How to Cure Candida: The Candida Diet Protocol

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by Bill Thompson
June 26, 2014

I thought that it was about time that I should update my Anti-Candida Protocols on Earth Clinic. This is the full and updated protocol for people with a systemic candida infection or any other type of candida albicans issue - cutaneous, intestinal, uterine, oral etc. This protocol's emphasis is that it must above all work to defeat and cure the candida, that all nutrients must be relatively easily available and that all the nutrients used should be reasonably cheap but effective. This protocol has already proved its worth and has been successful (and is mostly based on Ted from Bangkok's remedies for candida). I must also admit that the die-off and detox effects from this anti-candida protocol are considerable in cases where the systemic candida and rapid weight loss have become a serious problem (ie at the acid body wasting stage). Willpower and faith helps tremendously here, but this is really up to you.

How to Cure Candida with Home Remedies

My most recent success with this anti-candida diet has been with a lady in Africa. We had a lot of trouble with nutrient availability so we had no choice but to improvise. It took her about 6 months of candida protocol dedication to become completely healthy again but she also had a lot more wrong with her than just systemic candida as you will see. All her fungal and other problems were also resolved using only this anti-candida protocol. All she did was to religiously follow this whole protocol on a daily basis and all her other fairly major problems went away too (This protocol won't work very well if the anti-candida diet is not strictly followed as well).

Please see the Anti-Candida Protocol below for full candida diet instructions!

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Bill Thompson's Candida Book

Posted by Earth Clinic (Atlanta, Georgia) on 03/18/2015

Per Bill's recent post:

"... Lastly, an appeal to all those people who have bought my candida book -- Candida: Killing So Sweetly. There are one or two reviews on Smashwords that claim that the Gum Turpentine used in my protocol is a poison even though I prove, in the book, that gum turpentine is far from being a poison. So could all those people who bought this book please just give an honest review either on Smashwords or Very much appreciated."

Please, if you have read Bill Thompson's book, Candida: Killing So Sweetly, please consider submitting a review on either Amazon or Smashwords and especially if you are familiar with the turpentine protocol for candida.

Click here to write an Amazon review. Scroll down to the review section and click on "Write a Customer Review".

Click here to write a Smashhwords review.

Thank you so much!

Replied by Kennywally
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Speaking to the issue of Turpentine. I drank turpentine on more than one occasion, and it did not poison me in any way shape or form....tis scaretactics and vicious rumor to chase away those folks who are easily intimidated. jan, 2015...these are my notes I wrote down after ingesting turpentine [

turpentine experiment

aprox 530 pm sunday eve, jan, 18th, 2015

I took 3 sugar cubes and soaked them in turpentine,

added it to heated black coffee and tried to drink it down

I could only get down a few sips.

it did taste a bit like licorice as I was drinking it

but I stopped as the taste was a bit strong for me, this was new and

perhaps I was better off taking it slow, rather that the dosage the doctor tried and found effective, which was the full 3 cubes, soaked, twice a week.

so I'm just gonna sit here a bit and see what happens.

I'll decide later if I'm gonna drink more or not.



about 550pm I sipped a bit more, coffee was cooler, it still tasted not so great but I did it anyways.

I may have actually sipped a third of it.


about 650pm I drank some more, about 2 3rds gone now
no ill feelings, was a little grumbling in the beginning
but nothing very noticeable on rest of sips

head seemed to clear up a bit [ fogbrain lifted and energy better ]...shall see what else develops


sat 24th jan, 2015 110pm

1.5tsp turp to 1T molasses
first took some molasses on tongue, then spooned up the turp/molasses mixture and got it down easy.

nothing noticeable, doing it to kill candida.

So, from my memory of the event, there was a slight fog lifted from my head/brain. it was like slowly waving my hand from my neck to my forehead and that was as fast as the fog lifted from me, just like that, and I felt immediately energized. I drank it again but never repeated those effects of the fog lifting, nor getting energized, that was a one time event. I read somewheres later on, that that fog lifting was known as a BIO_FILM, made by parasite to protect itself from attacks. I can't prove that, but I experienced something just the same. and that's my testimony!!!

Candida and Oxalates

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 04/03/2016

I just thought that I would report some relatively new and important research findings by both Dr William Shaw and Susan Owen concerning the effects of oxalates from candida infections.

I've already mentioned that Candida can already commonly produce dangerous toxins such as poisonous aldehydes, arabinose sugars and alcohols.

Dr Shaw now also reports heavy oxalate production from candida and particularly from the Aspergillus forms of fungus and mold. He also reports that that these insoluble oxalates can form anywhere in the human body, not just in the kidneys and gallbladder as stones but also in the skin, bone (causing anemia), joints, vulva (causing pain), blood vessels, lungs and even the brain (a major factor in autism). Oxalates can also combine with mercury and lead in the body which makes it much more difficult to get rid of these heavy metals. Oxalates can also combine with useful nutrients like calcium, magnesium, zinc and other important body minerals -- thus making them insoluble and neutralizing their beneficial effects in the human body.

Oxalate crystals tend to be large and sharp so any mechanical pressure such as occurs in the bladder or any tissue containing oxalates can also cause considerable pain. This is also why Dr Shaw believes that oxalates play such an important causative role in myalgias -- eg fibromyalgia.

If you have an oxalate problem in your body, both Dr Shaw and Susan Owen recommend taking both magnesium citrate and calcium citrate at mealtimes to prevent oxalate crystal formation and to prevent oxalic acid absorbtion into the body respectively. Vitamin B6 should also be supplemented at higher dose because this vitamin is used to make an enzyme called alanine-glyoxolate amino transferase -- an important human enzyme that actively dissolves and removes oxalates safely from the human body.

For a more in depth view on all the chronic problems caused by oxalates see the following articles:

Oxalates and Autism -- Susan Owen

The Role of Oxalates in Autism and Chronic Disorders -- Dr William Shaw

As an aside, I also think that taking daily amounts of Chanca piedra would be highly beneficial for oxalate problems in the body, since CP is already well known to dissolve and safely remove oxalate stones from the gallbladder and kidneys.

Replied by Valerie
(South Carolina)
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Bill: I am 4 days into your Candida Killing So Sweetly remedies to cure my candida/fungus problems and have a few questions so that I get it right the first time!

I am on thyroid medication and was wondering will the iodine be a problem with that? I also take high blood pressure medicine and a statin. I am 61 years old and have had candida since I was a baby. In hindsight, I was allergy to milk and they kept giving it to me with no food for 2 years even though I had severe colic. My mom didn't know any better and we had a stupid general doctor that said it would get better. Oh well.. I have known and been battling candida all my life and have connected some of what you have been saying in your book and know that I have to change my diet for the rest of my life. Because I have had this for so long and have always felt bad, I am always looking for help not with the main stream doctors. I came across a lady that is an iridologist that did not know me or any of my issues. In case some of you don't know, an iridologist looks into your eye and tells you what your health problems are and what you can take naturally to help you. I was so excited to see if I could get off blood pressure and cholesterol medicine and help with my fibromyalgia. But when she looked into my eye she said she couldn't see my organs because I was covered in fungus and it's everywhere including my lymph nodes!! I knew candida was a problem but had no idea about the fungus connection and all that goes with it.

So here I am looking for help to get rid of it once and for all. My biggest problem is that I am a candyoholic, so this is going to be very hard. I have read your book, several others and everything on the Earth Clinic site and have ordered all the minerals and products you recommended in the book and currently following your daily protocol, but I am having a hard time with the diet. I am cooking plain meats and vegetables, but what carbs can I eat? I like brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa; are any of these OK to eat?? I am so scared that I am going to screw it up! Bill could you please email me or share here a more detailed diet?? I would be so appreciative of any help! Thank you, Valerie

Replied by Lou

Wow! You sound like my evil twin. I am also a candy addict and I suspect I've had candida for most of my life. One time, I went on the South Beach diet and it was taking away my belly bloat for sure. I thought, my skirt in my wedding suit is going to fall off and these people don't even believe in dancing!!! LOL. But, on South Beach, you are not allowed sweet potatoes for a couple of weeks. You can have just about any other kind of vegetable, but no sweet potatoes. I was lucky because in the next building, there was this huge buffet and they had any vegetable imaginable. I limited the main course to only 1 scoop of lasagna and a couple of shrimp. The rest was veggies. Lots of veggies. After the two weeks were over, I would get a salad and baked sweet potato for dinner. It did the trick. For breakfast, I only ate an egg cooked in olive oil spray with a white cheese on top--no bread. I think canadian bacon was allowed. I found out later I was gluten intolerant and cut out gluten, which stopped up my portal vein or my gallbladder pathways (not sure). All I know is, getting well was gradual. I still suspect candida is in there. Coconut capsules could help.

Replied by Gb


I have been taking the turpentine and sugar cube remedy with little results. I feel a little better but not a lot. I was thinking of upping the dosage as I now take a tsp. with 3 sugar cubes. What is the safest upper limit? My wife said one lady had breast cancer and took 1 tsp. turp but no results but she upped it to 1/4 cup in one dose and got rid of cancer. Is taking turp with castor oil better? Does it work even better with sugar and castor oil or separately? Thanks.

Replied by Art R.

Obey your blood type first, then delete from that diet to fight/live with candida albicans. b blood type can not have castor oil, it is toxic.

I was born with candida albicans and has been made much worse by D.O.D. and the V.A., to the point of near death many times, doctors for the most point are not allowed to diagnose candida, it points the finger directly at the pharma types which own and control all medical anything.

The best health of my life was the candida diet (on and off), hydro colon therapy (not enema's) and SCUBA diving in clean salt water, more oxygen in-take and the trace mineral and salt constantly on my skin and going to my liver.

if your mother or father or grandparents ever served in the military, you were born with the candida albicans diseases. It is in your cell structure as a hole (original foot print), all diseases discovered since 1916 are candida related and is the fault and overt concurring of peoples all relates to the king peasant ownership of humans. Power lust types hate a representative government-----you are a victim.


Why is castor oil toxic to B blood type?

Candida Diet Protocol

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Posted by Elaine (North Carolina) on 10/14/2021

Hi Bill,

I finally purchased your book and am hitting it hard. I didn't graduate up too slowly because I have been using Borax, Baking Soda, ACV, Magnesium, sodium thiosulfate and Lugols for a few years. Just not been 100% in the way required for a true Candida war. I have been fighting prediabetes, HS, white tongue, and a host of other strange reoccurring ailments for years and several years back was on a long dosing of Steroids multiple times then long term low dose antibiotics. Recently started having constant sore tongue, constant kidney stones and high urine protein, elevated TSH and low blood pressure on top of everything else. Decided it was time to get the root problem taken care of and I believe that is Candida. I am taking everything in your recommendations except the MethBlue and the Betaine HCL.

In the past when I took Betaine it made my stomach burn even at low doses. I haven't taken the Turpentine yet but I am taking Bromelain and some Serrapeptase .

I am on day 5 of the protocol. On day 4 I woke to a nasty raw feeling throat that seemed to go all the way down my esophagus. Today I was much improved till after my evening cocktail that consisted of Lime juice, Borax, Baking Soda Ascorbic Acid, Glutamine, and MSM all mixed together in some home made mineral water (1/8 tsp Baking soda, 1/8 tsp magnesium chloride and 1/8 tsp potassium bicarb in a liter of distilled water). Shortly after drinking it my stomach began to burn and will not let up. Much the way it did when I tried Betaine several months ago.

I am wondering what the most likely culprit is for the burning throat and stomach? Should I up the baking soda to more than 1/2 tsp in the mixture? My blood pressure stays low so there is no concern with the sodium content, but is that the best option?

The list of all items I am taking in addition to those listed above:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Quercetin
  • Selenium
  • Chromium ( Blood Sugar Control)
  • Riboflavin
  • Methylated B Complex
  • Reservitrol
  • Moly B
  • Niacinimde
  • NAC
  • ALA
  • Fulvic
  • Lugols
  • Benfotiamine
  • Milk Thistle
  • Zinc
  • Melatonin
  • Berberine ( Blood Sugar Control)
  • Magnesium
  • Liposomal C 3k to 6k per day
  • Gymnema

Thanks in advance.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Dave L (Nevada) on 10/06/2021

Hello, I'm following Bill's candida protocol from his book and the recommendation is to add sodium bicarbonate to water several times throughout the day in order to raise its pH.

My question is what if I already have highly alkaline water in my home? Is it an issue to add sodium bicarbonate and ACV to water that already has a pH of ~8.8?

Replied by Dave

Anyone? 🙂

236 posts

Hi Dave, I would expect great results using the higher pH water. Be sure to add some fresh lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar, the lemon really helps with taste :)

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Peter_f (Los Angeles) on 05/18/2021

I have some questions for Bill or anybody else who has done the detox protocol that he outlines in his google doc:


(1) is it okay to take the alkalizing combo drink first thing in the morning?
Ted mentioned in the past that "in the morning hours the body needs to be more acidic", so possibly I'd need to wait a couple of hours before taking the first combo drink?

(2) combo #1 states to use Vitamin c alongside Lugol's iodine, but I read that (when taking simultaneously) vitamin c will convert iodine to iodide, leaving much less iodine (or none). Is this intended here or should I possibly leave the Vit C out to get more iodine from combo #1?

(3) for the MSM, how much is 1 tsp in mg?

(4) can I take OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) on the same day when doing the combo drinks or should I stay off that for now?

(5) regarding "add Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) until the fizzing stops". Does that mean to keep adding more baking soda until the fizzing stops, or simply add 1/4 tspn and wait until the fizzing stops?


(6) Could someone post a link or a brand name for a castor oil product (I'm in the U.S.)? I wanna make sure I buy the right product for this protocol.

Thank you so much and thank you for sharing all your advice. It is very much appreciated!

Replied by Michael

Regarding 6) - I purchase organic castor oil from

Replied by Sherry

Where is the Candida protocol? I've been looking, but don't see it. Thank you!


Hi Mel,

My updated anti-candida/anti-parasite protocol is here at this link:

Bill's Anti-Candida Protocol

The above link details how to supplement using lugol's iodine, borax (sodium tetraborate), pure gum turpentine and also describes how to alkalize your body in various ways. Good health!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Salomon M. (Mexico) on 04/14/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Bill!

First and foremost I want to congratulate you on the excellent job you've done researching and helping others with similar problems, and for putting all this information on the internet so more people can benefit from it.

I just got a couple of questions, hoping you are still around...

I will soon start the program because my health has gotten worse day by day, especially after an antibiotic treatment I got 5 years ago which I suspect that's when Candida outnumbered my healthy flora and caused all my symptoms.

Im a bodybuilder so high carb/sugary food has been always on my diet, I'm talking about periods of 500+ carbs a day for long periods of time. Before antibiotics I'm pretty sure I did have some candida but never was a problem, until one day I got food poisoned with toxoplasma gondii, Dr. gave me triple antibiotic treatment for 2 weeks and after that, my WHOLE life changed, my bowels started to be problematic, and I was finding myself having to eat more fiber to go to the bathroom during constipated periods.. That was my first symptom I believe, constipation.

It was difficult for me to find a proper diagnosis since I live in Mexico and drs in here have no clue about candida, GI MAP and OAT test revealed dysbiosis, candida and H.pylori.

Based on your book (bought it and read it) and more succesfull posts in earthclinic and curezone, Ive thinking in starting the protocol and I wanted to ask you some stuff.

1. Is there any specific order in protocols for best results? I've read one should always start detoxing before starting the killing phase

2. What do you think about this order in particular. Since I live in Mexico and suspect parasites, and tested positive for Blastocystis im starting with Dr.Hulda Clark parasite treatment for 1 month accompanied with coffee enemas, then essential detox protocols with antibiofilm protocol 2 weeks before killing phase, then Anti candida/protocol (starting with lugols, then borax, and the alkalizing) and at the same time with liver, vitamin, mineral support supplements and antibiofilm protocol (serrapeptase/nattokinase) between meals.

3. Do you recommend starting with any protocol in particular during the killing phase, for example, starting with Lugols, or it doesn't matter.

4. I've read in curezone, people getting rid of leftover candida in the cecum area, thanks to nystatin enemas, can I incorporate them in the killing phase protocol or is it too much? I want to do coffee and nystatin enemas.

5. Since my candida problems started with antibiotics, and GI MAP confirms dysbiosis, when and how should I incorporate pre/probiotics during the treatment?

6. I've read that constantly focusing on killing candida doesn't completely solve the problem, but one should instead focus later on to rebuild healthy bacteria in the gut. Can you rebuild healthy bacteria levels with killing protocols at the same time, that seems contradictory to me.

7. When should someone start incorporating pre/probiotics?

7. Does this protocol works as a cure, meaning there is no need to take the supplements and eat normally (Healthy 80% of the time) with no candida symptoms?

Hope you could give me some answers since I'm a little bit lost over here.

Thanks, Bill!

Replied by Walkinthewoods

Salomon, Try Dr. Paul Saladinos "Carnivore Code" book and website. Many body builders don't do high carb and sugar, Shawn Baker is also carnivore. Solves a lot of problems.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Jackie (Illinois) on 04/10/2021
5 out of 5 stars

Hello Bill,

I am following the Candida protocol from your book and suspect I need to try Turpentine. My question is- do I continue taking the full dose of iodine, baking soda, borax, and supplements along with the turpentine? Or do you lay off those at this time?

Also, is it normal to be on this protocol for several months at the max dosages?

Thank you!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Steven (USA) on 05/20/2020

Hello Bill,

Thanks for the colossal work that you share on Earth Clinic! For my part, I am a Canadian man and it is 15 years since I have a chronic candida following a prolonged medication, since then I have tried several protocols without success. For 2 months, I have been taking the turpentine protocol from Dr Jennifer Daniels, I started 1 teaspoon Turpentine with sugar 1 time a day for 4 days, then I went to 2 times a week and I am still following this protocol , the only point I noticed, my arthritis pain has increased dramatically. After reading your protocol, I would like to start as you suggest: - Alkalizing Formulas - Lugol's Iodine - Borax - The Turpentine/Kerosene Protocol By cons, or I'm not sure I understand your Turpentine/Kerosene Protocol, what I understood is 1 teaspoon Turpentine per day for 1 month and then stop for 1 week, is that correct? Because Dr Jennifer Daniels seems to suggest 2 times a week, is it not too high 30 days continuous? On the anti-Candida diet side, it's been 3 months since I eliminated sugar, on the other hand I eat fruits, dairy products and bread without sugar, very little meat, you seem to suggest eliminating all this too, is this the case? Because if so, I no longer know what is left as a choice for me to make meals. Thanks!

Best regards, Steven

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Julie V. (USA) on 04/30/2020

Hi Bill,

I purchased Life extension buffered vitamin C Powder. It has: Supplement Facts: Serving Size 1 rounded teaspoon (approximately 5.4 g) Servings Per Container about 84 Amount Per Serving Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 4000 mg Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 145 mg Magnesium (as magnesium carbonate) 55 mg Zinc (as zinc gluconate) 2 mg Potassium (as potassium carbonate) 365 mg Other ingredients: none. Non-GMO About the only thing that is right is the Non- Gmo. I just found and ordered the vitamin C ascorbate. In your book (Candida killing so sweetly), it says calcium ascorbate should be avoided. Should I just throw the three bottles of this in the trash can? Money is so tight for me that this just almost kills me. If the book is revised, I can sure tell you some more details that need to be added.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Keith (Texas) on 02/14/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Bill, I just read your book and I am very hopeful that there may be a cure available for my Candida. I have been seeing a Naturopathy Dr. for about 6 months, was diagnosed with a systemic fungus problem, which has been treated with a number of herbal remedies (garlic, Berberine, Pau d'Arco, Wormwood, Echinacea on a rotating protocol) and diet. For a while, (4 months, I felt much better, but recently the I have started feeling tired and lethargic again. I am a T1 diabetic (25 years), but otherwise in good shape. My last A1C was 7.0 so sugars are slightly elevated. My Naturopathic Dr. does not believe we can "cure" the fungus due to me being diabetic. I hold out hope that it can be and would like your thoughts for someone like myself suffering from diabetes. Thanks for all you do!!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Peter (Canada) on 02/06/2020

Hi Bill,

My son has suffered from systemic candida for almost 5 years. Recently, I came across this site and he has begun taking some of the protocols you recommend. While he has had this issue, he has mostly maintained a very strict candida diet - but recently has been suffering from some other stomach issues. He visited Egypt in October and may have picked up a parasite or worm. In any case, he is now having trouble digesting meat - but at the same time he is not being satiated with not eating meat. A few questions: I suggested to him that he try tofu to help him feel satisfied. Is tofu OK for someone with candida albicans? My second question is: Is there a recommended brand of Borax or can he use the grocery store version?

Many thanks! Peter

Replied by Bill

Hi Peter,

In answer to your questions: "I suggested to him that he try tofu to help him feel satisfied. Is tofu OK for someone with candida albicans? " Tofu is fine -- but in small amounts because proteins can acidify the body when in eaten to excess. I would also reduce all carbohydrates and sugars in your son's diet. These foods help to feed candida causing it to rapidly spread and get worse. If your son is having a problem digesting meat then he should take B-50 Complex once a day with a Pancreatin supplement with every meal that contains all the main digestive enzymes for the duodenum. This should help your son's digestion of proteins. "Is there a recommended brand of Borax or can he use the grocery store version?" You can use USP tech grade borax off the internet if you like, but that's expensive. I would just use unscented 20 Mule Team Borax. Borax is mined and generally contains no heavy metals or pesticides etc.

This is also in accordance with Ted from Bangkok's recommendations for supplementing Borax. Also your son should avoid taking any anti-biotics for his candida problem. Over-use of anti-biotics is perhaps the major cause of most candida problems out there.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Leah (The Netherlands) on 10/30/2019

Dear Bill,

After doing some endless research regarding my symptoms, I come across your book, Candida: Killing So Sweetly. I already knew I had candida as one alternative doctor had confirmed 5 years ago. I consulted quite a couple of alternative doctors for the past eight years, as my own doctor cannot see my own symptoms, but none were able to help me. I believe your book is an answered prayer. I am 40 years old and had been suffering from candida symptoms for more that 10 years now. I can feel that my body and my immune system is getting weaker by the day, I could feel it and it makes me really scared. I come across your book around two weeks ago and I already started eating healthy and avoided some sweets. I have not started the candida protocol yet as I am still waiting for the hair analysis result, as I want to make sure I am taking the correct supplements before I start the protocol and taking the supplements that goes with it. I had quite a scary experience in the past taking herbal supplements which was advised by one of the alternative doctor, that I am now hesitant to start using some of the supplements advised. I have some questions about following your advised in the book, and would love to get in touch with you personally, I think that would give more confidence to start the protocol. The reason why I am hesitant is that, I am worried that the supplement dosage is quite too much for me as I am a petite woman, under 5 feet. I have read somewhere that the supplement you take should be adjusted according to the body weight. I have read in your book that you have helped quite a few people fight their candida, I am hoping you can assist me too. It also gives me more confidence to ask for your assistance, when I read that you have been living in the Philippines, my home country, so I am quite confident you can understand the Filipino way of thinking and lifestyle. Although, I have been living in the Netherlands now for more than 10 years, my eating habit is still almost the same.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my long letter.

Kind regards, Leah

Replied by Bill

Hi Leah...You really should have no fear of my anti-candida protocol. The only reaction you might get from taking this protocol is maybe a Herx reaction which is also known as a "Healing crisis". People sometimes get this Helaing Crisis when they take my protocol and so you should really just accept it. A Healing Crisis or Herx reaction occurs when large amounts of candida + bad bacteria + parasites are rapidly and suddenly killed in your body by the protocol. Toxic waste products from the dead pathogens/parasites accumulate in the blood and then they have to be cleared by your liver -- which becomes stressed -- and that's when you may feel a little poorly for a while. But this healing crisis should eventually pass once you have removed all the bad pathogens -- including the candida -- from your body using the anti-candida protocol. So what I'm saying is that you should certainly be prepared for a Herx reaction or healing crisis when you first start my protocol. Also, bear in mind that if you don't take any anti-candida protocol because you fear the healing crisis then how can you cure your serious systemic candida problem -- which will only get worse -- if you do nothing? You can either use the protocol in my candida book or you can use a simplified free protocol that I now also recommend at this link: I also always advise that when people first start my anti-candida protocol they should start off with smaller dosages for every protocol. Then -- after a few days and if there are no problems -- slowly work up to the full advised dosage for each remedy in the protocol. Or just take dosages that you feel comfortable with. Also your diet should favor vegetables, which should cause you no problems. You can add a little protein as well -- tofu or meat. Try to avoid excess carbohydrates and sugar if you can -- these foods feed the candida and help it to spread. The ideal meal for you would be chop suey. And you should avoid taking anti-biotics at all costs. If you take anti-biotics then your candida will always rapidly spread and get worse. Anti-biotics are also a major cause of most candida problems. See this link:

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Delores (Georgia) on 09/21/2019
5 out of 5 stars

Bill, I am 79 years old and have systemic candida. Have battled it for years. Had vaginal infections in my 20s and used monistat cream a lot. Now I'm carefully following your book "Killing So Sweetly". For 2 weeks now I have been taking 15mg of Lugols Iodine 5% 4 times a day for a total of 60mg per day for 2 weeks. I'm having some positive results. After reading Dr Orian Truss book, The Missing Diagnosis, I'm optimistic that I may be well in about 4 more weeks. Would appreciate any comments.

