Eye Floaters - Dry Eye Treatment

Jul 09, 2016

What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are one of the many conditions that affect an individual’s eyesight. Typically seen as a black or gray speck, eye floaters are general spots in the vision. These “floaters” can also look like strings or cobwebs that drift or move throughout the line of sight as the eye moves. Generally associated with age-related vision changes, eye floaters present several symptoms and can be caused by a number of different factors.

The symptoms of eye floaters include the characteristic “spot” in one’s vision. The spot may appear as a dark speck or even as transparent lines or strings of moving, floating material. In addition, the spots typically move as the eye moves, are visible when viewing a plain bright background and may settle out of the line of vision over time. More serious symptoms associated with eye floaters include the appearance of several new floaters, a sudden onset of floaters, flashes of light and darkness in the peripheral vision. These more serious symptoms include prompt attention from an eye specialist.

The most common cause of eye floaters involves age-related vision changes. The vitreous or jelly-like substance that fills the eyeballs changes in consistency over time and partially liquefies also creating clumps and strings. The “floaters” seen are debris in the inner eye blocking light from passing into the eye. Additional causes of floaters include inflammation in the back of the eye, bleeding in the eye and a torn retina.

Natural Cures for Eye Floaters

Many natural dry eye treatments are also effective treatments for eye floaters. Beet juice taken orally daily, l-carnisine eye drops, can-c eye drops, and taurine are all effective remedies for the condition. Additionally, magnesium, vitamin D and boron taken daily support overall eye health and treat as well as prevent floaters. Milk thistle, vitamin c and pantothenic acid are also effective dry eye treatments and floater remedies.

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Beet Juice  

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Posted by Pbatech (Us) on 04/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had two large floaters in my eyes and many smaller ones. I find that every time I eat beets the floaters get smaller and fainter. I eat canned beets and notice an improvement every time. I would not drink beet juice because it does not have all the good benefits of whole beets. When I stop eating beets my floaters remain the same until I start eating them again. For me, beets are the only things that work.

Replied by Steven
Imperial Beach, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

I followed your advice and got the same results. My floaters are becoming more translucent after consumming canned beets. Thank you.

Replied by Earthling

That's great! How long was it before you noticed improvement?

Replied by Pbatech

Steven, so glad to hear you found the same results I have with eating beets. It was really amazing when I realized what was happening.

Earthling, I had been originally eating beets because of their anti-cancer properties, but after about a week I noticed the improvement in my eye floaters. And then I saw an improvement every time I ate beets. After eating a lot of them by themselves with red wine vinegar, I grew tired of them, but now I am back to eating them in salads, mixed with canned tomatoes and other salad ingredients. I like the combination of beets and tomatoes.

Replied by Carolina

I've been eating canned beets and drinking the juice they come in every day for a week and haven't noticed improvement yet. How long does it take? Getting burned out with beets and not seeing results.

Replied by Nguyen Minh Duc

I am from VN. I have suffer floater for years. How can I find beets or any fruits can replace it. DO you have any experiment share to me? Thank you so much

Replied by Pbatech

Hi Carolina, sorry to hear you haven't seen any difference after eating beets. Have you gone to see the eye doctor to make sure what you are dealing with are really eye floaters and not something else? There are several other conditions that cause black spots in your vision, and some of them are very serious.

Hi Duc, I would imagine you could get fresh beets at the vegetable market in VN. Cook them and eat them. There is no substitute.

Replied by Marie-louise Bloch
Zurich, Switzerland

Hello together

I just have recently eye floaters. I found that Herbal Eyebright is for rinsing the eye and also the herbs are nourishement for the eye. I lost all points, now I have just one more thing left, if I am too lazy and do not rinse the eye everyday I get the it back!! There is also a youtoube of Dr. Wang. He is a Chinese doctor in AL and explains the cause of eye floaters. This is the best, which I found for treatment. I hope I can help somebody with my suggestions. Kind regards from Switzerland.

Replied by Catherina

Hello Pbatech.

I would like to know for how long you have gotten these eye floaters? And how old are you? Do they become more visible if you don't eat beets?

Replied by Elodie

Beetroots nourish the blood. In Chinese medicine, eye floaters are an indication of liver-blood deficiency, so it makes sense that people are finding improvement with the consumption of beets!

