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Vertigo Remedies

Last Modified on May 01, 2016

Home remedies for vertigo range from simple dietary changes to the addition of common natural supplements. Eliminating foods and additives that cause biofeedback in the body balances the body’s system and naturally eliminates issues with vertigo. Likewise, supplements can treat the underlying cause of the issue.

What is Vertigo?

Vertigo, also known as Meniere’s disease, is an issue within the inner ear that causes spontaneous episodes of the sensation of spinning. Additional symptoms of the condition include fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus or ringing in the ear and a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear. The disease typically affects just one ear.

While the cause of Meniere’s is somewhat unclear, it appears to be linked to the abnormal volume or composition of fluid in the ear. Suggested causes of this condition include improper fluid drainage, an autoimmune response, allergies, viral infection, genetic predisposition, head or ear trauma and migraines.

Home Remedies for Meniere’s Disease

No medical cure exists for vertigo; however, several natural remedies offer relief and appear to reverse the symptoms of the disease. Common treatments include colloidal silver, dietary changes and natural supplements such as gingko biloba. When used over time these treatments eliminate symptoms and effectively manage the condition.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural substance with effective antimicrobial properties. When dropped in the ear, colloidal silver cleanses the ear and canal. This cleansing functions to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses that may be causing vertigo symptoms.

Dietary Changes

Several of the suggested causes of the disease include allergies and aversion to certain food additives. Changing the diet to eliminate aspartame, MSG, cysteine and other food irritants can eliminate the root cause of the disorder and prevent further progression of the disorder.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba is rich in flavonoids and terpenoids, which serve as antioxidants that protect the cells. Additionally, gingko aids in circulation and the flow of blood and other bodily fluids. As such, gingko balances the imbalance of fluid in the ear and naturally treats the condition.

While Meniere’s disease is somewhat misunderstood, natural treatments including dietary changes and supplement additions can eliminate vertigo and the other associated symptoms of the condition. Using colloidal silver, eliminating food toxins and taking gingko biloba is an effective treatment regimen for eliminating vertigo.

Remedies for Meniere's Disease

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Acid Reflux Medication Link  


Posted by Scott (Atlanta, GA) on 01/01/2008
0 out of 5 stars

I have had acid reflux for several years now. I was on a prescription for Prilosec before it was OTC. Usually only took a pill when I felt the reflux coming on strong. Over time, it has gotten worse with many reflux attacks daily. Two months ago, I started taking Prilosec OTC every day to see if I could fend it off. It worked great and I rarely felt any reflux all day long. Then, I had three violent episodes of Vertigo....which is similar to being spun around while you are violently seasick and stays like that for about 5 hours. Turns out this is rare but known side-effect of Prilosec. Needless to say, I'm off it now. I am relying on Pepsid AC now which works great but only last for a few hours and gets expensive. I'm planning to try the ACV next.

Replied by Michele
Dallas, TX
I have a GREAT cure for acid reflux. Believe it or not, you can simply take a teaspoon of vinegar -- just regular apple cider or white vinegar. It works immediately. You would think that it would only add to the acid upset but it actually rebalances it. You'll be amazed -- and save a ton of money.
Replied by Charlene
Mccoll, Sc
Just eat a small to medium size apple in the evening before bedtime, or after dinner. Better than vinegar, and tastes much better.
Replied by Faisal
Carmel, Ca
You have to try pomegranate skin powder, take one tblspoon every morning w/ a glass of water it is amazing and it works let me know.
Replied by Janice
Coloma, Mi
Where do you get this pomegranate skin powder?

EC: Helps if you search for the product as "pomegranate powder"...

Replied by Cindy
Paradise, Ca
Eating about 10 almonds, I use raw, always stops heartburn immediately for me.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

Posted by Pattyo (St Augustine, Florida) on 02/23/2015

I have found out that I have BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). Which results in vertigo while rolling over in bed, nausea, imbalance, difficulty concentrating. Question is will apple cider vinegar help with this problem?

Replied by Sp
New Jersey, US

31 Posts
Hi Pattyo, I had BPPV. I saw a vestibular therapist who did the Eply Maneuver on me. It is a simple head movement that a professional needs to do to you so that it is done properly. If it's not done properly, it won't help. Good luck.


5 star (1) 

Posted by Nicholas (Edison, Nj) on 08/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Many years ago I had a little vertigo. As I was lowering my head onto my bed pillow I experienced a little dizziness. As days went by the dizziness increased. I concluded I had a balance problem, that my inner ear wasn't working properly. I figured it might be an infection, so I made cayenne pepper tea. I boiled enough water for a cup of tea and placed into the cup as much cayenne powder as I could stand, heat-wise. I drank three cups a day. The problem was completely healed in less than a weak, never to return.


