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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 12/02/2009

SORRY TO BE A STICK IN THE MUD, but why do people tell us what they are going to do, instead of what they have done? I could give a rat's fanny about what you gonna to do. Tell me what you have done and the results. Otherwise, you just talkin the walk. Kinda like the climate folks.

Posted by Ginger (Brooklyn, Ny) on 11/24/2009

I really appreciate the women on this site who offered their remedies for BV. How helpful, unselfish and sisterly you all are. Thank you all very much. You are Higher Women for sharing such an annoying issue. May we all enjoy our healthy bodies. Cheers! Hugs! Thanks.

Posted by Jennifer (Denver, Co) on 10/29/2009

Question: Hi Everyone, I have ready all of your posts and they are MOST informative, thank you! I am willing to try anything at this point and will indeed try the H2O2 douches, acidophillus pills, folic acid, etc. I have had hemorrhoids for almost a year now in addition to having several very bad yeast infections and NOW I seem to have BV as I have all of the symptoms you all are having, however I am ALSO having severe itching skin around my rear end. I itch so severely from above the top of my clitorus to the back of my hiney crack that I am ready to get the wire BBQ brush out and commence scratchin'! Please HELP! I can't sleep for the itching/burning and when I am awake I can't stand myself and can't go anywhere in public for the itching. It is embarrassing and I honestly feel like I may go insane at any second!

Here are my 2 my questions: How can I also remedy the itching on my rear end (as I am convinced your remedies will cure my girl parts) AND (2) If my husband is carrying this bacteria on his penis, how can he get rid of this also so we don't pass it back and forth?

Thank you so much and I look forward to you responses.

Replied by Tuttie Frutti
Las Vegas, Nv
Sounds like what I went through for almost a month. I had extremely severe, uncontrollable itching with no relief. I went to the doc and he gave me a cream for the itching and typical vaginal suppository for yeast, he thought it may have been yeast even tho I absolutely had no symptons. I used them for about 2 weeks with absolutely no relief. I actually did not have yeast but an allergic reaction and the redness were hives. I got an antihistamine and within 4 days the itching was subdued and in about a week the itching finally stopped. I also started using all natural soap to wash down there, stopped using lotions in the area, washed my clothes in allergy free detergent, stopped using dryer sheets and fabric softner to hinder anything that was causing the allergic reaction. With hives/skin allergies, it take the antihistamines a day or 2 to take effect because it affects all the layers of skin, so be patience.
Replied by Psa
Buffalo, Ny
When I get the itchies like that, I wash up, put a little bit of plain yogurt (make sure there are live cultures in it) on some toilet paper and then wipe. Relief is immediate and I'm totally clear within a day or so.

Posted by Notbv! (Kenosha, Wi) on 09/14/2009

[WARNING!]  It is SOOOOO important that you go to the doctor and get tested for BV or STDs!!!! I was going to Planned Parenthood for a very long time. I was getting exam after exam and every time I went in there, they told me I had BV and gave me meds that never worked. So finally I decided enough was enough and went to my Gyno doctor, where she told me I did not have BV but I have PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE! This can cause infertility and pregnancy complications that can cause death! Please please get to the doctor before you self medicate yourself! Some of the symptoms of BV are similiar to PID and if you have any pain what so ever, get to the doctor and get checked out!

Replied by Jessica
Clarksville, Tn
What were the contrasting symptoms of BV and PID? I am worried that many doctors do not check for or know how to identify PID.

Posted by Lus (Amherst, MA) on 07/05/2009

I'm curious if anyone has recurring BV while with IUD? I've had an IUD for about 2 months, and since then had BV 3 times.

Replied by Vera
I just wanted to reply to Lus: Did you get the copper IUD or the plastic IUD with hormone? About a year ago I had a copper IUD removed that I had for over 6 years. I didnt have any problems with bacterial vaginosis though. There is a time limit to how long a woman can have an IUD so I got mine removed. I talked to my mother in law and she said she had the copper IUD and never had any problems so I went that route. I didnt want to try anything with hormones. I hope this helps

Posted by Anne (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada) on 06/28/2009

I suffer from BV so I did a little research on the internet about it. I have read a number of times that douching is not recommended and that it is likely for women who douche to suffer more health problems than women who do not, and this include vaginal irritation, etc, and more importantly BV... BV! Yet a lot of people in this site seem to recommend douching with hydrogen peroxide and to many, it seems to work. Now I am confused as ever as to what "douching" really does. Is it safe?

