Morton's Neuroma Remedies

Last Modified on Oct 24, 2014

Treating Morton’s neuroma requires a holistic approach that combines foot support, massage and natural supplements as well as loosening the foot and maintaining flexibility support treatment. Additionally, adjusting activity level and resting offers relief from the often painful condition.

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Often described as a pain that feels as if one is standing on a pebble in the shoe, Morton’s neuroma is a condition that is localized in the ball of the foot specifically at the third and fourth toes. The condition causes the thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerves leading to the toe, causing pain and discomfort.

The condition typically does not involve any outward signs of the issue but presents symptoms including burning pain, tingling and numbness in the toes. The condition is generally caused by irritation, pressure or injury to the foot.

Natural Treatment for Metatarsal Pain

Generally an issue of the nerves and compression of the toes, Morton’s neuroma can often be treated using simple relief options. Massage as well as the proper foot support and footwear generally prevents further progression of the condition. The natural supplement serrapeptase also offers relief.


Resting the feet is often the first line of defense against Morton’s neuroma. Massage also serves as an effective option for resting the foot and relieving pain. Applying light pressure and kneading motions to the affected region stimulates blood flow as well as nerve function to prevent pain.

Foot Support

Wearing appropriate footwear as well as using orthotic supports is another option for treating Morton’s neuroma. Avoiding shoes with high heels and shoes that confine or compress the toes prevent issues. Additionally, supports that properly align the feet within a shoe and during activity add to treatment.


Serrapeptase is a natural supplement that is used in treating a variety of conditions. The compound aids in breaking down protein and decreasing inflammation. As Morton’s neuroma involves inflammation of the nerve tunnel, this supplement is particularly effective for treating metatarsal pain.

A painful condition that affects the ball of the foot, Morton’s neuroma is most often characterized by pain between the third and fourth toe. Holistic treatment that incorporates rest, activity changes and dietary supplements prevents pain and further issues associated with the metatarsals.

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User Reviews

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Posted by Lutie (Louisville, Kentucky) on 01/24/2010

Morton's Neuroma is something I have not seen addressed here, but is so very common. Has anyone used apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to alleviate horrendous and constant pain associated with this very common disease? I am trying to eliminate the pain with ACV (1 Tablespoon in small glass of filtered water). HELP!

Posted by Juliette
Santa Fe, New Mexico
I am a reflexologist, and have had good results with clients with Morton's Neuroma. You can try to stretch out your own foot, trying with your fingers to get deep into the tissue. Rolling your foot on golf balls can also help to relieve the pain.
Posted by Jennifer
Chillicothe, Ohio
I, too, have had Mortons neuroma. I went to a podiatrist who took and adhesive pad about 1/4 of an inch thick beveled the edges and placed it on the insole of my shoe, directly behind my toes to the side of the ball of my foot. The purpose was to cause a sort of arch along the pad of my foot. It worked. That was a couple of years ago and without a landmark on my foot to go by, its sort of hard to find the spot myself. I may end up going back just so he will show me where it needs to go.
Posted by Happytraill
Concord, Nc
Hi, does anybody have any successful remedies with this ailment?
Posted by Rebeccakov
Dover, Ma
Best thing I did were stretches. Get a "Step Stretch" from a running store and stretch the back of your calf. Somehow it's all connected. A few weeks of doing that 1-2x a day and I felt major improvement. I still do it occasionally and wear orthotics a few times a week (esp. When running). I can wear a variety of shoes (w/ or w/o orthotics), as long as the toe box is wide and they don't hurt when I test them out. Good luck!
Posted by Mooseybandito
98042, Seattle, Wa
After suffering for 6 months, dropping my heels and going to flats, taking off work, ice, and everything else known to man... I had to come up with something was because I was taking my kids to Disneyland and couldn't fathom using a scooter. I had read somewhere about using EFT (not a supplement). I hestantly and not really thinking it would work, began tapping. Within hours my foot improved and within weeks it was gone! I only did a few times and had success. It's been 9 months now and I am back in my heels with no problems to report. Boy was that painful. I recently used alpha lapoic acid for a really bad nerve problem in my tooth.... I wonder if that would have helped the foot. It worked amazing on my tooth - better than all those pain meds the doctor gave me.
Posted by Johnna
Lawndale, Nc
2 Posts
Can you please explain how the EFT tapping is done for this ailment? Thank you
Posted by Kmbrown3
Chicago, Il
2 Posts
Hello All, I can happily say I am DONE with my Neuroma pain... I won't go into detail of the years of suffering but with patience, rest and persistance you can definitely get back to a normal life.

I've had alcohol and cortisone injections which did not last for other than a few weeks and finally succomb to the ligament release surgery, which may have made the condition worse!!

After the surgery I was unable to stand for more than (5-10) minutes with out pain. I was crawling on my hands and knees to use the bath room or bathe, I had to kneel down on a stool to cook or do dishes... It was pretty bad :-(

My healing process boils down to this:

REST, listen to your body. I did not do more than my feet would let me. I stopped exercising, walking or standing too long. I even used the motor scooter at the grocery store and was able to get a Handicap placard from my doctor. I took up water areobics and swimming to get some kind of workout in. Every little bit helps!

Stop wearing slim or narrow shoes or socks that are too tight! I know now that I have to purchase shoes EXTRA wide and a half size larger that normal because the pressure on the toes was ridiculous. Even the socks I wore are tossed out. Sometimes my feet went numb... That's a tell-tell sign. I now wear a men's sock or the athletic sock with the build in arch support (don't know if they do anything for the arch but they don't hurt my feet at all)

Ice bath at least 2x's a day or you can do a hot/cold bath and switch between the two. The ice decreases pain and imflammation. The hot/cold improves blood circulation.

