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Posted by Travis (Chicago, Il) on 04/24/2010

Hi I just went to get my blood checked and she said I had a lot of yeast. I wanted to know if I like fast on nothing but water (bottled) will that kill the yeast. I want to do five days but I think i'm willing to try to go longer.When she first examined the single drop of blood she said I have poor digestion which I do. She also said my antioxidant levels were low and that I had quite a bit of uric acid. She recommend a good multi, digestive enzymes, reservatrol, and a fungal cleanse. She also said my blood was acidic. I guess I just want some help with the fasting (my idea)and the supplements. Can I use supplements while fasting?? I would also like to oil pull, is this okay??

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Travis, Bravo to you for wanting to do something about your condition! You certainly can fast on water but you might want to consider doing a green juice fast. That will help facilitate the alkalinizing of your body which will in turn help to rid your body of the candida. Personally, I wouldn't take supplements while fasting and as far as enzymes go, if you're fasting with green juices you will get lots of enzymes! You will nourish your body with loads of antioxidants as well. And have all the deliciousness of green veggies. If you're unsure of how to make green juices there are several sites online that offer combinations. Just google green juices and you'll find them. We just do our own combinations. Remember too, you can throw some garlic in there as it is one of the most powerful antibiotic, antifungal there is. It has been found to be significantly powerful in ridding the body of candida.

I want to also let you know that you can have strong symptoms as you cleanse because of the die-off. They can be flu-like symptoms. If it gets too uncomfortable, consider going slower.

I too had poor digestion before I started juicing on a daily basis but that righted me and I continue because I have seen such immense benefits. Also, consider adding in cultured veggies which you can get at a health food store. Whole Foods carries them in the refrigerated section where the pickles are. These can help restore the good flora in your gut that will help rebalance your body. If you do these two things, you will not need a store bought fungal cleanse which can be quite expensive and really have a lot of marketing around them.

When you end your fast, work to change your eating habits so that you will feel better and remain healthy. I hope this info helps you to get started. Take care, Lisa

Replied by Travis
(Chicago, Il)

Thanks so much Lisa for responding!! I am looking for a good cheap juicer now. It is very very hard to eat with candida, everything has sugar in it.This is the hardest thing I think I've ever done. I dont feel better after the fasting I must admit, maybe the juicing will be better. Any more suggestions???

Food Allergies

Posted by Kime (Arlington, Wa, Usa) on 01/13/2012

Having read many of the posts on Candida remedies I have not seen one that mentions the fact that Candida is often associated with, or perhaps even causes, leaky gut syndrome and delayed food allergies. If a person has not been having success with treatment, it is a strong possibility that they may also need to find out what foods they are sensitive to(a delayed sensitivity that may not show symptoms for a day or even longer after the food is eaten). The most common food culprits are dairy, gluten (mostly wheat and flour products), eggs, nuts, and possibly other high protein foods such as beef. By eliminating all of these for 4 days a person may find they are feeling much better. Even if the candida is being dealt with, the symptoms from the allergies, which are many of the same symptoms as candida, will not go away unless the reactive foods are eliminated, too. After the leaky gut has time to heal these foods can usually be gradually returned to the diet.

There is a lot of information on food allergy and leaky gut online, so if you think this may apply to you I would encourage you to read up on it. ELISA testing is another way to diagnose food allergies but some labs are better than others. In some areas you can have a kit mailed to you to take a spot blood sample and mail it in for the testing. However, often the culprits are high protein foods so a 4 day elimination of all high protein foods, including gluten, will be helpful for many people. It usually only takes 4 days for symptoms to clear as long as all of the reactive foods are eliminated. The foods a person is having trouble with are usually foods they eat frequently. We discovered that our omega 3 supplement had egg yolk in it, so you have to check everything you put in your mouth!