Replied by Bill

Hi Delores... Well done in persisting with the candida protocol!! Usually, if you've had candida for years and years, it eventually goes systemic which makes it much harder to defeat. And I hope that if you did have a Herx die off reaction -- that it was minimal. You've also said that you have only been taking the protocol for about 2 weeks and you think that you will be cured in 4 weeks. I'm going to give you an urgent caveat now. In my candida book I mentioned that candida is highly adaptive and can avoid detection and even hide successfully from your immune system. It can also avoid avoid the effects of some herbal remedies while living in protective biofilms. To make the point, when I was treating myself for systemic candida problems all those years ago, I actually felt that I was cured after about 6 months of taking the candida protocol. But I still continued the candida protocol for another 6 months to make absolutely sure ALL the candida was dead and gone. And my candida has never returned (after 11 years). ! would hate to hear that you gave up the candida protocol too early, which usually always results in the opportunistic systemic candida (that can hide dormant in your body for years and years) suddenly returning with a vengeance when you least expect it. Please take note !! Lastly and for no particular reason, here is a simple list of some of my favorite remedies for candida: Gum Turpentine: From the distilled sap of the pine tree. One teaspoon a day. It's a strong blood purifier that kills a huge range of associated candida co-infections including bacteria, parasites and viruses. Borax: The ultimate fungal killer. Also helps to remove fluorine from your body and helps (together with magnesium and iodine) to prevent or cure osteoporosis and arthritis. Cures diseases caused by both mycoplasma and mycobacteria, which no allopathic drug can eradicate. Lugol's Iodine. One of my longtime favorites. There are too many iodine benefits to mention here. Not enough room... Ted's Alakalizing remedies -- everyone knows about Ted's Alkalizing remedies. I still take them every day. Keeps me healthy. A few more useful herbs which might help against candida co-infections: Mimosa pudica extract (Bashful Mimosa): This is the Asian equivalent of taking Wormwood and Black Walnut for parasites. Highly thought of and used alot in Asia for intestinal parasites and very effective. 500 mg twice a day with meals. Also kills a wide range of pathogenic microbes. Currently being researched for cancer. I read a Filipino blog where a Filipino man who had terminal liver cancer just drank two cups of Mimosa pudica root tea every day. Doctors couldn't understand why his liver cancer suddenly went into remission and he recovered completely. He still drinks the mimosa tea every day. Astragalus. 500mgs once a day with a meal. Superb immune booster that gives protection against a wide range of pathogen species including bacteria viruses and fungus. This herb will also help to make your intestines healthy again. See this link: Resveratrol: Get the resveratrol made from Japanese Knotweed. It contains trans-resveratrol which is better absorbed by the body. John Buhner also recommends resveratrol in his protocol against Lyme Disease -- so resveratrol is certainly not a lightweight. Here are some of it's amazing benefits - see the link:


Bill, Dr Orian Truss healed a man with systemic candida in 6 weeks using high dose Lugol. Since I'm using 15mg 4 x daily (60mg total) I'm optomistic that I'll heal myself in about 6 weeks. Is that not logical? I may try increasing Lugol up a little more. Thanks, Delores


Hi Delores...It's really up to you when you decide that you're cured and stop the candida protocol. In my own experience of helping many other people with serious candida issues in the past, you can heal relatively quickly or it can take months and even years to heal yourself. It all depends on the extent of your fungal infection and also strongly depends on any associated co-infections in the your body from parasites, bacteria, mycobacteria and viruses. I also warned that candida is superb at hiding away and avoiding the protective or healing effects of the immune system, herbs, drugs etc. That's why my simple advice to you is don't rush to quit the protocol or you might regret it later if the candida returns -- and you have to start all over again. On so many candida blogs I have also read posts like "My candida is cured!! Most of my symptoms are gone. But I still have to avoid eating sugar and carbs otherwise my stomach and intestines becomes painful and upset." How can you call that a cure? What do you think is causing the upset stomach and painful intestines?? It's the candida + co-infections that are still alive and active in the body that are causing these problems. If you want to be cured of candida problems then this will take some learning or understanding and, in some cases, a great deal of patience with the protocol.

Delores W.
5 out of 5 stars


Thanks for your comments on Sept 22, 2019 on dealing with systemic candida. I am following your suggestions. Plus, since I do have systemic candida, I increased my 5% Lugol to 1 tsp in a glass of water 4 x daily for 5 days as of today. No bad side effects and still sleeping well. The candida is trying to get out. My mouth and tongue are black in spots. I figure I'm getting about 400mg a day of Lugol's and I'm 79 years. I am excited, have lots of energy and plan to see this through. I ordered more copies of your book to share. Thanks again. Delores

Replied by Bill

Hi Delores...You mention taking lugol's iodine at 60mgs per day but are you also taking all the other recommended nutrients from my protocol as well? I also have a simplified version of my protocol that you can download from here: The above simplified protocol involves supplementing Lugol's Iodine, Gum Turpentine, Borax and using Ted' from Bangkok's Alkalizing protocols. This is a simplified protocol which is very effective against candida and all associated co-infections. I would also strongly encourage you to supplement all the advised remedies in the protocol for your candida problem. Regarding your long term uranium problem, I would definitely supplement magnesium chloride -- 250 mgs twice a day. Magnesium chloride has the ability to remove heavy metals that cause radiation damage in the body. Other useful detoxers that you could also supplement for this problem are Cilantro Extract, Chlorella or Milk Thistle. For your facial candida problem, you could perhaps add a capful of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to a glass of water. Add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate and then also add a teaspoon of borax powder to it and mix well. Dab your candida rash with this mix every day and leave it to dry so that the nutrients have adequate time to be absorbed into the skin to kill the candida causing the rash. After application and when your skin is dry, use one or two drops of lavender oil mixed with aloe vera gel on the area to help heal the affected skin area more quickly. Do this protocol once a day. Another remedy for your facial candida problem that is quite effective is to use 50% DMSO(50% water, 50% pure DMSO) with lugol's iodine. Mix a small amount of 50% DMSO with 4 or 5 drops of lugol's iodine and spread that over your affected facial area using cotton wool. DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is a natural product that comes from trees which has the ability to increase the porosity of the skin so that iodine will be better absorbed and can travel through all the skin layers to the blood. So the iodine will act like a disinfectant as it travels through all the skin layers and will kill any fungus within the infected area. Again, allow the DMSO/Iodine time to be absorbed and dry and then finally apply aloe vera gel to the facial area. Do this once a day for best effect.

Replied by Delores


Beginning yesterday, I'm taking a total of 3 teaspoons of Lugols with lots of water. I can already see a slight improvement in my facial Candida rash with I have had for several years. I am 79 years old and weight about 136 lbs. So I'm optomistic and determined for the first time that I will get rid of this horrible stuff. I recently found a link to this issue (from a study in Europe) to low adrenal function which I have from drinking well water (212 feet underground) which contained very high uranium for 19 years. EPA allowance for uranium in drinking water is .03 PPM. Ours was .069PPM. I'm on cortisol capsules (for rest of my life). Thanks for all the help.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Joanne (Australia ) on 06/11/2019

Question for Ted and or Bill: 34yr old advanced Leukemia, muscle wasting severe. Needs to do Candida protocol. Any advice how to proceed? Has been fighting hard for so long now. Joanne

Replied by Bill

Hi Joanna...

I'm sorry that I'm so late replying -- with apologies.

If your friend has both systemic candida and leukemia then we must, as a matter of urgency, get rid of the candida problem as quickly as possible. Candida rapidly drags immune system down allowing cancer to dominate and proliferate. So the candida must be urgently dealt with as quickly as possible. I have a simplified and effective anti-candida protocol which your son can take. See this link for the whole protocol:

The candida protocol should not effect Ted's leukemia protocol which is also shown below. Concerning your son's leukemia, you could also perhaps follow Ted from Bangkok's Leukemia protocols shown at this link:

Below is a simple breakdown of Ted's Leukemia cure:

Selenium 600 mcg per day (up to 1000 mcg max)

Take lysine (1/2 tspn) + threonine (1/4 tspn) together with water hourly for four hours in the morning and for four hours in the evening(i.e. 8 doses of lysine/threonine per day). Take this for at least 3 days. This should kill the leukemia if it is caused by a virus.

On day three, take 1/3 tspn glutamine for every lysine dose with your morning doses only. In order to get the blood pH within the proper range, say 6.5 to 7.0, you should take baking soda, 1/4 teaspoon 30 minutes after meals(3 times a day). It will take time to recovery proper pH if your body is already acidic -- at least 1 week. Take Chinese Wolfberry -- 1 teaspoon 6 times a day. Take lemongrass tea several times a day. Take 10 drops DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide) in water 6 times a day. Lemon juice contains Limonene which actively kills cancer. Take fresh squeezed whole lemon juice + 1/4 tspn baking soda in a glass with water. Take this twice a day outside mealtimes.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Baldev (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) on 11/06/2018 192 posts

Hi Bill,

Kindly let me know whether it's a good idea to take an Activated Charcoal capsule 200mg once a week or so for general detoxification.

Thanks, Baldev

Replied by Bill

Supplementing activated charcoal is certainly a good way of removing poisons and heavy metals from the intestines only. If you want to detox poisons from your blood, tissues and organs I would use a combination of the following three nutrients, always taken once a day with meals as a preventative:

Milk Thistle - 500 mgs per dose

Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA) - 300mgs per dose

Selenium - 200 mcgs per dose

You can also double the above dosages quite safely by taking the above dosages twice a day if you like e.g. to heal the liver.

I would also advise eating a handful of raw cilantro every day with meals. Cilantro is one of the best heavy metal detoxers you can use. And it's safe because it's food. Taking a teaspoon of Ted's recommended soya lecithin granules is also beneficial to the liver.

As most also know, selenium, removes mercury from the body, is good for the heart, helps to produce key essential anti-oxidant enzymes like glutathione peroxidase, and, from more recent research, helps to prevent autoimmune diseases and allergies due to selenium's newly discovered ability to remove mercury-derived hapten markers from blood/body proteins.

I'm also taking the Milk Thistle, ALA and Selenium every day and I've been doing this for quite a while and would certainly recommend it as a preventative. It's probably the best combination detoxer for your body which also gives strong liver protection and healing.

Replied by Mark S., DC
(North Salem, New York)

Hello Bill.

I am absolutely desperate and out of my mind watching my ten year old suffer with a plethora of symptoms that began about 5 years ago. Abdominal pain-at times severe, that lasts days, allergies to dust mites, pollen, milk products, etc., acid reflux, indigestion, muscle/joint pain, runny nose, poor attention, anxiety-OCD, poor sleep, constipation, overweight, lethargy/weakness, asthma, bloating/gas-especially in morning, and worst of all, constant nasal congestion that is moderate to severe all the time!!!!!

I have suffered along with him. I am desperate to help this child!!!!!

I believe that he is suffering with systemic candida and possibly EBV.

Where do I begin? Do I self treat? Look for a holistic practitioner competent enough to help him, or do I get your book and follow the protocols?

Can I treat him as an adult or does the protocol change?

I am a chiropractor with considerable knowledge but this is pretty complicated and different because he is my son.

I am grateful for anything you or the readers can do for my baby>

Blessings and thanks, Mark S., DC

Replied by Bill

Hi Mark,

Your son has many of the symptoms of candida, so the protocols that I recommend should hopefully benefit your son.

I also have a shortened anti-candida protocol which your son could take, which you can print out from this link:

Bill's Anti-Candida Protocol

Your son should take this remedy exactly as advised in the link -- no shortcuts!

If you want to know exactly what the anti-candida protocol does in more detail then you should perhaps also buy my book on Candida. The book will help you to understand the protocol better, which will also help you to more efficiently treat or doctor your sons condition. The book also includes a simple Health Defense Diet to follow while taking the protocols. The anti-candida protocol in the book is a more complicated protocol but the shortened, simplified protocol in the above link seems to be just as effective.

Both anti-candida protocols (from the book and from the link) have been specifically designed to kill a wide range of fungus, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, mycobacteria and parasites. Your son seems to also have fungal, bacterial and viral infections and possibly parasites, so taking these anti-candida protocols should definitely help to heal him and bring him back to health.

As to how long it will take until he is rid of his condition and cured -- this will depend on both the extent of his candida infection and will also depend on the extent of his other associated pathogenic infections like viruses, bacteria and parasites in his body. When I had systemic candida it took me a year to cure that condition using my protocols. In actual fact I really felt cured after only six months on my protocol but I continued the anti-candida protocol for another six months because candida is able to hide from the immune system like viruses(Read my book!). I've been candida-free for about 13 years now with no recurrence of this disease.

Lastly, you should also expect a Herxheimer reaction when you son first starts the anti-candida protocols. A Herx reaction occurs when a large amount of pathogens are suddenly killed in the body when you start the protocols. A Herx reaction can actually worsen your symptoms for a while due to all the poisons released because of the massive kill of pathogens in the body, which acts to stress the liver and hormones to make you feel awful. This is quite normal and usually cannot be avoided and its actually a good sign because it means that the anti-candida protocols are working well to kill pathogens in the body. If a Herx reaction happens with your son then just reduce the dosages for a while to a more comfortable level and then later, when the pathogens are sufficiently reduced in the body, you can go back to using the normal dosages.

(New York)


Thank you so much for your reply!

I am ordering your book now and will begin your protocol ASAP.

Many thanks. God bless you!


Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Sidney (Northland New Zealand) on 10/20/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Awesome people.. I am wanting to know how long does one stay on the Candida protocol as per stated by Bill Thomson in his book Candida Killing So Sweetly?

I've been on this protocol for two weeks now and have seen some dramatic improvements in so shorter time... wow

Replied by Anna W.
(Yosemite, Ca)

Hi Sidney:

I am a 67 year old female that has had candida most of my life. Bill's book was a homecoming for me, I first discovered this site and his book back in August and have begun a gradual adaptation of my lifestyle, since then, with amazing "core-strengthening" results. When I added in the turpentine a few weeks ago, I overdid the initial doses (Bill warns about going slow, but I didn't pay enough attention, anyway, had a bad few weeks, and am now picking back up again and plan to stay with this program for the rest of my life. I feel stronger now than any time in the last 5 years, and feel that I am gradually moving in the right direction towards reclaiming my body.

I inferred that Bill's time sugestion was pretty much about being aware and grounded in what our individual bodies tell us, but that is only my read on the time length for the program.

So wishing you great success and healing, Anna.

Replied by Bl
35 posts

Anyone on Bill's Candida protocol with serious systemic candida

I'm interested in your progress as I can't seem to dig myself out of this hole. A few months back getting IV Peroxide for two months helped the decline in my legs from systemic Candida. But it's returning. Worst place is in my head. At 48, I now think I was born with an over growth because I've always had something going on.

My issues now are my Lymphatic system and Kidney not filtering, adrenals as well. All hormones low. If anyone can provide some guidance. Please do. Desperate here. Do you eat fruit on this protocol? I can barely eat much at all but somehow with Charcoal Colon detox caps got in natural Vitamin C. I tried Borax but felt a decline in the bottom of my spine. Skin becoming Scleroderma like.

Replied by Sidney
(Northland New Zealand)

Hi Anna ... Thankx for your reply.. my next question is, would taking some of these supplements have if any long term effect on one's body?

My story started two years ago when I died for three minutes from a cardiac arrest. I was woken at four in the morning by a voice telling me to get up! I heard this voice so clearly. I got up and went to the bathroom and on my way there I said to myself, "is this it?", came back to bed and sat on the edge of my bed and again this same voice said to me, "google symptoms of a heart attack." So I did, the only symptom I had was acid re-flux.

I woke my wife and said I was not felling well and that I needed to call the ambulance. She was still half asleep as you could imagine, she looked at me and said I looked fine. Feeling the way I did, I called for assistance and it took them about Thirteen minutes to reach my home. Two female paramedics came to my aid. They hooked me up to their instruments to see what my heart was doing and they asked me if I was felling any pain!

No I said!! They then started to talked to each other. One said she needed to call for a second opinion. She went out of my lounge room and I then noticed this blackness surrounding me to where it was only the size of the head of a pin and that's all I'd remembered until I woke up staring at my ceiling.

As I began to wake, I sat up grabbed my wife's hand gave her a kiss and grabbed my old-dis daughter hand. All the mean while the paramedic was trying to lay me back down. I ask the paramedic what had happened and she told me that I had had a heart attack. They flew me via helicopter to a cardiac unit, did a bunch of tests, they also put a camera up my arm to see if I needed any stents put in but all clear.

I was in hospital for three days. They had to let me out because they couldn't find anything wrong with me. I left with a brown paper bag full of medication for my blood, cholesterol, statins. You name it, I had it.

To cut a long story short, these drugs played havoc with me. A year and a half in to taking these drugs, I did some research on these drugs and found the bad side effects one gets. I stumbled onto this site and man am I grateful. I slowly weaned myself off my meds some eight months ago, best thing I'd done. Did more research into my heart attack then stumbled on to the symptoms associated with Candida and how it penetrates into the main organs of the body.

So I'm starting to think that my heart attack was brought about and associated with a candida overgrowth due to the medical system not finding anything wrong with me..

Replied by Anna

Hi SIdney:

Surely, you have been through the mill and then some. Thanks for sharing your story and it is heartening to read of your courage and stalwart approach to getting better.

As to Bill Thompson's protocols, I am relatively new to the process myself and for the most part, I am supremely cautious, adding one remedy at a time and in minute quantities until I see how it goes. The Virgin Coconut Oil is amazing for me, I started with a quarter tsp x 2 a day and gradually increased to 2-3 tbspns a day (over a 3 month period). And so on.

Listen to your instincts - as you did when you called for help - even in advance of your actual heart attack. I believe that we have great innate wisdom, if we listen well.

I am intrigued by the concept of the biofilms clogging and restricting our systems, but I am also very aware of the small but very real steps towards better vitality in my own case. I find I am greatly strengthened by green drinks and wheatgrass, but that may just be me. I had a lot of deep addictive behaviors (Sugar, starch, caffeine were my worst ones) and now I have reduced sugar by 95%, reduced starch by 75% and caffeine by 90%. Slowly, slowly...., and the resultant weight loss is wonderful too, though of course never as much as I want or as fast as I would like.

I very much hope you will continue to post and I look forward to reading of your progress. With very kind wishes,

Replied by Anna

Dear BI:

As I read more on this website, I am struck by the wonderful innate wisdom that leads us here and so grateful for the reassurance that the individuals striving towards better health provide on this site.

I think I have had serious systemic candida since infancy and am now in my 60ies.

Do you have access to Bill THompson's wonderful book " Killing so Sweetly"? It has been life changing for me, and although I have been studying it for almost three months now, I am very, very cautious about the remedies and take only minute quantities of one thing at a time until I know if it works for me or not. No - fruit or anything sweet is a no-no on this program.

If you feel like sharing, I would love to know how the candida impacted you specifically, you mention and IV to remedy this, and leg weakness - would you mind sharing more, as I had not heard of any such treatments. How did it impact your legs and was the IV the most helpful remedy you found?

I am an ardent fan of Bill T's protocols and By far the most helpful for me of his remedies, is the Virgin Coconut Oil, As posted above in my response to Sidney, this remedy alone has been a wonderful help in beating back my long term addictions to sugar, starch and even coffee.

What sent me looking for help (and was guided to this incredible website) was also head pain and constant congestion in my sinuses. I had debilitating headaches that felt like my head would crack open. When I blew my nose I could see actual mold and layers of fungus in my sputum, it was horrific and terrifying.

In the 90 days since I began Bill Thompson's protocols, my headaches are down 65%, I have lost some weight (7-10 lbs, which at my age is great progress) and most of all my energy is much better. (I do daily green drinks and fresh wheatgrass juice which seems to help a lot.

I do find some issues with my kidneys as well, but Cranberry Tea seems to help that a great deal. (It may not be exactly as Bill suggests, but I mix my salt, liquid minerals with the CranAId tea first thing in the morning.

I have also found great relief for congestion/constipation using coffe/herbal tea enemas. However, testimony to Bill's regimen, for the first time in many years, that particular problem has been alleviated immensely just in the last two weeks and I have not needed to do any enemas in 14 days (whereas before I needed to use that remedy every 2-3 days!

Just recently, I have been diagnosed with an infected dental implant now and bone loss, but have scheduled the needed surgery and will deal with it as best I can, while continuing to increase my iodine drops and alkalizing daily.

With sincere good wishes for your continued improvement and look forward to hearing more from you.

Replied by Bill

Hi Sidney...Regarding your question -- how long do you have to stay on the anti-candida protocol -- my answer is always as long as it takes until all symptoms are gone and you are healthy again. And the best person to judge that is you. How long you you stay on the protocol is really dependent on the extent of not only your candida infection but will also depend on the extent of all your other bacterial, viral and parasitic co-infections that are always part of the candida syndrome.

Now a caveat. You should never rush to come off a protocol against such a tough pathogen like candida. Don't forget that candida is capable of hiding and hibernating which helps it to avoid anti-fungal drugs and your immune system for long periods. Candida can also hide in your body for years before it erupts again perhaps because of a lowered immune system. And, as you found out, if you have systemic candida then this fungus has the capability of infecting every single organ and tissue in your body -- including your bones, brain and heart.

When I took my own protocol to cure my own systemic candida problem all those years ago, I remember feeling cured after only 6 months. But I stayed on that protocol for just over a year because I didn't want the candida to hide and then come back any time in the future. That was my fear. I wanted to make sure...

If you read anyone's blog account of them trying to cure their own candida problems you will read the following outcome, time and time again: "I took this protocol for three months and I thought I was cured and felt great. But six months later my candida suddenly came back with a vengeance and now nothing works!!! Absolutely nothing!!! What can I do...?? "

And so my earnest advice to you is please be patient and make sure.

Replied by Bill

Hi Sydney...I've been thinking about your heart problems again. In my own past research on heart problems, doctor's and specialists only tend to look for the obvious in their tests for heart problems. In other words, there heart tests can miss alot. This is also true when doctors test for other serious conditions like candida and thyroid problems.

There are a few alternative approaches which might also benefit your condition. Therefore it might be worth it to describe other pathogens that could negatively impact your heart.

The first pathogen is candida, which you have been researching. The anti-candida protocol will help to heal that problem.

The second bacterial pathogen that is difficult to eradicate is the mycoplasma form. This is a nano bacteria that has no cell wall. The anti-candida protocol should be adequate to kill this bacterial form (it also kills mycobacterium) due to the use of borax, pure gum turpentine, Lugol's Iodine etc in the anti-candida protocol.

The third pathogen that could also be involved with your heart problems is the spirochete bacteria. Spirochetes are the bacteria that infect the mouth and gums causing tooth decay and gingivitis. Dentists have no real answer or solution to this problem, other than regularly making dental appointments for cleaning and scraping your teeth and strangely insisting that you must always use toothpaste containing fluoride (which is a thyroid suppressant and a poison). I've also read research where spirochete biofilms have been found embedded in arterial plaque. This means that spirochetes can also happily infect the heart(usually the heart valve area). The Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete is also found in Lyme Disease which doctors are unable to consistently and effectively cure using drugs. So, generally speaking, the spirochete form is one tough pathogen to beat. Here are some alternative suggestions for you to make your heart healthy again:

Resveratrol -- 500mgs/day with meals. Only buy resveratrol that is sourced from Japanese Knotweed -- this form has the highest amount of the beneficial trans reseveratrol. This flavonoid is capable of destroying both the spiral form and round form (spore) of spirochetes.

Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Quercetin -- 1000mgs once a day with meals. From the research, when resveratrol is taken with quercetin then this will double the strength of your immune system.

Benefits of Quercetin

Arjuna -- 250mgs to 500 mgs per day (no side effects). This is the go-to Ayurvedic herb that so hugely benefits the heart. From the Indian research, this herb will help with most heart conditions because arjuna tends to help clear and drain the lymphatic system properly and safely which helps to greatly heal and strengthen the heart. I've also read that arjuna can cure angina. This is a heart loving herb.

Interfase -- This nutrient(Google it) contains protease enzymes, chitinase as well as hemicellulase digesting enzymes. This means that this nutrient will destroy both candida and all forms of bacteria and will also eliminate biofilms in the blood vessels and heart. Interfase will also help to remove dangerous arterial plaque build-up. This option is a strong protocol for both arterial and heart recovery since most inherent pathogens that infect the arteries and heart tend to automatically protect themselves from the body's immune system within their own impenetrable biofilms. Take this nutrient outside mealtimes for maximum absorption into the blood where it will do the most good.

Another simple nutrient that might help you would be to take two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil (VCO) on a daily basis. I take coconut oil in my pure ground black coffee every morning. According to the research -- VCO is able to kill any pathogen, including spirochetes, candida etc, that have a cell wall. Here's some research on the benefits of VCO:

Coconut Oil Peer Reviewed Research

VCO Health Benefits

In the more recent research that I've read, it has also been found that supplementing VCO daily also seems to act like a pro-biotic that can heal, change and stimulate the healthy growth and development of the gut microbiome -- the healthy and essential protective bacteria in your gut that is such an important part of your immune system.

(Mumbai Maharashtra India)
192 posts

Hi Bill,

What is your take on Nattokinase and Serrapeptase. How best they can be used towards heart health and plaque formation in the arteries. Your views are very important to me, if you can guide please. Thanks



Hi Bill! I would like to ask, if MCT oil - distilled from coconut, is it just as good for the body as cold-pressed oil from the pulp? Thanks, greetings ..

Replied by Sidney
(Northland New Zealand)

"Kia Ora Bill".. Thank you for your most valuable info and your book which has helped me reclaim back my health. I did a B/P reading last night about 1/2 hour after chain sawing some freshly downed pine trees for fire wood, this took me a couple of hours 116/78. Two weeks ago I wouldn't have lasted 1/2 an hour before I would have been exhausted. I know this surge of energy to my health is due to the Candida protocol as suggested in your book which is the major contributing factor, almost three weeks on this protocol and "WOW"... Will incorporate suggested protocol to my daily regime..

KEA-KAHA BILL live long and prosperous..

Replied by Sidney
(Northland New Zealand)

Thankx Bill.. I will be Patient slow but sure...

Replied by Becky/bl
35 posts

Anna & Bill,

Yes about 13 yrs ago I began having chronic ear infections. Doctors gave me antibiotics for three yrs results in explosive symptoms and destructions of my body. I was slurring, words, leaky gut now systemic Candida. I could go on and on with what Ive been through. In hindsight, I now realize I've had symptoms since birth, bronchitis, flank pain, heart pains, anemia... Then I realized my mother's asthma was probably fungal and my dad who died when they removed his entire colon for colitis probably had it as well.

Anyway, not knowing what I was doing, took herbs for about ten yrs but wasn't really doing anything to detox, just a kill protocol. I continued to decline to the point that most of my skin went from burning red rashes to dry thickening. I pleaded with Conventional doctors for help as they sat quiet and ran tests until deadly autoimmune marker of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease/Scleroderma came positive. I finally moved on to alternative where I learned I am Lyme positive but all those "specialists" couldn't recognize Candida skin and wanted to treat Lyme. I knew it was from the antibiotics/Candida.

One finally said IV peroxide. I was warned from another patient that it was bad for the veins but at this point I have this so bad through out my body my heart and legs were in great decline. Head was already burning from within for two yrs. I did two months of IV's and he told me I could do two more but that my veins would only be good for blood after that. I declined.

It did help but I feel I am declining again.. I ended up running my own nasal swab through Microbiology DX online and was my first and only positive test for not only Candida but also MRSA in sinus. All Candida tests were always neg, I think because I've had it so long. I took and just finish the nasal BEG spray with added antifungal.That is when I put it all together that I always had it at least in my ear. I've been watching my feet veins surface and blue lines running up my body through my face. Right where I feel my pain. I joined Robert Morse group/FB where they talk about the Lymphatic systemic and realized this was the blue lines. I peed in a jar in the AM and noticed I had no Kidney Filtration so my Kidneys were in decline. Then because I was so dependent on coffee I realized my Adrenals are down. I was down to eating Romaine, cucumber and Avocado for 2/3 meals per day. Using Robert Morse Heal All Tea, Lung Tea (Mullein) and a product called Colon Detox by Speedyvite as given me some improvement in my gi.

With the Kidney Issues, I didn't do Bill's protocol because I didn't know if the baking soda would create an imbalance with minerals. so I've been on Morses Kidney and Adrenal herbs. I wonder if I could just use the Baking soda AM/PM and SB/Lemon in the day or if they would create an imbalance? I tried the Iodine but twice got swelling where I have nodules. I think I am really depleted of nutrients at this point.


Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)

Hi Baldev...If you take either Nattokinase or Serrapeptase then this would certainly benefit your heart because both contain protease digesting enzymes that will digest or kill plaque and pathogens as well. Ted from Bangkok also advises a cheaper version of a protein digesting enzyme called bromelain (derived from the pineapple) which will have the same action as Serrapeptae and Nattokinase. Both bromelain and papain (from papaya) are protease enzymes that also have the added advantage of both working within any acid or an alkaline range -- i.e., their correct digestive action is not dependent on a restricted pH range in other words.

