How to Cure Candida: The Candida Diet Protocol

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Enza (Rochester, Ny) on 02/04/2016
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Hi Bill!

Happy New Year! (I know its February, but I was struggling in January and didn't want to be at the PC.) I started your program 5 months ago, and I am finally at the Turpentine stage. Naturally, I have some questions for you. I hope you have time to answer them.

My first dose of turpentine was 1/2 tsp in castor oil, and I felt utterly fantastic for 3 days afterward. I even got back to painting. I hadn't picked up a brush in 15 years! I got so much done. My brain was clear, I was motivated, and I felt like no one could stand in my way. It didn't last though. The following week, I took my second dose. Still at 1/2 tsp in castor oil, it was an improvement, but not as spectacular as the first. I took my third dose just yesterday (3/4 tsp this time, in castor oil), and I felt a little better, but again not as strong as the previous doses even though I raised the amount slightly. Still, it was enough to help me get over an anxiety/depressive moment. Does this mean I should increase my dose more significantly next time instead of progressing at every quarter teaspoon? (I admit to being a bit timid about this. This protocol is a tough one for me to take due to the smell of the oils coming back up, but I cant deny the results)

Also, I have noticed that around the time of taking the second turpentine dose, I get a burning sensation in my stomach (and rarely up to my sternum) that lasts a while after I eat, and I seem to fall asleep about an hour after eating as well. At first I thought I was just tired or overate, but even small meals have this effect on me. I have tried cutting my food in half so I eat even less, and am often tempted not to eat at all, but I know that's impossible and am already losing too much weight as it is. My boyfriend is concerned about this, as am I, so I said I'd write you for advice. What do you think is happening and what can I do about it?

One more thing. I have a filling. It's my last one. I've been taking 1 dose of chlorella (1/2 TBSP in a glass of water) 1 hour after the turpentine as you recommended in the protocol, but read somewhere on the internet that if I have a filling, it will make me feel worse when taking chlorella? (I dont remember the source, my head isn't always clear) Is this true? Removing the filling is not an option for me. Can I keep going on the protocol even with the filling in tact?


Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Reja (Cedar Park, Texas) on 07/10/2015
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Thank you, Bill,

I will continue to read your blog and search for the nutrients to cure my brain fog/memory issues. As I said, it's embarrassing. I've resorted to just admitting to friends upfront I have memory issues. :(

You mentioned Joel Wallach's website for body aches/cramping and stiffness. I cannot find the website for either of the two you mentioned to purchase their cell mineral drops. Would you mind sharing?

If you recall any other additions I can add, please let me know.

All the best, Reja

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Reja (Cedar Park, Tx) on 07/07/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Greetings, Bill,

I have since increased my iodine drops daily for memory. I've been doing this 2 x each day, and believe I should change to your recommended 4 x each day. I also think I added too much, as I felt the energy as rushed, almost stressed. It definitely has a caffeine type surge to it. I started with only the iodine, and last night added the turp. (I took one full teaspoon with castor oil.) There is nothing I hate more on the program than the turpentine--BUT--it does seem to help my complexion and body skin the most. I had facial breakouts that didn't go away unless dr put me on antibiotics or accutane. Now, since I've been on iodine only, the face began to break out these last few days. I am hopeful that is coming from my brain! I have been putting MB on the breakouts it seems to relieve the itching/stinging feeling and help heal the breakout. So, that's good.

So far (ha, only 4 days) I have not noticed a difference in my memory recall on the iodine only. I have also been taking the salt at night because I become dehydrated and muscles ache when I don't have the liquids inside. I don't like the salt either, or the baking soda, because I seem to retain water. But, my muscles feel better when I take salt. You mention in one of your emails on EC to substitute baking powder for baking soda. Can I do this at night before bed too, instead of the celtic salt? Do I need the baking soda for alkalizing or can I use the baking powder all the time?

One more question: I have been nearly one year eliminating bad foods from my diet--no sugar, starch, wheat, white potatoes, yada yada. I only consume almond milk (which I make myself, as well as almond bread.) I will eat a sweet potato on occasion. I eat only butter, no processed or drive- thru garbage. I am very healthy that way. So, am I doing okay with this program? For memory issues, is there anything I should avoid? I know you dislike the carbohydrates--but I believe you mean bad food carbs instead of healthy food carbs--such as bananas being good, white bread being bad. Is this correct?

Thank you again SO much for all you do here. We appreciate you more than you can imagine! I found this article online and am outraged. I thought you might be interested:

Warmly, Robyn

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Reja (Cedar Park, Tx) on 07/02/2015
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Dear Bill,

I have been using much of the protocol enlisted in your book Killing Me Sweetly. I could not purchase all of the items when I began your program 6 months ago. I just started the methalene blue yesterday, I took two doses, got a bunch of energy and then relaxed 2 hours later. I may have taken too much of the 0.1% I took 16 drops. I still have occasional facial breakouts from the candida and have always had brain fog. I am early 50's and suspect I developed candida as I had teenage parents who didn't care for me much. I ate tons of candy growing up--3-4 candy bars daily. Was never good in school but have since become thirsty for knowledge and cures. I hate when I cannot remember conversationsm movies or what I've read-- it's embarrassing.

If there is any additional supplements you can add that may help I would appreciate. I have visited with a dr here who is homeopathic AND a western medical doc who did not help (at all.) I knew more about candida than he. Waste of money and time...

I am eager to rid myself of brain fog. What is the absolute most of MB I can take at one time and how many times a day? Are there any more options I can include to the brain fog protocol portion of candida? I have read many of your posts and know that patients with malaria took it by the teaspoon! So I am not afraid. If I increase the MB intake, what other "must have" supplements must I take with it?

Thanks so much for all your help, Reja

Candida Diet Protocol
Posted by Cj (Texas) on 11/23/2014
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Thank you for the response! Your help on the forums is great. I'll update my symptoms as I go.