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Bacterial Vaginosis
Natural Cures

Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Feb 06, 2016

Vitamin D  
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Posted by Nat (North East, Australia) on 02/12/2012

Has anyone else looked into the link with Vit D Deficency & BV? I have found from personal experience that when I don't keep the raw milk up the Hypoglycemia & BV flares up again. Also treating it with outside remedies is only temporary if your gut bacteria is unbalanced so you need to commit to a full diet change (like treating Thrush, No sugar, yeasts ect) for a period of time to get lasting results.

Posted by Amanda (Toronto, Ontario) on 09/21/2010

[YEA]  Ladies start taking 3000IU of vitamin D daily. I tried 1000IU a day years ago and it wasnt enough, quit and forgot all about it. I suffered itchy discharge mid cycle, before and after period, after sex for 7 years. I tried everything like most of you. All tests came back negative. After two days on 3000IU vitamin D3 doses it went away overnight. I have been free of it for 6 months. There are studies done on vitamin d deficiency connected to BV and yeast infection. Just google it. Being in the sun is NOT going to provide sufficient amount of this much needed vitamin which most people are deficient in. According to Dr. Mercola, it is the angle of sunlight that makes the difference, and the further north you go, the less likely you are to get the right rays to make adequate vit D3. If you are in the right place to do so, just a half an hour in the sun is good enough, 15min won't do it.

Posted by Sunriselady (Sunrise, Florida) on 12/23/2009

[YEA]  Hello fellow lady members...on this forum: I have not been a poster here. But I've learned tremendously from other's comments/questions and trials. I take probiotics regularly. And then stopped. Right I still take regular multivitamin.

I tried the Hydrogen Peroxide douches, this worked but only temporarily. The next thing are the boric acid capsules inserted twice a week vaginally. The boric acid worked a bit longer. But as soon as I stopped inserting them vaginally, the vaginosis returned.

Here is the only thing that worked for me... MY CURE. I am a very studious person, love to research in the library. Doctors always told me my labwork came back normal. You will not believe how simple it turned out to be. I increased the amount of Vitamin D. I added Vitamin D3 to the regular multivitamin that I take daily. I went to WholeFoods Supermarket and purchased VITAMIN D3 (IT MUST BE D3). I take 2000 IU of Vitamin D3. And I also still take the multivitamin. LADIES THIS WORKED for me. We american's dont get enough sunshine cause we drive everywhere and wear sunblock, etc. Also I have always worked fulltime in a desk job. NO SUNLIGHT. EVER. Only get sun during the minutes I drive. Also I've stopped drinking milk due to intolerance, so I don't get vitamin D from milk either.

I researched at a medical library, the effects of being low on sunshine (or vitamin D)....and BV (vaginosis) is a side-effect of not getting enough vitamin D !!!! The medical article said that women with this BV (fishy odor) condition should be taking at least 2000 IU per day.

Warning is you should not take over 5000 IU. THE GOOD NEWS is, I've been BV free ever since. No odor, not even after sexual relations, NO ODOR at all. One thing is to take it religiously along with a multivitamin and a probiotic. And wait at least one month to see results. Also I stopped douching anymore. But this did it for me! Try it it's worth a try! I was desperate and Ifinally found this CURE for me personally after having this awful BV for almost one year and a half....have a happy holiday! Spread this solution to other ladies suffering unnecessarily.

Vitamin D, Vitamin B and Probiotics  
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Posted by Lexieblue (North Carolina) on 01/21/2016

[YEA]  Hello all,

I have been struggling with chronic BV for almost 3 years and I always said that if I ever found a remedy, I would share it for all the world to know about. If I can help at least one person not have to go through what I've been through that would be enough for me.

So, my BV was brought on by sex with a new partner. And when I tell you I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get rid of it, believe me I have! From hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar douches to tea tree oil tampons to vaginal insertion of boric acid capsules. EVERYTHING!!! And some of these regimens would give me temporary relief, but as soon as treatment was over, the BV would always come right back. I was also taking vitamins and supplements in conjunction with these home remedies but still nothing would work long term...

