High Blood Sugar Remedies

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Maintain Blood Sugar Levels and Control Diabetes

High blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, is a common effect of diabetes and is caused by the body's inability to absorb glucose into cell tissue from the bloodstream. Normally when glucose levels are too high your pancreas releases insulin to allow your cells to absorb the sugar; but in diabetic patients insulin no longer affects the body properly, allowing blood glucose levels to spike dangerously high and cause damage to your organs, including the possibility of diabetic neuropathy.

Symptoms of high blood sugar develop slowly, but the longer the levels remain elevated the greater the risk. Signs of hyperglycemia are increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, fatigue, headache, and as the condition progresses: vomiting, dry mouth, weakness, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and coma.

How to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

On this page you can find a number of herbal remedies and natural treatments to lower high blood sugar level, as submitted to us by our Earth Clinic readers around the world. Our most popular cure for high blood sugar is apple cider vinegar - which slows the digestion of carbohydrates into simple sugars - with other readers suggesting cinnamon, avocado, turmeric, and a raw food diet. Let us know what remedies you try from Earth Clinic for blood sugars; and if you know of a treatments that we do not have listed yet, please do not hesitate to share it with us.

Most Popular High Blood Sugar Remedies:

Apple Cider Vinegar26

User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar   26  1   

Posted by Rencey (South Africa) on 01/07/2015

Can I use Apple Cider Vinegar 500mg capsules instead?

Posted by Vinia (Las Vegas Nevada) on 08/07/2013

I have Type II Diabetes and am taking Januvia at present, which was just increased to 100 mg. I am wondering if it will be safe for me to try Apple Cider Vinegar even if I am taking Januvia?

Replied by Elaine
Ky, Usa
Vinia, Apple Cider Vinegar should not be a problem with your meds. It won't negate their effect. But, since some people find ACV to improve their sugar situation, it could decrease your need for the medication. The safest thing to do would be to start small with the ACV. You don't want to suddenly have your sugars too low. So, try 1/2 t. in water once a day for a few days. Then take it twice a day. The next week, try 1 t. in water twice a day. The next week, try 1 1/2 t. in water twice a day, etc. Monitor how you feel and how your sugar is doing. Elaine
Replied by Marilyn
Ontario, Canada
I have just begun taking ACV and wonder how long it takes to work. I am able to take 2 tbls per day. I am prediabetic and want my numbers below 6.0 Any advice would be appreciated as I don't want to have to take medication.

Thank you

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Marilyn, you seem to be on a tolerable dosage for you, but, like a recent poster wrote, if you cut way back on carbs - esp. refined ones - and add some mild exercises, you would probably benefit more.

Posted by Lindau (Fort Worth, Texas, Usa) on 09/21/2012

I see so many get thier BS down with apple vinegar, how can they stand the taste so often, how can I do it with out grrrrr lol gagging. I have to get mine down or my Dr. is going to put me on insulin ideas on how I can take that ACV that won't taste awful? thanks, linda

Replied by Lovelimu
Irvington, Al
I know this is going to sound crazy, but have any of you heard of LIMU? My best friend has type 2 diabetes and couldn't get her levels down below 300. This went on for over a year. She started drinking 2oz of LIMU with every meal and she is now in the normal range and was able to get off of her pump after only drinking it for 4 weeks. If anyone is interested in learning more I would love to talk to them. This product is near and dear to my heart. My email is lovelimu2(AT)gmail.com

Posted by Keely (Atlana, Ga-usa) on 09/18/2012

[YEA]  My blood glucose was 241 last night. I took three teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water, added two packs of stevia which is also suppose to lower blood sugar. I then exercised, nothing that big, but I invested in a kettlebell. $29 bucks. I did some kettle bell swings, a little arm work, you know, just enough to get my heart beating a little fast, but really I didnt do that much. I tested an hour later and my blood sugar was 121!! I couldnt believe it! I woke up this morning, tested and my blood sugar is 122!! Its been a long time since my blood sugar has been that low upon waking!! This will be my new routine every night!!

