Vasculitis Remedies

Last Modified on Oct 17, 2014

Home treatment for vasculitis addresses the underlying immune system problem causing the condition. Lifestyle changes involving proper nutrition and exercise will help detoxify the body and correct pH balance. An apple cider vinegar tonic is one of the effective natural cures for this condition while home remedies like garlic help strengthen the immune system.

What is Vasculitis?

Vasculitis is an immune system disorder characterized by blood cells mistakenly attacked as foreign bodies, leading to inflamed blood vessels. This condition can be either short-lived or chronic, causing blood vessels to scar, weaken, narrow and thicken. In severe cases, organs and tissues are starved for blood; this form of vasculitis can prove deadly. Some types of vasculitis may improve if left alone, but other types require long-term treatment. 

Natural Remedies and Lifestyle Changes for Vasculitis

The most effective natural treatments for vasculitis utilize a holistic approach. Working to achieve a healthy immune system through a treatment regimen incorporating proper nutrition, exercise and detoxification should be the ultimate goal. Since vasculitis can attack all tissues and organs, natural treatments would address symptoms for that particular type of vasculitis. In general, vasculitis sufferers are also afflicted by a variety of flu-like symptoms which can be effectively treated with home remedies. 

Lifestyle Changes

Proper nutrition is an essential home remedy for correcting the underlying immune system malfunction causing vasculitis.  Raw organic fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, fresh herbs and olive oil are especially useful in strengthening the immune system and regulating pH. There are strong links between illness and people becoming too acidic (ideal pH is 7.35 while the average person is 5.5-6.5).  At least 30 minutes a day of aerobic exercise should become part of the treatment regimen.

Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic

ACV Tonic is a wonderful natural remedy for many of the vasculitis symptoms, with reported natural cures for, among other ailments, chronic fatigue, flu and allergies (an immune system problem).  The acetic and malic acids in ACV have antiviral, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties. It’s important to use natural organic apple cider vinegar with the ‘mother’ as that contains the healing enzymes.

Herbal Remedies

Garlic, Echinacea and Goldenseal are all excellent herbal treatments to boost the immune system.  Garlic is particularly useful because of its anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.  In addition, garlic is a useful home remedy as it has effective antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.  In addition to strengthening the immune system, Echinacea enhances lymphatic function while Goldenseal is an antibacterial that also detoxifies and cleanses the body.

Vasculitis is an immune system problem causing blood vessels to become inflamed and incapable of supplying organs and tissues with an adequate blood supply.  Incorporating a holistic approach utilizing natural treatments and lifestyle changes will build up the immune system while alleviating fatigue and other symptoms.

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User Reviews

Hydrogen Peroxide   0  0   

Posted by Lila (Flat Gap, Ky) on 09/11/2014

Do you think hydrogen peroxide will help it?

Hypersensitivity Vasculitis Remedies   0  0   

Posted by Rosza (Hungary ) on 02/22/2014

Can anyone suggest how to control and get rid of LC Vasculitis.(hypersensitivity vasculitis) induced after high dose of antibiotics but before that suffred of a bad bout of Hives and hence the antibiotics, also now system is allergic to Soy lecithin and chilli peppers, garlic, onions etc. Sometimes I have a reaction to theses sometimes not..kindly help. Regards

Posted by Amcmanus3
Sacramento, Ca
The hypersensitivity could be from a damaged digestive tract. I had the same diagnosis and symptoms so I went on the GAPS diet. My lesion healed after that. Along with better stress management and excersise, I have been much better.
Posted by Mrsamom
Dr. Joel Furhman has stated that MOST auto immune problems can be fixed with diet. In his book 'eat to live' he gives a VERY specific diet for autoimmune problems, and says people with autoimmune issue should avoid gluten. Also, please also look up the transdermal magnesium supplementation and iodine. I think diet is VASTLY under-rated in the prevention and treatment of problems in the body! More so than even supplements. "let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food! "

