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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 08/19/2011

Hi, Does anyone know or have references to how ACV affects Candida albicans? I've read several resources online and a couple of books recommending that vinegar and vinegar foods be avoided due to Candida overgrowth. Is this so?

Thank you, Sheila

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Robin (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/30/2011

Doesnt Apple Cider Vinegar feed candida or yeast infections? Pity coz Apple Cider Vinegar has so many benefits. How do I get rid of the candida quick so I can get back to the acv?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Adrienne (Chicago, Il) on 01/15/2010

I have seen my question a few times, but never found an answer. I have candida and have subsequently stopped using all forms of vinegar. Can anyone explain how/why ACV can be used as a yeast remedy?

Replied by Lita209
(Sanford, Fl, Usa)

Addrienne from Chicago: I see you have the same question I do. I take ACV and I am trying to make my daughter take it as well for her candida symptoms but that's her argument; that she is not supposed to ingest vinegar. Well I have google ACV for candida and it is a big yes! Here is a copy of one the sites I went:
"If apple cider vinegar helps cure candida yeast infections, then why do some people say to avoid fermented foods for candida?"

The recommendation to avoid fermented foods and vinegar in order to cure candida is misleading. I believe it comes from the desire to avoid moldy foods and fermented yeasty beverages like beer and wine.
Mold aggravates candida symptoms and alcohol is a yeast fermentation product, where, in some cases, yeasts can still be present in the beverage. Some people feel it's best to avoid yeast in any form when following a candida diet (but that's for another page altogether).

Alcohol is a waste product of yeasts eating sugar. The reason it's best to avoid alcohol when doing a natural candida cure diet is because the candida yeasts excrete alcohol as a byproduct of sugar metabolism, which contribute to the feelings of brain fog, lack of coordination, fatigue and muscle weakness. We don't want to add even more alcohol to a body which is already a little "drunk".

Note: That's why my candida recipes are all low carbohydrate; carbohydrates are sugars. Sugars feed candida. Candida produces alcohol as a waste product of eating the sugars.

Alcohol and vinegar both go through a fermentation process, in fact, vinegar is made from alcohol!

But they're not the same. Just as mold and naturally fermented sauerkraut are quite different from each other.

In very simplified terms - Wine is made from fruit juice which has undergone a yeast fermentation, where the yeasts ferment the sugars into alcohol. Making vinegar from wine involves another fermentation process, called acetobacter fermentation. Acetobacter is a kind of bacteria which converts alcohol into acetic acid (the major component in vinegar).

By the time something has been fermented into vinegar, there are no more yeasts or sugars to worry about.

Along the same fermentation lines as apple cider vinegar (and therefore similar in its benefits) is sauerkraut that has been fermented by lactic acid bacteria. Cabbage is one of the easiest vegetables to ferment, as its naturally loaded with lactic acid bacteria.

Sauerkraut is sour because the bacteria has fermented the sugars in the cabbage. It's the same reason vinegar tastes sour. Fermented foods like vinegar and sauerkraut are not at all like wine, beer, or mold.

Stay away from mold whenever possible."

I hope this helps if not just google Apple cider vinegar for candida. Good health to you.

Replied by Sherry
(Lakeport, California)

ACV, in addition to clearing up candida is excellent in bringing the body's ph into balance. Often the body becomes too acidic and becomes sensitive to aliments such as this. I use ACV often to maintain a healthy ph.

Replied by Carriedove
(Lost Angeles, Ca)

Actually, this is about the baking soda/apple cider vinegar/lemon yeast cure. I have a very very very bad allergy to all glutens.. Including corn. I recently learned baking soda contained or was made from corn when I had a horrible reaction to some gluten free cookies and for the life of me could not figure out the reason. Baking soda.. Was the reason. So, I highly highly suspect I have candida. The amount of classic symptoms I have are too many, including severe digestion and sinus issues since I was a little girl. Severe is an understatement. Chronic fatigue, ear issues, sore throats and recently severe lack of focus and much fogginess. Can This Ted person recommend a substitute for the cure containing baking soda... Please.. For a desperate person. I know Candida causes allergies, but we cannot cure it if I have a severe allergic reaction to the baking soda first.. And my intestines severely and catastrophically shut down, which is what typically happens. Also this boric acid, peroxide face thing. I cannot find a recipe for this or a step by step on how you are supposed to use it. (Recent red marks on face which seem to be a reaction to EVERYTHING... Sunscreen, powder, any type of makeup, face wash.. Etc. )

