Chronic Virus Remedies

Last Modified on Sep 23, 2014

Many viruses are self-limiting because the body eliminates the virus naturally. Chronic or lingering viruses, as we all know, either don't get better or keep reoccurring. Some can last a lifetime, causing the person to become progressively sicker, including Hepatitis B and C and HIV. Chronic fatigue syndrome has been linked to viruses, among other possible causes. Other lingering viruses resemble colds or the flu. In all cases, the immune system is the body's best way of eradicating a virus and preventing new infection.

Natural treatments of chronic or lingering viruses are aimed at strengthening the immune response and treating symptoms.

Holistic Treatment for Chronic Virus

Earth Clinic readers have made many wonderful suggestions over the years, which you can read in depth below. Here's a summary of some of the suggested remedies that might help a lingering virus:

- Organic Apple Cider Vinegar tonic: 2 tsp. in a glass of water, honey optional.
- Colloidal Silver, one ounce orally or 1 tsp. sniffed into both sinus cavities.
- Coconut oil.
- 35% Food grade Hydrogen Peroxide: 1 drop in large glass distilled water, 3x a day, between meals, slowly increasing to 10 drops.
- Hydrogen Peroxide inhalation: check under 'Remedies' for details.
- Eucalyptus oil or hydrogen peroxide: a few drops in a small humidifier or vaporizer.
- Liposomal Vitamin C, high dose for Human T-Lymphotropic Virus (Htlv).
- One whole lemon squeezed in 8 oz. water.
- Fresh lemon juice: 1 tsp. every half hour for 2 hours - 4 doses.
- Pau D'Arco tea, 3 cups a day.
- Other possibilities: Calcium AEP, DMSO, echinacea, germanium 132, lauric acid, lavender oil, lomatium, Lysine, magnesium chloride, N Acetyl Cystine, sodium lauryl sulfate, squalamine, tea tree oil, zinc.

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Coconut Oil9 YEAS

User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   4  0   

Posted by Janice (Pensacola, FL, USA) on 02/25/2008

[YEA]  I discovered the wonders of ACV a few months ago. My husband caught a viral infection and was so sick he lost 2 days work, after two weeks he was still sick and I got a scratchy throat by the 3rd day I could barely talk or eat it hurt so bad. My Mom suggested I try ACV and honey mixed together and take 1 TBL 3 times a day. I was desperate so I tried it. 1 spoon in the morning and wow did it burn my throat I had to drink some water to stop the burn, I had 3 spoons of the ACV and honey mixture and that evening my sore throat was gone!!! My husband refused to try it and a few days later he called me from work and said he was going to the ER because he felt so sick. He was sent home with a prescription. I told him just try the ACV and honey, you have been sick all this time but I was sick only 3 days, just try it! He did and it worked, he never filled the prescription. I plan on buying some unprocessed ACV to treat other health problems I have. ACV is a wonder!

Posted by Keith
Bardstown, Ky
[YEA]   "Got a scratchy throat about a week ago. Within three days started having yellow/brown congestion. Started Amoxicillin 500mg, Acetaminophen, expectorant /decongestant, and Antihistamine which helped some. After four days off work still did not work for sratchy throat, headache, congestion, coughing, and sneezing. On the fourth night swished and drunk 1/2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar 3 times before going to bed. Seem to work for scratchy throat and congestion. Got up this morning without congestion and most or not any scratchy throat. Going to keep using ACV 2 or 3 times a day until this is gone.

Posted by Stella (Chelmsford, Essex, England UK) on 10/06/2007

[YEA]  I had explosive diarrhoea for a period of 4 weeks travelling in China from Beijing to Xian. No chemicals did anything but treat the symptoms. Upon returning home and taking an anti-biotic the diarrhoe went from explosive to less explosive. Test came back a "virus". I was getting really down by this and starting trawling th intenet. I came upon this site and through I'd try the cider vinegar - what did I have to lose. After my first dose I felt a difference right away. My stomach felt "different". I continued with the cider vinegar and 3 months later, I am completely cured. It didn't happen overnight for me as I had 4 weeks in China to recover from. But I am so grateful for finding this site. I'm also thankful for all the comments that persuaded me to give it a try. Thanks to all those who posted comments as you certainly gave me the confidence to give it a go - your comments cured me!

