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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Jul 05, 2015

Glyco-Thymoline   1  0   

Posted by Valerie (Houston, Tx) on 06/07/2014

[YEA]  This cure has worked for me for over 15 years ... until this time. This is an Edgar Cayce cure. I use a Glyco-Thymoline soaked tampon at night and then also during the day. The longest it ever took to clear up was a week. But this time it wasn't working which sent me on-line to find other remedies. I had no idea so many suffer with this. After trying a couple of different methods, like tea tree and H2O, it still wasn't working. So, I did more research and started taking the probiotics that are recommended. In my research, I thought maybe it wasn't clearing up because my body was too acidic. Bingo!! -- this seemed to be the issue that was delaying my progress. I looked up foods that are highly alkaline and very acidic and found the culprit -- Apple Cider Vinegar, which I had been taking every morning. I stopped that, started having Lemon water in the morning and filling up with all kinds of good fruits & veggies that are very alkaline. I do highly recommend Glyco-Thymoline but if it's not working for you, check your diet. :)

Goldenseal   7  0   

Posted by Meghan30 (Dresbach, Minnesota) on 10/15/2013

[YEA]  I have been suffering from chronic BV for a year and a half! I have tried everything from metronetizole, clindamycin, metro gel, boric acid, acidophilus, folic acid, vaginal probiotics, the list goes on and on.

I finally found a cure.

It may seem like a lot, but I have been BV free for 3 months now and I cant believe it! The secret is goldenseal root. It is a natural antibiotic. I take one goldenseal root pill, 2 cranberry pills (healthy urinary tract-not meant to help BV), one folic acid, one garlic pill, and one probiotic every morning and one goldenseal root, one garlic and 2 cranberry pills everynight. I did that for the first month and have been only taking the morning set of pills for the last 2 months. I have no bv, no abnormal discharge, or cramping like I used to get! It is amazing! My boyfriend and I are finally able to be intimate without having to worry about the dreaded BV. I had a friend recommend Goldenseal root and also, when I was buying it, there was a lady that asked me if I was using it for BV and she told me it was a godsend for her! I am so happy I found this product! I hope it can help other women out as well!

Posted by Jenniebee (Brooklyn, Ny, United States) on 01/07/2012

[YEA]  I had been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for several years. My doctor had suggested to me that it might be related to a hormone imbalance during my menstrual cycle (most likely caused by my years on birth control pills). I decided to insert a Goldenseal supplement into my vagina during my period. Afterwards, I realized that I had remained BV-free for the rest of the month. I've been doing this monthly and haven't had a problem since.

Replied by Freemebv
Omaha, Ne, Douglas
Hello ladies I am so desperate I will be trying a number of different methods to cure the BV I have a constant encounter with. I am currently trying the Peroxide treatment however I was lookin into the goldenseal treatments. The goldenseal tea I will br drinking that because it also cures things such as bladder infections which I also encounter but I see some post about inserting the goldenseal supplement into the vagina. When should that be done and is it just the regular pill form that I am to insert? Is there a specific brand or type of golden seal product I need to be looking for when I research it I come up with "Echinacea goldenseal. " Is that the right product?

Posted by M (Nyc, Usa) on 03/27/2010

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I tried the peroxide douche a couple of times and have been taking folic acid & acidophilus daily (I forget sometimes tho). It improved my BV but not cured. i still had a slight odor and odd discharge, although so much better than before. anyway, I was fed up and decided to pay the $16 my health food store charges for goldenseal.

i inserted one capsule at night, using a pantyliner the next day. Just in case, I did the same the night after. I'm on day 3 and the odor is completely gone. The jury is still out on discharge because I am still leaking the golden seal. The goldenseal leakage is slight, nowhere near as bad as BV discharge. I will definitely update a week from now. Thank you once again Earth Clinic!!

