Turpentine and Kerosene Remedies

Last Modified on Dec 15, 2014

Gum spirits of turpentine and kerosene have a long history as natural remedy options for a variety of health ailments. Kerosene (also known as paraffin oil) is a crude oil distillate used for lighting, heating, etc. Turpentine is distilled from pine tree resin (though mineral turpentine is another petroleum distillate).

CAUTION: Though there is a long tradition of its use as an anti-fungal, pest killer, and first aid treatment in folk medicine, ingesting kerosene can be deadly in large enough quantities. Turpentine and kerosene can each do damage to the kidneys and nervous system; their vapors can hurt the eyes and respiratory system.

Home Remedies: Turpentine and kerosene have long been used to treat lice infestations, to flush parasites from the digestive tract, and to soothe sore joints and muscles as well as for use as an expectorant and to open the lungs as with a chest rub (mixed with an oil base). More recently, gum spirits of turpentine is being used in Anti-Candida protocols.

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Arthritis   0  0   

Posted by Softa (Houston, Texas) on 10/22/2014

I have been using turpentine and honey to treat severe arthritis for over a week but haven't seen any results as yet.

I'm using Klean Strip (from hardware store) but have ordered more from Georgia, I believe..Mountain something?) Is there a difference between the two? I have been using a 1:1 ratio of 1 tsp honey to 1 tsp turp. Should I up the dosage? How long can I expect to see results?

Also, I've read some mention "Bill." How would I contact him for more information? Thanks

Replied by Beth
Ga, US
Dr. Jennifer Daniels says to put 1/3 to 1tsp on sugar cubes as to bait the fungus, yeast, parasites. Look her up on the web. She has a lot of radio show recordings you can listen to on her site. I think it's called vitalitycapsuls. Com
Replied by Joe
Calgary, Alberta
I am thinking of using Turpentine. I am also considering Ozone therapy. Would be interested in knowing if these would be in conflict with each other, and if so what I could do.
Replied by Jason
Iowa, US
I recently used Dr Daniel's Turpentine protocol to remove Candida. She lists that people who have had Candida for more than two years might take Turpentine daily for 4 days. I only went 2 days, on that day it ran for the exit, literally, it was disgusting and creepy. My arthritus has improved though not yet gone. I stopped after that second day last Tuesday and plan to do it again tomorrow, exactly one week from last Tuesday. Except now I wil do her normal 2 doses a week plan. My leaky gut symptoms are nearly gone and my MSG sensitivity is drastically improved. You MUST purchase 100% pure gum spirits of Turpentine otherwise some other deadly chemicals could be in there and Turpentine is dangerous enough on it's own. I bought mine from Home Depot, though a gal told me some place in Georgia has the best stuff you can buy, maybe from the place already mentioned. My symptoms overall were Anxiety, Brain fog, facial cramping, restless leg, low energy, trouble urinating, slouching, intestinal ache/burn, massive carb cravings, etc.

Autism   1  0   

Posted by Abdi (Toronto Canada) on 03/22/2014

Hi Bill, thanks for your good work for humanity. I have come to know turpentine recently after I bought and read your book Candida killing so sweetly. I have an autistic kid who is 17 years old. can you please let me know the turpentine protocol for autism. Thanks

Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Abdi...Since your son is 17 y o then he should take adult dosages. The Turpentine protocol is quite simple and involves combining the following:

Castor Oil -- Dose range 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon.

Turpentine -- 1 teaspoon of pure gum spirit turpentine.

Add for taste -- one teaspoon of Molasses or Honey.

Start with small dosages of turpentine -- best to start with drop dosages of your choice or start him with 1/4 tspn and slowly work up to the full 1 tspn dose. Take turpentine just before meals. Start you son taking turps just twice a week then work towards giving him turps on a one day on, one day off protocol. Take plenty of breaks from this protocol because this regimen kills a large range of pathogens including parasites, candida, bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma etc. So he will probably get significant die-off(Herx) and detox reactions. Adjust the dosage accordingly to reduce the stress.

You can buy pure gum spirit turpentine at Walmart or Home Depot and other sellers. Brands of turpentine that you can buy and use in the protocol:

Diamond G Forest Products -- Organic Turpentine

Klean Strip Turpentine 1 -- Walmart or Home Depot

KleanStrip 1-K Kerosene -- Walmart or Home Depot

Other nutrients that your son should take are Lugols Iodine, Borax Water and Alkalizing -- You can find all descriptions and dosages for these protocols on EC or in my book on candida. Other necessary and essential protocols are described in this document and, in greater detail, in my book:

Adjunct Nutrients to Help Minimize Detox and Herx Reactions and to Help Proper Brain Development and Healing (wrt Learning, Social and Behavioural Problems)

You can also add the Hulda Clark Parasite Protocol(Google it) to this regimen which would also benefit your son.

Lastly, it would also greatly help your son if he took enemas regularly at least two or three times a week. Parasites and pathogens can hide safely in the lower intestines because most nutrients that you take by mouth will be completely absorbed or expended by the time they reach the lower intestines(the intestines is 28 ft long). This is why you should incorporate enemas into his regimen.

Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Abdi...I forgot to mention diet. Avoid the following foods: sugar, wheat, dairy products, yeast products and avoid medicines like anti-depressants, painkillers, steroids and all antibiotics. All these things feed or encourage the spread of pathogens in the body -- especially candida -- and avoiding them will also help to reduce allergies.
Replied by Kristen
Florida, US
[YEA]   I just wanted to say Bill does such a wonderful job helping people. What a thorough answer you gave this woman, and everyone else. God bless you for taking the time to help these total strangers.
Replied by Tina
Princeton, Nj
Hi Kristen, I completely agree with your comment. Bill is always prompt to reply to queries and offers EC readers full and free use of his extensive research and studies. It's nice of you to note that too! We are a very lucky bunch of readers.
Replied by Saquita
Buffalo, New York
Greetings All, I am a mom of 4 beautiful children and we are all in a health crisis. I've been reading about parasites and I know this to be the culprit. My 3 year old has already had her adenoids removed. I have refused the doctor to take out her tonsils, which are huge. Also, her belly is dissented and she craves sugar..I know that there is a better way. I'm not sure of the doses I should be using. Can you please enlighten me on this topic.
Replied by Timh
Children are notorious for housing all types parasites. Those at highest risk have pets indoors. It is very important to keep pets dewormed --Fenbendazole is a favorite broad-spectrum parasiticide.

Your local health food store has herbal de-wormers (Garlic, Oregano, Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, and Clove are favorites) which may be sufficient for the children.

Turpentine is known especially for fungal issues but is also somewhat effective for certain parasites like tape, round, and flatworms.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Saquita...I've been helping a group of parents with autistic children and they have been using turps to good effect for their kids. The dosage for a 3 y o would be between 1/4 and 1/2 tspn of turpentine taken together with a teaspoon or two of castor oil. This protocol should be used only twice a week.

I've also discovered that using castor oil with turps is a key factor in the protocol. The turps will kill all manner of pathogens and parasites but will not harm the beneficial gut flora. The castor oil is necessary because it helps to spread the turps throughout the whole area of the intestines for a better and more thorough all-round effect.

I think that perhaps your child's gut may be overrun with pathogens and so the turps/castor oil would be a good protocol to follow.

Other protocols that you can also investigate and consider for your child are supplementing Boswellia(Frankincense) and/or undecanoic acid(which is derived from castor oil). Frankincense is called shallaki in Ayurvedic medicine and they use it widely in Ayurveda for gut problems as well as for arthritis.

There was also a mother in the autistic parents group who successfully and completely healed her child back to normal(according to her ATEC scores). One of the child's main anti-parasitic protocols was taking cinnamon, clove, raw garlic and tumeric mixed with ghee or clarifed butter several times a day with food. This protocol kills both parasites and pathogens. The key point in this protocol was that she used ghee -- a saturated oil -- as the carrier medium.

Many people miss the importance of taking nutrients in the best way possible by using the correct carrier medium. Notably she took all those herbal ingredients mixed with ghee because all the active ingredients within the herbs/nutrients themselves were probably oil soluble and not so soluble in water. That's why she was so successful with this protocol. You could also probably use coconut oil as a carrier substitute for the ghee. Virgin coconut oil also kills a wide variety of enveloped pathogens as well.

Also please be aware that if your child has a widespread gut infection and takes the turps/castor oil protocol then she will probably suffer a Herx or die-off reaction with accompanying strange or hyper behaviour. After a widespread pathogen/parasite kill in the gut, with consequent temporary release of further poisons into her gut(from the killed pathogens/parasites), these poisons will be temporarily absorbed into her blood which may perhaps cause some strange or hyper behaviours. This is normal and unavoidable and should abate after a short while after her liver eventually removes these die-off poisons from her blood.

Replied by Iowama
Iowa, Usa

Regarding your daughter's swollen belly; I accidentally caused my granddaughter's distended belly by insisting on feeding her oatmeal with breakfast. I have a zeal about feeding kids real foods while they are in my care and I thought oats had a part in that mix. For her, they didn't. She would return home to her microwave meals and her belly would go flat again. Although you are probably right, I just wanted to add that you might have a food allergy on your hands. ~With best wishes that you find your answer.

Best Type of Turpentine   2  0   

Posted by Carol (Manchester, England) on 08/29/2014

Hi. I've read everything I can find on turpentine, and really think it will help me. Thank you to everyone who has written of their experiences - it is so helpful.

I contacted Diamond G Forest Products, as they seem to provide the best turpentine. I was told that they don't ship to England. I have managed to obtain an alternative, but am not sure about the quality.

Is there anybody in the USA who would be interested in buying a can for me, and posting it out to me? I will of course pay for this.


Replied by Timh
Carol: Search the Ebay pages and you should find a product of god quality and shipping details are provided by seller. Here is the page:


Let us know of any progress.

Replied by Derrick Foreman
The Woodlands, Tx
Hi Carol! I actually ordered turpentine from diamond g forest turpentine and am taking it myself. It is a huuuuge difference in the canned stuff from the hardware store and I would be willing to help you get some
Replied by Marilyn
Houston, TX
Hi Derrick. Please help me get some of the better grade turpentine.

Posted by Madhu (Sfo) on 02/15/2014

[YEA]  This question is for Bill Thompson. Is aged Turp more effective than regular Turp? if Yes, Are the dosages and herx reactions of aged Turp same as in regular Turp? Thanks, Madhu.

Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Madhu...I really see very little difference between aged and normal turpentine. Both the oxidized and reduced forms of beneficial iso-pinenes in turpentine are good for the body. See this link. So whether the turpentine is aged (oxidized) or not would seem to make little difference as to its effectiveness for the body.
Replied by Madhu
[YEA]   This question is for Bill Thompson. Thanks for your response. Is aged Turpentine pro-oxidant. And is regular Turpentine anti-oxidant?
Replied by Rishicash
Long Beach, Ca
Kleen Strip does make a Pure Gum Spirits Turpentine which is the one Tony uses. If you live in the US you can get it at Walmart for $1 cheaper than Home Depot. I use this for external, but for internal I use the Diamond G Forest Products because you can't get any purer than this product. http://www.diamondgforestproducts.com/
Replied by Rishicash
Long Beach, Ca
I've read through all of the posts here for candida/turpentine therapy but didn't come across anything about a protocol diet. This blog is Best Type of Turpentine, but I couldn't find anything else regarding it.

The reason I bring this up is that I've had severe, chronic candida/parasites/intestinal bacteria for 30+ years and spent thousand of dollars and suffered through numerous programs with absolutely no benefit until I tried Turp with which I started to feel better the next day.

Back to the diet. I followed Dr. Daniels protocol to the letter for six weeks. Dr. D says that 3-4 eliminations daily are required along with super hydrating...and no meat or dairy. Her recommended diet is very carb based with grains in particular. After six weeks I decided to come off of it to see how I would feel and the first thing that happened is that I got very constipated immediately and has remained that way for two months now which has freaked me out a bit since I wasn't pre-protocol. My symptoms also started to return soon afterwards.

I tried to get some advice about the constipation from Dr. D, but she kept trying to sell me her book and sessions which I can't afford. I got ahold of Tony Pantalleresco as I had nowhere else to turn for advice and although he is quite a character, he was very generous with his time and advice...as in free. I explained to him what was going on and even sent him Dr. D's protocol. Tony was emphatic that the constipation problem was due to all of the grains and that they were terrible for candida. He didn't say anything about 3-4 eliminations a day or super hydrating, etc.

So although the turpentine part is the same, they are two very different protocols. Dr. D says the treatment won't be effective or can even be harmful if not followed precisely and Tony says otherwise. True, Dr. D has an MD, but she also has a business degree from Wharton.

I've been afraid to resume turpentine therapy since I was afraid that I might have damaged my system resulting in constipation, but Tony has assured my that isn't the case. I'm staring again with Tony's recommendation tomorrow. I'd like to hear what anyone else has to offer on this. There aren't many people who are familiar with Turp therapy and this is the only Turp forum I've found.

Replied by Mike62
Rishicash: There is just one word that describes the super hero who comes to everybody's rescue: enzymes. Enzymes are a mixture of nutrients that have more electrons than protons. They make high energy water. Activated barley has the most enzymes. Home grown sprouts and live ferments are second. Raw organic produce and raw grass fed animal products are third.
Replied by Lina
Constipation is a sign of dehydration start drinking more water preferably alkaline water to balance the bodys ph an 8 or higher and take you some probiotics or eat greek yogurt, at least once a day.Raw vege juice always jumpstarts a constipated colon carrot celery apple is a nice combination. Fishoil omega 3 also helps a stressed colon. Hopefully you will find relief with these solutions, good luck.
Replied by Timh
One spoon of Milled Flax Seed would definitely add a big boost to the veggie-juice.

Posted by Dawn (Los Angeles) on 01/29/2014

Hi, Wondering if anyone knows if Klean Strip Green - Pure Turpentine Derived from Tree Resin - is a good product to take. It does not say Pure gum spirits anywhere on the can so I am a bit worried. Please advise.

Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa
I was watching Tony Pantalleresco video on turpentine and that is the brand he used.
Replied by Tony
Tn, Usa
Hello Dawn from LA: The type of turpentine I purchased from Wal-Mart is made by Klean Strips brand. Here is the link to that turpnetine: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Klean-Strip-Turpentine-1-qt/23760393

This type does have Pure Gum Spirits written on the front of the can. This type was approved here at EC by Bill Thompson as per his anti-candida protocol. Thanks & God Bless!

Replied by Jere
Cabarete, Dominican Republic
Greetings. I'm pleased to have found your site. I was introduced to using rectified turpentine many years ago by a homeopathic physician. I was told to only use Rectified turpentine as an impurer form can negatively affect the liver. His remedy was one drop (via an eyedropper) per 10 lbs of body weight. Repeat in 7 days to kill any eggs. I'm having difficulty finding turpentine in the rectified form here in the DR. Basically they have white & yellow. It sounds like you feel comfortable with most types of turpentine, rectified or not. Could those in-the-know expand on this? Especially concerning the liver. Thanks!
Replied by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines
Hi Jere...Rectified turpentine has sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide solution added to it whereas pure gum spirits turpentine does not -- it should be made only from the sap oil of the pine tree. Also, whether the turpentine now comes from the bark or whether it comes from the wood or sap is also a bit of a grey area nowadays. For the most part, turpentine is now made as a by-product from the wood and pulp industries. My own preference is to use the distilled pure gum spirit turps without any additives(non-rectified).

Any product that is labelled "pure gum turpentine" should just contain the distilled oil from the tree bark or wood with no further additives. If you want pure gum turps that is collected only from the bark sap and that is organic -- then here is a good source:


Turpentine contains beneficial iso-pinenes, which act to help cleanse the intestines and purify the blood. Because of its blood purification capabilities. (I've been regularly taking turpentine, at one teaspoon dose, for over a year now. I don't take turps every day because my own current use of turpentine is as a preventative. Generally I take turpentine once or twice a week with castor oil and molasses (or honey).

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
After seeing Bill's recommendation of this specific turpentine product, I went ahead and ordered it. I have not yet used turpentine medicinally, but want to be ready to try it.

