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Boric Acid Cure for Bacterial Vaginosis

Last Modified on Apr 20, 2015

Boric acid is an extremely effective natural cure for BV, or bacterial vaginosis, when used properly.

A number of factors can offset the balance of the healthy pH of the vagina including menstrual flow, semen, and soap. As the pH becomes alkaline, the natural bacterial environment of the vagina also becomes upset and often results in bacterial vaginosis – an uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition. We, however, have researched a number of methods for treating bacterial vaginosis and discovered that boric acid is one of the most effective methods of treatment.

What Is Boric Acid?

While you may be most familiar with boric acid as a form of poison, boric acid, in essence, is considered an effective antiseptic. As such, it is often used in treating a number of different infectious conditions including bacterial vaginosis.

Does It Really Work?

Bacterial vaginosis is a condition that results from the imbalance in the pH of the vaginal environment, specifically the vagina becomes alkaline. Boric acid is a mildly acidic antiseptic, so when used to cleanse the vagina, the pH level is restored to a more acidic level, which is typical. Treating in this way is an effective option for relieving bacterial vaginosis.

How Do I Use It?

Boric acid is used as an inserted treated. The treatment typically comes in a capsule form and is inserted into the vagina directly. You can make the capsules yourself by putting boric acid powder inside of empty gel capsules. If you have difficulty finding boric acid, a pharmacist can typically order it for you.

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider?

While the CDC does not specify a specific treatment order for boric acid, a suggested treatment option is 1 capsule inserted once or twice a week. You should never consume boric acid, but it is a safe treatment to use externally in the vagina.

While some may view boric acid as a particularly concentrated treatment, the good news is that boric acid is typically a permanent treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Continue reading below for detailed feedback from more than 30 Earth Clinic readers who have successfully treated BV with boric acid! Let us know if this remedy worked for you!

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User Reviews

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Posted by Mzn (Chicago, IL) on 04/19/2015

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had BV since 2009 and nothing has worked . Now I'm currently inserting Boric acid capsules and they have worked as far as the smell. I started using one capsule at night and then one in the morning after I shower. I'm going to continue doing this for the next 5 days ( until 4/24/15), which will be 2 weeks. Hopefully, it will get rid of the discharge like it did the smell. Praying for a relief!!!

Posted by Cassandra (Oxford, Mississippi) on 03/29/2015

[YEA]  I started using my homemade boric acid suppositories with boric acid powder and gelatin capsules. Found the powder on the shelf at my drug store with first-aid supplies. Filled up large side of capsule and put small side on as others have done. Used 1 first 2 nights and didn't seem to help. Used 2 capsules the next 2 nights and felt almost completely better after the first night. So if 1 doesn't work try 2 before you give up. Hope it continues to work. I have tried eating yogurt, acidophilus, tea tree oil, and hydrogen peroxide without it helping at all. So don't give up.

Posted by Hopeless (Edmonton, Ab) on 01/24/2015

[SIDE EFFECTS]  So I use the Boric Acid capsules and the watery discharge is insane! I am soaking through panty liners and the discharge is not clear. Is this just the 'yuck' leaving my body?? I have to go change my liner or pad every hour and I feel the liquid gush out.

I have an appt for feb 5 but I feel like I am going to go insane before then...

HELP! I am worried I don't have BV after all.

Replied by Hopefullycuredsoon
Prince George, Canada
I just finally saw a gynecologist yesterday after being referred a year ago. I have been dealing with this issue for 14 years!!! All along, treating it like yeast as every doctor has told me it is. It would constantly come back. I've treated my husband, I decided it was an estrogen deficiency, I decided it was vulvodynia. I was desperate. Yesterday, I was told that BV tests are often nonspecific and that it's probably what I have had the entire time. I am supposed to start the boric acid pills as soon as my pharmacy can get them in. I'm excited to start and hope that it will help, but she did tell me I would be using them twice a week for probably the rest of my life. I am scheduled for a hysterectomy in June and she did say that I might notice the symptoms disappear after my period is no longer a problem but we'll see.
Replied by Bridget
Philly, PA
BV is caused by a pH imbalance. "treating" your husband is not going to do anything. It's his semen. Semen ph level is 7.1-8, the vagina's pH has to be about a 3.5-4; anything higher causes problems. Your cycle can cause the same problem. Blood during your cycle is about a 7 which....will cause a problem.

Posted by Rs (San Francisco, CA) on 01/07/2015

I have BV and let me tell you, there is no cure. You will have this until a cure is found. I did everything under the sun....H202, probiotics, ACV, yogurt douche, supplements, you name it I tried it. What has finally worked to keep it at bay is boric acid capsules. Boric acid is cheap, you can make your own capsules at home, and pharmacies will make this if your doctor gives you a prescription.

It is a little known fact that doctors don't want you to know about. I have been using boric acid capsules for years with no side effects. You have to stay on top of the BV 24/7/365. I can't go more than 1-2 days without inserting a capsule vaginally. I usually do it Sun-Thurs, and Fri-Sat I am with my boyfriend and everything is nice and clean and smells great and NO discharge or disgusting smell. I buy boric acid online (Amazon) as well as vegetable based capsules and sit right on my living room floor one night a month and make mass quantities of these things. Insert on capsule vaginally before bedtime (you need to be lying down so it can melt inside you and kill the bacteria) and the next morning wear a panty liner because the melted capsule contents will leak out.

It smells nice and fresh and there is no taste or side effects to your partner (if you know what I mean). Interestingly enough, the capsules keep your vagina nice and lubricated so if you have issues with dryness, this will certainly help you with that too. This has saved my life and my sex life as well. Boric acid is roach killer by the way. I was terrified to try it the first time, but I also was so exhausted of dealing with BV, so the chances of this working were worth my fears. It is the only thing that has worked for me so far and I am prepared to use this for the rest of my life. I am more than glad to answer your questions. I know there are several postings on here regarding boric acid capsules for BV. This is a horrible thing to have and to live with, but if you can stay on top of the bacteria you will be much happier and it does not take much effort. Cutting back on sugar and caffeine helps just a little bit......not much, but some. Good luck everyone!!!!!

Replied by Pam
Indpls, IN
I use boric acid also, and it too has saved my life, I love it! However I belong to a online support group and someone told me that the boric acid also kills the good flora, is this true. I thought it balanced everything out.
Replied by Michelle
Omaha, Ne
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have been fighting BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) for over 2 years. I went through a full hysterectomy over 4 years ago so I no longer have monthly cycles and I thought that was the reason. I went to my Family Physician who put me on Flagyl for over 6 months and the test results kept coming back positive for BV. I was then referred to a Gynecologist that put me on Metronidazole gel month after month For 6 months and still the test showed positive for BV. I was then referred to a Urologist. It was then I was introduced to Boric Acid. I explains the frustration of 2 full years of treatments with no cured results. I have been using Boric Acid suppositories now for 3 months and still test positive for BV and I have not been sexually active in over 5 Months. The Urologist states that it may never go away or be cured but I will tell you the Boric Acid Suppositories sure do make life much easier! My Pharmacy makes the compound for me each month for $29.00. I insert each night before bed and it's melts quickly with no smell, no discomfort and no side effects. I use mine 21 straight days then I take the rest of the month off. Begin again on the following 1st of the month. It must be refrigerated at all times But so worth it!!
Replied by Lindsey
Bi, Hawaii
Aloha, Rs

The boric acid caps sound amazing. BUT, I need to tell you about the veggie caps you're using. Although veggie based - please understand that in the process of making them - there is NO WAY the manufacturer can produce them without using certain lubricants that's carcinogenic. When you get capsules - look for KOSHER BOVINE capsules. They are safer than the veggie type - minus the carcinogenic lubricant. I am not a health practitioner/naturopath - I just do my homework. Wishing you well...Lindsey

Replied by Tiffany
How do you figure out how much powder to fill in the "00" capsules?
Replied by Rs

I make my own boric acid capsules and use "00" vegetable/gelatin capsules. I fill them up with as much powder as I can. They are not all the same size by the time I finish making a batch, but that is ok. The most important thing is to start using them ASAP. What I found is that some days I use a larger capsule if I feel my BV starting to creep back and as the week goes on I start using the smaller capsules. It just worked out that way and is not intentional. Practice making your capsules. You cant mess up and you cant use too much powder...............this pretty much saved my love life, sex life, and general well-being. Good luck!!

Replied by Rs
In regards to boric acid capsules killing our good bacteria, I have not found that to be true, but I do eat yogurt daily which I am sure helps a bit.....real yogurt. Knowing that there is no cure for BV and trying everything recommended on this site with short term success made me desperate to try this and I cant tell you how happy I am.

And THANK YOU to the kind woman that told me to use bovine capsules. I will try that for sure. The capsules that I use dont entirely dissolve and little pieces do come out occasionally. Only I can tell, my boyfriend does not notice.

Replied by T.
Hello, I also have been battling BV since I had my son 5 years ago!! I have tried everything and have spend tons of money on doctor visits and lab tests! I'm am over this! I hear nothing but great things about Boric Acid capsules, I asked my PCP to write me a script so I could get them through my pharmacy, but he was not comfortable in prescribing this because he did not know much about it. Ugh!! I feel like I'm at my wits end and I'm full of frustration! I suppose I could make my own capsules and order the stuff from Amazon. Did any of you ladies who tried the boric acid capsules experience extra dryness or a yeast infection from the capsules? How often is too much to use? Any side effects?
Replied by Kristen
New York, US
Hi all, I currently have an IUD (Mirena) and its been in for about 4 months, my BV is out of control. I took all types of treatments for it metrogel and tindamax. My next step is going to be boric acid. Do you think I should remove the IUD? I don't know what to do and my GYN isn't being so helpful in the situation!

Posted by Katie (Pa, US) on 12/28/2014

I just started the boric acid capsules today. As much as I was scared to it was my last resort and after seeing all of the positive reviews everywhere I went and purchased it and since yesterday was the last day of my period I used one today. So far no problems. I was wondering if anyone who uses this method could answer my questions.

How often should I use them? I keep seeing so many different responses to this. One daily for 7 days then use after my monthly and sex sounds decent but the ones that are saying use twice a day for 21 days? Also can I have sex while doing this treatment? I don't want to harm my boyfriend in this process Ive kept away from all sexual activity for at least a month now being I had to treat my last episode of bv then got my monthly. I really want this to work. Anyone who has had success please help a sister out!

Replied by Lynnbo
Miami, FL
I just started my boric acid pills on Sunday. One capsule at bedtime for 21 days and that's it. Once the 21days are over, I am supposed to begin 4 month vaginal/topical Flagyl gel insert. I've been having this problem since January and am beyond motivated to get rid of it- I will do whatever doctor says. At this point I'm planning on quitting sex for awhile to see if I'm "allergic" to semen. One question I have: did anyone go through any major stressful events prior to acquiring BV??
Replied by Rs
I use one capsule almost every night except for Friday and Saturday nights if I see my boyfriend. He has never had a reaction to boric acid, mind you the capsule has already melted and pretty much left my body by the time I see my boyfriend and after using a capsule every night for 5 nights I am good to go and have no problems with sex at all, including oral. I did some research and it is not harmful to your partner by the next day since it has melted. It is best to do this at night right before bed.....but I suppose you can try using it during the day if you have to. Definitely use this after sex, EVERY time. If I have a long weekend with my boyfriend, say a 3-day weekend, by day 3 I can smell that smell coming back and I am mortified. He does not smell it, but we ladies can certainly smell it. In these cases I will insert a capsule during the day for sure. You should not have any problems at all. Just find out what schedule works for you and play around with it. It boils down to what works to keep your BV in check.
Replied by Rj
Tennessee, Us
Thanks Rs for your comments! I've been using boric acid since November and have not had sex. My biggest fear was that I would poison my boyfriend if we did oral! Lol So I really appreciate your comments!

Posted by Sr (Charleston, Sc) on 12/04/2014

[YEA]  I want to thank everyone here for sharing their stories and successes with battling BV. I've suffered from intermittent episodes for over 12 years. For the past year, I've used boric acid capsules and I have never felt more confident and FRESH! I ordered the H*** brand off Amazon and picked up the capsules from Earth Fare (although these can be bought online too). I fill the '00' capsules myself and insert them immediately after sex, which is when my vaginal acidity is most off, and at least once a week. I will also insert a capsule during and after my menses.

When I first started, I used one capsule every day for one week, and then dropped to one a week or post sex and menses.

This is truly a big YEA for me, but you should also supplement with acidophilus pills and/or supplements to help your body stabilize pH!

Good luck and again, Thank You ladies for sharing on this site!

Replied by Jenn
Are you still using the boric acid? Has it kept the BV away?

Posted by Jessica (Scottsdale, US) on 12/03/2014

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  It does work to get rid of smell and just overall dirty feeling of B.V but it needs to be done on routine. I used it for a few days before my vacation in Mexico and I found that by day 3 or 4, my bv was back.

Boric acid doesnt " cure" it but it changes the bacteria from bad to good ... once it wears off, the bv is still there and the bad is still there. I'd say you need to use it every 3 days or so to maintain freshness.

I personally struggled with it for a long time too and boric acid is the only thing that works.

Replied by Delilah
[YEA]   Jessica,

I believe you have to use the boric acid for at least 2 weeks to start. Then, use is once or twice a week to maintain if needed. Just as with antibiotices, if you just use a little you risk having the bacteria grow resistant to the treatment unless you kill them all off. Each time you use something and it doesn't kill all the bacteria, the bacteria that doesn't get killed is stronger and more resistant to treatment.

Posted by Melb (Tampa, Fl) on 11/16/2014

[YEA]  After MONTHS of reading, research, and skepticism and having actually bought the veggie capsules and Boric Acid (BA) from Amazon, I finally tried it. I had refills for Metronidozole oral, so I wanted to use them up first. But every other month or so, the BV would return immediately after my menses or intercourse. I can't tell you how frustrated and embarrassed I felt. I was thinking that I will have this for the rest of my life. Well, the BA capsule was finally inserted one night. The next morning I figured I would have some type of discharge or burning, so I prepared myself with a pad. Throughout the day, there was a little watery discharge - but no discomfort or burning, or anything like that. By the end of day...the foul BV odor and BV discharge was gone. This was last week Tuesday. Today (Sunday) so far, I feel squeaky clean, and still no funky odor. I am very happy with the results. It was a one time treatment, and I didn't have to set an alert on my phone to remind me to take any meds and I was able to drink alcohol. I couldn't be happier! But before I get too excited, I do want to see whether the BV will return or not. I am thinking the antibiotics was not just getting rid of the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria. So my search continues on getting my vaginal pH balance healthy and back on track without having to constantly resort to temporary relief. Any pointers? Another concern of mine is if the BA treatment could potentially cause harm in terms of fertility, or cancer?! And what if one becomes pregnant - my guess is that BA is not an option...?