Replied by Gary
Bellevue, Wa, US
[YEA]   Thanks to the clarity and simple instruction Keely provided at 2:26 AM, with blood sugar showing 226 (non fasting), I took 3 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar in 12 oz water with 1/2 packet of stevia. Then, at 4:23 AM, I checked my glucose again. It was down to 200. Slept from that time (no exercise) until 7:30 am and at 8:28 I tested fasting bs and found it at 138. AMAZING!!! Metformin can't touch this performance. THANKS Keely! I will keep this up and see how it goes over the next month.

Posted by Lynn (Lakewood, Colorado) on 09/09/2012

I am Lynn from Lakewood, Colorado. I have pre-diabetes, and I was told to drink 1 tbsp. of ACV before each meal, but the ACV makes me so dizzy that I can only take it at night, before I eat a snack before I go to bed. I was wondering if taking 1 tbsp at night will lower my blood sugar, or do I need to take it more often, like 2 or three times a day, for it to work? Please help me.

Posted by Aud (Stapleton, Al) on 09/06/2011

[YEA]  apple cider vinegar does work for lowering your blood sugar. I have tried it and know it works. Thank goodness.

Replied by Shin
Santa Clara, Ca, Usa
I have family history of diabetes so I watch my BS too. I heard about ACV and for a month now I always take 2 tblspoon before I ate a roll or high carb bread. But today, I intentionally ate a cinnamon roll without ACV and one hour after my BS spikes to 170 and that freaked me -- normally with ACV, it was 110 an hour after eating that bread. So this morning I freaked because I understand that we should not go over 140. So I immediately took 2 tblspoons of _____'s ACV to drag the BS down and 55 mins after my BS read 114. I now decide to always have ACV before eat high carb bread because it obviously worked for me -- I am now a believer that ACV can help slash the sugar spike after carb eating. Good luck to all.
Replied by Michael
Athens, Ohio
Eating 1 T of virgin coconut oil and then doing moderate exercise like walking for 15 to 30 min will also bring your BS down possibly even more than ACV. ACV does nothing for me but VCO will bring me into the 80's from 170. If you read Dr. Richard Bernstein or Ron Rosedale you will learn that eating that high carb roll is really bad for you and not woth doing because it is whipping your beta cells to produce more insulin and they will eventually burn out and die and then you will become a type 1 diabetic and need insulin.

Posted by Cheryl (Brownsville, Pa) on 07/11/2009

[YEA]  I was recently diagnosed as a "borderline diabetic" and higher cholesterol and triglycerides than normal. Also going into the lovely stages of menopause. My hemoglobin test came back at 5.8 which is just short of the cut off point. At 6.0 you are considered a diabetic. I stopped eating junk food entirely and started exercising and testing my blood sugar three times a day (even though I was not told to do so). Both of my parents are diabetics and I was determined that this was NOT going to happen to me. I started taking 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar right before my lunch and supper. I was startled to see how drastically my blood sugars had come down in only 1 week. When I had my first "glucose" test my number was 121. 126 you are considered a diabetic. I have been testing my blood sugars for the last week and they are now running in the 70's - 90's. WOW! Just a note....there were a few times that my sugar dropped too low so make sure you eat enough of a proper balanced diet and make sure to have your snacks in between meals. I am going to wait one month before I have more blood work to see if it is working on cholesterol and triglycerides.

Replied by Cynthia
Jacksonville, Alabama
[YEA]   I usually like to do things for awhile before recommending it, but after reading your posts I tried the acv for low blood sugar. Within 5 mins of swigging about a tsp I felt lots better. It's been an hour and I still feel better. I am a believer, thanks everybody!

It also helps my heart burn usually. The other day, I drank some coffee and had a 5 hour energy drink because of something I had to do. Since I normally don't drink it, it can really upset my stomach. I ate tums right and left with little relief. When I got home I tried acv twice with no help. It had passed the point of no return. I then ate a large tbs of plain yogurt and a cracker and that finally did the trick.

