antibiotics, IT HAS BEEN THE BEST THING EVER. Fresh and Clean is all I can say. No problems after sex either. The rephresh was so temporary and didnt work nearly was well as I thought it would. I take 1 probiotic supplement by mouth and douch once at night with peroxide and I am as good as new. To be honest, I stopped douching ever night and only do it once a week because the effects are lasting but to stay safe I make sure I do it at least once a week. My gyn says no but what she's prescribing is costly and doesnt work. If the peroxide is not doing any harm, which is isnt, then why not. Its cost sufficient as well.
Replied by Heide
Fresno, Ca
Flagyl is the brand version of generic Metronidazole. The only cure I've ever used was MetroGel. You use it exactly like Yeast medication inserted once a night for 7 nights.

Every 'homeopathic' remedy has been a disaster for me. It either exploded my symptoms by killing off the good bacteria I needed for fighting it, or it gave me a secondary infection.

Any douche will push out more than only the bad bacteria you were hoping for, and then you're in a horrible cycle of Yeast/BV/Yeast/BV.

Taking Metronidazole by mouth didn't help nearly as much as MetroGel does! They both work, but MetroGel has never let me down!

Replied by Shay
I have been suffering from bv since I was about 19. I'm now about to be 35. I'm constantly at my obgyn with the same diagnosis, basically I already know what I'm there for but they treat me like its something new to them everytime! So I went online to see if there was any other alternative, because I'm tired of all those nasty pills and messy creams. I tried the peroxide and water douche & it was cool the first night but it came back later the next day, I did it again last night, again I feel great and dry right now. But I am gonna do it again for the next couple of days to see what happens. This method is so worth a try, especially when u tried all those gross medicines. I am also gonna try the boric acid capsules as well. Will post an update soon!! Wish me luck!!
Replied by Timh
Shay: Povidone Iodine is also effective.
Replied by Tiffany
Riverside, Ca
Fed up totally. I am 34 and have struggled with BV to the point where they prescribe the same thing every time; it goes away, but for sure comes back. Tonight I have finally tried Hydrogen Peroxide 50/50 like a lot of the ladies have expressed. The smell has gone away a lot. It burned a little but boric acid burns worst. I am hoping I have finally found something that will work. I will for sure try after sex a few hours after. Ladies I will provide an update I pray this works. Mine usually occurs after sex and my period, stressed, too much yeast etc. Fingers crossed.
Replied by Mrs C
Savanna, Ga
I too have been suffering with this condition for the last 8-10 yrs prescription medications only works temporarily 3-6 months. I'm tIred of the embarrassing trips to the Dr and explaining to my husband that is back again. I tried the 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water in a clean empty duche bottle and a hr after I'm still fresh and dry. My plan of action is repeat tonight and if needed tomorrow! WOW IT REALLY WORKS!

Posted by Monique (Richmond, Va) on 03/31/2011

[YEA]  I've been suffering from BV for the past 2 years off and on. It has really been frustrating me! It started in 2009. The fishy ordor came first then the discharge. Ugh. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed w/ BV. A couple months later it was back. Now for past 2 years its been coming back. The doctor keep perscribing the same 2 medications and obviously they are not working! I did some research on home remedys. I got tired of going 2 the doctors to just get prescribed the same meds that dont work! I was losing hope. I was letting this infection get me down! And my sex drive also went down. I couldnt let this infection control me and my sex life. I stumbled across 2 sites this site and site and saw they did a study for hydrogen peroxide as a cure for BV. I saw the comments and how it worked for most other women. So I tried it(i dont like to try new things only if prescribed by DR. ).... IT WORKED! I AM SO HAPPY AND RELIEVED! I also use Pro B probiotic pills my doctor also recommended it. And its safe 2 say im CURED!!

Posted by Nygal (Mastic Beach, New York) on 03/08/2011

I did some research for somme home remedies and I came upon peroxide I read others comments and I decided to give it a try. For now I am doin the tampon soaked in the peroxide. I can feel and hear alot of gas bubbles in my stomach so im assuming its working and killing the bacteria...... Ok I just took tampon out after 20 min and rinsed my vag area with the rest of the mixture. I feel better already, I am releaved from the itching, burning, and fishy smell... For now. I will post up another comment tommorrow to give my full results.!!!

Posted by Peroxide Lover (Chicago, Il) on 02/21/2011

Hi everyone,

I suffered from vaginosis for over a year. I got tested multiple times and the results are always neg. I had this excessive discharge that had no unusual odor or color; just a sh! T ton of it. It was irritating too, my skin down there was always moist, sensitive and chaffed.

I tried baking soda bath sitz, I tried metrogel, I tried just leaving it alone and hoping it would clear up on its own. I had bout given up hope but then I read about peroxide douche. I had become kinda depressed about my sex life (or lack there of) but I was determined to find a cure so I decided to give it a try.

I diluted the 3% peroxide with water, with an approximate ratio of 1:4 respectively (maybe a little less peroxide).

I used a 10cc syringe (minus the needle! ) to draw up the solution. I administered it in the shower; I layed down and pushed it in as far as it would go and gently pushed the plunger. I did this several times then I showered as usual.

As I dried off and got dressed I had no discharge, none! I waited and checked again, nothing. Even into the night I had no discharge. For the first time in like a year I felt clean and fresh and best of all DRY! The next day I noticed a little bit of discharge and so I did the same douche again in the shower. That was about 2 days ago and I have not needed to douche again since. My skin down there is no longer irritated and is already beginning to heal and return to normal.

I love this method and so I just had to share with everyone who may be suffering. Peroxide is just H2o2 and it breaks down into water; that process cleans out all kinds of debris and bacteria, and it also seems to help stabilize the vag flora. Hope this helps someone :)

Posted by Jj88 (Edgewater, Co) on 01/11/2011

I have had Bv for the last month hoping it would go away on its own, I do not have insurance so I didn't even have the option to go to the doctor, however would rather do home remedies, I am so happy I found this site! Hydrogen Perixide soaked tampon, Poof, GONE!!! I am so realived, it really works!

Posted by C (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 01/11/2011

I had what I believed to be a BV infection and began using Hydrogen Peroxide/H2O (50:50 ratio) in an syringe and squirted into my vagina. The first couple of days I used it sitting on the toilet so that it could drain out. When this did not help I read here that I might not be inserting it deeply enough and that for optimal effect one should lay on one's back with perlvis tipped upward and then squirt syringe. Well the first time there seemed to be some relief. I waited a few days (maybe that's where I went wrong) and when my symptoms came raging back I did it again. THE PAIN WAS EXCRUCIATING. Burning in my vag and up beyond cervix. When I got to my feet I almost passed out, doubled over in severe pain and tears popping out of my eyes. Within 20 minutes the pain subsided but flared again after going out for breakfast. Felt like severe menstrual cramps except higher up in the abdomen. The pain was such that we left breakfast unfinished so that I could get home to lay down.

Then I began taking a leftover (but new) script that my father had of amoxycillin. The pain and symptoms cleared up within 5 days. I stopped with the meds and BAM!!! Another infection - this time yeast. I've been taking D-Mannose (2 capsules in morn, 2 at night) and Acidophilus (1 capsule 3X a day). Stopped mostly all sugar (except for diluted OJ), wine, beer. Also drinking 2 tbsp of ACV in 8oz H2O with organic honey 2x daily. Last night inserted syringe full of organic plain yogurt to relieve slight itchiness. Definitely have the funky odor and clumpiness but am hoping this regimen will work. Tonight I will try the ACV/iodized salt bath. Will post an update when this nightmare is over.

Replied by Datl
Atlanta, Ga
C from NY... Please seek professional medical advice because the peroxide/water solution should not cause the type of pain you described. You could have a serious vaginal infection so taking your relatives antibiotics probably wasnt a good idea either.

My experience with the peroxide solution was great! I used 1 cup of peroxide and 1 cup of purified water 3 days ago and am back to normal. I really do think that some men have bacteria on their genitals that can cause a woman to have BV. I was married for 10 years and never had this problem or any other (i. E. Yeast infections, abnormal discharge, etc). I'm now single and met a man who I thought I was in a monogamous relationship with a year ago and ended up with 3 back to back yeast infections, and as of two months ago, a bad bout with BV. I had BV once in my life 15 years ago and I thought it was because my boyfriend at the time was uncircumcised. But ladies now that I'm pushing 40 and it has happened again, I'm starting to believe that all penises are not created equal OR clean. When you clear up your BV with the peroxide, use a condom with your man, even if it's your husband to see if he is the cause of the problem. I would even recommend cleaning your mate with peroxide as a preventive measure if you must have unprotected sex. Just a thought...

