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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

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Posted by EB (Cleveland, OH) on 12/27/2007

[WARNING!]  I have a friend who is a nurse who is very knowledgeable about modern medicine. I currently have BV and was prescribed flagyl. I'm on day four of the medication and have been experiencing minor side effects. I asked my friend if she would take flagyl if she had BV. She said, "Absolutely not. Because flagyl kills ALL bacteria in the vagina it is very harsh on the body." Flagyl as a remedy to BV doesn't make sense. To get rid of BV, you shouldn't have to kill all of the bacteria in the vagina. This leaves us more susceptible to infections, which require more medication, which increases profit for pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, modern medicine is in the business of making money. I'm convinced that anything driven by profit can not be authentically concerned with healing and saving bodies. Rather developing more holistic medicine that preserves balance in the body, drug companies often develop drugs that temporarily assuage a problem, but don't cure it. In this way, they reinforce drug dependence driving up their profits in the process. I started taking folic acid (800mg) today and i'm hoping that it works for me as well. I'll start taking the acidophilus after I finish the flagyl, as i'm not sure its a good idea to mix antibiotics (flagyl) with probiotics (acidophilus). I really hope that it works for me because I don't want to have to depend on medication prescribed by my GYN in the future. And given my sensitive body, I'm sure i'm very suscepticle to recurring BV infections. I'll write back in a month or so my experience with folic acide and acidophilus. To your Health ladies, EB from Cleveland

Posted by Amber (Boise, Idaho) on 12/06/2007

So the other day, as I was washing myself, I smelled a fishy odor. I thought nothing of it, and just figured that I was going to start my period or that I ate something that made things smell weird. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer typing and all of the sudden became overwhelmed by an extremely strong fish odor, that almost made me gag. I began to do my research. This morning when I took my shower, i noticed that it smelled even after I had washed it several times, and that it took scrubbing to get the smell off of my hand. After my shower I soaked a tampon in tea tree oil, and that seems to be controlling the odor. I am going to start with the boric acid and acidophilus today, and hopefully get rid of this thing before it gets any worse. Thank you for your postings, I hope they work and I will keep you updated on progress. The strangest thing about this situation is that I can't figure out what brought it on. I have no new sex partners, do not douche or use smell pretty products down there, and am just not sure what happened.

Posted by Tracie (Pittsburgh, PA) on 12/04/2007

[WARNING!]  I came across this site looking to cure what I thought was BV. Kept getting it over & over this past year, and Flagyl helped until I had sex again (same person). I tried the peroxide douche and thought it helped, (smell went away, itchiness stopped) but it was temporary. Turns out, I found out today it is Trichomoniasis, and I keep getting reinfected from partner with no symptoms. My point is, if you've been to a doctor and know what you have, by all means try these cures on here. But DO NOT self diagnose, as I did, based on symptoms. They are almost identical, and I never dreamed I had Trich (and I'm not real happy about it either). But it's easily curable, they say, so we'll see. Good luck to all here, and though I'm glad I don't have a penis, sometimes a VaJayJay is a bigger pain!

Posted by Sweetie
Tampa, FL
Hey Tracie - make sure your partner gets treated for Trich as well, otherwise you will continue to get infected!! If you are still together take his A@# to the clinic and watch him take the pills. Wait for at least a week before having intercourse again and you two should be fine. If the crap comes back you know that he's sleeping around becuase unlike BV, Trich is a sexually transmitted infection. Good Luck!!
Posted by Prettyinpink
Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
I am 21 years old and I have been suffering from a fishy smell odor since I was like 14. I just found out last year that it was BV. My Dr prescribed me with Flagyl which worked for about three weeks until my period came on. My doctor keeps giving me the run around. I have been taking Aciphodilus (orally) for months now and it dosent do much. Tonight I tried the 1/2 H20 & Hydro soaked in a tampon. I tried to do with a douche but it started to burn so I am now doing the tampon and it does not burn. I am still waiting for results it has been in for about an hour now. I really hope that this works. I'll keep you updated.

Posted by keisha (birmingham, hamstead, west midlands) on 11/12/2007

my name is keisha, i am 18 years old, and had BV for over a year now. i reckon i caught BV from my ex boyfriend, however doctors claim that BV is not an STD/STI. apparently men cannot get it. i have tried using ph balanced shower gels such as: nivea, folic acid tablets, cranberry juice but it only works for a while. eating sweet things makes BV much worse. apparently bv is covering a more serious health condition if it keeps on coming back such as: diabetes, pelvic inflammatory disease, or HPV which i have from my ex. so be careful who u sleep with, ladies.

