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Candida Symptoms
Posted by Julie (Davie, Fl) on 11/24/2010

I have Candida but my symptoms are a little different. My eyesight is getting worse and my eyes are sensitive to light, I have this woozy feeling in my brain causing me to have vertigo, forgetfulness, and a limited vocabulary. For some reason I can't seem to remember the names of things. Like I'm trying to explain something and I completely blank out and can't find the word I'm looking for.. I've developed an allergy to dairy and I believe it has to do with it causing mucus. I had tingling feelings in my toes, I started getting yeast infections once a month (they have since stopped). Heart palpitations, feeling drunk, not coordinated, anxiety (never had it before), toe fungus, constipation.. I think there's more but I believe I'm forgetting a few symptoms (damn candida).. I went to my doctor and they found nothing, I went to the neurologist had my brain scanned and they found nothing, went to the ENT and same thing... NOTHING!

So I started doing my own research. I googled My brain feels woozy.. And I found some forums where people were talking about vitamin deficiencies.. So I started researching vitamin deficiencies... I found that I lacked magnesium, D and B-12. So I went to the store and bought them on my lunch break. Took them and OMG I felt a shift in my brain. Very weird. Everything seemed to look very clear. And I had more clarity to my thoughts. I have started doing many different things. I took dairy out of my diet. Eating way more fibrous vegetables, Lots more fruit (candida friendly). Started with Ted's Lime bicarbonate (not so sure its working). Taking Selenium, Probiotics, Oil of Oregano, magnesium, garlic and I just ordered Grapefruit Seed Extract.