Replied by Pahlee
Phila, Pa.
In reply to Dat from Atlanta, how often do you use the 1 cup of h202 and the 1 cup of h20 to combat the bv
Replied by Stressed
Tampa, Fl
i suffered from BV off and on for years. I was with one man. Then we broke up and for 6 months I was fine. We got back together, had sex once and within a week I had BV again. From then on it was either a condom or the pull out method. And everything was fine. On those rare occasions when he didn't pull out. Within a few days the BV was back. My Dr.just kept giving me different medicine over the years. When I asked him years ago if my man was the problem I was told no. But even my Dr. was surprised when I told him that I figured out what was causing my troubles.
Replied by Darcella
Cleveland, Ohio, Usa
I am over 40 and have suffered from BV for many, many years. I originally tried my gynecologist because I felt he would know best. I was written prescriptions for flagyl and several gels. Needless to say the smell continued to come back, as well as, being plagued with recurrent yeast infections, which I might add I should own stock in diflucan.

I keep reading that women are trying peroxide douches, well here is a warning - been there done that - made every effort to follow instructions to the 'T'. Yeah, in the beginning the smell went away and then two days later, bam! in addition, I started having an alergic reaction on my face and neck from using the perioxide. At first I did not recognize it but when I became dependent upon using it to solve my problem temporarily, there was the reaction. Needless to say I don't deal with peroxide anymore.

I have tried yogurt, pure yogurt inserted in the vagina, garlic all of those things and nothing has helped for more than about 3 to 4 days tops.

I went to the whole food store to try probiotics, acidolphilus, etc. no long term results

I have tried Candigone for the yeast, enzymes, oil of oregano - I took myself off of all yeast, sugar of any form and even fruits that breakdown as sugar and dairy. I spent quite a pretty penny trying to buy the right things to eat. l only ended up with my blood pressure after three days of this method was so elevated, I thought I wasn't going to make it. Unfortunately, as soon as I stopped the method all symptoms - yeast and BV came right back!!!

More recently, I began buying the Homeopathic BV Treatment, which is a vaginal insert - it works for as long as you use it and then at least a week later - back to the same ole' thing.

I have been diagnosed with BV. Trich. Has been ruled out. I have one sex partner and it does come back with unprotected sex rather quickly.

My relationship is fine with my partner, but now where I used to be eager to have sex, I cringe each time it is suggested because I never know how bad the smell will be this time. He's okay and understands and supports all the things I have tried, but I'm just at the end of my rope here.

I went to the drug store and bought Hibilclens, I read to try a 1:20 ratio (with warm water). However, when I asked the pharmacist about douching with it she looked at me like I was an alien and told me only a precription cures BV - I had to laugh because this is where it all begun and no prescription has been effective in term on duration. But she actually scared me to say "absolutely not" it clearly states EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

What are the possible effects of using Hibiclens in the vagina? Any long term problems of taking something internally (although vaginally)?

I think I am suffering emotionally now because I am just tired of the battle. With all the medical cures out there, it baffles me that no one seems to have the cure to BV.

Just as all you are searching, I am as well and I have a fear that I will really damage myself internally if I keep playing craps with this condition. Help!!!

Replied by Whiteswan
Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand
[YEA]   Folic Acid, H2O2, Castor Oil, Pro Biotics:

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for contributing to this thread. It's been of great help to me of late. I'm a 48 yo living in New Zealand. Since my last caesarean section ten years ago I've had constant UTI, Candida & and BV problems. Sometimes I don't think I realised that I had BV as there was no itching or burning as such, and it would only become apparent after beig treated for UTI, then getting anti fingal creams as I was left still with a vaginal itch. On top of this I feel I have systemic candida due to all the antibiotics for UTI's as I get repeated thrush after those, and my GP tried Diflucan one tabs but I think Candida became resistant due to them. It doesn't matter how clean I am, I still get UTI's and I was recently referred for a cystoscopy after seeing a urologist so that is coming up for me in a few weeks time.

I have had these problems since my last caesarean and it was pointed out to me that I had bad adhesions between the uterus and the bladder that had formed after the first caesarean (I've had two). Over the past 2-3 years due to constant use of antibiotics, this has took a toll of my gut, wiping out all the good bacteria, and no matter how I eat I suffer from abdominal distension and blaoting within minutes of eating a meal. I decided to tackle the problem that started all this of late, namely the frequent vaginal infections, and the UTI's. I was referred for a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy at the beginning of the year. The surgeon gave me a light scrape on the inside and then cleaned up the adhesions between bladder and uterus successfully. Post op the gynea said that my lower adominal organs were in good condition for my age and that there was no endometriosis or anything untoward other than those two things that he could rectify. I did have some alleviation of endometrial symptoms that I had had when he did that but still had the recurrent infections.

Recently I had to see my GP for BV as the symptoms were chronic itching on top of discharge, and this followed on from a really bad bladder infection where both legs became full of water retention. I suffered a few injuries in the muscles and tendons just walking around because my legs were so full of water. I started to take D Mannose for this which helped and I was able to stop taking Trimethoprim by taking D Mannose daily - it helped me to avoid infections of the UTI tract. (1 tsp per day of D Mannose powder in 8 oz of water - waited 30 minutes and then drink a larger glass of water to flush out bacteria). Initially I had to do that dose every two hours until I got on top of what was a bad bladder infection and then dropped to 1 TSP per day maintenance which has stopped me from gettinf further UTI's.

However, the most remarkable improvement for me as come in the past two weeks by doing the following:

50|50 of spring water (non chlorinated) with H2O2 - douches using a 10Ml syringe. The syringe is just large enough when fully inserted to fill the vagina. I then empty the contents slowly over a 30 minute period and let it flood up around the sides of the syringe. I then I lay there for 5 minutes with the solution inside and drain out after 5 minutes. (It helps to lie with youre hips on a pillow elevated above you're head and a sheet of plastic covered by a towel on you're bed or something). After draining I then repeat this process again. Then drain and then insert castor oil internally. In the evenings before bed I apply a castor oil pack over my bladder area and apply heat. I leave this on and sleep overnight with the pack on.


I do not insert pro biotic internally as I had a reaction to this and the solution burned me the first time I used that so I am taking x2 capsules of 40 billion pro biotics with acidophilus at every meal (thats 80 billion per meal and three meals per day making sure that I take it in the AM and PM) and I'm also taking:

800 mcg of folic acid twice daily
My multi Vitamin x2 daily
Vitamin E - 200 iu's twice daily
Vitamin C 1 gram twice daily
Magnesium 500 mg once daily (at bedtime)

I made sure that there was iodine, selenium, b6, b12, in my multi vitamin which I have doubled up on - all of the above has been done to boost my immune system and get on top
of the infections. I will probably drop my Vit E dose just prior to surgery and take it up once again a few days after that. Because I have been anemic for some time I take an iron tablet (scripted) along with one of my folic acid and vit c doses in the day.


I have also in recent days been squirting the H2O2 solution directly into my urethra and this has been giving me more results in terms of discomfort in THAT AREA. I'm currently waiting for a cystocopy at the end of October as I recently went for a urine flow test and the urologosgist said that my bladder is not emptying fast enough and approx 70 ML's is being left inside the bladder at the end of voiding. I went for pre op checks three days ago and the Doctor did a palp of my abs. She then did a slight thump over my bladder and it felt very tender, and this is where I started to do the packs, because for more or less a day after her doing this I felt very sore, and she had not particularly applied that much pressure. On the second night of doing castor oil packs on top of all the above and squirting H2o2 into my urethra as well as the douches (using the tip of the 10ml syringe to just ease into the urethra), I was lay in bed and felt a slight pop inside my abdomen somewhere deep inside. Almost like a cyst busting. Following this I have had a darkish brown and green discharge (like snot) - sorry for the description but I'm now kind of wondering if I did have a cyst in the urethra or somewhere in and around that area affectting my flow? The discharge was not you're typical BV discharge.