But if I had heart problems I would want to be sure that I have covered all the bases. So here is what I would additionally take for any form of heart disease to both heal and protect my heart:

Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna): Take 250mgs to 500mgs per day with meals. This revered Indian herb has been taken for millenia for heart problems. It's main action is to help decongest and drain the body's lymph system. It also does much more for the heart. It's action also greatly strengthens the heart.

Chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruri): Take the tea form or supplement the capsule form at 500mgs to 700mgs twice a day with meals.This is another commonly used Indian herb (called bhumyamalaki in Hindi) that is also revered in both Unani and Ayurvedic medicine. This herb's benefits for the heart are wide and numerous: lowers blood pressure naturally, safely reduces excess calcium in the blood, reduces blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, used for kidney and liver support and it does so much more besides. This is one of my favourite herbs for sure. My wife has just harvested a large batch of Chanca piedra today from our garden. We will dry out this herb in the shade and I will start supplementing it again as a simple tea and preventative to help support my heart, kidney, liver and blood. This is a wonderfully protective herb for the heart and body.

Niacin: Supplement 500mgs three times a day with meals. Start dosage is 100 mgs then you should slowly work up to the 500mgs per dose if you can. Beware the niacin flush. In fact the niacin flush is proof of the beneficial action of niacin. The heart can be stressed and overworked due to "thick" or "clumpy" blood. So whenever you take higher dose niacin this nutrient acts to safely "unclump" the blood to make it more healthy thus removing the dangerous strain on the heart(which could cause a heart attack). Niacin also tends promote a stronger heart beat while, at the same time, reducing the strain on the heart by promoting the release of NO into the blood which makes the arterial walls more elastic so that blood pressure is safely reduced. It's also notable that all drugs companies that produce statin drugs are now somewhat desperately combining statins with niacin in their formulations due to all the bad press statin drugs have received lately. My simple view is that everyone should avoid statins like the plague and just take the cheaper higher dose niacin instead and you will get more heart benefit without all the dangerous and horrible side-effects from statins.

Selenium: 200mcgs to 400mcgs per day with meals. This herb is specifically used for removing mercury from the body and is also taken to increase a key anti-oxidant enzyme in the body called glutathione peroxidase. Recent notable research has discovered quite an interesting fact about the behavior of mercury in the human body. Mercury has been found to combine with human host cell wall components to create something called hapten markers. Put simply, the immune system's antibodies do not attack host cells because all host cells contain a special code that tells the antibodies not to attack it. But when mercury forms hapten markers on the host cell protein then the special code is radically altered so that when the host antibodies interrogate the host cell code -- it is mis-identified as the enemy and so the anti-bodies attack and destroy that host cell. This is a typical auto-immune reaction. So if you supplement selenium to get rid of the mercury from your body(which also acts to remove all the hapten markers on host cells) then this should also help to greatly reduce any auto-immune reactions or auto-immune diseases occurring in not only the heart but also in the all the other body tissues and organs as well. I've also been supplementing selenium on a daily basis for 11 years.

If you are just trying to reduce arterial plaque in your body then you could use Dr Linus Pauling's cheap, simple and natural Vitamin C + Lysine therapy. To supplement this protocol properly add 1000 mgs vitamin C powder to a half glass of water. Then add sodium bicarbonate to the mix until all the fizzing stops. This creates the alkaline form of vitamin C -- sodium ascorbate. Finally add 1000 mgs of lysine powder to this mix. Just make sure everything is dissolved and drink it down. Take this protocol 6 to 8 times a day outside mealtimes for best heart-healing effect. This anti-arteriosclerotic and cholesterol-lowering protocol works well -- you can watch and listen to Dr Pauling's own astonishing testimonials concerning his heart protocol here. Notably this Vitamin C + Lysine therapy is exactly the same as Ted from Bangkok's anti-viral protocol and is also used as a major component in his anti-cancer therapy. So there would also be many other benefits from this therapy besides just making the heart strong and healthy again.

Replied by Sidney
(Northland New Zealand)

Kia Ora Good people.. I've been on my Candida journey for almost a month now to healing myself from tips and recommends from this awesome site.. The thing is I've just developed this nagging cough with green colour phlegm and a slight running nose. Is this part of the herx one experience with the die off? I think it started about a week ago. Any thoughts..

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Yes, Sidney, sounds like you're cleaning out.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Google an article by Walter Last on how to cure the common cold~ pretty much spells it all out in about ten pages with links on what you are really up against and it isn't a cold. Fight the good fight of faith while you battle in the natural.

Replied by Sidney
(Northland New Zealand)

Thankx Mmsg...

Thankx Charity.. Will def read..

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Mary (Mesa, Az) on 08/15/2018

Good afternoon. I just finished reading Bill Thompson's killing so sweetly book. I wanted to know how to exactly take the things he recommends exactly. For example, he says when taking the iodine to make sure to take the companion nutrients. However, it doesn't tell exactly how much of each companion nutrient to take. I also have a few other questions on the protocols like for example: The alkalizing protocols in the book shows the different protocols. Does this mean I just have to do one of them in that section or all them? Thank You

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Patricia (Gkenwood Springs, Co) on 02/14/2018

Hi there - after 3 years of misdiagnosis I finally got the Fungal Infection Diagnosis. After the 12 week anti-fungal medicine - that did nothing - I happened to come across Bill Thompson's Book - "Killing so Sweetly" What a great book. Have been on the Kill Protocol for about 2 weeks, following everything to the T. My question today please is - how long will a Killing Protocol like this take? I have lost some weight and don't have much body fat reserves to spare. And I am determined to stay on the program until the fungal infection is gone. Please give me a rough estimate of time. 6 weeks? 6 Months? Thank you.

Replied by Cassie
(Fort Lauderdale, Fl)

I've been wondering how long I need to be on the protocol as well? I travel for work and I want to make sure I have everything I need to keep going. Anyone know??

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Leslie T (Usa) on 09/19/2017

Hi Bill, I love your book and I am doing the candida cleanse. I feel well (slightly low energy) and even lost a little weight. My question is why am I so cold for about an hour every time I take the Iodine? I am usually not someone who feels cold ever.

Replied by Bill
(The Philippines)

Hi Leslie...It could be that you have been having a healing crisis when using the iodine protocol. Dr Brownstein says that, initially, most people will always get Herx symptoms from the iodine protocol which is usually caused by iodine displacing and removing large amounts of bromine or flourine from the cells into the blood.

Are you also taking the recommended Salt Loading Protocol on a daily basis together with the iodine protocol? This protocol helps to remove the flourine/bromine quickly from your body and should help to get rid of your problem. See the Salt Loading Protocol in this document:

The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Shelagh O. (Us) on 02/25/2017

Hello Bill,

I have read your "Candida, Killing so Sweetly" ebook from Amazon. Can I do the candida treatment when breastfeeding or do you have a modified version that is safe to do when breastfeeding. I will be breastfeeding for another two years so I don't want to wait until I'm done. He is 15 months old and very healthy. I eat a raw vegan diet with raw garlic which is why I have no gut symptoms and I have no brain fog nor tiredness.... unless I eat processed food. I have had this for over 20 years I think and in the last two years started getting itchy red scaly patches on my skin and terrible rush of SIBO if I eat processed food (but I can quickly kill it with grapefruit seed extract), 10 years ago very itchy skin in some areas especially if I eat a sugary processed food, and also about 8 years ago, histamine intolerance and I believe it has severely weakened my hormones and adrenals over time because I have very low blood pressure, but thyroid tested normal. When I took grapefruit seed extract for the first time ever to stop a SIBO attack, I could feel pain for hours in the small intestine and massive headache afterwards which makes me think the fungus has given me leaky gut and I was feeling where it had poked holes into the intestinal wall. Your book is the best I have read on this subject. Thanks

Replied by Leslie T

I am no expert here but I do know just about everything in your blood ends up in your milk. Why not just do the diet part and avoid the sugars, complex carbs and processed foods. I would think the alkalizing practicals once a day and of course make sure that you are getting the right vitamins and minerals. Since the Borax and Baking soda is not really toxic you might be able to do those at a very low dose. Really though, wile you are nursing I think the baby is the priority.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by S.connors (Sw Florida) on 07/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

3 Weeks on Bill's Candida cure -

Update and Questions: I have been following the program except I didn't start with the zinc. I completely forgot to order it. Love the alkaline drink through the day, my PH has never been higher! For the first time, I feel like I could win this battle against my systemic candida. I am drinking the Pau Darco and Gymenma Tea all throughout the day and loving it!

I do feel like it's working but I am concerned about a few symptoms:

1. I easily bruise like never before and these bruises are large and I don't remember ever hitting or bumping myself where they appear?!

2. Tired! I feel really tired all day long. I've read everyone gets energy from the iodine, but I am not experiencing that.

3. Menses has stopped but the good news is I had no PMS!?!

4. Sleep. I get hot flashes at night and interrupted sleep.

5. Strong nails are now peeling and chipping. Hair growth has slowed significantly.

Replied by Clever_nickname
(Vancouver, Bc)

Hello fellow health crusaders!

I am planning on starting this protocol shortly to target my skin fungus, which is on my feet hands and I believe face. I believe that I do have a systemic candida problem as well. Has anyone tried this protocol to specifically target skin fungus?

Thank you kindly and best of luck on your health journey!

Replied by Bill

Hi Clever...

My ebook should certainly help you to get rid of your systemic candida problem. But I think that there might perhaps be more bad things going on in your living environment as well. I say this because you have serious fungal skin problems as well. And if it's also the case that you also have lung or bronchial problems then this might also indicate that your apartment/home is infested with mold, which is a form of fungus. So I would perhaps get your living space checked for mold and get rid of it as quickly as possible. Mold like Aspergillus niger release millions of microscopic fungal spores into the into the air in your living environment which can easily infect both the skin and the lungs. So if you don't get rid of the mold from your home first then you will always be fighting a losing battle with the fungus in your body.

I would advise that you should take the full protocol that's in the ebook. An alternative and updated anti-candida protocol is also shown here.

As well as taking the anti-candida protocol I would also advise that you do the following every week to help directly resolve your fungal skin issues. At least two or three times a week take a hot bath and add the following ingredients to the bathwater:

1/2 cup Magnesium Chloride

1/2 to 1 cup Sodium Bicarbonate

1/2 shot whisky glass of gum turpentine

1 cup 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

Stay in the bath for at least 20 minutes to allow the above ingredients to be absorbed into your body to help kill the fungal infections on the skin.

And please don't forget to get your house/apartment checked for mold.

Replied by Clever_nickname
(Vancouver, Bc)

Hey Bill!

Thank you so much for your reply and insight! I really appreciate your taking the time to respond. I have read your ebook cover to cover and I'm very excited to start the protocol. I will post here once I begin!

I will be sure to try your hot bath treatment as well. does 1/2 shot whiskey glass mean half of a shot glass, aka half an ounce?

Thank you again for your help and concern, best wishes

Replied by Becky
(Santa Rosa, Ca)
35 posts

hi Bill,

i am desperately trying to find help with my health. It declined 12 years ago after being given Antibiotics for three years for ear infections. Spent 12 years telling doctors those antibiotics changed my life. Then last year I was also diagnosed with Chronic Lyme. To me, it was the antibiotics. Most of my skin is changing. Began with red itchy dots at the end of the antibiotics, hands/feet broke out.

I m now pretty much in bed most all day because of my muscles mostly in my left legs, burn and can't hold me up.

Taking ibprophren to manage the pain. But notice time when my liver/kidneys hurt.

I read your book and am trying to get started but have a few questions.

1. If doing both borax and bs, do I need to check ph or worry it could become too high?

2. Do I take the baking Soda and Borax forever?

3. since the antibiotics I seem to suffer malabsorption. I have ordered a fulvic acid supplement. Should I take potassium, as it runs at the low of normal? And the rest of your suggested supplements all I need.

4. Is there anything I should watch for while doing your program? I plan to do it the way you log in the book for a daily log with Iodine, Borax, Baking Soda and Turpentine.

5. what can I use in a bath? I took a bath with magnesium flakes once and came out looking like I was set on fire and burning badly?

Greatly appreciated


Replied by Becky
(Santa Rosa, Ca)

Do we have to use the Magnesium in the bath. Last time I did this I came out looking/feeling burnt?


Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
236 posts

If you have trouble with Magnesium in the bath you can try Magnesium oil perhaps rubbed on the soles of feet before bed. Many people actually report redness when first using transdermal magnesium. You might also try a protector like coconut oil before you applied the magnesium.

Replied by Sue
(New Jersey)

I've used milk of magnesia (dry COMPLETELY) for skin fungal infections. Desitin works too.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Mcr583 (Saco, Me) on 06/15/2016

I have struggled with systemic candida for about 10 years. I am so glad to have found your book, Bill. Question for Bill: I am doing your alkalizing combo: ACV, Lemon, BS, MSM, Glutamine, Vitamin C, and Gymn Sylves. herb twice a day. I am experiencing muscle weakness and fatigue- I'm guessing from the high sodium. so I have not been taking water and BS outside of this remedy. Should the lemon be enough to balance K/Na? Should I take potassium bicarb with this remedy? I am starting to feel better and am on day 10.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Mcr583...If you want the protocol to be more powerful then just add either lugols iodine or borax to your alkalizing combo -- but do not combine borax together with iodine because this will cancel out their beneficial effects. The dose for 5% lugol's iodine is 6 drop's per glass(work up to that dose slowly) twice a day in the alkalizing combo. The way you add borax is to just use it as a solution instead of water. The main anti-candida protocol is shown here. This document also describes how to make borax water and borax tea as well.

If you are sensitive to sodium for whatever reason then you can also add sodium bicarbonate to the drink as well. Generally the potassium dose is half the sodium dose. So if you're using 1/4 tspn SB, then just use 1/8 tspn potassium bicarbonate. I would also start taking magnesium chloride or magnesium citrate -- 250 mgs twice a day -- since excess calcium can also affect your potassium and sodium levels. Magnesium helps to properly balance and regulate the calcium.

If you have muscle weakness, then its advisable to strengthen your energy system. You can do this by taking B50 complex once or twice a day with meals. Additionally I would try taking 500 mgs niacinamide three times a day with meals. Niacinamide is an antifungal and is also a strong immune booster as well, so you might initially get a Herx reaction with this one.

Your energy problem might also be due to methylation issues in your body. So start off by taking 500 mgs of TMG or Trimethylglycine twice a day with meals. You'll know if its working because it tends to improve digestion and also helps to lift depression. You can take up to 5000 mgs of TMG per day. You will also know when you are taking too much because excess TMG will make you feel anxious and irritable. So, in this way, you should be able to find the ideal TMG dose that best suits you.

I would also strongly advise that you take the Turpentine protocol as advised in the above link. This will not only rapidly kill the candida and parasites, but it will also act to kill all associated candida co-infections from other pathogen species as well, which are always usually present when systemic candida dominates your body. So this one is a must. Protocol details are in the link above. You should also expect a Herx healing crisis with this one, so if this happens then adjust your turpentine dosages down accordingly.

Replied by Genie
(Ne Ohio Usa)
5 posts

Bill..I'm in the beginning stages of candida protocols according to your book. I've many questions and have been reading all your posts to see if some are already addressed. I'm still learning to navigate this complicated forum so I don't know if I'm posting this in the right way in the best place.

Your first statement above is not to mix borax and iodine. I've been on borax and Apple Cider Vinegar alkalizing for 3.5 months. And other of the basic protocols like VCO. Will be getting to telling of much great success. Totally new at that time to any natural healing.

I posted here because one of my first big questions was whether I could use all 5 of the choices for 'candida attack protocols' and you mention that here. Book says to pick 3 of them but it's not clear if you're saying ONLY 3 of them. And I could be wrong in quoting but I've tried to read thoroughly but I don't remember if it said not to use iodine and borax together. I've already used them all but I've only managed to get 4 drops of iodine 4 times a day on one day and the others I've only dabbled slowly with. (Due to my challenges working the schedule..not because of herx or anything like that and I worked up slowly to dose and frequency.) Only the borax, alkalizing, and pretty good diet compliance has been done long term.

So maybe I'm completely misunderstanding "...If you want the protocol to be more powerful then just add either lugols iodine or borax to your alkalizing combo -- but do not combine borax together with iodine because this will cancel out their beneficial effects." anyway.

Then also I don't understand what you mean by "The way you add borax is to just use it as a solution instead of water. " Do you mean where people only take a spoonful of borax water a day?

So ...sorry it's lengthy to explain and finally here's the question/point: I feel I need the iodine but I must stay on borax because I started this venture 3.5 months ago due to a gigantic infestion of demodex brevis/folliculorum mites. They're much better but much still lingering. I know the borax is killing them but maybe theres so darn many it's taking a long time to get to all the eggs hatching. Then with further study I realized I know I have a very stiff case of candida and a good chance of full systemic. (Heavy duty treatment for stage 4.25 cancer...just for one thing.)

I've assumed I'd be still staying on the borax and start the candida protocols too. So it looks like maybe I've got to reconsider that? I really wanted that iodine now. Lol. I'm starting Clark's parasite protocol but I don't think that addresses mites.

I made 2 other posts with a little more history if you want to look at those. I never got those 2 questions answered because circumstantially the conversation got redirected and became all about mites rather than the borax questions. Haha the wonders of forums...and my lovely ADH ability to confuse people AND myself. I'm just wanting to get over the mites and I'm totally into whipping candida and other toxins out of my half dead life.

Thank you (and Ted) for the inspiration and your hard-earned experience, and then doing the hard work of sharing it.

Grateful Genie

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Chlytie (Northeastern Usa) on 03/26/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have systemic yeast, which has been in my life for about 20 years. I have tried many different approaches, and eat a pretty clean diet. Regular doctors have not been any help to me. Mostly my symptoms are digestive (bloating, bad digestion, body odor, bad breath, cravings, extremely low blood sugar, tiredness, allergies to dust, any type of animal, mold, chemicals, vinegar, sugar, wheat, dairy, etc., etc.) I follow a general anti-yeast diet, but not too strict, eat whole foods, consume very little protein and oils, as animal protein and oils make me stink, and I cannot digest them.

I started my cleansing program with diatomaceous earth, about 2 weeks ago. I had also been drinking gymnema sylvestre, which really helped the daily dizziness and weakness when I got hungry.

I notice 2 days of improved breath, but then was extremely bloated, stinky, etc. for about 1 week. Then I passed 2 bowel movements of what looked like a lot of rice (apparently tapeworm, chopped into bits by the diatomaceous earth). I felt better.

At the same time I have been doing fresh carrot juice and coffee enemas (maybe every other day).

Then I started iodine, (1 drop day 1,2 drops day 2,4 drops day 5,6,7) which even with 4 drops immediately helped the nasal congestion (I am extremely congested all over... in my nose, body, have vaginal discharge although not a yeast infection there, which apparently corresponds to sinus congestion). I have been taking molybdenum + companion nutrients, and have noticed not die-off. (Normally in the past when I do an anti-yeast cleanse I am seriously sick for about 7 days, and all of my symptoms are terrible, and I stink). The congestion feels like it is even in my ears. It is very uncomfortable.

Then I took 1 tsp pine tar turpentine with 1 TBSP castor oil. The next day I was very spaced out, it felt like I was floating, the breath was worse. I did not notice any digestive symptoms. Must be die-off. Will post again in a few days.

I am very happy to have discovered this approach, and very grateful to Bill Thomson for writing his book.

Replied by Fernando

Did you notice any improvement with the iodine protocol?

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Willow (Bc, Canada) on 12/15/2015

I had been seeing a Naturopathic Doctor for what she/we believed to be candida and perhaps leaky gut. So she treated me for that and I think I had *some* success. But here I am a few months down the road and I have adrenal fatigue and a huge cyst of my thyroid! I have been under a lot of stress lately with multiple deaths in the family and dealing with my daughter who has been damaged by a vaccine. Now my N.D. wants to treat my adrenal fatigue but seems to have forgotten about my past(?) candida issues.

So, I have read Bill's book and acquired all the necessary things, turps, biofilm disruptor, etc. but I'm not sure if I should proceed with treating myself. I'm nervous to mention this method (tuprs) to my N.D., she might think I'm nuts.

Should I forget candida for now and treat adrenals? Or try to get candida under control in hopes that it might help my thyroid?

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Joseph (Guatemala) on 10/22/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Hi, I have been on two months of treatment Candida Anti Bill Thompson, but lately the veins are more dilated, especially in my legs and feet. Is this the effect of niacin ??? any suggestions or advice would be very useful, thanks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Joseph...You say that your blood vessels are dilating when you take the protocol and, for the most part, it probably is due to the niacin. But other nutrients like Vitamin C and Magnesium will also help to keep your blood vessels clear and healthy. Niacin or niacinamide (B3) is a vital B vitamin which has many benefits for the body. Niacin is also very safe to take, even at high dosages. Although both niacin and niacinamide are similar in their actions, I usually prefer taking the niacin form at high dose because it's much more useful for maintaining a healthy heart and circulation(because of its niacin-flush effect). Little known is that niacin can also cure schizophrenia, depression, bi-polar disorder etc. See this link. And if that wasn't enough, niacin/niacinamide can also kill fungus, so it can and should be used against candida as part of your daily regimen. Niacin also acts as an anti-histamine as well.

I take niacin regularly most days because it relaxes me. Dr Abram Hoffer, a big niacin promoter and a key niacin researcher, always maintained that niacin would extend your life if taken regularly. He took high dose niacin on a daily basis for over 50 years and died at the ripe age of 93.

If the niacin flush bothers you then you can either cut down on the dose and/or take niacin at mealtimes. Another form of niacin you can take is the no-flush or slow release niacin form called inositol hexanicotinate. This form of niacin should give no flush at all because it is the slow release form of niacin.

Replied by Timh
2080 posts

B: On the topic of Niacin, I take 50mg several times daily with either Niacinamide or Inositol Hexanicotinate. I also take 10mg Coenzyme-1 / NADH almost daily. Some people, like myself, have difficulty converting Niacin to NADH so supplementing is valuable. To help this conversion, supplement Aspartic Acid & D-Ribose to obtain maximum NADH levels for optimal energy & health function, particularly brain & heart.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Ben (Kansas) on 09/19/2015

Hi Bill,

I wanted to ask you about your thoughts regarding the turpentine and food-grade hydrogen peroxide protocols, and whether these can be used in conjunction with the Lugol's iodine therapy. I am having difficult finding any material on these 3 specific protocols used together. If so, what would you theorize would be a possible schedule for taking these things during the day to avoid potential harmful interactions, and at what dosages for maximum effectiveness?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide or if you can point me in the direction of additional resources on this!

Take care, Ben

Replied by Ben
(Lawrence, Kansas)

Also, my digestion is poor due to leaky gut, so I'm struggling to time everything out, since the turpentine, iodine, and Borax cannot be taken at the same times, but both the iodine and the Borax must be split into multiple servings each day. How far apart do they really need to be taken, when my digestion is so poor? If I still have iodine, for example, in my system when I sip on some Borax, will that cause major damage on my system? I have started taking enzymes with meals which is maybe starting to help, and I do the sodium bicarbonate an hour after meals usually to help as well. Does anyone else with leaky gut have experience with using these protocols together, have recommendations for timings, or have other suggestions? I sleep from about midnight to 9am usually, and eat meals around noon and 6, but am a slow eater and it takes awhile to digest as well.

Also, a couple more quick questions. Does anyone have experience with Borax and/or turpentine enemas (i.e. dosages, frequency, etc.)? Are either of them particularly helpful for systemic/fungal candida?

When taking turpentine, would it be OK to take 1 teaspoon of turpentine with BOTH 1 T castor oil and 1 teaspoon of sugar? Or do you have to pick either castor oil or sugar?

Replied by Juliana


donTMt use Hydrogen Peroxide food grade the same time with Iodine..

Mexican Doctors who treat cancer with natural remedies, advised me not to take the HP and Iodine at the same time, because HP becomes as simple water if you mix it with Iodine..


Replied by Ana Maria
(New Hampshire)

I also have issues with Leaky gut and I have already two weeks under the Candida Diet Protocol and I feel more energetic, I notice that still have issues with digesting the coconut oil in my meals and after each meal I burped a lot. I used to eat only twice a day, now since I started the protocol I am eating three time a day and the last one being the smallest portion. I was afraid to drink the SB an hour after meals, because I know digestion is already happening then, I always wait for two hours to drink. I notice that during this protocol is also very important to have a good rest for faster healing.

I am having the 1 tsp turpentine protocol just with water and 1 TBS castor oil and the first week (only three days per week)nothing happened, the second one really made me feel so dizzy and even had high fever for approx. 8 hours on the third day, still I did not see any monsters yet. Improvements, yes. But my belly gets so big and gassy when I drank the alkaline protocol with lemon, vit C, Iodine, SB, Fulvic Humic and I would like to know why to correct.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Enza (Rochester, Ny) on 09/13/2015

Hi Bill,

I hope I'm posting in the right area. I'm new to Earth Clinic. I am hoping you can help me with my Candidiasis. I'm also feeling the uncomfortable early stages of UTI, and am taking cranberry supplements for it (and hoping it works! ).

I live in an area with hard water, and have been starving the candida by not having sugar, starch and carbohydrates. I have recently switched to spring water. I've been taking garlic, ground flax seeds, and cooking with virgin coconut oil for a month now. Though I take them haphazardly, not following any particular schedule as I knew of none. I keep meat to a minimum, and eat salads most of the time. - I'm really sick of salad, by the way. Sometimes I skip a meal because of it. So now I am now exploring bone broth soups and fermented vegetables (My first attempt at saurkraut is almost ready to try). I have also been drinking Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother), 1/2 lemon and 1tsp-1TBSP of cinnemon with 8oz of water a few times a week. All this to stave off the candida beast until I can decide on a protocol to tame it.

I read your updated Candida Protocol, and want to try it. It appeals to me because it seems more clear than others, and I see actual people posting here about their journey, but I have some questions, if you don't mind.

1. Should I begin with a colon cleanse / oxygen cleanse to minimize die-off symtoms before I start your protocol? I've heard others have had success with minimizing die-off symptoms by doing a cleanse before they begin treatment. I am primarily concerned with how much I will be able to endure the die-off. I don't have access to a doctor, so I want to minimize die-off as much as possible.

2. In 'The Health Defence Diet', it says "no dairy", does this include kefir? I have typically been consuming milk kefir, one 8oz glass a day and was planning to begin making my own because of the increase in good bacteria.
My boyfriend and I are at a face-off with this. He says kefir is a definite no if I plan to follow your protocol because of the calcium. I always thought kefir was the exception to the dairy rule (as it is in other candida protocols) because of the amount of beneficial bacteria it holds. Please clear this up for us.

3. Regarding the type of recommended water, spring or mineral water; if I choose to make my own mineral water, do I want one that has more calcium/magnesium or alkaline magnesium?

4. Just to clarify with regard to the multivitamins, are these separate from the Iodine Protocol Companion Nutrients listed?
My boyfriend thinks we need to find the listed Iodine Protocol Companion Nutrients IN the multivitamin and supplement whatever is missing from the multivitamin. I assumed I take the multivitamin daily and the Iodine Protocol Companion nutrients whenever I take iodine. In otherwords, in my head I kept them separate. So now we happily confused ourselves.