Posted by Julie
Seattle, WA
I have T2 Diabetes and get BV when my blood sugar runs rampant. The only cure that seems to work is going raw for awhile. Just type "raw foods" into a search engine. Sometimes, it only takes two or three days, other times two weeks. Yes, you can live without meat, dairy, or cooked food. And you don't have to worry about putting things where they don't logically belong ;-). The body heals itself.
Posted by Veronice
Brooklyn, US
I'm glad someone finally said that BV could be covering a more serious health condition because I never had any trouble with infection before and i used all kinda of lotions, never douched or showered after sex and had a healthy discharge. Since the point where i believe I was exposed to the HPV virus is when my bv started and has not gona away since. I pray that when the HPV passes the BV will as well.

Posted by Sandhi on 09/21/2007

[WARNING!]  I want to point something about the Baking Soda remedy for increasing the alkalinity of body. Unfortunately, this remedy worked for me in the beginning, as I noticed improved digestion, but then I noticed I came down with a chronic case of Bacterial Vaginosis. A fishy odor coming from the vagina. I have heard, women who are on Birth Control Pill get BV. But I have never used BCPs. Further reading, I found out that Baking Soda, and for that matter most anta-acids can lead to the depletion of B-vitamins in the body. ( including Folic Acid & B12). And no wonder Folic Acid is recommended as a cure for BV

I am taking Folic Acid ( 1 mg) and B-complex now, but the fishy odor is not gone completely! I am really stuck with this odor which I NEVER had before. So could it be, my folic acid levels are depleted and I am unable to get them to a healthy level. As of now, I am suspecting Baking Soda has done this to me. And I am abstaining from using it anymore. I would be interested to hear what other female users have to say about this.

Posted by Tracy
Frederick, MD
Just wanted to put in my .02cents. I was taking the ACV Baking Soda tonic three times a day. It's ironic now that I think about it, the way our bodies talk to us, the last few times I took the recipe, (and I'm very used to the taste of the ACV/BS tonic) my nose would turn up at the smell, it smelled furmented, almost like old wine. Then I got a yeast/BV infection...and after research and trial and error, I realized that what Sandhi mentioned was true, too much BS can reverse the body's alkaline and actually make it too acidic. So, after curing the Yeast infection with Hydrogen Peroxide, yogurt and water (monostat DID NOT WORK) and quitting the Baking soda, I feel much better. Every once in a while if I feel heartburny I'll add BS to my ACV, but I skip the BS most days and just take ACV and feel much better~!
Posted by Klmahone91
Tucson, Arizona
I am having a reoccuring yeast/bv infection but the monostats don't work and neither does the pill. I want to try the hydrogen peroxide and yogurt solution but I can't find the recipe. Can anyone help me??

Posted by Sandhi on 09/21/2007

[WARNING!]  I want to point something about the Baking Soda remedy for increasing the alkalinity of body. Unfortunately, this remedy worked for me in the beginning, as I noticed improved digestion, but then I noticed I came down with a chronic case of Bacterial Vaginosis. A fishy odor coming from the vagina. I have heard, women who are on Birth Control Pill get BV. But I have never used BCPs. Further reading, I found out that Baking Soda, and for that matter most anta-acids can lead to the depletion of B-vitamins in the body. ( including Folic Acid & B12). And no wonder Folic Acid is recommended as a cure for BV.

I am taking Folic Acid ( 1 mg) and B-complex now, but the fishy odor is not gone completely! I am really stuck with this odor which I NEVER had before. So could it be, my folic acid levels are depleted and I am unable to get them to a healthy level. As of now, I am suspecting Baking Soda has done this to me. And I am abstaining from using it anymore. I would be interested to hear what other female users have to say about this.

Posted by Christine (Georgia) on 09/08/2006

Bacterial Vaginosis vs Yeast Infections. I came across this website while searching for holistic cures for bacterial vaginosis. I think its really important to identify which infection you might have as what works for curing yeast might actually make the bacterial vaginosis worse. A trained physician who is up-to date with the literature should help diagnose you. I have thought that I had yeast recurring for years while the whole time I have had Bacterial Vaginosis, a COMMON condition. Be sure to get diagnosed correctly, ladies! I am going to try taking oral folic acid and the vaginal yogurt insertion to see if either helps BV.