Posted by Kevin (Aveley Essex, England) on 11/10/2006

[YEA]  Wow, stumbled onto this website last night in desperation,I have felt sick every day for the last four months and have been bringing up acid, I have been taking omeprazole with limited effect, and I now realise I have been prescribed 100% the wrong treatment. Bought Apple cider vinegar tablets this morning and took two, within 15 minites the feeling of sickness went, and have gone all day feeling better than I have for months, this is not in my mind as I am not easily influenced or easily led, I really do feel better and cannot believe how you can get results so quickly, it really does seem that we all have a lot to learn from our past and maybe we should not dismiss new age hippies so quickly. Thanks to everyone on this site, I will promote this as much as I can.

Posted by Cherrytwo
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Hi! Just found this website. I have had a sore throat that comes and goes - has gone on for a couple of months and my doctor can find no infection based on a throat swab. Do you have to take the ACV straight or can you mix it with water and drink it?

Thanks! Cherrytwo

Colloidal Silver   1  0   

Posted by LeAnn (Murfreesboro, Tennessee) on 10/01/2008

[YEA]  Colloidal Silver for Stomach Virus: I agree that ingesting too much colloidal silver can be dangerous, but in small doses it is quite effective. I have used it topically to treat skin infections, ear infections, and conjunctivitis. But it is very effective at treating stomach viruses too. At the first sign of upset, I can drink about an ounce and be "cured." If I don't catch it early, I sometimes I will still feel ill 3 hours later and need to repeat the dose, but then all is better. :)

Colloidal Silver, Supplements   0  0   

Posted by Mare (Clemmons, Nc) on 12/09/2013

Thank you so much for the recent newsletter and the testimonial by Dave Thomas. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It's strange that you sent it to me when you did because I've been at my wits end lately, fighting what I perceived to be a virus. Actually, my husband passed it along to me when he came down with it a few days after Halloween. It started with a nasty head cold with lots of congestion and I was shocked when I came down with it too because I haven't had a head cold in years, but I suppose being at such close quarters with hubby, it was logical that I'd get it as well. Anyway, no sooner was my husband's cold in full swing, I too found my sinuses congested to the max, and about the same time, we both developed a hacking cough which also involved a lot of congestion. This bothered me because I have NEVER been without CS in the house since I take it for practically everything, but for some strange reason, it didn't seem to be working very well this time. I had us both on a two tablespoon dose three times a day along with some herbal cough syrup and then added some extra vitamin C, D3, etc. along with Cayenne pepper capsules and Oil of Oregano capsules. I figured bringing out the big guns would surely knock out whatever was attacking us.

We had to stay home from work a day here and there since we had intermittent fever, though certainly nothing really high, and after a day or two, we'd feel a bit better and go back to work only to find that we were relapsing into the same state of being sick and feeling completely devoid of energy. Nevertheless, I kept us on the remedies and finally a few days before Thanksgiving, we were what you might consider, well enough to celebrate with the family, though not bouncing with energy by any means. Still, since we weren't feverish, had no head congestion, and only an annoying intermittent ticklish cough, we didn't feel that we'd contaminate anyone. So far we're still feeling almost back to normal, though here it is beginning of December and the effects of the virus....whatever it was... is just now fading away.

I have no idea what kind of viral infection we've had but needless to say that I was amazed that the CS didn't knock it out right away since we've relied on it so much over the past several years. It's been quite a learning experience and I don't know what if anything we should have done differently?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, though I know you can only relate personal experiences.

Once again, thanks for the timely newsletter and I look forward to the next one with anticipation. Best regards, Mare

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn
462 Posts
Hello Mare,

From your description you are orally ingesting the Colloidal Silver. And that's fine for as a general anti viral. But if I get a bad sinus infection (head cold as you describe) then much, much more effective is the direct application into the sinus cavity via simply sniffing a teaspoon quantity from palm of hand straight into the sinus on both sides. Also consider ear syringe for ears. The infection might be in the ear canals and the Eustachian tubes could be infected (a typical source of secondary infections; even when one is on antibiotics, it is well known that bacteria can survive in the Eustachian tubes and cause secondary infections).

