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How to Get Rid of Folliculitis

Jul 23, 2016

Natural Folliculitis Home Remedies

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles and typically caused by bacteria, especially Staphylococcus bacteria. Folliculitis commonly looks like red pimples with a hair in the center of each one; these pimples may have pus in them and they can itch or burn. Besides bacteria, the condition can also be caused by fungus and yeast. Folliculitis often develops after damaging the hair follicles; even shaving or wearing tight clothes that can rub against the skin can cause irritation to the follicles. Sweat, body oils, and makeup can contribute to follicle irritation.

Folliculitis can be superficial and affect only the upper part of the hair follicle, but can also start deeper in the skin and affect the entire follicle. In deep folliculitis, you may get large swollen bumps or pus-filled blisters instead of small, red pimples. Deep folliculitis can be painful and leave scars.

Home Cures for Folliculitis

On this page you can find a number of user-submitted home remedies to treat folliculitis. Our most popular natural cure for folliculitis is turmeric, but other users have found success with apple cider vinegar, iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and honeysuckle flowers. Let us know what you try from Earth Clinic to treat folliculitis. Know of a remedy not yet listed here? Please feel free to share your story with us.

Remedies for Folliculitis

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ACV and White Vinegar62010-12-01
African Black Soap42015-12-08
Antibacterial Soap, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric12011-10-26
Apple Cider Vinegar42016-04-10
Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric12009-05-26
Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide22014-11-02
Calamine Lotion22014-08-30
Coconut Oil12010-09-14
Colloidal Silver, Sulphur Tablets12013-10-25
Colloidal Silver, Witch Hazel12013-01-12
Healing Clay22014-11-18
Honeysuckle Flowers12012-05-29
Lemongrass Essential Oil and Urea12016-03-28
Magnesium and Rubbing Alcohol12014-10-09
MMS, Neem Oil12009-06-25
Multiple Remedies42014-08-09
Mustard Oil12013-01-02
Neem and Antibacterial Soap12015-12-13
OTC Shampoo32015-03-10
Over the Counter12012-08-07
Rubbing Alcohol12016-03-05
Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree and Lavender Oils12008-03-16
Selsun Blue12008-07-03
Shaving, Rubbing Alcohol, Antibacterial Soap12011-05-23
Stop Shaving Arm Pits22008-01-11
Turmeric and Coconut Oil Paste, Castor Oil12014-08-17
Turmeric, Oregano Oil12015-08-11
White Vinegar22012-08-26
Witch Hazel32013-05-30

Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Remedies  

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Posted by Ryan (London, Ontario) on 03/26/2013

Hello, my name is Ryan and I've had 'acne keloidalis nuchae' for a few years now, about 5 bumps on the back of my neck. Would you be able to add this as a section so people can contribute remedies for this disease? Thank you!

Replied by Taylor
I developed what I believe to be folliculitis on my arms. Several physicians were unable to help and the medications made things much worse - I ended up trying a cream containing Oat Milk which costs about $33, and it is the only thing that seems to be effective. The other thing is that I had to drop the wooly sweaters and unbreathable fabrics. I hope this helps! I know how hard it can be to experience this uncomfortable condition. Good luck!
Replied by Jts263
Monroe, La
I have it on mostly ankles and arms. Get this cure benedryl or allegra works great. Start taking it as soon as you feel the breaking out. Prescription hydrocortisone helps to manage it after it breaks out. Something to dry it up. Don't put a hot compress on it like they say on other web sites? They are crazy. If u got it you know that's stupid.

The best topical which is awesome is called Veltin. It took me 8 years to discover this, by accident. My dermatologist prescribed it stating its a form of acne, but insurance won't pay for it because they say its not.

It works great cause it stops the itching and quickly reduces the irritation. None of the others do that. Mine breaks out on the areas that get really hot and sweaty were the clothes cover. Wearing socks cut below the ankles helps.

At least try the allegra. I suggest the 24 hr non drowsy unless its really bad then take two benedryl and the strongest hydrocortisone you can buy.

Replied by Jayyf
Peoria, Illinois
Hi, I too suffer from acne keloidalis nuchae. I am African American and refuse to believe that that can't be cured. I won't stop until I have a cure. Have you found one?
Replied by Sean
I want to add this in here, it may not belong in this section but read something not to long ago and made this for my wife and a few other Human Beings.

My wife has what looks to be cold sores in her mouth almost a year now, went to many Doctors with no cure, tried many things also and some others here, what looks to be Folliculitis on their face.

I took Peanut Butter, Cinnamon and Bee Honey and made a paste with it, more Peanut Butter, just a Teaspoon of Fine Ground Cinnamon and around 1/3 - 1/2 Bee Honey to the Peanut Butter, my wife and others applied it to their faces and let it dry, took only a short time.

They then just kept rubbing the dried paste with their hand until it was all gone or flaked off and then washed the area clean, my wife cold sores look much better, the others who had something like Folliculitis was gone, all of their skin looks so much better and Healthy.

Just thought I would add this and maybe someone could give it a try and let me and others know, if it helped Them.


My dermatologist diagnosed me with bacterial hair folliculitis on my head. He prescribed an antibiotic called "Bactrim" 160 mg. I took it for 10 days 2xdaily and at the end of the 10 days my folliculitis was cleared up. My Dr. suggested I take it for another 10 days which I did with 7 days in between. I have been clear for 2 months now with no further problems other than some occasional itching. All of the sores are gone. BTW he did state that it is a problem that could come back as there is no permanent cure.

Hope this helps others as it is an insidious disease. Feel free to contact me if any questions.

Hello Steve...I am glad that you are doing better after a treatment. I have same condition hair folliculitis on my head, because of it I am bolding =(.

I would like to know after you stopped taking Bactrim...are you still doing ok? Thank you very much and wish you all the best.
Replied by Kglaser
Lincoln, Nebraska
I'm allergic to Bactrim. Putting ethyl alcohol on my scalp cysts worked for me.
I have had bacterial folliculitis for over a year now and have lost half the thickness of my hair. I got on 100 milligrams of Doxycycline for 2 weeks, it made me feel bad so I got off of it then started taking it again a month later for another 2 weeks. I have no sores on my head now and my hair loss has slowed down about half way now, I am a female so this is devastating to me. I started spraying listerine on my scalp as it gets very sore and this takes the soreness way down and if any sores do appear on my scalp or face or nect etc I spray those areas also and the sores go away. I only use the yellow colored listerine and I spray it on full force, I do not dilute it. someone on another site said to use listerine which is pretty cheap and goes a long ways. it does tend to dry out the hair but I only use it when my scalp gets sore and itchy feeling and I use Alba Botanica Hawaiian conditioner and shampoo. This shampoo has coconut oil and sunflower seed oil and jojoba oil and aloe leaf juice and ginger extract among others and is paraben free no sodium lauryl/laureth in it which can irritate the skin, it is ph balanced and 100% vegetarian ingredients for us women or men who are sensitive skinned. I also switch out to Giovannie tea tree triple treat shampoo and conditioner and has lavender and chamomilla and eucalyptus and aloe , among other extracts and oils in it. I leave the conditioners on my hair for an hour and sometimes longer to help in conditioning my hair and letting my scalp soak up the oils and extracts. I wrap my head with a shower cap and then a towel over that to help heat up my scalp which helps the pores to open up and soak in the extracts and oils. sometimes I will rinse with apple cider vinegar and just towel dry and this also helps with the soreness and itching. I also got on supplements to boost my immune system like turmeric capsules. I take 3,000 milligrams divided 2xdaily with some kind of good fat like coconut oil, or organic peanut butter, or greek yogurt and avocado in a smoothie with almond or rice milk and I also put some Kifer In my smoothie to help with the probiotics and take lots of Ester-C and plant based enzymes so my body will absorb all these things better and boost my immune system. always take turmeric with 1/4 teaspoon of plain ground black pepper as the body cannot absorb turmeric without the pepper and also the good fats. put it in a smoothie or buttermilk or just plain milk or juice and drink it down with the turmeric capsules. turmeric also takes pain away real good. I have gotten off all my pain meds for arthritis in my spine in just a few days of being on turmeric. my husband is on it now for his knee and hip surgeries which still gives him pain years after his surgeries as inflammation sometimes sets up with some surgeries like his and he also has arthritis and turmeric gets rid of the pain. they say it also helps build up the immune system so we can fight off folliculitis better and it also takes the inflammation down from this infection. so far I have been free of sores on my head for 3 months now from doing all these things. I hope this helps women and men who suffer from this terrible infection.
Replied by Angel
You just gave me some hope to this condition I have battled over several years. Living in a rather humid state, that promotes sweat almost all year, I try to stay ahead of my own treatment. I never heard of some of the remedies but familiar with Doxy. I've gone to my own dermatologist and was disappointed. The short story to it was a rather ignorant response to my question. I explained that I experience a smell from my hair that can be embarrassing. Response, everyone goes through this if the hair is dirty. That wasn't my case nor scenario, I have to wash my hair due to my condition or I would experience further pus and pain. Anyways, I understand the reason but I've never gone back to seek treatment from that facility. Thank you for sharing your personal story. I truly do appreciate it.
Replied by Kate
Redwin tea tree shampoo-QV gentle conditioner-Benzac ac wash 5%

