Enemas and Colonics

Last Modified on Jun 20, 2014

Enemas and colonics have long been among the more popular and consternating practices in the complementary health field. Proponents claim that enormous health benefits can be derived from thoroughly cleaning waste and stagnating toxins from the colon--which is to some extant the body's toxic waste dump. What is the truth about these alternative treatments? What is the difference between a colonic and an enema? Can you really benefit from such therapy?

A colonic is a cleansing of the entire colon completed by a health professional, whereas an enema is a similar treatment you can do at home, though it cleans out only the lower sections of the colon--the descending colon and sigmoid colon. Each uses water or another liquid (such as in a coffee enema) to irrigate and wash out the lower end of the intestinal tract

Home Remedies: Colonics and enemas are said to remove toxins and fermenting food wastes from the colon to detoxify the body.

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Coffee Enemas   3  0   

Posted by Cindy (Usa) on 06/19/2014

Bill, will frequent use of coffee enemas deplete any nutrients from the body and can it aggravate candida? Your advice would be awesome. I hope to do enemas over the next few days or so to help detox my liver. Thanks

Posted by Bill
San Fenando, Philippines
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Hi Cindy...Laxatives will tend to deplete minerals in the body but the main function of the coffee enema is to cause the liver to contract and expel all its stored poisons via the bile duct and the intestines. This coffee enema's action will therefore not act to deplete minerals from your body. But it will clear poisons fairly rapidly from the liver and blood.

Max Gerson used coffee enemas about 8 times a day and 8 times at night(during the sleeping hours) to help expel cancer poisons from the livers of stage 4 cancer sufferers, so I reckon coffee enemas are pretty safe to use. Here is a speech by Max Gerson which gives a quick description of his protocol.

Dr Gerson also used laxatives frequently per day as a strategy to avoid re-absorption of these cancer poisons back into the body via the colon. Since his protocol also included his patients juicing and drinking fresh fruits and vegetables every day, there was little or no danger of lack of minerals in their diet.

So coffee enemas will not aggravate candida but will in fact help act to expel the candida waste poisons -- the mycotoxins -- more rapidly from the body.

Posted by Timh
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If I might add, as a once long-term Coffee Enema user, a "full strength" enema is proly too much for chronic use, watering this down will probably proof most effective. Coffee can deplete Vit- A from the body (this would cause a weakening of the intestinal walls or lining) so it is advised to increase preformed Vit-A foods or Cod Liver Oil supplements. Also, as the Colon is a major harbinger of pathogens (especially in disease states) put a few drops of Povidone Iodine in the Coffee Enema to eradicate the pathogens thus improving the detox power of the enema.

Posted by Fiona (Tustin, Ca) on 10/14/2013

[YEA]  I had arthritis, acne, and ulcer. And all at the same time everything disappeared after I started coffee enema.

And I know arthritis, acne and ulcer are related. When you perform coffee enema, you can see slimy slippery thing float on top (when you have a cold you cough a lot of this slippery mucus) and this is the very toxin that our body try to get rid of.

This is fungus related disease. It can affect your digestive organ joints and glands.

And whenever I had food poisoning coffee enema does wonders. It never once disappointed me.

For some, coffee enema sounds like a lot of work. I use instant coffee. (pure coffee) So I just mix it with reverse osmosis water. And retention enema for 20 minutes.. (during this time you can watch tv or study. coffee enema is great for brain!! ) whenever I am slightly depressed or anxious I do this also and I always end up singing-meaning it had positive affect on my body, mood already.

I believe not one remedy works best all the time. In conjunction with herbs minerals and MMS, vitamins and coffee enema, I am so much better now.

I wish you all the same results.

Posted by Steve
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[YEA]   I had a similar experience recently with coffee enemas. For the past two months I had been waking up with waves of nausea in the morning. I had this feeling that my liver/GB was toxic after years of eating the standard american diet. I did a series of 3 coffee enemas over the course of about a week. I have not had any nausea since. They really work and can increase glutathione, the hormone that prevents aging, by up to 700%! They are not very pleasant to do but the payoff in health benefits is well worth it. Dr Wilson has some of the best info on coffee enemas I have seen:

http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/COFFEE ENEMA.HTM

Health Blessings,


Posted by Timh
Ky, Usa
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[WARNING!]   Following hospitalization from a severe environmental illness some yrs back, I tried, in desperation, the coffee enema w/ a major colon cleanse effect from first two enemas. Following this I got addicted as the enemas would improve my liver detox.

