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Posted by Nancy (Dyer,indiana) on 11/07/2013

Hi, I have Hashimotos along with a candida problem. I have tried taking Lugols iodine in the past but have trouble with my heart racing. Do you have any suggestions for what I should do? Will I ever be able to take iodine? I've read about all of the great benefits of iodine, especially for removing heavy metals, of which I know I also have. I am taking zeolite for this. Is this okay to take along with the candida protocol? Thanks for your feedback!

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Nancy: You are struggling with lackluster results, courtesy of people tinkering with mother nature. They dispense nuggets of bad advice. They lure you in with their titles and philosophies. When I read a story like yours I shake my head in amazement. God made goodies that prevent and cure all diseases. Eating the best foods increases the respiratory quocient, raises zeta potential, zaps the pathogens, improves digestion, repairs the tissues, resets the immune system, balances the hormones, and removes the toxins. Savvy people gleefully indulge in God's Goodies.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Nancy,

If Lugol's is too much iodine for your system, you could try taking some Kelp instead. One Kelp capsule (or 1/4 t. kelp powder) would be a lot less iodine than Lugol's.

Some people use Bentonite Clay baths to remove heavy metals from their systems. It might be an option that would work for you if iodine won't work for you.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Nancy...It's been my experience that candida is always usually regarded as a fairly trivial disease by many people. Until, through time, candida ends up completely dominating your own body because of a poor cure approach, poor diet and poor lifestyle. Perhaps the best description of candida's permanence in the body and its ability to dominate so easily is best described by a passage from my new candida book, which is shown here to illustrate just how robust, adaptable, dangerous and unique candida is as a pathogen:

"If bacteria and viruses are the regular enemy troops that attack our bodies and our immune system, then you should regard candida as their Special Forces or as a highly competent guerrilla terrorist force that can hide in your body using biofilms; candida can breed with the host cells, thereby easily adjusting to medicines; candida can cause cravings in its host for its favourite food: sugar. It is both a saprophytic yeast and a fungal parasite with a dual form that is always associated with many other pathogenic forms and diseases and one that uses superior chemical warfare to continually weaken our immune system via its waste products, which act to poison and wreak havoc in our bodies with excessive levels of aldehydes, alcohols and poisonous proteins... Knowing what I now know about candida and the effects of their waste products, I would far rather be infected with bacteria or a virus than from any fungus like candida"

The point that I'm trying to make here is that you will not find success if you just use the allopathic approach or if you think like the majority of doctors out there. My own research on candida has shown me that candida can covertly also be associated with a huge number of diseases. Dr William Shaw has proven from his own research that, so far, candida has definite causative associations with serious diseases such as Autism, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer's Disease, ADHD, SLE, Crohn's disease, IBS, Esophigitis, Down Syndrome, colitis, PDD, Seizures, Depression, CFS, Fibromyalgia etc. -- the list is large and his research on these associations is by no means finished or complete.

It must therefore be appreciated that that candida is not a trivial or easy disease to cure because it is so robust and adaptive as a pathogen. So you are not going to cure a serious candida problem by just taking two pills in the morning and two pills in the evening. The best way to cure candida is to focus more on its unique behaviours. In order to kill and remove the dominance of candida infection and help to rebalance your own body's health the following strategy has been very successful for me and for other sufferers:

Anti-Candida and Anti-Pathogen Protocols

Anti-Biofilm Protocols

Essential Detox Protocols

Liver Support Protocols

Vitamin and Mineral Support (Immune System Support)

The Health Defence Diet

The main anti-candida protocol that I would recommend is shown on EC at this link. For a brief view of the actual anti-candida protocol activity -- see the link below.

I must also confess that I have since updated the protocol to include the option of either taking protease enzymes such as nattokinase and serrapeptse or to supplement the turpentine/kerosene protocols. Protease enzymes actively remove candida biofilms rapidly. Turpentine/kerosene also helps to remove biofilms rapidly but also acts as a strong anti-oxidant that kills a wide range of pathogens including candida and also helps to neutralize and remove poisons in the body. I will update the main protocol soon when I have some time, but these new additional protocols are also described fully in my new book which is for sale on EC.

Currently, I have been helping two fairly desperate women with their severe candida problems. Both have tried the allopathic approach and other alternative methods with little or no success. Both are now doing well after only about a month and a half on the anti-candida protocol, with significant improvement in their conditions. One of these women also has CFS and, after taking the full protocol for only one month she said that she now felt great with significant energy increase, few myalgia pains and depression gone. The other woman was also elated because she was overweight and since going on the candida protocol she has lost 22 lbs with little physical effort. Both these women appear to be returning back to balanced health again. I must also emphasize that both these candida sufferers have been regularly supplementing the turpentine protocol(distilled gum sap of pine) in their daily regimens, apparently with great success and few side-effects.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Nancy....I forgot to answer your questions and worries with the lugols iodine protocol. I know from the research of Dr Brownstein, Dr Guy Abraham and others from the Iodine Utilization Project that their research shows that both iodine and certain essential minerals are always lacking in our diets -- such as selenium, magnesium and zinc as well as certain vitamins like Vitamin C and the B vitamins -- which may be responsible for the Hashimoto's condition as well as causing other thyroid problems in the body. Their research has found that you should always take the Iodine Companion Nutrients whenever you supplement lugol's Iodine.

The full advised Lugol's Iodine Protocol -- with companion nutrients -- is shown at this link. Furthermore, in my own anti-candida protocol, which also uses lugol's iodine, I have also ensured that the the iodine companion nutrients are fully incorporated into the protocol.

I must also mention that one of the women that I am currently helping with serious candida issues also initially complained that she had problems -- heart palpitations -- whenever she supplemented LI and was unable to use it. But she wasn't taking the companion nutrients. So when she started taking the companion nutrients as well as the LI she found that there were no problems or side-effects, and she is now doing really well on the protocol.

The point here is that Hashimto's is a very up and down problem. My way of thinking tells me this is completely due to both a lack of iodine and is also related to a lack of essential nutrients and anti-oxidants that support the thyroid process and which are entirely dependent on diet -- on what you eat every day. So I think that you will find that when you start taking the proper companion nutrients together with supplementing the lugol's iodine, then your thyroid problems should be much improved as a consequence with few side-effects. And as I've already said, both the lugols and the companion nutrients are already incorporated into the candida protocol that I use.

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Bill from San Fernando,

Thank you from all your articulate work on candida.

I've had success with nystatin. You've probably talked about it but would you comment on nystatin's place in an anti yeast protocol.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Dave...Thanks for your question about Nystatin. I've researched the history of nystatin and I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of testimonials as to its failure or success against candida. From all this evidence, I'm afraid that I have little regard or respect for Nystatin's efficacy against candida.

I think where I should start is by first defining what I mean by a cure. A cure from any disease occurs when you take a nutrient(s) or drug(s) for say 3 months for a particular disease, during which time all symptoms of the disease disappear. Then you STOP taking that particular drug or nutrient and you remain healthy and disease free. To be absolutely clear, I do not regard a person as being cured from candida problems(or any other disease for that matter) if he or she has to take Nystatin or other drugs for the rest their life. All you are doing with such a protocol is merely treating and perhaps suppressing the symptoms as well as giving a considerable sum of money to the drugs companies for a non-cure protocol.

In my own readings of testimonials on blogs from people who have taken nystatin for candida, many have found it useless while others have managed to get rid of candida locally for a short while but then, after of one or two months, the candida suddenly comes raging back into their bodies and -- lo and behold!! -- nystatin no longer has any effect whatsoever because candida has adjusted to it.

The same story applies to the azole family of anti-fungals and to the Amphotericin A and B forms of anti-fungals. Similar to anti-biotics, allopathic anti-fungals have, in my opinion, been over-used so that candida is now easily able to either hide away in biofilms to avoid them or has already adjusted to these anti-fungals. Modern medicine also fully recognizes its huge weaknesses in both the diagnosis and treatment of candida as these links to several critical medical reviews show:

Biological diagnosis of systemic candidiasis: difficulties and future prospects

Recurrent Candidiasis: One Step Forward, Still Backward.

Why Do Doctors Often Miss Candida Diagnosis?

Furthermore, nystatin has a fairly high toxicity profile and is also poorly absorbed into the blood from the intestines. Therefore, nystatin will only ever have any efficacy locally -- just in the intestines or uterus for example. Nystatin therefore has no applicable use or efficacy in getting rid of the fungal form or disseminated systemic form of candida(that has already spread into the blood, tissues and organs). So this is yet another reason why the candida either never goes away or just keeps coming back when you use nystatin.

It is also widely recognized that nystatin users suffer from something that the medical profession describes as "The Rebound Effect". This effect occurs when you take nystatin and the candida symptoms are improved or supressed but when you stop using the Nystatin -- then the symptoms and disease come roaring back. As I've said already, this effect or outcome does not fit my own definition of a cure.

Another interesting but useless fact about nystatin is its name. Nystatin was invented or discovered by two women researchers -- Elizabeth Hazen and Rachel Brown -- in 1950 from the New York Health Department -- hence the name NY-Stat(e)-in.

Replied by Swatantra Kumar Sethi

Many many thanks Bill for giving valuable information on Candida which I suspect to have since last 20 years or so. I plan to follow your instruction to the extent possible to get some relief if not complete cure because most of the medicines/chemicals are just not available in small Indian cities.

Just one question Bill - In India we use Jaggery (unrefined raw sugar), some time honey, rock sugar as an alternate to sugar. Do you approve any?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Swatantra...I would avoid all types of sugar in your regular diet because this just feeds the candida and helps it to spread.

The only time it is acceptable to take sugar is if you take something to kill the candida at the same time. So in the turpentine/kerosene protocol it is acceptable to take it with honey, sugar or molasses. The sugar helps to draw out the candida and other pathogens in the intestines and the turpentine immediately kills them. Its like a bait and kill strategy. This is the same strategy you use to kill a dangerous man-eating tiger. You tie the goat to the tree then the hunter waits up in a tree or platform near the goat. The man-eating tiger comes for the goat and the hunter in the tree then shoots and kills the man-eating tiger. The man-eating tiger is the pathogen, the goat is the sugar(or bait) and the hunter is the turpentine or kerosene.

Posted by Kacper (Cracow, Poland) on 10/02/2013

Hello, I'm 25 year old male and I think I'm struggling with a case of candida, represented by occasional oral thrush, frequent social anxiety, athlete's foot, hairloss possibly caused by recurring dandruff, gum swelling and sinus swelling/pressure, bloating, asthma trigerred at the age of 6 by living in a moldy house for 2 weeks, allergies, acid reflux and frequent burping after I eat my usual diet and a few more symptoms...

I would like to hear your (Bill's) opinion on a few subjects:

1. Is it absolutely necessary to cut out all the carbs while staying on the diet? I work out hard at the gym and one time when I went on a slow carb diet (from the 4hour body book) I ate mostly legumes, eggs, meat and lots of vegetables and it actually made my candida symptoms subside quite severely but I had very little energy and lost quite a lot of strength (eg. On bench press) Can I for example replace the carbs with VCO? You once wrote that:

"Coconut oil is a medium chain triglyceride, a much shorter molecule, which never gets stored in the body but is processed directly by the liver into glycogen -- which is why it is so useful for diabetics as a source of energy"

So I thought that maybe it could replace my carbs during the candida diet. An if not, what fats can I use to up my calorie intake during the diet?

2. Can I eat eggs on the diet? I read in one of Ted's posts that egg white is an anti nutrient and should be avoided. Eggs eaten everyday seem to cause my salivary gland swelling (but strangely, not always) an I think I may be allergic to them.

3. I plan to alkalize (since I just recently discovered that my urinary PH showed 5.0 in a lab test 4 years ago, which is very, very bad acording to Ted) and firstly buy some magnesium to try to balance my minerals, since I have high blood pressure and am afraid of taking the baking soda for now. However I read in one of Ted's recent posts that a magnesium is bad on the candida diet, to be exact, he wrote 08/25/2013:

"Magnesium promotes candida overgrowth and certain fungus issues, but the effects can be reduced if it is 60% magnesium chloride mixed with 5% ammonium chloride solution, and take it as drops say 5 drops added during meals twice a day with a pinch of sea salt."

What is your opinion on this? Also back to the alkalizing, could drinking the maintenance amount of alkalizing remedies counteract heavy consumption of protein from meats, eggs, cheese etc? I workout a lot in a gym and just have to eat many protein rich foods...

4. Another thing that bothers me is Ted's recent opinion on vitamin C, you say that sodium ascorbate is best on the candida diet, but Ted recently advocated use of ascorbic acid to treat candida, he wrote in response to a lady seeking treatment for her daughter:

"if you give her 500 mg of ascorbic acid only every hour for at least 12 to 18 hours on the first day, she should improve. This is because a fungus does not like acidic forms of vitamin C."

Your opinion on the subject would be very helpful.

5. Another one regarding recent Ted's post, he wrote recently that

"Borax is a known remedy to get rid of fungus too, but is only maybe 1/8 teaspoon in 1 or 2 liter of
water and use that as drinking water."

In your protocol you suggest taking 1/4 teaspoon so I'm concerned, just don't want to overdose the borax.

Thanks in advance for the response, I love your site and try to learn as much as I can from you.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Kacper... In answer to your questions:

1. Is it absolutely necessary to cut out all the carbs while staying on the diet? I work out hard at the gym and one time when I went on a slow carb diet (from the 4hour body book) I ate mostly legumes, eggs, meat and lots of vegetables and it actually made my candida symptoms subside quite severely but I had very little energy and lost quite a lot of strength (eg. On bench press) Can I for example replace the carbs with VCO?

You should at least reduce your carb intake because carbs convert to sugar in the body and sugar feeds candida. The VCO medium chain tryglycerides convert to glyocogen or ketone bodies which the liver produces when you suddenly need energy. This pathway, involving ketone bodies, is not controlled by insulin which is why supplementing VCO is so beneficial. These ketone bodies that are derived from coconut oil are useful for energy in the human body because candida does not use them.

2. Can I eat eggs on the diet? I read in one of Ted's posts that egg white is an anti nutrient and should be avoided. Eggs eaten everyday seem to cause my salivary gland swelling (but strangely, not always) an I think I may be allergic to them.

Egg does tend to prevent absorbtion of nutrients which is true. So don't take supplements when you are eating eggs. But aside from that, eggs are a good source of protein and other nutrients for the body.

3. I plan to alkalize (since I just recently discovered that my urinary PH showed 5. 0 in a lab test 4 years ago, which is very, very bad acording to Ted) and firstly buy some magnesium to try to balance my minerals, since I have high blood pressure and am afraid of taking the baking soda for now. However I read in one of Ted's recent posts that a magnesium is bad on the candida diet, to be exact, he wrote 08/25/2013...

There are too many other benefits, particularly from Magnesium Chloride, so if you stopped taking this nutrient then you would not gain from its essential immune boosting and anti-aging qualities.

You can read all about it here: Http://

With minerals, its all about proper balanced intake. The right amount of calcium is good for you but too much or too littlle calcium in the diet is bad for you. Candida also loves Calcium, Iron and copper when it is in excess in the body. Both excess calcium and iron, in too large amounts, will cause the candida to form and grow more biofilms in your gut - makes candida more virulent. Similarly, even though it is believed that copper kills candida -- I have recently read some research which concluded that excess cooper in the body will act to make the fungal candida form(in the blood, organs an tissues) much more virulent. Like I've been saying -- it's all about balanced intake of minerals for the body.

Ascorbic Acid

I advise ascorbic acid as ascorbate in order to boost the immune system and help to detox the body. Ted also recommends the ascorbate form to boost the immune system. I don't know why Ted advises ascorbic acid against candida. I don't like ascorbic acid because it is an acid. Candida likes an acid environment.