Replied by Chloe

How often and how much do you drink?


Hi Catherina, I must have gotten my eye floaters starting when I was in my mid to late 50s. No, they do not get more visible when I don't eat beets, but they don't get better either. Every time I eat beets they become more translucent, fainter and smaller. Now I am in my 60s. I also see some improvement as well when I eat avocados and maybe olives, but not to the same extent as beets. But I combine all those things in a salad with tomatoes and a few other vegetables and it makes me feel so good after eating it. My eyesight becomes sharper. And the big floaters I had are almost gone now.

Posted by Jay (Hyderabad, India) on 03/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Excess calc fluor in my body resulted the floaters. I am taking beet juce daily, now after 3 days, 80% floaters are gone, and rest are reduced in size, so wanted to continue to take beet juce.

Replied by Shikhar
Noida, Up

Hi Jay, Hoping you are doing great. I am suffering from eye flaoters since 4 years and after the last few weeks it got increased. I have been checked by eyes from varius Doctors but they said no treatment is required. Could you please let me know about the beet juice and how much benefit you got with that? Regards, Shikhar

Replied by Carol
San Francisco, Ca.

Would also like to know about the beet juice. I purchased some beets a few days ago and would like to know should I just juice them and how much juice are you using? Thanks so much!!

Replied by Raj

Hi Jai, I have flashes and floaters both. And my vision of left eye is going too blurry. Could you tell me that will it work on my flashes? If yes then how much quantity should be used.

Replied by Ks

Raj from Himachal - u must visit an eye doctor asap. This condition could be very serious. Don't waste time.

Replied by Tonio90

Sleeping on your stomach causes eye floaters.

Replied by Catherina

Hello Pbatech.

I would like to know for how long you have gotten these eye floaters? And how old are you? Do they become more visible if you don't eat beets?

Replied by Karan

Hey Jay...did it work..I have a lot of them in both eyes..please let me know


Hi Tonio, eye floaters have nothing to do with any sleeping position. They are caused by aging. And if beets can make them improve, then to a certain extent nutrition, or lack of certain nutrients in the diet.


Hi Carol, I use canned beets. Drained and rinsed under running water in a colander to rinse off the excess salt used in canning. And then I put them in a "salad" that is more like a gazpacho. If you get raw beets I think that the extra work of cooking them all the time would get tedious and make someone stop bothering with them. When I tell people about how wonderful beets are they will say they love beets, but I find that they will eat them once or twice a year. This is not often enough to see any improvement from them. I make my large salad weekly and it lasts two or three days for all my meals.

Replied by Pbatech

Hi Jay, I really am skeptical that your eye floaters are disappearing after only 3 days. That makes it sound like magic. There is no magic in the world.

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca

I'm not sure that eye floaters have much to do with age. I've had them since I was in my late teens/early 20's. :

Back then (I'm 53 now) the eye doctor said; "Meh...it happens", and that was that. No real explanation.

5 out of 5 stars

Hi Karan, Why don't you try it and see what your results are? It has worked for me. But I eat at least one can of beets per week in what I call my health salad. It is so tasty! I would eat it more often but it takes about a half hour to prepare, and often I just eat something else instead. I'm trying to get into a routine with the same breakfast and then the salad for a combination of lunch/dinner and a snack later on. The salad is large, so it lasts a couple of days or a bit longer if I eat that exclusively for each meal. Good luck!

Replied by Shirley
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Pbatech

There is magic all around us my friend. It's called the human body's ability to heal itself with the correct nutrition. You just have to know where to look. Jay may be correct in what he says. Everyone's body is different.

Replied by Pankaj

Hey Jay, I am Pankaj. I am happy to see your post regarding beet juice affects on floaters. Even I am from Hyderabad and facing the same floaters. So please will you let me know how your floaters exactly are?, and is this beet juice really effective?

Budwig Diet  

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Posted by Mare (st louis, mo) on 07/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

You need to find out about the Budwig Diet.Read the information at www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html.