UNTIL I came up with the perfect combination of vitamins and supplements that has finally tamed the chronic BV beast that had not only taken over my body but my entire life as well! I pray this regimen will work for you too:

1) Vitamin D (breaks down the bio-film that causes BV to keep reoccurring)

2) Super B Complex (builds up the immune system to help fight off the bad bacteria)

3) Probiotic (with at least 90 billion active probiotics to overtake the bad bacteria)

4) A really good prebiotic (to maintain the good bacteria that the probiotic is putting in your body)

*Take all of these vitamins and supplements ORALLY once a day. Also changing your diet to eliminate the bad stuff like sugar and alcohol wouldn't hurt either.

And as a side note: I also stopped seeing the guy who was the root of all of my problems to begin with! He was literally bad for my health!!!

So, please please please try this!!! It worked miracles for me and I pray that it will work for you too. Please reply with any questions, comments or concerns you may have and I will try my best to address them.

Take care :)

Vitamin D3  

Posted by Greengirl81 (South Florida, US) on 03/12/2015

Natural remedy for BV: I started with the half h2o/h2o2 douching but it's really a temp. fix. Never lasted long enough to be considered a remedy. I saw a posting about vitamin D 3 and decides to give it a try. I use the aformentioned douche method then started a daily regime of 2000 units of D3. I haven't had a problem since. The smell is compeletly gone!! I hope others give this a try. Its a cheap easy remedy that can be bought at your local vitamin store.

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Posted by Tae (Landover, Md) on 03/03/2011

[YEA]  Hello I had bv for over 5 years and didnt reach this site until sometime last year, so I tried everything that everyone listed but it kept coming back. I went to a church service and went up for prayer sometime last year and the woman just said God told me to tell you to drink water. Now I said ok and left it alone, recently it was really getting bad and I was praying and God brought that back to my mind. So I started drinking water and didnt do nothing else that everyone else told me to do.. ITS GONE! I know that it sounds weird and its again the norm that only water would cure it but you tried everything else why not just drink water, I stoped drinking everything else and drink water all through the day and after 5 years I am free. Just thought I would give you guys what God gave me..

White Vinegar  
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Posted by Godschild (Southern, Ca) on 05/19/2014

[YEA]  I have been an avid reader of EC for years, and have tried many of the cures suggested for various ailments. I have been battling Bacterial Vaginosis for two yrs., tried almost all natural remedies that I could find out about, some worked some didn't and the ones that did only lasted for a couple of days, then right back to the old drawing board...I was at my wits end with this smelly, frustrating and embarrassing a few days ago before taking my shower I decided that I was going to use straight white vinegar inside the vagina, but not douching but soaking a washcloth in the vinegar and ringing the vinegar in the vagina from the burned like heck, but I guess that is from the irritation that goes along with having BV.... it has been 5 days and NO scent nor discharge. I even had a couple of glasses of wine last night and today still no discharge nor smell at all! Normally if I have a drink it would have a bad effect on the BV and I would discharge more than normal, but not this time....White Vinegar has always been used for Centuries as cures, and as we women know, it is used in most store bought douches, but it doesn't always receive credit for ailments of the vagina. I just wanted to share my relief story, and hopefully it will help someone else out there...and if for some reason my bv comes back I will most definitely applying the same treatment as before....also up your water intake to at least 64oz per day and if over 140lbs drink enough ounces of water to equal half of your body weight, water is very important in this fight against BV. Make sure you are well hydrated everyday, I think that dehydration has alot to do with this and so many other ailments. I drink tons of water per day, I eat a piece of garlic everyday or night, I use an antibacterial soap to bathe, and I take probiotics also...but it wasn't until I inserted the white vinegar directly, that any great results are being achieved....I will post again in a couple of weeks with an update...God Bless.

Wrong Antibiotics  

Posted by Finally Free Of Bv! (Newark, De) on 02/03/2012

I'm 42, 5'4" and 170 lbs. Five months ago I thought I had a yeast infection, but the OTC meds did not work so I went to see my gyno. I was diagnosed w/ BV. I was prescribed Metro-gel, Flagyl, and Tindamax one after the other. Nothing changed, in fact, my discharge got worse. It was a raging case. Fortunately, I did not have a fishy smell. Unfortunately, I had to buy pantyliners in bulk and wear them 24/7. The worst of it was the raw irritation and swelling.