5 star (2) 

Posted by Bill (Erie, Pa) on 01/07/2011

after 1 year of seeking help with ear specialists in Pittsburgh and Cleveland Clinic trying to rid my meniere's my local chiropractor found some anomalies in my neck and totally cured my disorder I can't EVER thank them enough for saving my life

Replied by Jj
Pittsburgh, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

I have been suffering with tinnitus and symptoms of Meniere's disease such as vertigo and nausea. After visiting the ENT and taking megadoses of antibiotics I still did not receive any relief. At my wits end, I tried a Chiropracter in Florida while visiting the area; he helped me greatly. I was so ill the day of my visit, my daughter had to walk me into the office - when I left, I felt much better and was able to function again. Give this a try, I found this treatment more effective and quicker than all the perscriptions and weeks or months of agony.

Replied by Surulere
Bloomfield, Nj, Usa
JJ, please if you have the info for the Chiropractor, please send it to surulere(at)gmail(dot)com. That will be very helpful. I have suffered Tinnitus for months now.
Replied by Emily
Jacksonville, Fl
I live in Jacksonville FL and started going to a chiropractor specializing in atlas orthoganal (sp?) repositioning. It is not the typical "popping/cracking" chiro care. They take very specific x-rays, map out your center, and use this really cool machine - I believe it is using sound waves, you do not feel anything literally - and it's truly amazing. I have suffered vertigo for a year straight, it got worse and worse, went to the ENT, antibiotics, ear drops, garlic in the ear, you name it. My dr. has changed my life. The vertigo has lessened greatly and is manageable. He told me it will probably take about 6 months or so before I am back to normal. I had a concussion back in Nov. 2009. Dr. P said the way I hit my head jammed my atlas bone into the brain stem, which is basically your central supply of information that is dispersed through your body. The vertigo started happening around April 2010 (about 5 months after the concussion) and progressively got worse. I have always suffered ear/sinus issues, so I thought it was just a stubborn infection, but it wasn't. Anyway, the info - if anyone is interested in learning is about atlas repositioning. Hope this helps!
Replied by Krb214
Erie, Pa, Usa
Hello Bill from Erie, PA! Good to know someone with similar problems from the area. I live in Erie, PA too, and would love to go to the same Chiropractor to fix this issue. It seems hard to find a good honest doctor these days. Would you please message me back with the name of the Chiropractor and office? I would really be happy to have my life to be changed too. Thank you Bill!

Posted by Carolyn (Pittsburgh, PA) on 11/09/2007
5 out of 5 stars

re: Vertigo, hearing loss, Meniere's symptoms -- I suddenly lost my hearing in one ear, and shortly there after, started getting vertigo. I knew it was somehow related to an incident that caused very slight physical, but more mental trauma. After several doctor visits, taking steroids, seeing an Ear, nose and throat doctor, having an MRI done, seeing a neurologist, I still was not cured, and no one knew what the problem was. I also noticed that if I ate something very salty, that it might start an episode of vertigo. This comment is not about any item that helped me, it is about a particular type of doctor, and help me he did! I self referred to a chiropractor because I had heard a talk show about hearing and spinal misalignment. After starting my treatments, my vertigo gradually subsided, but took the hearing longer to come back. After months with no symptoms, I jarred my neck while horse back riding, a week later my vertigo and hearing loss came back with a vengeance! I went immediately to a chiropractor and this particular doctor had me up and running in less than two weeks, with my hearing restored. He explained that the misalignment in my neck was putting pressure on the cranial nerve that controls hearing and balance and also stated that certain foods can indeed aggravate the situation by causing dehydration, especially very salty foods, as was the case with me. This doctors regiment is not just spinal adjustment, but exercise, and nutritional advise. After being led to believe that I needed a hearing aid, or may have an incurable disease, I am so grateful that I was somehow led into the right direction and am totally symptom free. In my research I have found that thousands upon thousands of people are suffering from the same symptoms, and the cure is so simple, if the cause is the same as mine. I already had the misalignment problem, it was the mishaps that caused the further aggravation that set the vertigo and hearing loss in motion. I have noticed for years, a kind of pinched nerve feeling from my neck and into my shoulder. It does not take an accident to have neck problems, is what I am trying to relay. I hope this helps some fellow sufferers.

