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Apple Cider Vinegar   26  1   

Posted by Teady (Columbus, georgia) on 11/26/2007

[YEA]  I drank vinegar after my meals today and my blood sugar was great almost immediately Thanks for your great suggestions!

Posted by Tim (Winnipeg, Manitoba) on 10/20/2007

[YEA]  I am a Type II Diabetic and I am 43 years old. I have been of Medication for 3 years now and I am managing my Diabetes by eating a healthy diet and exercise. I am writing to commend you folks and tell you that Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders in terms of controlling my blood sugar levels, its amazing. As awful as it tastes the benefits are truly amazing. Start of with 1 teaspoon and record the results and take as many times as needed otherwise you may lower you blood sugar levels to low.

Posted by Yaakova (Tulsa, Oklahoma) on 07/05/2007

[YEA]  I am a 44 yr old female with Type 2 diabetes, HBP and osteoarthritis. I had almost given up on myself until 2 months ago. I found your site and started taking ACV hoping for relief from arthritis pain (2 tbs 3x a day mixed with apple juice). The first 3 days were rough, I felt pretty bad. Then I started feeling better. Not only has ACV helped ease the arthritis pain, but it has also lowered my blood pressure and my blood sugar levels have also dropped! My average was 135 and it is now 108! I've even lost some weight! I feel like I have a new found energy and my sleep patterns have improved! I don't have food cravings anymore and my complexion looks great too. I can't say enough about how ACV has helped me. I have told several of my friends about this site. They too are having success with many of the remedies posted here. May I also say that I started Black Strap Molasses at the same time (1 tbs once a day with 5 oz milk). My period was very heavy with lots of large clots and lasted for almost 2 weeks. I was always weak and light-headed during my period. I am happy to report that my last period was only 7 days! The first 3 days were still heavy but it tapered off to normal. The light-headed feeling is gone too. I am so glad I found this website. I feel like I am becoming the person I used to be when I was younger and I am very happy with the changes.

Posted by Leah (Decatur, IL) on 05/09/2007

[YEA]  Rather than mix my ACV with baking soda, why can't I just brush my teeth afterward with baking soda? That's what I usually use for toothpaste, anyway, often mixed in with Tom's no fluoride toothpaste.

Since reading about how AVC helps with blood sugar levels, I've been drinking it with water. I've also noticed a decrease in migraine headaches, and it seems to help my asthma. Also, if I've just eaten a bunch of sugar on a craving thing, I follow it up with AVC in water, and I feel better about my binge, mentally and physically.

Posted by SHARON (WEST PALM BEACH, FLOIRDA) on 03/30/2007


Posted by Don (West Central, Illinois) on 03/25/2007

[YEA]  I've had diabetes for several years, put on insulin some months ago. Sugars still hitting average of mid-300's all the time, day and night, A1C well over 8. BP about 145/90, cholesterol low 200's. Started raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with "the mother" couple of months ago. Unbelieveable. With absolutely no other changes, sugars hover about 100, A1C 6.0, BP 122/80, cholesterol 122. No more joint pain- I quit my daily dose of 2 Aleve tabs. Now I'll begin backing off insulin and other meds to see if I can maintain the good numbers. I am dumbfounded by this, and people think I'm nuts. My doctor is absolutely ecstatic. I use a "shot" of the ACV (I use _______s) in about 6 ounces of ice cold purified water morning and evening. (Make sure you mix the bottle well before pouring, to blend in the sediment on the bottom of the jar).

Posted by Darrel (Victoria, australia) on 03/18/2007

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar: Recently been diagonised with diabetes, put on medication, low carb diets and GI plus daily exercise I still found it very hard to obtain areasonable sugar levels. Been frustrated about the whole issue I started reserching into it until I found the effect ACV has on your digestive system (reduced gastric dumping rate) and its effects on glicermic levels. To cut a long story short I started taking ACV in water with every carb loaded meal, the result has been stunning, I dont take tablets any more. On the same hand I dont go crasy with food, I always watch the GI,GL and never miss the ACV no matter whare I go. THE IMPORTANT THING IS IT MUST BE TAKEN WITH THE CARB LOADED MEALS, hope you get the same results I have.