I was really discouraged after reading blogs (this site is my favorite) and finding that so many women are having the same problem. So I started trying many of the home remedies. I went to my local nature food market and bought Garlique, Cranberry, Vit. C, Vit. D3, Beta-carotine, Vit. E-400, B-Complex w/ 400 mg. Folic Acid, Zinc, tea tree oil suppositories, and the most helpful (I believe) was the Fem-dophilus. I even took baths with 2-3 cups of organic apple cider vinegar which gave me relief only for a day. I NEVER douched. I also tried RePHresh gel, but I was leary b/c of the parabens in it. Five months was long enough... I didn't want to be one of those women who suffers with BV for years. I've seen 11 different doctors and NPs about this. The last one I saw was an NP at my Gyno office. She told me that my vagina was not just irritated - it was ANGRY!!! So true!

She gave me one more antibiotic thinking that maybe my infection was coming from higher up than the vagina and this a/b would be better at reaching it if that is the case. The name of the a/b is Doxycycline. I took 100mg capsules 2x/day for 10 days. I have another day and a half to go, but the discharge is GONE!!! I think it is key to take Fem-dophilus b/c yes, ABs will kill the good and bad bacteria so the Fem-Dophilus keeps feeding the vagina the good while the bad is being knocked down by the AB. I will keep taking the Fem-Dophilus 2x/day for several months and then wean myself to hopefully one/day. I will also wean myself off of the supplements except for the B-Complex w/ 400mg Folic Acid. (I also threw away all of my old underwear and bought all cotton new undies. ) I use to mix my undies in 'Lights' and 'Darks' in the washing machine, but from now on I will wash my undies separately with Woolite in hot water. Also, I gave up coffee and have severely limited my sugar intake. I think this is extemely helpful as well. Best of luck, ladies... I know how frustrating this is... Never give up!

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Posted by D-nice (Ca) on 06/22/2015

[YEA]  Okay, today I went to the doctor for my follow up appointment to check to see if I had BV because I had it June 7,2015 and they prescribed me Metronidazole pills which did hep until the 2nd to the last day, the BV came back.

Well....I came to this site and Googled other home remedies for BV cures and I totally forgot that Plain Unpasterized Yogurt always did the trick for me. Well I wrote on here a few days ago about the Boric Acid capsules which always work. Well, when I get BV I seem to get back problems, lower back pain, pelvic pain, itching, buring urine, and the whole nine. Well I said enough is enough and I had hubby go to the grocery store and get plain yogurt Dannon because they didn't have unpasterized and I drenched the tampon in the yogurt and inserted it and removed the applicator and left in on me for about one hour and it started feeling better, I still had a little BV but then it was going away, then I looked online the best way to use the yogurt and I inserted the yogurt inside the plastic applicator and the second time an hour later I didn't use the actual tampon, I inserted the applicator filled with yogurt as if it was a Monistat applicator-filled with yogurt and I did this about 6 to 7 times a day and it did the trick, my peed burned a little but not as much. (Your going to have to change your underwear several times and wear sweats because the yogurt will soak your clothes and leak)

I even work out with yogurt tampons so my underwear don't get sweaty (because you can get bv from working out leaving wet under garments on. Anyways, I didn't leave a treatment in over night but you can. I noticed the next morning, I felt so much better. Then I didn't use the yogurt anymore and I noticed that my pee no longer burned and when I went in for my GYn appointment this morning, she checked me for BV, Yeast, and UTI and it was all gone. No more BV, thank GOD. So ladies, Yogurt does work, don't douche because it can mess you all the way up. I use to douche with hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar but it didn't work for me but make me worse.

The doctor thought I had yeast but it was left over yogurt, LoL. Other than that no signs or symptoms of BV, YEAST, or anything. I feel so much better thanks to the Yogurt because the pills do not work at all.