5. I am reading candida and UTI are common, am I alright to continue to take cranberry supplements while on your protocol or is there something else I can do to deal with it?

6. With regard to food, avocado is a fruit but it is not a citrus. Is this okay to have? We typically have it on our salads. Also, I did not find anything in the diet that said no carrots or root vegetables. I've been staying away from them lately. Does this mean they are allowed in the diet?

Looking forward to your response so I can get started on my healing journey! I know patience is required when it comes to healing and rebalancing, but while I certainly am enjoying all the things I am learning, I honestly can't wait to be rid of this candida imbalance. Thank you and salamat!


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Enza...In answer to your questions:

1. Should I begin with a colon cleanse / oxygen cleanse to minimize die-off symtoms before I start your protocol?

You can take a colon cleanse if you wish. But, since systemic candida can involve quite a number of other pathogen species as well, I generally prefer taking laxatives regularly once a week with my protocol. My reasons for this are that a colon cleanse may well help you, but it certainly wont clear out the whole intestines like a good laxative can. A colon cleanse will certainly help with fecal caking, absorption of water and minerals into the body and may help to kill pathogens in the last 10 ft of the intestines -- but what about the remaining upper 20 ft of the intestines that's still infected with candida and other pathogens? That's why I prefer the laxative approach.

2. In 'The Health Defence Diet', it says "no dairy", does this include kefir?...

Kefir is made with yeast/bacteria. Candida is also a yeast/fungus so perhaps not advised to take kefir.

3. Regarding the type of recommended water, spring or mineral water;

I would just drink mineral water. To assure getting your daily minerals you could also buy a product like CMD or concentrated mineral drops, which are alkaline, that you can just add to your drinking water as well. I do this too on a daily basis because its so easy and simple just to add the CMD to any drink. Google CMD.

4. Just to clarify with regard to the multivitamins, are these separate from the Iodine Protocol Companion Nutrients listed?

The magnesium, zinc, B vitamins, selenium, vitamin C etc are all part of the iodine protocol and very necessary because most of these minerals/vitamins are sadly lacking in our modern diets today. I also recommend, depending on what else is wrong with the candida sufferer, taking detoxers like ALA, Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Chanca piedra etc(depending on their symptoms), which are all very protective for the liver/kidney and which also help to purify the blood.

I really have very little faith in mass produced multivitamins from my own experience because so many of them sold out there don't even dissolve properly in the intestines -- so they are effectively useless. So whenever possible, I prefer taking minerals, vitamins and herbs at proper orthomolecular dosages, as pure powders, without any caking agents or other strange and unnecessary additives that go into making convenient pills. Taking tinctures and natural extracts made in the old way(without using preservatives, high heat or added chemicals) is also a good form.

5. I am reading candida and UTI are common, am I alright to continue to take cranberry supplements while on your protocol or is there something else I can do to deal with it?

In your case your UTI problem is more likely to be a fungal or mycoplasm problem because you already have candida. But no harm continuing the cranberry if you feel that its working. If it isn't working for he UTI then try Chanca piedra tea or powder.

6. With regard to food, avocado is a fruit but it is not a citrus. Is this okay to have? We typically have it on our salads. Also, I did not find anything in the diet that said no carrots or root vegetables. I've been staying away from them lately. Does this mean they are allowed in the diet?

Fresh avocado should be fine occasionally in your diet. Vegetables are generally also included in this diet, so carrots, top-veg and root veg(excluding those high in carbohydrates like potatoes) will be fine. Eating white meat -- turkey, chicken, fish -- is also ok.

The full candida protocol is shown here. I would also recommend that you should take Gymnema sylvestre tea or undecanoic acid daily in your protocol as well. These two stop candida morphing into its more virulent fungal form. Other useful supplements that you can use and investigate for yourself against candida are: colostrum, pau d'arco, cat's claw.....I've written way to much already!!

Replied by Julietta

Where is the iodine protocol companion list please ..? Realise I have been knocking out the probiotics I have been taking as I am taking iodine at the same time ... doh ... ?! Thank you ..

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Julietta...The complete Iodine Protocol, including companion nutrients and all other information, is here:

The Iodine Protocol

Replied by Enza
(Rochester, Ny)
4 out of 5 stars

Hi Bill!

Happy New Year! (I know its February, but I was struggling in January and didn't want to be at the PC.) I started your program 5 months ago, and I am finally at the Turpentine stage. Naturally, I have some questions for you. I hope you have time to answer them.

My first dose of turpentine was 1/2 tsp in castor oil, and I felt utterly fantastic for 3 days afterward. I even got back to painting. I hadn't picked up a brush in 15 years! I got so much done. My brain was clear, I was motivated, and I felt like no one could stand in my way. It didn't last though. The following week, I took my second dose. Still at 1/2 tsp in castor oil, it was an improvement, but not as spectacular as the first. I took my third dose just yesterday (3/4 tsp this time, in castor oil), and I felt a little better, but again not as strong as the previous doses even though I raised the amount slightly. Still, it was enough to help me get over an anxiety/depressive moment. Does this mean I should increase my dose more significantly next time instead of progressing at every quarter teaspoon? (I admit to being a bit timid about this. This protocol is a tough one for me to take due to the smell of the oils coming back up, but I cant deny the results)

Also, I have noticed that around the time of taking the second turpentine dose, I get a burning sensation in my stomach (and rarely up to my sternum) that lasts a while after I eat, and I seem to fall asleep about an hour after eating as well. At first I thought I was just tired or overate, but even small meals have this effect on me. I have tried cutting my food in half so I eat even less, and am often tempted not to eat at all, but I know that's impossible and am already losing too much weight as it is. My boyfriend is concerned about this, as am I, so I said I'd write you for advice. What do you think is happening and what can I do about it?

One more thing. I have a filling. It's my last one. I've been taking 1 dose of chlorella (1/2 TBSP in a glass of water) 1 hour after the turpentine as you recommended in the protocol, but read somewhere on the internet that if I have a filling, it will make me feel worse when taking chlorella? (I dont remember the source, my head isn't always clear) Is this true? Removing the filling is not an option for me. Can I keep going on the protocol even with the filling in tact?


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Enza...Happy New Year and well done using the protocol!

You needn't fear turpentine. For over the last three years I've been helping an autistic kids group with there own protocols(they follow Kerri Rivera's Protocol). Without any doubt, candida and parasites are huge players and are perhaps the main reason and cause for ASD problems in kids and babies. I introduced this ASD kids group to gum turpentine as well as alkalizing, borax, lugol's iodine, chlorella etc. The kids(ranging from 4 to 12 yo) were taking up to a full teaspoon without any problems apart from the Herx effects. Some parents were also giving their kids dose much more frequently(even on a daily basis). So you really have nothing to fear when using turpentine. I take turps on a regular basis too, usually once a week for preventative maintenance and I've been doing this without any problems for about 4 years.

After taking the turpentine, the burning sensation that you mentioned is quite normal. To get rid of the burning sensation, just take 1/2 tspn baking soda(sodium bicarbonate) with a glass of water and it will disappear. I do this sometimes.

What I would also advise is to try and increase your turpentine dose to one full teaspoon of turps taken together with a tablespoon of castor oil. I would also increase your dosage frequency to 3 times a week(and take the weekends off).

You could also vary your turps method and try taking a teaspoon of turpentine with either some sugar, molasses or raw honey. Taking it this way, well outside mealtimes, the turps is directly absorbed from the stomach into the blood and will kill all pathogens in the blood and in this respect will help to purify your blood. You might get better results with this latter method, depending on whether your candida is systemic(in your blood organs and tissues) or not. The castor oil + turps is really meant to act in just the intestines to kill candida and pathogens there. So you could perhaps also vary your own turps method by taking the turps + castor oil twice a week and take the turps + honey or sugar or molasses method just once a week. This is really up to you.

You also mention feeling tired after you eat. For that I would recommend just 1/4 to 1/2 tsp baking soda + water after meals. This will stop the fermentation that occurs in the gut when you eat sugars and carbohydrates. Remember that candida loves gut fermentation of sugars, helps it to spread. Take the baking soda + water about 1/2 hr to 1 hr after your meal. That will hopefully stop all the tiredness and sleepiness and sugar spiking in the blood and it kills candida. Taking 1000 micrograms of both chromium and vanadium will also help insulin transport sugars into the cells thus increasing your energy. Drinking Gymnema Sylvestre(GS) tea 3 times a day will also safely help to keep sugar levels low in your blood and helps to prevent sugar spiking. GS also kills the more virulent form of candida(in the blood, organs and tissues) by preventing it from reproducing. Undecanoic acid or undecylenic acid will do exactly the same thing as GS wrt candida.

I would also advise and encourage you to supplement something that will help to give some mighty muscle to your immune system. Carnivora helps to balance the Th1 and Th2 sides of your immune system to help strengthen it(like balancing Yin and Yang). You can easily buy Carnivora online -- its only made by one company. It's an entirely natural and well produced supplement made from the Venus Flytrap plant which contains a remarkable array of nutrients in perfect natural balance. Read the research. Try taking the Carnivora capsules or extract(or both) for a month and see if it helps your energy and well-being. Also be warned that you might well get an initial Herx reaction from supplementing this nutrient because of the sudden wake up call and strengthening effect it will have on your immune system.

Even if you have one filling and you take chlorella, the mercury will have nowhere to go but out through the back-end. If you take chlorella then the alginates in the chlorella will bind to the mercury, whereever it finds it. Alginate is a huge molecule that cannot be absorbed into the blood from the intestines and that's why its safe. So no, chlorella won't harm you. Taking chlorella is the only detoxer that I know of that detoxes heavy metals in the gut without being absorbed into the body and without re-distributing heavy metals throughout the body.

Replied by Ana Maria

Never too much information, just reading help me in my own questions. Thanks for your time, Bill!!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ana Maria...

Unfortunately, there is alot of bad information about Lugol's Iodine out there so I'm not really surprised that people are confused, wary or afraid to supplement it. But if people actually knew how frequently LI was used by medical doctor's before WW2 it would perhaps astound them.

Before the 1940s, iodine was used very frequently by medical doctors for a wide range of serious diseases. For instance there was a successful and cheap heart remedy that was called iodo-niacin (50 mgs niacin, 120 mg potassium iodide) which worked well for heart and blood problems with no side-effects. This "drug" worked wonderfully but there was no money in it for the drugs companies because they couldn't patent it. So they got rid of it sharpish and now we have Lipitor. Lucky us?

Ironically, it is also true to say that Lugol's Iodine was the first "drug" ever invented or formulated by alopathic medicine in 1829 by Jean Lugol. It was used as a cure hypothyroidism in old medicine. Then in 1948 because of some bad research called the Wolff-Chaikoff report, LI was more or less marked as a poison and banished from supplementary use -- after one hundred successful years of higher dose LI use with no deaths?

And in those older, more honest days, it was also said that if doctors were stumped and didn't know what was wrong with a patient then they would just give them some daily iodine because iodine would always do something good. And believe it or not, medical history also informs us that it was also quite normal at that time for doctors to recommend dosages of up to and beyond 2000 mgs (or 320 drops) of 5% LI per day. But unfortunately, such high LI dosages are not really possible now -- some people can barely take one drop of LI per day without a severe reaction -- and this is because of the chemical poisons we continually stuff into our bodies every day via food, water, vaccines and drugs.

Before WW2 there were more honest doctors who wanted to cure you, few pesticides, no GMO, no vaccines, water quality was much better, the food was more natural and there were few supermarkets. That's really why people who start taking higher dose iodine today tend to suffer from such severe detox or Herx reactions. It's really all about your diet, lifestyle and your own susceptibility and belief in all that crappy agricultural, food and medical propaganda that is out there in the media today. They own the media now without a doubt and, as the trusting consumer, you are their most important monetary target. Never forget that. And the next time you visit your doctor, don't think of yourself as the patient. In terms of the drugs he will give you, I think it's much more honest to think of yourself as the all-trusting consumer because it's a much better fit.

Replied by Ana Maria


Thanks for answering me back. And you´re right about all the misinformation about good things as LI in the media etc etc. The good thing is, there are still some good people with good information from the past to make them available in the present and for future generations.

I started the Candida protocol on April 12th, I am drinking 10 drops of LI 4 times a day, I am also having the Turpentine protocol, perhaps looks like a weird thing, I enjoy having the turps, I do not mind the burping. Improved so dramatically my emotional state, I am joyful than ever, I know, the battle is not win yet, but all depends on me to win.

My story of illness is so long, back to the day I was born, and not one talked to me or tested for bacteria over grow, making so difficult to have the right treatment and heal long time ago. On August 2014 I found a Functional medicine web in the internet and looked for a doctor in my area and this new doc started treating me with Nystatin after having a candida test positive. I felt good only for a month and then what?? Nystatin again, and again and again, what a nonsense was to me!! I got the point of walking 1/2 mile in 30 minutes after walking one mile in 7 minutes (fast walk and hilliest), then, not even 1/2 mile, my legs were heavy to moved, from 125 pounds I got 73 pounds, I was very week and so discouraged, my eating habits changed to a healthier ones through the years of sufferings but not improvements,

I am a vegetarian and to gain weight I needed to add eggs and some chicken and fish to my diet but I do not enjoy eating flesh. Once I knew my malady was Candidiasis, I started researching more how to win this battle and I found this blog and bought your book and now I am in the road!!! I am honest, I was afraid to use the SB, the Borax, not the turpentine or LI, but I am here still alive and feeling much better, a lot of loose stool, but it is ok and I am expecting seeing some monsters coming out soon hee hee hee.

Thanks for all your work done and I have faith that I will win this battle, wait a minute, no, no, it is not only me, if I win, you and other people will win also through our experiences.

Replied by Enza
(Rochester, Ny)

Hi Bill,

Sorry, yes. I do have systemic candidia from my scalp to my toes, including oral and vaginal thrush. When my scalp gets red and itchy, I dab a little oregano oil or tea tree oil in the location. Same for my toes, but sometimes I just use a coconut oil concoction which is mixed with either lavender essential oil or tea tree oil. I alternate every week or every two weeks between the essential oils. it works fine for me.

The oral thrush seems to present itself in the mornings. It's not as bad as other photos I've seen on the internet since I can still brush away the coating, but there is a definite taste and it passes the 'candida spit test'. I imagine the thrush will go away with your protocol?

I wanted to tell you that I took your recommendation to try a little honey and turpentine once a week and continued the castor oil and turps twice a week. About two weeks after I began, I passed an 8" tapeworm! Wow! That surprised me, but it was also really cool! (Of course, it's hard to share such news with friends and family. Imagining the look on my mom's face just made me laugh. She's afraid of worms, lol.) I felt good after that, but uncertain if it was a real physical response or just the natural high of feeling a sense of progression on this journey. I felt like I hit a milestone in my healing process. I wish I could say I enjoyed the raw honey, but with the way it goes, the process is so quick, I don't get time to enjoy the sweetness, LOL! Most of the time I'm trying to keep the turpentine from dribbling onto my chin. Honey and turps day is always amusing for me. I am grateful no one is at home to witness my morning theatrics.

Moving onto your suggestion of how to deal with tiredness I get after eating. It happens less often now thanks to your baking soda suggestion. Now, I just move the baking soda protocol to after I eat instead of before. I hope that's okay. (I was just feeling overwhelmed with all the drinks, and still am, really.) Sometimes it doesn't work, and I kick it up to 1/2 tsp on the next meal when I'm fairly certain I'll get knocked out again.

I love Gymnea Sylvestre tea. I keep a really big tin of it now. When I have congestion from gas or have digestive issues, I add a few ginger slices to the steeping process, and it eases things. I add more ginger if I feel the gas or 'cold' enter the upper abdomen area. Sometimes I take extra baking soda/water. I also tend to add iodine in the tea so I can easily have it first thing in the morning, lunch and dinner. Can I mix the GS tea with chamomile tea or green tea? I could use some variety in my life, regardless how minute. I'm sure you know what that feels like.

Chlorella is fantastic! I take it even on the non-turpentine days when I start to experience die off symptoms and usually feel better afterward. Of course, it doesn't seem to work when I have flare ups, but it's actually a nice way to discern between the two. if I think its a flare up, I eat a lot of garlic and or ginger with my next meal. If I feel worse, I take chlorella and if it clears it up, great. If not .. well, I just lay down a bit before pressing onto the next part of the protocol. If it's bad, I pause the protocol and let my body rest for the remainder of that day. That's why I like your program, Bill. I am learning to listen to my body and go at its own pace.

Another plea for help is coming : Over the past few days I have had allergy problems. Before I continue, and in case it's relevant, I want to add that I've been getting a few mouth and tongue sores lately. The tongue sores I can easily treat with a dab of allum (let sit for 1-2 min, then rinse clean and don't eat or drink for at least 30m after), but the sore inside of my cheek doesn't respond to it, so I just gargle with Celtic salt and water before I got to bed and just ride it out.

The allergy is my main concern. I tend to get ear infections from them. I expected that I would get an allergic response when the weather warmed up here as I tend to get them during spring and fall, but this one arrived in the summer. I have a constant runny nose and post nasal drip, but now it's starting to approach my ears. I notice this whenever I swallow. I'd like to avoid a middle ear infection, which is what I usually get when this happens. In the past few years, I've used homeopathic pills such as Pulsatilla, to help prevent things getting worse, but I'm not sure if that will be okay to do given their sweet nature. Someone said the allergies could be candida related. Any thoughts on that and how to proceed?

PS: I finally bought the Carnivora. (Haven't taken it yet.)

Replied by Giark65
(Phoenix, Arizona)
12 posts

I'm relatively new but from reading the boards I've learned the inhalation of H202 will help clean your respiratory/sinus tract.

That may help with ears you can also use H202 with a few drops. Another is mix 50/50 white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a dropper. Put a few drops in each ear (tilting your head). I prefer the vinegar over H202 treatment.

And as a general tonic for the body it would not hurt to do 2 tbsps. of ACV + 1/4 tsp. of baking soda twice a day.

There are more options if this doesn't work. But this is the easiest and cheapest. If you haven't dabbled in essential oils, one of there many benefits is when used in a diffuser or inhaled via steam. They have anti-microbial and anti-inflammation capabilities. I like using a combo of peppermint, eucalyptus and pine oil.

Great story you shared! I truly enjoy hearing success stories and these testimonials people are encouraging for others to follow a more natural path to healing.

Best to you.


Replied by Enza
(Rochester, Ny)

Hello Kraig!

Welcome to Earth Clinic! How kind of you to reach out and offer suggestions for me. I was surprised to read that article about H202. I use it primarily in my fish tanks and recently learned I could oxygenate plant roots with it. After my initial reaction, logically thinking, it wasn't that much of a leap to consider inhaling it. I might try that after all. I'll just need to review my protocol to make sure there's no warning or conflicting issue. (Unless Bill chimes in before I find my binder.)

Your reply helped shed some light on something that I've been forgetting lately. Bill's protocol recommends alkalizing with baking soda and raw apple cider vinegar, and I've noticed that I've cut that down significantly. I really should keep track of that stuff. I may need to start using an app to help me keep better record of things. A timer couldn't hurt either; preferably something not on a website where I can easily forget to check. Happens too often.

I have some essential oils that I use in coconut oil as a lotion to treat my candida skin rashes. It works quite well, but I've not done much else with EOs. I admit to trying steam inhalation via towel over a bowl of hot water and a added a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. It worked nicely for a bit but then congestion returned minutes after. I will need to fetch me some pine oil.

Do you think a proper essential oil diffuser would make much of a difference, or am I okay doing the steam inhalation method over a bowl of boiled water? I have a humidifier but there's a sticker on it that says not to put oils in it. Heh. (Someone obviously tried that already! )

I guess I have a few things to adjust in my protocol now, but I'm looking forward to seeing changes Thank you again for your helpful reply. Have a wonderful day!

- Enza

(Sr, Ca)
35 posts

Enzo, I've been following your messages here and seem to be in the same situation I would be interested in how you were doing now, a year later. I've been desperately trying to get help here, to no avail. Seems dead on this site. Becky

Replied by Kraig
12 posts

Enza, I suspect the H202 inhalation with a pump spray as described in the link will significantly help with your allergies, as well as maintaining your AVC + BS protocol. I've found no contraindications on this board with Bill's protocol in using H202. The essential oils do help and eucalyptus is a good one for inhalation. Steam works though diffusers aren't that expensive given the multiple use for them, and ease of use. Organic raw coconut oil also works well internally for allergies. One tbsp. x2 day is therapeutic for most. Give these a shot and see how you respond in a week. I will mention I also take 1 tbsp. x2 a day of black seed oil and often my nose runs immediately within minutes of taking. Black seed oil is a little pricey but there are so many benefits, including its properties against candida. Http:// Best to you, Kraig

Replied by Wendy

I also have the same question about the companion supplements. I am taking the lugol's with sodium bicarbonate, vitamin C powder and lemon or lime. I take the companion supplements with my meals. Is this the way you meant it to be done, Bill?

Thank you, Wendy

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Wendy...You can take the B vitamins and the minerals at mealtimes but I would take the Vitamin C outside mealtimes because it is so poorly absorbed from the intestines into the blood. So I would take the Vitamin C two hours after meals with a glass of water.

Only about 15% to 20% of ingested vitamin C ever gets absorbed into the body. So if you take it with food then even less will be absorbed. The intestines can only absorb about 1 gram of Vitamin C at a time or per dose. Anything more than 1 gram will not be absorbed and just gets excreted. So best to split your daily Vitamin C dose into 1 gram or 1/4 tspn dosages throughout the day for maximum absorption into the body.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Reja (Cedar Park, Tx) on 07/02/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Dear Bill,

I have been using much of the protocol enlisted in your book Killing Me Sweetly. I could not purchase all of the items when I began your program 6 months ago. I just started the methalene blue yesterday, I took two doses, got a bunch of energy and then relaxed 2 hours later. I may have taken too much of the 0.1% I took 16 drops. I still have occasional facial breakouts from the candida and have always had brain fog. I am early 50's and suspect I developed candida as I had teenage parents who didn't care for me much. I ate tons of candy growing up--3-4 candy bars daily. Was never good in school but have since become thirsty for knowledge and cures. I hate when I cannot remember conversationsm movies or what I've read-- it's embarrassing.

If there is any additional supplements you can add that may help I would appreciate. I have visited with a dr here who is homeopathic AND a western medical doc who did not help (at all.) I knew more about candida than he. Waste of money and time...

I am eager to rid myself of brain fog. What is the absolute most of MB I can take at one time and how many times a day? Are there any more options I can include to the brain fog protocol portion of candida? I have read many of your posts and know that patients with malaria took it by the teaspoon! So I am not afraid. If I increase the MB intake, what other "must have" supplements must I take with it?

Thanks so much for all your help, Reja

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Reja....As far as my knowledge goes, brain fog etc can occur for more than just one reason. Brain fog can occur:

* Due to the waste toxins produce by candida which can adversely affect the brain.

* Can also be caused by low thyroid or hypothyroid conditions. This is a natural result and follow on if you have an already compromised immune system caused by candida.

* Heavy metals.

So getting rid of brain fog can vary between candida sufferers depending on the extent and variety of their condition and its effects on the the body's metabolism, glands and hormones.

For me, when I had candida it was the lugols iodine that brought me right out of my own brain fog, lethargy, insomnia etc. It had a remarkable healing effect on me because I realized that I had low thyroid activity. I took higher than normal amounts of lugols iodine to achieve this success.

An easier more up-to-date anti-candida protocol that you can follow is shown here.

So my advice would be to start taking the lugol's iodine in the above protocol first to see if that is the likely cause of your brain fog. If you just take methylene blue then this will certainly help to kill candida and it will give you an energy high for a while. But the day after you take it it will give you a bit of a downer so you will have to take it all the time. This isn't curing the core reason for your brain fog -- this is just treating the symptoms.

So I would perhaps advise that you take the whole protocol as advised in the link above. Start with the lugols iodine protocol and work up to the full dose slowly. And please don't skimp on taking all the iodine companion nutrients that are advised -- they are all there for very good reasons.

Also be aware that supplementing LI will not only help to fix your thyroid, it also rapidly kills candida and also removes heavy metals and poisonous halides from the body as well. So its also quite likely that your will get herx or die-off symptoms or detox symptoms when you supplement LI whose Herx and detox effects and symptoms will also be dependant on the extent of your candida infection and the extent of your body's current heavy metal and halide load.

Replied by Lynda
(Ca, Usa)

I was advised to take sublingual B12 1000mg with B6 and folate. It is a small tablet that must be dissolved under the tongue. Because we have candida we do not absorb nutrients well in our GI tract due to damage. I took it every day for a week and then every other day for another week. And now 1 or 2 times a week. When your urine turns bright yellow, it means you are urinating out the excess. You can cut back. It took me about a month when my supervisor mentioned I was doing better. I feel less anxious too, especially when driving. Candida is a part of our normal flora, we just have too much and we have side effects. The hard part is to figure out what is triggering the overgrowth. I am still working on my infection too, and really empathize with you. Hope this helps!

Replied by Reja
(Cedar Park, Tx)
4 out of 5 stars

Greetings, Bill,

I have since increased my iodine drops daily for memory. I've been doing this 2 x each day, and believe I should change to your recommended 4 x each day. I also think I added too much, as I felt the energy as rushed, almost stressed. It definitely has a caffeine type surge to it. I started with only the iodine, and last night added the turp. (I took one full teaspoon with castor oil.) There is nothing I hate more on the program than the turpentine--BUT--it does seem to help my complexion and body skin the most. I had facial breakouts that didn't go away unless dr put me on antibiotics or accutane. Now, since I've been on iodine only, the face began to break out these last few days. I am hopeful that is coming from my brain! I have been putting MB on the breakouts it seems to relieve the itching/stinging feeling and help heal the breakout. So, that's good.

So far (ha, only 4 days) I have not noticed a difference in my memory recall on the iodine only. I have also been taking the salt at night because I become dehydrated and muscles ache when I don't have the liquids inside. I don't like the salt either, or the baking soda, because I seem to retain water. But, my muscles feel better when I take salt. You mention in one of your emails on EC to substitute baking powder for baking soda. Can I do this at night before bed too, instead of the celtic salt? Do I need the baking soda for alkalizing or can I use the baking powder all the time?

One more question: I have been nearly one year eliminating bad foods from my diet--no sugar, starch, wheat, white potatoes, yada yada. I only consume almond milk (which I make myself, as well as almond bread.) I will eat a sweet potato on occasion. I eat only butter, no processed or drive- thru garbage. I am very healthy that way. So, am I doing okay with this program? For memory issues, is there anything I should avoid? I know you dislike the carbohydrates--but I believe you mean bad food carbs instead of healthy food carbs--such as bananas being good, white bread being bad. Is this correct?

Thank you again SO much for all you do here. We appreciate you more than you can imagine! I found this article online and am outraged. I thought you might be interested:

Warmly, Robyn

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Reja....In answer to your questions:

Can I do this at night before bed too, instead of the celtic salt? Do I need the baking soda for alkalizing or can I use the baking powder all the time?

