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Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Molly (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/14/2011

I have been battling an awful case of Candida for a long while now... I recently broke out in a case of oral thrush that has been so awful! I found this website and discovered oil pulling with extra virgin coconut oil and started op 2x daily plus taking 2 tbsp daily... Initially it cleared up the thrush immediately so fast it was like a miracle!! My Candida symptoms also got so much better!! Now 3weeks later it's starting to come back.. I have been on the Candida diet plus an anti fungal rotation protocol so it's not my diet.... I guess my question is could I have become resistant to the coconut oil already?? Has this happened to anyone else??? Any thoughts would be so appreciated!!

Posted by Steve (Naples, Florida) on 01/17/2008
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re: poor digestion -- yeast overbalence -- sinus congestion -- oil pulling (remedy). I tried the sesame oil pulling for the first time at the early hour 3:30 Am -- I could not sleep due to sinus congestion - my heart was beating 90 - 100 beats per minute mainly due to the yeast in my mouth and sinuses -- I took the unrefined sesame for 20 minutes and during the treatment my sinuses opened up completely -- after I finished I was so relaxed I could not believe it -- the thrust taste in my mouth was gone and my upset stomach had calmed down -- it has been 9 hours since the first treatment and I am as calm as a cucumber -- I can't wait until tonight to take my second treatment on an empty stomach right before I go to bed -- please spread the good word about OP and lets nip the pharma business in the butt - God bless everyone

Posted by Donna (Athens, Alabama, USA) on 08/21/2007
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I have been having a lot of different problems that have taken years to get to this point. So, this last 6 months or so I have been trying to heal myself naturally. I started by becoming a lacto-ovo vegetarian in April. I have stopped drinking diet drinks and started walking a mile a day as well as doing yoga 3 times a week. All this gave me a better frame of mind but didn't heal my body. I started looking on the internet to find a cure for all my problems. My main problem is yeast. I started getting ringworms, nail fungus, then very dry skin especially on my head, started loosing hair, achy joints, long heavy periods and discharge. I first looked at the thyroid and started a 21 day cleanse for my liver and colon. In looking at all the different things that can be affected by yeast I knew that is what I had in excess amounts.

YEAST OVERLOAD IS MY PERSONAL DIAC-NOSIS. I found this site Thursday and read all day from others and THEIR PROBLEMS. I started Friday with the spit in the glass test and to my amazement strings INSTANTLY streaked to the bottom of the glass. I started the oil pull THEN being Thursday morning. I did the lime and baking soda that day. As I was doing the pull I started getting a headache across my brow and down into my ears. This lasted all day Thursday.

Friday: That day I really started feeling bad. I had a pain under my shoulder blades that traveled my back into my kidneys down the butt on to my knees. I got chilled stayed covered all day and napped 3 times. Heavy head. Slept poorly. Saturday: This time the pain was in the ovary area. I ached all day. Heavy head. Slept poorly. Sunday:Felt better but had no energy. Heavy head. Slept Poorly

Monday:aches on right side in kidney area off and on. Head better. Slept slightly better.

Tuesday: I spit in the glass and the strings didn't happen as before. IT traveled about a fourth of an inch into the glass and stopped. My head is not heavy feeling and I feel really good. This is really amazing. I am now doing the oil pulling, taking lime and soda, taking sea salt and probiotic. I also have the lugol's solution that I plan to start since I don't eat meat or seafood now. I will write back with an update in September. Thank you for this site...

Posted by Kimba (Brooklyn, NY) on 12/05/2006
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3 months ago, I had a really bad infection in my mouth, so painful that I could not sleep. Orajel helped, but temporarily. I came across this website and decided to give it a try. When I woke up the next day, the pain was gone! No soreness, nothing. Not even a twinge. I stopped doing it for a couple of weeks, and all my health problems came back. Abnormal discharge, candida, and other female issues. I'm doing this again in the hopes that my issues will go away for good. Will keep you all updated on my progress.