All I can say is:

Instant relief as soon as I inserted the first douche with H2O2!!! You should not be afraid to place this stuff in your vagina. It does NOT sting as I thought it would. The metrodinazol that the Doctor scripted when I went two weeks ago did not work and still left me with a chronic itch deep inside and when I used the douche - symptoms of itching subsided almost immediately! I thought to use castor oil to draw infection from deep in vaginal tissues. It seems ok internally and I had no problem. The only concern had was that it is regular pharmacy Castor Oil and not hexane free so I'm currently trying to track down a supply of hexane free Castor Oil and H2O2 here in NZ. Others may not need to do the castor oil - I only tried this because I knew I had a thickening of the urethra which could be felt inside my vagina by both the urologist and myself on self examination. I did think cyst and knew that Castor Oil had a drawing effect, so used that instictively and I think it has helped. Well I hope so!

I will still be going through with my cystocopy to check for interstitial cystitis, stones and other anomolies to rule that all out (or in as the case may be) and because I've suffered with UTI's all my life. One of my sisters has also had recurrent UTI's and had a urethral stretch two years ago and it cured her completely. So I'm about to have that done if my urethra is found to be narrow. Having had five children, (three by vaginal delivery) the urologist also said there could be a thickening in the urethra due to this and the only way to cure that is the stretch. But other than that I finally feel as if I am getting somewhere. I have also been taking detox baths with H2O2, Epsom Salts and pure Sea Salt over the past two days and I'm feeling heaps better in myself!

I usually get a dose of the runs shortly after taking these baths so I can tell they are working detox wise. LOL. I am so pleased that I have finally found some simple cures that I can use in the future when I have any problems. I was getting so tired of paying to see my GP and being given pharmaceutical drugs that don't work half the time or if they do leave you with yet another symptom.

All I can say is, if you have not tried this method because you were cringing at the thought of using hydrogen peroxide in your tender bits, make the solution up and then dab a little on your tongue and wait a few minutes... You will see that it does NOT burn. Even dab a little on the exterior or you're vagina and leave for a few minutes. You will then feel very confident in inserting a whole 10 ML's of that stuff into you're vaginal. Make sure you use exactly the same mix above (50|50 3% H2O2 and distilled of spring water - no chloride).

Brilliant stuff! My only other comment is you really need to be taking you're pro biotics internally in ALL cases (even if you decided to insert some vaginally) as you NEED to replace the friendly bacteria in you're gut as you will just re infect yourself with bad bacteria from the gut. I have been treating myself for two weeks in the above way and will be continuing this right up to my op and for two weeks following my op. I am doing this douche TWICE a day and no ill effects whatsoever. I continued to do this because of my other problems. I felt that the solution would penetrate vaginal tissues and reach the urethra that way also and other surrounding tissues because the vagina is very absorbent and women can supplement with estrogen this way transdermally. In the last day or so the tenderness over my bladder has subsided.

If you still need convincing that this stuff is better than antibiotics and pharmaceutical creams, then know that the bacteria in your vagina (lactobacillus and acidophilus) make hydrogen peroxide and squirt it on the bad bacteria to keep them from getting out of control. Your white blood cells also secrete this stuff to kill rogue blood cells. So this is a good all rounder if you have been on frequent courses of anti biotics and they have wiped all the good bacteria out of those places. It is a natural push.... The H2O2 will not kill good bacteria at the correct dilution. This is why this treatment works. I did a LOT of research before I put this stuff anywhere near myself and I can say with confidence that if you are persistent with this application twice per day as well as looking after yourself nutritionally and taking very high doses of pro biotics you will be a lot healthier. Even if you're BV comes back the following month, it is nothing to repeat the process for longer. We ALL need folic acid day in and day out... A lot of you are asking "How long do I need to do this for or take folic acid for?" Folic acid is needed indefinately if you have become deficient in such and are not eating the right foods to get enough in you're daily diet. You need this to keep homocysteine levels down and inflammation and to look after you're arteries and you're health anyway. Vitamin E and C along with Selenium will build you're immune system also to prevent future infections from coming back. Make sure that you take the natural vitamins not the synthetic versions. Once you are on top of you're BV then buy a good natural multi vitamin and ensure that it as at least 400 mcg of Folic Acid in to be taken daily.

I learned that the reason we keep getting so many infections back is most definitely because of the diet and vitamin deficiency. Your immune system is not working at its best. Cutting sugar will also help. Also I would like to advise that women look at the research being done into Xylitol (sugar replacement) and building immunity, killing rogue bacteria in the gut and healing tissue lining in the gut. I have done this due to gut disbiosis and feel far better. I'm using Xylitol daily in my drinks instead of sugar and that coupled with the D Mannose is keeping UTI's from even starting in the first place.

Thanks for all you're tips... I'm loving Earth Clinic right now and so happy that I found this place - it isn't all vodoo after all. Lol. I was pretty much able to figure out my own personal routine from your posts and would like to thank you all for that. I also hope that my post will help to give some women the courage to try the H2O2! White Swan

Replied by Whiteswan
Palmerston North, Manawatu, New Zealand
Some ladies are mentioning a reaction (e.g. rash) from the H2O2. This is herxheimer reaction to the bugs being killed only. That is why hydrogen peroxide works. It kills the bad bugs, and protects the good guys. It balances vaginal flora in favour of the good guys.. Also just putting this in you're vagina for 2-3 sessions is just not enough. Some of you are prepared to take metrodinazol twice per day and put this in you're body and suffer all the die off symptoms of good and bad bacteria being killed, but have no time to treat yourselves holistically with something that you're own good bacteria make anyway (h2o2). Do your research... H2o2 is secreted by the white blood cells and good bacteria in your body and it is therefore part of the immune response. When neutrophills squirt h2o2 around bad bacteria, this is picked up and white blood cells in the body detect they are needed and head to the site on infection. They then start to fire off more h2o2 in response. So inserting a h2o2 douche actually assists you're body to get well faster from an infection. You NEED to do this douche TWICE per day for 5-7 days to see good results. Don't get slack on this. You need to persistently kill off the bad bacteria. If you're still getting discharge, this is why. Use a 10ML syringe and insert into the vagina and push the liquid in at a rate of over 30 seconds. Then lie and wait 5 minutes, then drain out and REPEAT THIS PROCESS. MUST take probiotics orally several times per day in the 40 and more billion count. Take them at every meal because you also have bad bacteria in the guts that makes it's way to you're vagina reinfecting you. You must address the bad bacteria in you're guts also - everyone who had had BV and taken anti biotics for it without doing a good round or course of pro biotics has this problem. Do this for at least a month and then eat low fat, low sugar yoghurt at least once a day to keep the bacteria in you're guts friendly.

Thirdly, folic acid is needed by all women at all ages- in times of infection you need larger doses. Take 800mcg twice per day. Also take 1gram Vitamin C and vitamin E along with Selenium and Zinc as well as the B vitamins to BOOST you're immunity and fight the infection. Then after a month of that protocol drop back to one a day multi. Take natural multi's not synthetic.

You may have symptoms of die off when you are using h2o2 vaginally as the vagina absorbs anything you put into it remember - this is why Gynecologist give women estrogen replacement to be inserted in their vagina. If you're really perceptive you will taste the h2o2 in you're mouth after insertion. This means it is circulating in you're body. It will do you no harm though as this is the stuff white blood cells use to kill bad cells in the body such as cancer cells. Expect to get a few rashes! Even the runs... but it will do you more good than antibiotics which kill EVERY type of bacteria in your gut and wreck you're immune system to boot.

It is a real pity that so many people are so dependent upon their GP's and impatient where it comes to natural remedies - they expect the natural remedies to work overnight. Yes... They may give you instant relief almost immediately, but remember that this bacteria (and possibly other bad bacterias) may be deep in the tissue of you're vagina and it takes time for this stuff to work at systemic level in those tissues.

A rash on your face is the least of your problems and is just toxins leaving you're body.