Replied by Renee Smith
This is my first time using the Boric Acid but is it ok to still have sex and oral sex while using it?
Replied by Rsylvest
Dallas, Tx
I have a few questions, do the capsules completely dissolve in the vagina? And some of the other posters mentioned using an Oil with the capsules, what is the purpose of the oil? Which kind to use and how much?
Replied by Felicia
Dallas, Texas
I have the same problem. I've been reading a lot on how boric acid has helped many people. Could you tell me what brand you ordered, and where you ordered from. Also, I know this is a dumb question, but you inset the capsules inside the vagina? Was there any irritation, and how many times a day did you insert capsule, and for how long?? I know I have alot of questions, but I want to get this problem fixed! Thank you so much!

Posted by Ann (Midwest) on 11/10/2014

[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]  Used boric acid for 2 days for BV. Made my own capsule. Only filled the capsule up to half the amount allowed. BV is gone but now I can't get this horrible metallic taste in my mouth to go away. It's been a week now and I'm really, really scared. Anyone else have this?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Ann, don't focus on the scare, lots of people have metallic taste. Read up on it. You might want to try rinsing a couple of times a day with bentonite clay.

Posted by Judy_aus (Australia) on 11/05/2014

Hi, I am just wondering if Boric Acid and Borax are the same thing. Can I make pessaries out of Borax or do I need to get Boric Acid. Where is the difference.

I am having symptoms of thrush even though my swabs keep coming back clear. My vaginal area is extremely red and inflamed even though I rarely have discharge... the whole thing is a bit of a mystery to me.

I have been doing some electro dermal screening and the doctor did diagnose me with Candida Albicans so I do think it's worth me trying the Boric Acid.

So far nothing from the pharmacy nor yoghurt, tea tree etc helped. I also tried coconut and diverse other cold pressed oils, diet change etc.

The symptoms have been there for about five months now.

Replied by Mama To Many
Dear Judy,

The short answer is that boric acid and borax are not the same thing. The long answer is here for those who are interested:

Using Boric Acid for yeast is a folk remedy of midwives and I have heard it is effective.

Your condition sounds quite miserable. I am sorry to hear nothing is helping.

You might want to add Borage Oil to your diet. It has helped me to heal of skin issues when nothing was helping. I would take 3 1000mg capsules a day. It is anti-inflammatory. It may be the missing link in your not healing.

Let us know how it goes..I hope that these things will work for you.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Jennifer
Oakland, CA
[BETTER BUT WITH SIDE EFFECTS]   Hello all, I just had to reach out and ask a very odd question about using Boric acid. I was wondering if any of you have experienced a strange metallic taste in your mouth after using it. I can't be more thrilled to finally find something to acidify my vagina and combat BV before it even starts. I thought I would die if I didn't find something! However, after a few months of intermittent uses of the acid, my mouth had the most intense all over metallic, salty sort of taste that seemed worse some days, and mild others, but still there in some form every day.

I went to my doctor and told her that I was really concerned that it could be kidney problems. She didn't see any changes in tests for various things like copper (I have a copper IUD). Then I asked if it could be slow poisoning from Boric acid. She said she thought it was safe, but to ask an OBGYN. Now every time I do a small regimen of acid, I get this taste. It's so strange. I even called poison control and they said it's supposed to be very safe and effective. They'd never heard of this. UUUUUGHHHH!! I just want to know that I'm not poisoning myself! I have done so much research on this method of BV prevention. I read that if it gets into your bloodstream it can cause poisoning and reek havoc on your kidneys. The only way it could get into the bloodstream is if you have micro tears in the vaginal wall. Also, I'd read that some people can be allergic to it, and can cause heavy drowsiness, sick stomach, confusion, etc.. I have had a few of these symptoms before, even after one suppository. Some times I don't experience any symptoms, but alas, will always get that metallic taste.

Has anyone had any of these symptoms?

Replied by Tammy
Clarksville, Tn
Get tested for an AEROBIC Bacterial Infection. They have to do a specific One Swab for it. Most doctors don't even think about it.

It is different from BV and it won't respond to the meds for BV. They will have to do the culture to find out what bacteria is the cause.

Usually they will prescribe Clindamycin or Kanamycin Cream and Augmentin or Levaquin Orally.

The symptoms include vulvar burning, redness and irritation that won't go away. A watery thin discharge is also sometimes present.

I wish you the best!

Replied by Killing Me Softly
Detroit, Mi
[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]   I have tried everything (boric acid, yogurt, all types of creams , oils, flaygl, ) and nothing seems to work. This is very hurtful that I am desperate to get help. My vajj-- is in pain all the time. As bad as I want to tell my boyfriend, I'm afraid he will leave me. Does anyone have any other suggestions - what makes this flare up does anyone know. I seems like soon as I think I'm cured it comes back.

Posted by Hbmom (Huntington Beach, CA) on 08/23/2014

Thank you ladies for your posts. I'm encouraged. I just received my Boric Acid Rx in the mail from a local compounding pharmacy. I was not sure I would use them, even though they cost $60. They are very scary. I did some reading and saw that they can be deadly due to kidney failure if there is a cut or sore on the vagina. However, I've had candida for decades after taking antibiotics in the 70's for 3 years for my acne. I've tried everything else. I used Fluconazole 250mg on and off for years but I would drink a glass of orange juice and bv would be back. I am going to insert the first one tonight with a big gob of coconut oil. I am hopeful to experience the lasting results.

Posted by Avalina (Phoenix, AZ) on 08/14/2014

[YEA]  Boric acid capsules are safe and very effective at getting rid of both bv and yeast. The Humco brand of boric acid is readily available at Amazon. They have the empty gel caps too. Look at the user reviews for a wealth of information and positive reviews. One important thing for me was to use an applicator to insert the capsules. It makes using the capsules easier and I believe it makes them more effective at curing infections. My drugstore did not have any disposable vaginal applicators and it makes no sense to re-use them when you have an infection. I don't care how much soap and hot water you use, it's better to use a clean one each time. I googled "disposable vaginal applicators" and found a great website. For an active infection use one capsule at night for two weeks. You will need to wear a pad the next day because there will be a watery discharge. For prevention I use a capsule once a week.

After many episodes of struggling and suffering with infections I am grateful to sites like this one and every person who took the time to share their stories and ideas. I had a lot of anxiety along with these formerly chronic infections and I really hesitated to use boric acid suppositories. Thank God I got past the fear and discovered my cure. By the way, my naturopath did offer to give me a prescription for the suppositories at a compounding pharmacy. I make the exact same capsules myself for a fraction of the price. As a previous poster mentioned: you can search YouTube for an instructional video on making your capsules. I keep them in a Tupperware container with a tight lid. They ARE toxic to ingest so keep them far away from children and pets. Good luck and do not give up. These stupid infections can be overcome. Good health to all of you.

Replied by Rhiannon
Des Moines, IA
[YEA]   This website has changed my life in the past 15 mins that I have been on it! To read all of your stories, to not feel alone/ashamed/embarrassed in the 'battle of BV' and to hear of all the SUCCESS with using boric acid has brought me incredible hope, relief, encouragement, a positive outlook. I have battled with BV and yeast infections since I was 16 and UTIs since I was 5-6; I am now 31. It feels never ending; causes insecurities, depression; most definitely puts strain, distance on a marriage/relationship and unfortunately after years it can be the underlying reason for infidelity/failed relationship/divorce.

After the past 6 months of numerous pelvic exams (you know the OB/GYN has seen your hoo-ha too many times when they tell you that it looks different than last time! ), cultures, STD tests, antibiotics, metrogel, pills that made me violently ill, missed days of work, HUGE interference on my social life as I am venturing out into the single world after 15 physician has finally tried something different and has put me on boric acid. When she told me to make sure I didn't swallow the pills cause they were toxic/poisonous, I had 2 thoughts...1. Why is she prescribing me something toxic to put in there? 2. Why would I swallow an ovule? Upon picking up the prescription these two questions were quickly answered for me :-) The sound/thought of putting acid in there did frighten me some but I was so desperate at this point that I did not care. I have been on the boric acid for only 4 days now...prescription is 2x a day for 14 days. Upon finding this website, I now have a positive outlook and am in greater spirits that I will get better, if not 'cured'. Thank you ladies for sharing your stories!!!

Replied by Timh

No female expert here, but it is w/ satisfaction to here of your new-found hope in the Natural Medicine cabinet.

If I might add, in my long experience w/ chronic illness, one truth Iv'e learned is to always expand one's search using a variety of resources and make notes on what has best potential for yourself. My illness became debilitating about 1 decade before the internet so there was a deficiency of info then. Anyway, this leads to more truth about illness. Many times I made big stops to the progression of my disease and celebrated w/ elation of my cures, only too find myself back down on the bottom again. Lesson, thoroughly research your condition, and never only use one treatment as pathogenic organisms are both intelligent and aggressive which most times require multifaceted approach or remedies.

Try to find time to read and take notes on your condition here and keep the upper hand on the infection. From what I've read, Povidone Iodine should be rotated w/ the Boric Acid for a maximum full-spectrum effect. Oregano Extract Softgels taken by mouth before retiring every night will kill most pathogens in the gut and beyond after several wks use. Any of the herbal parasite cleanses would be recommended as almost all warm-blooded animals harbor & carry all sorts of parasites (if you have pets it is very important to keep them and yourself dewormed periodically). ACV and Coconut Oil taken daily will improve many aspects of a weakened body. Colloidal Silver, Turpentine, among others will be items you may need to incorporate (depending on your condition & constitution).

Posted by Bron (Brisbane, Australia) on 04/03/2014

[YEA]  I've been battling BV for over a year now and have tried many things. Two triggers are sex and my period, with my period being the worst offender. While many treatments worked temporarily, the BV always came back after my period.

Here are some things that DIDN'T work for me:

  • Antibiotics - about a week of relief that was quickly ruined by my period.
  • Acijel (vaginal treatment in Australia that is supposed to correct PH imbalance) - which I tried inserting for the full course of 30 nights. This didn't work even for a day, not even during the treatment!
  • Yoghurt douches twice daily for 7 days - offers temporary relief of symptoms but does not last (though my friend swears by this treatment for her BV, so different strokes)
  • Apple cider vinegar/water/tea tree oil douche twice daily for 7 days - again offered relief but symptoms flared up about a day after I stopped douching.

So I came back to this site and started researching again. Both the hydrogen peroxide and boric acid made me very nervous so I went to my doctor to have a chat about the safety of these two treatments and she was very positive about both and stressed that both were very safe to use vaginally. Phew!

So I came up with a new treatment plan.

First I increased my vitamin intake as follows:

  • 1 x very strong probiotic daily (Blackmores fembiotic for you Aussie girls).
  • 1 x vitamin c daily (sugar-free variety, pretty much pure ascorbic acid)
  • 1 x folic acid 500mcg daily
  • 1 x vitamin D daily
  • I also took a garlic tablet daily, and while this does no harm, I'm not convinced it did anything particularly beneficial either so I stopped taking this tablet recently.

Then after my period, I started a 7-day twice daily douche of 50/50 hydrogen peroxide (3%) and water. I also abstained from sex for the entire 7 days.

Once I finished this regimen, I STILL did a smaller quick 50/50 douche after sex. (It burned a little one time because I think the friction of sex may have caused tiny lacerations, but I just did another quick pure water douche and the burning faded instantly.) I had absolutely no BV symptoms whatsoever for weeks!

HOWEVER, because my period had always been a trigger, I decided to be very cautious and try a two-pronged attack. So I ordered boric acid and 00 veggie capsules (just from Ebay for you Aussie girls). I researched A LOT about this and came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as medical grade boric acid - they are one and the same. So don't worry, just order the 100% boric acid. I filled the biggest side of the capsule to capacity and then just popped the small side on - it's very very simple.

On the first night of my period, I inserted 2 boric acid capsules, and then for the next 5 nights, I inserted one every night. I just wore pads as I usually do. It comes out quite watery but you don't really notice it as you have your period anyway.

I have had absolutely no symptoms. I've even had unprotected sex (we are in baby-making mode) since and I am still symptom-free. I will continue to take my vitamin regimen indefinitely (especially the probiotic) and I will do my boric acid treatment for the next 3 periods (4 in total). Fingers crossed that all is healed!

I will definitely come back and give an update after the 4 months are up. PLEASE check back in girls as we all want to know if these cures are long term or temporary.

Replied by Bronwyn
[YEA]   It has been 4 months since my last post so I thought I would check back in. I have been completely free from any BV symptoms since I started my treatment plan (see above).

I started with 2 boric acid pills on the first night of my period and then one boric acid pill for the next 5 nights.

Then for the next 2 periods, I inserted one boric acid pill for the last 3 nights of my period.

During this time I took a probiotic and folic acid daily. I also regularly but not routinely took vitamin D and vitamin C, probably every other day or so.

I have been free from BV for this entire time, despite regular and unprotected (baby-making) sex. I do not douche after sex and have stopped douching altogether. I have, however, had small bouts of thrush which is something I have battled with long before BV reared its ugly head. I did not take any antibiotics for this but instead persevered with my treatment plan and ate lots of probiotic-infused yoghurt.

I am so happy to be BV free after 2 years and would highly recommend this regimen!

I will continue to insert a boric acid for the last night or two of my period or as needed in the future.

Replied by Jen
How is everyone feeling after being on the boric acid regimen? I know you posted in April, so just wondering if things are still good with the boric acid? Thank you for any information!
Replied by Boric Acid Is A Life Saver For Me
[YEA]   I have been battling w/ BV since the day my son was born (2004). Havind BV Is the worst thing ever. On 09/01/14 my GYN prescribed Boric Acid for 21 days. I followed the direction after inserting it vaginally @ night w/ a disposible tube, this helps to put the medication as far in your Vjay jay as possible, it immediately started working for me, the only side effect to this medication is that your urine is dark yellow. I highly recommed (from experince) to put a thin pad on b/c u will be "wet" down there. DO NOT use scented soap, I use olny uncented body wash. DO NOT have sex, while on meds.
Replied by Bron
Brisbane, Australia
[YEA]   I just wanted to quickly check back in as it has now been 8 months since my first post and since I started my boric acid treatment.

I am still BV free after 8 months - YAY!!!

I still insert a boric acid capsule on the last 2 nights of my period but I no longer take the vitamins or probiotics, except for folic acid (but this is more for baby making reasons than anything else.) While I do believe a healthy diet and the probiotic are beneficial to an overall healthy system, I'm not convinced they will cure or help rid the body of BV.

