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Bone Cancer Natural Treatment

Last Modified on Sep 08, 2015

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with bone cancer or have been dealing with the diagnosis for some time now, you likely have encountered a number of different suggestions for treatment. With such a myriad of different opinions, it can be difficult to determine the best plan for yourself. Following a plan that involves medical supervision paired with complementary treatment options, such as strontium, magnesium, omega-3, and even acupuncture can help.

What Is Bone Cancer?

Mayo Clinic defines bone cancer as an uncommon cancer that first forms in your bones. The condition may begin in any bone in your body, but it most often affects the long bones of your arms and legs. It does not include cancer that begins elsewhere in your body and then spreads to the bone but only that which begins in your bones. Common symptoms include bone pain, swelling or tenderness, broken bones, fatigue, and unintended weight loss.

What Are the Best Natural Treatment Options for Bone Cancer?

Treating bone cancer is especially difficult, which is why it is important to explore all of your options for treatment. Each of our suggested natural treatments is intended to be used in conjunction with regular medical treatment to garner the biggest benefit. Several medical professionals suggest treating bone cancer with vitamins and nutrients like calcium, strontium, magnesium, and omega-3 as well as using acupuncture and massage to cope with symptoms.

1. Calcium

The American Cancer Society suggests that calcium is an effective nutritional supplement for preventing and treating bone deterioration. Calcium supplements are part of a balanced diet that also help reduce your risk for certain types of cancer. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) is 1,000 milligrams for an adult aged 19 to 50, which you can get from a supplement as well as a nutritional diet.

2. Strontium

According to an article written by a member of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, strontium is one of the most important nutrients to take in addition to calcium. This nutrient helps your body convert calcium into its most useful form to aid in preserving healthy bone. You can take strontium in a capsule form as well.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is another mineral suggested by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. Magnesium is another option that helps your body better utilize calcium and promotes bone health. You can often find this treatment in an individual supplement or in conjunction with calcium.

4. Omega-3

Among other things, omega-3 helps prevent deterioration of your bones, which serves as an important treatment option for bone cancer. You can find omega-3 supplements like fish oil, or simply try to incorporate more omega-3 fats in your diet via healthy oils and food sources.

The American Cancer Society supports other complementary treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and vitamin C supplementation, but you can also find other reader-contributed suggestions by reading on below.

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User Reviews

Apple Cider Vinegar
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Posted by Broken-hearted (Kansas City, Missouri) on 11/29/2013


Thank you all for the information you posted here on the Earth Clinic on the CURE OF CANCER WITH APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Apart from one woman who wrote, that her husband took two teaspoons every night for one week and got better, and now takes one teaspoon at night once a week, nobody gave any dosage or how to take the ACV for healing to take place.

Please, when you put something out here, give us the whole informatiom: the dosage to take, how many times a day (before or after meal ) and for how long (although this depends on individual cases).

Somebody posted this: Sun Chlorella, and medicinal mushrooms (Shutaki, reshi and mitake, cordyceps) for natural cancer treatment without side effects. This information does not help us because it is incomplete. Are these used combined or individually and at what dosage? When you post an information like this, you are not helping anybody. We come to this site to look for help, because we are in need. If you just throw out an information that is not complete, you are not helping anybody.

I have started using ACV two teaspoons at night. Somebody should tell me if this is alright and also for how long. I am treating bone marrow cancer with chemo therapy. The cancer produces much toxins and the kidneys are unable to excrete them. So, I am also going through dialysis to help the kidneys eliminate the toxins. Somebody out there, please tell me if you have had or you know somebody who has had an experience with bone marrow cancer. I am eager to read your posts, because I seriously need help.

Thank you and God bless.


Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Broken-hearted: Fundamentally the cause of your suffering is that eating regular food creates a condition called fermentation. Cooking denatures enzymes and conventional food is low in nutrients and high in pollutants. Continuing to eat this kind of food and taking a teaspoon of this and a gram of that is not going to cure your very serious condition. Eating organic produce, grassfed animal products, and the superfoods all raw increases the respiratory quotient and creates an atmosphere where cells thrive and the mutation perishes. If this is something you would like to try please reply back and I'll be glad to send you the products and dosages. Thank you.
Replied by Timh Donate

Ky, Usa

Broken-hearted: The Chlorella and Shitake Mushrooms are consider medicinal foods and it's not really a big deal about dosage like it is w/ pharm meds; simply take them w/ your meals or as directed on the labels. All supplements are labeled w/ "suggested use". Also, to help your bone marrow and the toxicity issues take NAC as directed plus Astragalus herb as directed. The Astragalus will raise your body temp about two degrees so be sure to not do too much.

There are many suggestions for therapy but what you want to achieve mostly is maximizing your nutrition levels and the single best way to do this is take a very good multivitamin/mineral w/ whole foods and digestive enzymes; the more ingredients the better. This helps your body detox and improves health on every level. Juicing veggies is also recommended. NADH is recommended (20mg daily) to reduce the toxicity of chemo (works great w/ the NAC) as well as increasing cell energy.

Back to juicing, do read and try the Asparagus/Beet fast. Protein is critical for health in times like you're in so do consider a high quality undenatured whey protein w/ added Branch Chain Amino Acids.

Extra Vit-E in the form of Tocotreinols will help overall cell protection plus empower the lifespan of the red blood or erythrocytes.

All these suggestion will help you and maybe considerably, so do take heart and try and be positive. There are many good and caring folks here on E.C. that will help you on your journey, so do keep us updated.

Essiac Tea
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Posted by Kelly (Southeast Pa, Pa) on 07/12/2013

i believe serrapeptase or nattokinase may be more helpful (or in addition to) tea for the treatment of fibroids. These enzymes dissolve protein that does not belong in the body. (like mucus, etc.) Floressence tea (I just had some :) ) is the same as Essiac.

Replied by Rita

I have bone cancer and think this tea will be good for me. From where did you buy from health shop or pharmacy? Thanks alot for responding me

Posted by Precious (Detroit, Michigan) on 07/03/2013

[YEA]  My hubby had bone cancer 23years ago. he refused chemo. I told the doctor to trick him. I told the doctor to say you need fluids and then antibiotics. Instead his doctor gave him chemo, but my hubby figured it out too quick and refused treatment. They only gave him a year. A cousin was treating a dog with tremors with Essiac tea. I felt the tremors. The were gone in a month. I gave the tea to my hubby. Snuck it in anything I could. I put it in his coffee, his tea, his food. Now I know this dilutes the tea.... But it worked. He went into remission. Then he had a motorcycle accident and crushed his leg and foot. About 1 year later his cancer was back. We don't know but we think the bad bone marrow was put back into his system. Don't know... But I gave him the tea.... Now the doctor is calling hospice and the VA is telling us he is in stage 3 bone cancer... I was at my wits end. The tea did its job and he is in remission again. Now the VA wants to know what I gave him. All he would tell them is a tea... But its funny now the FDA has pulled the tea from the US Market from what I hear. Anyway if you have cancer and you want to live drink the tea is all I have to say.

Replied by Vina
Powder Springs, Ga

How interesting, where can I get the tea and how do you take it?
Replied by Kt
The Usa

Hi Vina, I was interested too so I looked it up and received a prompt reply. Their link is but they are located in FL. Closer to you for sure! Phone no. and fax provided too.
Replied by Vina
Powder Springs, Ga

Thanks for the quick response. I have fibroids tumors hopefully this will help with that. Thanks again, Vina
Replied by Joyce
Lansdowne, Pa

You can get it at Whole Foods. It may be cheaper to get the herbs and brew the tea yourself. I have the herbs, which I brew myself. I got it from Herbal Healer. I do not have cancer but I take it once in a while.