Posted by Mare
Clemmons, Nc
2 Posts
Thanks for the reply Dave. I wasn't aware that drops of the CS could be used in the ear canal, or the sinuses, however I'll try that next time. I knew about using Hydrogen Peroxide in the ears, but since we were taking so many remedies, I didn't think to try that this time. And while I'm on about the ear often should the CS be applied?

Thank goodness we're all better now after relentlessly keeping on with the home remedies and hope it's the last we'll see of any more viral infections at our house. Stay well everybody. Mare

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
462 Posts
Hello again Mare,

I've found an inner ear infection can be knocked out with only a few applications. Once a trip to the ocean produced an ear infection; hearing in both ears almost completely closed off. I though perhaps water had gotten caught inside the "labyrinth" but the MD after examining said that both ears were inflamed and infected and gave me a prescription for antibiotics.

Well, I thanked him and promptly went home and using an ear syringe applied Colloidal Silver in both ears....instant relief...I could hear perfectly again. Just to make sure, reapplied later that night. Problem solved.

Posted by Irene Terrill
Rural Kansas
Please remember folks that IF you use CS in any form other than with water it will deteriorate in 10 days --2 weeks. That being said I will never forget how well silver nitrate salve worked on my mother's near gangrene leg; the hole, the sore was brown all around.

Deadly Virus Treatment   0  0   

Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 05/16/2014

Question for Bill from San Fernando or Ted:

In regards to Ebola, MERS virus, etc, what can a person do if they get one of these as I would think you may find out if you are diagnosed at a hospital, etc and then it may be too late to try and help yourself. Also wondering what the real difference, if any is between colloidal silver and silver sol nano silver? Thanks in advance for information. Good health to all!

Posted by Cindy
i was hoping to have a reply to this question, I think it would help other as well. thanks
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
932 Posts
Hi Cindy...My apologies to you for not answering straight away. The questions you ask are very wide ranging.

As far as I can work out, the way Ted cures viral problems is always dependent on the behaviour and structure of the specific virus concerned. To give you an idea how many different types of viruses there are out there -- see this link. His general approach is to stimulate the immune system in order to raise up immune system strength against the virus using Vitamin C, Lysine, Threonine etc as shown on EC. Other general approaches may also involve hydrogen peroxide or MMS or CS which are also good viral killers. But you can also use virus specific remedies dependent upon whether the virus is a single stranded RNA virus or double stranded DNA type or how it replicates itself.

Specific remedies can be used against enveloped viruses -- which have an outer cell wall. When they replicate, these viruses generally bud out of the host cell thus also adopting the same cell wall as the host which makes these viruses difficult to detect as the enemy by the immune system. So if you destroy the cell wall using aspirin, coconut oil, iodine etc then the virus is de-cloaked and totally exposed and their foreign protein DNA/RNA will be immediately recognized as the enemy and destroyed by the immune system.

Another specific anti-viral approach is to supplement a herb like Chanca piedra to prevent viral replication by inhibiting the virus's reverse transcriptase(replication) enzyme activity. In a British research study with kids who had both hepatitis and jaundice, it was found that just drinking the water extract of Chanca piedra returned all of their livers back to normal in five days. In another group study with Hep B, they cleared the HBV antigen in 22 out of 37 sufferers within 30 days. See all the research here. Currently, Chanca piedra is also being studied for its positive effects against cancer and HIV.

Against non-enveloped viruses, such as Ebola, its probably better to use hydrogen peroxide or MMS or CS because these work electrically and fast in the blood to destroy viruses. These remedies are also particularly good against cell wall deficient bacteria such as mycoplasma. The danger with the hemorrhagic Ebola strain is the bleeding that it causes(same as hemorrhagic Dengue). The Zaire Ebola strain killed 88% of those who caught the virus. So you have to kill this virus as fast as possible to prevent death by blood loss or organ damage. The new Ebola strain that has emerged in Africa is just as virulent.