Posted by Johanna (Frederick, MD) on 05/27/2009

Hi Everyone, This is a great site. I have been suffering from some type of vaginal infection for the past 8 years. My symptoms are a little different from what I'm reading. Sometimes I get a little white discharge, no smell, and no itch. I do feel intermittent irritation in the vagina (often after eating) and during or after sex. My doctor thinks I have intestinal dysbiosis and I am on lots of probiotics and Nystatin (oral). The biggest problem I have is even if I don't feel any pain, I am passing the infection to my husband. He will often feel inflammation after sex and has been diagonsed with prostatitis a few times after having unprotected sex with me. If we abstain or he uses a condom, he has no problems. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have never been diagnosed with any infection. The culture always comes back negative and I don't seem to have the obvious BV symptoms. My doctor says my vaginal PH is normal. I also get rectal burning after bm's and I often can feel the vaginal burning after eating (especially something heavy). I am a vegan and pretty much just eat fruits and veggies now. This seems to help with symptoms. I was also recently diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency. In doing some internet research, I found that there is a link with infections, including BV. Does anyone else have any experience with Vitamin D deficiency? My doctor put me on 4,000 IU a day. But, I am taking about 10,000 IU a day. I am anxious to see if this helps. I have been using the hydrogen peroxide douches 2x/day with femdophilus (take powder out of capsule and wet) inserted in the vagina at night. I am also taking the folic acid, but too soon to tell. Since my symptoms are not severe, it is difficult for me to tell if I am getting better. Last time my husband was infected, I had no symptoms and he ended up with prostatitis. Needless to say, he no longer wants to have unprotected sex and doesn't enjoy sex with a condom--so we don't have much sex anymore. If anyone has experienced anything similar, would love to hear from you. Thanks for all the great ideas and insights.

Replied by Patty
Las Vegas, Nv
Hi just checking on your question regarding Vit D defeciency and BV. I was just told I am Vit D deficient and have BV, although no BV symptoms.

Posted by Kara-Lea (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 05/23/2009

Hi, I have had BV for almost 2 months now (thinking it was my first yeast infection) I have been on antibiotics twice now (each time, it seemed the inserts just exacerbated the problem!) Now, I have not got the smelly discharge yet, in fact, I have had ultimately no discharge since I finished my medication on Monday (and I am naturally a very wet person) - I am scared because the outside of my vagina (and somemwaht the inside) is dry and sore as well as I have no scent down there at all (my own or fishy) Any ideas? Thank-you ladies :)

Posted by Disgusted (Farmington, Missouri) on 05/23/2009

I have been suffering from BV for as long as I can remember. I am 33 and just spoke to my doctor about it last year. She gave me a gel and it worked temporarily but came right back. I later started to see a new doctor (D.O.) and informed her of my long ongoing problem and she too gave me a presciption but dont remember the name, they were vaginal ovules you insert. AGAIN, this only worked temporarily. I also did the betadine/water douche for two weeks and it did help for a while, but of course it came back almost with avengance!!! I have changed soaps, I dont sleep in my underwear (which are cotton) I use a blow dryer to dry myself completley when i get out of shower. It is VERY frustrating and EMBERASSING!!!! I came across this website in my last attempt to find some solution to my insanity and I cannot tell you how excited I am about starting this new treatment. I HOPE THIS ONE WORKS!!! I am so tired of living like this, I dont' like to go outsdie in hot weather or be too active because I know the consequences of it. I can even smell it right after I get out of the shower. I will report back later!! Thank you all so much for this website! Take care!!!!

Posted by sadnsmelly (Gaithersburg, MD) on 04/30/2009

I have just discovered this site and information today. I am on my way to the store now. I have felt dirty and depressed for 5 years now I am praying this works. I came accross women selling books in order for you to find out the cure. I was almost in tears......they clearly are lying because anyone that experiences this will never want anyone to endure such symptoms as these. It is sooooo awful and I don't even want to be around anyone. I will be back to share my testimony....