Posted by Rosza (Budapest) on 11/16/2013

Hypersensitivity Vasculitis:

Please help me and send some suggestions. I had a case of Hives for almost 4 weeks in 2012 July before that a bit of eczema around anus and hemorroid before I got Hives. Doctor thought it was Steph (hives) but they did not find anything in test but still gave me antibiotics. These hives left dark patches allover my trunk and legs . Once the Hives were over I started to get funny itch all over my lower legs and skin bled and had pimple like marks. Still the doctor did not find anything. To cut the long story short I went thru every test and gastroscopy no gluten no chemical and food allergy ..finally they found Soya lecithin, dustmites and Shellfish allergy plus high TSH not so high though (maybe because of Soya allergy). In January I got 10 days antibiotics by gastroscopist ( then we did not know of soya allergy- due to it reflux and acidity problem almost for a year therefore hives and eczema) and my body broke into lesions and rashes which turned dark and bled...Finally one skin doctor said it was VASCULITIS and I should just apply cream and follow diet- no nuts, tomatoes, lentils etc. But I noticed that now am allergic to almost everything even nettle and calendula tea, Sulphur homeopathic pills....even to onions, garlic, ppper and chillies spices...everything gives me rashes and bleeding over my legs and now it's spreading over my body especially my private part has itching somethimes skin peals of in nicks and blood come out..but my legs have blotches and skin you can see in any pics of cutenous vasculitis and the terrible itching all the time on my body especially legs and arms around elbows...KINDLY SUGGEST ME HOW TO GET RID OF IT..I HAVE TRIED DOCTORS BUT MAY BE THEY TRIED TO SOLVE IT WITH CREAMS AND SINCE IT IS GETTING WORSE MIGHT PUT ME ON STEROIDS WHICH I WANT TO AVOID...PLEASE HELP EVEN EATING FISH AND EGGS SOMETIMES GIVES ME BLEEDING AND INFLAMMED SKIN ALOS WAXING MY LEGS..


Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Rosca: Make home made water kefir from organic whole sugar or/and raw organic buckwheat flour. 60g per quart. Try eating organic produce and grassfed animal products raw. If you live in the country you can make green smoothies from non contaminated edible leaves for free. You can make green smoothies from organic baby leaves. The immune system is malfuntioning because digestion is impaired. Fixing the digestive system fixes the immune system. Live ferments are best. Raw organic and grassfed animal products are second best. You can take a digestive enzyme supplement. Watch raw food videos for some good ideas.
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Rosza, you might want to try going on an all veggie and some fruit diet for a day or two.
Posted by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
A quick search on PubMed brings up a couple of articles about cutaneous vasculitis sometimes actually being scurvy. Try taking Vitamin C (you can get it powdered). Take all the Vit C you can without getting diarrhea.

You might have been running low and then having such a long bout with hives (maybe viral induced) depleted the rest of your Vit C. Also look into Rutin, which is found in buckwheat, to strengthen capillary walls.

Posted by Rosza
3 Posts
Dear M2 and others thanks for your reply.

Since last 8 months am taking 1000 mg Vit C with flavonoids...I have develipoed pigmentation and spots from bleeding when I scratch. It has now reached again on my thighs while whole legs are spotted and hives come and go.

I can't drink alchol take nuts, chocolates and even lentils. Also itching around my pubic area...instead of getting better am getting worse...The situation got better 2 months agao but when I ATE SOME SPICY FOOD AND YEASTY BREAD THINKING AM WELL IT CAME BACK WORSE.


I get hives with pigmentation also around my elbows around it also.

1- what is buckwheat kefir how to make it?/ how much vit c I must take, everyday?

2- I already cleaned my liver three times without much difference...just a little relief also how to tackle high TSH AND IGE LEVELS??


4- Should I try to get Quercetin and Picagenol??

5- How to stop this itching on my back and legs..driving me crazy and bring up the blood ususally after I eat something ?

Thanks ..hope someone can help..

Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Rosza: The problem is the immune system is overreacting because of poor digestion. Kefir has several kinds of microbes. They look like tiny pieces of cauliflower. I bought some from the ukraine. The cellular wall of the yeasts have beta-glucans that reset the immune system. The enzymes give the organs relief so they can make metabolic enzymes. The microbes repopulate the digestive system. Kefir potentiates nutrients. Buckwheat is the seed of a flour. Buckwheat has quercitin. You can make the kefir from either organic buckwheat flour or/and organic whole dried cane sugar. Do not use any metal when making the kefir. Use 60g per quart. Let ferment at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 12 hours. When bubbles rise to the surface the kefir is brewing. There are 2 kinds of grains. One is dormant. They take around 4 days to wake up. One is fully awake. You have to use organic sugar or flour because pesticides kill the microbes. If you cannot get kefir grains you might try live active bakers yeast to ferment the brew. This is not nearly as good but better than nothing. You can also buy live ferments at the store like raw apple cider vinegar. They do not have the microbes so they are not as beneficial. Medicinal mushroom extracts have beta-glucans. Activated barley has beta-glucans.
Posted by Rosza
Thanks, but I looked around for water kefir grains, but could not find in tow of the bio shops. I NEVER EVER HEARD OF IT. Is Kombucha same?

Please can you send me the recipe how to make kefir grains?




How many glasses I should drink everyday. I am trying to find water kefir grains hope to find it---some says it is a Japan crystal mushroom is it true that water kefir grains is a Japenese mushroom?

Thanks ....

Posted by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado
Rosza: Kefir is called Japanese water crystals, piltz in Germany, kefir di frutta in Italy, tibicos in Mexico, and graines vivantes in France. There are stories of their use in Tibet and the Caucus Mountains. Yes you can use kombucha because there are both bacteria and yeasts. The yeasts have the beta-glucans. The water must be free from chlorine and pollutants. Do not use metal. 60grams of organic whole sugar or/and organic buckwheat flour per quart. 30grams sugar and 30grams buckwheat. Whole sugar has molasses. They need nutrients. Google how to make water kefir in 2 minutes of less video. The microbes manage themselves. They stop multiplying when there is no more food to eat. If you get the dormant ones put 60grams sugar or buckwheat in a quart of water and let ferment at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 3 or four days. Taste periodically. The water should gradually change from sweet to sour. When the water becomes vinegry they are fully awake. The more you take the sooner you can get well. I take a cup 8 times per day. The microbes are not delicate. They are very hardy. They don't like metal or pollutants. They ferment from 40 degrees to 95 degrees. The lower the temperature the slower the brew.
Posted by Nanowriter
Hotspot, Texas
Hi Rozca, you can find kefir grains on the big online shopping place that starts with an A. You can also google how to make kefir.
Posted by Heidi
Hi Rosza: Hope u are much better now. In the last few years I've had poison ivy every summer, continually, as well as hives--an allergic itchy on my forearms--a reaction to sulfur, molasses, and apple cider vinegar (all remedies I read about here ;-), bee stings (got bit 24 times by an English hornet), and tick bites--all of which itched like CRAZY! The single best cure for ALL of these itchy things was ice. It completely stops the itching, usually for at least a few hours. I also just discovered that Tiger Balm works very well also. You have to wait about 5 or 10 minutes for it to "kick in, " but it really alleviates the itching and "cools it off" for a few hours, then you have to reapply if it comes back. Most Asian stores and all Chinese stores, I believe, sell tiger balm, but I'm sure you can get it online also. The ice works immediately. I also recently got a mysterious and extremely painful illness--intense ongoing pain in my kidney and gall bladder area. I ended up, purely by chance, at a website called Energy Arts--the teacher there and website founder is a very advanced practitioner of Thai Chi, meditation etc. I downloaded a free video there, where the guy talks you through a basic meditation, and I lay on my floor and did it--figuring I had nothing to lose--and I felt better afterwards. I did it twice a day, and got better every day. I had also already started moving more (rather than sitting at my computer for 10 hrs at a stretch) eating less, eating healthier, and drinking lots of water and lemon. (I already don't drink much caffeine, eat much gluten or sugar, or drink much alcohol.) But the meditation once in the morning and once before going to bed, actually seemed to cure me from the first session. Within a few days I was much better--the pain was just mild, and within a week, I was almost well. I still absolutely recommend using the remedies people here are suggesting--I just think that adding this simple basic meditation may really help others, as it did me. I never even needed to see a doctor or health practitioner of any kind, and it hasn't come back. But I am making sure to have much less stress in my life, and get much more sleep. ;-)
Posted by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe
Heidi, can you describe the meditation or provide a link to it?
Posted by Sue
Michigan, US
I am not a doctor, but I believe you may have severe systemic candidiasis. My suggestion is to find a reputable EDS (electodermal screening) practitioner in your local area. This service is typically provided by naturopaths and homeopaths. You definitely have some type of autoimmune disease in my limited opinion.

