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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Cure Bacterial Vaginosis: Natural Remedies for BV!

Last Modified on Jun 30, 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar, Hydrogen Peroxide, Yogurt   0  0   

Posted by Bvkiller (Vegas, Nv) on 09/24/2013

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  So I signed up just to share my story.. About 4 weeks ago I noticed I had discharge running out my vajayjay as I was about to leave the house.. So I went to the bathroom set on toilet before leaving to clean myself up when a glob of funky fishy brown thin secretions came running out.. I've never had this problem and just knew I had a STD (I was going to kill my bf) so I'm sitting on the toilet like WTF IS THIS?! Anywho fast forward.. 3 days later I'm in the Drs office she knew by the the smell it was BV, she gave me a wk worth of Flagyl which I took 2 pills/day.. I felt it getting better but after the treatment like a day or so later here comes Mr. Funk master Flex, ewwww just the most disgusting smell, this time it smelled more like feces though.. I went back to the Dr she gave me 2wks worth of Flagyl this time pill form same as before.. Took the meds and literally no change, I didn't know wth was going on, I thought I probably was reinfecting myself somehow but the 2nd time around I was very careful (bleached all towels panties sheets etc).. So for 3 days I was so depressed not knowing how I was going to get rid of this thing, it made me super self conscious bcus the smell would literally seeped through my clothes.. So, I started looking up natural remedies and came across this site, THANK YOU LORD! I tried the peroxide/water douch as well as yogurt..

Here's what I did.. 2 days ago I set in a tub full of water with 3 cups of 100% organic apple cider vinegar (helps increase vaginal acidity and balance) for 30mins.. Afterwards I douched with 1/2 peroxide 3% 1/2 water around 130p and laid down.. I kid you not I went to the bathroom about an hr after and no smell no discharge.. I didn't want to get my hopes too far up so I douched again around 9p, when the sizzling was done (it kind of sizzles when you do this, it doesn't hurt just a funny feeling) I took a turkey baster and injected about 30ml of organic plain yogurt to reintroduce good bacteria, I then laid down.. When I woke up the next morning I felt like a new woman, fresh no smell no discharge.. I continued the douch but stopoed the yogurt and apple cider baths, I didn't want to over do it and cause other problems.. But I'm continuing the peroxide douch only for 3 more days.. So far so good I'm so happy, thank you ladies :-)

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Trea Oil and Vitamin C   1  0   

Posted by Sara (Washington, DC) on 01/20/2015

[YEA]  I have been suffering from BV for almost 10 long years. Ladies I know what you have all been going through. It has completely ruined my personal Life!

I have tried everything under the sun including numerous antibiotics, that always seemed to make it work. With doctors lack of knowledge makes it that much harder. I have been a repeat BV forum hoping the next time I'm on someone will have found something new. Low and behold, I have combined a couple things, the only things I haven't tried just to overload it and wipe it out. I think I finally have!!

Ok... So Before I went to work I took a tampon saturated it about 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil. I did not use an oil base, just the tea tree. (has a cooling effect for a while, that is normal) I kept it in for about 4 hours and took it out. That night when I got home I inserted a 500mg Vitamin C before I went to bed. I woke up and douched with natural Apple Cider Vinegar.

It has been 3 days and absolutely nothing! No smell, no discharge, no gunk. I am so relieved, I will be using this method once a week just to maintain. I am deathly afraid of it coming back so I am taking no chances. I can finally get my sex life back on track!

I know how frustrating and depressing this condition is. I really hope this works you ladies, again, I have been suffering from BV for about 10 years. This is truly a miracle!!!! Let me know how this works out for you, I hope to hear many success stories!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt   2  0   

Posted by Islandgirl (Ny, Ny) on 08/04/2009

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I had originally posted on this board when I thought I found a cure for BV. I got BV about 4 months ago for the 1st time, and every month up to July, after. My dr. prescribed huge antibiotics which very much upset my stomach and the following month it was back again. That's when I decided to try a natural method.

I was using peroxide as a wash, taking acidophilus, and folic acid pills. But the day I stopped or missed my regiment it would come back. I even went so far as to insert the acidophilus capsules. It helped the smell but it was totally inconvenient for me. Gave me a strange discharge (from the pills dissolving) and (after that) made my own moisture a slightly grainy consistency that was not nice during intercourse.

