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Posted by N Jo An (Atlanta, GA / USA) on 03/17/2009
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Greetings to all whom may read this. I am very frustrated to the point of tears. I have been struggling with candida yeast for 35 years. I just diagnosed myself in February of 2009 after going to the thousandth doctor to tell me my body is attacking itself and all they can give me is Hydroxzine and a bunch of other stuff that dont even control the itching. I have gotten the ACV, Cream of Tartar, H202, cayenne, garlic I have been taking it all. I need relief and I am so tired of reading "I got the cure" but you got to pay for it. Thats ludicrus! I dont have the money for all these darn books all I want to know is how to stop this itching and hives its driving me crazy. For once it would be nice if someone who truely wanted to help would state these foods contribute to Candida yeast and use this this many times a day to starve it. I cant stand to buy another book. I want cold hard facts and side effects. I know the body should be akaline not acidity and cream of tartar is acidity. so is ACV I understand this site speaks from those who it has helped. So if it doesnt help then what for me? If anyone can be more informative and detailed i really would appreciate it.