I hope you are all having success with this treatment!

Replied by Sarah
Brisbane, AU
Hi Bron,

Just wondering if you could provide more details on how to order boric acid and make your own capsules? I struggle constantly with thrush, and going back and forths to the doctor is a nightmare, all the tests they put you through, everytime! I need to get a handle on this! Thanks, Sarah

Replied by Judy_aus
Hi Bron, what kind of Boric Acid did you use? I'm in Australia also.

Thanks so much, Judy

Replied by Heather
New Castle Co
Hi Bron,

I know your post is back from the beginning of 2014 but I stumbled upon it after helplessly looking for something to cure this bv I've been battling for 3 1/2 years. After just recently having a miscarriage with a deeply wanted baby, I am looking for anything to cure it for good so we can start trying again. I saw that you said you were in baby making mode and that after what you've tried, even after having sex the bv didn't come back. I am going to try everything you did as well. So I guess at this point my question is did it last? Are you still bv free? Thank you so much and I hope you were successful in the baby making department :)

Posted by Mbg (, Chicago, Il,) on 01/16/2014

[YEA]  I've been suffering with BV for roughly 3 years. I know EXACTLY how I got it. I started using those cups to hold your monthly flow and left it in too long. Since it was at the very last day of my period I also had sex with my boyfriend after I'd already realized that I had that fishy order down there. From that point forward I was getting BV after every sexual encounter. I went back regularly to the doctor to get metro gel. Then the BV started coming right after every period. It was wrecking my life. After much research on this site and others, I started using hydrogen peroxide douches. That always cleared up the symptoms but it still kept coming back. I also figured that all my douching was clearing out my good bacterial which ain't good either. So I tried the boric acid capsules in my vagina. I made them myself (use Amazon to get all the materials). I started with 3 nights in a row then weekly from then out and whenever I had sex and on the last day of my period. VIOLA! While results are still early (like 3 months) I can say I've not had a recurrence and I was getting it like every 2-4 weeks depending upon my sex action. I'm keeping up with a weekly insert and see how it goes. I was fearful of using a roach killer down there but it's totally safe. No irritation just a little run off the next day or 2.

Replied by Felicia
Dallas, Texas
Could you please provide instructions and ingredients as to how you made the treatment yourself. I'm so tired off battling BA!

Posted by A. Mccall (Greensboro, Nc) on 11/19/2013

[YEA]  I am a very clean, border-line hygiene maniac, and so it was very bothersome for me when I started having episodes with BV after having my daughter years ago. My obgyn would prescribe a medication or suggest using plain yogurt and it would go away and stay away for months, but ALWAYS come back. One day an older lady, who was sitting next to me in the waiting room at my doctor's office, was talking to me about an ailment she had and so I felt comfortable enough to speak to her about my problem. She told me to be careful with what I take because it could destroy the good bacteria "down there". By that time, my name was called, but when I returned to walk back by the waiting room to leave, she stopped me and handed me a note that had "Boric Acid" on a piece of paper with a prescription of "You can buy them at the drug store or health food store. Insert one capsule right before bed, as far as you can once a week and you won't ever have the problem again." I can't believe how quickly it worked! I felt so much different not having that odor that next morning. I've been doing it for about 2 years now (not doing it every week anymore, but more like once every few weeks) and haven't had the problem since. This lady was heaven sent and Boric Acid really does work!

Posted by Leticia (Miami, Fl) on 11/03/2013

[YEA]  Hi, I tryed the Vitanica, but the bacterial arrest. Didn't work for me. I have suffering with bv for years trying everything and spending lot of money. Can name all the things that I try. Some of them make me ping pong between bv and yeast It's horrible. Probiotics aleved it but not cure, thanks to vitanica I discover that boric acid was good for mantein the acidity level in balance down there, so I tried and thanks God it works. Finally!

Posted by Desperatern (Tuscaloosa,al) on 11/02/2013

[YEA]  I'm so happy I found this site, I've suffered with this MONSTER (BV) for 5yrs...and I've tried everything from antibiotics to douches, tea tree oil baths and probiotics all worked Temporary.. So reluctantly I tried the pure boric acid (which I ordered from Amazon along with 00 veggie capsule) & it worked instantly. I insert 1 capsule nightly for 7 nights twice a monthly. Ladies I know your pain & shame this is very embarrassing. I visited my MD severallllllllll times only to get more pills, pay copayments and still only temporary relief, I'm healthcare provider(RN) and I had to be proactive in my own care, I was desperate and really had nothing to lose but that FUNKY odor :) I did my research on boric acid and in its purest form vaginally insertion is SAFE!!!! Good Luck suffers #ROLL-TIDE

Replied by Sarah
Can you please be more specific with what boric acid you used from amazon.
Replied by Naturalaquarian
[YEA]   Thanks so much! I am also a nurse and for the last year this has made me feel so embarrassed, especially at work when I felt like my co-workers and patients could smell the odor. My gyn suggested Boric Acid months ago, but because I was so frustrated, I blew it off until last week. Amazon delivered Sunday, and I swear to goodness this morning (Monday), the odor was already GONE. I even did a finger test to the "honey hole" and I could not believe there was none of that smelly off white discharge! I am going to continue through Thursday for a 5 day total and see...I don't know how I will incorporate this into when I have "relations" or the dreaded "Mary" comes. For today, I just felt great prancing around without the scent of road kill lingering over me!!!
Replied by Christine
Chicago, Il
Ok so ladies I've been sitting here with these boric acid pills for a month now and I'm so scared to use them. I'm going to tell you why lol... Last year 4-13-13 I had my fourth son and things took a turn for the worse and I was bleeding out so they did a dnc and they stopped the blood. I'm eternally grateful but now I have bv. So sex and my period trigger it off and also I just got the Essure so I can't have kids anymore. I have tried the antibiotics that didn't work three times. I took the vaginal gel twice, nope didn't work. I tried the yogurt, didn't work. I've been taking probiotics nothing!!!!! So it's been a little over a year and I'm sitting here with these pills, 600mg prescription and I'm nevous. But Imma suck it up and I will be back if you don't hear from me well u know something's up but email me and ask me I'm open to to answer any questions because I don't know about anyone else. I also suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, so this is where I'm scared to use it.
Replied by Theresa
Mpls., Mn
Hey Christine!

If you are worried about a reaction, make a paste out of water and the boric acid and apply it to sensitive skin - the crease of your elbow, under arm, behind your knee - and see if you get an adverse reaction.

I have used the boric acid powder and made up my own pills using gel caps and it worked fine. You might also consider using Borax in the gel cap as well.

Good luck!

Posted by Nadia (Florida) on 08/07/2013

I have chronic BV, I am now trying making my own 00 size capsules of boric acid. I didn't realize, but I bought empty BEEF gelatin capsules to insert vaginally into vagina to heal a Bacterial infection. Everything I have read says to use VEGETARIAN capsules.. Is the beef ok to insert into vagina? Sounds gross. Also, is there an odor (not from the BV) that is from the boric acid discharge? I don't have any burning.

Posted by Wdg6731 (Baltimore, Md) on 08/01/2013

I am a 46 year old peri-menopausal woman who has been battling BV/yeast infections/UTIs for the past 2 years. I had a laparascopic hysterectomy six months ago (still patting myself on the back for doing that) so my the recurrences are not as frequent but I still get them. I am considering trying boric acid (buying the powder and capsules online) but want to know if any of you have experienced any side effects. I am in a committed relationship and don't use condoms and don't want to have to go back to using them if I don't have to but am tired of having to deal with this.

Replied by Wdg6731
Baltimore, Md
BTW.. I've tried acidopholus, anitbiotics, OTC remedies, hydorgen peroxide, probiotics, supplements, colloidal silver, folic adic a combination of the above and nothing has helped. I wear comfortable all-cotton underwear and sleep in the nude. I don't use excessive perfumes, exercise regularly and try to eat a relatively balanced diet (a few indulgences). I rarely drink and don't do drugs. HELP!!!
Replied by Elizabeth
I've been using boric acid off and on since 2009 and haven't experienced any negative effects. I make my own capsules and use it also to wipe down the labia. You insert 2 capsules every night for up to two weeks for an active BV/Yeast infection. Make sure to wear a panty liner because it liquifies in about 6 hours or so and...... Whoosh! For me, I usually get the symptoms a few days after sex so I know it's mostly a PH thing for me. Semen is very alkaline and your vagina is supposed to me somewhat acidic.

I also incorporate tea tree, oregano and coconut oil in with my treatments. All are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Oregano oil is excellent to treat BV/YI but you must use a diluted amount, since it can burn you.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Posted by Maria (Miami, Fl) on 07/11/2013

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  Hello, I have been dealing with BV for almost 8 months now. I found out I had it because of a fishy smell I noticed (it was my only symptom). I was scared to death because I had never had anything like it before, and I have always been very clean. I have only had 2 sexual partners my whole life, and the BV started with the second partner, which is my current boyfriend (The BV started about 3 months after we started having unprotected sex)...

I went to the doctor and she prescribed me metronidazole... This cured me after the 3rd pill, but only for a short period of time. The BV was back 2 weeks later! I went and got another round of antibiotics, which I hate to take because I also take birth control pills which stop working with antibiotics.... Anyways, the same thing happened again- I got the BV a few days after I was done with the 2nd round of antibiotics. I also used the R------ gel, but that is just a temporary solution and super expensive. After that I decided to look for an alternative cure. I read for hours and hours on online forums to find another method to cure the BV... I tried a lot of them, including the Hydrogen Peroxide douches, taking vitamins (acidophilus) etc. , but the best one has been the Boric Acid pills, which I make myself (I fill the capsules and insert them).

I am so tired of inserting these pills due to the BV, but it is the only thing that seems to work, at least temporarily... And the discharge and smell of them is not pretty either, I hate it. I always have the white discharge from the pills and I hate the smell. I noticed the BV gets worse with my period. If I do not have and I get my period if comes back with it. However, I do not insert any boric acid pills during the days I have my period, just to give my body a rest from the pills. I am concerned about my future if I keep doing this, will it affect my reproductive system? Is there any permanent cure for BV? Please help me, I am so desperate!!! I am only 25 and look forward to having kids in a few years, but I don't know what the consequences will be if I keep inserting these pills... I don't know what to do anymore, it is not only uncomfortable, but also embarrassing : /

Replied by Adc
Phoenix, Az
To Maria with recurrent Bacterial Vaginosis - you will likely be doing yourself a huge favor to resume condom usage! Use them, use them, use them! 2 things, or both, could be occurring here - (1) you and your partner keep passing the bacteria back and forth, leaving your body constantly compromised, and/or (2) your own vaginal wetness (in response to sexual stimulation) plus your partners' sperm results in excess moisture that does not leave the body quickly enough, creating the ideal conditions for BV to thrive. Once I became a condom advocate in my own bed (including with my committed partner), I never again had an intercourse-related infection. Just one infection in many, many years and that was related to antibiotic use, not sexual activity.

Now, I'm sure all the men out there reading this are not at all pleased with that sugggestion, but, really, no one should have to suffer medical ailments from having sex - planned pregnancy aside.

At the minimum, experiment: abstain from sex for a few weeks while treating the BV to allow your body to fully recover, then reintroduce sex with condoms ... See if the results are favorable. Good luck!

Posted by Jennifer (Houston, Tx) on 06/27/2013

[YEA]  Boric acid is a God send. I have ridiculous, recurrent BV. Thankfully, I discovered boric acid after a favorite remedy changed the formula for their suppository. I was desperate and found the boric acid remedy on this forum. I haven't taken antibiotics for BV in six years, but I've had it several times a year since then. A few days' worth of suppositories and it is seriously gone until I commit the ultimate vaginal sin of semen in the vagina.

Posted by Natalie (Miami, Fl) on 06/04/2013

[YEA]  I never post any reviews or comments on anything, but in this situation I had to express my RELIEF and HAPPINESS from these miraculous results. I am 23 years old and I have been suffering from chronic vaginal yeast and BV since I was 19. I went through countless OTC medications and doctor prescriptions that never worked. The weird part was that I never had any odor, only the clumpy discharge and discomfort during sex. Regardless, it was still embarrassing and it was definitely affecting my sex life with my boyfriend. I was beginning to feel depressed and hopeless as I thought I would never find a cure for this. After extensive research, I came across this recipe which I encourage all of you to try, as it cured me after only ONE use!

- 1/2 cup Coconut Oil
- 2 teaspoons Boric Acid
- Acidophilus Probiotic capsules
- Ice stick/cube mold tray

1. Melt 1/2 cup of coconut oil in the microwave.

2. Mix in 2 teaspoons of boric acid powder. Stir thoroughly.

3. Add as many acidophilus probiotic capsules as you like by opening them up and releasing the powder into the mix.

4. Pour the mix into the ice tray filling each mold. Put in freezer until solid.

5. When ready to place in vagina, cut the stick/cube in half (a whole one is too big).

6. Insert in vagina for as many days as desired in the PM (AM is optional). Most likely, the discharge will be gone after just one use. The coconut oil serves as a soothing and lubricating factor in the mix, as the boric acid alone might cause irritation. The acidophilus probiotic restores the body's natural flora. The boric acid kills yeast and restores the vagina's pH balance. This has worked wonders for me and I am so happy I came across the boric acid remedy. I hope this recipe is helpful for all you ladies in need of a cure. The answer is finally here!

Replied by Marie
How often do you use them? What is your routine? Thanks!
Replied by Bbfield
Northern Ca., US
How big are these little cold pressed pieces when you use them?

Posted by Tiffer137 (Utica, NY, United States) on 04/09/2013

[YEA]  I just want to say that I have felt the embarrassment and stress of suffering from recurring bacterial infections like all of you women on this site. For years, the infections would come and go as they pleased. For about a year now, they have faithfully came every time I have intercourse with my boyfriend and he ejaculates inside me. I have had my gyno prescribe the metro gel over and over and gotten tested for STD's and the whole works. We have resorted to him pulling out so I don't get infections, but sometimes in the heat of the moment it doesn't always work that way. I am glad I finally found this site. I tried the hydrogen peroxide douches with taking acidophilus for a few months, and the infection always came back. Then I saw the posts about boric acid. I am so glad I went forward with it. I bought the powder and gel capsules off amazon, and I took other women's advice about mixing the powder with an oil, and I had some vitamin E oil sitting around. Inserting one boric acid/vitamin E capsule after a slip-up and at the end of my period works wonders. My vagina stays fresh and I don't have to worry about the embarrassing discharge and odor! Thanks fellow sufferers!

Replied by Snottsdale Bratt
Doing extensive research for my own BV prognosis, but I can no longer bite my tongue regarding two topics within this thread...