Avoiding cramps is more a combination of hydration and taking the proper minerals in your diet. I'm a bit of a bad lad because I don't eat vegetables much. So I've had to find another way to get all my essential daily minerals. I found Joel Wallach's website and he sells an amazing array of mineral supplements. His approach to cures is entirely by minerals and vitamins and he's a very clever and successful man. He's also one of the few doctors I know who has actually taken the FDA to court and won. He's done this more than once. Trouble is that his mineral supplements cost an arm and a leg and then some. So I inquired and found out that Dr Wallach also has his own private mineral mine near the Utah salt lakes and this is what he uses to make his natural mineral products. So I clicked and switched to using a cheaper but good ionic concentrated mineral brand called simply CMD(Cell Mineral Drops) made by HCI. There minerals are also sourced from Utah minerals. Because of my lack of minerals, I was getting cramps etc. So I started regularly taking 3 drops of their concentrated alkaline mineral drops 4 or 5 times a day in drinks like coffee, teas or juices at the beginning of last month. The cramps and other small problems I had all simply disappeared and I have even more energy now. CMD is also cost effective and easy for me to get in the Philippines, so this is cheap and useful for me. So instead of taking just the salt -- you could perhaps switch to the concentrated mineral drops instead. I must also say that I still use sea salt on my food too. I would also continue using the alkalizing remedies like baking soda and water. This both alkalizes the body and helps digestion.

I know you dislike the carbohydrates--but I believe you mean bad food carbs instead of healthy food carbs--such as bananas being good, white bread being bad. Is this correct?

I'm afraid carbs is carbs -- All carbohydrates convert to sugar when they are digested. Bananas also contain high amounts of sugar and carbs. I leave this up to you.

Replied by Reja
(Cedar Park, Texas)
4 out of 5 stars

Thank you, Bill,

I will continue to read your blog and search for the nutrients to cure my brain fog/memory issues. As I said, it's embarrassing. I've resorted to just admitting to friends upfront I have memory issues. :(

You mentioned Joel Wallach's website for body aches/cramping and stiffness. I cannot find the website for either of the two you mentioned to purchase their cell mineral drops. Would you mind sharing?

If you recall any other additions I can add, please let me know.

All the best, Reja

Replied by Becky
(Sr, Ca)
35 posts

Bill, Your book says Fulvic/Humic Acid supplements. Here you say you switched to a different mineral drops. After reading your book I stated optimally Organic Fulvic Ionic Minerals. Is this okay? Really hard to do all in your book without further guidance. If you provide consultation, please let me know. I feel like I am trying to save my life here. Becky

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Sconnors (Naples, Fl) on 06/16/2015


Just received my "Candida-Killing So Sweetly" book and have my supplements on order. So excited to get started!


1. It doesn't say in the book how long I should do the program? The case study seem to do this for 6 months?!

2. The case study ate plantains/rice at almost every meal...isn't that a carbohydrate and not on the Diet protocol? Are those carbs phased in at some point? I know if I eat beans or high carbs, my trich/hair pulling kicks up!

3. Also, my six year old son truly has bad candida given to him at birth and then exacerbated by multiple rounds of anti-bioitics from severe sinus infections. Now that we are in the "know", we are trying to clear his problem and hydrogen peroxide just isn't cutting it.

What dosages for a six year old boy? Has this been tried for young children safely?

Blessings and THANK you!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Homee (Uk) on 05/03/2015

Hello Bill,

Please can you provide guidance??

I am in the process of trying out your candida protocol.... thank you for all your work and to other contributors too:)

I have seriously impaired digestion/malabsorbtion leaving me underweight, sinus/pnd issues (clear signs of infection), brain fog, depression, inflammatory issues in joints (shoulder cysts and knee pain), etc etc!

Some questions;

1. If I'm already taking digestive enzymes would the proteolytic enzymes (serrapeptase) still help?? On reading up about proteo enz it seems they really do assist inflammatory issues!

2. To push up glutathione levels, What is your opinion as far as doing coffee enemas and castor oil packs, as opposed to the milk thistle, ala and selenium approach? or both?

3. I'm following the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates - no starches / sugars, no dairy, gluten, etc! However she explains non-gluten grains are acceptable! Your thoughts on these - millet, buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa?

4. Day 3 of your protocol and digestion issues are improving slightly.

5. Please clarify the following - you say LI not to be taken on same day as borax, I'm interchanging between them, however, are both not in the system at the same time, even when alternating?

I'm taking - turp daily and only sometimes with castor oil, molybdenum, oil of oregano, alkalising protocol twice, 3000mg vit c, b complex, fish oil, chlorella + cilantro, NO liver support atm??, iodine and borax - it all seems a lot however, I'm interchanging as much as possible!

I actually started your protocol months back but kept cheating with sugar craving that I've now stopped!

Look forward to your reply. I'll keep you posted with progress to ensure it helps you and others!

Replied by Homee

Hello Bill,

Apologies for the rush but may I please get some feedback to my earlier post?

To add, my regimen also includes, thieves oil (bought today), triphala, Bent clay/pysilium wil baking soda and lemon in morning..... for alkalising, attracting and extracting toxins!

For this one month I will be doing enemas - both coffee and colon cleansing! Brisking walks 2 x 25 mins!

I feel having taken HP nasal irrigations, my nasals have become even more inflamed and are now TOTALLY blocked. I cannot blow through them but they are draining fluid auto themselves!!! This is causing me the most concern! Itchy ears have subsided!

Since starting this protocol..... things have gotten real BAD! Though that might not be such a bad thing!

I have depression / bi-polar too! I can add further detail but hopefully this helps you to help me and others!

I'm truly grateful for all your loving kindness :)

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Homee... In answer to your questions:

1. If I'm already taking digestive enzymes would the proteolytic enzymes (serrapeptase) still help?? On reading up about proteo enz it seems they really do assist inflammatory issues!

Protease enzymes should certainly help inflammation issues. You can perhaps use bromelain(pineapple enzyme) or papain(papaya enzyme) for this which is much cheaper than using serrapeptase enzymes. If you also have digestion issues then you may well have low stomach acid problems. So taking betaine HCL + pancreatin enzymes at mealtimes would quickly help to cure this problem. See this link for further explanations. If you also have inflammation issues in your gut then supplementing a high quality colostrum powder would also certainly help you -- taken twice a day outside mealtimes.

2. To push up glutathione levels, What is your opinion as far as doing coffee enemas and castor oil packs, as opposed to the milk thistle, ala and selenium approach? or both?

Coffee enemas will help to clear poisons from the liver but coffee enemas will not generate glutathione. Milk thistle, ALA, cysteine and selenium are the ones that generate glutathione in the body.

3. I'm following the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates - no starches / sugars, no dairy, gluten, etc! However she explains non-gluten grains are acceptable! Your thoughts on these - millet, buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa?

This is a good diet but I would not eat grains if you have candida as they contain carbohydrates that can convert to sugars which feeds the candida and helps it to spread. Please follow the guidelines in this doc.

4. Day 3 of your protocol and digestion issues are improving slightly.

Take the low stomach acid protocol described in point 1. This should further help to improve your digestion issues.

5. Please clarify the following - you say LI not to be taken on same day as borax, I'm interchanging between them, however, are both not in the system at the same time, even when alternating?

LI can be taken on the same day as borax. Just take them a few hours apart from each other and don't take them both at the same time.

6. I have depression / bi-polar too! I can add further detail but hopefully this helps you to help me and others!

Try taking high dose niacinamide or niacin(beware the niacin flush) -- 500 mgs three times a day with meals. This should help with your depression. Niacin and niacinamide also act to kill fungus.

I would perhaps also finally advise that you should take either undecanoic acid(3 times a day) or Gymnema sylvestre tea(4 times a day). Both of these nutrients act to prevent the yeast candida form morphing into the more virulent hyphal or fungal candida form. This leaves just the yeast form which is much easier to treat and cure with the other nutrients that you are taking in the protocol. For a good source of undecanoic acid -- SF 722 by Thorne Research is a good one with a good rep. You can also find organic Gymnema sylvestre powder or tea if you search for it on

For the blocked nasal passage use a capful of water and add 4 drops of lugols iodine. Then, using a dropper, thoroughly irrigate both your nostrils with this mix. Do this every day. Use the same method, with dropper, to disinfect your ears every day.

I think it that would also be beneficial for you to get a hair analysis -- this will tell you what heavy metals and poisons you have in excess in your body and will also tell you what minerals and vitamins are deficient in your body. You can then remedy these problems by using a more focused protocol. If you're unsure about anything then we are all here to help -- just ask your questions here on this forum.

Replied by Homee

Hello Bill,

Many thanks for your reply!

Please can we clarify the following....

1. Colostrum - Since colostrum is a dairy derivative and I'm dairy free during course of this regime..... would this not create some conflict? I'm already taking HCL and DIGESTIVE enzymes.

6. You mention Gym Sylvestre... which |I agree may help with my sugar cravings! Bill I think the "morphing" of the yeast into its more virulent fungal form has already occurred... I think mine is systemic and fungal.... since I have recurring infections and other symptoms across my body!

All this occurred from taking anti-bio's over years after a car accident!

I'm also taking water Kefir. I will heed rest of your advice....

Thanks buddy :)

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Homee...Colostrum is completely different from ordinary cow's milk. It is the First Food of Life for the calf. When it is born a calf has no digestion and no immune system. When the calf drinks the colostrum only over a 3 day period when it is produced(after this period it just becomes raw milk) then there is a transfer of all the mother cow's immunity to the calf via the antibodies in the colostrum only -- in other words the calf's immune system also gets the same immunities to disease as the mother cow via the colostrum. And if a calf does not feed on colostrum from the mother cow within 24 hours it will die. That's how important colostrum is for the calf.

When humans drink this colostrum the same thing happens -- the cows immunity against disease is passed to the human because their antibody's are the virtually same as ours. What's more, there is minimal casein etc in colostrum to cause problems because, as I've already said, colostrum is very different from ordinary processed milk. I've also read that colostrum heals the intestines, heals leaky gut, improves digestion and can cure allergies as well.

The reason you're taking the betaine and the protease enzymes is for both low stomach acid and digestive issues.

The reasons for taking colostrum are to help fix leaky gut or a damaged gut, cure allergies, stop cravings and to help reduce the excessive permeability of the intestines caused by candida. As I've said -- colostrum will also help to boost the immune system and the detox system because it is such a complete food.

Replied by Homee

Hello Bill,

Thanks for the quick response Bill.

I have plenty of Colostrum and will begin to take it.

Some new developments.... I had a dentist appt earlier today..... I've had all (3) amalgams removed by a brill bio/holistic dentist! They were dressed in space suits at time lol!

My appt today was with a normal dentist..... she said my root canal has a metal rod but is fine and has nothing to do with my ill health and quoted her academic institutional references and knowledge..... I explained to her that the truth aboiut dentistry was all coming out and she referred to it as 'quackery'....... she will quote me for a root canal replacement bridge (metal free), which money permitting I will have done from my holistic dentist!! After this, as you said I will get a hair mineral test! From looking at the x-rays I could clearly see how my root canal is implicated for my failing health!!! The rod from the front teeth, could be seen shooting straight up right under the sinus cavity and, of course there is a link between teeth and organ stress/failure!!

I will keep you informed of my progress since I think your advice and protocol is terrific :)

Replied by Lola
(London, Uk)

Hello Homee,

I was wondering where you had your fillings removed. I am trying to find a good holistic dentist.

Thank you!

Replied by Homee

Hello Lola,

There most likely are some holistic dentists across London, I should imagine anyway! I had mine removed at Clocktower Dental Practice in Epsom By Deepi Murphy :) She's very good and caring. I'm going to see her again ref my root canal...

Best Regards, Homee

Replied by Homee

Hello Bill,

Here's is an update. Would appreciate your further advice!

Since our last email exchange I have added colostrum and

I went to see my holistic dentist, who had taken my mercury fillings out a few years ago! She says that my root canal has a lot of metals in it, but not mercury, and to replace with cerec and zirconia implants she requires 10,000 as it's a big op! My question is, in a previous post you mentioned taking iodine for my sinus and ear infection.... is it possible that the LI is leeching metals from the root canal / bridge work into my system which is not able to eliminate quick enough? My symptoms have been worsening with more frequent and intense infections.... the candida seems to mutate, morph and shift from nose to ears to intestines etc! I can feel the intensity of the infection to be locally at the point of the root canal, however my holistic and another dentist said NO infection was present there!

My protocol is intense and includes....

OP'ing 20 mins..... alkalising drink, diet is mostly veggies and small amounts of fish and some seeds and healthy oils, millet / amaranth (BED allowed), no sugar / bad carbs, turp/co, triphala, herbal teas, selenium/thistle 200mg x 2 per day, b complex + b50, proteolytic enz, hulda clark para/kidney cleanse, etc etc is all this in vain due to release of continuous toxins from root canal??

My PH levels seem to fluctuate between 6-7.5 through the day! Any reason??

I shall await your response before I proceed.

Thanking you kindly.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Homee...It's really up to you but until you have your holistic dentist remove, clean out and disinfect your root canals properly then you problems will probably persist. Root canals are safe, impenetrable fortresses where many forms of bad pathogens can hide. From these infected root canals, bacteria and poisons will continually leak and spread into the lymph where they can be easily distributed throughout the body.

You should perhaps read the dental research of Dr Weston Price. In his research he found botulism bacteria in the root canals of some of his patients. That's a plague bacteria. And when he removed a small section of a root canal from an arthritic patient and injected it sub-dermally into rabbits -- all the rabbits had galloping arthritis within a week. He repeated this experiment about 100 times with other arthritic patients and always got the same results.

It's certainly true that LI chelates mercury. But any mercury chelator will act in the same way. And if you don't use a mercury chelator then how are you going to get rid of all the mercury inside your body -- in your tissues and organs? How are you going to get rid of the candida? -- Candida loves using mercury and other heavy metals to construct and build biofilms to hide away from the reach of the immune system and anti-fungals.

Concerning alkalizing -- you should be taking both the ACV + bicarb + water remedy OR the lime/lemon remedy twice a day away from meals. You should also be taking the Baking Soda + water two times a day(morning and evening away from meals). To successfully alkalize the body you will have to alkalize both the cells and the blood. The ACV or Lime/Lemon remedy alkalizes the cells and the BS + water remedy alkalizes th blood. So you need to take both of these remedies to alkalize properly.

Also please remember that if you have systemic candida and are just starting to use an anti-candida protocol then it is also inevitable that you will get some form of Herx and heavy metal detox reactions or symptoms. These symptoms may well be worse than your normal candida symptoms but should decrease and disappear after a while once you get the numbers down.

Replied by Homee

Hello Bill,

I hope you're well. I have had my heavy metals test returned. It looks quite interesting but I'm finding it somewhat difficult to decipher / interpret! May I please know your email add so I can send it to you direct and have your feedback?? Hope this is OK? Regards...

EC: Hi Homee,

Bill Thompson's email address is: [email protected]

Replied by Valerie
(Columbia, South Carolina)
2 posts

Bill or anyone else:

I am trying to absorb all this information about dental work, so all metal must be removed from the teeth or I will not be able to get rid of the candida/fungus overgrowth? Even if I following all the protocol it won't matter unless I get the metal out? I appreciate any advise.


Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Sandra (Cornwall, England) on 04/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Bill,

I am very intrigued by your protocol and will definitely buy your book. In the meantime I am wondering if you could answer one question for me:

Is it necessary to follow your full protocol for a person who has their Candida symptoms well under control unless they eat something sugary?

With help of a strict Candida diet and several herbal antifungals like Pau d'arco, GSE and oil of oregano I have got my systemic Candida infection down to being virtually symptom free except a minor yeast infection in the eyes and thrush when I eat foods containing sugar.

When I eat according to Candida diet guidelines and manage my stress levels well I am symptom free and feel really good.

It feels as if I am able to tolerate more and more carbs, but perhaps I'm kidding myself, and I will always have to watch what I eat.

How would your protocol change in light of the fact that I have already eliminated most of the Candida?

Greetings from Cornwall, England


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Sandra...Let me first congratulate you on managing to get your candida so well under control because that is quite an achievement. But like you say, under control does not necessarily mean a cure, but its a wonderful achievement anyway.

The way I see it, you have probably got your candida under control in your intestines(yeast form), but its somewhat harder to get the fungal form of candida under control in your blood. In my book, I describe how candida has dimorphic behaviour -- it can exist in two entirely different living states -- which means that the yeast form can attack locally on the skin, uterus and intestines whereas the fungal form can attack the blood, organs and tissues -- the fungal form can exist everywhere in the body in other words. It is this ability of candida to morph back and forwards to and from the yeast or fungal form that makes it so hard to completely cure.

Since you are doing so well on your current protocol, I wouldn't really change any of the protocol that you are taking and your diet is also working pretty well. But I will suggest a few extra remedies for you that will hopefully help you to achieve a complete cure.

First, two remedies that will help to just inhibit and get rid of the fungal form in the blood. Here I would advise a couple of easy remedies. Drink Gymnema sylvestre tea 4 times a day or just supplement undecylenic acid every day. Both these remedies inhibit fungal reproduction and also inhibits the morphing or phenotypic switching of candida from the yeast form into the fungal form and vice versa. To effectively get rid of both forms of candida you must take more specific protocols that will kill both the yeast and fungal forms.

Secondly -- candida has the easy ability to safely hide in the body and then suddenly come back with a vengeance when your immune system is low. One of the main areas it can safely hide is in the lower intestines. To flush out this hiding place you should perhaps try taking the Turpentine/Caster Oil protocol shown here.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Jessica (Virginia, US) on 04/06/2015

These questions are intended for Bill, but I'd appreciate advice from anyone who knows the answers. Our family will be starting Bill's candida protocol, but I am finding a few things I'm not sure I understand.

1) Lugol's Iodine is supposed to be taken 4 times a day and Borax throughout the day, but the two are "incompatible." It seems one constantly has both in the system at the same time. My question is, what is the best way to take both without an interaction?

2) Stevia is mentioned as an ingredient in Walter Last's Borax Tea protocol. Are we allowed to have Stevia on the Candida protocol or if we make the tea, should we be leaving it out as well as out of our daily diet?

3) In regards to taking Molybedenum, taking the dosage you recommend of 900 mcg., 3 times a day, does one do this on a continuous basis or for 2 weeks only as Ted recommends (in his higher dosage recommendation)?

4) Do you know of any negative interactions with ingredients of the protocol with high blood pressure medications or blood thinners?

Thank you for any help anyone can give.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Jm Al (Memphis, Tennessee) on 02/15/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Bill, Thank you for all of you work with Candida and Alkalizing! I recently just started the h202, Borax, and Molybdenum combination and it is doing wonders. (It was also quite interesting look up all the history of boron.) My question is regarding Methylene Blue. You recommend using 0.1%, correct? I can only find this dilution in laboratory grade.

The Methylene available at fish stores I've seen are typically 2.3% or 1%. Does your book recommend how to dilute down? Or should I go with the laboratory grade? I'm having a hard time thinking it out, also dealing with Lyme - brain fog.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Jm ...The way to convert from 1% to 0.1% Methylene Blue is like this:

Ratio is 1:9

Add one part by volume of 1% Methylene Blue to a container. Then add 9 parts by volume of water. This converts the 1% MB solution to 0.1%

To convert the 2.3% Methylene blue to 0.1% do this:

Ratio is 1 : 22

So you will need to add one part by volume of 2.3% Methylene Blue to a container and then add 22 parts by volume of water to get the 0.1% MB solution.

Replied by Jm Al
(Memphis, Tennessee)

Thank you so much, Bill!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Debbie (Boulder, Co) on 02/02/2015

Dear Bill, I have found the recommendations in your book quite helpful for both my husband and myself. I have two questions:

1. We both woke up with leg cramps after taking the Borax. Is this common?

2. My husband began having loose stools after about a month on the protocol. He stopped the Borax and the alkalizing, but continues to have loose stools. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help! Debbie

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Marcy (New York) on 01/27/2015

Hi, I have read Bill Thompson's Candida book and it's fantastic. I am about to start the cleanse and I am just unsure about a rather significant thing that remains not clear to me. I would really really appreciate feedback on this so that I can get started and feel confident I'm doing things right!!

under protocol guidelines:

p73 it says

"always use the alkalizing remedies"

and next is says

"always use at least three of the main candida attack remedies?Lugol's, borax and alkalizing are my own favorites?"

i guess I'm not clear if he is suggesting we use all the alkalizing protocols or just choose one? should I use methylene blue and pau d'arko in addition to sodium bicarbonate?? also should one use both baking soda+water and also lemon/lime+baking soda and water? Mr. Thompson writes, "Both the above protocols should be used in the protocols?" (p78)

Any clarity you can give me on this one point would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for such an amazing and otherwise very clear to me book!! I apologize if I'm just being a dork here, I've reread these parts over and over and really want to do this thing right!!

You guys are so awesome.

Yours truly, Marcy

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Marcy...Thanks for all your questions.

There are two types of alkalizing that are essential for the body -- alkalizing the blood and alkalizing the cells. Sodium bicarbonate(or baking soda) with water alkalizes the blood whereas lemon/lime or ACV with baking soda alkalizes inside the cells. So in order to alkalize the whole body, you really need to alkalize both the blood and cells of the body using both these remedies on a daily basis.

Generally you should take the lemon/lime or ACV plus baking soda and water twice a day outside mealtimes. Baking soda plus water is taken in the same way and this alkalizing remedy is particularly beneficial when taken an hour or so before you go to bed. So for clarity you therefore need to use both these alkalizing methods on a daily basis to successfully alkalize the whole body. Always take the lemon/lime or ACV remedy at least twice a day and you should take the baking soda and water remedy once or twice a day as well as you see fit.

The emphasized remedies that I mention in the book -- Alkalizing, Lugol's Iodine and Borax -- have been my favourite remedies against candida for a while. These have worked well for me and for other candida sufferers which is why I advise their use. Since writing the book, I now also emphasize and advise the use of the Turpentine/Castor Oil protocols within the regimen. This is because of my recent experience with an autistic parents group where their young ASD kids have used turpentine/CO with some considerable success in getting rid of their parasites, candida, biofilms etc. So my updated favourite remedies against candida are now alkalizing, borax, lugol's iodine and the turpentine/CO protocol. All these essential protocols are described in the book and, in some detail, within this article here, which I hope will be helpful to you:

The Anti-Candida Protocols

If you have systemic candida(yeast and fungal form) then there is one more simple protocol that might be beneficial for you. The Gymnema sylvestre(GS) herb can be taken as a simple tea three times a day. Its effects are that it tends to inhibit the morphing of the candida into the more virulent fungal form. The yeast form is much easier to deal with. As well, GS also tends to lower blood sugar which is also beneficial against candida. GS is also further described in the two remedy combo drinks given at the very end of the document in the link above. GS tea or powder is easily purchased off the internet from sites like Amazon or Ebay.

In my book I also advise that, as further candida-kill options, you may take methylene blue or pau d'arco instead of my favourite remedies. I advise this because the remedies in my book aren't just for people in the West. Remedies like pau d'arco, cat's claw, methylene blue etc are included in the book as alternatives where perhaps candida sufferers from the Middle East, Africa or Asia are unable to purchase lugols iodine, sodium bicarbonate or borax due to availability problems or insufficient means. And that is why you should not really be taking every single candida-kill remedy that is listed in the book.

Just follow the guidelines in the above link.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Pj Merk (Chi, Il) on 01/23/2015

Hi Bill,

I've started buying the materials for your protocols. I have been struggling for several years now and really like you book Killing So Sweetly!

I have high Mercury and Silver as well as Alum. I'm very sensitive to EMF and lack of sunshine. I noticed that Lethicin helped me as my nervous system and mental cognition are declining.

My current docs say I have very high Copper and low zinc. High Histamine and High Urine Pyrrole Discorder (which pulls B6 and zinc from the body). My pee smells fruity and I under methylate apparently where Folic Acid are a problem I don't methylate well.

I also have VERY low lithium via hair analysis.

Systemic long term candida issues, sleep apnea, teeth grinding, ASD's ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Sugar dysregulation, leaky gut, gut damage,

Please verify what I should start first.

Liver Kidney Detox, Heavy Metals, Candida, Diet, etc...

Do I need to consider these deficiencies in vits and minerals?

Do I need to follow a separate parasite cleanse such as Clarkes?

It there concern for removing already low zinc, lithium?

NOTE: I have felt a HUGE improvement after I had diarrhea and an infection in Mexico. I felt normal for a day then back to the same. This is cleared out Biofilms

Thank you so much for your research!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Pj Merk...Since you have such a multitude of problems that seem related to your candida I would break up the protocol that is advised in my book. I'm advising this because I think the combination of candida Herx or die-off, heavy metal detox and parasite-kill side-effects might be too severe for you.

Therefore I would advise, out of kindness to yourself, that you should initially take it slower and break down your protocol into the following three separate stages which would make it easier for you to cope:

1. Take the Full Hulda Clark Parasite Protocol for at least 3 months

2. Heavy Metal Detox for at least 1 month

3. Start the full anti-candida protocol.

My updated anti-candida protocol is a sort of quick reference cheat-sheet that might help you to more understand the main protocols given in my book. See this link.

Heavy metal detox can be achieved using a variety of nutrients such as sodium thiosulfate, lugol's iodine, alkalizing, chlorella(detoxes the intestines only) and raw cilantro(in your diet). All these nutrients are described in my book. Other detoxers such as tannic acid(1/4 tspn in a llter of water per day) or green tea could also be used.

Your methylation problems, pyroluria issues and high heavy metals all seem to be inter-related. These problems have probably all originated because of your low body levels of B6 and zinc. Zinc is very important for the immune system. Vitamin B6 is absolutely critical in the methylation transulfuration pathway as the main component of one particular enzyme that converts homocysteine to glutathione -- the master antioxidant and main heavy metal detoxer for the human body. This implies that your body's glutathione levels are extremely low, which is what has probably allowed heavy metals to accumulate in your body, unchecked, over a long while. So your high levels of Mercury, Silver etc don't surprise me. In other words the production of glutathione in your body will be almost non-existent. The normal way to ensure proper levels of zinc and B6 in your body in order to cure pyroluria is to take high dosages of zinc( 200 mgs to 400 mgs per day) and B6 (100 mgs to 200 mgs per day) -- but such a protocol should be properly regulated and monitored by a knowledgeable doctor. Folate is also necessary to help regulate the endocrine and adrenal systems properly. Methylation issues can be extremely complex and difficult to understand, so I have assumed that you have seen a methylation-literate doctor and he is advising you already on these issues(as well as aberrant MTFR gene issues). If you want a good website that de-mystifies the complexity of methylation issues without all the research alien-speak then try Ben Lynch's website.

Also, if you lack zinc in your diet or due to an issue like pyroluria then your zinc levels will also be low. Copper competes with zinc everywhere in the body, so if your body has no zinc then copper will replace it and will tend to increase in the body over time and this imbalance is not healthy for the body.

For the lack of lithium in your body I would take what Ted recommends -- 2.5 mgs to 5 mgs lithium per day. Too much lithium can have adverse effects on the brain. Take the lithium orotate form and avoid the lithium aspartate form.

Because you have under-methylation issues then this means that you will have high blood histamine levels and therefore you might also be suffering from excess inflammatory issues and pain and might also have food allergies or asthma. What would help here would be to take Black Seed Oil(Nigella sativa) -- two or three teaspoons a day. Bovine colostrum(as the powder) is the other nutrient that will help to repair leaky gut issues and stop food allergies because it helps to reduce the permeability of the gut thereby curing leaky gut and does so much more besides. See the research on colostrum here, here and here. Gymnema sylvestre tea or powder will also help to reduce blood sugar levels in your body as well as help prevent the candida morphing into its more virulent fungal form.