The MERS virus is a single stranded RNA virus from the coronovirus family. which strongly resembles the SARS coronovirus. In China, as Ted has related on EC, the Chinese found that spraying their houses with just ordinary dilute vinegar killed the airborne SARS virus. Consequently, during the time of this epidemic in China, the price of a small bottle of vinegar went up to $100 in price. Ted also mentions that paracetic acid -- the combination of drops of acetic acid in hydrogen peroxide is also effective against SARS. For MERS, I would perhaps use Ted's Lysine, Vitamin C etc anti-viral or try the hydrogen peroxide or CS or MMS remedies. The MERS virus has an enveloped cell wall so other remedies such as coconut oil, aspirin, vinegar etc may also work. Another interesting fact about the SARS virus is that it is alkaline resistant. If the MERS virus, which is so similar to SARS, has this same property or resistance then alkalizing the body probably will not work against it. We'll have to wait for more research on the MERS virus.

Now to answer your other question. In the old days they used to make colloidal silver by pounding the silver into a fine powder and dumping it into a solution and then straining it. But these days, colloidal silver is best made ionically by electrolysis by just using two silver plates in solution and electricity. Nano silver is really a definition of size of the silver particle in the CS solution. In other words, both colloidal silver and ionic silver contain nano particles. For more on the difference between ionic, colloidal and nano silver see this link:

The Difference Between Ionic, Colloidal and Nano Silver

Posted by Cindy
Thank you so much Bill for the great information you provide to us on earth clinic!
Posted by Zark
37 Posts
BHT is effective for lipid coated viruses. Not sure if it would work as well for acute infections though(?).


"Currently identified lipid viruses include all herpes strains, Epstein-Barr virus, human immunodeficiency virus

(HIV, all strains), cytomegalovirus (CMV), hepatitis virus (B and C), rubella virus (German measles), varicella

virus (chicken pox), Newcastle disease virus, swine fever virus, SARS virus, West Nile virus, Ebola virus, and

influenza virus (all strains, including swine flu and bird flu viruses)."

Ebola Virus   0  0   

Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 09/23/2014

I have been wondering if ted has provided a treatment for the ebola and I missed it? thanks

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Cindy US --- read Dr. Mark Sircus' newsletter online on his website. You will have the whole picture. All else is deliberate disinformation let loose on the public. The medical mafia is waging war worldwide for the sake of business.

Hope that helps. Om

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 09/15/2014

Just went on Drudge and saw where the CDC is telling everyone to prepare for Ebola. Why doesn't EC lead the charge and request posts from this site's brightest? Next thing you know you will have lots of folks following. The Allopathic's won't like it, but the masses will.

I'll just read, because I don't know sheet from Shinola about Ebola.


EC: Hi Robert Henry,

We're waiting to hear back from Ted!

Posted by waybeyondfedup (Metro New York On New Jersey Side Of It, Usa) on 09/11/2014

Why is Ebola still spreading and what it will it take to stop it? Besides the vaccine of course.

I for one I'm torn on all of this. Especially, with the vaccine part of it because everything/anything that's involved in that.

Think thats it for now.

Thank you, again, in advance.

Jessica (waybeyondfedup)

Ebola Virus Prevention   0  0   

Posted by David (Central, Sc) on 08/06/2014

I thought this article was pertinent to the Ebola discussion of potential remedies:

blessings to all y'all

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn ) on 08/03/2014

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , , , , ,

I know nothing about Ebola and neither do 100 % of the people posting on this site. That should tell you who to believe. This is all new to us. We are concerned and we should be. Why is our gov. bringing these patients into our country? We just need to follow this trail, keep cool and stop shaking hands. I did 3 years ago. I don't need anyone to show me that they have no gun, because I do. I just don't want their germs.

Won't say what is on my mind because the bosses will not tolerate it. Got a bad feeling that this is planned to help bring our country down.


Posted by Timh
1257 Posts
@R.H. Always good to have your old soul in here providing the insights many fear to contemplate.

I live by my said proverb of "hope for the best and prepare for the worst" and Longfellow's "Heart for any fate".

Anyway, Leonard Harowitz wrote a thick book on the AIDS & Ebola virus several yrs ago, and as one might guess, much evidence of DNA tampering all the way up to "biological warfare".