I. I have only recently been having this issue, brought on by the life-threatening necessity of taking antibiotics for a tooth that got impacted/infected a few months back. Unless my life is at stake, I will not use antibiotics. And doctors are so eager to issue them these days (& even for as little as a common cold! ), & in most cases, without even testing past taking your temperature &/or looking down your throat. The dispensing of these cell-murdering warriors has gotten far out of control, while doctors everywhere prescribe them like candy. Fact: it takes the human body one full year to recover from the damage antibiotics do to its cells... unlike natural garlic (an antibacterial, anti-fungal, safe alternative/remedy), which enters the body & kills only the defective, diseased, or infected cells, leaving the healthy ones in tact for reproduction. Antibiotics know no difference in cell tissue as being healthy or defective, so in ambush it kills them all. But in situations of infection & puss poisoning the blood-stream, this is a time calling for an antibiotic, STAT... I would have died otherwise. But THE WORST thing one can do when taking these meds, is NOT TO FINISH THE ENTIRE PRESCRIBED DOSAGE, as it will leave your immunity more vulnerable than ever, not to mention it interferes with the strain's ability to combat its enemy... dangerous for us all, ultimately.

Anyway, so here I am & I thank all of you for reporting on your status, trials, & errors, as I now understand how to address this issue. And Miami Natalie, I will be using your advised treatment recipe, as this is ingenious, covering all the components of BV issues. Thank you!


2. Striving to become pregnant is THE ONLY time you should allow semen inside your ever-so-fragile-and-delicate "holy-ground"! Think about it... would you eat a steak if you wore metal dental-braces, & then not brush your teeth indefinitely? Absolutely not... that steak would spoil rotten & thrive on the dark, warm, wet breeding conditions inside your mouth, creating an army of bacteria accompanied by the smell of decaying death & disease! Our vagina (I guess that's the plural form too...) are constructed of folds & small pockets, which is anything but the architecture of a straight line, & this spewed body gets trapped up in the pockets & folds of our intricately-balanced orifice, at the VERY LEAST, creating an odor they must be referring to on those Masengil not-so-fresh-feeling commercials (& again, douching is harmful to the flora)! We don't inject anything in there & leave it... so then why would we allow the intrusion of perishable, foreign body fluids, whose fate is to die & decay, within such a prime real-estate location??? Oh He, One who may find this to be a problem, doesn't have to deal with the repair necessary after the demolition & natural destruction they've invoked. And do they REALLY want to withstand anything other than a "scent" coming from us, vs an "odor"???

Posted by Cindy Lou (Portland, Or) on 10/21/2012

I have to say thanks to all of the ladies out there who are brave enough to type out all of their woes. I have laughed, cried and felt a ton of empathy as I read your stories. I have been suffering from BV off and on since I was in middle school. I am now in my mid 30's. I didn't even know what BV was till last year when I was actually diagnosed. I thought it was just me. I was so ashamed, I didn't know what to do. How embarassing when my boyfriend turned away from me one night and exclaimed, "It smells like old seafood. " Oh you know I about died. I have never tried any of these home remedies. Tried the prescription stuff, but yes it returns eventually. One thing to keep in mind is the reality that boyfriends cheat. Eventhough BV isn't a sexually transmitted disease, when they sleep with other women and bring their stuff back to your body it changes the ph in our vaginas. True story. I had to figure it out the hard way. :(

I'm going to try the boric acid and see if it works... Kind of scary but I'll try it. I do notice a common theme here that there could be links to other imbalances. I have also struggled with acne ever since I was about 14. So maybe I should try the alkaline water... Thanks for all of the great ideas. I am ready to BV free!

Posted by Pam (La, California) on 10/12/2012

[YEA]  Hey ladies please use Boric acid for BV, It is working for me, I made my own capsules, and so far that odor is gone, and no white discharge, I do stick my finger up my yahoo every morning to see if I have discharge and I do not, just some from the boric acid, which is nothing, do not be scared to used this remedy, use the Humco brand, get it from the pharmacy or order it online, it is like 8 dollars, the capsules are cheap too, size oo, it is easy to make, just fill in the large size and cover with the small one, they have a youtube video, type in boric acid capsules and the lady shows u how to make your own, listen I feel your pain, who the hell wants to smell like u have not washed your vagina in years??? and ppl r mean and cruel, I had bv for a longgggg time, and been to the GYN to many times, so I said listen Im not gonna let this shit take my life over!!!!! I made like 100 capsules and I insert every night, I spray my clothes with FDS(shower fresh scent) and I smell like that, please try this remedy, u have nothing to lose but the smell. I have no itch or burning, never have, the boric acid changes the PH in your vagina, TRY TRY TRY It!!! The other stuff will not work, and yogurt? no, because that is not the strain of lactobacillus u need... Try it!!!! Smell good ladies get your life back!!!!

Posted by Shannon (Tucson, Az) on 10/09/2012

After 3 uncomfortable and confusing months I was diagnosed with BV. My doctor prescribed me with an oral antibiotic which made me physically ill, and although my symptoms decreased while on the antibiotics, once I ran out the symptoms came back worse than ever. The symptoms became so uncomfortable that I didn't want to exercise or have sex because of itching, the horrible smell, and the pain. First I tried eating garlic and taking folic acid, then I added acidophilus. When those remedies didn't work I tried douching, first with hydrogen peroxide, then with yogurt, then with colloidal silver. I even changed my diet and started vegetable juicing twice a day. Some of those remedies made a difference, but the BV always came back.

Finally, thank God, a friend of mine told me she used boric acid. I was very skeptical and I really didn't want to put some chemical I could buy at a hardware store inside of me. It just seemed dangerous. However, after 2 years of struggling with BV, I was SO desperate!! I went to a local compound pharmacy and bought medical grade boric acid. Then I bought empty gel caps. I made a paper funnel and filled them myself by hand carefully as I was super paranoid about accidentally consuming the boric acid. Then I inserted one capsule each night for ten nights. It worked SO well! I didn't have any symptoms at all for a month and a half, until after my next menstrual cycle when experienced very mild symptoms. I did another round of 5 capsules and it has been 7 months since I had any symptoms!! My life is finally back to normal. Please, BV sufferers, don't be scared of boric acid! It will change your life!!

Posted by Kyla (Atlanta, Ga) on 08/31/2012

[YEA]  I totally feel for you all! I too have suffered from BV on and off for two years... My doc started prescribing me with boric acid vaginal suppositories and I haven't had any re occurrences in about 6 months. Now I've weaned myself off often to give my body a change to Balance itself. My best advise is first get the antibiotics from the doc. Then start the boric acid once you'd finished the meds. NO Sex. Give your body some time at least 7 days... Once you start having intercourse, I rec taking the boric after intercourse. Plenty of water, and stay away fr starches and sugars, and perfumes. A use water only to wash your bottom when showering(no towel), and start taking acidophillis, it works. Idk if unprotected sex causes bv more, I think it can ESP if your parter has the bacteria. Me and my boyfriend use condoms and I've always used condoms w my partners but still manage to get bv :-( I hope this helps you guys. Stay positive.

Posted by Reallywantasolution (San Diego, Ca) on 07/26/2012

I've been having yeast infections and BV constantly for the past year. At least twice a month I realize somethings wrong. I've treated both with Borid Acid successfully but every time after sex, I get another infection. My gyno said my boyfriend most likely has BV (he is uncircumcised) and is contaminating me everytime we have sex. SO I have a question for all of you boric acid users, should I give my boyfriend some boric acid to put on himself? Is there a way (other than antibiotics) for him to clear up the BV that's living on his penis?

I went to the gyno and had a culture done, it said I have Group B Strep. She wants to prescribe me antibiotics but I'm afraid that's just going to make a super bug. I'm currently taking throughout the day:

2 Femdophilus (haven't had a yeast infection since taking these)

2 Grapefruit seed extract

4 Candida Quick Cleanse

2 400mcg of Folic Acid

Could any of these supplements help my bf? Could any others like goldenseal? Should I just do the antibiotics?

Replied by Pedro
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Be careful with doctors in the US because they are very ignorant about foreskin-intact men (most of the guys in the rest of the world are intact with no issues). In my experience they have their own agenda on the topic because of propaganda and also push for male multilation even when there is no religious reasons. Insane!

The truth is that I doubt your bf would be unaware of a bacterial or fungal infection down there since they produce discharge and creates irritation.

That being said it would be very easy to treat it. All he has do do is clean the area a few times a day with 3% hydrogen peroxide (if there is an infection it will foam). I was diagnosed with male candida years ago, and prescription creams worked but it would sometimes come back. One day I discovered that 3% HP clears the problems in no time, with no discomfort. Saturated borax water also works like a charm. Good luck!

Posted by Missy (Baltimore, Md) on 05/19/2012

Please ladies if you use Boric Acid go to a GYN and have them prescribed so you will get the correct dosage and type of Boric acid, my doctor prescribe 600mg vaginal inserts. To be inserted during my period, tho I have a hysterectomy now, and after sex. I also take Folic Acid and garlic pills. I suffered from BV since 19, Im now 43. I tried everything before recently finding a doctor that recommended Boric acid inserts. They make them at a special pharmacy that specializes in compound mixtures. Since starting them 5 months ago, I have not had an outbreak. She gave me refills of Boric Acid and Flagyll(Metronidazole) and first told me to take the Flagyll for 7 days and insert the Boric acid too. It Worked! From then on she requested after sex insert one and everyday during a period insert one. Before this all the other remedies, ACV, yougart, probiotics or even the flagyll alone did not help me. Before being prescribed the Boric Acid after sex and periods it would return again and again. But not now tho I occasionally will take a Flagyll after sex with the Boric Acid just for security. But I have not taken Flagyll and only used The Boric acid inserts after sex and been just fine. For the first time since age 19, I feel normal. Hope this helps.

Replied by Barker
Salt Lake, Ut
I'm sorry but when I read posts like yours on here it REALLY bothers me. Pure Boric Acid is Pure Boric Acid - - it is a compound of Boron & if altered in anyway - it cannot be sold as BORIC ACID. As mentioned on this site numerous times - Humco is a brand that can be purchased at a pharmacy by request or online. Our local compound pharmacy sells & uses the Humco brand boric acid to fill 600mg capsules. 00 size gel caps are what the pharmacist uses to make 600mg capsules of boric acid. Fill the large size of the capsule only - as compactly as possible and cap with the small side. There you have 600mg boric acid capsules for vaginal insertion.

Anyone skilled enough to fill 00 capsules with powder (which is incredibly easy) can make their own boric acid capsules safely with the Humco brand. If you educate yourself about boric acid there is nothing to fear. Listening to fearmongers will keep you scared, in the dark and unable to cure yourself of anything.

Boric acid simply changes the pH inside the vagina, that is all, it is not directly killing anything unlike antibiotics. The stink of BV is from a pH imbalance. Menses changes pH and that is why it is recommended to use BA during menses. Sex & fluids change pH and that why it is recommended to insert after sex so the funk doesn't have a chance to get started.

Replied by Wanthealth
Austin, Tx, Us
[YEA]   As far as boric acid I want to vote 'Yea'. I had a long struggle that was incredibly sad and seemed unending (see my old posts below from Feb. 2012 for my story). I said I would provide an update, so I'm posting today.

Again, I have to say to any other woman going through this right now, I'm so very sorry that you can relate. This is a horrible thing to go through. Please believe you are not alone. I know this can feel incredibly lonely and isolating, but there are others here who understand. Don't lose hope, please!

From experience, my advice is to give boric acid a try. Most of our doctors will not make the suggestion because they are used to prescribing antibiotics and having them work for many of their patients. When the problem occurs chronically, they begin to scratch their heads…and we unfortunately leave our appointments time and time again feeling depressed, defeated, and confused. I had to actually ask my GYN about boric acid, and she was willing to write the prescription after all other possibilities had been exhausted and proven unsuccessful. She, like I, was very frustrated. Find a doctor who is willing to prescribe it. Get the prescription called into a compound pharmacy (like People's Pharmacy or whatever is in your area) and try it. My insurance covered it.

I had to do two rounds of boric acid. (each prescription was written to be taken daily for 2 weeks). The first round was interrupted by my period and it didn't quite get rid of the problem. I got a refill and started again. And AGAIN my stupid period started. BUT thankfully that second time around, the boric acid actually worked!

My husband and I can now have sex again! But here is a big tip (if you're not already doing this): use lubrication. My GYN suggested this and it really makes a huge difference. These ongoing infections really wreak havoc on us and even when the infection finally goes away, there is still sensitivity that is sometimes painful. It's really helped my hubby and I to recapture all that this horrible condition stole from us over the past year and a half.

Please hold onto hope and if you haven't tried this, what do you have to lose? Just give it a try. There are many here who can answer questions, I'm also glad to do the same to anyone who posts. I can't thank you ladies enough for your advice and encouragement! I'm so glad I was led to this site because you ladies really helped me. With prayer, holding on to hope as best as I could, and trying the boric acid, things are better. I'm wishing you all the best too. Stay strong!


I know I searched the internet like crazy when I was looking for an answer. So, I'm writing this hoping that it will show up when another woman in need searches the internet:

boric acid for chronic bv - yes it works!

600mg boric acid capsules work for bv – ask your doctor for a prescription

Recurrent/chronic vaginal infection - try boric acid, it does work!

Replied by Maggs
Anaheim, Ca
So there are already made pills of boric acid that can be prescribed by a doctor?
Replied by Nic
Boston, Ma
I've been so puzzled by the whole debate of going to the doctor to get a prescription or just get the acid from the pharmacy and make the capsules myself. Initially I did just buy Humco's boric acid and capsules. The acid did work, but it also burned. I heard so many times that the acid has to be medical grade, no more than 2%. So I called Humco today, and they told me their acid is 100%, and they don't carry anything less. Then I called the compounding pharmacy to ask how they compound these capsules and whether they do just simply fill size 00 600 mg with pure acid. The pharmacist said it depended on the prescription. Prescriptions vary from 200 to 600 mg, and based on that the acidity will vary. So at 600 mg of pure acid you will get 100%. If your doctor ordered only 2%, then the pharmacy will put a significantly smaller amount of boric acid in the capsule (smaller than 600 mg) and fill the rest with fillers. She (the pharmacist) said I could use fillers myself if I wanted, like corn starch, e.g., but of course if I didn't have a scale, it would be hard to achieve the accurate amount of acid and, therefore, acidity percentage. My understanding is that everyone who ever bought Humco's boric acid from Amazon and wherever else did buy 100% since they don't carry anything else. All of that said, I myself didn't realize this until today, so I did use 100% capsules for a while now. I've typed this information up for those who wondered about the whole medical grade issue. I am not encouraging anyone to go one way or the other (prescription or non). Just really FYI.