Glyco-Thymoline   1  0   

Posted by Valerie (Houston, Tx) on 06/07/2014

[YEA]  This cure has worked for me for over 15 years ... until this time. This is an Edgar Cayce cure. I use a Glyco-Thymoline soaked tampon at night and then also during the day. The longest it ever took to clear up was a week. But this time it wasn't working which sent me on-line to find other remedies. I had no idea so many suffer with this. After trying a couple of different methods, like tea tree and H2O, it still wasn't working. So, I did more research and started taking the probiotics that are recommended. In my research, I thought maybe it wasn't clearing up because my body was too acidic. Bingo!! -- this seemed to be the issue that was delaying my progress. I looked up foods that are highly alkaline and very acidic and found the culprit -- Apple Cider Vinegar, which I had been taking every morning. I stopped that, started having Lemon water in the morning and filling up with all kinds of good fruits & veggies that are very alkaline. I do highly recommend Glyco-Thymoline but if it's not working for you, check your diet. :)

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Posted by Meghan30 (Dresbach, Minnesota) on 10/15/2013

[YEA]  I have been suffering from chronic BV for a year and a half! I have tried everything from metronetizole, clindamycin, metro gel, boric acid, acidophilus, folic acid, vaginal probiotics, the list goes on and on.

I finally found a cure.

It may seem like a lot, but I have been BV free for 3 months now and I cant believe it! The secret is goldenseal root. It is a natural antibiotic. I take one goldenseal root pill, 2 cranberry pills (healthy urinary tract-not meant to help BV), one folic acid, one garlic pill, and one probiotic every morning and one goldenseal root, one garlic and 2 cranberry pills everynight. I did that for the first month and have been only taking the morning set of pills for the last 2 months. I have no bv, no abnormal discharge, or cramping like I used to get! It is amazing! My boyfriend and I are finally able to be intimate without having to worry about the dreaded BV. I had a friend recommend Goldenseal root and also, when I was buying it, there was a lady that asked me if I was using it for BV and she told me it was a godsend for her! I am so happy I found this product! I hope it can help other women out as well!

Posted by Jenniebee (Brooklyn, Ny, United States) on 01/07/2012

[YEA]  I had been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for several years. My doctor had suggested to me that it might be related to a hormone imbalance during my menstrual cycle (most likely caused by my years on birth control pills). I decided to insert a Goldenseal supplement into my vagina during my period. Afterwards, I realized that I had remained BV-free for the rest of the month. I've been doing this monthly and haven't had a problem since.

Posted by Freemebv
Omaha, Ne, Douglas
Hello ladies I am so desperate I will be trying a number of different methods to cure the BV I have a constant encounter with. I am currently trying the Peroxide treatment however I was lookin into the goldenseal treatments. The goldenseal tea I will br drinking that because it also cures things such as bladder infections which I also encounter but I see some post about inserting the goldenseal supplement into the vagina. When should that be done and is it just the regular pill form that I am to insert? Is there a specific brand or type of golden seal product I need to be looking for when I research it I come up with "Echinacea goldenseal. " Is that the right product?

Posted by M (Nyc, Usa) on 03/27/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I tried the peroxide douche a couple of times and have been taking folic acid & acidophilus daily (I forget sometimes tho). It improved my BV but not cured. i still had a slight odor and odd discharge, although so much better than before. anyway, I was fed up and decided to pay the $16 my health food store charges for goldenseal.

i inserted one capsule at night, using a pantyliner the next day. Just in case, I did the same the night after. I'm on day 3 and the odor is completely gone. The jury is still out on discharge because I am still leaking the golden seal. The goldenseal leakage is slight, nowhere near as bad as BV discharge. I will definitely update a week from now. Thank you once again Earth Clinic!!

Posted by M
Nyc, Usa

So after trying goldenseal for 2 nights, everything was back to normal. Then about a week later, I got my period. After it was done, I noticed that the consistency of my natural discharge was thickening and something was not right. The smell was extremely faint but present so I decided to try goldenseal again to prevent a full blown reoccurrence. I've read that menstruation, like semen, can cause BV because it changes the PH in your vagina. Sooo, going to try goldenseal again now that period is over. I was so very pleased with the results the 1st time around and feeling hopeful about this time too. I just might have to insert goldenseal after each period, which i'm OK with since it cleared up the smell and discharge.

