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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Jun 30, 2015

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Posted by Amber Rose (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/29/2010

Hello ladies I was reading your comments on the different methods used to cure/treat bv. I have been suffering for about 5 years now the smell is so unbearable its hard to be around family and friends im tired of the antibiotics that never seem to work. Reading a few comments I happen to go out and purchase probiotic acidophilus (40 mill), I took 2 of them immediately but I have a few concerns. My body is extremely sensitive, how do I know I am taking he correct dosage and what are some other methods? can I insert the same pill into my vagina? I also would like to know about the tampon and the yogurt is there a specific type (plain, strawberry etc... )and how long do you leave it in? and does the peroxide and water solution work as well? I am sorry for so many questions but I am ready to fight this once and for all, I need help. I feel so overwhelmed with this issue I am always washing myself to rid the smell that never seems to go away. The unpleasant itching that doesnt stop. I cant take it the doctors prescribe the same things over and over but none of them seem to work. Wat to do

Posted by Philgirl (Manila, Philippines) on 12/28/2010

Hi. I tried everything but my bv keeps coming back. Should I really stop smoking?does drinking alcohol also worsens my case?i think the problems is, we don't have the femdophilus or the refrigerated kind acidophilus. So if someone can send me those, i'd be more than thankful. I'll pay for it by maybe sending through western union or depositing in your account. Just give me the details. Thanks!!!

Posted by Jen (London, England) on 07/22/2010

So pleased I found this site! I have suffered from BV for the last 12 months and it has made me miserable. Tired of taking antibiotics for ages which made me feel so ill, and then the infection comes back anyway so really wanted a natural remedy. Searched the net for months and was losing hope till I came across this site, and now am trying the acidophilus, B-12, zinc and folic acid. I couldn't understand why it kept coming back till I saw one comment about semen containing sugar which can upset the ph balance of the vagina - my partner has type 2 diabetes and we don't use condoms so I wonder if this is what has made it keep coming back? Has anyone else heard about this? Fingers crossed these tablets will sort me out once and for all. Thanks so much to all the ladies who have commented on this problem, it has helped so much.

Replied by Roxanne
This is my fourth day and no fish odor!!!!! Hydrogen peroxide!!!! I have to smell myself time and time again and nothing, some discharge but no odor at all, wow, this is amazing and this si the best site EARTH CLINIC u saved my life!!! And I cures my underarm odor here too, with the remedy MIlk OF Magnesia, That is like a miracle, all these years who knew? Im more confident now than I was before, all I did was soak a tampon in H2020 for 3 days and that was it...... ODOR GONE!!! GOOD!!!!
Replied by Lacidesiree
Jasper, Florida
What did you do with the peroxide to make it work? I did it last night by inserting a tampon and it hasn't completely worked yet. Help??
Replied by Catherine
Georgetown, Kentucky
Hi, just popped in and saw your post. I've fought with bv for years. The ONLY thing that has worked for me is douching with borax and hp. I reuse a standard clean douche bottle with a tbl spoon or so of each. Make sure water is hot so the borax dissolves. I use it for a week or so. Adding Borax to your bottled water will also cleanse the Candida from your system too. There is plenty of info on here about supplementing with Borax! It's wonderful stuff!

Posted by Kai (Parsippany, Nj, Usa) on 03/24/2010

I now have my second bout of BV and was REALLY upset that the prescription for Metrogel cost me almost $50 (my deductible not yet met for this year). After reading on this site about acidophilis (sp?) and folic acid, as well as the hydro peroxide douches (something I have never done before), I thought I would get them and give them a try as well.

Can anyone tell me if taking the pills while also doing the metrogel is going to interfere with each other? I figured if I spent the money, I should probably use it.

Also, I am highly sexually active and asked the gyn about it while on the metrogel - she said wait until I was done with the tube, SEVEN DAYS. I'm seriously tweaked, because I JUST finished my period and I'm just not one of those women who likes to have sex during my period (I feel like a bloated, hemmoraging whale and that does NOT make me feel sexy). Poor patient boyfriend is getting a little here and there, but I have needs too, you know? I'm certainly willing to wait until the majority of symptoms subside, but is it ok to have sex using condoms at that point? We don't usually use them because I have an IUD, but if we have to use them we will.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Posted by Mystery (Pembroke Pines, Fl, Usa) on 02/15/2010

I have been battling BV since October of 2009. I went to the DR to have it checked out and she prescribed that metrogel stuff. I told her this is my 2nd time getting BV and it's very embarrassing for me to deal with this b/c of the strong Odor I was experiencing. She recommended to me not to use it for 7 days straight, to use it for 4 days and if the smell came back just starting using the metrogel again so it will resolve the problem. She also gave me a refill on metrogel in case i ran out. I found myself getting agitated b/c the smell would go away and then return after my period EVERY MONTH! I was getting sick of that nasty gel coming out always having to wear panty liners.

