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Knee Pain Remedies

Last Modified on May 30, 2016

Treatment for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain, Knee Injuries, and Knee Muscle Aches

Knee pain can be very common; the knee joint is comprised of ligaments, tendons, fluid-filled sacs, bones and cartilage that can all become inflamed, torn, bruised, as well as wear down due to age or arthritis.

Knee pain usually responds well to wraps and braces to take weight off the injured area and relieve pain, and sometimes physical therapy to help strengthen the injured area is also necessary. For more grievous knee injuries surgery may be recommended for tears that will not heal on their own.

Natural Knee Pain Remedies

On this page you can find a number of user submitted home remedies and folk cures for knee pain. Our readers' most popular suggestion is apple cider vinegar, and they recommend its use in combination with other natural products such as cayenne wraps, baking soda, blackstrap molasses, and also suggest holistic therapies like oil pulling, iodine, MSM, turmeric, vitamin C. Let us know what you try to help combat knee pain; and if you know of a remedy not listed here, please don't hesitate to share it with us!

Remedies for Knee Pain/Bad Knees

The Popularity of Knee Pain/Bad Knees Remedies - Full List

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Apple Cider Vinegar212015-10-23
Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda22007-12-06
Apple Cider Vinegar and Cayenne Wrap32015-07-11
Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil22013-08-12
Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda, Lemons, MSM12008-02-25
Apple Cider Vinegar, Blackstrap Molasses22015-09-16
Arthrofibrosis of the Knee Remedies02013-02-14
Arthroscopic Surgery02010-03-25
Baking Soda12009-07-04
Blackstrap Molasses12007-08-10
Calcium, Magnesium, D302009-04-29
Castor Oil12009-11-28
Castor Oil Pack22008-06-13
Coconut and Wild Oregano Oils12008-06-04
Cold Showers12007-10-15
Distilled Water12007-12-27
Eliminate Aspartame and Artificial Sweeteners12007-03-11
Fish Oil12013-06-23
Gelatin Powder32010-12-21
General Feedback02012-07-13
Gum Spirits and Peanut Oil12014-02-20
Hemp Oil12013-12-01
Hydrogen Peroxide12014-12-17
Knee Pain Exercise32008-06-05
Knee Pain Remedies02013-08-27
Meniscus Pain Remedies02014-03-14
Multiple Remedies02009-09-05
Oil Pulling12007-08-16
Osgood Schlatter Disease02010-03-25
Prolozone Therapy02013-02-24
Silkworm Enzymes12007-01-21
Trace Minerals12007-08-04
Vitamin C12006-12-06
Vitamin K and Calcium12007-12-31
Weight Loss10000-00-00

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Laura (Orange County, Ca) on 10/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Arthritis in Knee:

I put ACV in homemade organic chicken soup. After one bowl of it my knee stopped aching. ACV is amazing stuff.

Replied by Tom
Livingston, Tx

16 Posts
5 out of 5 stars

I had knee bone on bone rubbing and taking 1 capsule mornings of chicken sternal/sternum collagen type 2 cured the bone on bone over several months. Improvement occurred within days. I will always take it. It didn't heal my non-painful shoulder.

I also take 1 capsule evenings of the calf bone concentrate "calcium hydroxyapatite" because it feeds the bones and teeth and has type 1 collagen which feeds the ligaments and tendons. I will always take it, although I still have a small amount of bending knee pain but it's no worse.

I also think I would have sensitive teeth if I didn't take calcium hydroxyapatite.

Some joints never heal with supplements, but I think the skeletal system still needs feeding and maintenance with these two supplements.

Posted by Vijayan (Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) on 11/17/2011

A couple years ago I had an accident. My tibia bone broke and I had damaged the lower part of knee cap and cartilege as well. Now I am able to bend my right knee only upto 90 degrees. Will this remedy help me to regain my knee flexion and movement? I have a plate in the affected knee.