Posted by Arielle (Dover, DE/USA) on 04/25/2009

I have been reading the stories about all the cures for BV, and I'm surprised to see that you can actually insert the acidopholus tablets in your vagina. I had just been taking them orally, while also eatting yogurt daily and multi-vitamins, along with fresh friut and vegetables. A good healthy diet is key ladies. I still suffer periodically from the foul odor and smell, so I will definitely try the folic acid and inserting the acidopholus vaginally. I just wanted to say that it is VERY important that you dont use ANY scented products in, on or around your vagina. I had to learn this the hard way. I used to use scented tampons, panty liners, pads, and fragranced soap when washing up. BIG no no! Also, I used super plus tampons during my period, so I wouldnt have to go to the bathroom every hour to change. BAD IDEA. (Some of you may be thinking "What an idiot", but hey you live and you learn) Long story short, I know use SCENTLESS pads, I no longer use tampons at all, SCENTLESS pantiliners, SCENTLESS soap, OH! and I also only use ma hand to clean down there. My gynocologist says that you shouldnt use the same cloth/sponge to clean your body as you do with your vagina. If you do, it needs to be changed daily. Your washcloth/sponge builds up bacteria while it sits out in your bathroom while ur not using it. Thanks everyone for all the useful info!! I will get back to you with feedback after i try the folic acid with the acidophlus inserts. THANKS AGAIN!

Posted by Becky (Janesville, WI) on 03/23/2009

I am starting to think BV is the government's secret weapon of mass population control...making women not want to have sex and making pregnancies fail. Just a thought. So I have had chronic BV for about 3 years. I'm assuming I got it while dating this so-called man who was also sleeping with his stripper ex, which I found out later. Anyway, for the longest time I thought I was just a freak with some nasty disease. The gyno never told me it might and most likely come back again and again. Yeah, I got the Metro crap from the gyno, and of course it kept coming back always with a vengance. So I just gave up on going back to the doc. Once in a while I would get this thick stringy stuff coming out of me, like the stuff that sticks a credit card to the paper, you know...but haven't had that for a long time now. I have NO idea what that was all about! But yes, I get the thick, white, smelly stuff pretty much constantly. It sucks. I have been a vegetarian for 23 years, I'm 29 now, and for the last ten years I've been taking regular supplements. Folic acid has always been in my cabinet, take it twice a day because it promotes healthy hair, which it does!, but I have never noticed it working for my BV. I came across this website about a month ago and I am freaking out because SO, SO MANY WOMEN HAVE THIS! Why isn't there more information out there? Why do the people that have "THE CURE" want to charge $30-hundreds of dollars to "help" women get their lives and sanity back? Crazy. This BV imbroglio is way out of control. I also can smell myself in public. I work in food and even over the food smell, I feel like I can smell myself, even in a smokey bar, I CAN SMELL MYSELF, THAT MUSTY, FISHY, DISGUSTING SMELL. Once in a while it goes away, but I don't get my hopes up. I know it's coming back...AT THE MOST CONVENIENT TIME...RIGHT!?! I did try the hydrogen dioxide douche deal, and when I went on the toilet to empty it, I could physically see the cleansing power, but that is only temporary. I'm supposed to be moving out west in a couple weeks and I'M SCARED! I know the BV is going to tag along but I so desperately want to leave it behind. I feel that my dog and my cat are the only ones who are going to love me unconditionally and they are always there for me no matter what. God bless my babies. I cannot believe so many women have had this for so long and there is nothing we can do about it. About giving up coffee, sugars, way in heck I'll be going there! Pasta is very high in protein and I LOVE PASTA, as for coffee and sugar...never crossed my mind to let those go! So now what? I went and got the acidophilus today, popped one of em, and I'm contemplating inserting one. I also bought cranberry tabs for the possible prevention of UTI, and got antioxidant formula with minerals. So I'm currently taking about 12 vitamins daily, well my hair looks great, we'll see what happens "down there". Good luck to all, I know it's hard. It's a daily stuggle, waking up in the morning and like clockwork, we smell ourselves. Everytime we go potty, we smell ourselves. ALWAYS SELF CONSCIOUS, NOT WANTING TO EXPLORE A RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE IN THE BACK OF OUR MINDS WE KNOW WE FEEL DIRTY AND WORTHLESS. I love all y'all, and keep on truckin!!!!

Posted by April (Lafayette, Indiana, USA) on 03/18/2009

I am responding to all of the awesome suggestions to treat BV. About 2 weeks ago, after having sex with my husband I noticed an awful smell. At first I didn't think too much about it. Well, after a few days, the smell did not go away, even after bathing. I have not had any itching or unusual discharge, just the strong odor. I have been too embarrassed to tell my husband about it or anyone else for that matter. I did finally ask my sister about it & she suggested looking on webmd for suggestions as to what might be wrong with me. When I realized that I might have BV, I wanted to find a natural way to cure it, so I stumbled on this website. Thank God! I am going to purchase the folic acid & the acidophilus tablets and pray that they work! Wish me luck!