The back of my head started getting really itchy. I initially I thought it was just psoriasis I have a patch at the front of scalp that's also a bit itchy, the back of my head was much itchier though. I had a good look at the back of my scalp and I had all these red itchy pimples. Anyway I went to the doctor and she told me it was folliculitis and gave me medication. I when through three different medications. It would get better for a little awhile then come back. Bactrim worked the best it went away for almost a month.She also gave me some cream to put up my nose that didn't help either. My folliculitis actually started getting worse and spreading all over my head. I had it for like 11 month when I finally found something that worked. I use these products Redwin tea tree shampoo, Qv hair gentle conditioner(careful not to get it too close to your scalp) then I use benzac ac wash 5% and leave it on for like minute or so(i used them in this order). Id been using the shampoo and conditioner for awhile doctor suggest them, they didn't seem to do anything and then on a whim I decide to see if the benzac wash would help.

This did dry out scalp a bit but I saw results in 1 weeks after 2 weeks I had one pimple, 2 1/2 it was gone. I continued use this stuff for a month then I stopped with the benzac and only used it if I thought I was getting an itchy spot. After about 2 months of a clear scalp I decided to go back to normal shampoo and conditioner, redkin was the brand. After about a week using that it came back. So I went back to my routine Redwin tea tree shampoo-Qv conditioner-Benzac wash and it went away again. I'm gonna stick to this shampoo and conditioner now, my scalp doesn't seem to like other ones. I hope this helps someone.

ACV and White Vinegar  

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Posted by Kris (Henderson, Nevada) on 12/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had folliculitis on my shin for way over a year. I was on antibiotics, steroid creams and every single OTC cream, ointment, everything. I spent hundreds in doctor visits and self-medicating. The last call was a biopsy recommended by the doc. I went into Earth clinic and found the vinegar cure posted by many. I used white vinegar, in a solution of 1 tablespoon per 2 cups water. I mixed in a jar and I heated it until warm before using. Then I sat with a towel under my leg and poured the warm vinegar solution on the cotton balls. As it cooled, I poured more solution on. I sat with it on my leg for about 20 mins. At least 3 times a day. If I wanted to get up, I would plastic wrap around my leg, to keep the wet cotton on my leg, and tape it around. At night, I would make a plastic wrap around my leg, and leave the solution on all night. By the second day, my leg was healed! I continue to use the compress at least twice a day and sleep with it on at night. I have been clear since the second day, but am making sure!

Replied by Braven
Baltimore, Maryland
I have finally found the cure for my scalp folliculitus. It has been 15 years since I first started showing symptoms of this terrible problem. I have been using antibiotics (Ceftin & Clindamycin) which would only give me temporary relief. I finally stumbled onto a cause of chronic scalp folliculitus. It was Low Iron Anemia. I checked the symptoms of Low-Iron Anemia and about 4 other symptoms affected me.

I began using Iron supplements after I finished an antibiotic treatment of (oral)ceftin and (topical)Clindamycin in Clobestol. I wanted my scalp clear when I started the Iron supplements. I am happy to report for the first time in 15 years I am free of this problem. Please check your Iron levels you may be anemic and not even kno like myself. I thank God for finding this out. I only hope that someone reading this doesn't have to wait 15 years like me.

Replied by Aya
Seattle, Washington King
Ty re: anemia and scalp also the vinergar. anyone use cocconut oil with lemon and rosemary oil for scalp? white sugar to exfoliate. A
Replied by Karlene
London, Uk
Hello I have had folliculitus for a number of years unknowingly (occassional flare-ups) but came on aggressively in my scalp this year and my doctor treated me with antibiotics flucanozole(2 courses) but it came right back and my hair was falling out. The antibiotics worked but only for awhile, I realised that it must be a fungal and not bacterial infection and made the connection with an overgrowth of yeast in my body so out of desperation I tried Oil of Oregano (3-4 times a day... I swear by this now) as it's a natural antibiotic and your body does not get accustomed to it like prescribed antibiotics. I can say that after two weeks, the bumps are gone on my scalp and my hair is not falling out anymore. You should take a pro-biotic with it though and I am on a yeast free diet as well as low GI sugar diet for awhile.

Good luck!

Replied by Ace
Vancouver, Bc
How did you use the oil of oregano? Do you apply the whole thing on your scalp and then wash it? If not, please provide specific instructions of what you did, as I wanted to try it. I heard it is very strong - can you use it as a shampoo?
Replied by Baden
Brooklyn, Ny
5 out of 5 stars
Make it simple. I have suffered a lot from folliculitis for 3, 4 months at the pubic hair. No antibiotic cream nor doctors could cure it until I read this article. I used straight apple vinegar applying once (sometimes twice a day). In a week, the miracle happened. It was gone. Thank you so much.
Replied by Maryherb
Visalia, Ca, United States
I FOUND A CURE!!! I tried everything! Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, change in diet, herbs, antibiotics, anti fungal, creams, harsh face washes!!! EVERYTHING!!! I have been cured for 4 months! I only came back to this site so I can tell anyone who has tried everything and want to give up. FIND A CHINESE HERBALIST!!!! Within two weeks all the bumps were gone!!!
Replied by Edon
Los Angeles, Ca
Maryherb and others, Does anyone know if its best to use oil of oregano on the scalp or to ingest it? OR is it suitable to do both? Suffering from nasty follicultis and dermatitist (that's what I've been told) on the scalp and trying to cure it naturally. Oil seems to be the best method. You have mentioned a chinese therapist. Can you be more specific in what they offered you or what they did, please?
Replied by Jolee
Los Angeles, Ca, Usa
I too am very curious about the Chinese herbalist and am also in LA. I started having break outs of folliculitis three months ago and have tried several things. Antibiotics relieved temporarily. My dermatologist also gave me benzefoam which helped my back and arms greatly, but she said not to use on your face. I also found that good ol' fashion Vicks seems to help keep things at bay (of course it is less offensive at night). I have tried oregano oil (pills) and found the vascular reaction started causing tiny blood vessels to pop. Since I previously had and still have a fungal infection in one of my toe nails, I do think the fungal yeast thing may be a big contributor. I also found wine (more yeast) made it much worse. Drinking lots of water and probiotics also seemed to help.
Replied by T
Hello... Have just found out that I have suspected folliculitis 3 days ago. Am on antibiotics from the doc but after reading through your comments I am skeptical if they will work as 99% of you here are saying the only work short term if at all. So I have just downed a glass of turmeric powder sent my misses up the shop for bleach and white vinegar and have just got of the phone to my local chinese herbalist while I was dabbing myself with tea tree oil (LOL). But I have pea size spots all over my head, neck, face, shoulders, back, chest, legs, genitals and now on my arms and feet. I am in horrendous pain and am desperate for something to work. I will try everything here and keep you all updated on my progress FEELING AWFUL. 31 YEAR OLD MALE UK
Replied by Decafe Vamp
Rossendale, Lancashire, England
I have anemia, when I'm on ferritin supplements the lumps and sores ease and the pain is reduced. Get your iron levels checked at drs. Take care. Decafe vamp!
Replied by Cc
Las Vegas, Nevada
I have been dealing with the effects and symptoms of folliculitis for about 9 months. The dermatologist prescribed a cocktail of medications with no result. I have read and tried just about everything on this blog, including ACV and White Vinegar. Please keep in mind that ACV and White Vinegar is an astringent, which causes the skin to dry out after the burning subsides. Also, vinegar will only provide temporary relief. If your using the vinegar, keep your skin moist with lotion and gentle soap. At one point, I think I gave myself a chemical burn.