Ph Balancing  

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Posted by Marvin (West Bloomfleld, Michigan) on 08/09/2007
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Concerning Nail Fungus, Candida and Yeast Growth. Being a man and having candida for over 12 years has been a 3esearch project for natural cures.I have come into contact with hundreds of people, men and women that are living with the result of what I now believe is very curable disease or imbalance. Yes I have treated the result of the internal problem, PH INBALANCE (TOO ACIDIC), NEED FOR COLON AND INTESTINTAL AND KIDNEY CLEANSING. I do not sell anything. I am going to tell my little story that you may relate too.
First , I am a 53 year old white male that has eaten health food almost consistently since he was 20. About 12 years ago I started getting terrible yellow mucus in my throat where I had to spit up all the time with a constant cough. I figured that I had an infection so after a month when it did not go away I went to my doctor of over 20 years and was given antibiotics. I took them and for a few days after, it cleaned up and with a mucus shot to dry me up the coughing stopped too.Unfortunately a week later it came back. So I went back and got a refill and did this for the next year or two with the same results. One day at a health food store, I asked the owner, what should I do? She said it sounds like you have a wheat allergy. I stopped eating wheat right away and the after about 2 weeks the heavy yellow mucus and caughing stopped. It is really heard to not eat any wheat products and heavy yeast products, like beer, especially what beer. (I play a lot of hockey). Anyway I started taking Yeast-Cleanse from Solaray with Caprylic Acid, Pau Darco and Tea Tree Oil, garlic and grapfruit in it and other vitamins. This mixture also helps the pH balance in your system, helping it balance to a pH(potential of hydrogen) 6.5 to 7.5. To acidic would be below and to alkaline would be over. There are many studies concerning this. A great reference article can be found at but there are many articles about yin/yang balance. Well since this last been a too long uncovering of information , the next year I got eczema, psorias too. Which I still have today. I also got bad nail fungus three years ago which I finally got rid of in the last month. Well to tell all of you that I know what has worked the best wouldn't be true but I know that Yin/Yang ph balance is a very big part of it. Wheat allergies are too. The wheat that the the Egyptians harvested is not at all the same wheat that we get. Unfortunately so many foods have been altered for profits. Nothing wrong with profits but people over profits please. So what am I doing right now that is effective , whell of of it and putting in the information that I get from others to get rid of the last remains of my dis-ease. Trying to not eat much dairy, no wheat, internal cleansing, enemas, yeast cleanse from Solaray ( no I am not a rep.) putting hydrogen peroxide , tea tree oil and garlic on the ecxema and psoriasis and trying to stay ph balanced. For me eating a lot of lemons always helps. Thanks


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Posted by Lulu (Montreal, Quebec Canada) on 04/28/2013
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Hi, my post is more for chronic yeast sufferers.

Apple cider vinegar is great and I wish I knew about 6 years ago maybe my yeast infections wouldn't have gone chronic if I CUT THE SUGAR and drank ACV.

One thing I learned through this site that truly helped was prebiotics. Prebiotics are just as important as probiotics. Main difference? Prebioctics they help your colon "treat itself" and stay strong against infections. (Please do your own research on it)

Grapefruit Seed Extract liquid (any brand) cleans out your body and cheap you only take a few drops so the bottle lasts for a long time.

It is important that your doctor follows your progress every step of the way, regardless of how you decide to treat yourself. It feels good when the doctor says "whatever your doing keep at it". Here is the list of stuff I rotate through (it's been 6 months since my yeast infection, I used to get them every month), you need to reasearch this stuff , see what works and keep safe dosages.

  • ACV (pills if you can't bare with the taste)
  • Prebiotics (will use this forever to keep my colon/body strong) this way the infection will reach my forbidden fruit.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid (if I notice a change in "mucus" I drink this in OJ)
  • Probiotics (carefull some of them need to be refrigarated)
  • Folic acid (good for general va-jay-jay health)
  • Pau d'arco (I make tea, but it is also in pill form)

less strong then Grapefruit seed extract liquid mentionned above. But still cleanses your body.


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Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 11/04/2012

Hi Everyone, I know so many people have issues with candida and I know I have offered advice, much I have learned from Donna Gates. Well, I just received an audio interview with her in which she speaks about gut health and the inner ecosystem and the connection between the gut intelligence and our brain. She is a wealth of information and I know I have benefitted from her knowledge. This audio I believe is only up for a couple of days though so I hope you take advantage of listening to her. Be aware that you have to scroll down to the bottom to find the interview audio bar to play.

Enjoy! Lisa

Replied by Geneta
Sydney, Australia

Thanks Lisa I listened to this programme and found it so interesting.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa

Lisa: Thanx for the post & link.