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Posted by Dancerdeb (Langley, Bc) on 09/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from severe systemic candida albicans for a long time. I visited several naturopaths & tried remedy after remedy. I followed the (VERY) strict diet, & lost almost 30 lbs in 1 1/2 months (which left me at 93 lbs! ) I have a large box of all the different stuff that I have tried that didn't work. I ended up getting a really bad cold & flu after about 7 months on the diet which worked unless I dared take a bite of anything I wasn't supposed to eat. Because I was so sick, I went off all the herbal suplements I was on & started taking garlic (1 clove cut up into little pieces & swallowed), 3 - 4 times per day to stop the terrible cough I had. After about a week, I was starting to feel a little better & was making a pizza for my family & couldn't resist taking a small bite of cheese & sauce (which should have produced itchy reaction within 5 minutes or less). NOTHING! I couldn't believe it! So I had a bite of the pizza including the crust (flour guaranteed a reaction! ) STILL NOTHING! NO REACTION! I ate the whole (small) pizza! NO REACTION!!! After that I went nuts! I ate everything, & if I felt any kind of reaction starting (usually just with very sugary foods), I just take a clove of garlic & within minutes I'm fine!

Update: I was really going overboard on the desserts & started having symptoms coming back, so I have to be reasonable with the sugar intake & I'm also taking a very good probiotic (70,000 billion) (I take 2) which works by far the best of the MANY that I tried) (140 billion) per day which definately helps, as I now eat almost everything!

Replied by Meenu

Hi I've been diagnosed by a naturopath at last to be suffering from candida n I'm now on her products quite expensive, u mentioned probiotics 70 billion. I'm using 30 billion, is it possible to know what product are u using n where n how u got it?also earlier whenever I would've raw garlic, the tips of my fingers would start burning, so I stopped taking it, could u pls give more details of your complete regimen of medication to cure candida. thanks n rgrds

Replied by Cindy
(Wisc, USA)

To dancerdeb. I read your post on candida with great interest. Were you able to gain the weight back and did you have to deal with garlic breath from taking it that way? thanks

Replied by Maria
(New York, NY)
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Yup, garlic works for me too. I blend a few cloves in water and chug it down. Also can be used as an insert. Thanks for sharing your story.

Replied by Bettyna


When do you ingest usually the clove of garlic? Was it with food or after food or right before food? Or on empty stomach like 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals?

Also, should I leave the chopped up clove of garlic for a few minutes in the air before ingesting it?

Thank you.

Garlic and GSE

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Posted by Cindy (Milwaukee, WI)
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Wow- what an info-packed webpage! I was beginning to get 2x yearly sinus infections, then read the MAYO Clinic report & made the candida connection. I have acne for years - was geting worse till I saw a site w. info on B5 for acne (, etc) - B5 heped my acne... but I always wondered about having candida (horreur). Most recently, I could not hear well for about 2 wks - started 600-900mg garlic 3x a dy & got sick form obvious "die-off" ugh. Still had bad hearing, so bought grapefruit seed extract - helped immediately. I dread going to see my ENT this week, I'm sure he won't know a damn thing about the Mayo/fungus news (how much are these guys paid???!!!) I've just placed anorder for CANDEX, have not rec'd it yet...I keep seeing THREELAC prodcut advertised on the web,was not sure about it.. THANKS for the wealth of Knowledge & Experience you share here.. GOOD LUCK!

Garlic, Dandelion, Turmeric, Cayenne

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Posted by Kathy (Ozark, MO) on 08/08/2008
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Hello, Because of this wonderful site, I used many of the remedies and my candida is in check. I swallow a half of teaspoon of minced garlic twice a day plus I take 3- 00 capsule of dandelion (which I harvested in fields and dried myself then I grinned them in a coffee grinneder and fill the 00 capsules). I also take 00 capsule of turmeric and cayenne pepper daily.

