Myasthenia Gravis Remedies

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Treating myasthenia gravis involves dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the addition of certain dietary supplements. Avoiding inflammatory foods and other food allergens reverses many of the symptoms of the condition. Likewise, specific supplements support the immune system as well as muscle health to prevent the progression of the disorder.

What is Myasthenia Gravis?

A chronic condition, myasthenia gravis is characterized by expedited muscle fatigue and weakness. The disease typically affects the muscles that control eye movement first and then progresses to other muscle groups.

Noted as an autoimmune disorder, the condition manifests as the body’s natural antibodies attack and destroy the acetylcholine receptors in the body. These receptors aid in the transmission of muscle-nerve communication. No known cause has been identified for the destruction of these receptors; however, many individuals affected by myasthenia gravis also have a tumor of the thymus.

Natural Remedies for Autoimmune Neuromuscular Disease

The treatment of myasthenia gravis requires a multifaceted approach. Incorporating dietary changes as well as specific rest and active periods regulates the symptoms of the condition. Likewise, certain supplements including manganese and CoQ10 serve as effective treatments for the disease.


Manganese is an important component of many enzymes. It aids in skeletal growth and development as well as several other bodily functions. As such, manganese deficiency has been tied to the cause of myasthenia gravis and is an effective treatment for fighting the condition.


CoQ10 is another important nutritional supplement in the body. This coenzyme expedites many bodily processes including energy production and cell growth and maintenance. Used as a supplement, CoQ10 supports effective energy production and relieves muscle weakness.

Myasthenia gravis is a pervasive condition defined by varying levels of muscle weakness. While the condition can be progressive, most cases are effectively treated using natural remedies and support.

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Manganese   1  0   

Posted by Berta (Porum, Oklahoma/US) on 03/04/2013

[YEA]  The best information I've found for Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is at See info. On the critical importance of trace mineral manganese (not to be confused with magnesium) for MG as well as much other helpful info. It also discusses the negative detrimental effects of floride as in florinated water, tooth paste etc. On MG. Thank you to Earth Clinic and to all fellow searchers. God bless!

Posted by Anniej
Salem, Wisconsin, United States
6 Posts
Thank you. I will look into this website.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Anniej (Salem, Wisconsin, United States) on 05/24/2013

I am 53 and recently had a CT Scan with contrast and it revealed a good sized mass on my thymus gland. The radiology report states "thymoma and myasthenia gravis must be considered" I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist on June 10 and am pretty much freaking out that they will want to remove my thymus and treat with chemo or radiation. I am so against all of that and primarily treat with a holisitic doctor for my Hashimotos disease. I also have celiac disease and use bioidential hormones. Does anyone have any natural suggestions for me to reduce this mass without the allopathic forms of treatment? I would be most grateful to you for any help you can give me.

Posted by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado
60 Posts
A sick old woman dying from cancer was given 2 days to live by a doctor. Her friend called a ND and begged for some enlightenment. She said eat eggs from pastured hens raw like popcorn. 6 dozen eggs later, and she was walking around spry as a chicken. Do not grind them up in the blender or stir them with a fork. Crack the yolk with your teeth. The yolk should be firm and orange. All the nutrients are there except sugar. For sugar, eat raw honey. Stop eating cooked food. Drind up some organic baby spring mix and berries in the blender. Take 4 grams dead sea salt and 4 grams of dried sea salt, 1 gram water soluable humic acid and 1 gram of dried cayenne powder per gallon of water. Take 1 ml of raw fermented skate liver oil 4 times a day. Take 10 grams of colostum per day. hawaiin cordyceps is the most potent cordyceps as it interferes with the dna of cancer cells. Take several caps a day.
Posted by Renay
Rockwall, Tx, Usa
2 Posts
I am not sure if this will help but you can try Jim Humble's website. He has a lot of information on cures for different things.
Posted by Anniej
Salem, Wisconsin, United States
6 Posts
Mike, I don't even know where to find a lot of that stuff!
Posted by Anniej
Salem, Wisconsin, United States
6 Posts
Thank you Renay!
Posted by Anniej
Salem, Wisconsin, United States
6 Posts
Please help! I have posted here a couple of weeks ago, but no one has responded. I am scared!