Replied by M
Nyc, Usa

So after trying goldenseal for 2 nights, everything was back to normal. Then about a week later, I got my period. After it was done, I noticed that the consistency of my natural discharge was thickening and something was not right. The smell was extremely faint but present so I decided to try goldenseal again to prevent a full blown reoccurrence. I've read that menstruation, like semen, can cause BV because it changes the PH in your vagina. Sooo, going to try goldenseal again now that period is over. I was so very pleased with the results the 1st time around and feeling hopeful about this time too. I just might have to insert goldenseal after each period, which i'm OK with since it cleared up the smell and discharge.

Replied by London
Sandusky, Ohio
[YEA]   Drinking Goldenseal tea works!! That along wth taking massive amounts of vitamin supplements,plain yogurt,acidophilus, and oregano oil capsules twice a day, along with goldenseal tea, 2 cups a day. GUYS, no joke, I got the worse case of BV, e v e r....this went on NONSTOP for 3 months, Im talking, not sleeping at night, cuz of the persistant itching, burning agony, and swollen tissues, (it felt like a bowling ball up in there) it was AWFUL> I have ALWAYS struggled with yeast and vaginal infections, but this was hidious.(I havnt had sex in 3 months either, it was THAT BAD.

Heres what I did: I didnt really douche, because IT NEVER WORKS for me, it always makes things worse. I tried the hydrogen peroxide douche, and altho it did take away the odor, it came after a couple days, and it seemed to make things MORE irritated and infected. I did try coconut oil and castor oil inserted inside the vagina, overnight, and it did kinda help, but not really. I started really seeing results with the supplements, oregano oil and goldenseal tea. (be warned Goldenseal tea tastes like DIRT) very bitter, but it works!!Tried GPE, didnt really work.

In the morning after eating some raison bread, I would take my supplements and acidophilus and yogurt. Then after about 3-4 hours, would do the oregano oil with the tea. Then 3-4 hours later, I would do the tea and oregano oil again. The at bedtime, ALWAYS 2 hours after the tea and oregano, I would take folic acid, vitamin E and acidophilus again. Check my earlier post under supplements to see amounts of what I took. Good luck ladies.

Posted by CleanNSexy (Los Angeles, California) on 04/22/2009

[YEA]  I got BV 4 yrs ago and the doctor prescribed an anti-biotic that cured it in a week but 10 months ago I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, the next morning I had the symptoms and have been dealing with it ever since because I have no medical insurance. I went through the terrible ordor that came through my clothes, more discharge than normal(went through a lot of panty liners) and minor vaginal itch. I've tried taking Folic Acid and Acidophillus as well as douching with Peroxide and water but the smell, irritation and discharge would come back in a couple of days. About three weeks ago before I started my cycle I inserted a capsule of Golden Seal(an anti-biotic used to cure infections) into my vagina every night before I went to sleep and wore a panty liner to keep from getting discharge stains in my underwear from the Golden Seal leaking out. It has been 3 weeks and there's no odor, no irritation and my discharge went back to normal. It's almost time for my cycle to begin again and there's still no signs of BV. Golden Seal can be bought at any Health food store and I advice all women who are having problems with BV to try it!

Replied by Stacyd
Dover, Delaware
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I tried the goldenseal after trying everything folic acid, h2o douches, acidophilus inserted vaginally and orally. I douched once then the next two days inserted the pill. I was back to normal and very happy. Until the other day my husband and i had sex unprotected and the symptoms came back within two days. Is the bv linked to unprotected sex or does it just never go away?
Replied by Stephanieh616
Allendale, Mi
my midwife told me the ph of semen can throw off the PH in your vagina which can allow for the overgrowth of bacteria. pulling out?
Replied by Brittney
Ga, US
[YEA]   I've had this BV crap for seven years. Reason I had it so long is because I have avoided the doctor because I have a muscle disorder called vaginimus. It's where I unable to insert tampons, suppositories or even have intercourse. My vaginal muscles clamp shut involuntary. I have went to the doctors a few times in the past but they were unable to perform a pap-smear on me due to my disorder. They diagnosed me as a yeast infection and sent me home with antibiotics and creams. Later I read about BV and that sounded like what I had more than a yeast infection. I tried another pap-smear (failed again) and tried to convince my doctor that perhaps my HP level is off due to BV. I had itching, slit burning, red and swollen, white thin discharge that smelled weird. This couldn't be yeast. They sent me home with Flagyl and it hardly did anything but temporary minimize my discharge and itching for three days, I was so disappointed... :(

I decided to try my own approach. This is what has helped me more than anything else:
Take Goldenseal root capsules twice a day for a week. This kills only the bad bacteria and fungi ( if you have a yeast infection too)

Take Folic acid once a day everyday to boost your immune system to fight off bad bacteria.