Here a ling to the Amazon site: (hope it works)

Posted by Cc (Los Angeles, California) on 07/31/2014

Ted and Bill, or anyone else.......Please, I would like to know your way of treatment for the Ebola epidemic. Would Colloidal Silver be a deterrent?

Again, thanks EC for your great go to forum.


Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
462 Posts
To Cc form LA...

YES colloidal silver would help...Ebola is a virus. CS does its best work on viruses.

Posted by Oscar
Syracuse, New York
Dear Cc from L.A., Ebola is a lipid coated virus. BHT has proven to be an effective treatment and preventer of ALL lipid coated viruses to one degree or another. I take 250mg to 500mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. I NEVER get the flu�or colds and such. BHT did CURE me of hepatitis C and B and also oral herpes. Is Ebola breaking out in L.A. ? I read of new outbreaks in Africa. Is Ebola showing up in L.A. ? ...Oscar
Posted by Cc
Los Angeles, California
4 Posts
Hi Oscar....thanks for your reply on treatment of Ebola. There are no outbreaks here in the U.S., but the US is transporting 2 cases from Africa to Atlanta for treatment. Hummm. I fear that it is not a good idea. I'm concerned should there be a outbreak here, how best to treat it from the alternative perspective. I would love to hear from Ted or Bill as well.

Oscar, I have followed your thread for sometime....bless you for your generosity.


Posted by Oscar
Syracuse, New York
There is NO officially recognized treatment for or preventive compound for EBLOLA. But BHT has been proven to effectively treat and prevent infection of or by exactly the same class of viruses. Lipid coated viruses.

Because the, the WHO and all the others have NO officially recognized treatment or preventer it is time to at least TRY the very inexpensive BHT. What is their to lose by at least trying the BHT? BHT has been PROVEN to cure and prevent MANY lipid coated viruses if not all of them. Some recent reports from WebMD here on BHT and hepatitis C and herpes:

Posted by Timh
1257 Posts
@Oscar: FDA & big pharma are ramping up on fast tract approval & distribution of medications & vaccines for Ebola. The losses for the public will go in hand w/ the profits of the corporates.
Posted by Mama To Many
679 Posts
I would consider very high doses of Vitamin C for Ebola. Also, because of the bleeding issue I would consider cayenne pepper, orally. After seeing great results with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for the virus that causes mono I would consider that, too.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn
Our daughter is in the medical field and calls on Emory Hospital, where the Ebola patients are being taken. Naturally we are concerned, but even more so when we learned that the virus has been engineered now to be airborne. This is a conspiracy theory naturally and you want to piss it off, except if you watched the TV film of the first patient sent to Emory they were being escorted by a person with an enclosed air system on.

When you run out of something to do, read the 1964 book " NONE DARE CALL IT TREASON" . I did in 1964 and it's far more relevant in 2014.


Posted by Oscar
Syracuse, New York
Dear Father, See to it your daughter is on BHT. Recommended dose of 250mg to 500mg of BHT per day with water on an empty stomach. 60 + healthcare workers dealing with EBOLA patients dead and counting as reported here:

Why where these EBOLA patients allowed in the USA ? No one knows how to deal with this NEW strain or the dangers associated with it. It can NOT hurt to take the BHT in the dosages I discussed. It may save her life....Oscar

Posted by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca
The health care workers wore the air system suits out of an abundance of caution, not because the virus is now "airborne". Believing otherwise is just plan absurd. Ignorance may be bliss, but sometimes it's also dangerous.

You mentioned that your daughter works in the medical field. Hypothetically, had she gone to Liberia to help others and became infected, would you want her to remain in a Liberian hospital receiving sub-standard care, or would you want her transported back to the U.S. where she would receive the absolute best care available?

The two American patients were transported back here because they are Americans! Should we have left them to rot and die in a Liberian hospital where they had virtually no chance to survive?

Ebola is not an airborne virus. Enough with the fear-mongering.

Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
462 Posts
Hello Courtney,

The issue of the possible "airborne" ability of the latest version of Ebola is addressed in this article which everyone should read: google, "pacific standard the scariest virus ebola"... this article takes issue with your "certain" position.