I am 53 and recently had a CT Scan with contrast and it revealed a good sized mass on my thymus gland. The radiology report states "thymoma and myasthenia gravis must be considered" I am scheduled to see an endocrinologist on June 10 and am pretty much freaking out that they will want to remove my thymus and treat with chemo or radiation. I am so against all of that and primarily treat with a holisitic doctor for my Hashimotos disease. I also have celiac disease and use bioidential hormones. Does anyone have any natural suggestions for me to reduce this mass without the allopathic forms of treatment? I would be most grateful to you for any help you can give me.

Posted by Hashiaussie
Melbourne, Australia
Hi Anniej. I already replied but probably forgot to press the agreement button. I am your age with the same health profile. I too had a 'fatty tissue' thymus some years back checked by an ultrasound not a scan. After all that drama, I have since found that the thymus becomes uncomfortable and prominent when the inflamation associated with Hashimotos is rampant. You need to cut the inflamation by using this protocol based on Dr K's book (look under hashimotos on this site - thethyroidbook) and search on Chris Kresser TH 1. Essentially you are either immune system TH1 or TH2I dominant and various foods and supplements balance it out and calm inflammation. I suggest you give it a go until you see the endo and get it re-checked. A red face is a good indicator for me of inflammation. A daily teaspoon of turmeric stops it pretty effectively. As far as the thymus is concerned, I am still here, was not offered surgery, and still have a variable 'lump'. Searches I did at the time established thymus cancer was very rare. It is a bit of a worry though so make sure every angle is checked including your full panel of thyroid bloods. Obviously if your antibodies are low something else may be going on. Read Mary Shamon's site on hashimotos for what is 'normal' in terms of blood results. Keep people here posted. This disease is a major hassle but only recently, my doctor is suggesting Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) might be the cause. Good luck.
Posted by Lloyd
Charlotte, Nc
474 Posts
Hello Annije, You mention numerous auto immune issues, Hashimoto, celiac... All related to the thymus. Just one thought on such conditions; never forget that causation might be related to underlying viral issues. If you google "hashimoto's virus" you should see a "hub page" web site on that issue that has a revealing list of underlying viruses which could be involved. Have you suffered with cronic infections prior to the onset of your thymus condition... If so the cause might be virally based and if this were me, I'd consider a month long immersion with an anti viral... echinacia is one and colloidal silver is another.

Echinacia can be obtained at most health food stores. I would take four drops in a half glass of water three times daily. Apply three drops topically on top of throat. Do the topical four times daily. Echinacia is an excellent killer of virus and bacteria.

After a few days, I'd gauge how my conditions were reacting. If positive, I'd continue for a month. Some writers don't like the use of long term echinacea, but I've read one book that had no problem with month long ingestion... Useful for spider bites and generally building the immune system. I like it for its anti "bug" capabilities.

If you go the colloidal silver route to killing virus infections, I would drink a high ppm silver solution, three times daily and apply the silver topically also. Same idea as using the echinacia. Drink a tablespoon and a half with each dose and apply a tablespoon to neck. For maximum absorption you could use DMSO to mix with the silver solution (ten drops DMSO) and the DMSO will carry the silver very effectively. Google DMSO benefits... and another good site is to google "DMSO 60 minutes youtube" and you'll find a program on 60 minutes run twenty years ago that was very informative.

Posted by Anniej
Salem, Wisconsin, United States
6 Posts
Wow, thank you both so much! I didn't know it could just be a fatty thymus! And I didn't know about the viral issue. Yes, I did have many many illnesses before my diagnosis of Hashimotos. Much of that started after I was given the antibiotic Levaquin and nearly died because of the side effects, some of which, I still have. After my doctor began treating me for hashis, I began to feel a lot better. I really appreciate your help, both of you--so much!