Take a probotic called Ultimate Flora 50 Billion count by mouth once a day, everyday. (I also would crack open the capsule and pour the powder in my vagina. This puts the good bacteria in you. Also make sure you buy it cold at a vitamin store (EX: I get mine at The Vitamin Shoppe) and put it in the fridge first thing. It has to stay cold to keep the bacteria alive or it will not work as good... :(

Avoid sugar, bread (anything with yeast), and high carb foods.

So far I seem to be system free. I'm waiting for my period to come to see if my symptoms come back. I hasn't been a easy road for me since I can't hardly use any medication vaginally but hopefully this will work for everybody and me. Also I am getting help now for the vaginimus now. I may have to get Botox shots down there but thats another chapter. X(

I hope this works for somebody out there. This is a nightmarish infection that needs more studying.

Posted by MJB (Boise, ID) on 12/15/2008

[YEA]  I tried everything. Peroxide douch, vitamens the whole works. Im 23 and have BV for about 2 years it was driving me nuts. I read some stuff about goldenseal and BV. I tried a wash and that worked for a few days, the smell came back. Finally I tried a douche with 1 capsule of goldenseal and water. It seems to have done the trick. No fishyness or itch in over a week which is one of the longest stretches I have gone on.

Replied by Elizabeth
Los Angeles, CA
[YEA]   Golden seal cured BV for me.

I've been suffering from BV for 8 months and I've tried Folic Acid and Acidophellus (spell check) but neither worked, I douche with Peroxide and water which only lasted for 3 days but recently I tried finding boric acid and had no luck but I did have Golden Seal which cures most infections so I decided to insert it inside of the vaginal and the next morning I had no signs of BV so I did the same the next night and still no signs the next morning. The only thing is I have to wear a panty liner because it does leak out the next day.

Replied by Janell
Waco, Tx
Thanks so much for mentioning Goldenseal, I have some at home right now and I will be trying this as soon as i get home. Thanks so much!
Replied by M
Ny, Ny
Janell, if you come across this post again, please give us an update! thanks

Grapefruit Juice Douche   0  0   

Posted by Gia (Washington, Dc) on 12/04/2011

I had been in search of a cure for bacterial vaginosis for sometime.. & I have yet to come across 1 until I read a post by 'bvfree from Walterboro, SC'. (second post) She recommended douching with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Just squeeze half of grape naturally without water and douche with it. If this was not a winner, I don't know what is! Works like magic ladies!! Trust. Thnx again 'bvfree from walterboro'!

Replied by Maria
Tyler, Tx
For how long do you need to do this?

Grapefruit Seed Extract Douche and MSM   1  0   

Posted by Dayleeyah (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada) on 03/31/2013

[YEA]  I've been suffering Bacterial Vaginosis for years but was diagnosed March 2012. I read everything on so many forums and tried about everything. The only thing that really helped me was folic acid, vitamin D and b vitamins. Taking these basically eliminated the odour (didn't have alot, mainly amonia smell) but I still had tons of discharge.

I recently stopped using pantyliners and only wear cotton underwear and this helped me alot because it reduced the discharge after about a week.

I've been taking MSM to grow my hair and nails and after a few weeks I noticed that the discharge decreased alot. It was significant because I've had so much discharge. I also ran out of folic acid and b vitamins so I was only taking MSM consistently for about a month. I had no smell and the discharge was about 80% improved. MSM regulates PH and it also controls blood sugar so I think that's why it help with the BV.