Borax Water

The dose is usually dependent on whether you are a man or woman. Usually it is 1/4 teaspoon in a liter of water for men and only an 1/8 of a teaspoon for women. The reason for these differing dosages is due to the differences in hormone activity between men and women.

Replied by Kacper

Bill, thank you very much, I have much clearer view on the subject now.

I'll try to replace the carbs with VCO then, but don't know how much can I ingest safely without having a laxative effect, as some of the EC readers reported it may occur, I guess I'll have to check my tolerance then.

In your response you missed one thing important for me, that is the acidosis from protein consumption and how to counteract it with the alkalizing remedies. If I for example eat 2 or 2, 5 grams of protein for 1 kg of lean body mass a day, how much lime with baking soda should I take to balance it out, I don't think the standard dose would be enough....

Of course I plan to limit my protein consumption on the candida diet as you advocate, but I cannot drop it entirely and even after resigning from some meats I will probably still be ingesting considerable amount of protein.

One last thing I would like to ask you is about your new protocol using turpentine and digestive enzymes that I read on curezone about. If it really gets rid of candida much quicker than the standard protocol, I would like to know something more about it, since it is a fairly new subject you are working on as I assume and it hasn't been briefly described here. If it really is that good I'd be very happy to try it on my own.

Thank you once again, your work here is truly wonderful, I'm so glad I found your site.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, The Philippines

Hi Kacper... In answer to your questions:

How much lemon/lime must I take to improve my acidosis?

If you have acid intestines, then this might actually be caused by too little acid from the stomach. The way to repair that is to take Betaine Hydrochloriide tablets together with pancreatin enzymes (that also contain bromelain and /or papain enzymes), at every meal. You should also take either the sodium bicarbonate with water protocol or take the the lemon/lime protocol one hour after eating all your meals. This protocol not only helps against candida but also builds up proper protective acid levels in your stomach while at the same time ensuring that final digestion in the duodenum is achieved at the proper alkaline to neutral pH.

See this link for a more detailed explanations on alkalizing:

Turpentine or Protease enzymes vs Candida

Both Turpentine and protease enzymes will act to dissolve candida biofilms made of fibrin, thereby removing any hiding place for the candida. Turpentine also acts to rapidly kill the candida at the same time time as helping to neutralize toxins in the body as well. I've been using the 100 % gum spirit of turpentine for healthy gut and blood maintenance for the last 8 months or so and it is a good protocol and cheaper than using protease enzymes. I take one teaspoon (in the morning or evening) once a week. But if I had candida I woud take one teaspoon of turpentine -- with sugar(1 tspn) or with molasses(1 tspn) or with milk or with just water --. Once a day for only 10 days and then take 10 days off the protocol. So 10 days on turpentine, then 10 days off on a continuous basis for as long as needed. If you get a laxative effect then reduce the dosage -- so initially start small and build up to the one teaspoon dose slowly.

More info here:


Replied by Kacper
Cracow, Poland

Thanks again Bill,

I think I'll first invest in some pocket PH meter and measure my salivary and urinary PH, to know if the alkalizing is sufficient. If it isn't I'll try to take some more of the baking soda and/or further reduce meat consumption. If even that won't help I'll buy some digestive enzyme supplements as you suggested.

As for the turpentine I have one last question for now, can I incorporate it into your standard candida protocol or do I have to take it as a separate protocol? I don't know if there are any interactions of turpentine with the supplements from your standard protocol.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, The Philippines

Hi Kacper,

It's OK to take the turpentine with the anti-candida protocol. If you wish, you could also just take the turpentine protocol for a month on its own as a pre-protocol before taking the full candida protocol. This will help to initially dissolve all the candida biofilms mainly in the gut and will leave the candida and other associated pathogens with nowhere to hide. It also purifies the blood in the same way. Turpentine also kills bacteria, fungus and viruses, parasites and is also anti-xenobiotic -- which means that turpentine will act to remove any chemical, drug or poison that is foreign to the body. So if you are taking other medications then be aware that turpentine may also nullify these foreign drugs that are not body-friendly.

Replied by Kacper

Thanks again for a very helpful response Bill, if some more questions emerge on my way to recovery I'll post them here in this topic. Kacper

Replied by Kacper

Hello again Bill, I'm sorry to interrupt you, I know you have many other things to do besides answering questions here but I just had to bring this up.

I was browsing curezone candida forums and found this:

In this post and in the whole topic that man counters Ted's statements about alkalinity being bad for the fungus, he even says that it promotes candida to turn into its fungal form. He also has his own explanations about eczema for example. Very confusing is also his opinion on salivary pH.

Another topic on the subject that I found is here:

This man provides some links leading to scientific evidence behind his statements, he is seconded by the man from previous topic.

Could you please relate to those findings? I'm really confused about what to do now, I was thinking that there must be something to that they are saying, I thought of the statement of candida going into the fungal form and infecting the blood. But how is it suppose to do it when the blood has an alkaline PH that is believed to discourage it's growth?

Thanks in advance for your response Bill, and my apologies again to disturb you, but I really want to read some different opinion that may be countering those men findings.


Replied by Kacper
Cracow, Poland

I found the first guy's post with scientific evidence on that subject:

It seems to be overwhelming, I'm basically stuck now... Some are from pubmed, the site Ted recommended in one of his post for more indepth research on various subjects. This research also goes along with that recent statement of Ted that candida doesn't seem to like acidic forms of vitamin C... He also stated in some of his recent posts that certain kinds of fungus thrive in an alkaline environment.

I know that alkalizing remedies are great and help many, many people, but I'm now really concerned about taking them for my candida. I know that there are more kinds than only albicans, and that it may not be accurate for any of them but nevertheless I'm a bit scared...

Replied by Mike
Denver, Colorado

Kacper: Dwelling peacefully in the colon candida is a harmless and necessary yeast. The colon is acidic. Cooked regular food weakens the microbes in the digestive system and the cells in the tissues. Synthetics poison them. Partially digested food accumulates in the intestines and becomes acidic. This causes candida over growth. The other beneficial yeast is not able to survive and goes dormant waiting for conditions to improve. The candida mutates. The poor innocent candida is suffering. Candida makes mycotoxins as a way of signaling to the host that something is wrong and is pleading for some cure. We have forgotten the way to live naturally like our hunter gatherer ancestors because we are trying to be civilized. The solution is easy and simple. Eat like animals. They don't suffer from candida overgrowth because they eat God's Goodies. Herbivores eat raw wild vegetation and carnivores eat raw grass fed herbivores. Google raw food for candida videos for verification.

Replied by Ed2010

Just try for 1 week, you will see the difference. Empirical treatments don't have to be well researched and prooved.

It worked for millions, it will work for you.

Moreover, modern research itself is very much inconsistent coz what is published today is later dissaproved by other scientists again prooved by different scientists.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Kacper... I'm sorry that you are so confused and stuck on how to cure candida. But there is a lot of poor, irrelevant or wrong information out there on candida.

My own point of view concerning candida is backed up by my own personal experience with curing my own serious systemic candida problems as well as using the protocol to help cure other people's serious candida issues.

I try not to argue or convince people who will never be convinced because I find this a great waste of time. I'm afraid that I am also very busy at the moment, so I cannot give you long and extended explanations on this or that candida topic. My humble apologies for this.

Furthermore, I find curezone a very contentious site, which is why I don't post there much anymore. There are some people posting on curezone who actually insist that candida problems are not caused by a fungus at all but is really caused by malnutrition -- in other words that candida problems just do not exist and its all about poor nutrition. Well poor nutrition, from my point of view, can certainly be a contributing factor to candida problems -- but candida can also be caused by medical drugs and anti-biotics in particular. It's also well known in medicine that when anyone who has a serious stage 4 auto-immune disease also contracts serious candida issues -- then this can eventually become the main cause of their death. This is true and is an accepted medical fact for serious diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis, HIV AIDs, Hepatitis C etc.

I'm also a believer that each and every one of us is responsible for our own health. Doctors are not really responsible for your health -- you are -- because, depending on your ailment or disease, it is you who must choose whether to take this or that drug or whether to take chemo or not. So doctors aren't really the experts at all -- you are the expert -- because only you can tell if a drug or remedy is actually working to help cure your ailment or not.

Regarding the questions you ask, you can certainly find all the answers to these complex questions searching the EarthClinic site. That's one option for you. I've also just written a detailed book/ebook on candida called Candida: Killing So Sweetly which lays out and explains, in detail, the following:

1. Exactly what candida is and how it behaves as a pathogen

2. Why candida is so misunderstood by the medical profession.

3. Why the majority of doctors can't cure candida

4. Candida myths, fallacies and truths.

3. How to cure candida problems -- using a properly defined, fully epxplained and proven strategy.

I've tried to empty my head into this book and I've tried to keep the explanations as brief and simple as possible so people will more clearly understand the reasons. Furthermore, within the book, I provide about 170 links to medical and other research from Pubmed, Medline as well as providing testimonials and other articles in order to give solid, cogent reasons in support as to why the anti-candida strategy in the book works so well.

I wrote the book because so many people seem to have completely the wrong idea about how candida behaves and spreads as a pathogen. The other reason I wrote this book was to provide one simple resource so that people can have access to and understand all the reasons -- with all the evidence -- on how to cure there own candida issues.

I'm currently helping two ladies with severe candida problems at the moment. One lives in the US and the other lives in UK. Both have just started the anti-candida protocol. One of these women has also started the turpentine protocol. The lady from UK also has CFS and tissue pain(probably caused by mitochndrial calcification) whose symptoms seem to have greatly reduced after starting the anti-candida protocol. She has also started taking the turpentine(100% pure gum spirit of pine) remedy within the protocol to alleviate severe gut problems. Both of these women are improving fairly quickly now.

All you have to do is just try the anti-candida protocol shown here on EC. What have you got to lose?

Replied by Kacper
Cracow, Poland

Thanks Bill, you're right, I should try the protocol first. It really all comes to that, there is so much confusing information over the internet, one group of researchers say totally different things than the other.

I found a post with some reports that actually prove that candida albicans can also change to its fungal form in acidic pH by altering it, that organism is so complex, it's really scary. And no one knows for sure what exactly causes that transformation. here's the link:

I also found the most recent study proving the ability of pure baking soda to kill various yeast and fungi, it's an in vitro study, so we cannot be sure that the same things happen when we ingest it, but regardless of that, it's really important I think. Here it is:

I just started my way of researching things, because I really like to know how things work, but already at the start I can say that the field of biochemistry and microbiology, especially involving pH influence is very poorly researched.

People claiming that something doesn't work didn't even try to use it on themselves and convince other people to not use it too.

In comparison, people like you Bill, and of course also Ted, don't fear the experiments on the unknown and I see clearly that some things can work very good from your descriptions of succesfully ending cases, even if current scientific knowledge says otherwise.

Nevertheless I won't stop researching, I already have about a dozen questions and suggestions for Ted, but I won't write to him until his situation improves, what I really hope happens very soon.


Replied by Sami
Tx, Usa

Candida is a very complex deep and confusing illness. It seems to effect every person very differently. I have been dealing with it for one year. Last Oct. I started doing oral baking soda to try to balance my PH and using urine test strips. After about a week I expereinced what I called a die off effect. It was the start of a night mare. I've had breast cancer and many surgeries and antibotics 5 years ago. I had no idea this stuff had been lurking and hiding for years. After a year of researching, reading and learning I do know now that when I forced my PH from acidic to more alkaline it forced the yeast to change to the hyphal and germ-tube forms. It was a nightmare and I saw about 10 doctors and was treated for parisites and told to see a shrink. I could feel these moving around my face, body and hair at night. I finally verified it for myself by using a very strong black light. I'm still fighting this terrible illness with diet, holistic remedies and I'm seeing Dr. Trowbridge who wrote the book "They yeast syndrom". This terrible hyphal and germ-tube form went on for months. I was actually blowing them out my nose when I exhaled and at one time thought I had tiny pinworms in my eyes and nose. It's horrible and most doctors don't believe you or even know that this is a possiblity that yeast do to survive when treatments distrub their happy home. Thanks for those links because it just verified what I thought had happened. I think it will takes months or another year of diet and daily routine for my skin and other remedies to get my body back in balance. Sometimes I wonder if it is even possible as I seem to have very severe case. I will never again force my PH balance to change quickly. I do think the slower way with candida type diet and health supplements may not force the yeast to the nightmare hypea form. I would not wish this on anyone as it is terrible and nobody believes you. I'm paying for my mistake with a year of hell for me and my family and terrible face and body sores. It is slowly eating me and destroying my way of life.

Posted by Ivana (Winnipeg , Mb) on 07/30/2013

Hi Bill, can I do this while I am still nursing my baby? Or do I need to be done nursing and then start the anti-candida diet ? Thank you.

Posted by Teresa (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 06/27/2013

Hi Bill, Have been on Bill's Candida Protocol for 2 months now and noticing some real positive changes. One downside is that I have lost more weight (now 49 kilos). Lugols Iodine has made the most impact recently with the salt loading-something I forgot to do in the beginning! Still have a long way to go as I am a severe case. But can feel my immune system trying to fight it now. Have bought some Potassium carbonate and so can you tell me what the exact Carbi Carb mixtutre is with Baking soda plus the lemons or limes? Also have some MSM - can this be helpful for the Candida Protocol? Also do you keep the Vit C and iodine separate from each other? And lastly what is your opinion of yoghurt and Kefir for fighting candida?

Kind Regards, Teresa

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Teresa... The most worrying aspect of your symptoms is your huge loss in weight. Here is a simple extra protocol that will help you to gain weight.

The problem you have is slow or inefficient digestion which is perhaps caused by either a lack of acid in the stomach, damaged intestines(due to candida) or a lack of bicarbonates in your pancreas. These will all cause inefficient digestion and all sorts of problems can arise from this -- including candida.

To rectify this specific loss of weight problem, follow this protocol:

* Take betaine hydrochloride tablets at mealtimes. To find your correct dose (and correct stomach acid strength) increase your dosage of BH by one tablet every meal until you get an uncomfortable acid feeling. Then cut back by one or two tabs and that is your dose. Further on down the timeline, as your stomach heals and you start producing more stomach acid, you will again get that uncomfortable acid felling. Keep cutting back the dosage like this until your stomach is healed and you no longer have to take the BH. The stomach is now healed because the BH supplies chloride for the stomach to manufacture its own acid.

* Take 1/4-1/2 tspn of sea salt per day outside mealtimes. This also helps to supply chloride and minerals to increase stomach acid and for the stomach to heal itself.

* Take Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride) -- 10 drops twice a day at mealtimes.

* Take a double dose of pancreatin enzymes or bromelain enzymes at mealtimes to help with more efficient protein digestion. This will help to digest proteins properly hence you will put weight back on.

* Take Ted from Bangkok's Sodium Bicarbonate and water remedy -- 1/4 - 1/2 tspn of SB in half a glass of water. Take this 1/2hr - 1 hr after you finish your meals. This helps main stage duodenal digestion and also helps the stomach to protect itself after you have eaten. It neutralizes the stomach acids in the stomach when it is empty and is incorporated in the mucus of the stomach to protect the parietal cells of the stomach from acid damage after stomach digestion. This protocol also helps to replenish the bicarbonates in the pancreas -- needed for proper alkaline duodenal digestion.

* Iodine (which you are already taking) is also essential to heal the stomach.

* Take a spoonful of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in water at mealtimes to supply the necessary proteins to help you put weight back on again. The protein enzymes that you are also taking will digest these proteins for you so they can be absorbed into the body. You can buy BCAAs at most health shops or weight training stores.