Posted by London
Sandusky, Ohio
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[YEA]   Drinking Goldenseal tea works!! That along wth taking massive amounts of vitamin supplements,plain yogurt,acidophilus, and oregano oil capsules twice a day, along with goldenseal tea, 2 cups a day. GUYS, no joke, I got the worse case of BV, e v e r....this went on NONSTOP for 3 months, Im talking, not sleeping at night, cuz of the persistant itching, burning agony, and swollen tissues, (it felt like a bowling ball up in there) it was AWFUL> I have ALWAYS struggled with yeast and vaginal infections, but this was hidious.(I havnt had sex in 3 months either, it was THAT BAD.

Heres what I did: I didnt really douche, because IT NEVER WORKS for me, it always makes things worse. I tried the hydrogen peroxide douche, and altho it did take away the odor, it came after a couple days, and it seemed to make things MORE irritated and infected. I did try coconut oil and castor oil inserted inside the vagina, overnight, and it did kinda help, but not really. I started really seeing results with the supplements, oregano oil and goldenseal tea. (be warned Goldenseal tea tastes like DIRT) very bitter, but it works!!Tried GPE, didnt really work.

In the morning after eating some raison bread, I would take my supplements and acidophilus and yogurt. Then after about 3-4 hours, would do the oregano oil with the tea. Then 3-4 hours later, I would do the tea and oregano oil again. The at bedtime, ALWAYS 2 hours after the tea and oregano, I would take folic acid, vitamin E and acidophilus again. Check my earlier post under supplements to see amounts of what I took. Good luck ladies.

Posted by CleanNSexy (Los Angeles, California) on 04/22/2009

[YEA]  I got BV 4 yrs ago and the doctor prescribed an anti-biotic that cured it in a week but 10 months ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, the next morning I had the symptoms and have been dealing with it ever since because I have no medical insurance. I went through the terrible ordor that came through my clothes, more discharge than normal(went through a lot of panty liners) and minor vaginal itch. I've tried taking Folic Acid and Acidophillus as well as douching with Peroxide and water but the smell, irritation and discharge would come back in a couple of days. About three weeks ago before I started my cycle I inserted a capsule of Golden Seal(an anti-biotic used to cure infections) into my vagina every night before I went to sleep and wore a panty liner to keep from getting discharge stains in my underwear from the Golden Seal leaking out. It has been 3 weeks and there's no odor, no irritation and my discharge went back to normal. It's almost time for my cycle to begin again and there's still no signs of BV. Golden Seal can be bought at any Health food store and I advice all women who are having problems with BV to try it!

Posted by Stacyd
Dover, Delaware
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I tried the goldenseal after trying everything folic acid, h2o douches, acidophilus inserted vaginally and orally. I douched once then the next two days inserted the pill. I was back to normal and very happy. Until the other day my husband and i had sex unprotected and the symptoms came back within two days. Is the bv linked to unprotected sex or does it just never go away?
Posted by Stephanieh616
Allendale, Mi
my midwife told me the ph of semen can throw off the PH in your vagina which can allow for the overgrowth of bacteria. pulling out?

Posted by MJB (Boise, ID) on 12/15/2008

[YEA]  I tried everything. Peroxide douch, vitamens the whole works. Im 23 and have BV for about 2 years it was driving me nuts. I read some stuff about goldenseal and BV. I tried a wash and that worked for a few days, the smell came back. Finally I tried a douche with 1 capsule of goldenseal and water. It seems to have done the trick. No fishyness or itch in over a week which is one of the longest stretches I have gone on.

Posted by Elizabeth
Los Angeles, CA
[YEA]   Golden seal cured BV for me.

I've been suffering from BV for 8 months and I've tried Folic Acid and Acidophellus (spell check) but neither worked, I douche with Peroxide and water which only lasted for 3 days but recently I tried finding boric acid and had no luck but I did have Golden Seal which cures most infections so I decided to insert it inside of the vaginal and the next morning I had no signs of BV so I did the same the next night and still no signs the next morning. The only thing is I have to wear a panty liner because it does leak out the next day.