Thank you all for the wonderful imputs. :)

Replied by Angie
(Sparta, MO)

Hello Kathy, I live close to Sparta. Could you tell me how you dry your dandelion and anything else I would need to know to do this. I also have lately thought about mincing garlic to use. Thanks, Angie

Replied by Kathy
(Ozark, MO)

Hi Angie, I dry my dandelion with a convention oven. You can use an oven, just make sure they don't burn to a crip and they stay green. Make sure the dandelion has not been sprayed. I dry the whole plant with flower, seeds and root if I can get enough root when I pull. I am growing my own dandelions with some of the seeds I have harvested.
I hope this helps you, Angie.
Love and Blessings,

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Posted by Dianne (Delaware, Ontario) on 08/04/2014

For Bill Thompson: My son is doing Dr Hulda Clark's Herbal Parasite Cleanse, using black walnut hulls, wormwood and cloves. My question is, can he do this cleanse at the same time as doing the program for Candida outlined in your book, Candida, Killing so sweetly.
We are just on day 6 of the parasite cleanse but have not yet implemented your program. We have spoken previously, my son Eric has had Psoriasis for the past 3 years.
Your comments are appreciated.

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Posted by Faith (Gulf Breeze, Florida) on 07/05/2014

Resistant Human pathogenic candida - new strain.. The following abstract was obtained from Are they possibly talking about the candida related to morgellons?

Mol Microbiol. 2005 Dec;58(5):1288-302.
Candida albicans MTLalpha tup1Delta mutants can reversibly switch to mating-competent, filamentous growth forms.

In a study on this same site, essential oils Dill and Geranium were successful in fighting all species of candida better than antifungals on the market.

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Posted by Frank (New England, US) on 06/10/2014

There is a very persistent myth that Candida albicans cannot survive a high (alkaline) pH. The fact is that C. albicans can survive very acid to extremely alkaline pH. The primary difference is the form it takes on dependent on the pH. At a low (acidic) pH C. albicans remains in a less pathogenic yeast form, and its growth is inhibited. When C. albicans is exposed to a high (alkaline) pH it promotes the formation of its hyphal growth. This hyphal growth allows C. albicans to not only become pathogenic, but also to allow it to invade deep in to tissues and to promote organ damage. This hyphal growth is inhibited at an acidic pH of 4 or below reducing tissue invasion and damage.

See multiple scientific references here:

Replied by Sgarsena

This is so true. I am a case in point as my urine PH is very alkaline and I have been struggling to get my PH to 6.4. I have found that the Candida is also extremely difficult to get rid of. I have been following Killing so Sweetly protocol and have had to be very aggressive with the Turpentine protocol and have been using all of the suggestions (excluding the alkalizing recommendations). I'm also doing 2 to 3 times daily water enemas and 1 coffee enema. Tons of Candida is coming out with the water enemas.

Even this protocol assumes that you will have an acid PH. I have seen slow improvements but the Candida still is persistent after 6 weeks.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Sgarsena...You should try and achieve a pH of between 6.4 and 6.8 for both urine and saliva. A pH of 7 is also acceptable for both your urine and saliva.

Currently I've been working with an autism group and we have recently discovered some important information. All children with ASD problems seem to suffer from both serious candida and parasite problems which are hard to cure. So this information also applies to people with serious candida issues and other gut diseases as well.

Recently there was a parent of an autistic child who gave the normal child's turpentine dose together with a much stronger dose of castor oil and his results were quite remarkable. His child also excreted a much larger discharge of parasites and candida biofilms than normal and, strangely, no Herx or detox side-effects occurred. His child behaved normally throughout this protocol.

Normally, after taking the turps or MMS protocols (or any candida-kill or parasite-kill protocol) to kill the pathogens and parasites, the ASD child always behaves strangely -- aggressive, drunken or OCD behaviours are always usually apparent due to the presence of excess toxic poisons and heavy metals being released in the gut which enter the blood and affect the brain. But this didn't happen with his child. So this was a breakthrough.

To understand why the castor oil worked with the turps so well and to save alot of space -- please read this document and this article as to the reasons for this particular protocol working so well.

You have mentioned that you aren't making much progress with the candida protocol that you are using. The above explains the possible reasons why you are not making progress and also shows you a solution -- use the turpentine/higher dose castor oil protocol in your regimen together with Bentonite and Chlorella. Just add these simple protocols to your own protocol.

Just to also mention that I've had a bout of serious food poisoning over these last few days. I had lots of gas, shooting pains, gurgling, watery diarrhea and hot stools.