Posted by Brandy (Ny) on 05/17/2012

Hi, I just came across this website a few days ago and been reading the comments, unfortunately to say I have been struggling wit BV for 2 1/2 years, and it seem to get worst by the days. I have tryed all the over the counter remedies, been to six different gynocologist an they all keep prescribing the same antibiotics ( Flagyl, clyndamicin, and so many others) still no relief. The odor gets worst and the discharge gets heavier. I recently moved into a new neighborhood and found a new gyn who I explain my constant problem to and ask her not to prescribe me any antibiotics because it does not work. She then prescribed a boric acid compound, which she says work for her cronic patients who face the same problem I am having. I its a 600 mg boric acid capsul which I should insert in the vagina at nights for ten days. I just started last night, so far no odor but the discharge is still there but its only the first day. I'll keep you posted hopefully this will work for me.

Posted by Bunny (Englewood, Nj) on 03/30/2012

[YEA]  I learned about boric acid capsules way back in college and they work The regimens I've seen online suggest a week or more but one capsule inserted high up in the vagina usually does the trick. Rarely, I'll need to use a second one. I make my own capsules with boric acid powder and plain gelatin capsules. Since menopause, it seems that it develops after sex only if my husband ejaculates, so it is related to the semen changing the pH. A word of warning, approximately 12-24 hours after inserting the capsule, you will get a small gush of water from the vagina. It only happens once and I don't know what the mechanism is, perhaps related to the gelatin dissolving, but wear a small pad.

Replied by Anon
Hi, any abnormal bleeding needs looking into by a gyny to rule out anything nasty. Take large table spoons of Blackstrap Molasses to lighten the flow. Maybe the boric acid knocked out your mineral balance?
Replied by Sbh2013
Augusta, Ga
I used boric acid capsules for a recurring yeast infection. It was very helpful in eliminating the symptoms. I used them several times with no problem, but now I am having vaginal bleeding. I have been bleeding for about 2 1/2 days. Its not like a period, but its not light spotting either. Its gushes of blood every few hour. Enough to fill a panty liner. I called my doc office and they said to wait a few days and if it does not go away come in. I am worried slightly because I am not sure what is going on... What should I do? Its a bright red blood, not really like a period. My cycle is not scheduled for another 2 weeks...

Posted by Marina (Grants Pass, Oregon) on 03/03/2012

Sorry to bother you - I meant my story is very similar to 06/29/2010: Rs from San Carlos, Ca But please don't put my post down that low. Sorry to be posting so much - I just want to help others.

Replied by Wanthealth
Austin, Tx, Us
First of all, thank you for posting! I've been waiting to see if anyone would and I could definitely use help! (I posted on 2/15/12 directly below if you want to see my "story"). I went back and found the post you mentioned from 6/29/2010 and since your story is similar, I have a question for you. I got a prescription for 2 weeks worth of 600mg boric acid suppositories from People's Pharmacy. It has definitely helped. I'm still having slight burning intermittently, which is a little concerning, but things are much improved. I have 2 suppositories left and I'm starting to get nervous that things will wear off (scared to get too excited after a year of this... ). Do you think I should go ahead and make my own capsules to keep on hand "just in case"? Do you know if homemade capsules are stronger than the compound prescription I got? Thank you so much, I appreciate any help you are able to give!!
Replied by Marina
Grants Pass, Oregon
Hi, my story is under YEA - Multiple Methods. For me, boric acid made a marked difference after weeks of being very diligent with H2O2, diet, probiotics, multivitamin, folic acid....... & 5 months of hellish paranoia. I am not a doctor but educated medically which involves science but, nonetheless, I could be totally wrong about what I am about to write but it is my understanding that boric acid is the chemical compound of (3) Hydrogen, (1) Boron, (3) Oxygen or H3BO3 or B(OH)3. BA is a weak acid of boron often used as an antiseptic, insecticide & flame retardant, which is a good element when your crotch is on fire!!! I think boric acid is what it is and it cannot be altered or patented. Just make sure it is not cut with anything funky and is 100%. When I see people say get medical grade and don't get the roach killer again, I'm not positive but I do not think there is a difference if it is 100% boric acid. I was in Portland and went to a compounding pharmacy and just asked for the powder it was $8 for 12 oz. I also bought a bag of 00 veggie caps. They are not allowed to fill the capsules for you without a prescription but again not positive but I imagine they use the same bottle/brand when they do fill a scrip. Fill only the larger side of a 00 capsule and cap with the little side. This is suppose to be 600 mg. I was later told I could get boric acid powder at any pharmacy. They just don't keep it on the floor I guess???? Again, and maybe ask the pharmacist, I don't think you can get a stronger dose unless you insert more and there is not necessarily a 'better than' because BA is what it is, H3BO3. The humco brand that people talk about is what the cool pharmacy sold me.
Replied by Marina
Grants Pass, Oregon
@ Wanthealth: I re-read your post and would suggest you do use a probiotic capsule vaginally as well (could put in at same time) I think I am going to open my probiotics and mix them with BA for my capsules. This helps recolonize the good bacteria directly without having to wait via digestion. I now use vitanica femecology for this. I would say it is a good idea to use pro-b vaginally if you are also using BA suppositories, either insert at the same time or pro-b the next morning.

Since you are getting results you might want to make your own and follow through with a protocol like this:

First night- insert 2 capsules
First week- 1 capsule inserted every night
Second week- 1 capsule inserted every other night
Third week- 1 capsule inserted every 3 days
Fourth week- 1 capsule inserted every 4 days
Fifth week- 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as needed

Another method I read also said to use them 1 per night during 4 consectutive menses after initial treatment. Might be a good idea to use 1 on the last night of menses after that since blood can change the pH.

I purposefully use a good amount of coconut oil when I insert caps and have had no irritation only mending!

Replied by Wanthealth
Austin, Tx, Us
Thank you so much for this information!! It's so nice to finally have someone who really knows what this is like and how to get through it. What a blessing! I guess I was on the right track in thinking about the inserting the probiotics so I'm gonna try it as you suggested. Also, thanks for helping me understand the boric acid (great scientific explanation! ) I would have never known to only fill the bigger half of the capsule, so very helpful. I take my last prescribed suppository today, and I have to say I felt great most of today. So I know this is really working, I just have to keep pushing. I think following the schedule will be good for me too, especiallly right after my period. I'm definitely going to update on how things are going. Thank you again so much!
Replied by Marina
Grants Pass, Oregon
I am glad I could be helpful to someone, this has been such a disturbing condition for me and it really upsets me to read so many horror stories about Drs continually re-prescribing antibiotics & the BV returning.

I want to thank all the women who have contributed their stories and given me tools and ideas to put my own remedy together.

I also hope it is helpful to others to see that you actually got a prescription for 600mg Boric Acid Suppositories from your doctor and that this treatment is not just some bizarre dangerous whacked out desperate measure found on the internet. I hope you post back in the future with your experience.

Also I hope people read a little about BA so they understand what it is.

BTW, boric acid works similarly to diatomaceous earth to kill insects. By sprinkling a very light dusting in their nests, where they hang out & over their walking ground, when soft skeleton creatures (ants, roaches, fleas) walk over the treated area the positive charge of the powder will be attracted to the creature and stick to its body. The damage the powder does is two fold. It basically slices holes into the bodies of the bugs and it absorbs moisture. In addition when they try to clean the powder off their body they ingest it and the end result is dehydration from both outside in/ inside out followed by death in about 72 hours after contact. It's not the same as poisoning. Do not use the BA treatment if you have raw skin tissue or tears, do not ingest it and do not store it where children or pets can accidentally get into it.

Replied by Sjd
Belleville, Nj
I've been dealing with BV for God knows how long and it's ruining my sex drive. All tests come up normal and the doctor keeps prescribing me Flagyl and I'm tired of taking it because it's always comes back. So now I'm trying a natural route. I upped my probiotic to 50 billion and I'm taking cranberry juice concentrate. I'm considering the boric acid treatment, but I def need a step by step recipe. Help! Plus I have a Mirena IUD and I'm just done with feeling so depressed about this.
Replied by Marina
Grants Pass, Or

- 00 veggie caps
- 1 Bottle Humco Boric Acid
- Compactly fill the larger side of the capsule to estimate 600 mg boric acid

First night- insert 2 capsules
First week- 1 capsule inserted every night
Second week- 1 capsule inserted every other night
Third week- 1 capsule inserted every 3 days
Fourth week- 1 capsule inserted every 4 days
Fifth week- 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as needed

IN ADDITION: Another method I read also said to use them 1 per night during 4 consecutive menses after initial treatment. Might be a good idea to use 1 on the last night of menses after that since blood can change the pH.

I coat a capsule with a glob of coconut oil when I insert caps and have had no irritation only mending. I have been sexually active with the same partner this started with and I have been free of BV and odor at least 6 weeks. I do insert a cap immediately after sex.

Posted by Christina (Ny) on 12/04/2011

[YEA]  I've been battling bv for nine years. Feeling very tired, annoyed and ashamed of the problem I decided to permanently rid myself of its annoying presence. The prescriptions that my doctor gave me were too expensive and did nothing to cure it. So I decided to take a more holistic/nonconventional way. My first nonconventional approach was a douche bottle filled with 50 percent water and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide with a little tea tree oil. As well as taking orally acidophilus, vitamin c, folic acid, echinacea, golden seal, iron, vitamin b-12, and vitamin, d-3. It did subdue some symptoms but it did not completely work for me. So my next step was filling a douche bottle with 50% Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% water, along with the same long list of supplements previously mentioned. This method still didn't work for me, however it did help cleanse the vagina.

Finally what rid me of the problem completely was inserting boric acid using the vaginal applicators from my previous prescriptions as well as taking 3-6 fenugreek 610mg pills orally a day. I'm blessed to say that I have been bv free for a year now. I would like to thank this site and its contributors for giving me what seems to be a second chance at life. As well as opening my eyes to the possibilities, of hidden and secret cures. I'm very curious as to why there isn't much research in alternative medicine.

****Good Luck****

Posted by Naomi Jane (Howell, Michigan) on 11/26/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have had Bacterial Vaginosis for 6 years, after vaginal surgery where they had to give me strong antibiotics and it kill all my good bacteria. Of course went through all the the normal creams, 5 times, Flagli, douching with watered down yogurt, taking 25 billion iu's of acidopholis daily. Eating the new Choboni yogurt that has 5 different cultures. Finally got on the boric acid capules. I have to use this every night or it comes back. I wish there was a permanent cure but I just don't think there is. I have yet to find an applicater that is easy and smooth to us. The ones that come with the cream are rough around the edge. I am going to continue the boric acid since nothing else has worked for me.

Replied by Misty
Gp, Tx
Can someone tell me if I purchased the correct boric acid. I couldn't find any at the stores so I bought it at amazon. It came today and the bottle says boric acid powder nf. The brand is humco. I read the reviews and some say used to kill roaches and some say used for bv. I just wanted to make sure I am using the right kind. Would like to try this asap. I am sooo sick of bv and would like my sex life back. If this is the right kind I will post with an update if it worked.
Replied by Dee
Wixom, Michigan, United States
Misty, I would take it to your pharmacist to confirm. Or better yet, a compounding pharmacy that fills boric acid capsules by prescription. The ones a local BV specialist uses here are 600mg C-Boric Acid in '00' gelatin capsules. Hope that helps!
Replied by Tbert
Aa, Michigan
[YEA]   I used the same Humco Boric Acid powder from Amazon and it works great. I was also a little concerned since I'd read somewhere that you should use a 2% powder and not 100% powder. I never could find a 2% powder and the 100% did not seem overly powerful. :)
Replied by Nancy
Clinton Township, Mi, Usa
I just need to know if you can still have sex while using the boric acid suppositories.
Replied by Beck
Athens, Texas
@naomi just use a plastic tampon applicator without the tampon in it. works like a charm.

@nancy you can as long as it's not oral, since boric acid is a mild poison. but if you're trying to clear up bv you really shouldn't until youre done with treatment and it clears up because having sex can prolong the infection.

Replied by Wanthealth
Austin, Tx
PLEASE HELP!! I HAVE QUESTIONS! I've been suffering from this awful problem for about 11 months now. And ladies, I'm so sorry to know that you understand what this is like too! I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE. I never had any idea that something this horrible even existed!

I guess I was what you can call "a little naive". I didn't start having sex until I got married 3 years ago. Last year when this all started, I was given all the antibiotics that many of you have tried but it just kept coming back. It's been so depressing. Especially since my hubby and I have had such an incredibly fulfilling intimate relationship. All the years of waiting and THIS happens. It's devastating. But he is incredibly supportive and his positivity helps so much. I'm just at the point where I have to get this under control! I want my long awaited sex life back! And so does he. I hate putting him through this. We are still able to be intimate in other ways, and it has brought us closer in that sense. BUT it's just not the same.

I actually have gotten angry because why didn't the doctor I was seeing at the time give me any direction??!! I was so clueless about just how delicately balanced the vaginal environment is. I wish I had known about taking probiotic supplements during treatment. But I had to find that out on my own--after I realized this just wasn't going away. It's so frustrating that a lot of these doctors assume that women just know this stuff--we don't!! And how would we?? Especially if we've never had any type of issue/problem. I'm still working through that anger.

But luckily when my gyno refused to do a hormonal blood test, I went to my Endo and the PA actually had some experience with this and suggested I ask my gyno to switch me from the pH jelly she prescribed to boric acid. So I did and now I'm going to pick it up today with every hope and prayer that this will end my nightmare that is BV.

I'm so glad I finally found this site because I'm hoping you ladies can answer some questions for me:

Probiotics: I'm planning to continue taking a probiotic supplement. Right now I'm taking Micro Flora 50 Billion (unless you suggest a better one). Should I try taking it vaginally along with boric acid?? After all of this I'm nervous about putting anything else in there.

Sex: if this does work (and I pray it does) how long should I wait until my hubby and I try to have intercourse? I'm so afraid to feel that excrutiating pain again!

Diet: I've greatly reduced my intake of sweets and carbs months ago. I'm kind of tiny as it is, so I'm afraid to cut back too much, but what, if any, diet do you follow after having success with boric acid? Can you still eat sweets ocassionally?? (obviously this is a hard change for me! ) How about sweeteners, coffee, and diet beverages? These were always nice treats for me but now I'm avoiding them... After boric acid have you been able to resume these things???

SORRY THIS WAS SO LONG, but I would appreciate any help with these questions any of you ladies can offer. Thank you all again for sharing. I actually am hopeful for the first time in a long time after reading your comments. I will keep you posted about how the boric acid works for me.