Posted by Maria D (New York, Ny) on 06/04/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking Organic Raw ACV just this week and already have noticed that my knee pain has gone away. Just last week I was holding on to the banister for support when going up the stairs and today I realized I didn't need support, that the knee pain was gone. As for weight loss, nothing yet to report, but it's only been 4 days and my monthly friend is due any day now, so kind of hard to tell. I have noticed though a decrease in appetite and getting full a lot quicker. As for the taste of ACV, well I was hooked on GT Dave's Raw Kombucha tea for a while so it wasn't much of a taste difference switching to ACV. I now prefer ACV with water because it is not carbonated and it is just way cheaper than Kombucha tea. I mix 2 TBSP of ACV in 8oz water with 2 TBSP of agave nectar first thing in the morning and again at bed time. I might sneak in another serving while at work. Anyway, I read from some reviews that the weight loss is a gradual process, so don't expect it to happen over night. I would just be happy to lose the belly bloat, to be honest, which I happen to think is slowly taking place.

Replied by Ian
Sanford, Fl
Hyaluronic Acid helps with knee pain. Has anyone tried this ? Maybe ACV with a Hyaluronic acid supplement might be the magic combo. Ian.
Replied by Richard
5 out of 5 stars

A company from Isreal called CartiHeal has something called Agili-C. It is like scaffolds, for regenerating cartilage in knees. They just got 4 patents this month, clinical trials there in Israel though. Hope the AMA allows this to happen, as real cures are forbidden-

Posted by Rhall7339 (Warner Robins, Georgia, Usa) on 05/25/2010
0 out of 5 stars

Hello, I visited the website two days ago and used the ACV soaked towel remedy to help with a sore knee. The pain went away, but the swelling persisted and I ended up having to take ibuprofen anyway. I began using a knee brace the next day, and when I took it off last night I had little red bumps all over my knee. I thought the bumps were irritation caused by the brace, but this evening they have reappeared, and I have not used the brace today. Does anyone know if ACV can cause a rash as a side effect? I certainly hope not, because I would like to continue using it for other things. I tried doing some research on ACV, but my searches keep coming up without helpful information. Thanks for your help!

Replied by Spruce Moose
Logan, Utah
It is possible that ACV caused your rash. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Consider that rashes are very common during rapid detoxification. I have seen this many times. It is likely that the ACV caused rapid detox. Consider using less ACV to start, but I'd stick with it and give it some time. ACV is the 3rd most popular remedy on this site. Be sure to use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Posted by Mommy2 (Atlanta, Ga, USA) on 08/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My husband has been bothered with a nagging knee pain for years now. He knows he needs to have surgery, but keeps putting it off. He had the worst flare up, I've seen him have and we've been married for 12 yrs. The pain was so tremendous he could hardly walk and you could see the pain all over his face. I've been a believer in ACV for years now, but it takes more convincing for him. After he'd fallen asleep, I took a hand towel and saturated it in ACV, wrapped it around his knee and wrapped saran wrap around it to hold in place. He slept with it on all night and could not believe his knee was 99% better when he woke up. That's been about a month ago now and he hasn't had anymore flare ups!!!

I love this site and always refer to it for cures. I also make sure to tell friends and family too!!!

Replied by Julia
Bryson City, Nc
regarding the ACV putting it on the knees. Will this burn the skin in any way? thanks, julia
Replied by Talia
Redondo Beach, California, Usa
Hi Julia, Apple cider vinegar can cause a burn-like reaction on the face if you apply it straight (without diluting it) for more than 10 minutes because the face is delicate. But I've never had any problems when I have applied it to other parts of the body undiluted. However if you have a scab in the area, acv may irritate it.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.

529 Posts
Hello Mommy2,

Sorry your husband has so much trouble with that painful knee, but glad that you have learned the wonders of ACV to counteract the pain. If 1 treatment of ACV overnight made so much difference in the pain, continue it instead of considering surgery. My personal motto is, "if it works, don't let nobody fix it or cut on it or replace it". Any surgery anywhere is going to cause scar tissue to form and scar tissue doesn't function normally.

One other thing I suggest for that painful knee is MSM which is something our body needs to function properly. I started taking it l5 or more years ago and still sing its praises. You really aren't aware that it is doing anything until it suddenly hits you that the weather has changed (increased pain with weather change is why people with arthritis pain are so good at predicting rain or snow) and you aren't getting that confounded pain you are so used to getting at that time. To find out what this stuff, just type MSM in the search window and have fun reading. Seems it has some antiflammatory as well as cell regeneration effects. It is a whole lot cheaper and less] painful than surgery.
Replied by Joyce
Joelton, Tn.