Last week, my niece, who is very health conscious suggested I use Colloidal Silver. THIS IS THE MIRACLE CURE. Colloidal Silver can be purchased at any health food store for about 30.00. This product contains purified water and silver particles. It is best to purchase the 10 ppm. I also purchased a small glass spray bottle. For the past three days I have placed a tablespoon of sovereign silver under my tongue (tastes like water) every 3 hours, except while sleeping. I also transferred the sovereign silver to the spray bottle and sprayed my entire body. Further, I bought Cetaphil soap from Walgreens. The soap is anti-bacterial and is gentle on the skin.

Another quick thought, the silver is a metal which helps regulate the ph and acid in our body. Too much acid in our body weakens the immune system. Then, the body is unable to fight certain strains of bacteria.

Try the Colloidal Silver and in 2 days you will experience life as it was prior to having folliculitis.

Replied by Sheena
Buffalo, New York
oh wow! I never thot of vinigar for this issue! I am a newbee to the world of folliculitis. But what I did not realize is that I have had it for a very long time. The worst was a pea sized bump I had on my thigh. Stayed that size for months, never thot anything of it. Then it was like bam, huge and gross like the size of a saucer plate. And I had a red hot circle around it the size of a dinner plate. Needless to say the infection in the follicle had gotten to such an extent that I was in the hospital for a weekend, and after cultures were done, I found out I had MRSA. I was so mortified.

The outbreaks have been many since then; however nothing to that extreem. Thank god. But my whole life has changed significantly since then. No more smelly lotions, soaps, or sprays directly on the skin. Only crtain shampoos. Only antibacterial body wash. But what hurts the most is the absesses I get on my face.

Al that time I thot I was plagued by acne, and it was this. My life has genuinly been hindered by this. But I think I will give the vinigar a try. It is after all natures disinfectant. And I currently do use oil of oregano, 2 pills twice a day. I also was perscribed by my dr this ointment that feels a lot like neosporin, but its water and glycerin based. Called mupirocin, generic for batraban. This stuff works great, but its very expensive, and only comes in tiny tubes. I do tho recommenend it, it is used to treat impetigo, which is a gram negative staph bacteria. And if you have any basic knowledge of folliculitis you know that it is a staph gram negative bacteria build up in the haitr follicle.

Replied by Mia
West College Corner, Indiana
For your face try proactiv skin care it has worked great for me on my face. However my scalp was almost healed and I was using Wen shampoo and other products. I had just one spot left to heal and I thought it was a miracle. Then one day many spots appeared out of no where. I have tried vinegar, shampoos, antibiotics almost anything I could get my hands on. My face is still mostly clear and I use the proactiv every day, this I will not give up on. Dead Sea Salt is one thing I have read that I have not tried yet. I wish I could just find it in a health food store and not have to order it on the web. This medical mystery is about to drive me crazy.
Replied by G
Visalia, Ca
Maryherb I'm from visalia can you direct me to the chinese herbalist you went to.
Replied by Honeysuckle Flowers
San Jose, Ca
Hi G from Visalia, CA. Thanks to Maryherb, my scalp has been clear for 1 month after only taking the herbs from a Chinese Herbalist for only 9 days. They have several Herbalist in my town (San Jose, CA). I went to one of them and they didn't want to sell it to me, they told me to see the specialists whom I had seen for years.... But didn't help. I finally went to one on Senter Road inside the Asian area and he gave me the herbs. I'm so great to find this site and read Maryherb's threat.
Replied by Greg
East Liverpool, Ohio, USA
To Honeysuckle Flowers from San Jose, Ca: Would you please provide the herbs that your herbalist in CA suggested you use to treat and cure your folliculitis? I have had it for many years, and in my area there is no Chinese herbalist who treats this with herbs. I did contact one in Pittsburgh, PA and he wanted to use Acupuncture on a long term basis. I did not think this was worthwhile nor was it close enough to even try.

To all other readers of this condition:

I can only comment that is has been diagnosed as such, but it does not have the hair in the middle but reminds me more of a wart. They are not painful such as burning or itching, but hurt more as a sore pimple does. I believe it is more in line with the yeast or virus infection variety if I had to make a guess. Antibiotics do not seem to help at all. I find it spreading more each year to other parts of body. They can stay on skin for years in one spot. Just like a wart can stay for years than suddenly dry up and go away. When I was able to finally look at one where I could see it closely, it reminded me of a wart like pimple. When I touch it, it had no feeling. I use an antibiotic shampoo which seems to dry these up temporarily, but will not heal them. If they do get a crust on them it falls off and starts all over again. It could take 3 years or more for one protrusion to go away, if ever, and I have seen it flare up and go away in a few days, but years is more the case. Currently on antibiotics from dermatologist and antibacterial shampoo and antibacterial ointment. Doctor did take a biopsy and told me if anything other than what he suspected, he would let me know. I was never told differently. I am now determined to try different ways of trying to get rid of this. I still believe it is either a virus caused or yeast caused infection resembling folliculitis, and may so be diagnosed as such, but my history does suggest I have had problems with intestinal candida in past due to wheat sensitivity and sugar crave all my life. Is there a best remedy to try if the condition seems to be caused by an underlying yeast or possibly virus condition, and not a bacterial issue? That is the way I need to approach this now as the antibiotics have no affect now and only make the candida in my intestines worse which I counteract with Probiotics or I would get too sick. Anyone who reads this please comment and help me as I need help now before this gets at of control all over my body.

thanks and god bless as it could always be worse. I still feel lucky that this is one of my few problems at my age of 60 and I am a male in fairly good health but as I said, I did have a serious gluten issue that went undiagnosed most of my life and caused severe osteoporosis. I was very lucky that the condition reversed which is unheard of in the medical community as far as osteoporosis is concerned due to inability to absorb Vit. D3, at least that is what I was told now at the Mayo Clinic. Very lucky indeed, but this folliculitis problem is very depressing at times and I do need help.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Greg, Sorry to hear how much you're suffering with this condition. Yes, it sounds like the root of the problem is candida. I would suggest you read Donna Gates work. I have heard her speak several times and she is a powerful and wise woman who is so very knowledgeable on this subject. She travels the world helping people to resolve this issue. There are so many problems that stem from this core issue and many people don't put that together. Anyway, I will give you a link to My Favorites page and you will find it under my favorite candida protocol.

She offers so much information on her site. I have guided a lot of people to this protocol and have seen how it changes people's lives. I would also suggest you start eating fermented veggies. Start slowly so the your body's inner terrain can adjust. This is the best way to get good bacteria into the gut and start healing. I make my own but you can also find Bubbies pickles and sauerkraut in the grocery store. It is one of the only brands that is truly fermented so it has the beneficial bacteria in it.

I wish you the best and hope some of this information can help you. Lisa

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Greg, how did you reverse the osteoporosis? Was it just by going gluten free?
Replied by Cindy
San Diego
This sounds like you would really be helped by using the hydrogen peroxide therapy mentioned at length on this site. Either the drops in water or the inhalation method. There are directions for both here. Cheap and easy with no side effects. It would handle the folliculitis and the candida both. Good luck!
Replied by Andreas
Ottawa, Ontario
Phisohex soap is one of the best treatments but you are not to wash it off totally must leave a residue over night so it can help you, the only other way is buy a strong iv antibiotics.
Replied by Dee
Denver, Colorado
I have tried everything the only thing that works for a long period of time is acid water, its up to u how much acid to have in your solution. Keep oil away from the affected area and shampo often to open pores and drain pus. White Vinegar will clear up scars and also gives relief but acid water is the best.
Replied by San Jose
San Jose, Ca
I've tried everything from antibiotics to different types of shampoo. Finally, turmeric cream helps to clear it. Please try it.
Replied by Mgarza
La, California

I too suffer from this annoying FOLLICULITIS! Mine got so severe last week I had to go to the hospital it was all over my face I was so swollen and full of bumps they did prescribe me some medicine I did everything as instructed by DR. and Hospital but it came back! I stumble into this (amazing) page from trying to find some cure......