The above protocol should greatly accelerate your digestion time and make digestion more efficient.

The other problem you have is body acidity. You should be alkalizing two or three times a day(1 hr after all meals ) with sodium bicarbonate and water. This alkalizes the blood. You should also be alkalizing using the lemon lime or ACV and sodium bicarbonate remedy. This alkalizes inside the cells. You need to alkalize more!!

Another very healing and fortifying drink that will help against candida and other diseases is given here. Mix the following:
* 1/4 teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
* 1/4 teaspoon ascorbic acid powder
* 1/4 teaspoon MSM powder
* Juice of 1 lemon
* 6 drops Lugol's Iodine
* 200ml water(top up with water)
* 1 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar

* Mix and drink when the fizzing has stopped. To be taken 3 x daily after meals.

This drink is both highly alkalizing and very beneficial and is another alternative for you.

Here is the Carbicarb protocol that you requested: 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate and 1/8 tspn potassium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water. You can take this remedy up to 3 times a day and it is a strong alkalizer that can be used instead of the Sodium Bicarbonate and water protocol.

I would not supplement anything with yeast in it if you have candida. Yoghurt also contains lactic acid which acidifies the intestines.

Replied by Teresa
Sydney, Nsw, Australia

Thanks Bill! This is great info on digestion and I feel it will really help. Will keep you posted. Many blessings to you and this site. Teresa

Replied by Teresa
Nsw, Australia

Hi Bill, Have been addressing the digestion issues I have as you suggested and also been taking the fortifying drink 3 times a day plus the carbicarb drink(bicarb soda, potassium bicarb and sodium carbonate) 2-3 times a day. And although things are improving(hearing gurgling noises for the first time in my stomach in years! ) I have still been getting die off constantly and so I think I may have an issue with parasites and believe this may be holding me back from a complete recovery. I have read Castor Oil can help with this. Should I if recommended also use this in conjuction with paracidal herbs? Also I am thinking that hardened Biofilms are an issue also so have purchased Diggers Pure Gum Turpentine which is the actual brand Walter Last mentions in his report "KEROSENE - a Universal Healer" ( But am a bit scared by the thought of ingesting this highly refined turps - is there a more naturally unrefined product like Pine Oil that you have used that you could provide a link to purchase? Also I am not having 3 BMs a day as suggested before doing the Turpentine protocol. Shoud I leave this until hopefully my BMs become more regular and thinking the castor Oil will help with that too? Any advice at this stage would be greatly appreciated. Also looking forward to the release of your book. I think that self experience is the best kind of learning especially when it comes to such a difficult illness to beat as candida. Kind Regards, Teresa

Posted by Cindy (Cochrane, Usa) on 06/07/2013

Dear Bill, for some months now I have been reading the candida protocol and feel I have finally been able to acquire the needed ingredients/supplements suggested to take. I am very eager to get started on monday when I will have several months off from my work and be better able to follow the plan. I would be VERY GRATEFUL if there were a timetable of some sort of what to take when/with what throughout the day. I have been overwhelmed trying to put it together myself. If I could see it down on paper it may be easier to do. I also have many food sensitivites such as soy and coconut. I also read that slippery elm may help for healing leaky gut, so I have some powder of it thank you bill for your help on this great earth clinic site.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Cindy from Cochrane USA... I'll try and make up a general daily timetable for you for the anti-candida protocols. It might take a little while to make one up and, since I don't have your email address, I will send it to you in the next few days via the good people at EC.

Just bear in mind that these anti-candida protocols work according to the following strategy:

* Broad spectrum attack protocols that act to kill candida as well as kill all other coinfections associated with your problem. These protocols also don't just act in the intestines -- they act throughout the body in order to successfully kill off the systemic or fungal form of candida which infects the blood, tissues and organs -- body-wide.

* Anti-biofilm protocols. Most advertised anti-candida protocols that I've read about -- including the allopathic approach of just giving you anti-fungals with antibiotics -- don't act to remove or destroy candida biofilms, which then allows candida(and all other involved pathogens) to hide away so successfully and avoid the effects of anti-fungals and antibiotics and that's why the candida infection keeps coming back again and again. You have to continually use protocols that systematically destroy and dispel these biofilms in order to access and kill the candida for eventual success.

* Alkalizing prototocls. Essential to create the worst possible environment for acid-loving candida.

* Essential Body Detox protocols that also includes neutralizing and riddance of the debilitating candida mycotoxins in the body.

* Liver Support Protocols. This protocol, together with lugol's iodine, also helps to revive the thyroid.

* Vitamin and minerals support. To revive and support the immune system.

* A healthy anti-candida diet.

Your sensitivities to soy and coconut would also suggest that your intestinal wall has been compromised and damaged by the candida as well as by associated bacteria such as mycoplasma. The anti-candida protocol should help you overcome these problems.

Replied by Cindy

thank you so much for your reply bill. I look forward to seeing the protocol and getting started on this journey. perhaps the timetable will also help others on this site.

Posted by Buli (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) on 05/21/2013

Hi, I have lesions and patches on my tongue and doctor diagnosed candida. Gave me antifungals to take for 5 weeks and a gel to apply to my tongue. Only told me to stay away from sugar and yeast, nothing else.

In desperation I researched and found the candida diet. I've been trying anti candida recipes and they have been helping. I found your site and would like to try the protocol.

For the lime/lemon remedy, can I use mineral water with it? I found a mineral water recipe and will make my own. Should I carbonize the mineral water or is it fine as just filtered water? Thank you.

Replied by Lisa
North Hollywood, Ca

Hi Bill, I'm assuming I have an overgrowth of candida. I had a severe sinus infection that also turned into an ear infection. The pain in my ears went away but they are still blocked, so my balance is really bad, I have foggy brain, etc. They gave me two rounds of antibiotics and still hasn't gone away. I also have several uterine fibroids, I don't know if this is all related. My equilibrium problem is geting really bad. Which of the candida protocol do you think would work best for me?

Thank you so much for your help, Bill.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Lisa... As far as I can see, most of your symptoms would seem to confirm the presence of the systemic form of candida in your body(the more virulent body-wide form). Candida continually exudes waste products, which are both poisonous and debilitating for the body -- giving symptoms such as lethargy, tiredness, brain fog etc. Unfortunately these symptoms are also classic signs of low thyroid or hypothyroid as well and can also be confused with low adrenal hormone and/or low B12 cobolamine levels. But from my own experience with being infected with systemic candida, this disease also tends to adversely affect the thyroid - so these symptoms can be confusing. My advice is to take the full remedy protocol shown here. For more information on lugol's iodine see these links:

Supplementing lugol's iodine within the protocol(together with borax and alkalizing every day) in the recommended orthomolecular amounts will help to kill off both the yeast and fungal forms of candida in your body and will also kill any other pathogenic bacteria involved. Iodine is also essential for the body - almost everyone is deficient in iodine/iodide now in the west because of poor diet. Iodine is also an efficient detoxer of heavy metals, halides and other poisons. Iodine/iodide is also critical for the production of thyroid hormones - it greatly improves low thyroid problems. Fibroids and cysts can also be caused by low thyroid and low iodine in the diet. See this research:

I helped an African woman who had systemic candida as well as GERD, thyroid nodules, kidney nodules and uterine fibroids as well as many other problems. She primarily followed the anti-candida protocol with diet shown above and within six months all her symptoms and problems were completely resolved and she was healthy again. ''

Your sinus problem can also perhaps be just another symptom of systemic candida. You can certainly try a topical remedy by squirting hydrogen peroxide(1% solution) up your nose with a dropper. Or you can try lugol's iodine(4 drops in a capful of water) in the same way. For your ear problems, you can also use hydrogen peroxide or iodine to flush out the ears and remove the wax and pathogens in this region. But if this does not work then you probably have a systemic candida infection in your blood - which is why topical remedies will not work. You may have to kill the internal fungal candida in your blood first in order to successfully get rid of your ear or nose problems.

Posted by Nobleknight (Mobile, Al, Usa) on 02/06/2013

Hi ALL, I've been working on getting all the stuff I need to get rid of the systemic candida.

I have the sodium thiosulfate and the methylene blue - I realized I'm "allergic" to the iodine because I get hives when I drink it. I have the borax and the limes and the baking soda and ACV.... my problem is that I don't think I ever have an empty stomach except late at night and early in the morning.

Would it be possible to mix some of these together? Like the thiosulfate and the methylene blue?

I put iodine drops in a bottle of water and noticed that the yellow went away and the flavor changed. Does the iodine have a certain time limit before it breaks down? Can I drink that water after 3 days or should I throw it away?

Thanks so much!!!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines

Hi Nobleknight... The problem you have is slow or inefficient digestion which is perhaps caused by either a lack of acid in the stomach or a lack of bicarbonates in your pancreas. These will both cause inefficient digestion and all sorts of problems can arise from this -- including candida.

To rectify this specific problem, follow this protocol:

* Take betaine hydrochloride tablets at mealtimes. To find your correct dose(and correct stomach acid strength) increase your dosage of BH by one tablet every meal until you get an uncomfortable acid feeling. Then cut back by one or two tabs and that is your dose. Further on down the timeline, as your stomach heals and you start producing more stomach acid, you will again get that uncomfortable acid felling. Keep cutting back the dosage like this until your stomach is healed and you no longer have to take the BH. The stomach is now healed because the BH supplies chloride for the stomach to manufacture its own acid.

* Take 1/4-1/2 tspn of sea salt outside mealtimes. This also helps to supply chloride and minerals to increase stomach acid and for the stomach to heal itself.

* Take pancreatin enzymes at mealtimes to help with more efficient digestion.

* Take Ted from Bangkok's Sodium Bicarbonate and water remedy -- 1/4 - 1/2 tspn of SB in half a glass of water. Take this 1/2hr - 1 hr after you finish your meal and your food has moved into the duodenum. This helps main stage duodenal digestion and also aids the stomach to protect itself after you have eaten. It neutralizes the stomach acids in the stomach when it is empty and is incorporated in the mucus of the stomach to protect the parietal cells of the stomach from acid damage after stomach digestion. This protocol also helps to replenish the bicarbonates in the pancreas -- needed for alkaline duodenal digestion.

* Take Kelp extract or lugols drops drops for the iodine. Iodine is also necessary for proper stomach acid formation.

The above protocol should greatly accelerate your digestion time and make digestion more efficient.

When you take lugols iodine initially and get hives -- this may also indicate a high bromide level in your body. See this article:

Bromide Detox

What might be happening is that iodine is forcing bromide out of the cells into your blood and the liver can't cope so the immune system also tries to get rid of the bromide -- through the skin, causing the hives. The solution is just to take sea salt -- this helps to remove the bromide more efficiently and quickly through the urinary pathway which stops the hives problem.

Replied by John
Chicago, Usa

Greetings Bill. Mabuhay! Thank you so much for all the invaluable information that you have so generously shared for those fighting candida. I wanted to know what would be the best way or route to go. I am planning a 14-day body cleanse before I continue to follow as many canida eliminating methods as I can. (I can go on about how I messed up my body, especially with antibiotics, junk food and abuse, but it will be very long. ) What troubles me most though, and I apologize if this is not really much of a part for asking details on the protocol, but I would really love to know what kind of foods were you able to eat during your cure. Being that you are from the Philippines, and me also being from there, I need help knowing what to eat. I have never really been much of a vegetable guy. I read somewhere on one of your posts that 'rice' was ok. But other sites say no. Please if you can, email me (jomy_1996 [at] yahoo (dot} com) what you did to eat during the cure. I know the basics to stay away from but I can't think of what to eat. I am soo desperate to know the real deals when it comes to food. I crave for pinoy foods. Thank you in advance.

Replied by Ben
Wanganui, , New Zealand

Hi Bill, just want to say thanks to you and Ted. Great to have other options apart from endless trips to the docs... I have had candida for over a year now and it has driven me mad...

My main symptoms are oral thrush and the dreaded jock itch. I have been doing Ted's akalising remedy and following a prtocol with iodine, h2o2, vit c, liver aids etc. I have just read you don't recommend the lugol's and h2o2 together. I am starting again as I fell of the wagon with the diet a bit and just got a bit disheartened... But this site and the stories have given me hope. So now Bill the million questions: you can email at esgood4u at yahoo dot co dot nz

I love to party but alcohol is not allowed. is there any alcoholic beverage you can have? I heard gin was ok but I don't believe it...

Which in your opinion is more beneficial, h2o2 or lugols iodone?

What did you use to topically treat your jock itch? to stop the itch...

I love to cook and have lots of recipes using alternate flours like coconut, buckwheat, spelt and alternate sweetners like stevia and rice malt syrup... Are these allowed on your protocol?

I would love to add borax but finding it hard to locate in New Zealand... Any suggestions?

I have lots more questions but really just want to finish by saying thankyou again for giving your time. Absolute legend...

I look forward to hearing from you... Thanks Bill

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Ben... In answer to all your questions:

The most recent update on my candida protocol is shown at this link (lower down in the post stream) and also includes a strict anti-candida diet.

I love to party but alcohol is not allowed. is there any alcoholic beverage you can have? I heard gin was ok but I don't believe it...

Alcohol is not allowed because alcohols are converted to sugars which feed candida. Alcohol, in excess, also stresses the liver - which, if you already have systemic candida, will be under continual stress from the poisons that candida secretes as waste. So, no alcohol allowed I'm afraid.

Which in your opinion is more beneficial, h2o2 or lugols iodone?

H202 is very useful both topically and internally and I would never dispute this fact. However, in my own opinion, lugols iodine is even more useful because, overall, it is more beneficial to the body. Also, when you take H2O2 internally, it depletes anti-oxidants in the body - so if you take hydrogen peroxide internally then you must also up your anti-oxidant intake to compensate for its pro-oxidant effects. Lugols is easier to take and manage -- it has many beneficial effects on the body and persists in the body much longer than hydrogen peroxide which is cleared in a couple of hours.

What did you use to topically treat your jock itch? to stop the itch...

Just to be clear -- I couldn't clear my own jock itch until after I had cured my systemic candida problem. After my cure, I then used the following mixture which successfully got rid of my own jock itch:

- Two tablespoons Milk of Magnesia
- Two Tablespoons 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
- 1/4 - 1/2 teasoon of Magnesium Chloride
- 1/4 teaspoon of Borax

Apply the above topically to all the affected area before you go to bed and after you have had a shower and leave it on overnight. Wash off the next morning when you shower.

Using 5 drops of lavendar oil in 1 teaspoon of VCO rubbed into the area during the daytime may also help to kill off the jock itch.

I love to cook and have lots of recipes using alternate flours like coconut, buckwheat, spelt and alternate sweetners like stevia and rice malt syrup... Are these allowed on your protocol?

The diet says no carbohydrates and no sugars. So no buckwheat, spelt of rice malt syrup in the diet would be best.

I would love to add borax but finding it hard to locate in New Zealand... Any suggestions?

You can buy borax easily on the internet - for example, just type " ultra pure borax" in Google Search. It's pretty darn cheap even with the shipping costs.

Replied by Ben
Wanganui, New Zealand

Thanks Bill, great advice... things are going better the second time round. A bit more understanding of the protocol has helped me. Just wondering if it is ok to have as a cold drink: lemon into soda water? Just looking for alternatives. Are there any recipes for the candida diet? Thanks again. Ben

Replied by Ben
Wanganui, New Zealand

Hi again Bill, I have just got some molybdenum, it says 5ml per day on the bottle but if I convert this to mcg, its alot more than you suggest. I have started with half tsp for now... Also how long should I take it for? Thanks again. Ben

Posted by Marie (Atlanta, Ga) on 01/30/2013

I desperately need Bill's help to get rid of candida for my husband and myself. We have a host of medical problems which is daily getting worst, this include mold poisoning, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Marie... It's fairly common for people with candida to have rheumatoid arthritis when they have candida. This is caused by a combination of aldehyde/alcohol poisoning of the body from candida waste as well as by myoplasma bacteria with other bacteria invoved as well. The anti-candida protocol given at this link would be most helpful to you -- it will help to kill the candida and the mycoplasma(due to the borax)as well.