Grapefruit Seed Extract, Green Tea
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Posted by L. (Ma, US) on 10/03/2014

[YEA]  My relative was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (which is a form of bone marrow and blood cancer). She began taking two Grapefruit Seed Extract supplements a day, and drinking two green teas a day. The green teas were plain, with nothing else added to them. Her cancer regressed when she did that, and now she does not have it anymore. She had done nothing else differently aside from that, so I attribute it to that. So yes, I would say that the Grapefruit Seed Extract definitely helps, at least in her case, as well as green tea. You can by the GSE for about $9 a bottle on Amazon, and she just used plain ol' Lipton green tea bags. Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, US

Please read my WARNING on GSE within diverticulitis section. It could be relevant.
Replied by Timh Donate


I have lately got temporary relief from taking supplemental Bovine Bone Marrow Tissue. I also added Green Tea Extract to Grapeseed Extract and Trans Resveratrol w/ noticeable improvements.

Only recently have made big improvements in removing the heavy metals from my bones but the infection raged on until I tried Walter Last recommendation of combining MSM and Vit-C. It's been almost 2 wks and the effects are very noticeable w/ immediate die off/diarrhea and cumulative overall health improvements daily. I take 1oz Lipo-C wait 10 min and take 1.5 grms MSM wait 10 min and take 1oz Lipo-C.

Ketogenic Diet
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Posted by Mary (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) on 07/15/2013

Regarding bone cancer, I recently read an article on Mercola I think that said that a ketogenic diet cured this type of cancer by starving it. A man had 3 months to live and he is alive one year later with no trace of it. The irony is he is a doctor!

Osteosarcoma Remedies
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Posted by Alena (Czech Republic) on 08/14/2013

Dear Ted, thank you so much for this web and your advice, I have found a lot of info here. But, I am little bit confused what to do first (sugar, I know) and what not to do/eat. I got osteosarcoma diagnose 2 month before. I refused operation and I started with urina fasting 21days, then 1 week raw food (unfortunatelly including fruits), then mms1+mms2 for 19days and now Budwig diet. I am 27 years old. Yesterday a got new results, surprisingly(at least for me) very bad. The femoral bone is very week and with every movement I risk broken neck in my hip. Maybe there is some connection with hard eczema and corticoids last year (now ok, no medicaments). I have some questions I am trying to get lysine, is it possible use dmso with smth. Else (afraid of odor in flat), is very bad add black currant to Budwig cottage? how to strengthen bones - can I use crushed egg shells to get calcium? could help vit. C infusion or oral use is enough? thank you very much! Greetings from Central Europe. Alena

Replied by Mt
Ottawa, Ontario

You have to boost your immune system. One way is to take large dose of crushed garlic (2/3 bulbs for 1/2 liter) in a jus of carrots or tomatoes -you are supposed to sip it through the day if not you will vomit.

Eating vegetables will reduce the amount of energy to process the food so energy will be available to fight the cancer.

You have also to clean your blood -drink 2 cups of stinging nettle, 4 cups of yarrow (the yarrow stimulates stem cells creation) and 2 cups calendula tea each day. To three of the tea cups add one tablespoon of Swedish Bitter and drink half cup one hour before each meal and half cup 1/2 hour after it. For each cup of boiling water use a heaped teaspoon of plant -fresh plants are the best- infuse the plants for 4 minutes max.

Also massage your body in the region of the cancer with a mixture of yarrow tincture and Swdish Bitter (equal parts) multiples time a day.

For the calcium you can use cleaned egg shell that you grind and soak in lemon juice for a few days in the fridge -you have to filter out impurities before you start taking the resulted mix -1 tablespoon a day.

The information from above is from Health through God's Pharmacy by Maria Treben.