Dr. Johanna Budwig was the foremost expert in the world on fats and oils. She was able to heal people even from their deathbeds using flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. (It's all about the electrons!) She also recommends veggies and fruit. (no meats, animal fats, or sugar.) She lived into her 90's. and was a nominee for the nobel prize many times. Earth Clinic should be all over this one. It helps all sorts of diseases, Heart Infarction. arthritis, cancer etc, and is good for athletic performance and in fact, the whole family. I have done oil pulling for only a short time and it has helped the floaters in my eye get smaller & less dark. (they were the result of a burst capillary.)

Replied by Ross
Kildare, Ireland

i have floaters and you say that the use of flax seed oil can help .how much per day should i take and can i get it from my local organics shop. please write back

EC: The Budwig Diet: 3-5 tablespoons of organic flax seed oil thoroughly blended (hand blender works best) with 1 cup of low fat organic cottage cheese. The 1 cup is eaten throughout the day. Flax can be found in the refrigerated section of your local health food store (important). More here: http://www.cancure.org/budwig_diet.htm

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

I don't like cottage cheese. Can I just take it by the spoon? What about doing oil pulling with flaxseed oil? I hadn't seen the answer to a first question I posted on this subject but I will surely look into the mini-beet protocol. I am so fed up of these floaters especially in my right eye which is the one most affected by myopia. I have tried countless natural medication for the liver but nothing ever changed. As someone suggested here that massaging the shoulders seems to help I will roll my shoulders next time I go for a walk in the sunshine as I see them when I am in bright lights.

Replied by Bonecrusher
Denver, Colorado

No, you cannot just take the flax oil by itself, that defeats the whole premise of the Budwig Protocol. Oil pulling will just be a waste of good flax oil.

Mix 3tbsp flax to 6tbsp cottage cheese (2:1 ratio) mix it, add in some blueberries or other fruit of your choice and mix some more. Eat it, no whining about cottage cheese.

Replied by Joe
Rome, Lazio, Italy
5 out of 5 stars

I have done quite a bit of reading about the Budwig diet, and it seems that as an alternative to cottage cheese you could use quark. It makes it taste much, much nicer, especially with some cinammon and some berries. I have it every morning because it's delicious - tried the cottage cheese for awhile but the consistency put me right off.

Also, I don't think yogurt works too well - something to do with the sulphur content, but I don't remember exactly. Sulphur in itself is a very interesting element and should be researched. I think it's one of the primary ways your body moves oxygen around your body.

Replied by Kk
Seattle, Wa

I doubt safety of using flax seeds. A lot of parasite sites talk about possibilities of nuts and seeds being contaminated with parasites. This totally averts me from using raw seeds. If to do termal treatment of seeds then that omega 3 fats there go rancid, then there is no point.

I understand that there can be a benefit, I just do not know how to clean these seeds.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

Hi Kk. You don't need to bother with the flax seeds. In fact, I don't recommend it on a long term basis. I got diverticulitis after using ground flax seeds every day for several years. They can stick together and become trapped in the diverticulae of your intestines and then become infected. You can see the stickiness very easily. Just wet your finger and put it in the seeds an the seed will stick to your fingers like glued on and or will stick to each other if whetted. If you do use the seeds and grind them, consume them immediately afterward so as not to allow them time to become rancid. Just use the flax seed oil instead but be careful about the flax seed oil you buy. It should be produced in a nitrogen environment as flax seed oil is extremely reactive with oxygen of the air and will become rancid quickly if exposed to unrestricted oxygen in the air for any length of time. It is said to be 30 times as reactive as sunflower oil. Further, it should be sold in a brown glass bottle as it can react just from exposure to light. Also, once bought and opened, it should be closed again right after you take out the oil you want to use, and then put back in the fridge where it's dark and cold immediately in order to keep it fresh and to maintain its health benefits for the body. Also, the oil you buy should not have any preservatives in it or it defeats the health benefit of the flax seed oil you're seeking. You can take flax seed oil alone as an antiviral or anti inflammatory. But, the Budwig protocol for cancer requires low fat cottage cheese or quark combined with flax seed oil in order to act as an oxygen carrier in the body to combat the cancer. In the case of cancer, Budwig warns that taking flax seed oil by itself shouldn't be done at all. Also, I think it is best to prepare your budwig protocol just before use to maintain it in the freshest state. I make Budwig shakes. To do this I put a third of a cup of low fat cottage cheese in a blender and add to that two tablespoons of flaxseed oil. I also usually add half an apple and half an orange but you can add whatever fruit you like. I then add just enough 1% butter fat milk to allow it to blend as low fat is important and pour that mixture when blended into a regular beer glass for dirinking. Budwig also allowed or even suggested the adding of a bit of honey. Perhaps the honey helps pull the respiratory enzyme created by the mixture into the cancer cells. When my son had cancer, the Budwig shake was the only alternate protocol we tried that brought his cancer markers to normal and below. FWIW