Regarding your mold problem, and lung or bronchial problem that might have arisen as a result --- you should perhaps comsider using Bill Munroe's Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method, which should kill off any mold in your lungs.

Unfortunately, you have given me very few symptoms to go on, so I can't really give you a proper assessment.

  • What symptoms do you and your husband have?
  • Have you been to the doctor?
  • Have you taken antibiotics?
  • Is your house/apartment or your place of work moldy?

I really need more complete info to help you.

Replied by Marie
Atlanta, Ga

Hi Bill, I must first say thanks to GOD, EARTH CLINIC, YOU, ITS SUPPORTERS AND TED. It was on this forum that after an extensive research that I realized what the cause of all my medical conditions. Presently I'm suffering from Mold Toxicity, Candida, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjogren's and scleroderma. I will list my symptoms later.

I have moved out of the house that have caused all of the above diseases and gotten rid of my personal belongings. I'm now in a mold free house. I lived in the previous house for over 11 years and just continue to get worst. I'm in my forties.

My plan is to at least take cholestyramine to bind the mold and remove out of my body. My situation is now a life and death case. I don't eat any process foods. I'm very limited to the types of food I eat, because of the food sensitivity I suffered from. I'm gluten-free, even before I knew what that was. My body was just no able to tolerate any of those foods. As for now I can only eat brown rice, various types of peas and bean, steamed vegetables boniato potatoes( yea, I know they are sweet too). I also eat two salads per day. Before I started eating the above items I was severely malnourish and underweight. Even though I'm still under weight, but it's much better.

I'm a vegetarian and I desperately want to get on the candida diet and that is what I'm trying to figure out presently. I have been able to figure out what exactly to eat, that doesn't have so much starch.

Supplements that I have been taking are:
Iodine - Iodine helps me with the pain and bowel movements
Magnesium Chloride transdermally and orally- This one is a life saver. It only alleviate the pain and discomfort when I used it transdermally and I take it orally to help with my bowel movements and it really works.
ACV/BS twice daily
Sodium Ascorbate
B12- I show deficiencies in this one
D3- I also show deficiencies
Selenium-I just started 2 days ago
Coconut Oil- helps with the bowel
Omega Oil Supplement) -I can tell the different in my energy level.
Borax- I discontinued about 1 week ago, due to severe kidney and eye pain and eye stiffness.
Herbal tea- dandelion and burduck
Cilantro- with my salads
I was taking H2O2, but have stopped a few days ago, due to your advice on the forum. I then increased the dosage and frequency of the Iodine and it was an immediate relief to the pain, restful sleep and improved bowel movements. Even my husband is now having an extra bowel movement daily due to the Iodine.

I will be adding the following, which I can only do slowly, because of the high level of sensitivities:
HCL Betaine
Milk thistle - I have been using this in the past, I'm just out of it presently.
Methylene Blue- instead of the Borax
Niacin- I already have this at home, but I think I need to purchase a blood pressure monitor, before I start this one.
Green tea
Molybdenum- I tried this in the pass and it caused my fingers to shrink when come in contact with water. I will try it again.
N-Acetyl Cysteine

WHAT ELSE DO YOU SUGGEST? How far apart should I take the ACV/BS and Sodium Ascorbate from the Iodine?

When I got sick initially I had problems with my lungs, but they seems to be normal. I only experienced problems with my lungs when I'm exposed to mold and high level of dust. I'm see a rheumatologist and an internal medicine doctors.

My husband is having many of the symptoms I'm having. I know for sure that he has Arthritis, Insomnia, Candida, Constipation, Mold Toxicity, Blurred, Discolored eyes and teeth, Degenerative Joint Disease, Underweight, Prostate Problems and Decreased Vision and high levels of inflammation. I could be more that's not yet diagnose.

I will be adding Dr Mary Short's protocol to this regimen. My question she suggest Adrenal in her support pack, but I was wondering if I would still need that because I'm taking the Iodine. My hormones are imbalance, even though I had the test done and it says it's normal. That can't be because I'm having irregular periods, breast tenderness, no desire for sex (I'm married). This always happen when I'm exposed to mold.

Headaches decreased concentration Lack of coordination Confusion; Brain fog Unusual and uncomfortable sensations in head Dizziness; Feeling of Head Swelling; Occasionally unable to process information; Blurred & deterioration of vision Eye pain Redness of eyes; Ear aches and popping sound in ears Itching ears; Nasal congestion Nose bleed; Respiratory Congestion Sinus drainage; Wheezing & SOB Painful inspiratory breath; Tingling tongue; Agina and chest discomfort Pounding heart Needle-like sensation in heart; Joint pain & stiffness Swollen joints; Back pain Frozen wrist & Left shoulder; Fatigue Flue-like symptoms Tremor Chills Seizure-like activities; Unusual pain & discomfort throughout body; Periodic numbness of hands & feet; Intense itching Skin rashes Crawling feelings under skin; Static shock Tick bites; Periodic nausea & Insomnia Urinary frequency; Cold hands & feet (winter); Irregular periods & increased flow; Multiple food, Mold & Chemical sensitivities; Under weight; Muscle spasm, aches & cramps Increased thirst; Periodic breast tenderness & pain; Difficulties Listening and Reading

SORRY FOR BEEN SO LENGTHY!! I'm really desperate. I think I make need to do some off forum communication, because there is more to this. I just hate to put everything on the forum. I really hope this posting will be a blessing to others as theirs have been to me.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philipines

Hi Marie... What concerns me most about your problems are certain of your symptoms. Most of your symptoms indicate candida/mold problems, but these two symptoms are not normally found with candida or mold infections:

Intense itching Skin rashes Crawling feelings under skin

Static shock Tick bites

Having these particular symptoms may indicate tick-born diseases such as Lyme Disease or Morgellons Disease. What makes these diseases even more difficult to identify is that many of the symptoms of both Morgellons and Lyme are very similar to candida/mold symptoms. As well as this, fungal problems are also often found together with both these diseases which can make it quite hard to diagnose.

Here are links to the symptoms for Morgellon's Disease and Lyme Disease. If necessary, I would consult your doctor or specialist about this and see what he/she thinks as a priority.

Replied by Connie
Slc, Utah, Usa

Hi Marie; Your symptoms list describes B12 deficiency very well. It can affect nerves, vision, hearing, etc. It can disturb concentration, balance, and perception. I'm not sure how long you've been taking it; it can take 6 or more months to heal. Some people need higher dosages than others. (Some brands are less potent.)

It looks like your husband is also having B12 deficiency symptoms too; but with prostate problems, I would guess that Zinc may be needed.

Replied by Franky
Beirut, Lebanon

Ok, your problems are many. I will help you. You first need to understand a few things. Your health depends on your knowledge of what's good for you, and what's not. So educating yourself is the first step.

you seem to know many useful hints. What you need is perspective on things. Start by reading the post I posted on earthclinic about candida Q&A. Search for franky from lebanon. and search for the candida post, then email me if you have any questions and we can move from there.

As you will be learning its most important to not eat the wrong food. More important than taking any supplement. Because one wrong food and your adding fuel to the fire. And I suspect you are still eating lots of wrong food. Which expains your slow healing, despite your good list of supplements.

Also please email me your diet, what kind of food you eat, organic, source, etc mido2k(at)

I suspect the candia and mold are the source of most if not all of your organ malfunctions. Candida is the first thing that should be treated.

are you drinking carrot juice for vit A. it seems to be lacking in your supplement list.

And you need a good probiotic.

But you also need to depend more on food for vitamins than from pills, and need to learn what power foods give you power vitamins. Synthetic vitamins are not all that good as they seem. they do have side effects and some are dangerous.

you also need to remember that when detoxing or killing off candida, you need to concentrate on vitamins A, C E and selenium so that there is nointernal inflamation /eye pain or any other side effect from extra bodily stress. These vitamins carry the toxins out of the body before they do other harm. Brasil nuts for selenium

how much vitamin d are you taking? theres nothing like sunlight, believe me.

sage tea is best for hormonal imbalance.

how old are you? do you get heat flashes?

have you done a hair analysis test for toxic metals and other minerals. I would strongly suggest one for someone your age, I am assuming you are over 50.

Any questions you can post here, or you can email me for faster response.

If you email me and I do help you, please post the result and program so that everyone can benefit.

There is no body that cannot heal. The trick is knowing what is poisoning the body and what minerals and vitamins the body needs to heal. One step at a time. slowly but surely god willing you will achieve success.

Replied by Me
Meself, Me

Carrot juice for vitamin A? Isn't carrot juiced pretty much pure sugar? How will that help candida? Wouldn't it be better to just take a vitamin A? Seriously wondering. Thanks.

Posted by Teresa (Sydney, Nsw, Australia) on 01/29/2013

Hi Bill, I am a 38 year old female and weigh 54 kgs. I now truly believe all my troubles with severe depression among other things have been caused by systemic candida. Problem is now I want another child but don't want to pass this onto my baby as I believe I have already passed candida onto my only child who is now 3. I need to seriously tackle this horrible illness. The protocol is quite overwhelming to me as I have terrible concentration and severe brain fog but I want to give it my best shot. I know I need to follow a strict candida diet as well. I have purchased the following supplements and have a few questions:

  • ACV for alkalizing - how many times a day?
  • VCO
  • Borax
  • Lugols Iodine
  • Sodium Thiosulfate (purchased from a pool shop) as rice sized crystals-how many rice sized grains do I take?
  • Methylene blue (purchased from a fish supply shop but not sure if I should take it whilst on anti-depressants due to contraindications with ssri's)
  • Celtic Sea Salt to make mineral water
  • Magnesium Citrate
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B3
  • Pau De Arco/Cayenne Pepper/Myhrr herbal tincture
  • Biotin - is this still recommended in the protocol?
  • Molybdenum
  • HCL betaine
  • Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate - how do I make this or can you buy it in this form?
  • Milk Thistle
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Selenium

I also have the following supplements which I picked up before I found your Protocol - are they useful? :

  • L-Glutamine - when would one introduce this to help with leaky gut?
  • Apolactoferrin - is this a useful anti candida supplement?
  • Psyllium and bentonite for a bowel cleansing shake - is this ok for people with leaky gut?
  • s. boulardii probiotic - when would one introduce probiotics in the anti candida protocol?

Are all your suggested dosages ok for my weight(54kgs)? Also can you suggest how some of these supplements can be combined? Can you suggest a timeline of a daily plan to take these supplements?

Sorry for all the questions. I cannot discuss this diet/protocol with any of my family/doctors as they dont believe any of it. Despite the severe neurological symptoms with this illness other symptoms have included constant urgent need to urinate, acne, white spots on skin(Vitiligo), vaginal thrush, creeping or tingling feeling on face and insomnia. Also do you have any suggestions to curb cravings especially chocolate and also for carbohydrates in the afternoon would be much appreciated.

Regards Teresa

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Teresa... Your protocol against candida looks fairly good to me. To answer all your questions:

ACV for alkalizing -- Take this remedy at least twice a day outside mealtimes. This remedy alkalizes the cells.

Sodium Bicarbonate with water -- You forgot this one which is equally as important as the ACV alkalizing remedy. To fully alkalize the whole body you need to take both of these alkalizing remedies every day. SB and water alkalizes the blood, destroys candida biofilms, also kills candida, improves digestion, increases energy, removes heavy metals and does a myriad other beneficial things for your body. Take the sodium bicarbonate remedy three times amday 1/2 hour to 1 hour after all meals. This will not hurt you and will actually aid duodenal digestion which should be alkaline anyway. This will also not hurt stomach digestion because stomach digestion stops after about 1/2 after you have finished your meal.

Lugols Iodine -- The prime broadband pathogen killer in the protocol. Start with small doses and increase slowly to the advised dosage. I have also explained fully, in a recent post, why lugols iodine can cause severe reactions in people who eat western processed food diets. The problem is not really the iodine -- but is caused by the poisonous processed food diet.

Sodium Thiosulphate -- One flake -- the size of a grain of rice -- in a glass of water per day.

Methylene Blue -- You really don't need to take this remedy if you don't want to. Your protocol already contains Iodine, borax, pau d'arco, molybdenum and alkalizing remedies. All these are wide spectrum pathogen killers, detoxers as well as health promoters that are also very efficient at killing off the candida.

Pau D'Arco -- Go easy with the Pau D'Arco -- In my own experience, using too much initially can cause severe Herx or die-off reactions reactions in the intestines.

Vitamin B -- Take the higher dose of B3 or niacin(at least(500mgs to 1000 mgs three times a day). If the flush effect is too uncomfortable -- then just use the niacinamide form instead. And if you take B50 complex as well -- then there should be no need to take the biotin. Vitamin B is essential because the B3 tends to alleviate depression and you sleep better. Supplementing higher dose B3 also has been found, through research, to raise the capabilities of the immune system by a factor of 2000. The B vitamins in general also help to improve digestion and have other action against the candida.

Molybdenum -- Absolutely essential in the remedy for greatly reducing the candida poisons -- aldehydes and alcohols -- in the body caused by the candida and caused by the Herx die-off. These poisons are what cause the lethargy, lack of energy, brain fog, unclear thinking and even depression in candida sufferers. Molybdenum is critical to form the aldehyde dehdrogenase enzyme in the human body -- this is the main enzyme that removes the dangerous aldehydes from the body. Molybdenum also kills fungus

HCL Betaine -- Must be taken together with protease enzymes -- such as pancreatin, bromelain sand papain, in order to encourage proper stomach acid levels for proper digestion and prevention further intestinal infections via pathogens incoming from the mouth with the food and water. HCL Betaine and protease enzymes should be taken with food -- and also works in conjunction with the sodium bicarbonate remedy to both promote proper digestion and to help kill off the candida as well.

Vitamin C -- Buy the powdered form of Ascorbic acid. Mix a quarter of teaspoon(1000mgs) of AA with water in a glass. Sprinkle in Sodium Bicarbonate until the fizzing and the reaction stops. You now have the much more alkaline and beneficial ascorbate form of Vitamin C to supplement. Powder forms are much purer than pill or tablet forms.

Milk Thistle, ALA and Selenium -- Essential for production of glutathione and glutathione peroxidase enzyme. Not only do these nutrients help to protect your liver -- they also help to recover and revive low thyroid conditions as well.

L-Glutamine - when would one introduce this to help with leaky gut?

It would certainly help both to stop leaky gut as well as stop the sugar cravings when taken with glycerin as well. And avoid all forms of artificial sweeteners like the plague. Aloe vera oil is another good one for gut repair.

Apolactoferrin - is this a useful anti candida supplement?

Avoid this one. It's supposed to starve availability of iron for candida -- iron tends to accelerate transformation of candida into the much more virulent fungal form -- but it also starves your blood of the much needed iron.

Psyllium and bentonite for a bowel cleansing shake - is this ok for people with leaky gut?

If the bentonite with psylliium causes you problems -- then just take the bentonite on its own. Bentonite does not work by mechanical action, as does psyllium, but works electrically, attracting positively charged substances -- including heavy metals and pathogens -- and binding to them allowing direct and quick removal via excretion from the intestines. In this way the intestines are gently but effectively cleansed by bentonite.

s. boulardii probiotic - when would one introduce probiotics in the anti candida protocol?