Posted by Menagie (Hopewell, Va) on 12/11/2010

OMG!!!!!! Im 30yrs old an been suffering with BV since I wus 18, I get it at least twice a year.. Ive takn nasty antibiotics countless times to 'cure' my BV.. And sooner or later im using the bathroom and I get that nasty fishy smell.. And omg after sex, how embarassing is it to smell that nasty fishy odor in the prescence of a man?? u no he smells it!! But wut can u say? Tonite that happened and I got so fed up with the docter bills and prescription costs, that I dnt have money for, that I HAD to find another way.. I found this website and read the many testimonals about other woman using peroxide soaked tampons and douches that I had to try it.. Pouring the peroxide on the tampon made it all smooshy and I had to push hard to get it in.. Yea it felt weird but not burny or anything.. I left it in for 20 mins, the finger test revealed a very faint fishy smell, but it wus an improvement.. So I douched with the water peroxide mix and TA DAH!!! I wus free!! Omg I cant believe it took me over 10yrs to find out about this.. Thankz so much

Replied by Lynn
Greensboro, Nc, United States
Im trying to find out how this Hydrogen peroxide works... So am I to go in the store and buy any type of peroxide and distilled water and mix 1 part peroxide to 3 parts water and squirt in me for a total of 3days. So once a day for 3 days? I have been suffering from this thing for about 15yrs. Im 39 now and still get these bacterial infections and it has interupted my day so many times. The smell is embarrasing.
Replied by Donna
Broomfield, Co
I have suffered with bv for more than 12 years on and off. At first I thought it was caused just by sex, but when I went on a 5 month strike I still got. This annoying problem has caused me so much emotional stress that it's tearing apart my 2 year relationship with my man whom I love so much. He doesn't understand how it makes me feel. Im ashamed to even get in the bed with me from fear if him smelling the awful fishy smell. I've tried everything from garlic, apple cider vingar and the horrible antibiotics that make you sick as hell. If anyone has real cures ar helpful tips please advise, I'm at my wits end.
Replied by Steph Suffering For 13 Years
Sacramento, Ca
I'm right there with you. I'm at about 13 years myself. I don't know if you have tried the peroxide water mix but doing it daily does help. I also started drinking alkaline water & am taking probiotic with Reuteri. So far it seems to be helping but its only been a few days. I too am skeptical because I've suffered for so long. Good luck & I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Happilyrelieved (Columbus, Georgia) on 10/11/2010

[YEA]  Even though there were so many posts on here about hydrogen peroxide working to relieve the odor, pain and itching, I was still a little skeptical. We are all brainwashed by Big Medicine, I think. And we trust doctors not to steer us wrong, so when they throw antibiotics at every problem, we just take it, without question and without exploring other options. But the hydrogen peroxide worked! It worked the first night, and my problem was completely fixed by the next day. I will, however, keep using it. Just for those who are wondering how to use it, I soaked a tampon with one part hydrogen peroxide and three parts water and wore it for a couple hours. That's it! Very simple! The best part:
Doctors visit: Up to $150
Antibiotics: Nongeneric up to $50
Hydrogen peroxide: 52 cents
Beating the system: Priceless

Replied by Manda
Dallas, Texas
Okay im just 21 and been suffering with this bv for over 4 months I have gone to the doctor and they keep testing me for stds and they all come back negative... So I decided to go in to the web and search myself since the doctors abviously do not know whats wrong with me.. After reading all comments and post idecided to try the h2o2 and pills hopefully this will work for me.. Wish me luck everyone... I hate the smell and the discharge I even hate having sexually intercourse with my boyfriend because of the after smell.. Hopefully this will go away.. You guys will be hearing from me.. Thanks so much earth clinic for having this sites up and posted.. XOXOXO MANDA
Replied by Kit
Los Angeles, Cali
How much exactly is a "part"? I read one part this and 3 parts that, but I don't know how much that is. I'm sorry if I sound ditzy, I just don't understand.
Replied by Moi Ici
Redmond Via Ireland, Wa Usa
Well for example, if you were to mix water and orange juice equally together, you would mix one part water to one part orange juice. If you wanted to have the orange juice twice as strong as the water, you would mix two parts orange juice to one part water and so on. The word part is just a non specific measurement or ratio. Take care.
Replied by Linda
York County, Maine
Self, call me crazy but I think that if it's one part baking soda and one part vinegar the equation would be one teaspoon to one teaspoon or one tablespoon to one tablespoon, etc. One teaspoon baking soda with four teaspoons vinegar would be one part baking soda and four parts vinegar.... I think? LOL
Replied by Self
Should have read: "Substitute part with any measurement (e.g. A pinch, or a teaspoon or a table spoon or a one cup, etc). So one part baking soda and four parts vinegar, could be one teaspoon baking soda and four teaspoons vinegar. Or it could be one tablespoon baking soda and four tablespoons vinegar. Just substitute part for a unit of measure. " Please delete the earlier post of mine. Thanks.
Replied by Stressed In Columbus
Columbus, Oh
I have been suffering for about 3 months Ive been on antibiotics 4different times. It will go away then when my boyfriend and I have sex it comes back.. I want to try the peroxide method but do I have to do this everytime we have sex?
Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales

Posted by Adrian (Philadelphia, Pa, Usa) on 09/26/2010

[YEA]  I was reading all the comments on how using 1 part water and 3 parts hydrogen peroxide might get rid of bacterial vaginosis and NO LIE trying it just ONCE instanly relieved the itching and burning. I will keep doing it once a day until I think it is gone but WOW did this work. Thanks sooo much!

Replied by Vetta
Northeast, Usa
I have also had great relief with H2O2 for BV. It took 3 treatments over 3 days but each time I felt better and each application had less bubbling. I am assuming the gas escaping is a sign the bacteria are dying but this is just my guess.
Replied by Pahlee
Philadelphia, Pa
Would using the full strength of h202 benefit more than adding water to it.

Posted by Neena (Bloomfield, Ct) on 09/02/2010

[YEA]  I am very pleased with the results of H2O2 for BV. I was skeptical but desperate because I am a soon to be bride and I do not want to present BV to my husband on honeymoon night. I tried H2O2 and it worked immediately. The next I checked frequently for odor... And there was none. Like others, months later there is still no odor or discomfort. I'm interested in what my PA (who prescribed $300 metronidazole) is going to say when I go back for my annual. My Testimony is true. I am no longer embarrassed or self-conscious with BV symptoms.

Replied by Dana
Painesville, Ohio
@ Neena from Bloomfield, How did you use the peroxide? Full strength? Mixed with water? Tampon? Douche? Let us know what method you used and have you had to re-do the process since your post?
Replied by Alex
As a healthcare provider, I have gone through repeated doses of metronidazole for BV. The burning and itching are unbearable and the embarrassment when gun checks my vagina, sees the excoriation from scratching and starts throwing out the most horrific diagnoses/STDs. I have purchased tampons and hydrogen peroxide. Once my menses are over, I will be hitting BV really hard with H2O2. Thanks for all your input

Posted by Therealmc (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 08/06/2010

Hi all, I found this article when I was doing research about the H202 and restoring the vaginal ph. I was also researching its uses for BV. The article, published on the website of the US National Website of Medicine states,

"AIM: The authors have evaluated the real efficacy of using hydrogen peroxide for previously treated recurrent bacterial vaginosis that is resistant to other forms of treatment. METHODS: The study included 58 women aged between 18 and 42 years old. Vaginal irrigations with 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide (3%) were prescribed in the evening for a week. The follow-up was carried out 3 months after the end of treatment. RESULTS: The results clearly show that the use of hydrogen peroxide in vagina can eliminate the main symptoms of bacterial vaginosis, and in particular the malodorous leucoxanthorrhea in 89% of cases at 3 months after the end of treatment, a result that is comparable to that obtained using metronidazole or clindamycin as a vaginal cream. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide facilitates the restoration of normal vaginal bacterial flora (represented by H202-producing lactobacillus) in 100% of cases and normal acid pH (pH<4. 5) in 98% of cases; it also fosters the disappearance of clue cells from vaginal smears and anaerobic pathogenic flora from vaginal secretions in 100% of cases. The amine test became negative in 97. 8% of cases. All results underwent statistical analysis and were found to be statistically significant. CONCLUSION: Hydrogen peroxide represents a valid alternative to conventional treatments for recurrent bacterial vaginosis, and associates the absence of collateral effects with low costs, excellent tolerability and real therapeutic efficacy. "

You can view it at

It might be helpful for someone like me who has to do HOURS--if not days-- of research before putting something in my body. Though I have found that I always start and circle back to earth clinic. I always prefer natural remedies but sometimes I just get impatient or convinced by my doctor that I need to take perscription meds. It is comforting to find some validation in the medical world for natural remedies.

Replied by Antares
Guam, Usa
Not that I don't appreciate your link, I do, but let me say: You may find it comforting to find validation in the medical world for natural remedies, but I find it even more comforting to free yourself from the desire for such validation. Think: what's so great about 'the medical world' anyway if they are so clueless and profiteering? In fact, in literally every example from my life that I can think of, the natural cure which I found - with no degree - was vastly superior to anything medical doctors and dentists had to offer, if they had anything to offer at all. I love the secure feeling I've had since I learned to trust myself! I suggest you give it a try yourself and say to hell with their supperiority sham!