Replied by Diane
(Berkeley, Ca)

Baking soda is not made from, nor does it contain, corn products. You are probably thunking of baking powder, which is a mixture of baking soda, cream of tartar and a neutral starch such as corn starch. You may be able to find some gluten-free baking powders made with potato starch to use in baking. As far as any remedies though baking soda has no corn in it.

Replied by Davebrit
(San Diego, Ca)

Carriedove, I lead a gluten free life and I can tell you that absolutely for sure, there is NO gluten in corn! I would know because I have bad reactions to all gluten sources. Go do some research and you will see, corn is gluten-free.... Thank God because I can eat corn pasta, corn bread and corn on the cob.... I hope you find out what else it is that you are allergic to... But its n-o-t the gluten in corn. Db

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

Do not use boric acid!!! It is borax--the laundry booster found in the laundry detergent aisle at the grocery store. Boric acid is poison!!!

Replied by Michelle
(Johnson City, Tn)

To Lou from Tyler, TX: Boric acid is NOT borax! Boric acid is boric acid... Borax is sodium borate. If you do your research, you will learn that while boric acid is actually approved as a food additive, sodium borate is not. This is just one indicator of the relative toxicity of the two substances.

While I can't advocate the use of boric acid as anything other than a (relatively) safe pesticide, I did want to clear up this misconception, as sodium borate (trade name borax) and boric acid are definitely different substances, with very different effects on humans.


Maybe I wasn't clear. I wasn't saying boric acid is Borax; I was telling them to use Borax and not to use boric acid.

Replied by Faith
(Forest Park, Ohio)

It is GREAT for the body and for candida... Work up to 1/4 cup three times a day along with kelp, echinacia, and plenty of fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, protein and healthy fats!

Also try FERMENTED rice vinegar... It is great too because it is a PREBIOTIC like ACV, oat bran, wheat bran, flax seed, chia, etc. You need plenty PREBIOTICS to rebuild good bacteria to fight off candida and other diseases.

Replied by Eve

Just wondering Diane, if baking soda might also be called Bicarbonite Soda? Maybe this is its name in Australia???

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Bi-carbonate Soda, Sodium bicarbonate as called in Australia is baking soda.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tamra Klosowski (Falcon, Colorado) on 02/23/2009

I'm a little confused, does AVC contribute to candida or cause it? I don't seem to have any (obvious) negitive reations but after reading something on your website I started to wonder. I do deal with candida and I am doing what I know to get it under control. The last thing I want to do is make it worse. As I'm sure you know it can be a little bit of a challenge to figure out where the real reason for not feeling good is coming from. I like simple. Thats why I like AVC (and garlic) I believe AVC has kept my health. Again I understand that candida recks havoc on any ones system. Thank you for the imput. Tamra

Replied by Debbie
(Elsewhere, No Longer Colorado)

To reply to Tamra from Falcon, Colorado.

If you are having ill effects, such as but not limited to: weight loss or gain, hair loss, cancer, tooth loss, brittle bones or respiratory problems, or even brain tumors, please listen closely. I learned the hard way that the water there is contaminated. If it happens that you have a fairly shallow well into the Arapaho aquifer or if you are on the Sage Water Users Assoc. there, that's your problem. We had perchlorate (rocket fuel) in our water (4 times higher than the theoretical "safe" level), along with fluoride, nitrates, high sodium, high calcium and heaven knows what else. I tried to tell everyone the water was polluted....

