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Top 8 Natural Candida Remedies for Effective Relief

Candida and Sweeteners

Posted by Jenny (Sydney, Nsw Australia) on 09/25/2011

If you suffer from candida can you still use BSM and honey in your diet for health? BSM sounds good so I would be interested in trying it out. Thanks!

Replied by Jenny
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Francisca,
I was just looking at adrenal fatigue and saw that Bill had used BSM when getting rid of candida along with other supplements. I went off BSM for about 5 days but have gone back on to it as I feel it is nourishing. I am only taking one tspn once or twice daily. I have started on a number of things suggested on this website and am noticing a difference in energy but am very cautious and using low doses of everything. So far so good. Thanks for your comment. Having read that Bill used it I feel much more comfortable carrying on with BSM.

Candida and Sweeteners
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 09/25/2011

Jenny, I was wondering the same thing. My book on Candida diet says no but Bill from the Philippines included BSM in his Candida diet so a while ago I tried to contact him to clarify this matter as I would like to go on taking BSM to stry to stop my hair from going greyer but I got no answer! I would say that one should probably neither use BSM nor honey as they are both mostly sugar but I was interested in knowing why he advises BSM because he know an awful lot about Candida and cured his own. Let's hope he answers..... The thing is that there are so much contradicting information about what a Candida diet should look like.... It is very hard to know!

Candida Cleanse

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Posted by Ella (Nyc, Usa) on 01/14/2013

Hi there, I decided to do a Candida cleanse before embarking on the GAPS diet - using a product called C____. I have had chronic eczema/skin issue and whenever I eat wheat (for sure) and other things (though not sure what) it flares up. I only ever get it on my hands and wrists and it is a red raging wrash that looks like my hands and wrists have been bound - it is literally like wearing red gloves. It is eczema like in the dryness and other eczema symptoms (I have had eczema diagnosed but figured myself it links to my chronic digestive issues). The strange thing is, however, I have always wondered why a toxic reaction would just take place on my hands and wrists. It is definitely not atopic (i.e. from physical contact with something). I plan to do a parasite cleanse next then liver. However - when I take these candida tablets my left leg swells up a few hours later. I have eliminated other sources and it just started when I increased the dose of the cleanse. It is totally painless and goes away the next morning after drinking lots of water with lemon, kelp and cranberry supplements. Could this possibly be a reaction to the Candida cleanse? I have not found anything about it online whatsoever. Any thoughts would be so very much appreciated. I love this website!!

Candida Comments

Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 07/03/2012

I have noticed many posts on EC where people post symptoms of a mystery illness or a recurring problem that they don't understand. The doctor's blood/urine tests are unable to find anything wrong and so the doctor then decrees that the patient is perfectly healthy and the sufferer is thus not helped. I remember the very same thing occurring in the 1960s and early 1970s. Some friends of mine suffered from strange debilitating pain and lack of energy problems. In those days, doctors arrogantly treated these types of patient problems as mental problems -- recommending anti-depressants and telling these sufferers to see psychiatrists. Now, of course, ME, Fibromylagia and CFS are all recognized physical illnesses.

But the doctor's medical tests are still notoriously poor at recognizing and diagnosing all the various different forms of candida. This diagnosis problem is further compounded and complicated by a plethora of different symptoms caused because of other pathogens -- such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and even parasites -- which are always associated with candida problems. These days it is also fairly well recognized and even admitted that the medical approach to diagnosing early stage candida problems is still quite inaccurate and inadequate. See this research link.

I think perhaps that a definition of what candida is all about is needed here to help to clarify things. From my own research and experience, candida infections can express themselves in many ways and in many different regions of the human body. You can have oral candida, cutaneous candida, nasal candida (sinusitis, rhinitis), eye candida (conjunctivitis), lung candida, stomach candida, intestinal candida, esophageal candida (esophigitis), uterine candida etc.

But the worst form of candida by far is systemic candida -- where the candida has turned into its most virulent and dangerous fungal form and has moved into your body to infect the blood and organs.

Furthermore, all the other forms of candida mentioned above can just be mere symptoms of the systemic candida itself. I only mention this because so many people are under the great misconception that a candida problem such as oral candida or uterine candida or skin candida are just local topical problems. What people (and doctors) don't realize is that uterine candida or oral candida or skin candida or nasal candida can also be actual symptoms or expressions of systemic candida which is already infecting the blood.

Time and time again I read where people only treat their candida problem topically and it doesn't have any effect. Topical treatments won't have any effect if systemic candida is already infecting the blood.

I also frequently read about women, who have uterine thrush, who go to the doctor and the thrush is treated with antibiotics for awhile and the vaginal thrush or candida goes away. Two months later the uterine candida comes back with a vengeance and the sufferer continues taking antibiotics and it doesn't work anymore. Antibiotics are about the worst thing you can possibly take for any fungal problem -- because it causes intestinal dysbiosis allowing and encouraging candida and all sorts of other bacteria to spread up into the upper intestines thereby further infecting the body and causing many other problems and complications.

Candida seems to initially infect, congregate and multiply in all the mucous regions in the body -- that's the ears, eyes, nose, lungs, skin, stomach, intestines, breasts, uterus and prostate glands. Let me be very clear here -- initial candida infection is not just limited to the intestines.

It is also well know through research that iodine accumulates and is used as a first line of defense in all the mucus gland secretions in the body to effectively kill extraneous incoming pathogens -- including candida -- quickly. Therefore, if your body is lacking in iodine then it is surely reasonable to believe that the iodine storage sites for the mucus glands are also likely to be depleted of iodine and so pathogens such as candida will therefore have an easy and unhindered passage into your body. This is why I believe that lugol's iodine supplementation is so essential when you are trying to remove candida and other pathogens from your body.

In his book -- Candida: The Missing Diagnosis -- Dr Orian Truss used an eleven page questionnaire and a point scoring system to determine whether a patient had candida problems. In William Crook's more recent and famous book, The Yeast Connection -- he reduced the questionnaire to just four pages. Both questionnaires inquired on the past and current medical history and problems of the patient. These days, naturopaths also use a similar method to determine if you have candida or yeast infections and this method seems to work quite well and certainly much better than the tests and diagnosis from modern doctors.

As Dr David Derry, a well known iodine researcher, concluded in an article -- "Iodine is simply the best antiseptic, the best antibiotic and the best anti-fungal in the world. Iodine kills most pathogens in about 30 seconds -- so pathogens cannot adjust to it like they can with medical antibiotics or chemotherapy."

Replied by Heather

Hi Bill, I meant to say thankyou for this post and all your others. Fascinating thank you and great detail and links.

Replied by Ben
(Wanganui, New Zealand)

Hi A question for Bill, you the man. I have a bad case but not as bad as some here. I am pretty healthy but have had jock itch for about a year now. Went through the usual doctor channels with no luck. I have been doing Teds akalizing and 3 % HP plus the sea salt now himalayan pink salt for about a month. The rash seems to be spreading more down my thigh and on my balls, yuck. I am hoping it is a die off and things get better soon. I have used a mix of Apple Cider Vinegar and 3% Hp and just 3% HP splashed on.

My question is how did you treat your jock itch?

Thanks. Keep up the good work...

Replied by Gavin
(Manganui, Northland, New Zealand)

Hi Ben im afraid you havent just got jock itch, you have basicly athletes foot of the crotch, a fungal infection made worse by sweating, I bet your scrotal sac feels leathery as well. The cure is the usual treatment for athletes foot in a tube of white cream from the chemist. Lamasil cream is the best to use, use sparingly and try to get three to four weeks out of the tube.

It will cure it up in a couple of weeks. When it clears up wash regularly down there, and when dry rub some coconut oil in the area and that will stop it reacuring. You might have it at the corner of the lips as well, put the cream on there as well.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ben.... For my own jock-itch problem, the most useful topically-applied substance I used seems to have been Magnesium Hydroxide in solution. So I just used Milk of Magnesia as my source of Magnesium Hydroxide and applied it all over the affected jock itch area and did this twice a day, morning and evening after having my shower. Basically I was simply attacking the jock-itch with high alkalinity -- MoM has a pH of about 12 which will kill any pathogen on the skin. If the skin dries out - just use some aloe vera oil to revive it every day as well. When I had jock itch it was bad and had moved down my thighs and was all round the back -- including on my bum. So, thinking logically, I immediately assumed that when I had candida -- some of the fungus might be moving out of my intestines into the external anal area of my bum and spreading the jock itch from there -- so I made a definite point of also disinfecting my anal region twice a day with MoM to kill any and all the fingus spreading from there -- just in case.

A mixture of HP and ACV as you have described will give para-acetic acid -- this will also kill most pathogens including fungus. Other substances which might help your condition -- 5 -10 drops of Orange Oil or Lavender Oil (mixed with a carrier oil like VCO) or just some Neem Oil or Castor Oil mixed with Virgin Coconut oil and applied directly to the skin.

Replied by Ben
(Wang, Nz)

Hi Bill thanks again for all your knowledge... The protocol is going great, doing most on the list... I have just started trying your mix of h2o2, milk of mag and borax. and the jock itch is not liking it... Which is best? just the milk of mag by itself or this other mix you gave me? The second seems to hit it on many more levels...

Also, I have read that milk of mag. is good to swish around in my mouth to cure my oral thrush. Can you please let me know the best protocol to use to cure this symptom... Thanks again...

Another little bonus with alkalising and changing your diet to sugar free, is that you lose weight and have increased energy once you are through the herx effects...