Posted by Dana (Fort Worth, TX) on 03/18/2007

[YEA]  I started taking Apple cider vinegar 3 weeks ago. 2 tbl. 3 x day. The only health issue i deal with is hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) The acv has helped any drops in my sugar levels. As a result I have lots of energy, my moods swings are very few and I am enjoying life again. My mother started on it 4 or 5 weeks ago and said she's had so much energy that her house has been clean for weeks. We both struggled with keeping our houses clean (a family curse) and now we can keep up with it.

Posted by Millie (Harrison, Ohio) on 03/04/2007

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar has been a prayer answered from God to stabalize the recent spikes in my blood sugar. For the past 11 years I have successfully controlled my Type 2 diabetes thru diet and supplements. About a month ago I started drinking 1-2 tbsp in a glass of water right before a meal, and I have noticed an amazing difference, with readings below 101. I feel more alive with fewer aches and pains. I am concerned about the effects on my dental health and plan to brush more frequently. But on the whole, I feel like I have been given a new outlook on life. It is very important to me to be in control of my health and keep my diabetes under control. Now with ACV, I can go on and enjoy life! God bless.

Posted by Bill (Dayton, OH) on 01/02/2007

[YEA]  I'm one of those people who believe that drug companies are not out to cure diseases but to come up with drugs to ONLY control them so we're stuck buying them for a lifetime. After my doctor had me wear a blood pressure device for 24 hours I was told my blood pressure was high and he put me on (Micardis?). 2 months later on Superbowl Sunday, Feb. 5-06 I had a stroke. I wish I could give you numbers and readings but I don't have them. 14 years ago I was told I was a diabetic and needed to control it with diet which I never really did. Anyway after the stroke my doctor had me go get my blood tested for almost everything sugarwise. He told me of bad numbers on most everything. Then a friend told me about Apple Cider Vinegar and although it's not the tastiest thing I started taking a drink of Heinz ACV every morning. That started about 6 months ago. On my last Dr. appointment going over another blood sugar test he wanted to know how much I was exercising because my blood pressure was good and so were all my sugar numbers plus I'm almost under 200 pounds for the first time in ??? I'm at 203 with a high of 232 and haven't changed a thing in my lifestyle. I haven't exercised on a regular basis since giving up softball at the age of 46 four years ago. ACV has made a believer of me. Now if I could just pour it on my head and regrow my hair.

Replied by Marguerite
Cheltenham, Maryland
Go to the Health Store and get _____s Vinegar --- its raw and unfiltered -- gluten free and it is organic and it taste much better that vinegar that you get at the grocery store and cook with. Marguerite
Replied by Citygirl27
Richardson, Tx, Usa
Where to buy ACV: I got my 32 oz bottle of the 'famous' brand of Organic apple cider vinegar from my local Kroger for $4. I found it in the "Nature's Market" section of the store by the organic salad dressings shelf - ironically which is right next to the pharmacy and vitamins. Better value there than I have seen most places.

My FBS (at 8 am this morning) was 75, and was 95 tested 2 hours after a vegetarian indian lunch. Want to use glucose levels and ACV favorably for weight control.

Posted by Eleanor (Philadelphia, PA) on 11/22/2006

[YEA]  Vinegar has lowered my glucose readings. It has worked so well, that I, too, thought my moniter was broken. I happen to love vinegar, but even if I didn''t.....so what? It's only two tablespoons in 1/2 glass of water. I use it now after every meal. The results are unbelievable and so well worth my health. Please tell everyone. I cannot believe I stumbled upon this amazing, inexpensive aid in lowering my blood glucose levels.