So, I got my turpentine in the mail and I am so excited. It smells wonderful and natural and not like a chemical to clean a paintbrush!

My son, who is into forestry, was very impressed with how it smells, too.

Thanks, Bill!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Tina
Princeton New Jersey
Hi Mama to Many, did you order the turpentine from Diamond G Forest company? I did too and I am very happy to know that you like the product. I have using it now for almost 2 weeks and am up to more than half a teaspoon per day, using Bill's suggestion - with coconut oil and raw honey. Haven't seen any major reactions yet, except a feeling of drowsiness on two occasions and a couple of days of all-over achiness. But that could have been due to shoveling all this snow too! There is however, a definite feeling of enhanced mental clarity and a lessening of mental fatigue. Do keep posting your reactions too, thanks!
Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
Dear Tina,

I did order mine from Diamond G Forest Company. Thanks for sharing what you are doing with it and how it is affecting you! I will post results when I have some. One thing I want to try is using it to worm my cats. I know at least one of them has a tapeworm. Just haven't figured out dosage for cats...so if anyone has an idea, let me know!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Deecee
Hi Bill, thanks a lot for this information. I'm so glad I stumbled over this site. Are there available pure gum spirits of turpentine in the Philippines, or should I order them through US-based online shops? Thanks!

Posted by Tina (Princeton, New Jersey) on 01/27/2014

Hi Bill,

I had had a question regarding turpentine. After reading your posts and of many others regarding the health benefits of turpentine, I decided to add it to my daily routine. I bought gum spirits of turpentine made from slash pine trees. It is manufactured here in the US, from a company called Diamond G Forest Products, Georgia. On the bottle it says "solvent for removing paints and waxes. DANGER: Harmful or fatal if swallowed; irritant to skin and eyes."

Is this a statutory type of warning? Or did I get the wrong kind of turpentine? If so, I will return it. But I would be grateful if you could guide me to a brand that is safe to take internally and one which is available easily in the US. Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa
This would be the ideal product from them: 16oz 100% Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine

Yes, it is just a required statutory warning.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Tina... I know Diamond V Georgia Turpentine and it is a very good organic product. Most turpentine products are the rectified form -- usually made from the distillation of stumps and wood from pine trees. But Diamond V is made in the older proper way -- by collecting the sap from pine trees and distilling this bark sap into pure gum turpentine.

When you begin supplementing with turpentine start either with drop dosages or just start with a 1/4 teaspoon and increase the dose slowly, over a week or more(with breaks), to 1 teaspoon.

The way I supplement turpentine, I take one teaspoon of either raw honey or molasses(your own preference) to coat the tongue and mouth. Then I take 1 one teaspoon of castor oil(or you can use VCO as an alternative if you like) and mix this all up in my mouth. Finally I add the turpentine dosage and mix it all up in the mouth and then chase this down with a glass of water.

Unfortunately, turpentine is not soluble or miscible in water -- which is why you need to take it with an oil of some sort. Other methods of taking turpentine: With sugar or with milk. If you have candida then take the dose before a meal. This ensures that the turps will be carried into the intestines to do its good work against candida there.

I take the turpentine dose only twice a week for preventative reasons. But if you have a problem like candida then you should slowly work up to one teaspoon every day if you can. You will, most likely, get significant die-of or Herx reactions. You are allowed to stop this protocol and have as many breaks as you like in order to make the healing crisis less severe. This is up to you.

Because turpentine is such a rapid pathogen and parasite killer, I take it twice a week as a general preventative. And if you do have a problem in your intestines then supplementing turpentine like this will give a healing reaction(die-off) that you will definitely notice. So I am also using this protocol not only as a preventative, but also as a gauge or indicator if anything is wrong with my intestines. As most know, my own way is to protect the liver, kidney, thyroid and intestines in my own protocols for health.

But there are even more ways of taking turpentine, depending on what outcomes you want. In the above, I have already described how to best take the turpentine to get rid of problems in the intestines against candida, bacteria, parasites etc. But turps is also a blood purifier -- in the blood, it kills many forms of pathogens, expels xenobiotics and also acts as a mild diuretic. That's what I mean by "purifying the blood". So how do we take turps to get rid of blood born diseases to help purify the blood?

The best method obviously involves getting the turps into the blood as fast as possible. Unfortunately, other than taking just the turpentine on an empty stomach outside mealtimes there are not many ways of doing this. But I am considering one way. I've also read that turps can be taken with wine(turps is also soluble in alcohol), so my own idea is to supplement the turps using a small amount of distilled alcohol with water. This would ensure very rapid absorption of the turps directly into the blood from the stomach. I haven't tried this yet(and I don't advise it), but will report back later on how this goes.

Replied by Timh
Ky, Usa
Maybe this is why Gin made from conifer is such a common drink among those living in the wilderness; it proly has many of the healing qualities as Turpentine. These may mix well for the body, but the mind will be no better off. Maybe once or twice per wk would be beneficial.

Speaking of methods of administration, Bill; what about Liposomal Turpentine w/ or without sonication? This would definitely promise to deliver the T systemically as opposed to mostly the gut. Am definately willing to give this a try.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Timh...Liposomal turpentine certainly sounds interesting, but creating a liposomal nano-capsule relies on using lecithin oil to completely surround a droplet of the turpentine. Unfortunately, turpentine is very soluble in such oils so I don't think it would allow the oil to surround and encapsulate it -- but instead would just dissolve in it, thus preventing true liposomal delivery. That's only my opinion, mind you, so might be worth a try.