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

That also happened in a suburb of Chicago due to a dry cleaner leaching perchlorate into the water supply.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Bill (St. Louis, MO, USA) on 02/02/2009

My lady friend developed a severe case of some type of yeast or fungus overgrowth. It began as a red area under one breast, and soon spread to both breasts, upper chest, stomach and groin area. I suspect a recent injection of steroids (to relieve poison ivy) to be the cause, but that is only speculation. This rash was severe. She was Dr. prescribed a cream and then a powder-- with little effect. I recommended the Apple Cider Vinegar Cure, along with making sure the affected area stayed clean and dry. We applied (again, use only), organic, unfiltered, non-pasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar. She applied the ACV directly to the affected area. It is important to note that applying the ACV to a severe rash is Very Painful! I suggest that if you cannot tolerate the pain, you might start with a diluted (50%?) mixture until some of the "rawness" disappears. RESULTS: 100 Percent CURE! Absolutely amazing. She continued the application for about two weeks, with results beginning immediately. Her skin dried completely, the rash and finally the redness disappeared. Thank You Earthclinic, Thank You Ted!

Replied by Pj
(Columbia, Sc)

Wow, I had three rounds of steriods after systemic poison ivy. I have been fighting what I believe is candida of my lungs and organs. It has been 8 months of hell. Been to every type of Dr. and forced them to do a candida test which came back elevated. Of course no treatment was perscribed as they dont believe candida is a problem. Trying to treat myself but not much sucess. The worst part is not being able to breathe 24/7.

Replied by Lisa

Hi PJ,

I had similar lung problems, breathing issues, but also pain. Mine started long before I had any idea I had candida, so I used an inhaler or some sort of systemic med for asthma, though it was not a classic case according to my doctors. It kept it under control, but I could never understand why I developed asthma in my 30s. Twenty years later I had a huge health crisis, part of which was candida. I got off all sugar and yeast, which included most of my bread, ie gluten, and 10 months later my lungs seemed to be better, so got off all of my asthma meds too. I had been taking them 20 years faithfully. That was 7 years ago and still no issued. I believe it was candida in the lungs, as many other symptoms disappeared also, sinus problems, skin issues, etc. Start with your diet first and look on this site for natural antifungals you can add to your diet; especially ACV.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile , Tn)

HI U PJ, , , , , , , , , this is my second attempt to address your post.

First, candida is a tough problem to deal with. If you don't have jack then you have to go with Bill's program. But if you do have jack, like say $4600, then you can buy you a plasma GB 4000 Rife Machine and treat every known ailment. That is the way I rid my self of Candida. I am still working on my blood cancer using this and other protocols.

As far as poison ivy is concerned, stay away. Or do as a couple told us about in my chelation sessions. Chew on young tender leaves of poison ivy. They did this and are no longer affected by poison ivy. It's the homeopathic way. Just take enough that your system builds up a resistance to the plant.

I really don't know why or how you equate candida and poison ivy , but I am not in your shoes. I wish I had the answer, but I don't.

You are right about your MD's. They have no appreciation for candida and have no clue how to rid you of this critter.

I wish you well.


Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Scott (Paradise, California) on 09/11/2007


Hi. I am a new user of ACV and am very pleased and surprised at the way it is helped me to feel better. I know that I have always struggled with candidiasis, but never got the complete relief from it using other remedies. The ACV has made an incredible difference in how I feel. I have also experienced the other benefits of increased energy, decreased anxiety, better sleep. However, there is one concern I have that I hope someone can help me with. Sometimes when I take the ACV it seems to upset my stomach. Help! I really value this remedy, but I'm concerned about stomach upset. Thanks.

Replied by LuAnn
(Rapid City, SD)

Try diluting it in warm water if you are taking it straight. May help. Or try having your apple cider vinegar in your salad instead. Something in the stomach may also help.

Replied by Darlene
(Denver, Colorado)

If you put the acv in v-8 juice you can't even taste the acv.

Replied by Dee
(Redlands, CA)

Also, don't forget that yeast infections are prominent with diabetes. I suffered yeast infections for years because my blood sugar ran high at times! Make sure that you're blood sugar is stable!