Posted by Strongmindset (Milledgeville, Ga) on 11/23/2011

I'm only 20 years old and I have been dealing with BV for some time now. I went to my doctor because I had a foul odor and a thick discharge (mainly after sex). She told me I had BV. I was then prescribed Metronidazole. It worked for about 2 to 3 months and then it was back again. I was prescribed the medicine once more, and now 2 weeks later it's back. I've been reading the posts and I think I'm now going to try some of the remedies; mainly the boric acid. My fiance' is very supportive and he makes sure that I don't get discouraged.

Posted by Tired Of Bv (Wilmington, Nc) on 10/22/2011

Hi ladies.... I'm a sufferer of bv. And I can honestly say I'm tired of it!!!! So I've been reading the posts on here and see that some of the ladies saying that the boric acid treatments have helped with their problem. I'm wondering if I should try it. Idk but I guess you can say I'm kind of scared. I don't what brand of the boric acid to use or where to buy it. So if anybody can email me n let me know this kind of info I would greatly appreciate it a lot.

Replied by Bellabusters
Grand Forks, Nd, Usa
OK. so really quickly, I am one of those people who never posts on sites. I just don't. I read and read and read, but usually don't take the time to go much further. But I have been plagued with BV for months now and I promised myself I would post something if I got cured. I never would have been cured had it not been for YOU ladies taking the time to write your stories.

I was diagnosed with BV then completed one course of Clindamycin... No better. Thenflagyl... No better. Then another round of Flagyl... Still no better. When the nurse practioner prescribed me a 4th round of antibiotics I said no. From the advice of all you ladies I tried:

H2O2 douches followed by tree oil tampon. Then lactobacilus inserted at night. Did this for 7 days. Felt a little better but was really red. Then I got my period and decided just to give myself a break for one week. Then I did the boric acid capsules, one per night x 14 days. Went today to doctor, and no more BV!!! Thank goodness.

So seems like the boric acid was the trick. I also have been taking garlic, goldenseal, probiotics and vitamin E and folic acid. Not sure if these helped at all or not?

Just wanted to share my story in hopes it may help somebody else.

Good luck to everyone:)

Replied by Angela
Brooksville, Fl
Ok, been suffering from recurring bv. Getting annoying, seems to come back after menses. Was getting ready to go buy VH Essentials as last time it did get rid of it BUT it worked too well and I ended up with a yeast infection afterwards that I had to treat.

Has anyone had this issue doing your own boric acid capsules? Or after using for a full 7 days (like the vh essentials, figured this time I'd only do 4 days instead of 6/7 they call for)?

Replied by Dee
Wixom, Michigan, United States
Boric acid kills all bacteria, good and bad, same as antibiotics. The good news, however, is that boric acid capsules have long been prescribed for recurrent yeast infections because it kills yeasts as well! Nothing can live in boric acid (if used long enough to wipe out the infection entirely).

Reducing the boric acid treatment or BV essentials decreases your chances of curing your infection. Take the full course, but take probiotics, eat yogurt and once the kit is done insert fem dophilus to help your body recolonize the good bacteria.

Replied by Mandy
This is Mandy again, the boric acid did not work for me:(( I do not know what esle to do, I feel like a prisoner in my own body, Im sad all the time and I never was like this, BV has taken over my whole life and all I can do is pray, that is all I have left, I feel like it is the end for me, I smell like fish down there, seven years of Hell, I wish I never douched, that is how I got BV and please doctors stop saying it is common, because I neve heard of this in my life, NEVER, why they can't do something about this? I feel like I died seven years ago.

Posted by Lucy (San Antonio, Texas) on 09/18/2011

I had been suffering with BV on and off for 8 years. I have tried every antibiotic prescribed and nothing had worked. It got so bad that I stopped having sex with my husband all together. It had been 4 months of no sex that propelled me into finding a way to rid myself of the BV for good. I tried:

yogurt tampons every night for two weeks... didnt work.

bv treatment (7 day suppositories)... didnt work.

antibiotics prescribed... didnt work.

Finally I bought some boric acid for $3 and 00 size veggie capsules for $7.99 and made 14. I inserted one every night for two weeks. I noticed that the smell and discharge was gone after the 3rd day but kept on doing it until the last capsule was inserted. Its been about 2 months/plenty of sex and two periods later and still no BV. I insert a capsule the morning after sex and after my period just to be on the safe side. I am finally able to have "spur of the moment" sex again and its amazing...

Oh and I also started inserting frozen coconut oil (100% organic) suppositories before sex to help lube and the coconut oil kills off yeast infections!!! I FEEL AMAZING!!!! Good luck ladies and I want to thank you all for letting me know I wasnt alone..

Replied by Tracy
Memphis, Tn
I have been dealing with BV for over 10 years now. In the beginning the Flagyl and Metrogel would work, but in a couple of months the infection would come back. In the past year it has become very troublesome because now the antibiotics are no longer working. My doctor did prescribe me Boric acid suppositories because she believes I've become resistant to the anitbiotics. I did take them a month ago, and it appeared to be cleared up. Now my symptoms are back again. I live in Memphis, TN and I don't know where to buy the medicinal boric acid powder to make my own capsules. I did call Walgreens but they say they don't sell it to the public without a prescription for it to be compounded. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.
Replied by Zorro
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The drugs stores do not sell boric acid any more. I got mine online. I use it for pink eye. Google boric acid and you will find lots of places that sell it. Zorro
Replied by Michelle
Daytona, Fl
Hi, I too had no idea where to buy Boric Acid but while I was in publix shopping I thought what the heck and I stopped and asked the pharmacist. He said yes he had it in the back and I paid $6.00 for a good sized bottle. Hope this helps.
Replied by Jackie
Memphis, Tn
Wow, this is amazing. Hi Tracy, I also live in Memphis. I am so relieved (not thrilled to know it) to know that other women experience these recurring infections. I just came from the pharmacy like 30 minutes ago picking up a 14-day supply of boric acid suppositories. My doc gave me a prescription that had to be filled at a pharmacy that does compounding. I got it filled at Peoples Pharmacy on Brookhaven Circle. Really nice folks & my wait time was very short.

I hope this info helps. I am encouraged & hope the suppositories work for me. I see from reading the other posts that I probably need to start some regular maintenance regimen following the suppositories to keep this under control.

Thanks all for sharing.

Replied by Kt
Lake Oswego, Or
I know boric acid works but I'm tired of paying lots for the capsules. Can someone tell me where I can by the boric acid from and the capsules to make these myself?
Replied by Cybergal
Miami, Florida
Buy Boric Acid powder (yes, also used for roaches) - buy O Size Empty Gelatin Capsules -- wash hands well with Cetaphil soap (no perfumes, etc. ) - put powder on clean tissues - fill capsules -- Insert nightly -- You can also buy a capsule maker, which I have -- but I tend to make up a months worth by hand --

Gyn told me about this over 20 years ago to reduce yeast infections and I've inserted nightly all these years - Also, only wash Vagina with water -- No Soap!

Unfortunately - had to stop capsules (Estrogen problems) -- I was too dry --- I believe the lack of Estrogen and stopping capsules Combo brought the BV on -- working on Estrogen problem -- Antibiotics didn't work for me and so far none of the solutions I've tried has worked -- burning, burning, burning for 4 months --

Replied by Bg
Los Angeles, California
Hi.. I know how you feel Kt.. I've been wondering the same thing myself.. So I googled the hell out of it. I read all kinds of articles and every single one said the same thing.. To use the Humco boric acid. So I just purchased it on amazon for less than $6 and the pills size 00 for less than $ 4.. I was also told later that you can get the boric acid from the pharmacist. But you would still have to order the pills... Lol.. Anyways, I hope this helps you :)
Replied by Tab
Green Bay, Wi
Walgreens pharmacy will special order the boric acid for you and it usually somes the next day.

Posted by C. Marie (Atlanta, Ga, Usa) on 09/06/2011

[YEA]  Hello everyone!! I have been struggling with BV for about 2 years or so. The first few times I used the metro gel and that worked but lately it keeps coming back no matter what. I think I have finally found a cure!!! (At least for me anyway!! ) I bought several supplements/probiotics to help boost my system. I bought one that is SPECIFIC for the good bacteria in the vagina called Femadohpilus (sp?)... Is has L. Reuteri and L. Rhamnosis. LADIES IT IS IMPORTANT TO GET THE PROBIOTICS THAT ARE REFRIDGERATED... This will ensure LIVE cultures. I also took ultimate flora and Acidophilus, Folic acid and Vitamin C. After about a month of taking these items to boost my system with good bacteria, the second thing I did was insert Boric Acid suppositories into my vagina. My doctor reccomended 1 supp every night for 3 nights and then one a week for 2 months. This will help get the PH back to normal, that way the good bacteria can thrive. So far things are looking GREAT for me!!!! No smell... Some discharge but I think its from the suppositories. My doctor called me in a script for the boric acid suppositories... I had to pick it up at a COMPOUNING pharmacy.... You can not get them at a regular pharmacy... unless you want to make the capsules yourself.

My regimen was 3 capsules the Fem a dophilus (with the L. Reutera and rhamnosis), 1 ultimate Flora capsule, 2 acidolphilus, 2 folic acid (800mg), and 1 vit C. I split these up between morning and night. I also drank and half cup of Kefir per day... It is pretty much a yogurt smoothie but LOADED with probiotics.... you can usually get it in the health food section of you grocery store.

After one month I started the Boric acid suppositores to help balance my PH. I do plan to ween myself off most of the probiotics after a while... maybe only keeping a couple of them on my regimen (it can get kinda expensive to stay on it to a long period).

I HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL OF YOU!!! I will also check back and let you know if the BV comes back.

Replied by Tjana
Atlanta, Ga
Hi there. I also live in Atlanta and have been dealing with recurrent bv and/or yeast for the last 5 months and have been prescribed Flagyl (twice), metrogel, and Terazol. After the awful discharge came back the last time (the day after I finished the Flagyl), I decided to go the natural route and began to use VH Essentials BV home treatment. It seemed to have taken away the itch but the discharge is back 3 days after using the last suppository. I'm also taking the Femdophilus, Kefir (Immunity shots), and Folic acid. I am trying a new doctor tomorrow but would be really curious in knowing how the boric acid suppositories work for you and which doctor has you on this treatment plan. Hopefully my appointment tomorrow will be worthwhile but if not, I'd love to know which physician you used. My last one just wanted to give me antibiotics. Please keep us posted.
Replied by Cnadiana2
Stockertown, Pa
Did anyone have side effects from using boric acid? I just got some but am unsure about using it, as it does say not to get on skin. When you fill yours, do you wear gloves? The brand I got is made by Humco 6oz bottle boric acid powder nf. Has anyone else used this to make their suppositries? As I am currently taking antibiotics for respitory infection, how long should I wait before using boric acid sup.?

Posted by Fitchick (Tampa, Florida) on 08/19/2011

[YEA]  I am on day 4 of my boric acid suppositories and I don't know why I waited so long to try this. I suffered with BV for almost a year and thought I would never have sex again! I could tell a difference by day 2. I am finally back to normal. I will continue to use them for the 2 weeks suggested! Then I will finish off with probiotics for women to restore my balance. Relief at last! Watch out guys... She's back! (but alot more careful)

Replied by Cs
Chicago, Il
[YEA]   I owe this site so very much for helping me resolve this horrible problem! I have used the boric acid capsules for four days now, and as of day two it was gone! I will continue for the 14 days as recommended, but I am free of discharge, odor.... and the humiliation.

I have suffered for more years than I care to think about.

Free at last! .... Thank you!

Replied by Jess
Chicago, Il
I was wondering where in chicago you got them from.

Posted by 904mami (Jacksonville, Fl) on 05/27/2011

hey ladies... Ive been reading everyones post and I tried all of the remedies and they haven't worked for me so im about to try the boric acid..... I will toon in tomorrow and or a few days with my results wish me luck...

Posted by Chris (Ogden , Utah) on 02/28/2011

I have had BV for 11 years and have tried absolutely everything with no results! I have read that many people use boric acid to treat bv. I have gone to every pharmacy in my town and they do not carry it. I notice online that every kind I find is not the medical grade stuff (it's the strong stuff used to kill roaches). What brand can I use and where can I find it?

Replied by Chase
Manchester, Nh Usa
I don't know where you live but my local supermarket has a pharmacy and they were happy to order it for me. It cost me $10 for a 16oz. Bottle. Just so you know, the first pharmacist told me he "couldn't order it for me" which was obviously total BS, he just didn't want to go to the bother soooo, ask and if the first pharmacist tells you he can't then go to another. Good luck in your quest and the best of health to you!!!
Replied by Julie
Bountiful, Utah
Medicine Shoppe in Bountiful, UT, will compound the Boric Acid capsules for you.
Replied by Liltrimble
Fayetteville, Nc
09/19/2011 sells both the boric acid and the capsules. Beware that some of the pre-made ones contain very little boric acid and may not work.
Replied by Gmd
I am wondering if borax (20 Mule Team) would work as good as boric acid.....?
Replied by Bagecka
Athens, Texas, U.s.a.
@gmd NO borax and boric acid are NOT the same.

Posted by Sarah (Holley, Ny, Usa) on 11/02/2010

I am soooo happy to find this site and finally put an end to my BV. I have suffered for years with this problem, and tried every prescription med and home remedy I could find. I finally figured it was something I would have to live with. Every time I have sex, get my period, or any type of spotting (I have a hormonal imbalance that sometimes causes this) the odor comes back. Recently my boyfriend said to me "I'm worried something is wrong with you, when we have sex sometimes it smells bad" Ugh, how embarassing! I finally decided to try boric acid. I purchased it online, fairly inexpensive. I tried to purchase the capsules in a pharmacy, but no such luck, none of them in my area have them available. I emptied out some probiotic capsules (I figured the probiotics couldn't hurt), filled them with the boric acid, and for two nights straight put two capsules inside me with a cleaned applicator from another suppository. What a huge difference!! The very next day had sex with the bf.... No odor whatsoever! Not even the tiniest bit of that "fishy" smell that usually comes within minutes! I finally feel as if this problem is behind me!