I also looked into DMSO as possible mechanism for turps delivery into the blood quickly in order to avoid the intestinal route but, unfortunately again, I found out that turpentine was completely insoluble in DMSO. So there are some drawbacks with turpentine, mainly due to its lipophillic nature.

I'm also trying an experiment right now with the turps. I mentioned in another post that I was going to try taking a small amount of alcohol distillate and turpentine mixed with water for faster direct absorption from the stomach into the blood -- for blood born diseases. I've had an annoying head cold and tickle in the throat for the last couple of days, so I thought I would try turps against this virus. I found an old bottle of whisky so I used that. Two teaspoons of jock whisky mixed with one teaspoon turpentine was the dose, then I added a third of a glass of water and drank it down (without ice...lol). Didn't taste that bad, to tell the truth.

That was over 2 hours ago. And yes, there were a few rumbles in the jungle from way down below, as well as some minor bloating effects but nothing too awkward, radical or painful. No nausea or anything like that. I have to admit that right now my head is not so fuzzy, blocked nose is gone, my vision is a lot clearer with apparently less coughing. It's evening now and early days yet, so will be able to judge the result more honestly tomorrow or in the next few days I think.

Replied by Tina
Princeton, New Jersey
Hi Bill,

Thank you so much for your detailed reply. Earth Clinic and it's readers are truly fortunate to be able to benefit from your knowledge.

i am going to start taking the turpentine, beginning with one-fourth tsp, twice a week using raw honey/coconut oil method you recommend. My aim is to use it as a parasitic cleanse. Will keep you posted on my progress!

I have been taking H2O2 first thing every morning since last summer. I am now on the maintenance dose of three drops. It's been very helpful and I am reluctant to stop it. My energy level has never been better and even with the terrible winter we've been having in the North East, my immune system remains strong. Could I continue taking it every morning even on the days that I take the turpentine? Or would that be too much? Thanks again for your help.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi Tina...Turpentine is mainly an anti-oxidant therapy but Hydrogen Peroxide is a pro-oxidant therapy. So if you take them at the same time they will react with each other to cancel out and neutralize each other's beneficial effects.

Luckily, hydrogen peroxide only lasts for about an hour in the body before it is used up. So just make sure that you take the turpentine dose at least an hour or two after you have taken the hydrogen peroxide.

It's not so bad for the turpentine because the reduced form(anti-oxidant) and the oxidized form of turpentine both have beneficial properties for the body. See this link. However, whenever HP is neutralized by an anti-oxidant it is usually just converted to oxygen and water and all its pathogen-killing and detox properties are lost as a consequence.

Replied by Tony
Tn, Usa
Hello again Bill. That's some very interesting reading about your latest turpentine experiment Bill. What could be used as a replacement for alcohol? I just don't drink alcohol of any kind. What else could I use? I assume rubbing alcohol wouldn't be a plausible replacement? What about a homeopathic remedy that has a small % of alcohol? Trying to think of something I could use that I have on hand.

I have candida as you know so by your recommendations I should take it just before meals. However, I know that I have pathogens and other disease causing organisms in the bloodstream. I have been alternating taking the turpentine before meals and on an empty stomach to try and get the maximum benefit from it. Thanks for your help & God Bless!

Replied by Tina
Princeton, New Jersey
Hi Bill,

Thank you, this is very helpful. I will start taking turpentine two hours after the hydrogen peroxide. All the best. Anod thanks again!

Replied by June
Hello Bill, You mentioned above that it is best to take turpentine before a meal, I am assuming on an empty stomach, for intestinal issues such as candida. I have tried it on an empty stomach, about 5 drops on a sugar cube. Within a couple of minutes I've experienced a feeling of dizziness. Have you or anyone ever had this reaction or a similar one? The 2nd time I tried it with food and did not get that reaction.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
1022 Posts
Hi June...The symptoms of dizziness or drowsiness or wooziness are well known when you take turpentine. Turpentine kills all manner of pathogens in the blood and intestines very quickly, including candida. When a large amount of candida is suddenly destroyed by turpentine, then all the poisons from inside the candida(and from other killed pathogens) will suddenly be released into the body. The result is a Herx or die off reaction because of these poisons in the blood which tend to affect the mind. This is what is termed a healing crisis(caused, not by the turpentine, but from the release of poisonous toxins from the killed candida).

From my own recent experience while being involved with a private group trying to cure their young children of autism using turpentine, these die-off or Herx symptoms are commonplace -- wooziness, drowziness, dizziness. When this happens as a reaction, the parents usually always allow at least one day off from the turpentine protocol as a break for the child involved.

I've also been taking turpentine regularly as a preventative and immune booster for over a year now and I can report that I have had no side-effects from taking this dosage -- no dizziness or wooziness. I take it about twice a week -- one teaspoonful with castor oil and molasses (or honey) usually at mealtime. And since I get no die-ff or Herx reaction, this therefore tells me that my intestines and blood are reasonably healthy and fit. If I suddenly did have a side-effect reaction like dizziness after taking turpentine, then I would immediately and reasonably assume that I might be infected with candida, parasites or other pathogens.

Posted by Ruth (Ct.) on 01/04/2014

Hello Bill,

Been reading everything you post. You are indeed an asset to this site. I have been reading about your taking turpentine. I just purchased a small can of turpentine. On the side it says "Contains Turpentine and PETROLEUM DISTILLATE."