Remedies Needed   0  0   

Posted by Luton Steve (Luton Near London, UK) on 10/16/2014

Was diagnosed with vasculitis a few weeks ago at late sept 2014 after having an ulcer on the right inside heel. The ulcer drove me nuts and felt like some one burning me with a blow torch. Then the spots appeared on my legs from knee to feet and got worse. They itched like hell and then broke out in to dark purple blisters that burst and stung like a bee. I keep being told to raise my feet to sleep but 10 mins of this and my legs are on fire and takes ages to calm it down with cold water and a flannel. Have since gone totally green with food and have smoothies with some fruit as am type 2 diabetic. What annoys me is they say "Vasculitis" .....but which one? sigh!!

I feel for you folks out there that have this as its hell on earth...regards Steve!

Posted by Bethanyalane (Georgia, US) on 09/03/2014

I recently got diagnosed with Normocomplimentic Urticarial Vasculitis after two skin biopsies.

I am also having the systemic issues of hypocomplimentic Urticaria Vasculitis.

I have been suffering for a year and a half with this painful and itchy disease and my mental health is starting to deteriorate. I am constantly covered in painful hives or, my face, hands and feet are swelling up with angiodemas.

I have noticed there is minimal research on this rare disease and I am very unhappy with the medications doctors want to put me on. The side affects range anywhere from headaches to lymphoma, kidney failure, blindness, adrenal failure etc.

If someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

I'm only 25 and I feel like I'm losing my life not to mention my first year of marriage to this disease.

I can not accept these poisonous drugs doctors want to pump me up with.


Posted by Kathy
Ontario, CA
Hello. I'm not sure if this guy named, Joe Cross, has the exact same condition, but he made a movie called, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. He healed himself after 60 days of only drinking juice. Definitely worth watching for ANYBODY with ANY illness!
Posted by Mama to Many
715 Posts
Dear Bethany,

This sounds sorry you have been suffering so much. I can tell you what things I would try for this.

We have found nettles to be very effective for urticaria. You could either drink a quart of strong nettle leaf tea daily, or take 4 capsules of nettle leaf, three times a day.

Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory and helps very much with itchy skin and inflammatory skin conditions. You could try 1 teaspoon of turmeric three times a day, or 4 capsules three times a day. Taking it at the same time as a teaspoon of coconut oil and sprinkle of black pepper will increase its effectiveness.

Also, I would consider taking 1, 000 mg of Vitamin C every couple of hours. More would be fine, too, unless you begin to get diarrhea, in which case, cut back a bit.

2 teaspoons of raw apple cider vinegar in a tall glass of water or juice once or twice a day will help to improve the ph of your system, which is helpful to many health problems.

Plenty of water or herbal tea and fruits and vegetables would also be great.

Please let us know how it goes for you. I hope you are feeling much better soon.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Alexandra
Cheshire, UK
I have found the Joe Cross movie useful too.