Replied by Anita
San Diego, Ca
[YEA]   IT WORKS!!!!!!!! Ive been trying to cure my BV for almost 4 months now... I tried Flagyl from my doctor.. DID NOT WORK
I tried the garlic clove up there... DID NOT WORK
I tried Yogurt on a tampon..... DID NOT WORK
I tried an acidophilus up there.... DID NOT WORK
I also tried "VH Essential's" BV Treatment... DID NOT WORK

At my wits end, I asked my poor boyfriend to see if he could find Pharmaceutical Grade Boric Acid Powder. He brought home a $5 jar of it and some empty "00" size capsules. I filled up 14 capsules, and stuck one up my girly bits last night. I kid you not, the discharge was virtually gone! No odor, no itching, no burning! Im only on my second night but I feel soo much better! I RECOMMEND THIS TO ALL WOMEN SUFFERING WITH BV!!! It doesn't hurt to try it (if you're like me and have tried EVERYTHING else)!! I promised myself that after I found something that works I would write about it on here to let other girls know.

Replied by Izzy
St. Louis, Mo, United States
Can you email me and tell me what brand you used for the Boric Acid?
Replied by Anita
San Diego, California
Izzy, im sorry, but I misplaced the bottle, so I don't know the brand.. But I do know that you can walk into any pharmacy and ask them for boric acid powder and they can grab a bottle for you. just make sure to buy the double zero ("00") size empty capsules from a health store like Henrys, or Wild Oats...
Replied by Tlb
Washington, Dc
[YEA]   Boric Acid is the ONLY home remedy that worked for me, and I've tried most of the ones listed on this site. I was afraid to try it (it's poison, after all), but I had purchased an over the counter bv cure and it worked temporarily. It was the only thing that had worked for me, even temporarily, besides perscription meds, so I read the ingredients and it contained boric acid. That convinced me to at least try it, and I was shocked at how quickly I was cured (less than a week of inserting capsules vaginally each night), and most importantly, that I STAYED CURED! Over the past 8 months, I've only had 2 occurances where I started to get slightly itchy with odor, and 1 or 2 nights of tablets cures it easily. This cure might be scary, but if you have a stubborn case like I did, I highly recommend giving it a shot. I am thrilled with the results.
Replied by Wendypape
..., Canada
Just a thought... It's questionable what's BV, yeast or even chlamydia etc. So many symptoms are same and tests are so inaccurate ;-( The crazy thing is, that we clean up ourselves, our diets, our lifestyle.... And then we have sex with our husbands/boyfriends again and poof it starts all over again. MOST MEN have no symptoms at all btw, heck there isn't even a test for hpv for men and yet they are carriers and there are over 80 different kinds ladies!!! (and yeast, herpes, hpv all transmittable via saliva, and don't get me started on whats transmittable in sperm - I'm so happy I'm married and only have 1 to worry about yikes ;-( Try abstaining LOL I abstained for months and months and months - sorry dh.... And I was FINE, never ever ever have any discharge at all, squeaky clean like a rose etc... then I have sex with my husband and bam, I have discharge within 48 hours that takes a week to get rid of with tea tree oil tampons etc ;-( arghhhhhhhh. That worked twice, now I'm onto the boric acid. Sigh. And NOW He's on super strength oil of oregano orally, grapefruit seed extract, diet overhaul, and acidophious etc.!!!! Fingers crossed!

Posted by Rs (San Carlos, Ca) on 06/29/2010

[YEA]  I used boric acid capsules for BV and after trying everything else on this website and it was the only thing that seems to have CURED my BV once and for all after about 10 years. I did the H20 and H202 douche along with every probiotic known to man and folic acid, B12, D3, fish oil and vaginal probiotics and acidophilus. It all worked temporarily and the BV kept coming back. I finally read about boric acid capsules on this site and thought "what the heck, it cant hurt". I bought boric acid and empty vegan capsules on and made my own. Very easy and very CHEAP. I was spending a fortune on H202 and distilled water and liquid acidophilus. It worked the first day and I inserted one capsule nightly for about 2 weeks and the BV has been gone for over a month. No sign of it anywhere and Im not doing anything now but maintaining my acidophilus, probiotics for vaginal health, folic acid, B12 and D3. It really is a miracle. Sex is good again and life is good again. I keep a stash of capsules in my bathroom in case of a flare up but so far so good. Im very careful after sex and pee right away and keep everything aired out. Cotton undies and lots of air. I also stopped drinking coffee and I am slowly taking refined sugar out of my diet (very slowly, Im a sugar addict). I recommend this to those women out there that are not getting good results with the douche probiotics. Every woman is different but this really worked for me and I could not be happier. I will report back in one more month. Thanks and good luck!!!

Replied by Pravda
Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Usa

Thanks for the info. I had bought boric acid capsules from Natren but they were for yeast infections only and a homeopathic dilution of 50% boricum acidum. Do you think that might work?

If I prepare the capsules myself, should I fill it half-way or the entire capsule. Is any boric acid ok to use?

Thanks again!

Replied by Elizabeth
Nashville, Tn
Sounds like you got a product called "Yeast Arrest" or something similiar. I've heard some positive and negative things about the product. Since you already have it handy, you might want to try those first. If you have a persistent case of BV, I would think the homemade boric acid capsules would work better. I used PharmacyPlus boric acid from and used veggie caps. You want to fill them completely up if possible. Good luck with it.

Posted by Gigi (San Carlos, Ca) on 06/13/2010

[YEA]  I have suffered from BV for about 2 years. It is a terrible condition that has no cure. I found this website just in time. I really thought my sex life was going to end forever at age 40. I tried all the suggestions on this site. First, I took a vaginal health probiotic (50 Billion live bacteria) in the morning with 2400mcg of folic acid in the morning, one B-12 vitamin in the morning along with fish oil capsules and D-3 vitamins (2000 units) in the morning. That worked for awhile but not long. Then I incorporated douching with 1/3 cup H202 and 1/3 cup distilled water. That did the trick for about 2-3 months but I was douching almost every day. I then incorporating liquid acidophilus douches right after the H202 and distilled water douche and that helped a lot also in the beginning. My daily ritual was costing a fortune and taking all day to do and it was all temporary relief. The douching started to give my UTI's and that was no fun because I had to take antibiotics to get rid of that......yep, yeast infections. So, I researched more on this site and read of women inserting boric acid capsules vaginally. I found out that boric acid is poison and its used to kill bugs and rats. I thought it was totally absurd and dangerous until I read more of the postings on this site and other sites. I found boric acid and empty vegetable capsules (size 0 or 00 will do) online and bought them and made my own capsules. I inserted one at night before bedtime and wore a panty liner. I heard that you have a little drainage as the capsule melts in your vagina and it certainly does, so wear a panty liner to bed and the whole next day. I saw dramatic results the very next morning. The BV was gone, no trace of anything. I have been on this new regimen for about 3 weeks now. I insert one vaginally at night until everything looks clear in my vagina. I can have sex now and nothing is noticeable. No smell, no discharge, no itching, no pain, no swelling. Its really a miracle. I make up about 20 capsules at a time and keep them in a zip lock baggie in a cool dry cabinet in my kitchen. Im now inserting one every few days and ALWAYS after having sex or when I feel that "feeling" coming back. I strongly recommend that women give this a try if they have tried everything else with little results. I still take my vaginal health probiotic every morning along with all the other supplements I listed above. It just makes sense to continue with those for now. Boric acid capsules have literally saved my sex life and I could not be happier. There have been no side effects so far except for the morning discharge and that is just the capsule residue and most likely bacteria coming out. I smell so fresh and clean "down there" and its all back to normal and even better. My vagina looks and smells and tastes great (that may be gross, but you have to know what you taste like, so go ahead and taste it). If I have left any crucial information out of this posting, please respond and I will respond ASAP. This is a horrible thing to go through and it can ruin your life. Good luck ladies and thank you Earth Clinic for providing this site!!!

Replied by Cici
Orlando, Fl
I have been reluctant to put anything up my vagina ever since using cream for what i thought was a yeast infection but turns out i think it is bv. Anyhow, just like you i have tried everything folic acid, acidophilus, echinacea, garlic, goldenseal, pau d arco, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf extract, changing my eating habits and all i have got rid of is the constant itching and burning. My vagina still has yellowish discharge and is still swelled and dry. I'm just afraid of putting anything in my vagina and making the problem worse.

My question is where do you find the boric acid and the capsules to put them in? Also, is it expensive because i have been spending alot too just on vitamins, dietary, and herbal supplements trying to combat this problem without having to use antibiotics.

EC: Boric acid powder, which is very inexpensive, can be found at any pharmacy and some grocery stores (check the pharmacy section). Gel Capsules can be found online. Example:

Replied by Tracie
Flint, Mi
I just bought the ingredients tonight. Well Hydrogen Peroxide and the Boric Acid. I'm going find my Turkey baster (btw will not be of use in the kitchen after this) So I was reading your post and got to the part that said taste it and I was rolling on the floor laughing.... Thanks for the info... Everything I have been reading has been very consistent and I ready to give it a whirl.... All the prescribed medication including yeast infection medicine has never worked well. This is my last hope right now.... I cannot afford no more co-pays on office visits and medication. All the ingredients for this is less then half of the co-pay for an office visit and I figure 4oz should last a while. Yaayyy.... Now I hear people douche with it or use the gel capsule. I'm going straight for the capsule.... Thanks... I'm still laughing and intrigued enough I may try it....
Replied by Jess
Indianapolis, In
Your response is so honest and full out truthfulness that I'm sure it makes others feel great knowing someone knows EXACTLY how they feel. No one who has BV would wish it upon anyone so your honesty about it is so reassuring because it answers that, "no one knows how much this sucks! " feeling. BV is such a hush hush subject and can be so embarassing. Your candor has helped me and I'm sure will help many other women. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!
Replied by Bella
San Antonio, Texas
Gigi - what do you insert the capsules with?

Posted by Nancy D (Harrisburg, Pa) on 11/19/2009

I just started taking boric acid suppositories last night for BV. And now my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years would like to know (as I would too); can you continue to have vaginal sex and vaginal oral sex?? Because I am supposed to take these things for 14 days, and we really didn't want to go that long without!! Can they hurt him in any way? I cannot find this answer ANYWHERE; and I could call my gyno. who prescribed this to ask him; but it's kind of an embarrassing question and I would rather find out from another source first, if I can. Thanks.

Replied by Kerstin
San Francisco, Ca
Thank god for Boric Acid and..Thank god for Earth Clinic! This site is amazing! Yes Boric Acid is definitely the way to go!

All my life I have been having problems with re-occuring yeast infections getting worse as years have gone by. I was going crazy, so depressing and definitely didn't help my sex life..

I have tried everything antibiotics, creams, joghurt, Tea tree oil, etc etc you name it! Some of the cures would help temporarily but nothing I repeat Nothing can be compared to the success I have had using Boric Acid!

Yes , I knows it sounds crazy! To insert Boric Acid vaginally... the same Boric Acid used to kill roaches and ants right?... ? At first I was very sceptical and scared to use it at first, ut after some research I decided to try it, and boy am I glad I did!

As soon as I feel a yeast infection coming on I pour Boric Acid in a capsule, insert it up in my vagina, and a couple of hours later usually infection gone! Sometimes if I don't catch it right away, one time is not always enough and I have to repeat it.

It is truly amazing how effective Boric Acid is and how quickly it works. The result is immediate!

To answer your question if you can have sex and if it is harmful for your partner..No worries! After inserting the capsule, it will take some hours before it dissolves but after that... you can have sex and your partner has nothing to worry about!

You just feel (smell and taste too for that matter) fresh and clean and no trace of any boric acidX!

I am so happy that I tried it!

Good luck

Replied by Momto3boys
Crofton, Md, United States
Here is the protocol that my midwife gave me for the Boric Acid suppositories. I am going to make my own since they are kind of costly to get from my local pharmacy.

First night- insert 2 capsules
First week- 1 calpsule inserted every night
Second week- 1 capsule inserted every other night
Third week- 1 capsule inserted every 3 days
Fourth week- 1 capsule inserted every 4 days
Fifth week- 1-2 capsules inserted per week or as needed

Replied by Bellabusters
Minneapolis, Mn
Just a quick question regarding boric acid capsules. Are you all using them while you have your period? I have mine now, and don't want to wait until it is over to start the capsules. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you:)
Replied by Kdt
Madison, Wi
You can have vaginal intercourse, but not receive oral sex while using the boric acid.

Posted by Vee (Nyc, Nyc) on 11/17/2009

[YEA]  Boric Acid for Bacterial Vaginosis

Use 100% Boric Acid from the store. make sure it's pure, no other additives. Use an applicator from another vaginal product. I used the applicators from a previous yeast infection creme. Just wash in HOT water and soap, or a little bleach if you want. What ever you use, make sure that you rise the applicators well and let dry. Fill the applicators, then insert. Wear a mini-pad there might be some discharge. It takes a few days, no more than a week. You can also use this to keep fresh and for yeast infections. There should not be any irritation. GOOD LUCK!!

Replied by Nolimits
New York City, Ny
[YEA]   I have been suffering with BV for 10 years (on and off). After reading posts about Boric Acid I decided to try this remedy out of desperation. Nothing else has worked for longer than 2 weeks. Boric Acid can be purchased for 1.00 at most dollar stores. I make my own capsules. Initially I used 2x per day for 14 days. After day 1 the odor was gone. I use one capsule after intercourse and a capsule each night of my menstrual cycle. I have been symptom free for one year. It is like a miracle.
Replied by Mandy
This is Mandy from NY, I wrote here before, I went back to the doctor and she gave me flagyl again, I said look, there has to be something esle I can do, I asked her about boric acid, she said it is effective, though my insurance does not cover, I said give it to me, I pick it up tomorrow, Im so desperate, Im tired of being sad and lonely and smell like ffish and have classmates laugh and talk about me, I'm not a dirty woman, I clean my vag but this bv wants to stay, get the hell out of here already, Im screwed to use boric acid, but I'm at my wits end, I have no choice, I start tomorrow night, I will write back on Monday, please wish me luck, it has been 7 nasty years, and I want to get intimate with my new man( I have not yet:((() fingers crossed...
Replied by De De
Charlotte, Nc
[YEA]   omg I read every last post on here and I've been dealing with bv since 2007 and I thought I was in this bubble by myself. I will get cured and then it's back again I thought it was my bf giving it back to me but they say its not sexually transmitted okay so why its coming back? But now I see where others have reoccurence, my dr told me about the boric acid so now I'm taking these capsules. I went and got a prescription filled and I see where you can make your own. I'm so gonna keep some handy, close by I just hope others find this site or dr talk to their patients more about this...... Back to normal- I feel so fresh.
Replied by Mandy
[YEA]   This is Mandy again. I took the boric acid on saturday, it is now, Tuesday, for the first time I have no smell, I was in class today and was able to get up and go back and forth to the printer without the smell of fish coming from me, I was so happy, I swear I hope this last, I pick up my re fill this saturday, I will be back to let you know, I have tried everything and this was my last resort, Ai will be back here Friday...... I tell you one day seems like a lifetime!!!