Replied by Vincent
Minneapolis, Mn
[YEA]   I have had the same experiences, so good for you. For lowering my cholesterol and triglycerides, I have added two Ayurvedic herbs that have completely eliminated my need to be on medications. They are: triphala, and guggulu. Look them up. I buy them from a local shop in powder form and stir them into water and drink. It is quite nasty tasting but you get used to it. Blah... Really nasty, lol... The guggulu tastes like church incense smells, if you know what I mean. It is local for me to get and I just go pick it up. Good luck.
Replied by Kelly
Catawissa, Mo, Usa
In response to Cheryl above. In my beginning stages of adult onset diabetes 1, I had more lows than highs. I would eat and for about an hour or two, I'd have high #'s, then crash to the lows. So I'm not so sure the lows you are having are actually attributed to the ACV. You need to be sure you have a glucometer (most drs. give them for free or u can find them online for free) and test many times troughout the day.
Replied by Benni
San Diego, Ca - California
I am pre-diabetic who, with rampant diabetes on both sides of the family, has been monitoring my blood sugar faithfully, and several times a day for the past few months.

The main reason I was doing this was to see if anything other than a low carb diet would work to control my blood sugar. (So far, NO - except the ACV).

On a low carb diet (no more than 30 g of carbs per day = ketosis for the past 5 weeks) my daily blood sugar runs in a very strict band of 100-113. Some days I've tested it 5 times hoping it would fall ower. On a regular diet, my blood sugar is in the 90-175 range.

I've been taking 1 tsp ACV 3x/day for only two days and today my blood sugar has registered at 69 and 85.

Also, yesterday I started the Borax 1/8th tsp in a liter of water drunk throughout the day, so that may have contributed as well.

For the past week, I've been trying various remedies for chronic fatigue. I didn't take the ACV for my blood sugar but rather for increased energy (seems to be working) so only looked it up on Earth Clinic as regards blood sugar after realizing the dramatic drop.

If anything changes (I. E. sugars go up again as magically as they came down, I'll post an update.)

Posted by Rick (Sarasota, Florida) on 06/24/2009

Apple Cider Vinegar - and all other acidic drinks (e.g., orange juice and lemon juice) - deactivate an enzyme, amylase, in the saliva. Amylase in the mouth splits food starches into glucose molecules, which can enter the blood stream immediately. (Amylase is also released by the pancreas and enters the small intestine later when the food finally arrives there.) The deactivation of amylase in the mouth might account for the lowering of blood sugar in individuals who drink ACV BEFORE a high-carb meal.

However, if you achieve lower blood sugar levels by taking ACV AFTER a meal, then there is obviously some other mechanism at work.

Please e-mail me and let me know.

Replied by Curiosa
Miami, USA
I also experience what feels like low blood sugar attacks when I take apple cider vinegar? I know I have low blood pressure and I alot of problems with my digestion. So yes iam lacking in the proper enzymes. Iread about someone else who got bloated when they take acv. That happens to me too! As soon as I take it I hear sort of bubbely sounds from my stomache and then within minutes I bloat?!! Itook the acv for six months. Another interseting thing that happens to me when I take the acv is I get a itchy scalp and hair loss. Ihave tested this on and off and it seems to be the acv?! I believe have a bacterial over growth in my gut and I know I am too acidic. Even when I take the acv with baking soda I still get the same reaction! To the person who said there might be other mechanisms involved please let me know. IF anyone else has suggestions or comments please fill me in!

Thanks in advance!