Posted by Lorna (Beaverton, Or, Usa) on 07/22/2012

I have Churg Strauss Vasculitis, I've been on oral Prednisone for 10 yrs or so and am having a lot of trouble with supressed thyroid and adrenal function. I would be interested to know if anyone has had any success in treating this, and in getting off of medications?

Posted by Jay
Germantown, Ohio
5 Posts
dong quai is an herbal alternative to prednisone.
Posted by Jay
Germantown, Ohio, Usa
5 Posts
Dong quai is herbal alternative to prednisone search for this article, herbal alternatives to prednisone on ehow good luck.
Posted by Jamie
Hoffman Estates, Il
I also have Churg Strauss, I am a nurse and I work for an Internal Medicine practice. The physician I work for has recommended increasing my zinc and copper intake through supplementation to help with my CSS symptoms. I have chose to stop taking prednisone, and methotrexate because of the side effects. I am currenty doing well. I am 30 and in Stage 3 but since stopping the prescriptions and going all natural I feel much better. I recommend speaking to your Rheumatologist or PCP if you are interested in treating yourself naturally.

Posted by Val (NY, NY) on 05/23/2009

I have vasculitis of the capillaries on my legs & arms. What natural treatments do you recommend?

Posted by Anniesummer
Denver, Co
6 Posts
I also suffer from a form of vasculitis called Cryoglobulinemia. Rash on lower legs, numbness of feet, Raynaud's in hands. The biggest help to my symptoms, especially the rash, has been a supplement called Pycnogenol, which is an extract of french maritime pine bark. I read of the studies that showed great success in strengthening cell walls in a book called The Inflammation Syndrome by Jack Challam. I take 100 mg 2xdaily. I noticed a difference in about 2-3 weeks, and now rarely suffer from the rash (and it was pretty bad at times).

I hope this helps. The other things I take are fish oil and vitamin E, which are all good for the circulation. And dont forget how important exercise is. I read a while back about a study where vessels that had been severed in mice rerouted themselves and restored the blood flow to normal levels with regular workouts on the treadmill. So keep moving!

Posted by Val
Ny, Ny
Thank you Annie! Much Appreciated! Val
Posted by Jaspersmom
Bassano, Ab, Canada
Thank you I will try that. I already use the fish oil but am up to try anything new at this stage. Also wondering if you suffer from an auto immune disease other than vasculitis?
Posted by Lisa09calgary
Kelowna, B.c.
Does anyone have remedies for Sjogren's Syndrome combined with vasculitis?
Posted by Hope
West Coast, Ca, Usa
Vasculitis with pernio or chilblains (rash when warm after cold)- zyfla mend has helped me with energy that is zapped from the vasculitis. I do take a heart medication, but am looking for additional solutions that are natural. I also have Sjogren's Syndrome Primary. Best to you all!
Posted by Christine
Whitby, North Yorkshire, England
I have been told by GP that the rash which occurs after severe stress on the skin graft on my lower left leg is Vasculitis? However it has been very much worse & extending beyond the graft to normal tissue of the leg & very painful. For the third time in 6 months, a blood vessel has ruptured in my left eye but this time, the whole 'white' of the eye is solid dark red. (My daughter told me I look like something out of a horror movie)Right eye ruptured once in same 6 month period.

Is this related to the Vasculitis?

I have thyroid disorder. Radio-iodine treated in December 2011. Been on Neo-mercazole for 9 years but told have advanced Graves disease which has been undiagnosed most of my life, (60 yrs).

Any advice or help would be appreciated. I prefer natural remedies where possible. Had bad reaction to Prednisone last year.

Posted by Karen
Gainesville, Fl
Do not take Pycnogenol if you have an autoimmune disorder. It strengthens the immune system which would make your disease worse.
Posted by Caessence
Eureka, California
You migh try looking into thyroid supplementation and iodine. I was reading about thyroid having an effect on cardio vascular system and related to heart disease.


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