Bill from Philippines diagnosed me, from afar, correctly as gut issues. Not like I was unaware, but didn't realize the extent of the involvement ---until a couple weeks ago and tried oral Nystatin. Two 500,000 I.U. dose made dramatic improvements. I'm not big on pharmaceuticals but this one is effective and free of side effects as it acts locally and doesn't require metabolism or detoxification from liver. I use Oregano and Garlic regularly as well as Probiotics. Colloidal Silver periodically, but was not getting the "breakthrough" pathogen kills needed for healing. The story doesn't end here; I knew this wasn't a done deal, I was still suffering apparent leaky gut or major malabsorption issues. In a moment of complete despair and while talking on the phone I decided to use some H2O2 as it had been many months since last use. I did a 5 drop dose, waited an hr and repeated. Within minutes fallowing last dose I experience noticeable improvements. As one might guess it looks like a more regular H2O2 for me.

Also feel much more confidant on the food forms of probiotics (since the "breakthrough") like the Kefir ( I got some grains but haven't embarked on the production process yet). Also have some canned sour krout to test.

I would like to report one incident of a rare moment of noticeable improvement from one dose of 66 billion broad spectrum probiotic upon rising with a subsequent "good day".

Lisa, your many posts on healthy gut (particularly flora) should not go by unheeded; as food, meds, and supplements can be seriously compromised. In my case, I have gone from despair to hope in the forementioned corrections.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa

Glad you enjoyed it Geneta. And Timh, the same! And so glad to hear you continue to find improvements in your condition. I'm happy you're feeling more confident about probiotics in food forms. They are powerful ways to get them into our system. I make sure I have some everyday. I know I have learned so much in regards to our health linked to our gut flora.

I want to encourage you to start making your own kefir. I know you'll reap the benefits. Where is the canned sauerkraut from? Is it homemade? The only sauerkraut in the mainstream grocery store that is truly probiotic is Bubbie's. Both that and their pickles and their green tomatoes. We always have these in our fridge. I drink the juice everyday as well. It's loaded with probiotics. Making your own fermented veggies is super easy too. Google Sandor Katz and you'll learn a lot from him.

Anyway, it's always great to hear about your breakthroughs! It's validation for others that there is another way. Best of health to you, Lisa

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Timh... I'm very glad that you're feeling so much better. I quite enjoy reading your insights into your candida problems, not least because I believe that candida is still an unrecognized pandemic in the western world -- so we need all the information we can get to learn about this problem and the most honest way is through individual testamonials from people using alternative medicine.

Modern medicine still has no recognised method for accurately or consistently diagnosing or sufficiently treating systemic candida in the human body and getting rid of it for good. I've already said that doctors are completely infatuated with bacteria and viruses (from the Germ Theory's over-simplistic One germ -->One disease principle). So how do they successfully recognize and deal with multiple associated infections involving candida?

Unfortunately, they still have no cheap or accurate diagnostic procedures or tests that can successfully and accurately identify or treat candida associated problems like leaky gut, Crohn's, IBS, GERD etc that are also frequently found associated with candida. It's also well known from independent research that candida is frequently associated with other dangerous auto-immune diseases like cancer, Hepatitis, Fibromylagia, arthritis etc.

Time and time again here on EC I read about people who have a "mystery illness". They go to the doctor who then runs all the regular blood and urine tests and they are declared healthy -- but the patient still feels awful for some unknown ans undetermined reason. That's because the majority of doctors are solely geared to look for bacteria and viruses rather than fungus in the human body. Another prime example is when a woman goes to the doctor who then diagnoses her problem as uterine candida -- a recognized yeast/fungal disease. The doctor then prescribes antibiotics -- which only kills the associated bacteria -- and perhaps the candida goes away for a while. Then, one or two months later, the uterine candida comes back with a vengeance and the anti-biotics no longer work. Doctors have little understaning of the Antibiotic Syndrome and even less idea of what it takes to recognize and cure the more virulent forms of candida. Don't doctors know that antibiotics actually come from yeast/fungal strains? Don't doctors know that antibiotics ONLY kill bacterai (if your luck is in and the bacteria don't adjust to it) ? I'm completely flumoxed and amazed at the consistent and utter diagnostic stupidity of modern medicine with respect to fungal problems. I'm afraid that, in this respect, One germ --> One disease thinking just doesn't cut it for me.

Nystatin can be useful to clear candida from the gut but it also unfortunately ruins the beneficial microbiota bacteria in the gut as well. Nystatin frequently causes diarrhea and other problems. Nystatin is also very badly absorbed by the gut into the blood -- so would be of little use against the more virulent disseminated systemic candida form. Amphotericin A and Amphotericin B are similar well-used anti-fungals that tend to cause more awful side-effects and, as well, the candida fungus can easily hide or adjust to it like bacteria adjusting to antibiotics.