As a note to the benefits of the coffee enema I must add a possible bad side effect. If using the C.E. ongoing, be absolutely sure to thoroughly clean the bag, line, and tip used for administration. After a few months of daily C.E. my progress was halted and reversed when I acquired a fungal infection from not keeping the hardware clean. Hot soapy water isn't enough; also use either bleach or ammonia (not both at once) in hot water for cleaning. More than a decade later and I am still battling the fungal issue.

Posted by Melly (Columbia, Sc, Usa) on 07/24/2011

After too many trips to too many Doctors I am trying a more natural approach. I have fibromyalgia, post gallbladder surgery dumping syndrome, compromised immune system, recurrent headaches and sinus infections. I had an allergic reaction, that my gastro Dr. Says couldn't happen, to Ipamadol/Isoview iodine dye, that caused nerve damage in my feet and a goiter on my thyroid gland. I am in menopause and am having night sweats but have not been able to use anything that doesn't cause side efects.

The holostic nurse pract that I went to suggested to begin with coffee enemas, but I am hesitant. One cup of coffee makes my heart race. I can't afford to do anything that will keep me from going to work, I miss too many days as is.

Does anyone have experience with either the enema or the Xeneplex?

Thank you!

Posted by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
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Hi Melly, I just wanted to let you know that a coffee enema works quite differently from drinking coffee. I could go into the details that make coffee so effective but suffice it to say that what it does is stimulates the liver to create more bile. The increased bile helps to move the toxins out. Also, the coffee acts as an astringent in the large intestine and cleans the colon walls. Hopefully, this info helps you to make an educated decision!
Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
Melly, according to the link I have provided below Vitamin C to bowel saturation levels and also calcium/magesium will do the trick. Also vegetable juicing... Let us know if it works.


Posted by Debra
Wagga Wagga, Australia
I know coffee enemas are not the same as drinking coffee & as I am so toxic & digestion so bad I was very keen to try - I did for a yr but everytime it keeps me awake all night. During that year I also got a liver profile that shows phase 1 and phase 2 not right. So perhaps they are for people with a more healthy liver than I. I cant tolerate any caffeine.
Posted by Alex
Townsville, Australia
[YEA]   Hi Melly, Coffee enemas facilitate the liver detoxifing your blood. It has been used by Dr. Max Gerson (coleague of Dr. Albert Schweitzer and Physician to his wife) in his Nutritional Therapy for curing terminal patients. He presented 50 cured patients to the USA senate enquiry in the 1940's and published a book on the therapy. You can find more details googling "Gerson Institute". It is important that the coffee is ORGANIC.
Posted by Nicole
Ketchikan, Ak
I've been doing research on urine therapy and it turns out it cures a lot of problems a lot faster via enema. This website does not touch on the subject enough. Urine is the opposite of what we where taught. It's actually sterile and can be applied topically and ingested. It should be up there with organic apple cider vinegar. From the looks of it, urine might even surpass ACV. It's a shame we where conditioned to think of it as dirty. The better your diet the easier it is to get down. It tastes like water especially if you drink alot of water. I know it's taboo but if you are desperate enough you will look past that. All along we had a gem within us waiting to be remembered. Urine is considered the wolrds oldest medicine and has been documented dating back 5,000 years! I suggest researching your self and read every thing you can find on it.
You can start at http://educate-yourself.org/cn/
Then go to forbidden cures. This website has a wealth of knowledge! Topics that main stream media will not touch! Thanks to all. Love you earth clinic.
Posted by Teri In T Town
Tacoma, Wa, Usa
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Glutathione is, one of, if not the most, important antioxidants in our bodies. Extra glutathione can help clear dementia, cure cancers, and it diminshes with age and toxic metal accumulation. Evidence shows that gluatathione supplements, which are very expensive, are not absorbed, so you need to encourage your body to make more.

As mentioned above, Dr. Gerson uses coffee enemas as part of his treatment program for cancer patients. Not mentioned in the posts above is that the coffee enemas are the most effective way to stimulate our livers to produce more glutathione. Eating asparagus is helpful too.

On a side note, a friend's father went to a Gerson clinic in Mexico 25 years ago with "untreatable cancer. " He came home feeling great and lived another 25 years into his 90s.