Posted by Janell
Waco, Tx
Thanks so much for mentioning Goldenseal, I have some at home right now and I will be trying this as soon as i get home. Thanks so much!
Posted by M
Ny, Ny
Janell, if you come across this post again, please give us an update! thanks

Grapefruit Juice Douche   0  0   

Posted by Gia (Washington, Dc) on 12/04/2011

I had been in search of a cure for bacterial vaginosis for sometime.. & I have yet to come across 1 until I read a post by 'bvfree from Walterboro, SC'. (second post) She recommended douching with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Just squeeze half of grape naturally without water and douche with it. If this was not a winner, I don't know what is! Works like magic ladies!! Trust. Thnx again 'bvfree from walterboro'!

Posted by Maria
Tyler, Tx
For how long do you need to do this?

Grapefruit Seed Extract Douche and MSM   1  0   

Posted by Dayleeyah (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) on 03/31/2013

[YEA]  I've been suffering Bacterial Vaginosis for years but was diagnosed March 2012. I read everything on so many forums and tried about everything. The only thing that really helped me was folic acid, vitamin D and b vitamins. Taking these basically eliminated the odour (didn't have alot, mainly amonia smell) but I still had tons of discharge.

I recently stopped using pantyliners and only wear cotton underwear and this helped me alot because it reduced the discharge after about a week.

I've been taking MSM to grow my hair and nails and after a few weeks I noticed that the discharge decreased alot. It was significant because I've had so much discharge. I also ran out of folic acid and b vitamins so I was only taking MSM consistently for about a month. I had no smell and the discharge was about 80% improved. MSM regulates PH and it also controls blood sugar so I think that's why it help with the BV.

I read on another forum about grapefruit seed extract. I bought the liquid and the tablet. I decided the douche with it. I used 10 drops in a cup of distilled water and used a syringe and instered the long plastic tube that came with it. I held it in and repeated until I used up the entire mixture. This did it, no discharge at all. I mean my underwear was dry. About 3 days later I noticed a little discharge, I repeated the syringe and I have been discharge free for about a month now.

My period finished a few days ago and I noticed the discharge returned. I repeated the process, using the 10 drops in distilled water but this time I added DMSO to the mix. I had been reading up on it and decided to try it after reading that a lady cured her BV with DMSO.

I had to buy a glass syringe, glass funnel, glass amber bottle to store the DMSO, glass pipette.. You get the idea. It's a powerful stuff and you can't use it with anything plastic, only glass. DMSO is a powerful solvent and it takes anything it comes in contact with directly to your cells, hence using only glass. The discharge stopped by the way.

Please do your research on DMSO before trying it.

This is the best my BV has been in years. No matter what I did, I have never been without the disharge for more than 5 days. I will keep using the grapefruit seed extract douche and the MSM. I will also keep taking the folic acid, vitamin D and B vitamins.

I've used the following in the past all helped but not cured

boric acid
vitamin c
hydrogen peroxide
lactose milk sugar to feed the good bacteria - I read about this on another forum, the person used whey powder instead though with a high lactose sugar content, over 70%. I insert a veggie capsule of the milk sugar into the vagina. I luv the way it makes me smell. You can buy it online or at your local brewery supply.

I really hope this helps others who are suffering

Posted by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
Where did you get the glass tools from? I can only find plastic ones. It's freaking me out because I know plastic can create more problems. Thanks for your help. Andrea C.
Posted by Dayleeyah
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
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I bought the glass syringe off ebay, the glass funnel you can get from websites that sell scientific equipment. You can also get the funnel off ebay but it's a bit pricey. The Syringe is working fine for me so far.
Posted by Dayleeyah
Ontario, Canada
5 Posts
Good but not cured: just following up.

I am still taking the MSM, vitamins etc.. I only use the grapefruit seed extract on occasion, usually before menstruation. I'm always trying new remedies as I do more research.

I've recently tried lactose sugar which feeds the lactic acid producing bacteria (acidophilus) that produce the lactic acid which creates a low ph balance. I mix it with coconut oil and either oregano oil or tea tree oil. I bought the largest size veggie caps I could find and make up a capsule with this mixture. Result are good but you get discharge like using boric acid. Will try this during before and after menstruation to see the results.

I recently read a book on "silica gel". There was a paragraph in the book on adding some silica gel to a tampon and inserting it to stop excessive vaginal discharge. I tried it and it worked, I had no discharge for one day. I will keep using it because I know it takes time to work. I also take it internally, a bit chalky but it tastes like nothing.

I will be searching for bamboo silica power online as I know this has the highest amount of natural silica and will be adding that to my daily supplement intake also.

I just read the article below. Very good information, one of the best I have read.

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