Posted by Cazi (Huntington, Ny) on 10/05/2009

I am 54, divorced 4 and a half years and finally had sex about a month ago. Yes you guessed first bout of BV ever! All the symptoms but luckily no odor.

I am curious about the boric acid. Where do you buy it? Is it a prescription? Is it granular? 'I already take probiotics so I am wondering if I need to increase the amount i take. Can one insert an oral probiotic capsule directly into the vagina?

I read last night to try a shallow bath with some tea tree oil. I put some on a wet washcloth and applied directly to my stung at first, but I must say.... no itching last night. (I've found that the itching is MUCH worse at night)

In addition, my gyno suggested trying to sleep with no undies on and to try to keep the area "aired out" whenever possible.

Replied by Gloria
Yucca Valley, Ca
I saw the following post at Yahoo Answers about boric acid suppositories/capsules and thought it was worth posting here:

You will find that you have increased watery discharge throughout treatment, so it's advisable to wear a panty liner or sanitary napkin on days when you're using the capsules. 2cap/day for 7 days is excellent and should resolve the problem entirely. You should notice changes within 2 days, stick with the treatment for a full course, though.

I would advise against intercourse while you're undergoing treatment, because it may irritate sensitive tissues for both of you. There wouldnt be a significant impact on the efficacy of the sponge, but the micro-tears that can happen in vaginal tissue during intercourse could increase the amount of boric acid absorbed, which is a bad thing. (You're not looking to absorb it, you're looking to have an immediate and direct effect on the local bacteria. )

Once you're done the boric acid treatment, it is a good idea to do a single course of probiotics. Look for a product that contains a blend of strains, but be sure that it contains L. Caseii (the predominant "good bacteria" in healthy vaginal flora. ) 9-12 billion CFU should be sufficient - take them orally, 2 cap/day away from food. And if you choose, you could also insert 1 cap/day as a vaginal suppository for 3-4 days.

Posted by Feelingfree (Greensboro, NC) on 05/28/2009

[YEA]  if anyone can find an apothecary type pharmacy in your town, request boric acid gyno in college reccomended this-i freaked when she told me about it-i thought who in the world would put something like that down there...i did some research and years later i was brave(and desperate) enough to try worked! they are a little costly-about $25 for 20 or 24 i think...but they work well-id use them 2 or 3 times a week(insert vaginally at bedtime-and wear a pantyliner for leakage)...and using the boric acid supp. in conjunction with acidophlus pills work really well!!! now, im new to Greensboro, so, i am looking to locate an apothecary asap! most regular pharmacies dont make the supps...

Replied by Tonika
High Point, North Carolina
If you haven't found a pharmacy yet, there is one in High Point called McLarty Drug on Church Street (off of N. Main Street). A real pharmacist that can actually mix compounds runs the place. I have purchased 600mg boric acid capsules from this drug store (I have a prescription). I got 60 capsules for $27.00. Hope this information helps.

Posted by Patricia (San Jose, CA) on 05/11/2009

[YEA]  This is in response to some women questioning whether BV gets totally cured with acidophilus, and why you would need to continue taking the treatment. I have read extensively about BV and you may not like it but the truth is that every person is different and our bodies work differently. So you have to find out what works for YOU and YOUR BODY. Also, each man's body chemistry will be different from another man's. Just like women's bodies are different, the level of acidity in men's sperm varies greatly from person to person. So the level of acidity in your partner's sperm may very well be aggravating your sensitive vagina! Also, the acidity in sperm can also change depending on their diet. Boric acid vaginal suppositories also work very well for BV. I was married for a long time and never had any problems or any BV. But a few years after we broke up, and several sexual partners later, I started having problems with BV and it didn't stop for years and years. I would make the same rounds everyone has going back and forth to the Drs. DAMN it gets OLD! and you know its not good for your body to keep taking antibiotics. But what other choice did most of us have if thats what your Dr says you need to do and you dont realize there are alternatives? Well I moved to Portland, OR which you know is a very progressive and liberal city. So many people are into alternative medicine and lifestyles. Its like a way of life for most people living there. Anyway, I got BV again! and did not have health coverage at the time, so I went to planned parenthood. They gave me a sheet with information on BV which most of which I'd read tons of times before. But on the back it listed a home remedy, for women predisposed to BV, which was to make boric acid vaginal suppositories and insert one every night before going to bed, will usually prevents BV in most women. This changed my life, literally! I went to a health food store and purchased all vegetable material, natural capsules. So it will not hurt you and you dont have to remove any leftover material or worry about it cuz they just dissolve inside your vagina. I also was able to buy a bottle of powdered boric acid at Long's, just over the counter. If you cannot find it, ask the pharmacist, they know where everything is, even out on the shelves. Then you pour some of the powder into a small cup or bowl, open a capsule holding one half in each hand, and scoop them through the powder, towards each other. Filling up the capsules with powder, then close the capsule. roll it between your palms to remove excess powder. I buy the supplies which is definitely less than $10. and Ill make a bunch of them. I keep them in a little jar in my medicine cabinet. I do not take one every night, but I know RIGHT AWAY when my vagina is not feeling fresh, I will treat myself right away and nip it in the bud before it gets bad! Ill insert 1-2 capsules, in the morning at noon and at night. This always cures it right away. The only downside is about 6 hrs after insertion, I have a GUSH! of watery discharge. So much that you literally need to have a tampon or pad in place or your pants will get wet. But I have found this works amazingly. I dont have to take something every day and I suffered from it for so long that like I said I know right away when somethings not right. My finace even knows about them. He thought it was a little weird at first but as soon as he realized how good they work, he's just glad I have a safe and easy home remedy that I can treat myself as often as I want without an expensive trip to the Drs and endless rounds of antibiotics. Anyway, reading that the level of acidity in men's semen can vary depending on diet made me think that it was only logical that our bodies being out of balance is most likely tied to our overall health. Im sure that being a healthy weight and exercise as well as diet will affect our bodies, vajayjays and immune system overall. Something to think about. Thank you to everyone who posted here! Forgot to mention that my 16 yr old daughter is suffering from recurring vaginal infections. She is not sexually active yet, but you know im not surprised because she had constant yeast infections when she was a baby. She is having yeast infections and one UTI already and recurring urinary tract pain and an itchy vulva. I have her currently treating herself with boric acid suppositories and it has helped A LOT and given her a lot of relief. But the itching and urinary tract pain did not go away. She was living with her dad for a little while which is why this went on for a while without me overseeing her treatment. But she is back with me so Ive been treating her with natural remedies and she is open to home remedies cuz she doesnt want to keep going to the Dr and she said the meds they prescribed didn't work anyway cuz the infection just kept coming back! Anyway, I finally broke down and took her to a Dr and they tested her for STDs without my permission!! They didnt even tell me, they spoke to her about it! anyway, all her tests came back negative, so I dont know what is going on or why she is getting itchiness and urinary tract pain.But I am going to buy acidophilus & folic acid tomorrow and start treating her. Hopefully this will be the cure we're looking for for her! Thanks again to everyone for sharing your stories!

Replied by Priscilla
Billings, Montana
I have been struggling with BV since I was 14 years old. I am now 26. I get them at least 4 to 5 times a month. Always at the doctors office. I am tired and broke. I want to try the boric acid.... Only I am curious how do you insert them? what tool do you use?

Posted by Wealthyheart (Northern Cambria, PA) on 05/01/2009

[YEA]  Using Boric Acid for BV. Use only half a capsual full twice a day for 2 weeks to 1 month. I have BV real bad so I used it for 1 month but I also took an antibiontic which I shouldn't have. Now I need to waite 2 weeks before I can start my 1 month Boric Acid treatment. It's important that I waite 2 weeks before starting again and It's important that I take no antibionics while on my treatment. If I do, I won't get rid of my BV and eventualy hurt my body over time. If you feel a bladder infection coming on take a few swings of Apple Cider Vinger 3 times a day for 3 days and your systems should go away. No more than a half a capsual full either. Too much to fast don't work and what your body don't use will run out and too much to fast is not good for your body. Now after your BV goes away you can Still use the Boric Acid to help keep your ph in check by useing 1 half of a capsual full 2 times a week for up to 6 months to a year. My 2 weeks of waiting starts today and 14 days is gonna b long and hard for me but i do want to get better and rid of BV. Good luck to you all and I will be back intouch when my 1 month treatment is all said and done. Remember all of what I wrote so you don't screw up like i did. Smile always.

Replied by J
Los Angeles, Ca
Hi Patricia - I was checking to see if the Boric Acid suppositories are still working for you? I have been struggling with BV for a year, countless doctor's visits and prescribed antibiotics, trying home remedies, i.e., folic acid, probiotics, etc and still get this awful discharge! It's irritating both in the mental and physical sense!!! I am going to try the Boric Acid supp. I pray it works for me too!
Replied by London
Sandusky , Ohio
The key to Boric acid really working for me is to use it along with the tea tree oil suppositories that I use. I fill a :00: capsule with 5 drops tea tree oil and the rest castor oil, and insert along with the boric acid capsule overnight for 3 to 7 night. One of each. Its so much better than just using the boric acid on its own.
Replied by Susano
Chicago, Il
I'm not one to sleep around, but every time I have sex with a guy (protected, of course) I get a yeast infection. So it's been two guys in 6 months and the Doctor is hauling me in for yet ANOTHER culture so I can get a scrip to get rid of the damn yeast infection. I did a monistat 1 a week ago and the itching is gone, but the discharge remains. I went in yesterday.

This one's new: I have been prescribed Boric Acid Suppositories by my Dr and she's looking into my pH, blood sugar, etc. She has also prescribed L. Acidopholus to get my healthy bacteria back in line. I'm all good with this, but I have one question:

Yesterday was the first day of my period, I only use tampons. Is it correct to use the suppositories while using tampons during your period, or should I wait until period ends to start the scrip? I'll be calling the doc and plan to report back, but it's a valid question in the mean time. It would suck to spend $$ on it just to have a tampon soak it all up and have zero results. Hopefully someone has this answer.

People have talked about inserting tampons to hold their solutions "in. " Since tampons are meant to absorb fluids, I question this decision, except when there is a fluid response great enough to warrant such measures. I don't mean to question these practices critically, especially when I can't stand having gooey, mushy, smelly parts in my pants; but if the meds will do better while I put up with goo and mush, vs. Clean, tampon-use, I choose better meds. I just want it gone.

Thanks for your consideration.

Another Susan from Chicago.

Posted by Lisa (Webb City, MO, USA) on 01/05/2009

[YEA]  Remedy: Boric Acid.
Ailment: Bacterial Vaginosis

Boric acid capsules will help heal this problem. You can buy the boric acid at a pharmacy, along with gel capsules. You can fill them yourself. Take a piece of paper, dump out the boric acid and fill them up. Each capsule, medium size, will hold a maximum of 500mg, which is safe to use as a suppository twice a day. This is not for oral consumption. I've been told to do this twice a day for 30 days, and my BV is gone.

And I've tried everything practically, folic acid, Flagyl, any type of prescription for BC a doctor can give you.

There is a plastic applicator you can buy to put the capsule in to place in your vagina. Best remedy for me. Thank you.

Posted by Lisa Butler (Webb City, Missouri, USA) on 12/17/2008

[YEA]  I've had bacterial vaginosis for over five years. I've been to four gynecologists. I make my own boric acid capsules. You buy everything you need from the pharmacy, gel capsules and boric acid. Using one tablet in the morning, and one tablet at night, my bacterial vaginosis is almost completely gone. Boric acid in your vagina will not hurt you, do not be scared to try this. You don't want to eat it. I also take __, a probiotic, one pill a day.

I can understand how frustrating this problem is, having endured it for so long. Try the boric acid for two weeks and see if you don't notice a difference.

And one other thing, use Dove bar soap, no fragrance. Always wear cotton underwear and if you can go without underwear at night, go for it.

I've tried all the prescriptions the doctor gives you, and my husband and I both took Flagyl, this didn't work for me. Good luck and God bless.

Posted by Felesha (Tulsa, OK) on 10/28/2008

[YEA]  I have had BV for 4 months now. I have tried everything... peroxide douch, folic acid, acidophilus, plus that terrible flagyl that makes your food taste like metal. I have found a doctor that struggles with BV and her words of wisdom is BORIC ACID. I have been taking it for 7 days and feel so much better. I still have another week to go. I'll keep you posted.

Also,I found a website on how to make your own Boric Acid capsules at

I did not make my own. I had a prescription. I just wanted everybody to be aware of another alternative BORIC ACID.

Posted by Change (Flint, Michigan) on 06/10/2008

[YEA]  I am not really writing about acidophilus. But I do know this go to like cvs or walgreens and pick up boric acid from behind the counter in the pharmacy. Make sure it is the powder one and not the pills. While taking a shower get like a quater size of powder add a little water and insert in your vagina. It kills bacteria. Do this everyday until you see or smell no signs of bv. Also take 1 dan active immunity yogurt a day. It contains lactobicilus (sp) good bacteria in what you will need. Also ladies the finger wipe is good. Get some soap (dove preferrably) On one finger and insert it into your vajayjay. This is like a finger bathe for your vajayjay. I have had bv for 4 years.

Replied by As1990
Swink, Colorado, United States
Don't ever stick soap directly into your vagina, it kills good bacteria, which is what is causing the bv in the first place

Posted by Liz (Atlanta, GA) on 01/15/2007

[YEA]  Boric acid really works to prevent bacterial vaginosis. Just insert one 600mg capsule half full before bedtime and the odor is gone.

Replied by Tonya
Okinawa, Japan
Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies: HELP!!!! Where in the world would I get Boric Acid from? I looked here at the BX and the Commisary and neither one of these places have it. Since we are overseas, I wouldn't know where else to look. I bought Folic Acid, Acidophilus, Aspirin and Hydrogen Peroxide tonight and I will begin trying these remedies as I have fought with BV for years and I've about had it! I'm getting desperate for anything to work at this point. I will listen to anything! Any feedback is great! Thank you! ~Tonya
Replied by Michele
Atlanta, GA
[WARNING!]   Please be careful about the Boric really only helps with a Yeast Infection...from my experience.
Replied by Tina
Hull, MA
[YEA]   Hi, I have always been given boric acid by my gyn for bv. I've never used it for yeast.
Replied by Dee
Wixom, Michigan, United States
FYI - C-Boric acid capsules are now being prescribed by Gynecologists specializing in BV. It had previously been "an oldie but goodie" cure used for recurrent yeast infections (particularly in diabetic patients unable to take azole drugs). The pharmacist explained to me that it actually works to kill both yeast and bacteria (if used until the infection is completely gone) because nothing can live in boric acid for very long.


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