Replied by Cara Brown
Santa Monica, California
i too have suffered vertigo. went to a dizzy specialist at ucla, westwood, california who showed me an excercise that anyone can do. you drop your head off the side of the bed while on your back. slowly turn your head from one direction all the way to the other direction. or perhaps it is lie on your side and do it....i am sure you can find a link and a video on line, my kaiser doctor friend sent it to me one time. the ucla doctor said it was hormonal in my case, the kaiser dr didn't think so. i have snapped my neck many times, boogie boarding, snow boarding, skiing etc. but i thought it had something to do with being dehydrated which is why someone on here saw a connection between caffeine and vertigo, caffiein being a diuretic. my own theory is that the dehydration dries up the liquid in the ear and somehow these particles get in the wrong place. moving your head when you feel ilke throwing up and cannot move is HARD!!!! and i had to do it more than once but it worked and i spaced it out cause i was sooo sick. the doctors agree that moving the head, and thus the ear relocates the loose particles in the ear. i know this is a great discovery for many people but perhaps won't work for everyone. don't forget to always stay well hydrated!!
Replied by Mary Kaye
Pittsburgh Pa
Do you have a list of chiropractors in Pittsburgh Pa who work with atlas repositioning?
Replied by Kathy
Las Vegas, NV
The name of the Chiropractors specialty is NUCCA...I visit a Dr in Vegas that specializes in that. They manipulate the atlas and don't "crack" anything.
Replied by Eiffelq
Saratoga Springs, Ny
While I haven't used atlas orthogonal chiropractic for vertigo, I have found it to be amazing for back pain, heart arrhythmia (PVCs), allergies, neck pain, and so much more. Regular chiropractic didn't help me at all but this specialty is amazing and completely pain free. To find a doctor with this specialty, go to and click Find a Doctor and click on the state you want. It is a more rare specialty but worth a drive if one isn't close to you. You can watch a video on the website that shows how it works. It is used broadly in sports medicine. It will change your life.

Colloidal Silver  

5 star (5) 

Posted by Sim (Calgary , Alberta, Canada) on 01/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had ear ache and my ear were plugged and balance was quite off. I was skeptical about putting Colloidal Silver (CS) in my ear. But didn't want to take antibiotics either. So I put 3 drops of CS 10 ppm last night. My balance has been restored and my ear doesn't feel plugged up. I just couldn't believe how fast CS healed my ear. I will be using 3 drops for rest of the week and post my progress here! :)

Posted by Andrea (Ventnor City, NJ) on 05/06/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Quite recently I was suffering from a bout of Vertigo. I tried cleansing my ears with peroxide but that did not do the trick. I was out of the Colloidal Silver so went to my local health food store and picked it up. When I got home I took the first dose as recommended on the bottle... 2 tsp. on an empty stomach... and within 1/2 of an hour I could feel the pressure in my ears start to equalize. My ears started popping and slowly my Vertigo started to subside.

I have also used Colloidal Silver for sore throats... the recommended dose on the bottle... as some brands have different recommended doses depending on the suspension. It works very well.

Replied by Jeanenne
Prescott, Az
5 out of 5 stars

Colloidal silver is excellent for vertigo. Whether the problem is fungal, viral, bacterial or allergic, try Colloidal silver. My left ear kept feeling plugged up and it was causing vertigo and nausea. I did some research on the internet and was reminded how well colloidal silver works. I put three drops (only use 3) in my ear and by the second dose my ear completely opened up and all vertigo and nausea are gone. I feel better than I have in a long time. I also took some orally. Remember, with CS, less is more. Don't overdo it.

I tried Tad's recommendation of the lysine but it seemed to give me a headache and I didn't feel good about loading my body with so many pills (and they're giant sized and very difficult to swallow). Do yourself a favor and try colloidal silver first - mine is 15ppm.

Replied by Joleneal
Phenix City, Al
5 out of 5 stars

I tried 2 oz of CS last night in desperation to remove my vertigo/dizziness after 2 sugar crashes I missed because of it.

I woke this morning with no dizziness at all. Nothing came back all day. I took 2 more oz of CS this morning also. Lady at the nature store said "10 days only, then take a break". It says it on the bottle too.

I am going to try 3 drops in my ear tonight before going to bed to see if it will work on what is causing my ringing.

But not being dizzy all day has been great.

Replied by Isis
Miami, Florida
I'm having some vertigo episodes after an stomach flu, and yesterday I bought CS. Please let me know how you felt after putting the 3 drops in your ear. Also, for how long you did it and finally did you put them in both ears? Thanks a lot.