Treatment-Plain Yogurt with live cultures and acidophilis-unpasterized or

Boric acide capsules,

Third make sure you take probiotics as well as Folic Acid 800mg, Vitamin E and D

Fourth Acidophillus capsules(it's like a probiotic

Hope this helped all BV sufferers. Also drink tons of water I drink at least 10 bottles or more a day, especially at night when I get dehydrated. Along with 100% Cranberry Juice Northland brand or Ocean Spray and stay away from sugar as much as you can.

Posted by Nickiblue (Ca, US) on 01/25/2015

[YEA]  I have been dealing with BV for 9 years! A huge embarrassment at work....I had to change jobs several times because people can be cruel. Anyway...I have been using plain greek yogurt for 3 days. I bought a medicine dropper and insert yogurt 3-4 times a day. I researched that low lactobacillus is associated with BV and growth of pathogenic bacteria. The doctors are not helpful....what a waste of money. Flagyl and metrogel don't help at all. I used Greek Gods plain yogurt. I'm so damn happy!!!! :-)

Replied by Jeannie
Louisiana, US
I've had BV for 3 yrs, right after starting birth control again after many years. I'm glad to see this is working for you. I'm trying the yogurt with a syringe. Just bought acidophilus. Fingers crossed!
Replied by Nickiblue
I did yogurt insert and emptied probiotic pill in plain Fage 0%. Like I mentioned before, I use a medicine syringe. I used 90 billion pill in helped a lot. The plain yogurt alone did not have enough good bacteria to fight infection. I'm so happy this helped me. God bless ladies. This is an embracing condition that I wish on no one. Take care and enough plain yogurt everyday.
Replied by Anonymous
Austin, Tx
I had got bv right before I got pregnant last year. Its awfull. Well I did what my doctor prescribed me. Some inserts and what not. But it came back 5 months after I had my child. But my doctor told me to eat lots of yogurt. He also said its fairly common for women to freeze plain yogurt in a tampon inserter then stick it up your vagina. Its an old school remedy. So I will try this. Also he said eat lots of yogurt. Wish me luck.

Posted by Goldie (Indpls) on 11/03/2013

[YEA]  Hey everyone I too continually catch bv I tried The Greek vanilla yogurt dipped it into it left it in for a few hours I'm "amazed that there is no smell I will continue to do it for a couple more day so far I'm pleased... Thanks for the messages that everyone has left

Replied by Tina
I want to know how do you put the tampon inside of you with the yogurt without it being uncomfortable. I tried using a tampon for the first time and just dipped it in yogurt but once I felt like it was all the way in me it felt uncomfortable so I had to remove it. Im thinking it could be because I'm not wet down there since I'm not on period and I didnt have a whole lot of discharge but it was some. I took it out right away since it was uncomfortable and I had a hard time getting it out, I had to pull the strings a little harder and the actual tampon part..When you soak the tampon in yogurt arent u supposed to soak it with the applicator part on or do u remove it? Am I doing something wrong can someone please help me? Has anyone had this same problem?

Posted by Amber (Los Angelos, California) on 09/17/2012

[NAY]  Hi my name is carol and I have had this BV crap for 12 years, I just do not know what to do anymore, I really do not, I have been to the gyn many times and tried just about evrything and Nothing has worked:(( my vagina smell was so bad it smelled up a whole room, that is beyond embarassing that is like sucide depresion for me, I wish I had known about bv , because the last thing a woman wants is a smell from down there, I never knew about ph balance down there, mine is 5.1 so that is bad, suppose to be lower, my diet is excellent and Im not a junk food person, no soda, just water and pure cranberry juice, Im so very sad and lonely, my friends have no idea what Im talking about, not even my mother, where did this bv come from? and start attacking all of us??? this thing is on the rise and soon it will be some sort of epidemic because it seems to have NO CURE!!! Im another person now, I do not even reconize me anymore, even at work I know they can smell me, u can not hide that fish smell, Im not gonna swallow a bunch of pills that do not work, the yogurt does not work because that is not the strain of lactobacillus u need :(( acv, tt oil cc oil did nothing, HP douche, no, I do not see anyone here who have really cured themselves:((( the gyn's need to do something, r we all suppose to live with discharge and fish odor till the day we die? frightning thought... Damn