This latest strain appears to be far worse than previous outbreaks of Ebola, and how it is transmitted is "up in the air" according to the article.

Posted by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca
Hi Dave,

With all due respect, for every article you cite claiming that Ebola is an airborne virus, I can cite one claiming that it isn't.

I do know for "certain" that doctors from the U.S. have been in African countries treating Ebola patients for a very long time. None were infected, until recently.

It is said, regarding transmission, that familiarity breeds not contempt, but casualness. Health care workers who have been working with patients for extended periods become lax and don't adhere to the precautions as strictly and become infected.

One article cited the spread of SARS as an example of the "familiarity". It noted that the spread was completely halted when the precautions were strictly followed.

While many speculate as to whether or not Ebola is airborne, the reality is, that it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated to be airborne. So, until it has been conclusively demonstrated, I, personally, won't push the panic button.

Posted by Om
Hope, Bc Canada
Please visit Dr. M. Sircus' website on his news letter on Ebola. This may open your eyes. Om
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
462 Posts
Hello Courtney,

Re: Is Ebola "Airborne"?

Regarding your second Post, you rightly state, "While many speculate whether or not Ebola is airborne, the reality is it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated to be airborne."

That cautious and CORRECT viewpoint is a far cry from your position the day before when you wrote: "Ebola is NOT an airborne virus. Enough with the fear- mongering."

I'm guessing you read the article I cited and understand that there may be a big difference in prior Ebola virus outbreaks from previous decades. If a deadly virus mutates to become airborne (think 1918) and thereby killing millions, then the primary mode of dissemination via blood and bodily fluids would be accelerated if it could be transmitted by air. And the article I cited definitely cites the transmission between two primates (not humans) without transmission of fluids or blood from one to the other.

But there are different ideas of what "airborne" means. Ebola of this recent variety causes substantial bleeding and if the patient coughs or sneezes, microscopic blood particles containing the virus can be transmitted by air. This is not the normal idea of a virus "gone airborne." The 1918 virus (unlike AIDES) did not have to have a fluid for transmission and in fact its main mode of transmission was by air.

I don't believe the Ebola is like the 1918 flu virus (not yet...not mutated that far). But the virus can be in blood droplets that can be coughed into the air and a worker might easily breathe in the contaminated droplet.

That is most likely a fact. So to that limited degree, the virus is most likely airborne but not in the sense that could kill millions.

Posted by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn.
HI U DAVE, , , , , , , , , , , you mentioned the 1918 flu and I remember the stories my dad told. My Paw Paw required all his family to wear an Asphedia Bag as they took care of the a sick families around them in Mississippi. His family never came down with that killer virus.

I never knew what was in that bag until just now and this site has some interesting stories about folks that experienced that time.

I have a pharmacy stock whose inflammation supplements are from tobacco. After the news release today , it went up when the market went down. Thank you for adding some civility to this discussion.

====OLE ROBERT HENRY=========

Posted by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca
Regarding your second Post, you rightly state, "While many speculate whether or not Ebola is airborne, the reality is it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated to be airborne."

That cautious and CORRECT viewpoint is a far cry from your position the day before when you wrote: "Ebola is NOT an airborne virus. Enough with the fear- mongering."

I don't see that it's a far cry at all. Regardless of the syntax, what I originally said is categorically true--that Ebola is not an airborne virus. I wasn't backing down from that, I was doubling-down when I said that it had not yet been conclusively demonstrated to be airborne. I was standing by my original statement, but since you challenged that statement, I included the fact that Ebola had not been proven to be airborne by any health organization.

And no, I hadn't read the article you cited prior to posting. When I said that "many may speculate", I was referring to you and others who speculate that Ebola is an airborne virus. I was saying that regardless of those speculations, it "had not yet been conclusively demonstrated" to be airborne.

Eucalyptus Oil   0  0   

Posted by Redclary (Okc, Ok) on 02/09/2012

With this new virus that is going around, my husband and I have tried many new ways for relief. We got a small humidifier and use a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it. It works wonderfully. The best sleep we have gotten and the house smells so fresh. It keeps the humidifier clean also.