So this was an ideal time to experiment. So I took the normal dose of turps(1 tspn) with only a mild castor oil dose -- just one tablespoon. This didn't cure the food poisoning problem but it did seem to move all the food poisoning issues and symptoms into just the lower intestinal area. I therefore took this as confirmation that this turps/mild CO combination was unable to act throughout the whole of the intestines.

Next(yesterday) I again took just the normal amount of turps(1 tspn) but increased the dose of castor oil to 3 tablespoons with an added tablespoon of VCO. Yes, this had quite dramatic effects throughout the day.

But this morning I did not feel ill, had more energy, had no apparent intestinal issues and had a normal stool(small amount). My conclusions here was that due to the effects of the greater castor oil dose, the turps was able to work more efficiently throughout the whole of the intestines to kill and eradicate the food poisoning infection successfully.

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Posted by Lisa (England) on 05/13/2014

Hi been doing candida killing so sweetly for 5 weeks going well been back to my health clinic lady. she tested me clear but now in menopause and have to take thyroid tablets as mines been taken out. starting to feel dizzy, sinus bad, sore head do I need to take anything different because of menopause? thankyou

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Posted by Daisy-b (Los Angeles, California) on 05/07/2014

Thank you for being there EC. Maybe you can help with another good info source.

I recently came across a very interesting and informative website '' chock full of information on candida and its' symptoms; plus some protocols for addressing this issue, beautifully laid out--

About a week ago, I tried to go back to the website and it seems to have vanished!! Googling and even changing browsers does not bring up anything anymore. It's just gone... Does anybody happen to know who is/was Dr. Fungus and how to get in touch with him?

Big Thanks!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Daisy-b...The link to the Doctor Fungus website is here. I know this link works because I physically checked it before I put in the link. The Dr Fungus website is a very good site if you want to learn all about fungus in the body. It's run by an independent research group called The Mycosis Study Group and I also give their link in my candida book as well.

If you still can't get to the website with the above good link, then think NSA or other govt agency -- they may well be deliberately blocking you. While these agencies are so busy creating fear from terrorists as justification for their Big Brother approach with robbery of liberties and freedoms as now being the norm, they are also working hand in glove with corporations and cartels such as Big Pharma to help promote their products and defeat the alternative med opposition. For quite a while now the NSA has been working very closely with Google, FaceBook, Microsoft etc on the internet. Not only are they watching you, they are deliberately interfering with your free choice and website access on the internet as well.

As further evidence of this web interference, let me say that I access research sites like PubMed, Medline and many others quite a lot in my own research and I have noticed that -- this last year in particular -- there are times when I have great difficulty accessing these research websites easily. There are also days when I seem to have have great difficulty accessing the EarthClinic website itself. Usually I get an "Unable to connect..." timeout error and yet I can access all other websites quite easily and without problems. And I've recently upgraded to a faster internet connection -- no difference. And as I've already described, there can only be one true logical explanation for this strange site access problem on the internet.

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Posted by Steve (Bangkok, Thailand) on 03/20/2013

I am currently suffering from all the symptoms that matches a candida overgrowth, all starting from taking 2 week course of anti biotics after being sick. Symptoms started to get worse, and now I have foggy brain and confusion, eye floaters decreased concentration, abdominal pain and diarrhea. I am not sure how to confirm if it is a candida overgrowth, as doctors here do not believe of it. I am an 18 year old male, generally fit but these past 4 months has been miserable with my health getting worse. Please do let me know what I can do. It would be great if I could contact Mr. Ted.

Replied by Sweat Pea
(Somewhere, Usa)

Steve, I posted the spit test for candida some time ago. Look under the ailments section for candida. There is so much useful info there.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Steve... You can confirm whether you have candida by doing the Spit Test. Just Google "Candida Spit Test" to see how to do it.

The other way to confirm for sure whether you have candida is to take William Crook's Candida Questionnaire. This works off a points system and will help to confirm candida if you have it:

William Crook's Candida Questionnaire

Here is Ted's remedy for candida:

If you have problems getting Ted's supplements -- you should be able to get most of them from a shop selling chemicals called Vittyasom Ltd in Radjadamnearn Rd (near the winged monument) near the palace in Bangkok.