If your condition was helped with the diarrhea in Mexico then I would certainly advise taking the turpentine/castor oil protocol at least once a week at the full laxative dose (as advised in my cheat-sheet link above). This will help clear out the intestines on a regular basis thus helping to kill and clear out the candida and other pathogens in the intestines fairly quickly. This will also help remove biofilms, heavy metals and toxins from the intestines. But you will still have to clear out the fungal candida from the blood at the same time, otherwise the fungal candida will come back to re-infect the intestines again. The reasons are all described in the book.

A final word of caution with your use of lugol's iodine(LI). Because you body has such low levels of both glutathione and zinc, it would seem very likely that lack of both these particular nutrients in your body(which are critical for proper iodine processing in the thyroid) might cause you problems when you first begin to supplement LI. So initially start LI with a small dose and see how it goes. You really need normal levels of body glutathione and body minerals in order to avoid problems with higher dose LI -- so please go careful with LI.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Is Lugol's Iodine safe to be taken by vegetarians or vegans? What nutrients might they lack? I supplemented with vit.C, magnesium, B50, B3-niacinamide, B12 and selenium (though it was a low dose) for a week, but I had an adverse reaction after taking even 1 drop of 5% of LI, not to mention that even eating seaweed gave me a pressure in thyroid for a short time. I do not eat any meat or fish, and I eat eggs and dairy very rarely, maybe once in two or three weeks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Marcin...These days, because of a lifetime of eating poor processed food diets many westerners certainly have problems, like you, such that they cannot even supplement one drop of Lugol's Iodine(LI). And yet in the historic use of LI for over a 100 years up until WW II it was very common for medical doctors to dispense LI dosage of up to 2000 mgs per day(equivalent to 320 drops 5% LI). And that's because the pre-war diets were far healthier -- much higher natural food and nutrient quality -- than exists in modern processed food now. Unfortunately, due to our modern bad diets lacking in proper minerals and vitamins these problems seem to commonly arise for alot of western people when they start to supplement LI.

Your current problems with supplementing lugols iodine -- pressure or pain in the thyroid area when supplementing LI -- might suggest a lack of glutathione or lack of other essential nutrients such as magnesium or zinc or tyrosine which are also needed in the body in healthy amounts to assist and help the thyroid process. You should be taking 200 mcg to 400 mcg selenium per day. Here is a document by Stephanie Buist which might help your understanding of how to supplement LI:

The Guide to Supplementing with Iodine

There may also be other factors causing your thyroid problems when you take iodine such as excess bromine or fluorine(from tap water, bread, toothpaste) or excess heavy metals in your body.

Other diseases, such as pyroluria will also cause the body's glutathione production to be non-existent no matter how much selenium you supplement. Pyroluria is a condition which completely depletes Vitamin B6 and zinc in the body. Zinc is also an essential mineral needed for the thyroid. And if you have no B6 -- needed in a critical enzymes for glutathione production -- then the body will not be able to manufacture any glutathione.

So the best thing you can perhaps do to confirm any problems is to have a simple hair analysis in order to see what nutrients -- vitamins and minerals -- are missing or low in your own body. A hair analysis will also tell you about other heavy metals and poisons that you have in excess in your body.

So once you know your body's excesses and deficiencies then you should be able to more accurately adjust your protocols accordingly and bring your own body back into healthy balance again by targeted detoxing and by taking the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body is lacking. Doing this should also help to eradicate any problems that you are currently having while supplementing lugols iodine.

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)

Thank you for the detailed answer, it seems that I have not been supplementing enough selenium.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 01/17/2015

Dear Bill from San Fernando.

About a week and a half ago I stopped ALL sugar, ALL fruit, and ALL grain to follow the candida protocol using the iodine schedule. I did get very bad constipation so I have stopped taking this for the moment. I would also like to explain that I have not taken the recommended supplementing of the B vitamins because at several other attemps to take them over the last few months they also seemed to cause terrible insomnia, not to mention very yellow urine. So now I am really at a loss as to what to do as I have insomnia either way (with B's or without). I have tried eating foods I thought would help with the B vitamins such as sunflower sprouts, oat straw tea, chicken liver, fish, turkey, some pork.

I have adrenal issues and I suspect electrolyte imbalance as well. I have started email correspondence with a place where I plan to have a hair analysis done very soon and was told if my calcium, magnesium, salt and potassium levels are not correct that b vitamins are the worst thing to try and take.which may explain the insomnia I get. I do not want to go back to eating sugar or grain as I have gone through some of that withdrawal by now and just wish to stay away from these things for now. Please any thoughts as I really need to get some sleep. Thank you

Replied by Steve
(Nv, US)

If your cortisol level tends to go up at night you will have insomnia. This was the case for me. If your cortisol test comes back as being higher at night there are three supplements that will help lower your cortisol levels so you can sleep. These are seriphos, GABA, and holy basil. You will have to play with the dosages to get it right but once you find the sweet spot you should be sleeping much better.

Replied by Sue
(Boulder, Colorado)

Hello Bill,

I'm in a real pickle with the "fungus amongus". Can you kindly advise me? I've just been through the wringer with a cascade of serious health conditions from chronic candida, leaky gut/dysbiosis and am looking for a way to heal/do the program but don't tolerate the baking soda protocol.

I also have allergies, asthma, bilateral chronic wrist tendonitis, right gluteus medius and minimus tendonitis, fatigue, acne, brainfog, fatigue, visual migraines, irritability, anxiety, etc. I have done a number of candida protocols over the years, getting better and losing weigh to a point and then having it rellapse. 2-3 years ago I tried doing Ted's alkalizing formulas 3 separate times. And each time I had to stop after a day or three because my gut "went out" - started gurgling and felt really off, my digestion became weird and gassy. I took HCI with and between meals and stopped the baking soda protocol and immediately felt better. Are my baking soda gut reactions indicative of a liver or kidney issue?

Right now I'm finishing my second month of Nystatin and a no sugar, low complex carb candida diet, because I just decided to try, try again to heal my leaky gut and get any coinfections resolved because I think it's causing my body to not be able to repair my collagen/heal my tendons because my small intestines aren't able to absorb the nutrients I need to heal.

I figure that I must have other critters. I did a round of Riflaxamin last year and it helped my gut. In a separate incident from the alkaliniizing. I figured I had SIBO because I was getting gassy when I ate and it was made worse by high dose probiotics. It went away with the Riflaxamin. However, I noticed when I tried to take a high dose probiotic last year that it seemed to come back.

Do you recommend a probiotic while doing the program? Is ACV ok to eat on salads etc? Am I allowed to eat any fermented foods like coconut aminos? or Tempe? What about saurkraut and kimchee?

I think what put me over the tipping point was being on over 30 antibiotics from 04-2010 for chronic sinus and finally a nasty upper respiratory bronchitis? thing that wouldn't quit. Unfortunately I got floxed many, many times. It left me badly depleted, allergic, fatigued and with myalgias. And I notice that I have bone rending charlie horses if I don't keep my magnesium levels up. However, I read something you wrote about a mineral supplement and I might try that. As I have limited means I appreciate any assistance in prioritizing supplements by necessity.

Moving forward what would be beneficial? I'm wondering if it is possible for me to do the Nystatin and use the Turpentine protocol and Iodine and Borax? I think the Nystatin is only going to hit my intestine and I don't think it's comprehensive enough. I do feel clearer on the nystatin but nauseous each time I dose. I have Turpentine, Methylene Blue, Thiosulfate, and Borax all on hand. I just need to order the Luggols iodine.

I re-read the diet and it says to minimize complex carbs or get rid of them. I am doing a cup to a cup and a half of a complex carb a day.

I also take MSM 1-2 tsp day, Silymarin/Milk Thistle, Selenium 200 mcg, Magnesium Glycinate 400mgs, Mag Chloride spray 70%, Zinc, Vitamin C, NAC 1200mgs, L-Glutamine, Chromium 4-600,5-Htp and GABA for stress. I also take IOSOL iodine since I have it and it makes me feel "brighter" but I am going to switch to Luggols. I have wondered if I have a methylation issue or pyrroluria. I feel better with B6/B5, Zinc, L-Tyrosine and Iodine. And a good B multi helps too. I have been trying your suggestion the last 2 days of 500 mgs of niacin for my attention and low mood and it think it helps. I also take 10,000 mgs Biotin. I heard it keeps the candida in it's less aggressive form?

Thank you for reading. I welcome any suggestions.

To health!


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Sue...From what I've seen of your protocol, you appear to be taking all the support nutrients and minerals which is very good. However, because of your gut problems, I think that you should split the protocol that you are taking into three stages in order to give you an easier and gentler ride wrt Herx reactions and heavy metal detox reactions.

Your 1st Month's Protocol

Gymnema Sylvestre Tea -- Taken three times a day or more
Undecylenic Acid or Undecanoic Acid -- Taken twice a day as advised on the bottle.
Nystatin -- (optional)
Cilantro liquid extract -- three times a day -- start small and work up the dose
Milk of Magnesia(Philip's Brand) -- Take a full laxative dose once a week to help rapidly clear poisons, parasites, candida etc from the intestines

The above protocol will actively detox your body and will also suppress and prevent candida morphing into its more virulent fungal form (because of the GS and Undecylenic Acid). The GS will also act to reduce the sugar in your blood and will go some way towards repairing your intestines(leaky gut etc). The Cilantro and Chlorella are strong heavy metal detoxers which will also help to destroy candida biofilms -- please be aware that you may well get detox reactions. If this happens and its unbearable, reduce detox dosages accordingly to tolerable levels. The nystatin will only act in the intestines to kill candida but, in my own experience, candida usually can easily adjust to nystatin after a while. And so if you're not getting any Herx reaction at all from taking the Nystatin, then I would say that it may be having no effect at all against the candida (which has already adjusted to it).

2nd Month's Protocol

Add the following to the above protocol:

Lugols Iodine(preferably)
Turpentine + Castor Oil
Alkalize(if you can)
Borax Water
Pau D'Arco(optional)

This is a much stronger protocol against candida/parasites and so you should expect an increase in Herx reactions. In the third month you should move onto the full protocol which is described here.

Your tendonitis problems would also seem to indicate that you have a large uncontrolled or unregulated excess of calcium in your blood. Therefore I would take a much higher dose of magnesium. I usually take 1500 mgs magnesium chloride every day as my own normal dose because I prefer honest orthomolecular dosages. So I would double your magnesium dose to at least 400mgs to 500 mgs taken twice a day. I would also take at least 200mgs to 300 mgs potassium gluconate per day since potassium also plays a significant part in calcium regulation in the body. High calcium in the blood also helps candida to form biofilms and also inhibits the thyroid from absorbing iodine and can cause low thyroid symptoms. Sodium thiosulfate will also help to remove calcium, chlorine, chloramine as well as heavy metals from the body. Chanca piedra is a herb that also helps to lower calcium levels in the blood. Chanca piedra is also highly protective for the liver, kidney and urinary system, so if you think that you might be getting UTI problems then take Chanca piedra every day -- it is a strong anti-pathogen. CMD(google it) or concentrated mineral drops is also worth taking every day to maintain proper serum and trace mineral levels in the body.

I'm not sure about the status of your digestion, but I would tend to at least take HCL as well as pancreatin enzymes with every meal in order to assure proper breakdown and absorption of food nutrients into the body. The full protocol for impaired digestion or low stomach acid is given here.

Currently you are taking Iosol as your iodine source. Iosol only contains 1.8 mgs iodine per drop. A 5% lugols contains 6.25 mgs iodine/iodide per drop. So if you switch to lugols, please be aware that it contains much more iodine per drop than Iosol. Start small and work up the proper dose slowly if you can.

I'm just going to speak generally now. One of the best ways to repair your intestines, get rid of all allergies and increase the working strength of your immune system is to take bovine colustrum. What's more, because it is The First Food of Life, it will contain almost every nutrient that your body needs and will also contain 30% to 50% antibodies from the mother cow. This will increase the strength of your immune system by leaps and bounds. Colostrum is ideally taken simultaneously along with probiotics for best effect. I also realize that good quality colostrum is quite expensive -- but I'm just mentioning it here for your own information.

You also mention methylation as a possible problem. I suspect, from indications such as food allergies, asthma, pain etc that you have high inflammation with high histamine levels. This means that you may well be under-methylated. This means that you would possibly benefit from supplementing B6, Methyl Folate(not folic acid), Methionine and Triglyceride. I'm really not qualified to comment on the gene aberrations which might be evident -- such as MTHFR and other gene aberrations that can occur with methylation issues -- The only thing I would advise is that you get yourself checked and tested by a qualified, methylation-literate doctor.

As regards your suspected pyrolurea problems -- if you just have a simple hair analysis and you find that you have very low levels of B6 and Zinc then this should be enough to confirm pyrolurea problems in your body. If this is the case then you must take higher than normal doses of zinc and B6 to alleviate this problem.

Dr Walsh -- Pyroluria


Replied by Susan

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your insightful recommendations. I have questions about my best options on these:)

Mag Chloride - I have magnesium chloride salts - can I take that internally as my magnesium? I see mag chlor for sale on amazon.

-Chlorella - I'm not having much luck tonight researching -

Which kind and how much should I take?

-Cilantro liquid extract -- three times a day -- start small and work up the dose

I have a bottle of cilantro extract I didn't use, but it got dehydrated to a syrup. I just put some water in it to rehydrate. I guess I should buy a new one? Any brand or ideas on dosing?

Potassium gluconate - looks like I'll only find this online. (I have potassium chloride on hand for the low sodium carbicarb two years ago. Is there any way to use that?) I just had my doc check my sodium and potassium b/c my lower legs seem like they have a little edema, maybe just from veins.

...been wondering about calcium - I don't eat dairy or soy and do not take calcium because of the candida. And I've wondered if there's a calcium issue causing tendon problems.

Sodium Thiosulphate - Sounds like it's best to wait until the third month? This spring I took 6-8 drops of sodium thiosulphate and didn't have a reaction to it. However, I eat 1 bunch of cilantro every week or two and used to drink tons of green tea. (or maybe my mercury's all bound up with the candida biofilms... so it didn't count when I did it -haha)

Chanca piedre - Yes -indeed do have problems with UTI's. Can I swap the chanca piedre for the silymarin/milk thistle?

Fermented foods and ACC - I am off dairy, wheat, sugar and eggs. And I am just cutting out soy. Can I eat ACV, saurkraut, kimchee and fermented foods like coconut aminos or fermented protein powders on the candida program?

-Gymnema Sylvestre Tea -- Taken three times a day or more

Is there a particular brand? And is tea is better than capsules? How much tea do you infuse and for how long?

Methylation - Interesting about the methylation and allergy connection. I tried a couple courses of methyl folate, methyl B12 and B6 protocols two years ago. My allergies were better then. I have not heard of using Methionine and Triglyceride for methylation?

Just want to mention that the nettles I started yesterday are working a charm for my hayfever allergies.

-Undecylenic Acid or Undecanoic Acid -- Taken twice a day as advised on the bottle.

I'm guessing the SF-722 by Thorne is the one to take

- Colostrum is great stuff. I don't have the means for it right now. Is it a problem if one is sensitive to casein?)

Minerals - Is it critical that I use the mineral drops? I am taking a cheap mineral supplement that gives me 200 mcgs of selenium, 180 mcgs molybdenum, etc. I hope that's good enough for now.

Is there a hair mineral analysis you recommend? I didn't know they could look at vitamin status too. (That may be a while down the road for me). not taking any iron because it feeds candida. Predictably, my blood ferratin levels have been somewhat low for years. I have had very dark circles under my eyes since I was anemic at 20. Might they be from the low ferratin? I had a doc check my B-12 status last year but I had taken a couple 1000 mcg methyl B-12's a week or two before and methyl folate a week before (which I hear can mask iron deficiency in the blood).

Probiotics - Is it ok for me to take them or is it a waste? If I have a bacterial overgrowth isn't it contra-indicated?

Thanks for reading!


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Susan...In answer to your questions:

Magnesium Chloride....I have to admit I love mag chloride because it is so beneficial to the body. You can use the magnesium oil(30% water, 70% mag chloride) form transdermally or you can take 10 drops in water two or three times a day with your meals.

I know you said that you eat hardly any calcium products but this isn't the issue. The real issue is that you seem to greatly lack magnesium in your diet -- and this is what is needed to properly regulate the excess calcium in your blood. So lack of magnesium is the real issue, not calcium.

I also make my own mag oil. Couldn't be simpler. First I add 3 level tablespoons of magnesium chloride crystals to a glass then I just add 1 tablespoon of water and mix well. Viola! You now have mag oil. You can either put it into a spray or dropper bottle and use it like that. This is just as good as any store bought mag oil. Cheaper too.

Cilantro liquid extract...I would still take cilantro liquid extract if you can because it is very important that you detox heavy metals properly. Your old cilantro doesn't sound too good so I would buy fresh.

Potassium -- it really doesn't really matter what type of potassium supplement you buy -- potassium chloride would do. Alkalizing should also help your edema issues.

Sodium Thiosulfate...There should be no need to take ST as well cilantro unless you also have arsenic, cyanide, chlorine or chloramine issues. And you wont know that until you have a hair analysis. However, I must also mention that sodium thiosulfate also kills fungus as well.

Chanca piedra...No, Milk Thistle is for the liver and blood. So Chanca piedra is the one you really want for UTI problems. CP protects the liver, kidneys and is anti-viral. It also safely lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, lowers blood fats and it dissolves stones. All good. And since I don't live like a monk, I take CP regularly as a preventatve on a weekly basis. I prefer taking the tea or decoction form of CP.

Fermented foods -- Eating yeasty foods is a no-no when you have candida(which is also a yeast/fungus).

Gymnema sylvestre -- Get the tea form which seems to be the best. You can also make a tea easily from the herbal powder. Buy any form that is either organic or wildcrafted if you can.

Methylation -- I made a typo in my last post to you. When I typed Triglyceride I really meant Triglycerine. I guess I must have been thinking about coconut oil at the time. VCO, which contains triglyceride fats, is also a candida killer by the way.

Undecylenic Acid -- Yes, SF-722 by Thorne is a good one. It contains both undecanoic acid and VCO -- both these ingredients are effective against candida.

Minerals -- It's up to you whether you take trace minerals. I take them every day. These trace minerals are important as enzyme cofactors in many key metabolic processes in the body. Whether you take trace minerals or not would depend entirely on the goodness of the food you eat. Your decision.

Hair analysis -- I would not use an online hair analysis website -- I have heard some bad things about them. I would perhaps prefer to go to a naturopath clinic to inquire about this. Generally, a hair analysis is not that expensive.

Blood Ferritin -- This is where B12, Folate and Colostrum should help you greatly. Colostrum contains Lacto-ferrin which aids in the proper transport of heme iron to the cells. Lots of information on colostrum here.

Low iron levels can also be caused by low stomach acid(poor digestion) and can ultimately be connected to low thyroid or hypothyroid conditions. So perhaps you should also get your thyroid checked.

Probiotics -- I think taking probiotics on their own wont do that much because the huge candida numbers in the intestines will easily overcome and defeat the small amount of beneficial bacteria that you supplement. But if you take probiotics together with colostrum then the colostrum will tend to be strongly protective for the good bacteria from the probiotics and so it may have a more beneficial all round and longer-lasting effect.

Replied by Susan

Hi Bill,

Thank you for helping me figure out this puzzle! This is so exciting.

Chlorella-- How much chlorella do people take as they slowly titrate up their cilantro? Or which kind of chlorella? I was thinking of powder. Do people take the chlorella first and wait a half hour and then dose the cilantro?


I think my first priority is to save up and find a doc to do an OAT and check methylation. So I know what to take...

and Oh boy I think I'm in for some die-off fun as yesterday, was day 2 back on "B-Right" by Jarrow a B multi formula with 400 mgs of methyl folate and a small dose of methyl B-12. (since I'm starting back up on methylators I read it's best to go slowly.) I upped my iosol dosage to the equivalent of 2 drops of Luggols and I got "pleanty" of die-off! (I was confident to try this amount b/c I had given myself 15-20 drops of this weaker form two years ago for weeks and felt so much better).

So then I tried 3 drops of that cilantro tincture and a funny thing happened. My herxing calmed down. But I do feel brain brighter today with more iodine and tyrosine!

Chanca Piedra-- Can take just the Chanca Piedra for Both my liver support and kidney? I see some inexpensive tea on Amazon - I'm tempted over the pricey stuff. Any brand recs? New World Botanicals is pricey....

Mag chloride - Ok, I will go back to making your formula. And I can take it internally too? The magnesium chloride flakes I have are from "the ancient Zechstein seabed" haha. Last week I thought if I filled a bottle 70% with mag chloride and 30% with water, then I'd get a 70% solution? but maybe that is incorrect...

For the last 3 years I have repleted on magnesium and taken up to 1200 mgs of magnesium. (I read about Levoquin depleting and damaging magnesium uptake.)

Potassium-- For the last 3 months I've been trying that salt made with potassium chloride and getting 350 mgs or 1/8th of a tsp a day or more from that. Since I've been low sugar for most of the last 7 years where am I getting much potassium w/out fruits? I figure I must be low. Anyway, I think it helps my leg cramps. The potassium bicarb was too funky on my gut 2 years ago, so maybe I can try that on month two in a carbicarb? But I also see it was recommended in a pituitary axis protocol - 1/8th tsp...

Mitochondria, Methyl Blue, and antioxidants -- 5 years ago my antioxidant levels were low. My CoQ10 and B5 were low and this was with a "meh" Spectracell blood test. I think I read on one of Ted's posts ages ago that a couple drops of methyl blue a day or every other day would help my mitchondrial system? Is it an antioxidant?

also I don't take a multivitamin. So I read I need to get more A (to heal the gut lining) and E. I notice when I take CoQ10 I feel really good.

Iron-- I have heard that candida takes up the iron that you eat. There is a supplement that supposedly prevents this but I have not tried it. I think that candida is eating the iron I consume and I have low iron. I also have had heavy periods for years.

Pituitary, HGH, T3

I'm investigating a pituitary axis issue. Tomorrow I am seeing an nurse practitioner who is really good and I'm going to ask her to look at my hormones. Last year my cortisol, T3, HGH tested low. I learned that both T3 and HGH need liver enzymes for their conversion and use by the body. I don't know where the problem is but I support my adrenals. I found that taking B5 with B6 (like the Metagenics adrenal formula) with L-Tyrosine and Iodine really helped.

Since I have had more hair growth and have had pms for decades (although it's now much better with high mag, zinc and 5-Htp dosing these last few years) I'm wondering if I'm low estrogen. I do take up to 1T of MSM a day and I read that will grow hair!

I got a scan which showed I had a squished pituitary which is fairly common. I had a mild concussion 11 years ago. So, I really hope this hasn't been causing my asthma, fatigue, headaches, carpal and dizzyness. Maybe I should be detoxing it of Flourides? I was shocked that Boulder (health capital of the US) had been flouridating our water! I had no idea. My charcoal filtration useless... That means I've been drinking flouridated water for decades. Brilliant.

My goal is to recheck my T3 and HGH levels after 6 months on Nystatin or a candida protocol and see if they've normalized before trying something like armour. I'm realizing that I don't know what the correct levels should be. Doc said T3 is "a little low". We'll see if he's using a relevant reference range...

Would sodium thiosulfate be smart? Or too much right now. I just took 6 drops.

Acidity - -

I've been eating a lot of meat and this summer have cut down because of the acid blood factor that you talk about. Also I've done a couple bottles of cranberry powder to keep uti's at bay. I think you would advise to get off this?

Ferments, ACV, Brewers yeast -- I have not eaten any vinegar or ferments but I read mixed information so I'm confused! For your protocols ACV is ok but Only with BS? Is that correct? A friend said she had great success with ACV enemas. But I'm hesitant to try. I think I will do H202 enemas in distilled water first.

Have you heard that brewers' yeast supposedly eats candida? but I've been too scared to try it

Colostrum-- Wow this colostrum looks great. Do you think if I get it I really need to do the 1T 2x rec for leaky gut or not bother Or or if the 2 tsp 2x would be worthwhile... hmmm

Until I can get colostrum... one method I used 5 years ago to boost my immunity and break the cycle of frequent colds was 6 weeks on echinacea tea and i1 week off. I stopped only because I wasn't sure if the echinacea would kill the good bacteria in my gut.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Susan...Some more answers and suggestions for you:

Chlorella -- The powder would be better than pills because it will contain no unnecessary fillers. Use upwards of a 1/4 teaspoon of chlorella as your dose several times a day with water. Also be aware that chlorella is very safe. Chlorella contains alginates which is what binds to and gets rid of heavy metals. Alginate is a huge molecule that cannot be absorbed into the body. So when it binds to heavy metals in the intestines its only route is out with the faeces. I also wouldn't worry to much about taking more than cilantro and iodine for the heavy metals in your other organs and tissues. In case you didn't know -- iodine will remove lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium and arsenic from your body. And just for an encore iodine also removes fluorine and bromine as well..

Cilantro -- I'm not surprised you felt better using this. Cilantro not only gets rid of heavy metals -- it also gets rid of poisons(think candida waste toxins) and other xenobiotics from the body as well.

Thyroid Issues -- Do not take the normal TSH/T4 tst from the doc -- its very inaccurate. Get the Free T3 Free T4 test instead which actually measures the active thyroid hormone(T3) in your blood which is what you want. You should request a Free T3 Free T4 test from your doc. See this link for more details on how to get a proper and more accurate Thyroid Test.

ACV --Better to take the alkaline salt form of ACV because this wont deplete your body bicarbonate stores as happens when you take it as the acid form. When you take ACV in the raw acid form it will be neutralized by the bicarbonates from the pancreas anyway. So whether you take ACV as the acid form or the alkaline salt form it will be digested and end up as the alkaline salt form anyway. So by adding baking soda to ACV first just helps to preserve your own body stores of bicarbonate, which is a better way to take it I think.

Brewer's Yeast -- This is a yeast and candida is a yeast. So this one is a no-no if you have candida.

I also notice that you live in Boulder, Colorado -- which allows the use of medical cannibis(MC). I think that you should seriously consider using MC. It can cure everything from cancers, diabetes, overweight, migraines, heart disease, serious infections, melanoma's, moles etc. I can't possibly record all its curative effects here -- not enough room. I see MC as the ultimate balancer for the body. For instance it will act to balance your hormones. MC has a very energizing and healing effect on the all the body's homeostatic mechanisms. So taking MC should also help to resolve all your pms problems for instance. See these links:

Run from the Cure -- Rick Simpson

Blood Cancer and Medical Cannabis Oil (this one's for ORH)

Also don't believe all the negative hype about THC in cannabis oil. THC is indeed a critical ingredient that, for instance, greatly helps to kill infections as well as cancer cells.

This video describes the famous ground-breaking Madrid Study(MC activity on brain cancers) by Dr Guzman:

Medical Mariauana Kills Cancer

Replied by Susan

Wow Bill! Thanks again for this wealth of info.