Replied by Veroanique
(Melbourne, FL)

Try adding a pinch of baking soda. According to a lot of comments, that alleviated negative stomach reactions to ACV.

Replied by Martin Rivera
(East Chicago, Indiana)

Make sure you are taking the organic avc do not take the one that is already filtered. U need to buy the Apple Cider Vinegar from a health store

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sean (Sydney, Australia)

The Apple cider vinegar is amazing.. I was suffering from candidas overgrowth, and the GP in Sydney couldn't diagnose what's wrong with me..I am suffering with this intolerable illness for seven years. All these years I went for the frantic search for my solution on my constant migraine, constant numbness on my palm and feet, swaying backside, chronic fatigue and other negative symptom. I limit my diet, but that almost killed me, as I am losing pounds and becoming like a stick. But as soon as I apply myself with the ACV, the impact is almost instantaneous, my allergies are gone, I felt a new rush of energy, my face glow and my arthritis almost disappear miraculously. When I spit on a glass of water my saliva not longer form legs at the bottom, this happens only two days prior to the taking of ACV, and I am getting such an outstanding result. I am confident that if I apply myself daily for another month, I shall be liberate from this long torturing state. I would like to thank this site for providing me with such invaluable information, Thank you so much!!

Replied by Lee
(Mn, Usa)

How much ACV do you take a day? Are you still Candidia free? I take ACV daily, but my Candidia is out of control. I wonder if I am not taking enough???

Replied by Mary

According to a episode on How it's Made, H ----brand of ACV is made from corn therefore, they stated, it is corn ethanol and not a drop of apple.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil

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Posted by Theprof (3rd World) on 11/30/2016

I think I have a severe Candida problem. I have a body wide, itchy rash, I get raised, oozy bumps on arms, back of neck, chest, upper back and face that cause burning and intense itch. The only relief I found for this was an otc antifungal cream. Eyes are also full of goop that strings out when I clean my eyes.

Bowels sometimes work OK, sometimes not. Sinuses are usaully clogged or I have a thin watery drip, hearing is diminished. Palms of hands have clusters of red spots below surface of skin that occasionally erupt. Almost always have brain fog and low to no energy. I feel like I've been beaten, I hurt all over. Sleep is erratic, sometimes 7 hrs, sometimes only 5 hrs, often waking in middle of the night. I never feel rested. Mood is subject to mild swings.

Problems started about 8 yrs ago after being hospitalized for a week and pumped full of steriods and antibiotics due to acute food poisoning and intestinal infection and have now reached a peak.

Two days ago I started drinking ACV (with mother)/water 3X a day and doing oil pulling with coconut oil. I also started swallowing one tablespoon of it daily (will increase this amount over the next 2 weeks) and using it in all cooking. Last night I noticed my tongue was entirely coated with thick white slime that was difficult to brush off. I have a tingling sensation all over my entire body and a constant mild headache. Sinus is now draining quite a bit of clear mucus. I noticed this morn that I now have slight lung congestion resulting in a light cough that produces a small amout of clear phelm. Stomach is bloated with lots of foul gas and I'm having soft BMs 2-3X a day. My urine is darker and has a strong bitter smell. Brain fog is much worse today. Diet is unchanged except for the addition of ACV and coconut oil and eating more raw onion and garlic. Plus I've doubled my water intake.

All I have available for use is pure coconut oil and ACV that someone brings to me.

Please, can anyone tell me if I have a severe Candida problem and if I'm doing the right thing with ACV and coconut oil?

I'm male, mid 60s, high blood pressure, PTSD.

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Theprof, sounds like your body is cleaning out.

Maybe it's better to go at it more slowly: take less, not more of the ACV and coconut oil.

Also, see what you can do to improve your diet.

B Vitamins

Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 12/17/2014

Bill, I have a question on supplemental yeast.

There is bakers yeast, brewers yeast and nutritional yeast. How do you know which to use and can any be used if you suspect candida condition. I am most interested in taking one for the b vitamins they may have. I don't seem to tolerate supplemental b vitamins in ANY form and also know that my digestion is better if I can cut out all grain. So now I have trouble with insomnia and wondering if b's can help?