There's a man from Canada that mixes it with honey...One teaspoon with 4 tablespoons of honey and takes a teaspoon of it...He's on you tube...Is this the kind of Turpentine to use for therapy and how would you suggest? The things I've been reading about the remedies on many sites says it cures many things and quickly...I have hepatitis c and peripheral neuropathy...Thank you and keep up the good work...

Replied by Bill
San Fernado, Philippines
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Hi Ruth...Yes I've seen the video on youtube with Tony Pantalleresco using Turpentine. He made a 4:1 mix with honey and turps respectively which is a quarter the dose that I recommend for adults. In the video he also takes two spoonfuls of this mix at different times. Also I think that the can of turpentine he held up was Klean Strip Green -- Pure Gum Spirit Turpentine (the green can) which is 100% gum spirits turps and can be used. I tend to avoid the kerosene brands because its so confusing and seems to vary from country to country -- Kerosene can also be called paraffin, mineral oil, white spirit etc and therefore can be quite confusing for people. So I keep it simple -- use only pure gum spirits turpentine with no additives. Walter Last also recommends an Aussie brand for the protocol called Digger's Low Odour Kerosene which is quite useful if you live in Australia.

My own way is to put one teaspoon of honey or molasses in my mouth, then put the turpentine dose (usually one teaspoon for me) in my mouth next. Then I hold it in my mouth and mix it with my saliva and then I swallow this mix and just chase it down with some water.

If you've never taken turpentine like this before, then you should start with just a 1/4 tspn of turps, with increasing drop dosages over about a week until you are taking one teaspoon. If at any time while taking this protocol you have a Herx or die off reaction or if you feel woozy, drowsy or lethargic -- then take a day off the next day and resume, at a lesser dose, thereafter.

Walter Last also seems to prefer taking the turps or kerosene with a teaspoon of castor oil. The castor oil is a useful idea because it also kills candida and beneficially tends to gently accelerate excretion -- thus removing toxins more quickly from the body. Coconut oil or olive oil can also be taken as the carrier with the turps remedy as well.

Since the turpentine that you have also contains petroleum distillate and is not pure gum spirits turpentine from a pine tree, I'm afraid that I cannot recommend it for supplementing internally.

Replied by Ray
Ohio, Usa
To Ruth , I have done several things the " guy from Canada " says to do , I have been in the past in bad shape, with Tony's help I'm a new man.

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Posted by Pat (New York, US) on 10/15/2014

Hi Bill,

I am getting ready to try turpentine for the first time! I have a few questions.

Does biofilm only exist in the intestines or can it exist throughout the body? In other words, if getting rid of biofilm is the main goal, then is it better to make sure the turp gets into the intestines (with castor oil like you have mentioned elsewhere) instead of the bloodstream?

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Posted by Jay (Canada) on 11/22/2014

It has been a week since I started the turpentine cure to get rid of candida. My shoulders and neck are stiff and sore now.

I've read this is because of my liver working overtime trying to get rid of all the nasties. I don't want to stop the turp treatment.

Should I do a liver detox? Or is there a supplement I can take to help with the shoulder/neck pain or the liver?

Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks in advance

Replied by Timh
Bentonite Clay taken orally prior to meals will absorb the nasties.

Posted by Gigi (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 10/12/2014

After reading all the stuff on Turps, I wanted to try it out as I have many of the symtoms of candida. I got a bottle from a friend, took it home but was very reluctant to start. I took 1/4 tsp mixed with 1 tsp of castor oil. I felt a slight headache but nothing to stop me from my daily chores, it went away later in the day. I took 2 cascara segrada pills to ensure I passed it out, was not sure of this stuff!

I am happy to say, I had a lot of diarreah, the next day my SINUSITIS which had been a major problem for as long as I know myself was gone, I was not getting up to blow my nose all the time, it was GREAT, I also had so much energy, OMG, I started sending emails to all my friends I was elated. I have not taken another dosage I am still scared as they say it can damage your liver & kidneys. The person I gave it to has really red eyes so I am not sure, I wish I knew more about this but the energy increase is sure worth it.

I WISH PEOPLE WOULD POST MORE ABOUT THEIR REACTION. Please...please, we only talk about what we take and why we ara taking it, it sure would be NICE if we talked about the after effects, GOOd or BAD...please...this is a wonderful site, especially in today's society where you can't get nothing but doctors and their prescription pads!

Replied by Cindy
Hi, I second the thoughts on turpentine use. If anyone can share their helpful experiences and even the kind they used. Thanks.
Replied by Deb
New York, US
I just started taking the turpentine with honey two days ago. I mixed it a 1:4 ratio. My first dose was 1 teaspoon and then today I took 1/2 teaspoon. Today my throat and tongue feel irritated and I feel as though I am coming down with the bug. I do wish people would post their experiences and side effects. It would certainly help. I am not sure that I will continue this regimen after today.
Replied by Deb
New York, US
I just started taking the turpentine with honey two days ago. I mixed it a 1:4 ratio. My first dose was 1 teaspoon and then today I took 1/2 teaspoon. Today my throat and tongue feel irritated and I feel as though I am coming down with the bug. I do wish people would post their experiences and side effects. It would certainly help. I am not sure that I will continue this regimen after today.