That colostrum is still my first go to for the gut, allergy and immune repair? It looks just ah-mazing. :)

I've heard that there's one kind of cannaboid oil maybe CB? that is great for your brain as it's super antioxidant and nutrient rich and there's another formula that even helps seizure activity in some epileptics. Which makes you think about toxic accumulations depleting your antioxidants doesn't it? (ahem methylation...).

Does one need to follow a protocol with the chlorella and the cilantro? I'm thinking I might try taking the chlorella and 15 minutes later dose the cilantro so the chlorella is already in your system to "pick up the mercury" and escort it out of your system? How to know how much cilantro to use? And is it taken 2 or 3x a day? Bottle instructions? I think I will start with one drop, 3x and work up from there.

When I took expensive Chanca Piedra capsules last year my acne was much better. Have you or anyone who reads this heard of any good brands that are reasonably priced on the Chanca Piedra tea? I might try the cheap stuff on Amazon...

To health!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Matthieu (Paris, France) on 01/15/2015
3 out of 5 stars

Worked Temporarily

Hi Bill,

I've been under your full protocol (with takings from 7:00 AM till 9:00 PM) for 4 months now. After an impressive improvment of my general state, a deep reduction of my psoriasis (whole body) I'm going through a setback which worries me a lot.

The psoriasis has started to come back in force on my hands where it was almost gone and on certain zones where it had completely disappeared.

Nevertheless I never made any mistake, always followed religioulsy the protocol except taking Borax that is hard to find (but since I realized the protocol worked without it, I did not try it). Just one little non-recommended thing: a very short coffee with a very little honey in the morning.
I'm in a period of relative stress for a month, which may explain the relapse. As you certainly know about the recent attack of terrorists in Paris last week, I has a huge stress. Several nights without sleep. Feeling very nervous, etc.

What should I do then? How can I cope with this setback? Should I change anything in my protocol which is already very rich and "heavy"?

I must say I added a few things to fight the candida: Kolorex, Urine therapy (a glass of the first morning urine), colonics (once a month), a few enemas (with Black Walnut Hull Tincture), anti-parasite protocol by DR. Clark.

I've ordered Olive leaf oil in capsules in order to change my antifungal. Is it ok?

I feel pretty lost... I thank you very very much for your advices.

Very best, Matthieu

Replied by David

Candida sucks.

Replied by Charity
(Faithville, Us)

Yes, cortisol the stress hormone feeds it. I fought candida on nystatin with a rotation diet for four years. I don't plan to win but manage it when it gets out of control. It doesn't play fair, and has all kinds of sneaky tricks up it's sleeve. If you do decide to try make sure to use molybdenum.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Darwin (Wilmington, Delaware) on 01/10/2015 6 posts

Hi everybody,

This is my first post to the earth clinic forums. I will be starting my new diet and will be using the protocols from Bill Thompson's Candida Killing so sweetly book. I have systemic candida for a long time and also very acidic and this diet should be the perfect solution for it. I tried the old candida diet many years ago which was no sugar, no yeast and nothing fermented which was from Dr Crook's book. It helped getting rid of the candida from my intestines but not from the rest of my body. This will be my first alkaline diet.

I am 55 years old and have brain fog, fungus infections on my feet, feel internal shaking all the time, have pretty bad arthritis and have A-fib.

When I was a teenager I had pretty bad acne and my mother took me to a dermatologist and he gave me tons of antibiotics which gave me systemic candida. Also it did not do anything for the acne and the acne went away by itself in my twenties.

I have a non alcoholic fatty liver but it is in mild condition. After taking all of those antibiotics I starting craving carbs and sugar and became a food addict. The new diet and protocols should help my fatty liver out.

I agree about vegetable oils being really bad for us because when I eat a whole bag of potato chips my gums get soft and start to bleed. Everybody told me that I must be allergic to potatoes but I have no problem eating potatoes when they are baked.

It is interesting because I found out about Bill Thompson's book on Amazon. I was doing a search on fulvic acid and the Candida Killing so sweetly book came up in the list. I bought the black water in a natural food store which has fulvic acid in it and felt really good from it, the internal shaking stopped when I was drinking it which means I must be very acidic. I bought the book and all of the protocols make sense and want to give it a shot. I am buying them now and will start my new diet on Monday.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Darwin...A warm welcome to the EC forum. Regarding my book that you bought, here is a condensed version of the protocol which might help you. It's a sort of easy-to-read downloadable cheat-sheet concerning the anti-candida protocol you should be taking.

Candida Protocol

I would also advise that you take the liver protocol in my book for your fatty liver problems.

Before I cured my own candida(cured it 9 years ago, still gone), I also had similar symptoms to you including: severe fungal infections on my feet(had this for over 25 years, just couldn't get rid of it), arrythmias, overweight, severe constipation, skin problems, low thyroid etc. I didn't have arthritis but the borax in the protocol(as well as the gum turpentine) will probably help to cure that as well.

If you have any questions then just ask away on this forum and please could you keep us posted on your progress.

Replied by Darwin
(Wilmington, Delaware)
6 posts

Hi Bill,

Thanks for showing me the condensed version. I was able to print it out and it really helps.

I wanted to tell you about my progress. I have used Lugol's oil before and I do feel better when taking it. I tried the Borax water protocol for the first time and I really felt good after taking it. Before I took it, I was feeling really tired. After ten minutes of taking it, my energy level went way up and I did not feel tired anymore. Also my internal shaking went away and I was pleased about the borox water. Then like in 30 minutes I felt really nauseous. Then I felt pains in my fatty liver. The next morning I had diarrhea and had to urinate a lot. In the afternoon I was back to my old self. I realize that this is toxins and the borax water was shaking things up in my body. I have tried the borax water 3 times and pretty much have the same results. Is there anything I can do to stop the nauseous and the diarrhea? I have a infrared sauna and maybe I should use that more. Maybe I should exercise more and try 3 hour walks to help my body get rid of the toxins.

Thanks, Darwin

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Darwin...As you say, it is perhaps inevitable that when you initially take any nutrient like borax, which has the ability to kill such large amounts of candida, then you will undoubtedly feel nauseous and awful. This is because large amounts of candida are suddenly killed with the borax thus releasing even more waste toxins into your blood. This puts huge stress on your liver to clear them and that's why you feel so awful together with diarrhea. Borax also detoxes fluorine from the body so if your body is high in fluorine then excessive fluorine detox reactions might also be contributing to the way you feel.

As a caution, whenever you prepare a liter of borax water as advised then you should drink this slowly throughout the whole day. You can use this water, as advised, to make teas if you like. But you should not be drinking the liter of borax water down in one go. That's not the way to take it.

The only thing you can do is perhaps initially reduce the daily borax dosage by half from what it is now. This should reduce the severity of your Herx or die-off reactions and reduce possible excessive fluorine detox reactions. But later, after you have got rid of the initial heavy load of candida/fluorine from your body, I would return to the original dose and frequency if you can.

Replied by Darwin
(Wilmington, Delaware)
6 posts

Hi Bill,

Yes, I took it all at once. I did that because I felt good from drinking it and felt bad later on. I will try it drinking it slowly during the day. Thanks for the info. I will be more careful.


Replied by Darwin
(Wilmington, Delaware)
6 posts

Hi Bill,

I held off taking the Borax after my last reaction and thought I will take some of the other supplements and see how I react. I tried niacin for the first time in 25 years and wow did I have some reaction. My face started flushing and then my chest, arms and the rest of my body. I started getting the chills and then my arms and legs started shaking. I went to holistic clinic many years and had this shaking. I knew what to do to stop it. Take a nice hot bath! It stop the shaking right away. I took it a second time today and had the same reaction. It also gave me diarrhea. I had a low fever from it also. This is fine and I realize that it is just toxins getting released. I have been taking niacinamide for many years and have no reactions towards it but I realize the niacin can really do a flush.

I was wondering what you would recommend about my fatty liver? When I took the borax it released a lot of toxins to my fatty liver which I don't mind but it make my heart skip or have extra beats. I have a pacemaker which controls my heart beat and my heart is weak from a side effect from a heart drug. I am taking milk thistle and I saw you recommended to somebody to take niacin for their liver and that is one of the reasons why I started taking it. The flushing did not affect my heart so maybe I should continued taking it.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Darwin...Not many people know that niacin is also an anti-fungal so it doesn't surprise me that it initially gave you diarrhea. If you prefer you can use other options like inositol hexanicotinate -- which is the no-flush form of slow release niacin but this form is more expensive. Or you can use niacinamide which is also no-flush. But niacinamide or nicotinamide will not have the same blood and heart benefits as the niacin form. I have also found that taking niacin in the evening definitely helps me to relax you and guarantee a good nights sleep.

To get rid of fatty liver then just take the liver protocol as shown in the book -- selenium, milk thistle and alpha lipoic acid. Also, taking a teaspoon of granulated lecithin(not the oil form) twice a day with meals should also help you get rid of any excess liver or mesenteric fat. Supplementing lugol's iodine will also make your fat metabolism more efficient and this fact will help your body to process and excrete fat more efficiently.

When I had candida I also had fatty liver -- I was seriously overweight with a big belly. So I took a herbal tea -- chanca piedra -- to help lower my blood sugar. After a few weeks on this I suddenly started dumping small round pellets. I suddenly realized that they must be gallstones. This dumping of gallstones went on for quite some time. When it finished and my stools became normal again I had a much flatter belly. A great result!! I'm just saying that a big belly doesn't necessarily mean that you have fatty liver problems. You should also consider using chanca piedra tea in case you already have hundreds or thousands of stored gallstones just waiting to be dumped!! Chanca piedra also lowers blood calcium, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar and lowers blood fat in the body. All good.

To see all the benefits of chanca piedra -- see this link.

Replied by Darwin
(Wilmington, Delaware)
6 posts

Hi Bill,

It has been a while since I made a post. I want to tell you about taking niacin. In your book you suggested to take it. I have been taking only 500 mg of niacin per day and have been getting terrible flushes and after the flush leaves, I feel very cold, even when taking it after eating. I kept on taking it anyway because I am spacey, get headaches from drinking just a little bit of caffeine, root canal infections and have a rash on my nose and cheeks. The flush makes my head so hot it has to be good. All of my symptoms have been improving especially my caffeine headaches. I don't get caffeine headaches anymore and feel more alert and my root canal feels better. Also the flushes are not so intense anymore.

I was working on the liver protocol as in the book and I have been taking chanca piedra which you suggested. I like it a lot and really helps my liver. The problem is that I keep on cheating on my diet and was wondering if you had a suggested diet. I know in your book you recommend what not to eat but do you have a diet for breakfast , lunch and dinner? I think maybe I should join a food addicts group.

What do you think of stevia? Is it OK to drink stevia sweeten sodas?

Thanks for your help,


Replied by Kathryn
(North Carolina)

Hi Darwin,

Glad you're beginning to feel better. Like me, you might be Candida lifer, meaning, I'll be taking some form of Candida for life. I had done away with it a few years ago and now it's back. So, one step at a time for more healing, right?

The right food is imperative and you are right to feel confused. Food cannot ever be the same as it was and to my mind, that's awesome! Paleo is a good way to go - Google it - lots of sites and info and books. It takes the body three days to let loose of symptoms from a caffeine fix, so I figure I can handle that much. I'm done with caffeine now.

For breakfast today, I had 2 eggs, and steamed kale with ghee and sea salt. I drank Hydrolyzed Beef Collagen with it while taking my suppies. For lunch it's beef stew, well, soup really, cause I can't use wheat to thicken, and some gluten free toast with ghee (though I could have done without that). I'm taking Bill's advice to heart and making lunch the big meal with the meat protein. So, dinner tonight will be steamed or sauteed veggies with some Paleo brown bread that is made of nuts, seeds, and coconut flour. No other flour. No fruit or sugar of any kind.

Today, I know that healing is a mental and emotional and spiritual game - one that I'm winning! I choose to see food as lovely nourishment for my body, rather than as something to fill an emotional or spiritual void. If I'm feeling bad, I can choose to feel good in any moment. Check out Abraham-Hicks books and YouTubes to help with all the mental, emotional, spiritual stuff that crops up and practice what they talk about. You'll start feeling better right away!

So appreciative of EarthClinic and Bill and all of you for all the love and healing!

Replied by Darwin
(Wilmington, Delaware)
6 posts

Thanks Kathryn for your reply. I did not see your reply until now. It is good to hear from other people and what kind of diet they are using. I will check out the Paleo diet. I have never heard of it before. Also I will look into Abraham-Hicks books

Thanks again for your response!

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Healthseker (Usa) on 01/09/2015

I would like to start taking cod liver oil and was wondering how/when to add it if I am following your candida diet schedule. Thank you.

Replied by Debbiefudge
(East Sussex)

You would be much better taking coconut oil. Far superior. It's also, antifungal.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Parsley (Nevada, US) on 01/04/2015

I've got tons of stuff going on with my body: vitiligo all over and getting worse, candida, heavy metals, bad aches and pains, exhaustion, severely inflamed red cheeks that oozed all the time and itched like crazy, low progesterone, low cortisol, IBS & SIBO, my liver & kidney barely functioning.

I read Bill Thompson's book "Candida: Killing So Sweetly". I was blown away with all the information. FINALLY someone who got it and delivered. I'm on my 4th week now of doing these protocols: candida, parasite, heavy metal, liver, health deference diet, digestive, alkalizing, biofilms, and of course the vitamin/mineral protocol. *It's a lot but I ramped up every few days, when I felt I could add more. My parasite and digestive protocols are from Hulda Clark's line of herbs (I do not promote or sell her herbs), my liver protocol are coffee enemas and a general organic liver detox tea from a health food store.

I fell into a bit of a detox rut until I read Bill's alkalizing drink recipe on this site with gymnema sylvestre (GS) added to the mix. I was already using most of the items, so I figured what the heck, couldn't hurt to add it in. I bought some powdered organic GS from a local herb shop and some non-bleached paper tea bags. I put in 1/2 teaspoon of powdered GS in the tea bag, and added about 4-5 ounces of lightly boiled water to a cup. Brew time was 2 minutes. Taking the bag out, I tasted it. It was very bitter. So added a little over 1 cup of room temperature spring water. It was tolerable at that point. I poured that lukewarm mixture into my large cup that I always use for my daily alkalizing drinks and added all the rest of the ingredients (I used 6 drops of Lugol's iodine instead of the borax), including 1 tablespoon of organic psyllium husk. Bill said that psyllium carries all the ingredients though the entire digestive tract, getting to the hard to reach middle region of the stomach.

Well, well, well, let me tell you what a rush of heat that flooded through me after 20 minutes! My cheeks began pulsating, I got hot and tingly all over my body. The next day, I had tons of red bumps all over my neck and chest and not so good smelling bowel movements. I could feel the nasties/biofilms inside me being thrown out of their cozy homes and killed. I refer to this drink as "The Cocktail Of Death". It's basically like drinking down a firing squad. An hour later I take a bunch of kelp capsules, bio algae concentrates capsules, and some parry spirulina. I have done about 4 of these death cocktails over the course of about 9 or 10 days or so.

I went in for a colonic (2 hours after one of my cocktails) and the therapist asked me what I was taking because there were live candida being flushed out! She was amazed. Live candida! I must have made such an inhospitable environment that they got the heck out of there - and quick! She asked me for the recipe.

At one point, I tried brewing the GS for 1 min and 30 seconds to hopefully eliminate some of the bitterness, but it didn't work as well. 2 minutes seems to be the magic time for me.

The reason I mention the cocktail is because I tried the 1 teaspoon of gum spirits of turpentine, 4 tablespoons of castor oil, & 3 cubes of sugar three different times, with no noticeable effect. I never got a bowel movement or felt any different. My body is responding way better with gymnema so I'm sticking with my cocktail of death.

I am getting healthier day by day. It is a steady process but I am committed to these protocols until I feel fantastic. I'm not there yet, but every day I feel a little more spring in my step and a better mood.

Thanks Bill & Ted! "Party on dudes! " :)

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U PARSLEY, , , , , , , wow , what a delivery. I compliment you because you have convinced folks to take the plunge. ====ORH====

Replied by Cindy

To parsley: could you please give a recipe for the cocktail you talk about and what is gs? Thanks so much. Hope you see this post and can reply

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn.)

HI U PARSLEY, , , let me see if I got this right? You added GS to Bill's alkaline tody which is ACV, baking soda and you also added iodine, Am I right so far? Then you added psyllium to drag the critters out of your gut. Lots of folks are eagerly awaiting your answer.

As you know we all got Candida ...... the problem is the extent. You may have hit on something and I plan on doing what you say, but modifying the purge part with my own purging recipe.

Lord have mercy, we may have founded a new online University called Earth Clinic Institute of Technology. The next thing we must do is get a football team and go on ESPN. We can steal most of GT's songs and cheers.

I think we got something here. ====ORH===

Replied by Parsley
(Nevada, US)

Hi Cindy, gs is gymnema sylvestre (I didn't want to spell that out all the time) :)

Add the gymnema first to the glass you add your ingredients in.

The cocktail is here:

1 tablespoon ACV
One squeezed lemon
Vitamin C powder (1,000 or 2,000mgs)
MSM (1/2 tspn)
Glutamine (500mgs or 1/2 tspn) I do 1/2 tspn

Lugol's Iodine (I used 6 drops because that is what I can tolerate at the moment)

1 tablespoon psyllium husk - stir it well.
Add 1/4 tspn Sodium Bicarbonate until the fizzing stops.

Let the mixture thicken a little bit and then drink it down.

"This is a highly effective drink against candida.
This drink is strongly anti-fungal (GS), repairs the intestines (MSM, Vit C, Glutamine), alkalizes the body, immune booster, reduces blood sugar (GS)."

Best wishes to you!

Replied by Parsley
(Nevada, US)

Hi Robert Henry,

Thanks for your posts. I didn't get notified in my email, so good thing I checked the site!

See my response to Cindy's reply as soon as it gets approved and you will have the cocktail there.

LOL! Earth Clinic Institute of Technology :)

I love this site!! Have a good day!

Replied by Esme

Hello, can you please let me know what the ACV is? I have candida and I need to get rid of it. I am having so many issued and need to try this right away as it seems it is working great for you. I have had bitter stuff before so I am not afraid, the cure is worth it if it works on me. Thanks, E.

EC: ACV = Apple Cider Vinegar

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Iga (Illinois, US) on 12/13/2014

I started taking Borax and gum turpentine with castor oil from Bill's protocol yesterday. I'm planning to add the rest of the stuff slowly. Today I got a Lufenuron 9g. I'm wondering if I can combine these two protocols. I'm also taking enzymes, ACV, olive leaf and oreganol p73.

Also, if I can't take the Borax protocol and Lufenuron protocol together, how long do I have to wait for Borax to leave the system. Can I go back to Borax protocol without a fear, the candida will become resistant to it once I stop it?

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Flying Possum (Auckland, Nz) on 12/09/2014

Hi Bill, last week I read your e-book and ordered a hard-copy. So good to find you! I have been on an anti-yeast diet including Paul D'arco tablets and yesterday started the Alkalizing Drinks. They are really helpful for die-off symptoms! I am going to start one protocol a week like you suggest.

Is it safe to use the Chlorella, Molybdenum and Humic/Fulvic Acid which apparently all move mercury around or out, as I have (9) mercury fillings? I do have a safe 'mercury free' dentist who will take them out. 1. Do you advise removal? 2. Is it ok in your opinion and experience to do all your protocol with fillings still intact?

Replied by Flying Possum
(Auckland, Nz)

Hi Bill, just following up on the post I sent you a few days ago.

Replied by Parsley
(Nevada, US)

I got my mercury fillings out by a holistic dentist in 2011. I regret doing that. The reason is because I wasn't on any sort of detox before I had them removed. I didn't know that mercury levels always increase in the body after mercury fillings removal. I had a bad body reaction for about 2 weeks afterward. Severe body itching, rash, fever. Mercury levels off the chart.

I highly suggest you get on a detox protocol and take lots of vitamin c daily to get your body strong before doing it. If you are in good health perhaps doing some chelation while you detox. After they are removed, ramp up your chelation and detox. You will be much better off.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Parsely...Whenever you take detox protocols involving Lugols Iodine, Sodium Thiosulphate, chlorella, Vitamin C and Selenium(as advised in my protocol), and if your body's cells are already chock full of mercury then you problably will get severe detox symptoms. This problem is unavoidable because when you start the detox a large amount of bound mercury will initially be dumped directly into the blood and this puts considerable stress on the liver -- hence you have fever and feel awful. The skin, also a detox organ, also tries to help get the mercury out of the body -- hence the itching and rashes.

The trick is to just reduce your detox dosages so that these symptoms are reduced to bearable levels again. These symptoms, once you get the mercury numbers back down to healthy levels again, should also disappear completely in time.

Replied by Parsley

Good, sound advice. Thanks Bill.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Joy (Wa, US) on 11/29/2014

Hi Bill~ After reading the info on this website I bought your book. I have known about my own candida issues for 30 years but could not get past my sugar addiction. My have fatty liver disease due to sugar addiction and I'm so low energy I know it is time to step up and deal with this issue. My breath is so bad people avoid me. Worst symptom but I woke up today with eczema on my face which I haven't had since I can remember. I work full time in a high stress environment so I need to figure out how to do this, deal with sugar / candida detox and stay with the program. I ordered everything you listed in the protocols and they will be delivered next week. I have started the soda/lemon water with Milk Thistle. Have the borax so getting mineral water today. Feeling overwhelmed so can you suggest the next step? Thanks for being a light in this dark place.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Joy...You should initially start taking the borax, lugol's iodine, alkalizing and turpentine protocols. You should also start these protocols one by one to see what their initial effects are -- because you are bound to experience some form of both detox and Herx reactions which might initially be quite severe. So if you start each of these remedies one by one then you will be able to use them for a while to find out what their individual effects are and adjust the dosages accordingly to suit your own needs. You should not have any problems with the liver/kidney protocols -- which is a support protocol -- so you can start this protocol anytime.

Also be sure to take the full Iodine Protocol with all the companion nutrients that are advised.

Replied by Cleopatra
(Houston, Texas)

Hi Bill,

What's sufficient time to give one protocol before starting another? One week, two weeks or a few days? And then the idea, is to work up to where you are doing all in tandem correct? I plan on starting with the Borax first for a couple of weeks while taking the Iodine cofactors. I heard taking them a few weeks before actually starting the Iodine protocol was a good idea. Thanks, Cleo

Replied by Ava
(Oakhurst, Ca)

I actually had the same questions. I was also wondering how long peiple stay on the borax protocol?? I had the impression that alkalizing and iodine protocols are good on regular and long term basis. The other question- if you end up taking the sugar / turp mix tlo clean the blood, is it a good idea to take the same companion protocols?

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Buzymom (Idaho) on 11/13/2014

Hello Bill, I am reading your book right now and it is very easy to understand. Thank you so much for that. I have a few questions however. The first is that on this site I see a lot about using Turps with Castor Oil, but in your book you use Coconut Oil. I am just wondering which you prefer?

Also, in the book I can't tell how to use the turpentine protocol with the other protocol. Is it not good to mix the 2. I am following the anti-candida protocol, but just adding the turpentine right before lunch, is that ok?

How many days in a row can I use the turpentine?

One last question about Alkalizing. It seems to make sense to me when I read your book, but I know that I have also read that Candida thrives in an alkaline environment and that being acidic is what kills it. I am so confused!

Also, on the daily example protocol you have Molybdenum, but if I am taking the 3 main anti candida remedies, alkalizing, iodine, and borax, do I need the Molybdenum?

One more, why do you prefer the turps over the digestive enzymes? Do you think it works better?

On this article that says that you have updated the protocol, I do not see a link that takes me to that updated protocol. Also, the link for J's Personal Candida Diet Testimony does not seem to go to the right thing, just FYI, because I really would like to read it.

Thank you so much for your book and being so great about answering questions. I am feeling much more hope about my situation. My main physical complaint is that I have Interstitial Cystitis and I feel that Candida plays a role in that. My mother use to give me amoxicillin almost like a daily vitamin when I was a child. My children have not really had antibiotics, but I am wondering if fungal candida can be passed from the mother through the womb.

Thanks again.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Buzymom...Thanks for all your questions which I will try and answer as best I can.

First, when I wrote the Candida: Killing So Sweetly I didn't really know how well turpentine worked against candida. But for the last 18 months or so, I've been working with and advising a parent's autism group who have kids with with serious autism or ASD issues. All kids who have ASD will have serious parasite and candida infestation problems. Cure the candida and parasites and you cure autism -- that's it in a nutshell. This is when I discovered that using gum turpentine with castor oil was the best way to use turps because of the laxative effect of the castor oil -- which tends to spread the turpentine evenly and quickly throughout the intestines thus having a more efficient candida-killing effect throughout the intestines. The parents have been successfully using the turpentine/CO protocol with ther ASD kids with age ranges from 2 to 16+ without problems. When the turpentine/CO protocol is also combined with Lugol's Iodine, Alkalizing and Borax then these latter protocols will also adequately act to kill the candida and other pathogens in the blood, tissues and organs as well.

The main pathogen protocols that you should be using are Ludols Iodine, Borax, Alkalizing and Turpentine/CO which are all defined in detail here:

Candida-Kill Protocols

Remember that the above remedies are only part of the anti-candida cure protocol -- for a better result you should really also follow the full protocol which also incorporates Liver/Kidney and Immune Support, Detox and an Anti-candida Diet.

Now to answer all your questions:

The first is that on this site I see a lot about using Turps with Castor Oil, but in your book you use Coconut Oil. I am just wondering which you prefer?

I think I've already answered this one. I use the castor oil because of its laxative effects -- which is not a characteristic of VCO. So not only will turps/CO combination kill pathogens throughout the intestines -- it also expels them quickly due to its laxative effects.

I am following the anti-candida protocol, but just adding the turpentine right before lunch, is that ok?

Taking the turpentine/CO just before meals is the way that you should take it because the food will carry the turps/CO into the intestines where you want it to kill the candida and pathogens. Clearing candida/parasites from the intestines is very difficult -- but the turps/CO protocol seems to work well.

How many days in a row can I use the turpentine?

I advise that you should not use turpentine/CO for more than 5 consecutive days(at the lower dose of 1 tspn turps, 1 tablespoon castor oil) without a few days break. Having said that, some of the parents in the autism group used the turps/CO protocol consecutively for weeks without problems. But I prefer being a little more careful.

You should only use the stronger full laxative dose(1 tspn turps, 3 tablespoons castor oil) just once a week. See the link above for more details. I need the Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is highly useful -- it both kills candida and reduces the Herx reactions but, unfortunately, I've found that the powder is hard to find. My view is that there are already adequate protocols that will kill pathogens in my protocol so there's no real need to take molybdenum.

...Alkalizing -- good or bad against candida?

When I cured my own candida problems some years ago I alkalized every single day. I regard that alkalizing was a major reason that helped me to a cure. And I still alkalize my body now on a daily basis. The only time you should not alkalize is if you have a problem in your body that cause alkalosis -- such problems are usually related to liver issues.

One more, why do you prefer the turps over the digestive enzymes? Do you think it works better?

I prefer turps/CO because it is faster acting. Turpentine is a paint thinner whose surfactant properties also act to strip away biofilms rapidly as well as killing candida and killing a huge range of other pathogens at the same time. From my own research, protease enzymes are slower acting because they must digest the biofilms. And I'm not convinced that protease will act throughout the whole intestines like turpentine/CO does. Also, protease enzymes will not necessarily kill the candida(whose cell walls are made of chitin or hemicellulose -- not protein). That's why I prefer turpentine.