As a long term sufferer of candida I highly recommend Bills protocol.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ben... You can use the topical hydrogen peroxide, magnesium chloride and borax however you like. Personally, when you mix them all together in water, I think it's much more effective and will kill alot more than just fingus.

Milk of magnesia may well help to get rid of oral thrush for a while but thrush is also linked as a symptom to the intestinal as well as to the systemic forms of candida. In other words, if your candida fingal infection is already in your blood then your other localised/topical fungal problems -- like oral thrush and fungal skin problems -- are probably related to this internal candida problem and so these topical/local problems may well keep coming back until you finally defeat and remove the internal systemic candida problem as the root cause. When I had systemic candida, I had all sorts of skin problems(many for decades) including eczma, psoriasis, tinea cruris, dandruff etc. I didn't treat any of my skin problems -- I just hit my systemic candida problem hard with the internal candida remedies that I've defined on this site. I simply used a multiple protocol approach which worked well. And, as a result, all my own localized fungal skin problems and other issues -- which I never bothered to treat topically -- just disappeared on their own when my systemic candida was gone.

I have also read, again and again on many blogs, where women complain that they are unable to get rid of their uterine thrush problem. Using douches may or may not work, but if your candida has already evolved into the systemic fungal form(as opposed to the yeast form) then topical douches will simply not work -- the candida will just keep returning because your uterine candida problem is not just a topical or localized problem but it has infected your blood. Exactly the same argument goes for this problem -- to get rid of your persistently returning uterine candida problem you must first kill the candida infection inside your body(in your blood).

To ensure permanent riddance and for complete success against systemic and localised candida you should be using the anti-protocols shown here and follow a strict diet.


Hi, I have suffered from candida overgrowth when I became a truck driver. I had a variety of symptoms including skin fungal infections, skin rashes, cutaneous candidiasis, severe bloating, weight gain, blurry vision, hair loss, fatigue, and even some pre diabetic symptoms like blood sugar whiplash.

I quit my job and did a full candida cleanse using natural remedies.

It's been cleared for the most part but I noticed that right before the cleanse, I had a smallish lump on my upper right shoulder. I thought it was a big pimple since I usually have back acne. After the cleanse, most of the acne disappeared but not this thing. A year later, it's still there and now I have 4 more of these strange lumps.

I did a lot of research and learned that they were keloids. I've looked desperately for answers on how to get rid of them. I've used scar creams but nothing. I've heard of ppl using the same anti-candida remedies I've used during my cleanse to get rid of these things with varying success. However, they appear to be very resistant. I strongly suspect they have some relationship of when I had the worst part of my candida since I've almost always had back acne and this never happened before.

I've read that when a candida spore burrows its way in fresh tissue (wounds like acne), it tries to create a colony. However, candida is stealthy as it tricks and avoids your immune system so what your body does instead is envelopes it with your own skin cells to prevent it from spreading .. kind of similar to the mechanics of cancer.

Right now my current theory is that even though I've eliminated the majority of the candida symptoms, there's a possibility that I may still have some hiding deep in tissue and systemically... in the blood.

Does anyone have more information about this and possible treatments??

Replied by Ben
(Wanganui, , New Zealand)

Hi Bill, Thanks for your updates... Just a few more questions about the food I am able to have... I make my own coconut flour which from my research I understand to be ok.

1. What other flours are allowed. eg Brown rice flour, chickpea flour etc?
2. I used to have porridge for breakfast, are rolled oats ok? I read somewhere they are gluten free. (hard to believe)
3. Are cocao nibs or powder ok also? It is a great anti oxidant one of the best...

Look forward to your reply, or can also contact me at esgood4u (at)

Thanks, Ben

Replied by Ali
(Harrahan, La)

Hi Bill, I am just wondering what protocol you exactly used to treat systemic candida?? I am willing to try it because I am sick of these docs, Thanks.

EC: Hi Ali, please see this page for Bill's Protocol:

Replied by Marcin
(Toronto, Canada)


Low-carb diet is recommended on candida diet, which means you should avoid foods that have high GI (Glycemic Index) or mix these foods with low-GI foods to lower the glycemic load. It means you should always eat carbohydrates in combination with non-starchy vegetables or other foods that are low in sugar. That being said, unprocessed grains like wild rice or brown rice have the lowest GI, and the further they are processed the higher the GI becomes, which makes pasta, breads and flour less ideal on the candida diet. But as long as you eat carbohydrates together with vegetables, any flour is fine, and the same thing applies to porridge. From my experience, as long as I eat any kind of rice with vegetables in the ratio 50/50, then I am fine.

Cacao does not have any antifungal properties but I think that there are many better antioxidants, such as green leafy vegetables. Just make sure there is not any sugar in it.

Talking about carbohydrates, I refer to this website: Fungi.htm

Candida Comments
Posted by Pris (Nevada, Mo) on 02/24/2011

I have had a revelation re: candida and its root cause which is an over abundance of yeast in the body. Due to the poor economy and wanting to save money, I cut the amount of yeast I use when I make bread. I now make bread using 1/4 tsp. of yeast (Hodgson's Mill which holds 1 Tablespoon). That is 1/12th of a package. In other words, when one makes bread using a whole package of yeast, he is using 12 times the necessary amount; many recipes call for 2 packages of yeast for one loaf of bread calling for 3 -4 cups of flour, so a consumer eating bread is ingesting 24 times the amount needed to make a loaf of bread. I have no idea what the strength of the Rapid Rise or the so-called instant yeasts have. It is no wonder that people consuming commercially prepared breads with yeast as well as homemade breads have Candida! I activate the yeast by adding a little bit of sugar (1/4 tsp. ) in lukewarm water before adding to the other ingredients and only half of the flour, let rise, and then add the remainder of the flour---this is called the sponge method of making bread. If sugar activates yeast in the process of making bread, when a person has an over-abundance of yeast in the body, and then consumes sugar filled foods (also fructose corn syrup) that causes the yeast to become that much stronger in the body, just as it does in a bread dough.

I believe that Candida is the cause of all the ailments listed on this site. When I use the remedies listed on this site, acv, peroxide, tumeric, baking soda, acidolphilus, coconut oil, oil pulling, etc. , I feel so much better. These remedies keep the yeast to a minimum in the body. I can tell by the way I feel whether I have too much yeast, and when doing the spit or saliva test, that confirms my suspicions. I am 66 and use no prescription drugs nor pain relievers, and feel much better than I did in my 40's or 50's or early 60's, thanks to all the information listed on this site. I use vinegar, peroxide, borax, baking soda, to clean, bathe, shampoo, etc. , using no products with chemicals. I only weigh 100 pounds and can mow for an hour at one time with my little power push mower or until my mower runs out of gas. I feel much younger now than I did 20 or 25 years ago. Thank you to all of you on this site who have contributed information. God's blessings to all of you!

Replied by Sheila
(Dayton, Nv)

to Pris from Nevada: Could you give the measured amounts you use of the concoction that has helped you with Candida?

Candida Comments
Posted by Bridget (Glendale , Ny) on 02/22/2011

I have fought candida for a year now my nails are peeling off, my toenails are horrible, I lost 37 pounds. I want to know what type of doctor will diagnotic candida. Is it stool samples, is it gastro doctors, I need to know what foods I am allergic too also. I have problems digesting vitamin b. this is a thing my mother had also. Please help me get on with my life and get answers. I am not sure what you say about the drinking of baking soda and water 2 times daily. Can I eat meat/or is it just raw vegetables. Please help me understand all of this. thanks

Replied by Daisy
(Dublin, Co Dublin)

I just wanted to say thank you to the site & everyone who has commented. This is the most informative thread I've ever found.

Replied by Fiona
(Tustin, Ca)

I think I got rid of almost all the candida now. I drank lots of colloidal silver 2 or 3 bottles per day for 3 months. It literally melts parasites and candida away. I lost 10 pounds. And I can finally think! As human. I realized that I was possessed. By the way now I make my own silver at home. So easy to make cost a cent maybe :) Just google how to make colloidal silver. And MSM is very good for killing bugs too. Vitamin C and lots of enema to avoid the die off reaction.. The worst nightmare... You guys know what I mean.. Good luck.


Fiona Hi! Could you please tell me how much colloidal silver you drank per day?

How much ppm did this silver have? 10? 20? 25?

I know, too much silver is dangerous ..

Candida Comments
Posted by Pebble (Spokane, Washington) on 12/07/2010

Candida : I just started 1/2 tsp baking soda in two tablespoons lemon juice. ( I have been sick for years). Makes me so thirsty. Is this protocol good enough? I dont have a lot of money after a year of h2o2 infusions, ect.. I need an easy regime with not a ton of product. I was concerned about the calcium comment. AM I not supposed to take calcium when I have candida? What vitamins am I not supposed to take and witch ones am I supposed to take? I need calcium citrate to build bones ect..

NOTE: To all the folks out there triple dosing themselves with antifungals be very careful. You may make the candida worse because they work just like antibiotics and kill the good yeast too. I hurt my body by overdoing this. (made candida in the long run worse because I was taking more antifungals then I was probiotics. I say be gentle with the use of gse, oregano oil ect and heavy on the probiotics. In our culture we have a tendency to want to kill , kill, kill the thing that is bothering us when sometimes a balance would be better. Find the highest dose of probiotics on the market.

Replied by Brooke
(Montgomery, Tx, Usa)

When I have had candida in the past, the only thing that helped mine was that I soaked a tampon in Glyco-thymoline and then inserted it into my vagina. I left it for approx an hour and then took it out and then douched with a solution of baking soda. It worked for me and has not returned.