Replied by Barbie
Maryville, Tn.
I feel I need to share some info with you. I too had BV one year ago, but have not had it since. I cured it thru this website. I read to use a simple peroxide douche. It worked for me and instanly killed the bactiria without ANY incident or bad side effects. It does not burn and is painless. Simply fill a container with straight peroxide and use a NEW turkey baster to insert the liquid into your vagina. Lie back and let liquid stay inside for one minute. Along with this method, use folic acid daily. I have not had any reoccurance whatsoever since last year. I know this sounds extreme, but it will cure BV. I do believe doctors are aware of this, but it would cost them patients. Hope this helps.
Replied by Christine
Indianapolis, Indiana
I only had BV once and doc gave same advice as many others only use oatmeal based soaps on privates.... During shower and especially after sex sessions. Try having your man wash up with oatmeal soap before intercourse. Acidophis (oral and or vaginally), fish oil (the organic kind), multi B vitamin, but also ZINC daily is a must. Zinc helps with almost anyone's smelly situation... Sweat, halitosis, and even female oders. If I take 50mil dose of zinc a day others prescribed seems to keep out of your life. Good luck ladies.

Posted by Collene (Detroit, MI) on 03/01/2009

[YEA]  I have been experiencing BV for several years now and have continuously gone thru the CONSTANT cycle of taking the prescribed meds for it. Its just one big cycle. I swear I think the doctors arent concerned and don't care about prescribing a permanent solution because it keeps you spending money with them and keeps the drug companies' pockets fat! To boot, My doctor would say things to make me feel like a filthy whore because I kept coming back with same symptons. I felt judged every time I had to make an appointment and dreaded it. I didn't have multiple partners and I used condoms and would still get it. I was fine as long as I didn't have sex after taking the meds. As soon as I would have sex, it would come back. In 2007 I simply stopped having sex. In 2008 I couldn't deal w/that anymore either and the BV cycle started all over again. That is the most embarrassing smell in the world for a woman. It makes me feel extremely filthy! I am determined to find something that works permanently. I have been taking 50B Lactobacillus for a week and am going to try the suggestions on this site. I felt I was the only one dealing with this. Here goes!

Replied by Ladawna
Oak Ridge, Tn
I have also felt like the only woman who has experienced this. I didn't notice I had that bad of a problem (I just thought I was a little stronger smelling then most... ) until my boyfriend pretty much quit having sex with me. When I asked him why, he said it was because I had a smelly Vag (he didn't say it like that though haha). I was mortified and honestly completely embarrassed about this situation!!! I just recently tried the peroxide (and it really does have an instant response) now I'm just waiting for the results. I take folic acid and will be getting the acidophilus soon to see how well this works. I'm going to be absolutely ecstatic to once again not be worried about the way that I smell. And to have my boyfriend enjoy it as well!!! I will be updating in 3 days - 1 week to tell everyone how it works out!!!

Posted by Jessica (Ledbetter, KY) on 02/23/2009

I believe that I self diagnosed myself with bv, however, I am not sure. I always felt like i had a bad vag odor even from childhood. But, then in high school I met my now husband, and after any thing sexual I started having terrible odor and burning. THen when we started having sex using a condom, I only had terrible burning and discomfort. Then we stopped using protection and he would ejaculate inside me the smell was terrible, i mean horrible, immediately. I am 23 now and the prob keeps getting worse. There is a smell all the time, but, after intercourse it is AWFUL. I am not sure what to do anymore. Does my husband or his semen have anything to do with this. I have tried all of the remedies on this site. Nothing worked, due to these humiliating side effects I have not been to a gyn in years. The first last and only pap smear came back showing that I had a huge amount of yeast and the doctor told me to treat that with an otc med. But, she told me I must have been having symptoms, but I was not having any out of the normal. And after yeast inf meds nothing changed, the smell and everything else down there is so embarassing, I have not made another dr appt. I do not know what else to do. Does anyone have any other solutions or ideas. My husband is very understanding and has helped in every way. I am sick and tired of dealing with this. I have been diagnosed with Polycystic ovarian Syndrome, and have not had periods in several years. I have found nothing connecting the two but I am curious if anyone else has this or any of these similar things. Also my vag always looks red and irritated is this common? Someone please help me and feel free to contact me

Replied by Betty
Orlando, Fl
Try using extra virgin coconut oil as your lubricant.
Replied by Marlee
Los Angeles, CA USA
Jessica, I understand if you don't want to go to the doctor but #1 You should be sure what it is first. Bacterial Vaginosis smells like fish or strong cheese, there can be discharge ranging from clear, white, yellow, green-grayish, the more color the more bacteria. The smell definitely is from the bacteria, the normal "friendly flora" we have does not smell. If you have researched this from the many online sources you may be correct that you have BV, it could be Trichomonas though.

