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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Jul 05, 2015

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Posted by Dani (Norfolk, Va.) on 05/31/2014

[YEA]  After searching the internet I decided that whole organic garlic cloves was the answer for BV and boy was I right! Of course I discovered the cure right in the middle of a raging yeast infection so I took drastic measures....insertion! I took a clove of organic garlic (the fresher the better you want it to be firm not rubbery) cut it in half and inserted it vaginally . Within minutes I noticed a strong garlic taste in my mouth but expected that from what I had read. Within hours I was noticing relief, the itching wasn't nearly as bad...but it did burn a little. Then when I went pee, I noticed a lot of white stuff floating in the water, like the yeast was draining out of me. I did this for two days and was completely cured...for a few months.

This cycle went on for about a year until it dawned on me that I wasn't being proactive! I started taking organic garlic capsules every day an have been yeast free for years now :) I have a friend that says she doesn't think the garlic capsules work so she just eats a clove or two every day and it works for her too! Hope this helps someone.

EC: Inserting a whole clove with no nicks or cuts will make it less likely to burn, but will still yield the same result.

Posted by Amy (Marion, In) on 03/06/2014

Hi ladies, I'm 18 and I suffered from BV for a couple months, with it occurring off and on. I diagnosed myself in November by researching the symptoms online, and went to a minute-clinic where they gave me an oral antibiotic to treat a yeast infection, and also Flucanazol to treat the Bacterial infection after the lab results returned. I assumed I wasn't being as cleanly as I should (multiple unprotected partners) and was glad when the symptoms disappeared with treatment. But to my disgust the whole infection returned. The smell wasn't the worst part, it was the discharge. It was disgusting. I got into a relationship and was afraid every time we had sex he would wonder why it was so funky. So I reluctantly returned to a doctor in late December - this time my family physician - and she treated me with Flucanazol as well. Well my symptoms returned after several nights of unprotected sex with my boyfriend. So finally in early February I returned to my physician and she prescribed me yet a stronger antibiotic. Again the symptoms disappeared but they came back even sooner (with my period) this time, and brought an odor worse than ever. At this point I was tired of antibiotics failing and destroying my immune system, it's winter and I had 3, yes THREE sinus infections in 2 months! So I resorted to reading and researching and fact-checking every home remedy I could find. I bought vitamins, douches, plain organic yogurt, gulped water by the gallons it felt like.

For 2 weeks I followed a strict routine I devised myself from all the different remedies I could find. In the morning in the shower I would douche once with a hydrogen peroxide-water solution, and then douche with Apple-Cider Vinegar and water. Once out of the shower I would insert a capsule of Probiotic Acidophilus, and a tampon soaked in the plain yogurt. I removed the tampon after about an hour or 2. I would insert another capsule before bed every night. I was also taking a multi vitamin and an acipophilus capsule orally every morning, as well as drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day. Well as long as I continued this my symptoms were gone. No discharge and no odor. Of course I was somewhat pleased but deep down I knew it was only because of the amount of douching keeping the symptoms at bay. So I stopped my routine (except taking the vitamins orally) and sure enough the symptoms returned, but they were definitely not as bad. The odor was less noticeable (I actually had to shove my finger up there and smell or smell my panties) and the discharge wasn't near the quantity as before. So I knew what I was doing was somewhat helping but not as well as I had hoped.

Then I tried one more totally different technique. Garlic. I was very weary about this for many reasons. Inserting that odd food up there, leaving it until it expels itself naturally, and having a very strong smell of garlic coming from down there was not something I would've tried casually, but I read only good about garlic as a natural antibiotic. So I tried it. I didn't do anything else besides continue taking one acidophilus and one multivitamin orally each morning. And I was amazed that it worked. Completely cleared up. The smell went away about 24 hours after the clove of garlic expelled itself and the discharge has not returned nor has the smell. The day it "expelled itself" (on the toilet during a bm) I did insert an acipophilus capsule that night for good measure I suppose. It's been about a week and I am so relieved! Keep in mind I have been making my boyfriend withdrawal the past couple weeks, which isn't something he likes to do so we didn't use to (I was on birth control) and could've added to the yucky feeling with the infection. And I also haven't had my period yet this month (I might be pregnant actually! ) so hopefully that doesn't bring it back but please please give this a shot if nothing else is giving lasting results.