Replied by Mary

I followed Dr. Jennifer Daniel's with the TURPENTINE protocol. Cheap, fast and wonderful.

Candida Comments
Posted by Dunn Dunn (Dallas, Texas) on 09/16/2009

i believe that i have candida and and i was trying to find out some step to take to get the candida under control,,,its a few different treatment options that i have heard of ,,but they all seem to be different,,,i really didnt want to waste time or money trying thinking that didnt work,,,any suggestion would be greatly appreciated,,,

Replied by Sheena
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Search Google for the Candida spit test and try this if you haven't already done so. Not only has my health improved but my spit test results have greatly improved, so I know that at least some of what I have done has worked. I would recommend that read through all the posts on the Candida page and then start writing a Candida diary. This helped me to determine what was having an affect (including foods).

I would much rather you did your own research and devised your own plan of action, however I will the things that I did which I am sure helped in my case:

Lemon and bicarbonate soda drink (or baking soda for the US)
Tiny pinch of borax in 1 litre of water

Vitamins C, B E. Zinc & cod liver oil. Also selenium and Magnesium. I took all of these supplements fairly regularly (2 - 3 times a week) for a few months. This was to address any nutritional deficiencies that might exist as a consequence of the Candida. Also, many of these supplements (esp selenium) are anti fungal.

I also drink blackstrap molasses in water, particularly around my time of the month as it helps. I also drink an apple cider vinegar (with bicarbonate of soda) drink from time to time.

All of the things I mentioned here can be found in this website, so read up on everything carefully and then decide if you want to give anything a try. Good luck.

Replied by Eh
(Atlanta, Ga)

Candida Treatment: I had tried several things also, but the thing that worked for me was Grapefruit Seed Extract (sometimes referred to as GSE), and a very good (refrigerated) Pro-biotic. I can't mention the brand name here, but it has 3 different types of healthy bacteria in it -- it is awesome. I took the GSE 3x daily - 10 drops in an empty gelcap (can buy at most health food stores) or you can put it in a glass of water, but it's hard to swallow - very bitter. Make SURE you drink a full glass of water with the gelcap -- it can hurt your stomach if you do not. And, I took the pro-biotic 2x daily at first -- then once daily after for maybe 2 months. Also, make sure to wait at least 2-3 hrs to take your probiotic -- you don't want the GSE to kill the good bacteria! Even after I started to feel totally better, I continued the GSE 1 or 2x daily for months.. just to be sure. THere are many, many benefits to the GSE also (do a search on the web for it -- it's also very inexpensive for all the benefits it does ) And... NO, I do not sell the GSE :-) I'm just a believer! (If your candida is vaginal, you can also douche with it -- the bottle has instructions) I have heard people say that Collodial Silver does a great job also, but it's more expensive, so I just used the GSE. It is a great natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. I've gotten a couple of extra bottle in case anyone in my family contact swine flu. Hope this helps!

Replied by Skye
(Atlanta, Ga)

Great feedback! I have suffered with Candida since I was a child. I had chronic sinus infections and a doctor who was happy to prescribe antibiotics several times a month. The diflucan came next, and I was up to 10 a year, which is awful! This has since caused hormonal imbalances and numerous ovarian cysts as well as insomnia. The classic case I guess you would say.

I have been on a very high end probiotic (candida flora) for months now and have noticed much less bloating and abdominal discomfort. I have just discovered GSE! I am using the nasal spray and the capsules. I am going to try it in a neti pot and make douche next.

Do you have any experience with ACV? I eat very healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks again, best feedback so far :)

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi everyone, It seems that candida plagues an awful lot of people and really can wreak havoc in their bodies and lives. I would like to bring to everyone's attention a woman named Donna Gates who offers so much information in restoring the body's ecological balance. She has her own website and offers lots of free info. You can also watch her on youtube making fermented veggies which she says can really help the body find its balance. I discovered her not that long ago and find her work extremely valuable and have incorporated fermented foods/drinks into my diet. She has her own method of eating called Body Ecology and also a book but you can just learn a lot if that is too expensive for you and start incorporating her ideas.

She also reminds us that now is the natural time in nature, of which we are a part of, to cleanse the body from all that we have stored up during the dormant months of winter. Our bodies are actually primed for this process in the spring but we have lost a connection to this as we have been increasingly separated from the natural rhythms of life. She suggests eliminating oils and fats right now, animal protein, or at least stepping back from it dramatically right now, adding in lots of greens to lighten our bodies, adding lemon or sour/bitter to our diets to help cleanse the liver which naturally wants to detoxify during the spring and prepare for the hot months of summer. By doing this now, we unload the toxins from our bodies that otherwise will continue to accumulate if this process is not done thereby, leading to all the various "diseases" that are plaguing people these days. The diet is very inclusive, meaning it can appeal to vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, etc. She acknowledges that everyone is unique and has different needs. Hope you check this out- it is invaluable info!

Oh, and Rob from Manhattan, she talks a lot about the unbelievable benefits of natto! So amazing that I'm going to find some!

To our health, Lisa

Replied by Terry
(Qulin, Mo)

To control candida you must change your body terrain as Ted says. First raise ph also candida is one of the bodies defense against mercury so you must detox yourself of mercury or have problems from mercury release when you kill the candida. Use untreated diatomaceous earth baked in a starch product like corn bread. Dt earth removes the coating on all parasites including candida use 1 tbs per pan mixed in to ingredients. Also use enteric coated oregano oil to kill in colon. Also use cellulase enzyme to eat candida coating then detox.

Replied by Terry
(Qulin, Mo)

The reason you use a starch or sugar product with the diatomaceous earth is that is what the candida like to eat they come in contact with dt earth and die. The problem with many treatments such as drug or garlic and other herbs the candida are able to mutate and after a short time they become ineffective how ever this is not the case with dt earth or the cellulase enzymes that destroy candida's cell walls. Dt earth is very safe. You can also put in capsules and take with food. Or eat 3 2x2 pieces of bread a day and freeze the rest.

Replied by Cindy
(Cochrane, Wi)

Are you using the product for plants and gardens? Can you let me know where you found this information? Thank you

Replied by Terry
(Qulin, Missouri)

I found this by searching for treatments for candida put diatomateous earth and candida in search engine. I have used di earth for years as a parasite cleanse for my champion german shepherds I raised. I also used it to protect my grain from wevils for my chickens and used it in my garden. When I read about it on the internet, I thought of course this would work and used it myself and it did the job very fast and I still take it monthly for one week. I take it in capsules with my meals for all parasites.

Do not use di earth treated for swimming pools, anything else is fine. Also, I took a enzyme at night to get in my blood stream called cellulase, it digests the outer wall also. I would give you the name but this web site frowns up on that. Di earth is poorly absorbed so it mainly treats your digestive track but that is the main breeding and feeding ground for candida.

Replied by Catherine
(Wellington, New Zealand)

I have been struggling with candida since a life threatening bout of sceptecaemia some 30 yrs ago. Doctor had me on high doses of anti-biotics for a year to "help my immune system cope". In spite of all my efforts to overcome I am still plagued with debilitating chronic fatigue, heavily coated white tongue, sleep problems, etc.. I am about to try Marvin Lee Robey's protocol of a thorough colon cleanse followed by treatment for 2 weeks with ionic silver and hydrogen peroxide. Apparently 2 weeks is all it usually takes though some bad cases may require up to 5 weeks. I feel really confident about this therapy and will keep you informed about my progress.

Replied by Katnco
(Denver, Co)

Lisa from To... Donna Gates video's are terribly long and boring. If anyone wants a simple recipe for making fermented veggies, just type it into google and look around for what suits you. Donna Gates appears life less, no vim or vigor for being so "healthy".

Candida Detection

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn.) on 01/13/2015

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , I, like many on this site have systemic candida and look to Bill and Ted for counsel.

I think I've found a very simple way to determine the extent the candida. All know that this fungus shows up on nails, feet and crotch. It also shows up in your ears and can affect your hearing.

For the past weeks or so, I've coated my ear canals with Ozonated Olive Oil and it is hard to imagine the amount of skin peeling off. I am assuming this is fungus.

Bill, can you contribute to this. I know a gut check is not a reliable test because everyone has gut candida and most allopathic doctors don't even do this test because it is difficult to quantify.


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Robert Henry...You're absolutely right about doctor's having no idea how to diagnose candida. Candida exists in about 80% of the world's population today and this is fine as long as your healthy immune system can contain and dominate the candida in the lower gut. In fact, I read that 70% of your immune system's activity is purely dedicated to protecting the blood/fecal boundary in the intestines. If the local immune system in the gut is compromised then candida will dominate and spread. And if the gut cell wall suddenly becomes highly permeable or damaged in any way then that's when the brown river meets the red river and all sorts of poisons and autoimmune diseases will tend to arise and spread.

Dr Orian Truss identified the poor diagnosis of candida by doctor's -- that's why he called his definitive book on candida The Missing Diagnosis. Things haven't improved much when even people like the famous and influential Dr Weil decree and insist that there is no such thing as systemic candida -- that it doesn't exist as a common disease -- and that candida is really just a problem caused by nutrition.