I read on another forum about grapefruit seed extract. I bought the liquid and the tablet. I decided the douche with it. I used 10 drops in a cup of distilled water and used a syringe and instered the long plastic tube that came with it. I held it in and repeated until I used up the entire mixture. This did it, no discharge at all. I mean my underwear was dry. About 3 days later I noticed a little discharge, I repeated the syringe and I have been discharge free for about a month now.

My period finished a few days ago and I noticed the discharge returned. I repeated the process, using the 10 drops in distilled water but this time I added DMSO to the mix. I had been reading up on it and decided to try it after reading that a lady cured her BV with DMSO.

I had to buy a glass syringe, glass funnel, glass amber bottle to store the DMSO, glass pipette.. You get the idea. It's a powerful stuff and you can't use it with anything plastic, only glass. DMSO is a powerful solvent and it takes anything it comes in contact with directly to your cells, hence using only glass. The discharge stopped by the way.

Please do your research on DMSO before trying it.

This is the best my BV has been in years. No matter what I did, I have never been without the disharge for more than 5 days. I will keep using the grapefruit seed extract douche and the MSM. I will also keep taking the folic acid, vitamin D and B vitamins.

I've used the following in the past all helped but not cured

boric acid
vitamin c
hydrogen peroxide
lactose milk sugar to feed the good bacteria - I read about this on another forum, the person used whey powder instead though with a high lactose sugar content, over 70%. I insert a veggie capsule of the milk sugar into the vagina. I luv the way it makes me smell. You can buy it online or at your local brewery supply.

I really hope this helps others who are suffering

Replied by Andrea C
Cardiff, Wales
Where did you get the glass tools from? I can only find plastic ones. It's freaking me out because I know plastic can create more problems. Thanks for your help. Andrea C.
Replied by Dayleeyah
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
I bought the glass syringe off ebay, the glass funnel you can get from websites that sell scientific equipment. You can also get the funnel off ebay but it's a bit pricey. The Syringe is working fine for me so far.
Replied by Dayleeyah
Ontario, Canada
Good but not cured: just following up.

I am still taking the MSM, vitamins etc.. I only use the grapefruit seed extract on occasion, usually before menstruation. I'm always trying new remedies as I do more research.

I've recently tried lactose sugar which feeds the lactic acid producing bacteria (acidophilus) that produce the lactic acid which creates a low ph balance. I mix it with coconut oil and either oregano oil or tea tree oil. I bought the largest size veggie caps I could find and make up a capsule with this mixture. Result are good but you get discharge like using boric acid. Will try this during before and after menstruation to see the results.

I recently read a book on "silica gel". There was a paragraph in the book on adding some silica gel to a tampon and inserting it to stop excessive vaginal discharge. I tried it and it worked, I had no discharge for one day. I will keep using it because I know it takes time to work. I also take it internally, a bit chalky but it tastes like nothing.

I will be searching for bamboo silica power online as I know this has the highest amount of natural silica and will be adding that to my daily supplement intake also.

I just read the article below. Very good information, one of the best I have read.

Gycerol Monolaurate   0  0   

Posted by Lou10bus (Charlotte, Nc) on 12/15/2011

Hi. I have suffered with BV off and on for over 15 years. I have tried many remedies, from this site and other sites, none had a lasting effect. I read a research article (can't remeber the site) but it stated that the effects of gycerol monolaurate on BV had positive results after conducting a study of 39 female subjects. I ordered some from a company on line "lauricidin." So far, so good.

Here is what I did. The study suggested using 5-50 mg/ml every 12 hrs vaginally for 2 days along with taking 2-5 bil probiotics everyday. After day 2 no smell at all! I took the ointment and filled an empty gel cap and inserted it vaginally. Day 2 no smell!

Good Luck!

Hibiclens   1  0   

Posted by Erin (Staten Island, New York) on 01/07/2009

[YEA]  Hibiclens is a soap used in hospitals.