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Frank, so putting flax seeds in a smoothie is not a good idea? Is this also true with blended chia seeds and/or sesame seeds?

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

Hi Mmsg, I used to take two tablespoons of flaxseeds ground up with an electric grinder everyday. As best as I can recall I took these in my oat bran cereal for breakfast or my daily Budwig shake. I would have thought that taking them in this way that they would have been sufficiently separated to prevent them sticking together, but I believe they become trapped first in the diverticulae, then stick together, and them become infected.

At any rate after doing this for about two to three years, I got diverticulitis. This causes the diverticulae to become stretched out and deformed. Now I have to have fiber daily such as oat bran or psylium fiber to keep these diverticulae flushed out so that food particles don't become trapped in them.

With regard to chia seeds, I have no direct experience so I can't really comment on them.

With regard to sesame seeds, I have little experience with them but I suspect they are also sticky like flax seeds as I recall eating them in a Chinese restaurant where you wet the chopsticks and dipped them in the seeds to pick them up.

However, I found out the cause of the diverticulitis when I told a friend about it and he responded, "Oh you get that from eating small seeds." FWIW

Replied by Prioris

In response to ..."However, I found out the cause of the diverticulitis when I told a friend about it and he responded, "Oh you get that from eating small seeds." FWIW"...

That is just a myth. Diverticulitis is caused by bacteria. The bacteria can be killed and pockets healed with Aloe Muciliginous Polysaccharide but i'd try the aloe vera juice first.

There are list of foods that are supposedly the culprit but those foods may be only part of a long chain reaction. You need to know what spawned the bacteria.

For instance, if I eat too much sweet things like candy or french toast etc, it spawns the bacteria. I can eat most of those other foods on the list and it won't be a problem. Of course if the bacteria does get spawned, those other foods like seeds may add to it. If the problem does occur again, I can usually douse it out very quickly.

If your pockets healed, the seeds would likely not have been a problem.

You will likely find out very quickly what actually is the root of your causation if it happens again after you cure it.

Replied by Mama To Many Donate

Tennessee, Usa

Dear Frank,

Thanks for taking time to keep us posted. You are right - you haven't failed, only found out something else that didn't work. I appreciate your optimism! I trust that you will keep us posted when you come upon the solution! Thanks again!

~Mama to Many~

Castor Oil  

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Posted by William (Plains, Mt.) on 03/18/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I too have put castor oil in my eyes for floaters; it took them away. I did this several times, it worked just fine. There is no pain at all when you put castor oil in your eyes.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

William, which Castor Oil do you use?

Replied by Steve
Beaverton, Oregon

I have more floaters in my eyes that I even care to talk about... Does the castor oil really work? More info. would be great! Steve

Replied by Diane
Dover, Delaware

So are you saying it's safe to put castor oil in the eye and if so how much?

Replied by Mama to Many Donate


Dear Diane,

When I use castor oil in my eyes, I use one drop in each eye at bedtime. (I keep a tissue handy because even one drop won't all stay in the eye.)

Castor Oil in the eyes is a bit controversial. Personally, I am comfortable using it. But you might want to read more and decide.

I do use cold pressed Hexane free Castor oil when I am using it in my eyes. (Actually, I use it for lots of things. It is not that expensive and a little goes a long way.)

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bell
Birmingham, Al, Usa

How do you put it in and what kind do you use?

Replied by Mama To Many Donate


Dear Bell,

I keep castor oil in a small squeeze bottle and then it is easy to put into my eyes. Keeping some in a small bottle with an eyedropper would work, too.