Replied by Benny

I read your post about folliculitis. I see your iron levels were low. I am suffering from folliculitis for about 8 years now. Can you please confirm that it really helped and what kind of medication are you taking to increase your iron levels. Thank you.

Replied by Julia
Surrey, Uk
Yes, probiotics can help, as if your gut flora is out of balance it affects a lot of things, including your immune system. It's especially a good idea after antibiotics to use probiotics to rebalance your gut flora as the antibiotics kill the good guys as well as the baddies, so it become easier for the baddies to recolonise faster than the good ones can if you don't boost them.
Replied by Julia
Surrey, Uk
Oregano is good, also for fungus, but be careful as it is very strong and can burn the skin. I use just a few drops in the bath or mix with coconut oil. Al lot of other essential oils are helpful too, and mostly not as strong.


Hi Greg, definitely agree with Lisa about Donna Gates, and yes, sugar really does feed candida so if you can reduce that in the diet..... I find it helps me to realise that the bad bacteria in our gut and/or the candida actually makes you crave sugar to fee it, so I tell myself I am not going to let it get the better of me ..... the probiotics and fermented goods are great to help. I also wonder if anyone has checked your white blood cell count, as if our immune systems are down it is very hard to fight these things. I have a thing called neutropenia which is very low neutrophil count, which is part of the white blood cell count, and immune system. I have just started a course of weekly injenctions to boost the immune system and I think it is starting to make a difference now after only 2 of them so far. If our immune system is down we are very prone to infection, including skin things, and should avoid swimming in dubious waters etc - mine started after swimming in Morocco.

Replied by Christopher
5 out of 5 stars
This really works! I had had folliculitis for years, Apple Cider Vinegar really works!!!!

EC: Hi Christopher,

Can you please provide more details on your treatment (ie, dosage, frequency, etc). Thank you!

Replied by Mikael
How did you use apple cider vinegar? Did you drink it, or put it on your scalp? And same for example oregano oil? How has people used them, straight to where there is problem areas?
Replied by Colette
Wow! I have colloidal silver which worked great for Yeast Infection. I will put some in a spray bottle and try this out. Thanks
Replied by Pam Crabtree
Try colloidal silver with turmeric. That's the only thing that help me my immune system, which is compromised from R.A. Plus my iron level is low.

Posted by J M (San Jose, California) on 11/05/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I've used both apple cider vinegar and just straight up white distilled vinegar to get rid of folliculitis.

I've had folliculitis twice within the past 7 months. The first time was very very bad case of folliculitis. They looked like large pimples with hair in the center. It was all over my legs. Because they were so bad, I submerged and agitated vinegar over each leg for about an hour every night and then I let it air dry. I did this for about 6 weeks. 'The second time I got folliculitis was about a month ago. I saw the familiar tell tale signs of folliculitis starting on my calves. The small red bumps were forming, and at the center were the hair follicles. So I immediately started the vinegar treatment that night. This one took me about 3 weeks or maybe a little more. Every night I'd submerge and agitate vinegar over the affected area (and maybe a little more)

It does smell, but if you let it air dry before going to bed and then showering in the morning, the smell shouldn't be noticable to others at all if you wear jeans over it.

A little warning, I do swear that this treatment works, but it does tend to burn like crazy. This can be the most depressing hour of your life because it does burn, but the burn only lasts for about the first week or so of treatment. maybe a little longer. You'll notice that the affected spots will dry up and form scabs and eventually flake off.

Do not scratch at the spots. I suggest wearing socks over your hands and maybe evening tying them up at night when sleeping.

This truly does work!! try it. Beats antibiotics and doctor visits. I buy 3 gallons of white distilled vinegar and pour em into a bucket and put one leg at a time in. I use my hands to scoop vinegar all over the legs. I change vinegar whenever it gets cloudy.

My dermatologist had me on minocyclin 100mg for 3 months along with duac for 3 -4 months with no success. He couldn't figure out how to cure it. I gave up on him and gave in to my mom's suggestion of trying vinegar treatment. This treatment is faster than the conventional treatment of using duac for the suggested 8 weeks.

Replied by Gp
London, United Kingdom
4 out of 5 stars
Hi just had to write to encourage others to try this cure for folliculitis, which I have had for 4 years! I stumbled across this website the other day, and wanted to try it for myself, at first I was sceptical as I like many others have been from one antibiotic, lotions, potions and creams without success, for this very embarrasing, and painful condition. I got myself a plant spray and poured pure some distilled white vinegar and sprayed my legs, which at present are covered with infected hairs and past dark red scars. Couldnt quite believe it the, the fresh spots, seemed to just disappear and my old scars dont seem so apparent. Its great! Ive only been doing it for one day! so I am definitely going to try this every day and hope to see a difference. I had visited my GP on Friday and came back very despondent with his vagueness of information on such, for me, such a debilitating condition, affecting my relationships and now my lifestyle, as the painful infected spots look just awful and my post-follicular spots look dark and horrible. There is hope, and I am hoping that vinegar can help me. Try it for yourself, with best wishes GP.
Replied by Steven T.
Maine And Nj
I have had folliculitis for close to 6 years, maybe a little over. I have no clue how I got it, but all I know is I need to deal with it and keep it under wraps because I am in my mid 20's and I want to feel confident and date girls again. I used to have a worse case of folliculitis, however minor in comparison to the ones I have seen on the net.

I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed antibiotics and a topical anti-fungal cream. The antibiotics worked very well, cleared me up just about completely, but then I ran out and the folliculitis came back. I only used the fungal cream when I had break outs which works very well. But now a days, the folliculitis is definitely not as severe as it was. I used to get golf ball sized puff balls on the side of my scalp and it would hurt so bad. I wouldn't want to go out at all. Now that its not as bad, they are minimized to an eraser size pimple up to a dime. I will definitely take that over golf balls! Still painful however, but not nearly as bad.

Now I am applying Clindomyacin (topical anti-fungal cream) every night after a shower and I am clearing up from my most recent attack.

I have been toying with the idea of the holistic apple cider vinegar way of curing this, and decided to give it a try as well. I started a few days ago, and already it seems like it is clearing up well. However, as anyone who suffers with folliculitis knows, this may not mean a thing because it comes and goes often. However I have high hopes and it already feels much better than it has, quick than usual. *knocks on wood* It does burn a bit when I apply if it is a freshly popped pimple. But to me it seems like putting hdyrogen peroxide on a cut, the burn is a good thing!

I will keep everyone posted in the coming weeks and hopefully we can learn and share ideas with each other and get this under control!

I have heard of using a low pH soap with a balance of 4.5. I think this is why Apple Cider Vinegar has a good chance of working because its pH is a 5. Science is certain bacteria can not live in a low pH zone unless they are adapted to that type of environment, so I am thinking this low pH liquid is actually killing it. Not sure obviously, but it seems like a feasible theory. *CROSSES FINGERS!*
Replied by David
Poole, Dorset, England
5 out of 5 stars
I stumbled across this website yesterday after googling 'folliculitis', an affliction that I have had for many years. I have tried various remedies including colloidal silver, medicated soaps and scrubs and prolonged courses of antibiotics. My folliculitis has become quite extensive, covering the whole of my legs, my buttocks, the small of my back and to a lesser extent, my stomach. It is both uncomfortable and embarrassing and I would desperately like to be shot of it.

Anyway, after reading the postings here I decided to try white vinegar. Nothing fancy, when I got home from work I simply splashed it into the palm of my hand and applied it to the affected areas. It stung a bit and of course it smells quite strongly, but I allowed it to air dry then went to bed after a long night shift.

So far, I'm amazed at the difference after just one application! I have been suffering from a particularly bad recurrence after finishing a seven month course of antibiotics (that offered some relief but also seems to have developed a stronger, resistant condition), and the spots on my legs were quite large and painful. When I got up after a good sleep the difference was profound: the inflammation was considerably reduced, the itching also reduced, and the spots seem to have shrunk quite dramatically. And this is just after day one!