Replied by Avi
Have you tried oregano oil? About 4 months ago I had never even heard of bv, I went to the obgyn because I was having irregular periods out of nowhere (I'm 23 and I've never been more than 2 days late/early since I started at 14 & have never been on BC) along with pain in my hip & painful intercourse. I thought I had picked something up somehow at first but after the doc ran a few tests the only thing she could find wrong was that I had a "mild" case of bv. The antibiotics she gave me took care of the smell after a few days, but the pain while having sex lasted until after I took the last dose. A few months later I noticed the smell would come back temporarily after intercourse (my husband and I are trying to get pregnant so using a condom is kind of out of the question at the moment). The last month it had gotten progressively worse. I didn't want to go back to the doc again because I didn't feel that the antibiotics had worked very well to begin with & it would have been a waste of money didn't have. I had read about tea tree oil, which I've used before for other things (mostly as an antiseptic & for acne) but it's such a strong oil I was afraid to try using it in such a sensitive area. I noticed you had said it didn't work for you. Anyway, sorry this is taking so long, a few weeks back I had had an unrelated problem with atheletes foot and had tried using the tea tree oil (which would usually have worked for me) with no success. My mother had a small bottle of oregano oil she told me to try (one of the natural med docs she sees gave it to her as an anti-fungal/bacterial). I was surprised when it actually worked for my feet when the tea tree oil wouldn't. Anyway, I saw oregano oil mentioned on another forum for bv & decided to try it. I've been using it only few days (just a few drops on my fingers & well... A couple times a day) and the smell has already gone away, my CM is still a little too cloudy but I'm hoping that clears up ad well. Just forewarning if you try this, I did experience a mild burning sensation around the outside folds when applying the oil, I think this may be because I shave though not an adverse reaction since warm water stopped any burning within a minute or two. Good luck finding something that works for you hope this helps!
Replied by Ashley
Cape Coral, Fl
Hello, I could not help but feel empathy for you as I have also experienced extreme bv for several years. It was so pervasive that I thought I had to live with it for the rest of my life. I also became very drepressed bc it negatively affected my marriage, my self confidence and tested my sanity, at times. I was desperate for help. I tried both prescriptions and natural oral acidophilus remedies to no avail. However, one night in desperation, I began to research natural antibacterial agents. I found that lemon essential oil was a natural antibacterial, antiviral and antidepressant. So, I bought a bottle of organic liquid acidophilus culture, and put about a teaspoon in a small dish. Then, I added 5 drops of lemon essential oil, 1 drop of lavender essential oil and 1 drop of tea tree oil. I mixed it all up and just rubbed it directly onto my entire vulva and inside my vagina with a finger. I did this for 3 nights strait and the idor was gone aftet the first application. Now, I do it 2 to 3 nights per week just to help nurture my good flora down there. Please give this a try. You will not be disappointed and it is possible to love your vag again.

Posted by Kat (Fort Worth, Tx) on 05/29/2012

Hi Ladies..... So glad I've found this site with all your comments/questions.

I have been fighting this now since December and have been VERY upset over the whole thing.... Thankfully I have a loving partner who has so far been very patient and supportive.

The DO that I've been seeing first had me insert plain natural live culture yogurt (this is messy and did not seem to work). I next tried probiotics (poked holes into the capsules and inserted).... This helped a bit but did not get rid of the BV.

Side note... Be sure to get tested at a doc to ensure that you really have BV as there are a few other things with similar symptons that are not bacterial.

I have tried hyrdogren peroxide douches (1/4 cup mixed with 3/4 cup distilled water).... This works instantly for the odor but along with that I take probiotics orally.

The one link (and my DO is now confirming her suspicions) is that my boyfriend has not done anything on his end.... We notice that if we have un-protected sex or if he does not pull out, I get the odor back almost immediatley. The DO advised that semen changes the ph of the vagina but she also had a theory that maybe he has the bacteria as well.