I read around, googled, prayed, etc to help get rid of this horrible condition and that's when I found this site. I am so thankful to have found a site that has so many different remedies to use right in the comfort of your home. The only challenge you have is finding what works best for you. Which is fine in my case b/c I don't have insurance and trips to the DR are not cheap!!

Anyways I am doing HYDROGEN PEROXIDE, FOLIC ACID AND ACIDOPHILUS combination. I am hoping I will get great results!! I will keep you all posted with my progress!!

Also I was wondering if having BV hinders you from getting pregnant?! Has anyone had this experience yet?

Replied by Shandy
Limerick, Ireland
I don't know if BV can stop you getting pregnant, but I thought to share my experiences with BV.

I started having problems a few years ago. Went to the dr. got precribed the medicine, it healed, but then was back within 2 months. I have 4 teen daughters so we're a very 'in touch with our feminine side' household. Everyone knows how to wash, wipe etc. This was my first experience with an STD since I was a teen. I am also married so there's no multiple partners. On my second trip to the drs. where I was almost in tears I was so frustrated about being back in his office so soon he took the time to explain a bit more. He told me in medical circles BV is often known as the 'clean freaks disease' (!) He asked me a bit about my bathing habits. I shower every day and at that time was washing that area with shower gel. I was also ice-skating alot and taking long baths with bath oils afterwards to ease the sore muscles. Basically he explained some women's vagina's ph level is very sensitive - and almost anything can throw it off, which then opens it up to the bacteria to invade - in my case it was probably perfumed shower gel and bath oils, but also sanitary products, condoms and seamen can do it! I dropped the washing my privates with perfumed stuff and only use water and sometimes 'simple' or sensitive soap with no perfume. A private midwife friend suggested using a tampon dipped in live bio yogurt, which I now do after periods, and for a few hours after sex as a preventitive - and so far it's worked.

Replied by Vixen
San Francisco, Ca
FYI BV is not an STD.

Posted by Kim (New York, Ny) on 12/24/2009

[YEA]  I wrote a post on BV sometime last year. The acidophilous and folic acid worked temporarily, but then sometimes it had no effect at all, esp after sexual intercourse or after my period. Then, I really changed a lot of habits and so far so good.

Bottom line: REALLY had to change my lifestyle.

No alcohol, very little sugar in my diet (including sweet fruits), fresh organic foods, quit smoking, reduced coffee, wear less tight-fitting pants, keep lower body warm, switched to CLOTH sanitary pads, take acidophilous and folic acid every day.

Also! NO birth control pills or antibiotics!

I think this whole thing has a lot to do with contemporary lifestyle. Most of our foods are very processed unless you're extra conscious to make an effort to eat organic foods, and I heard from a guy who works at a cracker company that the additives they use in order to keep the food looking like new is very dangerous. For instance, they might use on ingredient to prevent decay, and something else to give it a certain flavor; okay separately, but toxic if taken together. They don't take this into consideration. I think it's called "chemical coctail effect," and it will cause an imbalance to your natural hormone level; even impotence or prenatal deformity.

Second, I was ill about 9 years ago and the hospital gave me a lot of antibiotics. This completely killed my immune system. This is important b/c the acidophilous is a PRObiotic, which is a natural substance that helps boost your body's own immune system, whereas antibiotics will lower your body's immune system and kill the external virus through the medication's strength. If you've taken a lot of cold medicines, allergy meds, acne creams/meds etc, your natural immune system will likely be very weak! Therefore, don't look for a quick fix. It will only take you a step back from all the hard work you put into the acidophilous and folic acid.

Also, birth control pills will cause BV, too.

Another thing, I saw this documentary that sanitary pads and esp tampons, panty liners etc are very toxic. The cotton is bleached. Second, they use a lot of chemicals to keep the pads or tampons "clean." Artificial fragrances, chemicals to absorb more liquid etc. The thinner the pad, the more toxic it is b/c the chemicals are more condensed on a smaller surface. They tested the amount of toxins that emit from the pads. At first, before menstral blood seeped into the pad was ok, but more and more toxins were emitted as time lapsed. These toxins go into your vag, pores and harm the uterus and ovaries. Also, this is a big reason why we get that rotton smell when we menstrate. It's not really the menstral blood that will cause such a smell, it's because the toxins mix with the blood and cause this, not to mentin cramps. Of course, tampons are worse because it's like you've corked yourself up. The smell, cramps, bloating will be worse than when using pads. I changed to organic cloth sanitary pads. They feel amazing! No sticking to skin, no scraping, cramps are almost nonexistent, smell is gone.