Posted by Che (Roxa City, Philippines) on 03/10/2011

I want to address this to Ted, Bill or anyone here who could help me. After more than a year of expensive treatment and trips to ICU my niece is finally diagnosed with MYASTHENIA GRAVIS a rare auto immune disease. I went over on the ailment list here at EC but theres none. Anyone of you here please do share your remedy for this rare disease. The hospital bills and prescriptions are beyond our financial capacity. She visits the ICU 4x a year which is now impossible for another trip to ICU should she have another attack since the father has no permanent job and we are all now financially exhausted. My niece who is 16 year old had stop scholling because of this disease. Pls do help us. May GOD continue to bless us and support us.

Posted by Tommy
North York, On, Canada
66 Posts
Hi Che,
There is no such thing as autoimmune disease. This name is just fancy name to hide the truth from people. The immune system is smart enough to not attack itself. That happens in the thymus where the immune cells learn how to distinguish between the self and the other antigens.

A lot of these so called autoimmune diseases are just so kind of chronic infections. Usually protozoans and bacterial infections.

There is evidence now that Alzheimer is caused by bacterial infection and so does Parkinson disease, MS, CFS ect.

You should try natural antibiotics like Lauric acid, caprylic acid and some biofilms busters like Nattokinase, EDTA. If you cannot afford these supplements, try to find a doctor who can prescribe for you niece Doxycycline.

Best regards,


Posted by Granny Laura
Waco, Tx Usa
37 Posts
Re Myasthenia Gravis: After my husband's son was diagnosed w/ALS my husband, knowing I was really into alternative medicine asked me to buy whatever was necessary and see if it would help. The best reference I had at the time was Adelle Davis's book Let's Get Well. And the closest thing in it w/symptoms like ALS was MG. So I went to the local health food store and spent all the money my DH gave me and some more of my own.

I got Twinlab Allergy Multi and their Allergy C. I got the best vit E, and Co Q10 that I could find. I got some vit A, and some individual B vitamins, a good acidophilis and everything that was recommended for MG.

Within a week to 10 days he could speak plainly again and was better able to swallow his food. He was getting much better, symptom wise. Then the doctor he was seeing decided to put him in a medical study but he would have to stop all health supplements to get in. Guess what? He went back to being like he had been in a week. And he never improved again, even though they gave him shots in his stomach for more than a year.

They actually had another study using supplements but he wasn't put into that group. No, I don't think supplements would have cured him. But, it was obvious they helped.

If I recall right w/o going and looking it up, Vit E was extremely important for MG. Don't get the regular synthetic Vit E. Get one that contains tocotrienols. Those are the full spectrum of vitamin E. Good Luck, I hope that this helps.

Posted by Che
Roxas City, Philippines
Hi Granny Laura, Many thanks for your post. I will consider these remedies for my ailing niece of Myasthenia Gravis. I don't have any idea where to get this broad spectrum of vitamin E. Vit E here in the Philippines are being sold at our local drugstore but I'm sure they are not the one you're referring to, so with other supplements. I will still have her take it though it will not give that much effectivity compared to that kind of vitamin E you're referring to. God bless and if you can, please update me with the remedies you might feel it could help.
Posted by Che
Roxas City , Philippines
Tommy, many thanks for the hope and enlightenment. True, we at the moment cannot afford to purchase these supplements but I would strongly consider and find means in the coming days for its been more than two weeks now that she's still in the hospital bed. I'm not even sure if I could find these here in our country. Is the EDTA you're telling me is the same EDTA used in soap making and other products? Please send me more info regarding this disorder each time you have. God Bless!
Posted by Tom
Regina, Sk
Unbeknownst to most, a few autoimmune diseases are on record as being triggered by an imbalance of trace minerals, and/or that which then causes an immune system imbalance.