***So I gave up on that. I have been taking 3 ounce shots (drinks) (1-3/day) of apple cider vinegar and eating yogurt (you know the kind marketed to help your digestive track) everyday. I'm not really a fan of yogurt but I get the drinkable ones and pretend it's a treat. Ive been using regular brand ACV and it worked to clear infection, tho I am sure the organic unfiltered stuff works best.

I can say its been gone now for long enough time to vouch for this method.

There was one weekend I didn't have any yogurt or ACV and I started to notice a very slightly off odor. So on Monday I had 2 yogurts and 1 shot of ACV, and it was gone that day.

The treatment I would recommend would be 2-3, 3 ounce drinks (shot glass) of apple cider vinegar (orally) for a week for 10 days to cure infection. And from now until forever; eating yogurt every day. It sounds like a lot but yogurt is easy to find, pretty cheap, has calcium, and tastes ok. I would recommend the drinkable kind as you can throw them in your purse on the way to anywhere and drink it quickly. Also try to drink cranberry juice (not cocktail) when you can. I feel like that helps to prevent re-infection.

Best of luck

Posted by MARIE (BOCA RATON, FLORIDA) on 07/16/2007

[YEA]  I've had the bacterial infection for over 5 years and i tried everything from cream to gel. i finally took the time to look into this and see what else can be done. i used the apple cider vinegar with yogurt and the smell and discharge was gone instantly, i still cant believe it worked that fast. when i shower i just splash a little of acv on my private area to keep the bacteria from comin back. this remedy definetly works so if anyone wants to know what to do they can use this remedy it works. i though that i would never get rid of this and it has been a blessing.

Posted by Elizabeth (Staten Island, NY) on 07/09/2007

[YEA]  I just tried the remedy of using plain yogurt and ACV. I've been suffering with a very pungent, sharp odor which is intense just before my menses start but I did not want to be forced to take the western medicine approach. Last night I mixed 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt and just ONE CAPFUL of raw, organic ACV and using a turkey baster, inserted the mixture before bed and wore a pad while I slept. Today the smell is gone. I will continue this approach over the next week and incorporate the Yogurt/ACV mixture into my regiment of continued health maintenance. Thank you Earthclinic!!!

B Complex With Folic Acid   1  0   

Posted by Anjel03 (Akron, Ohio) on 02/18/2011

[BETTER BUT NOT CURED]  I have been dealing with BV on and off every since my hysterectomy. Makes me believe it might be related to a hormonal imbalance. However, after researching this condition I found that taking a high potency B complex supplement that contains 400mg of folic acid helped my symptoms. I take two tablets daily. I hope this will help anyone else with this problem.

Posted by Latoya (Sanford, Florida) on 07/26/2008

[YEA]  Hi, I have been suffering from BV since I was 15 yrs old I am currently 24 I have try everything under the sun the only thing that has work for me so far is taking b-50 complex vitamin twice day or the b-100 complex vitamins once a day. This is available at any stores that sell vitamins like wal-mart, Walgreens it's about $5.00 at most. The only thing is if you stop taking them it would come back so make sure you continue to take it and drink plenty of water I would say about six to eight cup a day I hope it works for you after taking them you would notice results immediately it should be gone by the second or third day.

Baking Soda   0  0   

Posted by Lia (Ny, Ny) on 02/11/2015

I have suffered with bv for years. I have tried vh essentials, metronidazole, probiotics and peroxide all of which helped but it always came back. I stumbled upon what is called baking soda therapy

Baking soda is a natural chemical compound that restores health, cleanses the body and eradicates toxic substances and effective at restoring pH balance in the body without harsh chemicals or toxins

I eat healthy, and run 3-4 times a week however I drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee with a teaspoon of sugar in each cup a day. I realized that this might be the culprit but I LOVE COFFEE and SUGAR!

I started doing the Baking Soda Therapy and within days, the bv started clearing up and it has stayed that way for several months. Every morning I mix a teaspoon of baking soda into about 12 ounces of water (a tall cup) and drink. The only draw back is the taste, it is like drinking a tall cup of salt water however, the benefits are amazing! It has worked wonders for me. Give yourself at least half hour before or after a meal as to not mess with your digestive process. Maybe start with half a teaspoon and gradually increase as your body gets use to it.