Human T-Lymphotropic Virus (Htlv) Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Ron (London,ontario,canada) on 10/24/2013

I am seeking some information on treatments on HTLV 1.

Can you make any suggestions or recommendations on any I can live longer? I have been testing positive for HTLV 1 for 8 years now and I think I am starting to show symptoms.

Posted by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
You may want to try liposomal vit c at high dosages. vit C is a powerful antiviral. There was an Australian man who had his hairy cell leukemia resolve using liposomal Vit C (some sort of 60 Minutes type program featured him and his family's struggle with the medical establishment). HCL is associated with HTLV-2--The same family as HTLV-1, I would think, so it would seem very likely it would respond to vit C.
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
435 Posts
Hello Ron from Canada,

In re Htlv;

A good article on Htlv... a retro virus... on Wikipedia and for those interested in retro viruses also a mind numbing article on the method of host cell invasion by this particular envelope virus.

It is hard to kill an envelope virus. The envelope is a protection surrounding the virus.

So the attack on such a virus requires tenacity over time. There are lots of anit virals which are "natural."

At the top of my list is colloidal silver, my standby for twenty years. If this were me, I'd take three tablespoons daily on empty stomach. Self monitoring is crucial. I'd expect to see improvement within a month. For instance, if I manifested with a gait problem, then in a month I'd expect to see my walking improve by maybe 10 percent. So that would encourage me to continue.

To kill an envelope virus that has infested body wide I would be taking orally 3 tablespoons for two to three years. YEARS. I'd not want to over consume the CS. Too great a kill off could be harmful; it's slow and easy. (To test your CS to make sure it is effective, if you get a sinus infection or sore throat, then irrigate the sinus for the former and gargle for the later and you SHOULD see immediate relief if your CS is effective. That's the test...does it work?! ?

There are other viral killers; echinacia, Lysine, lomatium, N Acetyl Cystine, germanium 132, lauric acid, sodium lauryl sulfate, zinc, lavander oil, tea tree oil, magnesium chloride, squalamine, Calcium AEP and DMSO. BHT seems to work on Hep B and C, that might also be considered.

So I might be eclectic but I'd consider the basic to be Colloidal Silver. And I'd also give myself a weekly sinus/ear irrigation of the silver. If I feel the infection in the lungs, I'd get an inhaler and breathe deeply the CS as a steam...for three or four minutes a few times weekly.

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1257 Posts
@Dave: Would you also recommend the Beck Protocol of C.S. alternated w/ Zapping? This method may be more powerful than either alone.
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
Hello Tim,

Thank you for your great question: I'm all for trying out different things...the eclectic idea. If you want to alternate, that's fine but I'd alternate after a full three weeks on one and then the Beck's and then the Zapping. Not all mixed. After all, if one works, you'd want to know that it was a specific one that helped. Then you go to another protocol with a different one, and that one maybe didn't help, so you know to eliminate the second...etc.

What do you think?

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1257 Posts
Looks like it depends on the severity of the case. For many folks, disease is usually well advanced before it becomes an obvious issue. So yes, try one substance for a few weeks and measure results, and if no results add another. Also, cleaning up the external & internal environment may be essential for rebuilding the immune system.
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Dave, the way you describe is the rational way to do things. But people are anxious for a quicker cure, so we try many things together or in quick succession!
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
To Mmsg...somewhere in Europe:

Re your post on the "rational way to do things" ... you are so right. And it costs us in the long run, to be impatient I mean. The methodical process of elimination would tell you which method is working.

Best to you.

Posted by Tiredofvirusuk (London, Uk) on 03/07/2013

Hi all, I hope someone out there can help. I have been diagnosed with being infected with the  Human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV). It is a particularly nasty and debilitating virus, symptoms of which cause arthritis and various pains, rashes on the body and sores/blisters in the mouth and gums.

I only recently found out I have this virus and believe I may have been infected more then 3 yrs ago, as it was then that I experienced all these aches and pains that the doctors diagnosed as arthritis. Anyway I have been reading various remedies on EarthClinic with great interest. In particular interested in using BHT to treat it seeing as Oscar and many others have used it to successfully treat their Hepatitis. Do you think BHT will work with the HTLV Virus ?