What most of the articles, although informative, DO not TELL you is THAT MEN CARRY and spread these unfriendly bacteria. YOUR husband needs to be checked by direct urethral swab. IT is possible that you can get this unbalanced bacterial situation from bad hygiene, but you would have to run around pretty sweaty, damp and with tight clothes, unnatural fabrics that don't breathe or a wet bathing suit or tampon for way to long, then have sex so the bacteria from out side gets pushed inside. Unless you are a real slob then you probably got it from a man. I got a terrible case from my boyfriend. Here is my experience and what I learned from this experience:

I noticed that my new boyfriend smelled bad 'down there". It was summer so I thought , sweaty, don't worry and I didn't want to embarrass him or ruin the moment by telling him to wash. With in a few weeks of this I started to smell bad and I NEVER have had any bad smell at all in all my 47 years. I knew of Gardnerella, the former name for BV, so I smelled his semen too to make sure that it came from him, it reeked so I told the BF that we had to get checked out, and he did test positive as did I. We took the antibiotics and assumed it was gone as we didn't smell. Then a few weeks later his semen smelled again, then 4 days later I smelled again. he took the antibiotics again and I did Hydrogen Peroxide, I don't like to take drugs. No smell again for a few weeks but it came back again so we did the antibiotics again and I INSISTED on a re check to make sure it was gone this time, the nurse on duty that day thought I was crazy but I wasn't taking a chance again, I checked out clear, NO BV in me. The clinic that my BF went to did a urine test only on him (may not be enough bacteria coming out in urine to show), not the swab and said he was clear but he had a yeast infection from taking the antibiotics (yes men do get this too and can pass it to you) So I was clear and I hoped he was clear (but used condoms just in case, didn't work see below on condoms) he didn't want that swab up there again, not fun for guys, well boo hoo because he was not clear and gave it to me yet again. At this point "my" nurse told me that HE must have a resistant case and has probably had it a long time. I questioned my BF, "Did you smell this when you were with your ex before you were with me ? YES he did AND he said his pee smelled also ! I asked him if he knew that smell was not normal and he didn't know, thought it was nothing to be concerned about and like many uninformed guys think that women smell like fish anyway, you know those awful "Tuna" jokes. MEN can get this from a woman who has it because, not to be crass, but by rubbing his dick against bacteria laden vaginal walls the bacteria gets inside his urethra and STICKS to the skin cells in there and also sheds into his semen and possibly urine, though more in the semen with force of ejaculation, follow ? Then he gets a new girl and gives it to her. He did have it for a long time before we got together so he had to take antibiotics 4 times to clear it.

HERE'S WHAT HAPPENS, We have a natural balance of good and bad bacteria, usually if we are healthy and clean, eat a good diet (preferably with out acid forming foods such as meats, cheese, eggs, dairy, SUGAR, white flour products and refined/junk foods that promote bacterial growth) then we can maintain proper pH balance and have enough good bacteria in our system to kill off any invaders and not be overtaken by bad bacteria. HOWEVER IF your partner is infected with too MANY bad bacteria (or you happen to get them on/in you otherwise) and passes them to you, these "bad" bacteria will kill off your "good" bacteria, move in, raise your pH (normal vaginal pH is acid to kill bacteria) to their liking (they produce amines, that smell and change the pH to alkaline) and live in you and you two will both have this back and forth forever. Note some people can have this at a level where they don't smell but still have enough bad bacteria to upset your particular balance and infect you, so if it smells stay away but know that it can be there w/o smell too. You can test your pH with litmus paper, a little roll with a pH chart on it, (normal vag. fluid shows yellow on the paper-acid,good. If it's turning green or blue it's bacteria- alkaline, not good). get at health food store or recently some kind of vaginal pH test has been advertised on TV, if you can find that in the drug store ?