529 Posts
To Julia from Bryson City, Nc. and all others with questions concerning burning with ACV:

Hi Julia,

I have used regular strength apple cider vinegar on myself and family with no damage to the skin even when left on overnight (as Mommy2 said she did on husband's knee).

However I once ran upon and bought apple cider vinegar that was 10% acetic acid, which means it was twice the normal ACV strength. If you find you have the double strength, I would definitely recommend using l/2 ACV and l/2 water to reduce it to normal strength.

Posted by Leighgail (St Louis, MO) on 06/03/2009

I have really bad knee pain in both knees. First it was the meniscus and this was treated with my chiropractor about a year and a half ago with great success. I was doing fine until I twisted my right knee and because I put all my weight on my left knee for a couple months, now it is bad too. I have been seeing my chiropractor again, but I am not getting the results like before. Does anyone have any suggestions what I can do or use for the pain and discomfort? I haven't been exercising because of the pain. I have read about ACV. Does it really work and if so, how much, how often? If not ACV, is there anything else that will work? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my posting.

Replied by Angie
I also have trouble with my ankle that has been twisted several times in my life, the most recent over a month ago. I bought a ankle stabilizer from the department store that has helped so much. I am wearing it now most of the time, I also was in a lot of pain before wearing it. they also make things like this for the knees. your local department or drug store would carry them.
Replied by DL
Atlanta, GA
For me strenuous exercise eliminates knee pain. I have also had meniscus issues in one knee for at least 6 years now after a particularly hard training session at my dojo in Los Angeles. I kept walking the dog after the injury, but didn't go back to karate for a good week. I did resume my training after a week and my knee felt better in 3 weeks. Now, oddly, my medial meniscus becomes inflammed only if I stop exercising for more than a week. When it does, I know I need to get back to training asap. Overnight the pain and inflammation diminishes to almost nothing. It's very peculiar thing.
Replied by Jeff
Germantown, MD
Ya exercise is the only thing that relieves knee pain for me too. I think it's because you force blood to go the the pain area and that starts the healing process laying on the couch and doing nothing is the worse thing you can do for a weak knee.

Posted by Virgina (Highland Ranch, Colorado) on 09/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I had chronic cough for 6 years. I have been in Jewish Medical Center in Denver for many tests but the conclusion is nothing wrong with me. Every time I catch cold and it make me cough for three or four months. In August 17, 2007, I search for chronic cough remedy and stumble in to this site. I start taking ACV and honey the same day. The cough stopped the third days. I had surgery for my both knees, and the pain is constant. The ACV stop knee pain after the fourth day I take ACV. It's unbelievable. The cough does not go away completely. The ACV cure my cough about ninety percent. After suffer so many years, I am happy with the result. I still have to take ACV every day. Thank you for all of you who post your experience at the site.

Replied by Kuper
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
Reply to Virgina from Highland Ranch, Colorado

This is a reply to the cough that won't go away. My wife uses a old remedy for our kids when they get a cough and it works wonders. Use a red onion and cut it up, put it in a bowl then pour honey all over it. Let it sit about 12 hours in the fridge and you will see that it has created a liquid of honey and onion juice. Take a spoonful in the morning and night. Do not eat the onions, just the juice. sometimes we add raw garlic pieces. Also once I had severe bronchitis and it cured that. This remedy can be done also with turnip which works fantastic as well. This remedy may cure your cough for good.

Good luck, Kuper

Replied by Catherine
Wellington, New Zealand
Reply to Kuper, your remedy put me in mind of my mother-in-laws cough-mixture recipe (they mostly made their own remedies in the 30's) For coughs.. Hollow out a turnip or swede (rutabaga) and fill with honey or brown sugar. Leave until liquid is black and syrupy (I'm not sure how long this took but probably at least a week) Take a spoonful 3x day. I used to think it probably fermented and it was the alcohol that made it effective, but obvously there was more to it. Cheers

Posted by Jan (Willowick, OH) on 07/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using ACV in a tonic called Jogging in a Jug and literally within 24 hrs my knee, hip and shoulder pain have completely disappeared! I have been struggling with my shoulder pain for 12 yrs due to a car accident and my knee and hip pain for the last 2 yrs. What a miracle. I have told everyone I know about this tonic and they are all giving it a try!