I did not have to combine this with any other methods; however if it doesn't do the trick for you, perhaps combine it with probiotics and vh essentials. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Baking Soda Douche   4  0   

Posted by Cindy (Dubai, Uae) on 09/16/2013

[YEA]  I've been suffering from Vaginosis and yeast infection for about 2 years now. I have used flagyl and Canesten 1 vaginal tablet which made me feel better for a few weeks but the infection was back again afterwards. I have also been avoiding food high in sugar and alcohol. So upon reading most of the remedies here in Earth Clinic, I have decided to try the Baking Soda douche last night. I think it's working great right now. The smell is gone and the itch went mild to none. I'll try to use it every other day for one week and will update you guys. The measurement I used was 2 tbsp of baking soda to 2 cups of distilled water. Hope this works for good!

Replied by Cindy
Here's a follow-up on my health. The baking soda douche worked temporarily on me and the BV came back after a few days. I have tried the warm salt bath and inserting yogurt with acidophilus vaginally with a medicine dropper but was also not successful. The method I used above might be effective with some other women but not in my case.

So I tried the 50:50 Hydrogen Peroxide & Water douche every night for 7 consecutive days then inserted yogurt with acidohilus (half of the capsule's content) vaginally for 3 consecutive days. During the H2O2+water douching I felt relief but after the insertion of yogurt with acidophilus powder it became worse. So I thought maybe I should just use the H2O2+water douche and not the yogurt anymore. So after 2 or 3 days I douched again for 3 consecutive days. I felt relief and after about 3 days from my menstruation I douched 2 consecutive days again to have a follow up. It has been a week now since my last douche after my menstruation and I still feel good. The discharge is back to normal, no more itch but there's a little more yeast that I can notice on the side of my labia at night when I wash. I think I am better now compared before. I will just follow up with a once or twice a week douching of H2O2+water to keep the BV at bay.

Again the measurement I used to be clear is as follows:

For 7 consecutive days (before going to bed)

50:50 Hydrogen Peroxide + Water douche (use 3% strength for the H2O2 - I used the 6% but reduced it to 3% by adding more water. So it was actualy like 1/2 cup H2O2 to 1 cup of distilled water)

After the menstruation, douche once or twice a week.

Througout the treatment, I've been orally taking 1 acidophilus 2 x day, 2 folic acid 2 x a day and also 2 olive leaf extract 2 x a day. I've been eating yogurt with 2 tbsp of coconut oil in the morning for breakfast and I also try to avoid sweets and alcohol as much as I can.

For the supplements above, it depends on you if you also want to take it. But so far for me it helps. I will let keep you guys posted if ever I feel anything bad after this treatment. As of now it works and I hope this would help someone out there too.

I would also like to thank all the ladies here who shared their experiences to help one another. It really meant a lot and makes you feel you're not alone.

Posted by Sam (New Haven, Ct, U.s.a.) on 03/28/2013

[YEA]  Ladies I found it, yay! It's totally gone and clean clean clean! I know how terrible it is to read all of these so I'm just going to cut to the chase. I used two cups of purified water and two tablespoons of baking soda. It dissolves in about 30 seconds. I bought a douche at the pharmacy and made my own. I also didn't douche for weeks and weeks like a lot of people here did, only once and then waited for my PH to get back to normal. I think it's also important on how you do it. I normally don't douche since they say it pushes things further in so what I did was I didn't open the flow valve until it was inserted way in, that way the water flows from top to bottom vs. From the bottom up. Before this I also tried two cups of purified water and a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar. I waited for my PH to return to normal and it didn't work. I also tried 4 cups of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda and like it was better but not completely so I knew I needed a higher concentration of baking soda. Thank goodness. Gone! There is no reason anyone should have to live with that. My symptoms were mild to none. It was only when my boyfriend was deep inside me that like I would detect a hint of bv. He said he could not detect it and the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me but I know my body! I had BV once when I was 20 so strait away I knew it was like a very faint hint of that. Detoxing and probiotics didn't work for this for me either.