I've been away from my bf for a month and a half and the BV is gone. Don't know if it's b/c I'm taking better care of my diet or if it's b/c I'm not having sex. Maybe both. I will update again after I see my bf again.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
KIM, are you telling me that you stopped treating your symptoms and started addressing your overall health? Wow,
maybe others readers will do the same. Glad you smart enuff not to use tunnel vision.
Replied by Complexion90309
Ft. Worth, Texas
For me it was a cheating man even though he said he didn't (he did), got rid of him, no more BV!!! I never got BV until one particular guy. And yes when your ph balance is off you will get a weird smell but just like the lemon juice, vinegar will even out your ph as well. But if his penis is dirty even from masturbating you will get it cheating or not he has to keep clean, and when changing sex partners let your doctor know because everyone has a different bacteria. My doctor gave me Metronidazol (flagyl) it cleared and didn't come back until I slept with the same guy again, opps!!!!! that explains, he needed the medication as well, so I ask him to go to the doctor with me, he took the medication as well, I finally left him alone after that.
Replied by Beverly
Landover, Md
Complexion90309 from Ft. Worth, Texas you should do a little more research and talk to your doctor. BV is not an STD and you don't get it from a "dirty penis". It could be your partners semen that is creating the imbalance. That is why when you hadn't had sex in a while you weren't getting the symptoms. Don't get rid of a good man for lack of knowledge about your body and how it reacts.
Replied by Labtech
Kingsport, Tennessee
Complexion90309 from FtWorth Texas, it sounds like to me that what you had was trichomoniasis

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 12/02/2009

SORRY TO BE A STICK IN THE MUD, but why do people tell us what they are going to do, instead of what they have done? I could give a rat's fanny about what you gonna to do. Tell me what you have done and the results. Otherwise, you just talkin the walk. Kinda like the climate folks.

Posted by Ginger (Brooklyn, Ny) on 11/24/2009

I really appreciate the women on this site who offered their remedies for BV. How helpful, unselfish and sisterly you all are. Thank you all very much. You are Higher Women for sharing such an annoying issue. May we all enjoy our healthy bodies. Cheers! Hugs! Thanks.

Posted by Jennifer (Denver, Co) on 10/29/2009

Question: Hi Everyone, I have ready all of your posts and they are MOST informative, thank you! I am willing to try anything at this point and will indeed try the H2O2 douches, acidophillus pills, folic acid, etc. I have had hemorrhoids for almost a year now in addition to having several very bad yeast infections and NOW I seem to have BV as I have all of the symptoms you all are having, however I am ALSO having severe itching skin around my rear end. I itch so severely from above the top of my clitorus to the back of my hiney crack that I am ready to get the wire BBQ brush out and commence scratchin'! Please HELP! I can't sleep for the itching/burning and when I am awake I can't stand myself and can't go anywhere in public for the itching. It is embarrassing and I honestly feel like I may go insane at any second!

Here are my 2 my questions: How can I also remedy the itching on my rear end (as I am convinced your remedies will cure my girl parts) AND (2) If my husband is carrying this bacteria on his penis, how can he get rid of this also so we don't pass it back and forth?

Thank you so much and I look forward to you responses.

Replied by Tuttie Frutti
Las Vegas, Nv
Sounds like what I went through for almost a month. I had extremely severe, uncontrollable itching with no relief. I went to the doc and he gave me a cream for the itching and typical vaginal suppository for yeast, he thought it may have been yeast even tho I absolutely had no symptons. I used them for about 2 weeks with absolutely no relief. I actually did not have yeast but an allergic reaction and the redness were hives. I got an antihistamine and within 4 days the itching was subdued and in about a week the itching finally stopped. I also started using all natural soap to wash down there, stopped using lotions in the area, washed my clothes in allergy free detergent, stopped using dryer sheets and fabric softner to hinder anything that was causing the allergic reaction. With hives/skin allergies, it take the antihistamines a day or 2 to take effect because it affects all the layers of skin, so be patience.
Replied by Psa
Buffalo, Ny
When I get the itchies like that, I wash up, put a little bit of plain yogurt (make sure there are live cultures in it) on some toilet paper and then wipe. Relief is immediate and I'm totally clear within a day or so.

Posted by Notbv! (Kenosha, Wi) on 09/14/2009

[WARNING!]  It is SOOOOO important that you go to the doctor and get tested for BV or STDs!!!! I was going to Planned Parenthood for a very long time. I was getting exam after exam and every time I went in there, they told me I had BV and gave me meds that never worked. So finally I decided enough was enough and went to my Gyno doctor, where she told me I did not have BV but I have PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE! This can cause infertility and pregnancy complications that can cause death! Please please get to the doctor before you self medicate yourself! Some of the symptoms of BV are similiar to PID and if you have any pain what so ever, get to the doctor and get checked out!

