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Last Modified on Oct 17, 2014

What Is Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?

A condition particularly common in young children, hand, foot and mouth disease is a contagious viral infection. Typically characterized by sores or lesions in the mouth paired with a rash on the hands and feet, the disease is typically passed at daycares and schools.

The condition generally presents itself between three and seven days following exposure with the first symptom being a fever. Secondary hand, foot and mouth disease symptoms to develop include a sore throat as well as loss of appetite and general unwell feeling. The characteristic sores and rash typically occur one to two days after the initial fever. Additionally, pain caused by the blister-like sores in the mouth as well as itching and blistering from the rash is common. Infants and toddlers often exhibit increased irritability in addition to their other symptoms.

The cause of hand, foot and mouth disease is most common coxaskievirus A16, a virus that falls within the nonpolio enteroviruses. Other enteroviruses may also cause hand, foot and mouth disease, but this one is the most common. The illness is caused by person-to-person contact and is typically ingested via the mouth. Additionally contact with an infected individual’s saliva, blister fluid, stool, respiratory droplets, nasal secretion and throat discharge can cause spread of the infection.

Natural Remedies for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

While hand, foot and mouth disease is commonly considered a mild disorder, the symptoms of the illness can be difficult for children to handle. Several natural remedies offer relief and expedite the recovery process. Colloidal silver treats the condition and prevents it from returning. Milk of magnesia also offers temporary relief from the symptoms of the condition. Supplements including probiotics, Echinacea, and goldenseal are also important treatment components, as they work to boost the immune system and eradicate viruses.

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User Reviews

Colloidal Silver   2  0   

Posted by Deb (Brandon, Manitoba) on 07/23/2009

[YEA]  I had a friend whos daughter had contracted Hand Foot and Mouth disease at daycare. We had spoken to a few people and some one sujested trying Colloidal Silver. I told her to try it because the doctor would not give her anything. Within two days her daughter was alot better and the symptoms of the Hand Foot and Mouth had gone. My friend is still giving her daughter the Colloidal Silver to stop it from comeing back. We have looked into colloidal silver and apparently its great for all viral infections and internal paracites!

Posted by Cosmicsister
Castlegar, Bc
[YEA]   My 8 year old son contracted Hand/foot/mouth from school... Had large sore blisters on the side of his tongue. I gave him 2 doses of colloidal silver for two days. It stopped more blisters from forming and the others began to heal immediately. His older brother is a diabetic and just formed a few spots around his lips - I gave him 1 dose yesterday and today there are no new spots formed. (I ran out of silver so am off to get more!)
Posted by Brittany
I have a 19 month old that woke up this morning with the rash its real bad around her mouth area and on her feet. How much Colloidal Silver should I give her and where can I find it?
Posted by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc
472 Posts
Hello Brittany,

You can find Colloidal Silver on line and at many health food stores. If me, I'd only topically apply at this time. With a white paper towel soak in CS and hold for fifteen minutes to the affected areas. I'd do this three times daily for three days. If improved, keep up until the infection is over.

General Feedback   0  0   

Posted by Gigi Morris (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 01/19/2013

I have hfmd and these little bumps r getting on my nerves when they scab over does that mean they are healing???

Milk of Magnesia   0  0   

Posted by T.D. (Newburg, PA USA) on 07/11/2009

[WORKED TEMPORARILY]  It seems that every summer now for the past 3-4 years my children get hand foot and mouth disease. I am a little puzzled why they now getting it almost every summer when before it wasn't an issue. We are actually eating way better than what we used to. As far as cures the only thing the nurse told me was to have them use milk of magnesia as a mouth wash. I can't say that it worked all that well, maybe a little relief. What is out there that is natural?

Posted by Cristin
Sanatoga, Pa
I've actually heard to do equal parts of MoM and Benadryl and swab mouth.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Ed2010 (Canada) on 11/22/2013

Is there a native treatment for Foot and Mouth Disease in Cattle? Good Health

Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1294 Posts
At various times and places, adding H2O2 commonly called hydrogen peroxide (properly measured) to their drinking water can bring substantial relief.
Posted by Ed2010
Thanks Tim, but what is the dosage, If you recommend H202, then lugols solution and/or Colloidal Silver should work. But I have to test and see the result. Good Health
Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
1294 Posts
Ed: Ed Mcabe recommends 1oz 3% hydrogen peroxide per 1qrt water (sorry no metrics here) in "small animals" but doesn't give recommendation for livestock; so the above figure would be a good start.

In human use you may have seen the figures here on e.c. 2 drops 35% H2O2 per 4oz water and increase one drop per day.

I mentioned the H2O2 over Iodine or colloidal silver as the most convenient, economical method. If one could generate, say, a gallon of high ppm c.s. and rotate w/ hydrogen peroxide that might prove the most powerful method. Mixing H2O2 and c.s. together requires some careful chemistry (as in Leonard Harowitz's "Oxysilver" product).

Posted by Ed2010
Normally, the dosage of dairy is 10 times of Human.

When compared to Lugols, CS, h202 . H202 is the cheapest. Even more Borax is more cheaper. But I am not sure about its efficacy on viral infection.

There is a sudden onset of Foot and Mouth Disease in Cattles in some regions of South India now. So I posted this question. Very long time ago, when our family was having Dairy Farm. We used to spray Phenyl on the Foot. Spray Neem Oil, and apply camphor powder on the foot.

Good Health.

Supplements to Boost Immune System   0  0   

Posted by Glen (Redlands, Ca) on 06/10/2010

Hand foot mouth disease. Since it's a virus and will usually show up in people with low immunities, it makes sense to boost the immune system. Probiotics, echinecea and goldenseal or root. The colloidal is a good thing as well since it will kill abnormal pathogens.

Posted by Shoesfly
Cleveland, Ohio
Yes, boosting immune system is so critical with a virus. I'm 20 something and got hand foot mouth from my hus who got it from some kids in fam in a pool. My husband usually not sick but suffered with this. Since I've started symptoms I crush big garlic cloves and swallow with water 3-4x a day. I take vit c as often as I can remember as well. So far I feel like my symptoms are muted compared to my husband who only took the vicodin and med mouthwash from the Dr. We'll see how this goes.

Unpasteurized Goat Milk   1  0   

Posted by Dv (Israel) on 08/16/2013

[YEA]  For Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, the only treatment I know of that will immediately, within 24 hrs show dramatic healing of the sores is non pasteurized goat milk. In order to avoid ingesting unwanted bacteria, the milk most be brought to a point on the stove when it is starting to froth and rise, then turn off the heat. Sometimes a "skin" will form, skim off or eat it , whatever. At least 1/2 cup of milk should do the job, more doesn't hurt. You may add sugar, cocoa or drink it straight, in a batch, number of times. It's not an exact science but it does the job. Pasteurized goat milk doesn't help nor does cow milk in any form. Perhaps camel milk would be helpful but I don't know from experience.


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