Thank you for any help.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Cindy...I would simply take the B50 complex as recommended. You should only purchase the form that is made from the synthetic type of B Vitamins, which is not made from the yeast forms. Generally, on the bottle it should say something like "derived from yeast". This form should be avoided if you have candida. The B vitamins are necessary for proper digestion, blood, nerves etc. If you also have difficult digestion problems then then I would simply try taking this protocol.

To help cure the insomnia(from the candida waste poisons) I would ensure to alkalize the body at least twice a day using Ted's lemon/lime or ACV with baking soda protocol. Last thing at night I would also take a half teaspoon of baking soda with water. This helps to neutralize poisons in the blood and also helps to maintain favorable and healing levels of pH in the body. Niacin or niacinamide(500 mg twice a day) will also help to relax you and also helps to kill the fungus. Magnesium Chloride or Magnesium Citrate are also useful for relaxing the body(250mg twice a day).

Supplementing 25 mgs of sodium molybdate in water every day(as Ted recommends) will also help to neutralize and reduce the candida waste toxin problems in your body. Take this dosage every day for two weeks and then take a week off the protocol. See this research. I am also aware that sodium molybdate can be difficult to find on the internet but I have seen it for sale on

Eating grain-based foods seems to cause Americans many problems and that's because grains not only contain gluten but they also contain dangerous pesticides. And all grains in America are now grown as GMO crops. Have a look at what Dr Serilini's long term research study, recently republished(because Monsanto couldn't stop The Truth), has to say on GMO maize to see what Monsanto's Roundup Ready grain weedkiller/GM brands do to your body in the longterm -- especially if you are female. So not only will American wheat cause gluten and other problems in the body but wheat also contains carbohydrates which are converted to sugars in the body. Sugar feeds candida and helps it to spread rapidly. All bad, in other words.

So, in America, we eat a huge variety of plastic chemical food products that act to poison the body and you pay the agricultural chemical companies handsomely for that distinct privilege. This makes Americans sick and diseased. Then we go to our doctors who recommend drugs(more synthetic poisons) and we are confused as to why they can't cure us. But we never argue because they are supposed to be the experts -- right?

Essentially it's the drug media propaganda machine(brainwashing) vs. your own direct experience and common sense and you shouldn't need a double blind placebo study costing millions to work that one out.

Replied by Janinaw
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Take a multivitamin as a base only. For sleep, take calcium/ magnesium pill2 of them at 250. This will stop any cramping and the calcium will hep you sleep. Do not drink or eat any dairy products. You will make things worse do not even drink kefir. It still is a dairy product with added probiotics.


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Posted by Bcnu147 (Anacortes, Wa, U. S. A. ) on 01/14/2013

Alcohol and anything with caffeine will flush water soluble vitamins out of your system quickly: B vitamins and vitamin C in particular. A friend's candida infection cleared up when she took B6.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Mandandi (Gaborone, Botswana) on 04/12/2015

After reading about the effectiveness of bicarbonate of soda here last Nov (2014); I decided to follow the advice to take 1/8 teaspoon in a glass of water morning and evening for candida.

Well, that worked well for me. There were 3 months of die-off but thereafter the candida load has clearly reduced. My tongue has more pink in it. Depression is gone. Insomnia is gone. Jock itch, armpit rashes, itchy eyes, brain fog, athlete's foot are all gone. Only toe-nails are still deformed but they are slowly clearing.

I will take the soda till my tongue is pink.

For the past two weeks, I have also been doing herbal enemas too - 3 cloves of crushed garlic, a leaf of aloe vera in a cup of water then adding up more water to make a 2 litre enema solution. That has helped me I realize. My colon was blocked, and it still is I think. I will carry on with the enemas till the candida has cleared.

Baking Soda
Posted by Song Lee (Chicago, Il) on 03/02/2015

Hi, I have a question about sodium bicarbonate use for candida. It's well known that sodium bicarbonate is very alkaline and helps to balance PH balance for acidic person, however, when you ingest it, it turns your digestive system alkaline, which will make favorable environment for the candida.(It's different from making your system alkaline.)