I'm so excited that I may have finally stumbled upon an effective remedy. Thanks to previous posters for their contributions that have pointed me in, hopefully, the right direction. Good luck to all in beating this curse.

Replied by Melissa
Louisburg, Nc
I wanted to post something here that I have tried in conjuction with ACV. A friend who is a Wholistic practitioner told me to try Borax with ACV. I mix it in a cup (no certain amount) until closely resembles a paste and then I put it all over my scalp but paying more attention to the worse areas. I let it set for 5 minutes and then I rinse it out. Something else I decided to try is Care Conditioner after this Borax and ACV treatment (you can get this at Beauty Supply and it comes in a gallon jug). This conditioner has no perfume or colors added to it. It is pretty much odorless, so you won't get the "your hair smells great" comments, but your scalp will feel better and your hair will look great!!!! Hope this helps someone!!!
Replied by Julia
Surrey, Uk
3 out of 5 stars
Yes, vinegar is great for helping to clear the skin, but even this does not seem to last and I keep having to rotate treatments as the infection seems to become resistant to things. Garlic is also great, I boil some up or use bought cream, and put it on at night and cover it over, then wash everything next morning. Bicarb is also great, just dampen the powder and smear it on. SO many things really, that reduce the PH or anything that fights fungus helps, like various essential oils, and coconut. I found that all the creams given to me by docs were useless, but anti fungal foot powder works (I use it on trunk of body, tummy and back mostly) as it is dry instead of creamy. If I get too hot it gets much worse, but powders help keep it dry.

African Black Soap  

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Posted by Cj (Seattle, Wa) on 12/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

If you are looking for a cure or relief from folliculitus I think you should give African black soap a chance. Mine has gotten worse and worse I realized what it was like a month or two ago and immediately started researching natural remedies. It was mainly on my scalp in the lower back and also got bad in the frontline of scalp. I washed my hair with a little bit last night when the boils were very tender, red and swollen. I woke up and it looks and feels so much better. The affected areas have lightened, no pain and no tenderness. I can barely feel the boils I felt on my head last night. I think if I continue to wash with this It will kill the infection completely, based on how much improvement I see overnight. I would recommend buying the soap in it's purest form, completely raw from Africa with no additives.

Replied by Shawn
5 out of 5 stars
I tried the top 3 choices of white vinegar, ACV, and turmeric; which only maintained my folliculitis. I gave ABS a shot. Within 5 days my head cleared up.

Posted by Anmhe (Chicago, Il) on 12/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I saw a few posts with people who suffer from scalp folliculitis. I have had folliculitis for over 25 years. It is a frustrating condition that has no apparent cure. I have tried all the forms of tetracycline, like minocin and others along with topical antiobiotics like clindamycin phosphate. I have also used medically prescribed shampoos such as capex. Basically the shampoos and topicals work for a while until the next episode.

About 3 months ago, someone introduced me to the benefits of African Black Soap. I researched as much as I could to learn about it and the antibacterial benefits of the soap. However, when I did searches for African Black Soap as a shampoo, I could not find anything. Anyway, I decided to purchase the raw form of African Black Soap from a store in Evanston IL. One night, at least two months ago, I was having the typical severe itch from folliculitis. At about 11pm, I decided I couldn't take it any longer. So I washed my hair with the pure form of the African Black Soap because I was out of medication and did not want to go visit the doctor to get a refill prescription of oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics and prescribed shampoos. Within 30 minutes, the itching subsided. I thought, well, maybe it was just the fact that I washed my hair. So I decided to wait until the next morning to see how my scalp felt. To my surprise, the itching did not return and the breakout in my scalp started to heal. Up until this point, I had never tried anything besides medication that worked other than the occassional over the counter tar shampoo containing salycylic acid.

Anyway, three days later, I felt a small itch in my scalp. So I washed my hair again. Miraculously, I had the same success, the itching subsided. It has been over two months since I've had an outbreak. I wash my hair about every three days with the pure African Black Soap. I say pure because the black soap I bought comes in chunks, directly from Africa. There are no additives or preservatives. Also, I have seen some shampoos that contain African Black Soap which I have tried. Those did not work. Anyway, I can't say for sure if the success I have had will work for anyone else, however, this is the first time in over 25 years that I have tried something to stop the breakouts and itch associated with folliculitis.

The friend that introduced me to African Black is caucasian and has folliculitis on his skin when he shaves. After he used the African black soap, his breakouts also stopped. I would suggest trying to find a store that is frequented by people of African Descent in your area and ask them who sells the African Black Soap (not the African Black Soap Shampoos that have other preservatives) or soaps just containing African Black Soap. The Black Soap that I buy comes in a huge round, made in a brown paper bag. The store where I go imports the soap from West Africa. He cuts pieces from the large round and sells it for $6 in plastic containers. You only have to use a piece the size of a dime to get the soap to lather to shampoo your hair. I also take showers with the soap as it it good for your entire body. Some people will say that African Black soap dries out your hair or skin. I found this to be the case with the liquid soaps I tried but not with the pure African Black soap chunks. This soap cleans my scalp and has rendered my scalp folliculitis dormant. As I said earlier, I wash my hair with the soap every three days. I will re post after six months to see if my success has continued. Good luck

Replied by J
Santiago, Dominican Republic
5 out of 5 stars
15 years of suffering from this and all it took was a splash of salicilic acid and african black soap on my entire body including hair daily. I just can't be happier. Thank God for this. Medication used to get me depressed.
Replied by Saima
Hello thank you so much for your detail review. I am from chicago can you please give us the name of store in Evanston, Il. My husband is suffering from same problem.

Antibacterial Soap, Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric  

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Posted by Jeff (Brisbane, Australia) on 10/26/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi folks, I have had folliculitis mainly on the scalp and hair line (owww! ) for 10-11 years and have been on prescribed antibiotics several times. The antibiotic treatment was less successful each time and the relief from the ailment at the last prescription was less than two weeks after the full course was taken.

I was so happy when I found this website and read so many stories similiar to mine; relief is at hand!

My approach to defeating this malady was a three pronged attack:

1. Wash hair with anti-bacterial soap;

2. Apply ACV (pew!) or anti-bacterial alcohol solution liberally to whole of scalp;

3. One teaspoon of turmeric disolved in water, drink and enjoy.

Repeat twice daily if necessary, be persistent and victory over this painful and embarrasing affliction will be yours!!!

Replied by Vitor
Sidney, Australia
Hi, how long have you been clear in your scalp now?

And does it still work ? I've tried alot of things, and found out that turmeric does work a little. But when I applyed ACV I feelt like the next day I got more irritations/bumps in the side of the scalp. U were talking about anti bacterial alcohol, does that means the same as anti bacterial hand gel ? Really tired of this now, so hoping to find a good cure :)

Replied by Maryherb
Visalia, Ca, United States
CHINESE HERBALIST!!!! Find one!! They have a cure!!!!!
Replied by Pratibha
Banglore, India
Try out applying hot water with salt. It really works, I tried. And also have a glass of water with turmeric daily which purifies the blood. Firstly apply the tooth paste on pimple and leave it dry overnight and next day morning try out this.
Replied by Honeysuckle Flowers
San Jose, Ca
To: Maryherb from Visalia, Ca----You are right. Thanks to your info. It took me 9 days after I drink the herbs and it is clear now. I'm so happy now. Thanks so much!
Replied by Rocketboy_sf
San Francisco, CA
Hi Honeysuckle Flowers from San Jose, Ca

Thank you so much for your post. I've been suffering from folliculitis for one year and been to so many doctors and tired of not having a cure :(

This thing totally ruined my life....socially, professionally and personally. there are so many nights when I cried in bed.

I live in bay area too. Can you please please tell me the exact name of chinese doctor / therapist Since it worked for you and I live in the bay area too ...I just want to go there and find a fix which would heal me....

PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I'm eagerly waiting for your response.

Thanks a ton! Rocketboy_SF

Replied by Callie
Which antibacterial soap did you use? Thanks for sharing I have this on my neck around my hairline and in my scalp. Miserable and tea tree oil has not worked.