It's pointless taking beneficial bacteria at the start of the protocol, because you will undoubtedly experience both detox reactions from heavy metals and the die-off or Herx reaction from the initial and heavy pathogen kill -- this may necssarily cause other symptoms such as diarrhea to occur in the initial healing crisis. So its pointless taking beneficial bacteria at the start of your own protocol. Wait for about a month after you have started your protocol and then you can introduce the boulardi to the regimen and it will have a much more beneficial effect.

Regarding all your other strange symtpoms -- disregard these for now. You will be amazed at how many other diseases that have been with you for years and years just disappear completely after you cure your candida. For now -- just focus on getting rid of the candida.

And I agree with you whole heartedly about some unfortunate experiences that certain candida sufferers have with doctors in their surgery.

So perhaps, if EC will allow this, I should illustrate this with a story which embeds many of the experiences of ordinary people with their doctors.

I again take my queue (with some small fictional licence) as exampled from what I have again read on many blogs -- where certain unfortunate people, who are indeed suffering from candida, still seem to regard candida as no more dangerous than the common cold. Some of these sufferers even seem to think like some doctors --

-- "Just take two pills in the morning, two pills in the evening and you can mail me the $200. You'll be cured and clear of your candida in no time.... NEXT!! " The doctor cries.

Ching-ching rings out loudly from the doctor's cash register.

I often wonder about these poor suffering souls and how their own views and opinions on candida might well have changed somewhat in say ten years time when the sufferer still has candida and decides, in some desperation, to go back --

-- "Hey doc, these pills aren't working. In fact my candida is much worse now!! "

"What??... Why that's impossible!! " The doc suddenly and gruffly rummages through a mountain of pill boxes on top of his beloved, crusty copy of The Merck Medical Manual on his desk.

"Here.." says the doctor, tossing a full box of pills over to his patient ". Try these...... Anti-depressants!! ... Better than chewing gum!! ... It's the new medical way -- we don't cure the disease now, we just accomodate or treat the symptoms!! "

The sufferer opens the box and looks at the pills curiously. Each pill is unusually stamped with a triple 6.

"Anti-depressants?" queries the confused patient. "Why do I need anti-depressants?"

"Our medical tests show that there is nothing at all wrong with you. No candida. You're as healthy as a horse, son... So you're either a compulsive liar or you have a psychosomatic mental condition. The Merck Medical Manual is NEVER wrong!!! " The doctor confidently booms.

"But..." --

-- "But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt anyway. That's because I'm such a caring, compassionate doctor"

"Wait a minute..."

"Those pills will help your mental condition no end."

''But doc -- I haven't got a mental condition and I'm not a liar... I have candida."

"Are you sure you haven't got CFS or ME or Fibromyalgia?" The doctor tentatively asks.

"No I haven't"

"Whew...Close call!! "

"Listen doc..".

"..NEXT...!! "


Replied by Teresa
Sydney, Nsw, Australia

Thank you so much Bill! You have been so helpful. I will keep you updated on my progress! Kind Regards Teresa

Replied by Teresa
Sydney, Nsw, Australia

Hi Bill. Have a question about drinking water in regards to the Protocol. I cant afford to buy spring/mineral water however a friend has lent me a water filter. It claims to create alkaline water with pH value of 7.4 - 8.2 and also makes tap water Ionised, Magnetised and De-oxidised. Its other claim is that it re-mineralises tap water using an alkaline mineral cartridge. So my question is - is it ok to drink alkaline filtered tap water and also do all of Ted's Alkalizing remedies (ie: upon rising lemon/lime with Sodium Bicarbonate, then 3 x Sodium Bicarbonate with water (1/2 hour - 1 hour after each meal) and lastly before bed ACV with Sodium Bicarbonate)? Kind Regards Teresa

Replied by Feeling Hungry In Hemet
Henet, California

I have recently self diagnosed myself with Candida, reading EC and other websites. I have started on a protocal that is simple, because I get confused easily. I take avc/baking soda in am, lime/BS in pm. I use grapefruit seed extract in my water. I have VCO in my salad dressings. I also take milk thisle 2x/day. I have been using a lot of herbs when preparing meals, Cayenne pepper, oregano leaves, turmeric, garlic, cilantro. I will be getting more supplements, when I can.

Please let me know what is most important to add to this protocal.

Also, if anyone has snacks that is on this diet, let me know. I am use to eating 2 meals and 2 snacks per day. Right now, I feel like I am hungry most of the tme :( Help, Please :)

Replied by Anon

Then the reason I get sick when I eat too much sugar is because of why? Diabetes? I get like flu or cold, sore throat, achy all over.

Posted by Maria (Frankfurt, Germany) on 12/07/2012

Hi Bill, I am breastfeeding my five months old daughter and I am hypothyroid and taking L thyroxin for thyroid. I want to treat my hypothyroid with lugols Iodine before my pregnancy but my doctor advised me to have a healthy pregnancy I must have to continue taking my thyroid med and now she says my milk production goes down without thyroid med. I want to know that can I take high dose of LI during breastfeeding? Should I follow Iodine Protocol after breastfeeding? I know my daughter is low in Iodine. Is it safe to give iodine an infant? If yes then what will be an infant's dose? Thanks in advance.

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

hi maria, If you want to start your Iodine intake, then start with the minimal dosage of 1 drop of 5% Lugol's Solution. This will provide approx 6.25 mg of Iodine. Not more than this as you are breast feeding. I can't conclusively say the effects of taking more Iodine at your present situation.

You don't have to give your baby any Iodine solutions because if by all means you see your baby healthy then don't try anyting. Before taking Iodine, test yourself for allergic reaction to Iodine, which is very unlikely.

There is a natural way to supplement Iodine, without Lugol's Solution.

KELP-you can buy kelp leaves in japanese market and use it any recipe you want. A soup may be. Even kelp flakes (just crushed kelp) are available in Japanese markets. Kelp will provide you the necessary iodine as long as you breast feed. Then you can start Lugol's solution if required. Who knows, Just kelp can cure your hypothyroid.

Good Health, thanks

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Maria... The current RDA dosage for iodine is 150 mcg (containing approx 0.0138 mgs iodine) and the current iodine dose recommended by the RDA for pregnant women is only 220 mcgs. Dr Guy Abraham from the Iodine Utiization Project recomends a daily dosage based on the diet of the Japanese:

"The literature search revealed that 60 million mainland Japanese consume a daily average of 13.8 mg of elemental iodine and they are one of the healthiest nations, based on overall wellbeing and cancer statistics (4). Japanese women do not stop consuming iodine-rich foods during pregnancy, and Japanese fetuses are exposed to maternal peripheral levels of iodide at concentrations of 10-5M to 10-6M (1-4). Either the Japanese are mutants, capable of surviving on toxic levels of iodine or we have been grossly deceived, and the human body needs at least 100 times the RDA, which was established very recently in 1980 and confirmed in 1989!! (7). " -- Source Research:

Gabriel Cousins MD recomends the following iodine dosages for pregnant women and children:

"In 1911, 900 milligrams (900,000 micrograms! [nearly 1 gram of iodine]) daily were considered usual and safe doses. In 1950 the Japanese had 100 times more iodine in their diet than Americans. In 2001 they had 202 times more iodine than Americans and were using up to 13.8 milligrams daily as opposed to the average U. S. Intake of 425 micrograms daily. Unfortunately there has been no real study, ever, about what is the optimal safe dosage of iodine. But, again, no one has ever died from iodine overdose or allergic reactions. It is safe to suggest that at least the guidelines given by Drs. Abraham and Brownstein for the use of 12-50 milligrams of iodine daily, for overall iodine sufficiency and wellbeing, and up to 100 milligrams/day for diabetics is reasonable. My prudent suggestion is that as we follow these ideas, it is important to move forward carefully as we treat this pandemic level of 72% iodine deficiency in the world and a shocking 96% deficiency in Americans, affecting the minds of billions of people. I strongly recommend that people reevaluate the amounts of iodine people consume. I recommend that children under 6 years of age take half the adult dose[which is 12.5 mgs iodine], children 0-2 years take 1/4 the adult dose, pregnant women take 47% more than the adult dose (current FDA ratio), and lactating women take 93% more than the adult dose (current FDA ratio), as iodine is very important for brain development, from a holistic perspective. In the larger humanitarian context the risk to benefit ratio of these recommended doses is extremely safe for healing the planetary population and ourselves. " -- Source: The Universal and Holistic Super Mineral

From the above, it would therefore seem to be safe to take between 12.5 mgs -- 20 mgs iodide/iodine per day in the form of lugol's iodine or Iodoral during pregnancy. After the birth of your child, it also would be advisable to take between 12.5 mgs and 50 mgs of iodide/iodine per day for the benefit of the child when breast feeding and also for your own candida problems.

Concerning your own hypothyroid problems -- I would seriously consider coming off L-thyroxin and moving onto natural bio-identical thyroid hormones. For more information on this you should read David Brownsteins book: Overcoming Thyroid Disorders. L-Thyroxin is just synthetic T4 and that's all. T4 is the inactive form of the thyroid hormone (T3 is the active form) that is used to control the TSH hormone. If you use bio-identical or natural thyroid hormone made from bovine and porcine sources -- these contain Free T3, Free T4 as well as other essential minerals and components of the thyroid gland so it is much more effective at healing and improving thyroid operation than L-thyroxin. Up until the 1970s, natural bio-identical thyroid was always used for thyroid disorders, and quite successfully, with few side-effects. You should ask your doctor about this.

Replied by Elodie
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hi Bill, I've read alot of articles which keep emphasizing the importance of alkalising the gut. People have written that candida primarily thrives in an acid environment. Fungi, although more acidiophilic (acid loving) than bacteria, are very well adapted at responding well to alkaline and or neutral pH. Although I hold holistic beliefs when it comes to addressing and treating illness, im wary that there is also a lot of misinformation out there. As a scientist with a mycology background, we know that:

In the human body, pH can vary widely, from highly acidic (pH ~2) in the stomach to mildly acidic (skin and vagina), to neutral (bloodstream and parts of the gut), and even alkaline (some parts of the gut). Candida albicans, thrives in most of these sites and is highly tolerant to a wide range of environmental pH conditions, from pHs of <2 to pHs of >10.

Yeasts, and Candida albicans is no exception, can actively neutralize the pH of its environment (i. e the human body) from either acidic or alkaline pHs! Under acidic conditions, candida has demonstrated that it can raise the pH of its surrounding environment from 4 to >7 in less than 12 hours.

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Elodie... I would completely agree with you about the variance of pH throughout the body which is a natural phenomenon and a biological necessity. But, staying with digestion and the intestinel area, there is a general problem that is strongly related to bacterial and fungal issues (where homeostasis may consistently fail to cope or be able to rebalance and recover the body's pH to healthier levels) in this area called dysbiosis whose complex relationship to candida and other pathogens is fully described here: Candida, Fungal Type Dysbiosis

The causes of dybiosis are:

1. Acid food western diet and eating habits. Approximately 90% of our processed food diet today is acidifying. This creates an acid body where anaerobic pathogens tend to take hold and spread. This is where alkalizing is a great help to the body's homeostatic pH mechanism.

2. Fungal and Bacterial Gut infections caused by lack of nutrients in the diet. These pathogenic intestinal invasions may enter and establish themselves either through a lack of protective HCL in the stomach causing externnal pathogen entry via the mouth or these pathogens can also rise up from the intestines through a lack of bicarbonates in the pancreatic juices which fail to neutralize the stomach acid/chyme necessary for the pancreatic enzymes to work and do their job properly during main stage digestion in the duodenum. Both of these situations therefore tend to create acid upper intestines which tends to weaken and disrupt the healthy microbiota of the intestines as well as to promote pathogen invasion. So here is another solid reason, completely seperate from just alkalizing, why you should supplement with BS -- to restore bicarbonates to the pancreas for proper main stage digestion in the duodenum.

4. Ingesting and accumulating high levels of heavy metals, halides and many other poisons from ingesting chemically processed food, water and medical drugs. Sodium Bicarbonate is a considerable help in neutralizing and removing poisons from the body. Heavy metals as well as calcium and heme iron are also known to promote the formations of candida and other biofilms in the gut which is a huge protection for the candida and other pathogens that reside in them. Sodium Bicarbonate helps to remove these dangerous poisons as well as helping to disrupt and remove these pathogenic biofilms from the upper intestinal mucosa(which should normally be at a pH of about 8. 5) by its emulsifying or surfactant action.

Just some other benefits with reasons for using Sodium Bicarbonate for the body.

Replied by Frank From Lebanon

Yes indeed, sodium bicarbonate is truly and Godsend. But it is always worth mentioning especialy for heavy SB users that: When one should not forget to include high potassium food such as avocado and potatoe peels (peel the potatoe thick, eat the skin with some potatoe beneath half a cm, and ignore the centre core, as most vitamins and potassium are at the top)

Also one should make sure to include lots of vitamin c, esp citric acid fruits like lemon. To balance out the sodium bicarbonate nutrient demanding effects in the long run. As SB does drain you of potassium and vitamin c if used daily.

Best Regards

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 12/05/2012

I've recently updated the Anti-Candida protocols -- I've incorporated Ted's more recent remedies against fungal/yeast problems and also tried to arrange the protocols in a clearer and more understandable format.

Anti-Candida Protocol
Remedies that Directly Attack Candida(Mandatory)
I must stress here -- to avoid any confusion -- that not all of the attack remedies below need to be used. These are just options for you. Furthermore, if recommendations are needed for clarity's sake -- I have also personally found that using Ted's Alkalizing Remedies, Lugol's Iodine and Borax in combination to be very useful at curing candida problems. But if these nutrients are hard to get -- just use another combination from below of your own choice.

* Take Ted's Lime/Lemon baking soda water alkalizing remedy at least 2 times a day as recommended. I used mainly the ACV, lemon or lime as well as just the sodium bicarb with water alkalizing remedies which also act to kill candida. These alkalizing remedies create the worst possible environment for the candida while simultaneously creating a healthy body terrain. Also take the Baking Soda with water remedy on it's own throughout the day and one hour before bed - this will help you get a good nights sleep. If you have problems with this remedy, then use Ted's Carbicarb remedy -- this is more balanced and incorporates potassium to balance any sodium issues. Potassium citrate can be taken to more directly aid intracellular alkalization. See this link for the alkalizing remedies:

* Supplementing with at least 50 mgs to 100 mgs of 5% Lugols Iodine per day - 8 to 16 drops a day(or as much as you can stand without problems) in split doses taken four times a day(not at mealtimes) in a glass of water. Iodine will also help to balance your hormones because it supports the thyroid and is also able to remove dangerous halogens like fluorine and bromine from your body. Lugol's Iodine also chelates heavy metals like aluminium, cadmium, lead and mercury from your body and this is very beneficial. LI also kills 90% -- 95% of all known pathogens - including candida. You can also use Kelp as the iodine source - but this does not really give sufficiently high amounts of iodine/iodide needed to kill the candida in my opinion.

* Drink 1/4 teaspoon of Tetrasodium Borate or Borax(1/8 tspn for women) in a litre of water throughout the day. Take this protocol for 5 days on then rest for 2 days. So, 5 days on, 2 days off with the Borax. Borax is the ultimate anti-fungal, also good for bones and helps to balance the hormones as well as chelates and removes fluoride from the body. Borax affects your male hormones or androgens in a viagra-like manner, which is why you must rest for 2 days -- to avoid gland over-stimulation.

* Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum. Take at least 900 mcg Molybdenum a day. Sodium Molybdate kills candida and also removes the debilitating candida alcohol and aldehyde poisons from the body via the aldehyde dehydrogenase enzyme pathway(needs molybdenum) in the body -- this will help to remove symptoms like nausea, flu-like symptoms, aches and pains, brain fog and lethargy problems. Ted recommends supplementing between 10 mg and 25 mgs sodium molybdate a day taken for only two weeks to quickly kill off the candida -- but I've found Sodium Molybdate or Molybdenum difficult to purchase in amounts greater than 900 mcgs(the highest allowed RDA dosage).

* Hydrogen peroxide (food grade) I just use a capful of 3% HP in one litre of water a day when I need it. HP kills bacteria, viruses and fungi and it also helps greatly to clear and unblock the lymph glands. Sometimes I splash 3% HP all over my body, this kills everything bad topically as well as being absorbed quite well transdermally into my body by this method. Very potent against all forms of bacteria, viruses and fungus. Do not use Lugol's Iodine together with Hydrogen Peroxide in the protocol - they tend to neutralize and cancel each other out - so just use one or the other in your protocol. See this link:

Caveat: Although Hydrogen Peroxide is highly useful -- it does have its downside. Some people get nausea, migraine headaches etc when they supplement HP. HP also inactivates or neutralizes and depletes antioxidants in the body because of its pro-oxidant effects. I always prefer to use lugol's iodine against candida because it isn't as complicated to use as HP. But if lugol's iodine cannot be found or used -- use HP as recommended and increase anti-oxidant intake at the same time.

* Methylene Blue(MB). You can buy this at any aquatics or fish supply store. It is used to get rid of fungal and bacterial infections on fish. Also used throughout the last century as a successful anti-malarial. Taking MB on its own will turn your urine green and the whites of your eyes blue, but if you take at least 1000 mgs Vitamin C with the MB, these side-effects will not occur. Dosage: 4 - 6 drops of a 0. 1% solution of MB in a full glass of water once or twice a day. Do not take MB after 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon - it gives you alot of energy so you will not be able to sleep, MB is a deep acting anti-fungal that is able to penetrate the blood/brain and blood/bone barriers of the body. MB is also a marvellous mitochondrial super anti-oxidant for your brain -- gives you lots of energy.

* Pau D'Arco(Tabebuia impetiganosa). This is a very effective herb against candida with a solid and useful reputation as an effective anti-fungal. This is best taken as a tea or capsule(1000 mgs twice a day). See this link:

Body Detox(Mandatory)
* Detox and get rid of heavy metals from your body. Due to diet and if you've taken medicinal drugs for any length of time your body will have an accumulation of heavy metals. To get rid of these problems just drink green tea 2 or 3 times a day and eat Cilantro 3 times a week in salads. You can also use Sodium Thiosulphate to get rid of heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide and chlorine. ST will get rid of heavy metals over time. Use 6-10 drops of 10% ST solution in a full glass of water daily. Heavy metals create an ideal acidic environment for candida as well as for nanobacteria. See link:

* Chlorella - Also for detoxing heavy metals and for mineral support.

* Using Lugol's Iodine in the protocols is also the best way to detox fluoride and bromide from the body and will also help to remove heavy metals like aluminium, lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic from the body.

Additional Support with Vitamin and Mineral Supplements(Optional)

* Vitamin C - Taken in the more alkaline form of Sodium Ascorbate -- at least 1000 mgs three times a day. Vit C is an anti-oxidant and also chelates heavy metals from the body as well.

* Magnesium -- Taken as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate. Dosage: 250 mgs twice a day. Magnesium Oil(40% water 60% magnesium chloride) cab also be used transdermally. Magnesium is involved in over 300 major enzyme and coenzyme body processes and also gets rid of any staph or strep bacteria quite well. Magnesium Chloride is the best form of magnesium to take in my opinion. See this link:

* Take at least 2 tablespoons of Virgin Coconut Oil(VCO) per day with meals to help constipation and intestinal issues. VCO contains mainly medium chain saturated acids, very protective for the intestines, liver and blood. Contains lauric acid, caproic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid -- these act as anti-microbials helping to destroy the candida as well as protecting the intestines from any further external microbial invasion. I don't use vegetable oils anymore, I cook only with VCO now.

* Zinc gluconate or zinc acetate - Helps to support the immune system. 25mgs - 50mgs taken for one week, then take this dose once a week thereafter.

* Natural Sea Salt or Fulvic/Humic Acid. Both of these will act in the same way as absorption synergists as well as helping to create a healthy intestine and help to supply other important and much needed micro-minerals to your body. See these links:

* Selenium - 200 mcg twice a day at mealtimes. Selenium helps remove mercury and supports the liver and thyroid. There is no need to take this dose if you are also already tking the recommended liver support(which includes selenium).

* Vitamin B3 - as niacin or niacinamide. Dosage: 500 mgs twice a day. Be aware of the "niacin flush" effect if you take the niacin form. Niacin is anti-candida and supports the liver, digestion and is relaxing for the body.

* Take B50 Complex three times a week - this is beneficial for digestion and will also help fight candida. It also acts synergistically when higher dose B3 is also supplemented.

Liver and Kidney Support(Optional)
* Take herb supplements like Chanca Piedra, Milk Thistle or Dandylion because the candida die-off will create a big strain on both your immune system and the liver/kidneys which will have to clear the dead candida debris and toxins from your blood. Think of this as taking out the candida trash. This die-off will give you flu-like or liverish symptoms and perhaps some diarrhea. You will probably feel much worse before you feel better. Accept this and work your way through it as this should disappear once your body gains control again. If you have actual liver damage then taking Milk Thistle(1000 mgs twice a day at lunch and dinner) in combination with Alpha Lipoic Acid(300 mgs twice a day at lunch and dinner) and Selenium(200 micrograms twice a day at lunch and dinner) will help to support the liver and kidneys. See this research here -

Candida Protocol Guidelines
At the barest minimum, candida sufferers should essentially use the following strategies in their protocols:

* Use at least two or three of the remedies that directly attack and kill the candida if you can. Alkalizing, Lugol's Iodine and borax in combination are my own unquestioned favourites for killing off candida because this combo has worked so well for me in the past.

* Always use the alkalizing remedies.

* Use protocols that remove and detox all heavy metals, halogens (fluoride, bromide, chorine) and other chemical poisons from the body. Poisons drag down the body's immune system, they acidify the body and create the perfect environment for candida.

* It is also strongly advised that all the vitamin and mineral support nutrients be taken in their proper orthomolecular dosages as stated above. These nutrients help to address other metabolic issues that may also contribute to and exacerbate candida problems. I also tend, whenever possible, to buy the pure powder forms of vitamins and minerals because these forms are pure and contain no fillers, additives or caking agents.

* Liver and kidney anti-oxidant support is also advised in cases where there is a heavy or severe die-off or detox effect, which tends to stress the liver and kidneys thus causing nausea and flu-like symptoms.

* Stop taking antibiotics!! Antibiotics will kill all the beneficial bacteria in the gut and helps to create acid intestines and dysbiosis via a condition called the Antibiotic Syndrome. This is highly beneficial to the spread of candida.

* The Anti-Candida Diet is a no-brainer when you ask yourself, "How did I get candida in the first place?"

Understanding Detox or Die-off Reactions(The Jarisch-Herxheimer Effect)
It has been my own experience that people will always get an initial die-off reaction when moving onto an anti-candida protocol such as this one. A die-off or a detox reaction is due to either large amounts of candida debris or mycotoxins and/or heavy metals or halogens being released into the blood which will cause particular stress on the immune system, liver and kidneys. So liver/kidney and immune support may well be necessary to help reduce or alleviate the die-off/detox symptoms(which is included in the protocol). A reduction in anti-candida dosages may also be required for a while to make the die-off or detox bearable for the user during the healing crisis as well. When people are infected with systemic candida and attempt a cure - they should always expect an initial period of time during which they may feel considerably worse due to these die-off and detox reactions. This die-off reaction is actually a good sign and proves that the protocol is working against the candida. This die-off or Herx reaction will vary from person to person and its duration will completely depend on the extent of the candida infection and will also depend on the current health state of each individual at the time. This detox or Herx reaction is completely normal and is medically recognized and will last until the candida debris and poisons are reduced and removed from the body and will also depend on when the immune system once more is able to dominate and control the body's health again.

Essential Anti-Candida Diet(Mandatory)
1. NO SUGAR. No means NONE -- no ifs or buts!! Candida, viruses, bacteria and all pathogens all feed off sugar, which promotes their rapid growth and spread. When too much sugar is eaten constantly everyday, this habit also works to greatly lower the immune system's capability to fight disease. Cancers grow in the presence of fructose found it fruits and to survive they need glucose.

2. Greatly reduced Carbohydrate intake. The Western diet is effectively an energy dense but nutrient deficient diet in terms of minerals and vitamins. Therefore for sugar-loving diseases like cancer and candida, carbohydrates are banned because they so easily convert to sugar in the body. If you can, eat carbohydrates that have a low glycaemic index, which are digested and absorbed slowly in the body and which do not cause high sugar spikes in the body which tends to brings down the immune system and feed the invading pathogens as well. Also beware that Glycemic Index doesn't measure the type of sugar so is not a perfect measure or guide to go by.

2. No junk food allowed. Contains way too much refined salt, MSG, vegetable oils and other additives. All bad.

3. No vegetable oils in the diet. Vegetable oil oxidizes fairly quickly on the shelf from sunlight and very rapidly at high heat because they are polyunsaturated (weak chemical bonds) fats. Most RBD vegetable oils nowadays are also now made from an unnatural chemical process. As far back as 1962, Dr Denham Harman, a Nobel Prize winner who discovered the anti-oxidant nature of vitamins, proved and concluded in his famous experiments feeding mice vegetable oils with their food, that chemically processed vegetable oils or polyunsaturated oils significantly contribute to causing cancer. So, better to use a saturated fat like virgin coconut oil(VCO) or even grass-fed lard for cooking -- saturated fats are more stable oils that do not oxidize easily and are also good for you. Many vegetarian websites quote The Okinawan Diet as their reason for just vegetables being good for you -- which is inaccurate. If you read the book, The Okinawan Diet -- which carefully defines this diet through their research -- the Okinawans generally used pork offal and pork fat in all their healthy cooking -- and, in their pre-WW2 diet they never used whole grain bread, olive oil, soy milk, apples, and yogurt as many articles suggest. When I had systemic candida and started taking coconut oil, my bad constipation and bloating issues disappeared in about two weeks and my bowels became regular again. VCO is very healthy for your body and intestines. I only ever cook with VCO now and VCO has actually helped me to lose weight. Since the 1960s, baby-foods have been using only coconut oil in their cooked products and those in hospital with intestinal trauma are usually always fed with food cooked in coconut oil now. VCO helps to protect the intestines and the body and is also anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The reason for avoiding vegetable oils is because most contain hydrogenated fats or trans fatty acids and these should instead be replaced and supplemented in the form of Omega 3 fish oil or hemp oil which is not chemically processed or heated.

4. No soda pop. Apart from containing sugar, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) fructose and aspartame, sweet soda drinks also contain carbonic and phosphoric acids as well as halogens like fluorides in their mix -- all of which only works to greatly acidify your body. HFCS also contains mercury and also contains poisonous chemicals like glutaraldehyde -- which is normally used as a poisonous industrial cleaner.

5. No Sweeteners allowed -- no aspartame, sucralose or saccharine. These are excitotoxins (aspartame) which helps to destroy your CNS. In our bodies, aspartame metabolizes to formaldehyde and methanol which is also a poison. In the old days people used stills to make their own illicit distilled alcoholic beverages and if they were not careful in their process methanol would form. It is also well known that wood alcohol or methanol is poisonous and that as little as 10 ml would be enough to cause permanent blindness in humans. Aspartame is also acidifying. Sucralose is chlorinated hydrocarbons and, in tests, it causes shrunken thymus, enlarged kidneys, abortion, low fetal weights, as these areas are all sensitive to chlorine compounds in hydrocarbon forms. Saccharine, even a moderate dose, can increase significant incidence of tumors in people with cancer.

6. Eat chicken, fish and meat in small amounts. Proteins -- meats -- eaten in excessive quantities are acidifying and, as we get older, our body has difficulty digesting them. It should preferably be partially cooked to ease the breaking down of proteins.

7. No baking products like bread, cakes, pastries, etc. In the 70s the FDA, in their wisdom, allowed the use of bromide and bromates in bread-making instead of iodine. Bromine weakens the immune system and encourages acid body. Wheat also contains alloxan, a poison which can help to destroy the pancreas and cause diabetes over time. Wheat also contains gluten.

8. In your diet, include using a handful of raw, chopped coriander leaf or cilantro in a salad three times a week and drink green tea 2-3 times a day. Maintaining this regimen for a month will remove most heavy metals successfully from your body.

9. No canned products in the diet. Bisphenol A -- or BPA -- is contained in all plastic linings of canned products and is very bad for you. It acts as a psuedo-estrogen -- a female hormone -- and upsets hormone balance, therefore weakening the immune system.

10. No Calcium which means no dairy products -- no milk, no cheese, no yoghurt etc. Avoid all calcium fortified foods. Excess calcium encourages acidity throughout the body and particularly in the tissue cells where it tends to cause myalgia pain. In 1970 the recommended calcium to magnesium ratio was 4:1. Then it became 2:1 in the 1990s. I'm guessing that, probably in another 10 years, these same RDA experts will recommend a calcium to magnesium ratio of 1:1. Ted recommends taking no Calcium supplementation in your diet because western foods are all over-fortified with calcium now. Calcium causes acidity inside the cells when taken in excess and when magnesium is lacking in the diet. Magnesium regulates Calcium in the body.

11. No Fruits. In general most fruits contain citric acid and sugar -- especially the citrus fruits. In a healthy body that can cope with the acid and sugars from fruits it is fine to eat fruits in moderation. But if you are ill with an acid-loving and sugar-loving disease like candida or cancer then any acid or sugar food like fruits will actually promote spread because eating fruits uses up your alkaline body bicarbonates during digestion. This further weakens the immune system, increases blood acidity and helps diseases like cancer to dominate the body. You can eat fruit extracts that don't contain fructose, such as red wine extract, grape seed extract, etc.

12. No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) allowed for the same reasons as aspartame. The antidote to MSG is taurine amino acid which is mainly found in fish. See this link on MSG.

13. Avoid GMO foods. The most common GMO food is actually wheat. But there is also soy GMO. All soy products which are made from a chemical process -- including soy sauce, tofu etc. Are not allowed. But any soy products made from a natural and organic fermentation process are allowed. If you buy soya products like soya milk, make sure it is organic and contains soya flour. But if it contains soya protein then it has been made from a chemical process and also might be GMO (especially in the US).

14. Avoid distilled water and tap-water. Distilled water is "dead water" -- it completely lacks any important body minerals that natural spring-water contains. If you drink distilled water, this will actually act to pull important minerals out of your body during digestion. Tap-water nowadays -- due to water shortages -- is now re-cycled and chemically processed from sewage (especially in cities) and stored in reservoirs that are fed with water tables polluted with agricultural fertilizers and pesticides, so goodness knows what evil goodies tap-water contains. Enough said I think. Drink fresh mineral or spring water or create your own mineral water instead. You should always drink 1 -- 2 glasses of water at mealtimes. This helps digestion and will improve your urine conductivity reading, provided your body minerals are in balance.

15. Use Sea Salt rather than refined table salt for all your cooking and eating needs. Sea salt contains many beneficial natural minerals, is alkaline, and also aids nutrient absorption and acts like a protective anti-biotic in the body which helps to protect the intestines and liver. Sea salt is also far more alkaline than refined table salt which is normally acid.

16. Try and avoid all (chemically) processed food if you can. Try and eat foods that are made from natural processes without excess heating or use of chemicals. Read food labels carefully before you buy.