One more thing, I would NOT waste my time or money on the darned tampon soaked in yogurt. It did not seem to anything but make a mess and leave me with a quart of the most disgusting yogurt ever. It tastes mote like sour cream. And "soaking" the tampon is a LOT harder than it sounds. I tried taking it out of the inserter and it expands and is nearly impossible to insert. But leaving it in the package it doesn't absorb much if any, but enough for the tip to expand to where you can't get the tampon out of the tube!! So, I will very much regret getting anyone's hopes up IF my BV returns, but this is the longest I've been symptom-free and felt amazingly fresh since the first time I was treated with antibiotics, and hopefully this time it does not return.

Posted by Nikki (Cumming, Ga) on 02/23/2012

[YEA]  I struggle with bacterial vaginosis and have it for months and years at a time. I finally found my cure with cloves of garlic. I unpeel a garlic clove, put a few stab holes in it to release the healing juices and insert it in my vagina. After a day or two or three it naturally comes out. I finally cured myself and have been B.V. Free for several weeks now thank god!!!! I did a maintenance type of program with many things that kept the odor at a minimum and the white sticky discharge a little less in thickness with all of the following.

I have tried hydrogen peroxide douches with a few drops of tea tree oil (this kills the bad bacteria that is overgrowing and causing the problem), rePHresh vaginal inserts (these really help with the odor), eating probiotics daily (the refrigerated kind you find at Whole Foods) and elimination of sugar and coffee from my diet (hard to do but actually good for health and diet). Anyways, I just wanted to share this with everyone because I know the stress and aggravation this causes and I really think the cloves of garlic is what really worked this time. It lessened the white discharge within a few days, and it also created a more clear and slippery lubricant in my vagina and that was a relief. I also decided to stop obsessing over it and just tried to maintain it and I think this psychological shift really played a part as well. Best of luck to all women who face this problem. I hope this helps!

Posted by Ms.911 (Baltimore, Md) on 10/05/2010

Ok so I seen on here where woman said that garlic works so I went to the store and got the capsule of garlic 546mg I put two of them up in my VJ b4 bed in the morning the discharge was gone. OK so CAN any one please tell me how long will it smell like garlic with all that to say thanks my BV is gone. Please let me no

Replied by Kay
In The Valley, Ca
'I hope' that was meant to put a smile on our faces, because it sure made me chuckle. When people say "What's that garlic smell?", just tell them you're on that new 'Italian Diet' that everyone is trying!

Posted by Ms.911 (Baltimore, Md, Usa) on 10/05/2010

I was looking on here and a few women said they used garlic up there VJ and it made there bv go away. So I went and got me some garlic capsule 546mg. I put 2 capsules up n my VJ and went to bed the night morning I had no sign of BV. The garlic I could smell alil got to me I was like ugh @ work lol. But when I got home I took a hot/ warm bath opened up took my clean finger and let clean water go up n there by that night the garlic smell was bout gone and I didnt smell any Bv or have anymore discharge :)

Posted by Elizabeth (Lancaster, Ca, Usa) on 06/13/2010

[YEA]  Cure Bacterial Vaginosis with garlic

Anytime I have gotten a bacterial infection or yeast infection I use a garlic clove. I get a large fresh garlic clove, then after I peel it I poke the skin with a fork all over, then I insert it into my vagina as far as my middle finger will push it, then I leave it in over night, and in the morning I just push it down and take it out (I've never had a promblem getting it out). The garlic gel pills can also be used if your worried about not being able to get it out, cause it will dissolve, I've never used them but my friend has. I've been doing this for more than 4yrs, my sister and girlfriends do it now also.