Posted by Rachel (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 05/25/2010

[YEA]  Thank you to everyone for all the information on dealing with BV.

I had a Mirena IUD inserted just over a year ago and it took till very recently to get a diagnosis of BV to explain the persistent discharge and the smell.

When the doctor handed me a prescription for Flagyll I decided to look for alternative treatments on the Internet and found this very helpful website.

I tried swallowing cranberry tablets and acidophilus capsules, as well as inserting yoghurt, Acijel and Boric acid capsules. Nothing worked for very long. The Boric acid didn't work at all. Eventually I decided to try what so many people said worked for them: douching with H2O2.

At first I used one part H2O2 to 3 parts bottled water in a sterilised syringe, once a day. After 4 days I moved on to two parts H2O2 to one part bottled water. The bubbling feeling inside was disconcerting but not too scary.

It took over 7 days for it to work, but eventually the discharge and the smell vanished. I've been free of all symptoms for about 6 weeks and hope they won't return.

Every morning I take a rounded teaspoon of Inulin and an acidophilus capsule just in case it helps maintain the balance of whatever bacteria I'm supposed to have. At least it can't hurt. Does anyone else take Inulin for this purpose?

Replied by Pahlee
Philadelphia, Pa
What and how much is 2parts h202 and 1 part h20? I don't understand these measurements, thanks for the input in advance

EC: Hi Pahlee,

H202 - Hydrogen peroxide (HP)
H2O - Water

2 parts of HP to 1 part water could be 2 cups of HP to 1 cup water, or 1 cup of HP to 1/2 cup of water...

The water measurement is half the peroxide measurement.

Replied by Georgia Girl
Albany, Ga
I just got done trying the peroxide and water douche, so I will update on results. I also take the ___ over the counter pills 3 times a day, which is a probiotic.

Posted by Daniellal (New York, New York) on 04/29/2010

[YEA]  I used hydrogen peroxide and it worked - yay! However - it is important to note that I dont have chronic BV, I just get it once in a while. It took about 12 days in total to clear up, and I changed my routine a little over the course of the 12 days. I started off with a 1 to 3 ratio of HP to water (regular tap water), and I used a squeeze bottle to squeeze it up my vaj. I did it right before bed. It stung like crazy, but it gave me relief for the night, but then by the next morning the itching was back. After 2-3 days I changed the dosage to a 1:4 ratio (slightly weaker), but then I started trying to hold it in for 5 minutes. After about 6-7 days of doing this it was definitely working and my symptoms were going away, but then they started to come back. So I started to hold it in for 15-20 minutes instead. This I did for about 4-5 days, and I think that's what cured it. I would recommend trying 1:3 ratio, if that stings too much then do a 1:4 ratio, but hold it in your vaj for 15 minutes minimum. Eventually I bought a 60-cc syringe from a medical supply store since the squeeze bottle was kind of annoying to use, and just blasted the HP right up into my vaj - I kept the syringe in place to block the liquid from pouring back out. I did feel a little silly laying on my back on a towel holding a syringe halfway in my vagina while a timer counted down 20 minutes, but hey, it worked. I think another key is to keep doing it for a day or two after your symptoms seem to be gone - sort of like antibiotics, where you feel better after a couple of days, but you are still supposed to keep taking them for the whole entire prescribed time. Good luck!

Posted by Anonymous (Ohio, USA) on 04/15/2010

[YEA]  I would like to say thank you to & all of the wonderful ladies who have shared their stories & remedies for BV..I have suffered from this since I was 18 years old. I am now going to be 28 in June..I couldn't see myself accepting this problem because for one, I am a super clean person & I was not going to keep taking Flaygel (if that's how you spell it) because it simply doesn't cure BV! I was browsing several different websites for home remedies that could possibly cure BV when I came across this site...THANK GOD FOR THAT! After reading one lady's remedy I immediately wrote everything down and went straight to the store. I brought the peroxide, got some disposable douche just so I could use the bottles, I got folic acid 800 mg vitamins as well as acidophilus with 1 billion active cultures..I got home and this is what I did:

1/2 cup luke warm water
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
mixed the water & peroxide in my disposable douche bottle (make sure to empty the original douche mixture out and rinse out any remaining substance)

After mixing the water and peroxide together, give it a gentle shake to mix it together
I washed up as usual, washing my vagina area with only white soap

I douched till the bottle was empty. then, I took 2 cap fulls of the hydrogen peroxide and poured it down the middle of my vagina, as well as all of the external parts of my vagina. Then, I rinsed my vagina out with the shower water. OMG..I was soooo fresh and felt soooo clean! it was AMAZING! NO more smell!!! I only douche with the mixture twice monthly. Once after my period, and then in the middle of the month. I use the 2 cap full's of peroxide as I stated as a rinse in the shower daily! My sex life with my fiance is Soo good now!! Thanks again to all of the wonderful ladies for sharing your stories! Oh, before I forget..I only take 1 folic acid and 1 acidophilus vitamin once daily with a meal!

Replied by Caro
I have suffered with BV for many years and none of the medicines that Dr. 's have prescribed worked. I tried hydrogen peroxide last night and this morning the smell and discharge is gone! I'm so thankful that I came across this website!!! No more BV!!!
Replied by Georgia
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have a question for everyone. Do any of you smoke?

Posted by Wealthyheart (Northerncambria, Pa) on 02/16/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I used 1/5 3% hydrogen peroxide douche mixed with 1/5 distilled water. prepared another douche bottle with just distilled water. Sat in the tub, used the hp mix and waited 5 minutes then rinsed with the distilled water. I did all of this 2 times and then inserted a vaginal probotic right after. I did this 2 times in the morning and 2 times at night for 3 days. BV was gone but left me itching. I found a chart with symptoms of vaginal infections whiched helps me alot. Now I think I have a combination of yeast and Cytolytic Vaginosis. I'm using an ordinary 7 day yeast infection kit and I'm filling up a capsule full of Baking Soda and I am inserting the yeast cream in the morning for 7 days and inserting 1 Baking Soda capsual at night only 2 days a week for 2 weeks. I ended up with to much good bacteria i think and a yeast infection go figure. The Baking Soda will reduce some of the good bacteria.

EC: Here's a great article we just found called "Differentiation Of The Vaginoses-Bacterial Vaginosis, Lactobacillosis, And Cytolytic Vaginosis"

Posted by Breezyboo (Atlanta, Ga) on 02/07/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hydrogen Peroxide it worked like a charm i douched && used 2/3 peroxide && 1/3 water it burned for a little bit then it was fine i havent had a discharge so far lets see how it goes!

Posted by Cee (Los Angeles, California, Usa) on 01/08/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Bacterial Vaginosis - Hydrogen Peroxide

Out of no where (a year's time) I smelled that unmistakeable smell this week. I didn't want to get medication as it usually leads into a cycle of UTI's. I came here after trying another solution to a problem (which was successful) and found this message board. I followed the advice here and began last night. I made a solution of three parts Hydrogen Peroxide and one part water into one cup and inserted it, two teaspoons at a time, via plastic syringe, in the shower. It instantly took away the brown goo and eliminated the smell. It is the next day now and I smell absolutely nothing. The only discomfort was a little burning and bubbly feeling for about half an hour after the insertion was completed. Thank you! I hope this isn't temporary but regardless, I will probably do this about once or twice a month from now on just to feel renewed! The next test will be the day after my period when I tended to smell the worst. Can't wait to see (what a weird thing to look forward to).

Replied by Ohgodno, Notagain
Jersey City, Nj
I've been suffering with this embarrassing condition for over a year. Looking back, I think it started when I first started the pill over a year ago. The hydrogen peroxide is the only thing that seems to get rid of that God awful smell. I think it's the pill because during my off week, the time I get my period, I have no smell. I only get the smell the Monday after I take the pill Sunday to start the new cycle. I will continue the H202 until I am ready to come off the pill. I will also try the refrigerated acidophilus because the shelf stuff is crap and folic acid does nothing on its own.

Posted by Yvonne (Jonesboro, Georgia) on 01/03/2010

Cured after one douche!!

Hi everyone, I've gotten another BV and I had read about Hydrogen peroxide 3% being used as a treatment for it so I tried it using 1/4 cup of Hydrogen peroxide 3% to 2 cups of distlled water. I douched this morning around 8:40a and by the time I finished my shower and started getting dressed, the fishy odor and discharge was GONE!!! I was so amazed and kept checking to see if the odor had really left before I officially left for church and it did!!! Thanks so much for all of the info. God Bless each and one of you.