Posted by Beaver (Frigid North, Alaska) on 01/09/2009
5 out of 5 stars

my mom had a severe case of vertigo and the doctor told her it was because of her blood pressure.we had it checked a number of times and it was always normal, but the dizziness kept coming back. One day i was reading an article that said that vertigo was not an ailment, but a symptom, most likely of an inner ear infection, and they recommended colloidal silver.i went straight to the store and bought a bottle of 10ppm (parts per million) and had her take the recommended dosage on the bottle(i think it was a teaspoon).her vertigo was gone the next day!i hope this can help someone because i have seen how terrible the effects of vertigo can be, especially the not knowing of the cause.great website! keep up the good work! beaver

Dietary Changes  

5 star (1) 

Posted by Kater (Waterloo, Ontario) on 12/02/2012

I have meniere's disease and cannot have salt-(it induces vertigo). Could you please suggest a salt-free leavening agent for baking? Any ideas about a salt-free diet would also be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Karen
Clarkston, Mi
I do not know if this will help... But regular table salt that we buy at the store is detrimental to your health. It is the sodium in sea salt or Himalayan sat that our bodies need. We have been on sea salt for over 2 years now. Try using that.. But I strongly suggest you try Himalayan salt. Make sure you buy from a reputable source. I hope this helps you.
Replied by Timh Donate

Louisville, Ky, Usa
I can attest that after having dropped the traditional processed salt and using both Himalayan and Sea Salt, food never tasted better. For the well informed, the old age of processed salt and white flower bread is.............. D E A D.
Replied by Sherrie
I agree with the ladies above. Our bodies need the minerals in Himalayan salt, or Celtic salt. It can prevent numerous health conditions that are present in today's society. processed salts like Morton's do not contain near the amount of minerals as Himalayan or Celtic salt and Morton's has toxic chemicals and way too much sodium.
Replied by Marie-Louise
Hello, try Strath from Bio-Strath. The founder himself had Meniere and got cured many years ago. It is a Swiss product and can be bought in Food Health Stores.

Posted by Lyn (Singapore) on 10/12/1007
5 out of 5 stars

I had a sudden attack of vertigo two days ago and read that some causes of vertigo could be related to a lack of water in the body due too to much salt or a high cholesterol. If this is the case. A diet as simple as staying off caffeine and salt would help. And taking more citrusy fruits like oranges will help reduce the bout of spinning. It works.

Replied by Joan
You mean table salt. Stay away from process table salt, yes. But SEA SALT, like Himalayan or Celtic, is very healthy and others have found relief from vertigo with SEA SALT.

Dietary Changes, Biofeedback  

5 star (1) 

Posted by Mia (Berkley, Mi, Usa) on 07/30/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I have had Meniere's for 12 years. The area surrounding my right ear is intermittentantly numb, I have tinnitus 24/7, and have experienced severe 'spin-outs" to the point of vomitting, and then need to sleep for 18 hours. When I first sought an answer to what I had, I was told I could possibly have otitus media, a brain tumor or very off chance, Meniere's Disease. I was given antibiotics and steroids. I happened upon a Meniere's specialist of world renown in the Rochester, Michigan area, by overhearing a conversation, who diagnosed classic Meniere's. I can tell you from experience that diet is the key.

CATS =No Caffeine, No Alcohol, No Tobacco, No Salt

With that in mind; eliminate processed foods, condiments, think organic, no hormone, no antibiotic treated foods. No sugar substitutes.

To stop a "spin-out" in the process I was taught to Focus! (Bio-feedback) Focus your eyes on an object, do not close your eyes, you will feel your eyes bouncing in your head, but the vertigo will stop. The more you use this technique, the faster you will be able to stop the spinning.

Replied by Karen
Clarkston Mi
This past weekend I was researching for my daughters illnesses. In those articles ( wished I would have saved them) it said that Vertigo has promising healing results when you put the patient on a gluten free diet and magnesium is increased in the patient. Soak in Epsom salts daily. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil daily up to 4 TBs helps with may brain disorders. They are finding that the wheats today are not like the wheat 100 years ago and many are having gluten intolerant issues...which are damaging the gut. Leaky gut can cause auto immune diseases. Auto immune diseases are rampant these days!!
Replied by Ami
Michigan , sa
Rochester michigan menieres ear specialist from previous post.

Eliminate Artificial Sweeteners  

5 star (2) 

Posted by Susan (Sarnia, Ontario) on 06/25/2011

Eliminate artificial sweeteners. The slightest amount of aspartame will cause me to spend the next full day with such a severe vertigo attack that I cannot get out of bed without walking into the walls and very severe nausea . It did not take me long to make the connection as I do not use aspartame on a regular basis. A friend told me about aspartame poisoning. Some people just cannot metabolize this chemical.