Both Hydorgen Peroxide and Lugols Iodine act to kill pathogens instantaneously by different methods. HP kills electrically and Iodine instantaneously dissolves the exposed tyrosine and histamine amino acid layers in the cell walls of the pathogen. The sheer speed with which both these substances kill pathogens is the prime determining factor because the pathogen -- whether its bacteria, virus or fungal -- has absolutely no chance of adjusting to it by reproducing a resistant strain.

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 06/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Acidophilus can effectively treat garden-varieties candida and yeast infections. Candida can manifest itself in many different ways, but a common way is it proliferates dramatically when antibiotics are taken. When the 'really nasty' things are allowed to proliferate when both good and bad bacteria are killed by antibiotics, that is candida but the doctors won't tell you that or how to fix it, and won't endorse the use of probiotics bc it effectively makes people well very cheaply. If you supplement with acidophilus immediately following an antibiotic course, you will greatly limit your reaction to the antibiotics. I recommend acidophilus/probiotic powders. Tablets and capsules likely have fillers and take longer to take effect.

Replied by Had
White River Junction, Vermont

its always good to have fermented foods in your daily diet, like kefir, kombucha tea, yogurt, sourkraut, etc.... make it yourself w/ RAW and organic foods and never buy probiotics again, and watch your immune system improve and the inbalances, like candida, disappear.

Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa

Probiotic supplementation is needed after an antibiotic course if you are interested in mitigating the effects of the antibiotics. It is needed to replenish the beneficial flora the antibiotics kill off In another thread I speak of making yogurt a regular part of your diet to keep candida at bay, however that does not eliminate the need for additional probiotics following an antibiotic course. Regular use of probiotic powders or tablets have a place with anyone who is interested in their much longer shelf life than yogurt, or is not interested in consuming dairy products or their calories. Foods besides yogurt don't provide enough of a significant probiotic contribution, and to accomodate a maintenance level through food requires drastic changes. Instead, regular yogurt or probiotic use is much simpler and more convenient and less expensive.

Posted by Soyjim (East Alton, Illinois) on 10/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

There are probiotics that eat and live on fuguses like candida and yeast. Threelac is one. There maybe others. This stuff costs about a dollar a packet. This is expensive if you use much.

I have found that a probiotic culture can be grown on a medium of food grade brewers yeast and water. Brewers yeast is dead yeast cells that are high in protein and several vitamins and mineral. I have made yogart and buttermilk in the past and growing these cultures is very similar. The result is a sour thin liquid that tastes a little like buttermilk.

currently I use 2 cups of brewers yeast flakes in a gallon of water. To this I add a packet of the probiotics I want to grow. This will create a sour culture in 1 to 3 days. I then refrigerate the jug and drink as needed. In winter I have been culturing the liquid in an oven with the light on. Oven needs to be less than about 110 degrees farenheit.

I don't believe that this is a total cure for systemic candida infection but it is a start and should eliminate candida from the intestinal tract. When first starting this you need to be aware of the Herztheimer effect. Now I drink a cup every few days. I know I am not drinking enough if it causes my stomach to rumble within an hour or 2 of drinking. It does cause my eurin to be more yellow.

Brewers yeast is not delicious, and culturing makes it more sour. It is a good source of protein and nutrients. I get the flakes for about $16 a pound. That is at least 10 cups so I don't think of it as expensive because it is a food that enables me to eat grains and sugar that would not be allowed on a candida restricted diet.

I have been drinking this stuff for several years.

Posted by Jet (Abilene, Kansas) on 05/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

There is an probiotic that the japanese have developed called (three lac) and or (five lac) that is by far the best probiotic ive ever found for the problem of candiasis... It balanced my system in about three months... Along with taking a pascalite clay and psyillium supplement to clean and detox my intestinal tract. I also take ACV and diatomaceous earth on a regular basis for intestinal problems and black walnut for parasitic cleanses!!!

Posted by Adam (Newcastle Staffordshire , England) on 12/19/2010

Have been taking probiotics for a couple of months now felt better but not quite there. Read about cider vinegar gave it a go. Been taking it everyday for 2 weeks. I feel 10 years younger.

Posted by Ann (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Candida and beneficial bacteria: I have Candida as I took lots of penicillin over the years. When a friend who is an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine doctor, began to help me, she had a stool sample sent to Great Smoky Labs. It came back very high for Candida and some of my bacteria was very low. And we need that bacteria in our systems to balance the Candida, and also specific bacteria. So she told me to go to health food stores and purchase the ones I needed and take them before addressing the Candida, to more ensure the Candida would not easily return. Ann

Posted by Mona (Vista, CA) on 08/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Probiotics are the best way to aleviate and eradicte Candida yeast infections. These attack people with many different symptoms. I give Threelac to my dog amd takes care of all yeast related problems. Also human consumptable.