Posted by Caladesi (Florida) on 05/30/2014

[YEA]  Bill, I have been using the turpentine for only 1.5 weeks and it is great for the candida, I even saw white rope like fungus pass the day after my first turp dose. No herxing either. I am on a vegan high raw diet, but eat fruit (juciy not sweet fruits like bananas and dates) with some cooked low fat vegan for dinner. It's what I can sustain. My main concern now is helping my 75 year old mom onto the turp for her candida/allergies, etc. She is currently taking Atenolol 25mg which is a beta blocker for irregular heart beat. Even though she remembers turp sugar being around her house as a kid and her grand dad using it, she is terrified to swallow it, which I understand!! I was too and am still having a hard time getting past the gasoline like taste, but it does work better than anything I've ever tried, so I am on it 2x week for now. I want to see if I can work up to more but just need to take it slow as I have had CFS for 8 years and am sick and tired of being sick and tired. God bless you for your help!

Replied by Robyn
Bill and Caladesi, you are lucky if you can take it. I reduced it to 1 drop but the pain is still far too great. I would just end this 21 yrs of severe suffering. Bill suggested I have paw paw with each meal. I have hcl and enzymes but isn't paw paw a bit sweet? if I'm trying to get rid of candida.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Caladesi...I am very happy for you that the turps protocol is working so well. And yes, turps was widely used internally in the old days.

Although both you and your mother are having candida issues, I would also ask you to consider two other problems that you both might have whose symptoms are very similar to candida symptoms -- especially symptoms like brain fog , lethargy, low energy, depression etc.

First, hypothyroid or low thyroid was also an issue for me when I had candida. See the many symptoms for hypothyroid here. Just taking the Iodine Protocol(with companion nutrients) resolved that one very fast for me. So perhaps it's advisable for both you and your mother to get a thyroid test. Do not use the TSH/T4 test which your doctor will probably recommend because it is very inaccurate. Ask him for the Free T3/Free T4 test instead, much more accurate. Also, if you or your mother are low thyroid, do not use the synthetic thyroid drugs that the doctor may recommend. Use the Iodine Protocol. I didn't bother with the thyroid test. I just took the Iodine protocol and I've been on it ever since.

Methylation problems are the other issue. If you are under- or over-methylated this can cause problems with your neurotransmitters(seratonin, dopamine, norepeniphrine and epeniphrine levels), immune and detox systems. This will have consequent and distinct ill-effects on your mood and your body's detox and immune systems.

Lack of methyl groups in the body(under methylation) is associated with seasonal allergies, high blood histamine levels, obsessive compulsive behaviour, addictive tendencies etc.

Over-methylation(excessive methyl donors n the body) symptoms can be associated with: anxious behaviour, low blood histamines, no seasonal allergies, panic attacks, food/chemical sensitivites etc.

See the full symptom lists here:


Methylation problems arise because of lack of specific vitamin and mineral nutrients causing lack of enzymes activity in the Methylation Cycle at different critical points in the cycle. These cause serious non-functioning blockages in the Methylation Cycle itself.

Fixing these methylation cycle blocks or breaks will therefore benefit both your CFS and Candida problems.

Here is a methylation protocol for people with CFS which should benefit both your CFS/Candida conditions:


You should also be able to buy all the supplements necessary to re-adjust and re-balance your methylation cycle from here.

It's also well known that many vegans lack proper methylators like Vitamin B12 because there is usually a deficiency of B12 in vegan diets. Zinc is another one that is lacking in vegan diets which can lead to high copper levels in the body. Magnesium is another one. That's why getting a hair analysis might also be beneficial for you. A hair analysis will also tell you all the heavy metals you have in your body and will also tell you what vitamins/minerals are missing in your diet as well.

Other nutrients that should help your mother's heart problem are regular daily dosages of Acetyl-l-Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10, D-Ribose, Magnesium, and Selenium.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Robyn, I've been experimenting with Papaya Leaf Tea. If the Paw Paw you are talking about is Papaya, than the Leaf Tea won't have the sweetness in it.

Posted by Cindy (Use) on 12/22/2013

Hi I would like to hear from anyone who has/is trying the kerosene treatment for candida. how is it working for you, how much do you use etc. Thank you

Replied by Jefff
Have been watching Dr.TULLIO SIMONCINI VIDEOS about cancer being a fungus CANDIDA ALBACANS.He uses so to sodium bicarb.to kill the fungus. Don't know if this helps.
Replied by Tony
Tn, Usa
I want to share a video that I found from a Google search on the usage of turpentine. It's pretty detailed & will benefit the ones wanting to know more on how to use turpentine as well as the health conditions treated by it. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WtzHyl1GRA
Replied by Fiona
[YEA]   I have been taking turpentine bath every single day for the last several month. I had sexual dysfunction last several years. Now I reach climax 3 times per day no problem. when I start turpentine bath soon around waist area started to have a breakout. A lot of Fibrin structure. looks like scab. at the end what determins human death is the number of fibrin. The more fibrin coms out, the skin become half transparent and softer.when the kidney was cleansed I had major change in inner ears. As kidney and ear are related. I was producing a lot of ear wax. I often wondered when I was a child, I regularly produce ear wax. when I got sick, actually it stopped at a considerable speed. I believe my system started to get clogged. that is why. As the kidney started detox, my ear follows up.

After I started turpentine bath I reduced the number of herbs and supplements. Because turpentine itself is a powerful therapy. And I also rotate putting these into bath. For example, methylene blue, Magnesium, povidone iodine, MSM, Borax, Aquarium salt, BHT, DMSO. The beauty if turpentine bath is there is absolutely no extra effort. Because we all wash everyday, I take bath everyday.. Nothing added..!