Posted by Ms. Remy (Eastern, North Carolina) on 11/04/2009

[YEA]  I have been dealing with I thought was a yeast infection then all of a sudden I noticed a foul smelling odor afterwards that was hard to get rid of, however; I just used the garlic gel pills that is 1,000 mg and inserted (2 pills) in my vagina for two days in between those days a discharged occurred but I guess it was normal for that to happen but I am now odor and discharge free. Why? did I do this because when you go to the doctor they give you pencillin and next to that if you can't afford the visit garlic is next in line to cure you. I read this site whereas everyone is using gel pills so I went home and inserted the garlic gel pills instead remind you I had this infection for about a good 3 months and it was getting worse now. I am cured. Just keep washing with dove unscented soap and keep a dry unscented pantiliner on day and night to keep yourself dry. Remember garlic eats yeast and purifies. I advise you all not to douche just keep your system flush with fluid because that vinegar/water douche by equate irritated me that caused this to happen.

Posted by Aminta (Charlotte, NC) on 10/11/2008

[YEA]  I want to thank for starting this website. It has truly been a blessing to me. I am writing to let you ladies know that, although no one commented that they used fresh garlic as a cure, it really works. I have suffered from BV for 3 yrs (since my husband cheated on me). Every other month after that I was getting recurrences of BV. Like the rest of you, neither the cream's nor pill's got rid of the BV for good. I recently was reading up on how natural garlic heal's so many ailment's. So, I bought so garlic, peeled it and wrapped it in gauze. I tied it with dental floss and inserted it in my vagina once a day, preferably at night before bed. I would remove the garlic every morning before taking my shower. I did this for 7 day's and I am symptom free still today. The bad thing about it is that the smell of garlic doesn't wear off for a while so if you are sexually active often then I wouldn't recommend this home remedy. I hope this remedy help's you ladies. It is alot cheaper on your pocket's. I bought 2 bulb's of garlic for under $1.00.

EC: That's true, Aminta -- hundreds of responses, but no mention of garlic for bacterial vaginosis. Thanks for the new remedy!

Replied by Ape
Denver, CO
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I read about using garlic on another site...I was just told last week that I have BV. They tried to give me the pills and the cream and I starting surfing the net to find another way to fix the problem. I am taking garlic sounds a little less intense this way but not sure if its working as I have 0 symptoms at all. I will have to let yall know after I go to the doc and get yelled at for not taking the antibiotics.
Replied by Mary
Houston, Texas, United States
I was wondering, how do you take Garlic Orally? do you eat it alone or put in food?
Replied by Danielle
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
They sell Garlic pills.

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Posted by Krissi (Korea) on 06/17/2013

[YEA]  Struggled with bv for 10 excruciating months. My bv was not the foul white discharge. Mine was shiny and clear... It was odorless but a dime amount would burn me. I was on fire 24/7. I was tested twice and both times it was bv. I tried everything on this site but it only helped temporarily. Even changed my diet to near perfect healthy fresh fruits veggies and folic b12 vit d ect ect. Even stuck the garlic (with thread) up my lady biscuit. What finally worked was a garlic douche. It knocked it out good!! Boil water but let it cool down some.. Then stick sliced garlic cloves in the water. 2 did the trick for me. Let that sit overnight then pour the water into a douche and pour it up inside ya... Rest there for about 5 min and let it kill off all the bacteria.. Then release. Garlic clove on a thread was good but can burn and doesn't get around to other areas where the bacteria hides. With this the liquid permeates every part. There will be some pinkish discharge which I believe to be killed bacteria. Do this 3 mornings in a row and it should be done completely. Can't tell you the peace of mind that cane with this... My God. Sick of pharmaceutical companies... An antibiotic to cure bv but side effect is a yeast infection?! That's sick and twisted. After doing bv antibiotics 5 times I had enough. Intestines are paying for it... Drinking extra virgin olive oil and lemon water to take care of that business. All natural wins again. God bless you... Hope this helped somebody. Mad props to you who suffered longer than me... It was hell. Relief is in sight don't give up!!