But there's a very cheap and reliable way to confirm whether you have candida or not and it won't cost you a cent. Dr William Crook, who wrote the other definitive book on candida called The Yeast Connection, brought out a questionnaire that works off a points system and will tell you with fair accuracy whether you have candida or not. It's online for free -- here it is:

The Candida Questionnaire

In my own further understanding of candida, I discovered that candida will always initially attack the areas in your body that have mucus glands -- which contain immune system phagocytes, neutrophiles and eosinophils that are always the first line of defence against any external pathogen attack or invasion of the body. Mucus glands are found in the following areas of the body: skin, lungs, mouth, eyes, ears, nose, prostate, uterus, stomach, intestines, mammary glands. Then I realized that all these areas of the body can be attacked by candida and can show symptoms like athletes foot, jock itch, rhinitis, gut disease, ear ache, eye problems, allergies etc. In other words if your immune system activity is weak in your mucus glands then candida will have no trouble entering or infecting your body in large numbers. In this respect initial symptoms like sinusitis or rhinitis, IBS etc are merely local candida infections that will, in time, become systemic. And the reverse is also true. If you already have systemic candida then symptoms like low thyroid, bad athletes foot, sinusitis, jock itch, allergies etc can then suddenly arise and manifest as further expressions or symptoms of your systemic candida.

Recently I have also discovered the importance of taking bovine colostrum for autoimmune diseases -- including candida -- because of its multi-beneficial effects. It's one of the few nutrients I know that doesn't just cure you but gives you immunity against many common autoimmune and many infectious diseases. And its a food and completely safe. See the research here, here, and here.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Bill: It is so good to see your efforts on Candida infection as there are many folks in the dark and suffering the consequences.

Case-in-point. My last full-time employment was nurse & caregiver to a quadriplegic patient who was also a friend and former classmate. He fractured the C-6 w/ significant damage to the cord by diving head-first in a swimming pool. I was his first giver after returning home from Sheppard Spinal Center in Atlanta Ga. where he spent almost 1yr. There were significant changes and challenges in this situation.

Medical in specific, was keeping the bladder catheter clean and disease free. Dr's rotated antibiotics as the uti infections were problematic. Well, you know what the consequences of high dose, long term antibiotics is. The severity came down to having to re-bathe and cloths change shortly after breakfast because digestion had become impossible. I made an urgent request for Phil to bring this issue to his urologist, which was fruitful as he prescribed antifungal meds. I also recommended Cranberry for the UTI. It took some time but Phil finally began to perk up and function fairly well, and we even cut back on anti-depressant meds (another side effect of candida).

My health continued it's deterioration and the high demand job became too much and I was forced to quit, which really broke my heart as any quadriplegic patient needs specialized care and in this case wasn't receiving it.

Fast forward nearly to decades and last week my friend found freedom from his paralyzed body and doesn't need a wheelchair, daily meds, and constant personal care anymore.

Candida Detoxing Symptoms

Posted by Shadel (Nebraska, US) on 12/25/2014

Is dry mouth and a skin rash associated with candida detox? I seem to have both.

Thanks for your response.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando)

Hi Shadel...Whenever you detox with candida issues it's fairy normal to get skin and other problems as detox symptoms. These skin problems can arise from excessive heavy metal detox or because of excessive fluorine or bromine detox in the body.

I cannot say exactly for sure what is causing your problems but the favourite cause for both skin issues with dry mouth or a metallic taste in the mouth while detoxing is usually associated with excessive bromine detox symptoms while supplementing lugols iodine. Normally people get these skin and dry mouth issues because they do not take the full Iodine Protocol that is advised. If you have excessive bromine in your body with skin issues then you should also take the Salt Loading Protocol(shown lower down on the page) together with the Iodine Protocol which will greatly reduce symptoms like skin problems because the chloride in the salt binds to the bromine for easy and fast riddance via the urinary pathway. Furthermore, the Iodine companion nutrients in the protocol all help to reduce and minimize these common and various detox symptoms.

Skin rashes can also occur because of excessive heavy metal detox. Many of the autistic kids that I've been working with always initially get skin rashes when they start the detox protocols. These types of rashes tend to heal and go away after a short while as they continually reduce the heavy metals in their body using the protocol.

If you want to know your heavy metal and bromine/fluorine status then just get a hair analysis done. This is much cheaper than going to the doc.

Replied by Shadel
(Nebraska, US)

Thanks, Bill, now I don't know where to get a hair analysis done. Can you trust someone on the internet? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)

Google quicksilver scientific. Mercola interviewed them.

Candida Detoxing Symptoms
Posted by Elly (Topeka, Kansas, Usa) on 11/23/2011

Hi Bill, I sometimes mix a drop of the 2% Lugols in some leftover soup broth (that has EVCO or butter in it). I heard it was good to mix it with a little saturated fat for weight loss. I've taken it a few times and not long after felt a little: dizzy, anxious, and a little trouble swallowing. This all subsided in 5-10 minutes. It happened each of the three times when taking only 1 drop a day for a few days. I am subclinical hypothyroid and don't take any prescriptions. This doesn't seem to be an allergy, would this just be a herx effect? I plan to just continue and hope the symptoms eventually stay away unless anyone has any other recommendations. Thank you!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Elly... Since you are hypothyroid then your body needs iodine. When you initially start taking lugols iodine, you should:

* First check for an allergy reaction against iodine by putting a few drops in the crook of your arm and leave it for one or two hours. If their is irritation, redness and itchyness then you might be allergic.

* Next, take iodine in small doses and test for stomach sensitivities.

* I've also found that many people who try using iodine automatically have difficulty swallowing the iodine in water or they wretch. This seems to be a psychosomatic reaction that is caused by an in-built fear and conviction that iodine is truly poisonous. If you have no allergy reaction and no stomach sensitivities then the problem will most likely be iodophobia. I am afraid that I can suggest nothing for this problem. But a good book to read, whose title should convince most is one by Dr David Brownstein called Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It.

* What people also forget is that the symptoms of an allergy reaction are very similar to a sudden Herx or a sudden die-off reaction when you take oral iodine. But this is up to the user to decide. In the 1920s they autopsied many cadavers and found a 3% occurrence of candida. In the 1960s a similar experiment showed a candida occurence of 30% to 40%. Today, the occurrence of candida in western populations, according to research, is more likely to be 90%. So weird symptoms like nausea, pains, flu-like symptoms and feeling awful in general could be due to a candida problem and not necessarily due to an allergy reaction.

In my opinion blood tests are not a good way of measuring thryroid levels. The best way, since the thyroid controls body temperature, is to use a basal thermometer and when you first wake up in bed to put it in your arm pit for 15 mins or so. A normal thyroid will show a temperature of 97.8 to 98.6 degrees F. Body temperatures from 97.6 to 98.0 degrees Fahrenheit are considered evidence of possible hypothyroidism or low thyroid and temperatures less than 97.6 degrees can be even more indicative of hypothyroidism. See this article.

The final point is that iodine is one of the most useful elements for our bodies on this planet. Magnesium is another one. Iodine cures thyroid problems, helps to improve and protect the eyes, helps remove plaque from the heart arteries, prevents and removes breast, prostate and uterine cysts, increases energy, improves all hormone receptors(not just for the thyroid) thus improving the body's metabolic rate, improves the skin, used in every single mucus gland in our bodies as first line of defence against pathogens, essential for proper mental development, kills 90%-95% of all known pathogens, can help to cure obesity problems, can help to completely cure type 2 diabetes, beneficial against glaucoma and catarract conditions, useful as a preventative and cure against cancer(See the Max Gerson Therapy and Ted's Therapy for cancer), helps to cure allergies(Read this speech by Max Gerson) and is a wonderful anti-histamine that is safe to take. But I'm afraid that you must take much larger dosages than just one drop of lugols iodine a day to achieve any of these beneficial effects because the whole body's need for iodine is so great.

The second point I must make is that taking one drop or small amounts of iodine for problems like hypothyroid will not work because the rest of the body's need for iodine is 100 times more than the RDA that is needed for the thyroid. This means that whatever dosage of oral iodine you take -- the body will grab 100 times more iodine than the thyroid. So whatever dosage of lugols you are taking now must also therefore satisfy the whole body's need for iodine. The RDA for just thyroid iodine maintenance per day is defined as approx 125 MICROgrams. So just multiply that by 100 and you get 12.5 MILLIgrams -- which is equivalent to 2 drops of lugols 5% iodine (or equivalent to approx 4 drops 2% lugols iodine) -- and that's only for just thyroid and body iodine maintenance!!

If you have sensitivities or problems with lugols iodine, then perhaps try Nascent Iodine. This form doesn't have much taste and is a form which contains the most triiodide or I3 ions which is the most recognised, absorbable and bioavailable form of iodine for the body. Lugols Iodine also contains I3 but Nascent Iodine(also known as Atomidine) contains far more because it has been made using a special electrical process(to create more ionic I3 ). You should also be able to take much larger dosages of Nascent Iodine without problems.

Replied by Lisa
(Frankfurt, Germany)

Hi Bill, I am 5th week pregnant and also hypothyroid. I take daily L-thyroxin 50 mg. I want to take Lugol's Iodine to support my thyroid. Is it safe to take Iodine during pregnancy?

Thanks in advance.


Replied by Elly
(Topeka, Kansas, Usa)

Thank you Bill for your fast and detailed answer! Skin test fine and stomach no problems. It seems to be a case of iodophobia (unconscious brainwashing from slanted websites). Morning or even during the day I don't measure higher than 96.5 degrees, unless I have a fever but then it only goes up a few degrees. So I can see I need iodine. The info you gave here has alleviated a lot of my fears and I have a much better understanding of iodine now. And thank you for the info on Nascent Iodine, though more expensive I will consider it if need be. Wish everyone here a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again Bill!