If you have Interstitial Cystitis then you can use DMSO(DimethylSulfoxide) topically. This is also a recognized allopathic treatment for IC that is now recommended by doctors in America. But I would just do it yourself and save some money. It's also a fairly simple protocol.

Buy some 99% DMSO(from or Make a 50%-50% water solution by adding one tablespoon of the DMSO to a glass or small container and then adding one tablespoon of water to it. Then add 10 drops of Lugol's Iodine to the DMSO/water and mix it all up.

With a wad of cotton wool, just spread this solution thinly over your lower abdomen(over the bladder). The DMSO will act to reduce the pain, as will the iodine which will kill any bacterial or fungal infection in your bladder. After you have finished topically, use organic aloe oil over the region to avoid irritation and then wash your hands. Apply this topical application once a day. If you do get any irritation in the application area above your bladder then just skip a day.

The DMSO will act to reduce the pain and the DMSO with LI will also help to kill off any involved pathogens that are active in your bladder area.

Replied by Diamond
5 out of 5 stars

Buzymom; Yes Fungi// fungus is passed on to every child & generation/s the sad thing is I lost a lot of family members because of fungus. I mentioned to one doctor about me having fungus and he ran down the hall away from me, because it is contagious(the spray from our mouth) saliva .. I also found the first signs is people that have contracted it show first signs of anger.There has never been any real treatment/s for it to my knowledge, most Drs. call this the silent disease.My previous Dr. always continued to give me antibiotics until one day I came very close to having a heart attack. There is a medication that is anti-viral med. but my assumption is it may be for a selected few.So far I have lost a nephew that had a twin brother he died of a heart attack, one of my brothers died at the age of 47 from too much toxins// my assumption on this one comment leads me to think I too have an over load of toxins(?) then an older brother died at the age of 57 from a heart attack. Right now I am taking a couple of probiotics, one is cats claw, and grape seed extract/not at the same time. I feel a lot better. Also I changed Drs. over to a holistic Dr. Please write if you have more questions. keep me informed, and good luck.

Replied by Buzymom

Thank you so much for answering. I expected an e-mail notification when you replied and didn't get one, so just now saw it. Sorry for such delayed appreciation.

Thank you for the information on the turpentine. I have just been using in 3 times a week because it kind of scares me. It makes me a little nauseous and tired after taking it, hopefully that is just die off. But I am going to up it to 5 times a week like you suggest.

I found that putting it in milk makes it easier to swallow. Is it ok to put the castor oil and the turps both in milk?

I have not yet tried it with the 3 T if castor oil but want to try that this coming week if I can get brave enough.

Also, if I forget to take it before lunch, can it be after? Or if I take it in the evening will it effect sleep?

I have been following the rest of the protocol as you have advised and haven't noticed anything major passing thru me like some people report. I do notice some grey slime that is mixed in or encasing my stools. I hope that is either biofilms or else the grey stuff lining my intestines that you have mentioned. Do you know?

I am doing the alkalizing, the iodine and the borax now and they all seem to set fine with me. I have been so tired since starting the iodine, is that normal? Starting the Borax made me feel energized at first. It may just all be coincidence.

Thank you so much for your book and for answering my questions. I have finished the book since last posting and I feel that I am on a good path. I will keep you posted.

Also, thank you for the info on DMSO. I had never thought to try it because I thought that was something a doctor had to distill the bladder with. I will definitely try it.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Buzymom...To help answer some of your questions:

Is it ok to put the castor oil and the turps both in milk?

It's ok to take turps/co with milk -- I recommend it in my book.

I have not yet tried it with the 3 T if castor oil but want to try that this coming week if I can get brave enough?

The 3 tablespoon castor oil is the full laxative dose and is just a ball-park dose -- some people might need less for full laxative effect, some people might need more. It won't hurt you and will clear out much of the candida, poisons and biofilm from your intestines. Only take the full laxative dose once week.

Also, if I forget to take it before lunch, can it be after? Or if I take it in the evening will it effect sleep?

Best time to take it(the lower turps/co maintenance dose) is before meals either in the morning or evening. But you can really take this any time you like that is convenient to you.

I do notice some grey slime that is mixed in or encasing my stools. I hope that is either biofilms or else the grey stuff lining my intestines that you have mentioned. Do you know?

It may well be biofilms or it could be the removal of hard mucus that has solidified and impacted onto your intestinal walls over the years. Either way, this outcome is beneficial.

I have been so tired since starting the iodine, is that normal?

Iodine usually always gives both a Herx and detox reaction when you first take it. In time these effects should clear as both these die-off and detox effects reduce as they are cleared by the liver.

Also, if you take the liver protocol as recommended in the book(take milk thistle, selenium and Alpha Lipoic Acid) this should also help the liver to remove poisons from the die-off and detox more quickly.

Replied by Diamond
(Ma., US)

Bill; I hope you don't mind me posting some thing different with your great helping messages to help people like my self. For years I had problems with constipation, I mentioned this to my doctor only to find the remedies were worse than nothing, so I continued to change Drs. with still no results. One Dr.actually gave me a very large bottle of what appeared to be 100% sugar; later on in my life, I found that sugar makes constipation worse instead of moving my bowels. I was vomiting for a few days, again I moved onto many other Drs. with little to no results. Finely I did many web searches, this may sound odd but It's a mixture of fresh cut garlic, ACV and fresh cut onion. S,oak these over night then take an enema, this solution does not burn or sting. I found I had a huge amount of mucus because of being in a mold infested house as a young child. Mold and sugar aggravate one another and makes matters worse. This is the best remedy I have ever found - well worth it's weight in gold and then some. Thank you for letting me cross post and share.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Diamond...It's quite interesting that you mention garlic, ACV and onions that helped you. I've been working with an autistic parent group and one Indian lady used garlic, cinnamon, lemon juice, cloves and drops of oregano all mixed together in ghee(clarified butter) for her young son. This, together with Kerri Rivera's MMS protocol, was what helped to cure her son of both parasites and candida causing the autism. So yes, definitely garlic and onions as well as ACV would help against candida. The garlic and onions are also high in natural sulfur which is needed for detox as well as for production of cysteine, taurine and glutathione in the body.

I must also mention an interesting nutrient that I'm using at the moment. Everyone knows the health wonders of organic ACV, but I've been using vinegar made from the coconut nectar that is tapped and fermented from the flower stem of the coconut tree. The remarkable health profile of this vinegar is described here and here. This organic vinegar is particularly high in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. I found some locally produced organic Coconut Nectar Vinegar(CNV) here in the local market and bought some to try it(very cheap). The vinegar is a quite a bit different to ACV because when you shake up the bottle the CNV turns a dense dark brown because it has a much higher amount of "mother" particles in it(you can't see through the bottle) -- and that is probably the reason why it is so high in aminos(contains 17 amino acids for the body). The other thing I noticed about the CNV is that it is much less sour tasting -- tastes quite pleasant in fact -- therefore it is less acidic than ACV. The CNV is also high in potassium, copper, zinc, natural sulfur and magnesium minerals.

Replied by Buzymom
(Idaho, US)

Thank you Bill and Diamond for the great ideas.

Replied by Brightday
(North Carolina)

Bill: I have a bottle of raw coconut aminos in my refrigerator - 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO. I have been it in several of my recipes as a substitute for soy sauce. Are you saying that these coconut aminos may substitute for the ACV in the anti-candida protocol? Thanks!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Brightday...Just to clarify what I was talking about and hopefully answer your question. First, aminos are not the same as vinegar or ACV. The reason I liked the Coconut Nectar Vinegar (not aminos) was the fact that this locally produced vinegar had a huge amount of mother in it (the liquid becomes black in color and you can't see through it when you shake the bottle) as compared to Bragg's ACV (also a vinegar) which does not have so much mother in it and is more expensive where I live. Both the ACV and the Coconut Nectar Vinegar are beneficial because they help form acetates which have anti-pathogenic action and which are also useful for alkalizing and for energy production in the Krebs Cycle within the body. They also contain useful and healing trace minerals. And the reason I prefer the Coconut Nectar Vinegar(collected as a white liquid from the flowering stems of the coconut tree and then fermented) was because this vinegar has a very dense mother that contains quite high and diverse amounts of proteins or aminos as well.

The coconut aminos that you have would also be useful just for their protein value only. In other words, both ACV or Coconut Nectar Vinegar will do much more to help your body than just aminos alone. So, in answer to your question, supplementing aminos alone is not really a viable substitute for ACV or Coconut Nectar Vinegar.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Myeyesarebrown (Scotland) on 10/27/2014

Hello - I have been in awe of Bill and Ted's great compendium of information and advice and this recently discovered site. After at least a decade of candida and messing around not being serious enough, it is time. Began UT this morning, waiting for ACV and BP to arrive, need to order HP, Lugols, vits, etc. Wishing there was a candida camp where we could all hang out.

My question is about UT. I read conflicting information on how much, how often etc.

Any advice welcomed as well as advice on which combinations work well for others. My symptoms: weight gain, serious bloat (I am asked frequently if I am pregnant), flare ups in mucus membranes and ears, migraines, and general aches and pains, reduced concentration. The list goes on and on - you get the picture. I'm 50, female, tough as nails, though 3 digits on my right hand and on both feet are not at all pretty - but the infections have never spread to other nails. I need more discipline! I find it hard to be social with this condition and crave crappy food though can eat well and be severe with diet though I lose the plot after a fashion. Most I have managed is 6 months and my nails were getting better. It is long, long haul I know. It is nice to know there are others out there who truly understand.

Thanks for reading.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Myeysarebrown...I would simply use the four protocols described here in this doc, which are the main pathogen kill remedies that I advise in the anti-candida protocol:

The Main Candida-Kill Protocols

The above article just describes the kill remedies for candida, virus, bacteria, mycoplasma and parasites that should be used. It is not the full protocol that I advise but it is still very useful as a smaller, easier protocol for you to use. The autism group that I've been working with, whose kids all have serious candida and parasite issues, have used all these protocols to good effect.

For your sugar cravings I would simply take Gymnema silvestre tea 3 times a day. This simple tea reduces cravings, reduces sugar in the blood and also prevents the candida morphing into its more dangerous fungal form. And it will also help you to lose weight. Also be aware thatthis tea might causea Herx or candida die-off reaction in your body.

When I started my anti-candida protocol, I was also fat, always bloated and overweight. The two protocols that particularly helped to remove the fat were Lugol's Iodine and Alkalizing. Supplementing virgin coconut oil also helped with my bloating and constipation issues.

The lugols helped because iodine increases the metabolic efficiency for proper handling of proteins and fats. Therefore using iodine will help you to excrete more fat more efficiently from your body and you will lose weight.

Alkalizing just provides the right cell pH for maintenance of correct concentration gradients in the cells -- this means alkalizing will help the management and excretion of fats at the cellular level. Both Lugol's Iodine and Alkalizing protocols are described fully the above doc link.

You should also avoid grains, dairy, sugar and reduce carbohydrates in the diet to a minimum. Also try and avoid processed foods.

I also had eczma, psoriasis, jock itch and bad athletes foot(for over 20 years). So I had candida skin symptoms similar to you. I never bothered to treat any of these local expressions of candida with any topical remedy. All I did was kill the candida inside me. And I knew my candida had completely been defeated when all these skin problems and other candida symptoms eventually disappeared and I could once again eat normal amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, dairy etc without problems or allergies etc. That's when you know that you are really cured.

Replied by Myeyesarebrown

Hi Bill

Thanks so much for your encouraging and detailed response. You are amazing! Just wondering if you have any UT advice?

I have found this product in the UK and wonder what you might make of it. it would cover most of what I would need for the alkalizing remedies. It does not go quite far enough maybe for iodine protocol however. Or it might be rubbish!

What is new to me in this round of candida bashing is turpentine and borax. I'm going to give the latter a try for a bit and maybe try the other. The thought of castor oil and turps is worse than pee for me!

Anyway, many appreciations sent to you from a wet, wet, wet day in Scotland.

Ultra Muscleze - 150g Powder

Ultra Muscleze provides 240mg of elemental Magnesium per serving. It also features the amino acids Carnitine, Glutamine and Taurine with Malic Acid, B vitamins and other supportive nutrients. Natural Orange flavour.

Add one heaped teaspoon (5g) to 100-200ml water or juice and stir or shake. Alternatively add one serving (5g) to any food to increase magnesium content. Take this twice a day.

Magnesium Resuscitation
150 grams Soluble Powder

Servings per container: 30
Serving size: one level teaspoon (5g)
Typical amount per serving
Magnesium 240mg
Malic acid 840mg
Taurine 500mg
Glutamine 500mg
Inulin 270mg
Potassium (citrate) 57mg
Natural orange flavour 100mg
Vitamin E 53mg
Magnesium (oxide) 36mg
Calcium (phosphate) 17mg
Vitamin B6 50mg
L-Carnitine 51.5mg
Vitamin B1 (thiamine) 25mg
Vitamin B3 (nicotinic) 20mg
Selenium 25ug
Folic acid 150ug
Molybdenum (sodium molybdate) 60ug
Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 20ug

Other ingredients:

Maltrodextrin (10mg)
Citric acid

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Silversurfer (Washington, Dc) on 10/27/2014

Hello, Bill.

Once again I am here to ask a bit of knowledge! I have just taken the co/turps remedy for the first time. Quite an effect I must say. I have passed a lot of... white material, for lack of better words.

Anyways, I know that taking Lugol's Iodoine, turps and borax water simultaneously can be detrimental. I am wondering the time frame that it is considered safe to take them. So for example, after taking a turps/co remedy, how long should I wait before consuming borax water and/or LI? Likewise, how long should I wait between consuming LI and borax?

Thanks for all the great info!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Silversurfer...If you take the larger dose(laxative dose) of turpentine/CO then there's really no need to take anything else for the rest of the day in my opinion. This dose will act to kill and shift a heck of alot of candida, parasites, biofilms etc and get it all out of your intestines quickly at the same time. So this achieves alot. But you should only be taking the laxative strength turps/co once a week and perhaps afterwards rehydrate the body properly and also supplement some minerals. So if you take the higher dose turps/CO then there's really no need to take anything else for the rest of the day because the higher laxative dose will do an awful lot and your body will need a rest afterwards.

But you can also, as an option, take the lower dose non-laxative form of the turps/co protocol, which is much gentler, but I would always take this on a day on, day off basis as well because it should not be so strong acting. This lower dose should not cause a laxative effect -- it should only act to just loosen the stool, so you can also take borax, alkalizing and iodine a few hours before or after taking this protocol without problems.

It's also OK to take borax two hours before or after the lugols iodine. This should cause no problems.

Adult dosages for turps/CO for candida:

Gentle: 1 tspn turpentine, 1 tablespoon turps. Taken every other day or once a week for maintenance.

Strong laxative: 1 tspn turpentine, 3 to 4 tablespoons castor oil. Once a week only.

Notice that the dose of turps remains the same for both protocols. It is the amount of castor oil which makes the critical difference. This ensures, at the higher dose, that the turps is evenly spread throughout the whole intestines(all 28 feet) by the castor oil which also inhibits turps absorption into the blood. That's why this stronger protocol is so good at destroying candida and parasites quickly in the intestines, which is normally the throne and fortress of any candida infection in the body. This stronger protocol may not be pleasant or pretty -- but it works.

Replied by Silversurfer

Thanks again for the prompt response, Bill. I was actually thinking the same exact thing yesterday after I took the Turps/CO. Its always a great confirmation hearing it from you. I will also heed the advice about the Lugols/Borax time frame with myself and clients.

Yesterday, I took the 1 tspn turps/1 tablespoon CO. I wouldn't necessarily call it gentle! I was amazed at its rapid effect (Without pain... It just encouraged the clearance). There were no immediate effects and the taste was much more mild than I was expecting. It applied fairly strong laxative effects after about 4 hours. I was passing totally liquid stools and what came out was just incredible (Sorry for being graphic). Keep in mind that I have been on Alkalizing/LI/Borax Water/Pau D'arko/Molybdenum and many supporting nutrients for about 4 weeks now prior (militantly). I also had run another more primitive version of a candida protocol for 2 weeks before that.

I passed large amounts of white spots after the Turps/CO last night. I am almost certain that they were candida and/or biofilms. I felt almost immediately noticeably better and I can tell that I was able to clear large amounts of hyphae from my intestines. I felt the areas in my intestines this morning. Almost like a tenderness after you clean a cut if that makes any sense. In a good way though. No intense pain at all. By 12 oclock today there was no sensation there. Like my intestines were starting to heal themselves. I feel that the candida/parasites/etc had drilled deeply into the intestinal walls and I was experiencing the first bought of clearing.

I had a feeling after you answered some questions previously about the middle and bottom gut still housing large amounts pathogens in my system even after using the other parts of the protocol. This was a great confirmation and I am feeling better and better as today goes on. I can't wait to see the effects after weeks/months of usage. I plan on waiting 2 days and then resuming 1 day on 1 day off. I feel that my body could use the extra day after the initial release.

Anyways. Have a great day!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Silversurfer...Much thanks for all your feedback which is always highly appreciated. Thanks also for confirming my "unreachable middle intestines region" theory. I'm pleased about that, it will help people for sure. Really, although I give particular dosages and frequencies for the turps/CO protocol, these are just safe ballpark recommendations and its really up to you as to how you take it because there will always be great variation between different people as to its effects.

So the dosages recommended are not so hard and fast. I work from the principle that we are not clones because we all eat different diets, we have different metabolic rates, we all have different things wrong with us and we all have different lifestyles. You will have to find your own dose for turps/CO that works for you in other words.

And if I had some sort of chronic disease like arthritis or heart disease or cancer -- the first thing I would do is use the turps/CO remedy to eliminate all pathogens hiding in the lower intestines. Both Max Gerson and William Kelly used laxatives and enemas frequently to good effect to clear out the intestines. They not only used this strategy to clear out toxins -- they also used them to clear out pathogens that were always hiding, lurking and breeding in this lower intestinal region.

You are also using the protocols correctly(without shortcuts). The turps/CO protocol will get rid of all the candida(yeast and fungal from) and other bad stuff from the intestines. But you still need to take the Borax, Iodine, Alkalizing etc to kill the candida(fungal form) and other associated pathogens in the blood and that will take a wee bit longer.

I will be trying out my new turpentine/CO/Boswellia(mixed together) protocol soon. Boswellia is also extremely good at killing fungus.

Replied by Silversurfer
(Washington, DC)

No problem, Bill. I will continue to provide you with feedback and I make progress. So far the results have been great.

I will note one thing. And I wonder if you have any comments on this. When I first started this program, about a week later I "injured" my wrist. The only issue was that I had NO idea how I did it. I am pretty athletic so for my entire life I almost always know how I have damaged something. This was out of the blue and not due to any particular stressor or injury I knew of. I thought it was an interesting coincidence that it happened as I began the program.

Now, I am experiencing another similar issue. This time its in my hips (hip pointers on my back) though. And it happens to be following the use of the turpentine. There was no particular movement that I don't usually do with ease that would have caused the pain.

I have no doubt that it will heal just as my wrist did. I'm just wondering if it has something to do with the clearance of candida and other pathogens from the joint tissue. Have you run into anything like this happening before?

By the way, I am 27 and am pretty athletic like I said. I am not usually susceptible to these types of injuries unless I do something intense, at which point I usually remember how I did it in the first place!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Silversurfer...You certainly can have strange pains when you initiate any successful protocol that kills large amounts of candida.

One of the most debilitating and primary characteristic features of candida is that candida can release a huge range of poisonous aldehyde waste toxins into the blood. These poisons can greatly lower the immune system potential, lower the body's detox potential, cause mental effects, create havoc with our hormones, cause pain in the gut and can even cause rheumatic and arthritic pain outbreaks in the body.

So when you successfully kill large amounts of candida in your body quickly, then even more of these same poisons are released into the blood for a while due to the sudden die-off or Herx effect. And that's when you can suddenly get these strange pains in your body as well as a possible increase in your symptoms for a while. But these poisons and symptoms should eventually all recede and go away as the liver finally removes these poisons from your blood.

This is the reason I include Molybdenum, ALA, Milk Thistle and Selenium in the full protocol -- for liver detox and support -- to aid the liver. This protocol helps the liver to manufacture more glutathione(master detoxer for the body), helps to neutralize and remove the poisonous aldehydes (molybdenum, ALA, Milk Thistle) and also helps to boost the immune system.

Replied by Cj

Hey Bill,

In the strong laxative dose, it's 3-4 tsp of castor and 1 tsp of terp. Do you take 1 tsp of those or 4-5 tsp, or do you take all 4-5 tsp? Thanks!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernandob)

Hi Cj....Concerning the full laxative version of the turps remedy, this should be 1 tspn turps mixed with between 3 and 4 tablespoons of castor oil for a full laxative effect. Take and ingest ALL of this mixture. The dosage given for the castor oil is the dosage needed to give you a full laxative effect. The amount I've given is just a ballpark amount that works for me -- what you are after is the full laxative effect of the castor oil when mixed with the the turps. Take this once a week only.

The lower dose castor oil version -- 1 tspn turps with 1 tablespoon castor oil -- should not have a laxative or diarrhea effect but should only help to loosen the stool. if this dose gives you a full laxative effect then just reduce the castor oil dose by half. This can be taken 3 times a week or it can be taken for 5 consecutive days with 2 or 3 days off as a break.

Replied by Cj
4 out of 5 stars

Thank you for the response! Your help on the forums is great. I'll update my symptoms as I go.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Rnrgirl (Los Angeles, California) on 10/06/2014


First, love this site and its immense amounts of info! Such wonderful contributions for all of us to benefit from. I have 3 questions at the end of this, but just for more background (please indulge me when you are able:) This is not a pleasant picture, but I think many women, in particular, fit my description (I can feel myself being yanked upon as I'm pulled out of my dietary and medicinal denial:)

I took the Candida Questionnaire and I'm in the "Probable" range. 47 Y/O female and trying to determine if I'm headed for the change as the hormones I've been given for a year don't create cycles as of late; I have a few fibroids I've been told; I endured extreme job-related emotional stress in 2013, had three cortisone epidurals for neck and arm pain (pain better), but now have knee and ankle pain (no bone damage, but I need to lose 30 lbs.)

I've decided it's high time to detox my life, starting with my body. I was going to start the Black Strap Molasses and the Apple Cider Vinegar, thinking that will help with my fibroids, BUT then I read all about Candida and it seems that would be the first place I should start??

Q - Does the Candida diet protocol in your book that's been referred to prevent me from using, say, the Black Strap Molasses? I don't mean to sound wimpy, but can I put it in my (decaf) coffee or my Teecino and not sabotage this?

Q - Have you heard of any benefits to fibroid tumors perhaps being positively affected (shrunk or broken down) as a woman might use the Candida diet protocol?

Q - I haven't looked at the diet protocol yet, but is there a way someone who's been brought up in Los Angeles -- fast food dinners by the age of 10 regularly, daily coffee, breakfast cereal, In-n-Out, Margaritas with chips & salsa -- is there any way someone like me can ease their way into this highly self-disciplined regime?

I want to start and succeed, but like with anything, I know myself and if I can get into the water slowly, I have a better chance of learning to swim. Time keeps ticking away, and it's time I do this.

Thank you for your wealth of info here.

Have a great day.


Replied by Timh
2080 posts

The BSM is a superfood which you should certainly give a try. As for preventing the sugar to feed the Candida, I use a combination of Chromium & Niacinimide, Cinnamon/Gymnema/Mulberry. This combination greatly enhances the body's ability to turn glucose into energy.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Rnrgirl...You can first try just taking the candida kill and pathogen kill remedies together with the detox remedies which are defined in the protocol. If you have an excellent diet with this protocol then you may not have to take the other nutrients to help the immune system and liver etc. This is up to you really.

The candida kill remedies are iodine, alkalizing, borax, pau d'arco, molybedenum and methylene blue. You do not have to use every single one of these remedies. My favourite combination for removing candida is using lugols iodine(or Iodoral), borax and alkalizing. This has worked very well for me and for other people with candida problems in the past. I would also advise that you use the turpentine/castor oil remedy as well -- at least twice a week -- this also kills candida and gets rid of biofilms in the gut where candida and other pathogens can safely hide away from the immune system and anti-fungals.

The body detox is achieved using nutrients such as Vitamin C, Milk Thistle, ALA, Selenium, Iodine, sodium thiosulfate and chlorella.

Perhaps easier for you -- here is an at-a-glance diagram which shows all the nutrient activity of the different nutrients used in the anti-candida regimen:

Protocol Nutrient Activity

Four or five years ago an African lady asked for help with her systemic candida issues. She eventually cured herself after about 4 to 6 months on the full anti-candida protocol. She also had low thyroid issues, kidney nodules, gastritis, thyroid nodules, fibroids, esophigitis and other problems besides which I can't recall. The daily anti-candida protocol that I put her on also resolved all these other peripheral problems as well.

I've written much info on the anti-candida protocol on this website which can be found in the Candida ailments section.

I've also written a book on candida which goes into much more detail about candida behaviour, why candida is so difficult to defeat and which also describes the best logical approach for curing systemic candida problems. This book is sold here on EC and on and its called Candida: Killing So Sweetly.

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(Sunnyvale, Ca)

Good info, Timh. Do you make your own blend of Cinnamon/Gymnema/Mulberry or can you buy a supplement that has all 3? Thanks.

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Meeya: Yes I take these already combined. You can find this complex in one product from several different manufactures/retailers.

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Posted by Kathryn (San Diego, California, US) on 09/23/2014
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Hi Bill,

I have been reading all thru these postings and I noticed you recommend natural mineral water. At the risk of sounding like a fool, could you suggest where I might find it, and what I should look for?

I have been using distilled water, with borax and acv, and have had impressive results in my health, in general, but would switch to natural mineral water if you could help me with how to find/select it. Also cost is going to be a factor for me.

I'm really new to all of this, and 'health' had always been my doctors issue, if you know what I mean. But I now research everything, so any info would be great.

I also want to thank you for all of your input here. It's a very kind thing you do sharing your knowledge.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Kathryn...You can buy mineral water everywhere -- in health shops and grocery shops --Just ask where the mineral water is kept.

Mineral water has minerals in it that are healthy and useful for the body. Distilled water has no minerals and tends to pull minerals out of the body into the intestines if you drink it. This is why I prefer to use mineral water. I regard mineral water as just natural water or water that has never been chemical manipulated or chemically processed. It should be natural mineral water. I stop short of advising brands because I'm an English guy living in the Philippines. So I guess you'll have to use your own careful judgement there.

Replied by Zach
(Washington Dc)

I use Mountain Valley Spring water. It comes in all glass containers and their source is from a spring that is naturally rich in minerals in Arkansas.

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Deb (Las Vegas, NV) on 09/14/2014
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Working with Bill's Anti-Candida Protocol. feeling good so far. my question is how long to continue the protocol? I am doing many things: borax, lugol's iodine, fulvic acid, threelac, symbion, methylene blue. just got sodium thiosulfate crystals. will be making that solution tomorrow. just wanted to know how long I should plan to continue the protocol. thanks!

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