And also in the medical record is that this can happen after a course of antibiotics.That would mean it should be reversible given the correct regimen!

From one of Dr. Pauling's sites:

Hit the SEARCH bubble in the molecule structure, then just Enter 'myasthenia' for the term.

(PAGE 4)


When copper toxicity (or tissue overload) is
suspected in symptomatic individuals the level
of body copper load can be estimated by
measuring the amount of copper removed from
the body through the urine in a 24 hour period,
utilizing the oral chelation agent D
Penicillamine (D-pen).


Proteinuria has been described in up to 20
percent of arthritics on D-pen therapy (Crawhall,
1981). This is usually reversible on discontinuing
the drug. Rare complications include acute
nephritis, myasthenia gravis and systemic lupus.
It should be pointed out that the side effects are
documented in the main for treatment of
rheumatoid arthritis. Side effects are far less
when diseases such as Wilson's and cystinuria
are being treated (Camp, 1981). It is possible that
in rheumatoid arthritis excessive copper is being
removed from the tissues, creating a mineral and
possible vitamin imbalance which give rise to the
side effects. It has been documented that D-pen
induces autoimmune disease (Dawkins et al. ,
1981). Mechanisms may include destabilising
the delicate balance between cellular immunity,
humoral immunity and lymphocytes.


Verification of this dirty secret:

(PAGE 3)

All primitive organisms require manganese,
iron, copper, zinc, and some need boron, cobalt,
molybdenum, and vanadium. Many antibiotic
drugs are chelating agents. Could the action of
some antibiotics be due to binding an essential
metal in a strong chelate?


I would try a good quality fulvic/humic acid mineral supplement daily, for a few months first. Most people are deficient anyway due to depleted soils, junk foods, and just plain poor diet. BTW, "fulvic" just refers to the lower molecular weight fraction(better bioabsorbed) of the entire humic acid mineral chelate.

A very good quality fulvic mineral liquid will cost about $1 USD per ounce, which is about the daily dosage, but any amount more can be taken. It could take a few months to replenish body stores all the way to deep tissues. minerals&go=&form=QBLH&scope=images&filt=all

Posted by Che
Roxas City, Philippines
Tom, my appreciation for your latest post @ info. I am really willing to try the supplements you're suggesting. But at the moment I still can't afford to have one of these products because we're still finding means to have her discharge from the hospital because of the huge bill. Thank you so much for the effort. I believe this will greatly help my niece once she will take the suggested supplements. God Bless. serlche(at)yahoo(dot)
Posted by Diane
Boise, Idaho
2 Posts
Responding to Myasthenia Gravis:

At age 55 I was diagnosed with this ailment several months after a severe car accident in 8/2000. First signs were waking up and not being able to lift my right eyelid for a couple of hours. Then a tic started under both eyes. Being under doctor's care for the accident, I complained enough to have an extensive blood test that revealed this information. Next step was to investigate "why" because I had been very healthy before the accident. The only difference was the medications I was on.

READ THE FINE PRINT OF YOUR MEDICATIONS!! They list possible side effects! I was on Neurontin and Celebrex and Hydrocodone. Not having it in front of me, but I believe the culprit was Neurontin that has as a possible side effect... Myasthenia Gravis! What a shocker for me. I believe in natural healing, and immediatetly started weaning myself off of the medications, using natural herbs and supplements for arthritis and joint pain, (fish oil and MSM w/Glucosamine) and mental clarity (Ginko Biloba), and all symptoms stopped. I never had another blood test to confirm it, but 12 years later at age 66 I am in excellent shape, no tics or droopy eyelids or progressive ailments. No prescribed medications for anything! Good Luck.

Posted by Christin
Oklahoma City, Ok
I have MG and I have been in remission for 4 years. I received help from the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) they are a non-profit organization that has paid for all of my doctor visits. While they did not pay for my thymectomy or medicine I saw the doctor for free. There are clinics in every state. Something to look at.


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