I look for brands that are cold or expeller pressed and hexane free when using it in my eyes. I have used castor oil from Heritage, Home Health and Mountain Rose Herbs.

~Mama to Many~

Chinese Herbs  

Posted by Sam (Miami, US) on 08/04/2014



Comfrey Tea, Castor Oil  

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Posted by Pam (Livonia, Michigan) on 10/29/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I developed eye floaters in my left eye a month ago. It was like looking through black lace. I went to an opthmalogist to make sure that I didn't have a detached retina and thankfully it wasn't. So I began trying to cure the floaters with things I have on hand.

I began drinking comfrey tea three times a day (I grow comfrey in my yard) I mixed raw honey onto it, putting about a teaspoon full of honey into a quart of tea. I used an eye dropper of the tea (cooled) three times a day.

The floaters started to diminish after four days. Comfrey is high in lutein which is great for your eyes and also a cell prolifilerator- so I figured it was a win win.

I continued to research and found out that castor oil (hexane free) - a drop in the eye at night also helps heal, so I began doing that also.

I am happy to report that my floaters are gone!

My doctor was amazed but ayurvedic medicine has known about castor oil for centuries.

Replied by Mary

How much comfrey did you use?

Replied by Pam
Livonia, Mi.

I picked four good sized leaves (stems included) chopped them up and boiled them for about five minutes in two quarts of water. Drank the tea through out the day.

Replied by Aamena
Johannesburg, South Africa

Hi how bad were your floaters? I'm looking for a remedy and would like to try this

Eye Floaters and Eye Flashes  

Posted by Saba (Mentor, Oh) on 05/18/2013

Lately I'm seeing flashes in my eyes. Sometimes they come on the sides and sometimes at the bottom. They only last a second or two. Does anyway know what they are and how to heal it? Please help, thank you.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Saba: when you see eye flashes you should RUN to the doctor! It may be nothing but it may be something very serious and you MUST catch it early.

Replied by Carly
Wa, Usa

This is one of the rare times I am going to say this.... You need to see an eye doctor. Right away. As in first thing in the morning. You could have something very serious going on that could cause blindness. I am not trying to scare you, but please.... Go. Good luck, and please keep us posted.

Replied by Saba
Mentor, Oh

OK thanks I will do that. Scary!

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

I got these once in the shape of a football that got larger and larger until I couldn't see at all... For about half an hour , then I was fine and went to the eye doc. He asked if I had a pounding headache. I said no, he said lucky you, it was a migraine. My friend gets them and loses her sight all the time, for more than an hour at a time. Maybe low magnesium. I had this over ten years ago, only one!

Replied by Art
Vancover, Bc. Canada

I used to get them to as well as a pressure feeling in my left eye. I then discovered B12 5,000 mcg sublingual did the trick. I also take a B12 1,000 mcg time released with my other vitamins. There is no toxicity as you pee out what you don't need. It also helps with neuropathy. Art.

Replied by Rickt
Winston-salem Nc

Saba, from experience, you most likely have vitreous detachment. The jelly vitreous fluid of the eye ball shrinks with age. Light then fills the void causing the flashing. Not much can be done but important you see an eye doctor immediately to make sure is not major problem that could be forming.

Flaxseed Oil  

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Posted by Nadine (Matlacha,, Florida) on 09/02/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have had Floaters for many years. They are annoying. I was able to find a way to tolerate them when suddenly they disappeared. I usually used to get them when I was extremely tired and its very hot outside, and living in Florida it's mostly hot all the time. I decided to try Flaxeed oil about a year ago after a lot of reading about the possible way to get them to go away, and that seems to have licked them for now. I also exercise about 2 hours a day and I'm told that it might help. Hope this helps.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

Hi Nadine, I have also had floaters for many years. That seems to be connected with the age and the fact that the retina starts pulling and getting detached. Mine are always there is there is more light and nothing I try makes me see less of these crazy things. Could you maybe explain what you did with the flaxseed oil? Did you do oil pulling, take it or something else? I have been taking flaxseed oil in pills for a while but didn't notice any difference. Before that I also took 1 soup spoon a day with no results and I was afraid the oil would turn rancid without me noticing it so I stopped and started with the pill. Please tell me what you do exactly and I hope they never come back for you as this is really annoying! Like you I am always hunting for solutions!