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Posted by Kennedy (Broomeville, SC) on 07/06/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  Hi ladies I have to say thanks for all of your input. I thought I was the only one in the world struggling with this problem. I've also researched that if you have an IUD that may be the cause of the BV as well. I've been taking one garlic pill twice a day. One in the morning and one at night. I've also been drinking a probiotic drink that has lots of bacteria that's similar to yogurt. I consume one every morning. So far for about a month, I've noticed some changes. I have little to no odor after intercourse and after my cycle. The discharge has decreased significantly! Hardly any at all.

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Posted by Chandy (Aurora, Colorado, United States) on 10/03/2010

My ph within my vaginal area is getting back to normal. I have reaccuring issue with BV, then yeast. I am currently I believe fixing the issue I hope. I use regular (read the ingredients) plain yogurt to deposit within, as well as a clove of garlic. I have no yeast within but the outside of my vagina is having a problem. The garlic does kill off anything, the yogurt ( I freeze and use oil to insert) is keeping good bacteria witch is what I am missing. I have read, about making a paste for a skin yeast infection. So yesterday I made a garlic paste and oh boy! It was so painfull! Oh my!!!! I tired real hard to keep reapplying even with yogurt all on the outside, now today I have a total peel going on with my skin down there. I hope to reapply the garlic and yogurt paste I have curing in the frig. I seem to be keeping the BV at easy for today. Any suggestions on my yeast skin infection within the skin of my down there area? will the garlic, ever stop burning! ? ouch!

Replied by Izzy
St. Louis, Mo, United States
Also, here is a link about why garlic will burn the skin whether you have an infection or you don't, it's ok because the skin will repair its self...

One more thing, exactly how are you inserting the yogurt? You freeze it first? and how do you get it inside the vagina?

Replied by Izzy
St. Louis, Mo
Thank you for posting this, I am having the SAME problem, the yeast infection seems to localize on my vulva, uggggghhhh how irritating, I am at my wits end...
Replied by Chandy
Aurora, Colorado, United States
I have some dallops of yogurt that are in the freezer. I coat them with coconut oil and insert. My body temp. warms it right up. I try to relax and be gentle. This is crazy it is driving me bonkers. I am so irritated. I hav now tried otc fungal cream made it worse! I am now trying tea tree oil. I am holding a bag of ice to the area. I have gone to the doc and had BV, she said it looked like yeast on the outside but not in my vagina. I took the stinkin meds prescribed and right away this lovely red itchy bottom came back. I have been staying away from sugars! I do not know where to go?

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Posted by Cherybark (Los Angeles, Ca) on 12/13/2013

Hi there, I too have battled BV infections for years. Countless times to the doctor's office. Only to have my symptoms back a few months later. I came across this website a few years ago.. I've tried everything listed here and still my symptoms came back.. So I did my own research and found out the reasons these home remedies only worked for a short time is because I didn't have the proper knowledge of how and why these home remedies work... The 1st thing I learned is too much Acidophilus is also bad. Too much good bacteria causes a condition known as Cyclotic Vaniitis, an over growth of too much good bacteria. The symptoms are EXACTLY the same as BV. 2nd Acidophilus produces Hydrogen Peroxide naturally. Too much naturally produced Peroxide = too much antiseptic, killing off the bad bacteria also. 3rd douching with Peroxide adds more antiseptic killing bad bacteria and creating good bacteria. So Douching and using Acidophilus together creates twice as much antiseptic.. When I read this I was at a loss. All the money I spent. All the knowledge I thought I had wasn't enough. So I decided to talk to someone who has the knowledge of Herbal and Natural remedies an Acupuncturist who also sells Chinese Medical Herbs and Homeopathic treatments... She told me the research I did was correct and that I needed to reboot my flora. Basically start from scratch. Insert 1 garlic clove 1-2 hours for 2 nights then 7 days of inserting Yogurt. We also went over my diet.. You need a good foundation in order to cure BV.. I'm on a fruit and vegetable powder supplement as well as an anti oxidant and enzyme supplement and I'm taking vitamin D. A vitamin deficiency will also cause BV infections. I was told to drink lemon water before drinking coffee. This will balance the Alkaline vs. Acidity imbalance that coffee can create. I will check back in 6 months and let you know if this works.

