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Posted by Cured (Houston, Tx) on 01/19/2011
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Hi, I don't normally post to bulletin boards but I've cured my condition and want to share what I did. The symptoms I had were dry mouth with a rough surface, white and yellow coating, little red spots, and a deep split in the middle. Also tiredness and brain fog. Worst of all constant bad breath. I had this for years and would brush often and chew gum but it didn't help.

First, here are the things that didn't work when I tried them individually: drinking lots of water, stopped caffeine, stopped social smoking, stopped social alcohol drinking, gargling with mouthwashes(hydrogen peroxide made it worse), consuming apple cider vinegar, taking herbs(fang feng tong shen wan), eating more veggies, brushing w/baking soda, selecting food/drinks based on pH, stopped using steroid nasal spray.

In the end, I feel one key practice did it: use tongue scraper w/hard edge(but not too hard) then mix few drops of oil of oregano and grape seed extract in 1 cup hot water. Swirl mouthful for 30 sec and swallow. It will be bitter but repeat as often as you can, all day if possible. I saw results after 1 week and by 2nd week my tongue was red again and moist and slippery. It was a feeling I had almost forgotten. The split is not gone but getting smaller all the time.

Here are some additional things that I did in conjunction that may or may not have helped: reduced usage of steroid nasal spray (instead rinsed nose with water and little sea salt daily), stopped all caffeine and soda(even diet), drank only hot or warm water, took supplements milk thistle, coconut oil, multivitamin, and royal jelly.

I'm so much happier now! Thanks to everyone who posted on this problem and good luck!