EC: Can you please report back in a few weeks if this turned out to be a permanent cure or if it worked temporarily? BV is tough to cure in 1 treatment. Thanks!

Replied by Terry
Knoxville, Tn
I am new to the site. I was diagnosed with bv 5 weeks ago. I have done the metro gel, then antibiotic metronidazole, then the gel again twice a day! Today I am starting a new antibiotic tindamax for 5 days then a suppository of boric acid for 2 weeks!! I am sick of doctor visits and the bad news that I still have bv. This is the first time I have heard of this infection and am 50 years old DO NOT have Periods anymore and had my tubes tied a long time ago. My point is I have no symptoms. Went in for pap and came back with bv. I have No symptoms no odor, burning, itching, cramps, or discharge. Nothing. Has anyone ever heard of this, and I can't get rid of the infection. I have been doing the meds for about 6 weeks now and am still trying new ones every week or so as the doctor perscribes them! I need help on how to get rid of this awful diagnoses. my email is if you have any advise!
Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
I say try another Doctor and Lab,,just a thought

from Merryanne in Florida

Replied by Ohgodno, Notagain
Jersey City, Nj
Hi Terry, If you have no symptoms, stop taking all these meds and get a second opinion. A doctor who would put you on antibiotics for something that poses no real risk to you, especially if you consider how potentially dangerous antibiotics are.
Replied by Trina
Olympia, Wa
I too was told I had BV. I don't have any symptoms either but was told after a pap that I had it. I have never been told before that I had this, ( I am 57 yo) but I assumed once after relations with a new man a few years ago, I had the "fishy" smell after sex with him. So I tried the Peroxide twice a day, and it worked for me. (I also no longer was seeing that man)

This time, I have not had sex with anyone in two years, no symptoms either. So I was suprised to be told I had BV. I just got a prescription for the Flagyl and I will use it this time. Doesn't make any sense to me!

Replied by Laura
Los Angeles, Ca
I am new to this site and was so grateful to see so many suggestions. Like Terry from Knoxville, I have no symptoms aside from very little discharge after my period. No itching and very faint smell, if at all. I went for my regular Pap and the doctor said I have a discharge and she'd send it for a lab test. Even my doctor said it could be a normal discharge since it doesn't smell. Unfortunately, I tested positive for BV. I have been with the same man for four years now and the ONLY thing we did differently was letting him finish inside of me. Then came the BV.

I am on my first day of Metronidazole and I did the H202 douche in the shower followed by the tampon soaked in H202 (although I think I did not insert it high enough because it hurt). Left the tampon in for about 20 mins then removed it. I then inserted a probiotic suppository (which is also probably not inserted high enough because it hurt. I will try to lubricate it with coconut or tea tree oil or yogurt next time). I also took 1 pill of the probiotic with 5 billion cfu (whatever that means) and just finishing up a cup of apple cider. vinegar.

I am a woman on a mission and will update you guys on the progress. Again, thanks to all the women who generously shared their experiences!

Posted by Thankful (Toronto, Ontario) on 12/27/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi all... I came across this website a few months ago and I an so thankful I did! I've been suffering from BV for many years now and for me I get it everytime I have unprotected sex with an uncircumsised partner. I've had three partner that were not circumsised and have gotten BV repeatedly with all three but with others that were I have been fine. Anyhow.. my current partner is not circumsised and I have been using the 50% HP and 50% water douche and it has been working miracles... Is it safe to use it often? I've been using 1-3 times a week... any thoughts would be great

Replied by Rj
Jonesville, Indiana Usa
Replied by Rhonda
Sf, Ca
I also have been using the H202 and H20 douche and I bought a childs medicine dropper at my local drug store (2 tbs.) and it works much better than a regular douche because you can really get the liquid higher up in the vagina to kill all the bad bacteria....BUT, you have to resupply the good bacteria with acidophilus or you will still have the infection. I do the H202 and H20 (50% & 50%) twice and let the liquid stay in the vagina for at least 5 minutes each time, then I flush my vagina with distilled water (you must use distilled water, there is no chlorine or flouride in it like tap water)....THEN, I use the medicine dropper and insert liquid acidophilus. I do this twice also to coat the inside of the vagina really well. I have done this for 3 nights in a row and I got much better results than inserting a acidophilus capsule after douching, its less messy the next day and no discharge like you have with the capsule. As long as you resupply your good bacteria with acidophilus after douching, you can douche 3 times a week as needed until the BV has cleared up. I will most likely do it every other day for awhile. I think this BV thing will take a few weeks to a few months to totally go away, if it ever does. Good luck and keep us posted. We are all in this crazy thing together and if we dont help each other, no one else will. THANKS!!! (PS: Im also still taking 1600mcg of folic acid a day along with a B-12 vitamin, and a 50 Billion acidophilus probiotic daily, and D3 vitamin with great results. My skin is fabulous!!!)

Posted by A (Chino, Ca) on 12/02/2009

[SIDE EFFECTS]  I just tried the tampon deal soaked in hydrogen peroxide 3%. I actually had to do it two times the first time I left the tampon in the plastick insert that you normally use to put the tampon in. Then I didn't feel any "bubbles" how everyone said so I thought it wasn't working or I didn't have BV. Then I tried again I soaked just the tampon in the hydrogen peroxide and then pushed it up there. I left it in for about 15 mins or so and I definately felt the bubbles this time. However when I took the tampon out it had blood on it and I am not on my period. I think that I may have a cyst again and maybe the hydrogen peroxide helped to open up the gland. (I get them in the glands that normally keep us wet or moist) So anyway I am hoping that maybe this could be the cure to that too. Otherwise I have no idea why their was blood on the bottom of the tampon. By the way I do not currently have any funky smell.

Thank you for the assistance.

Replied by Nik
Brooklyn, Ny
Hey ladies, I was so happy to find this site.I'm just really frustrated to have to deal with this again and I'm surprised that so many woman deal with the same thing. I was 20 yrs old when I first realized that I had BV, my doctor prescribed the antibiotics, (the nasty pills and the metro gel) that I only used for 7 days. It worked for four years with no problems, until about a week ago.I tried the Folic Acid and the acidophilus pills...the smell subsided but did not go away. It's just a horrible thing to live with. I'm really looking forward to trying the h2O2. But I'm not sure if I should try the tampon thing or the douche. I'm really afraid to douche because so many say it's not good to douche. What would give me the best results? Someone help please. Thanks a bunch to everyone who published their story!
Replied by Vicki
Batavia, Ohio
my gyn/ob said that i only should douche once a month. he said that that is sufficient to not cause problems.

Posted by Taylor M. (Lancaster, California, Usa) on 11/23/2009

[YEA]  I started noticing a change in my body and a disgusting odor coming from down there, and it started getting worse over a course of a few days. I came to the conclusion it was BV. I started doing some research, and came upon this wonderful site (SOOOO thankful that I did!). I tried the tampon and 1/2 3% h2o2 and 1/2 water, soaked the tampon in the solution, and squeezed excess out, shoved it up there, left it in for about 2 hours, took it out and the smell was GONE!!! I couldn't believe it. I'm continuing to do this for atleast an hour a day, and am also taking 3 400mcg of Folic Acid daily, along with 100mg of b-6. Also, I heard that Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for the body, so I made a little cocktail of 1 tbs of ACV and actual apple cider, you can't taste the vinegar at all!! I'm feeling very confident all these remedies will work. Hope this helped some of you! :)

Replied by Sunriselady
Sunrise, Florida
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I've tried exactly the method you are using with Hydrogen Peroxide. Also did the douches for 7 days. The problem with me, is that as soon as I stopped the Hydrogen Peroxide applications, the odor returned right after intimacy.

I discovered after almost a whole year of doctor's visits, antibiotic Metro gel, Hydrogen Peroxide and even Boric Acid. My cure which I found was a nutrient/vitamin deficiency. I usually take a good multivitamin daily. But I added vitamin d3 (2000 IU per day). And I swear that I've been odor free ever since. I pray and thank God that I found this link, by reading in my local library. It worked! There is a link between a woman who is deficient in vitamin d3 and vaginal infections recurring! So please supplement with Vitamin D3 as many of us working women who get little sun or who are lactose intolerant are deficient in VITAMIN D3. God bless and good luck!