SO what you must do is get clear, take the antibiotics if you must, no alcohol or vinegar while on them !!! may not work and can make you sick. DO NOT have sex, (even with a condom as some pre ejaculate can leak out with movement or be on him before he puts it on and it gets on his hand then on the condom, I got it this way also) until you are both certified clear. Also, you can get it from uncircumcised men easier as they can get bacterial growth under the foreskin. Regardless both partners should wash and dry thoroughly before and after sex anyway so any potentially infection causing bacteria will be washed away and not have the chance to get up in side either of you. Also AFTER taking the antibiotics and probably yeast medication, as the antibiotics kill of your good bacteria too and allow yeast to over grow, YOU both NEED to take PROBIOTICS, a good multi, OPTIMA,or MEGAFLORA that have many types of healthy flora including the acidolphilis etc. This will restore the healthy flora that the antibiotics kill in your system. Rhamnosis and Rueteri are supposedly good for vaginal health, you can pop these capsules directly up there to stop yeast and restore your flora after you clear the infection.

Last word, Good luck and about that ovary problem, I had enlarged left ovary for years, doctor said it was normal, lots of women have that, bullshit, NOT normal !! I resolved it by changing to a balanced Macrobiotic diet, way of eating naturally and this ovary has been fine since as well as several other health issues that are no more, in fact I have not been sick in 17 years since changing to this Macrobiotic lifestyle, except for the lovely infusion of nasty BV that my dear BF gave me which upset my own balance for a while but it is over and I'm healthy w/o smell and normal vaginal pH. I encourage you to study and try macrobiotics, is a good place to start, you can get healthy, feel great and resolve the ovarian problem, get your balance back and your periods. i hope this is helpful for you as i got this BV and didn't know how, if I was so healthy and I was never ill, how I got it, why it "got me" so it made me do lots of research to find out more than "you got this from your underwear or tampons" which was not the case as I found out, the gift of too many bad bacteria that over rode my own balance and led me to learn much more about this than is known even by doctors, mostly men who don't think "they" have anything to do with it. I dug deep found many studies showing it in men and found a lecture by a doctor in Texas who explained that it is a more serious thing than most MD's think, and he explained the facts of how the bacteria overtakes us and causes the imbalance, so don't necessarily believe those articles that say it's your fault that you are unbalanced or you have this due to bad hygiene or washing with soap or douching, although douching can upset your balance, If you are healthy you don't need to do this, the natural, normal clear, non smelly vaginal fluid discharge is there for self cleaning purpose.

Reply back to this thread if you want anymore info.

Salud, Marlee

Replied by windjroby
Twin Cities, MN
I do still have the same issues I have been having this prblem for about a year since sleeping with my husband afer we broke up and I went to several doctors and I still have this problem I tried the boric acid suppositories and the folic acid and the probiotics and I had my period and it came back Help Please write me.
Replied by Samonica44
Miami, Fl
Okay Marlee I am writing you because I am a little confused about your post regarding BV on earth clinic. My questions are about the treatment of males with this virus. Please e-mail me back so that we can be in communication with one another. I am literally at wits end with this thing and would really appreciate any and all advice you can offer. Thank you so much Sam-I-am
Replied by Kathy
Dubois, Pa
This is a great response to the whole subject of BV because it is the first time I've ever seen anyone address the idea that an infected man can be the cause of a woman's BV problem. Usually the doctors assume poor hygine on the woman's know, they assume the woman "wiped" back-to-front instead of front-to-back, or doesn't wash her hands, or because, as "everyone knows", women are just plain "DIRTY down there"...and their unconcious misogyny blocks their thinking, so that they can never get to the "root" of the problem (pardon the pun), which might be a man!

As for the men's health, surely it cannot be good for the poor dears to be harboring such a bacterial load! I wouldn't be surprized if a carrier of "BV germs" is that way because he has prostatitis (whether accute or cronic), which could lead to prostate cancer in later life.