Iron Supplementation  

Posted by Ellie (Florida) on 05/27/2014

I read somewhere that a person associated floaters with low iron levels and after starting supplementing iron, her floaters were gone. Do research on the iron testing, as it is not a clear cut test. Sometime the body intentionally lowers its iron levels to compensate for something else to maintain balance.

L-Carnosine Eye Drops  

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Posted by Julie (Toronto, Ontario / Canada) on 12/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Just try l-carnosine eye drops for eye floaters. Forget the Budwig diet with flax and cottage cheese.

1. can-c

2. Bright eyes

You might have to order them online but they exist and reduce your floaters amazingly well. Use them as much as you want - the more the better. No side effects except your eyes feel a million times better. They are a miracle so try them if you have bad floaters. Forget diets, looking into the moon or sun & any other stupid old remedy - just get those drops and start using them alot.

Then get back online and tell people - maybe the eye community can make those eye doctors tell us about these drops even if they aren't a prescription. They don't seem to recognize them - which led me to get my 2nd floater - if I had used them when I got the first one - I never would have got this second one and my life would have been way better.

Replied by Manoj
Mumbai, India

Hi , I've been trying the Can C drops- been through 1 bottle so far but no significant reduction in floaters... got them in both eyes and they're especially irritating after physical exertion and while looking at plain and monochrome surfaces like a white wall etc...Give them a shot... all the best.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

Hi Julie Tor. Cda & Prioris FL,

My Can-C eyedrops and L-Carnosine 500 mg capsules arrived today. I have put one drop of Can-C in each eye and have taken one L-Carnosine capsule. I will let you know how it works out for me to get rid of my eye floaters.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

It has now been one week. I have put one drop of the Can-C eyedrops in each eye every day and have also taken one 500 mg L-Carnosine capsule each day.

There was no stinging from the Can-C dropst the first couple of times I used them but they now sting a little when I put them in but that is very brief. I checked my eyes by looking at a white piece of paper before making this post and I am unable to detect any decernable difference after one week. I intend to continue using the drops and capsules until they are all gone and will try to remember to give weekly reports or if I notice any significant change.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

Today is the tenth day of the Can-C and 500 mg L-Carnosine capsules for eye-floaters regimen. Starting today I am increasing the Can-C drops from one drop per day to two drops per day, with one drop in the morning and one drop in the evening. So far there is no decernable change in my eye-floaters.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

It is now two weeks since starting the Can-C eye drop and L-Carnosine capsule regimen for eye floaters. I am currently using two drops of Can-C, one in the morning and one in the evening as well as one 500 mg L-Carnosine capsule per day. There is no discernible improvement in the eye floaters at this time. There is, however, significant improvement in eye comfort. My eyes are feeling normal and not congested or dry as before. I don't think the improvement is due entirely to this regimen as I am also following a dry eye regimen described else where on this page. However, I think this regimen is helping as well. I also have had a chronic lingering low level sinus infection. I have recently used a 5% Boric acid solution nasal spray in the evening before bed for that condition. It is significantly improved after only a few applications. I have only used two or three sprays in each nostril before bed time about three times and my sinuses are feeling quite normal now. I believe this has significantly reduced the infection in and around my eyes and likely has also contributed to the improved comfort of my eyes.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

It is now three weeks since starting using Can-C eye-drops and a 500 mg L-Carnosine capsule per day for my eye-floaters. I am currently using two Can-C drops per day and there is no improvement to report.

Replied by Prioris

I'd give the test 4 weeks or just finish bottle. Doesn't seem to be too promising from your reports. I have tried it for 2 weeks with no positive results. I will experiment with it more later. I have had some positive results with taurine but it starts to give me a migraine.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

Hi Prioris. I originally planned to use up all of the Can-C drops and L-carnosine capsules to complete this experiment. It's getting a bit discouraging because I hoped to see some improvement in what I think are blood cells floating around if not the larger floaters But I can't detect any change even there. For now, I still intend to continue with the program. I have two bottles of Can-C drops and I'm still on the first bottle and there were 60 L-Carnosine capsules in the bottle to start with. Like you I got some headaches from the Taurine and stopped taking them when I started with the Can-C and L-Carnosine, so as not to confuse any results I might get. The research I did about Taurine indicated that it is important to retina health and I will likely resume taking those capsules once I finish this regimen.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On

It is now five weeks since starting using Can-C eye-drops and a 500 mg L-Carnosine capsule per day for my eye-floaters. I am currently using two Can-C drops per day and there is no improvement to report.