Raw Sauerkraut  

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Posted by Ryan (Los Angles, Ca) on 10/09/2015
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For Candida:

Raw sauerkraut - I'm talking raw, not the pasteurized kind you buy on hot dogs and at supermarkets. Start with a tiny drop of it - like 1/2 teaspoon, even that small and build your way up. A small bit of it cleared up my sinuses that were congested for years. My guess is it has something to do with eliminating yeast. But if I take too much raw sauerkraut, I'll get stuffy (my guess is this is a detox/healing crisis type reaction). So you have to go slow if you find yourself having these types of reactions. Raw Sauerkraut works wonders for sinusitis and thrush because it gets rid of candida.

Reader Theories  

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Posted by Evie (Bristol, UK) on 11/19/2008

Hi all. Really interesting and helpful comments from everyone, thanks.

I have been struggling with a candida problem for about 6 years now. Sometimes I think I have it cured, but then get a relapse every now and then even though I maintain a fairly strict diet. I have had some successful with quite a few of the things evry mentions, caprylic acid, oregano, GSE, probiotics etc.

I am just undergoing a bad relapse but dont know why. However there are two things that I am still confused about even after masses of research and reading over the last 6 years, and I would love to know what others think.

1. Most antifungals are also antibacterial. People with Candida are trying to kill off fungus and encourage good bacteria, and are usually taking antifungals and probiotics at the same time. But I am wondering how this can work? Surely by taking antifungals which are also antibacterial the good bacteria are going to be killed off as well? And we are therefore wasting our money buying expensive probiotics that are just not going to survive? The anti bacterial antifungals cannot discriminate between pathogenic bacteria that need to be killed off and the good friendly bacteria that we desperately need to be healthy.

2. Am I right in saying that candida needs an acidic encironment in which to flourish (ie less than pH7)? So we are all trying to alkalise our bodies. However, I have an outbreak of vaginal thrush currently and most people seem to reccomend curing it by applying an acid of one sort or another ie apple cider vinegar or similar. But how can applying an acid kill off the candida if it prefers acidity? I am confused! I was also told by several 'experts' when I first became ill to avoid all vinegars because these feed yeast / candida, but perhaps this is incorrect?

If anyone can clarify / answer these points I would be most grateful!

Replied by VeganGypsie
San Francisco, CA

i think that ACV makes you more alkaline when digested because of how you process it, even though it is an acid. I have also heard about applying ACV vaginally for a yeast infection and it didn't work for me. sticking some whole peeled cloves of garlic up there did seem to do something :)

Replied by James
Normal, Il

Evie, I know your email was from 2008 and it is now 2012, perhaps you provided your email to EC and they will notify you of a response. First thing, how is your battle with Candida? You tackle the bugger finally?

I never knew what Candida was and have recently started to beat the turds out of it ;). With the help of Coconut oil, my thrush is 90% fixed. I have NEVER had a pink tounge since I can remember. My grandfather got me hooked on candy and all kinds of sweets at a very young age, and as I got older beer became a staple of my diet. Causing a massive outbreak. My intestinal Candida is another story which is still a tough battle.

As for your questions.

1. I think the best solution one can take when doing anti-fungal doseages with good bacteria dosages is not at the same time. What you say in theory to me is very sound. I would take your anti-fungals in the morning on an empty stomach. After an hour or so eat your breakfast then wait a couple hours and take your probiotics, since I believe they all should be taken on an empty stomach, so they can repopulate your intestinal track with the fungas you just eradicated. In the process the fungas should be in a weakend state and the probiotics will attack it even further. If you alternate back and forth rather then at the same time then I think the results will be alot better.

2. I personally do not do the apple cider vinegar that is all the rage. That is one of THE first treatments I went for when I found out what I had and it did nothing. IMO it made things way worse, which people say will happen, except things never got better, they kept getting worse and worse. To the point where I thought my constipation before treatment would have seemed like heaven because I didnt know what a bowel movement was after ACV. Maybe my body does not work like everyone and ACV works for them, but for me it was a no-no. Not trying to discourage people from trying ACV, and yes it was with the mother, since alot of people have posted success with it. Just don't let yourself get hospitalized just because you think you are going through Herx when you might be doing something worse. ;)