Replied by Cherybark
Los Angeles, Ca
Quick update.... My infection was worse than expected... I was told to leave the Garlic in for a total of 7 - 8 hours then the yogurt for 7 days.. Last night was my second night of yogurt and I woke up with no smell. FINALLY. I'm continuing the supplements and the vitamin d. I will continue to update.
Replied by Anonymous
Washington, Dc
A year ago I had a horrible bv case after taking antibiotics that lasted months. If I take the medicine my doctor prescribes the bv just flares back up. After months of misery and every home remedy I got my body back in ph balance and was BV free for about 9 months until for some reason my most recent period triggered it again. I had stopped taking my supplements, so I am going to start taking them again and figure I'll have to take them for life. I'm also going to try all my other remedies and hope it works again this time! The thing that seems to work best for me previously was boosting my immune system (vitamin C, D, E, Cranberry, Reshi, astragulus root, etc.). Taking a probiotic specifically formulated for vaginal health. I also am a firm believer in garlic. I tried inserting it which does help some, but didn't get rid of the bv. I take a quality garlic supplement twice a day. I also use refresh over the counter insert at the first sign of any symptoms. For me my period tends to trigger it, so the refresh helps. The key however seems to be douching when I have that painful burning feeling. I was very hesitant to douche because I had thought it would make things worse, but it makes it better. Assuming you know your vaginal ph is off balance from bv. I hate this awful bv and wish there was an effective treatment. The drugs do not work! More research needs to be done in this area. So many women are suffering in silence and it truly impacts your life. Good luck ladies!
Replied by Rsw
Uniontown, Oh
Hi Anonymous, Here is the link to remedies that have been found to be effective for bv:

Hope this helps.

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Posted by Msprissychrys (Lumberton, Nc) on 11/30/2014

Hello everyone,

It seems that we all are or have suffered from the horrible conditions of bv, uti, yeast infections, and other things, but I have a question to add with my post. I've noticed over the years that things have a prepotency to evolve even when I would take the antibiotics and things would clear up. I'm sensitive to contracting uti, yeast infection, and bv on rare occasions, but now that I'm a little older, I can't help but wonder are the antibiotics weakening the immune system in some way.

I believe in natural remedies but I've always made appointments with drs. first but it seems to me that the prescriptions don't really get rid of the issue PERMANENTLY and that's my concern. I want my body to be as healthy as I can, with what I know to do to keep me healthy. I don't want anyone giving me prescriptions just to put money in someone's pocket, leaving me under-educated after I've visited a professional about the matter.

I'm glad that I've stumbled upon this website because after reading multiple posts, I've learned that I have some of the same issues as some of the women on this site. This site encourages me to use wisdom and the natural things that GOD has given us to heal our bodies, starting with proper nutrition and water...I have everything that I need in my home as of now to combat the issues that I'm confronted with and I will be sure to give a praise report once things are cleared up. I hate that I resorted to medicine (chemical based) to help my body recover, but now that I've been reintroduced to the natural methods, there is no turning back and I have confidence. :) No woman desires to find her body in the position that she feels helpless, confused, don't know what to do and I refuse to feel helpless, knowing that I can start with the basics at home and they are all NATURAL...that's what I love the most. Natural never hurts, it always helps.

Just to give everyone something to think about concerning information for natural healing, I've purchased a book in my early 20s and it has EVERYTHING natural "herbs, salts, vitamins, and all kinds of goodies" that are strictly for recovering our healthy bodies. I've read about the vinegar and all sorts of natural elements to aid in the healing process, and I'm on the healing bandwagon starting today. The name of the book is: Prescription for Nutritional Healing (third edition) Phyllis A Balch & James F Balch. I hope that book is a helpful tool for all who find interest in it, and they've written several recent editions as well. Thank you for your posts, and for being transparent and honest about your bodies and concerns, they've all helped me find a new confidence. What a blessing this site is and a wake up call!! :)

Replied by Skurt414
Tn., US
[WORKED TEMPORARILY]   So around two years ago I was told I had herpes simplex1 around the same time I began to have thyroid problems. Thyroid was removed so now take synthroid. Ever since all of this has happened, I have had bv. I would call the dr and get meds for it, they worked while taking them and as soon as I stopped, the symptoms would come back. Finally it got to the point that I just gave up.