I made my own version of a foot pillow by stuffing a knee high with cotton stuffing and wrapping it around the middle part of my foot. It may it so there was no pressure squeezing the nerve from either side... There's an invention out there for it. Can't remember what its called, but I'm cheeeeep, cheeep cheap so I made my own.

I started taking a few supplements from my local health food store. It was a mixture of natural anti- inflammatories (bromelian and tumeric), a digestive enzyme, and a nerve supporting supplentment and something else to strenghten my ligaments. I was also doing a multivitamins and Omega 3s.

Massaging and stretching the feet, toes AND calves really, really helps. Combine this with foot strenghtening exercises (heel & toe raises, towel scrunching, etc). My fiance is a PT and gave me a lot of strenghtening exercises that helped. I did a lot of this in the pool also, because it was so therapeutic and there's less impact on the feet... Plus my feet always felt brand new after a swim!

Taping is excellent!! I did the tear drop on the bottom of my foot, along with a piece or two on the arch (from the bottom, instep to the top middle of my foot), combined with a piece to keep my big to somewhat seperated from the next to (I have small bunions and I know that contributes to neuromas as well). I would tape and use to separators.

Make sure you have a clean diet. Get a blood test to figure out if you are allergic to any foods and avoid those foods. Eat clean, plenty of veggies, lost of water, remove preservatives and processed foods and sugar. This boostes your immune system allows your body to focus on other areas That need healing.

Finally, to save the best for last I got Vibram Five Fingers... Best bday gift ever. They are a pain to get used to but It will changeyour life forever. I am hooked. They naturally make your foot stronger and after about a year I was FINALLY able to run without any pain! You have to get Vibrams... Not the Addidas, not Fila, it's not the same

Posted by Daisy
Jacksonville, Florida, U.s.a
9 Posts
To kmbrown -- I don't know if you're still reading this, but THANK YOU so much for posting all the things you did to help yourself when standard treatments for your Morton's Neuroma failed. Yesterday I stopped wearing my favorite slides around the house based on your advice, because even though they're not tight the metatarsal area is exactly where the main strap is positioned, and already my foot is half as painful as it was! I have no doubt that some of your other suggestions -- especially the calf stretching, foot taping, and strengthening exercises -- will help as well, and I look forward to trying them all. But really, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write it all down for others, because now I have all sorts of things either free or cheap to try before submitting to shots. I truly appreciate it. Thanks!!!
Posted by Teri In T Town
Tacoma, Wa
18 Posts
Re: Jikiden Reiki for Morton's Neuroma. I suffered with Neromas in both feet for more than a decade and nothing seemed to help. Today, I am pain free and back to cycling and hiking like someone 30 years younger. What worked for me: Jikiden Reiki. I am so impressed I am training to be a practitioner.

Serrapeptase   1  0   

Posted by Marigold (Usa) on 06/20/2014

[YEA]  I have been taking 2 capsules of Serrapeptase every morning on an empty stomach and wow! I can not believe how fast this has worked on the pain and inflammation of Morton's Neuroma! I felt relief by the 2nd day!

Before I was taping my toes, second and third together, fourth and pinky toes together, which offered some relief. Now, after 2 months I don't have to tape and can walk without pain. I still know it's there if I step on a rock, but I'm 100% better than what I was not long ago.

I highly recommend this!

Supplements, Massage With Essential Oils   1  1   

Posted by Daisy (Ny) on 02/12/2013

[YEA]  Hi everyone. I battled Morton`s Neuroma for a year and I was in a lot of pain. What helped me was serrapeptase plus MSM and vit B complex. I don`t like taking pills but I was getting discouraged and didn`t want to have it surgically removed so I after a lot of research I stumbled upon this enzyme and decided to give it a try. I believe massages with essential oils of rosemary, helichrysum, lavender and lemongrass also helped a lot along with a good diet of course. I really hope this helps you!

Posted by Daisy
Nyc, Ny
Just wanted to say that I'm definitely pain free-I don`t know why my comment appears as [Better but not cured].Thanks.

EC: Thanks for letting us know! Rating updated to YEA.

Posted by Redlipstick
Cape Town, South Africa
[NAY]   Serrapeptase - not working at all. I have been taking 80MG x 2 per day and it's not happening. Been taking for over 1 year!!
Posted by Nancy
Flagstaff, Az
My husband and my mom both have Morton's neuroma. When searching for a treatment for uterine fibroids for myself, I came across Castor Oil Packs, which reduces and/or eliminates fibroids.

Since Morton's neuroma is actually fibrous tissue that has formed around the nerve(s), they have both decided to try the Castor Oil Pack treatment. I will update after a time and let readers know how it goes. (I did read on one forum where a lady with Morton's neuroma rubbed the castor oil into the affected area, and just doing that alone reduced her pain.)

You have to buy the good stuff though; cold-pressed, hexane-free castor oil (not the laxative you can buy at the drugstore).

Posted by Haleymarie
Eastern Connecticut
How has the castor oil been working?

I recently developed a mortons neuroma; I've been on crutches for 3 months due to a bad sprain in which I tore a ligament in my ankle. I'm having very little pain where the ligament resides. My primary complaint is the classic nerve pain, in the front portion of my arch. My toes go numb/tingly or have a weird sensation sometimes. I notice moving my arch bothers it a lot, aside from that I can't exactly pinpoint what bothers it. When my PT moves my toes I almost feel something clicking in there, and now that I have looked up a mortons neuroma, the symptoms are eerily similar. Sometimes it feels like there is a little something under my foot. I'm so frustrated. Thanks for everyones suggestions. I'll be trying the serrapeptase. I've been rubbing on arnica and st johns wort, which has helped relieve a little pain. Best of luck to everyone.


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