Also, ladies don't think that men can't give you this. I noticed a former partner's pre-cum had a slight odor, not terrible but like a slight bv unclean smell. Go down there and check! Don't let these guys in! My present partner was married before me and his taste and smell is totally clean. I believe guys have bacteria that live in there too. Who here has noticed the second load is cleaner (with some or at least that one for me). Am I being OC? With my 'v' you better believe it! I smell every little thing. Also, I used a PH test that I bought at Whole Foods to diagnose it to be sure. You're 'v' PH is an acidic environment at about 4.5 on the scale. If it's more acid than that it's most likely yeast and they say apple cider vinegar and water is good for that. If your PH is more alkaline than it would be BV. I'm glad I did the baking soda because I was very close to using boric acid and water. Boric acid with prolonged use can be toxic although I believe it would have also been effective. I didn't want to put suppositories in there bc I read that during sex the male can actually feel the grittiness from the powder. I was going to douche instead but thankfully this worked.

Posted by Gm (Spring Hill, Fl - Florida) on 04/26/2012

[YEA]  I noticed that embarrassing, fishy smell that comes along with BV so I went to a clinic. The doctor who examined me said there was no odor or any signs of it but tested me, anyway. She returned with her tail between her legs and told me I tested positive for BV (it felt good being right! ) She gave me Flagyl, which I took as directed for 7 days. However, I noticed the other day that I wasn't feeling or smelling "right" again. I have a pH test kit for just such situations, so I used it last night and my pH was dangerously low, indicating another infection. I took out a new douche and carefully added some baking soda for alkalinity. This morning, there was no itch or odor, and my pH had risen to normal range. I would suggest buying pH test strips, which can be found at health food stores and are not expensive. You can monitor yourself at home and try home remedies before you drop $75 at the nearest clinic (and then God-know-how-much-more for a prescription! ) just to be told you have what you already thought you did. Be aware that I'm not a doctor and have no medical training. I'm going by how I felt when I saw a doctor only weeks ago and assumed that my condition didn't completely clear up. Good luck, ladies.

Posted by Misty (Clermont, Fl) on 04/04/2012

1/4 tsp. of baking soda to your douch, I was told about this and it really works the discharge was gone and the smell after the first 2 times I used it. I did 1 on Monday and 1 on Wednesday and after the shower I blowed dried down their each time. And you can also put Some baking soda right into your bath on a regular basis to keep you ph balanced and its also good for your skin :)

Posted by Barbarias (Sacramento, California) on 01/09/2012

[YEA]  For all the women out there looking for the most natural and least invasive way to cure and heal, I wanted to share this remedy I've found for bacterial vaginosis: The salt and baking soda packet mixtures commonly sold for sinus flushes. Use one packet of the sinus flush to 8oz of water then douche once in the morning and once at night for three days. Just like with a bacterial infection within the bladder, the salt acts as a sterilant. I've learned so much from this website, I wanted to give something back. Hopes this helps!

Posted by Pure (New York, Ny) on 12/04/2010

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  So like many women I have also been suffering from BV! I tried lots of remedies and all but the medicine seem to work. The hydrogen peroxide was working well but as soon as I would miss a session all symptoms would return. So I went to my local natural food mart and received some of the best info ever. The man strongly recommended that I douche every other day with 1liter of distilled water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. In addition to this I was to drink twice a day- 8oz of distilled water, with a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 1tablespoon of lemon juice and a little honey.

From my experience this is the remedy that has worked best for me. I stuck with it for 2 months and then started to slow down because I was healed. The health food clerk did tell me consistency was most important but I should stop when my body felt normal. So here I am about 6months later and I feel like it's back slightly because I can't where my tights and feel comfortable but it's much more manageable. I started just douching every other day 2wks ago and back to feeling great. Please give this remedy a try I believe this is the most effective as well as least damaging to my body. All the best. Keep us posted if you try this remedy.

Betadine   1  0   

Posted by Veronica (New York) on 02/01/2013

[YEA]  Hey, I have problems with seriously CHRONIC yeast and BV, and Betadine douches work great! I use them alongside my essential oil suppositories, but betadine is so healing, its just Iodine, which is extremely healing itself. I fine the betadine douches more effective and gentler on the tissues than peroxide douching, as I have made things worse, dry and inflamed using the peroxode douches. You can buy a large bottle of Betadine for $20 at the drug store.

You can use a Betadine douche twice daily for up to 14 days, (Ive done it myself and extensively researched on the internet the safety of this). Once in the morning for 1 to 2 weeks should be enough for most people though.

Also I make the solution pretty dark (like a dark red). I add quite a few drops in a little bit (maybe a half cup of water) and hold it in for a bit. Its wonderful. I read it stimulates the vagina to produce more lactobacilli, its very healing and very gentle. Ive nipped beginning yeast infections in the bud before.

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