Posted by Kajundiva504 (Irving, Tx) on 11/16/2009

[YEA]  I would like to say first off, I SO LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!Now down to business. I too, suffer with BV. It is embarrasing because it just comes out of the blue. Today your fine and then the next day its like a fishy smell followed by this thick yet frothy discharge. I followed one persons suggestion with the tampon dipped in 3% hydrogen peroxide. I tried it and i'll be worked. I am a happy camper. Now i'll have to see how long it will last. Just to know I dont have to go the dr's office is great. No it didn't burn at all but i did feel it bubbling. Understand that each individual is different. As the 3% hydrogen peroxide dipped in the tampon worked for me, someone else a little more sensitive may have to add additional water to the peroxide.

Replied by Skyy
Las Vegas, Nv
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   Hi to all! I tried the h2o2 sugestion with soaking a tampon in 50% 3% h2o2 with 50% h2o and it was effective, however afterwards I noticed floaties in my urine. Has anyone else experienced this?
Replied by Sikofbv
Jacksonville, Fl
OK LADIES!!! Symptomatic BV sufferer for the past 14 years. My boyfriend and I have been having intercourse consistently (at least once a week) for the past 6 months and I just got a flare up this past week.

I'm just tired of it. The constant changing of pantyliners...and that's AFTER you've decided you have to stop using tampons to mask the smell because of TSS.

SO I FOUND YOU. As long as I've suffered with this, I never new it was so common. TONIGHT I WENT AND GOT THE LACTO ACIDOPHILUS, FOLIC ACID tablets (400mg) and a NEW BOTTLE OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 3%. IT'S THURSDAY, NOV. 19, 2009.



Replied by Calamity
Beaver, Pa/usa
I recently got BV for the first time. My doctor put my on doxycyline hyclate 100MG capsules, 2 a day for 7 days. And they didn't work at all! I thought they were when I got them, because it seemed like my discharge was decreasing... But here it is the last day of my prescription and it's just the same as it was when I started taking them. Now, that antibiotic isn't the normal recommended antibiotic... So maybe that's why it didn't work. I am going to make one more appointment to see what she has to say I think... Or should I just try this hydrogen peroxide thing?

It does seem much easier and straight forward... But I don't have a smell (I did when I first noticed it, but it's gone now) and the itchiness comes and goes, but it's very light.... Maybe I'll discuss it with my boyfriend and see what he thinks I should do...

Posted by Icantfly (Somewhere In, Nj, USA) on 11/12/2009

[YEA]  I started getting BV within a few months of seeing my now-fiance. For some reason I never got it before-- I have a feeling I'm allergic to semen because before him I never had vaginal contact with semen before. I thought he gave me an STI (I have trust issues), but then I found out from the gyno I had BV. She prescribed me antibiotics and that flagyl stuff (which tasted horrible). This didn't work--not even for a little while. The BV never went away. I started looking up cures and came upon this website.

I have to say I was at first reluctant to try hydrogen peroxide "down there" but I did some research on it, and it seemed fine (plus I was at the end of my wits). I used a douche of half hydrogen peroxide and half luke warm water at first. I also started taking a multivitamin that is folic acid fortified as well as one acidophilus capsule a day (I found them 2 bottles for $5 at the drug store). I never used a douche before and I have a feeling I was using it wrong because it only gave me temporary relief. I then decided to saturate a tampon first with luke warm water then with a bunch of hydrogen peroxide (I didn't really measure it, just made sure it was saturated and that the hydrogen peroxide was the second thing I poured on it). I then inserted it and waited 5-10 minutes. It tingled on the inside (but didn't hurt)and I heard it fizzing. On the outside it burned but I think it's because my BV had made my outer genitalia quite sensitive. The burning subsided after a little while however. When I pulled it out there was a lot of yellowish discharge on the tampon. I sniffed it (seems gross but it had to be done) and it didn't smell fishy or anything (BTW, my BV is weird, sometimes it smells funky and sometimes it doesn't, but at that time, it was DEF smelling funky before I inserted the tampon). So the peroxide got rid of the smell. That was a good start. I continued the tampon for 3 days, 2-3 times a day (at least once in the morning and once at night, sometimes once in the afternoon). I also wiped the outside of my genitalia occasionally with diluted hydrogen peroxide on a folded piece of toilet paper. The discharge was less and less each time and by the 4th day VOILA! No discharge! It was amazing! I'm very happy. I haven't had sex yet but I plan to use the peroxide saturated tampon to clean out down there after sex and I am also going to minimize my contact with hubby's semen. This is all very recent so I might update later with how it's working out, but as for now I'm very thrilled with the results.

Don't hesitate to try, and don't give up if it doesn't work the first day or two. It's like a regimen of medication, and you have to do it for a few days before you see the results!

Replied by Jane
London, England
Just thought I would say I was clear from BV for 2 months then during my second period I smelt the smell again very faintly. I didn't give it a chance to get worse - I used hydrogen peroxide for 4 nights (whilst I had my period and just after) and it went. Happy camper.
Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, USA
To Jane in England,,,,That is very good,,don't wait until you are totally sick to do something,,,I have been doing a simular thing with cold symptoms,,,if I have a small itchey throat and a few sneezes, I take 3 aspirin every hour for 4 hours or I will take 1000mg of L-Lysine for 4 hours, and sometimes I take both. I am not going to wait until I get a temperature and total congestion and miss a week's work. I think you did great. Merryanne in FL
Replied by Marie
Riverside, Ca, Usa
Thanks for sharing Jane! I'll consider trying with my period if I have any future problems.

I've been battling with BV for over a year now and gave up on the metro gel and flagyl pills. Yogurt (Mountain High - Plain) worked for me once clearing all signs of the smell, but then itching returned. BTW - spoke to my OB-GYN about the yogurt he said it was a great thing to do.

I finally decided to try the peroxide and it Totally WORKED! I tried soaking a tampon with peroxide/H20 (3%,your regular over the counter bottle). I had temporary relief....just tried the actual douche (half peroxide half water)and immediately the itching stopped, the discharged is regular..and the itching has subsided. My vaj-jay was still a bit dry after so I used some KY to get me through the day. This was one of very few days that I didn't think about my problem!

Replied by Toya
Atlanta, Ga
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I've used this remedy before after finding it on Earth Clinic and once again, it's saved the day!!! Not sure what caused this case of BV but my guess is that my boyfriend and I started having sex about 3 months ago. I hadn't had sex in almost 2 years and before meeting my current boyfriend this summer. I'm not on any type of medication, antibiotics or BCP's, I haven't switched soap or detergent and even tho I've been having sex for the last 3 months, it's the only thing I can think of that would upset the "normal" ph in my vagina. What women need to understand that is that germs are everywhere---and hands/fingers & the mouth are the biggest carriers of germs (both used during sex, especially if you're boyfriend/husband gives you oral sex). At any rate, I did buy some acidophilous, followed by a 1/2 part Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 part warm water douche. Also rubbed some peroxide on the exterior and so far so good. We'll see what the real results are tomorrow but because I've used this before, I'm almost certain I'll be fine. Will probably do one more HP douche tomorrow just to be sure all the bacteria is gone. Thanks so much EC---I paid $0.34 for my bottle of Peroxide, a far cry from the money I would have spent on a doctor's visit & a prescription and 7 days popping the dreaded antibiotics!

Posted by Jane (London, England) on 11/04/2009

[YEA]  Recovered from BV

I got BV about 6 weeks ago. I'd been diagnosed with Thrush (yeast infection for the Americans) and was using Canesten cream internally. I stopped using it when I got my period and had noticed an improvement. I got BV for the first time as my period was ending - I have no idea if it was related to the Canesten but thought it was worth mentioning because it was the only thing that was different from usual. I noticed the smell at work and took ages to work out it was me - I ended up in the toilet with all my clothes off checking the armpits of my top and was horrified to discover it was coming from my knickers. I have to say I tried everything possible to get rid of this smell - it was horrific - I bought acidophilis, I ate some, I put one in my hoohoo and it felt really wrong and made no difference (but it was a powdery one - not the good ones I've read about here) and I took the antibiotics. I also took garlic tablets and folic acid (in the quantities on the jars) Over the week the smell reduced and then disappeared but I still had a constant feeling that I was cold and wet down there. Whenever I stood up I could feel it and was super paranoid that there was discharge in my knickers and that it would smell. In England we don't have enormous drug stores with all the things you need - I had to buy hydrogen peroxide from Ebay! By this time it was about 3 weeks from when I first smelt the terrible smell.