Antibiotics Connection  

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Posted by Angie (S, Indiana) on 07/31/2011

I am prone to folliculitis. Over the past 6 years I have had it twice. In both instances I felt the bumps on my scalp, had flu like sympoms and ran a fever. I was put on antibiotics and was better in a week. This past May I was again diagnosed with folliculitis. I thought it was weird that I was getting folliculitis again because I had just gotten over pneumonia and an ear infection and had been on two rounds of antibiotics.

My doctor put me on more antibiotics and I got worse. He switched me to Kflex and I took four rounds of that and got worse. I switched doctors and the new Dr. Put me on Cipra. After 10 days on Cipra, I started developing a rash on my chest, arms and legs. My face was flushed and I developed sores in my mouth. I found out I am allergic to sulfides so I decided to see a dermatologist. Before I saw him they took a culture of the blisters and tested them against different antibiotics. I took that report to the dermatologist and based on the report he put me on augmentin. I got a lot worse on augmentin.

I decided to research and I found this site. I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar and it made it worse. Tea tree oil helped and turmeric helped, but it was still spreading rapidly. Swimming made it worse. Sweating made it worse. I could feel it move and spread. It hurt and burned. I quit going to the gym.

Then I read a comment on this site about developing folliculits while on antibiotics and how it caused not a bacterial based infection, but a yeast based infection. I gave this info to my dermatologist and he took me off anitibiotics and put me on a 10 day oral antifungal medication and for the first time in 11 weeks my scalp is blister free. It is all healing up and drying up. I can't thank this site enough. I am going to continue to add turmeric to my daily vitamins because I believe that it will help prevent it from coming back. I would say that you might check into yeast even if you have had a culture taken. They took a culture of my blisters and it showed a high concentration of bacteria and the report didn't say anything about yeast, but the bacteria wasn't the problem. Good Luck!

Replied by Deena
Boston, Mass
Angie from Indiana: I was wondering about the antibiotic & folliculitis connection you observed. When you were done taking the antibiotics did the folliculitis infection persist?

I was prescribed and took an antibiotic for about a year, possibly longer, to treat acne on my face. I no longer take those antibiotics as now we have found topical medications that work at clearing the acne on my face. I also was given antibiotics 2 years ago when my mono was misdiagnosed as a upper respiratory infection, from what I remember. But I still have what I believe to be is foliculitis on my stomach and have had it there for a while, a year or so. I was just too embarassed to talk to someone about it or get any answers. Now I want to be free of this problem, I realize it is not something to be embarassed about it is something I need to figure out how to get taken care of. I have been applying vinegar and alcohol to the infection at least once a day for a week now (usually I apply 2-3 times a day). I have started using an antibiotic ointment on the infection (do you think this would help?) and applying tea tree oil (kills yeast) for 2 days now. I am seeing a little improvement, but I am still considering setting up an appointment with my dermatologist. :/

Replied by Angie
S, In
Hi Deena... The folliculitis is back... So now I'm not sure about the yeast. I have scalp psoriasis so I have been prone to folliculititis before, but this time seemed so different. I still believe that my folliculitis started during the antibiotics I was on for pneumonia, and I really feel that I have had issues with yeast, but now I think it has been yeast and bacteria. I am hoping that the yeast is cleared up and now we are focusing on the bacteria. I was just put on Dioxicyclen... Not sure that spelling is right, the folliculitis has cleared but isn't gone.... I can still see pink at the base of my hair follicles. I am taking turmeric and I can feel it work. I am taking it inbetween the times that I take the antibiotic. I have also eliminated sugar and gluten from my diet in hopes that it will help. At the end of the month I see a doctor locally that is an MD but also has an "alternative" degree and he prescribes at lot of herbs, suppliments etc. He also tests a lot of levels in your body that traditional doctors don't so I am hopeful he can help as well. I would like to clear it up. When it breaks out... I feel like I have the flu and it hurts... You can buy an over the counter yeast medicine and take it and see how you feel. When I took the diflucan, I felt sooooo much better. My scalp felt cooler and the spots healed up. It was immediate. I think the tea tree oil is good. I added a few drops to my shampoo. I didn't have luck with vinegar, but a lot of people have. I think the turmeric has helped as well. Good Luck!
Replied by Carrie
Dallas, Tx
Hello, I have had this problem for two years now, thousands in dematologist appointments, my doctor gave up on me. We tried many antibiotics, and anti fungal body wash.... Could you tell me the type of anti-yeast/fungal medicine your doctor prescribed? My doctor took a test, and said I came back negitive for fungus.... yet my case sounds very similar to yours.
Replied by Paddy
Belfast, Ulster, Ireland
I have had folliculitis on my scalp for just over a year now and it is seriously affecting my confidence. I haven't been able to get my hair shaved properly compared to what I used to, and have been taking all types of antibiotics for over a year along with scalp treatment and special shampoos also but recently it has been getting worse.

Has your problem came back ever since you ended your anti fungal tablets or have they began to appear yet again once you finished the tablets?

Replied by Bats
Perth, Wa
It's clear reading the posts here that there are many causes as well as many potential rememdies to the problem. Some work for some people whilst not for others. The only time in 12 years that my folliculitis has gone away has been as a side effect of taking antibiotics for sinus or chest infections (1 course in every 1 or 2 years). The problem has gone for up to 4 months at a time but has always returned. I have only ever had antibiotics specifically for this problem on one occasion. A 1 month course. It took the problem away after a week but it returned after 3 weeks, I. E. before I'd even finished taking the anitbiotics.

I have recently taken a stronger antibiotic for a bad sinus infection that I had had for 4 weeks. Sure enough the folliculitis has gone away and I've been free of it for a month now. It remains to be seen how long it will be gone for this time.

One thing is for sure, the fact that it goes when I take antibiotics proves that my problem is related to a bacteria not a fungus or diet etc. That will not be the case for everyone.

I just have to find a permanent cure now, although I have no doubt that I will have to take antibiotics again for a sinus or chest infection, I have no deisre to take them for folliculitis.

Replied by Urbanite
London, Brixton
My damn folliculitis has hit me at least once a year for the past 15 years (now 31). In the beginning I only ever got it when I was on holiday in a very hot climate. On my shoulders, a little on my chest. It was clear that my slightly sunburnt skin, mixed with sea water, sweat and sun lotion caused it. Every single holiday I'd get it. Then in my early 20's I got it all around my hairline, down by my ears, jaw and chest but never across my chest just the middle upper part. Not golf ball size lumps like some of you describe, just zits, big and small. Never ever below the chest-this also lead me to think it was a hormonal thing. I had always gone to the doctors to get antibiotocs. I have obsessive skin picking disorder too so have made many scars over the years and no doubt always prolong and aggravate it when it does hit. I'm an attractive lady but this has made me cover up, stay indoors, miss events and all sorts. Maybe once a year I find myself blemish free and clear and able to flaunt my body in a sexy outfit, I like my skirt to be restricting, not my skin damit!

Anyway, can you believe I am now 31 and this is the first time I've researched ''natural remedies folliculitis''! ? Clearly I'm an idiot. Hands down, from what I have read today I'm going with the white distilled vinegar, I'll report on how it goes.