Replied by Miriam
Humboldt, Iowa
I wish more people would be tested for H-Pylori. It's a bacteria in your stomach that causes bloating to many foods. It took twenty some yers and a very good Docter to find this out. A very simply test. I also was told I am very lactose intolerant, again a very simple test. Demand to be tested. H-Pylori is very common and much overlooked. I am diabetic too and have gone from very low numbers to high. I watch my diet like a hawk but don't know it all yet. What's high in sugar and what's not. Is natural sugar in fruit good or bad????
Replied by Saba
Mentor, Oh
I'm a diabetic too. I know sugar in a simple form or in fruit still needs to be watched. There are some fuits better than others like banana is very high in sugar vs. apples. The t-tapp excerise for me has been very effective to bring the blood sugar down as well as ACV. I watched a very educational show on diabetes yesterday on Operah here is the link if you care to read it. http://www.oprah.com/oprahshow/Diabetes-101-with-Dr-Oz-Dr-Ian-Smith-and-Bob-Greene
Replied by Pamm
Birmingham, Alabama
Too much Apple Cider Vinegar Can Cause Loss of Potassium, because if you notice you will lose a-lot of water weight while taking ACV, This will deplete Potassium & Sodium fairly Quickly. I am A Medical Researcher & Have used myself as a Study for the last year & noticed very quickly of Potassium & Sodium Loss With Apple Cider Vinegar: Symptoms Loss Potassium: Itchy Scalp, Tiredness, Irregular Blood Pressure & High Heart Rate Are Signs of Low Potassium, Low Sodium: Leg Cramps, Very Weak & Tired, Low Blood Pressure. Also when these are low I noticed Worsening of Allergies. So if you do take ACV for any Ailments make sure you Take In More Potassium & Sea Salt In Addition Too. ACV Contains only a trace of Potassium. I Take in Potassium Citrate 99 mg a day. Very Inexpensive. Too Much ACV causes Too much Hydrochloric Acid In Stomach so don't take too much. If you develop heartburn or acid reflux after taking ACV, you having taking too much & to reverse this take 1/2 teaspoon of Baking Soda. Good Luck!
Replied by Lorane
Dayton, Ohio
I also had bloating problem. It was caused by Giardia Lamblia, a bacteria found in western states produce fields and irrigation systems. Ask your doc to do a stool check for this. Ten little yellow tablets later you'll feel great if this is the cause. I had to give up on the ACV until after the antibiotics. If I have a flare up now I eat a massive quantity of Plain Yogurt. No problems since. Good luck.

Posted by Vinnie (Livonia, USA) on 05/15/2009

[NAY]  high blood sugar: my blood sugar runs between 170 to 205, I watch my diet and exercise and i drink acv mixed with lite (amt) honey and distilled water..I have seen no results with the ACV, what am I doing wrong. I take 2Tbl ACV with 1tsp honey in 8 ounces distille water...

Replied by Lisa
Venice Beach, California
Try the remedy again without the honey. Honey made my bloodsugar spike too (I used to add it to tea a few times a day)... now I only use raw sugar, no more than 1 teaspoon at a time. But I suggest you try ACV without any sweetener unless it's something like stevia.
Replied by Ash
London, Uk
[YEA]   I have been taking ACV for some months and my fasting blood sugar is down to between 4-6 mmol - I have managed to reduce my diabetes medication. I never add Honey or sweetner and find it tastes great with sparkling mineral water - just add 2 Tablespoon and drink before meals and before bedtime. Ash
Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
ACV, a couple of dashes of cinnamon, and a packet (or teaspoon if you have the loose kind) of stevia make an amazing drink, tastes like apple pie in a glass, and it is really healthy. You get the benefit of the ACV and cinnamon plus a very tolerable taste with no added sugars. Hint - these are the ingredients in the 'apple cinnamon' drink the "famous ACV company" sells. It is yum, and $2 a bottle at the natural foods store, or pennies at home. Try it and test your glucose 1 hr later and let us know.

Posted by Tom (Greensboro, North Carolina) on 03/21/2009

[YEA]  i took apple cider vinegar (2 tbl spoons per bottle of water) to help lower my blood sugar. not only did it bring my levels down substantially, but it's also helping me lose weight and something i haven't read on here - it has increased the amount of semen i produce. great site - thank you!