I took the advice from this site and took a large tampon with the plastic applicator and replaced it with a small tampon. I filled 1/2 a shot glass with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and 1/2 with tap water. I soaked the tampon in this and left it inside me for 30 mins. I did this for 7 nights. On a couple of the nights I used the applicator as a funnel, rolled onto my shoulders and put the left over liquid inside me for a few minutes and let it out over the bath. I know this is very graphic but the descriptions on this site really helped me - you can't just buy a douche in England - not where I shop anyway, so it's hard to know how to make it work.

The cold and wet feeling went completely. It hasn't returned yet thank god.

I'm so grateful to this website. Everyone's experience helped me so much - but mostly it helped me to persevere when it didn't feel like it was working. For me it took quite a long time for the wet feeling to go completely. I am so happy now. I've been unlucky with my sexual health and suffer from cystitis and thrush a lot and the BV on top of that really upset me, but now that's cured and I can concentrate on sorting out the other two (have already bought Apple Cider Vinegar and Alka Selzer - I feel like I can take them all on now!!)

Thanks so much!

Replied by Zifiea
Princeton, Tx
Replied by Roxanne
[YEA]   i have had bv for 7 years and nothing worked, I already told my story here, I used H2020 in a tampon for 3 days and no more ODOR!!! I had to pinch myself, no fish smell? nothing the only thing I smelled was my perfume:))) I will keep on posting here to let you know how it went for the rest of the week, so far nothing, I was so happy I wanted to cry, I tried all the other remedies but this one worked so far:))) that god awful fish smell is obsolete and for 0. 99 cent a bottle u can not go wrong, Im serious try it, it may work for you!!! The only fish I want to smell is at the damn fish market, not between my legs!!!! Yay I feel sooooo clean:)))

Posted by Hislove (Chaska, Mn) on 10/24/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I'm 34 years old and didn't know that I had BV until last week. I knew something was wrong but didn't know it was BV until I finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I was done with wearing pantiliners every day of the month just so I didn't end up with wet pants in the store or something because I was leaking secretion and not pleasant smelling secretion. Musty, if you will. I was done with smelling like fish the minute my husband and I would "interact". I was done with the smell lingering for two days after. I was done with having to wait to have sex until my crotch was "decent enough" to get near. Done with the wetness and just generally done. I did the over the counter yeast infection test and saw that my ph level was higher then it should be. Read the paperwork that came with it and researched the "what it could be" things. Found this site and a couple of others (medical sites) and realized you all were saying all the same things I was. I'M NOT ALONE. Thank God. I felt that I was just generally less clean then everyone else. Everything short of shoving a scubber "up there" I was as clean as anyone else.

I read about all the pills and food things and just felt overwhelmed. I then read about eating yogurt and the H202 douche and figured "I like eating yogurt but H202 in my woohoo? That's kinda scary cus I've seen how it bubbles and fizzes when I put earrings in it, do I really want that in me?" Answer: YES!!! Last night I was so desperate to just spend a "fun filled, worry free" evening with my husband that I grabbed a douche, emptied it, filled it half with H202 and half tap water. Jumped in the shower, did what I needed to do then filled it with tap water and did it again. Did the "finger test". Not great but not gone. So I thought "Screw it, I grabbed the bottle of H202, filled it 3/4 full and added a smidge of water (just to make me feel better about the chemicals inside me) and did what I needed to do. No second flush with water. LET THE ANGELS SING AND THE LIGT SHINE DOWN.... I DIDNT SMELL. NOT EVEN A LITTLE! My husband and I (warning: get explicit here) started the night with him "finger and taste testing" and he said "PERFECT". We went at it and NO SMELL NOTHING ZIP ZERO ZILCH. Even after... Even today... I almost cried last night when we were done and again this morning. First time in YEARS that I didn't dread it. Even as I sit here typing on my laptop, sitting pretzel style, NO SMELL!!!!

I dont know if it will last, but I dont care. I'm 100% willing to buy H202 by the gallon if I need to and whenever I smell it coming on... I'm killing it. I am also adding 2 yogurts a day to my diet to help keep it at bay and I also found AZO. A vitamin thing to help regulate the ph levels. One pill a day was more simple to me then a full round of all the other stuff that was mentioned and a lot cheaper.

In short (I know it's too late for that (o: ) but don't be afraid, just give it a try. There is no "cure" for BV but there is a way to heal the symptoms. Try different things until you find what works for you. For me, I am IN LOVE with H202! If you have any questions what-so-ever, please get a hold of me, I am more then willing to help in any way I can. Sometimes, just knowing you're no the only one is a HUGE relief. I will keep you all posted as my symptoms do what they do!

"Oh honey... kick the kids out... mama wants to take advantage of our new found freedom" (wink)

Replied by Sherray
Orlando, Florida
[YEA]   I agree. I've been using hydrogen peroxide for 2 months now, and I have no smell, no discharge. You guys rock!
Replied by Mesmerize
Hawthorne, Ca
I am so happy that i found this website. This bv is very embarrasing and disgusting. Me and my boyfriend have sex at least once or twice a week, and this smell is so embarrasing, it comes and goes, but sometimes it is really bad, and i just want to crawl under a rock. He does not say anything because he probably don't want to hurt my feelings, but i can just imagine what he is thinking. I went to the doctor and was prescribed medication that only worked for a short time, so now i am facing the same issue. I am going to try the peroxide and I Pray literally that it works. Thanks Ladies.
Replied by Jenny
Boise, Idaho
HI ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your posts all night. I too suffer from BV, and it's only been this last year. I keep having to spend money at the doctor every month or every other month to try and clear this up! It's embarrasing and definately hinders any action in between the sheets... So after reading your posts tonight, I jumped in the car and got the supplies I need! I'm really excited to see how it works out. Thanks for all of your honesty and stories. It really helps!
Replied by Bvhater
Brooklyn, Ny
Im 26 years old and have suffered from BV since I was 15. I have tried everything to no avail. I just want to be able to make love to my boyfriend without feeling insecure and wondering if he notices (which I know he does but he loves me so he puts up with it). First thing in the morning I'm trying the hydrogen peroxide remedy. *crossing fingers*. I hope it works! Will let you guys know!

Posted by Kimd77 (Tahlequah, Ok) on 10/20/2009

[YEA]  Peroxide douche cured my Bacterial Vaginosis instantly! I used a clean douche bottle and filled with straight peroxide 3% solution and it worked instantly!

Replied by Cry Baby
Columbia, Sc
thank you for all yor help ladies! ive spent countless nights crying and losing men in my life out of fear of having sex with this terrible odor! i look forward to tryin h2o2 because Flagyl DOES NOT WORK! Thank You so much ladies, GOD bless you all for havin the courage to speak up.
Replied by Dana
Rosedale, Ny
I have a question I'm currently taking ___ acidophilous ____ and doing the h202 douche but I'm also drinking the ACV mixed with baking soda mixture, Is it true that ACV makes BV worse? I don't want to sabatoge my treatment.
Replied by Kai
Parsippany, Nj, Usa
I have the same question. I have BV and developed a yeast infection using the metrogel, so last night I tried the hydrogen peroxide douche but have been taking acidophilus and folic acid. Yesterday I had and ACV cocktail. Am I undoing my own work or am I on the right track?

Posted by Greenissexy (Bluegrass, Ky) on 10/15/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hydrogen Peroxide Douche cured my Bacterial Vaginosis!

Sunday, I started having this fishy odor for the first time in my entire life. I am in my mid-20s. Before then, I had never douched nor had any feminine problems down there. I'm thinking this odor came from stress, eating poorly that week, and drinking too much alcohol that weekend, plus I tried a hard liquor that I've never had before. I was thinking about setting up an appointment with a gynocologist but decided to do some online research after "self-diagnosing" myself with BV. I came across this site and decided to give it a try.

So yesterday (Wednesday), for the first time in my life, I douched. My mother had this a summer's eve douche in the bathroom. I took one of those unused bottles, unwraped it, emptied out the solution that was already in it, then rinsed it out, then filled the douche bottle 1/2 with Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 with spring water, shook it up, got in the shower, inserted it and squeezed the solution up in there, held the solution inside for 2-3 minutes, then released it out in the shower. Then I did a douche rinse with water. Today (Thursday), I have no odor and no discharge AT ALL!!! I never thought I would be sharing something like this! Hope this encourages someone that is suffering from this odor for a short period of time.

I also did a mouthwash and gargle with Hydrogen peroxide and had fresher breath too!

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