Replied by Jessica
Clarksville, Tn
What were the contrasting symptoms of BV and PID? I am worried that many doctors do not check for or know how to identify PID.

Posted by Lus (Amherst, MA) on 07/05/2009

I'm curious if anyone has recurring BV while with IUD? I've had an IUD for about 2 months, and since then had BV 3 times.

Replied by Vera
I just wanted to reply to Lus: Did you get the copper IUD or the plastic IUD with hormone? About a year ago I had a copper IUD removed that I had for over 6 years. I didnt have any problems with bacterial vaginosis though. There is a time limit to how long a woman can have an IUD so I got mine removed. I talked to my mother in law and she said she had the copper IUD and never had any problems so I went that route. I didnt want to try anything with hormones. I hope this helps

Posted by Anne (Richmond, British Columbia, Canada) on 06/28/2009

I suffer from BV so I did a little research on the internet about it. I have read a number of times that douching is not recommended and that it is likely for women who douche to suffer more health problems than women who do not, and this include vaginal irritation, etc, and more importantly BV... BV! Yet a lot of people in this site seem to recommend douching with hydrogen peroxide and to many, it seems to work. Now I am confused as ever as to what "douching" really does. Is it safe?

Posted by Johanna (Frederick, MD) on 05/27/2009

Hi Everyone, This is a great site. I have been suffering from some type of vaginal infection for the past 8 years. My symptoms are a little different from what I'm reading. Sometimes I get a little white discharge, no smell, and no itch. I do feel intermittent irritation in the vagina (often after eating) and during or after sex. My doctor thinks I have intestinal dysbiosis and I am on lots of probiotics and Nystatin (oral). The biggest problem I have is even if I don't feel any pain, I am passing the infection to my husband. He will often feel inflammation after sex and has been diagonsed with prostatitis a few times after having unprotected sex with me. If we abstain or he uses a condom, he has no problems. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have never been diagnosed with any infection. The culture always comes back negative and I don't seem to have the obvious BV symptoms. My doctor says my vaginal PH is normal. I also get rectal burning after bm's and I often can feel the vaginal burning after eating (especially something heavy). I am a vegan and pretty much just eat fruits and veggies now. This seems to help with symptoms. I was also recently diagnosed with a severe Vitamin D deficiency. In doing some internet research, I found that there is a link with infections, including BV. Does anyone else have any experience with Vitamin D deficiency? My doctor put me on 4,000 IU a day. But, I am taking about 10,000 IU a day. I am anxious to see if this helps. I have been using the hydrogen peroxide douches 2x/day with femdophilus (take powder out of capsule and wet) inserted in the vagina at night. I am also taking the folic acid, but too soon to tell. Since my symptoms are not severe, it is difficult for me to tell if I am getting better. Last time my husband was infected, I had no symptoms and he ended up with prostatitis. Needless to say, he no longer wants to have unprotected sex and doesn't enjoy sex with a condom--so we don't have much sex anymore. If anyone has experienced anything similar, would love to hear from you. Thanks for all the great ideas and insights.

Replied by Patty
Las Vegas, Nv
Hi just checking on your question regarding Vit D defeciency and BV. I was just told I am Vit D deficient and have BV, although no BV symptoms.

Posted by Kara-Lea (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 05/23/2009

Hi, I have had BV for almost 2 months now (thinking it was my first yeast infection) I have been on antibiotics twice now (each time, it seemed the inserts just exacerbated the problem!) Now, I have not got the smelly discharge yet, in fact, I have had ultimately no discharge since I finished my medication on Monday (and I am naturally a very wet person) - I am scared because the outside of my vagina (and somemwaht the inside) is dry and sore as well as I have no scent down there at all (my own or fishy) Any ideas? Thank-you ladies :)

Posted by Disgusted (Farmington, Missouri) on 05/23/2009

I have been suffering from BV for as long as I can remember. I am 33 and just spoke to my doctor about it last year. She gave me a gel and it worked temporarily but came right back. I later started to see a new doctor (D.O.) and informed her of my long ongoing problem and she too gave me a presciption but dont remember the name, they were vaginal ovules you insert. AGAIN, this only worked temporarily. I also did the betadine/water douche for two weeks and it did help for a while, but of course it came back almost with avengance!!! I have changed soaps, I dont sleep in my underwear (which are cotton) I use a blow dryer to dry myself completley when i get out of shower. It is VERY frustrating and EMBERASSING!!!! I came across this website in my last attempt to find some solution to my insanity and I cannot tell you how excited I am about starting this new treatment. I HOPE THIS ONE WORKS!!! I am so tired of living like this, I dont' like to go outsdie in hot weather or be too active because I know the consequences of it. I can even smell it right after I get out of the shower. I will report back later!! Thank you all so much for this website! Take care!!!!

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