I too thought that I had Bacterial Vaginosis. I had a yellow discharge with no odor, having to change underwear frequently. I went to doctor after doctor and finally discovered I actually had VAGINAL STREP B. It is very similar to BV and is a natural bacteria found in our bodies but can overgrow. I my case, the use of flagyl, diflucan and clindesse in excess to try to cure severe vaginal itching left me with no itching, but this strep and yellow discharge. This is something that often plagues pregnant women and can be dangerous to a baby. But I'm not pregnant and since it's not itchy or anything besides an ugly yellow discharge, the gyno really didn't want to treat it! Penicillen was tried and failed, yellow yellow yellow! Grr!

So after tons of reading I discovered Hibiclens. It is a soap found next to Iodine in CVS or any pharmacy. It is used in Europe as a douche to end Strep B in the place of Penicillen and I suspect it could work for BV too, since these are both bacteria. You simply add one part Hibiclens and 20 parts water. I just got a Summers Eve douche bottle and emptied it, added an inch of Hibiclens and the rest water. I douched, it felt extremely clean and so far one douche and I seem normal. I also shower with it and dilute it to clean down there a bit after regular soap every morning. This is used in Europe exclusively and has helped bacteria lessen for many so I've read. Seems to be working for me, I'll keep you posted Worth a try for BV sufferers!

EC: "There are many different groups of streptococci bacteria. Group A strep, or Streptococcus pyogenes, causes strep throat and skin infections, including necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as the "flesh-eating bacteria" infection. Group B strep, or Streptococcus agalactiae, harmlessly colonizes the genital tract of up to 40 percent of women. Although the bacteria are present, they do not cause disease. Certain groups of people are susceptible to infectious disease from Group B strep, however. They include newborns, women who have just given birth, and certain other adults, usually those who have underlying medical problems."

Replied by Erin
Staten Island, NY
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I hope that you can put the following information under a new category:
Group Strep B

Hibiclens douche did work for me temporarily but not permanently.

I did alot of reading on different vitamins and supplements that helped many women with group strep b and that were recommended by midwives. I got group strep b with overuse of antibiotics (not pregnant, no underlying conditions). Doctors tried to change the ph of my body but nothing worked till now. Here is what actually worked for me permanently.

2 pills twice a day- Can be found the health food store.

Grapefruit Seed Extract
Super Echinacea
Bee Propolis
PH-Basic caplets (restores PH)
Colloidal Silver
Vitamin C (1000mg)

Within hours my condition cleared. From yellow discharge to white and clear and much much less. People also use garlic tablets, but I haven't tried that. Hope this helps.

EC: We'll add a new page in the next week or so for Group Strep B.

Replied by Lynn
Elmira, Ny
u say u took 2 pills 2 times a day. to help with strep b (get from health food store.) then theres a list of pills. what 2 pills did you take or do you take all of them? grapefruit seed extract, super echinacen, bee propolis, ph-basic caplets (restore ph), colloidal silver,vitamin c (1000 mg).

EC: Looks like it is a list of the ingredients found in one supplement.

Replied by Maina
Lansing, Mi
I would like to know as well because that list seems scary to take all those pills at once.
Replied by Tonia
Plainfield, Nj
I read about using this soap also. It was suggested that my partner wash with it to avoid reinfecting me. However, when I went to the drug store to buy it, the bottle says not for use in the genital area. I also tried looking for more info online, and found the same warning. But with you saying his it worked for you and in Europe, I may just try this. Thanks.

Homeopathic Remedies   1  0   

Posted by Angie (Albany, Georgia) on 08/27/2009

[YEA]  I have suffered from BV off and on for a couple of years. After finding this website, I starting using some of the remedies listed here..such as the hydrogen peroxide douche, washing the outside of my vagina with peroxide after bathing, taking probiotics, b-complex, cranberry supplements, garlic supplements, vit D, folic acid, and echinea (spelling may be wrong). All of this was working well, no scent or discharge throughout the day or morning, everything was just great for the last month until 4 days ago I noticed a strong onion smell from down there which was different from the fish smell before, but no discharge, so I went to a local drugstore to buy the messy gel that eliminates order (and really works by the way, but only temporarily) and I found a hot new item. It is a Homeopathic BV Treatment and IT WORKS. It is not messy at all and very easy to insert. There are 6 tablets with 6 inserts to use. The tablets are oval shaped and firm not soft and mushy. Just insert one tablet at bed time for 6 days. In three days, I can say this works better than the peroxide douche. I would urge everyone to try it. Also, at the same time I started using this bv treatment, I started using a ph balanced face wash to wash my vagina area in the shower intead of using soap. I am still taking my supplements as maintenance.