There is also another remedy for candida problems shown on EC -- lower down in this post stream:

You should also try and strictly follow the anti-candida diet that is recommended in the above link as well.

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Posted by Pete (Hampshire, Uk) on 02/07/2013

Hi, a very interesting website and I would like to make a comment. I am 65 and have spent thousands of pounds over the last 14 years on alternative nutritionists, Doctors, etc etc, but no one has yet cured my candida problem and there is loads and loads of other experts out on the various web pages and even on earth clinic who all more or less say the same thing: no sugar, alkalise, etc, etc, but has anyone looked at Dr L Wilson's web page and seen the connection between copper body toxicity and persistant candida that keeps coming back every year, in particular in our wet winters in the UK with lots of mold spores around the gardens etc? Well, I don't want to live in a hot dry climate like the Sahara Desert or spend the rest of my life not being able to eat a cake or some fruit now and then, so what's the answer, is Dr. Wilson correct?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, La Union)

Hi Pete... It is most unfortunate that you have spent so much money looking for a cure for your candida. I know that most doctors have both a bad record and a bad approach to both diagnosing and treating candida so I can understand your frustration. Even some healers don't understand candida and recommend the wrong protocols.

Some years ago I also had the systemic or fungal form of candida and cured it myself using remedies from this site. Since this time I have studied candida quite deeply. As you also mention, the problem with some candida treatments is that after your "cure" the candida keeps coming back. I am currently writing a book on candida and have been going over some old research. The beginning of my book does its very best to dispel some of the myths and bad thinking that still persists concerning the treatment of candida. Here are some of the myths and bad thinking concerning candida:

* "Candida is just a yeast." Well, yes and no. Candida is well known to be dimorphic -- it can exist in two different states as two different organisms with completely differing structural, locational and behavioural characteristics. The yeast is a saprophyte that feeds off dead organic matter so, consequently, this form resides mainly in intestines of the host. The fungal or mycelial form is a true parasite that feeds more directly off the host itself, with completely differing feeding habits where it also can live and grow in any internal region of the body -- including the blood, tissues and organs of the body. This research fact also gives rise to many of the other myths that I'm about to mention. This also makes candida a much more difficult organism to defeat.

* "If I can get rid of the candida in my intestines then I will be cured". Very wrong. If candida is dimorphic and if its fungal or disseminated form can exist and spread happily into other internal regions of the body besides the intestines -- then, even if you manage to get rid of the yeast form in the intestines for awhile -- the fungal form in other parts of your body (that you have not killed) will just re-infect and spread back into the intestines again. Hence you have made very little progress in curing your candida -- which keeps returning. This means that in any cure to get rid of candida -- you will, in effect, have to target both the yeast and fungal forms in your cure strategy. If you don't do this --the candida will keep returning.

*"No matter what I try topically to cure my localized uterine candida problem -- it always comes back again". I have read this so many times in health blogs!! This again is completely bad thinking and a bad cure strategy that completely forgets or ignores that candida is a dimorphic organism. So if topical remedies for uterine candida or fungal skin problems or fungal sinus problems or localized ENMT candida problems dont work, then isn't it reasonable to conclude that all the localized candida problems here are all caused by the disseminated or fungal form inside your body and that these localized expressions of candida are merely direct symptoms of the deeper, internal and body-wide candida infection? So the topical cure strategy will never work and so your localized candida problem will just keep coming back again and again -- therefore that's why you must first cure the internal systemic candida problem to stand any chance of curing your localized candida problem.

* Candida manufactures and hides in biofilms and is able to hide from the body's immune system defences in this manner. What's more candida is well known to have wide and myriad associations with other diseases like IBS, Crohns Disease, Colitis, Lyme disease, Morgellons -- on and on ad infinitum. In several pieces of research, autopsies of cancer sufferers were examined to see what the percentage candida infections were in those who had died from cancer. They found that 80% of all those cadavers examined had candida. This was also later verified by other independent research. Similar results were apparent with people who had fibromyalgia -- 80% of the people examined had candida. The reasons for all these myriad association would seem to be that candida is so good at lowering the immune systems defences -- so that other bacteria are normally always involved in the candida problem as well. Also, candida's biofilms are well know to be used by foreign bacteria to help give them cover against the body's immune system. This, again, makes candida, with all its apparent pathogen associations, extremely hard to defeat.