Look forward to your response thanks.

Posted by Oscar
Syracuse, New York
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I tried for over an hour to find out if this virus is lipid coated or not. It is a virus that is coated [ not all viruses are coated ]. It is NOT clear to me whether or not it is a lipid coated virus. It is related in some ways to the HIV virus that IS a lipid coated virus. The BHT works best against viruses that are to some degree lipid coated. That is as much as I could find out. So MAYBE the BHT will help. The BHT surely does not cost much. It seems worth a try. If you choose to give BHT a try start with small amounts and work up to NO more than 350mg of BHT twice a day=700mg of BHT....Oscar
Posted by Bill
San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
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Hi Tiredofvirusuk... I believe that the human T-Lymphotropic Virus is indeed an enveloped virus and so taking remedies like BHT, coconut oil, chanca piedra (as advertized on this site against enveloped viruses) etc may well help your problem:

"HTLV-1 is an enveloped virus that contains two identical copies of a plus single-stranded RNA genome and an outer envelope containing protruding viral glycoproteins. This virus is known as a retrovirus because the RNA genome directs the formation of a DNA molecule, which ultimately acts as the template for synthesis of viral mRNA. Because most retroviruses do not kill their host cells, infected cells can replicate, producing daughter cells with integrated proviral DNA. These daughter cells continue to transcribe the proviral DNA and bud progeny virions."

Source: (Virion Structure)

Posted by Tiredofvirusuk
London, Uk
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Hi Oscar and Bill,

Thanks very much for your replies. Yes I wasn't sure if it was an enveloped virus either but according to what Bill has mentioned it is, so I will give the BHT a try aswell as the other items mentioned by Bill. Thanks so much, I will take these items and give an update periodically on any results good or bad experienced.

Oscar, just thought I'd let you know, I started on the BHT last Monday 4th March 2013. I took one capsule of 350mg (its the Vitamin Research Products) brand and I know from reading all your posts this is the brand you have been using to achieve your truly remarkable results of eliminating the Hep C and B virus for good. So as per your advice I took one capsule on Monday, but had no side effects etc, so on Tues I took one 350mg in the morning and one late afternoon, both on an empty stomach again no effects experienced good or bad. Then on Weds I ramped it up to 2 x 350mg caps in the morning and 2 x 350mg caps in the late afternoon again on empty stomach. On Thursday I did the same so that was 1400mg a day. On the Friday, Sat and Sun I am back to 2 capsules a day as I noticed in your posts you don't recommend more than 700mg a day which is what I'm currently on.

I haven't had any effects as of yet good or bad. I was wondering how long would it take before I have any indication as to whether it is working or not.

As a side point prior to taking the BHT, I was taking ACV a dash in a cup of water with a teaspoon of Manuka honey twice a day - this greatly reduced a chronic pain in the right side of my stomach, I was also taking Black Seed Oil two teaspoons a day and Olive Leaf Extract capsules - around 8 a day.

Although this mix seemed to reduce most of the arthritic pain in my joints it never removed it completely.

However now I am taking the BHT, I have put everything on hold with the exception of the ACV that I am now taking in the evenings only. Do I have to take the BHT on its own or is it okay to take other things during the day - not at the same time as taking the BHT but say an hour or two after, or would you just take the BHT with nothing else ?

I also read the e-book link you posted in one of your posts and that was a very interesting read, so I have high hoped of this BHT in helping me combat this virus I have. How long did it take you before you realised the BHT was working ? Do you think a week is to short to assess whether it is working or not, as at the moment I haven't experienced anything that would indicate to me that it is working or not.

Kindest of regards....

Posted by Pete
Los Angeles
Hello Oscar & Bill from Philippines. I have had a problem with a pain in my chest that would radiate up into my jaw and ear on the right side and give me a panic attack. I had found that it was not a heart attack. I would feel spaced out when this happens. Would you have any idea what is causing this? I cannot drink a beer or enjoy it. I always have a taste in my mouth. If you have any idea on how to treat this or have a name for it, it would be appreciated. Thank you

P.S. Must be viral

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