I have it bad right now all around my hairline and I started at a gym 3 weeks ago so believe it to be that (sweat, the pool, spa). Well, I believe SWEAT is the cause of every breakout (on myself), the lumps and bumps appear right where predomenantly sweat, then it spreads. I am VERY confused by the diet thing; if it is something I eat I would love to know but have never been able to suss that out. Like many of you, I'm frustrated that I get this damn thing when I do not eat junk food, I eat fruit, a huge range of veg, Quinoa and grains - who knows, it could be the good stuff that actually causes it? I have also been eating loads of Marmite, would that cause it? Ah who knows! ?! What I also can't understand is; if I use antibacterial soap everyday will this not interfer with my natural Ph and basically screw that up so my skin becomes worse (unable to fight any germs by itself)? I have often felt that I bring it on myself by OVER washing and over scrubbing. Am so confused. I hope my rant helps someone, as well as someone answering me, as I have found each and every post useful and supportive. Thank you everyone. :)
Replied by Vinegar Friend
Dale City, Va
Folliculitis sufferer have no fear! Do not use White Distilled Vinegar to remedie yourself. Use Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. Check out this site and many others. Follow the reciepe provided. Vinegar, water, honey. It works! Natural bacteria fighter.
Replied by Andrew
Socal, Usa
whoa....everybody, you NEED to get your antibacterials and antifungals straight, asap. Because antibiotics (vs bacteria) will COUNTERACT antifungals (vs fungi, vs yeasts), almost always, by clearing out the non-harmful bacteria that inhabit your skin ("skin flora") and letting yeasts overgrow in the newly vacant spot. And antifungals KILL antibiotic molds like the penicillin class, rendering them useless

general rules for id:

* "-azole" name: antifungals (fluconazole and itraconazole pills, ketoconazole 1st gen pill now topical shampoo Nizoral, clotrimazole athketes foot spray, miconazole vaginal yeast infection applicators)

* also: Nystatin (weak "maintenance" pill), Terbinafine (strong, but massive sidefx), Natamycin (food preservative mold inhibitor / gut yeast pill in Japan and Europe), Amphocetrin B (deadly dangerous! )

* "-vir" are antivirals - mostly HIV meds, herpes treatments, etc, and unknown to non-sufferers woth possible exception of controversial

flu virus pill, brand name Tamiflu

* all others for "infections" are anti"biotic"s (actually, antibacterials), mpst widely known to anyone who has ever had sinus or strep problems, surgery, dental work, bronchitis, pneumonia, STIs, etc etc - most commonly recognized class of meds today, can hardly get treated for anything without these getting tried by doc "just in case" (reckless! ) - typical ones in USA are Ciprofloxacin (Cipro), Augmentin, Amoxicillin, etc.

* Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole) - DOUBLE EXCEPTION - is a non-mold-based antibacterial of a class called sulfa drugs. despite being an azole, it is against bacteria NOT fungi/yeasts

For ppl woth folliculitis starting at scalp and moving down (undiagnosed = "whoa why is there DANDRUFF on my eyebrow/beard/chest), fungal causes should be the PRIME suspect unless proven otherwise....bacteria suspicions are GP/derm's unprofessionalism, "looks like acne lets treat it as such"

to test for possible fungal/yeast infections: buy athletes foot creme clotrimazole or miconazole from monistat, dab on visible spot - compare effect to untreated area nearby

ALCOHOL does NOT disinfect yeasts and fungi reliably, probably also why draining boils according to standard disinfection logic causes widespread reinfection

otc antifungals: athletes foot creme/spray, vaginal yeast cremes (caution! Anecdotal evidence of accelerated hair growth - may be undesirable on scalp face or body if you shave there, already a chore with folliculitis), jock itch and ringworm stuff (btw, avoid gyms, pools, lockers like the plague - for you, they ARE), pyrithione zinc (head and shoulders shampoo, btw see name for hint), sulfur (mexican or veterinary sulfur soap, veterinary "cureall" leavein conditioners like NuStock, MTG; btw, MTG also has zinc and is widely used to cure "cysts" under hairline on all mammals, sound familiar yet?)

OTC antibacterials w/ antiyeast, antifungal action: iodine (tincture & povidone), tea tree oil - proven; benzyl peroxide & salycilic acid, likely, too

Replied by Julia
Surrey, Uk
Yes, antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut and it desperately needs help to rebalance again, with probiotics, fermented foods etc, otherwise the immune system becomes innefective against these skin issues.

All the doctors I have seen, and also the dermatologist they finally referred me to, basically did not believe me about the infection moving. I found if I applied helpful remedies then it would come out nearby, fight back by moving. Also if a larger lump that looked like a mole was rubbed to break it down little by little, infection would spread from it. Only my pathologist/haematologist who is helping with my immune system is helpful. All the others treat my like I am an idiot, basically tell my that what I tell them is impossible and prescribe things that make it worse, then wonder why I don't believe them when they try to tell me they are harmless things. My skin used to be perfect before this, then the infection developed in many different types of manifestations, from hard mole like things to pimply things to blotches varying from red to brown slightly raised ones, to white flat areas.

I have always had a defective immune system apparently (neutropenia) and that seems to be why I have succumbed to this, but now I am having injections to boost it, and that seems to be starting to make a difference, though early days yet. I used to have many bronchial infections as a kid but as I grew up and learnt healing, I was able to keep myself clear. However, now that I am post menopausal I have been having difficulties again, so my specialist and I decided it is time to boost the immune system through weekly injections.

The immune system tends to struggle more as you age due to levels of various other things declining in the body, and although I would prefer to stay with natural products only, it seems unfair of me to go on expecting my body to cope as it has done for quite a while now trying to fight off skin issues. I want to regain my strength and vitality, which although I have been eating really really healthily (I'm a nutritional therapist), still flags too much to be able to cope well with all the work I do.

Cutting down on sugar is really important as these kind of infections do feed on it.

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Miss_jo (Boston, Ma) on 04/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have Folliculitis and been using straight up Apple Cider Vinegar for about 1 1/2-2 weeks now and it's working for sure and I saw immediately results. I started off using it twice a day and now I use it up to 3-4 times in a row and the bumps get huge and it pops with a little blood and puss. Yes it's very very very painful and burns when you apply the Vinegar, but I deal with it since I just want it gone. I honestly think it would've been gone by now if I had not scratched or rubbed out of desperation for relief. When I itch I just rub with ACV on my hands lol, or I scratch real quick (aggravate it) and then I apply ACV all over and more bumps pop but also form, so I try to avoid touching the area all together if I'm not cleaning it.

Posted by Larry Drake (Canada) on 11/24/2015
5 out of 5 stars


I came to this site and read various home remedies. I thought I'd give the vinegar a try.

I had a bump that started 6-10 weeks ago, then progressed into a sore that became painful and swollen. I went to the doctor, they prescribed me antibiotics. It seemed to take the initial swelling down but didn't get rid of the lump that was now discharging. I decided to look up other remedies and that's when I came to this site. I read about the vinegar so I thought I'd give that a try since I have that available.

I soaked a gauze pad or cotton ball in vinegar and washed the lump/bump area with the vinegar. It immediately broke and began discharging blood and puss. It stung too but I didn't mind. I treated the sore like this 2-3 times a day, washing it with vinegar as much as I could.

Well I have noticed almost immediate results and continue to experience some relief. The vinegar initially drained the sore, which the doctor said was good. But it also seems to have shrunk the lump/bump and have begun to dry it up into a smaller little, less painful lump. It is not discharging anymore either which is a good sign to me.

I'll give the vinegar a thumbs up. It seems to have worked in shrinking the lump but also making the redness, irritation and drainage go away. All good things for me because this initially freaked me out.

Thanks everyone for their tips. I'll keep using the vinegar and update once I see how things progress.

Posted by Lorraine (Perth. Western Australia) on 08/05/2013

Hi, so so pleased to have found this site, after struggling 6 long years with this hideous painfully, scarring skin condition! I was diagnosed later in life ( 42) with gluten intolerance and fibromyalgia (multiple chemical sensitivities) , consequently a dematologist initially diagnosed the red painful itching rash as herpetiformis dermatitis , m, but recently thinks I have folliculitis. I have taken doxyciline antibiotics for 6 years and now they have little effect, being a health nut I have explored many alternative treatments and I'm desperate for a cure as this condition is creeping over my entire body and has severely restricted my life ;( A few days ago I thought I would try apple cider vinegar compresses twice or three times a day and have seen a slight improvement! I am cancelling the next dematologist appointment that I cannot afford, and to be honest when I quizzed her on herbs/vitamins I got a blank look and "we don't have any data on alternative treatments'..... I am also limiting high arginine foods as these seem to flare it up, very sadly said goodbye to Lindt dark choccy.... Will keep you posted... Like the rest of you here I am the eternal optimist living in hope for remission from this vile condition!

Replied by Jaimine
Gujarat, India
Can we apply apple cidar vinegar in pubic region? If yes then how to apply it?
Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa
Dear Jaimine,

When applying Apple Cider Vinegar to a sensitive skin area or on young children, we dilute it. Try 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water. If that is too strong, dilute more. If it ends up too weak, move to half vinegar half water. You could apply it with a cotton ball or put the solution in a spray bottle and spray and do this several times a day.