Ted's Remedies
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Posted by Kelly (Southeast Pa, Pa) on 07/12/2013

I'm wondering: if bone cancer is fungal then wouldn't baking soda (1/4 tsp on empty stomach at least 2-3x's a day) and grapefruit seed extract be helpful? Both these fungicides are readily available to most peeps... I'd throw in Lugol's iodine b/c, why not? :)

Posted by Bill Donate
(San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines ) on 07/24/2010 | 1191 Posts

Hi Everyone. . . As promised, here is a further update on my friend's cancer and what we are doing about it. There has been much confusion by the doctors on how it started -- But I believe that it wasn't lymphoma but was originally a bone cancer that started on his backbone and spread to his lymph glands causing secondary lymphoma cancer. After he had had a few 'expensive' X-ray pictures taken of his body and further radiation therapy, my friend was simply given aspirin and Panadol and sent on his way home by the doctor's in Hong Kong. Such Hippocratic dedication is truly disappointing. It is notable, regarding cancer and metastasis, that the medical fraternity has nothing whatsoever in its meager medical arsenal that can defeat any cancer once it has metastased and spread virally. The exact figures(which took some finding believe me) for cancers being cured 5 years after metastasis and even after remission are about 2-3%. They simply have no drugs or procedures that can cope with cancer metastasis. Other symptoms that I also had to take careful account of were my cancer friend's other problems. The doctor's told him that he had had about ten tiny heart attacks or strokes in his head, causing loss of feeling, drooping, loss of motor use on one side of his body for short periods. I have incorporated certain other things into the therapy to help his heart -- not least being the megadose Lysine/Vitamin C which, according to Linus Pauling's exact same therapy, should clear his heart problems gently but quickly over time. Also, one of the side-effects of the Panadol has been constipation. Anyway, the purpose of this post is simply to broadcast exactly what I'm doing to help stop and defeat these post-metastased cancers(4 of them, on his ribs, near the backbone) in my friend's body. I have to admit that my friend with cancer was unable to purchase either Azoxystrobin or BHT in Hong kong, so I had to adapt, relying now only on high dose Lysine, Vitamin C(Ascorbate form) and Protease Enzymes for the main assault on the cancer and Essiac tablets which provide the Tannic Acid to decloak the cancer, halt cancer growth, prevent angiogenesis etc. To this effect, and to help other people, I have written up a daily protocol(which my cancer friend is following now) in simple table format and I have put it in a shared folder on Google Docs that anyone can have a look at. Here is the link:

Bill's Daily Cancer Protocol Schedule


And just to be clear, ALL the protocols that I use in this therapy are based on Ted from Bangkok's protocols. I must also add a huge thanks to Ted from Bangkok who has so generously and patiently answered every question that I have asked him through emails. The only deviation from his therapy is the Essiac tablets -- since I couldn't get the Tannic Acid -- so Ellagic acid will have to do. I will only have 3 weeks before my friend goes back to the expensive Hong Kong doctors, so this is why the protocol I've used is quite aggressive. After we discussed the protocol last Friday, my cancer friend started just the Lysine and Vitamin C megadoses yesterday and today he is laid up in bed with a slight fever, which I am happy about -- this means his immune system now actually sees and is fighting the cancer. His liver seems to be coping well because he still has a healthy appetite. But I am prepared to give protease enzymes, hydrochloric acid drops and Vitamin B100 if his appetite begins to slide. The Daily Protocol that my friend is using will change once he comes out of the Herx or cancer die-off reaction. I will be further increasing both the Lysine and Protease Enzyme doses, which is necessary to particularly defeat the bone cancer. If anyone wants to know more about this daily protocol schedule, I'll be glad to answer any questions on this ongoing remedy on EC, since this is all about passing on knowledge after all. I have also decided to keeping a daily journal of all symptoms, events, changes and remedies used and will eventually be putting this up on my Google Docs Shared Items. I will also update here on my friend's cancer status regularly. Be well.