17. Whenever you eat your meals, it is always best to eat bigger meals at breakfast and lunch. Your evening dinner should be eaten early at about 5:00 pm because shortly after this time, your body goes into another mode. This mode slows down digestion, making it inefficient, which actually impairs digestion, such that large amounts of food can end up sitting and stagnating in your intestines for anything up to twelve12 hours. This encourages and results in acidity, pathogen growth and poisons being absorbed into the body from the intestines. So, better as a habit, to eat a much smaller quantity of food at dinner in the evening to ensure healthy and complete digestion of food before sleep.

Replied by Val
Sarnia, Ontario

I am 56 years old. I have had candida outbreaks for many years. In the last 3 years they have escalated to the point where I'm finding it hard to function. I've taken probiotics, antifungals and followed the candida diet but have gotten worse. This year I had several serious life stresses including the recent death of my mother.

I now have IBS, thrush, chronic fatigue and insomnia. A friend told me about the turpentine protocol. So I downloaded Bill Thompson's book Candida: Killing So Sweetly and am ready to start all the protocols. I'm very hopeful that this could be the answer for me.

My question is about the diet. You mention what we shouldn't eat but there isn't much about what to eat. Because of my IBS there are very few vegetables I can tolerate (no cabbage, garlic, onions, broccoli, etc.) and I can't eat potatoes, carrots, squash, etc. because of the high carbs so I am basically eating virgin coconut oil, butter, meat, poultry, eggs, pureed green beans, spinach & zucchini, dry cottage cheese (very low lactose) and yogurt I make myself by fermenting for 24 hours to get rid of the lactose. I'm not eating any grains at all.

You say not to eat dairy and only small amounts of meat & poultry. I know I'm eating too much meat but I don't know how to get enough calories otherwise. Should I be eating some grains? I can't tolerate gluten. Do you think that my digestives issues will improve quickly on your program?

I'm losing weight at the rate of about 2 pounds per week and can't afford to lose much more. Is there a sample diet that you or others following your protocols follow? I'd really appreciate some help.

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Val: Please let me explain concisely and accurately. The banana girl eats a raw organic banana. Enzymes, humic acids, xeronines, sulfur, and trace minerals not in cooked conventionally grown food increase the respiratory quotient. This is a fancy term for the cells functioning at peak performance. Sugar stimulates the production of insulin. Both end up in the blood plasma. Proteins unfold revealing receptors. Insulin attaches to the receptors and sugar is burned as fuel only when fat is less than 10% by calorie. Dieting is not an option because low levels of atp reduce zeta potential and increase the disease state. Cellular biologists can explain this technically. 80/10/10ers give testimonials and share recipes. The cells are not being nourished properly, and this is required, because you have heard that candida eats sugar. Candida does not eat sugar when the cells are nourished properly. All you have to do is just ignore all the diseases and nourish the cells properly. The ibs is going to require some special care. If you want to try this reply back and I'll be glad to send the details. You can study Dr. Doug Graham candida natural news, Andrew Kim Blogs why cells go bad, insulin revisited, carbon dioxide, raw food health the candida cleanse, and watch raw food for candida videos fpr more info. Thank you.

Replied by Taram7
Cincinnati, Oh

Candida Diet will not and cannot help Candida... because leaky gut must be healed and is almost ALWAYS present with Candida overgrowth. Your body has to have fruit... a juice fast for 30-90 days is the best method. I have struggled with these insufficient diet theories and Candida for over 5 years... I am finally healing by killing the Candida Cell wall (chitin layer) Juice fasting and good probiotics. If leaky gut is not healed with Candida, the symptoms will just transfer somewhere else into another part of your body. Foods heavy to digest and cutting out fruits is bad for your healing and health, as your cells NEED FRUIT to be strong and heal and fight it and without curing leaky gut, the candida keeps migrating into other parts of the body. Candida just goes 'dormant' with the Candida diet and does not 'die' because of the hard to destroy cell wall, your immune system cannot kill Candida on its own without a Chitin Layer destroyer.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Val: Since Candida is an opportunistic fungus, it seems very likely you have other disease states also. Have you tried detox methods like gallbladder cleanse, colon cleanse, parasite cleanse?

Here are some effective remedies for parasites and pathogens which can be used alongside the diet:


Colloidal Silver


Liposomal Vit-C

Liposomal Borax


How is the quality of your indoor air? Upgrading your air quality will improve immune function. Magnet therapy directly over the thymus gland as well as "tapping" will improve immunity. Supplementing Raw Thymus Glandular will boost immunity.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Val: Update on my original reply. I forgot to mention the possible need for heavy metal detox as Candida can thrive in a heavy metal contaminated body.

Also, I have suffered what I believe to be more than one species of fungus infection for aprox 15 yrs w/ symptoms of infection in the spine and until only recently definitely affecting my brain & eyes resulting in vertigo and mental decline, vision problems etc. I began zapping the upper and lower spine w/ major die off symptoms for aprox 5 days. I also did several daily ozone ear insulflations which I did note positive results. Now, aprox 2 wks later I am still improving.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Timh...Fungal infections in the backbone and in the synovial fluids can cause considerable problems as regards adequate delivery of curative nutrients because of the blood/bone or blood/brain barrier.

I've recently found out that artemisinin(ART) seems to be very useful against fungus, viruses, various bacteria and mycoplasma. Furthermore, artemisinin is easily able to penetrate the blood/brain barrier -- so it should perhaps be effective in the backbone area as well. Some research here and here.

The way ART works is that it contains a peroxide bridge on its molecule. Similar to Vitamin C, ART can also look like sugar to candida. When the ART gets inside a candida cell then ART reacts with the iron in the candida cell(candida loves ferritin or iron) to produce reactive oxygen species or free radicals(same as MMS and H2O2) only this happens inside the candida cell, not outside. Consequently the candida cells -- not the host cells -- are destroyed. This ART pro-oxidant method of kill is also similar against other pathogens. Also, candida biofilms contain alot of iron, so ART may well be effective at rapidly destroying candida biofilms. I've also read where ART is being successfully used against malaria and cancer(in Vietnam and China). Other posts show that people are using ART against particularly nasty diseases like Morgellons and Lyme Disease -- which can also involve candida.

I've also read where an 81 year old man in California with skin melanomas cured this problems using DMSO and ART. One ART pill in DMSO. His wife also had melanomas and was also cured by this method. See this link. So I was just thinking that using DMSO witand remove h ART on your backbone might be a more focused protocol to help kill the fungus/pathogens inside the backbone area. DMSO, as a carrier, is easily able to transport nutrients through the skin, blood/brain and blood/bone barriers of the body. DMSO with Iodine might also work. Unfortunately, turpentine is insoluble in DMSO, so you cannot use it with DMSO, more's the pity.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa

Thanks for the info Bill. I use Art in combination w/ walnut hulls and clove both orally and let. and also includes oregano & grapefruitseed. Despite extensive trnt my condition is still quite severe although I have shown moderate improvement in the last month.

It appears that my heavy metal load has finally decreased and my liver function is better than several yrs past, so I am hopeful yet.

I am more in belief that the autoimmunity problem which stems directly from the lung fibrosis is the single major detriment to any kind of substantial recovery.

I get noticeable improvement fallowing Glucosamine (as it relates to promoting mucus secretions in the lung of which appears I am deficient), Hawthorn also helps (proly something to do w/ antioxidant protection reducing inflammation). Beginning trials w/ Valerian & Calms Forte' seem promising. LDN seems very promising as well as Cannabis (unfortunately I don't live in Colorado). Nebulized Resveratrol appears to have some potential.

Posted by Carolyn (Milford, Ct) on 07/11/2012

I am trying to email Bill from San Fernando about his candida summary protocol. More precisely;

Is it possible to combine several of the candida-cleanse ingredients into a one liter bottle of water with the borax? I would like to combine the borax, baking soda (Ted recommends 1/2 tsp to prevent kidney pain while taking the borax), h2o2, methylene blue, vitamin c (as sodium ascorbate, of course) and a couple of drops of Lugol's iodine.

I know that combining the Lugol's and vitamin c at the same time will make it turn clear and into iodide. Does this matter for the overall curative effect when done over an extended period of time?

Also, I am curious how long he waits between taking the lemon/lime baking soda (Or Ted's carbicarb remedy) and then sipping at the borax? Is there a need to wait a while before or after the bs/lemon before sipping the borax again?

Any help would be appreciated!

Warmest Regards, Carolyn

Replied by Prospero
Angeles City, Pampanga

Bill, if you happend to see this message please drop me an email at prosperity71(at)

I need to ask where did you get the BORAX, I'm also from Pampanga, Philippines. I have really a severe candida that crippled my life for almost 3 years now. Thank you

Posted by Susan (New York) on 04/07/2012

Bill from San Fernando, Can you clarify how to take 5% Lugols Iodine? I thought onlly distilled water should be used with 5% Lugols Iodine? Is spring water ok too?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Susan... 5% Lugol's Iodine means that 5 gms of elemental Iodine is completely dissolved in a solution that comprises a mixture of 10 gms of potassium iodide and 85 gms distilled water. This mixture would make approx 100 mgs of a 5% lugol's iodine soluton.

Elemental iodine is not soluble in water alone but is completely soluble in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide.

The 5% Lugol's represents the lugol's strength -- such that one drop from a dropper of this form is equivalent to 6.25 mgs of iodide/iodine whereas a 2% lugol's iodine solution would deliver less -- just 2. 50 mgs of iodide/iodine per drop.

Lugol's Iodine is generally always made with distilled water.

Replied by Lon
Stanhope, Nj

This is terrific and much needed guidelines. Thank you Bill. I read all of your posts carfully as you summarize and break down to the essentials. One question; what about the flouride in the green tea. Isn't that a problem?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Lon... There might indeed be fluorine in the green tea. However, since you will also be detoxifying halogens as well as heavy metals with this protocol anyway, I don't think this is a worry because borax and lugol's iodine, which are also both used in this protocol, will act to strongly remove or inhibit absorption of fluorine into the body respectively. So the effect of possible fluorine in Green Tea is therefore cancelled or nullified when you follow this anti-candida protocol.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

I must perhaps add several other points concerning this anti-candida protocol:

* Generally whenever people request my help with getting rid of their candida problems by email, I initially send them the protocol above and some initial advice. Then I wait for a response. There should always be a response because systemic candida can effect people in many ways with differing symptoms and so there will always be questions. There must be questions. But after I send them the protocol, I never hear from about 70% of them again. Obviously they are perhaps a little surprised or horrified at the protocol.

* Many people treat candida as perhaps just a trivial problem. Candida not only causes acid body and drags down the thyroid and immune system -- but the environment candida creates inside the body sends an open invitation and pass to other pathogenic bacteria and viruses for a free lunch in your body as well. This is why particularly systemic candida is so hard to defeat -- because you may well have other associated bacteria and viruses in your body as well as the candida -- which can also give rise to a huge variety of symptoms. Therefore, just as an example, if you have colitis, GERD, IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Crohn's Disease etc, then there will be a very high probability that you also have candida as well. When Dr Orian Truss started to use Lugol's Iodine in earnest, he found that larger dose LI could cure not only candida but schizophrenia and severe depression as well. Candida is also a fungus, which is a highly adaptable pathogen which can both hide and overcome drugs by mating with your cells. Of the people that email me for help, only about 25%-30% of them actually do the anti-candida protocol. I am always in touch with these sufferers by email because symptoms always change, other problems arise and there are always questions to be answered and so support must be given.

* Many people with hypothyroidism (another close companion to candida), as another example, when they take just one or two drops of Lugol's Iodine have heart palpitations, arrythmias or skin breakouts, eruptions and rashes similar to acne or other problems such as depression, lethargy etc. This is caused by bromine detox by the iodine causing excess poisonous bromine to accumulate in the blood. And so if you also have a weakened excretory system already (very likely with longterm candida) -- and an overstressed or insufficient liver or kidney -- then your body will not be able to clear the bromine sufficiently quickly and you will get other symptoms arising and manifesting such as racing heart, skin problems, depression etc. This is why oral iodine should never really be taken alone -- but always, at a minimum, involves taking companion nutrients that help strengthen the liver and kidney, while also taking nutrients that heal metabolic malabsorption issues (bromine also inhibits iodine uptake in the intestines and cells). The answer, therefore, to this bromine detox problem is to take the Sea Salt Loading Protocol given here to help eliminate the bromine more quickly from the body. It has also been my experience that when I've helped people from Africa or the Philippines with candida -- these people took 30 drops of iodine from the start with very few bromine detox problems. And yet, it seems that candida and hypothyroid suffers from the Western World -- America and Europe -- have much harsher side-effects from even taking just one drop of lugol's iodine. Why is this? This is because the people I treated in these more primitive countries ate better, less processed foods and better diets that contained no bromine. In the Philippines bromine is not used in their bread by law. In America particularly -- bromine is used in their bread and in their brominated, highly processed vegetable oils. So I am not the least bit surprised that people in America or Europe now have such a hard time taking just one drop of lugol's iodine. This is one of the reasons why proper diet is also important in the anti-candida protocol.

* I am also surprised at the way people think about how to cure their problems. Alot of people seem to think in the same way as doctors do now, which is:

One disease --> One Germ --> One Cure (just attack the pathogen and do nothing else)

OR - in the case of autoimmune and degenerative disease treatments eg hepatitis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism:

Antibody attacks organ --> Attack and destroy anti-body with huge collateral body and immune system damage and hope for the best. Meanwhile, let's just treat the symptoms instead.

Attack!! Attack!! Attack!!

Make sense?

Where's the healing?

Where's the actual cure?

I define an actual cure as taking a remedy or a protocol for a while until you determine that you no longer have that medical problem and then you can stop taking that remedy forever. Unfortunately, in the case of degenerative or auto-immune diseases, the larger pharmaceutical companies seem to prefer just treating the symptoms of these diseases with a battery of drugs (glorified anti-inflammatories and pain-killers with huge and dangerous side-effects) for the rest of your life, simply because this seems to be a much more profitable fit to their Business Model.

Replied by Lon Di
Stanhope, Nj

Thank you, Bill, this is very helpful information because I've been quite confused about green tea.

Replied by Heather
San Diego, Ca

Yes. This works.

I have been following various forms of Ted's advice, combined with other research I found on the Net (after years of piecing together what did and didn't work for me from trial and error). Essentially, what I came up with is exactly what Bill has written, which I just now discovered on Earth Clinic.

I used this for chronic fatigue syndrome, which I suspected was related to candida.

This is very good advice. It took 6 months for me, and I still have health issues but the main ones (fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety) are cured.

Also, I haven't given up dairy. I did for two months, didn't notice any difference in my health and since I missed it so much, added it back. Also not taking the MB from the aquarium store, but may add that in. (May eventually give up dairy too but for now I eat only organic, minimally processed dairy when I can afford it.)

THANKS so much for writing this excellent report! I'll refer to it often!

Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States

Hi Bill from San Fernando, Philippines, You have a wonderful protocol here and it has helped me out greatly. I, however, struggle. I have discovered the reason that the protocol doesn't work that well for me as it has for others. I discovered I have a couple of places on my descending colon that just clamp up tight and do not allow the digested food to pass through. These strictures make the whole digestive system back up and cause the Candida to flourish. I discovered the problem while trying to get things to move by doing an enema. I just couldn't get much water to go in. At first I thought the strictures were a prolapsed colon but they can be made to pop open. I took an enema, one time, after sex and all 2 quarts of water went in before I knew it and that's how I learned that those strictures will pop open. At this time I really need some help on resolving this problem because I have needed to do an enema every day for the last 3 weeks. I do feel better when I take the borax in water but terrible when I am not taking it.