I have also found a product that is a combo of a boric acid sopository with an oral probiotic (it's a 14 day treatment) and really seemed to work (until we had unprotected sex. I was odor free for one month with a combo of two hydrogen peroxide/water douches, the Natren "Gy-Na-Tren" vaginal health kit (oral probiotic & sopository) and protected sex with my boyfriend using condoms all the time.

We are now going to try "Flagyl".... Both my boyfriend and I will take these antibiotics as the DO prescribed.... But I will also plan to continue the Gy-Na-Tren for the 14 day cycle. Then I will begin to take Natren's "Healthy Trinity" which supposedly balances the ph in the vagina. After one month of this we will see what happens when we have unprotected sex.

I will post again with our results. Good luck to you all.

PS... last but not least.... I'm perimenopausal and I'm going to now investigate this angle as well. As our bodies change their hormone levels, I'm wondering if that throws off our ph... No doc as advised this... Just another angle to follow up. AND I just had a period after 8 months without and that made my BV symptoms 10 times worse.... so obviously a period throws off the ph.

Posted by Margarita (Sacramento, California) on 12/29/2010

Can I use a tampon with yogurt during my menstual cycle and will it be affective at stopping the awful odor from bv?

Replied by Strwbryltr22
Windsor, Ct
[YEA]   The yogurt has been the best treatment for me. It has been a godsend. I stuck a tampon in low fat vanilla yogurt, which is what I had on hand, I will try no fat next time. It worked the first time around and on the same day. I've used it for three days thus far and it has worked. I have tried those antibacterial creams, the over the counter BV treatments. Give yogurt a try. If you are not sexually active right now, try it for a few nights straight. I had minimally discharge, because I don't soak it. Just dip and you know the rest. I have left the tampon in for a few hours. I haven't kept it all night. Good luck. Definitely worth a try.
Replied by Maria
Ponce, Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos
I've been having BV since a few months ago. In October I think.... The gyn prescribed me with Metronidazole pills which were really difficult to swallow. It did nothing to me, nothing. Then she prescribed me with the Metronidazole gel. A week of treatment for nothing, my BV was as strong as ever. I had no symptoms before treatment except some occasional itching, after it the itching got worse and had various discharges in the day.

After I finished my menstruation I decided to try with the gel again, and this time I really got better but it was NOT gone. I really didnt wanted to waste money again so I checked some natural remedies. I used tea tree oil for some days, helped me but too slow then I used yogurt and got really better. Had sex and ruined it all. Right now I'm using tea tree oil and putting plain yogurt with an applicator at night. Symptoms are slowly getting better, I'm having like one discharge a day or nothing at all. The itching is killing me, but that is also slowly decreasing and it may be that I irritated it by having sex. I'm afraid to try other stuff because I'm really, really sensitive down there. I'm still wondering if there is some other safe remedy that is suitable for me but I do encourage to use yogurt and tea tree oil (diluted of course) it helps but it requires patience.

Replied by Junie
Atlanta, Ga
[YEA]   I use a turkey baster and insert about half way full of plain yogurt before going to bed at night. I do not soak it in a tampon I put the yogurt directly inside, put on ugly underwear and a sanitary napkin and go to bed for 8 hours. Then I take 1 probiotic pill a day, sometimes two and by the end of the week, it is cleared.
Replied by Ana
Stockton, Ca/usa
but her question was, can she use it during her menstrual cycle? I like to know too :)
Replied by Bee
Los Angeles, Ca
i just would like to point out.... DO NOT put vanilla yogurt in your vagina. use PLAIN YOGURT. yeast feeds off the sugar in yogurt and can possibly make you situation worse.

Posted by Michelle (Miami, Fl) on 11/25/2010

Lady's please try the plain yogurt with live cultures. It worked for me-all better now!! No odor no discharge it's going on my fourth day since I been using this treatment. Nothing but HEAVEN!!! Just soak a tampon in the yogurt insert in in the vagina and wait to see results. It really worked for me. Try it ladies I think it's worth it. I'm so happy, I finally feel free. Now I can live again. Good luck ladies I wish you the best!