* Use of Antibiotics. See The Antibiotic Syndrome.

* Bad Diet. Like it or not, when people ask the inevitable question on why or how they got candida in the first place -- the answer, as the greatest reason, has to be because of the poor food and diet that person has eaten for the last few decades. What other explanation is there ?

I have also read many blogs where doctors refuse to even accept that candida is the problem. Many lay-people also seem to treat candida problems as no more difficult to cure than the common cold or flu. Their non-effective strategies constantly reflect this -- so just adopting a simplistic cure strategy of taking two pills in the morning and a couple of pills in the evening will certainly not cure your systemic fungal candida problem. You will have to try harder than that. Here is a very good site that will open your eyes and shock or surprise many people concerning candida and other fungi's widespread ability to attack every region of the human body:

The Fungal Doctor

Lastly, having helped many people with their own candida problems, I have also discovered that the greatest possible enemies to any candida cure are: lack of understanding, inconvenience and pure indulgence.

Replied by Heather

Hi. Thanks for posting this. The website links are interesting - I can't comment on candida but I thought the copper links to heavy menstruation and the way we all use BSM as a cure which perhaps corrects mineral balance??

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

Do you have copper toxicity? hair analysis will help. Often linked to adrenal fatigue. I would gladly give up ever eating another piece of fruit again in my life to feel better & would never touch cake.

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Posted by M (Sioux Falls, Sd ) on 02/06/2013

This is the 1st site that I have found with information. I got tested for allergies about 4 years ago. I was told that I was allergic to Candidia Albicans. I have yet to find a doctor what to do for that. I very rarely gt sick 1 or 2 times a year but any time I take antibiotics or get run down I get thrush from the candidia. The doctors have give me Diflucan but 3 months later the candidia overgrowth is back. I would appreciate any tips or ideas of what I can do. I have tried limiting my sugar, eating healthy and other things that I have read. Thanks.

General Feedback
Posted by Franky (Beirut, Lebanon) on 12/30/2012

An insight summary of candida:

If you have White tongue from a probable Candida Yeast, and you found out or read on this post that an antigungal worked for a person-X and it didnt work for another person-Y, this means that person x had a mild beginners outbreak of candida or may be watching their diet; and Person-y has had Candida for a long time and getting rid of it is very possible but not easy. Because with Candid yeast Advanced, it is more important to not eat the wrong food than eating the right suuplements.

This means that while on a candida special diet the first week and you eat one wrong food eg sugar, or a candy bar, or white rice or bread, you enpower/fuel the candida and you have to start all over again. You need 2 to 3 weeks on average to get rid of it and you still have to watch for diet for a few months afterwards and slowly introduce whole grain products that are not GMO and organic. And hey you have a natural symptom checker that turns white. Please take this condition seriously because once it manifests it becomes like a cancer to get rid off. Then you might have to go on a full month of special diet or more dpending how long youve had your candida.

NO matter what supplement or treatment you are taking, if you are eating the wrong food, you cannot get rid of the candida. Its similar to Hpylori in agressiveness and resiliance for it also wreaks havoc in the immune system affecting digestion, hormones, blood, respiratory, liver, Nerves and much more.

What you cannot eat is anything with wheat or mosy grains, meaning no bread, no rice , NO GLUTEN FOOD OR ANYTHING CONTAINING SUGAR including sweet fruits, no dairy what so ever as lactose intollerance follows gluten intollerance in most people. No nuts, ony hulled walnuts, and almonds soaked in h202. NO supermarket, junk food, or fast food. Alcohol slows healing. The negative thing about coffee, is that if you are used to drinking coffee everday, then it wont do you much good to continue as it messes with your natural hormone cycles. Like natural cortisol production.