Replied by Frank
Thunder Bay, On
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I have now done the Can-C eye-drops and L-Carosine regimen for 37 days, from Oct. 23/13 to Nov. 29/12, and have decided to stop the regimen beginning today Nov. 30/13. The reason I am stopping the regimen is because I believe I am experiencing negative symptoms related to the regimen.

Firstly, over about the past week I have started to notice difficulty reading the credits on the TV screen following a movie or other writing on the TV screen. Admittedly, this may be due to the fact that I have a new prescription for glasses that I haven had filled yet, but I believe this is something different and of a more rapid onset which I suspect is due in part at least to this regimen.

Second, my eyes have become somewhat reddened and slightly inflamed. The redness on a scale of 1 to 10, is about a 4 given that 1 is white and 10 is blood red. On a scale of 1 to 10, the burning is slight and about a 3. The burning is now more or less the continuous norm as opposed to the normal and comfortable feeling about ten days to two weeks into the regimen. I suspect this is due to the eye-drops and their action on the surface of the eye, but this regimen is not getting into the eye and reducing the eye-floaters.

I do not think these new symptoms are do to the return of dry-eye condition mentioned earlier. I am not getting sudden stop of the eye-lid during blinking due to dryness of the eye, neither is there continual greasiness or abundant mucous in the eye. Also, I am not getting the blocked tear-duct that caused a build up of tears that took 10 to 15 finger wipes to drain them away.

Given the above, I think the regimen is now causing negative symptoms without delivering any positive ones. And on account of that have decided to cease the regimen today. I have given thought to perhaps taking a break and then resuming the regimen but given that there is no improvement is symptoms, that is not likely. Should I resume the regimen, I will report back here about that.

I intend to take a Taurine capsule today, and then I'll see whether to take them daily, every second day, or once or twice a week. But, I'll report back on how that goes.

I also intend to start researching eye-floaters again and I will report back If I discover any significant findings.

Good luck to you all with your eye-floaters, And, like Edison said of his Light bulb experiments, he hadn't failed, only discovered another way that didn't work. :)


Replied by Wayclear
Motown, Ca

Hi Frank-- I had some bad eye-floaters at one time, such that I couldn't see all the letters in a sign for instance. I also saw strange colors like an oil slick sometimes. Like it or don't, but what really helped me was putting collodial silver solution in a small, glass spray-mister bottle, and spraying a few squirts in my eye a few times. It was a godsend, and worked almost immediately.

What I do now, for my dry eyes, is put coconut oil on my lids and all over the lashes and everything. It does not bother my vision at all, and seems to be clearing it of dry eye, stringers, parasites, floaters and what-have-you... as another poster has mentioned.

But my big secret is that I follow an East Indian practice of placing urine in my eyes (i.e., M-urine).

Hope it works as well for you as it did for me! I wouldn't do all three at the same time.

--May You See Your WayClear


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Posted by Margaret (Cincinnati, Ohio, Usa) on 10/09/2009
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I noticed that my eye floaters are significantly reduced after my shoulders are massaged. When I am really stressed out they get worse.

Mercury Toxicity Link  

Posted by Rick (Woburn, Ma) on 03/02/2013

I have read that eye floaters may be related to Mercury toxicity. If you have dental amalgams or eat a significant amount of fish, you may want to have your Mercury levels tested.

Multiple Remedies  

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Posted by Carri, Rmt & Stress Reduction Practitioner (Boulder, Co) on 03/12/2014
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I would like to share some topics I found through research after experiencing my own floaters. Tight neck muscles can cause stress on the muscles around the eyes influencing the flow in the vessels that feed the eyes & numerous other facets of eye functionality. Weak liver, kidney & adrenal function may all play a part. Mental stress for the same reason as tight neck muscles. Imperfect vision. Stress from the above added to contact wear, glasses wear & computer work.