Thanks for posting all of the great remedies on this site. It was a big help and a lot of inspiration for me.

Replied by Chanidy
Canton, Ohio
hi I was wondering if you could tell me were you found the homeopathic bv treatment? Im very interested but having a hard time finding it.. thanks
Replied by Kat
Sumter, Sc
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   I found the Homeopathic BV treatment found at Bi-Lo grocery store, it worked while I was taking it, but discharge & odor returned after 6 day treatment. Also there was A LOT OF LEAKAGE during the night from the suppositories.
Replied by Jess81
Sugar Land, Tx
They also have that brand of products at CVS Pharmacy, potentially at Wal-Greens, and Wal-Mart pharmacy as well. It is located by condoms, lubes, pregnancy tests etc...

Homeopathy, Folic Acid, Acidophilus   1  0   

Posted by Chronic Bv Infections (Los Angeles, Ca) on 10/26/2013

[YEA]  I have suffered from BV infections for 8 years now. I found this website 4 years ago. I've tried everything. The first thing I tried was the Acidopholis and Folic Acid... No Peroxide. I did work but it took 4 weeks for it to work. I continued to take one pill of each daily to maintain a balanced PH.. it worked! But then I got lazy and stopped taking it after a year... Low and behold I got a bv infection again. I tried it again this time I added the Peroxide.. Adding the Peroxide made it WORSE. I went to the Dr. and he explained that Peroxide kills ALL bacteria.. The good bacteria along with the bad... The Dr. gave me an RX for Clindaycin.. it got rid of my BV infection but left me with a Yeast infection.. The insert from the drug company states that it may cause a yeast infection... I continued getting BV infections every few months. I finally tried a Homeopathic BV Treatment. It's a 6 day treatment. With the first 24 hours the fowl odor was gone but I did use the inserts for 6 days... I also started taking the Acidophilus and Folic Acid daily to maintain a balanced PH... Once you get a BV infection you will continue to get them but you can lower fequency of flare ups. I continue to take the Acidophilus and Folic Acid daily. When I do get a flare up I use the homeopathic treatment.. Depending on the serverity of the infection., I use the treatment for 4 - 6 days.. I buy a PH test from my local drug store in order to determine how many days to use the treatment. The home test is a little pricy but well worth the money. Maintaining a balanced PH is a tricky thing because too much of a BV treatment can cause a yeast infection and it can turn into a vicious cycle.. I hope this helps. Good luck ladies. I know how embarrasing and life altering BV infections are.

Honey   2  0   

Posted by Overcoming (Dallas, Tx) on 03/29/2011

Has anyone ever used honey to treat bv? I am hearing a lot about it but wanted to talk to the EC community to get your thoughts...

Replied by Wakalaka
San Diego, Ca
You are better off using probiotic supplements in your diet. Look up guidelines for choosing a good one. They replace the good bacteria in your body to help fight the bad BV bacteria. Do NOT take antibiotics, thay kill good and bad bacteria causing imbalance eventually. Good luck, it will take time but try it.
Replied by Mya
San Jose, CA
Yes! Manuka honey works... Period.

Posted by 4theluvofhoney (Orlando, Florida) on 03/21/2010

[YEA]  First of all, thank you to all the women who have shared their stories about BV. I've been dealing with BV now for 3 years. At first I thought I had hygeine issues and I was actually disgusted with myself! I used to douche every day. When I was diagnosed with BV about 1 year ago, I was given metronidozol, and ended up with a horrible yeast infection. I prefer to do things in a more holistic way, so I tried the acidophilis orally every day for a week. I also tried the hydrogen peroxide douche twice during that time. I did experience some relief. A couple days ago, though, I came across an article that mentioned using diluted honey with distilled water as a douche to treat vaginal yeast infections. I tried that 3 days ago, and again last night. I am so fresh and no discharge, no odor. I have found my treatment of choice for my BV. I used about 3tbsp in a standard size douche bottle, and filled the rest of the bottle with warm distilled water. Shake shake shake, insert, squeeze! The honey I purchased is 100% pure, uncooked, unfiltered. No oozing, no stickiness, or seepage after the douche either. Look up the benefits of honey for more info.