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Lisa... The evidence that iodine is beneficial during pregnancy is quite strong and the historic, demographic evidence should be enough. From research by the Iodine Project:

"The literature search revealed that 60 million mainland Japanese consume a daily average of 13.8 mg of elemental iodine[mainly from kelp and seaweed as food] and they are one of the healthiest nations, based on overall wellbeing and cancer statistics (4). Japanese women do not stop consuming iodine-rich foods during pregnancy, and Japanese fetuses are exposed to maternal peripheral levels of iodide at concentrations of 10-5M to 10-6M. Either the Japanese are mutants, capable of striving on toxic levels of iodine or we have been grossly deceived, and the human body needs at least 100 times the RDA, which was established very recently in 1980 and confirmed in 1989!! " Source:

13.8 mgs is about 2 drops of 5% Lugols Iodine per day which is approx 100 times more than the current RDA for iodine. Further evidence has also confirmed that iodine supplementation by mothers both during and after pregnancy helps the baby's brain and CNS system to develop properly and also helps to reduce cretinism and retardation in the newborn such that there seems to be a direct relationship between the baby's intelligence outcome with a higher IQ and iodine intake. Iodine helps to reduce miscarriages and also reduces complications during pregnancy. After the baby has been born, it is also important that the mother continues taking iodine, because iodine in mother's milk will further help to protect the baby's health against germs, heavy metals and halogens during early stage development as well.

I must also add here that purchasing kelp tablets will not be sufficient to attain the proper dose as recommended above. I recently purchased a so-called good make of European kelp tablets and when I eventually read the label(stupid me!! ), this revealed that each tablet only contained 125 MICROgrams of actual iodine. Therefore I would have had to take 100 of these tablets PER DAY just to satisfy the same maintenance iodine intake as the healthy Japanese. Please understand that I have nothing against Kelp in natural food form, however I do object very much to the ridiculous RDA for Iodine as recommended by the medical regulatory authorities which is so rigidly enforced by the Codex laws in Europe -- and we all know why. This will also apply to American forms of kelp as well.

Finally, I was day-dreaming the other day -- as one does -- and had these thoughts.

Arthritis prevalence across the population in the US is about 22%. The prevalence of arthritis in Israel is 0.35% -- because their drinking water supply contains slightly over 3 ppm of borax.

Heart disease statistics in Finland were horrific until they added magnesium to their drinking water. Now their heart disease figures has gone "Oriental" and are the lowest in Europe.

Chlorine is used in western drinking water supplies. Why not use Iodine instead?

So, if we added proper amounts of borax, magnesium and iodine(not expensive) into our western water supplies --- then in one sweep we would greatly reduce heart disease, arthritis, goiter, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, cancer, infectious and fungal diseases etc and the western populations would immediately become healthier again!!

However and as far as I am aware, common sense has never yet entered into the rather bereft and squalid regions of political thinking and debate -- particularly regarding the important health needs of their ordinary citizens. Politicians only ever seem to think of their sick flock as tax mikcows these days. Or perhaps "Tax Cattle" would be the more appropriate term here.

Just some thoughts...

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Elly... I forgot to mention that Iodoral tablets -- as a substitute for lugol's iodine can also be taken instead. Unfortunately, Iodoral is also more expensive as well. You can Google Iodoral for more details. And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

Replied by Lisa
(Frankfurt, Germany)

Hi Bill, Thank you so much for your very quick and detailed reply. I always read your postings on Earth Clinic with great interest. I was just planning to take Iodine meanwhile I got pregnant. Ted'remedies have also helped me to get pregnant. I am very much impressed by the generosity and kindness of you, Ted and all the people on Earth clinic. Thank you Earth clinic.

Thanks Bill once again for your help.


Replied by Betty
(Tampa, Floridy)

Hi Bill.. Scrolling through this website and trying to find the info myself, would the proper amounts of your "dream mixture" be 1/8 tsp borax, 10 drops 80% magnesium chloride and 2 drops 5% Lugols iodine in a glass of water most days of the week? Anything else we can add to this "super drink".. Like maybe 5-10 drops 3% H2O2 and a pinch of tannic acid (or green tea) and a pinch of EDTA or is this over the top. BTW your posts on this are awesome!!!!!

Replied by Lon
(Stanhope, Nj)

Thank you Bill, for terrific, asy to follow informative posts. You and ted are so geneerous to share your knowledge without a fee. Alternative practioners are soo expensive. Your suggestions are so simple and inexpensive, making these remedies accessible to everyone, not only the those who can pay for the expensive alternative remedies. Your remedies are time saving and easy to do. I have many responsibilities... No time for packs, soaking and so forth... but doesn't have time to throw some BS into a glass of water! I am exceedingly grateful.

Replied by Anon

Hey Betty & Bill; why not throw in some sodium thiosulfate into that mix? Actually not sure if H2O2 and ST go together tho? Me thinks if you have the iodine you don't need the H2O2 since they're both oxidizers. Just don't add vit C to this mix cuz that's an antioxidant. Please Bill correct me if I'm wrong. Adieu!

Replied by Jingkatphil
(Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines)

Hi Bill from the philippines..

I'm from the phils also and also having candidal issues.. I just want to ask if you used kefir in your program..And also, can I reach you? Since we're from the same country..

I really would like to talk to you and have my questions be answered as you have answered your questions on candida..

I have been suffering vaginal candida infection and now, having pelvic pains.. I'm also always tired and can't concentrate.. I'm really desperate right now to have this candida eliminated considering that I'm only 22 and I don't want to waste the rest of my years living with this hell..

Hope you'd reply on this. thanks Bill.

Candida Detoxing Symptoms
Posted by Ben (St. Louis, Mo) on 11/22/2011

How do I take Lugols 2% to get rid of Candida? I have had for 2 years now and digestion is doing terrible. I can only get 2% Lugols Solution. Are there any interactions to watch out for as well?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Ben... In answer to your questions:

How do I take Lugols 2% to get rid of Candida?

First you should test a few test drops of lugols iodine on your arm and leave it for an hour or so. If it develops into a red itchy area then you are probably allergic to iodine -- but only 1% of people are allergic so this is rare. Next, try orally taking one or two drops of the lugol's in a glass of water for a few days. Take this at least one hour before meals or two hours after meals. If you're OK with this then you have no stomach sensitivity to iodine and so you can use the full dose.

Dr Orian Truss used a stronger 5% lugol's iodine to successfully cure candida and used dosages of between 6 - 8 drops a day in split doses. With this he could cure candida problems in about 1 to 2 months.

Therefore for a 2% lugols iodine solution I would recommend between 12 -- 16 drops of lugols a day -- in four split doses of between 3 or 4 drops taken 4 times a day. If it was a 5% solution of lugols iodine -- which is higher strength than 2% lugols -- then I would just recommend 2 drops 4 times a day.

Are there any interactions to watch out for as well?

There should be no interactions provided you take lugols with water outside mealtimes.

But -- at the start of taking lugols -- you WILL get a Herxheimer or candida die-off reaction. This is when the lugols iodine kills large amounts of candida in you body. The liver therefore comes under stress to clear the candida from the blood. This gives rise to symptoms like: flu-like symptoms, nausea, low energy, feeling tired and feeling generally awful. The length or duration of this die-off reaction will depend on the extent of your candida invasion and will also depend on how healthy your liver is. This is why it is also advisable to take liver support herbs like Milk Thistle or Chanca Piedra during the die-off period.

Candida Detoxing Symptoms
Posted by Joe (Wpb, Fl) on 07/30/2010

Bill - Re Your Updated Candida Protocol:

I have the symptoms that you experienced with Candida (constipation, eczema, dandruff, insomnia, sweet cravings, nail fungus). My urine and saliva is alkaline even though I don't eat a good diet. I have been doing Iodine, borax, sodium ascorbate, Sodium Thiosulfate, for fungus and metals. I'm alkaline but still have all the symptoms?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Joe... The question of alkalinity can be confusing. But you must also consider that there are two areas that you must alakalize -- the blood terrain(extracellular) and the cell terrian(intracellular). You can certainly have alkaline urine, which means that your blood may be alkaline, but this does not mean that your intracellular environment is alkaline. My favourite ways of alkalizine now are to just use Ted's lemon/lime remedies or to use Ted's Baking soda plus Sodium citrate and potassium citrate mix. Both of these will create the necessary citrates for intracellular alkalinity. Also, if you add magnesium citrate or bicarbonate to your protocol this will go further to balance the calcium and also help with increasing the alkalinity too. Anyway, here is another more in depth explanation that I found from Ted, which should help you to understand body alkalinity better:

"The potassium is the primary method of getting alkaline pH. Actually, extracellular fluids is like a highway system where toxic wastes are rid of from the cells. So getting alkaline urine is important. The exception appears that if a person is deficient of potassium, then it's the intracellular fluids that is acid. Two intracellular fluids are required, magnesium and potassium, and traces of phosphate. In practice potassium will get you alkaline pH fairly quickly, but if the body's accessibility to buffers are limited due to circulation then a carbicarb is required to reach those. In any event, I don't use what present conventional medicine (in Europe, at least) and has long modified them to be a carbicarb potassium mix. Which technically speaking is a equimolar concentrations of carbicarb. A more powerful potassium is the tripotassium citrate. You have to realize that the alkaline bandwagon started in the early 1990s before it hit popularity with the internet around the late 1990s. However, I have been doing this since the late 1960s, and Dr.Carey Reams started somewhere in the 1970s. My idea wasn't even original one either. It was first suggested by Edgar Cayce the importance of alkaline foods found in vegetables, but I found that inconvenient and settled for baking soda instead. An Australian marketed Unique Water that had Magnesium bicarbonate to alkalized the intracellular fluids which I h ave known that long time before it was even patented. In any event, the primary vehicle to alkalized the salivary pH is fairly quick and I have noticed that you may not have even added potassium citrate (tripotassium citrate), or potassium bicarbonate to a large extent in the dosing in alkalizing, which is why the salivary pH still remains at an acidic range. It appears that the body remains low on potassium and perhaps another one was also ignored, which is the magnesium, preferably magnesium bicarbonate. In practice a magnesium bicarbonate doesn't exist in dry state so I would either use a magnesium citrate or a magnesium chloride to replenish electrolytic deficiency and imbalances in the intracellular makeup of magnesium and potassium. It takes a bit longer to alkalize the salivary pH as opposed to urinary pH. The lag time for urinary pH is only an hour or two, while a potassium pH lags about 12-24 hours. In effect, if regular frequent measurements and proper dose were observed, the potassium's effect of salivary pH would have been noticed anyway. A salivary pH of 5. 5 is a seriously distressed body. In any event, there IS a possibility where potassium has little effect on salivary pH. That has a lot to do with poisons added into our food where the body is seriously distressed in metabolic acidosis. That I found came from excitotoxins of aspartame that is now present in thousands of consumer products, including Gatorade, xylitol chewing gums, Clorets, Flintstone vitamins, many effervescent products (such as to reduce stomach acid) that required a much larger dose to neutralize these. Hence, to have any DENT on increasing salivary pH, excitotoxins, such as aspartate (e. G. Lithium aspartate, or anything with aspartate name), Monsodium Glutamate, and other amino acids of excitoxins should be avoided as if the neural system is destroyed, the body's natural restoration of pH is affected and both urinary pH and salivary pH is stubborn to change to more alkalinity. A long term metabolic acidosis, especially acid intracellular fluids has a much better chance ot becoming cancer causing. It's also interesting to note that hydrocarbon exposures such as benzene found in softdrinks from the use of sodium benzoate, which breaks down into benzene causes both metabolic acidosis and neural damage. Whatever the arguments, present researchers have a long way to go in understanding these pH issues. Issues such the body's electrical capacitance, electrical conductance, body's electrical potential, are other issues that had not given importance, the effects of difference buffering, and even something as simple as a electrolyte drinks are currently missign magnesium, the ignorance of the toxicity of lactates and lactose, the hydrocarbon causing metabolic acidosis, are some of the topics today's writers should cover but are only just barely even going beyond baking soda. Has anyone ever had a look at other kinds of buffers yet, besides bicarbonates yet? Such as carbicarb, citrates, etc.?

Replied by Joe
(Wpb, Florida)

Bill: So the citrate remedies are more for intracellular alkalizing tested by our saliva?
Does it matter when you take the BS / lemon?
For extracellular what is some of the best common remedies?
Can one use BS, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium citrate combo for alkalizing extracellular?
Thank you so much Bill:)

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Joe... In answer to your questions:

So the citrate remedies are more for intracellular alkalizing tested by our saliva?

Absolutely right. Both citrates and potassium are necessary for intracellular activity. The potassium, together with the magnesium are necessary to help balance the calcium within the cell. And the citrate form helps to produce cell energy within the cell and the end product of citrates from the Krebs or citric acid cycle is carbonates, which are highly alkaline and help maintain a high pH and a healthy cell environment.

Does it matter when you take the BS / lemon?

The best time for me is to take the BS/lemon remedy in late morning and late afternoon, always one hour before or two hours after meals.

For extracellular what is some of the best common remedies?

The best and simplest is simply the BS(Sodium Bicarbonate) with half a glass of water. I use this one all the time. Sometimes I use 1/4 tspn Sodium Bicarbonate, 1/4 tsp sodium carbonate and 1/4 tsp potassium citrate -- this one seems to calm my brain down, make it less acid perhaps and helps with insomnia. This is, perhaps a good all round one to alkalize both the intracellular and extracellular eninvironments, but I tend to use the lemon/lime with BS the most since this is also very balanced.

Can one use BS, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium citrate combo for alkalizing extracellular?

Yes, you can mix these together without problems. But these will alkalize the intracellular environment more. Just take plain old baking Soda in water if you want to alkalize the blood.

Replied by Peter
(Chicago, Il)

Bill, Can I add magnesium citrate to the Baking Soda/Lemon?

Replied by Joe
(Wpb, Florida)

Is Intracellular remedies more related to alkalizing for acid brain? BS, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium citrate or BS and lemon. I think the acid brain is suspect with insomnia b/c I've been doing what Ted says with insomnia: removed all halogen exposures, 12.5mg Iodine daily, no emf's, , ,
How much of the lemon do you squeeze? (2 tablespoons )
I think the insomnia may be making me lose weight or the remedies have facilitated the krebs cycle with me thus, the weight loss.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Peter... Yes, you can add the magnesium citrate to baking soda without problems. I add magnesium chloride to ascorbates as well as baking soda quite often. To check compatibility of compounds for mixing -- have a look at this link to Ted's List:

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Joe... In answer to your questions:

Is Intracellular remedies more related to alkalizing for acid brain?

The lemon/lime and carbicarb remedies are perhaps the most balancing for your body and when you make the carbicarb remedies with citric acid, this seems to have more of an alkalizing effect on the brain. I was a bit of an insomniac and now I tend to use both the BS and lemon/lime remdies as well as carbicarb remedies in the evening depending on how I feel. And whenever I make the lemon/lime and BS remedies I always add a little bit extra BS to ensure an alkaline medium(the water). And if I need it more alkaline then I will add a little sodium or potassium carbonate instead.

How much of the lemon do you squeeze?

I squeeze the whole lemon, and if it is a small lemon then I squeeze 2 lemons and then add the BS. I'm quite tolerant of baking Soda, since I've been using it for a number of years now. I also take BS alone in water when necessary, useful for keeping your blood alkaline. That's the way I do it anyway and I've never had a bad reaction.


Hi Bill - I'm not new to Earth Clinic but this is my first post. How often should the alkalizing remedies be done? Daily? Weekly? I ask because I tend to become quite acidic if I don't use at least the baking soda/water at least every other day. This morning I'm trying the lemon/baking soda remedy to see if perhaps that will keep me in the balanced range longer. Has that been your experience? Thanks!

Candida Detoxing Symptoms
Posted by Karen (Ghent-belgium, Belgium) on 02/08/2010

Black tongue due to candida detox?

Hello, I am 32 years old, living in western europe, Belgium. I am truly happy to have found this website and got very enthusiastic on the remedies and exchange of experiences. As I wrote before thanks a lot for existing!

I started one month and a half to drink every morning a glass of hot water, apple cider vinegar, black strap molasses and turmeric. In the evenings, I usually drink a glass of warm water with acv, baking soda and some honey for taste. I felt better, but I have to mention I went slowly in upgrading the amount of AVC. I felt great, share the same experiences, it helped me to get rid of the morning coffee. I also have a balanced diet with lots of veggies, fruit, fish and I avoid (but not totaly eliminate) wheat products and sugar. I am just not very rigid in saying no but limit this to two times a week.

I lost 3 kg since I started doing this.

Now, since one week, I am at home from work with what seems a big flu. I was aware that I could get some flu-like symptoms from detox, but it is very cold, wet and just the season for flu so nothing wrong with getting a flu. I added some cayenne pepper and think I am doing allright.

What does bother me tough is this: now I have a black tongue. I rince with hydrogen peroxide (what I learned from this site), brush well, drink a lot of water, clean my tongue with a scraper, etc... I had to go to my regular dokter for prescribing me some more days because I still have headaches and suffer from fatigue. So I asked her what it could be. She said "candida" in the mouth and prescribed me daktarin oral, to fight the fungus in my mouth.

What to think about this? Is it my body in detox trying to get rid of the candida? Should I be more severe in stopping all wheat and sugar (which are already very limited)? Should I not take this dakarin or is it recommended? Do i risk just fighting the symptoms and not the cause? I don't know. The only think I do know is that I sincerely lack energy now. Today I skipped my usual health cocktail, maybe I was detoxing too fast... I must keep on working tough, I can not permit myself to stay at home and go into detox all the way. Please help me out... Must do something wrong OR do this very well... I am confused.

Thanks a lot for your responses!


Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Karen...If you have Candida in the mouth then it's very likely you have candida in your intestines as well. I've had Intestinal Candida, and managed to cured it. Here is a past extract of what I used and how I cured it:

"Bill from San Fernando, Philippines replies: "Hi Deborah and Cured from Niceville...I had candida three years ago. My symptoms were psoriasis, eczma, BM and toilet only once every 4 days if I was lucky, tired and sluggish all day, severe grogginess and brainfog in the mornings, jock itch(tinea cruris) and overweight. I also regularly caught colds, flu etc many times a year on a regular basis.

This is what I took to cure candida:

* Ted's alkalizing remedies using either whole squeezed lemon/lime or 2 tbspns ACV plus 1/2 tspn baking soda(Arm & Hammer brand) two or three times a day. This is Ted's Alkalizing Remedy and this is THE NUMBER ONE CURE for Candida in my book.

* One tablespoons of virgin coconut oil stirred into my coffee at least 3 times a day.

* Blackstrap molasses in my coffee, no refined sugar or aspartame sweetener allowed in my diet.

When I started this remedy at the beginning, I got fairly severe flu-like symptoms -- it almost seemed as if the remedy was making me worse. But this die off or Herxheimer Effect always happens when you get the fungal toxins in your blood from the microbes and fungus, so think of it as a good sign.