Well lately I've been trying things again. Things I have tried, borid acid, apple cider vinegar with the mother, peroxide, garlic pills, folic acid, taking a daily vitamin. tea tree oil, vitamin c daily and inserted at night, eating yogurt. Of course, this has been over the span of two years and it always returns. Anyone have any ideas? How to get this to go away and stay away??

Replied by Oscar
Syracuse, New York
Hi Skurt, Well the food preservative BHT has worked for many people for all types of herpes infections. It is sold by many companies online and recently became available at some WALMART stores. LifeLinks is a reliable brand and sold in the convenient 250mg capsules. This is the brand sold by WALMART. BHT works for many but not all people. You have to try it to find out if it works for you or not if you wish to. 250mg of BHT taken on an empty stomach with a gulp of water once or twice a day works well for most people....Oscar

Posted by Loopytie (New Hers) on 03/08/2014

I've been dealing with BV for the past three months. I was taking antibiotics for a sinus infection, but developed and allergic reaction to the medication. Soon after I found myself with BV and yeast. The yeast was treated but the BV is proving difficult. I have good a bad days. This is the second time I am dealing with this issue. In 2012 I had the same issue. Antibiotics for a sinus infection, followed by yeast and BV. I was lucky to get rid of both without any issues.

I have been tested for all STDs and other infections. Everything was negative.

I'm so depressed....

The last three months have been horrible. Constantly crying, stressing and wondering what's wrong with me. I just found out two days ago it was BV. Doctor Never told me what it was. The nurse had to explained how difficult it is to treat. She recommended probiotics.

Posted by Zionsmommy (Pa) on 09/22/2013

I've suffered from bv since I've started college, I became sexually active, I guess the men's juices didn't mix well with mine. About after three days of being introduced to his foreign fluids, I'd notice this strange smell at first it started off as some kind of dog spit smell. (Gross I know, then rotting fish).... I was so embarrassed he could smell it so could I. Stronger during intercourse. I tried everything from Metro gel at the doctors, to oc drugs, duches, vinegar, peroxide, .. Everything it would go away for awhile but as soon as I had sex boom there it goes. My man stopped going down on me which really hurt my feelings but I understood I wouldn't put my mouth on a fishy smelling penis. Let me just start by saying this, BV is something that almost all women will have / has had/ currently have. It doesn't mean your dirty although it is an infection, one that I'm sure has been around for thousands of years, it is a build up of bad bacteria , which you vagina houses both good and bad, bad bacteria tend to thrive more in a place that has a disrupted ph balance. Either it's to acidic or not enough either way, there are natural ways that work. Try using a feminine wash with ph control, however don't over wash as an exposure to moisture & darkness will make the bad bacteria run ramped. Then for the reason just listed make sure your completely dry before you put your undies on, even try going a day or two with out (cotton always) also check the wash make sure they include LACTOPREBIOTIC for this will help replenish good bacteria, stay away from perfumed/fragranced washes! Try this with a few days of dietary changes; incorporate a clove of garlic in your meal everyday, drink Lots of water, eat pineapples mmmmm. Make sure you wipe from front to back and if you let anything near your vagina, mouth finger whatever make sure it's CLEAN. Almost anything can change your pH balance from sex, periods, soap, stress , even what you eat!! I tried all listed above and within a week maybe less BV was gone and has NOT come back. Just remember that is a very sensitive area and should be treated as such. Oh! Almost forgot while your trying to rid yourself of Bv , NO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE until it's gone. For multiple reasons. 1) bad bacteria will increase 2. ) you'll spread it to your partner who in return can pass it right back 3. ) even oral can cause strep throat. It's a bacteria, an infection. Btw I'm only 23
Knowledge is Power
BV free for two months

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