Replied by Luvinghoney Cure2
Charleston, Sc
The pure honey and distilled warm water douche truly worked for me too. My boyfriend and I both take Candex- yeast management system. It kills yeast and fungi. He had bad foot odor as well. I ordered mine from Give it a try ladies. No odor, no discharge not even after sex. We finally got our sex life back to normal.
Replied by Mila
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Hi there, how many times did u do the honey treatment?? I wanted to try this seeing I just got off of flagyl an got my period rigth after.. Let me kno how many days or wateva u did.
Replied by C
Boston, Ma
I have been struggling with BV for a few months now. I have been trying everything. I used the above recommended honey solution and have been feeling great and fresh for a couple days now. I will be doing it again tomorrow to make sure but I this has been the best I solution I have tried so far. I used Manuka Honey too which is supposed to have more antimicrobial/antibacterial properties.
Replied by Lynn
T, Maryland, Usa
[YEA]   I used honey, not raw, just regular honey from the grocery store. I washed and applied the honey and it cured it overnight. The odor was gone within an hour or so. I'm sure raw honey would be better.
Replied by Miss Piggy L
How many times and how many days did you do the treatment?

Hydrogen Peroxide Douche   3  0   

Posted by Myra (Florida) on 11/08/2013

[YEA]  I've struggled with yeast all my life & BV for about 4 years. Now it has been 2 years since I did my last hyrdrogen peroxide and distilled water douche. NO BV, NO YEAST. I consulted my doctor - he gave me metrogel. No success. I tried yogurt tampons, apple cider vinegar, and borax but nothing solved the problem permanently. God Bless Earth Clinic - I don't know WHY I haven't written this sooner.


Distilled** water
Hyrdogen Peroxide 3%
Oral syringe, irrigator, or douche system.
**DISTILLED WATER IS ESSENTIAL. Distilled water has no bacteria or extra minerals in it. Tap water isn't filtered enough. Distilled water is the only safe drinking water for patients with liver disease who can't process extra minerals, etc. It's much safer for your vagina than tap water.

Mix equal parts peroxide with distilled water.
Douche by method of choice (in the shower - for any first timers out there).

If using an oral syringe, take care not to put too far into the vagina. You are simply flushing out your system. I only inserted it 2 inches & avoided my cervix. Go slow! Be gentle! Too much pressure from any douche can push the bacteria up to the cervix. You don't want that...

You may notice a tingling or bubbling sensation. Try to let it work as long as you can! If it is too bothersome, flush with more distilled water gently. (I danced around in the bathroom to cope).

Only use when you notice you need it. I think this is essential not to shock the system and to give the body a chance to fight back on its own (as we would prefer it to do anyway).

A candida diet might be helpful during this process, but I did not follow one.

It took approximately 2-3 months for it to clear. One major benefit is that the odor is gone immediately w/this treatment. Use condoms - semen does alter your pH. My fiance & I did not, but I always noticed the BV return the next day after. I douched & gave sex a break for a few days consequently. It does slow down the healing process IMO.

So that's it! 2 years BV & Yeast free w/o further treatment. I really hope this works for others out there!! Good luck!!

Replied by Lady M
Lanham, Md
I think I'm going to give this a try.. I have been dealing with this for a while and I'm tired of doing these antibiotics that only help briefly.. And they are killing our systems.. My dr had told me I'm fine and that the discharge could flare up from time to time.. And it could come from working out or what we eat or soaps we use and so many other things.. I'm just trying to be free so I can feel comfortable as a woman again.. So thank u

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