Your liver and kidneys are overworked initially, until your immune system can get on top of it. After this die-off it was easy. All my skin problems just disappeared slowly (except the jock itch -- but that's another story) and I haven't had a cold or flu in 2 years.

Mind you, it took me a full year to completely get rid of my candida. And even though I'm clear of candida now, and since it is very difficult to eat non-acidic foods these days, I still always alkalize and take coconut oil a couple of times a week as a preventative even now (plus supplementing borax, magnesium, natural sea salt etc as recommended by Ted on this site).

Replied by Karen
(Ghent-belgium, Belgium)

Bill from the philippines:

Thanks a lot for your answer. I hadn't read the posts on candida yet but did so this morning and I came across your post as well. Especially the confirmation that flu-like symptoms can occur reassured me. So I took my acv, blackstrap molasses, tumeric and cayenne-drink as usual in the mornings. I also take often (and will increase) a spoon of pure coconut oil and went to the health store today for grape seeds extract (which is really expensive over here - but I got lucky I found it). I am looking forward for results. The only thing I am not sure of is whether to take the anti-candida oral get the doc prescribed... Could this speed up the proces and could this be helpful? Or should I say no to this traditional medicine? .. I ask this question because I've seen a site from someone with chronic fatgue who is cured of candida and in the end completely cured buy eating natural healthy foods, but she recommended this so I guess it could be helpful... The thing is that I am working and really need this money, can't afford to go into this kind of deep detox again, .... Yeah I know... Thanks for answering my question, what do you (and other readers) think?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Karen...A black tongue can also be caused by :

* Smoking

* Using antacids frequently like Pepto-bismol (for upset stomach) and others that are based on bismuth chemicals -- such as bismuth subsalicylate.

* Over-use of antibiotics.

* Candida infection -- although in most mouth candida/thrush infections the tongue is white or patchy white, with thick and sour-tasting sputum.

Check these links:

Replied by Cc
(Slc, Utah)

To Karen - Your tongue was probably white then it turned black. I would say that you used way too much H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) and killed everything that lives on your tongue the good and the bad. I also did this once when I used to much H202. It went from white to red then to black then back to white. Your tongue will most likely go back to a white color after a few days. Take Care.

Replied by Labes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

To Bill from San Fernando, Philippines.

Hi, Thank you very much for you feedback and I'm very happy to hear that some people really do win the battle against Candida, it encourages us to continue the treatment, however, I have a few questions to adress to you, one of them is about Ted's Alkalizing diet:

How could you make your body Alkaline? It's impossible. Death will occur if the ph of the blood is other than its range which is 7±0,4. The homeostatie will always try to keep the optimal ph of the body.

You can verify in all the scientific articls and you will never find such Alkaline body or acidic body. Alkalosis or acidos are two deadly disease when the ph of the body is other than 7,4±0,1.

I can understand a diet low of carbohydrates but I couldn't understand the myth about Alkaline or Acidic blood.

Also, some readers put an accent about cellulase which some companies claims it will kill candida. That is an abvious big lie. Candida Albican has no cellulose in its membrane, the main ingrdients are chitin, ergosterol, B-glucan.

I will appreciate your response.

Thank you very much.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Labes... I could also perhaps produce many logical arguments as to why alkalizing works so well as well as provide links to many websites that support and explain how alkalizing works towards body health.

But the way I see it, there are already hundreds of entries by Ted from Bangkok on EC that adequately and thoroughly explain the chemistry of body alkalizing far better than I could ever describe it.

Ted from Bangkok is a University educated chemist/microbiologist who has worked for many years in the US food and medical sectors as a chemist. He probably has more knowledge about drugs, herbs, minerals and vitamins in his two little thumbs than I have in my brain...LOL. Ted is now a healer, and a very successful one.

All I know is that Ted's simple alkalizing remedies had an astonishing effect on my candida. I also took VCO, molasses etc which helped, but it was really the alkalizing that drove out the candida as far as I was concerned. And, along with candida, my psoriasis, eczma, bloating, low energy, athletes foot etc. also completely cleared up.

I could argue this and that with you about Ted's Alkalizing Remedies and it would probably go on for ever. I prefer not to do that, achieves so little. If you don't believe in alkalizing that's OK.

For myself, I really find it unnecessary to prove anything, because I feel so much healthier now and this is my only evidence -- by observation of the results of alkalizing against candida in my own body -- which, to me, needs no arguing. It worked and is self-evident.

I also know about drugs like Nystatin, Threelac etc for candida. I never tried them because I didn't particularly want to use them because their side-effects can be pretty awful.

Your comment about the hype on drugs that contain cellulase being so effective against candida is well taken and is yet another reason why I really don't use drugs unless I absolutely have too. Because it's so difficult to trust the drugs companies. It has been well known for many years that alkalizing helps the body. Here is one interesting example -- how Dr Orian Truss discovered one of the most effective cures against candida -- lugol's iodine (which is very alkaline):

Dr Orian Truss and Iodine

Good luck.

Replied by Labes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Thank you very much Mr Bill for the fast reply. My first comment about Ted's Alkalizing remedy was not about its effectiveness against Candida, but about Alkalizing the body. I will be very happy to have from you some scientific articles about the body or the blood being Alkiline. Beleive me, I'm even reading physiological reference to find such claim about the possibility to rise the Ph of the body above or below 7.1±0,4. I couldn't find one.

Why I asked such questions is because of my sickness due to Candida ( Which I believe I got it from abusing antibiotics). Also, because I couldn't accept the Alkalizing theory doesn't mean I didn't accept the remedy. Why? because the remedy ( lemon bicarbonate) could have a effectivness against Candida directly or indirectly that has nothing to do with the Ph of the body.

The other reason why I'm sceptical about the ph theory is because some bacteria use their urease enzyme to make their enviromnent Alkaline like H.pylori.

Thank you very much for the link of doctor Orian Truss. I did try lugol's solution but it doesn't help much.

Thank you very much. God bless you.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Labes... Much thanks for your reply. You probably know the protocol that I followed to get rid of my own candida and regarding your questions about alkalizing -- here is a link to a comment stream where I describe why alkaline bicarbonates are good for you:
Alkalinity and Sodium Bicarbonate

Here is a link to a comment stream where, in several detailed comments, I completely describe what protocols, herbs and supplements I used to rid myself of candida:
Candida Protocol

When I used this protocol I did not know what I know now -- 3 or 4 years later. My remedy took a whole year to get rid of my candida, but Ted has said that you can get rid of it in for months.

Here is the protocol I would use now:

To Improve your Body Terrain

*Take Ted's Lime/Lemon alkalizing remedies at least 2 times a day as recommended. These alkalizing remedies create the worst possible environment for the candida while simultaneously creating a healthy body terrain. Also take the BS with water remedy on it's own one hour before bed - this will help you get a good nights sleep. If you have problems with this, then use Ted's Carbicarb remedy -- this is more balanced and incorporates potassium to balance any sodium issues. Potassium citrate can be taken to more directly aid intracellular alkalization. See this link and read Ted's description.

*Take at least 2 tablespoons of VCO per day to help constipation and intestinal issues. VCO contains mainly medium chain saturated acids, very protective for the intestines, liver and blood. Contains lauric acid, caproic acid, caprylic acid and myristic acid -- these act as anti-microbials helping to destroy the candida as well as protecting the intestines from any further external microbial invasion. See this link. I don't use vegetable oils anymore, I cook only with VCO now.

*Take herb supplements like Milk Thistle or Dandelion because the candida die-off will create a big strain on both your immune system and the liver which will have to clear the dead candida debris and toxins from your blood. Think of this as taking out the candida trash. This die-off will give you flu-like or liverish symptoms and perhaps some diarrhea. Accept this and work your way through it as it should disappear once your body gains control again.

*Detox and get rid of heavy metals from your body. Due to diet and if you've taken medicinal drugs for any length of time you will have an accumulation of heavy metals. To get rid of this just drink green tea 2 or 3 times a day and eat Cilantro 3 times a week in salads. You can also use Sodium Thiosulphate to get rid of heavy metals, arsenic, cyanide and chlorine. These will get rid of heavy metals over time. Heavy metals create an ideal acidic environment for candida as well as for nanobacteria. Se this link for more details on ST.

Remedies that Directly Attack the Candida

*Drink 1/4 teaspoon of borax in a litre of water throughout the day. Take this for 4 days on then rest for 3 days. So, 4 days on, 3 days off with the Borax. Borax is the ultimate anti-fungal, also good for bones and helps to balance the hormones as well as leeches out the fluoride from your body. Borax affects your male hormones or androgens in a viagra-like manner, which is why you must rest for 3 days -- to avoid gland over-stimulation. Read about Borax here.

*Methylene Blue(MB). You can buy this at any aquatics or fish supply store. Used to get rid of fungal and bacterial infections on fish. Also used throughout the last century as a successful anti-malarial. Taking MB on its own will turn your urine green and the whites of your eyes blue, but if you take at least 1000 mgs Vitamin C with the MB, these side-effects will not occur. Dosage: Two drops of a 0.1% solution of MB in a full glass of water once or twice a day. Do not take MB after 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon - it gives you alot of energy so you will not be able to sleep !!(I learned this the hard way...LOL) MB is a deep acting anti-fungal that is able to penetrate the blood/brain and blood/bone barriers of the body. MB is also a marvelous mitochondrial super anti-oxidant for your brain -- gives you lots of energy. Read about MB here.