Replied by Loana
Houston, Tx Usa
Thank you for this post. I never had BV until I got with my BF about 4 years ago. When we first started having sex I didn't notice any difference. We split up for several months (later I found out he had slept with someone else during that time). When we got back together and started having sex again, I noticed a foul odor with discharge from my vagina. I made several visits to the dr and kept getting treated for BV. I would get rid of it, then get it all over again. For a while I was back and forth between BV and yeast infections. It's horrible and embarrassing! He and I split up again almost a year ago. After that I haven't had any issues with BV or yeast. The smell has been gone and I've felt great. Recently, we started seeing each other again and having sex again. Guess what - the smell is back. The BV is back! I hate this and I know it's from him. It drives me crazy! I don't know what to do. I feel like if I'm with him I'll live the rest of my life with this issue.
Replied by Olivia
Troy, Michigan
wow this is some great information and I am having my boyfriend to my house tomarrow and I am going to read this whole page... Every article but especially yours with him... I have experienced this bv for years I am 29 y/o and it became a huge problem when I was with my ex my daughters father my first real boyfriend I was sexually active before him but when we got tohrther and it was just us together faithful we decided to stop using protection and no matter what everytime we had intercourse I would get bv b4 I could get rid of it it was right back. I thought whats wrong with me???? when I didnt have the infection there was absolutely NO SMELL AT ALL and right after sex one time hours later I smelled like fish... I felt dirty and like he must think I am not clean either.... Men dont understand it is the infection he would tell me things like clean it out up there wanted me to dousch take a shoer w me and he still couldnt bekueve I had an odor....

Finally I found out I had cervical cancer cells and once I had sergery for that ad egab having sex again the bv went away I wasnt getting it nemore and I became pregnant w my daughter whom is npw 3 and a half the whole time I was pregnant I never once got bv.... Time went on and still I hadnt gotten bv.... Then when my daughter was about 1 y/o I started getting the infection again it started out every once in awhile until it was back "full time" I thought I had gotten cervical cancer cells again I brokw up w my daughters father and wasnt sexually active right away so the infection lessend but didnt completely stop then I started dateing someone new it didnt get serious so we used protection... It wasnt a problem and then I met my bf now we have been together a yr and we got seriouys almost right away and have not used condoms almost right away of course after std testing... Every single time we have sex I get the infection.... I have had a papsmere and everything came back fine no cancer cells no std's.... This infection is embarrassing and I wont even let him newhere close to that area when I have it. I tried to explain to him what it is and he has been very patient and understanding so b/c he knows I am getting bv when we have sex he thought by him pulling out nd not ejaculateing in me that would stop the infections....

About almost three wks ago is when he decided to not let any sperm get in my vagina and has been pulling out well... We were having sex for the first wk and it went okay and I didnt get the infection.... But then it came back. It was horrible I tried explaining to him when I tried to get an appointment w my doctor it would have taken 2 wks to get in so I made the appointment but time went on and I couldnt deal with it as the odor got stronger I decided to go to the er... Since the doctor doesnt know me or my history of bv and bc I was having unprotected sex he decided to treat me for everything this was yesterday, the doctor in the er said it would be newhere from a few days to a wk b$ all the cultures came back so he will treat me fpr basically all std's and write me a script for metro-gel n he call me if nething came back post. N to follow up w my doct. I know that it was bv but my bf is thinking bc he didnt ejaculate inside of me that I must be cheating o him and that it is an std.... I was trying to explain to him that it could be just from sex bacteria on him that I can get bv.... Well I went to fill my script and they had to order it and it wont b in untill tomarrow soetime, I couldnt stand this smell so I decided to try a dousch and or this product rephresh I dont know if ur familiar w that or not but its a tube and a gel u can buy it over the counter its supposed to balance your ph levels and eliminate feminine odor... Rephredh pro-b is a probiotic feminine supplement that is clinically shown to balance yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health. It maintains a healthy vaginal ph level... Basiacally like u said we have a "good" bacteria and a "bad" bacteria and I have no splean so my immune syaytem is already low so I need something that can help me build up my good bacteria and and help my ph levels stay balanced the whole point of my story is nothing I have ever tried has ever worked besides flaygel in the gel form, not pills bc it nakes ne nauseatedwell the smell was horrible earlier today and I used a medicated dousch my sumers eve and after I used one appplication of rephresh and three hours later I used the bathroom and the odor was almost gone.... So I was thinking u ca use it everyday but one application lasts up to 72 hours, I was thinking to use one of those at least every three days but especially after intercourse.... I couldnt believe how it worked today so after I use my medication I was prescribed I am going to use that and I pray it will build up my good bacteria and will prevent from getting bgv and hopefully I can have a normal sex life with my boyfriend b/c this infection is seriously ruiing our relationship.... And my life, there has to be a treatment that can prevent ladies like ourselves from living w that odor...


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