Potatoes should only be eaten in this way every other day:(the kanj recipe) peel the potatoes thick after washing them properly with h202, or clay or Apple Cider Vinegar etc. And when are you peeling them, peel it thick. That is to say, the peels should have and half a centimeter of potatoe flesh attached to it. Discard the core of the potatoe or make puree or give it away. It is the thick peels of this potatoe that you can eat. Marinate them with garlic and/or: turmeric basil thyme rosemary, spice coconut oil or cold pressed sessame oil. And put in oven until done but not to over cooked. This is high in potassium, do this every other day and this way you can eat 3 potatoe peels with lunch instead of one filling potatoe.

You can eat any Organic meat/beef, fish, chicken, sea food, turkey, or any edible anima for that matter, just as long as you cook it right, no bad oils, no frying, no bad sauce. Vegetable soup, salads everyday. Flax seeds, sun flower seeds, any vegetable. Esp pumpkin, zuchini, onion, garlic, dark greens sprouts, But no beans, except mung bean sprouts and not much of it)For fruits: you can eat green apples, pineapple, avocados, (mango and papaya, the greener the better) limes, figs, dates 2 a day. Carrot juice is vgood. Veg juice is best. Soda b and borax and h2o2 and clove oil and coconut oil and colloidal silver are all very effective when taken 5 or 6 or even 7 times a day. (3 times in the morning every hours , and 3 times in the evening every hour for 3 hrs for example) remember no sugar or gluten or wheat. Do this for 1 to 2 weeks and you will be done with candida. But take probiotics along the way. 10 billion minimum. open a capsule in cup of water one hour before food.

A word of caution: Many people that have had candida for a long time have a lowered immune system and are succeptible to other bacteria or fungi. Bacteria such as Hpylori should be checked for with an IGG blood test. And if you have hpylori or would like a more complete list of food or very effective supplements to take then check out my previous post on Hpylori posted by Frank from lebanon. It is estimated that 50 - 65 % of the general population have hpylori. NO wonder everyone is sick. Hpylori hijacks your immune system.

Other mycotoxins should be taken care of if you take about half a spoon of borax a day added to a 1. 5 litres of water, and you can add 1 spoon of 3% h2o2 to this mixture for better results.


Remmebr to alkalize and always flush toxins out of body, by doing weekly colon cleanses and drink lots of water, take fiber or granulated lechitin. Slippery elm is also vgood to repair damage done by the candida. So it castor oil by only take one small spoon a day for 4 days. And rest 3 weeks if you want to do it again.
for the liver: milk thistle, dandelion, lemon & olive oil taken first thing in the morning , if your not taking sodium bicarbonate.

Note: take borax for a week, then rest for a week.

Sorry my random thinking is a bit unorganized but most of the info you need is here.

Ted and Bill have good alkalizing and antifungal remedies that you can also benefit from.

questions are welcome. you can email me at mido2k(at) to notify me if you posted a question for me on earthclinic and I will answer as soon as possible. Best regards, Franky

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Posted by Sue M. (Worden, Il, USA) on 09/30/2012

Hi Everyone..... I was reading some articles on MindBodyGreen and did some "clicking" and that lead me to this kinda lengthly article on candida. It was soooo informative and thought I'd post the link for those who are interested in reading.

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Sue M. , Thanks for posting this article. I read it with interest. Still, I do believe fermented foods are important to our inner ecosystem. They help to continually replenish the good bacterias in our gut which are essential for our health. And the variety of good bacteria in a healthy gut are staggering. They can actually create miracles in our body. Here is a brief article which conveys this:

In this article, it is just the tip of the iceberg of all the work good bacteria do in our body! Thanks again for your article. Here's to our good health, Lisa

Replied by Robyn
(Melbourne, Australia)

this is a good article. I have according to the lab the highest copper levels in Australia. They suggested I must have been born with it for it to be so high. But I also have no adrenal function so not using the copper. Was low in zinc. And have the alkaline tissues and blood they suggest. My grandmother and auntie certainly had sugar addictions growing to enormous sizes. My mother & I are quite slim. However, I was drinking red wine to dull the pain, so bad I had to do something. When I was diagnosed with candida along with ross river virus nobody told me what it could actually do to you. Big catch 22 & nothing seems to make a difference.