Here is the recipe:

1 c organic ACV
1 c organic white grape juice
2 c organic apple juice

Mix all together. Take 1-2 oz daily before a meal. Keep refrigerated.

I didn't care for the tast at first, but now I love it. I had to plug my nose for the few days but now I can drink it just fine. My energy levels are back and I am sleeping more soundly at night. I love this stuff!!

Good Luck!

Posted by Roger (Fairless Hills, Pa) on 07/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

The ACV remedy using 1/2tsp of Baking Soda, 2 tbsp of ACV (_____s) and 4 oz of water does a great job of relieving the acid reflux I was suffering from. At first I was a little skeptical but it works...and works quickly. Additionally, when I can't use it, a Granny Smith apple helps relieve it but not as good. I was on Protonix for almost a year prior to trying ACV, this is a much better solution. I have recommended the site and remedy to many others. Side effect or coincidence? I noticed about 2 weeks after taking ACV that the pain I have had in my knees (had about 2yrs) was also relieved. I had been suffering with pain in my knees every evening to the point I had put a 'neck' pillow under them to help relieve it by slightly bending them...not any longer!:) Thanks Ted!!!

Posted by Len (London, Ontario, Canada) on 03/25/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried ACV to help releive my gout on my right foot big toe, the pain was getting worse I found the earthclinic web site read the reports on the use of ACV for gout and decided to try it to my suprise it has worked after taking for 1 week 2 tbl mixed with water 3 times a day after my meals, after taking ACV for just 2 days I noticed the pain was not as bad I also noticed that my right knee that I have had problems with for over 8 months was getting better I can now bend my knee fully again I thought my knee was done & was about to see a doctor about it, & on top of that my blood preasure was slightly high is now well within normal range. I cannot belive that the medical profesion does not know about this, all the wasted time & money spent on on these problems can be solved with a simple remedy ACV. Many thanks to earthclinic web site & ACV. Len from London Ontario

Replied by Ladyliza
Granada Hills, Ca
There is no money in it to be had with the medical industry. When we are sick, it makes money for them. FDA salaries are paid by private industry.. mostly the drug companies, not taxpayers.

Posted by Pamela (Midlothian, Virginia) on 03/24/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have had joint pain in my hip and knees for years after a car accident..I had a total hip replacement in May of 2006 because the pain was so bad. I thought I may have to have my knee replaced also. A friend told me about ACV and how it helps your joints I have made a cocktail with ACV daily, I am so amazed I am totally pain free. I noticed a difference in two days.. I no longer take tons of aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. I save so much money now and my liver and kidneys are better off..It truly is a miracle in a bottle.

Posted by Bill (Indiana) on 12/17/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I've suffered with bad knee pain for years due to much abuse from sports,injuries,etc. I started on the acv cure 1 week ago (Sunday evening). I noticed on Monday evening at work that I could do deep knee bends repeatedly with no pain!! I usually have to pull myself up when I get down on one knee to work on something. Not anymore!!!Thanks!

Posted by Jack (Sweetwater, TN) on 10/05/2006
1 out of 5 stars

Don't believe every thing you read!!! I tried apple cider vinegar for weak knees and it didn't work. I took two table spoons a day for five weeks and it didn't work.When I got off of it about three weeks later my knees started getting better.

Posted by Sheri (Auburn Hills, Mi) on 06/14/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I originally tried ACV for weight loss; I have a stubborn 20 pounds to lose. I was pleasantly surprised as to how pain-free I became in a matter of a few days. My knees no longer 'click' when I go up stairs. I can bend and squat to play with my children and no longer suffer ankle pain from the effort. My acid reflux is gone as well. When I run out of ACV, in a matter of days, the pain returns and I'm like an old lady once more. It works for me!

Posted by Kathy on 01/23/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I started ACV two weeks ago for weight control. Every night I get up out of bed to use the bathroom, and every night I hear the loud click of my knees in the quiet house as I stand. Been clicking for years and years. Then three nights ago I got up and no click! I figured I must have stood up differently. The next night again, no click! Then I figured it out - it was the ACV! It is the only thing different in my life. I don't know why it helps, but it sure beats all those expensive supplements that are supposed to add lubrication to your joints but are the size of horse pills and you have to remember to take them three times a day. Anyway, I'm thrilled with finding this natural way to loose weight and get all these added benefits!