EC: Per Bill's request, this feedback has been cross-posted from

Replied by Bessie
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi Bill - WOW! That's a really impressive protocol you've put together for your friend. Thanks for sharing. It's sad - although not surprising - that the conventional doctors didn't do anything but, fortunately, you've devised such a thorough therapeutic program. I'll be following your updates. Good luck to you and your friend.
Replied by Isabelle
Garden Grove, Ca Usa

Dear Bill, thank you so much for your great help in organizing and, as a result, clarifying all those fantastic info on so many important remedies and explanations point from Ted's extraordinary mind. I am learning and copying from many of your posts since I found this site and I am very grateful. You did a remarkable job for your friend and thanks to your generosity many peoples are benefiting from it (I am collecting info for a friend's brother in law with stage IV liver cancer). May all the universe blessings be upon you, and all the generous peoples participating in this site!
Replied by Connie
Slc, Utah

I am happy to be one of the many supporters of your efforts to heal your good friend. He's in the best of hands. I have learned much from your posts, and appreciate greatly the information and experience you have offered to us all. In the case of your good friend's protocol, I am offering a caveat that may not or may apply to his situation. ( I bring this up because I caused a regression in my own situation. ) Many of the compounds that we use contain Chlorides. (HCL, MgCl, Lysine and other amino acids, B complex, et al. ) Several months ago, I increased compounds with these acids and began to have increased pain associated with my conditions. I was confused about the why of it, but realized it when I examined a recent blood test. (sometimes they can present clues to people like me, with suppressed instincts). My chlorides were high normal, and my Co2, (indicates also oxygen and bicarbonates), was also high normal. I guessed that I had been over-supplementing with acidic compounds. This may not be true to your protocol, but in the interest of balance and healing, I introduce this possibility. Thank you, I hope for you both, the greatest success. Connie
Replied by Bill Donate

San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

1191 Posts
I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who has offered support in my effort in trying to help my friend with cancer using Ted's approach. He has only been on my protocol for about 3 days and, to be honest, it has been quite dramatic with many frustration and a few setbacks. Yesterday he had another stroke which was caused by his liver and kidneys not working properly, thus promoting thick or toxic blood which will have a tendency to clot in these circumstances. His blood was accumulating the cancer toxins, debris etc and his liver and kidneys were just not doing their job excreting the waste. He has had hard stools and insufficient urinations since before starting the protocol. This problem was stopped by my friend taking a laxative, after which his stool was soft and his urination was huge. He feels much better now but I still am not sure about his liver -- so I've deviated from Ted's protocol and will introduce a herbal mix containing Chanca Piedra, Heart Vine, Tumeric and Neem leaves. This should sort out both his liver and kidneys -- I know this decoction well -- I use it once a month for many things and I've used it successfully with other people who have had gout, arthritis and diabetes. Anyway, I also thought that keeping a daily dairy/journal would be helpful just to give people an idea of the other weird problems that crop up during this sort of cancer treatment. Here is the link to my journal and the cancer protocol schedule which has also changed significantly(these changes will be ongoing):

The Cancer Journal

To Connie. . . You are right that chlorides are not generally good for the body, but Magnesium Chloride his some peculiarly beneficial properties that are unique. See this link:

Magnesium Chloride

Regarding the use of Hydrochloric Acid in a cancer diet -- this is used simply to promote appetite -- after all, if you have cancer and you are not producing hydrochloric acid in the stomach, you will need this acid to both promote appetite and to digest food in the stomach. If you don't do this, then it is very likely the person with cancer will starve to death through nausea, lack of appetite etc. -- this is called cachexia which occurs regularly at the end of a terminal cancer. The B Vitamins (which is in the Dessicated liver tablets) is also a natural appetite stimulant. Regarding lysine -- this is the main attack on the cancer -- together with the Vitamin C and the Protease Enzymes. Provided you alkalize sufficiently as well, there should really be no problems with these chloride substances.
Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx


You sound very knowledgeable. I was just wondering if milk thistle with artichoke would help regenerate the liver? Artichoke is very cleansing for the liver.