I'll appreciate your explanation on this. Thank you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Song Lee...I'm not sure why you think sodium bicarbonate and water is dangerous for your stomach or intestines but I will explain it and try to convince you otherwise.

Please bear in mind the following facts about the intestines:

1. The intestines is about 30 feet long in an adult.

2. The intestinal inner surface is a very convoluted and a highly efficient absorptive pathway into the blood for nutrients.

3. It has also been proven through research that the whole nutrient absorption area of an adult's intestines is about the same size as a tennis court. It's huge!!

4. The duodenum or upper intestines area must be alkaline. I have read research which found that the pH of the upper intestines mucosa(duodenum area) must be maintained at a high alkaline pH of 8.5 for good intestinal health.

5. The lower part of the intestines(the last 10 feet or so), where our friendly lacto bacteria reside, should be acidic(the acidic pH varies).

6. Main stage digestion in the duodenum must take place in an alkaline to neutral medium, otherwise all the pancreatic enzymes(including lipase, amylase, trypsin, chemotrypsin, lactase etc) used in main stage digestion will not be able to act on and digest food. These enzymes cannot work and do their job in an acid medium.

7. Surprisingly, after the stomach has finished its digestion process, it secretes bicarbonates which helps to neutralize any residual hydrochloric acid. The stomach parietal cells then re-absorb these as chloride salts later to be converted into HCL the next time you have a meal. So even the stomach needs bicarbonates.

* The pancreatic juices carry all the enzymes from the pancreas into the duodenum for main stage digestion. These alkaline juices contain significant amounts of bicarbonates. If the pancreas had no bicarbonates to secrete then the acid stomach chyme(food+stomach acid) would not be neutralized and digestion would not occur. The food would then sit there and stagnate or rot, causing further serious disease in the intestines.

* Both liver bile(alkaline) and bicarbonates from the pancreas act on food fats to create a form of soap. This allows for easy travel of the feces down the intestines. If you didn't have enough bile or bicarbonates then this would cause severe constipation (as sometimes occurs in people who have had their gall bladder removed).

Now think of taking 1/2 tspn of sodium bicarbonate with water. How long would it take, travelling down the intestines, before the sodium bicarbonate in water was either neutralized by acids or was absorbed directly and rapidly into the blood by the intestines? I've worked out that it would probably take about 10 ft of travel before all the sodium bicarb was gone or absorbed into the blood. So the sodium bicarb would only ever tend to act to alkalize the upper intestinal region(which needs to be alkaline). What's more, the sodium bicarb would not be able to travel down or reach the last 20 feet of the intestines because it would be gone -- all absorbed into the blood or neutraized by acids in the upper intestines.

I would certainly agree with you that taking sodium bicarbonate and water at the same time as your meal would not be beneficial because it would neutralize the stomach acid and cause all sorts of serious problems. But I have never recommended taking sodium bicarbonate that way.

You should only ever alkalize with sodium bicarb one hour after you have stopped eating. This will not harm your stomach because the stomach stops working about 30 minutes after you finish eating your food so that all or most of the acid food or chyme has already moved into the the duodenum for main stage digestion, which also needs to be alkaline to neutral to be able to digest the food. So if you supplement sodium bicarb with water one hour after you have finished eating then this will also help main stage digestion by neutralizing the HCL in the duodenum where this acid is not wanted.

Baking Soda
Posted by Leslie (Methuen, Ma) on 12/29/2014

Hello Bill /Ted

I have candida and I am on a protocol from my Chiropractor that includes a strict diet and remedies that includes Myconil for the candida and I also started with gravity fed colonic irrigation. We know I have it because of the white tongue, rash that happens under my breasts and the itching in and around my vaginal area, and mucus that comes out when I have a colonic.

I started with 10 drops 3x per day of the Myconil, and did that for 3 months I am now up to 20 drops 3x per day. I came across your site by accident and have been reading but am confused on what recipe to use for the candida, and If I can use this in conjunction with the Myconil.