Replied by Faeqa
Amman, Jordan, Jordan
Hi Fiona from Tustin: which kind of Turpentine you mean? The kind distilled from pine tree resin or petroleum distillate? Thank you
Replied by Tony
Tn, Usa
Hi Faeqa. What you need to look for in turpentine is "100% gum turpentine" or "pure gum turpentine" on the label. Check out Walter Last's site with more information about turpentine/kerosene: http://www.health-science-spirit.com/kero.htm. God Bless!
Replied by Racheal
Re: Kerosene for Candida. I just started the kerosine therapy and I haven't seen any difference, although it's just the third day. Is anyone doing it right now? Lets get your situation report.
Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines
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Hi Rachael...In order for Kerosene to be effective you must use it in the right way. I'm working with an autism group at the moment. All the autistic children are infected with candida as well as parasites. I know this because they must post pictures of their stools every day on this site. Their stools always show parasites as well as biofilms coming out of the children's intestines.

The way to use kerosene or turpentine is to take one teaspoon mixed together with at least one tablespoon of castor oil. You can add molasses too for a better taste if you like. The purpose of the castor oil is to help spread the turpentine throughout the intestines more thoroughly -- don't forget that the intestines is 28 ft long so the kerosene has to be used efficiently.

If you are just supplementing kerosene on its own with water outside mealtimes, then the kerosene will be rapidly absorbed into the blood from the stomach -- with not much kerosene left to go into the intestines to fight the candida and remove biofilms there. Taking kerosene with water is OK for blood born diseases but not OK for candida -- because the throne and fortress of candida is always in the intestines which has the biofilms.

So take the kerosene mixed with castor oil and take this at mealtime just before you eat. That will ensure that the majority of the kerosene goes where it should -- into the intestines to both kill the candida and remove the biofilms as well.

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 01/07/2013

HI U GOOD FOLKS DOIN, , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Well, I began my turpentine treatment this morning by injesting 1/2 tsp soaked in sugar cubes. Dr Daniels' protocol calls for 1 tsp, but I'm kinda chicken and will go slow. I do appreciate your earlier input and will let you know how this wild and strange adventure comes out. I opted to go this way because candida is one tough thing to get into control. A few hours later I took a pslyllium fiber shake containing bentonite clay, diatatamisious earth, cayenne and flax seed meal. Hopefully, as this passes through, it will drag out some of the affected yeast in my intestines. Wed. I will get a Hydrogen Peroxide I.V. to work on those in my blood stream.

Some posters have said they have done battle with these little critters for years. At 76, I need a PDQ treatment. ======RH========

Replied by Kazolias
Farmington, Utah, United States
Hi Robert Henry, I wondered if you had any updates on the turpentine treatment? Thanks for your time :) Pamelia

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Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 03/10/2014

This comment is for Bill from Philippines:

Hi Bill thanks for all your wonderful research and the answer to some questions I have asked. I wanted to know if you have ever heard of anyone using turpentine to get rid of tape worm? the reference you have given has people using 15-30 millilitres followed by castor oil a half hour later. Also I see here using it in a soapy enema? Any thoughts?

Here is the text:

As a remedy against the tapeworm, the dose is from one-half to one fluid ounce (15-30 mils), followed in half an hour by castor oil; the safety of these large doses is dependent upon the catharsis sweeping out 'the bowel before the turpentine can be absorbed. It is best administered in the form of an emulsion, although it is frequently given by dropping into a teaspoonful of sugar. (J. P. C., Sept., 1873, p. 223.)

In the form of an enema the oil of turpentine is highly useful in obstinate constipation, tympanitis, and seat-worms. From one-half to two fluidounces (15-60 mils) may be added to a pint of warm soapsuds.

Thanks Bill

Posted by Mary (Saskatchewan, Canada) on 02/26/2014

[YEA]  Hi : I just wanted to post about my recent experience of taking Turpentine in the morning and an MMS enema in the evening to expel worms. It has worked. I got the idea from the work Kari rivera and Andreas Klacker are doing to recover kids from autism.

They are finding that the removal of worms is doing wonders for the health and cognition of these kids and have developed a protocol. they use metbednezol (sp?) to kill the worms as well as MMS they call it chlorine dioxide and the MMS enemas.

I have way to many little maybe big health issues and spend way too much on my health with little to show for it. I decided to take matters into my own hands and see if some version of this protocol would make me feel better. I have more energy, have lost my horrid food sensitivities and get out lots of gross worms on the days I do this.

My question is am I the only one who has tried this? I feel down right now as I tried to describe this to my doctor who just basically ignored my discovery telling me it might not be worms and I should get a test. Thanks for reading. Mary

Replied by Maureen
I am about to try the Turp therapy - just ordered a bottle from Georgia. However I wanted to comment specifically on the subject of MMS and parasites.

I have had good success with Borax for candida, and we have done some "cycles" of MMS with the family just for overall health. I am always up for the next level of personal bio-hack.

I found in December that one of my sheep had a tapeworm. Perfect time to test the MMS. (She was very ill and had lost a lot of weight. I was out of town and found out she had the runs for weeks)

I suspected that the MMS would not work alone, so I started the MMS with DMSO, AM and PM.

After 5 days I added Standard process Zymex II (a parasite specific enzyme formula). 3 days later I added a few papaya seeds to the oats. after 3 doses of papaya seeds (PM, AM, PM) I went into the barn to find about 2 feet of tapeworm.

Within 3 days her poops were pretty normal, and she has doubled in size since then.

Her sister started with runny poops about 2 months later. I did the same protocol and she passed the tapeworm exactly the same. Hers was at least 4 feet.

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