Posted by Ga_bass (Atlanta, Ga) on 03/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars


Eliminate Aspartame and sugar free foods and drinks. I realized after reading a article regarding aspartame on EC was linked to lupus and other aliments. I came to the conclusion it caused my Vertigo. I was overdosing on the stuff daily without being aware of it. I began drinking coffee at work with artificial sweetners 1-2 cups daily, had a diet soda with my lunch, then would drink energy drinks, chewing sugar free gum. ALLLLLL contained aspartame. Once I took that out of my diet and started paying more attention to the labels on the products I consume. Its one year later still no signs of vertigo.

EC: Thank you, Ga_bass. Your feedback has been cross-posted to the aspartame side effects page:

Replied by Ga_bass
Atlanta, Ga
5 out of 5 stars

I am glad and thankful to report as of 12/29/2011 going into a new year 2012. Not one sign of vertigo, not one symptom of dizziness, not one trip to the doctor re: dizziness since I have eliminated aspartame from my diet. The companies are aware that the consumers are now aware of aspartame, so now they have changed the name of aspartame. Please, Please read the link provided, please please update yourself on all the names used for aspartame and artificial sweetners. I urge you to tell all you can.

Replied by Ga_bass
Atlanta, Ga
Reporting I cured myself from vertigo in 2010 it's now 2013. Simply eliminating aspartame. Still not one episode. HOWEVER, IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU there lies a bigger problem, ask your doctor to check for Gliosis. Scarred brain tissue and early signs of MS. A friend was recently diagnosed.
Replied by Serena
Clover Sc
This is to Ga_bass from Atlanta, Ga 05/01/2013 concerning friend that was diagnosed with MS. Please tell her to research low dose Naltrexone. It has stopped MS symptoms for many. Good luck and stay away from artificial sweeteners.

Eliminate Caffeine  

5 star (1) 

Posted by Alain Boutin (Derry, NH) on 10/29/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I start suffering mild vertigo 15 yrs ago. I was heavily drinking coffee (huuumm, good coffee...) at that time and did not know the link with vertigo.

I am very prone to motion sickness. I cannot dive either because I cannot clear the pressure in my ear. I often has mild dizziness when changing position in my youth. But the vertigo started at the age of 35 and it was something much worse. I sometimes had to lean against a wall in order to not fall when standing up or just turning the head. It I was suffering a genetic problem common in my family.

It is by change that I stopped drinking coffee, just because there were no coffee shop in my new neighborhood. The vertigo stopped. I started coffee and coca-cola and the vertigo came back.

I repeated that cycle a good dozen times, and it reconfirmed every time the link between vertigo with cafeine

I saw 2 specialist (one was Otorhinolaryngology) who sweared there were no link between cafeine and vertigo. The Otorhinolaryngology said it was some loose crystals in the ear and not much could be done except some exercises like rotating the head.

Some web site call this similar dizziness BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) syndrome and can be cure by the Epley maneuver. I never tested it though.

Now that I stopped definitively coffee and coca-cola, I seldom have vertigo and when I do have them, they are very mild.

Epley Maneuver  

5 star (2) 

Posted by Lynne (Winchester, U.k) on 07/02/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I suffered from dizziness foe several months which my doctor diagnosed as Vertigo. I was rather put out and sceptical when her recommendation was to look up Epley maneuver on "you tube". She said some people only need to do it once for success! Well I did it with the help of my husband twice a day for a week and it did stop altogether. It is straight forward after you have watched a couple of times and costs nothing so must be worth a try.

Replied by Francis
Southside Alabamhe, US
I had bppv and it was that way for 4 days. The ent doctor told me to do exercise at home, the epley maneuver. I did it for three days twice, that was enough for me. My hearing test was very good; he also did a test in the office. I was screaming for life, scary is not the word. Well when I was on my 4th day of these exercises, I said God help me, so he did. I put hydrogen peroxide in my right ear cause he said that was the one that made me dizzy and off balance, praise God, oh lord it went away, solely the truth, Amen. Hopefully I helped someone, thanks Francis
Replied by Kathi
New Brunswick, Nj
5 out of 5 stars

One more YEA for Epley maneuver. I have had vertigo a number of times now, and using the maneuver always does the trick to relieve the symptoms.

My variation: sit up at the edge of the bed, quickly lie back (with force) onto your back, then quickly turn your body on its side toward the affected side. Wait until the (very! ) unpleasant vertigo sensation stops, then slowly raise yourself back up to sitting. Repeat 2-3 times.

My understanding is that vertigo is caused by calcium crystals that are naturally present in your inner ear become loose. The maneuver forces the loose crystals into a place where they don't float around so much every time you turn your head.

Sadly I will not be able to take any more arial yoga classes until this latest bout of vertigo subsides.