What helped; easy access to public for free:

~Shiatsu massage weekly (or research and learn how to work all the muscles around the eyes (refrain from pushing on the eyeball).
~Reflexology points on the hands or feet daily to promote health in the liver, kidney & adrenals.
~Stretching the neck: specific to scalene muscles, upper traps, occipital region. Minor stretch with oil if excessively tight as overdoing a stretch can worsen the pull on vessels and cause inflammation.
~Develop mental healing skills. If stressed try EFT (tapping).
~Nutritional helps: B vitamins, beet juice or supplement, vitamin C, liquid chlorophyll a few drops to a bottle of water, vitamin A
~Exercises to improve vision. Research the Bates Method. He has a free e-book online that explains much about vision. Many individuals have copied his free material & placed packages for sale.

Replied by Sam
Miami, US

@Carri, Rmt & Stress Reduction Practitioner. Good advice that made me think about this connection. Just one more thing - chronic tight neck/shoulder that is not relieved by any therapy is probably caused by the liver energy imbalances, according to TCM. Sometime neck tightness disappears on its own, just to come back without rhyme or reason. I would not focus on stretching if you are one of the people with chronic stiff neck/shoulders. Address liver imbalances.

Replied by Kris
Ca, Usa

For floaters....also for Macular Degeneration, other Retinol problems.... I am not a doctor. Please Google or read books on these for yourself and make informed decision. Frankincese essential oil rubbed on eyebrow, temples, behind ear on the ear and the muscle there on neck. Two to three times daily. Keep out of eyes and off eyelids. MSM, an absorbable kind, 1,000 to 2,000mg orally a day. Turmeric organic spice ( not supplement ) 1/2 teaspoon with a pinch of Black Pepper (makes Turmeric absorbable) twice daily. Take mixed with honey on spoon. Don't take at same time with meds, supplements, other spices..... Wait hour to two hours. DHA, in fish oil or algae. Follow supplement recommended dosage. Too lower stress... (same disclaimer) Lavender essential oil on pulse points of wrist and inhaled three times or more a day. The above Turmeric/Black Pepper helps depression and anxiety too. Elderberry (Sambucol brand). Follow dosage on bottle

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, France) on 01/14/2010
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A pity there aren't more people contributing to this section as there are many people suffering from eye floaters. I have tried a lot of natural remedies but nothing has worked so far, also eye therapy to lower my myopia. I have to say that I am ready to try a lot of things but the cottage cheese not really as I can't stand most milk products. I have tried MSM drops, herbs for the liver, phosphatus, cordiceps and a lot more but so far nothing made my eye floaters better. Maybe someone comes up with an answer......or more things one could try!

Replied by Sandy (sandhya)
Bangalore, India

Have you tried the Mini beet protocol (details on earthclinic are available)? When I tried it for 2-3 days, my eyes looked to bright and clean. I think it will help with eye issues you have. Others who used the MBP also said that their eye-balls looked clear after doing the MBP.

EC: More about the MBP here: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/mini-beet-protocol.html

Replied by Julie
Toronto, Ontario / Canada

For eye floaters - use the l-carnosine eye drops.

1. can-c

2. eye bright

there are others. Use them 4x a day or more - 2 drops in each eye - its a miracle. Then write back with your testimonial. They worked for me and I had bad floaters that made me want to cry. They are 80% gone after using the drops religiously everyday for 6 months now and I will continue praying that they will disappear one day.

After 2 weeks they had cleared up by about 50% so I know they work!

Replied by Mohib
Woodside, New York

Hello Julie, First of all I want to thank you for sharing the experience you have had with these drops. Could you please tell me where to buy these drops? I would be so thankful if you provide me the link or tell me from where did you get these drops. Thanks

Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Coral2na (Honolulu, Hi) on 11/21/2015
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Oil pulling definitely worked for my eye floaters. I started years ago with oil pulling for my eczema on my feet. My ophthalmologist had said the eye floaters were from old age and nothing could be done about it. however, I noticed a couple of days after oil pulling (walnut oil) my irritating floaters started disappearing and within a week they were gone. I don't do oil pulling religiously except for gum irritations and when a floater appears every year or so.