*Supplementing with at least 12.5 mgs of 5% lugols iodine per day -- two drops a day in a glass of water. You know the story of Dr Orian Truss, candida and lugol's iodine. Iodine will also help to balance your hormones and is also able to remove dangerous halogens like fluorine and bromine from your body.

*Hydrogen peroxide(food grade) I just use a capful of 3% HP in one litre of water a day when I need it. Sometimes I splash 3% HP all over my body, this kills everything bad topically as well as being absorbed quite well transdermally into my body by this method. Very potent against all forms of bacteria, viruses and fungus. See this link for more on HP.

Additional and Useful Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamin C - Taken in the more alkaline form of Sodium Ascorbate -- at least 1000 mgs twice a day. Vit C is an anti-oxidant and also chelates heavy metals as well.

Magnesium -- Taken as Mag Chloride, Mag Citrate or Mag Gluconate. Dosage: 250 mgs twice a day. Magnesium is involved in over 300 major enzyme body processes and also gets rid of any staph or strep bacteria quite well. Magnesium Chloride is the best form of magnesium in my opinion. See this link.

*Natural Sea Salt or Fulvic/Humic Acid. Both of these will act in the same way as absorption synergists as well as help create a healthy intestine and help to supply other much needed minerals to your body.


Avoid the following: all sugar and sugar foods, dairy, vegetable oils, aspartame, sucralose, saccharine, soft drinks, junk foods, fried foods, baked goods containing white flour, red meat. Your diet should contain low amounts of white meat like chicken, turkey and fish with high amounts of vegetables. Rice is OK.

There are other methods of helping to get rid of candida, but I've taken a blanket approach -- I always assume that other problems caused by other resident bacteria, viruses etc will arise because of candida and these also need to be addressed and so this is incorporated into the above protocol.

Ted from Bangkok will have many more remedies up his sleeve that will work -- such as BHT (Butylated Hydroxy Toluene) and Azoxystrobin (fungicide), but these remedies are hard to obtain and I've never used them so I can't really comment. But I have used(and still using) all the above recommended remedies and I haven't been ill -- no colds, flu or any other problem -- for well over 3 years and I'm over 60 y o now. I've tried to keep the candida remedy relatively simple yet potent. See this link for more descriptions from Ted on Candida.

Replied by Labes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Bill, thank you again for thr reply.

I have read that Japaneze plum can rises the Ph of the body, a theory that I don't believe till now, could I use them agaist candida then? Do you have any idea about those plums and their activities against candida?

Also, I need some references that talk about how to control candida with body ph?

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Labes...Thanks for your reply. In answer to your question:

Also, I need some references that talk about how to control candida with body ph?"

In my last post to you, I provided many suggested remedies for your candida, along with 10 links which both described the efficacy and safety of these remedies. But apparently you will only be satisfied or convinced by standard medical research, which is very unfortunate because even if you search all the recognized databases like Medline and PubMed (which are both controlled by the big drugs companies), you won't find much on these remedies or on alkalinity. I know, I've it tried too.

I have spent much time using Google Scholar, which ONLY searches research databases and have found very little on the usefulness of alkalization or much info on the remedies I've mentioned. I was frustrated with this, so, due to my suspicions, I applied some reverse logic. I knew that drugs like Vioxx and Gardasil could kill and were very dangerous, so I searched for Vioxx on these respected medical databases and lo and behold I found many glowing accounts from research papers on Vioxx. Vioxx has recently been taken thru the courts, and it has been proved that this drug has killed about 26,000 people from iatrogenic heart attacks through Vioxx use. By the way, Vioxx has not been withdrawn and is still being sold out there.

The lesson here is simple. Be very careful what you believe, and be careful of what info sources you trust. If you read a research paper then the second thing you do is find out who funded the research, and if it is one of the Drug Giants, then simply ignore it. However, if the research is independently funded -- ie not funded by the drug companies, then you can, perhaps believe it.

There is also much spoiler research out out there by the drugs companies. A wonderful example of this is the Wolff-Chaikoff research report and criticism of Abraham/Browntsein's recent iodine research. In their rebuttal, Drs Abraham and Brownstein completely demolished the Wolff-Chaikoff iodine report as unbelieveably amateurish, innaccurate and deliberately badly executed. I'll leave you to Google this evidence for yourself.

I also find it odd that you seem more driven to prove or disprove the alkalization remedies on this site than you are to cure your own candida. As well, I also find it suspicious and odd that you hardly even mention your own candida. Most contributors who have candida usually talk about it willingly, to help other people but you hardly mention it at all. What are your symptoms? And what kind of candida do you have? Is it Cutaneous Candida, Oral Candida, Intestinal Candida or Systemic Candida?

I wish you luck with your Umeboshi Pickle and I hope you find the answers that you are looking for.

Replied by Labes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi Bill, Thank you very much for the reply.

Don't get me wrong. I just want to understand the theory and believe me I do believe you when you say that it healed you. I.m taking the same remedy as you describe before: lemon bicarb in 8oz of distilled water.

My symptoms are bloating even after eating very small meal, Jack-Itch, very very low energy, constipation and depression sometimes.

I apologize if I did hurt your feeling when I asked you those questions.

Have a nice day.

Replied by T
(Maryland, Usa)

Labes, with those symptoms have you considered a gluten-free diet trial? I'd do that for 2 months and see if you notice improvement. It can be tricky at first to make such a big dietary change but it is certainly not impossible. Just be very careful about hidden sources of gluten (and you cannot cheat by even a single crumb!). Tons of info on the net to help and many GF products now available. If you try this, please do let us know if it helped you at all. Best of luck!

Replied by Labes
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Hi T from Maryland, USA.

Thank you very much for your reply. I'm just living day to day with stomach pain and those horrible bloating even if I just eat salad. Also constipation is horrible. I'm not working because I feel like a death living with very vey low energy.

I'm now on a gluten free diet but there is no big improvement. I eat just once a day salad with some eggs. I don't touch bread or any cereal products.

Last year I changed my doctor because of heart palpitations and jumping heart and he gave me H.pylori test, it came back positive. He prescribed for me Hpac for one week. I felt great for 2 weeks and then all the symptoms came back worst then before. 3 months after than my specialist did a endoscopy with a biopsy to see if H.pylori is still there, he said that there was no H.pylori. He couldn't find it in my stomach.

One thing I don't understand is why I felt good for the week when I used the Hpac agaisnt H.pylori and why the symptoms came back after than worst than before. I was trying to find if the antibiotics can kill the fungus during the begining of the treatment but I couldn't find one. The other mystery is if I became H.pylori free after the Hpac why I still have the pain? It is a big dilemma for me.That let me think of Candida as an issue and not H.pylori. Since that time, I started taking probiotics and sticking to the atkin's diet. I'm so skinny now. But I still have the problem.

Thank you T for your time and your help.

Replied by Funnybones
(Henderson, Nv)

Hi Labes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

For your Candida you should try colloidal silver. Your Candida has probably turned into systemic fungi now and it will take a while to clear it up. You have to look in the Web to see what you have to avoid eating to get rid of it. No grains, limited fruits, no sugar, avoid dairy, etc. You can eat most vegetables and meat but not with sugared sauces or floured sauces. Its difficult to get rid of but the silver will be a big help and help you avoid other infections as well. Look up both. You have to get rid of it or it will do you in in the long run. I talk from experience. Good luck

Replied by Tommy
(North York, On, Canada)

Hi Bill,

I'm happy to know that you are doing well after your struggle with candida. I just want to ask you if you had a white coated tongue and also if you experienced a constant stomach pain at the upper abdomen?

Thank you very much.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines)

Hi Tommy... When I had candida I had a white tongue but no stomach problems. I also had constant bloating and constant constipation. Don't forget that candida sufferers can have between 20-30 different symptoms -- and no two candida sufferer's symtoms will ever be exactly the same. For instance, one person with candida might have constant constipation(like I had) but another might have loose stools or constant diarrhea. I have also read many posts here with people who think they only have oral candida or thrush when they have a white tongue. But if they also have other fungal skin problems like psoriasis, dandruff, eczma, athletes foot or jock itch or intestinal problems as well, then I would immediately assume that systemic candida is present and treat it accordingly. The dangers and robustness of Candida should never be underestimated.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

I have found that coconut capsules are the greatest supplement to combat constipation. Plus, they are anti-fungal. I can't take VCO orally, it gives me gerd. The capsules are little miracle workers! I have probably bought every supplement known to mankind. I wish I had bought this one first.

Replied by Connie
(Antioch, Ca, Usa)

I have a question/concern about supplementation because it seems to me that since Candida is a digestive tract issue, doesn't it interfer with the absorption of anything you ingest? Does anyone suggest it is a good idea to get tests on your vitamin levels so you can judge how well you are absorbing what you do take and maybe adjust dosages upwards or downwards? Do you think this could be an answer to those of us who try an internal protocol which might not have worked? Thank you for your time.

Replied by Caren
(Northridge, Ca)

I read that you should take borax for 4 days then take 3 days off. How long is the entire process? How many series of 4 days total should one take borax?

Candida Symptoms

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Posted by El (Cairns, Australia) on 12/16/2010

I have been taking acv/lemon and bs. And after two weeks taking this combination I feel worse. I only take 1/8 of bs, 1tbs ac, half lemon at night. I feel tired, bags under my eyes and slight burn in stomach. I do have low blood pressure. And all symptoms of candida flared up ie: thrush, flem in throat, dizzy, weak. Could you please advise. Greatly appreciated

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