Posted by Fiona
Tustin, Ca
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First I don't use enema bag. Because it is difficult to clean and manage. I use syringes. It is portable also. In the beginning I also used organic coffee. But I just simplified everything. Instant pure coffee. When I decide to do enema, it takes a second to prepare.

I realized no matter how wonderful the medicine is if it is difficult to access, you won't get it as much. I really think enema is the very first step of illness. When your house is full of gabage what do you do first? vacumm? no! You take the gabage out first. :)

Illness often makes people very unhappy. And alot of remedy comes with side effects. The detox symptom. To me coffee enema promises a happy time. And I can't empasize enough. "Nothing is more important than you feel better now" First you must lift your spirit up. And detoxing the liver does the job.

After finishing enema, have a huge feast. Don't worry about getting fat. Now your body needs to supply new source of energy. After an hour later perform another enema. :) Good luck and have fun!

General Feedback   2  0   

Posted by Xiaozhu87 (Singapore) on 04/19/2012

I would like to asked some question. Yesterday afternoon my orders arrive from iherb. :) so happy! Den at night I took my first dose of bentiontie clay and psyllium husk(whole) is tastless bu taste yucky! colon cleanser separte. Like 5 mins apart. Den after that I keep drinking water. And de thing is i've pain in my stomach but not really pain like going I thought is i'm going to have bowel movement like that. But no, nothing came out. So I went toilet to pee, den there's this mucus things coming out from my vaginal, i'm sure is not discharge! :) but the mucus smell like poop!! Am I passing out my bowel movement through mucus? I finally figure out!! Omg.. I think must be smelling my mucus discharge.. :( I also can smell it too when it suddenly come out. that y ppl say I didnt wipe my backside! :X isit normal to have mucus from vaginal discharge? I also brought grapefruit seed extract liquid (will not be here till next week)!!! Coz they say only mon evening (south california time) den will ship out. our difference s one day apart! So meaning my things will be shipped out till tues(my day) den today I took one tablespoon of husk again and there's more mucus discharge. But i'm not having any real bowel movement yet. Anyone encounter any mucus discharge from vag after doing colon cleansing. Almost fainted while doing this. Coz I didn't eat. And it say must do a fasting for 2 days but for I eat a little biscut den I waited for an hour before drinking husk. I'm going to do for 7-14 days 3 times a week! How long did u manage to get bowel movement after drinking husk? those who wans to buy from iherb first time buyer can used my coupon code $5 off!! For first time buyer. Just msg or email me. :) thanks.

Posted by Emgee
Broken Hill, Australia
I would check with a doctor, this sounds serious. Could even be fistula.

Posted by Robyn (Melbourne, Australia) on 05/27/2011

If only we knew what was impacting our mcs the most. I have a liver profile that shows phase 1 too strong and phase 2 too slow and low. Did a liver flush as per Dr Huldas last week and was ILLER ILLER than usual next day. Should I continue? Also spent a year doing coffee enemas but my liver profile shows I cant clear caffeine properly. I know an enema isnt the same as drinking it but there must be some absorption because if I do it late it sure does keep me awake. Any thoughts? You can just imagine, if you cant clear caffeine what it must be like trying to clear petrol or perfume.

Posted by A Friend
Coffee enemas should not keep you up or stimulate you when done properly because they are not supposed to be absorbed into the blood stream.

Try one at a time: 1) decreasing the amount of water used in brewing; 2) decreasing the amount of coffee used; 3) decreasing the high of your enema bag/bucket so the mixture stays in your lower colon only.

Posted by Dan
Clearwater, Florida
Phase I liver detoxification may be slowed down by ingesting grapefruit. This is sometimes a problem for people on medications as when not broken down at the normal rate, the drug blood-levels may become too high, so pharmaceutical package inserts sometimes warn patients to not eat grapefruit (the active ingredient of which is a substance called naringenin).

In addition, Curcumin (aka Turmeric extract) will both reduce Phase I liver detoxification and increase Phase II liver detoxification (reference, see: http://tuberose.com/Liver_Detoxification.html or http://www.gilbertssyndrome.com/detoxification.php).

Posted by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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D-Limonene (orange oil) stimulates both phase 1&2 detox. Sulphoraphane, found most abundantly in Broccoli sprout extracts is a major phase 2 booster and indirectly boost phase 1 thru glutathione protection.

Dr. Weil released an article stating that supplemental sulphoraphane was almost completely ineffective for detox. Only a few minutes of steaming the mature Broccoli heads was effective. But this contradicts many other studies that show that Broccoli sprouts are anywhere from 20-50 times glucosinolates levels compared to mature plant and are therefore much more effective antioxidants.