Posted by Barbara (Camden, AR) on 09/24/2006

[YEA]  Acv is great- everyone should take it! However a diet free of refined sugar and flour-all pro- cessed foods and exercised are a must. To obtain and maintain the best health one has to do a whole lifestyle change. No smoking, moderate alcohol and at least 8 hours of restful sleep, avoid bad stress.

Posted by Veronica (Reno, NV) on 03/27/2006

[YEA]  After discovering this website and reading all the benefits that Apple Cider Vinegar has. I've been taken apple cider vinegar for about 3 weeks now (3 tbls. with 8 ounces of water three times a day) and I have noticed that it has kept my sugar and my blood pressure in normal ranges, it has also lowered my body fat percentage, I'm losing weight and it has also cured my sore throat and I feel more energetic. I love your website. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Tracey (Perth, Australia)

[YEA]  I would like to let everybody know apple cider vinegar is great, since I started taking it a few months ago, my blood sugar and high blood pressure is much lower than I expected.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda   0  1   

Posted by Myhealth (Warri, Delta, Nigeria) on 06/28/2010

[NAY]  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes some 2 years ago. I took prescription drugs for about 6months but stopped to depend on diet and exercise for my Blood Sugar control until I came upon this beautiful website. I call it beautiful cause it is amazingly rich with life saving informations.

I started taking 1table spoon of ACV twice a day for about 2months now and my Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) now averages at 115. I test my FBS every morning when I rise to prepare for work at about 6.00am. In addition I also test my Urine and saliva. My urine and Saliva has consistently stayed at Ph 6.0 and 6.2 respective.

Last week feeling that my body is acidic from the ph reading, I decided to alkalize by adding 1/4teaspoon of baking soda to my ACV. Suprisingly my Urine ph consistently stayed at 7.2, same as my saliva but my FBS went up and averaged at 160. I have stopped the addition of baking soda for the past three days and my FBS has returned to a healthy range. This morning I woke up with an FBS of 87 and urine ph of around 5.8

I am not able to explain the baking soda influence on my body pH and my Blood sugar. Please can someone help?

I am concerned with my pH level as I understand that it is not healthy to consistently have acid condition(I do not want to age that fast. I love my life at this time). Is there some other ways for me to alkalize fast without raising my FBS?.

God Bless you all contributors and thanks for all the beautiful work published on this website.

Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Answer to Myhealth from Warri, Delta, Nigeria about Sodium and increased Fasting Blood Sugar

Hi, From http://www.acu-cell.com/dis-hyp.html

"Many practitioners recommend nearly identical dietary lifestyles for people suffering from Low Blood Sugar (hypoglycemia), and diabetes (hyperglycemia), whereby adequate consumption of Protein and Fiber, as well as Sodium management, are important considerations to help improve sugar metabolism in both situations.

Sodium (salt) slows insulin response, which with diabetes contributes to poor blood sugar control, however some hypoglycemic individuals with no sodium sensitivity, aldosterone issues, and generally a disposition for low blood pressure can use sufficient sodium intake to their advantage, because it diminishes a quick rise and fall in insulin levels and subsequently reduces those dreaded blood sugar highs and lows they commonly experience."

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Therefore I would advice to reduce by half the baking soda and replace the removed portion with potassium citrate or bicarbonate. You will have to tweak it for better results.

I suspect it is related with excess uric acid which can cause high blood pressure and may induce later insulin resistance as some recent researches suggest. Ans some postulate that human react this way to acid uric (unlike most animals) as an evolution defense against too much potassium from vegetables inducing lower blood pressure.

Read some posts from Ted where he suggests BS with potassium citrate/bicarbonate. He might suggest a different ratio of sodium/potassium.

It is important to realize that not only the ratio sodium/potassium is important but also sodium/calcium, and calcium/magnesium. So a pH protocol would be preferable with a combination of several minerals.

Good Luck. Alain

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