Replied by Dianna
Austin, Tx
funny you should mention this. when i first started taking ACV - and i only take 1 teaspoon a day - suddenly my sex drive re-awakened. i think that it just gives your immune system a kick in the pants and when you feel good - you feel good!
Replied by Dedubbya
North Carolina
That's really interesting. I will have to check on that.. lol

Posted by Dianna (Austin, Texas) on 12/28/2008

[YEA]  i have tried apple cider vinegar in the past with mixed results. i have diabetes and take insulin. when i started taking ACV before i was taking 1 tablespoon and it really did lower my blood sugar - in fact i had to make sure that i ate enough carbs or it would be too low - like in the 40's. also it was giving me very bad gas. i was taking it in a glass of water 2x a day and my teeth were becoming sensitive.

well, i started taking it again - but this time in a much smaller dose. now i put it in a dropper bottle and take a dropper - approx. 1/2 - 1 teaspoon and i put it in the back of my throat so it doesn't touch my teeth.

this works much better for me and i do get some of the blood sugar lowering effects - but what i really noticed is that in the morning my face is not puffy. it also makes me pee a lot more and i just feel 'cleaner'. it seems like my body is 'clearer' or something. and at this dosage it isn't giving me gas. i do this 2 times a day and maybe i will be able to work up to more eventually - but for now this is helping me.

Posted by Mel (Luray, Virginia) on 12/08/2008

I am new at this, after being overweight for about a 6 months I joined a gym to start working out. BUT..I found out today from my fasting blood test my sugar level was 285, thats scary. Since I am new at this does this ACV stuff really work? I plan to work at losing 50 lbs in the gym. I know it will be tough but I know I can do it. I just hope all these claims about ACV is correct.

Posted by Sheila (Wicks, Arkansas) on 06/18/2008

[YEA]  Hi, I'm a diabetic, overweight, Had a hysterectomy, and do NOT do hormone replacement, have suffered from yeast infections on my skin, not in my vagina, ever since I had the Hysterectomy, i am 40 years old, I have been in so much pain, I was ready to go, throw myself overboard if I could find a boat. I went to (ask.com) typed in yeast infection it brought me to this web sight, and thank GOD IN HEAVEN, I tried 3 cups apple cider vinegar store bought and 2 cups idozied salt with half tub of water and soaked for 1 hour. While drinking a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, it helped me so much, it is a true Miracle! By drinking the apple cider vinegar it has lowered my blood sugar by 20 points, which is great cause I run about 250, on my blood sugar count, I can't thank you all enough for sharing your stories, I know you have all been in much pain as I have but, you have helped me so much. THANKS AGAIN, and GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU! and May we all be HEALTHY once again.

Posted by Sheila (Wicks, Arkansas) on 06/18/2008

[YEA]  Hi, I'm a diabetic, overweight, Had a hysterectomy, and do NOT do hormone replacement, have suffered from yeast infections on my skin, not in my vagina, ever since I had the Hysterectomy, i am 40 years old, I have been in so much pain, I was ready to go, throw myself overboard if I could find a boat. I went to (ask.com) typed in yeast infection it brought me to this web sight, and thank GOD IN HEAVEN, I tried 3 cups apple cider vinegar store bought and 2 cups idozied salt with half tub of water and soaked for 1 hour. While drinking a glass of water with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, it helped me so much, it is a true Miracle! By drinking the apple cider vinegar it has lowered my blood sugar by 20 points, which is great cause I run about 250, on my blood sugar count, I can't thank you all enough for sharing your stories, I know you have all been in much pain as I have but, you have helped me so much. THANKS AGAIN, and GOD BLESS EACH OF YOU! and May we all be HEALTHY once again.

Posted by Ramesh Bhatnagar (Irving, Texas, USA) on 03/29/2008

[YEA]  I read about Apple Cider Vinegar online so I tried it. The first day my sugar level lowered from 235 plus to 110. I am taking two table spoons in a 1/4 glass of water, this is a miracle remedy to lower sugar level. I have not taken any metformin etc. for nearly two weeks. I am to have my lab test done next mid April 2008, let's see what the results shows! My diet is besan (gram flour) and soya flour pan cakes with sour cream and salad (onion, cucumber, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, celery, lemon juice, bitter melon and Habanero and lite salt) twice a day and boiled tilapia fish in the evening. I am very happy with ACV, I just ordered 12 (32oz) bottles of ACV with the Mother, Organic and unfiltered. This will remain in my cupboard always! Thank you for having a wonderful informative website. God Bless!!

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