I use 3 capsules of laxative, magnesium chloride and VCO to try to keep things moving. When it comes out it comes out as diarrhea and that is the only way it will come out. I also do your protocol but I don't do all of it at once because it is just too hard for me to do all of it while working. If you have any ideas on how to relax these strictures please post them for me. Thank you.

Replied by Cindy
Wisconsin, Usa

Question for Bill from Phillipines. Could one do nasal irrigation for candida? What would you use in the water for most effect and how often? I have a bad smell in my nose in the morning and a drippy nose as well during the day. Also feel a lump in throat like something you can't get swallowed down. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Josey
Vancouver, Canada

Hi Bill, I was hoping you could help me as I have a lot of questions before I do this program. First, for some background info, I am a 20 year old female with Mitral Valve Prolapse (second level out of 4, but I have symptoms synonymous with level 3 - premature ventricular contractions, fast/irregular beats, which give me a lot of anxiety). I believe I have a systemic candida infection; I have chronic yeast and sinus infections (which I believe to be fungal because I had a fungal ball discharge through my eustachian tubes into my mouth once - disgusting! ), among many other symptoms - chronic fatigue, low immunity, constant sickness & infections, more recently skin rashes/reactions, anxiety, hives/allergies/food sensitivities, indigestion/constipation, loss of balance, athlete's foot (which I struggled with as well as warts as a child but eventually grew out of), etc. I've traveled a lot throughout my life and I've caught various viruses overseas in Asia and it leads me to think I might have parasites as well but who knows.. Of course there's nothing wrong with me according to doctor's, they can only diagnose my yeast infections when they are at their worst, but not when they are mild... But I know they are still there.

I have a question about your suggested use of borax... In the past few months I have successfully used boric acid powder which I put into empty gel caps and inserted vaginally overnight to cure yeast infections - temporarily of course, it usually works after inserting 3 nights in a row and then comes back within a week or so, doing it once a week usually helps to keep the infections at bay... I'm sure I'm just killing the active infection in my vagina but since it's inside my body it will just keep resurfacing there until I kill it all.. Anyways I'm wondering what the difference between borax and boric acid powder is and whether they are interchangeable or if one is better than the other for ingesting and/or inserting vaginally for candida. And now that I think about it, I have another question - with Hydrogen Peroxide therapy (the one where you increase the drops daily up to 25 drops 3x/day and then reduce back down again), I am worried about killing the good bacteria within as well as the bad (I think I'm very low in good bacteria as I believe that my candida problems started after I was put on many different antibiotics for something that was eventually diagnosed as one of the first cases of h1n1 virus in Canada) so I'm wondering when it would be best to take my probiotics, as I'm supposed to be drinking the h2o2 3 times a day and I don't want the two to interfere. And while I'm at it, I already take on a daily basis: 500 mg of magnesium, fish oil, 200 mcg of selenium, 500 mg of timed release vit C, astaxanthin, vit D drops, peppermint oil gel caps for digestion, birth control pills (I know bad), and tryptophan 1000 mg for my heart palpitations/arrythmia/premature ventricular contractions. I mostly only take 1 tryptophan at night, because my symptoms are worse at night, unless something is causing worse heart symptoms of late, then I might take more pills or some during the day - I try not to though because I find it suppresses my nervous system too much and lowers my blood pressure so I get very faint the next day if I take too much at night. Recently I started taking B100 timed release and those aggravated my symptoms, so I stopped and after a couple days they went away, but I was fine before on another B complex that wasn't as potent I guess (I don't have the bottle anymore so I'm not sure). I also drink 1 tb of liquid chlorophyll, ACV & blackstrap molasses every day as well. I'm wondering if there's anything else you suggest that I should take, or if any of these supplements will react with either each other, the h2o2 therapy and/or my tryptophan. I was thinking of adding Pau D'Arco and of course doing the sodium bicarbonate & lemon alkalizing formula twice (or thrice?) daily. And what kind of anti oxidants do you recommend taking on the h2o2 therapy?

Thanks in advance for your help, I appreciate any and all advice I can get as I know other people who have gone through the candida diet "cure" just by changing their diet and not using many of the other things, but who I personally don't believe are cured because still get a few yeast infections a year, think I'm insane for considering h2o2 therapy, and so do my mother and her bf, who are both in the science research field, my mother in cancer research and her bf has his doctorate as a scientist - then again his speciality is sex hormones not fungus so who knows, I take everything with a grain of salt and everything in moderation.

Thanks again!


Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Josey; based on your description and travel experiences as well as what you suspect, you clearly have a system wide viral/fungal infection. Your description of the sinus problem means you need repeated sinus irrigations of colloidal silver. I make my own so know it is strong enough... Over 100 ppm. But you'll know if you have the right silver the first time you irrigate. It should sting in the infected sinus cavities. Also irrigate into the ears so the eustacian tubes are coated. Repeat twice a day for a month. AND begin drinking on empty stomach two tablespoons daily for at least six months to kill the system wide infection. One case I knew took two years to kill the infection; it had landed on the pancreas.

Finally, I'm happy to see you are doing some things to help the heart situation but you have left off the most important; NATURAL vitamin E. You need at least 400 iu daily for good circulation/ oxygen flow/ slicking down veins and arteries and platletes.

Do not buy E in a drug store as they only want to carry synthetic E.

Replied by Mike
Denver, Colorado

Josey: A young woman who followed the candida plan for 2 years gives a concise explanation of the way she completely cured everything in 3 days. Google raw food for candida videos. She has an accent and is standing in a field. The duration is 7:15.

Replied by Davae

Borax and Boric acid are two different things DO NOT INTERCHANGE THEM THAT IS DANGEROUS! Boric acid is only for yeast infections it is to be inserted in the vagina,

I had a fungal overgrowth and finally figured out a natural solution, I had a hidden dental infection that lead to sinus issues/ nasal polyps I had to have sinus surgery then I was on clindamycin which lead to bad yeast infection my doctor gave me boric acid suppositories to insert vaginally before bed and he told me that I needed to do it for two weeks to really get rid of it Now I had fungus overgrowth I had this intense stinging, itching. The MD gave me Diflucan that stopped the itching fast except I had bad side effect I really hate to take antibiotics .I decided to do my own research So here is what you do to get rid of fungal overgrowth take mega doses of vitamin C, stop all sugar and carbs dairy gluten. Read the the Gut and Psychology book get on the diet. Start taking slow released coconut pill ( caprylic acid) and serrapeptase which dissolves the biofilm 15 minutes later take Grapefruit seed extract , garlic pills, SF722 antifungals some people like oregano oil but is kills all the good flora too so you need to decide if it is for you . Few hours later take threelac, florastor probiotics, this will keep the good flora in place. This will take awhile you may have a dieoff of the bad stuff so take benonite clay to get in out of your body, Get with a naturopathic doctor they know how to cures this and will test for it they might suggest IV therapy.

Candida Diet Prototcol  

Posted by David (Illinois) on 09/27/2014

Bill, about the Methylene Blue. There are several websites that caution using MB along w/ Sodium Bicarb. They do not say exactly what the concern is. The MB/bicarb warning is listed near the MAOI Inhibitor warnings. Can you explain what the concern would be in taking MB and bicarb? Have you seen any problems with them together?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi David...I have never recommended the use of Methylene Blue with Sodium Bicarbonate alone. I recommend the use of Ascorbic acid that has been converted to Ascorbate with addition of Sodium Bicarbonate. Then, when you add the methylene blue, this converts the ascorbate to dehydroxyascorbate. This form of vitamin C has exactly the same properties as ascorbate -- except this form can penetrate the blood/bone and blood/brain barrier. So this form of vitamin C reaches farther in to your body.

Another reason to take MB with vitamin c is to stop its side effects -- it turns urine green and the whites of your eyes blue. MB is used as a stain in biochemistry for identifying the presence of carbohydrates. So taking taking MB with ascorbate will stop these side-effects.

MB attacks plasmodium, bacteria and fungus and is also energizing. MB has positive methylation effects and also acts to increase serotonin in the body thereby also increasing the production of T-cells and immune system lymphocytes.

You should never take MB together with SSRIs(Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) because this could result in overproduction of serotonin, MAOI and serotonin toxicity:

Overview of MB


I used MB frequently when I had candida problems and I also alkalized(at different times) using Sodium Bicarbonate on the same days and I have never suffered any problems with with this combination.

Don't forget that very small amounts of MB are recommended on this site -- 6 to 10 drops of 0.1% MB taken only once or twice a day. When the US troops used MB against malaria in Vietnam in the 60s -- they took stronger dosages by the spoonful.

Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Libraloveshealth (Los Angeles, California) on 02/27/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Candida can be really annoying. I have suffered with it due to gluten intolerance/leaky gut. I finally cured it with a natural non processed diet. I don't do well with ketogenic diet/super low carb as I end up getting kidney stones and I end up getting heart palpitations, headaches, bloating/constipation, its just too much for me. Each day I take a Prebiotic/probiotic I got one which is easy - you only need once a day and It has glutamine to heal the leaky gut. it works really fast to kill candida in the gut. I also eat 2-3 Tbs a day of extra virgin coconut oil. I also strictly avoid any foods with yeast at all, and I avoid packaged foods. I will only eat some packaged foods if they have only a few ingredients in them that are understandable, and I try to get the most non-gmo and organic as I can. I will sometimes eat a small potato or small amount of rice, quinoa, natural grains. I avoid gluten. I also instead of going thru too much shock with the fully low carb I will just have a breakfast with carbs(fruit, greek yogurt, sometimes oatmeal) and then for my lunch and dinner a pretty strict low carb meal ( chicken or shrimp, veggies). I also avoid all sugars, the only sugar I will eat is sugar in the raw (turbinado sugar), fresh fruits or I will use manuka honey. If I dare eat any packaged foods or sugar foods I can feel the candida trying to return, instant joint pain, tired feelings, bloated, mood changes. I also try to have a lemongrass cup of tea a day because that will assist quickly with killing the candida but it can cause some die off effects ( fuzzy head, joint pains). I hope to transition to a full low carb diet of 50g carb or less a day eventually but Its best to take it slow. cooking everything homemade can be time intensive and can be a pain at times but its worth keeping this away and I'm glad its cured! Also taking vitamins is helpful. I have had anemia issues and that can also cause frequent candida problems/other issues so make sure you take vitamins and drinking tons of water and cucumber slice lemon water will flush everything out. As for the prebiotic/probiotic supplement, I find that to work the best. I have tried just probiotics and tons of acidophilus and bifidus, never really helped or if It did it would take a very long time until it worked. I believe the prebiotic in the combo makes a big difference.

Methylene Blue  

Posted by Marjean (Pardeeville, Wisconsin) on 11/18/2014

Have been reading book Candida. Got ingredients to make recipe on p 78. Put 1/4 tsp C sodium ascorbate into glass. Methylene didn't have built in dropper so I used standard glass dropper and put in 10 drops. didn't turn clear so I added 3 more 1/4 tsp C (to full tsp). added more water to two cups and let sit thinking it may take more time to clear. it didn't, but I drank 1C worth.

Now, upon looking up the info here, do I understand that I should have put 8 drops in a liter of water and used 10 drops of that?

What should I expect to happen on OD-ing the methylene? What should I do other than drinking lots of water?

Replied by Marjean
Pardeeville, Wisconsin

Have been reading book Candida. Got ingredients to make recipe on p 78. Put 1/4 tsp C sodium ascorbate into glass. Methylene didn't have built in dropper so I used standard glass dropper and put in 10 drops. didn't turn clear so I added 3 more 1/4 tsp C (to full tsp). added more water to two cups and let sit thinking it may take more time to clear. it didn't, but I drank 1C worth.

Now, upon looking up the info here, do I understand that I should have put 8 drops in a liter of water and used 10 drops of that?

What should I expect to happen on OD-ing the methylene? What should I do other than drinking lots of water?

Remedies Needed  

Posted by Meeya (Sunnyvale, Ca) on 12/07/2014

Dear Bill,

Thank you for the wealth of info you provide for all of us.

My 1 year old son was born with intestinal bands that never dissolved and which ended up strangling his small intestine when he was only 4 months old. He ended up losing half of his small intestine (the lower half), as well as his appendix and Ileocecal valve. His upper half of the small intestine was joined with his colon, and now he just has one continuous length of intestine without the separation of the small int. and colon (due to no Ileocecal valve). Majority of children who also have this same condition end up with bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, and are treated with antibiotics. They end up stuck in a vicious cycle of bacteria (and I'm sure candida/ yeast/ fungal) overgrowth, antibiotics, temp relief, overgrowth... However, I'm in prevention mode and plan on using your candida protocol (including small amounts of turp) to keep his intestines free of microbial overgrowth. Thank you for your clear explanation here regarding how much CO/turp to use, and why.

I also just read on one of your most recent posts regarding constipation, that gum arabic makes an excellent prebiotic, so I will give him small amounts of that a few times a week as well. (His bowels are already very loose so I don't want to overdo it, but do want to provide food for the probiotics to thrive on).

I had a question for you about a protocol you mentioned in a couple of your other posts.. about a woman who used a mix of ghee with turmeric, cinnamon, clove, etc. to heal her child's autism. Can you please tell me where I can get more info on how exactly to make this ghee and spice mixture, along with how much and how often it's given?? I think this would be excellent for all of my kids to take. And it's a keeper for the recipe book!

Many thanks, Meeya


Posted by Kin D (Philippines) on 09/02/2014

Hi Bill,

I purchased your book last month. It's very informative. I did not yet start with the protocol. I'm planning to start this month. I just have 1 question. Can I substitute lemon/lime/acv with calamondin or calamansi? Thank you in advance.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Kin D...In answer to your question, yes you can take calamansi instead of lemon/lime/ACV. It is also a citrus fruit that contains some vitamin C. I drink calamansi all the time in the Philippines. But make sure that you use enough calamansi for two tablespoons per serving and always add sodium bicarbonate(Arm & Hammmer brand is what I use) to neutralize the acidity first as advised by Ted from Bangkok on EC and in my book.

Replied by Kin D
Pampanga, Philippines

Thanks Bill. It's great to know that. I have other questions please. Will it affect the efficacy of sodium bicarbonate, lugols iodine, lemon/lime/acv/calamansi if I prepare and put them in a bottle container(approx.2-3 glasses) early in the morning and drink the needed amount of mixture throughout the day or within the scheduled time? For instance, I prepared and mixed them at 7 AM. Can I drink the mixture at 11 AM, 3 PM, 7 PM or later in the day? This same question goes for other solution like sodium thiosulfate. Do I still need to put sodium bicarbonate in the mixture if I already have capsules of sodium ascorbate? For alkalizing protocol, I guess yes.

Since decoction of chanca piedra is more concentrated and better than tablets, capsules and tea, I'll be making my own decoction and tincture. Fresh chanca piedra is readily available here. I believe decoction can only lasts for 2-3 days. I can't make decoction every time I need it so I'm planning to make large amount and preserve it using vegetable glycerin. I'm also planning to make a tincture, but I read that tincture bypasses the gi tract and directly absorbs in the bloodstream.

Chanca piedra has anti-fungal properties. If I take it, I want it to pass my gi tract so decoction is more suitable for that than tincture. Tincture is stronger though than decoction and its absorption to the bloodstream is faster than tea and decoction, so its effect to the body is faster too. Now, I'm unsure which is better for candida sufferers, a decoction or a tincture of chanca piedra? This will be my first time making decoction and tincture of chanca piedra. I can't find several sources on how to make tincture of chanca piedra. I hope I can make it right. Your place is just some minutes away from mine. If I failed to make an effective chanca piedra decoction or tincture, I might politely ask if I can bother and visit you personally as my last resort. Thank you again.