Personally, I must agree with the sprout extracts. For yrs I ate cooked mature cabbage and Broccoli with no noticeable effect. After purchasing and consuming the sprout extracts only a few months ago, I can easily feel the benefits.

Posted by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia
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You may want to try oil pulling as well. Oil pulling seems very helpful in being able to detox organs in the body. Coconut oil is good as it is also anti fungal and anti bacterial. Lots of info on this site under remedies on oil pulling.
Posted by Barbara
Lakeland, Florida
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Acording to research, green organic coffee is MUCH more effective than the regular organic coffee. (For me, there seems to be a much greater amount of gelatinous residue produced from the liver during the cleanse than with the regular coffee) See this article for more information. http://howtocoffeeenema.info/s-a-wilsons-therapy-blend

Although it is difficult to lie on your right side for an hour, it is very important to keep it a low flow, slow enema, as the article says. This keeps the enema in the lowest part of the bowel so it can stimulate the liver to release the toxins. If a coffee enema is given too high in the colon, it seems to me that it would stimulate you and not the liver. A word of caution though, green coffee enemas leave a terrible blue black stain. It can be removed with bleach, but I prefer more natural means of sanitizing so I use dark colors to avoid the stain.

I would also recommend making (or for those lucky stiffs still employed, buying) an enema board like the Coloma board. A board is SOOO much more comfortable and sanitary than lying on the floor or in bed to do enemas. I made my own enema board using pictures of enema boards from the internet as my guide. I used two wooden boards as a base and (for lack of a better word) a "cap catch" from a Styrofoam water faucet cover which I cut to shape and covered with several coats of a clay made from the pink spackling (4 parts to one of the white Elmer's type glue to make it harder and stronger). I then sanded it smooth and attached it with spray foam insulation. When the board was done, I spray painted it with high-gloss, dark brown enamel so it is easy to sterilize.

Posted by Lil (India) on 02/20/2011

Hi earth clinic,

I searched the internet and found a lot of health benefits for the enema and colonic. I'm very interested to try them and I need some feedback from earth clinic comunity. Their benefits and side effects. I Thought may be if you add a special pagefor enemas and colonics so every one can share his experience. Thank you!

Posted by D.m
I used water and coffee enemas. They seem to help with the detox side effect of h2o2 food grade, like headache!
Posted by Helen
Orlando, Florida
Posted by Fuzzysmooth
San Francisco, Ca, Usa
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[YEA]   I've been giving myself enemas once a week for about a month now. As someone who lives with slow digestion and somewhat chronice constipation, I appreciate the cleansing out. I always complete bowel movements on my own before administering an enema, so that I don't learn to rely on enemas. I do them when I have a block of time and nothing pressing to do later. Enemas are very relaxing for me, and the relief from tension or anxiety lasts a couple of days. I usually give myself the enema at the end of a hot bath, and when I'm finished take a long shower. I feel clean inside and out when I am done (and usually want to take a nap). I am still figuring out the exact tempurature of the water- as too hot or too cold means my body wants to expell the water immediately. I always add a pinch or two of salt to the water, so that I don't get too water logged. I am glad to have finally started giving myself enemas and taking care of my body in this way. The enema bag kit was cheap from the drug store, it's easy to clean, and easy to dry.

Triphala Enema   0  0   

Posted by Sanjay117 (Titwala, Maharashtra,india) on 07/26/2011

hi everybody!

in sanskrit colon cleansing or enima is called as BASTI, instead of using coffee try following decoction:

triphala is a common medicinal powder available in ayurvedic drug stores

in one liter of water add 100 gms of triphala powder one teaspoon sugar pinch of mineral salt

(this quant is for asians, for hefty people this can be doubled! )

boil this well, cool and filter with very fine mesh strainer

add 2 drops of glycerine

take enima of this solution in the afternoon (temp of the solution should preferably be slightly above room temp)

but first thing is not to eat HOT AND SPICY FOOD from a day before!

this enima works wonders and in ayurveda this is called as half or sometimes complete treatment!

your energy level will go high and food absorption will be better!

for the first time you repeat this treatment every week for four weeks and then only repeat once or twice a year!

it should not be taken on a regular basis. also after enima, revert slowly to eating, starting from liquid food first and then rolling over to regular food



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