You might consider adding turmeric to what you are doing. Taking between 1/2 and 1 teaspoon of turmeric twice a day may be helpful. You can take it in milk (whole milk is best as it works best with some fat.)

Also, extra virgin coconut oil with a little tea tree essential oil in it, may be helpful and soothing. (1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil.)

I hope this works for you. Please let us know if it helps!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Hassan Asif
Saudi Arabia
hey! Please help me, I am having folliculitis on scalp from last 3 years took several antibiotics but all in vain, I am applying apple cider vinegar and natural vinegar for whole day on my scalp from last 4 days, and cleaning my scalp from anti-bacterial soap( DETTOL ) twice a day, tell me how long it will take to effect my folliculitis, up till now I have seen very less improvement and when ever I apply vinegar its little but itching and cause burning in starting 10 minutes. Please guide me n tell how long I have to apply this to get some positive result???
Replied by Mike62
Hassan: Hundreds of tons of toxins are being put into the air water and food everyday. These end up in the blood plasma. Cooked conventionally grown food does not detox. So the cells make microbes to neutralize them. Eventually the microbes get poisoned and mutate becoming pathogens. This is the reason the meds and remedies are not effective. Raw organic produce and raw grass fed animal products provide proper nutrition and detox. For scalp relief cut the hair very short. Soak an organic lemon peel in some water for 1 day. Sprinkle on the hair several times. Repeat the procedure for 4 days. Throw the old peel away and get a new peel.

Posted by Joe (San Diego, Ca) on 02/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Check dis out I have always wondered what I had on my chin area white heads dat would go away when I shaved and then come back tried everything would go away 4 a minute and then get used 2 whatever I was using and come back what a bad feeling 2 b out and your whole face looking clear and these pus filled bumps wud start coming out on my chin area please please try da ACV apple cider vinegar it works can't believe it finally a million thanks 2 all da peeps who posted on having follicoltis dis changed my life woot woot!

Posted by Dean B (Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England) on 09/24/2011

I've been diagnosed with foliculitus of the scalp, I've used different antibiotics and also tea tree oil and lavender but it's not stopped the itching.

I've had it for 3 months now, and I've restarted taking the anti-biotics again and before I had lots of scabs and sores around the back of my head and crown but now they have gone, but I still have itching.... so I bought some ACV, only one I could find was apple cidre vinegar, I applied two teaspoons to 250ml of warm water and applied to the itching areas of the scalp, and then wrapped a towel around my head and washed it off after 15 mins and then washed twice as normal with my normal shampoo, which is E45.

Now it usually stops the itching, but today it's itching more than it has in awhile and I lost more hair when washing last night, I'm a 26 yr old guy and been thinning for awhile, but now I have this itchy scalp I've lost more, but after using ACV again last night, I lost more than I have in awhile. I've used it 4-5 now over the past weeks.

So will the mother raw ACV help me more? Is it the best for scalp infections like folicilitus? I don't have the scabs so much now but have itches all over my head.

So how much ACV should I apply when washing? Should I do it before washing then shampoo or shampoo as normal then apply ACV and leave on, and if so, how long do I leave it on for?

Is it also a good idea to drink it too, to kill anything causing this follicilutis from inside me?

Anymore advice on Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of this folicilutis is much appreciated. Thankyou.

Please reply, I really need this advice so I know what to do, as the itching is so annoying.

Replied by Liz
Denver, Co
Are you sure it is that- I would have you check in with any shampoo or conditioner you may have started using within the time, maybe you dyed your hair? I sometimes get this sort of thing if I use anything with silicone in it- just eliminate all chemical hair things you use to see if there is a change- use vinegar and beer and baking soda as a hair wash for a couple weeks to detox- dilute a bunch- Good Luck
Replied by Sarah
San Francisco, Ca.
I have been researching folliculitis for so long now, because I get rashes on my chest and shoulders all the time. Have been on all sort of meds. The itchy scalp and rash thing also could be demedox mites. Something I had never heard of until recently, but found are very well known in Asia and eastern europe as being the culprit for these conditions. The one thing that seems to work is Diatomaceous earth. It is drying to the hair, so better to apply on thr scalp only and wear a cap to bed. It kills the mites. It also dries up acne on the body. I had acne on my lower back that would not go away. After about 3 days of DE dusted in my skin, it was gone and hasn't returned. The rash on my shoulders and chest came back though, so I am now using ACV and the DE for that. Many people are afraid to use the DE, but I have for months and it is harmless. Food grade diatomaceous earth, it had so many wonderful uses. A bit messy, but worth it. Look into it. It helped me when nothing else did. :) I also put it on my dog for fleas and drink it in the morning, It cleans your insides and makes your skin bright.

Posted by Deaaan (Wolverhampton, England) on 09/13/2011

I haven't got any H202 at the moment, so I can I use just use the ACV? I read two tablespoons of ACV with a cup of water, mix it round and pour onto the scalp, then put a towel round your head for 15mins and then remove towel and wash as normal? How's that sound? Would that amount be ok and would 15mins be sufficient in getting rid of my scalp infection?

I currently use E45 shampoo, its SLS free, so is that okay?

I'm going to do it tonight, so reply asap!! Thanks.

Posted by Natalie (Doncaster, England) on 01/08/2011
5 out of 5 stars

just wanted say that I have had folliculitis for over three years, I had tried antibiotics, creams etc. I began to lose hope...... Until I came across using apple cider vineager 50/50 solution on the affected areas. In my case face, chest, torso sometimes legs. It worked almost immediately, within days, when I don't use the vineager solution it gradually comes back until I start to bathe the areas with the Apple Cider Vinegar again.

I also find that sea salt scrubs and baths help too. I wanted to post this as it is the only thing that has made a dramatic difference to this horrible condition. I hope this helps some one else.

Replied by D
Edmonton, Canada
Would Apple cider vinegar pills work as well for folliculitis?
Replied by Lisa
I am trying this today after fighting folliculitis for a year. It is encouraging to see the positive feedback on it.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric  

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Posted by Kathy (Livermore, Ca) on 05/26/2009

I just came down with what I thought was a horrible case of acne, something I have never had. It was painful and covering my face and neck. Just from reading your site in the past I decided to use ACV on a cotton pad. It really took it down quite a bit. But what really made it turn the table was some powder that was sent to me as a freeby when I ordered some magnesium. I think it's a bi product of mica mining. It was down right amazing. Today I just got back from the Dr. who diagnosed it as folliculitis not acne, he wants me on antibiotics. Once I heard the diagnosis, I did further research on your site, I will now try turmeric as well. I was scared enough to take the antibiotics when the Dr. said it was caused by strep or staph, but just swallowed some turmeric instead, I will let you know if it clears it completely...meanwhile I'm covered in ACV and mica dust which has been a life saver!

Replied by Janet
Elkin, Nc, Usa
Exactly what is the dust that came with the Magnesium? I'm looking into all possible remedies for my husband. He has had folliculitis on his scalp for nearly 15 years. We have just cut all yeast out of our diet and are severely cutting back on carbs and sugar. I think we will start a vinegar soak later this week, but I'm trying to figure out all possible avenues. Thanks for your help! I hope to be posting his solution soon!!
Replied by Jay
Moncton, Nb, Canada
5 out of 5 stars
I used a tumeric paste, boiling water and powdered tumeric from the microwave. Applied it topically, covered with paper towels and wore my boxers to bed.

So far, for the last month, I've had no more pubic itch, which I believe was folliculitis caused by shaving. This is the first time in 2 years that the symptoms have been absent for this amount of time!

What an easy (knock on wood) remedy. I suggest anybody try it. So simple, so try it!

Replied by Kush
Try a Colonic or "Hydro Colon Therapy" to rid the intestines of bacteria along with the other remedies. Collodial silver, Oil of Oregano and Grapeseed oil also will help along with making a Tumeric Creme out of tumeric and aloe which brings a great source of relief and healing. Alkaline vs. acidic blood or finding a balance would be the wise choice as well. Try a Live/Raw foods diet or mixed raw/vegan cooked diet for best long term results and alkalined body. Occasional grass fed, halal, wild caught and organic meats in extremem moderation and consciously ate would help in diet transitioning. BE WELL. ~Kush