If you think it is ok to use your recipe also I will show it to my Chiropractor and see what he thinks also since I respect his opinion.

Just so you know, I did read your baking soda recipes and I didn't see any heading for Candida but read comments referring to what you said you used but no specifics.

Thank you for your time in answering and trying to help, this fungus is horrible!

Sincerely, Leslie

Baking Soda
Posted by Pamela (Albany, Ga) on 06/13/2014

I've had systemic candidiasis for as long as I can remember. I've tried many things, but almost everything I try seems to have the opposite effect on me, making me worse. I recently read about using baking soda, but one of my questions is, doesnt this lower the acid in your stomach? I have low stomach acid so I don't want to make that worse either. how can I treat candida while not lowering the stomach acid? What is the best, most recent protocol for this? I read the threads and there are so many different things it's very confusing.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Pamela: Candida is not your disease, it's the effect of some other disease like parasitic infestation (very high risk for pet owners) or any number of pathogens that are the primary cause resulting in immune dysfunction.

I would recommend taking Oregano Oil extracts in the a.m. and garlic oil extract before retiring as a simple first step. An herbal parasite formula like "Black Walnut Complex" is advised. Also take 25-50 mg Zinc Citrate w/ 10, 000 iu Vit-A daily (this will boost immune function and protect the gut from invading pathogens. L-Glutamine will boost the immune cells in the intestines.

Start w/ this and continue for a few wks and if you don't see much good results fallow Bill's anti-candida protocol which is available in full version in his new book "Killing So Sweetly" or the truncated version here on E.C.

Baking Soda
Posted by Gypsyangel (Auckland, New Zealand) on 01/09/2012

HI, I have been taking Baking soda for a week now and had maintained around 7.5 for most of this time but now in the last 2 days I have gone very acidic - down to 6. I am trying to treat candida. My spit tests are also showing the candida more aggresive and now I have sore nipples? Can anyone tell me what happened? Is this common for a flare-up or should I be concerned?

Replied by Jen
(Bozeman, Mt, Us)

Dear Gypsyangel, You are having a bit of a die off effect which is good. It means that your efforts are working and soon you will feel much better. It is very common with any yeast treatment. Keep up with the Baking soda and eventually the symptoms will start to go away.

Replied by Rsw
(Uniontown, Oh)

Can the twice a day baking soda alkalizing remedy be taken for longer than five days? I read that someone said to take it for five days only, then a break. Also, can bottled lemon or lime juice be substituted for the fresh lemon or lime? How about grapefruit juice? can it be used instead of the lemon juice? Thank you for any additional information you may have.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Usa)
2063 posts

Rsw, the number of days of alkalizing varies greatly in humans with their various conditions, diets, etc. The only true way to tell is by doing daily saliva on PH test strips.

As for bottled reconstituted lemon juice, I have used it over the fruit for convenience with good results. It may have very little added Vit-C but usually nothing else (depending on brand - read labels). I first tried alkalizing using Grapefruit juice but had to discontinue due to inhibition of liver enzymes. If you are taking any prescription meds it is not advised to use Grapefruit because the drug builds up in the blood because the liver can't metabolize fast enough.

Replied by Vinny
(Atlanta, Georgia)

The side effect of having baking soda is not what caused your PH level to lower I can assure you. Baking Soda is highly alkalizing to the body. I take about 2-3 teaspoons of Baking Soda nearly every day and is awesome at maintaing PH balance. Baking Soda is roughly around 9 on the PH scale so it's not acidic.

Revisit your diet or prescription drugs you may have taken. Also realize that many websites who try to tell you what is Alkalining or Acidic contradict one another so you may be eating/drinking something you feel is alkalining when it really isn't. If you're at a 6, it's really bad!

Take two litres of Baking Soda a day, with 1-2 teaspoons in each litre of water (or 1/2 litre, what you prefer). That will alkaline you and get you back to normal. Add lime juice since you're really low. Do this for 2-3 days and after that just resume to. 5-1 litre Baking Soda

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